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Wa.RT otox, Deo. S3, 1803.
The hoetiteVftlSh here not been duly not!
ed, cm bbUlB helt mpl quo of Christ
nu provisions, Intended Ibr them by Mrs,
Lincoln, bj the preeentttlon of a certificate of
th nperiatendent of each hospital, at the
Ezecntlre Uanilon, on Tneeday and Wrdnee-
da'ymocTiiugs,IemberSSdan'd:thi '
Tine rauutMMTVf BtmKii.v
The ddre of th Preeldeut to"the army of
the Potomac win ba penned by everybody,' It
It characterlltle of th man, showing hOw
ready he le always to unme all the reaponsl.
btlltlesofhlshlghcjee. '
TH( IMM t M TOIU. ''
We could not Ma rttMac to the crltlcUme
of inch papera ae'the WaihlagtOB jSaar and the
New York JtmnuX C
pat our " On
to Richmond" article, l the HowIigjronisi
f Blur whea have these papera become ad-
voeatea for energy In thenroeeentlon of the
war, ana wnat M we meaning oi ua cnanre i
What la also the meaning of the change which
has coma over the spirit of the dreams of many
others In onr midst, who have heretofore Horn
ly opposed an advance, but How clamor for It I
TheuL together With certain mysterious and
Inexplicable (allnree in the military administra
tion, which have already placed General Burn
side In a most critical If not pertlons position,
are Indeed alarmlnc euros of the times. Thev
should of themselves arrest the movement of
the Army of the Potomac till they were loves
Heated, and we hope they will do so."
Tee, the disaster at Frrderlcksburs was pre-
asged by eigne and portents which might well
have caused brave men to hesitate and wise
men to pause. But they were not such as the
ancients consulted before entering upon battle,
or embarking upon a hostile expedition. They
were addreesed to th understandings, not to
the superstitions of men) and the tame signs
appeal with all-powerful eloquence to the com
mon sense of the nation In warning of danger
upon another theatre of the war. We have
for monthe past advised the consolidation of
the military departments of the Southwest un
der the command of General Grant, the only
Union general, who, as yet, presents satisfac
tory credentials, and Is the superior of any
general which the rebels can boastt hut our ad
vice haa not been heeded. It appears, how
ever, that the rebel government hare taken a
different view of the Importance of the mea
sure which we hare suggested.
With their nsusl military sagacity they have
detected the weak point In this arrangement,
and, abandoning the department of Gen. Grant,
whom they are afraid to encounter, they are
concentrating their forces with a view to over
whelm Gen. Bosecrana In the military J urls'dlc
Hon which Interposes between that or Gen.
Grant and the loyal States. Should they be
successful, even the gallant Grant may 'be
placed In a critical, If not desperate, position)
while the conquests which his genius has
wrested from the rebels and held against their
whole available power, will fall In a single day.
Jell. Davis himself, and his crack general,
Joe Johnston, have hastened In person to this
now promising fleld of operations, eager to
snatch the prey thus temptingly exposed.
For weeks the black cloud of war has been
rolling portentously up the southwestern horl
son, and for weeks we Juaye appealed In Tain to
the military authorities to adopt the only means
of safety as well as success.
Anon, the country Is startled by the ominous
Intelligence of a failure In the supplies of Gen.
Boaecrans army.
Now, sorely, It does not require the spirit of
prophecy, or the knowledge of the art of the
soothsayer, to discern In these signs approach
ing disaster to the Union army In thle quarter.
or tax Wan. The report of the Committee on
the Conduct of the War presents a aomewhat
different version of the Fredericksburg disaster,
from that contained In General Burnslde's re
port. It appears from the synopsis of this re
port, which we publish In another column, that
the movement which has ended so disastrously
was well plsnned In the first Instance, and not
destitute or military pretension In the modifica
tion, and that the rail lire Is due to a variety or
unforeseen accidents, over which the non-ar
rival or the pontoon bridges dominates.
This report must have the effect or placing
Geni Burnslde's conduct In a new and Interest
ing light before the country, lie has atoned,
by his magnanimity, for much of the rashness
aad folly which characterized the execution or
attempted execution of the modified plan.
SrcaiTittTOT tbi IiTxmnn. An effort Is
being made lo have'Speakcr Grow appointed
Secretary or the Interior, and Hon. Schuyler
Colfax, who has been recently reelected io
Congrns, ibmen Speaker or the Honse.
Tccsdst, Deciiuib 23.
Gen. Slge) was cross-examined yesterday
This examination had reference more particu
larly lo the cauacs of prejudice, which the wit
ness might be thought to hava against Gea.
McDowell, In connection with Ibe remark that
officer Is alleged to have made to one of his
(Slgel's) staff.
Witness acknowledged this remark to he his
chief reason of complaint, hut, there were others
(it being a personsl dispute) which he dlJ not
wish to mention. One was, that having sent
an ald-de-camp to Gen. McDowell during the
march rrom Gainesville to Manassss, lo make
a report andJnqulrt Into the cause or a firing
heard on the left, the officer was grossly Insult
ed by him In the presence or his (McD 's) staff.
But he, 8lgel, did not regard this as an affront trmy "' enemy would come rrom Culpep
so much to himself as to a member of his .i.ii and I thought the chance or maklne Rich-
Gen. Slgel next recounted In theorder or data
ihe movements wherein he thought General
McDowell had hern tardy In co-operating) for
Instance, when Jackson was allowed io over
come Shields, escape Fremont, and lo reloln
the main srmy of Ihe rebels', contending sfatnst
McClellan near Rlciimoud.
,. .1 ..... .
......uac-useaiicwneu or leaving iJapls build 'fortifications. Ihese were Ihe re-isous
at Ihe battle of Cedar Mountain, with only 9,000 1 why I thought It was a vrry Judicious measure
men, to withstand alone 85.000 ofthe enemvi the part of General Burnslde to change Ihe
even after both be (MeDm.e.11. ln,lPr- b.d,.b.y!.?L0???'J,?MnS!,aor .I""1." .
. .... ' ---
Th. ami ..IIabu.1 llll .. I . .. .
'' ' fi -
' CotT.MiiTuLi o lOmub Poet..,
Tide court did not meet ijreeterday. General
Porter will to-day commence to bring forward
I ,
Id. wllnease, General McClellan I. expected
to testify' In a few days.
bb .A- A. 1
To jCi3.rm.
I harelnatVeaXT
your Commanding Oeneral'a rrellmlnsry re-
port of the battle of Fredericksburg. Although
you were not successful, the attempt wi not
The courage Ttth which yon, In an open fleld,
maintained the contest anlnet an entrenched
I ..b .hit ft n.C..i.i.ma,B alrllt ami mA.MI wlltl
in lace or toe enemy, mow mat yon possesB
all the qualities of (a great army, which will yet
glte vlctbry to the cause or the country and of
popular government. Condoling with the
mourner, lor the dead, and lympathlilsg with
the severely wounded; I congratulate, you that
the number of bah comparatively eo email.
I lender to yon, officer and soldiers, the
thtnki or the nation. , ,, ,
,Ab.h1w Lrtcout.
TVe would call attention to 'Oeneral Foster
official report, published below. It will be seen
that his was a perfect success J ""
i- '1 DtcnnK20193.
Jf.tor Om. n. VT. IMUcl, OmtnUn-Chleft -
Sly expedition wee a ptrrect success. I
burned the railroad bridge at Ooldsooro' and
Mount Olive, and tore up several miles of the,
track of the Wilmington and Wet Jon railroad.
