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wAimaaTON, p. c.i
ttntSDAT, '." DEC. ,..
Mr Tk f Mm .M.t s.U-
I at 111 Rat Knl,w;tr.
Iliuu nat uu araafcn. t vp "in
Kiiccnri Masmor:,
WannraTO. Dw. S3, 1803.
Th hospitals, which hareio. been duly notl
Be J, no obtain .thtjr ample quota of Christ
mi provisions, Intended for tnem by Urn
Uncoln, by lh preuatallon of certUcate of
the superintendent of each hospital, t the
Executive Mention, on Tuetdty and Wednc
dy moraine, Dtamtm 23d and 94tb.
bimdul scmxinHPa utort,
Thi document will tuik'a th country with
aurprlss and profound astonishment. Hitherto
General Burnelda ha been aonenud la the
public mind from U blame for thle dtiaitcr,
bat It would appear, that h. BOW itept forth to
sum. til the responsibility of thle ttipembnu
In bit Drtt paragraph, General Burnild
" I bevt the honor to oflkr'th. following re
one for tsoTtuf th. Army of th. Potomac
across th Rappahannock aoeaer than wtt an
ticipated by thi President, Secretary, or your
elf, and for trowing at a point different from
the one Indicated by yon at onr hut meeting at
the Prealdant'a."
It would Mem from thlt that hi order, to
rrott the Rappahannock vera peremptory, bit
that he effected It at a point different from that
Indicated by the anthorltlea here, and aooner
than the power In Washington ordered. Thlt
It a rnpontlblllty which all generate mutt al
anine, aa they alone can be preenmed to know
what the exigencies of tha hour demand. We
aee nothing in thlt declaration, therefore, taken
by Itiet, which indicates any umunal respon
alblllty. Bnt etlll the fact remalnt, thtt hit
ordcrt to more upon Fredericksburg wereglren
him by the President through the War Depart
ment. Thus far, therefore, General Burntlde!
reeponalblllty amounts to thlt, that he selected
the time and the point of crossing. The order
to erott came from Washington.
There It, howerer, another paragraph In this
very queer report, which places the entire re
sponsibility upon the shoulders of Oenersl
Burntlde, beyond a peradventure, and here
It Is I
"The fact thtt I decided to more from War.
teuton on to thlt Une, rtlher agalntt the opinion
of the President, Secretary and yourself, and
that you hare left the whole movement In bit
hands without giving me orders, mskes me the
more responsible."
w e should think It did mske him the "mart
rtipoxtlUt." It Is a remarkable ronfesilon,
this, and places Gen. Burnslde before the coun
try In no enrlable light.
lie Is emphatically a failure, and ahonld re
sign at once or be remoTed. We regret to be
obliged to ssy these things of so amiable a man,
but he Is evidently In a position for which he
his not the first qualification.
We expressed our doubts, when he wss ap
pointed, of his ability to take this commend,
and were censured by a city cotemporary, and
accnted of making an attack upon him. We
think General Burnslde might take command
of 10,000 men, but an army like thtt of the Po
tomac u evidently above bit management. The
country will demand hit resignation. lie hu
assumed a terrible reiponilbJlty and upon
himself for more. Indeed, than any live man can
atagger under. Onr readers will sea that this
report, which wa publish entire, completelr ex.
onerates the President, Secretary of War, and
Gen. Halleck, from all rnpontlblllty, io ftr at
the time of crossing, and the polat at which the
army crossed. In short, that the modus operan
di of this movement wss wholly Grncril Burn
aide's. But wa forbear further comment at this time,
and accept General Burnilde'i explanation ai
the true solution of this strange military move
ment, agreeing, as he chooses, to let all the re
sponsibility rest on himself. Let him now re
algn, or let the anthorltlea remove him at once.
The Itta interview which tha border Stile
Congressmen held with tha President hit de
veloped the fact that he will Hand by bis pro
The President told these gentlemen that " he
was on mntl-elavtry man, and ronldertd ilavtry
to U IM right arm of (At rrMIion, and that it
mutt 04 lopjml off." We congratulate the conn
try upon tha firm tttnd tha President of the
United States hss tsken upon this Important
matter. It Is cbsrscterlstlc of Abraham Lin
coln, and when bis mind Is made up, and he Is
satisfied that he Is right, he Is not to be moved.
Wa sow fsal confident that as our armies moTe,
or make advance Into slave territory, the re
bellion will crumble before their irresistible
tread, and liberty will ha proclaimed to the
There seems, Indeed, to be no other wsy to
crush out this wicked rebellion than thisi give
liberty to the slsve. However It may have been
In past yean and slavery may have existed by
the permission of a wise, over-ruling Provi
dence, " whoso ways are not our ways "the
lndlcstlons are now significantly apparent, on
all hinds, that the moral Governor of the Uni
verse has determined Its overthrow.
No human casuistry, no psrleylng of states
men, no tricks of polltlclsns, and no conniving
oi nuwary men, can save an Institution that It
doomed to destruction by the decreet of Ilea,
ven. Nelthor cm any of theia things outwit
Divine Providence, nor circumvent the Al
In till connection, we would Invite the read-
er'i attention to an extract of a lermon deliv
ered by Rev. Dr. Pntuim, which we print on our
urn psge.
Dr. Putnam Is no fanatic ha li not an aboil
tlonlit, nor htrdly tu antl-ilivery man up to
iws uour. nut uis woras sre full of mean nir.
' It Is tha duty of all men who desire to crush
this rebellion, and end this wsr, as loon ai may
be, and thui secure a permanent peice, to stand
I (It Is now definitely settled that there will be
no change In tha Cabinet or rreeiaent uncou.
Both Mr. Bernard and Mr. Cheii have with
drawn their letttn of reilgutlon. -yf
The President Is entitled to, have each a
Thiers and Cabinet mlnliten.M ha tlona)msy
ehoosei and aa he baton a8 occasions assumed
tha responsibility for all measure of the Gov
ernment, both military and civil, It It bnt
right that .the peopla of the ..country should
leave it to him to lay who these ministers shall
be. He may well be presumed to know best.
The country will undoubtedly acquiesce In his
Mr. Bewsrd Is entitled to greet credit for his
very able and successful management of our
foreign affairs. Thus ftr, through his Influence,
hare the Interventionist! of Europe been foiled,
and had he left the Cabinet at thli Juncture In
our affairs, hit abtenco therefrom might hive
proved a national calamity.
Mr. Chaie'i management or tha finances or
tha country renders hti remaining In hit pre
sent position matter of urgent public neces
sity, lied these gentlemen have retired, the
other members would, In all probability, have
followed their example, and Mr. Lincoln would
have found It extremity difficult to have made
a aelectlon of gentlemen able, capable, and
well enough acquainted with the condition of
affairs, at this time, to have moved otfimoothly
In lha oneroni discharge of all the dntlea of
their leveral positions.
On the whole, the public mlud here Is fait
coming to the conclusion that the President, In
desiring these gentlemen to remain In hli
Cabinet, hit acted wisely and for the best In
terest! of the country.
ES"A friend Informs ui of drploritile ac
count! from lha Cherokee country. The seers
slonltts have destroyed the petce of the Indians
who heretofore were happy and prosperous un
der a well regulated government of their own.
The minority there, at In tome of the Southern
Sulci, hive set up a government for them
selves, and, like their while brethren, are con
ducting their affairs more like fiends thsn sub
jects of civilization.
S7The Britishers of Bermuda are troubled
at the presence of Admiral Wilkes' movements.
