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miKui. ma nigaeBaacBBBSEj
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WAiiiiHtiToaitDL tr.
aw Tk oaw.r u. !iussai nV:
earn la at Sll Nlwtb. strati, tester.
y!TalamvlllimHdD4rW lcl
JleSw the ttaerMa K.wa tVaaV CTaarleataaa
ma iittdta or. '
27eraM explalnsbow tti bogus newa from
lunaunTH neaaea fin. In Its rjljht ta En
rope, as roUowsi
TBI T01OH AXD th awtidoti.
vosa4taEurep,ltwasthate( WsdaVsday Ult,
w"se taken? by tbe Arabia. BBoesh simps-
'JtS?' la ecataeles at th. Uuiriuli
mniiDniuMi Bay Detraction inhere
' fay aeh la your vicinity, they m anew upon
.. uciwi laiiuiH rausa cwiion out
j.1 It u posslblac Tn. fast I will Touch (or, Minn
intimately acquainted wltli the person aendlngthe
dlspatehi The Arabia Balled from Boatoa about
Itooa oa Wednesday, ooaerqueotly was du. about
dara at nalifaxoa Thursdayi th. Agent of the Ai
ewlated Press, on Thursday, ordered lh Halifax
lis open that night for two reasons. Till The Fu.
topa waa about dut front Queenstown, aad tbt
Arabia waa dua from Boston, aad additional news
wai expected from ou fleet on" Charleston which
would pat aBntlrety different faoa upqa the re
ports thea on board fast vessel At about cln an
o'clock oa Thursday alght a dispatch imi received
from Washlagtoo, of a favorable character, (the
substaase of which you prlated la your Friday
moraine edition.) which, waa aent to Hallux,
wfcare Mr. Cluta, tha Associated Press Agent, Waa
la tsadlaess to raorlro It, aad who placed It upon
ifca itaamtr Upon her antral at Roche's Point
I which la about the same to qusaastowa aa Sandy
Hoek la t New Vork) thla dispatch will be placed
U th. telegraph autlon thara, aad ba teat to koo
doo, Liverpool, Parla, and all over tha continent
J'S?'? ,h PP aoatalnlai tha stuff from
to. Richmond papers eaa obtain circulation'
Thus, through th. agency of tha telegraph, U tha
sting oomplltely takea out of tha rang or the rebel
French lnrlf-mee In Texas.
Willi) Texas Was a province ofileiloo.lbere
were lateral attempts made to found colonial
ihert under the protection of France) and, on
one Mcaalon, the State Department sent a
apcclal agent ont to look after a band of ad-
venture headed be Oen Lallemand. who bad
teen an officer of Napoleon's army Slnca
then, especially during the temporary ciist
ance of the "lone Star Slate," France hai
never failed to lend a willing ear to projecta
for the transfer of leiaa to the protection of
the trl-colored flag.
Knowing ,1011, and finding the deapotlim of
in. lontraeracy about to be overthrown, the
leading rebeb In Teiaa are belleted to hare
again claimed the protection of France. The
aooner Oen. Banks Is there, at the head of a
force anmclent to " hold, occupy, and possess"
thla wayward and coquettish alitcr, the better
Auotner Bogua Member from North f. aro.
Thacaaeof Jrnnlnga Plgott, aaanmodmem
"ter elect from Korth Carolina, la reported npon
auTeraely by tha Committee on Elmloni, who
deem hla rdldence there aa prhate aecrcUryof
u military goTrreor not auffldrnt eildence of
mhabltancj. Mr, Plgott la not the flni per
ion, who, ulclng adrantage of the mlafortnnea
of war, bare attempted to represent N'orth
Carolina In Congress.
The Tfew aUate.
Senator Carlile deslrea, through the action of
hla bin In the Senate, to defer the Prealdent's
declaration of the ratification of tha Weal Vir
ginia act sntll certain ronntlre under Confed
erate Influence shall hire bad a fair opportuni
ty to rote. The counties specified are Boone,
Logon, Wyoming, Mercer, McDowell, Poca
hontae, Kalcujb, Greenbrier, Monroe, Pendle
ton, Fayette, Mcholaa, and Clay
Majou Gisiiul Fxeuoit has been Iu town
seTcral days, and, npon application for ectlre
serylce, baa been aaslgned by the aorernmrat
to an Important command.
