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ifc -tjjV
jgrThe OH ftk Ifatlamal lUpwkU
tmm U t 5U JtlmIsetrt,btwesiIis
ylvoaUa, tisae lead D street, (Vp HalrA)
to turn fathom.
W trt bow engaged Id rtmodtUlng our eya.
tern or delivering thli paper, and hope, In few
days, to h able to deliver the paper promptly
ad regularly to tacit lubecriber. Meanwhile
w bg Indulgent while In thl truer ltlon Hate,
until onr ncir carrier shall become accustomed
to their duties. If our subscribers will prompt
y notify this offlct when delinquencies occur,
U will greatly facllluu our effort to procure
faithful carrier.
Where, on the 23d day of September, In tbe
jtar of onr Lord one thousand tight hundred
ad sixty-two, a proclamation waa Issued by
tba President of tba United States, containing,
among other things, tbe following, to wit i
"That on the first day of January, In tba year
of onr Lord ema thousand tight hundred and
Ixty-three, all pertaas held aa stares within
am; State or designated part of a State, the
people whereof shall then be In rebellion against
the United States, shall ba then, thenceforward
and forercr freej and the executive government
or tbe United Etatca,lncludlnglhe military and
natal authority thereof, will recognize and
Halt the freedom of snch persons, and will
do no aet or acts to repress snch persons or any
of them, In any efforts they may make for their
actual freedom.
That the Executive will, on the Ant day of
January aforesaid, by proclamation, designate
the States and parte of States, If any, In which
the people thereof, respectlTely, sbsll then be
In rebellion against the United SUtcsi and the
fact that any Stste, or tbe people thereof, shall
on that day be In good faith represented In the
Congress of the United Slates, by members
chosen thereto at elections herein a majority
of the qualified rotors of such States shall bare
participated, shall, In tbe absence of strong
countcrreUIog testimony, be deemed conclusive
evidence that snch Stats, and the people there
of, arc not then In rebellion against the United
Now, therefore, I, Airabau Litcom, Tresl
tlentortbe United States, by ilrtne of the
power In me Tested aa Commander-in-chief of
the Army and Nary of the United Statu In
time or actual armed rebellion against tho au
thority and Gorrrnment of the United States,
and as a fit and necessary war measure for sup
pressing said rebellion, do, on this first dsy of
January, n the year of our Lord one thousand
eight hundred and sixty-three, and In accord
ance with my purpose so to do, publicly pro
clslmed for the fall period or ono hundred dsys,
from the day first shore mentioned, order and
designate as the Statce and parts or States
wherein the people thereor respectively are this
day In rebellion against the United States the
following, to wit t
Arkansas, Texas. Loulstsna, (except the par
lance or St. Bernard, Plaquemines,' Jefferson,
St. John, St. Charles, St. James, Ascension,
Assumption, Terra Donne, Lourche, Sie. Marie,
ill. Martin, and Orleans, Including the city of
New Orleans,) Mississippi, Alabama, Florida,
Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and
Virginia, (except tbe forty-eight counties desig
nated as West Virginia, and also the counties
or Berkeley, Accomac, Northampton, Ellia
beth City, York, Princess Ann, and Norfolk,
Including the cities of Norfolk end Ports
mouth,) and which excepted parts are for tbe
present left precisely as If this proclamation
were not Issued.
And by virtue of the power and for the pur
pose aforesaid, I do order and declare that all
parsons held as slaves within said designated
States, and parts of States, are and hencefor
ward (hall be free; and that the executive gov
eminent or tba United States, Including the
military and naval authorities thereof, will
recognize and' maintain tbe freedom of said
And I hereby enjoin upon tbe people so de
clared to be free, to abstain rrom all violence,
unless In necessary iclf-defcnce; and I recom
mend to them that, In all cases when allowed,
they labor faithfully for reasonable wages.
And I further declare and make known, that
such persons, of suitable condition, will be
received Into the armed serrlce of tbe United
States to garrison forts, positions, nations, and
cither places, and to-man vessels cf all sorts In
aald service.
And upon this act, sincerely believed to lie
an act or Justice, warranted by the Constitu
tion, upon military necessity, I Invoke the con
siderate Judgment or mankind, and tbe graci
ous ravor of Almighty God.
In testimony whereof I have hereunto set
my name end caused tbe seal of Hie United
Stales to be affixed.
Done at tba city of War.hlngton, thla first day
of Jsuuary, In the year of our lordotic
t .J thousand right hundred and sltly-
three, and of the Independence of the
United Stiiles the clghty-eeventli.
Amuruv Lixcour.
liy tbe President:
WlllliM II. titwmD, Becre-tary of Stale.
The BicaETixTtHir or the Iivekkih.
Hon. Caleb B. Bmllh took Ihe osth of office
U. 8. Judge fur Indiana, at three o'clock ou
Wednesday afierunon, and left In Ihe ears for
the west the same evening.
Tbe dotlesof Hie office of Seeretsry of the
luUTUir urn iiuw nrrinrmni nv .1111111 iittier
! . . ....
r , .HUfJ v euvi,
wto bti lacen tppolotetl ActlDg fkerf Ury.
. , , ff.. . . . .
(IT-The Tenerahlo and venenied eaeuaior
Crittenden had open honae on New Tear's day,
andtke charming manner In whleh his friends
were welcomed to his delightful hospitalities
can be known only to those who participated In
lu.uif mm nuvj km. 111. i.Tviuaimar aecom-
,, t . . ,. . . ... . , , . , , ,
pllshment of his gifted ladr, trbo presided on
Gov. MonoAM retire from the position or
chlermaglstruteofftew Tprk Godgrantthat
' ' '
M tucce-'ser may odmlnUtcr the sff.lrs or that
great Elate ai
did hi! predecessor, and
Do a patriotic,
Tba President' proclamation of vetttrdayll
tbe great rrent of Ihe, dy.end of tba century.
It la tba beginning of tbe end, the ctfmdicnco-
ment of tbe fjcdy 'ccrorat of tmtmeut which can
put an end -to the -rebellion. Jha oppoalta
. .1. .1 . --i . .h. ttl.... ..
ruune, i lecmpieug u in, mo " i
It was, has, after a trial of nearly two ye.r., .
miserably fa led, with a loss of more than on.
thouund mllllone of treasure and of hnndredi I
of thousands of lives.