They are In extaclea when a Southern pirate
appears In their waters
14 A fellow feellof mskei them wondrous kind"
to their brother plritct. Some Union guu
bosts are at the Bahamas, and the English of
ficial! there aro In a fererlih ttitc of excite
ment on thlt account.
Mx. Vindekbilt. Charges are made against
thlt gentleman on account of the unieaworthy
vessels purchased or chsrtered by him for the
Bsnks expedition. The Trttmnt denies that
Mr. V. Is guilty.
Genual Bavxs. It It now rumored thtt
Gen. Banks Is to supersede Gen. Butler at New
Orleans. There may be some color of truth In
this rumor, though we doubt Its corrrrtneei.
Thlrtl Bsassosl.
WThe office of Secretary of the Interior
was yesterday made vacant by the confirmation
by the Senate of the IIou. Caleb B. Smith to be
judge of the district court of Indiana.
CTbe rebel General Lee't report of the
rebel loss at Fredericksburg Is set down at 1,
800. lie says nothing of the loss on the Union
HeThe Secretary of the Treasury hsi com
pleted hit finance bill, recommending a loin of
nine hundred millions at not more than T0
per cent.
jy Hon. E. M. Stanton Is now relieved of
the nsponslblUtyJof the Predirlcksburg maua-
ere, to the great Joy of his friends.
fJETGeners! Burnslde's responsibility will be
more thin he csn bear, or we are much mistaken.
DipinTTM or OxvniL Bcjuiude. Gen.
Burntlde left thtt city yesterday, at noon, for
tTGenerel Saxton Is not to be removed
from his command In South Carolina.
Important frvnn tha Baatnwest.
A correspondent of the Clnclnnttl Commer
cial, writing from Niihvllle on the 12tb, glvei
the following ai tha dlspoiltlon of the rebel
forcei at list accounti i
There li a heavy force In the vicinity of No
Univlllei alto between Stewart'a Creek and
Murfreeaboro' i a contlderable body at La
vergnei small bodies distributed about the
towns of that region and Elrby Smith moved
to rteaayvme, east or juunreesDoro, to-uay.
i nere is aiao a smau lorce ai wareyriue ana
Pine Wood, on our right. Forrest Is out, with
a brigade of cavalry, on secret service, and
John Morgan Is waiting, about twenty miles
from Canbags, to discover another Imbecile
brigade commander.
The rebels report that they Intend to fight at
Stewart's Creek, between Lavergne and Mur
freeaboro', but there Is no evidence that they
hate fortified, save now and then a little bat
tery to cover retreat. The only works they
have at that point were constructed by our
General Nelson.
But they have completed the rsllway bridge
snd a pontoon bridge across tha Tennessee,
and are constructing strong fortifications at
Bridgeport, where they will stsnd long enough
to protect their retreat to Chattanooga. At
firesent theyhste but a smsll gsrrlson st the
itter point.
We are told that the enemy It one hundred
and twenty thousand strong, and that they In
tend to besiege Nashville. Our authority, who
left Murfreesboro' two weeks ago, testifies that
the rebel chief of transportation asserted that
he had carried eighty-three thousand troops on
the rsllroadf that Johnston brought thirty thou
ssnd more, and that there were fifteen thousand
more this side of the Tennessee liver prior In
that period msklng a total of one hundred
and twenty-eight thousand men.
The rhetorical storlss about naksd and shoe
less rebel troops mar be true, but It Is quite
certain that all the prisoners we bsve captured
have been comfortably clad and fed. It Is true,
no doubt, that the rebels hare no luxuries, bnt
they can live and fight on what Ihey hate.
MoirDAT, Stettnlir 23, 1M3.
.t. If i . -3-. -ft e
..Tha VICK MUMITJstNT laid before tha SetU '
at a 'eomittnteeilon' from the Secretary W
Wtf, hi answer la an Inquiry of tha Senate M
rstaiion so inecaanenDg.oi snj unsTK-ni.
Thames and NUgara? for the Btttki expedition
Hating that General Banks was authorised to
procure vessels from Mr. Vanderbllt, of New
Tork, bit no ofBolal report had been received
In regard to the matter - further elating that
the Secretary was unofficially Informed that the
vessels were Inspected by G. H. Van Brnht,an
the engine Inspected by C. It. HasweU. Tint
General Banks -had full power in the matter,
and upon the receipt of a report from him It
would be tranimltled to tha Senate.
The VICE PRESIDENT, alio, submitted a
letter from the owners of tha steamer Thames,
Hubbell A Sturgess, New Tork, stating that
tha Thames waa a new vessel,0 lsnnehcd In
10UJ, bum ot ma nest msienai. ana in mo t-esi
mannen that her enduea Were built at the Del-
amatrr works. New Tork, and purchased for
the China trade, and the story that she was a
worn-out lake stesmer Is utterly without foun
Also, a letter from the builders of tha boat.
at Mystic, Connecticut, certifying to the same
Mr. GRIMES aald there seemed to be a great
diversity of opinion In regard to these resscls-
anu ne oncrea tne louowmg resolution :
.mI. Thtt a tttcet aofn-alttM of thre mem
bers bs sppotated to Inquire lata and report to the
asDtta the facts In regard to chtrtertag th tran
sport vessels for the Banki exr-s-tltlon, th ss
wnrthlnns ot such vessels, and tha charterer of
taamenemr-lo'ea tonttlxat them) and thtt th
committee b empowered to tend for persont ami
Mr. HALE thought the resolution had better
be enlarged io ai to Include this whole subject.
Ho had been told thit a brokerage of 10 per
cent. In tome caica wai paid eyery month.
After a tllght modification, the resolution
was adopted.
The VICE PRESIDENT laid before the Ben
ate a communication from the Secretary of
State, transmitting tha eontspondenco with
tha Russtsn Government relative to telegraphic
communication between the mouth of tha
Amoor river and Ban Francisco, California.
Ordered to be printed.
Mr. LATHAM presented the memorial of
nearly all the express companies In the United
Btstcs, asking for an amendment to tha Internal
revenue law.
Mr. CLARK, from the Committee on Claims,
reported a bill to pay the funeral expenses of
lite Senator E. D. Baker, which was passed.
Mr. GRIMES offered a resolution instructing
the Committee on Naval Affairs to Inquire Into
the expediency of abolishing the United States
Msrlne Corps, as a naval organization, and at
taching It to the United States army, as the
Twentieth regiment of Infantry, and that they
report by bill or otherwise. Adopted.
Mr. HALE offered a resolution requesting
the Secretary of the Navy to Inform thebenatr,
by virtue of what law the number of captains
on the active list hss been Increased beyond
the number authorized by the law of Julr 10.
lew;, ana oy virtue oi wnai law nmeiy-onn
commanders appear on the active list, In the
naval regtsierwncn ine aiores-iia law limits
the nnmber to 2. Adopted.
Mr. McDOCGALL offered a resolution re.
questing the Secretary of the Navy to fnrnlsh
to tne oenaie a copy oi ine report maae uy
Chief Engineers Btymer and Newell, upon the
causes ror aeiay in ine completion or tne lion
atonic. Adopted.
Also, a resolution Inquiring Into the csnses
of the accident to the Passaic. Adopted.
Mr. DAVIS Introduced a bill, requiring the
frcsiueui ip appoint commtssionere to aajusi,
settle and Uoutdate claims, accounts snd debts
between the United St stes and anr Stale during
the existing rebellion. Refermlto Committee
on Judlclarr.
Mr. POWELL'S resolution, lnonlrlng whether
persons arrested hud been required to tske an
oath not to sue those arresting them, as a con
dition of release, was then taken lip and passed.