We fought four engagements, viz I At South,
west Crack, Elnston, .White Hall, and. Golds
boro', and whipped the enemy handsomely
every time. t - -
J. O. Fostxb, Brig. Oeneral.':
It will be seen by following dlspstcl)
from General Bnrnsida that he conslderablr re
duces the number or the woundeja from (hat of
bis first estimate i
HunqcAftTiM, ahmt or the Potouxc,
Dec. S3, 1882. Major Oourol if. IT. Hitltcl,
Omtrat-in-CM'ti In rtv' report to von or the
lPth Instant, the number of our1 wounded wasj
stated at almost nine thousand, and the nnnu
ner receiving hospital treatment as sixteen
hundred and thirty.
Both or these statements are wronr. On the
authority of Dr. Letterman, our Medical Di
rector. I learn that the whole number of our
wounded Is between six and seven thoussnd.
AUrut one half are receiving treatment In hos
pitals. " A. E. Bmtsisi,
MoJ. Geri. Comd'g Army Potomac.
Tax jlttchtiox or inx uisxa Is called to
some correspondence on our first psge. Ills
both amusing and Instructive.
Hon. Jesse D. Bright was expelled rrom the
Senste or the United Slstes ror a less offence
than that committed by Mr. Kennedy. He
(Kennedy) Is guilty or sending tmportint In
formation to a leading rebel, hlaformerrasiler,
and to a man to whom he still played the
toady, of cfforts( made by the Government to
relieve Fort Sumter, and the sailing of a squsd
ron for the Gulf. We pause to hear "bit Mr.
Kennedy hss to ssy, .
tdsT"We received the report or the Commit.
tee on the Conduct or the War at such Inter-.
vsls, In such detached portions, and at such a
late hour, rrom the agents or the Associated
Press, that we found It extremely difficult to
make such an abstract as we could have wish
ed. We give such "materiel facts as we can
find time for, and such; as our space will adj
mlt. It would have pleased us to have given
the report In full, hut our space and time
would not allow It In this Issue.
Misi Mibt Mitchxix, (sister of the wonder,
fully bewitching Maggie,) has made a great hit
In Norfolk as Hose Fielding, In the "Willow
The late hour at w hlch we received this repoi t,
precludes onr giving more than an abstract In
our paper to-day. The entire report will make
some eight columns, as we etstcd ycslerdayi
more than we can possibly find room for In this
lsane. It Is a document which will be widely
circulated, and read by the whole people.
General Burnslde's testimony commences the
report, but, as much he states refers to ante
cedent facts not material to the matter In Issue,
we give simply those ststements or his before
the committee which relates to bis move upon
While at Warrenton, General Buruslde says-
Genersl Halleck came down to sec me on the
11th November. On the ttth I made ont a ulan
or operations In accordance with the order of
liemrai uaiiecic, ubieu mrecUil lneuotoul)
to take command of the army, bnt nlsotoetatc
what I proposed to do with It. That plan I
wrote on the morning of the 9th of November,
and sent it bv special messerurcr to Waahlnir-
ton. I can furnish the committee a copy of
luatpianit tncy arsire it. i nave not got it
here now.
Question. State the substance or it, if yon
please. That may do as well.
Answer. I stated, In'subslance.tliar'Ithoiight
It adtlsable to concentrate the arm) In the
neighborhood or Warreutonj to make a smalt
movement across the Kappahaunock as a feint,
m ttb a view to divert the attention of the rue ni) ,
and lead them to !llev we were goto? to mere
In the direction or GnrdoutvlUe, and then to
make a rapid movement or the whole army lo
Fredericksburg, on thiazide or the Rappabsn
The following are his reasons for moving
upon Fredericksburg i
In roovlnz upon Fredericksburg we would all
the time be as near Washlngtonn as would the
enemy. Ana alter arriving at roiericKsburg,
e would be at a point nearer to Richmond than
e would he even If weshould take Gordon'tllle.
On the Gordonsville line the enemy, tu my
opinion, would not rive ns a decisive batile at
any place this side of Richmond. They.would
defend Gordonsville until such time ss they
felt they hsd given ns a check, and then, with
so many lines of rullrdad open to Ihera, Ibey
would move upon Richmond or upon Lynch
burg, and In either rae the difficulty of follow
liig them would be very great.
TEST1B05.T or out. si'U'.tn.
lu reply to the following question, ho said i
Question. Would It have been better, In your
Judgment, tnliavecrosaed the rlrrr and engaged
the entmy earlier than you did, and If so, why
wss it not done I
Answer. When Gui. Burnslde toa ordered
to take command of this nrmy he Udd me what
be proposed to do. tin t Is, to march on Fred,
erlckaburg Instesa of on Oalpeper. I thought
that waa the wisest plan, for three reasons! If
we bad marched on Culpeper, according to
the forme1 plan, even If we had been success
ful, we would have had to rail back for sui -
plica; whereas, by coining ou this line, on
reaching Fredericksburg I confidently expected
to take the heights In the rear or It before the
mstn.i aarnai mnjtli Knt fttn It rrnlmr tl.da tli.
mond waa much better than by going the other
way, because If the pontoope had been here on
my arrival, ana in time tor me to Have crossed
aud occupied the heights la Ihe rear of Frcd-
cncasuurK ucKre me enemy couia coasK mem
. . ffl V......V ,MV VUVH (UUH W ,MMI,
we ahould have kept pursuing Iho enem) off
from this 11 ic or railroad, keeping It In onr own
DOSSeSSlOm nd If We could nnt Iisvh nrMt.-il
r ibem In Richmond, we could have kept ao close
10 tuem maimer
io mem mufc mcy woum nave nail no tunc lu
. mipeuer. which i ueitrve uen. sicciel an In
tended Lo have done.
iruuou fcu ua, v iiuut.
(In Ida nt.rl it Iha ltli ftf Vm.. 1. . f .
' a note to Gen. HiirnMJe. who wai tome t!l.t
s"vftS!' ffH?J li ItSteSi
lb able to and a practicable ford, which, by lbs
W,T. ' knew, when I wrote the note, that I
ctofoT .T.Tha. be did notVwni a,lv'lati:
Tho General replied, through his
'. that lie did not think it advliatle
to occupy FredericLtburg until hit communl-
JBVi .!.
ieigwt on
the other
three days
after my arrival
s naa oeen
nere, ror
much force
ortessktOTtawwV the el saw... Wish
gard to the delay In making the attack, I do
not think that fltohovetntat CohVI hare JWeh
made sooner than tt was made.'- " ' l '- i
JTf flrat jjaagaltlon to cross the river was to
Cross afEklunra neck." It setmed to bid that
vou coma scareeiv cross a river in tne laca or
an enemy, of equal or superior force except hyi
made to cross at Sklnkcr's neck, after a largo
number of wagons had been sent by the general
down there. In order to deceive the enemy, I
was, decidedly In favor of throwing the bridges
aver here and carry the thwn as we did carry II,
which was by surprise, as the enemy were mass
Ingthelr troops down below, expecting we were
going to cross down there. I was In raror or
crossing the .Rappahannock, because neither
our people would be satisfied to have our army
to retire from this position, or go Into winter
quarters until we knew theTorcc that was on
the other side orthe river) and the only way In
which we could have that was by colnjr over
there and reeling orthem. I think It was ne
cessary to have, made the attack on that day
on Saturday, And It was necessary, therefore,
to attacK tnem in tncir strong works, ana ine
repulse was what frequently happens In cam
paigns. The works were stronger than we be
lieved them to be.. .1 knew llwasa very hazard
ous movement) but I did believe that we could
rarrr the cnemv'e works. The attack railed.