This proclamation comes np fully to the
promise of tbe proclamation of September S3,
with the exception of tba exemption or Ten
nessee, which Is as clearly a State In Insurrec
tion as Is Louisiana or Texas. The excep
tion Is doubtless made In deference to the
nnwlse entreaties of Governor Andy Johnson
and bis friends.
In one reelect, the President goes further
than he proposed to do In Septemberi and that
Is, In directing blacks to be received Into mili
tary service, at garrisons, posls, and stations.
This Is a most wfse messnre, as It will enable
our armies to advance with undiminished num
bers, while the duty of gnardlng posts Is per
formed by colored troops. It will also save
our white soldiers from exposure to the pesti
lential airs of certain points which military
necessity requires to be held.
It Is not necessary to say Hist we rejoice over
this proclamation with exceeding Joy.
The President will receive the thanks, not
only of the country, but orthe world andof pos
terity, for Ids courage and wisdom In Issuing It,
The concluding paragraph oMhc proclama
tion deserves to be set. In letters of gold i
" Ami iqm IMi met, sincerely Uttered to U an
vf cjMSftes, tmranlttl by tftt CotutUutiAn, ;im
ntltterj tieetulty, I inrokt tin ceniltlerat Judg
ment of uwmJHmF, end tfu ffraeiom fiiror cf At
mtgMy Odd."
Instead of appropriating seven hundred and
fifty millions of dollsrs for tho current support
of the army, an expenditure which will leave
no lasting adtantage behind, and which, from
the cnormoneness or the sum, will be certain
to run Into waste and corruption, let the army
appropriation bill be reduced to moderate di
mensions, and let a portion of what will be
thus saved be applied to permanent works of
military defence.
Can any doubt that the country would gain,
In a military point of view, by cnttlng off twen
ty millions from the army appropriation bill,
and using the money to enlarge the Erie canal
and the Michigan and Illinois canal, lo a ca
pacity sufficient lor the passage of gunboats,
so that we may bare the ssme naval access to
tbe greet lakes which England has through the
Welland canal I Does anybody doubt that the
country would gain by the diversion of three or
four millions from the army, to the opening of
railroad communications for this capital with
deep water on tho Chesapeake, and with the In
terior by t connection with the Baltimore and
Ohio railroad at the Point or hocks t
The public treasury Is not exhaustlcss, and
even the public credit has limits to It. We
must select, rrom the many objects of expendi
ture promising advantage, those which promise
the most advantage, and appropriate the means
of the Government with a view to all tbe calls
which ate made upon It.
A Boston newspaper, an organ of the clique
In that city, which Is held together by the co
hesive powerof hstred to better men than them
selves, and whicb Is specially embittered by lis
recent overthrow before the people or Mass.
chnsetts upon the direct and distinct issue of
the re-election of Mr. Sumner as a Senator of
tbe United Statce, vents Its own spite and the
spile of the defeated politicians whom It repre
sents, by tbe sneering remark, thst the sug
gestion of that distinguished gentleman as the
successor of Gov. Seward In the Cabinet, "fajai
to Urate out afortng rteponu anyieAere."
It Is quite certain that this suggestion of Mr.
Sumuer't nsme In connection with the premier
ship, did not come rrom his personal friends,
who would unanimously oppose his leaving the
Senate, where his presence and services are In
valuable at this ci Isls. The suggestion did not
come at all from pcrsonsl friends, but from tbe
universal rccognttloaorbls fitness to direct the
diplomatic affairs or the country, a fitness Indi
cated not only by his genersl abilities and cul
ture, but by his special ramlllarlty with tho
currents of opinion in Europe, derived from
travel and correspondence. 1 he same circum
stances which caused him to be placed at the
head of the Senate Committee ou Foreign Af
fairs, directed attention to hlra from all quar
ters, when It was supposed that the cfilee of
Secretary of State would be vacated. The sug
gestion of bis nsme was, In truth, the general
recognition of the eminent suitability of his
appointment. It was not thecaseorthe public
responding favorubly or unfavorably lo the
snggeetlon of personal friends, but It was the
pnblic litelf speaking authoritatively for It; elf.
ir there was any voice or dissent, It was only
heard from a little, uarrow, soared aodperrcise
set of politicians, whose Influence Is confined
to the city limits of Boston.
5T"lbc jHlilUyneir, not our venerable en.
temporary in thla city, bui a Maryland nenr.
paper, says of Gov. Illtks, the new ly appointed
I'. S. benslor from that Stste :
"Only a few days since he remarked within
our hearing, that ' lis ran nettr Aujv u u',i
r7o ernmeJ 1111 a peacetil t'n,on at tt-n at
tlaviry erUl in tie evHnlry.' "
The Mississippi Kiprilllloii.
Fr-m the Chicago Host, December U7th.
The " Mlssis.lppl expedition." stout nh'nli
so muih hos been said and so llitln known. Is . lug welcome doors on such festal occjlou, I p-r ,ll( ,1(. rPnu,lc,i Hiolr tlguslnrea lu her
arrived M '!'.. "eillu.lloi!' Iit.', command In'er '"d h'M arrl"J "' ,l,C "'"' " ""Ie '" ' autograph lok. that she might show her
officer I. not GeS M?Clernand but Ocn She dlrccll" of "" "1'1" of "" loiouil friend, iben.mca of 'her Washington friends."
man. We suspect lhat the object has been all patriot and statesman, who, In his poMllon at wi, we entered this room we heard loud
along to keep tho name of Gen. McClcrnand the head, of tho Cabinet, bears upon his sboul- an,i Nearly cheers from tho soldiers, which al
iraRir'inyS ""' ia " "."r- '" ' Dt lh.e.'1""nl." f ! miir. stunn. d .,. with lu de.fenlng cnthu-l.sm.
at Cairo, for a strategic purpose, nhllo ties ex
pedltlon was. In fact, gelling ready at and
moving from a different point.
The Mississippi expedition Isof amuch more
rbrtnldahle character than la generally sup
posed. Its organization embraces three grand
divisions, or which General A. J. Smith's Is
the light. General Morgan L. Smith's the cen
tre, and General George W. Morgan's Ihe left.
