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SO-Tk. Ubi Uw tsatusaal Ksimkll.
a. a ftfl 1tfSBtkaMaB-tBatr.BlSaiaB.
ylvauaU iraiM sua D strst, lPe at.trs
ttnau cmcnn, atxc.
IlgtveaMpieeuvrato-aUtathatMrs Caleb
B. Smith, at late hour last evening, received
a ample supply of splendid poultry from ritts.
bnrf, Teno , consisting of turkles, chickens,
grete, and ducksf andlhe ladles compoitng
rommltteet for the hotplttls la Washington,
Georgetown and Alexandria, afe"retjectruily
Invited to tend to their orders louth. latent
i In the
Office, aa soon ai possible,
cmtlTMAI. 4
To-dsy U Christmas, merry Chrlitmai I the
grind old festival, commsmoraUre of the
vorld'e greatest evcnt. It Is lha time of good
rheer, of home ETOetlnfiof social Interning
Hoc, and of fond remembrsncea. ,atyrybody,
hat the right to be happy, and to enjoy the lea
tlvltles of thle good old-time anniversary. Bat
oar country li now 111 rach a' condition that
much of torrow moat necessarily single with
the ecenes of Joy.
Christmas Is snaesUve of peace. It telle of
lllm who came to brie peace 'od earth and
good will to men) bat lack are the pentose of
mankind, and each Is the condition of human
toclcty, that than doctrine of Ik Bon of God
ecem to hare mado but little tmprculon spon
human conduct In this world aa yet. We Hill
hare wars and this nation la carrying on a
war even now more gigantic In lta proportions
than anything of thla kind wltneeaed nponlhe
theatre of thle world, In modern time at IcaM.
It will, Indeed, be a merry time when the
word It pat back Into the ecabbard, and the
nation ehall hare peace. It Is a time devoutly
to be wlehed for, and we can hope and pray for
lu glad return.
Is the meantime, we mnit do the beat we can
totnect the trials that are upon ut, doing our
duty like men and like Christiana to ameliorate
the sufferings of the poor, and to aid those n ho
need our aid.
This war will derelope a great many manly.
Christian and noble qualities In our people thai
the tlmea of peace can never bring out.
To-day, this city It to witness a scene itrrr
witnessed here before the Christmas dinner to
thealck and wounded soldiers lu the hospitals,
gotnpundertheaofrlcetofMrt.Secrrtary8n.llli I
and the noble It dies associated with her In thlt
grand Christian effort.
Altogether, we have much cause for gratula
tlon and for rejoicing, and let ns therefore be
merry In a rational way.
We wish ocr readers a Joyous, merry Chiltt
mts, and all the good from every source which
can reasonably be looked for by mortals en
joining upon them to do good as they have op
portunity, as did our great exemplar, the Sa
viour of the world.
We shall Issue no paper on Friday.
The evidence taken and reported by the Con
gressional committee charged with the Investi
gation of the disaster at Frederlcktbnrg, al
though voluminous, will ho carefully read and
considered by tho country.
It would appear from the statement! of Gen
Bumtlde himself, which form a part of this
evidence, tbst the movement of the army from
Warrenton down upon tho Fredericksburg line,
was an Idea which he had enttrtslned before ha
wat appointed to the command of the army, and
wat an Idea which hit predecessor (Gen. McClel-
lan) bad entertained. In hla account, at given
before the committee, of hit conferencot at War
renton with the Secretary of War, Gen. Ualleck,
and Gen. Melgt, It la not ttated that either
of those official persons dlstpproved of tha pro
posed movement. Nor It It ttated, that either
of them advised it. The Impression upon thlt
point, left by Gen. Burnstde't statement, Is,
that the question of the line of advance, wheth.
er by Gordontvllle or Fredericksburg, was left
to his sole discretion.
Nor docs It. appear that In crossing the Rap
pahannock, when and where he actually did
cross It, he was controlled by superior authori
ty here. If there was any inch power behind,
urging him on, at excessive costs and haxirds,
it wat a dliesicd public opinion, which had
been gotten up by Irresponsible and willing
elamorert for an " On to Richmond " policy.
Indoed, tbe President himself appears to have
Interposed specially on the side of caution, by
warning Gen. Burnslde not to sacrifice the
brave soldiers of the Army of the Potomac,
As to the actual conduct of the movement
down upon the Frederlcktbnrg line, and of the
battle of tho 13th Instant, the evidence leaves
Impressions which are not very satisfactory.
Gen. Burnslde should not hare moved his
whole army to Falmouth, without making It
absolutely certain that the pontoons necessary
to make the passage of the river could and
would arrive simultaneously, or nearly to. The
enemy lu front of us, at Warrenton, was nearer
to Fredericksburg than our army was tn Fal
mouth, and the possibility of the enemy's oc
cupatlonof the formidable heights behind Fred
ericksburg was foreseen
Genersl IIooLer's Idea wa3. that while tho
hu Vr TZ. .i, J .. Vr . .
bulk of oar army r.mtlned at Warrenton to
oocupy the enemy, corps thould hsvc been
detached to telr. and hold Fredericksburg Or,
it mis suggeitloa was not adopted, andthc
whole array moved at once, that a portion of
T V i7 7, ""
,""",'""7 ""7" "owu on lne IngthcsoretulU If they are not, andlfwc
south side and occupied tbe Frederlcktbnrg , fln.nj. ,0 ,Uccnmb to Imbecility In the dl
5 ' , , rei tlon or the vast resources which bit genlut
As to the battle of the 13tb, Genera Sumner bi, provided, the historic muse will drops
sxpreste. the orlnlon that It might bae been t,1r upon tbe page which record. Us rncrltoil
won If the attack had been concentrated upon on, bm u,ele ,,bor.
tf, .J-l.1. .t.i.i v. J .1 .a
a single poini. jisniletlly, lust point was on
onrlefl, where Oencral Franklin commanded,
and where, from the arproach to equality In
the losses, It Is apparent thtt the enemy ha 1 no
decisive advantages or position. Indeed, t.en. I I'kehdent 1 imois's Geiehositt. T1i
FrsnUIn sirs himself thst he failed merely , drew a check Tor $CW, which Mrs. Lincoln ex
from tbe lack of men. Thtt lack existed, not p,nded In turklos, obiikent, Ac , for the sol
from tho deficient nnnil era of our ormy, but idlers' Christmas dinner. Airs. Major Weed,
from the want of rrneenlrallon at the propei who hat chargeof tho Trinity Oburtbhospltsl,
The most lameulable feature of the wbolu
care Is the estsbll.hed ract that Oen. Burnslde
bad actually Issued his orders for a neWal or
the attack on the H.b, atid to be attempted lu
the .am. manner a. on the 12th, and only ga
"' 'JHZH 1 !t'.!T'" " "''.'"
mm . , . ,.." iriiiiuitiraurv. oi an j,is
general officers, cntrgell, ally ejpressed lo him
bv r.eneral Sumner
ty oenersl Bumner.
It It not an agreeable duti to point tan error
In the conduct of a brave n.Uler and true pa.
trlot, a. all concede flcn. Burnslde to I e. ll
is mucn more pleasing to reneit.tiiat tlicsoer-
rors were the result or his own coursgeous
spirit, and of a confidence (not evceeslve) In
tl abrsverr of our soldier., llml no falaldl.a..
--, - .
ter haa resulted from them, that they may
comdlwV. by ,kha JcWim cOhiMiftrmic
bd finally, thtt bpportanitiN mij loon inn
asm ilk lmcHBuccTios,
A There Is ivtnildMhaMkMlUaYWcertjSfranal
;wr,jln respect tc,tjrrtjsntXnl9. Wlf
tire lo treat this arstMsisjjxip one roarjecii ,
but we hare iv belief Auhil'NpreBfctlonv) a'
because, In fact, trie danger doca not He In the
direction which these sensitive people inspect.
lt.lt ataJeVsHo apparaallfearan4 trepjbJ
llu. that If the President sticks to hit procla
mation, JliVre will ,6e trouble In this rejrsrd.