Mr. SAULSBURT'S resolution relative to
sending troops Into Delaware, at the lale eles
tlon, waa taken up.
Mr. ANTHONY moved to refer It to Com
mittee on Military Affairs, which motion was
discussed till the expiration of the morning
hour when, on motion of Mr. LANE, of In
dians, the bill relating to the discharge or Slate
prisoners wss tsken nn.
Mr. LANE proceeded to address the Senate,
lie Justified all thearta nf the President, and
contcuded that there was no uececslty for any
bill to give ine I'resiarns power io suspena lie
writ of Adfreai r of-pus. If he had not the power
by the Constitution, this bill would not give It
to him. He claimed that tho President had the
same right to use the military power to arrest
traitors in the North, as he had to use It to put
dow n rebellion In the South. The President had
ample proof of suspicion of treason In many of
the persons who have been arrested. He then
referred to the action of the Governor and leg
islature of Delsware - read from the mressj-e of
ineuovernor, suggesting to too legislature to
hear Mr. Dickinson, the accession envoy, and
recommending a State convention.
Mr. 8AULBBURT wished the Senator to rrsd
the whole of the record and the resolution
Mr. LANE continued reading several resolu
tions In favor of the Union, which were toted
down, and a resolutions to procure a Stale flag,
Ac, and contended that the President had am
ple retaon to tuppose there were traitors In Del
aware. Referred, also, to Individual cases,
some of whom shouted for Jeff. Datls, tore
down the American flag, and gloried over the
defeat of our arms at Bull Ruu. Snch were
some of the blessed martyrs of Presidential ar
rest) but he thonght these were not the kind
which were the seed of the church, unless
It be the church of secession, organized by Jen.
He then referred to the arrests In Marrlaud
tnd Kentucky of inch men at Morehead, of
Kentnckv. now a rebel emlisarv io lordim
countries. These arrests have been made the
subject of grest complstnt by the Senator from
Kentucky, irowcii,! but no worn oi denuncia
tion for the damnably criminal raids of Mor
gan and other guerillas. He contended further
that no rebellion which ever occurred In all his
tory, hu ever been treated with ai much len
iency at the present onei and he read from ac
count! of the treatment of rebels In India,
Scotland, and Ireland by the English, to show
Whan hs'rtsd that proclamation, hli1 heart
craw strong and his hope grew brighter, and
these grand utterances, almUar to those of tha
Declaration oflndepradencMtngUke the bugle
call to battle. He could not believe that this
ajitean of free governmenl'wae to 0 down be
fore teedemon of slavery. , yVa may Saveto waste
throweh seas of blood, boi wa ehalt, tmatlnr to
God, coma safely to the bankon thi other sIBe.
r. j i ijtni ni um in s, a,uasa cuawur iius
Indiana had 'omitted tha moat Important part 1
or tne record in regain to tne mate ot unaware.
The record In full would ihow that Delaware
had alwayt been Una and loyal to. tha United
States, and the only disloyalty that could be
anown, waa treating wita courtesy, an envoy
from a sovereign State. Be read tha resolution
passed by the Legltlsture, utterly disapproving
tha 'objects of tha gentleman'i mission) con
tended at some length, that Delaware waa anx
ious for peace and he believed If her counsels
had been followed, there wonld to-day bava
been peace In the land Instead of war.
Mr. LANE, of Ind.. said bis argument i was
Imply to show thst tha President had reason to
suspect thst there were traitor In Delaware.
Mr. BATARD said ha should, at tha proper
time, reply to the wanton assault of the Senator
from Indiana on theLcgtslstnre of Delsware,
The attack waa utterly groundless and wanton.
on motion or Mr. ir.l-lJ. tna bill waa post
poned, and the Benate went Into executive te(
slou. After which, It adjourned.
Mr. TODD, of Delaware, moved that the
Committee on Territories be Instructed to In
quire Into the propriety of making an appro
priation for developing the mineral resources of
tha Territory of Dakotab. Referred.
Mr. WILSON moved that tha Secretary of
War be directed to Inform the House of tha
number of volunteer regiments In tha service
of the United States to whom arrears of pay
are now due, for what time said pay Is due to
each regiment, and the reason why the sains
has not been paid. Referred to Committee on
Military Affairs.
.Mr. ak.nui.u moved mat ma commtttoa or
Ways and Means be Instructed to Inquire Into
tha expediency of so amending the revenue
law that licenses msy be tranafcrred, and that
they may be good In tha hands of assignee for
the time for which they may bo passed. Adopt4
Mr. LOVEJOT moved thst the Commute
on the Judiciary be Instructed to Inquire whe
ther further leglslstlon Is nncesssry on the
subject metier or ine accompanying letter, ana
report bv bill or otherwise. The following let
ter was read by the Clerk i
Loiiint.1 c, Kv., Dee. It, 1M3.
Hon. Owen Loruov i
Sin l I tsk the llberfr of taclosloavou conies or
Intlrcstlor documents, to which your attealiou Is
The erst La relation to luisi, a net ro bo)', who
ll's isslsiTiaT' lf IslJI ta rfri t alt t"&tm
nf DinvaiiAii MOiausssBSTw rosea oanav.
1p inOsd ' yeaa 69, nays 69.
Three-fourths not voting la tha affirmative,
na moston waa tost. mj
aar. ajat'B.OTu. u t wwot
house nthsMUea of the city of.
twspoaa? v oawows BiTK
wis born free, in Uxle county, Illinois, and with
r 'roper passes started houa wlih a lieutenant tlr
or In Oala eountr. Cm th Covington and Louis
vtlie railroad b wn twice put off, and not per.
l ,
' fJ WWW-
Jwtlraore have
pbmi ranricuons
inaswsHnmarce oi sua
itsNsvr In great do
tlons of an unjust and mortifying character
In many Instances founded upon personal or
political prejudice) and whereas, among others
It Is required that cIUtM'loMtaf tha fWthof
tha Roman Catholic Church, aa a condition of
itch trade hndt commerce, shall takf and sub
scribe an oath discriminating agalnit their m
llrlana faith, (a tha words and osa-emaay of.lt
administration, and thi at a time when thou
sandt of aoldlera holding' the isms filth 'are
engaged In flghtingtbe battles of the Govern
ment of tha United: States) and where snch
discrimination la contrary to Constitutional
right, and Is an odious reflection on th equality
of religious Privilege, and such restrictions are
a violation of law, Ac, and such restrictions
are a manucet oppression or in people or Ma
ryland) be It, therefore,
JtrnwW, That th aSeretary of th Treasury b
requested to Inform tha llous whathsr he hat au
thorised or directed the ssld restrictions to be Im
posed, ud,tr so, to oommualeat a copy of eatd
authority, ke. , ,
JtesofiW. That thecommltt mflha Jttdlclarvb
directed to laqulra lato th fasts and legal autheanV
r oi Bucn pnHwa!ora,wiui power io tciw lor per
mm tnd psperi, ana to report, A.
On motion of Mr. LOVEJOT.'the rrtotutlont
aland over for debate.
Mr. WILSON offered tha following
Whatranasi lll katst annaiMii Is thai tiiiliilia
JournAli purport Ids to have been written by Sotph
nt, ftrnn-ujT iQeiacou inompton, ii Bccrcisry
of tbtTrr&aury i Therefore-- 7
Bttotttd. Th-t the Commit ttt on the afudlcUrT
09 iQsunicieu io inquire woeinrr icucr wai
written by the iupeiintendent of the Ceniua, and
whether he li it 111 attained io on.ee, .4 that the
committee have power to tend for perron ami
papere. c
Mr. COX obJectM.