MAJoaGaaraALGAiiilreM Clay la remalnlne
to the city, aad wilt probably return to Ruiala at
our tnlDiiter
GCftaaL AaaoaWaan.ef Westchester county,
N T,hasabookol trarrls In preii, which will
be publlri.nl about the lait of this month Its
title la " Around the Pyramids
fswetu ALEXAHDBlA,the future trija of the
Prince or Walea, ssys a Copenhagen paper, aa Ulom
. aoes lata society during the mourning, for Prince
Majoa Joux CAaria Daowx commands thopost
at " Point lookout," MarlanJ Setrral compa
ulea or the " Lost Children' are atatlooed there
Hoaacc P Hilt, or Run pavement notoriety,
who reteutly died In HalUaa, was burled In New
ork, on Saturday, his body haling been brought
there for Interment
aha CLaar, In tha New 1 ork LfJr, says Chas
Tarsr's new norcl, entitled "Barrlngtoo U
"long, dry, tedloui, dreary, aad utterly old fash
ioned "
Joan Port's report of bis stupid campaign la
Virginia Is denounced as untrue by Generals Fre
mont and Sigel, and will ba by General Banle w ben
be seas It
Tut- Fini. or Oauiovsii Is to be created a Mar
Vie, by the style aad title of MaruU of Panmure,
lu acknowledgement of his serrlces while British
Secretary of state or War
Ma. G LAWaixcx.autboroCuiayLltlngstoae,
kc has just llt England for the Southern "Metes
of America It Is reported thst he Intends taking
crrlce under "Stonewall' Jackson Tha records
.1 hla obserretlcna are to I e published In the Lon-
uon journal unci a tvitt
William Itovrcu, ea-memher of the Brltlih
Parliament, who was son,e time since coot Icted ol
enormous forgeries. Is still an Inmate ol the Model
Prison al Pcutoaillla, where he Is employed In
picking oaLum
John tAlBiBK, according to III. ew lurk
lajJer. (Bemocralla paper) "Is on the rampage
again" Thla means that John, rln ling ha was In
ssccsh (.ompsny, suddenly released hlms.ir by de
nouncing the Idea ot a praceful sepsratloni that II
would be treason, and thai It uutlUrubM
Gri tint has hsl his lire punished In the
lorblk IJjy boot
Hon EaitisCosio has retui ered (rom his
Ista Illness sod resumed his duties In ronpjrras
Oci a J Hamuion, or Tevti. win ,.l. - .
i spsath lu Mew Hsmpshlrr, the nth Inst
T c""" ' eAhlblllnglotliecltlrensof
t ork whst 1 1 tone ilace JeiuMiim.,! i. h.
ptople or Boiton that he I. a lonsuniate
Ml ala hi retlre-t Irom the editorship or
!,.? ." '""I1""--" "I'h the re...inmenda
It n uf bis phyiUtao
.rl'IVC."" '"' J"" """-J " '' "'l"1 P'l-
grlmage to Mecca
PamiAlra.o olfngl.nd . , ,.j ,,,, .
atalaatloa for sesmautlilp on toard tl.i Georee
and baa received a., acting or ler as a lieutenant
Ma Gao-rr hss been elejted a msinUroril.,
Hungarian Academy of Musle
AIMl-. Wad Is advancing uiuu Waahlogton
by "approaches " He wes lu Baltimore lt
Col- Caoss, of the " gallant Fifth ol hew
Hawpahlre, s Jq town, suffering considerable jel
Iroui the eerere wounds be recrl red at thabattle
nt Fratlerlcksburg, but determlord to return to the
ll' PatatI, recently dismissed from the uai
lur permitting the entrance of the rebel sleauer
Orato into tiotile, has been nominated for rs.tora
lioo to hla rank In the service.
Cox Roots Peaat bss also teen btntloated for
ftatoiatloa to rank
MA Avaims Sating lata Spanker of xht
Conotlut House of Assembly, baa beenun.nl
nwualy noclaated by the aepuMlcaas as thslr ua-
Miua.c ror vongress la the Third district
Dah iua, biwl "ho L".i 1 r.' ?"" '
K ' WB0 ""' KM Congress I
M. u A. Mtsi9ii, Copiieihead editor at
glgl it3 friseaewae.--.
last Fall, by anUnorllyof s,eoo,bui who rr sr
reeled and Imprlsonedln Kott LaraycHa aa dlsloy
al, waa aaaong tha listeners to John an Baren'i
that Itjdoeaa't atail accord wtU) (l sortof Osx
Dlt3aMYtn7l la Hi mseasgi teilhe Leglilet
lure of beseret, eimplalna that bis Slate baa not
been admitted or recognised by Congress If the
late reports from "soung's dominions'1 are true,
Congress should prderjhat be and bis dlsslplee be
shot, bis victims removed to some clvlllied region,
and Utah converted to a rfrrrf Instead of a M Dee
ret G. Goumak, ot NlnneKjts,ls assailed by the
St. Paul Daily tnleWaa a "cottoa speculatorn and
araaawho "has gained an unenviable notoriety
and disgraced the State M The (nbm eallaupon
,the Government to " cashier and dismiss him "
Ma VALLAHnteitAH hss been addressing the
Democracy " of Newark, N J,
CoviT MrjAI, the dismissed Consul at New Or
leans, was passenger on board tha ateamer Hansa.
which called for Europe on Saturday
Paor AOASill has taken steps tobecome a nat.
urallred dtlren of the TnlleJ states
Da J O Hottawn " Timothy Tltcomb "Is
lesturtnf on "Faihloa" In New Fngland
N Lonawnatlt, the great Cincinnati wine mer
chant, who recently died. Is reported to bare left
property, mostly landed estate, worth firteen
million of dollars.
BicasTADT, the artist, recently presented to the
Fine Arts Academ) of Buffalo a aluable and
characteristic work, entitled "Capri " II Is one of
his best productions
Get CoiroiANarrUed In New ork and pro
ceeded at once to Albany
Fain i Comas, the wine merchant, who led
tnia city lor Asw t ork some time since In 111 health,
baa recovered.
