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. C.Vt
BATOTDAT, - ,-..IW- 17, 1882,
alraaUa rniM MM aaaaaf ityi H!'
mara uunii. t
A dispatch from Nwbni, HeniCWHn,
December IT, itte that two cuuUte sri
runntnt for Cotton ,l)it 4trlcv-os.
mpon th frM laser piairurta, sm th other in
ojrpoeltlon to confiscation sad cmnclFttoa.
Tl suecet of tbt Utter ttyidtetd, sad upon
the pound that he btispporUd by ths power
and Influence of Military Oojernor Stanlr. .,
Previous dispatches veer to ,h ", th
the tannine Union men, who are lil In favor
of emanerpatisf slav, which. they know U
the onlj meant of putUnf down the rebele,
vera oppotedeUocether to thlt attempt to jet
np an election of a member of Coafre, which
the; look upon aa a (air trick to tare the slave,
holden from the operation of the Impending
proclamation otth 1st of January. Thelook
npon It In precWv the. lltht-. to. which It U re
tarded here and elsewhere,
ANrwbern eorreepraitoat of the New, York
Trlbmu tutce, that la TfoitiTCaroHaa'aU the
ownert of .lares, and all the dependent of
ucb owners, are In pea rebellion, or In ayst
pathj with It, and thaJhettempU of Oot.'
Stanl j to patch ap a riwBlallnsi with thera are
complete fallnree. No'progre, la made In
arousing a genuine Union feella.-,'exeeptbv
those who appeal dlrectlv,to the poor, who are
son slaveholdlng, to aaalat In putting down an
Institution which deprlrea them of the oppor
tunity of earning wagee. This kind of appeal
It effective, and not' only galna us friends, but
has largely recruited onr, armlet with soldiers.
YVo shall net er succeed anywhere at the South
npon different principles. The lalaTehoIdlng
aristocracy, are, by position, oar Implacable
enemies. We mutt utterly crush them by lib
erating their ilares, and by a JatqutrU among
the poor whites. We must carry revolution
Into the Tcry bosom of Southern society. We
must confront revolution by revolution, fire by
Ore. Nothing short of this will (are us, and if
we hesitate much longer we are lost. That lul
laby of knaves and fools, " tin Union c$ u nut,"
has outraged the common senso of the country
long enough. The Union, at It was, It burled
In a grave from which there la no resurrection.
No Union It now possible, except of free States.
The Secretary of the Treasury, In compliance
with the request of the Committee of Ways
and Meant, has prepared and sent to them ablll
embodying his views. The trst sections of the
bill give antborlty to raise three hundred mil
lions of dollars for the service of the current,
and six hundred millions for the service of the
next fiscal year, and to ralso those sums In any
of the modes heretofore sanctioned by thlt Con
gros.as the public exigencies will require.
These modes Include the Issue of the six per
c nt. bonds, seven-thirty bonds, seven per cer.t
lionds, or bonds having less rates of Interest,
and also the ltsne of small notes bearing three
elxty-five percent.- Interest, and legal tender
note, bearing no interest.
The Secretary, In a letter to the committee,
expresses a strong desire to have the limits as
to modes of provision, and amounts to be pro
vlded in each mode, defined as precisely as pos
sible by Congress.
The remaining sections of the hll authorize
the formation of banking associations, to Issue
notes furnished by the United States, alike In
form, and secured alike by United States bonds,
but payable on demand primarily by the Istnlng
assoclstlon. The bill, In Its main features, It
the same aa that Introduced by Mr Hooper at
the last session. In his letter, the Secretary
xprrsses a profound sense of the importance
this measure to the negotiation of loans, to
the collection of the Internal revenue, and to
the security of the people against the evils of
an enormous and Irredeemable paper money
Cosixuuona Dots wat surprised on Christ
mu day by being the recipient of one of the
most costly and magnificent casea ever made
In this country. It la of chestnut color, cover
ed with line black spots, called the "Tiger
wood," and peculiar to California only, from
whence It comer. The mounting It of massive
gold, chased In the most elegant manner, with
the following Inscription engraved thereon:
"Presented to Win. P. Dole by the Indian Bu
reau, 18C2." The cost wss t'J), manufactured
In New York to order. It was sent to Mr. Dole
without any form or ceremony, the clerlu well
knowing Mr. D. to be a man of action and sot
display; sot to much for ltt Intrinsic value, but
as a slight token of that esteem In which he is
held by them for the manly, gentlemanly, and
Impartial bearing he has always manifested In
his official and private Intercourse with them,
May It be his support and protection to a ripe
old age, ud the donors ever green In his mem
Mrs Dole was not forgotten by her many ad
miring friends. Iler table wat heavy laden with
presents, many or them rich and costly dia
mond rings, silver plate, Ac , Ac.
Tot Diruuuric Coara During the thus
called crisis of the Cabinet, the Star was lm
posed upon by the stupid ttnry, that the foreign
diplomats unanimously approved the rcslstsnce
made by the President to a reorganization of
tho lablnet, and that they considered tho
reslgnstlon of Mr. Seward as a blow to our
peaceful relations with the various Fnropeon
On the bc'it and tnreet authority, we affirm
that the foreign diplomats, above all those
representing Governments more directly In
, , - ..,..-
terested In the eTolntlont of our atTalri, e-
hiTfd and lehave with the ithnott tH$crtUmt
and that none or th. diplomat uttered a shadow
or preference for this or that person for the
If the dlnlomatsexDres&ed anv nnlnlm. l,at.
ever.lt was a general one concerning the logical
neeJaati. t . n.., '. ... , !,
unity or pnrpo-e and nnlty ln the selection of
ways to reach such a purpose.
t- r, .
iJT Dnrlng the Crimean campaign, after the
death of the Marshal But. Arnould, Genrril
Canrobert, a ravorlte of Louis Napoleon, was
n..t in ..-j -e .v. . "'
put In command or the French array. Canrp -
bert was untnecessrul, conrcssed his Incapac-
Ity for conducting extensive operations, w -
,ii., -. i. I it 4 j i , ,
l.tly prayed to be relieved, and, when General
Fellssler, ajlghttr, took the command, Canro -
bert returned to hit former Inferior position.
and ro one In Frince, or In the armj, made a
fuss abont Jt.
11 '
T wrarr-eix -idditiosal Fatuaitui hare
recently been appointed, and, by direction of
v . u . ; i ji i 1 .
the Fresdent, twelvs dlsmltied for Tarlout
rtitPBIi ,
t.UOTMVlr- C.t' V I
. AarTcnvxTevWrBsflxs't"fFSrlttS.,
L , IjM'tllffercnt hospitals, gotten np under the
auspices or lira, secretary Bmlth, and other
benevolent ladles, were Is almost every Instance
complete succeae., buome Mthe.lMtnltala,
n.qwtTer, throngs MegM-arrival or a Mrtloa
oMhe supplies IB Hssll tear vaa delW ani
lcn WdlttnWt$'iMe J.?