On motion of Mr. MORR1IX, the Uouu
went Into Committee of the Wh61e on the State
of the Union. (Mr. Lorejoj In the chair.)
The deficiency bill ww then taken up, and.
after a brief consideration, the commHtee roee
and reported the bill to thtrltonoe, .,.
The bill pawed. w
The Itonae then adjourned.
(.Ht reUloaiaJrj force, Mpported bjjtaid.-.v. i-- t J t U -
piece of artillery, reconnoltered General -Vn P" -Bmoios Gen nil's Omov '-"ft- '
( Waahlngton, Dec. 10, IMS..
mlttr tofohoue, and It now with my rer latent,
and compelled to remain within tha line for fear
of a Kentucky Jail. Thli road vru repaired, anl
i- now run vj iiir Loiirusia.4inMrpilantiieTinein
riurtled He entire lenrth. Ii thli rlrhtl Muit
loyal Tolunteere lubmitt Illinois eoTdlert opt.n
maa guara in- roau imi nriirra iaoi uars not pail
otm It with the commindlDi general'! pan I
Another paper of thletorreapondenoe relerredto
an order from Colonel Cochran to Colonel Atklni.
todeliter up a fufltlre ila.e. In which It u art
forth that, becftuie Colonel Atklni wouM not obey
the rrqufit, the regiment of the former officer
threatened to tire on the rerlment of the latter In
pftMlnf through, and the offlerri actually did draw
their rerolreri, and bloodshed wai only avoided
by our bold front and firm determination.
Another portion of the correspondence waa reU
tliatrt tirordtnn taken art 1 nit Colonel AtlMnt
for niriloylnr negroes ai tenranti. In which the
Colonel complaint of the Injur lei he mutt tu (Ter
at the handi of Kentucky judjrea and jurlea, and
.- at. m .a h. h4 1,. ss Ia..-! j.lnl La
n j turn sum unmiui awtr tif rai nnuun., I III) I
hate. andare,oirerlnj;thelrll.e Inthebattlea of
ine union inai, oui ror ine minoii Doya, mere
would be no omnia open In Kentucky. It wai their
bayoneti alone that nude it poiilble to hold courtr,
and )ct they werethel.nl ikilinalnohengthe
article! of war I he. ordera of tha Treildent, and
their own ooniclence aa men. Aa a citizen nol
slter.the writer appeUed, la this matter, to the
people, through their rcpreientallrea In Cougrei.
(M.ned) Smith IX Atkini,
Col. Kd 111. vol. infant ry,
The rcanlntlon waa .idoplo!.
Mr. VAM.ANninilAM raoveJ that IhU House
doea earnwlly dciflre that the moat r pcedy and
elTcclnal meaanres be taken for roatorlog peace
In Ainerlrn. nnd that no time may bo lost In
proposing an Immediate craaatlon of hoalllt
tlrj. In order to the tpcedy and llnal arttlcmcnt
nflhe unhappy controTcrsln uhlch brought
aliout Ihla unhappy and Injnrloua civil war. by
Jimt and adeiuate lecnrlly agalnat tho return
or i no like caiamuiea in urns io come Ana
this Home desire to offer the moat earnest a-
snranres to the country, that Ihey will In due
lime cheerfully co-operate with Ihe Kxrrutlve
ana ine EMnica lor ine rcAiorauon 01 me union,
rttox ittuv
if. i
SKinitlSBlKTWXr.V 1
r. t
xmtBmAimrjy tzxwkssej; mx:
W ffr-!LFffe.,
rttsfviLLi. Dc?. Rl .Tostcrdav
Idtf Iilon bad a brisk skirmish with the
C'leve's position, but were driven off, after the
eichsnge of a few ihoti. .ill .' A
Condrnutlon Is received of th report of th
reinforcement of th rebel by Van born.
' c FHOM li AVAtri;
TsrVssa.lsMVItk.al.sadrn at that
Fort. "
k New Tok, Dec. 23. The stssmshtp Union
baa arrived from Havana on tha 11th. Bhaleft
tu u. B. steamer Wacbnsett and Honors, of
nuaes' tquauron, ai mat pon.-All are well on
board. i ji j
There It no later new from Mexico.
Tha new Ctrjtlln-Genertl. Dnle. hie arrived
at Havana, N ,
Oen. Zerrono baa left for Bnaln. The aaeeah
nopulatlon Intended maklnt- a lonrnev oration
to him by accompanying him to tha entrance of
ma aarror, out ne rcquesiea tnem not. ana lien.
Dnle tnrhml It. ' '
There were 40,000 bores of old crop suisr on
hand. Unnsally hesry rains 'hsvs retarded
and Injured tha new crop, which will be small.
There hss been no arrltsl of rebel veuela
save two with cotton, one of which was from
aiaiamoras, -
Dt- of llnittr Parea, af Marrlaaal.
. Bil.TmORa. Dec. 93. Tha VTnn. J.mea A
Pearce, United State Senator from Maryland,
died '.at Chettertbwi, on Saturday. Ha waa
age-Torty-sli years.
the UsDowbu conRT OF liiqcinr.
Moxdat, Dec, 23, 18(12.
Oen. Elgel, upon his own request, underwent
a critical examination Into the nature of the
chargea he had preferred agalnit Oen. McDow
ell last Saturday.
He did nol mean to Impeach the lalter'a loy
ally, but to point out, tbongh unwillingly, the
occasions when Oen. McDowell had, In his
Judgment, displayed Incapacity.
He proceeded then to give In detail the rea.
sons which Induced inch opinion. Referring to
McDowell's conduct at Thoroughfare dtp, he
stated that the hulk of MoD.'i army wai en
ramped but a short distance therefrom, thatth
roads were good, and the only force required to
hold It would have beeu about 10,000 men,
These might bsve easily relsrded the enemy for
a day, and so have utterly deranged hla move
ments. He also charged upon Gen. McDowell
want of attcntloh to the positions of his
(Slgel's) corps, with whirls McDowell waa at
that time co-operating, and a want of discretion
In bringing his troops Into action In Ihe, battle
of Manassai.
The couit adjonrned till 11 o'clock thtt morn.
Mojitur, December 22.
This court held a brief session to-day.
The following witnesses were eiamlned In
reference to Ihe condition of tha road from
Warrcnton to Brlttow station, and aa to lha
character of the night of August 27i Col. Ben.