owing lo the enemy's rortlucatloae being much
more lormiuaoie man we naa supposca mem 10
be. ,t T '
He was. bcrhans. the onlv officer wlio was In
favor or holding Fredericksburg. He did not
know why the luntoon bridges did not arrive 1
In season, but If they had been there when he
came, he should baro taken the crest lu rear of
lite town on titatnigin, or tne louowiog nay
not considering Frcdcrlcksburg'as being of any
consequence, except as being on the road to
Question. What reasons do you assign for
not crossing, cither above or below, where the
enemy have fortified I
Answer. The reason was thlsi We did not
attempt to turn their left Dank, became there Is
there n slack-water navigation, taken out ofthe
river some two miles abot e here, and brought
within the basin at the upper end or the town,
that rnns along at a considerable distance rrom
the Rappahannock. In making the mot en.ent
to turn the enemy's left Hank,, If a force had
been aent up between the river and canal, the
canal would hare to be croased, and to do bo, it
wouia ne necessary to bridge it. tne only way
to hare made that movement, would hare been
io hare gone entirely on the? left or that canal
and that would have exposed the troops all the
way up to a Are upon their flank rrom the pat
I cries which had been, erected all along op
there, wllhout onr being able Jo return their
flro at all. ,
Onr loss he estimates about 10,000. He
thought there was too much crashing In the
army and not sufficient confidence, though,
with great exertlon,he thought Ihe srmy would
be ,ln excellent order again.
Major General W. B. Franklin was next ex
amined. He thought the arrangements for crossing
the river were all well made, bnt he always
doubted our power to cross at ihe points Indi
cated, ind did not believe that the army conld
hare crossed had the enemy chosen to pre-1
rent It.
In regard to the pontoon bridges, he said i
" ITAoewr, it rtipoKtlUttr lAel de&iy li re
uaontilltor att fA dmlrrs irAicA hivt fotlovtiX,
We were rather astontabed, when we came down
here, to find that Sumner had been here for some
days, and had not received the pontoon brldgea.
I think that Is the main effuse for this disaster."
rfnjjiniifral ffKti i
hum mrwriB-auAitum
ittAr lha.tYbrldaeB,
.TbbMbb IfAJfaJl
Id of It any tlawhhln
here. Iftheaoiiloon
4 think thera was
It was expected that the pontoon bridges ,nd Ivory. The manner of obulnlng the form
would be ready on the arrival or the First army cr is thlsi The merchsnt In Khartoum sends a
corps, nhen that corps was to have crossed at aS$&ffi o7I
once and taken possession or (he heights. If mwl, tbemen,"and captnre the women and
the pontoons had been there, there would have children. Who Ivor Is obtained by an equally
been very little difficulty In doing that. , respectable, bnt more elaborate method. At
. .X .. , ,i.t. i. the earns time the, islaves are taken, as, above,
majob 0 xbil BOOKxn'a TtBTiMoir. ,ut,d Urg0 numhcrsorcaltle are caught) they
Either , Oeneral Halleck pt General Meigs furnish Ihe merchant's cspltat. He sends them,
said, In the consultation which was had with 'under conduct or his armed force, Into the In.
Genersl Burnslde November .., that he tW& &l"llWvAu&
thought h ?ouU have alt the pontotua and lTOry u Molf n at once. If It U itrong evough
ewrtltlut; rc.dy ou thli siJe lu tliti. Jajn. ta KucrcRifullv rualat tU thfifl. th properly U
Thau u.s.nni. r. i...n..a.i Lii i r.i i trof?ureci bv harterinic thr rattle for it. hen
suiir nuy viii; hiv uumiiui ivii 111 nrt
erlckshurgwhen Franks, advance .rrivel.
MtJOB oxtinit Uiiirck's Ti.TiMONr,
am.iuwi.1.1 i..m..s..u,..,ii,.v,iui,
were tinder Ihe command or Gen. McClellau
nhen he was relieved, and he Issued his onhra
directly to the commanding officer of Wjsh
lugton, with one slinrle restriction, that no
troops should he moved from the command of
Washington until I waa notified by Genentl
McClellan or tho commanding officer litre. In
all other respects they were all under hla ilhcc
tlon. General Burnslde, when he relieved him,
was told that they remained precise!) the sime
as before. On my visit lo Genersl Burnslde at
Waehtugtou, on the 13th of November, lu
speaking abpiu Ihe boats and hjoga that lie re
quired from here, I repeated to him that they
t ere all subject to his orders, with that si ngle
exception. To prevent Ibe necessity of Ihe
commanding officer reportlug the order for Die
lioats here, the order aa drawn up upon hla
table, aud algnrd by me directly 10 dcneral
Woodbury, on the evening or the l.'ih, I (hlnk,
the evening that I was here.
In conversation with Gen Woodbury and
Gen. Melo'B, It was proposed that lh train of
pontoons should go down by bud, a,. I he)
could be gotten doHrj sooner In that wa ultli
out Interfering with the supplies, which had to
Im. finl lo Annl.i Prpplf. I irttfA nt nrilei . r
direction In relation lothe matter, than thil; I
all other matiu-s were under Gen. Burnstds's
direction. He alio Informed me, while at War
reuton, mat captain uuane, ctitei oritur co'i-
neers, had already eent an order to Harper's
if" . . u.wu ,.Ki.. uivi hi Ku uuitii. rrcitenck Aiiarewa -llie
onler had boen Issued, they belui; under . Carl Winkler -General
Burnslde's Immediate and direct com- Hrlnrlch Wellbrenner
mand, I did not Interfere at all In relattou to ' Albert Stehltr - .
'hem. , . .
Question. Do you kuow whether there waa
any dels) In starling them, orju their progress
mere I ..... .
Answer, i uearu inai mere was a ueiay irom Frederick GatirUi
Ihe steamers getting aground with the pon- Nathan Berwlu - -toons,
and there was a daisy, as I 'undcrelsn I, Johannes Bacta
In Ihe Iralu going down by land, ou account Conrad Bohb .
of tun difficulty of Iho voids, and Ihe Incxpe- Kkhanl Upm.inn- .
rlence, perhaps, or Ihe omeera in command, Henn Reuther-
onl It had to bo taken by water part or Ihe Cornelius Rlsl . . .
way. It could not git through by land. Icon. Dinlel Freyer - .
sldered, from the reports I receli ed, that these Nicholas Klolt -
delays resulted mainly from accident, and (lie ' iniant (Jlcnart - -elements
Ibat no man had any control pier. . 7arharlaa Rohimann
Question. Was there any request for von to Mlthael Selraaler- .
delay the advance of the Men until Ihe boats Valentine Schoppcrt r
arrived, or onjthlng of Ihatllndf Michael Knpp -
Anawer. No, sir 1 1 remember this, that Gen. ' Jacob Kllngler .; '
Woodbury, In conrersallon'with me, aald Hut Helnrlch Hohlbein
lien. Murnsiae couia noi get nown lor several
days after I told him, and thot he cduM not
land all boots iiulli General Burnslde arriicd.
