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M a ftja sata saj M J
Oaa ttTure. wiV oayi
vran aqnarsj, wax naja
unm BanaTB. wwn oara. m ,
OnataMj-a,lx(Uy-r Afi-irnu.tjli7
Mall ntatrlbers, UM) per ibiufi (rbr
x'mMi,Tifli'i;px lire montbi, fayirU."
MylJMfc ,Tl. - ... i.
TacftMtAKcsorriirMBttMr. rroatk French
of neaahlie Oautler.by Mrs.-AenTVvrel.
WHk Utreduttloa It Wnllam C IMatav tttM
a fcrtUd U ImV" TeaVLU, la m Mf
"Mi" ate. m Torn i. ariabura, (ttuoetaor
to M. pfalsr,M-W.l. Hint.-ian. Sro,
, pp. tW. Feper SO sent! alotk ,1, For ssle by
Iludsoa Tylor. ' J1 "
Terlno,eeterprl la which Frenchmen,
an wuny FnechuttaWart, era got
lt equal, ,Yt, who would km thoaght of gnlag
lata At .pyramid for a Utrolo,ol-dlfx1nr
hw.tp from antatf th, deed of thtw Ihoueend
year (got Bat It It ttorjr of charming la.
Ureet,UlKoaneVof tBVMnmmy, and It
fidelity In portraylnf the Ufa of Egypt In the
linn of Mote-l vonched for by one wb6 Snows"
Egypt mil, tha author of tha Introduction. The
tradition, la Miatotu? 1
-it.Of,' (I, i i "
Tain m iftt Lira or a tocoaotivi Kaamxa.
Nate orki J,radburn, jtwactasor. to M. Doc
lady.) tl Walker street. lu svo, pp. xst. Pa
per SO emtii cloth t. Tor ttlt by Hudson Tsy.
lor. . - -v
Tha author of 'thla Intcreatlng; Totam'o ra
latlnj a icrlci of Incidents of en'onal idvstt
tore (a hla prbfeitlon,1 tceVt'to vindicate f ill
road mnf who, he y, too oftenlooxed upon
aa ' roagneriklno) of humanity, hare been
tha subjecti of terere condemnation and' re
proach oa tha occasion of every railroad dleat
tcr. Tbii book set 'In the tight light before
tha jmbllc tha qusllllo of thue Deo, whose
skill, bravery and craenre of mind Instance
of vteAa val) depleted In these pg have
aaldoa (panda chronicler., Tha author la now
HrnarMa, eomtrr la the armj.
Wt ataynH an extract from Ihlaelngnlar
vo!tatyw)cV Interettlag aa It la, give only
tnclt a glliaaM Of railroad Ufa aa to craet a
deelreloheer iboreahont It a touching tketch
1 emitted "
inri tbikxd was kkud.
There U amour the remembrnc of mvllfe
. jaa arattraaftman, one, of anch aadnati, that I
l few- taitax oi u witnout a sign. ery man,
1 .aa'ce aa Da a moroae that he cannot keep a
Vfmf, haa hla particular Irlcndti those In whom
TU weee.'and to whom he I alwava cheer.
isu, waoaexocisiy oe oeiigot in, ana the po.
1 trbtttty ofshau death ha will nerer allow hlm-
I tloekaftlaad had 1 1n George II . We
I stfwtaatarhlA.tvitn'nr tik ntim.fvl.4. ..
weoWatwtrtmaaage to beard together, and
oeiaHpoeeTbleoccaiTostto be together. Did
OnrtVa aaatee lar ud for tha SundiT at one
end of tha road and mine at the otter, one of
viwanHP orcr toe roaa "extra," in
oraer'akMVe.mlfjbt be together.
OaernaM I differed In manr reeoerta. tmt
B(re eapaelaU In thla, that whereaa I waa one
of pa "faat" achool of rannen,who are nerer
to MtteBted with running aa when mounted
onkAMaefloe, with an exireta train, and It
.bee Haaa, Oeorre preferred a alow train,'
where, aa ha aaid, hit occupation mi "killing
time;" "making' It. So.whUelhadtbo
"Bauk.na.&ataaalne.iwlth driven li feet
and a Half ka dliamcr, and ntuallr ran expreea
traUaaaearga had the " Kttex," a freight en.
Oa atardir night I took thelatt ran north,
and ajaa to flijortr" with mj engine for the
ttaaewacxheaeirBmi trrmrnnt of ths rnA'
untllMteeck Mondtj: p. m. George had to
. ran the "Night freight1' down that night, and
at wa wlthed, particularly to be together the
nexedar, I coaeladad to go "down the line"
wlth'hfai.- Bunlnr'tlme came, and off we
atartfd. I rddafor i Whne In the 1 "caboose "
at tha paaaager ear attached to a Irelght train
la ce4lMbobetterjlghtwaewannan4balnr,
,.uu mm uiauiaDriguiij,imging,wnDtuTery
IwblM. the great leeer clondt that awrot throneh
the bearea like monitrooa floating ltlandt of
idow aruuae; orer ue latnomieas water or the
o,l want cm end-rode with Oeorge on the
cogue in BUEaiwat, inaeoa, matt oeaa
tlful, the BoonflgM ehlmmerlng acroe the
rlveri which the wind dlttnxbed and broke Into
many rlpplee,' roads It to glow and thine like a
tea of molten tnrer. The trace bealde the track
wared and beckooed their leaf tope, looking
tombra and weird Xu the i half darknete of tha
gliding before the freabenlng broeio. with their
tignaTUiau gUmaSering dimly, and tha occa
tlsnal iteamert,- with light ttreamlng from
(Terr wiaavv(nii- ue rea iignt or tncir ore
caitlng aaiaaianhly glare, apon the waterti
thetaaU'Coaiblaad to make the accne tnrcAd
heiore at, a we rumon tonexing ana howling
vcr tae roaa, one RinnexceueaDeaaty, weDotn
ued at It, and aald'thatK all teenca In the
e oi a rauroaa man were at Deaniimt aa una
a waaiat wua do other lire.