Gti Ntr, the Governor of Nevada, la still In
the city watching the Interest of that Territory
anu uomg wiiai oe can to conyert it into a state
Majoa Gn. Forrca, commending Depsrtmeot
or North Carolina, who has been la town serersl
dsys oa business with the Government, bss left
the elty on hla return to hla command The
statement that unfriendly feelings eslst between
Generals Foster and Hunter la not true.
Col Simoi II Mil, commanding the Third New
York cavalry at Newbern, N C , Is In town Col
Mil accompanied Gen Foster
SciATOa IlAtr. Is gradually Mgelulnghle health
Cot nr. CerrioooK, who received the derora
llon of the "Legion of Honor" foe hla brarerr
whlle captain of Spahla In tne Crimean campaign.
Is In this city
Mrs. Biriet Wiutfis, whom wc saw In
Boston the first time she sang "Independence
Day," lias lost none of tha beauty and vivacity
of girlhood. She has proved the most power
ful attraction at "OnoTgR'a" thlascason. Sho
appears to-night In a new musical spectacular
burlesque, written exbresslv for her In m-M1.
-r-- --t nu....
she assume two charsctrrs, said to lie errred-
Ingly funny.
f .
Jciia Moanvia aid Kate Pr,nT are still
Two such fasclaatlog women are seldom seen, and
Ihelr performancea are alike charming and artistic
Mas Jon Wood Is still playing at Laura
RTeeBe'e. In Vew 1 n-lr fit.. I i.L.f.i .
high Intellectual quallncatlona. Her peraonsl at-
tractlona are great) her face la expre.slVely sweet
her eyea are dark and fleshing! her form possesses
auch beautllul charms and eaqul.lldy gracetul
p.rrtlon.,th.t he. wonderful Jrpresentat on. n
. - vefor,t - oV -
Dam Sctcmcll, the comedlsn, alter Impregnat
ing Philadelphia and Pittsburg with his tun for two
wseks part, haa returned to sshlngton, and will
appear at Crover'e to-night, when It la espeated
that he will perpetrate a " Magle Joke."
Leon in Gaol ta, proprietor of " Grot er'a The
atre," In this city, Is proprietor or serersl other
theatres In the North and It rit
.Ma. Filar, ol the New 1 ork JlernU, eeslilrdty
Mr Mrrrira,ortheNewlork press bsswrllten
a new play, entitled " Hermaace " We hear It
well spokro of and hope to ace It produced In Wash
Ington, where the alieof the thestra, stage, ma
chinery, aod company, are equal to the reeulre-
menta Ol ine piece
Edwih Booth la performing at Winter Garden,
New 1 ork To-night he appoare as ssyloci
J S CLABic,the comedian, succeeds Booth at
t Inter Garden
Miss Batimai Is pis Ing to crowded houses al
Niblo'a Garden
AOAll ISAArs Mensin voiumemes aa engage
ment at Front Strret Theatre, Baltimore, tka eek
Miss Jane Coombs hss been playing aver) eiic
cessful engsgement at the Arch Street Theatre,
Jvua Daly, the lasclnstlng comedienne and ro-
caiisi, is piaying an engagement at .McticWel's
Theatre, Chicago
The FloaEarEaarepla)log lost Louis
Maviloa ItEaoN Is performing "Camilla" la
Mas. Baaaow, an accomplished aad popular
actress or Bostoo, Is rait recovering rrom a late
serious neuralgle attack
MliiKtLLoao aid Mad Loin, Anrodlo and
Brlgnolll, auslnl and Moreosl, are doing Italian
opera at the Academy of Music, Boston
Join Owemi, the vomeJtan U plsylng at tha
Howard AtheiKmin, Boston
J Witics Boovh Is perrormlng st the Boatoo
C.ro Avniiuorr Is tiring "Readings' in Con.
M'ttE 7oe la charmlogeveryone who witnesses
her gracefol dancing at the Varieties, la this clt)
Mai MAkETrEa. will open at tha Academ) ol
' -- - .iBftaurww,,, ..,..-, ,, .-"..'
Jiusic, new tork, with his Hsvana Opera Com.
psii),tHn weeks from to-night Among the new
artists Is UaroLABi, asld to be ooe of the purest
sopraaoslhlng Msi promises no less than four
new operaa, to wit i "The Last Days or Poniprli "
Glnecunta," "Aroldo" and "Macbeth," the ax.
penaes of which aud of hla brilliant trouie loa)
compel blm to raise tha prices of admlaston for
reaerved Beats to two rlollsrs That don't look
much like hard times In New York
a. w M
a ,.'".? ,nI","0' . "ante orchestra lo Un-
dooarier the fashion or that or bis father
M aim Mr s. in maic and AevoMMAs the harplit
sretopls) In Paris during the coming lesson
mabio nss aecepteu an engagement at llarirlons, cbalr called up llio rp A:lal order, being tbe bill
to commence this month far enrolling and railing out the tnllltla of tbe
CnaaUTVA PtTTiendGorririitil are concerl- United Mates.
Ing through New Vork state The) will 1 at S). Mr COWAN, lij ronsent, presented a me.
recuse on Thursdsy night nest inorlal protesting against a bill for tbe con.