F. Smith, Lieut. Edward Brooki, and Capt. W.
B. C. Duryea.
The court stated that they had now concluded
the examination of witnesses on the part of the
No Hlturssrsforthe defence being accessl-
Md l IliA rnnnnat fir ftn PHlr ill r-fMirt Ait
by such explicit nnd most solemn amendments . nvr .111 Wedneadav at 11 a. nl.
nnd provisions ot the Constitution, as may he ' ian""a ov" "" "euneauay at ii a. m.
fuiind necessary for securing the rights of the
several waies sna sccunni wimin ine union nrpinnn nr nv Wnni rien Woo)
under the Constitution. The resolution stsnds . atth or OEt. WooiWlen. wool,
over for debate. wn0 has recently been relieved of the cordmand
Mr. PENDLETON' oiTerM a resolution snd of the Middle Department, Is expeclad to leave
protest, aljTTicHl by 3D members against tho In- for nU uorn, Tnj, New Tork, tonlay. ne
dcmnlty bill. . ' I... I.n inld rArlntr.V.1'. l-.- nf .l.ienee.
on motion oi .Mr. ir,vr..Nb they were lam ," -- -.-,-. .-
on the table yea 7.1, naya to. i I " .
foheXInl'oVdrnarXn0. " """,' column p.cklng
tcers. lteferrcd. Bsrabuct Grapes, for Bpecr Wine. It Is an
Also a bill ror the emancipation of slave In admirable article, mod In hospital, and by the
rebel State and Terrltorlei. Referred to Com-. Hrst f.mlllea In Parii. Lbndon and New York.
a-aaa-sa-saf b -as
frtsyasamtsas-gy y o 1 T. ,its.rar.'.ttjpjt
( iVrgseiii
I ne atrcrrsary os snasvwiil Bcrssusvr ivwis
member of Consrraaa on bnsfnaaa on Batnrdaral ..
t ', i t..i i: a . i.'i i ii-.-.' Ff.a
commencing witn Saturday, in nrti oi next ,
month, . .A.a rM-.fc'r.t . - i .
naa.s.tnK n. wnw ni.
Blck and wounded Ofllcert of th RtsrnUr
Army ln.lhli , clty.WlU ciU.on Jnsfatm, J..K.A.
Birncs, U. 8. Army, for, professions! attend,
ance. OfflceNoSIMnitrfrt.' . -, ;r
Blck and wounded Offlcara of Volunteers In
thli city will call on Burgeon M.'cfjmer, V'. S: '
.Volunteers, for professional attendanc. Oflee .
20J Pennsylvania avenue. . , - A
The above named Burgeon art specially at-
signed to this dnty. ,l '
,Vi Jomn R. BwrtaT. '
'"Acting Surgeon Ocusrai. '
deel8-dtf Ji t a
" siiAii''y(moBSL.7T'
Cl-Ue.ThsIstaBlrUpt)sttttrh'ioho;i '
ChiTdrtawlllaldlntivlatttha (tsk aad Wauadtd
oldlers at Islaiul Hall a. Chrtitmai Dtaaer, aad .
ptai so in sqvas aaa cnarmvote lor .
i ihey any Bpia to raasssr. -say.
mine nn Judiciary,
In preference to old Port Wine. It la worth a
trial, as It gives great satisfaction. tf
pun? A SOI. OJIONH' , ,
ritKrsnATioi:a fob cnRixntiBi
how hypocritical la the cant of British slates- ('om " I " S'JTiP11??' w0" a,llJ 1,JU
men, wno lain or micnering in tnts country on ""b "---, . ..-.-...-.
Mr. HUTCIIINtJ movod that a eold medal be
struck, with an appropriate Inscription thereon,
and presented to the sol-Mere of the army of the
Kappahanuock, who gallantly attacked rebel
oatieries ai ine name or rrcaericxsourg.
Adopted. i
Mr. BLAKE moved that a mining bureau he I
added to the departments of the flovcrnmrnt.
Referred to Committee on Territories. I
Mr. COX moved that th President be re-1
quested. If not Incompatible with the public,
nond,ncV".r other" In orms. on In "hi.' r- ' BPUu.lr inaounc, ,h. .ompW... o. th.l, ar-
session relating to tha alloireil Interference of irauetuents (or ike easulai (estlia season. In
our minister st Mexico In favor of the French, I, .. t0 their usually vstled stock, will U
In the present war between the Mexlt an repuh-1 . . .....
lie and the emperor of the French, by signing , 'nJ l,r8e eoUscttoa of
vSh'iniu! ' Adop.""1 ft"ra M"r0 7 STANDAnD AND OTHER WORK.,
attending the death of Capt Ell woo J, in the . U-Jlni
.apuoipriaoD. Auopieo (
aim, a rcioiation reueTing cewapaper eattor j
the score of humanity. He believed If the ne
ceailty arose for calling In the assistance of tho
slaves to put down rebellion. It waa our bound.
ed duty to use them. He wonld rather have a
rebel master killed by his slave, than to have
htm 1.YJ to overthrow this Government. He
feared that these persons nbo are so careful
about kllllngrebels. weie not Hilling to hae
them killed at all.
He would call upon every power under
Hearru to crush out rebels j he would blast
tnem with iigmninga uooni wuirn tliejd
Mr. CALVERT offered a resolution declarlBir .
that the iHocretary of the Navy had violated
ana ptu ri nenance various aria oi congress
A superb stock of
A , arlety of
regulating the appointment of midshipmen. by Eajwclally suited for present.
ffuiuaK DiA.i-ccu iuituuijyiucu, iv-ynruirea
of the rights and privileges of members of Con
sresfl. and that this unlust and arbltrarr as
snmptlon of power was exercised under the
plea of public ncceeslt) j aud that, therefore,
all these appointments ar) hereby declared to
be null and void. Passed over for debate.
Mr. MAY mmeJ that the Secretary nf Rtte
served, and were aa ready for as were- the old , be mtu'ted tn communicate a copy of any ISKSMDS, .
cities or &oaom auatiomorran. ine late i)em- ," " --..-- iw ........i-j,.
causeu o w rrau io cmie prieoucri in ion
WRITI.SQ DESKS, from I to W each.
ci a a a cases, work boxes, odor cases.
f nsuac
The following has nean received, at head'
'December 19, 1M3.
Gen. II. W. II4U.KTK,
atntraUCMif, 47. S. A.t
C.nxtnkhi I have the honor to oflTer the fol
lowing reasona for. moving the(Ariny,of the
Potomac acrota the Rappahannock aooner than
was anticipated liy the President. Secretary, or
yourself, and for crossing at a point different
irom ine one inuicaiea uy yon at onr ia( meet'
tnr at the President's!
During mj preparations for crossing at the
place I had at first selected, t discovered that
the enemy had thrown a large portion of his
force down the river and elsewhere, thns weak
enlng: his defence In front, and also thonchL I
discovered that he did not anticipate the cross
ing ot our who jo lorce ai rreaericksunrg, and I
bopod, br rapidly tkrowlng the whole command
over at that place, to separate, by a lgorous
attack, the forcei of the enemy on the rh er be
low irora tne rorces nenina ana on tne crest in
rear of the town, In which case we could fight
him with a great advantage In our favor.
To do this we had to gain a height on the ex
treme rleht of the crest, which hels-ht com
manded a new road lately made by the enemy
ior purpoRt-i oi mote rapiu communicaiiou
alontr his lines i which bolnt trained, his posi
tion along the creat would hare been scarcely
icnanip, ana nn ronia nave occn onren irom
thence civtly by an attack on his front In con
nection with a movement in rear of the crrat.
How near we rame t accomDl shine onr ob
ject, future report will show.
uui ior ine tog anu unexpmea ana unavoid
able delaj n building the bridge, which gave,
the enemy twenty-four hours more to concen
trate his force tn his strong positions, we would
almost certainly haro succeeded, In which caae
the battle would have becn,ln my opinion, far
more decisive man 11 we naa crosscti at ine
place first selected. ,
Aa It was, we came very near ancceea. Fatt
ing In accomplishing the main object, we re
mained In order of battle two days, long enough
to decide that the enemy would not come out
of hla strongholds or fight us with his Infantry.
After which we croatod to Ihla aide of the
river unmolested and without the loss of men
or properly.
As ihe day broke, and long line of iroopa
were seen marching to their different poAltlona
aa If getting on parade, nol tho least demorali
zation or dUorcanlzatlon existed.