Such a conclusion it absurd, and hat no foun
dation' itfiht: nsrnre'of thttigTTnT'dflfgW
floes not He In tblt direction. It ls(nol Jn if;
Arming and maintaining the proclamation that
tortile Insurrection will find ltt Incentive, but
In the abandonment oLUat principal siud tne
giving up the bondman, to the hopeless and
Interminable doom to which slavery consigns
him. ... J t
Human naturclls the tame the world over
We forget this generic fad, when we discuss
thlt slavery question.,. The negro ! not unlike
the rest of mankind, unless It, be In thlt pir
tlcnlar,that he Is rnoro gratcTuffor farort than
It tho white race.
"The nrgro,wlth all hit stupidity, understands,
swell at we do, that hit liberty can bcaecured
only at fast at we, or our arms, achieve the
control of the country where tho slates abound.
Thlt It understood by tho negro In hit bondage
aa well at by ut. Ho will,' therefore, wait
patiently foritho hour of his releaser believing
that while Abraham Lincoln holds to tho doc
trine of hit proclamation, the good time will
be sure tocomajooncr or later. Annul that
proclamation, aa tho frightened conservatives
would have Mr. Lincoln do, and who will be
answerable for thecontequenccat Rerrlle In
surrection, would be the almost' certain reenll
of so Ill-timed a step.
No human Mug rises to minister vengeance
upon those who do him favor, whether the
favor It voluntary! and comes from! the Indi
vidual tyrant's own volition, or Is extorted from
I him by external causes over which he can
exerclic no control.
How was It In the British Vest Indies T The
sIsto there nnderitood that his waiter gave
him liberty per force Of English law1, enacted
thouaandt of miles away In the little Hand. of
toe lets, urn tne slaves In those islands arise
and kill their matters, who yielded tn thlt out
side pressure with extreme reluctance, bnt nct
crthclets yielded! Not 'at all. They received
the boon of freedom with tipilfleU hearts loi
God lu solemn nra.er. and not with mnrdermi.
God lu solemn prajer, and not with murderous ,
hands against their former masters. This It '
history, and It Is human naiurelbe world over.
And It It worth Infinitely more In settling a
question like this than any amount of theori
sing and speculation, snch at the fearful and
quaking conservatives are wont to put forth.
It la only when yon cut oil a man s freedom,
or attempt to snbjugate htm to the rule of des
potism, that he resists yon unto blood. Tlds It
the lesson of Stn Domingo. It Is the lesion,
also, of history, ever since the world begsn.
Let then the timid and mistaken conservatives,
who would Induce the President of the United
Hate to withdraw his proclamation, cease their
efforts In thlt direction. Thelrsarety,thesatety
of the nation, and the safety of the slavehold
er are solely dependent upon the maintenance
of the President'! proclamation.
The conduct of Secretary Chase, In promptly
tendering his resignation during the recent
Cabinet crisis, and the conduct of the Presi
dent in at promptly refusing to accept It, are
the tubjects of genersl comment end of gen
eral praise.
It was not dlfflcnlt to detect a fooling of con
sternation upon the announcement that this
great financial prop of (lie Administration was
about to be swept away by tliedtuttcr whtcli
had oertaken General Burntlde'a nnnj'j and
we are persuaded that It wat only-prcvrnled
from assuming the form of a financial and po
litical panic liy the well founded conviction
that the President would, In n6 OTent, accept
i ne cnivainc sacrifice, uncalled ror a It wat i)
his connection with tbe war, or by his posi
tion In relation to tho great question before the
country. Thlt Incident was wanting to fully
convince the Secretary of the Trea'ury cf the
high estimation In whtoh he It held by hit roun
It has beeu remarked that the men nt.a
originate revolutions seldom conclnlo them;
that they either overwhelm by the storms which
they evoke, or sink Into Insignificance before
the more prominent actors who appear uprn
the stage daring their program
But the remark Is not applicable to tbe men
who organise rer&lutlons. It Is well known
that Carnot, who " organized victory" for the
French revolution, and without whose genius
Its armies must have been ttrcpt away like a
disorderly rabble, sunhed the vicissitudes
which successively destroyed the men of the
National Assembly, tho National Convention,
the Committee of Public Safety, the Directory,
and the Consulate, and lm transmitted a mme
and a fame to posterity.
In a different tense, and In a different post
tlon, Secretary Chase lias provui, and I prov
ing himself the principal architect of tho ucn
order of things, slowly rising out of tho chant
-.v. . . . ... ...
oi tnis sccoua American reioiunon. us mi puiwu,, a wu,u vmihu uu irau mcu uuun
,,..,C f " r"'""' '""'"foot.
l,r0TUrf lr h! h B0' directed, the sinews of ib.ii.., .-.. for r..,lrT ..,-, on . inlrr
wir nd malnUlneJ ,h, ., ,dl vllll. J" " " LUnS to vcr tne lack
,hlcU th, ,onU ,, , ,0 I .SJJlMof itf TlioriMo U 'left cS when il.e
,,,, nilJc10rt .addle 1. reraovej, would beof gre.t service,
IrwUnIon u 10 i,, ,nalMaIue,l, and Ibis
I ,, lupp.,eJ llIltorT w, algn toUln
i no small proportion of the credit for achlev
In the meantime, the revolution cannotaQbrd
lo .acilllcc Mr. Chase, or permit him to saorl
fii c hlmtolf.
islliul npen her and obtained tin of the finct
turkles ever seen, some or themwclirhlnirtwcntv
I pounds eah ulso tiiraly chickens, ind oihcr,hemuit sulr alike, If not more, in lime of
,Muj,. lu this lonuec.lon, .. will state that
Vn Vtri ,. rrep.r.ug,. r of good thlngtto ur ''i ,,1" t ' Z 'Zbied
irni, l0 Falmouth for Ihe .1, k, by Mrs. Fsles, , horses' I lill.vo they iri condu.fed on the
I h0 "' go therein a r da,.. Vny perton best and most .conom(ca. P.lnflple, snd will
. y, no will go tuerc In a in dais, Kuv person ' o1 sntt moss economical puneipie, ami win,
having the desire lo contribute, may send lo",1"" " '. '' ' '""" "f ,rw,n '
i t, ?, , v.,,.., l housands of horses to thoiinny, Hist 11 be
;. Mrs. Major Hud, room -No 5L Washington i mer on fbclr second sen keilmii lb. y ivcro
Hoiue. w hhh ull be luAnLlullr rwelve l
j.M n. Mi ..nock. lb. emlnotit tragMlao,
111 glic au entertainment at the JIoiuo of Itep.
reseuislives, ou Monday evcalitt, nea. Ibsj obedient sen ant,
proceeds to I dlttrll uted by the SlsteAssocla-U ,Viie"!?, , ,10, 8 Ril,,T'
,i. ....!,. i.... . .a',., j j.i 10 Major Hi nerallUItr-CK,
,..,-, ,m. .t ututui ui iitkju. ..i
be, toldlers. .
Tmt aims report disaster-to oar arms In
North Carolina. We now know that It wat a
Union vlctol
w in It la (
1 to have been a aqnad of rebel heart
UertiHTvwI&lntlhe'ltst f0wlAndwhat It
!.: It C th til f I nal aVNehce t
' UUitUtcM
iVeiolntleal eridortlsf PresldRtltrcoln'amll
approving hit conrte. m
Ma. rnDLiToi, of Ohio, made on Tuesday
anotbertPrttcMMtin nlietttpcYo get thdpvoeeaT
against the Indemnity bill placed on lhe:Joar
nal of the House. .-Ki .' - J,K.Ui 1
. JTaUsarsuiua MiiscJiTroy, Mw3fork,haT4'
refused to receive or pay out any more Indivi
dual shlnplsstert. r' ' '
Tiia stock market appear! to he very steady'
upon (lovcrnraentstocks., Ijhls lookt well,., 4)
Th taw ci-tn PATinco, built at Wilming
ton, will arrlnr at tire navy yard, In Philadel
phia, on Friday. She It of the .Monitor licet.