J commodstlng spirit aid Incompetency of the
pacers la charge, had very unpleasant effect)
l .. ... ...if... ,v .JI. ...
evrv cane'1lrf1rtrlat.'MJ.rBltai,yrfl
hall, Jioble ladlealDotlsg parents, anxious
Uters.-fntereeted "brothers and loving maidens
wmjoln,.wHhlrteBlJ.eaa.Ia thanHnj-ym
for, thlt great kindness to the absent ones, they,
who have to cheerfully corn's forward, aVsteh'
Immense sacrifices, to serve their conntrv In
this hour of trouble. But we need offer tou
no words of rratlttid?and encouragement) for
v J- "JJ..t.S 1-V -'''
juu wnu were mt lurmnue as to uv present,
(anil we trust most of yon were,) and wltnesa
the grateful pleasure with which your generous
offerings were received, we know are fall v com"-'
The Preehlcnk and Mr Vadyhot content with
tharlng'bonntlially of "theli stores to the com
fort of the'aoldlerfoarthUocculdn. rejoiced
the hearts of the brave volunteera. at antral of
the hospitals, with their presence and soothing I
ana consoling woras. nianywere the excla
mations we heard of "nonest man1, God blest
youj," "Mere It one volunteer who prays for
Jjourjong life an happloa. "May lleaven
proteci yoni " " novfdence must have Selected
you to rule us tn sn:h an boar," ic. Vo are
prevents the publication of the' elaborate report
which we had prepared.
OriRi. A-aplendld concert will be given at
the Washington theatre, this evening, by an
array of artists seldom heard In one concert J
Two prima donnaa will make their debut
M'lle. Cordler, whocreatedtucb greaUenaatlon
mine new operaor Dinorah, end M'lle. iMo
renzf, laid tn be the finest contralto that we
hive had In thla country. The male artists
of the company are well knows and established
favorites. The programme offers several nov
elties, such as the Shadow Song of Dinorah
also, the hunter's song and the great aria for
baritone from the abovenamed operaj the In
comparable qntntctte from Verdi's Itlgoletto,
and many more. We'ancrt that a finer pro
gramme has never been presented to our music
loving public, and predict an overflowing and
brilliant audience. Tickets may' be had, and
Matt can t e recurcd at Metierort'a' music
stye. :- r T i .
inour. The clerks In the Interior Department,
we understand, will 'meet' this evening at the
Interior Departmentfrom v hence, about eight
o'clocr, they will proceed In a body, escorted
by a full band of music, to the residence of ex-
Secretary Smith; "89 n atreet, (above Jackson
square, wuere ine presentation or a xnagnin
cent service of silver plate.wlll take' place.
The service will be placed on exhibition to
day In the viludow of Mr Semken, Jeweller,
where all who desire can have an opportunity
of eeelnglt.
A Brrr.cn prr'it Narouoi'a iktocTe. The
N. Y. TVilnnie of Thursday contains a pro
gramme of 'a ipeech to be made by Louta Napo
leon to Mr. Dayton on the coming New Year's
day. Whoever the Trtouns's Informant may be,
hef la certainly not a person moving In the dip
lomatic circles of thlt city, which will be very
much surprised If the French Emperor indulges
In any such tUp4rap aa la proposed to be put
In his mouth
Two TnoceanD Dollars' worth or Tkr
kits TXT Reuaivino. We understand that
two thousand dollars' worth of turkeys having
failed to arrive tn season for distribution on
the4 oecsslon of the Christmas dinners, Mrs.
Smith will have the same distributed to the va
rious hospitals, In equal proportions, to-day.
VF Some of the planter on the south tide
of the Rappahannock are ending' their slaves
South, under the terror of the approaching 1st
day of January. Many tlarea, however, In
spite of all precautions, escape over the Rappa
bannock Into our lines By this escape, I f their
owners are rebels, a is almost always the case,
they become forever free, under the benign
legislation of the prcent Congress.
We have tome Interesting Intelligence from
a gentleman who arrived here this morn.ng
rrom Winchester, which Is once more under
the fUg of the Union BaMmori Amninn,
About the ltlb Instant, the rebel forces un
der General Jones, numbering about 3,500 men,
Infantry and cavalry, tootrthelr departure from
Winchester, leaving only a cavalry picket In
the town. They moved up the alley ton ards
Woodstock, vthcre theyncre, at the last ac
counts, encamped. Among this force was the
Maryland rebel brigade, and we Iears that they
left a terrible bad character In W inchester, havj
Ing broken open and robbed the stores before
Ibey left. Their extreme destitute conditlrn
was, however, some exetlie for their depreda
tions. The people being almost In a starving
condition, the departure of the rebels was hailed
wuu joy, even oy ine rcwi aympainirers.
On Monday morning last, the rebel pickets,
Hhlch had been left behind, tuddenlv dlssti-
peared, having got wind of the approach of
aatmai f 'nta-in frfYnrtai Than itiMardai jltfl rtr
rvAtav j viuu si wj's s as, j p uunviui uias ai
let the people knoi thecauseofthelrilcparturc.
a,aav sjv niviHiutj) luiouaia ess a u iivrak
force of 800 cavalry, under c mm and or Col
inenexi morning, iucsaay, at v o'ciock,
n,cys. oeiDir pan oi una ixmeT'a com m ana
arrlTCxl at Ulncliestcr. from Itoiuncj, and took
possennlon of the rlly, to tlic great Joy of Hie
Unlonlftifl, a wrll the graUflcatlon of tho
rebel ftympathlzers w ho were ready to welcome
any one who would firing with thcra the neeoe
cessariea of life, Hugar wat selling at 75 centi
reagancs ui tut, nugar was Ecuing ai a ceuit
perpoundi ialt.tlperpoundj butter, (1 a tl ),
pfPP"i 13 pf pouudi molaefes. $0 ptr fiallODt
. . lJri... S!,"H
cloth, tl SO, only used for lining colllnl". Sut
lers were arrlvlnz with stocks of the necessa
ries, and prices were rapidly falling when our
informant ten. 1'oor n luencster, 11 presents a
'""J "P"-'. un?cr the tarlpus changes 11 lias
"K' l.". "Id lit future Ii by no Meant o.
tsbllshcd vet.
The railroad from Chsrlcstown lo Wlnthcs.
Icr was entirely destroyed by the rebels, Svho
burnt tho bridge, destroyed all the ties, and
carried on mo railroad iron towards staiuou
The construction of the Baltimore and Ohio
, Hallroad was progressing rapidly tdwnrds
I 'i'l'J'V,3' ,n?, "?? fTf ' ""8
1 A good portion or the railroad Iron haa been
1 straightened by on lugcnlout machine, and re
j stored to Its former condition.
l ,T b,0".Tl.lry.f?.r" "' fllnc,,r(" "f
i stood to lateud Ihe permanent holdlna; of the
p., being rnstalned by a large lorce ip
I proaihlng from Mlddlttoun, This secures our
I possession of the whole Upper Potomac re
O,"1"1 "" "X tlmuloa of '""' '
I General Kenloy Is In command at Harper's
Ferry, and II Is undurstood thai General Kel.
ley's headquarters are at Martlnsburg.
A Ttoantferlngof tlieiwople In J'" Valley It
' dcacrlbed to us as most terrible, almost threat-
t tnlng famine) all their stocks having been
swept off by the contending armlet.
LAIEHTfciI,FxR fll.
mn-mm .. . . - .- a,
LNEWS-AIX qotct.
fBI W.