'". ""7I"' "K:,r:r; "J'",. '
1 . n .i... 1 . 1 -.a a
lUllii i-. V tvuer., ."uui 'ii "set 11 mill
ne reuwi upon luai 11. w.u require u rroti iurcu
of not Iwr than iitly or Ixt thooMind men to
m&vke fcn j tiling like mccri-ful nppoiltlon.
it- iuuuniiiuu ui ui tst j in tiiiinii
. Nortlmettcrn, our own State hailnir therein
in rompociiiou or inn arnijr is rnurriy
no small rrpresrtallon. In Gen. M. L. Binlth's
1 division are Barreli'H, Wood'a, C'ooley'a and
''"' fwlcjgn I utirlf; ihe. Firiy-Bfth, One
I iSAll:J"S M?
nalslnf.inlm the Kiith an,l P.tirl,ili Mltinnrl
r . 1 ' .... , . ...- -- -
Infantrr, etc. Illinois reelments are also found
' In nchnrihunllmillirl.liui..
tn .i, ih. aii i.i.r..
.,:.. ... "lon ' ". . . r.eP . ' J Ji'il expo-
Jtiinn 1. . ,m- ..1.1 in'...h..ejioon:.
, at Helena, Arkansas, under Gen. Bleeio. That
army, at we tee by tho recent order for trans-
ww J. .1 a ln. . Ia n-nr let. I TV
, jJJ;,, '" r "t '", f-"d r "! .Jf
i .r in ih. K.mii,.,.;, 11,, ,. .. ,i...,,.j ,
, perform will not long remain secret
PaMI nictations, Incidents, e.
New Tear' dajr dawned auspiciously Indeed
In Washington. Tba' cloud which hadlbten
hovering over tu tba day previous, Imparting a
... ..., ,. ...,. k.-.- .j..,i. ,
,' on , h-of thl! , hoart of
n)ni Jf u , , Umt
. v,rfi,i., .. r
light emitted from the great alchemist. The
specks here and there visible In the heavens, aa
they reflected back the powerful beams, served
only to add additional beauty to the scene.
So may It be with the ushering In of our na
tional horlron. May It be as orantoue of suc
cess and
glory in the mure at the dawning or
day's morn wss Indlcstlve of the fslr-
tbe yesterday's morn wasli
nets of tbe dsy.
As Ihe clonds In the heavens began to fade
away under tba genial Influence of the New
Tear's sun, so may all those Irreconcilable and
Inconsistent opinions and feelings regarding
universal freedom, which have so long marred
onr political arena, be removed, aa the Just and
righteous principles of liberty to all hare no
matured Into the glorious Instrument proclaim-,
lng freedom lo Hie, hitherto much abused and J
rnllaTCI race.
And may Its Influence npon lbre who havo
.. e..... ,. i .L. i. .--" -e .i ,.,
..,. ..,, ,.- ,.,... .r.u.u.
race be as happy In lis etlec as the sun s rsys
upon Ibe-lUtfe remnant or cloud, snd U made j
Inrcdeel hseknlih more power the grcatnesa j
and sublimity of the glorious proclamation, by
reaaonof thocontran wlilitlielrfornieriMllon I
onthlssiil.Ject. j
At an early hour the streets were thronged
with persons of all grades and descriptions,
who seemed lient upon welcoming tholncep-l
tion of tho New Year with light hearts, warn
sslutations, and bouyant and hopeful spirits,
despite the desponding hearts of some. All
seemed resolved, Instead of repining over past
mlsfortnues, lo profit thereby, and endeavor If
possible to achieve a more glorious future.
Tlie President's lleccitloii.
The reception at the Exrcntlve mansion was
numerously attended noticeably more so than
In former years. The honrs duotcd To the
general reception were from 10 o'i lock to S. I
The President looked ell-wos never nearer
gayorbuovanl. ire had got his mind (or his
pen, at lea.t) off the proclamation, and IhaC
work done, for . time lie seemed to breathe
more freely. Tho proclamation, how rv er, had
not, at the hour o( writing, been made public,
and many looked inquiringly tnlo Ihe face of
the President, but forbore to aek wluthcrtbe
word or liberation bad lieen pronounced.
An extern jarlzed passage-way, with! woflights
of sleps, was the way of exit from the east room.
The people came out looking pleased. The
army and navy were numerously and respecta
bly represented! tho younger officers especially,
of either service, appearing In full uniform, as
Is becoming an occasion of such auatnre. In
deed, throughout the day, we noticed abuut
town fewi r carelessly dre-scd snd dlny officers
thsu nsual
The reception of the foreign ministers and
their families takes place at an earlier hour,
from 10 to 13. As the ambassadors appesr in
full conrt lostnme, and their ladles are expected
to dlsplsythe latest fashions In dress, this spec
tacle Is annually attended by a large crowd of
both sexes. Tbe spcctatois, however, are In
this Instsnce eminently "outsiders," for none
except the ministers and their f.imllUt, and
members of the Cabinet, are present at the re
ception. Eolitlers' Free Ubrary,
Yesterday there was a largo gathering, both I Though no fcrmal visitation was made to the
on foot and In carriages, to behold the exit snd y uoepltels yesterday In which dinners wererro
entrancc of the highly dressed nrtcge. Each I vldod as on Christmas, yit the soldier In the
minister came separately, The whole " body hospitals and elsewhere In this city were, not
of the diplomacy," with the ladles or their ' forgotten on New Ye sr's day by a few patriotic
famine-, wero In attendance ye'lerday. Tbe individuals. Several of our most prominent
only exception we noticed was that of the i ellizeus and lsdl spent niuih of Ihe day lo
Commander Flganierre, the representative or' vllllngthehvpllalB,dlpenlnglltilecoraforte
Portugal. This gentleman resides habitually m Ihe suffering patriots,
t New York, and Is seldom at Washington, one of the most Interring places which we
exeepi on putiuees immeuiaieiy inieresuug to
his Government. The following gentlemen
were present In costume with their famllirii
Scnor Antonio Jose de Yrlssrrl, representing
Ouatemsla and Bslvsdor.
Senor Louis Molina, Costa Rica, Nicaragua,
and Honduras.
Senor General P. A. Hcrran, New Grenada.
The Counsellor Senhor Miguel Malls Lltboa,
Senor F. S. Asta-Buruaga, Chill.
Senor Frederic I,. Barrcda, Peru.
The Rt. Hon, Lord Lyons, Great Britain.
M. Henri Merclcr, France.
M. Edward de Stocckl, RusMa.
M. Rocst Van Llmburg, NctheilanJi.
Senor Don Gabriel Garcia y Tassara, Spain.
Tbe Chevalier Hulaemann, Austria.
Baron Von Gerolt, Prussia.
The Chevalier Bertlnattl, Italy.