Bnteomethlnr ailed Oeorcre't rnrine. Iter
umpt would not work. After tinkering with
iem awnue, M aaaea the Bremen If there waa
aati of wtaar-W tha tankx th Jlceman tald
.ereVaa. tiftalaeka-aaaarance doohlT1 tnre
Iwaat atMoHad. 'aad to L thara waa not a
op BfXab putlog Ikrongh tha.aUtlon
orre haKaabad'Tho flranian if tharaitat
' lamtyofiwavaa) .Evrepiladithat ,therawat
) OeorcaaMd T"0 throucb. the elation,- H not
ting a regfljar, a-fia7Uee, for the train,
ad bare w arari ra a )fiaorga thoughf he
I cum ran saaxwacTS wa nan tioppea to me
' ' jit (water etaaaa i aoheVnt looaa from ihn
llaVnl elarteeU'AVe hadatoppod on thaouU
m tt a Ionic furra, to the other end of which
a child eee I It waa fallr a half mile, but the
i awWat ttralght acroae the water a bay of
raer awoepiug in tnero, arouna wuicn me
f it wblmorrag around the fartheat point
the -eat) tha irakeman at once took hit
" itlon with hit light at the end of the can, to
ow George pradtclr where the train ttood.
it ugtae caae,wlttly towtrjlt u, and I tooa
w he wet gerung to ncar.lhat he could sot
p without a collltlon, unlett he rtrcrted hit
eilue at oacei ao I matched the lamp from ont
iebrakaaaa'abaadt andtwungll wildly acrott
at track, bat H Wit of no aTa.1T. " Oa umi tha
ekglna, not tlaekeslng her tpced the lent.
We taw tomebodr lumo from tha flreman'a
iMde, end In thelnitaut of time aUowed ui. we
e waea ueorgajump, but nol be ituck to
n. Ht ncra oeme a tnoca at oi a moun
itUnr.' ThaheaTTfreJchtenEHnernnnliur.
at It waa. at aa hlah a rttt of arwwvl aa It e onH
t maxe, craanaa law tut traiai turteen cart were
un tato a mate or runt, the like of which It
Utaaeea. Theitender wa turned bottom
eeaLwUb tha aoglnc lying atop oflt, on lu
. tmj inaeacaoiag HMD thrleKed and howled i
,M water, pounrg in on to the Ire, cracuad
wjd hlaaadi thtatock (thceptnd cattle) that
ib iu ttw can ikuoitcu ana Djeeiea id toeir
BY'Vf "MT " BaM.w P. u u lti laiUU 111 41V1I
e there tlrlrlug to mike a pandemonium of
- quiet place by the river aide.
a soon as we recovered from 1
the ihock and
tuMd to the din. which at first struck terror
i.ir hearts and I think tno sound eta be
I) terrible than the bellowing of a I
Mhat sre crushed In a railroad imalh
111, ,'sttowork tOitelf QeorgewaaallTi
r of a lot of
1 smash-ur
f G sonr waa alive, and
t v tut v, hiwi or euro, ni louoa ana
r the tender, but one side of the tank lav
I I. VI. Ia.I. sa .. a. V ..!. .. a. .a ju. XIT
.t ..ll. .till 1ln.ll .nil 11A ..nlll u. ...ta.1.
the tender and rot him out. Ws took one of
the doori from the wrecked cart. laid It beside
f . the trtek, and mads a bad oa It with our coau
1 1 and th cushlone from the cahooaei for poor
L I Oeorge laid be wanted to pan the raw mementa
aVleft Mtn of earth benuu the open iky. nd
wild tne oo previa to Jan. niaiOiwe. ui
course, wa dltpatohad a man to the nearest
ittttou (br aid, and to telagrapb frouj there for
ton mr aia, aaa to leiagrepo irom tsar ror
jrlaarbutltwai late atolgh., tttrybody
eepo4 Itwsa mora tbJb thne houn
cm irrlTid, p ill ttiii umi Qrj.
l i
...MV 'vrl n
i A li nilT uwofu
oH Dllitoal fil ".J lti
h )!'! fil mlr-,ritii"lirnl
...... '.
I'legered;' occalonaly wUipJaW'.3ai' to
ma a I peat oyer blm aadaMikmaa Ma Up. '
jie tot. ma wain ijiaa wp.iwvi.w
. ju h .ia. uu.w . anmilfi.aaj.avia
loot ob the InildtthrotUt gearing tad he eauld
not tout on itaam. nor, owing to ami an
countable comjUclty of.erll, could he .merae
hit englar.rBo,otlbVhlio-fcomr pell rnell,
and both of thtm were ktttedi for the llreman
had Jumped tevtoaaYodkasand mutt hare died
IntUntly, ae be waa moit horribly mangled.
ine mgnt wiaa awnai lanrna m.p wm.
the dripping water, JdtaeeVopon tbatUU hoi
Iron of the engine, the wtTM of the rtter gar
gled and rippled ami
and in oceatlonal bi
from amldat the; fettle Vfj
mWrtarhefBtll'thh reel
of tha handa were at worir-reieaalnaT the poor
rreatm-eai oat i eat uerariBaaa atrataoienmi
aueacawiiung jot mm to ma taat aaw sm m
ahmlkartatna. i At laat. InaCU Wa Heard tat
whittle af thepproaohlneerlaw,iaud Jnalaa.
toe nainr tun aaa oeren to gua aaa fiayauaw
th purpling eaat, Oeorre opened kit eyatgtre
my band a faint grain, and waa "Be- more.Y I
atoad. alone with the dead ataa I had lend i ao
In Ufa. bat from, whom death bad soWj aapara.
tea me. r l ' npjl .r i np . '
. i. CommolttY '
Chrietmaa PMtlTaliat TatatHx''(Naaralt
.'lr )lMattal.. I -"- - -
!Atan1harlrhour ibire wa,'a', deJagaHon'ot
'. . ,7'. .: .'..... -i.'L.C:
purpose. laoie atacmoiea, wuo, uaamru orer
towug-'Wlth lnxuiee and btartaiiuea with
ympaXhy for the poor, imTerlng toldler. Bnch
an exnreatlon of klnTneal'oh'thelr part made
them appear extrimVly rjeaitlful'ln'lha eye of
th afflicted. ,Nor waa thlt feeling coaonea (o toe
pttlenu alonei eten the "medical fraternity"
watawedtOTpneralon.7Ir. &7-!d that be
felt like lifting tie hand toward beaten and
thanking thaGlrer of all Good" for the gift
ofwoman.(opin..tChepiain, ltaymond recog-
nltad them ea co4aborera la the ejangelliatlou
end deration of the tmm'an'raVe', Jfo . attuVed
them that thote acta of klndnett, though of a
"temporil nature," would aid him In hit efforti
for their aplrltual Interwt. A
About 1 o'clock, the houte watcalled to order
by Dr. Sidney, (who It now lurgcon In charge,)
when Chaplain Raymond pretested, In behalf
of thapatlcntt, a tword, ttth, belt, caprcher
roni, a ring and a pipe, to Mrj McNaller, the
hoipltal tteward, with the following ipecchi ,
"Mr.HtNaUey.boiplttl itcwardi I amtuppy,
In behair of the patlente of thle hotplta), to ax.
firett their couMcnce and reepect for your fldel
trend nutlrlne effort! 'In irocur(nciiuch a
great Tarletjrqf Tcgetahle tndt other luiurlea.
tucn aa aica man rauto, ana aito ipa cieanu
neat and general order, of all thlnga naderyour
you bare expended tha hoipltal fund.