:1 f,
' SO. 1843.
ntr aha last
Nitw Yosi, DecSEJithe Inves'tlgallolinlJ
iibuui uwm ins nTPrntn nt nnwa tnt rttit
Of atrteenJisadred Ihsatstsd doHarnlltbiimd
in mi city alone from special appropriation,
and twenty millions for recruiting, organizing,
and drilling i vrjlnnteeri- nar1v linir Ka hMn
paid On fraudulent accounts, and neatly one
thousand persons have been engaged In the
iucn oui, iney are not an criminally corapiu
i .
a '
jraftf Hrbi!h)f pjtsss o.V amsjiwax
it it AFFAIRS. -
"' SifXihq AFFAina. '
' HlUrjl.DecemberCO. ThaiteamerEnmna
arrived last, night, with a week's, later dates
to the 13th Instaht. Bho will leave here in the
morning for Boston.
The Teutonla and Etna have arrived out.
Political affaire are nnlmnortant. . .
"The Atlantic Telegraph Company had a very
auwacwrj ana encouraging meeting.
ImnrooL, Sunday, Dec. 14. The news It
' Piru, Saturday, Dec. IS. The Bourse Is
steady. ' k
Londoi. Consols, Kl a 93 In United States
Ores, W.
The ihipping Octttli says the war" steamer
Ariadne has been ordered to leave Halifax, end
after visiting New Xork, loin Admiral Milne's
squadron at Bermuda, and the mdvement looks
like a concentration of the disposable force of
Milne's squadron In loealltlea of recently re
ported outrages on British shipping by Federal
cruisers. "'' "- ,
The QoztUt thlnka that Admiral Wilkes will
hardly venture upon further, moleatatloni or
violation of neutral territory recently formed.
The London Emancipation Society has Issued
a 'circular to ministers of all denominations,
urging them to give prominence to the subject
of negro emancipation.
The Aar save a.' moat enthusiastic meeting
has been held at Lambeth, to express sympathy
with the anytl-slavery policy In Amerlea.
During the present year forty-alx American
ships have been registered at Liverpool under
British names.
A general meeting of the Atlantic Telegraph
Company wat i held atiLondonion ihetwclftn
Instant. The Hon. James Stuart Motley pre
sided, lie stared the term on which It was'
proposed to raise tlx hundred thousand ponndA
of new capital. It'waa ststed' that Vlthln
three days seventy-five thousand pound sterling
had. In response to circulars, been subscribed;
Therewere rumors In Parle of unfavorable
new a from Mexico. There are urgent calls for
rciniorccmenis, wnicn win ne sentiinder trier
ucvice or csuniisninir a roscrve af.Msrtlnlqni-.
The Archbishop of Paris has gone 'to Rome,
It Is rumored, In the name of tho'Emperor, to
explain to the Pope tho Emperor' vlewe'wlth
regard to tho concessions necessary on the part
oi lue ronuucai laotcrument. n y irn
anc iioiiau laruamcni rcaasemuica on Ine
11th Instant. Farlnl explained his policy, and
nromiscft auminisiration reiomis nssca miiavi'a'
syefrm of decentralisation and development of
coosuiauonai iiuenica. Jiecuiogizcatncarmy
for having, under a painful trial, established
the authority of the lava, lit aald. (with w
umu vuuuucuva m iuv avmuii'iivuincnt OI
Italian naltr) we abstain from maklni? nrnm.
Isee which might not be followed bylmmeirlate
effects, and await the course of events wlthont
r Tanjsrc
era muA
Illusions and without dlscouragemesU Mc through hla-rowotet a written proVest against
ULl'iV tn.fd'?nm3l,nan?1.1.".n7 VU tuc "pllon Wtalp evidence oti the part of
preserving the independence of the roastrx.1.. n .. L L , . .
He concluded by appealing for concord, whleJi ,h" 0'rrnln"J, which b had( deemed Inad
la Dertoulfled In the Klnc. mliIb1e, and the court was cleared s few mo-
ln duel between (larabaldUa oldest son nd
Colonel Pallavlclnl. who caDturod General fin
baldl, the young man la aald lo haveTecclvcdn "u "" P'S "a. court ine junge au
morul wound In the side, and that tho colonel ' locate rendered a dUlon.,(iialalnlng the
rtaa.scrioualy Injured. ' , course of the Govornmrnt. ""
. . a".er!l rrAm. n" m!? tyBtaj cxplan a-, The first witness swwrn was Uem. Col. F. T.
Hon, In the Colei, on his .conduct In Mcx co ,,,i., .. nt .nfl .hirAr pV-jUwie.
He read confidential inters addressed to him Lol"A-A' "' andvhlerof PorterV staff.
byAdmlralLaGravlcre.contalnlnirBtrsnirede,1 He as closely questioned ln'regsrd to an
tails In relation to the Mexican exndl.lon.
According to these letters. Almonte declare I
ha was authorized by Napoleon and Arcbdnke
Maximilian hlmeeir, to put forward the Caudl-
dato of the latter, and that the Frcnelilrdops
ivouju guramreine i roue m siexicoiotiiirarcn-.
"r.-.l Prtn, i.n r..i irfl,.. ..' t.. '
O'Donucll and Colllantea, recommending a
strict execution of the treaty or London, ne I
to embark for Spain. J I
40 conclusion, ne expressed ms orinlon that
the French expedition would not hsye the de-
sirco. re-nil
Loinow, Dec. 13 The Imperial Bank of
Russia has reduced the rates of discount to five
per cent.
The announcement tha HussUhas consen.
ed to the candldatnre of King Ferdinand, of
Pcrtngal, to the Greek throne, is unfounded
II Is rumored that Et. Petersburg Will shortly
be delared to be a free port.
rnoM cALironvi v.
smp ytetxo rrnr ostatsei.
Sax Fuarnm n. oca ui ..
,XmCrc "Ah So.'. s5.TK -."".'-IK
m,tl. !S?SSj5 V S55SST o. W5,
Mic uiajrn trarD, crcr snipped irom Hni'l
Konfr for San Francisco. TWrrew nnr. i
enKerswere saved,
i ifr"X.. ,e w ".. uncuDE?1V A
irgo of teas, Mhlch recently arrlvtil here
from per ship Joseplilua, from BUaugUul, wa
seriously Injurcl. All will be tent to auction,
vu hiuuui vi iuc uuui-rwriiera.
aJwcuiuc-r v. inc snin 11. k. iat a i.n
i mwu i.-uaricreu wiiu a loaa oi ayc.wiaodaontb
WJIl Ul dlCXlL-U.
Letters from Hour Rom of the r.n, uliimn
estimate the stock of cotton an altmir shloment
for England at 0,000 hales. Tito vessels are
loading, the carLo-Uilng one pound etrtllns
per hale.
i ne cargo lost on the ship wej month com
prised principally teas, tuear and rice, Itelong
Ing tn Chinese merchants, valued at to und a
quarter million dollars.
Advices fioin Japan, Noi ember S3, st.tc thst
the American steamer Wyoming create 1 much
a linlratlon nt JeJdo She sailed ror Shanithal
on the SSd.
fiereral ships tcccnlly tailed direct for Lon
don 'ii ith valuable cargoct of teat and alike.