Fthlnk I remarked to him that I did not kuow
exactly Ibe day when General Burnalde would
move, that I could not tell him, aa the generol
did not know himself. I understood that there
was considerable delay in getting the'boats
from' Aoula lloiin lolhe-Itairoahannock liver
on account of Ihe bad roads, difficulty of trans-
portatlon, ete., bnt no other delay than that
wi.i, h ,,,i,i n.ir.ii Ai.r . . n,.i.i,
lountry llkethat. Wecouldnotcommeoeetlie
repairs or the railroad until Geurral Knrnslde
took possession of it, aa It waa al In the pos
session orthe enemy,
Question. When yon were at Warrenton Gen.
Burnslde bad Just assumed the command of the
army of the Potomac (
Answer. File date before. I think.
Question. .Was there, or not. anv nipreemenl
or understanding betwe on you and Gen. Burn-
slue, wnen )ou wero at warrenton, that Ihe
hftn.Jhniralihid to Mm l.v ihH iiihr.ritir.B
I 1.1.-.. I.I. 1..I I. C. n 1.1 .if.
Anawer. No. air. . ' 7 "''l
L1LX ? "!
essarv L
for him to cross the river and move forward lor
'TnVwTei' sir. I reoue.ted n... Vet,.
ss chief quart rruniti r, ond Gru Hanpt, in
charge oithc rallroal,to po with me to consult
w,th Gen. liurmlde, and told him that evcry-
ova requlsltlontand)
utdnot Inteefereesi
Ion. When Tsih wse t
considered thst It would take to more the army
rrom where It was to Falmouth, opposite Fred-
; -. . .. -..- ..
v no, asrt,aor-tvwaj BOI asMrminM
at that time that the movement
ement anonia d maae.
Question. i Was; H.Dot dttermlnM ahst it
should: be made, pmvtdd the1 President, aa-J
aentea to II I
'Anlwtr.-Tes.sirTinah'e'Vrns !nrrtlatett
commence hie. preparation! at thongb.lt bad
ueon assented to, until teirgrapnea to ine con
trary, but not to make any movements
' Question. Do yoOt recollect whether or not
there- was any discussion when yon w.cre there,
aa to the point that'll was necessary thai the
pontoons and the srmy. should arrlv at Fal
mouth at the lame period of time, eo that th
enemy should not know the point designated
tor the crossing! - '
Answer. I do not think that was mentioned;
This matter, I know, Was mentioned,-thst the
pontoons should be there as soon aa, they Cilnld
sfier he had got possession or the road, so thai
they could be taken down.
Question. Since General Burnitde has been
In command or the army or the Potomac,' here
all hie movementa been made according to hla
Judgment and dleerctlon, so far aa yon Know t
Answer; Tesyilr; entirely. ' .
uy.iir. iingnu . irr,
L Question. I nnderatand vou to aav. General.
that the delay In the bridges,, you think, wail
canseu vj tne elements ana tar, inemcieacy oi
men. and that there la nobody to blame that
yon know of. - au . s
Answer. I, will not say Inefficiency or men.
but I will say this t that Gen, Burnable reported
to me that the officer In command or the land
train hail not been as efficient as aa ought to
port. I told him to arrest ant person who had
nave neent nw nraurrwarna vnoaiuea mat
neglected hla duty and aenrt hlrato Washington
Immediately, and he aald that ho did not think
It necessary. . " T '- it
By the Chairman I .- -''
Question. One more, qncallon la" suggested
to me which I will put. It Is whether you were
requested to repair thaf road before the army
lenllarper'a Ferry, by Gen. McClellant 'T
Answer .v ir, at any time, any anggeatloB or
that kind was made to'vne, It was made with
reference lo some future Upie', and not aster any-
Immediate action. t )t .' I " " .
Txtnuonr or bbio. oil. d. r..woonaniT.
The advance or the army arrived at Falmouth
onlhelTlh. ' w'- m-
Gen. Hallcf k's order to me, of the 13th, made
It apparent the army,was preparpg to march
With the very abort notice given to me there
was only fine possible way of aupplytng the
arinv with a noutoonv train In timer'1 Had the
emergency been made known to me In jahy .
manner, I conld have disregarded the forms of
service ailzed teams, teamsters and wagon
masters, for Instant service, wherever I conld
find them. Then, with good roads, and good
weather, they might possibly have been in time.
But I had no warrant for such a Course, which,
after all, could only hare heen 'Carried out by
the authority of the (JeneraUn-Chlcf.,,.,,-, ,
The department or which 'Oeneral Metes la
chler cannot be Instlv blamed In this matter.
My requisitions for horses were answered lm.
orv. muss's Turiuoxr,
When Gen. Burnslde thowed'me his plan of
campaign, i lounu, aa i rememoer now, inai
mere was provision mat ine poniooua iuem
aelvea thonld march by land lo nieet'hlih.'ex'
actlyatwhat tlmelamnol able to say. hut
any expectation mat a jtomoou train soouia oe
at Falmouth when the army arrived there,
would necessarily he dlssDoolnted.' In ny onln
Inn. ho pontoon train could go to 'Falmouth
wllhout a tnfficlcnt guard to drive ont the ene
my'a pickets) and u it got there before the
army, tne enemy wouia nave capvurea ,
A Lirrrm waiTin who dates from Khartoum
on the White lie, says that the legitimate trade
.eihat r.l.a hm ulv., vi.lflBtrafflc in alavAfl
' 1 : ; - .at- - --- t . .k.-. A.
fv jy.. le Kf 'rh
Irltie, and robe his last customers of )he cattle
----- ,----,.,.., .j ,.,. .i;..
Having a second time exliausted his slock, he
makes a new alliance and steala back the cat
tle. When aaufflelentcargohaabeenprocured,
the expedition returns.
Tun 'rotten transport 'lagfra,'otT)onks' ex-
(edition, Is regarded as a genuine curiosity In
'hlladelphlai Visitors Inspect her lucronda
and lake awav pieces of her .rotten Umbers as
relics. The five companies of tho Fifteenth
Massachusetts whleh were on board -of her,
haro lieen assigned quarters ou Bhore, where
they will await Ihe arrlral of another transport
to convey tiiem to their destination.
W'Blz Comes or ATTaurrtsa to Run tub
BLnritanc Our , blockading aquadron has
seized 'AS vessels while attempting to run the
blockftde, They1 are worth 140,000,000.
DrriniMMT or STaxr;.
Wii'Mttolon, December Idtb, IMS J
Releases from
the 'draft, on the ground -or
I alienage, have been allowed In the following
' Frederick LuJalg -
11 lew J)Mlfll.
Baltimore county, Md.
do do
do do
do do
do do
do do
Henry Magaamen
Joseph Mace .
Frank Greaser
Prince George's CO,, do
Baltimore county, do
Clearfield county, Pena
Kenosha connty. Wis.
Erie county, Penn.
Baltimore county, Md.
do do
?" ' '52
ilo do
da do
do do
ntmhrr "O 1M'
I ,., , , , '!",. i'M
Vlncenin Lobrlseo - Queen Anne s co., lid,
Charles Schlelm . Anne Amndel co.. do
Johann Ueinrlch Falk Dodge couply, W le.
I nermann Bsllhe - - do dq
J. August Klelnfeldl do do
Nicholas Crasser . - Kenosha eounty.do
George NUdar- r do do
Auiltwllon DmUA) u
. trnrmrKl
James JlcuermcKi
Washington co , Wla.
PtftmUr M.IMS.f
Wlllielnt Prciwo
John Ohllnger-
Peter Haur '
Nicholas Ileiigel .
liOiigecouni), nu
lift do
do do
'do 'do
Waukesha co , do
Ayt,lkatlt).f pmll-JohnlleuWelu-
- t, Podgo county, Wis.