"1 prctenv JPU Willi iuib aworu au vfn,
May It eier be worn and wielded In defence of
yonr country) and thla aath and cberrona aa a
badge or rank and poaltlopi thla cap to abetter
you In paatlngtbe ttormt oflUfei and thlt ring
at a token of unending frlendtblpt thlt pipe, to
be need on retiring from actlye )(f wh a con
eclence yold of offence."
The reception epeech wa made by Dr. Sidney
la the follow(ng.wordt 0
" I am happy to learn, through tha baplaln7
of the conodWo. repoaed by the patient of thla
hoipltal In their atward,3lr. HcNaUeri that rlr
ue and Intelllgejlce are appreciated and re
warded. -It la aarbtatly hoped Ibawhl extm.
pie will bare Ita lnlueuceorer Albert for good,
exciting them to noble act and deede. In hit
behalf I would ay that I Taluatheaa gifta rery
hlchlT not to much for their peeunlary ralue. or
at emtjtemi of ralue and poeltloa, but that thay
are a mart: or mcnatnip ana eeteem irom ue
Inmate of thlt hoipltal. They bare my heart
felt thankt and good wlthee for their futuro
Dinner being In readlneai, thank wer re
turned to the ladle In behalf of tha patient.
by the chaplain, for the aumptuou ;pt fur,-(
ulthed by tbenu Jl waa responded to In be
half of tha ladlee, by the Bon. A. H. Bargenlf,
from 'Cailforala, laas eloquent and patriotic
addrMi. 'After whtch the bleulng being aaked
by the cUpleln. a aplendld dinner wat aerred
up to the patleirti, th'e officer and atttnlant
being .erred afterward.
Dtcjuraxa 19, 1983.
aea.Thtiatb Talks Osttiag Married.
The Bridgeport Standard, Sitb, baa the fol.
lowing. It Is Interesting aa thowlng forth the
marriage of the little generali ,
Charlos S. Stratum, the veritable Gen. Tom
Thumb, Is residing here lu hla native town.
He baa travelled nearly the world over, end baa
amatted a fortune forhlmtelf, at well aa made
ui. iuv.u.i, nv .I.V.I.. pin ia jvuugv! mwiuw
ludependeat. Tha little general It now Is bit
86th yetr. Hit habits are-unexceptional, and
bis Intellect and reucral builncea abUlir are
tucu tnai na personally sneuos to nis own Buan-i
. .... .. ..-.. i
cet, ana trautactt au in butineat apperiau
lng to leasing hit bouses, loaning bis money,
bond, and mortgage, ana looking after bis es.
tats in general..
The adU4 general owns a Una yacht.- bearlm;
his own name, which be tails bfmielf, with ta
mnchnsntlealaklHaaany old salt who, sails
out of Bridgeport harbor. Be also keep a flue
pairot Bntuiau ponies sua a spienaia isit
none jor nil own uririug, an wen aa a mgniy.
trained pair of hunting dogt.
Ilia rifle and flsklue- tackle were of course
made expressly to suit m diminutive site, end
hell a very tueceitful sportsman. He killed
several dear wbllo trareUuz watt laet year.
A few month since the little general wtt
mtde a Free Maion. , lie hti already taken
three degree, and exprcatca a determination to
atcead the myitlc ladder until bo bat reached
the too round. Although Geu. Tom Thumb.
has alwayt led a life of, excitement, and twice
after retiring to private life has felt compelled
to exhibit blmtelf again to keep off the ennui,
be remarked 10 the writer of this article last
week, while quietly twirling hi elegint Utile
moustache, of which be ecems quite proud,
that he hoped one or these days to get married.
"In which event" he added with a roguish
look "I guest that the cares of a family, added
to my ordinary duties, will give me enough to
occupy my Biieuiioa, ana prevent ma neces
lit J of again seeking the excitement or a travel'
Ung exhibition."
A rxiupurau rirtx. speaking of the lib
eral expcouiiure oi money lor uauaay presents,
on the day end evening before Christmas, says
thst In one establishment on Cbeinut itreet a
singular scene transpired. A woman, evident
ly In pursuit of a gift for a friend, entered and
asaoa to oe saown a necaisce. upon inqmnui
the urlce she was told that the article wss va
ued at 13,500. fine declared her Intention to
nurcbass. and the talesman offered to send it
to hsr residence. With a tmlllng counteaauco
sue lurew me noc-iiace orcr nor neaa. arsw
fron her purto the full amount In Treasury
ligc, iiaua-Mi it w lug aaivtuauta talesman,
sua w-uiLva iuiu iue t.ret.
Beta of the Blebmond papers complain ter-
nwy o tnv aaiiiaa eonauioa oi ine reoei
troops, ana in tveartiesintis or the govern,
menu Tbe-IKM. describes a number of rtirl
meats. In tbU.wretched Hate, msrcbingpait
the war Department. barefoot, through the
UllllUia .ItVITi
The few Tork JVr tay anotbar (ob U
thrtateoed,vUi the beldteateear twoTOCVton
imps, iroaita, t miratr wtuab a vrbole
practice of Europe aad -taaarteabae Mvad
m jltt.
u"ViWASmNGTON,vl)Ci;,i,i;UBSDAy, DECEIMBEll 30, 1862.
iflil""" 111 r ' '
JPaatfdaltW TWnMtoii!lA4 TIUHraRvatA
,r -i rw,i.awaTf.r t, r
rtxrtatltltoftU VnMiBUIn Jtawrfc tn
Cmfrut uarmafat, ,Tbatth auaaton, attUtaat
aaieatort, collector and deputy enUeetota, ap
pointed, or who may ba appotated. aader the
prOTleloaa of.an actntltled"Ad ait topnrrlda
Internal mama to tupport tha Ooreraneirt
lad to pay lnterett on the publlo debt," ep
proTed July nrtt, dna thohaand eight hundred
and tlxty-two, ad all ubnuent acta In relt
Hon thereto which hat baaa or Buy ba enacted,
are harabr anthorited and emnowarad to ad.
ainlatar odth or afflrmttlont In aU cat where
the tameara or marb required betbaact a
aioreaaiai roiiaY-iiintioieeBnauDcaarg.