," Taa Post Orrica at New London, Conn.
has been robbed. ,.,... .
UojtiTio SantQCn, soon to bo Governor of
New, York, bat, ltalaaald?onred to Major
Sprsjuo, of the U. 8. A., the position of Adju
tant General.
Tbe Prksidet by not yet signed the bill
anUllng Western nrglnlt. Jt did not retch
him officially till Tuesday.
Gr.1. Rt ri t Kivo It 111 at tba National.
Gri. Laxr, of Kansa, It Intending tn Intro
duce a bill Into the Senna empowering the
President to arm and equip two hundred regt
menlaof Infautr), in he compos.etl of persons
of African descent.
Fl-Oov. Ra-iiiali bit been conGrmed bythe
Senate as Viral Assistant Adjutant General,
uTitE ll'wlf lays all the blame of the fallnre
at Fredericksburg npon the President, General
Ualleck, and Secretary Stanton."' It Is not
willing to take Gen. Burnslde'a word that the
responsibility rests on himself.
'Ges, SniRMAS's expedition dowuMho Mis.
llppl Is said to consist of more' than 25,000
men. i
Gen. Sherman It sjIJ to be an officer of
ability, and It Is understood that he will da all
that Is roalble to, clreumvrnl the rebels In the
Oni bonthtrasiMxt army Is composcJ Isrcelr
of men who have teen service, and thev wll'
nuke a goojl reponfj thrmselies when tho.
' Mb t,vnsi ss tita
( u.'',
Tnr Nc" T. JTwM In-lulgce ltt numerout
imuic comes oil.
J.''-'o upon Secretary Che. It hat no
argument to present afjilnt tbe Recretnry't
plant, hence It abuses him. It Is aluayt the
policy nf knit ca and scoundrels o abuse the
turn whose arguments they launot answer.
TlltnnTVAS A rrronr on the streett, yester
day, thtt a portion of our army had crossed
IhcP.appahannnik, tome IS miles below Fre
dsrlcksliurg, d,lelly cMalry. If so, ll la asort
of raid after the style of Stewart.
Tjrr. Xc York l'rU quotes tcrh lure. A
distinguished prototype of tbst editor did the
earno thin; more than eighteen hundred years
The New Yoik Hirll ridicules Vew Fn-'
lanl, quotis tarljlo against, and other rle
shows Its hatred of freedom, In olie'dlenro'to
that Mephlstophlle, Fernando Wood,, who
controls this sheet by bis money lugs.
maPFtTiirv op Auut iiousks.
The f dlowlng has teen received at the head
quarters of the army i
WAsnitoiov, D. t, Dec, 18, 1S42.
GiTFBll. i Pursuant to your orders, I visited
the Army of the Potomac, on the 1ih Instant.
10 Inspect Ilic hnrtss and mules la the cavalry,
ariiucij, nun ii-aiun ui iiuianm.
The moieinentof troops on tli if ijy. and the
engaicemrnt at Fredericksburg tUat followed
durluir the sK davs that I remalnfd with the
army, rau me hut little opportunity to see the
inauai;eiuciH ui mi norse ucpanmeni in nriaii,
though I had the opportnnlty to fro Ihetnon
llavlneeonf there very unfavorabli Impress
ed, with accounts drawn from the dark tide of
the picture, by those taking the rejected and
disabled horses of the army, as their stand
point, I found these anlmsls In better condition
than I had expected. The innle teams, with
some exceptions, were In good condition, and 1
donbt If ei er an army, under similar clrruin
ttaucet, was better provided for In this respect.
The cavalr) horm suffer most, and many of
them were then scarcely fit for service. The
duties that they had lo perfoim excnrslous
tliat sometimes requlro tiom twmty fonr tn
thirty six hours without food or rest 4he heavy
weight they have to csrry, and the un-hllful
manner In vhleh thej aro ridden, makes It al
most Impossible to ba otherwise, eremt tliev
1 were treated with the greatest care.. The artil
lery uorsot sniur mucn, out are a grade better
man tne cavairy.
Vh. ,..... It,,... .-j ,i i. e.i..
horses in the armv Is. I believe, in the want of
skill. Indigent and care of ii,. .JI.M..I mn
icnuior in mis imponant tint mncn
tieclccted duty
Every man who It permitted trt ride a hone
thould be compelled iiy duty, lr be has not tho
humanity and raoril principle to tee that the
!'?"eJi"!"7.5"''1; ".!-" rjAt
i( i jrujjrij grcKiut-u. Maicreu au i itru.
Alls; Uiaiiutl 1.1 nillvll IWU 11 U1ICU, HlitKC
only a sufficiency It allowed, It highly !.,
. '. . I ... .. .'' .
The mannrr In whkh fooj li given, whore
I :..... k! .A ,., i.,
I The Arabt,
iiiuuiimi nuiuu uam Kieat arrfii-r,
i. who live more with tf.e horse than
su other people, and who are older tn horse.
' .... .t ' .. .. . .. ..
raanshlp than a'u) other nation In (he world,
never remote the saddle, from the horse's baci !
when on a long Journey. 1 heir saddles have
always blankots attached that cover Ihe back
In" aftir this detail bv the niBeors In chari-e bewantod "sometblu inore " hauling df ull the bfllcersii made. Itmnstbe
woVdbehlghlyb?uencyalMh. ". 'H "' J- were doparilng jou cleareif of all lb. dl.lov.1, generals, andther,
which bos been seen, In some Instances, where ' T0"? 'T' "l,a Pfrtl"lfl "B" " c many of lliem, before, we can erer begin to
diligence bat been exercised wbh ludienarni tiv , backluto Hie oUlce offloa) ivhcrejou cre be- hope f r sueccs.
mIS,T0.?M!TA..Klfoie. cr tbe words yon have spoken will get Mistakes may.be.made In planning cam-
in r.ii imiiriiinki hnrm a n,r. i iin.nl innb. i w, v, .. h. .. ... ,. .,. .v. ....... .H.. . ...,... v, .,. . ... ,. . ...., . ,..-..,.. .,,.,
, .'h.-v, ......... . ... ...4 ...,-v,,.u w, iuiiih . . . . . ........ i ..,:.i
and loins or the borne. They argue that this 4i0OIt T, Bnivr.-Mr. Hutchln', of Ohio,
t-Itel 1AV Hban VniatA.l l.a a4tna, a,l.A.l taAa,ar.. . a ..a a. ..a B----- .'
vital part, when heated bv rtalup, should never
uruwcwimiwrumiuinH. . . s ne flne gold laeduU to the l,rave volunteers
, ,, , '. L0" raos( door ly del lore uoeroiM the lUnpahanuool at the advance
Ihedejecllon of spirit, suffirlng and lost ofiuatJ are Lis,! to reoord thlsscllnu on
liedejectlon or spirit, sumrlng and loss ofigua are,ii to reoord this sell
I Ufa lonsequent uiwii thoi evlKeneles nf wart.flio part of the nepresintsthe from
i but while war rsges, this Isw roust continue, I tuugress should do sonsetlilns; In aekwn
In on army of 60,000 horses, s.ubj ted to tho am of Mt bm ery, and It It of little m
service and exposure of the array, tlicro mnst
necossarlly be a large percentage of disabled
ud diseased horses tonttantlr accumulating.