. Martin Peter
Frauiol Deslaits -
l lAitu
Department or bnw,
iWihlnjrton, January. S.'lMi, r
.r, of Bi.t. will hereafter receive,
I The Beciel
' cmbeof Co,
. r . . -. .
xongresson pustnes. on naturoays,
Z with Raturday, tho first of perl
M,"""'""".''''"";"7nIZX3r"""MWIl" l'-f'',l''';i,M"'''',TO1,'fff
The VICE PRESIDENT laid before the Ben.
ate. a communication from the Secretary of the
Interior, transmitting hla annul financial re-'
pargT; -' JJ!.'"l?IjJ.lm iiwitwsia
ft oaenfMB JnJn Ha PMWHaVaeatyiMat-t'
report or Hon. Keverdv Johnson.'Unl-
"K."1' '
..."a... 7. i..1J.,I11aj '
icu oMues vororaissiouer as rrvWAjneans.
The tmonrrent reeolntlom rrom th Hon a.
that the House adjourn from Tuesday the 23d,
lb thei first Monday In January, waa then taken
make It a loinf resolution' adJooralng'boiV
Loaseti until the tint Monday In January.. .
ane amenameni waa aaoptea, ana me rasorn-
tlon.aaemended.ngreed tow in -oAf-it-
MAS Veasrs Aatnoa, Ahseld, rara. BWwi .
inavvHaicr, uiwssi .uavis, nesAVsaov,
bk, irn., iiu-JBra, jwmruy. OBf ) I
. w avaaus, Aes)ouxaii,.ncssuia. rn
PowsIL unlsavrrTaneraVan: limner; Tea1
Wilkinson, sad WllsonrofMo. . mu,uh
,....,.... m.l. r-.i.- - '
nawtiTmiw via, vuuincr. uvguiHt,
kmi raw, unmi,-iuwi sianan.. flower as-
mn, iniuouH, miivy, Wilson 01 nmtftf mum
r" -"f .: -isjoii nwnut i,i:ina&i -a.
Mr. HOWARD Introduced a bill to amend
tna act to atneaa ue jnaieuusystem oj-in uni
ted Stales. Referred to the Committee on tha
Jndttlaryv 1 i im ,iii 'i hM 1
. Mr. SlcDOUClALLIntrcKlucedaUll to amend
the act to aid In constructing rallroaaj and tel
egraph lines to tha Pacific, OceanReferred to
a select committee t, r -,n -yn, ,( -
' Mr. IIAIX offered a resolution; Uattheeonv
tnlttee appointed to Innulre Into the chartes-lair
orihelraesportejbr the Banka expeditions be
aiso instructea to inquire into tne emptoyaent
or transports generally by tha qaarteooasters
or agents or the War Department, lh rates at
which they were engagerf, by whom, for what
purpose, ana tor now long,-Aaoptoa.M '-r(
Mr. LANE, or Kansas, gave notice or a hill
to authorUettiePrealdenttoralieSOOregtmenta
of Infantry, composed of persons of African de
scent." t . a ex-,! af) flrtrsiil'' I
Mr. SUMNER, from the Committee oa For.
elgn Relations, reported a hill for the relief or
the owners or the Norwegian barque Admiral
r. loraensceoia. 1- it ft .,. , 1
Also, the correspondence with the Deparm
mens 01 ovale on sue aaoioct. .v ' ;
Mr. SAULSBURT'S resolution, jnqnlrlog
whether any troops had been aent Into the Bute
or Delaware at the late elections, was then
taken UP and discussed till the expiration of the
morning hoar, when the bankrupt bill, being:
the special order, waa taken BP. Iv -'
Mr. DOOLITTLE offered an amendment exr.
emnittE tneroat ana personal Dronenv mat is
exempt by the State laws where, the bankrupt
resiae,ana spoxeoncByiB laroroiinssmsna
ment, contending It was necessary lo exempt
homesteads, and that the amendment was In no
way liable to the charge or unconstitutionality,
The amendment was rejected yeas II, nays
S- 1 L
Mr.tTRUMBULL offered an amendment io
strike ont ihe words " exemptlne hsnklnir and
railroad coipoeatloni'! from the provisions of
tne 0111 Jar compulsory naaarnptcy lie: saia
the laboring people or Illinois had lost Are
mlllkm dollars, In less than five years, by these
banking corporations. In no way -hare the
people lost more or been cheated worse. The
amendment v as rejected yeafti 17, nays 13. ,
Mr. COIXAlIEK oOered a amendment ex.
emptiag municipal corporations rrom that pro
vision 01 tne viu, Aaopica. .rrnlfl
Also, en amenameni to exempt llicrary.rell
gious, and eleemosynary Institutions.: It 1
Mr. HALE objected to exempting charitable 1
Institutions, for he thought no such lottlluUouH
ougM.tageiiBoeoi,iBoraer to give enemy.
Tha amendment waa agreed to. !;-;
Mr. WADE, from the Committee on, the
C.4nirf ttf ,K. 1T.b ..J. . ....a bi.i .
tho lata battle at Fredericksburg, which was
orurrea in oc pnniea. i)
ine senate men went into executive session 1
after which if adjourned till the Sth January.
Mr. PENDLETON rose to a question of
privilege, From Ihe reading of the Journal hi
found that the protest, being a portion orthe rei
solution offered by hlmyeaterday, was not enter
ed on Ihe Journal. He claimed that tho whole of
tne reaoiuaon ana tne protest snouia nare, been
entered and that thejoomal he corrected. First.
for the reason that an eaaentlal and ImDortaat
part or hie reeolntlon did not appear, and eecv
onaiy, mat Dy tne action or tne uonse- the
House had determined td entertain the queetlon,
urrcaiicr, wiu I lucnitrv luc nuuie question
ottgnt to nave oeen put on tn&journai.
1 ' " aaaaa viciiiucu tun uutut, aUII
Tiie'nrKAKEii orcrruiea tne point, and
, on jhSuw.,,, bythe rule or tho Hoi.e
decisive-of Use fate ofithewincsilon.iat Issue.
that It shall not be again entertained by Ihe
House. The Journal of Ibe first session or the
Twenty-ninth Congress w, as i read a nprece-
ucni io mis rming. n . i .nt
Mr. PENDLETON appealed rrom thedecUi
lonpflbe Speaker, .which' was Bpitalncd by a
vote of yeaa and rajs yeas 7i, nay 80.
The SPEAKF.R reported communications
from the Secretary of the Interior., One, set
ting forth the amount duo to the Chippewa,
Cherokee and other Indians residing In the
Northwest. Also, an annual, account of bal
ance due to tho creditor thDcpartmentxif
the Interior. '- ' . i s- tf -
Mr. STE'ENS reported' back; with' Senate
amendments. Ihe bill urotldlnir for the Internal
revenue for Ihe eupporl or Ihe Oavernment and
thepaymentorthe Interest on the pnblie dehU
Tho amendments' were concurred In and Ihe Mil
patted. t , ,
Air. BINGHAU move) for the reconsldcra.
tlon or the vote by which the Senate bill for the
holding or circuit courts la Wisconsin was
passed. Adopted! -- "V, vi
in menoncrea asuonuiute u tne dulwbicu
was passed, fixing Milwaukee and Madison aa,
the ptacea for holding said circuit conrta.i
Tho 'Senate reported concurrence In House
resolution or the Usy treilbug,'lhat when both
Houses adjourn they adjourn ,to pcc( on the,
firat Monday In January next. . ,,nil
Mr. COIri AX; from the Committee onl Post
Offices and Post Roads, reported adversely to a
rcaplutlon extending the franking privilege to
assessors on Internal revenue. I f im ,
Sir. BLAKE, from the janio committee, re
ported, and moved to have 'put upon Its pas
ssge, the bill establishing postal money orders.