St. 1jns, Dec. 20 The ITallecl: Xlfe Onsrd
left the city this intrnlng for Gray,' Summit,
Franklin county, on special duty. It Is sild
that they are ordered to that place to prevent
trouble irom negroes from apprehended loaur
rectlonj but Inquiries liao failed to elicit a re
liable fonndatlpu fpriuthnuuors.
Thrro are but few 'negroes In Ihaf Ycuiily,"
not enough to gn npaulusiirtecllonon a largo
Arrival of the Dark Moiileiunia.
Ntw louit, Dee. 20 The bark Mnnteruin.
haa arrived from Bt. Thomas. She reports that
the rebel schooner Retribution ran the blocU le
oiriVllmlngtoo, Nov. 21th, and nrilred at St.
Thomas the 7lh of December, with a cargo of
three hundred un,l seiintv bamls Of turiien.
Hue. one hnudred bales of cotton and one hun
dred barren of roMq, flie had a crew of fif
teen men, and three guns ln the bold.
Kf - ... i..t .. I
" """"""W "" )
ter E. K. AMndehlp hue been ordered to tlte
tcaiacr MMHcburttf. J (
W1 Of IU
the Rebels lnts Helly Sftia(.
all Natleeaal Feres there Oref
JsmetUa am Memphis,
I ,
I uw, uec. . rsrossei presoo
.4.1 . ... a. . .'
nusai ucrinrs. arrivM ntm rarsn
' imrbcts
I v
un a hurtdsy teierrsms were received at hoi
ly Springe from Jackson, saying the place waa
mjnaaaf la rebels, and asking for reJnforce
ImeTnnnmceUibatMftooBaTbtt'MeJM poo, were seat to Jacluanr iThe same slfht the
commaneer at uouyjjpnaga.MBig appnaea,oi
rebels approaching that place, pickets were tta
tloned thus) miles est -U the roene. heawthe)
rebela teem to have tome In between the roads,
at the pickets made no alarm. The first Tieard
of the enemy, they were In town; Bring at our
sleeping men. Soma retlatasc waa made, but
or course feeble. "In a short time the Federals
were overpowered, and compelled, to surrender.
The attack waa made at daybreak. A Two hun
dred Federals were reported killed and wounded,
and ISO captured, who were afterward paroled.
The balance escaped. 1 1
It Is reported In Memphis that the rebela have i
gone toward Grand Junction with tho Intention
of tearing top the road, but nothing 'It-known
positively. At HoUy Springs tbybumkd largo
quantities of cotton, over twp hundred wagons,
a depot fhU of commissary store; immunttlon,
ac., vaiuea av eoj,wA'. inenumDerDTreoeis
Is estimated at 5,000, and aru'nnder.Van'Dom.
A Small rbl rAl-lmaiiAkMll.fcll.aBi1in.-lia
bf Memphts,i Sunday sight, pillaged aeveral
stores, carried off 100 cattle and 180 mule. Ex
citement In Memphis exists Ineohaeqvienceofa
meeting called on Moriday night to consider the
best means of defence. .Xhi.'.U ,i
Gen. Thomas has reached iletehajprenarlnk
to mote down the rfver. ,
It Is reported here to-night that Jeff. Thomp
son It moving on New Madrid with 3,000 men,
from' Pocahontas, Arkl", and that he was within
40 miles of that place on Monday. .,
The rebel force operating In Northwestern
Tennessee burned Uwlon City and the bridge
overihe Onion last night, EVfry effort Is being
mad to mccicm, ,., ; , -j ;
' aL a"niruT, tice. SO. ' )
J Yesterday Gen. Slgel, In. his, ,crots-rxamlna-
tloBaauingjlesIted to give tome explanation
of bis previous testimony. Gen. McDowell ob
jected, and the court cat Into secret session.
Upon re-openlng the court decided, that Ctcn.
Slgel might make corrections of what' he had
already laid, hut that other explanation! 'mnti
be delerrea till the close-of the, croaa-examln.
tlon. Here turned negative answers to the fol
lowing questions t Whether he knew or did not
know the strength of BlckdfifivWon.whli.hhad
been assigned In the general order, (he (Slgel)
had admitted to have beenlo'thadutyorover
taking Longstrrct at or neat1 Thoroughfare Gap?
Whether he knew or did not know that the
lthodo Island cavalry had lccn lent up from
Ncw'Baltlmoro on the west, aide of Ball Bnn
Itldge to attack the rnemy'a flank, while he
should be marching through Thoroughfare G'tpl
Whether ho knew or did not know that besides
iBIck'ett' division two brigades 'ofcavalfyandcr
Gens. Bayard and Buford bad been sent to aid
In tho movement I Being asked. If he thought
the eleven or twelve lhouandmeliJ-orwMch
This 'expedition nnder lUckcta copiied, were a
tnfuclent provision to, bold the enemy Jn check,
nfreplled It wat If Ihe-troopa had been moved
at the right fime"ahd to the rleht lolnta
the court adjourned tlll to-day ttlinl m. J
Fsidxt, Dec Sdth.
In thla court ycatcrdayGen. Porter presented
ments for the purpose of deliberating thereon.
n .. " i '-.v.. ' . . .. .-i
Interview of Gen. McDowell with On. Porter.
ln Whlc-Ia tho former expressed hla dlaapproba.
., . ... ... 'i """"i a"''"'"
,,on of th Potion selected bythelatterto give
battle to the enemy. lie believed Gen. Porter
lo liavu obeyed all orders, and to have puahed
" from Warreston to Brletow "with all poI-
ble speed.
Capt. Martin, or the Third Masacbuaetls
artillery or MaJ. Gen. Morell, cd'jParter'a corps,
uuui7,weni a similar investigation, ana verioed
tho statements or the preceding witness.
MaJ. Gen. Morell was next examined. In tdt,'
tlon to his movements, vhltsi.. nerving nnder
Gen. Porter, but did not In any way appcarto
throw blame on bis commander.
The court sdJourned;illl 11 o'clock to-day.
U. S GrNiiui. IIosriTAi ,
-trmory fttvnr.
i Winiai,w. 1). C. Dec. 2Clh. 16CJ.
The undersigned olflcrre, attendants and pa
tlents, of Armory square hospital, have read
with astonishment an article tnHbe,$far, on
! our " Christmas Dinner." TAitb a single ex
I ceptlon, ln which Surgeon D W Bliss Is com
I pllmented, we, from our own personal Lnowl-
cage, pronounce ine nitieio maucionaiy raise
w'rf f t"8'"'f . .. AU the
' l$a' 'ai ,h wh0,e ,frjlr pnw,d ' p,rfwl
st eon
perfect ' L.
Ine 6
above card, signed by the chaplain, all
the surgeons, iho sltendauls, .and' wmo fir
honored pstlents, has been handed us for pub.
., tiJ" . . . t. ..
N?allon "" oWIged to omit Uie natuem
for want of space. The card will spaak for lt
iir i- .
day's edition of tho, Fienliif Slui'. so Lose a
slander noon one of the beat conalueted mllUs
lary horpilila In this cltri
And as psrtlclpvnts or the liberality of such
ladiea ss -Mm Dr. Sllss, ill?s AlcKeoii, Mrs,
M lllard. and others, who rava thrlr entire,
time and labor, foraercraldays.ln tho prepara
uon ana uistnnniion oi ine aucics contrinui
ed, we suite to say that the. dinner on. Chrll
masdaywas prepared endisorrrd In the be't.
and must abundant manner, and at thr proper
time, to all.