Jt Is ever so with tap soldiers of the army, who
are gifted with Intelllgeneo and reason, and
whose dr.1 Ian or nature Is seirrreservsllou,
uudronhecomrort and trelfirs or whom the
grclesl energies of the people and the ottlci rs
"ue army are evened.
How can It t uiherwUe with the how I lie
. .. .. .ss t . . - . . . . . .
......!. iu..r..-eii a. .. ,.i in, i.m
on their ilrit.
Hoping that the ftovernment will, aa nn uct
rl 'i''",,, SvJr'ror ikeTXIion "of Ihlfno.
1 1 loanlinal. I remain. General, ten truly.iour
LoramanJcr-ln-Uiier. V. A,
Wathlnetori, D. C,
wt) copy the followtng touching verses from
tbe Indiana Journal. They contain truth as
well as poetry, and hare that true ring which
rnoeta a hearty rcspotue from every loyal heart,
Andjwhal Is morcy-thessT!
nal ssrNehca that tbe cafce -
morey.'thete'tUaiaa jSH '"i
iat the cama oat fresai ai
janeiaaly from the heart, andlns nhlf
bf fatyprotracted coartlar of.tba
are "thonghtt that breathe and words that
r Hfl tt At SMdMbrmiftm (A iVaew.
t vr.
, intern.
hi sai i
Yea I carve ont the panels, sutoi(u4 thejj wUlj,
For the glorious old flags Just fresh from the
! 1 warsi j rt- I r i
Let the purple' and (rnUbrthe, bright SfttUig
Irfnd llgh io luelr giory their "laWs.aro
done. 1 it- i'l9ttis-
JIow In bcanty they waved. In pie brcezo of the
As forth bjl.our ptolhers tttoj 'itrijaaijrj frt W '
Morne) i wr i m m- m
And how flrralv nnheld In the shock of the debt
By bravo hearts and strong arms, battling or
right I in I- illr
More eloquent Tar thanJaogtuSitajJ lejf J1 n
It the silent rcinembrtiice, wlJclt. Jungs Ilka a
spell "r .Iji i i
Round the old RtArt and Btrlpds, white a vestige
To mark tho blersVlpol where liberty reigns.
Thcro't the Flag of tbe "Avrtnta,' now (tttertd
Mow on to llielfort front of Laltla 'twas borneT
Of the fond eyes tbst cherished, and the hearts
Ihst adored.' t
Too many, tins! sleep tinder the twtrd.
And here by Its Vide, with Its start still brlcht.
is iu gauani j-omenui $ oi many a ugni.
Seel Its crimson stripes are more deeply j-ed,
.......-... . -., ..... . - .
At trilippnd loins moon in derence or It shed.
. , rt , , i
Tattered and riddled, bv bullet and shell, U -n
Here rests tne ma colors remembered so well
By the honored "AlsWffn'V nnd-'iK'thredt
shall tell , ' w
Of the brave who sun Ire It, and the martyrs
wnoieiii , m, fi l r
Bedewed ltb'hio spray oi the ssi't sea'foam, :
Here's the Flsg of the " Ttcmtuth," from list."
terasoomsi a it
And the tears of the living, who mourn tbfclf'
Are bitterer fsr than the brine of tbe wat e.
nere rests the last tbe Potomac' sends home,
Which fearlessly waves when the rebel foe
come n
Tls the old " JVenfyierrntV," thelrrrrde'and
It ha; wared abotn lieroHLvhn're vanquished
their host, i
Then here on these walls let the cllTlags remain-
c '
Tell tbet blortes they've wllnctsed, again and
And when the last fibre shall cling to the wall.
Let It set our hearts bounding to Liberty's
call I
Wasiiiiotox, Dec. 13, 16OT.
tjoeat'a" S)olllfKHx Tut;ftlIotr
tn December, rktrk anl dreary, sat tho writer
weak and n carr. Ponderlnir o'er his memiranda
book uf Itcmt usul before liook of( scrawling
head notes, rather, items taken days togethor,
then In hot and tultry weather, utlng up much
time uud leather pondering we these Items
o'er. White we pondered, slowly rocklug,
(tbrouch our mind queer Jdcas nocking) came
a quick and urinous knocking knocking iX
the ssnrtum door. "Surc,,lhalmust be Jenks,'
we muttered "Jenks that's kuncklng at our
door; Jenks the rverlaMlns; liorei"
Ah, how well do we remind us, In (he walls
tbstthere confined us, "exohsnges" lay behind
us all scattered o'er the floor. Tbought.we
Jenks wants to borrowaomenewspspers till to
morrow, and t'wlll be relief from sorrow to get
.i!r.i..v... i----i'-...i. ., ' -
01 Delias iuc uurv, iij ufiruuig mua luuuwr, i
II the visitor ktpt knocking knocking loud-
ertbsn before. . .
And the scattered pile of papers cut somo
very curious capers, being lifted by the breezes
foralng through another doort and vre 'vrlshsd around tbe camp-fires n frrpnps, ap4 dlscutf
(the wish was evil for one doomed always civil) thedscp pmblems'nf the dsvor curse the Inef
tbatJcnks was to the devil, to stay there ever- flcleqcy of, many of.llie offlccrs under, whom
more, there to find hit lore JraksJ'tlry Ticief '
llrlngbore. .. - i
!;, ihiu uj' ui juiituvc iiiiuii, mil,, n ,iir
oui another rounutir, "Mr. Jcuks," Said we,
"jnur pardon, )our lorglveness, we linplnrew
But tho fact Is we werercadlngof some curious
procoi ding, and thus It wus unheeding your
loud knocking there lfore."
Hero h u opt m-d w)de tho door. But fsney
now our phcllnx for it w asn't Jehkt tho bore
Jenks the nimeloss evermore., .,
But the form that stood before ua caused a
trerabllug to couu o'er us, and memory quickly
boro us I aok again to daya of yore days when
"items" were In plenty, and where'er this wri
ter went bo picked up UeraS by tho score. 'Twas
the dark form of our "devil,'' thrust In attitude
uncivil, and he thrust his head within the door,
with "The foreman's out of copy, sir, and says
he wants some more." Yesj like Alexander,
wants 1 morel
Now this "local" had already walked about
till uearl) dead bu had sauntered through the
cltj till his fiet wore very tore walkedthougb
1,nn1 In .... m.- n.ll.i,.. Ak.AA- ,1,A.. ..l,1.
Ihetirects so dusty, and by by-ways runnlngolf J
into all coitions of the rilr.bolh public ami ob
scure had examined ever) store, and had ques
tioned cery " louer ' wuotn no met trom uoor
to door, If anything was stirring auy accident
occurring not published heretofore, and had
I mcl l,n " ni:?'') h.. ?nllJ ."" 'ni1" 1
gt" if" l "": ?"' uB'f ',"
. . . ....... j.i :.:..,
Tour "ones oroucn, an urot-eu, t,uu we seiea
f'1!!'1 ' ' 4. 'ljj ,n h ?'H
' t?1-' V "dl ou' f ' Iour- p.2.e"',;'. i.J
um doori tell the-tbreman there It no
'?,:.?,??Zrill "" S'hlm more."
Ana our u-tii, nercr iiiupc. r'" muing.
,.T . , , , ', , ., " .. . .. -'
"Ill is flitUng back and forth un lh landing
lull itiitaMa. mi anniMiirr. Hnnrt taMra tdnvn htA
' lust outside our sanctum doon tears adownhts
, . ,,-.. ,.
i face are streaming, etranpe light from his rye.
Is beaming, and his voice Is heard ttlll tcroam-
'"?' " f"""""1 w"' orae mor''."