edoraaawadtkereror.i. vo '-i i.io -1
"'ttt.2. And N iliftirtJtni'eaaettdVIThtt'th
Commlattoner of Internal Berem thtll Wau.
thorltad aad empowered, and hereby la authnr
tred and empowered, to furnUh aad Mpplytbe
attUtaat treaaurera or collector of the fritted
State at an Frthcltco,' flute 'of Callfornlt,
and Portland, StatabrOregotr, with adhatlre
ttampe, or ttimped paper, rellum, or parch'
ment, according to the arorlaloai of the Inter,
tul revenue lawe referred to i In tha preceding
lection, under tucb rernlatlona and condition
aa hatnayfroatlme totlmevratcrlbe, and with
oat requiring payment In adrance therefor, any
thing In exlatlng Uw to the contrary notwlth
tundlngl rrvtiitdy That no greater eommla
Ion ihall be allowed than la now provided for
brlaw. ' ' ' i'
1 1 See. 8. JtKd it afuritur-tuctid, That no In-
iirumctroiocumeotywniiagor paper or any
deirriptloa, required by law Id ba etamped,
ihall ba deemed or beld Invalid and of no-effect
for the want or the particular kmd or descrip
tion or eump designated for and denoting the
dotv charred on any inch Instrument, docu
ment, writing, or paper, 'provided a le
gal itamp, or ttirapi. denoting a duty 'or
equal amount, thtll have been duly allied and
utodthereont Prmldri, Thattheprovlilonior
inn eecuon mail not apply to any tump ap
propriated to denote the duty charged on pro.
prletary article!.
See. a. dad U UUrtkr nntitd. That alt of
ficial Instrument, dacumenta, and ptpera, le
aned or uted by tha offlf era of the United Btatet
Government shall be, and hereby are, exempt
from duty.
See. 8. And U further enariti. That the
nlnety-nfih taction of an act entitled "An act
to provide Internal revenue to tuppnrt the Gov
ernment and uipaylnterestonthepubllcdebt,"
approved July nnt, one thousand eight hun
dred and ilxty two, be lo amended that no ln
atrument, document, or paper made, tlgned, or
utuea prior to tne nrtt aay oi aiarcn, a. u,
onethoutand eight hundred and ilxty-thrre,
without being duly atamped, or having thereon
an adbettre ttamp to denote the doty lrapotcd
dtiaanaiAat. aitaa.1t 'aalVta jaa.W4aaa Kai tAa.aaaajl tuaal
IUHEVU atuaiii. (i t,iia vaatiaiv. uv yniuuu IUIM
Id and of no effect i JYovtdM, That no Inntru
mint, doeumtnr. tTTiting ' or paper. rp;olred by
uw w do i.smpcar iipiea, or isiara, vnaoni
VaIi 4ti1 fetamnaul aVarlAat In Ifiat daw anrasM
UCIUfj wilt J aiin'v frt ivi au aaaw aaJ aaawaijotatu,
tar any copy thereof, ihall be admitted or uled
a evidence In any court until a legal stamp 'or
iiampe, ueuouog mv hsdudi oi amy cuargoa
thereon, thtll have been affixed thereto, or used
Hereon, ana lue inuiait oi iue penoa UllUg or
afflxlnir tha time.torether with the date when
the ttmt It to uted or affixed, shall hare been
placed thereon by anch person, i And Urn per
son ucainng to ute any Buca-inurumeut, aocu
meat, writing, or paper, as evidence, or hla
agent or attorney, la authorized Inthe presence
of the court to stamp the same aa hereinbefore
provided. And section twenty-four of an act
entitled "An act Increasing,, temporarily, the
duties on Imports, and for other purposes,"
approved July fourteen, one thnuaand eight
nunarea ana six.yiwp, it nercoy rcpcaica
Approve-., uecemDer , ieo4.
-Tl. tll.hi.uil I-.,... nf ll. OA.I.
tslna a paragraph particularly severe on the
1IIU illllllUWUII a.nl.l.l, VI 111. .vvvu, vvu
lattice of Durnilde. It aaya i"To Judge of hla
ability ee a commander, It la only neceuary to
etate, that, from the balcony or the'fhIUIpe
Ilouie.ln Stafford counly.'ha tent bit troops to
tne Bgnt m column ox attacx -aouniea on ue
centre,' tbu furulihlag ready food for every
niusxei dsh, sing, snrapne.. cniter ana rrag
ment of shell discharged by the Confederate
armr." ' -
The editor of the Hartford Courier railed tha
price of his paper a soon at be got married,
lie waa right. A married man' newspaper Is
worm more loan a oacAeior's.
It la not knosra wbather Jeff. Davl went to
Tennessee to give .comfort or to get It. In
either case, hi million was a rill arc.
Sett tome one i If vou are looking: at a Pic
ture, you try to give It good light. Be at fair
to your rcliow-creaturea, at yon are to a picture,
1 firtt-cltM N?w Houte. and saw e'urolturet
o, a Parlor will ba ruroliLati to a person apply
lfCi tultablt for a Senator or a Member of Coo
rrit Referaota ctrao and roqulrad Apply at
35 T F itrtat, betweaan Mata and Teath itraeti.
aP4 -nr
A BAROAlN A Poublt Brlak Koui, con
talnlas ten roome, with larra alda Lot, lt unfed on
I trM laortl, pturero SUtb aad (cranth ttraeti,
t tU b told low aad oa fair terms otpnyxattiU
Appiyto Mi.u ouuyiHKfccu,
1 Auctioneer.?, and Com Mcrobanta,
dae 3t MarJ
T?OR RENT AMU MAXKTha Furnlturaof
j' i oriHUUi twartuair MQUM.wun tourieen
Hootai, la the very bett oi neiatborhooda, la the
Fourth ward, now havlD( fron fourteen toaUteaa
boarders Satisfactory reuoo elven for aelltor
for particulars, apply At i the Agency Offlce, Oil
Math street, scar if nniyivaaia avenue
GOO 33 ft. ii. naM.n.
T OOMS TO LET -Four Purnlibed Robo, with
XV or without Board, within lira mlnuU' walk
or rjusylvaala areout. Inquire at Wo. 49?
tnaVmaVDQ airVHmVt VJ )V
IM 3nth $trtt near Canal Jiyite,
All ordan anaeutad at tha abortaat uotle, In the
most substantial mainer, and on waawnaiiatarmi.