Ai.tiiHA Patti baa been singing st private alrnfllon of an Air Line railroad to Now York,
aolreesof the french noMllt), receiving a ioni!. 1 1,r. LANK (Kansas) ofTored a resolution,
ment ol lite hundrril frsnti for eiery piece sung w"''l' a ailopled, instriirtltig the Committee
Tha Fmperor-aud Impress hate lrn four times on Terrltorlf a to Imiu'rr into lbs eipedlenrj
to hear her The ororlrutr Adrllna seems to be of P"",nS "" al to enable tbe people of Nur
coining none) lu Paris At one nobleman's huusa ' 'M'ro '" r"rn' cnnstllullou, preparatory to
he received a wo fr lor singing a rrw times st a I ""''r "nm,"lon as a Stale.
solree,andonanotherocca.lonortheklndehere-l HOUSE OF HEPISESENTATIVE3.
celt edow francs apiece for.lnglngsla morcraiix I I On motion or Mr. HTEVE.NB, tbe Houao ru
VliaTr.aiKl.Tr.il the great ParUlan arllatehu ' anlvnl H.tlr Inn, I ..,,,,.. I, i.-, V ,i... ,.. ... ..
OnUhed his first portrslt of Adeline Paltl, the I
young prima ld representing her lu the charac
ter or Kuilnu It is hung up In the aeror the
where It attracts great attention
ill' TUB ASIA.
L1,'."1!' VrJtalUMlfuil.l.iy ,j s Jtoitrtl
Imtlr m"r''M''m' ""'""'
The imlltleal lni.lll.n- i.. .1.1. .,.,,.
anlmportant There was si III much specula
tlnn as 10 Ihe Intentions nf Napoleon lonclilnir I
American afTalra It reported that if Na '
poleon'a nropossl , ,h- l"!ted Bt.Vi. abouhl .
ut rjuneu, rran.ewonld reooitnlre Ihe Boulb '
era (loverument
.. nHr, .UUjCU ) Barerai writers lhat
Wt follow, whether FnirUnd joined In tt.
U"13 ?,', ,h'Jmf""' was not subml.ten to I
Mr Slldell In advance and tha ho and other
nw-ivwvui vr uui 11 wat reported that this I
.uipi,uf pruputai was merely prellminarv tn r- u .. .. ' V"?J cans trsseoiiea,
reStrnTof'tne rjj 'sSltt-S
iKosslonlste In France pronounced H cntlrd
liadmlssabli.'. ' ' 1
LThcro were rumors uf new dlfllcullloa butweon
uisjniun ana American uoTernmesu, own
M aelsnrea of English Teasels U near tha coa
oftbeBahamaa.ju! ) tjl H
llallwaSoneof thatnoetenlhtislssUe and Im
posing susirs aa to nnuoera, and one or the
most Important that have occurred In London
alnce the daya of tha corn law leairue. The vast
ball waa densely crowded, and two othee meet-
inrs were organized out or toe oversow.
!TJi resolution passed reiterate the sentiments
of the) Emancipation Society.' add eJibreaa great
armpathr for tha North. All hnatllft amend.
acuta were voted down, and"ih6rreolntlonf
were carriea almost nnanimonaiyi woe Lon
don Tfmes waa denonnced amidst groA,ni and
Similar meetings have been held at Bradford
and other towns. The operatives of Bradford
had adopted a memorial thauilng America for
the relief afforded, and suggesting assistance to
emigrate there as a more rflcct ual way or afford
ing teller.
The Tuntt Indalgea In a moat gloomy plc
tnreof the present crlala In America, both as
regards military and financial affairs.
Sir Ilohcrt Peel In a speech recently, declared
himself favorable to a separation of the North
and South, and strongly condemning President
Lincoln's emancipation edict.
Admiral Bosse anpercedm La Gralrf re In the
French expedition against Mexico.
The French Senate had yoted the addrcsa to
the Emperor with only one dissentient vote.
The address, aa read In the Ilouse, eiprrsses
concern on account of tha American struggle,
and rcgrcta that tha great powers did not Join
France In her mediation offers.
The Bourse, closed heavy at C9f 80c.
ThA Pnltih IninnM-llMi tttl mAnM l.n
' nothing Important had occurred since last ad-
I ' W"r a Iranqull.
The Russian Chamber had voted an address
hostile to the government by an overwhelming
Hiported la Iht Aoe Dtporlmnt for re we
nullng Primary 14, 18ft3.
Charles McXemect, seaman, oedema of glot
Us. Jannary 27, 1883, V. S. S. Conestoga
Frederick R. Oliver, seaman, enteritis, Feb
ruary .1, 1803, V S. S. Circassian.
Edward K. Flowers, master's mate, ahell
wound, October 11, 18(12, IT. 8. S. Maratanta.
George: Blake, quartermaster, shot wound,
October 11. 1S02, V 8. 8. Msratanxa.
Vincent Frrcg, landsman, drowned January
25. IMS, V. 8. 8. Winona.
John Morry, landsman, gunshot wound,
March 11, 1J8, U. 8. 8. Mcrcedlta.
Ned Woodruff, landsman, consumption. Na
tal Hospital, New YorV.
Frs. Hart, landsman, contracted fever, Na
al Hospital, New Tork.
Jacob Rip, aeaman, pneumonia. Naval Hos
pital, New York.