And our ,0.1, pierced with that .creaming, U
j , d from It. ,''"ra'"e.n,'1 '''"' ''
i L . -, .. . .; ... . 1,1
I teeming peace It had before; lor the fancy wll
I ' ", " ,nf I M'n, r".. r '"". p ' ,i. .,
!,.-.. ll.. iA.i ,W( ! u. A Villi 11 lIltlA
, '"'" "'" ''0"1J oti1'; "" ,"?' ", '!L".
i?0- , 0'Jl ou lu r ''.""i a.Jfrlnff
iu"' rammii " ""
, - ,
has Introduced a resolution Into the Home to
in unio.
mi,,,, t takes the form of raftilals or not,
Dm there are other nud innrt inslerlal methods
0r aein0Hudlnj. the dciotlou of llieno brste
mw am lUat i, lt , romo6 lni , t uie)1Pr pa-
,i0ns. Merit should be the cause lor al-
vnneemeut, and who have liccu mora luerltorl-
, ,ull f, ,rui4lll rour bun bed I .1n
j-iru " '
, . ,lfl mL lvo bo,n dlaeharired
I lrUll. lliU IliillLiL'Ul 1 riVUII Ui a.aillM t liunc. Ill
from Ihe political prison at Camp ( base. In
Ohio, and yu lour huadred remain.
'lur tiuTui:H.-Bjtiirdjv, -I degrees boloa,
"" f" H '''"V ""'.' '",' S J f' 1'.'
' VuSrti Itaid .J' S IkUl SJKlSP
in.Yd lb." iaViad ."?!.' eol.l Jaflue Mas!
lnler.-iVf ,,. l,a,M, 1 1. A
In the iiisuufaeiurlni' illslrkls of France;
therosronou said to I e one biinilred end llftj
thoiiMand ..orLlpir men In abiolute dcctlinllon.
' m "' a"' fulnm" P11"
Bambucl Orajies, for fpcor's V loe. It Is anl
admirable article, ned In hospitals, and by trie
Ilrst fomlllcs In Pulls, London and NsV fork",
i.,ii,.m Mm., r. u .,. a
In prtfueuee to old Fort fl Inc. It Is north a
trl.l, as It giYet great satisfaction. tf
i ,,np. -vi, ii hi n,. .antra , mm u inr.min i,Din,n,.A. .,na wi.iji..- nnm n nA..nn nv.w
Fnox rnnDxniasBBuita.
V M- Ti-at!.
ai a
xroofJCK.vux wnvxmi uiiif'6xtvz
, F.MiQXSUIP OftXinaiXIAtr
,xKn i-hf-iic.ij(
umasrisMKiiiriismiiii rtassashsT 81, mt i
.nichmond papers contain, a, dispatch from
Charleston, dsted tb'e'19th. irinondctUtfHbst a
very large steamer, freighted' for the GonMJf
rraio oiaica itorrrniueai. saiairwrnvea vester-
day at a Southern port, bringing a heavy stock
ruuiaim.uiiwm,!! inacpitttfWUJ PI
doth, and other supplies. , . .
It It ttatcd. by CpnfcdcW'6mHr7 thaVf
iafko osHiDiisDmens' is eugsgea in menmona
making pantaloons of th; same color and telrV
turn as Is'tarnlaHeJUtAuiAivitfAMfi-raJ V3tMi
numbers of them appeared on the ConfMeraw
troops IniFredcrlcksburgyeiterdly.durlnrs;
flag of truce. iTiai.j i fci-Csl
r Gen. BedhsnY Has bCTfTuosnlniittsly elected
governor r South CsroIlnaMn place of Gen.
Maxcy Gregg, who was killed In, tho recent
battle oPFreclorlcksmtri'r' i ' l ,fl'rfl
"Ex-Governor Wise It tpoken of aaapromlncnt I;
candidate Ibrgovcrnbr of Virginia. i-!siitiotl'.
'pupa'telse. ft 'lV,eanetaV',Kretlit.rar',,'
St. It is. Doc. S4. Advices hsva been re
ceived by Gen. Curtis from, Brlg)s(Ju, Davis,
commanding at Colnmbas, Ky.,, to the affect
that ho Is receiving; .reinforcements In ample
season to prepare him, against the. cqoilpgen-l
cir ui (ill atiacih ujHm mai oei, u
Ho don't think that any atlaek,,l medltstod
by the enemy In that direction. ,mnJ
, As to tho injury ssld.to have been done to
Iho railroad, Gen. Davis lias not fully asf r-i
talnedthe extent, but Cipecti, 1.0; repair it at
once, vi si or -iin.irt.l - til i
CMC1NKATW Dec. St. AdvlCM from Lcilrur.
too, Ky., report fesrs of a raid hy Floyd and
Humphrey Marshall,-who are-In great, force
from Western Irainla. Thev are ranldlr ad.
yanclng throng) ound Gap. A rooviuaent of.
our troops naa taxen place trom Jticnmond,
.tunic!, utak wu,jrrt"rR.,asirrn svcntacjiy
from this new lnvatlonv
," $ I'M O tit Ll 1 I J i h nj -s,
j From Callfarnla, n v
l Sax Fit akcisco, DtOPSsA-The steamer Scot'
land has arrived at this port, bearing 'Hong
K002 dites to therOOtk "October, and from
Shaaghse on the 8th Vorrmheri alto leaylng
Kansghawa-onlhelrtdniG,) imp ill
tine is tne untun pioneer of the new British'
line of tteamersyrrmaUng mcmthff'irlp be
tween San Francisco, Japsn, and China. 'Her
frc'ght eharses erJ per tonjifor passengers,1
$250. She brings 700 tons from China.am! SOO
from Japan, prlnrtpslly teat. " " t Ji- -
She left Si steamers and 75 sailing vesicle at
the port of Bhanghae."' !.
It Is rumored that a large body of Russian
troops ore comlnf from Amoorto the aid of the
Clilnose Government, to recapture Nlngpn, and
put dowu list rebellion. " ' '
Ths Japan mil, of theMdNoVember.sayn
Tbe revolution In Japan Is complete. Tho Tv.
coou has been stripped of nearly all bis special
nrlvtlftflrna. ,1.
There Is eobslderkble Inquiry ambng the Jai'
pancsc for steamships, to establish a line be
tween Oracara and TOkehowa." - '
speclsl Correspondence o( the N, k . Tribune.
HeAhqiiAnTERS Ittonr Grawd Division,
December S3, 1802.
The roads having again become hard and
smooth, It la qnltaposslble that tho Army of
tho Potomac will rcsnnut the march 'before
many days have passed.! tt - to n '
The soldlersjsd long as they bays nothlmr
warmer than slieltcr-tents to slosp nnder.'would
Tir.fev lr, triwsi In mntlon. 1 t.vhiM. Inland
.' - .vc - --. c;r.zr " r;... .'.