To tho brave officer and soldiers who ac
complished the feat of thus rccrosslng In the
face of the enemr. I owe ever thine i for the
failure In the attack I am responsible, as the
extreme gallantry, cdnrage, and endurance
shown by them were neer exceeded, and
woiua nave carriea me point naa 11 Dcen pobsi
To the families and frtenda of the dead I can
only offer my heartfelt sympathies j but for tha
wonnaea i can oner my nearueit prayers ior
meir comiori ana nnai recovery.
The fact that I decided to move from War
rcnton on to this line, rather against the opinion
of the Prealdent, Secretary and yourself, and
that you have left the whole movement In my
hands without giving me orders, makes me the
more responsible. a
I will wrlto yon very soon j aid give you more
definite Information t and finally, will send
you uy detailed report, In which a special ac
knowledgment will be made of the service of
the different grand dl visions corps, and my
general and personal staff departments.
To the army of tho Potomac, to w horn I am
so mnch Indebted for their support and hearty
co-operation, 1 will add here that the movement
was made here earlier th you expected, and
after the president, Secretary, and yourself re
quested me not to be In hakte, for. the reason
that we were supplied much aooner by the dif
ferent ataff departments than was( anticipated
when I last aaw yon.
Our killed amount to eleven hundred and
nfty-twoi onr wounded about nine thousand,
and onr prisoners about seven hundred, which
have been paroled and exchanged for about the
same number taken by us. itie wounded were
all removed to this side of the river before the
eacnatIon, and are being well cared for, and
the dead were all hurled under the flag of truce.
i ne suriteous report a mncn larger proportion
than nmai of slight wounds, sixteen hundred
ana Uiimotur oeing located in nospuais.
, , lam glad to represent this army at the pres
ent time In good condition.
Thanking tho Govern men t for that entire
support and confidence which I hare alwaj re
ceived from them, I remain, General, your obe
dient servant, A. G. Bcrnside, .
MaJ. Gen Comd'g Army of Potomac.
araettlv ai
aaahstt aaw that sal
TV shsi. w are in - f i. . rw-. s J
doaatlons.aitieriamowffcr provMow, mifrb
tent io jnrs. atvvnuiui. maryiavnu -t-buj mm r wmii
street, or Mrs. Geo. Ooodail1 math ktreet. evrnei
VtMiUOKiXh, not Utter tMMrtWKDNKfD AY M0R!K .
lftQ to o'clock, ia order thatjUl may be prepared
for the table In rood aeaaoa. A- -m .-
; iAS. tWrr.RrretidsatT V'
deet-J 4aland Baptrst a. eUe7Aaa,i;fv 7.
,sVaKlMSln RelemtlsU Aa-weUIWH.
A apecUI uMtlaf of the Wlihfaftou aclentlfte ,
Mea'i CbrUUaa Aiaoclatload IfuuTlvanla are-a
Due, between Hath aad Veveath streets, oa TUtV "
DAY. Dee. tod, at hall-put MTm o'eloolc . a. 1
Members of tba Aaaoctatloa, and all Mnwu tnttr-M -t
ested la scientific knowUdre. are Invited to attend. , .
Admiiilonfree. Dy order or the Kxeenttro Cm
mtttee. ddt.t ?t
0CnV t tke' Maetie;r-ii.aULJ.
Meeting of the New Vork Soldiers' Mei Society' k
wUl be held THIS (Tuesday) KVFrHHO, Vth-.
Foundry H.K. Church, eoracr of PcinenMiS--dJL'. t
a strreta, commencing at 7K o'clock. f- , .,,
A number of dUUnguUhedipeakers WUl be pre- -ant
to address the meeting. . v, t
All the tons and daughters of the rmptre tkt
who are now stopping In thta city, are expeetM tot
be there. - J. V GRANOtR, Vice tmts
JOHN 1. POLEfl, Sec'ry, deftl-lt
X j
will hold Iti aanual meeting at Foundry Churchy t
ElterTrli RolileraRelurA
corner Fourteenth and O ireets. oa XVV-tk.i4
K VENINO,T3d Instant. All mends ofoor alchawd. ,
wounded toldlers, eipedally eltlieos of New Tork,
In Washlnrton, aro cordially Invited. .
Per order Fxecutlre Committee.'
CecW 2t f c a
J3 Hiulthaonlau IctnraasAcouraeof tec- t
tures will bj given by Prof. D.yiIscakoCaaada
on rthnolorj. ,
Mondaj . Dee. IS. Subject The Utters! lUcei.
Uexloevday, Dee. 17 Subject The Maritime,
Haoea. -
Friday, fcVe. It. Subjeat The Orlfla of Civl-iav,
tion. , .,, .i
Monday, Dee. Si. Sutjeet Tne Historte and.
JJahUtortc Races. " j
Tha leeturea will commenee at octekv A--mlttanee
free. Th public are Invited. - dee l
F - 1
They purify, strengthen, and lnrlgorate.
They overcome effects of dlaalpaUooi aad lata
Thev ereftte a health- anoetlte.
They are an antidote to chance of water and diet." a
hours. . ? i 7
TheyatrenfthenthesyctemandenllvenihamtM .
They prevent mlasmatlonnd Intermittent frvei a. ,
They purtfythe breath and acidity oftht stomach; -
The) cureDrapesta and Conitlpatloa. 1
They cure Dlarrhaa, Choleraand Cholera Moiv it
bus. . , r v . t .
They cure Liver Complaint and Nervous Head
ache. J " ' ,
They are th beat Bitters In the world. They1"
make the weak, man atronr, and are exhausted, i i
nature' creat restorer. They are aiadaof puro
St. Croix Hum, tha celebrated Callaaya Bark, roots ,
and herbi, and ara taken with the pleasure of a
rly recommended to delicate persons re-
dom Dy .! urocare,
nulrintt n rentla Btlmultint:
:ruti. Hotels, ana saioona. !., uhaiu. m
ocratlc victories, claimed by the Senator fiom
Kentucky (Powell as a great moral victory. Warren, whereby they were forbid to employ
were obtained by gross frauds, and Just the op counsel, and informed that such employment I
poslte of glorious and moral. The statistics of would be retarded by the OoTernment as auffl
the recent election In Indiana show SW.000 cient to prolong the term of Imprisonment. ,
voteacaat, when there Is only about 208 000 I Mr. MAT demanded ihe ;eas and nays on Ihe '
snia. tn i. ur.i. ikn!m a fs-i n.i ..in .. nai (see of the resolution.
'"";".",,y-,v'"v"""" V.""M""" "v" v..'inrrmvn..a.i . i .i, ..Ai...iA
jilt vsa f v w suuini tu tmj iiiv ifryiiiiiuu
333 Penuaylvraul (avenue,
Between Ninth and Tenth streets.
beverarf, without recant to are or time of day.
uiany recommenueaioaeiia
im Broadway New ork.
13- Tho Oromt PonJaylTa-aia. HU.-Thf j A
JuiCKCK nu iiirii roui to in ngnn-nt &
outliweit. Two throuch trains dally, and one
Sunday. Soldiers' ticket at Uovernment rate'a to '
all the principal points la tho North and Weat.
For tleketc and further Information apply at the of
ficeofthe "Great Pennaylvanta Route," northeaat
corner Pennsylvania avenue and Slain afreet, un
der National Hotel. Office open from 7 a, m, to
p. m.ton sunaayi 3 to a p. m.
.. w. iwntv.i, -.
aug o ly
k-f-Mpeelal Kotie-Oa and after Tuesday, Ht
April 1,1863, the trains on tha Baltimore and Ohio .