Charles McCrelgh, landsman, pneumonia.
Naval nospltal, New York.
,i(.u.bb ou.tauK. LuBlucri, .IIDIUOl 1
January 31, 18B3, Mississippi Squadron
.icuoias Musiang, engineer, gnnshot wound.
Nellson Hntchlns, Imy, pneumonia, Jannary
1 59,1901, Mississippi Siiusdron.
Edward Jackson, boy, dysentery. January
31, IVI, Mississippi Squadron.
lieman Jl. uurns, searran. congestive fever.
ri,ntu rt -erto ri. -t. .!.., o t
ui,ui " " ,,1,1-iBnippi cquauron.
nlu-S -erto tl. -t. .!.., D 1 '
tolrfr IU. 1S02. Misslsslonl rVinadron.
tfauiev j. rveny, seaman, remittent fever. Oc.
I John Smith, ordinary seaman, typhoid fever,
nnnher MW3, Mississippi Squadron.
VX" ?????'. t?,ran,1 rh,rn,nl' d,iarrh"f "
'N""'"beM0,16.. Mississippi Squadron.
I v6"P1'eI" J'. ;'"?'"'. ''rSnlcdl"r1""'
N.8. lloag, acaman, chronic dlarrhrca, De
cember 18, ldfiS, Hoepltal Hound tlty.
Frederick Klappaer, landsman, drowned, De
ceralier 22, 18CJ, Ilotplul Mound City.
Richard Croaby, boy, debility, December 21 .
18C3, Mississippi Squadron.
Erasmus Green, lioy, debility, December 21,
lSuJ, Mississippi Squadron.
James, Eaton, boy, droancj, January 10,
ISfll, U. S. S. 1 .ahore.
George Hosklns, seaman, dysentery, fecp.
temlr 28, 1802 Mississippi Squadron.
Genrgo IV, Bosworth, seaman, remliteut
fever, October 9, 1802, Mississippi Squadron.
John Lown, s. corporal, dysentery, October
1, 1802, Mississippi Squadron.
I j. ii.woiwom, asst. anrgeoni b. w. Bally,
lurjiwu i srrwarui ca. iivcmore, ord, scr
geanti Wra A. draw, rorporal mar. John H.
Couwa), tnarlnei John W. Armstrong, marine;
Wm Peyton, marlnci Wm. Delli, marine; Pat
Herrlck, marine, Geo. A. Jorton, fireman, Jas
Barr, flremani Geo. Reynolds, ord. scamani
O. J. McGowan, landsmant John Bannon,
laudsmani R. II. 11. Thomas, (col.,) landsmant
D. L. Caldwell, scamani Wm. II. Clark, ord.
seamani Thomas Hller, marlnei Rt.Wllllnger,
contrabandi Rt. McKlnsey.contraband killed
on board the Kc) stone Slolr, in her action with
I he rebel ram off Charleston, January 31, 1803.
Jacob Arnee. imnner. Jamca Gale, rlreman,
John Rllev, coal bearer; Pclcr Gallagher
aiucu ou uoarn inn Aicrceaita, In ncr action
Mlth the rebel rain off Charleston, January 31,
Oscar Jordan, seaman, gunshot wound, Jan.
22, 1803, Mississippi Squadron.
James Doyle, aeaman, consumption, Janu
ary 21, 1803, Mississippi Squadron.
Fdward L. Roberta, seaman, dysentery. Jan
25, 1803, Mississippi Squadron.
John llallman, seaman, dlarrhcea, September
22, 1M02, Mississippi Squadron.
Third Session,
Mondit, Frbrnar 16, 18111
Mr. WADE presented a petition In favor of
Ihe reduction of Ihe duty on Iron and steel.
Mr. 8HFRMAV presented petitions In favor
of a rcdltrtton or duties or spirituous and malt
Mr ( LARK, from tliet omtnlttenonrialmii.
1 ' , ", " V ' ""P"noi jsmes Aiet
ander. for hanging tlie palnllnj: of thr tiatlte of
Chepultcpw II said a practice had grown
up oi incurriDK fiii without any authority.
le a ug tlicm to be paid out of tho t o.itlugetH j
.urn. wi uicrH-uBic iie Viii nirecteu oy itie
lUMiuiuira iii Biaio iuai ucreaiier no inch
claim would le considered, units lu verj ex.
traordluary caurs
Mr. W!lSO,orMaaM from tbe Committee
ih -iiiisibii ASSinill.l tisui itrvt uatak I lit? iCaMJIU
lion of Inquiry relalhr, to tbe rase nf Mr.
Tbotnas, or Baltimore, Itlu-"Frencb 1 ady'M
. wllb a slateroent of fa( ts
on Miiitar) Affairs, reported back tbe reaola
Al the expiration r,f tbe moraine hour tbe
the rJlale of the I nlou, Mr, MllMsl In the
chair, anil resumed tbe consideration of the
Indian Appropriation bill. Debalebelua-llinlt-
au tonteniinuiLs, canons amendments were
proiosril and njr-ilcd.
Kniniirluatlou lu Missouri.
1 he following naa tbe final vote In tbe MeuaN.