01 iiiciu expruaa mo wikuiusi wroma Keep on
marching and marching until we bad thorough-
lv whipped the reMsor been beaten to lellv
oursnlrcs. These cold nights sllmnltoatlithe L
active powers. "Men Vtiinbt sloop.' 1ut standi
tffcy ro coaiiwlled toaerio. . -a n I ti it
i Mlrve the rank and fllaare as wlllln? to
march and fljrht now at they wcro rthrthg the
Pleatant davs of autumn. Tha onlr soldiers
and ofOqeri I hsvu beurd denounce the Idea of
a winter rampaign, are mosewuoso loysity nas
alwavs been silspai toil.' Svhb aroslromrlv pro-
slavery In all" their views,' who 'had rather sou
riils Vnlrtn broker! tlfl "than one poor negro
emancipated, and who areconhtantly denounc
ing the very men, 'to whom IhC-"ate ItrdenUd
lorinrir rai'iu iiruuiuiiuu 10 liuiHiriaiil yosilions
In the army. r " .'" '" -,
I called npon a Brigadier General, command
ing a division, this morning, who Is dsllr ex
pecting a' commission" at Major General and
promotion o the corntnnnd of a corps,' who In
all his ronrcrtallon dcnounccl every member
of the Administration lu the most violent
tirras, fiomlhot hlef Exccuthe to hla hum
blest secntaryV In his tent I found tho VTorU,
the Journal bf Vommn ce, and the'ZferoM,1 This
ceneral nos strongly suspected of disloyalty
last winter, and his name. I think, was before
the Committee on the Condnrt pf.tho War, rmt
more inqnruuat giueratt or mguer ;ranic, kut
of no sounder principles, managed to get his
appointment connrmea ana conuaenoe in mm
I Of onf thine I am istlellcd. from avcrr la-
t.l".lc afcqualnlance )th many generals, that
"" Army oi mo roiomac win never taaemen.
palns, but the greatest mistake of all It, In
Keetnnfr at tbe bead or dlvwpnt and corps gen
erals who are constantly denouncing the Ad
ministration In the most. violent terms before
their r fllcers and In the presence of their sol.
dlrrs, and encourage' the circulation among the
troops of those traitirons' sheets the U'orfif and
the 11-rM. One paper llko the Il'orU, sown
hrosdtast through the armyas1lthst boe.n for
lur '9 ,n n ivm, iu 1110 ov,n,u,i u, wii,in
of nndontted lnyaity.i will, la a short llme.i
create almost a mminoua spirit among tne
common roldlert.
The army of ths l'otorn.e', ro'ramtnded by
the friends of'lhls"admlnlstratlon, may take
RUbmond. The army of the Potomac, com
manded by ltt enemies, will never again see
its spire; or hear tho sound Of Its' church belts ,
Of the truth of tlil". I am ns flrmlv convinced
tiisi a aaill w lkV t"aas av astai a uu isu'V
of ever feelm Richmond until at Ut one-
Mrs T mtv aI smsat -aurtt saw t St t aava rata . T tisswra sssssa Vtsasnaa
tblrdor i&e genei now wmmandiTig aiT.5.
Inn -re rrllcretl of tbeir romraandvandoffl
rrritof nndonbtfil lot alty appointed lu their
jlVcii. Jf all woroUka fcmnnrr ftDd Hooker,
ami JUynold and Wadsworth, letory, I hare
not tho lcat doulit, would oon perch upon our
It teems to M Quite generally hollcved that a
larce portion oi wen. j-eca army naa been sent
to tho UoiulU of Klrltmond. Deaertoraaudno-
icnwii Miiuuii nan nrriTiiii;( lni ia liuiiiii'Ui
Lnniritrcet hat I wen In moltoit for eereral dava.
and that hit posiIblo ilutiaaUon la Jvoith Car
ollna t
ll U f.mml, from ofllclal report i, now all In.
that our Iomis lu tho battles of Thuraday aud
t3.iti.ruay will not, in Killed annwonmienncn
' mrtnin
lo.uuu The muiing would carry it oe
'jond 11.000, but us they' are coming In dally.
they should hardly ho taken Into tho estimate.
' tJtoZto&vZSXt
' " CominlUeo. Death, occur rrcnuently, but
VSScXii fiti&Sr
In anticipation of Ihe holldaj s, the soldiers
nre iircoruiing ineir camps nun evcrgcens.ana
maklnir cttentlve prcparatlont for the fettlvl-
lies, Manynf the i ampa are already beginning
tn look very picturesque snd beautiful, anil
would n pay one well to visit. n. r.
. CollKhilk,
' SlorWV 'i!1.'1
"?r.r'M., "
Gotts(lnlk,ircArdlDi; to anojt(.,.Jn Richard
unce a jivtiti, ll engaged to u.
ltaa ' an tiatlpstssti et Urnir
, y0t wl(J' paiaa )att Summer at PrI.foia,
The ctrtmonywlll take place eoon.l
tv lourmes.y Pom
I WirwiMLiMfT
' t IX-JtimMOKD
War DiTARTicsraT,
By a rsceatfcertf the Wat DsflRMHaV
hstTrasBVivracd Bito four army corpsjfto bo
naiaMpfAto fonr army corps.
ifalae "flanasal ataTlanianrf U ..1lnl
wrps, ITT I(
Msjor General W. T. ShermanTo the com-
lnMraof HH itVatiiWiisa tjeipiiiuaTaanVg
Major General 8 Anprlbol to the command
of, tho tlxteealh army Corpt)' and e"iti.! f
Jlajof GTOfaijJj-cPhertot, 'corn.
tokpd of,tl,e seyenteeoth mj corpse . ,
, -r it i- n - mi 1 -x r. c ,
1 1.1 i t rmn EanatTn.npsivaT 3 r
ix iift8&k-j,? "t
u.Genrrtl Porter having-proearsd kit witnesses,
ths cxsralnttlon on the'btri oftho'defeicd'bcJ
' - t j I fcul ,H if iloq , , , I , will
"ftl ' -irid bf.vy,fEr.4 9ll1iin,i.t
Major GentrsliParkfar chief ofi.Burnside'a
flaff, was asonij'bnt: deaosedinbthlng of ape
clall'rarWrtklicr''-. '""' "' "'" ' '
" i, "J!? u '"I wni Sf ttMLVwMJ
i, Co. Cleary, of ths Qusjtetmaater, tjid,papt,
FUeld, hi the Commissary spartrotti'srar
examined 'touching 'tne cemdHIon'of 'the roads
They bothragreediaa to thoilmpraotlcabllity
of mirchlng troops' attach a tlmel :..i
C.pt. .MohteUh' and, Lleuf; TVeld. both of
Oen. Portr'itiIff, wejrajsomnlpiied; wfi, tcatl,
led to havlnc'seed a bearer of dltr.ato.hos from
Gen." Pope JoQcn
pyapt A.MMlJtd to othtf matters of .minor
j. r. i I i.n A i I ji -i arT'- ar
IntSrest.i .rirmil JjuiuC . 'i J'ifcijyitdJ
Tha coiirt'llien adjourned over till Friday at
'ivWtt'"-' "('la'.lal lril-. j
if ''"liyiodlHI i 1 l-"ton iU t-W
!lll eiti I -i , J I I.I .! si
t ,1 WiosasoAry December C4jiiiiT7lI4 1
' The ciost-examlnatlon of Gea'Slfcel stasrbn)
tinned! t lie, itaia't; Itinai ever re'df cd
ana dcAuita proposltlpjit from 6en, McDowell
roriccrnlog'the defsneoof Tboronghfara Gap,
and hsdJknbwij'nAlhlh'pr.a dfvltloh tald td
har'fi.becn Stnl(jm Ijy Gfri'j'McDowell, w,hiltf
resting at Waterloo brldgsu- lie area avara of
no preparation! by'OenMeDowell io meet tho
enemy at' Thoroughfare. Gap; and'jboliig itked
If anything! looking lo'auch an eq,ba4'becu
provided i In geacrel.; order No) 10, he replied
that It h'ad.J ' J , .-"',- -' "' "
Tde court, djournc4,tiii.frlday, at cjeven.
O'clock. Iter r1 ' ill
I ,- . . "' . L 1 r led'
- AaktriL ortGknsiALaFosTEB AaoSLOCcll.
Gen. FoStr'a"TrlM1herB"Jeslerd5yanl had
IntervIfVltl) Uiejfl'fsUcnt anil.BjecrctarT, rif
Wsr,'relstlte lo baslnesa connected with his
command In North Carolina. b" a -
Gen. StocflrfaWa'rrircd herc'yesierday.