Edward Count Piper, Sweden and Norway,
and Charge d' Affaires lor Deumsrk ad ir.u,n.
M. Alfred Bergtunsns, Rclgluni.
Mr Rudolph Schlclden, Bremen.
Senor Mtllas Romero, Mexico.
There were many fine looking inin lu this
well dressed party. Of
Just to say, that they were
and bad among them as
female loveliness ti re
ll, I'nI.A.I Ql,,l-
' 1 Wlter Baker, a wejltli) and patriotic lady
front Don holer, M., who tamrall Ihe way
lt.e.pUous of Member, of. lie Obliw.. frcm htr aisuul homo for Ihe. mpros purpose.
The throngs attracted In Ihe resldi nirs of the of ns ytamx on lids, 10 her, Joj fill occasion,
several members or Ihe Cabinet, who held le- g. ,as already conlrlhiitedUrgcly to ihe libra
cepilons on Ihe oceislon, were unprecedented f onj brought Tfs) volumes with her on Ibis
In numbers, in elegance of equipage and onlclal occasion, bhe n engaged In illsliloutlug to
costume, as w ell as In Ihe large niimlH r of per-1 j, Miji,r a sheei nf iawr and an envelope,
sonages conspicuous in every walk of profes- ,lrcctng well 10 "write a long letter hitnoto
tloualllfo. lf .liter, or Ihn one von loie best." She
Brriir.Tinr trwaiin. Tho ace n.ioninl hour
' of Via elik, whlilicnsloin ileHgnalesforoiien.
a grest na distractcit people. Dlstlngulsnea
for the unostentatloua elegance or Ida manners,
he neier could have been more happy In sucb
amenltlea than he wat 011 this occasion. The
diplomatic corps, In rull court costume, andthe
officers of Ihe ormi nnd navy, lu full uniform,
us well as the civilian! eii nunie, paid their rea-
..-, I.t... ulll. ... -! .1 lt-n- -.II..1
1 J?.... " " , .. f ""'" -"' '"" , I
1 IJil'il IU U.tIH)r iur it II IH1IIT llltr KfttlC UUU BUI- 1
emu can uhleh lu t sunny ttinn a these
Mcigh njifiu a great publh man. lUfldaughttr
illim Hciard. and hla dauirlslern-luH. Mri.
- - . ..
Fredeiul. teuord, Ihe lad) of the assistant
Kccrttur) or btate. Mi-re jiresrul lo contribute
thilr full share In the irraceful and ileauul
honors of Ihe hollda) cnleiulnnieiii. Ihe ills -
llnfulshed Secrintry nas lu nno .lrll, and
the dlerntded hlinnlluli of hi manner, e-oin-
- b . . .
blned ulth his Iijpm mood, could not hate-
I ' r'
'" ln,.I,lr' ,n !'" m,raerous Btt" ",e
o.-.n.,),!. ri-cnl eetlous of ihelr el.lt.
- .' . ..
most picanurowc rccoiieet ions 01 lueir 1 mi.
I Br.csr.IAnr't'niir. The throng nhlehrress
ed tbelr way to tbe clccant ntsnrlon of thli
..,- .. .. -. ...
anoir'er e0""'A " "" "" ,l"ar' "" lllll,rl0'
f.n ,m .,11, 1 1
,,-iiiiiuiii ii. uujcu
i.sr of lu great i-
imposing (ban in the
ale, of whom we have already spoken. Socra
tary Chase, In lit lofty,, symmetrical, physical
proportions, Innbt miiulvvlntcUecVlei out
lines of hit evenly developed jbrpw7ndjrhead(
In bis large, pleasant, and pcnetrstltife eye and
finely developed .features, lyjSinqWlonably;
one of the grandest of tho great public men to
look upon thst this country has ever produced,
and. the marvelous nrbanlly of hit mannert I
renders him as delightful In his social courtf- P"' '" ;"" ' "
appearance. , i autograph, which Miss R. playfully termed hex
Among those whose namea wcrennnonnecd, 1 p,t(J, J, WM rrMentM for juaturc. Every
and who were ushered Into the reception room j,oljlCT cneer(ully registered hie name.com
v. bile v. e were present, wss the brave and pa- p,,, rrgm.nt ,, town, and partook 6f tbe
trlollc old velersn, General Wool, who, though illation. The greater portion of Hbe cakea
tin ..- -&nn -a mnti waaptnr. rvtA CiM Vila I . - ... fr .-... W--. . ..Jl'lV.-.
alrf, and It moro than three score years and plea rrom Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsyl
,, .. ,, .,,. . iv ,j ,i, moraio-i- v.-vl- .nn nih.rlni.l Ri.te.;
like a well-rrevrvcd, vigorous man of slaty.
As we nere looking, with bomsge, npon the
- -&-1 i - 1 I
roasslve brow of tht noble old viteran, another Ml to Hooper, of Mastacnusnu, ana otner lames
hero wss nihered Into the room In Ihe person Jnrdlttla-tlon, who were deeply Interwtod and
r .I,.. m.isni .i.ii.r. iinier.l n.ini,l.'rfTatllicd. The above-named ladles bronglil a
,, '
Miss Kale Chase, v hose adornments, as a
trne dlnehter &nA a uoble-bearttd woman not
,, lhM Ur , wrrl rtvlUuitg manners and
ftmi RMr mAe M ,0 universally ad-
mirrj .tooj by the ride of ber rather lo do
it. .ulfvsi eraeca of thaiu-calon. Her other.
. .. .. 7. " .... "
vouu,,., ,,,,, Ml Nettie, ana Miss I'arsons, ,nJ about TMlIwary books wereglvenont We
of Pol,,,,,, 0Mo, the daujlilcr or an Inll- founa ,,imcml , MmBM who enjoyed Ihe
,,. friend of tho family, contributed addH L-cntlon Ilia most, the recipients or the donors.
Honat nltroclions tn the vliltstloiii and we I K cCTtnlnly was an nnnsual New Tear't scene,
WOnld do lujtullce to onr own feelings did wejxhe like was never before witnessed In this
not make the most special mcnllnn of Mr. country.
Charles Wilson, the gentlemanly usher, whoso! There was only one defect In the whole ar-
admirably performed his duties on the occa- j rangement. The room for the library, though
slon. as Urge as the means at hand would provide.