Penoasi attention gtren to are ry departmant oi
IU mUiararara MIT
Ho B30 PanttaytTajuta swanaoa
AwnUts, Flan.Tcntf , Mall B.fi. Horse CoTtri,
aiartial. Waavin ritaata , n...a . .kn nlo '
aj -i '-"" ni hvs, aaa art w at, auvti aawaavar,
wye w
A LARGE and ramtil1 ataanrtmavnt nJ axil Irlna
of co vu deUrered fr Iron, slat, dirt av oUer
A box eontaaliif 1U mmmi Ooe square will
kindle a wood or ttaxeoai nra, burolnr crom elebt
to ten naautai, bebur tha heat arUole 1Z tha market
for bulidlnr Area. WM. M OALT,
- . ,!lwr-rlbatw,liu. aodlJthsta,
de li lot
tklai roo sts mr aad Ihtv r sold so tkn t4
Haaattat Dtrsatavy, S
fob Wai-rcraTO, axomorrowic xo lUlin-
. DBLt. ,
The following U a correct lltt of all lbs ho
plUls, In the above cities, with their locations,
aad tha eurgeon In charge of eachi
Ascension Unitarian church. Oth and D It.
Dr. J. P. Dorr.
Ateentlon Dr. Smith' Church; Ml between
OtndH street. . J.C. Dorr. '
Aactntlon aVmthern Church, tkh between
IT and I streeta. J. C. Dorr.
Armory ArmorvBqUsre.Tthtt. d.w.bus.
Alexandria, lit dlvlilon Alexandria. J. t.
Aleindrls. 24 division Alexandria. T. R.
Aiexanana, 3a cu vision Aiaxanana. sawin
- Campbell 7th at, near Park liWcl. Dr. J.
If. Bartir. "
Carver 14th it , near Col. Col. O. A. Jud-
on. "
Casparts X St. south, can of Capitol. TV.
K. Waters.
Columbian Itth it., Col. Cob T. A. Crosh.
CoUega-Gcorgetown. J, M. Brown.
Cams. ex. and rar. oris. Near Alexandria.
Dr. Poter Cleary. "
uougias cor, i it. ana -x. J. avo.
Dunbarton Street Oeorretown. Dr. A. E.
Ebeneter tth, hear 0 it. west. W. E. Wa
tr. Ecklngton Osles's bouse, J. T. ava. S. A.
Emory 1) m. cast of Capitol. Wm. Cleu
denln. Epiphany Bapttat Church, 18th bet. O and
II. it. James Bryan.
Fairfax Seminary 4 miles out Alexandria.
David P. Smith.
a cmiey n. x. to , sear uaicat larxn. rf.
narewood 7th itreet, Corcoran' frm. T.
Iiland Hall Corner Virginia avenue and nth
itreet. Wm. Hayes.
Judiciary Square E itreet, between 4th and
5th. Dr. A. J. Marsh.
Kalorama Sltt street, near Boundary. R.
J, Thomas.
Lincoln Ea-t o! Capitol. Dr. Henry Bry
ant. Mt. Pleasant 14th street, near Boundary.
C. A. MrCall.
Odd Fellows' nail K St., near Nary Tard.
.. aiers.
Patent Office Oth street
Dr. J. D. RoblnJ i
Presbyterian Church uoorgetown. B.Eolck
erhocker. Seminary Georgetown. Landnn Wells.
Stanton Oppoifta Donglas. Dr. J. A. LI.
Stone 14lh street, near Boundary I. Glen
nan. St. Elliabeth losaue Asylum, East'n Branch.
C. n. Nichols.
St. Alnyslus K streot, hetwecn let and Sd.
Dr. Alex. Ingram.
T. B. Laahella.
Trinity C street, corner 3d. A. J. Baxtar,
Trinity Printing office, corner 2d street and
Indiana avenue. A. 3, Baxter.
Trinity Church Georgetown. M.F. Bowers.
Union Chapel 20th street, near Pennsylva
nia avenue. W. If. Butter.
Union Hotel Corner Bridge and Washing
ton streets, Georgetown. Geo. W. Btlpp.
Quartermaater'a 17th street.
fetwA.nl Brvrttfo lUplf to mm Kaflili
t romcAt nw, "
WhJtt . w to Amrte 1
We' wonder irthi uwl franJi
W hT til triMnoe? of tha tirth,
Th ravm ot e. ery luvl
Our nOtUktaUiii ftN majjiUOjpot,
our rtrv r itasaSttM.
Atwl Mah mia hai a klxtclr style,
U not a klac'i xpttee.
Our thtpi are knoirn tq tU tJi wor!4i
Th frtn cannot h l4tt
Our oltlei. full of luinrr
Ait ftainoua for W nt.
VTt DTAtori 404 AUtbOM, tOO,
With lnUUct of forcoi
We'r rftllroAdi Mttifffd wvt ryw tim
JVad on frofeitor Mor.
Otir 1rU hive btiutr, wit, and crave,
Tbrr ebArmlor, twArt; muA dtt
But, then, th ormndt thing w hr
li know a aa grf at O Ut HALL,
Wlatra Ui faU and wlnUr stock of frit-oUii olotbr-
lag la now rtady In extra abuMocj an4 greatcrt
variety. All IN oew-ttyU OrarcoaU.SMki, Duvtr
ort Ooata, V top Paata, kc . aalllnf at prlci ao
tow that everybody will buy and I Mtleflcd.
(Oak lUIU
So, iAi, SasrcnUi trat oar F,
oo? 2-ltJiol Two doora balow Sroith'i
t PPUCATIONH Our Dnpllsau Land
Appltcatlon having bean made under the act of 23J
una, laco, (or the reissue of the Land Warrants '
escribed heroin, which are alleged to have ben ,
dascrlbad heroin, which are ailetred
lost or destroyed, notice Is hereby riven that.
the data fallow lnr the description of each wirrnnt.
a new eertWeate of like tenor will e lisued If no
tal. I vKlaiHtlAn mKitlf titn aitsahAaiv '
no. w,7yv, ior isu aeraa, uauna unoer ine a.! oi
Mateh. lttU. in the name of Arnold llatrrlnirtnn.fiiiii '
wae granted September 17, IM7 January i, 16U
no. , ior ij ncrei, iura uoier ine acioi
March, WA. In the nunee of the mlanr rt Udrrn of
Daniel F. McCuna. dveeased.and uaa rrsntad Oct.
S3, iSAS-daauary it, issa.