It only remains to dep,V the. article, ,V It r
fers to this dinner, as a -malicious nutrulh.
AsviUT Sqriss ntrttiru., '
December 20, 18M.
' r WKiHviiiir, "'
Oapte in.
C. K. CV brstu.,
r.r. 'jiook, ' ","
Ll eut, Col. dttli reg'l IT. V) V)
BtWii Porter,
, Oaptaln and A. A, 0.
J,-E.HoLrr, p
L. M. llvrsaricK,
A AilJt. ispth Pa. Vol.
n R. Mrtns,
Ment. lS&tli Pa. Vol.
I " ' ' " -- -
U KT-Oit or about the21J of Pfprmler -among
jotters, anote dratinbi 1- rroiiiinrl. Jo the
order uf Andrew Luti, for fahiw, purnL.t
yafnerdate.aidUueaboiitlIia JtiotDeoq mtM,r.
y r stier uaie, aoouue about the -idol D
otiiiiruUstrd wlvtn
i-IVra Iheprodi uttoa
Ihe rtjiuer w M '"'
jmi ; uas oyer one auu not.n
lost The maker dr the nott refers
of th a note belor navment lht
i!!.".wIrMwartwl!sr warlmraaid noteHlth. . .
Will latni.
eHajfandCsYreets: "
iW' ? CHAitOs fiikltKLnl I.
ts.1 , at jus uw offlj-e, corner FolJ nMJJ
ier Fot.
r, or to
lV,.. rwt,Mwmnti,fc!rt ft
' rv si bki th tal
' Mi M U. t U
V X'
We L'lvf below' another card of tint m lilt nnr traiiniiMvBrviralu tiieHcnatrChtutt-
i officers who .re patients lu Armory snu.ie TiT!?Vf'XS''XU!iiir,',iii.
Il.nanltalt -, cmK j. Lu a umaawlll be delivered br Rev.
I a.n.n-n.. i a .,,. i,.i i. I. , Wihiam lltnav t Haaaiaa Hour of service, II
"-a""""-'";"' ) "!- ..,.i,..., .. . m , uitrance ny trie norm anil eaaiooors
with indignation that we hat e read, lu yester dee n It
d lo 37-344
r fl illssrtisT evldjliee havlnrJJBfc Inhibited
aha Issat eHnaJsreF&aataiBnhaaMsn an.
pslstef YlcifConJji fejf Jth4jBted Elngdoms
Bwtjdeaaad JfcnsaV. aKClsblNMU. I do
herebyrecognlie him Is iuel and declare him
free to nereis and enjoy inch functions, pow
ers, and privileges, aa are allowed to the Vice
Consul or WaM Uluieu auus, :
United States, YPyrTTP A V"
In testimony whereof, I natf catted theselet,
T(i the United Stateito.bthfreautp afllxed.
fL5. , 0ver under niyji'and(at the cllyof
Washington, the Setti day, of December,
Ai D.M9d;and of the Indepeadao"oT
the United State of America, the STlhil ,
By the President ft '" K IT i.' n
Wittliu If. Hawian. Becretarv of Rial e.-1
.,- jr-, j "jri";-lg.iilKt IC
ABrUnAMLINCOLN.lTtEilLrp.kTO'r'rnH )
, . i UNITED STATES t?jfctOS;,;S '
' I2begswtfiatimayeeiseirs.tr-A Ttoi
SaltefictbrT evidence' havlnr beerr exhlb tM
to 'ma that Edward F. Stockxxtis. baa becti
appointed Vice Consul of the Free Hanseatlp
Cityof Lnbeck, at New Orleanirl'dd hereby
recognUehlm aituch, and declare him free ten
CAfrviBQ aim enju aucu muviiuua, jiuwera, ana
privileges, a are allowed to theJVlee Consul
pf'tho most favored nations, In the 'United
Stateal , 1 ,"' '.' W .
In testimony twhereof, X hare caused, thetp
, letters to be made patent, an the seal 6f j,
l th lTnlli.il HtBt In hn ItMwmlfl fllar'
(L'kl Given under my hand5 ;f ne-'clty'f'
1 Washington, the 20th day of December,
i A. D. 1803, and of the Independence of
the United States of America1, the rTltbi-;
, " ' ' ABRAHAM UNCOtN.'",
By the President i ! u , ;a ,i1lt kh1
William n. Seward, Secretary of State.
' ! ni
l.ae .Id " V.I
a- DiraaTKiwr Of Staw,,
Wastlcirton. January S3, 1862.
The Becretary of Bute 'win 'Hereaftetrceelvi
iianbers of Congress on buslnest' on BatTnf days,
commencing with Saturday, the first of next
month i i i.-a .jiu I r x'
W11.L.1AS1 II. BbtVAnu.
J. ' T- r l ll ; V,W
II if
Sunoxon GrvraiL's OmCnf- '
,, Washington, DeclS, 18CI." '
Sick and wounded Officers of tho Regular
Annvis this r It v' will call bn'Surreon J.K1.
Barnes, Uv S. Army, ror professional attcnji'J
attce. uiuce no. ;xu 11 street. ff
sick and wounded Officers of .Volunteers In
this city will call on Snrgron'M.'Clymcr, U. B.
Volunteers, for professions) attendance. OfSce
205 Pennsylvania avenue. ?-
The above named Burgeons are spcciauf as-
. r. 'uj 11 ,j
rtlojJl,"H, SauiB,
Acting Surgeon General.
doc lft-dtf
-Sen s woman 'In another "column-picking
Bambnel.Grapcs, for Speer'j Wine. It' e td
aumirania article, naeq u uoarwaia, mBvi " l nnp o 1 Tori IAD inT?Vrrn
flnt fsmille In Paris, Losdoa.nd NewiTrkjJ,IUir,lJttjpiV-Jjii A'lV4vJKai1l.
IS rtrsterencer to old irn-t rYine,'it is wonns
trUl, aa'lt gives gnat aatltfaexlpn.'n 7 Ki
VTONDAY KVENIltG, Der.'aOtli, 1M.
tth tthe n 1
.louie or'HSpntsEirrXTJrrt or'Tttr'C11 J
The prooeed to be apDroprU j ,tte'Stl,
Allocutions for true reUef of our u lfc .t ,itlilv
IUIWAaiU VsUIJiWaUE. puasWIbnOt Isilitl
rnOOBAMMC-rAUT ft (U 4
Poem IhiJldlnjjtortheBwp -V . . lontttUow.
Selections from the TrM)70f Hamlet ,
In DUlorue and SotllSquy . . Shakespeare.
Poem-DrfnioK- T Burhanan Read
Ancient and Modem. Greeee--Xact jty tj r
from the Poem of the Giaour - Byron
BlUd On Board the Cumberland; or -..r .
The Fight with the Merrlmac . Geo It'Boftfr.
FAT It .
rt r rrlA .Th Stsrssnd Ktrlne
Krancls de Haei Janttar,
The ICtslnic, (lTwiJorfr Tnenramoi rarra ii ji
ton- -f xtraet from the new Poem,ti4 an. ti
Wa oner of the AllfBlt T. Buehaiunllrad
The JUtirht Brlirade; or, TIw Charge of the ' trf.ii
"Stx Hundretl" at Bftlaklava - uTenayMB
Sections rrom the Trsfedy of Julius
Otsair, eubnicUK'Mark Ajitonyf Boll- i
I00.U j-ovir O-nr a Body ln the Canl-uiVe
tol, mid tl e Funeral Oration la the
Forum --.-., SUaLfipeare.