""""Passagoof the bill I. aid ,hu B.ate of
Missouri lu email. Ipallug Ihe sinvrs
TuB l,lu P",,pJ s aineniled, by. votoof teas
23l ',V1J',. follons
r-J,f VJl".A."'?n1' A'noU thandlar.Clark,
S. J'n"?,0'" "'l fe " ""'.''.
Morrill, Po'meroy t umbi" t edV "l'l
klnson, Wllmot; and lison ul Ma.sschusetts-
W hat musical Instrument has bad an honor.
ar durree conferred upon lit Fiddle I) D
"c I ai,,Mi,aar. P-.llt em,.. , . n. .
, nriii it s.11 anil twison oi
-Jha.reporta of the atock markets, at New
djinc Jn'aJbll"ls''t1i(n,otfghI- checked, bdrnr
weak a( the r'edscW quolsllom a's oonrpared
wltlf tb'pmalllas-ralaa'of JasUweek. .la
proporltortag KoMjcoesidcwa the Government
scr,urltleafo,nPi-'V,ft Bonds, of '81., ars quo
ted at 08, and 'IBeven thirties" at three per
centl premltim'.2,1rha flecllne Id cold and ad.
Tknca Id GoTernrneht klocka ta tbeetTect of the
daily inereaslns riiinhaljHtfea of tha naaaaeanf
Ihe bank bill aid flnanrhil plan recommended
hypeFretarjrfJhaser (
' ' " LI 1 I
TjlIC, fLAtJ IrtllALTIMpJlK.
The IbcTCtid John Daibllt,assslon par-,
son, tor down the American nsg'from his
church in' Baltimore ,yeslerday Thlgerplolt
wis perrormeil oace In New Orleans. It waa
not repealed Gen Butler waa In command
tack Market Tolay,
We are Indebted to Jay Cooke A C'n , bankers,
for Ihe following condition of tha atoek and
sale market to-day t
0. S. Conpons.O'sof 1681 - -"
7 S-10 Treasury notes
" Pyear rertlflcatea - .
" Demand notes, (old Issue)
American gold coin - - . .
Buying. Selling
ffTJ 93
102J 103
- 90 Ml
- 1M IV
1 110)
Ads arse Iteports.
The commission appointed by Secretary
Welles to examine Into the construction of the
vessels Osslpee and Pensscola, have reported
adversely to the employment of the Martin
boiler and the Syrkles cut-ofl. The commission
also report adversely In the rase of Chief Fn
glncer Iskerwood.
Disloyal Ptlblleallou.
Brig. Gru Patrick, the efficient pro! ost mar-,
sbal of the Army of the Potomac, haa adopted
measnrea for licensing venders of loyal news
pers. TJieN. V. 11'orU and other' papera ca.
cnlatcd to foster discontent among the troops
will lie excluded.
Neorou if the Fititcu Ahmi. Official ad-
vlcea, received by Secretary Beward from Mr.
Thayer, our Consul General to Alexandria,
rRTPlf confirms the annnnncetm nt, In the
Repibiican, on Saturday, copied from the
Monittur, that Napoleon la employing negroes
to garrison the formications of Vera Crut, In
Tag Coiwnir-riOH Law. The liberal and
Just exemptions from service, undertheamrnd-
ed conscription law, wllldlaarrathe opposition
to II, ublch the coppcr-benda hope for.
r l UL HUJ'SUKi. 13LAHU JmfXJI f Hf.il '
Mr R tlt V AflU TAHSl fttil Rt
Nrw York. Ftb. 10 Advlcca received here
stale that the Alabama sailed frofu Kingston on
me nigm oi January xatn.
.Sewa from Roanoke Island slates that the
rebrls have a hundred and twenty Ave small
boats .secreted In the havoua of Tvrell and
Hyde counties, by means of which, they expect
to cross to thst Island and cantnre tha carrlson
stationed there.
The steamer Ha an. from Klncatan for New
Orleans, haa hoen lost with set cnlecn of her
crew and passengers.
About noon to-dAy ifverml. chlefi of Ihe ChliDw
trlb,of LAkeSuptrlor,!. M aolntrntewwUh the
Coraroiailoaer of Iiullnn Atflr t hU room In th
"P-tfnt Offlc. Jo Quniof. nr. accomplish. hMf
DTttu, ierM inierprf tr
After brjf itatrmeo ts from each of the chief r e-
gaKUax allecetl grle tactt la not receh lax raonere
due. fcc , Commiiilaruer Dole ubinttttot a brief re
ply which teemed. perftMlv iitl-Uctorr to the
mplalDQti, aui). after exdiaaglnf tordlat
hkeo;tbehan4witi.thon prernt.left logood
pints Anunuror ladietwere preientto-wlt
neee thli lotervit Idj roretlor.
ArtiDEJir. -IWe tnorolnK, about 1 oloci.
man fell oir the DrUIce thnt rum acroee the canal
attbefotnof U Btreet,aDt Injured hlneelf rery
Damy. lAouDdnniaa Liement. with three patrol-
men, cQe)ed him to the atatioa-houve, and
ererjrt alaf done to make htm comfortable. He
tald Mi name vi John flolland, and that be
worked for Mr. M Williams, la Georgeto.ru
tiorKlown AiTalr
Marihl List Jtrirae Rrhr Helen. Bo wen.
saicru, pt j lu. 10 f. Uttrf
txhr "J UV'FraukUnd, Boitou, elder to Hart
Uf fc Bro
5t.hr Hcfoi-iD, Bsatlr, Galllmore, com to Mr.
lUrgeft D Si 11 tin nu an Sljrkeuar for Corern
racDt Vtpartur'-'S.htb Wm F Fmory, Booth, aod
v-m J-raitc, AlerLath, iiaitimore
tLlIElAaLJkafr . (Till lit PlMII TI as L.ilj H Ha.1.