Srcnrrjnv 8raNTOx.-Thc mnllliude which
honored the distinguished and able bead pf the
War Office with a fostal call, was, pcrhsps,
larger, as It fully equalled In dignity and etc.
ganer, that of cither of the other Cabinet func
tionaries. At Ibo time of our call, tho hour
for snelr calls hsd nearly terminated and the
house was still thronged, and scores of elegant
public and privato carriages lined the pavement
for a long space on either side of the Secretary's
spacious snd elegant mansion.
The dl'ilngiiitlrcd Secretary received the
pressing throng In on easy and affable manner,
nlch hardly allowed you to believe yourself In
"" !""' " '" " at the head or
"' ,nl!IUr l"tlone or the country so lakes
1oM upon all the slnrendont Interest., at this
nun, mi uupui inv jiiinir. nmitiur uyuu uic
fire of Hie earth. We think he left cnilnrully
a favorable impression upon all who honored
him with their presence on the occasion.
His accomplished ljdy, with Miss Stanton, a
nlcec, and Sllu Wlll.cs, a friend of the family,
hot h of thein graceful oung ladies, added their
presence lolhi aeeunipllshments of the enter
Attohvet GcvcnxL IUtxs The calls upon
the Attorney General were little ivm numerous
sod equally as complimentary In tbelr charac
ter as In tbe case of those already mentioned.
The able Attorney Genersl, venerable, for a long
career cf eminent professional and palrtollo
pnblic seruces, as Tor everything that most
adoms ihe sautluary of toelnl private life, re
ceived -his guests with the utmost case and
frankness, to which his dignified and polhhcd
lvdy, with their to agreeable daughters, and
their guest', Miss Woodson and Miss Doner,
aJded a full share lo the gracefulness of Ihe
Bccutmr Wiius axo PosTximn Grac-
ru. Bum, In conccruence or the late deaths
Li their Tumtllee, held no receptions.
,uld w, lue 8oidi,r,i Tree Ubrary of Wash-
Ington, located at 407 Fifth street. This Insti
tution, which Is now quite formldsble affair,
supplying reading mstter for the thousands of
soldiers In our city, ha grown up under the di
rection of those noble friends of Ihn soldiers,
Mils Ellda B. r.ntuscy and John A. Fowl",
who have had control of Ihe matter, snd through
whom hundreds or dollsrs worth of Ml. Ice,
Tettoments,traela,hymn-liool.s, hospital stores,
dr., hare been dispensed from tho liberal and
patriotic ladles of the North. We visited this
interesting locality about 3 o'clock, and wit
nrcsed a scene which could rejoice the heart
of every lover of bis country's brave defenders.
Over tto door the celel rated Hag presented by
thechlldVenofDorchcsterwas suspended, while
on the outside was a large placard aimonnclng
thai "the library will he open all dav on New
Yeai'adat, 1SS3. All the soldiers arc Invited
lo call and write their n sines In our Year's
hook, and gel a small token from our Northern
Enlcrlngtheroom.wefouul It cn.ndij with
SUo Bavl. , ,ard of ihe library, and, to such as
' dnlml. blhlrs. u-msments. namnhlrls. Ac.
1 Wo ,oou learned tho cause of the uproar. Mr.
towiehrld In lilt hand a soldier's shirt, plainly
bm ,.!, ,0a cjircfnll) made, ihe whole In
, p( , oriUr) m,, u,e ,moleil button hole,
1 on one side of the same was pinned Ihe card
fl, iHo of a Mnutllill bright-eyed Utile girl
1,11, , f0iirliic words were neiitli written
"The Hultt tngir of AIK ..cat... of JJunVer
XI 111, Charleston n, Mass , aged 4) )ears, sewed
cecrrttUUi In lids thin Sl.o hues the sol
dier ' .
.! r 1 un ir Fiiiie-u iiui iim- .11111 m mruoiiu
lloti of ihe Utile girl nhnse nralt veas at
tache 1, 10 a wonnde,!. soldli r. lie Intended to
1 K,vt , tlC ,hllt mihe grealest snflerer. He found
1 onc .i,iiir wmi nine l.ullet holes In his Imdr.
..,. .1. .... 1.. i..nn... Ti...t.. ..,.,
uuu, uiurn.iu, uu iu .-iiiuu,, uti.iiiiai nun
r 1 .. -e. , 1.. 1.....1 .... ....1.
"'. -.""". " " "11- mi
Uliecu, into aiieruoon, lie uearu 01 une nun
miMcen vtounds, und then he found one with
.i' . . 1. 1 1 ..,. . , ,. .. .
tu cuty honorable markt, ho w uuld glee Mm Ibo
shirt. He then proposed three ihtrra fi.r Ihe
-l., 11..1. ...1 Tl... ,,.,.nl... ..1.1. - .-in
UUU1W 111 11. Kill. I 11. J HbllKlirU 1UIII N MlIU,
Many lirre- dnrln - the dav the -aun Ihrllllnc '
jnqiaeue it t-turcica in im presence ui a n'w
andlcnie Mun, wro tUmaiinnsofihese
' aj-.l .1 lna-a nt A, Asspssnl ruir-I mrintai rrs'ini fill 11 ,ila at
Ihe ladies, it Is hut I "T ., ..' , " ". 1 , , ,, trains 1 1 bo put on
dressed beautifully, "0 T""- ' -' .".." r.V. .'' .."" on Its good work.
flue specimen, ot"',,.,?? iT .,-". Inft, J remain
pirmneearmiiiiMoi . . pt .,,, r, Hk, Mr. please, uutll j oil croa
sturdy patriots at tlisy gated on tho beautiful
form of tba little irlrl. at environed In the tic.
turja. 'Iflodblets herj msy'she lire, to saw a
grttt mtny more " " She ought lo bare a hun?
dfed cheer i2,'.' Heaven bless the soldiers' little
friend j" "Tnie Banket HlUitoeklhtti" and
oiucr simitar 'tCTwvu, nwm uy iiuh
full hearts. After receiving the books and
papers, the gratified and delighted aoldlert then
-, ..-. ....-, --- - r-j
During the dsy, the library, was visited by
Mrs. Senator Fomcroy, Ihc.wlfe of neprrsenta-
lot or liltle presents for tho soldiers, and re-1
malum come lime to am in tne uisinoution.
Tho cards, envelopes, Ac, were Always re
ceived with a graceful " thank you, madam.1'
The envelopes were stsmped with the name of
the library ant. Its location.