The Uth, JHamlrtt MWeaf bmy SaronL" f
Ghost. "Swear.") Shalceapeara
lUaaling to commence at e o'clock 1 i
Tickets of aiafiBton. price Flttr Cents to be had
1 the hotels and book stores' " "
-'7-td , , ! .:
IJ- The He . . C. II. Malrom. of Ne .rpSH
JttuTde Island, will breach at. Temperaocsi Hall, to-
InnreAU) fCnnilafAin lha CtlTArv Bat nt lit rh Ul-eft
fienlreiat 11 a m . and 7S Ti Cltitena and
-atranreri arc conStallrlnvitea " -"-
den ai-lt
vi w
m- - M.a. - v . ... ... .1.1. . mm.a
) h0Unf 11 VAL irthl'Kvu'lti'SoithS
on Monday evening-, December eeth The public
are tuimMfilllvlnUle-l to attend. . . , f
vnuicn, cornrrui riiin iuiu irtvuuwuuukiug
..Ticket, admfttlnr a fenileman tad 'lady durlnp
lt.l..i.l Mi.uai. tn lu. hrt at Shllfit,l'a ILnU
s ore, corner of Seventh and D, and ai the door of
lurcunrvn , . -.
NnTirELah-Ttmc Oufl Conkt AlltThe
exhibition of Fletcher Chanel sabbath Ncnoo. win
taice place at aBKjunare e tntnti, suumtra on mv
aiihtiiattsi Avonui. btiai?D Ninth and Tenth sts ,
oa TUESDAY, the aoth day of December, at 7 o'clock
p m porsopen at flj, o'clock Admittance fur
adults, iqcent'l chlldrtn,locati.
iru , .a
(rl- iiBMhuiax.ihA iuntsiiaiiiu t)ommiinlcfi-
tlnnAfthA M W. Hrkml LaAam at the District of
Columbia will be held at Masonlo Hull, corner of
Daod Ninth streets, on Saturday, the ait Ii Instant
at 4 q clock, p ro
Punctual attendance is requestea
f 7t t fai'lIJ ..TtUT KIiDntl
' 'tl ;, i-Uid Oran 1 Secrctarr,
a . - n
n , - t , - 1 . o o x
Tlte; purffjt stehgthen, ani IhTlgpraie.
, Thej create healthjT appetites ? . ,. ,
1 The) are an antidote to chanre or water and dirt
Thej overcome elTects of dissipation and late
They strengthen (he bj stem htfen.iri.1h&fillt.tl
Ihrj preTcntnilasmattsaad Intermittent revets.
They purlfythe breath and acidity of the stomach.
They cure Pjrsprsla and Constlpntton
Thry cure Dlarrhcea, Cholera, and Cholera Mor
They cure Liter Complaint "and Nervous Head
ache .. .
i ttii r thi neii uiiich in ine wuriu lurr
. ittike the wetk man strong1, and are exhausted
I nature ereat restorer Taey are mnJeot riurt
J si ttoU Ituu, the eelebratedCallsayallark, roots
and herbs, and are taken with the pleasure of a
t mtrmt, without regard to are or time of day.
,1Ulx:lnr a gentle stimulant Sold by all Orocrrs,
tMultUr a gentle stimulant Bold by an urocers,
DrUiTrrsts Hotels, and Saloons P. H DI1AKK fc
1 tl) . Ml liroidway, New .ork if Ifa
' . -
naifriL a BKAIala. Ho. 3dl.seveath street,
IO between 1 and K streets. Is the plasetobuy
I rour wlnUr CSotMaf . JJ leU tbtliv TfT thtn.
TJ 'W.aV'W AlXah M I
J CtntrtfJnm.jrnmmMt
Mh com-
"' "a
thiuBguatU all an dUpoeed of, the atock of an Itj-
porttar house
III ell
mwtt C9H WHtHIIV nnVBl JUTn( wttGT
ijedjooislfttogfr, ,A
, X .
niualin ILiiiIrr!.
. X 0 v oek-atartea.t .1 t
t fin A very extensive assortaaeat of valuable
tA I mCMWAOKaoniaVv? mini!
1 Ve respectfully call the attention of the publto
ox eiecaat aura, aaa noees, saeae up
e'hrat uinurutams of BreaUtfaf,
OM Of lb
out rrMi
Tork for Ktall trad.ftnd to m tola for cm
XW NVtlN l I Will VMUiri..B4
.ua.uyALJuaco, ,
tSL' ' II LifL-Jl t'l'J -:- ..
IV fW. at. WAIsli M, V-, AMllO!
'tilTTLNCC KTOXtS AT Acrno On TUI 8.
Ca-WUIselVtaTroaT ofTSeT Anetloa nooms, alat
K uStlSKfi'"' r!!RT -"fr','? r.Vl'f ?U:
bkL " "all seer j
j'Teti flour.
I i Is iNS
ii sea lis Green coiree.
seajs apm retail I If 111
ahofi ii
rl tbl Deef Tongnes.
, mt awm-
'fsSRSls Molasses v i r r it
iv Mens Hard Bread1 '"'-
1. J Aid
jr Terms caan, in Government Fundi T .-.
j order of Lieut. XOlm CU WACK'" t
H V I , "W.eL! ValI a! &7M "
fliill --l!t1ltar.Jj aMrtlewm.i''
BB"v vr.'ii WAl;i1co'A.tU;.ri!.,
BArjf iiovie jurotTJAXtvaxjurjAinv
l'iuai-.Br virtue era aeed ol iriiat made lir cnel-
laa, MeGhaon fc Co , far Ufa bet!! oi thvceedlton
or aald (Inn, I will, on T VE10A1 , loth laataat, at
Ixn'etock M , on the premleet, expose to puDlts
ale. to the hlrbest etdder. fdr,eMh.,thatwU-
lkaown ealaMlahlnrat, the Metropolitan 'Batha,
ine nirorst viaaer, toriaaanjiiaai-weu.
ealaMlahlnrat, the MrtTOponlaipBatha.
eontatatar lt.lron.BatfHuW (vasoriajid shower,)
I Boilers, utlHUoth on the noor, MattUx sad Car-pctlnc-.S
Oak Atm-Chalrs,- dole Towela, l Mir
rors, II Combs and Brushes, U Soappiahes. 14
Flesh Brushes, Css natures, Muslin Curtalse,
Walnut Desk, Louefe, and many other articles too
niunerousto menttoo, toxether with the lease of
thepremlees A V - 4
The sale SMflsn ladueeneat to persona wlshtaj
to. enrace laflsafovtaulaeas, wM,recomineadVK
to their rsn44HBlttentlon--' J- B&'i
v " mti. e, Williams. Trustee, f -
I 00 D, bet Elereatn and Tivrinii streets,1
1 a"l uVlr ".louieniarii
ti erwsjsStB?'1':
'dec 31
T alWlSU- ,,Ai!oneers.