No. too,H47, for 160 acrca, Issued under tba act of
March isu, in the nsmeof Ansel Allen, anl was
granted March IS, lMi-JDUAry i 18W
ii. imtU ivi asrv t vtt, spu" uauri uiaavk '(
March, laM, In the name of Rachel, a Wow of Geo
Harner. and was granted J sou a rv a. tStj February
ft, 11UU
jyq bi,tui ior idi acnii, itiura umier ioc ace m
March a. 11-u.ln the nsmeof Wm Crltler. end wn
grsnted February 0, 1U7 eebruary sj, isu.
rn. Vfiwa, tor rw Bcrcs. iHuni uauia- mj rct oi
September, IMMa tbename of Jonathan Mclleory,
joslrnu barrLtt,
A ti K II A M
AHKIIAM'a is tha bsst HOTEL laths Citv or
WAiniaoTOHtkept on the
Jdjotnlno- IrWeroV U&j,
NO. J12, rVrKJUTajeu Avrjict.
The underiixnad bars ntua snd fur&Iuisd ths
shove nsnad house lathe brst usnosr, xli Inn It sll
the modem Improvements, loeludlnx watsr and gas
in .rely fvuui. 1-1. twt luTBi.iiiiis ,uuua mil aui
Duwd In aav hauae In la. euuntrv.
W. bee to assure thote who ai y Cavor us with
a eall u Ihs ordinary, uat It will be uppMl wtth
9wy thin; the msrart aitorils, ,ot up fa ths acir
ST LS and at Ut tng prfcea
Th. NaUonal HrftiUUaH says: "Ws frel It to b
our duty to tnvlt. sttentlon to this houas, and to
guarantee th. nubile against axtortlna In price or
neglect tn attendance. It will not b. under the
control 01 tne lerrsnta, wnsmarwnir. or mac "
Andwesndors. It and shall earryout ths (act
We csn only isy to tbOMauuilog to Washington,
stop st th. aw European Hoiim, atop at Ui. tw.l
house, stop st toe houas assist! th. vasi and ths
TaEASDaVi and to bsv. the bensal 01 all this, stop
at MAlUUlAira, til raaniranls svsaua
F. t. MAP.K1IAM,
dee 0 froprlstori
WALL, ITErllENI k CO. sre now opening
thsir Fall and H lntsr Goods, .mhraclAg an. Drsaa
(bata. Doaakln Panta. eata. Aa. A lanr. and trail.
aticctwt atock 0 On. beary Ovwcoafa W. hats
also a oomplet. sssortaisnt of Business Suits, reads
... M fenniylTsal avenue, bstwesa
Atrf Itlilb, and Test lireeti.
m c a a i
T S A till
A large Involee of tha shore arttel are now
Hia-rsoslred, and for aals by .
a J,,0Wrl,
Comml-s Ion Kroksri ,
No. t, Wsahlattoa Building,
(arenth atrest aad Feoa. areaue.
Tea In J( pound pek.
Tess la I, a, 10, u, It, u sad ao pouad box.
Canned Tomatoes In I doisn box.
Canatd Peaches la I dosea box.
ncklt la 3 doisn box
Cum Props In V pound papers.
Oun Drops la J pound boxes.
Ralalns la boxes and V boxes.
rspptr In oust pspers and la I gross boxes.
rnillih Mustard In Vpound papers ami esas.
rn(llih Muatsrd a K and I gross boxes.
rrstaired Chsrrlea In bottles.
Mrs la K pound drums and I pound box.
Lsmon Syrup la bottlss.
For ills by
No s, wtshlnrlon BulMlng,
Xersnth itreet and Peon, areaue.
Wsahlngton, D C.
'po the opricEni op tub ajimt,
Juit arrlred, by direct Impnrtstlon per stssnrr
Fultna, from Europe, a rery fine and larye aaiort
ment of Marine, Opera, Field Glaaies, and Tele
scope!, which I will sell a rery lltlle stmi the
Cillt ID P.rll. A. In th.nii.llfl... th.- ... nnn.
superior to ba nsd, having been teleetsd iHirpoitlr
ior inis maraei. Alio, a larxe ana weu-suorlea
itoex or opera aiaisei, Mleroaooprs gold, sllvsr,
and steel Spectacles aad Eye Clasiet, suited to the
tight by the uie of sn Optometer. A eonsldcrsble
nuiaber of certificates to be sera st tor office, from
eentlemen who hare been suited at av eafabllsh-
423 iVnnsiyffinnfa airnw, (-jfiesen sbwriul-a-
hal and .KrlA ttrnU.
My Establishment iTnp stair.
aiautt Jlittd lo nit. The trade tnppll&d.
Oct 10-iy
of the
(Or after Q.eyaars, at option of the Go, emmant.)
la sums of
la sums of
mrnrsT commencing at datl of pur
chase, AM payable scml-AnnuaUy
These Bom oi sre the
cheapest government securit
now In the market,
The Interest, at preaent price of coin, being eoalv-
aleat to S Pta Ccnt. In currtocy
Stt PUteentli Btratat,
arvy a.vd jury rovcusus,
dec 1-ti
. I or
Orricc orTHr Cnicr QuARTESMAiTra.
' Waihlastnn, 5eftfIler so I6e3.
AaAfl OTTUC PnTan.r.
r Tni
fKirusL9 sre tmiteii loi
nrnlahlnrfitr the
ikde,' y rutorase the folanring ar-
1,000 tons bsit qusllty Tlmolhy He y, ieeutsfy
usTk.Itherion ""
9,1X10,000 bushcli or Osu, of the belt quality, ta
7e'oTVs"dllkkorVwal,wsllse -
lonsd and of th Uat o.ualy,
Each bid rauit be Accompanied by the endorse-
ment of two re.nilMe 1 efiona thai the contract.
a e-ir'jl wiu bs ruimiaMl
nidi will be nprneiKrom time tojUmessthssr -
tloles msy be needed, and oontraeta V UI be au arded
bnlJl?1V"Vh.Tm'1,f1o!Jiln'',, r,,',on,U',e
lit rigai 11 rrserveu iu socej au or an) part OI
'fro .'.ali ihould be endorse rropoiali for Hay
' ota,, or ' Wsod," ss the ease may b and en
na. In ...i.r.l. .n v.Iai...
close In separate .nvslonaa
Ueut.Col sndA.D CH Chttf oiartermaat.r.
lap Jt-tf
In ooneeni.enoeof tha lneneeaof the water In
e General Rraervolr It will be naofM-ti-. unUaiai
the General lieiervolr It h 111 be nrecanai
great eoonomy of water u ttaetloed. for Mm Gov-
ernmem soon to snut orr tno sup ly to rltiuvs on
All persons are, therefnee forbidden tt. use the
liydrsntsou PennsyvanUaieuua.oronaiyy streets
or avenuci under the care and aupervlskr n nf the
iuf care
Public Bull
Commissioner of Public k
Watering the
, s3 purpose
streets or pavements, or for any pri
And all persons usiac the water are utrgaotl;
v ac
HCltaU in !"-)
as economical In Its use aa nossltle.