Decision or CoMtijatiqiEa on Invin-iit
RtVEiix. Slaughtered boat, weighing more
than ISO pounds each, 's'hall be estlmtted by
.' ' ',..' u i.i ,ii
assessors as rxcecuius; six niouius uiu
ll r; l' ' ' l.. ) i in i I ly
t Tbe RtcuyaiD PAi'IRS aro somewhat ctfd
at'thrtrsncnestsslatl the battlnof Fredericks.
bttlrg. It must be conrciecd, thai rthey have
suiaw vauaii sur.jnijiif iiyn. , , ,
c HElBTWAaDBrswxit, att(ie(ewJFfaaian'ii
dinger la (cw!Yiirk; said ill i i, ,-)! iim .
'"NesrKnalsnders hsd rnortmoneV'InrostM
In houses, In ships, and In factories than any
oincr pi sisjb ea-wwraco-ot tne piooesiver
scslnHtbfjo,wsapIsnte4 apoop)o wljh,mag-
Therbor Vvhlte men of the Sonih wore tltepoor.
est fed. tha poorest clothed.lic poorest ednca
I ted, and the most, mlsera e (rash, 9a this conH-
. ttt All s I ,.. v I
.T33 A-.S-N
t:.e:a s ! i
IUj -f
XaOjrA. St! ! !
ft u
CHOirr O0LOq TI A, W caolt por pound.,.
tars-iihi-klfta Ai .In til rln
flurrcuDpowJf f dO (I M S dd
unnicf utuiiKitvqrTjBi prr pvudiu
err cholc Fatnlly Breftkiittt Tea. $1 per pouod.
All of the avboT 1i arflof biifr nimlitv thavn
Iraabe had eUcviuva atJhe aame price, I re
ceive nr i en airrci frpm pifa, o. Rrpwiii
atawsi tAMftW tftf 1lSASrSalm-llaV4a
I hi e Juit recetred a imall Invoice of beautiful
Cbinaia Laeouered Chen UtianU, Chea Men,
Caned Ivory an4 Sandal Wood ne. Puitlar
fee . fcc r mm by - r
L J8Jl& ftauu
Cou do 3 --!- LufMl, "MM
aSSAAW aa,ail
a-Utl- J
3ione ,. trrmoni uanir.-
Tt. atriM. tl. laniHliav. tlV I
' - fitfrrn a, nnf.- . w-rt
a 4 conileotttmt riouee,,H
deeSJdtf 'near Bamsiota Depot M
XTOTiriE TY a.hri V. J Tull.MaiV A
IN Morraa, and MrUbel hare jiiat rrlted from
,NWork ComlKneea will apply lb
, f' 4fc" PiftR nERHV,
uue St " "H waier at , Georgetown
"COU CAN alwapetterred promptly at Mark
J. Iltkiu
l, a r.i.u. i. .i ! . g r..w
247. kQPLmQa"
,'" ItKUT AtlBANT,
The Prouiletor oi thUuFarorUar-iRaitaurank
merely deilreat a coutlnuanoa of that generoue pat
runan wnitn nf.i nereioiorv uren uraiotvea, mu
aatiMiled of hla ability to udnTtnee thepuhUo that
ore been lira to wed, full)
i:onY.nce tlie mihlia tht
Mi eBtabllihtnent ranki araoni; tha teat In the
of nllthalthe aieticaarra.a.eltheito eat or
drink, can v PDimuf. u ,
s'l i i . NorSnPenna.ateuuf,
L iu I , bet.l2tiandth-ti,
!t.fi.-.At tha raaueitot maur.cuitonitr. the
proprietor haa arranf ed to make a reduction, to
rrgular asuarurr itrt ttrui, was ac f rguaur umi
of fire
-' "
,.l J
All ilxei nj tiylei of Dlarl" t6t il(Sl
' SJ,lUG10VS liOOK-ilTORi-.
PltologrAph Atbutna la rverf atjrle of 1 indln
. , rf Irutin prioa from ta to v&
j Indeatruatlbtn neaaure lionk.i aio.oholoe Ju
venlls Book.,
Portfolios sad Uold Peas.
Maalc ( urreaey W sllets
MfAallanaaua Hnnka-aultahla lor tittflinti,
t prkopsl 1'rsyer-hooks, In bestiftful btadtngs,
t (kleon Rulldlnf, corner of
,df 3t ' 4iat, and a ateoue.
T piiiu the Lsillra' snd Gentlemen's Ordlnsr)
J DOUnilluuy suppnril SI marauaiu .
siirniERri a
slve ttiem a call
..' . . ,. ... i, . .
RILU Invlle their friends to
at th. earner of seienth and D
la. their .Uok of I
KS, Ill SSINQ C aSS 8,
j streets, snd essmtn.
, hi i i-ii, ,,, naa.
, WWItlV ,lf a, ,ir ui,iu
rliOTOGKAl'll ALIlliMS,
pixKtT cuTUnr,
Bibles, Prs) rr Booksr Hi mn Hooks, Games, Toy
Boons, and lfolUy,Booai, la even y srleti,
deetC BW" ,' "
.. ..n,.- '-,.v..a uin-L rf l,o
stteet, between land K streets, Is the Cheapest
pofbjqg House la town Try them,
assigned to tne coftnisntlor tbetnTfleenlb
Tb en teAem fl may eoncsrn. x
Satisfactory evldmc'hatrnTeli siaiMted .
to mt'1tfrimMitillW6fBitM?il,
claco, aasl been aWtttteJ eriaraTtf lt sieyab- " -'
Ho of QtMeUtsTfor ' BtaW' rfCsfttfnli, " i
IdohetsfcyTtIslibJMaiWchi'andelteriiri1 '
him tree to exercl.e and enjoy such functlonal'1 -'
powssja,-a4 privilege! as ar aUitsat, to th-uk-
eotBols! of, Jha, tnorti fayoriBisatJoaa,, th in yli
United SUtes. natiha l V '
In testimony whereof, I hsva.ctnssdithesaMj, ,
IhA ITnlttWI Hi alt M tf tas fcaWaWtaafA .Mabt
$( J ,olT?. H?. "JiftjW ,Fi, 9k
w "5"'sw,'V''irPliTOiilT
I A.p.'803,andof1,thajlAidepe)VdifaJof1,f,n
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t uytnerresiacnti ,,!. fiiomtssi.il In
r 'WittiAp. Bxmp, gecfcuiy of jfatft,
jic - i loMOsjsyiasatjiaja - Tit-ito vus j una
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i Releases) from' the Trafli'on'the sowel-of " ! "
aUsnaga, hvlbeenjUowod,ta tha foltotsliajMlb sd
cases rd, It. .jtuit i sii'l . iur )iaeitrt saidt
George1 Beaaaoon'i. -rfflsaascOTnty.bWd.''1 '",
josnua-wait w -m voanoowit cooasr, ociaa iai-
Michael Bchmldt iM.- Noble comity, 'iflol'rjis.ii
JobsnnPeaea BlanJAll.t ' i i ir-uissc mo-rt
- kenhelnt'ii ! ," Janraott cooaty,,HIa.'iJn i
si- jii ii i aasa I f 1,1 Ualtk-tu'Wk '
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ll-i llav viii.va-urrui..JI,sb'L
11 .!V
., . Waalnirton. Jaauarr 25. 18B9; V.Tw
The) Secretant of fltata will keveaftec rerelva7i pi)
rn'rrnberaof Congress on ImslaeM tin Batnrdatsi';!!'"
s-i MUJ55,ii WtUMMiS.'laRWAalp.aiarffas
lasi ,1 1 Mlt SMC
I atf ti aatl TOUtBsB t3arFK-10aav.il tl iqat
c'na .sail! IK r-)JL solnttt a 1 v uiatidii,!