Passed. Mi
Mr. WILSON sent lo the Clerk's desk a letter
purporting to bate been. written by J. C. G.
Han nafertmr aJtshaiB-lntJkn1ssn AsT ltai PdHSna Dn.ea
isvuuwi.uuiytimiBMUeNI ay ataaj vUuas itpaia,
addreueti to J.Thompoo, late Becretar of
me iDienor uepanmeni, mdicd was reoa.-wuu
lite accoujpanIpif prcamMeanJ rteolDtM6.t
Aoti. vrhcrtii, the i-U Kennedy haeVwrltten
otaerleUeraafiuheld commualcatlonj cxolbUliic
a want of )
nroient ittun
B)Bipath) with the Goiernhienf in Ua
ujjxle to suppress rshaUloni . ,, , '
That ihs IpmeiUtes on ths Judlclsry
el fO tueulrVwhelher Ihe ssld KionnlV
lUiolvtd. Thavt th Lommlttee
be loitructed fd tdqulrel whet her the laid Kenned;
lathe author o( the ssld letter, and whethar tai
UIH .IKIfUICIII,.!, IIU,U,E(IVfltll. ll nuilK.
and Into all the (sets connected with the several
leturs and ststements, and whether he etlit noble
otflte under the Coverotfiet4uul to aend tor per
iu nuw iMi.r. . .,efii
On ttotlotf or Mr; MOORIIEAD, the follow.
Ing was agreed tot
Hrxivtl, Thst Ihe use of this Hall be mated to
J, E. Muraoshj for oae evealof durlna the reeesa, to
lira BMaM.carcKii rrnuiuii, am ruin precHW
of which shall lie devoted to Ihe relief of the sick
aad wounded soldiers of the Republic.
. The Home, on motion of Mr.ALDBIOHweJlt
Into Ccmmlllee or Ihe Whole on tha bill to an
nul existing trealiea with certain , bands or
&10uxJndlans, andTp provide reller ror suffer
era py Indian raids In Minnesota. ' The bill p.
proprjates 11,200,009 for snch'rellcf, andprO-
i viae ma. ii snail of paia ou. oi ine tuna ncid
In trust by the United States ror Ibe offending
Mr. ALDItfCIt te)ed ;that ten thousand per.
i sons, la copsoquence or llie devastation ofthe
I aavagea. were at tha present moment In Mlnp
I sola, subsisting on charity, aud there was urg
lent need forlhe passage o.the bill.. ,,.rl, ,
I Mr. .WISDOM addressod.,h CfiiniWlea In
I eupporl of the bill, with some alight snodUca.
I tlouV i
ins committee rr.ie, wnen tne out was T-
.n'?J. i?.'. ,.lX!i ,!-..., .... ,.n,
wulrh Hi 'loaf, Vio' '3noriiuiJyptlng-ye iV,
nays 18, , 4 ? f , "N -'r.' r-T...
' fin mot on Df.Ir.i AMIRIRIt. Ilia tlnnio
ta lupi'Commlu or tne Whoi.ron
,). state of the Cnlon, when ' ''
lir. v. J. AI.1.E.-V procreiicii to ajjreta tns
committee, lit contended sgalust the tending
v ,ptA 5
, I I f I
Uf jBedKegiM lnjth Ta ajalnots,
Klri oTthBuJLiJii of tbr.
,'beBredBkat:1he fwo")jeeB
iEJh uRMttllLi tE iSMKWSnt'
i abolitionists and seces-
, aa the enemies or the country.
I have nonoraDiy com
tha losses and daejrera now
i now upon, them, . Me j
MorrUlTrisolutlott Of-1
of th sesslonVind for'
naa voted axainst tne Mi
fered on the fifth day of
delnataoiBShed Hi. wiaintd.tHraU lheraanl
oacious in sue mnpioy oi sue iioyemmeni, an
dTerlh"conHtry.',," "' xti
: ThaMmmlttUthofrrosnandtheHoaee.re.
'ftoTAuWa'tfiUib, reaorf
tioh offered by Blra on the' preylousMay, atid
which. By a vote'of the 'HOWte.'hed teen laid
on tho lahlatitraaialinast a trapactlpt, of an
amendment ta a raaointlon nronoaed In anawer
to.lhe Una's, shiecJi toParflamenl, In lTOT.py
tha VaraBla nf ItrarihV. "171a tvaotntlon nnlfl
probably ahare',lh'SsJafste.t The reaolntlon
Larqws oi itranoywes rejpptca.inuio
ir or ihi Brt,rjtuleji, to ,M or 143
w .vaat viexfaat on, ana aeo,ias eu
kdew, In a few jMra. IB th) eternal separation
or, the, British colonleaL" As far at he was con
cernea, ht hoped no almlltr Issue would be the
TttAlTniua Itiiat 'AAAiirrtAA f A lh ftesl lfrin.
.. ---r--" "T-.TrN"jr. -v-r:-i. ".T-J
; y iT'frVHrAWiJit t' i :nsei in
saiwiji jji Hiwi i 'u.iJ'ilsn. -
Bib a woman In another coldmn; picking
Sambncl Grapes, for Speer's Wlaa.rlt1a aa
a dntlraNe art lCle;'sed In hospital svaniiry The
first ramlUeaq' Paris,' IfOnuon and flaf Tori.
In preference to bid 'Port Wine." tl Is worth i
trial,aalttJjaa,freatsstlsfacl)on...J, 15 '
YOV CAW always (tt served promptly at Mark,
ham's, jt i , ... r t -
io U., ci i 3 t J
Hit Proprito v of ' lUtf ravorlta Vluiuortvat
oatlauaiMa ( that nacroua pat-
roBBn-auniUaWiiora- dmd MitowtHi. luur
unwauu.BaaaWtoion dm a but4.1rM.1uU1
kuwao oi w -uui,
loeonTiDM inapuDiM inai
his fiUbllihuttrat ruka among tha tfit la r tha
rltfj ikJivVM 1 a i -. I IifJ
of hll thai f he aapetlta ean rr ' either ttf ti or
drlok.caaVioMalnatlat - ' ' .- rt
H i i No.nnPrnr.'a.aTtau. a t
c -. .iirji.i ,f ttta.inhaD4iauiata. .
jr. r r oJ ' v v-
N. B. At the rtauHt at niavav ruitomt. th
proprietor hat arraofftt to make a reduotloa, to
irfuUr boanlera, or W oer eent. oo tne reruUr bin
COMKaaildUewltti pifJOB Cbrlttnai Dar, at
'w... ;pi;. ,. Ifflj.
.All iliei and atylsa of Diaries lor ssle at '-.SHH-LI.SaTOrT'S
Fhotofrth' Albums la every stile of blading,
varylae In price from as to 13.
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railaoallanaoua Books, anltahla farnrcMBIa
VpUwpal aer-bools.iai beautiful hladlaxa,
.. ' . twtlEwpTo.t'a b66k-stort,' j-
- " fOJeon BulWlnr, oornef of '
oeM-lt'O Ti o sx sr. and ra. aveaue.
lili rMImi,-
TTfJB atust net foils! to dine, on Chrlstsaaa Dsy,
II .ataiaranan'.u,. K , ,. , .