It la estlmatt I that about 3.000 soldiers vis
'ilea incsc nniunuancra mirinc
ited these "hAidqusrtcrs" during yesterday,
'" ' lm"' ,or "" ',nr"";. ""
team mat a concert win dc given ai nuiarus-
Hall, on the night of January 8th, In aid or a
fund to provide a larger room for Ihe soldiers'
library. We know of no object hlch deserves
a more lllieral patronage.
neeeptloit of tht Me or.
Amongst tho pleasant receptions yesterday
we nolo that at tho residence or Hon. Illchsrd
Wallsch, our worthy Mayor, who kept open
house from morning till night. He was called
upon by Senators and Bepreaentallvea, promi
nent Government officials, distinguished army
eml nary omecrs, riiuens, ana strangers, who
paid him the compliments of the Mason. They
were most cordially welcomed and highly en-
AI three o'clock p. m., Ihe Metropolli.n
Police paid Ihelr respects 10 HI Honor, and
participated Inthehospllallllesortheoccaslon,
Tbe latih-strlng hung out 10 all, so that Ihe
hnmhlest eltlren, as well os the most dl.tln -
11 ,,1 1... , i.,i .!,, 11,.
gulshed dignitary, was perralltcd o enjoy the
rreeilomnf hit hotplltble mansion, and par
take of the savory viands under which the
table was groaning.
It wasn-olly "a fixator reoson and a now
Ol SOni, anil Will lint); ur iriuruiijrrvu .
. . . . .1,1... - . v '
pleasant Incident on a happy New Year,
An Interesting restnre at Ihlt reception wss
the entire absence or spirituous or malt liquors,
but in Ihelr stead excellent coffee and chocoloto
were dispensed lo all who chose la psrtsksof
such excellencies.
lleetptloil of the Clly I'oslmaster.
The residence of I- Clephane, Esq., our
worthy City Poslmastcr, was, as usual on such
occasions, thrown open lo bis friends, and the
opportunity was availed or by a large number,
who visited him for the purpose of wishing
him a happy New Year. A sumptuous repast
was prepared, the richness of which will be at
tested by all who were so fortunate as to call.
During the latter part of Ihe day the Ameri
can flag gracefully drooped overthe table, with
a large manuscript copy of the President' pro
clamation suspended therefrom
Itrrtplliiu or Hit President, lloard of
Coruinoii Council.
air. Alex. It. Shepherd, President Board or
Common Council, gratified hi numerous
trlcndsby affording them an opportunity to
call and pay their respect to himself and hi
eitlroahle lady, after Ihe manner peculiar to
the occasion of New Year's day. Many were
the happy greetings they both received. After
the nsnsl salutations, a hospitable table await-'
cd the attention nf ihe visitors.
Ilerriillon of III lllslrlet Attorns)',
District AltorneyCarrlngtonaloorecekeil his
friends yesterday lu h.e usual hospitable man
ner. Various other entertainment were given by
prominent clllrens and military gentlemtn, bat
our limited space prevents further notice at
this time.
Cjireiponilence of the Nstlonsl RetmtlUan.
Mltris byllie Witjc.
Pun.aninriiii, Dec. 31, 1802.
T)io lmproron.culs In Ihe travel arrangements
between Washington ami the elites further
North are begluulng to show themselves al
ready. The first Instalment of Ilia four now
route Is coumrnelng
Entering tho far at Wash-
comfortably seated, If you
in the jerry bout at jer-
sey Clly and pass to Now York, A new soot,
suitable for sleeping .. well a. day travel, ha.
been Invented by Mr. W. II. Van Norlwick, of
nor.i.ntown. N. J., which will trlvc everv rsell
Uy that can ho denlred. I hoe never seen an)
thing of the kind so simple aod)et so perfecHy
com cult nt.
At Philadelphia Ihe plan put lu operation for
refreshing our Union volunteers astherpason
to tho scat of war Is worthy or the encomiums
pissed upon them In the Journals, Thousands
of onr hnujrrr and w eary troops are here fed
and lodged In Ihe most comfortable nisuner.
The Fiftieth regiment of Massachusetts now I
has fire of lit companies stopping at tho Coop
er's shop restanraut. They are spoken of In
the highest terms. Col. Mcsser Is quite unw ell
at the Continental, and Ihetroopaareln com
mand of Lieut. Col. Locke. The rest of the
regiment has passed ou to Join Gen. Banks.
These companies nould be 1th him had It not
bee-n for the unfitness nf the steamer Niagara
ou hlch!liey slsrted frorrt New York. Au
eiainlnatlon of this vessel must soon satisfy
au) eompstent person of her total unseaworthl
nrss, A light, fragile., market host, 111 oulr.to
! carry vegetables on rivers. Is put on an expedt
- ' Hon of war, wiih nearl) COO souls on board, to
, trr Ihe winter pairace ofthe Onlf Stream I It li
to be hopod thst an eiamplo will he made In
this ease thot will produce tu effect on all fu-
lurc'aiiemplt of the kind.
Tho emancipation proclamation of President
Lincoln Is hclng well received In Vhlladelpbla.
' ,,.,., ...
! glo.ii.ervlees.ipendlogth lgl,t preceding llt ,
' Br.t of Jauuarv. Ill oraver andnralse.avo d ntr
ine people muni iiiieresieu in 11 win 110411 reu
! D'-' or "", ln V"" "na J'"""' W
' a unnecessary demonnrl)on. i.
Of M Ctrir , t. (l.n M. 1 1, llan 1 . r
pecieii 10 arrive 111 iuu e.u 10 u.v, i n tne pi. r
pow of i tiOin before the Porter court.
r r
M j m fr i'
Oast, Dallsr A iisff arrtrs In KtTrTrk,
' p si ft' JK - - a. A
lie 0(i-7e tttfrptliM fa .V, Orleans tefon Letting,
trV O Tt-itn n i a i it v ti v
,D VIC If O Uil QUA I Ml ll
General Bauka haa Issued au Address.
--. PflOCLAMATIOS., ....,
Oeusrat Duller Canting ( Wethlngten,
NxwYomc. Jenoary'l.--Tbe steamer S'. fR.
Spanldtng, from New Orleans on tht''21tault,,'l
arrivcu ncra ia-uay. Among ner passengers arc.
Gen. Butler and staff, excepting Cols., Jonesy
t rrnen, ana vapi. onn I tart, wno remain tor
tho present.
Gen. Butler, prior lo leartig New Orlouts,
gate a reception it the City Hall, where hunt
dred of cltlren and officers waited npon him,
He also Issued t ratewell address to the cltlaens.