1elbercer, aod M. .M. rinett, departed aloetf our
AirturiiT Miss Sally ( larr) , last rtenlng, was
picaru up near the corner c I Weat and Congress
fttrret, In a pltirde state Her head waa horribly
cut aad bruise she was carried to the Third pre.
ctOct Btatlon-ftouse, and this mornlog sent to the
honseofhrr trlends Mia is a womaoof goodlnor
als, but Is vubject to spasms, which proably ac-
tounts loc her prcaeut misfortune
Pot tro t ,ir. -PatrlcL llsgrrtr, dliorderli eo.n.
dudi Hoede4s
stud II arrod disorderly conduct) floed 7 II
Jas f heldon, disorderly conducti nnedelll
Hi 4Ukoi (Iinibii 'a Orrirg,
Wasuinotov, January 31, 1863.
It being reported that various parties have
obtained money from invalid soldiers under the
pri train of assisting Ibein to their discharge
from the service, nntlre la lien by given that
rmlficatns of disability for discharge to soldiers
la gentral hospitals aud campa are only given
by the Burgeon In charge nf am b hospital or
camp, and tho oMruslru rlTorts of persons
rlalmlng to be special agents retard Instead of
hasten tbopreparatlonof diseliarge papers All
aohlfera are warned against giving money on
such Jilea to any Jiersou whatever
Uy prder or tbe BLrgeou General!
Josr.ru It Smith, Surgeon U S Army
H'utAfiafeit City, D. (' , Jan. !, 1IJ
Iu conseqnence of the pressure of bnsines at
the War Department, (asses for eltliens to visit
the Army ortb.rotomac will he given at Ihe
Army or lb. Potomac will be given
-ouiceor i-ieui t-oi coxrad, j rtnnsyivanta
ntinnltA oliAra Vlnalautl, stoatt I at fart
-u 1 i,is uvsj Mvwtw tijuiituitu i f. vi j iw
I gym a.vd storks ox board.
LIST or, killed upp irqlXDCI).
V. B. CoHs'trtiTT.'JSToV; Jamaici,
January 21 at, 1801.
Bin i It It my painful dutr to Inform the De
partment of the destruction of 'tha U. 8.
ateamer " Hstlersi," recently under my com
mand, by tha Confederate) ateamer, Alabama,
on Ihi night of tha 11th' Instant, off the coaat
of Texas. The circumstances of the sad dls
aster aro la follows t
Upon the! afternoon of the till, lnt at .11
a'clock.'whIU at anchor. In enmnanv villi the
fleet under. Commodore Bell, olf' flalveaton,
ica, a waa orusrra, ny a Blgnat from the l'
S. flag ship Brooklyn) to chase a aall the south
ward and eastward. I got underway Immedi
ately, and steamed with all speed Jn the direc
tion Indicated. .
After some time, the atrlnVe aall eonlit ha
aeen from the HaUeraa, and waa ascertained to
be a steamer, which fact I communicated to the
nag snip ny signal. I continued the chase, and
lapiuiij Ko4aru upon ion suspicions vessel.
Knowing the slow rate or speed of the Uatleras,
I atfjnce snspocted that deception waa being
practlcrd, and henco ordered' the ship to be
cleared for action, with everything In readiness
for a determined attack and a vigorous de
fence. When within about four mile of the vessel,
I observed that she had ceased to steam, and
waa lying " broadside, on," awaiting us. It
was nearly 7 o'clock, and aulte dark, but not.
withstanding the obscurity of the nlcht. I Ml
assnred, from the general character of the Tes-
sct ana ner maneuvering, that I should soon
encounter the rebel steamer Alabama. .
Being able to work hut four guns upon one
side of the Ilatteras two snort 32 pounders,
one 30-pounder rifled Parrot gun, and one 20
pounder rifled gun, I concluded to close- with
her, In order that my guns might be effective,
ir necessary. I came within easy speaking
range about 75 yards and upon asftlng
" What steamer la that 1" received the answer
" Her Brttlanlc Majesty's ship Vixen." I re
plied that I would send a boat aboard, and tm-
uicuioic-iy kbto ma oruer. in tue meantimo,
both veeeele wera cuanfirtnetbalmoaltlona. the
airangrrcnueavonngiogain a aeslrablft post
. . f -. r . .: ' - .
ateamer Alabama," which waa accompanied
wuu a oroauaiac. s at tne aama momenl re
tnrnnl the Are, being well aware of the many
vnlnerablepolnte of the Ilatteras. I hoped by
closing with the Alabama to ba afde In board
urr, ami luua riu ciioaeaani HUB ptraiicaf CTSHl.