.in a w. t nnii.n " " J
A LAH ftivl eorablatte artmBt'Qf !. klnilat
of CUAUlellrered free from elate, dirt and otaer
ia-puniiw. t , jrf 4 c u x i
(O-i0lbe, to the tonsl ttl 0
boCMBtaljjlaf 144aquarei Ooaaauare.wlll
iLuuue a wooa er inarcoai are,, ouraiaj; jron f igj
to tea mlnuttt, betae the beit artlele in tlie uarJce
for building flrei , WM. M OAIT,
No. 38 Pa ar.. betw. Ilth aad 13th eta.
.daSie-10t " C!,M
tcfi a "'"' " '-"" "'
npitJC onlr reaUel Ladiei' aad Geatlcmea'i Dia-
X. f,sjaf qmoo is waaaiafop. i axiariuumi
DitCrlcl of CditmbLa. Waihtnkoncovntvliowttt
Io the oate of Jobn Qutno, admlnUtiator of TMti j
tp McGrath, daceated, the adoilnlirrator atoreitld 1
Dsii, wua ine npprooaiiosi oi ia urpoBiaai' l4hii
of Wathlnf ton county atOreeald. appoidted Salur
djr,the lltadAf of JiDuan next, rar the Aaal et
tlei&eot and dUtiibutlou pf the penonal eitate of
eald detreieed, aad of the aetata la hand, aa far aa
the aaue kata beea colleeted and turoad-lAto
money t wnaa ana wbero u lae eceauortaadbeiri
of laid deseaied are notified to atteod, (at the Or
phn' Court of WMhlngtOn cotuity aforeaadO
with their cUttut properly vouched, or they may
othrmvUe I
eraue briawiie e-ciuoedirom au oentnt in
aalu decented'a eitater provided a copy of thle or
der fee published once a week for three weekt in
thftiAoiiae.liliyi(Nfrrprftou4,toUi aiidth
day of January iwa.,. ( . t1 a
U s i.7 I .1 -
MEavBTaie at t o'clock .o-morrovVa'afld dine at
Naatatknijae. 4t vd o -f ' saaiw
Jataa tt , Nob Yettc, end Ma S -rrrf. twir WHlarit.
Pull rHmcit nf hlllltarr and Fine- Gotvli
C3ievroai tlan, Olovai. Stationery. nd ffeaulne
B.wtrau Army wh, uw rvufu ,, iuu iuwk vi
Flreworki. Sole aceota Sot ihe Col-rlle ,
ul .!...( liln.lil.a l.n.lvttk AlrnilA. l
,uovl 1
. ' "". "..--. -.-"-
I.PIND the'tadles'land tJentleeieatf Ordrasry
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.! l- a. t- 1 "'- t - -"
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(floryi side,) between TweinhkjdThirlseath sis i
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por to tha public for th1;, ., .; , " "
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tee II
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X cJe i - !. i ft i J m
MDNN a CO , proprletoraof ths Sctentlfle Amer
ican, and agenta lor procuring American and For
elie - J
, A T KN T II .
With Sixteen Yeart txturteHei fii IA Htuliuu.
1 Itrfer to Mod JudxvlSBon, Hon: Joseph liolt,
Man. IV. n. UbIuid. K-CommiaaloDcrs or Patents.
and to rnqra than Arisen thousand liventora who
have hsd business done through Nana fc Co.'s Pa
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ion, vornrrui r auu btchiii,icbbi vj'iviib ,u
Patsnt Onlse. mar Is uiif
p iv . i i , j-
1 c " T l , if- T
BtRoroi G.ixrbL's Orrtcr,
Washlugt6nj Decl 10, 180!!.
BJ.K l'4 WWtPti.0MP? If tSj. ?tp"lar
Army In this city will call on Burgeorj J. .
Bsrnra, U. B. Army, for profeaslonal attend
hnc. .OBIc NW SM II street. ' ii
" 'Blct'andtWpflndeii'Ofllccr $r,yoIunlecre jn
lids clty,wUlfHjVi Burgeon M. Clymer, V, 8.
VolwfwT for Prol-es.lon.1 attendance.- Office
WrTWWlrft.)in . ,
e--TutliboT hamed-Birgebns are speMally a.
.iji.im...i. . . "tiii'.ii
, 'Tllr """ ,., BjM ,,
I Jotwn H. Mrtw ,
nnug uui6iui. uiunu
i dec 16 dtf
l in eutvernmont shnnl
ttlMhlUUkl ItittMitiW
H HJJHHJJ6-iP"- Hf H J B )
mots UtWOATWI ixMnt JWPOeVT.OFi,
arEkffO'OF'-THE 'rtafleJsBibo!sX'.l
eixctol ,si)Sru imtar It lao.ailJdotflXla
, ,Miai'ja if tIJ
HxanqnaliTis Abht or TarPosoiao,)g
- ,. , December 2B. lass. .
By tSotBwtWBf'BB eiBBSJWraBiertT WsBrXfSIHase
slde'a report Ao,Oen. Hal
I'trewrtMOea. HalLyek.wUlttaa paUlca.
Hob of tne. same to tha
a. WaehlBftoa, papcr of
lmjMrtant errbrs are Uo-
this mnrnuirVBeTei'el Imnnrtsnt Arrtin i
sijiAnv. tiiA nTt.ailMMi, riltAai AWI-ViI
..vw." .h ...v h... , iiif im. a.nv wt WMV,' '
ineworu mo-; anovna oe aBoatuBiaq ocyuy,':ii
eaowc must vinaioawa . to yon,',', uaieaq at ,
brtoo.Tha tenth BaraaTaon ' aa printed ?
erroneorlily, termlnatMln Ihe middle of sen.l
tenet. .It ahoald readaa follows r.!I wUlwrltan
yoq f era toon and (Ira mot de4nlte,lnfrma.,(i
in. ana nnAiiy.wiuecna vow mr aeuuiea res
irt.ln wMeh iSratatkBowIedtfnta-totr'
made WtMrrv1Cl of tBedMbrrMiarVand 1
dylslonaLarnsf vrp,niay s wrslani per
sonal stair departraenO of,UwArmy of the Po
tomac, to , whom I.aro so mneh Indebted for
tneir support and Poarty -oprupn,';
The next parmiTaph'shealdBTatence with
flag8ttruc "cioWtaV Wppa-nnk,.
this aftertloon, wlm. a tOteWWlcatloi for Gen 1
who are anxious' to,' come Ihlo. buy llnei, and'
other nslopottitt mWtetl,'V . "i;.'- , ,'
have fcSfld their way nerWlS , ",'"'. , il
la5- aay th. loiA.ln'CeawiS.1
P.IIiri'eaivlsIOB, on the- thlrfWh. -w-iPteB
hundred and eleven ltJlled,dV fourteen imA
dred and nltdy-fonr w6Undod,-ii4;fdurihun-''
dred and iereriloen mtaalng.rT?!,;. JV.'l;:',1,
ThU division Wat MnrrontM'hfFranUla'a1'
left.. and consisted df at br1a'fis wlrvarilt.'l
lery. 'Mora tnanaair the W4o47Oia:nrMd,-J
In thU dlilalon. .. .,.. JL .?-"" "
IntelUeence from fhWuU eflfeci'tii.i; the
reneia nave consia
force nserrort'.
malbtald a.coiitfati
their Northenl iVUfcds.sis the 'Potomac Lhd '
UaUat creek; croaslns; the penlnsnla and Bap-'
pshanhock at.Wcmtfcnly'pinea.beJow'.thU',
point ' 'a... u j m-i.iiM., m. Si. .id
no snots nave, oeen excnnngeawilh tht tna.' -
my for several days:
Tha vtvei MAm
ion pmcr. ,A. I,.. , . ,
lllu. Im..1 .i.W XII...