J! -a,
nv j. or MeorrHB ro.Auc.ioutr.
trm.r "WiVAHVA'r afiitiiiT-un munuAT
AfcTkRNOON.th 6th Of JanilKt7.at hilf tUtfour
Vf tuvsi lie Mian sriii at iuu tuii ubt vi iub hidsi
detlrftble tnta lV PrinUfiff Offle Squarej said Lot
frORt ln feet-a tnchet on Flrrt itrcet writ, and
0f LOCK. WH ftiiMII aril, KUCTaOn, PUP OI (D
ruonlnr back ltt feet 4 Inches to a 20-fett1 alltjjr,
betoff the aecond Lot la the tnuare from the comer
of H and Flrrt ftrretanrtti and tttuated nearly lo
franf nr tht tVilrliMif til the laVts SenaVtor Ilniirls.1
jMaeethpurchiubf the rr(atlDf Otteetoythe
Gq ernmrot, thtt arctloa of Waihlnstoa ha tapltV
ly improved, and no more dritraMe opportataltf for
ttnproement or InYfitmrnt can be found In the
etty. itnroiPi'.i'i iRfioic
A thirty-feet alley runs throurh the square from
east to aratln tie rear of the lots frootinf First
rrrccasvc Ms o. -w
'Termar-ttCOB eaabt the balance la six and twelve
Uanlba.Beeure4trraiteedof fruston the property
M ffivnuMtJ. 'J AS, a McGUIRIl CO ., '
(jaee y iai 1 Auciioneerac?
J? flrst-elaaatNew Houae. and nnrt Furniture
also, a Parlor will be fuMdabed to a peraoa apply
In, suitable for. teoator or a Member of Coo
rress Reference (Urn and required Apply, at
Mt Fatreet.-bettteea Moth-end Tenth atreets'
deoJB 1W ' - - -
ram RKMT-Two ROOMS oa first Aoor. mi It a
j ble for,, aome, p mall hualnevs or. dwatlin.
About $100 worth of Furniture has to be boucht,
which Is ai'rood Mr new, being used about Two
months Rent, M GO per month. For particulars,
apply at the Fmplorment Acencf OHlce, f ll JVlnth
street, new rrnnsfiTtutia bvwoub
X' A BAROA1N A Dqubia lyick )4Use, e?n.
talnlnir ten rootns. with larre side Lot, situated on
L street north, between Sixth aad Seteath streets,
Wlll-oe sola low anq on vnaj irnni n parmrni
Apply to laa a. puuuim K lu .
Auctioneers and Com hterchanls.
de51- ' "-." fStsH.' -
, , I lie an u i ax i
tR ItKJT AMD SAMV-The Furniture of
JD a flral-clais Boarilnr House, with Fourteen
Kooms, m in vrri dcbi oi pcianoornooaa, la lac
Fourtn wardnow havtnc from fonrteen to elxteea
boarders sattsfsctotr. reason alrea for selllar
ur particulars, apt)l at the Agener Ufflce, Alt
Klnth street, near Penasrlranla avenue , '
, -t.i "" .
T OOMS TO LET Four Fuudshed Roome, with
JLX orwtthout Board, wtthlafli sctnutas' walk
of Penosylvasla aveaue,, laqulre at-MoaaST
naryiaaa aveswe. r 1 1 l oe au i
-BtllliDIWaS' i
8FALED PROPOSALS will be received at this
Offlae until BAl UnDAV.'the sd day of January,
iaiiT. atiao'AlsMkm . forthefurnlahlnr of materials
ami Erection of Ho pktok jtuildinfs at Uie Damn,
of Paroled and Fxchanced Prisoners near thla city.
1 Plana end BpeeU-eattoaa will be furnlahed, upon,
application at thla oflce. aod.the time speclAedfor
their ccasplrtlon .-.ivft . k
ic -. j i T PROPOSAia. f t ,.
The full name and Post (Mttce addreaa of the Ud'
4er must appear lo the proposal ,
r If a bid 1 made U tu name of a Bnn, the names
qf all the parties, joust , appear, or the bid will be
considered ea ine Indltlduel proposal of the party
slcnlnx It i
Proposals irom OmtyoX pariietwUl tulbecontld-
Proposals mvt be addrrateo. to Captain C B.
Pxnouaov vAssiiUot Quartermaster u. B Aruy(
Alexandria, a , and ahould be narked distinctly
' Proposals tot Xrtilonat ilulldlngs M
t n GUAHAMTrL. .i
The ability of the bidder to All, the contract,
should It be awarded toJlmt roust be euarantled
b) two responsible persons, whose signatures must'
be appended to the guarantee
luluera must be oresent ln oerson when the bids
art opened, or the proposals will not be consldi
The resflonsimmy oi ine ruaraniors nun om
shown by the tfu-iul cirtiAcafe of thti Clefk of the
nearest District Court or of the United States Dis
trict Attorqe
aei . . r
iirtnit st diruttl tn smoitnt to ona h&lf the sum to M
rKelvvdon theconTrait, slftnrd bj the contractor
and both of bla guarantors, will be required of the
SUCCeilUl muurr upva iiKiuug iu ouutrnci
Atlhn taond uiis.tiUiconiDsnv the flontraet.lt will
be necessary for bidders to l,ra their bondsmen
with thenv or to have bonds signed In anticipa
tion and ready to be produced when the contract Is
ala-nja,. Ilai 41 J J t
lUaifilfsi far hand can be nrocured noon annllca-
tlon being msue s.i inu ouicc, e.wierpervonati) , vy
.. .. ... . .aa--... ....". la. a "
We, a . , p( the county of , and State of
, anu , oi ine counir oi ( nt ip
nfXw . do hcrtibr rusrsntec that Is able to
rulHl the contract In accordance with the terms or
his proposition, and that, should tils proposltlou be
iMOff.lIfU, Will UUCC f,i4icr iiivu uyuuav, .
Should the contract bVawkrded hlsor! W are pre
pared to become ms sepurmes, ,..i.ii , .
(To this guarantee must be appended 0e official
a.rllftiiala ahnva nrntlatlad i
Parment to be made upon the completion or the
contract, or so aoon (hereafter as the Depot, Quar
teTmastrrahallbelnMnds " -
Any Informality lathe bid, or non-con rnrmance
with the termsofthji adTerttsement. will ensure
aL. .l..l f thsJtitnvuiaal '
The bullrtlrigi contracted forunderthli advertise
ment must be erected ln accordance with the plans
and specifications furnlshed.'wlth the least possible
rtela) , and will be subjected t, bc Inspection of a
vomnetent waster meihanto
Tlie Depot Quartermaster retries to himself
the right to reject all I ids I e may deem too high,
orforothrrsutnclentcsijae. FrR0UJ0
Cant. Aaa't Uuartrrmaattr, II, S A
JN llie CoTrtnnalilp heretolore exlaunr betweea
SUIlMHIs - . fyrwwnu
JJt(tv (.S -?
J, A. COVFlti,
John or tyle still wnttouts the btulftee ai the
SftitoD, iuir t isei, $m
..t A j'Sil'lJ- "
T- WrarnTCHZnU " " 3i y
"- TJL T"1.I . 4. -
us BahiAs) u J. 1 L
, Bnaalin 1Liillr1
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will have the hoaor to teak her befcisii !