In which he sars he leaves them kith the rrond
consciousness of carrying with him the bletslng
or the humble and loyal, from under the cottage
root ami irom ine caoin or tne stave, lie is
quite, content to Incur the sneers 6f the esloon
or Ihe enrtts of Ihe rich. -
He concludes by saying that " months or ex
perience and observation have rorced the con
viction lhat the existence, or slavery IS tncom- j
nlon." , '.
The steamer Empire Parish wa flrtd Into
wnue loauing sugsr at tne aiarengo plantation j ,
hv fmadllaa ll. i1,l I llltnw n ntn 2'
11 u, ., ...u .a... nH. . J..V...... a
tittsnt engineer, and scrlouslr wounding W.
J. Held, a New York merchant, and three
On the Slth ultimo Gen. Banks Issued an ad
dress, appended towhlchlsthe President's pro
clamation of emancipation. In his address
Gen. Banks, after rehearsing thq objects and
the effect orthe President's proclamation, sati
" It 1 manifest that tho changes auggestedpy
Ihe proclamation do not take place at any pre
cise period," and Gen. Bank call nponall per
son (cltlien or. slsvcs) to govern themtelve
accordingly. All tisiisl pnblic demonsirtlons
will be for the present suspended, and provost
marshals arc cnjoln&l to prevent any disturb
ance of Ihe public peace. Slaves are advised to
remain npon the plantations until their privi
leges arc definitely established, resting aMnrcd
that whatever benefit the Government Intends
will bo secured to them.
General Banks also Instructs Ihe officers to
,... n10 .(rlctcst dlsclDllne In rmna. At.
tentlon nlso Is called to the act of Congress,
rorniaaing tne return 01 staves uy tne army.
Tlie war Is not waged for tho overthrow of
i. I..., , 1. ... , i, .i., ,.,, .
" ' ,"," 1S1.S1R i.ti..;X'...iT '..'7"
jf ,irery Is to he preserved, Ihe war mnsl
1 cease, and Hie former constitutional relations
again ho established Tor us, and the continuance
, "' J"r "'"venooiiier pennaneunricK
or rebellion but emanc patlon.
(.ontwl , w mM m ,ltmKtil,m
nd consolidates brotherly affection. It Is a
baseless nationality that bos not tested Its
strength against domestic enemies. The lue.
- ivii.iiui.ij... iv """ii ui
people, and Is followed by secession, poverlv.
and degradation. The triumphs of national
interests wiaene me scope or tinman history.
nnu is aurnueii wtm peace, prosperity,
power. It Is mil of site h conflicts that 1
natlona are horn. -
t groat.
Gen. Banks concludes thus 1 "Let us fulfil
the conditions or this last great trial, and be
come a nation, a grand nation, will sense
enough to govern nurseh r and strength enough
to stand against the whole world united."
Up to the time or Ihe sailing or the steamer,
nothing transpired as to the Intended move.
mentof Gen. Banks, hut It w"as known that a
campaign had been marked out, with Baton
nonce a n base ofoperatlons.
Nothing new from Vleksburg or Fori Hud
(1m. Snlln lll. I.t- -I-H nl. t-a tfll--
slopped In this clly to-day. lie leaves for Wash'
Ington tb-mbrrow, It Is rumored, at tbe request ,
01 1110 rrrshieni.
Vice PnxstDtxr Hiuut), Hon. F, A. Pike,
and Hon. Jphn H. Rice and others, returned to
this clly last evening from Fabnouth, where
they have been spending a few days. They
speak In cnnfldcnt terms of life spirit pf our
army there.
Tux Baltimore Amtrlem thinks that General
McC'lellan ! to succeed General Dlx u com
mand at Fortress Monroe. That be Is "to have
a tufnelcnt force lo enable him toproceed to
Richmond by way of the James river.
Tirrnc .elir. 40,000 rifles on hand at the
Springfield armory.
QriEX Vicrenu will wear her mourning for
another year. ' t
Ociraa Bitnt, who Is showing Umself
Jn-t now to be a good general, Is a native of
Trrc roraor that Sir. Wat ion It 10 ancceed
Secretary Elanton In the WarOfilce Is probably
a canard.
IT II now bud that the President clU vc.f)
ih ..111 admlttlmr uVriprn VlrMnla.
llooiU trought on the preicnt war. Iti loIc
amounta to thla: that the abolltlonUti did not
(tucenmb trt the ilare power, and hrnro that
power trampled upon Ihe Conrtltuon fcnd tried
to hreak up Ihe Union. What utiiphlj; Ml own
these a boll lion Uu are. They fil.ould liae fnl-
, lowed the mam pie of (he Exprtu editor, and
I have learned lo " bend the pliant blrigea of tbo
1 knee, lhat thrift might follow fawning."
Tut Aur approve, of he President', procle,
"". " '. lf ' ha io K00' bul ,f "'
- , ,mn " "on ' "PP"'
The tt.ir'1 opinions psrtake mtieli of the
epinltty of Jack Bunshy's wisdom, ' ir so Le
that the Bally Ann has gone down, then, she has
gone down; and If o lie that the Sally Ann Is
ndoat, then she Is afloat." "There Is wisdom for
you." '
Tjtr nFAniR Is referred to Hie Hrt,pago for
Interesting cilrsctt from foreign pspers, on the
President's message, theatricals, Ar,
Mn. BcvcnuJ.' BescriT. All lovers or fun
and friends nf Mr. Dan. Belchell (and he has
hosts of thera) will be lure to go to Ororcr's
lo-nlght, nd git e that accomplished, comedian
a full house. Full to overflowing, let It bcl
Dcm&o tun month ending Dee, t, 8,0(0
bales of cotton ratrs were boucht In the Liver
pool market, and 3,Oo9 hales In London, to ha
shipped lo Ihe Unite,! autc.i.
(lr.Nr.Bil. Wiiuxm B. FmtKUi.of the U.S.
army, Is to be presented with a splendid sword,
for his bravery and gallantry In Ihe Utile of
Frederlckshnrg, by the citizens of Toik, Penn
sylvania. Srori! ere very btioyant lu.Ncw roiU.Pec.
31. This Is a good ludleatlon.
TnF NtwB froul Iudlauapoll UlhalthoCum-
j fh ,, ri,lngt j, , (wd col)dulon
, for , ,( l)0a,
The Haucrt E has cajit ured IwOTebtivcliaon
era snd taken them to llsltlmoru- They ere
captured at the head Of one of tho Virginia
rlt crs which opens Into L'hesspeike bay.