Railroad will commence running dally, (Sundays
excepted,) leaving this Station at 7 40 a. .( and
connecting at Washington Junction with i Mall
Train for all parte of the Weat via Wheeling or t
Parkcrsburg. Through, tloketa sold and baggage
checked. k , W. P. SMITH,
M. of Transportation B. fc O. R. it. ,
ap l-dtf a
rWe-Um,aPr.rearlr.ry. Coplea
ofthla work ara for aal at the office of the National
Re.-ut.lli.AD. Pamphlet edition. So cents. Bouod
CrBatchelora llnlr Dye-The Boat 1st
tho Wrld. WlUUm A. Batchelor's aelebrateix
Hair Dye produces a color not to bo dlaUnrulshed
from naturet warranted not to Injure Hair In the
leastt remedies the lll-effecti of bad dyea, and ln lg
oratea the Hair for life. GREY. RF.D. or RUSTY
HAIR Instantly turni a aolendld Black or c Browo.
leaving tho hair sort and beautiful. Bold by all
Dntgfltl, aVC.
ti- The genuine Is signed WM. A. B ATCHELOR,
onthe four side of each box.
J Factory, No. 81 Barclay street, (Lata 233 Broad
way and it Bond,) New York. my 33 ly
Jefferson v "Da Ui has sent fthroneh General
Holmes) to Gen. Cnrtls to know If the story of
Ihe snooting or ten reuei gnerrmaa i. irue.
He sometime since threatened bloody retalia
tion, A bodr of rebel cavalry attacked a railroad
train near Jackson, Tcnn., on Friday, tore up
the tracic ana Durnea a long iresiei worit.
General 8urnsldes army Is reported to be In
excellent condition ana spirits, ana rcaay ut
any moment to meet the enemy.
Joeph W. Morrell proposea to make certain sJ
leratlsiua la the As.Utaut TrrAajiirfr' omgen,tte
1 SSd.ta ttrSvittli T" WDT wb. iSXCIIANtiEn . MUFF
kdlUriiTnh J- yesterday at Phllpk Solomons, will pleaw re-
ween ending iM-cemhcrso, itiw. turn the aame Immediately. dee J-lt
For lavlm? on the table veas 62. nan 43.
Mr. MOOMIEAD moved a Joint resolution,
lht In thflonlnlonnf Cnntrrett liiiiieiltBteleri
h nil 1.4 htm tat rn liv thn Tn alurv I lAnnrtmanl tn . If Tkt
... it.. .... Ar ..... a., ... a'AiJi.. ..i Ltistoui'iiouse al uoston, Piass , tor al,3v. ,i.n..MiAn .iii. iiiri Hiu
ix,in. r;r;rXT,.f i riTir..r..,.: 3 . 'wi w;?rfuproi.io fur.i.i.iroa.I..a. , "r,, .- ' M.umr LruTNrR
-"" - -- - - --. w ...... .-( u. eiifsti ui l una iiir imiur ui iru usiuiuiwa. Luiuuirir. lur
. au.l ALUUHT LCUTNER Is. nol lifln Intx-
Uteacei aaa 1 am latrclare not responsible ior say
of 17,601 votei. and ihowlng that most of this Mr. LIU t
lurreaa war Urmorratle Totea. In &3 caun- On tue table.
" WtB FBtits." Ike BHIIdci tal-c a loelkal ties. wlthtia.OOOToluntrtra In th arinv. the vole
to of war fruits i was larger than It waa two jean ago, anil tha
"On tu Klruinond," that's tu say, If Ihe raurasi wai coDdurteti by appcalln io the most
kuiird rebels will allow It. sordid inoilvet of the humin rharattrr, Instead
' P. rrul.l linn. am th.m LlniS nf I (.. thn, nf iniuillnff tn natrfnllam nntl In, rt . mi tit rw
by th President of the United States lu this never cum tojroiher. And it wai hlntrd In that ranvasi that Indiana
great itrn;gle, thtt he mtj feel that a ureal "tlllitara Nrceaalta," ten omshen ind a was allied brrornmercewlththat
peorjle. without reiotct to nart ar win. vim e"ono wnisai io every uiree priratea. nil tne rontroi oi me .iiississi
cwfic, kiuiuus respecs so panj, ara Willi um tnnitir ih. jmr. ,.. V.,t -..i. .t. .Uw,..tn.t. nitri.i i.. h..i ui,
heart and lOUl. d.m trltlerat tr vnn AnnU .nnt.ltA.lt, will V.u- rno-t.nn mil. lint T.nrnra Ww k'ntrlftn.l laSnl. PailOd.
III! trial! ar manv and nernl.Tlno'. Hnir hurt. ulth Fanenll Hall and Hunker Hill, fait lie left I Mr. F.f.lOT nfferrd a lolut
mani and how nerrleilnir few ran inn. "War of F.iterinlnalshnn" Ihla fraro bo- oit, tnd Indltna be forced Into the foul em- the Secretin nf Wsrholnstiuclcd
. ' r,VM". " ..u'w. Innm hnl. In ih. ir.mn.1 n.d . It : u .A.u..tnn .I.... l II 1. . .1. II n . A.- f n t liu ant .ml Rl ftt.J r.t th. tTnlnn I
inhere !,,.., . Hm. -1 .n. .., --.-" J '""","'"l"lw' 'uira.ua,. n... u ...., n.i ..r ...... n..... ....... .,. r ? , ... . Q. .
" : ' ""'" "" "I"""1 -Anvanie uaril" this Is a garrt tha hav ncccdlng anything ever yet beard or. He tba c.tis ior ineanny.oi luonifu irom cacn BK.Ch.nulldina' at New .ork, rlriit water
prayer, uod bless Abraham Lincoln," should tn bar In our army, tu Leepour fellers from 1 wonld leelt out the most olncnra village In New rttatc. who have enlisted In the naval lerrlce of coei and four iiriualaeonii'lrtr, ftir.au,
Da unsd up to tha throne ahor. that time Is i P11""" " " 'be enema frunlaarda. England and lay bis bones under the old flag, me uniiea rnsins, ani wno wouia ue otuewise James tDoaaraio ens ,iown in. iroai steps inlf arrived frnm New York, with
r "PU,,"" "we i. iinan.r,i'i.ii.i. i. . .1... .i.- i ...i.t.l.i..i 1- .i.. ,,i .--Tr iini.i. ,n i. .lr.ri.i p.r.tfp..i nf Lxehana ituiutlnr. New ork. at a crnta twr -V1 Ju". ...I1...!. ..-.:. .'
DOW Uttr COUntrv laved neap. ,Mlnr.il Bn . ".-. tu.a ,. .gum in., tun nut ill aiHuuiauuBtwiintuitauijinumuuiutiutg ....... . H....v. fnnt .aiAttl I llgneea v. ill pirna nfiy to -
wtM iwuuir aavcu, peice rettored, and Le,.n nnr f, . uh.n tl....A ........,... ... I.I. ..V.A. K..A th. I,ld. ..e nnn.lltHtt.... tiwivt... -.1 .1.. - 1. AA.M.ni.. r tool SJd 01. ... "' r PTCR DFRIIY.
slsrsr, dstd, what a land thi. will b, fr0m pltohln In in tb. enenVTba li i ii '' 'aV also ureedln h.rclu, a... II. Two uid have StZ'ZE Z , wiV. . an.' imr ""fi.lTllXXL SX "L?t5i. ' "Sf." dee - 83 Wale, atrs.t, 0or,..own,
i New York, for
...a lua.j utll.u. . "T r -..-. - -. , riim uttu.ia tur .uatwru.iru n-tuttwrat vwu
iat section which that to thli cud preference be given to these tu. custom-house at lotion, Maaa.for
ilDidi and that a payments over those due to the legislative, lu- John Dawnei propoata 10 iiul la than
hiVwouldUo dlcW, or executhe department, of the Uovein- ta-l-CWltaata
ro . cugiauu, -"-- . . e.. , Maharanv Casa t
resotulioa, mat Wmlsra r. r-iterbrook proposea to put in 31 win-1 ftnd Miulc Racks.