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, Seeuratl),nreeatx1rt . '
aeati 1 canbeaVcunkl at Mr. Metsetoll's Musk; ,
The sale of seats will eosnneaec this asoratag.
uooTaopeaai'T'al lo convener at eo-aiow.
den it i I mvi .. I
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the wa: roit' iNcrtttNMNcr,1 "'Ji
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sally ssrubbta. V,.' ifc JjFRfiaSft .y,.
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Gen. Beaa - i- " .'fiV.Jk aa ' savers p' '
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Gen Stuart i-.- -.y.-jnlrlinir.-! nit.M(riouU; v rl
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,'.T wruviilJuK.r u ' MJf
luasBgcranairiulMOW'rjt otraonii aoraf til, i
tAlao of Jlollliiav Street Theatre, Balttoaora.) -,
' ' ; TpE tjJBTTNianf1 IT'3
ofour)ouni;AmerloalTlmDoana,', 1
aitss cAnouNKJIKiimai,
In the mannll!cen operstlo sDeetac), , ,,
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asd most nrAtrriTTji, sprKintr .
i Vhleh has erowdea thl1 theatre,' entlUii thr ,'' r"
Mr". PFTOIl mctiiNdsr'1 '. '"'wrBUu,111!;
0junarea?er...1J ',', yr'Jll.
' will U ptixlue! Mrs. Mowatfa eoaaearof ' ti
'' KIT JiFAKlON., 431 '
1 f n in a ! -"4 t ijrtl
i r rUCCaOIT AOMIUIONji na -n ,l,)rf
Dress Clrela and Farquette, 40 cental Orskaatl (,. ,
Seats, it cental J'aWllr Circle, W eealai frlvate",,
Boxes, '--"- - T, ' -
Doors esea at IVo'eleelli seeferaaaaee loaasisa' . '
tea at I o'clock. iU 1 .dan i'
-l i I' i , , l
J.1 (IVonsylvaata avenue and saveata Btrsetlri, t
Optn JEWrv Aftrneon af JMafntf. '
.li ' ' DOCBXr fcOMPANT.' -' ," ' "" '
From Alexandria, where for two weeks ther-ap" ' J
nesred below M.ooo PEorLn waa uasaif mma
....,: -.u at.. .l. .. . . l.. ..
.raH'fiyj!?.. Jill
ft- - JOVrOAI'FFtX'l)Ellf
Jt rrr Sin f l(s OnuUrf, n alu:
the truly Orlaiaal aowoi .. it ' o I
., Tllh,SHf JW?OD FAMILV,NIW,,ftW, vU
nd a host of othen h m '-
FRIDrVV rVrVlNo,romilliTit.Urr fienefltof'
im - .k ".rv 'r:.": ' . , . .
aeo Taw-eir en' w fmmr i- .
4 ih
rW'ANTO'a l"'fC
,Yh Qtla - lUX 1 atl-ial
(YY ed(onthe perthaldefirennsylTanla Avs-m
nue.brtween eourth, and Twentieth streets, with
from sU to fourteen roomi,ta reasonable rest
A flrst class tenant can be eecnredV PleaaeaMrese
"0. a." Dox fiud, Post Office dee TI-w ..,3m
(a a." Dox fiu, Post Office dec H-OW ,31,
m -v .c - 1 Rfi 9 SjS'ttad'
iUTAMfJCP-A ood Ane CeMW iPPfM
'i ". d. r YafipftV'"
J 1. Htetcr
rtMt9fltbl'awrAanrrTwmhA-MtPstKeU4' 3
a streets'
-tTrANTKB.-AaiRl.lo do teeUtfl house,,,,
,1 woik of a family of three (rawa petaoas. ,
avenue and Ninth street "' ' deetj '
,-' r .... I (I
TTOUSE AHTBD,lf posslbls,lathtbeatral! .lu
XX part or in eitvirom anous tea
n aoous tea 10 ivveiv. is
be li.Ul, and, th Wet o(r , ,
RcYrttaces VlTaiTlt K-?1,, , f,
O box tM," 'eMW ll,p If,
Rooms. A fair Teal Will be
quired " flease adoresa'P
VTIIBSK WANTED A wobVnSrho hie adme V
XI experiencr to hkb vwrwvi m na. wwtsi
nni asvitasMlfisT ttsa much utrf liflO. tSUSt KlVB KOOd
references such mar apply at 4l,NUMbiUe(N,
posne iftf raivn) vma
fie 34 If
to deliver this Paper. Call at this gtBee.
deesa tf f i t' 'u t ,( .
Ai e.ahdbia, Va , Peo It, 182,
11 WAIHTEDI-ltMEXBcrtensed
INTKRS fur the Quartermaster's He
rartment at Alexandria, trxvala Applleatleos ''
a be made to Mr J. DoiiKhertri superintendent, at
depot. .- a. aa.HuuH'rii
do ta lm
Captain A. ev,t Armr.
WAItTCDnve Hnnilrfd (ood. aehcr, and
experlencd TI'AMTrh, fiir Ihe Quarter
mnater'e bejiartmeat In tLU ettyi-i ", ' ' r- '
pplvtop If now, General superintendent, st
mts omcr.j a ii y. ."!'
do ll-l" Capt and Q-M,V. Armr..
i 1 l'l ' .. I II '. ' ' '
ytt-a vnsr.n.f ,ltia and Fantlamen to eonault
W lAolalne, a deacrndaut of Attroloxlst to
Napoleon thedrVat.on all afTalri of lltt, at 411 '
tli-i enth street
Diseases examined and eured In
a rew sidings
nh . aeos
' ' i l1 'M i" ' . "' ''. .1 "
TxrAMTKU-it tut new xora tmrioimaas
Penns) Ivanla avenue, '
:e, No ill Ninth street, near ,.. J
.ue.TWKNTY.FIVIitMlWiil. V
l.wlthjoodrererencet.asCdota','" 1
Lhambermalda, Laundresses, Waitress,, Nurna,
ana aeamsirsases Aiao, vouns iuca m,i.
wait on tables In Private Families or Hotels. Also j
wanted, houses Immediately, wlttM ltho.Vit S"2Ua
Allure twi
ItU their aaiautaa to sail. f MV"ami ''
may 29 tf
TirANTEP-Forajeentlsmsn and hswlfe,(
T Double Tarlor, with Urst-claaa furniture and.
board Price not so much a consideration as e am'
' Th beat dtp reference xlren and required. Ad
dress "Banker," atiheClly Post oaee. ti
Of No 431, corner of rJihth and F strws,
Opposite the Central Foil once,
Can be consulted on UCVMATWAJIKcnOSS,
an Immedlal
I torn bis I
t torn bis lengthy practice, In the aolence or mdi-
... haa la anaklail tn nfllar tlmsill to th IrtlLllfj ftB
Ing speedy relief. ' AU cases curable will be gnran-
tied 11. warrants a sure wllb.us tn. us. al.natr
eurroranrothtr daaierous medlslae Recent sase
eused Intnoorthreedars , , t, i.-iw
N D UttanaidraiiedtoDr. F.athUoBW.tto,
411, corner of ninth and 11 streets, opposite (inu
seal Post OBce, will receive Immediate atteattoa. "
01 T 1 1 ' i - J d ' J ll
ii .j . i j i va 1,1 tjiT-
131. I J Jt-1
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