In TUltlmnir.
nnd i'1,11 A Iphla
nfE c II, li r eurned lo I
CoHrRititil')IniriJ. Al the 1
camp, on Wednesday evening, t
tembled at aa estlyhqur and proceeded 1 1
brats the occasion In a manner
Iheias'elvcs, Tb meeting was suggests;
the general bsllefthat that was the last 1
which the Government of the United
would acknowledge the slavery of their )
The ceremonies 'inctadej speeches, prayers,
hymne and songs, among which wat Ihe fol
lowing song of thanksgiving, written for the
oceislon by a gentleman who wa present I
Centradtaiida Bettor df lietolrtsfg,
lit cmunry, 1303.
OU I we all longed for freedom,
Oh I Vfo'sll longed for freedom,.
Oh t we all longed for freedom.
Ah I e prtyed to be Tree,
Yea, wo prayed to be free;
, Oh I we prayed to lie free.
Though the day wat long In coining,
Though tho day waa long In coming,
Though Ihe day wa long In, coming.
inas we so longea 10 tee,
That Wa so longed to iee,
That we so longed to see.
Though the stay waa long la coinings
mat we so longen 10 see.
It. .
But bless 'he great Jehoran
bui Diets ina,greai jcuov.
r.ui mean log grcav-ieii
At laHtnegian d.
At last the glad ti
At tait ine giati
uy are and awoi
By fire and swoi
iir nretnatn
From slave.
From sla'
From slsv
By fire and s
rrom siavi
We'll bless the
We'll bless the
We'll bless the
And glorify hlsl
And glorify hUl
And glorlfr hi h
And alfwho helped 1
And sll'w ho helped to 1
And all who helped to r
From sorrow, grief ami
From torrow. grief audi
x lulu auirun. jjrici Boil nm
And all who helped to brlnzi
From sorrow, grief and sharTI
ir. .
And blessed be Abraham Lined
And blessed be Abraham Llncol
And blessed be Abraham Liner)
Ana 1 lie uniou army, too.
And the Union army, loo,
1.1 (lu. TTnlAH m lit..
May the choicest of earth Mel
Mav the eholeesl of earth' bl4
May the choicest of earth's blej
rneir pntnway ever trij
inetr patnway erertnl
1 iieir patnway ever sir
alav tne cnoicesi or earthy
Their pathways ever atrj
We'll strive to lean
Wt'll strive to lcarl
We'll strlro lo lead
That all om frill
That oil our frlcl
Tlut all our frW
Thn' so long pppd
Tho' so long oppl
Tho' so long opprl
. We were worthvi
We were worthil
We were worth!
Tho' so long opprsl
t e w ere woruiy t
Wa'lllalior Isle and!
We'll labor late and cal
We'll labor lata and early
As honest folk should I
At honest talks should I
A honest folks shonld I
And be In all onr deallnr
And be In all our dealing!
anil tie in au our aeotingi
aiitiiui, gooq ana sni
t aitnrai, gooci ana true
Faithful, coed and true)
And he In all our deallne!
Faithful, good and true
The song was greeted with md
applame. The meeting thronl
most interesting character, end I
lo acknowledge a gratlnde tl
manifold blessings to them, s
Inaugurating the emancipation!
dent IJncoln, At tho mention I
everyllp was responsive.
ftlugular Case of TAobbsr) 1
Krom tU Toledo (O.J
Wo are in form M of rom
tpoUoalDp an, robbonr, wlikh t
uearinoTiuapnoi Lilian, prci
recti of jold UUanT tho ,ltel
cldom iwn rrcorrtrHl. A clttil
whoao name our Informant do,
recall, wai rrtarnlng lo that pll
from the DelifhbortngTllbe of!
vMiuid aooqi inrce rnuei or no
a stranger, who desired to rid
he at once gave him a neat by
coarse of a fe momenta 'th
minced eilln? an ancle, and
J After he had partly eaten U, h
appeared to bo a Trorm-holc
pIna nnd cramp bfgan to ;
sloraseh, whlclieoon Increased to'inTI
.... ,1... ... ii.. .i .-i J
leui iiiui iur i-iiuiit nun .hui aiTOSI I
that he was posoned.
He looked ln vain for 'ome home i
could go ror relief, but none 4pnearedl
uiseorereu iiiai ine ne-rnaion nan irfvnl
when he was tn a ncltTtirmrhood but ol
lied. He then became unconscious, a
reliving lonnmiiinscu sptiroacningj
us uorsegoingHinojewiinoue gitlnaniw
hlmseir I) Ing al the bottom of the hug
lie msuugen to rvacu ma iionin, .
ncing canca ana a stonuicii-pun.
was plainly ellscororrei mat be.
Birjcimiuc. am "ir money w,
been sioieq trot.i pis wauer,
nroved too stronir for seliut wi
lo ho the fatal operation of Iki
is in a uir way ior recoi ery.
ine aeounurei naueviaei
IHils ' for Ihe purpose ol
money, ami iiieu aecam
ln.nnaH.1 In ,11.. .Ilk.. '
slble accident to tho hue.
last accounts, had not hi
w hole transaction prescn
diabolical vlllainr. A m
an net shonld no be perul
A Rrsn, IsFtniaL Micul
the Tlilrlv-lhlrd reclmrnt. ui
shown us n portion of ncartrl
rebel prisoner, consisting of 118
one within the other, something
would be pUred In another, lu tl
Hieso was louuei a wnue poaaert
meant ora inreao, acting as ne
to the powiier ot tne canrii
arraugexi as 10 rxpione m n
leaimgine inusaes iromu
(I red. thus making Ihe Inadc,
Jeeilles Instead of one. If ai
take placo while tho bullet
nersnn sirurk by II. It wonl
wound. Tho weapon used he
whom these cartriagea wero
Ulan musket, with a large I,
cllef, lice. .'Wit ., '
See a woman In attothefl
Bamhucl Grapos, for Bpecrl
admirable arilclo, used In hi I
first families In Paris, Londl
Ip prefercneo lo old Fort ra
trial, aa it Klvea great talis
VTOTIfie Allpsrsons hJ
LV ina tjtais n aunn ma s
man in losiiiieu (usee n
are reoue.-i luprcteni B"l
kasVaur icoatas rrom til
tnrounn Aumior. si
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