.....un.iu. vj, rufi. ....,,
.PBrViDlUTu'i.DecCsJ. Ail Importail m-Ine-
ofthe repreaehtatlVea Of tha several rail
road companies forming, the. direct route be?
teea yVaahlngtott and NewVTork' was held
yesterday, and was fully attended., Much har
mony rneracteruea tne proceedings, ana meas
ures of the tnost thorough character 'wen'
adopted, looklns- to the Increase 6f the advan
tages of the Hue as ttlT great, public route or
aravel," '.", ., ,r"lC . . . '.","r"'. .
.The number 'or;ihrougb .trains with closei
connections, td accommodate tha heavy travel
between Washington "and' New'Tork, wae In
creased from three to four dally, while the time'
of all the trains now on the line It considerably J
reduced, and th hour of departure and arrival,,
ad revised as to promise greatly Improved fa
cility and comfort to passengers. The through, "
trains will leave New fork at 7 end 10 i. to., and
at 7nd 111 p. m., arriving 111 Washington at '
5.20 and 0.40 p. m., and at 8 end 0.3 a. m They
will leave Washington at S andjl.lSa. m.,and
S and 930 p. in.; arriving at New Tort at 8.40
ndlOp.m.,andandS.10a.'m. . ' ,."
Special agents of the route will travel 'upon '
each and ail orthe rhronghtralhsconsUht)y,to'
at thst the through passengers art property'
accommodated In their own csrs.snd Ihat their J
bagtage-. etc'.',' Is promptly and safaly eared for.
Three Wth four trtlns are to beejrtuaiyely'
express, on, which mere localHthtel will not be
taken1 "7" " " ''r
.By this, a mnclvlaproved. certainty In th
schedule yrlU M Insured., " ' " ,- l'
K was agreed that thirty new, and splendid'
cars the beat Chit can, b bnUt-hduIdbpat'
once put upon tblln;' With soch runnldg flx
tnrei a would eusble them to pass over th'
whole route between .KWTork and Washlngi;
ton without chanre drlntrmlntlon wtiteer.-' -
.The new, tlmeTar.rangement will tUe'effitct,
on Mondavi the Stnv.r7ann.rvl' "r .'".' ' ' !t
tepsVero also taken lcwklDg'tollT'kjrfeV,
A'flrstlaaa dnnhl traebTdtrBi.t yatTrnWii will
be completed petwecn.New Brunswick sndTren.'
tcmjpsiildg'under'the canal and mostpfth"
streets of tEe Jattcr, city.-" Work On the SecCnd'
track Is -already prwrrsslng on the Washing
ton branch and the rSftadelphl, end Baltimore'
road.' The great railway brjdge across the 8n
qnehaiha aillavredeOrace (theplers of which'
are begin) will be rapidly built, and snbsun-'
tlal embankments be substituted forthe: present'
bridges en the Philadelphia and Baltimore road
over 'the Bush' and 'Gnnpowdcr' rivers.; Tha
transter avrnuaaeipnia at) cr' Baltimore 'Will
also be Improved-by special 'arrsngenients ml-'
ready Id rroirrc.s'.LAs soon as the new tarouah
cars aret completed, all th changes of psssen
geri at Philadelphia' win be avoided.-'.
i . 11kii) eirtw
a -r r f itua,s9b
WOK TisfB-irJ,'(;!'
Accouut of tua A-rlalr asaarrBdrnptii.
J Federal Troop at Tresitam.1,"-'" .
I LlL t lijilrf f H!b, i
aeaeral'therusaiiTraapsafoirlBa; Bowtai
by Water,
rexr. 1. Z t ,
Caibo, Deci ttJ-An leye-wltness or the ta
king of i Trenton lays that Col. Fry was In com
mand of. SOQ men, half sick, tha main part' of
thecarrlaonibavlng previously ibeea. seat, la
Jackson i as that plica anticipated airobaliaw
tack. t II Was, howevirr, a feint to drew troop
from Trenton. iWhen C'oL Try heard lof.lh
rebel approachitoilhe lattar I place, its.mids
breatlworka of cotton bale round th idepot.
Tfierebeltatucked.ilm.wllh three ipieeca of
srtlllery.' Thirty rounds were tredj when tha
Federals surrendered. During the skirmish ser
ersl saddles were emptied.! iu m il'u i '
. On Friday, Col. Taylor, of the Stk Ohio, with
CiJ., Hawkins' Tennessee regiment, wsntoa.a
reconnolsancelo Lexington, Tenn., whetethey,
last large rebel cavalry fore, and were badly
tui.up, end a number captured. iCol.IIawk.nt
escaped, but reached Trenton In Urn td be nap,
tuna, n Dyer Station, on thle i aide of Trantonl
Waa evacuated yeeterday afternoon. The rebels
were commanded by. General iBuclcGenerat
Davis .tterteiliXrom Columbustthls, asornlug
With a largo force to drive or captnre the reUrla,
l Gen, Sherman division. It Is roported.ienit
barked on tramporta at Memphis on Saturday.
Their destination. Jaelther Vicksburg or a Sank
movement on tha rebels at Grenada, at jrhlch
Vicinity they have. concentrated a large fore,
a ni i 1. 1 i jrao in in, a
. LATH FtlOal ItlCIIMOND.i" - a
. J l. r,n, ia V li JD u i
PavUcnlars of thus War las atartls -Caro
, if en , 'I 1 Una. . I oa a i
. 1 lltw. ii i I i u 1. j
'Tit F.4rai Vareea Disappear, (outh oT
'I ill i ctaldslraro'.u'iiBr' i
ill - . 1 i' I i J III u
Nxw You. Dec.SJ Lata Richmond paper
received here, contain further particulars pith
Wr In North Carolina,,! v taunt o
- TliBinlnrJay th Confederate force
were tat Ooldtbaro' ilaatWednesday evening,
(thelithjnst,,) andtlhtt reluforcetacnU wri
Jioirty arriving. J i hLuJ tin n yi , r
rr General Bmlth it repreaented at sanguine of
Sfcess. Ui Is reported that Lee telegraphed
mithtt he,cw"dsparc, If.nccctsary, 90.0PJ
men i mi nc at u,
A late dispatch t the North Carolina hi4
iird stati a Dial the enemy had disappeared south
of fjoldsboro'. , .1, c
The Richmond papers of the 30th lay that a
official dispatch had. been, received, at (he War
Department yesterday, rrom Lee, that there
was signs of the enemy returning to the Foto-
TVO YOP lCJfO WIT f If you do not, call at
iJ IsMIfllhBEAILM.No 301 Seventh street,
nsar.K slreitjind buyyourssljjiusuit
Clothing from them, ks they bar 'Just received
noTll-dtlsnl ' .,. , kz,
''r'''"' - t.-.le1.i t-
P Streei.Jtstween IsndK streets, the pbMPeA
nothing House' In town. "Try them. ' "
nor 31 dtjsuit
mrns neiween ine. companies composing xne
route by which ddoMeTrack. shall be laid ddwH
a' soon as 'possible' to further' facilitate 'the'

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