5' t.T . .Washlnrton.Dac.lO, IMS-a .nriud
Wek and:wouDed'Cff thseguUfoilJ''
llh'l iBiivi ' J.L1-W..I1 VU JjajlJ e V Jmlt-s
BarBs,1TJ,8,1fmy, for.profejslotuil, a'tcndisv,! ta
anre.' Odlea Nd-280 It Itreeii nl'nr ,t!rsii i lUil o
, Sick, ind ttrfnaded'Offleert'df VolMeeri Jn?nl
thSfelll Surg'irtySr, .&!
vpuatesn, tor prorosMonaialtenaaBce. -.! ,t n-
808 Pensiylf aula aTenne; aU ! - it viU"
r, l.'iuiwkiu
algned to l)ijsnly,. it B 5,17 1 , ,t tllv ai
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jii.i' In the Kail of tk. .finrill -it
JetlVr'' a-i
it Jbi iiPprssi or.nsjnrtisrrATivii.o liJi )s .',
Aa kfONljAV CVEUING. IjSAeaahaY satb- tasnatiiia. tn
sa -nelpi st s n't lock, prsfaHfr) lata, uriil ptvU.ta
ai rnemnvia mmm avfM.awra.- .---.- -- ..-.., -
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FroeTaaunea la futura adresttaeauutts. . it a Ja,,t
da 14,, . ,i, , ja i I fun bus bnaiil
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tloaofths M. WCraailiLodaaatiha Dsstnstcsl d(s
Columbia will, be belli at JKasoals llsll, KWner oljictji'kj
DstNmtBslrMls1ontnruay,thsih(astaa,, u-adp
''acla.lendlaeilbirAoerted"'''- '-fM'-
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a Tkey piiHtT, atrentthen, and latWR'i.u,!' flth
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i iThr OTareom affsHta AftiUaalBattoa and lata. Mhfm
'0Th'yitif1heitheV"mivaaniVa. I
i They praraati' mlaamatla and lnrrAtttnt fama." w, 1
hattrnntrfaVthathasasiMthaBitaiilstMtHaartA Ka-al
''They cgrPTfprawandContlptlon m
t Ther eure IMarrhceki Choltrnavnd Cholara Mor k
iher cure uVer'CorrjOlidnt' andJNerroua Head
afiha.it ' t ii i isjcj
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.ler are lha beat Blttera in tha world They I u.-
kiake th WP man atroor, and ara unauattdaftc -u
treat reitorer. i iber are mad of pun r m
at CnUllum,1beeeIelfa4edCaHaayaItatk,wota, ' ,
B VlVlli nulUIWVVCITistityauasisiati.ittiJvis v 1 i
nnd herba, and ara taken with the pleamreof v"' L
beTtrafe.'Wiiaout refara to are oeiiioaorcay, '
Particularlr wenmendedtdUata paraoita mo
In nvtTcntlaal
itlaiuUnt. Aojd br all aroeara, :tun
r.ti'lloUli.aiadaUlooQi.aP. H, DRAKE k
"".'rryr'v" rrna i rszrr ,
-C?- Vlia cJreai PinnaylriauU aut- The
qulckeat and aafeit rout to tha , lNorthweet and,
T . -: '. & ZZ '
i , lNorthweet and, ,.
fouthweit Two throua-n train t
Twothroua-htralnt.dallr. andona on' 'JJ
Sunday. foMlere' tlokata at Garanaiaat rate ta in-u
ail the principal nolnta la tha noru iMtWut. id- u
t.I...l.a J at-.iaa. t a J l.. IL. f
alas -Ni tin all HAttKI fM.Aa mil fMtrlll Vt.
n. m ion aunoaiaaia i p.ns'u t- ii-.- - - .!.
4 ' , NMla.-., i hz aV O4.WORXON, J1IIJ i
? "i"---:Va: .-"-." -:7 ; r -.ti : -.... ..
us 9-iy,f.r,t M 0Wvi M m n t
t-aptelU Hot.On ani afteTuUdarT '"" A
pill I.Tstt, the train oa the Baltimore ad Obio 7
ailro-! wfllontnea4 ruoiiljQXlAlir.MSaiidTBo ..,. ri
excepted.) leaving-taj atatioa n.,.mA nd.i .Matiy
conaectlnf at VMhuuon JunetlOD,; with, JWaJtiWiJii'
Tralo forall parte olthe Weitvla Whaaltof dr. .
Parkerebnrf Tbroiifh tlcktta aold.nnd bajaxafaT.u,,
cheeked. "'r - !.- W. P1 BMirs; tc XiL'
," v u. 01 TraaaporraxuHi 11 'i tun. '
ap 1 dtl - u 1 Iil t i j,U.ji6 t .t
i l J,'af I ' ' n-21 . r
rXVeatona Procreaa of BUrerr. Coolee
neuuhllean s Pamtihlet edition. ,96 eentf.
edition, 7 eenie; "ri
li mill
O-Uatrhsl.r'aJlfalr Dr. Ta aWtt lis
lta'oria. WUUsm A. EaWialoi's eelshratal 11,
Hair Di e Drodueea a color not to b dlstlnaulshed
from nsturei wsrrsoted not to lalurs Hslr la ths
tesstiremedlesthe ltt-c tftet. of bad dyes, and Inrlx
orstss the Hslr for life. GREY. Bat), or RUSTY
HA Wustsat)ylin-ns a splendid Btaok.r Browa.i
I earing tns hslr soft sud besuilful fold, by til
Irmriflsti, ae. , vr -i, i .
Cr-Thetenulnel.ilfiiedWM A, BATfHKLOIt, t
OB ihe four si les of escli bos.
sciory, no bi naraiar .irrvi aia nniwi-
wayandll Bond.) New, Yijrk. myzt-ly
E uust not form) tq A'PfiOn fbtUtfwll Pay,
a, ai-.lil.K n,.
I I 1 II ,1 i I. I i I
OF AN ai- ' li ' l u
PfilllthMforiheacscriT a4. as a wsrulnj sail,
a caution TqVQUNq Mfit x
wlio sutler front Speruittorrates. Nen ous Debility, ,
Premstiira Dessv, ete , supplying, st tha sams
time, THE MLAKS OP Bl-tP CUIlfc. By one who
has eureit himself, after being put to srest expense
snd injury through msdlesl buinhug sad oussker
ll Ctirrtl Jiiuiwru. niirr uciur (Jut, iu jiitrtai vsinuie
id Injury through medleal humbug and quackery
Dy encloalng a poat paid addreiaed enrelope,
nglo coulee ma ba had I tne auiaor.
Slllllkltl'l tlltk tin V,n
nors dsmlf
nniarillir.ai wntiJim, . i
nir f Bedford, Kftijpo.V.
f I'll!-: only genlcel pidleaUnd (.fntlrmf p'
X, lug rialo'tn r) Waihlngtpu, li Mirkhntri i
PI HUB I, ATT. ' '
Of No 431, corner of Flghth snd KstfSf Is,
uppnsns tne uenersi roil urare,
Can be consulted on smrPlMTr ArilTrqJ..
Lint (,'noss, st well ss til Dtsestes of Imprudrnoe,
01 wnsierer ensrseter, ana wnien mar d uriarru
incbibr other phy.lelsas He engages to mska
, lmmf4u ,
i,0m his lengthy prsetlce In the sclenesof msdb
due, he It enabled to oiler himself to the publlo ss
IHinK ma uui) iiiiaiii ,, a.iiiiiaii"! vnl'"t"vus "'-
lag speedy relief ' All cases eurabbs will ba gusrsa
tied He warrant, a curs without ths usa of mer
cury or sny other dangerous medlela. Ascent eases
tiraif In twnAr thraailava
N B. Letters addressed to Dr F , st his offles. No,
(II, corner of tdgMa. and Estreats, opposite Oa
era! pott Office, wilt receive lauasdlst. sttsatloaj
oof y i n, 'Si
j i i'ii
BETmsst ll o'clock to-morrow, and din. at
aisiausmsi ,
" l
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