11. n rni inch,
Ontnmlsslnnrrof FuMioi Buildings.
litoics bill a arintxit NOTsa mootutis.
Photxitxi Notes akd Urrxanl o accocnti
eoioutand CoLUfrrcn
SAll,Vll,bl UI1 WU ItSUSJflUN.
oorsttxsaxr cun n eocaar.
Dytl Z. HOUSE,
Coul tMllor at Law,
as Naaarai itre.it. New York
tt-Ten years In State sod t fulled state! Courts.
Advice grstls apt
DO TOU lOW IT I If you slo not, caU at
SMITH A BEALL'S, No. -H aartntb ltrs.1,
new K strsst, snd buy yontaalX a aio suit
Clothlnf from thtm, ti they arfr Jual t rtetlred
new and sylsadld snorlmrnt, '
NO. 27;
CKClt iNiviTtrri.
aTtXR Tocaa tamit
No. I K iTUrr, K(Aa nt Ciacix.
TtRMa, nr.Quarlr of ten weak Quarter
eoauaeneiB, at tae date or eoauaiea t
Dsmaatarr Claaaaa la Eaallah
1 Classes la .nfllaa .Literature
ana Xelsoaa laAliulad .
Dseaeotarr Classes la Ca illsx, Fraaeh, and
Advaaced Qsisss la Est Hah, Reach and
Muala . ... . . . . .
Cxtra chary, e for tyeaUh, Germ An, Italian. Latin,
and ciihar fnartia arsaai " "
Dr. ZAPPONE will (rtre Ucturat, and otbarwlae
aaallt. whaaaver ha tan soar tlma from hla aadl.
eal profession.
oe 9 MBa. a iArruHat, maeipai.
erentlt stract, near T street , the Oreat Bat ar
of Faahloo where you can Had the beat eat and made
aothina; lor Men and BoyV wear thai Ue market
oan prodiioe, and our prices, for cheapoaaa, aad du
rability of oux goods, dy oosBpeUUawi. (Our
nalxhbor Smith, Iwo doors above, to long noted for
stlUof ciothlaf less than any house In tha city, In
a private coararsstloa, acknowledged y us that
our Boys' Clothing was tha best nude and out roods
ha ever saw j and, If the citizen of WaaMagton
were posted la the goods X tava, my store would
be overrun with ladlee and geaUe&an In want of
clothing, and I only wish to have you call and see
our beautiful assart meots of clothing, and I think
that our prices and goods will more than pay you
for Palling at tha Leading Clothing House, No 434
Seventh street, near F street, two doors balow
Et erybody knowe Smith, but, lnstiad of calling
at his plaoe, come in two doors below.
N B.1 have a spoclal word to say to the Ladles,
that I can plane them better than ever In Boys'
Clothing, as my stock excels anything I ever had.
Formerly at Odeon Hall,
nor31-dtM Now at Oak Hall.
without metal plate or clasps, by
DR. 8. B. BK5F.SMONI).
10 Brodwa, New ork,andaoo Penn avenue,
wivttcj wrjiiu imjh inirievBU) ,
Calls the attention of tha publlo to thn following
adiantnrei of hli Inanrtited ivitmi
1st. The teeth of his manufacture n 111 never oor
rode nor change color by any ad l, aad are thrce-
iniirmi upifrinaa no) nmer.
al No teeth nor roots need ba extracted, as the
artificial onei can he intartad over thejn.
M The roots wllll e made Inoffensive and never
to ache
4th. yo temporary teeth are needed, as permanent
ones can be made Immediately, thereby preserving
the natural exrnwtloa of the face, which, under
the old system, Is frequently cQgiiYad
etb. This work hai )een fully tested, for over five
years, by many of the first chemists and physicians
of this and the old country.
Dr a. has also Uvea tad a whlta t&deatructlbU
can be dlled without pain, aad can build ud a mi
feet sound tooth on aay aide roots, whl-h will last
thmiurh allfatlHe.
He refers to the follow lnr ran tlament Dr. V. Motti
Dr. Doramus, Profeasor or Chemistry: Hon. A.
IT. lnriaUUI) (TTVirtlMir VI .OVlIlitTTI 110 U. A.
Mann. Jun Capt. C abtrae, Vice PrasldeDt of the
Fmlgratlon Company of New York, Hon. Judge,
r aaata aaaawa wtit ,' j va aaajva iuii flitvaa. af uv
Wayne, of the Supreme Court, of Uaahingtoa
tvarnr, m ia niiprtvna (vun,of aanutgrOa, V.
V I lalata UHnuaatul a( raaTB
'all sad examine for yourselves. dot 6 Sm
or THE
The nnderttiraed rommenceJ, In the month
of December, IWO, the publication, In this city,
of a weekly newspaper, called th Xatumal Jtt-
It la printed on a Urge ihect, twrntr-aeven
by forty-two Inches, nd Is furnished st the low
prices ststed below,
It contains H iLe original matter of the
Jiaity Xrtlonal llpublleant with the exception
of local newt not Interesting to country mb
icriKTS. It will irlre full report! of the proceeding of
Congress, and of the oihw Depsrtmenti of the
National Doreninieot.
It contains all the news of the day, foreign
and domestic, marlcett, 4c, Ac, aa well a an
original correspondence from ell prt of the
coumry. ine mitceiianeou acpanmenwui
receive rpnclal attention, and, In all rcepecli,
the eOVirt will be made to Mlabllib the charac
ter nf tho Xattmat IlsjnMkan a a Family
Waihlngton being now the central point of
tha currant rnlllf arv nrwsttarui- DTOAt atlantlnn
will bo paid to furnlihlng the reader of the
,Vu!onal JlrpMlean with full, and especially
i with crare, conntt of tho progress of th.e
war for the Union.
In politics, the paper 1 Republican, luitaln-
I mg mo -lumiBniraiion 01 .tir. iiincoia.
Tnere Is no other Hepulllesn paper In the
District of Columbls, or In tho Iclnlty of It,
1 and It Is believed that recent events have opened
to snrh a paper an Important tpucre of utuful
l'''rt - Tne time has come, when tin. actus
admlnlstrotlonofthoOovenimtnt oponRcpub
l , ,.. , . m ,,,. .... ", .