Ic4t0 elvecredlt dona la basement fronts of Kxchangc Building at '
.n in Miinsntitiiv ' Y(tx,tat bS5o ilotlng not Included. , An
lndowsle nicnivn.ilAl.n PIANOS.
achanre BulM- o
(or J.M oa private sale, several excellent Rosewood and
Mahorany case. riAru' runirn, covers, niooit,
Auctloneera and Com. Merchants.
YV to dellrer this Paper, Call at thli oUct.
aec - ii
QVABTEnUAiTcn'l Dcror.
Auxandsia. Va.. Dee. IS. 1U3.
CARPENTERS for the Quartern aster's De
partment at Alexandria, Virginia. Applications
to be made to Mr. . Dougherty, ftupertnteadeat, at
this depot. C. B, VfRGUHON,
deo is iin uaprun a. 14. m.( u, n. Army.
WANTKO Hre Hundred good, liber, and
exiv-rlnolTKAMSTl.RS, tot the Quarter
to C. H. Snow, Oeneral Superintendent, at.
master's Department In Ihla city,
Annlv ta C. II. Snow. General S
(hl.nrfl. J.J. DtNA.
de U lm Capt, and A. Q. M., U, S Army.
TrANTKD.LJles and gentlemen to consult
IT t Vottlne, a descendant of Aitrologlst to
Napoleon tho Great, on all affaire of Hie, at 411
Eleventh-street. Diseases examined end cared In
a few sittings. deo S
XTOTICK. The schooner Win. V
Largctt hi
1 indse, Co
n r iirrnnniiMi nvpr iiia biiich. jna ine me in rnnciiiaiiiiti ip Fi if a i-j tnnvAii inn. n mMii iMTitTiiitm,r .. r.. . ..... . .. ... . ..
"' fiiuia. iu tu luarucniB iihi Kwarui. iw iu urint luiHuii-Hu. , iiowuumiixvu ne nn appoinira loeuquiro wueiner anyouirer wah on the exterior 01 rotunda, corrfciora, somis,
awi uuici on iu roiiermurk " thUHhoBTE no f onercflion to traitor) 1 tnere was no war to nr iiir.ini ah or anv denxrtinent la n iixriurr or fcu . or FxLiiaart tmuatna 1
OaasttAfas .ta.isn..- - snrl. a. nrfmint Diil-.i..Aa m... ... r.ll.. a. .. ... i. L1..J.. .. ..J I.. a . .- a ". It. a.f. i. .-.... .as. KllSiJ
...w. u. u. a-uHHiTTEa n.i thi LONDICT """ l":'vv H"J'."" nr iriirrs are uuuer. peace uui iij ohiuuj .r, .uu ui iuai way ne inicresieu mreeiiy or maireciiy in auy imnuins; ' ," "
r thi Wi. The Committee on 11.. fnnnw '" i""" are inapt mat are tent i wouia travel, annuo oui.i crum out mis re
r .V. n?..T. Jl.Ti ." ua 1U" '"""t out tu borry turbaker of the enema, and tu set
of tha ar It eiDected to r.nnrt ti.. t.i ,. .t ..t..t ......i. . . ' "u
--r -"., aula n u. ruam ie'WI. au Ol S SII,
report wUl U looLed for with great Interest, as
It s laid soma JmpOrtsst revelstlons will he A,OQt ?? M aD'1 wounded soldiers arrived
made I, -111 occupy ahout el.ht column. jjS$ $ffi2$& o7.
th OloU. t Tld., i,i,nd, Bedloe's Island, and Fortbchuyler.
hellion, even If It had to he by leaving desola
tion in every sirp oi our vitioiious uriuu't,
Ailn, Ihe radical actiof the 1'resldent had
house, money corporation, or business nrtn,
hating contracts with motion rumiu(,ur deal
luir In stork nr other propertr. Adopted.
Mr. UI.NtUIAM reported bark a bill provld- tloned.
."".. .. . . . -VFrKFRS' AND SObDIFRS' OOODS.
Isasa llsodls proposes to repair th. Gov.rnmeat 11'"" r
IXkIc at ataten I.laud, New tork. for li,aai 11. FVNSTOH k SCOPITLU,
U U bodusk fu. propose tu furnish a (Safe lor ,. . ,,.VM,..iav,pawi.tf
th. rclleclor'. olOo al ntlsbiirfli-pru not men- Matt, "" i '"4l rrf, aer
The Architect ursl Iron Works propose to furnish
. been complained or, and the Senator from Kin- Ing for the liberation orilares In Insnrrnllon- ,,Itt'"1MS,,S;n .lFnr?pi".. .n'.'-in P
tnckv Utvl,..,.whcnl,er,adthePre.ldent-. .,? ,?t..and Territories and moied that Ih. SS.fii.ffi'iV'.fi'TKSS: K
procltmM.ou of freedom, tile heart lanL wlihlu coiiin, litre be ulurharrd from Its further too rxteotlun at 'i.binrtoQ, U C, tor 10 cents per ' i
him. It bad a contrary effect upon lilmjtaiie.j i.deratlou. Objected to. pound daow it i
Full aitortuient of Military and Fancy Goods,
Snertti Army uu, Gun roiim,
Chat roos, Flce, Gloves, 8tauoneryr and genuine
V Ull, UIUI rW41BII, Mil UU .MUV wt
Sola agents (or the utorino,
ma . street, Juncture Pennijlvanla aTtnui.
nor ai iu
ITfANTED-At tha New Tork Emplojmeot
Agency OtDce, No. fill Ninth street, near
Pennsylvania avenue, TWFNTV-F1 VR (26) White
and Colored GIRLS, wlthgood references, aa Cooks,
Chambermaids, lJkundreasoa, Waitresses, Nuises,
and Seamstresaes Also, young Colored Men, to
wait on tables In Private Families or Hotels. Also
wanted, houses Immediately, with or without fur
niture. Fnniloyerslawanfofgood help, will Hud
It to their advantage to call.
nay 3-i-lf H.H. MILLER.
"lirANTKD. For a gentleman and his wife, a
f Double Parlor, with first-class furniture and
board. Price not so much a consideration t a wtt
Villi t. u
The beat ety reference given and required. Ad'
dress "junker," at the City Post Office.
Fhofoiau wlllbereielred at the ofliceof the
Bureau of Construction until January". oth, IMS,
fur plastering the walls, ceilings, Jus., of the halls,
oorrldors aud various apartments of ihe west sec
tion of the Treasury Ftensloo
UUlders must state the price per yard, face meat
ure. The whole work will require three coats of
lime, sharp sand hair of proper proportions aa shall
be appro. ed, the whole lobe finished In the best
niauuer for painting throughout.
. The Bureau reser, ei the right to reject any or all
the bids, If considered tut the interest of the Go.
eminent to do so. No bid will be considered unless
In conformity with thla advertisement, and Is ac
companied with proper guaranteea that the bidder
will execute a aatlauetory contract. ,
Forlnier In charge Treasury Department.
deo 31 eotlaa 10

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