, llcan principles will explodo the mlirtprestu
' ntu, which hare made tWa principles
i ',. ,, .. . ,. '
dl ttstrfol to the Month.
nt It l not only here, and In thlt vicinity,
thai Xt') rpvcirv w. iu .tw7ia, jjiuvarun
hT ' m'1" ""f"1- To XU
ihey offer a tourxal which will dl.c
- ....
bole country
dlcties natloDal
politic, xtroxn national stand point, and which
will never be iwervru from patriotic doty by
any overperwerlnB preeurt of local lntertst.
Ono copy, cat year
Three coplnt, pne year
Five coplw, im year . . . .
Ten copies, one year
Twenty copies, xucyear .
One copy, six mixQins .
Tbrte curli-a, six anooths . .
Fire copies, six months
1 en copies, six raonlb
Twenty orpits, six months
13 00
T 00
13 00
rnyroints awiji m auvsuce.
hrn a Club ca suhacTlberi has been furward
rd, additions may be made to It on the same
terms. It la not nrcesssry that the subscribers
to a Club should receive their papers st the same
post ofilee
Money may be foiwaxdedbyinnll.atourrlsk. t Jf uiuciooc.junty aforesaid, v.o
Urg. amount, can ho remitted In TniSSLSfifii
Phi., or Btltlmore. .mailer .mot,,.. In gold, or
Dote, or nrsus nu oostou, .i cw t uta, uiiauvi
In note of tolvent bsnks. Address
Washington, D. C.
OyTnn Dailt Natjohal RxrcaucAt li
Ifnbllihed every morning, (Sundtyt excepted,)
m the followlrg rtteti
ne copy, one year MM
Plre copls, one year ... ID.0V
On copy, ilx mtmthi 1.75
FlTt ooplc, ilx tnontha T.M
Obo copy, Itrw moBthi 1 .W
for eaKh Icjcrtloai-
, AdvartUerneBti ihoald! bMiSaan)W nlna
SPBSR' iMtttcit w.rwat'.' '
rtiai,aD roca vnaaotOi '-io- '
mt 1-iiiiiciAJirjtat, 5 , , ;
fWFmdo,ntkItiJfrflfyjMJUb. ,
Every family, at thle seaaomahooU aaa Uw
1M tlTVi-I tVIHlTa
Celebrated la Europe for ita medicinal andVanaB.
rial quail uae aa a gentle Stimulant, Toole, Dturaile.
and Sudorific, tUghly esteemed by eminent phyat
dans, used In European sod American Hoavttala,
ana ny some oi ine urst Hmuiea in aurvye aaa
It has no equal, causing an appctlta aad bsiVUttff
up tha system, being entirely a purs wiaa f a mos
valuable fruit,
It Imparts a healthy aetloa of tha GUade sad KlaV
neys.snd Urinary Organi.verVse&eSelelUDtOfajr
Oout and Rheumstle aiTecUone.
Is not a mixture or msoufietureU artlsla,bat U
pure, from tha Juice of the Portugal Sassbaevi
grape, cultivated In New Jersey, reeomtaeB4td by
Chemlstaand PhysiclsjuaBpoaaMaingraadlealpea
pArtlea superior lo ar r other Wines In use, and aa
excellent article for all weak and debilitated per
son) and tba aged and Infirm. Improving tha appe
tite and benefiting ladiei and children.
Beeaure It will not lntoxloata as other wlnaa, aa It
contains no mixture of split ta or other Uquoie. and
Is admired for Its rich, peculiar fl or,sntfnaniU
rropcrttes, imparting a healthy tone to the digest
re owns, and a Moomirg, soft, and healthy akin
A few well Vnown gentlemen as) phyalcians who
nave ineo i e w in
Gov. IMorp i.N V State
Dr.WiUon,1ltbst,lf r
DrUard, Newark, M J
DrDoughatir, Newark
Dr MareyiNaw Yorkay
Dr. Parker s V. Ctty.
Drs DarcyaNlcholl New-
arit, pi. j.
Vr I Mil, rUUaV'aV,
re-Noae renulee without the tljrnatare of'AL
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each bottle -
r5r isle br Drue irl.ta and all nntiass Dealers.
Trads iurplled in Balttmers by M.U. aaowrt .
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Our assortment comorliea la Dart the fotlowlac
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Tables, Camp Stools, Camp Cotl, Camp Mattreasae,
wtth all other srtleles 0( Csnp ruraituro saleula
tad to maks a wldler oe-oifortabla. All of which
will be sold st the very 15vet sash prices st
audt No Ota ssreoth street, eoroer IX
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The cooros &0Ms In kwi of sin, tioo, isoi,
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The BEaltTF.RID BOND U sums of a, two,
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a Px Curr. In currency. 4 , 4
nor is-tf J 1
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The great SHternsl remedy or the sgs, prepare'
from the rtclp. of Dr. Sthrn rs4t, of Cona'
0 it, the v.erirstcd bone sstler, Mhoto lama J,
rlralel by that of any living mao It la a cf
and Immediate cur. for Knsumatlau, Goutl ,
ralsla. Kl rains, Brulssl, Cuts, Wounds,!
Burns, Scild, Piles, Lumbago, Hoadachs, 7'
acbe, and all ItheuuistlQ aud elVOUB Pi'
Lxteiual Injutlei, ae " '
Alisultercrs should gltelta trial
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borwteh, Com
ror sals by CHAIILKS STOTT, Uip.ralr
for Waihlneton, su I by all dsalera,
feb Jl dkwly
THE raiOMAC, snd sll lbs store! an
Ing up the prleel of thsir gocli Ut SJIITH
BLALL, No Ml Seventh itrtet. Hi are able 'to
sell good clothing nesrly ss eaeip sa svsr, W
have been lighting sgalnst high prleel (or ths list
ysar, and our stock now is good, sad we are able to
tell at low prleel
SMITH li all the time la ths air picking up
goods st old prleei, snd thst Is u r son s via
dersellaUothira. Wahattths jb and ability
I to eell cheap, and w wtlluolt, our eu louwn 1
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in M(rsth, d.tw, the admini or -""I- IT I
haeTwlth tla approbation of llw r Unas Oomf 1
Pl.t ti.ial .." 1
ii.mont una diairitnition oi ue r nw csieia oi -
mmtA .lunuil. .nd ol the Baiil In baud, as ar aa
-- HHJSHS. S&JSX& &..
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phani' Court o( Waihlngton county alflteiald.)
tth their elalma properly veuehsd, Ihsysnay
otherwise b) law be esoluded from all byasnt la
.i.i .u...i . ..t.t.i nmtdtl a aotiv 01 this a.
der bs publlsbsd oaee a week for thrsewaskaia
tho a!kasf KravMKsa prsvigus to to aaiu ita
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dsy of January, IK.
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