I steamed directly for the Alabama, but aha
waa enabled by her great speed, and Ihe fhn(.
una u, me uuiiuiu 01 tne jLaueras, ana con
aequently her diminished speed, to thwart my
attempt, when I had gained a distance of bnt
30 yards from her. At this range, musket and
pistol abota were rvrhangedi the Bring contin
ued with great vigor on both aides. At length
a shell entered amidships In the bold, setting
Ore to It, and at the aame Instant, aa I cari hard
ly divide the time, a ahell passed tbrongh the
"alet bay," exploding In an adjoining corns
partmrnt, also producing flroj another entered
the cylinder, filling tho engine room and deck
with steam, and depriving me or all power to
manonver the vessel or to work tbe pumps,
npon which tho reduction of tbe fire depended.
With tbe vessel on fire In two places, and be
yond human power, a hopeless wreck npon tha
water, wuu ner waiaing-ocani snot away and
Iter engine rendered uaelesa. I still maintained
an active lire with a double hopo of diaabllng 1
lua AiBuaroa aim attracting tne attention or
Ilia fleet otf (lalreston, which was only twenty-
riiit luuua uiBcam,
It was soon reported to the me that abelta
had entered tbe Ilatteras at the water lino.
tearing off entire sheets of Iron, and thst the
water was rushing In, utterly defying e,er) at
tmVt tn PAlTlaViW tits att-ell sarirl hmt .b. ..
rapidly sinking. learning tbU TUelanrholy
11 i ,""' " a...s(-M tM uu Has
trutu, anu ooserTiug iuai too ASDama waa on
my port liow entirely beyond rangeof my guua,
doubtlessly preparing for a raking lire of thn
dock, I felt that I had nn right to sacrifice, use-1
lessly and without any desirable result, the
Uvea of all under my command.
to prevent tne mowing up or tha Ilatteras
from the fire which waa maklngmncli progress.
t oracrea tne magazine 10 De nooaeu ana after
ward a lee gun to be fired. The Alabama then
asked ITasslstance was desired, to which an
aulrmallro anawer waa given.
Tha Hatteraa waa uow going down, and
in order to aavethe Uvea or my oUlcers and men
I caused the armament on tbe port aide to be
thrown overboard. Had I not done so I am con
fident that the veassl wonld hare gone down
with raaoy brate hearts and valuable Uvss.
After considerable delay, caused by a report
that a steamer was seen coming from Oalvea
Urn, tbe Alabama aent us assistance, audi have
tbe pleasure tolnform tho Departmentthati very
living being waa conveyed as My from the Ilat
teras 10 ine Atauama.
Ten minutes after leaving the Ilatteras abe
went down, bow first, with her pennant at her
masthead, with all her mnsketa and rtorea of
every character! the enemv not being- able.
owing tohcr rapid sinking, 10 obtain a alngle
weapuu. sua uaitvry npon tue Aianama,
uruuKui tutu aeuuu against rue jtatteras, uum
bered aeven guns, consisting of four long 33-
ly. A t l.fv
pounaers,oneiponndcr,one08-pouuderandlwardsthebar,nfterhavlngllredatthe "Key-
one St-nonndcr rifled run.
Tho crcat aitnerlofltr of the Alabama, altb
her powerful battery, and her machinery, Ac, 1 though they may have perceived that the "Key
under the water line, tnual lie at once recog. stone Slate" bad received serious damage, no
nixed by the Department, who are familiar llh attempt waa ever made to approach hen The
the construction of the Ilaltcros, and her total ' " Stettin" and " Oltown," at tbu extreme end
unlllncsa fur a contest with a regularly built or the line, did not get under way rrom their
vessel or wsr. The distance between the Hat- position till after Ihe firing had ceased, andlbe
teraa and tha Alabama during the action varied ''Stettin" merely saw Ine Wore .mote as the
from twenty-lite in one hundred yanlai nearly 1 rams disappeared over tbe bar. Thu "Flan"
fifty shots were fired from the Hatteraa. and I ' waa alone- aldath. " w.rii..o.. n..
nrcsume n Greater number from the AlAlmmn.
1 desire 10 rcrer ts the efficient and acllvo
manner lu which Acting Master Henry Porter,
eiecutlyo offlcer, performed hla duty. Tim
conduct of Asslsunt Burgeon Edward S. Mat-
tbeus.lolh during the action and afterwards,
In attention to tho wounded, dtlnands my nn-
qualified commendation. I would also brinir
. - . ..- --- -- ---- .
to the ravorablo notice or the Department Ait,
Ing Master's 1 Mate T. J. McGrath, temporarily
perrormlog duty as gunner. Owing to tho
darkness or the night, and tho peculiar ion-
strnctlon of the Hatteraa, I am able only to
refer to the conduct of those ofilcera who came
nnder my especial attention, but from thn
character of the cotiust and tbe amount of
(.'amiga uuuu iu iiioAianaiun, 1 iiave personalty
no reason to believe that nny officer railed in
his n.ltv.
To tcie men of the Hatteraa I cannot give
loo much pralsei their enthusiasm and bravery
waa of the i'lghest order.
I enclose tne report or Assistrnt Burgeon
Edward B. Matthews, by which vouwllTnb-
scrte that five men were wounded and two
killed the missing, Jt Is hoped, havo n ached
the rieet at Galveston. I shall commuiticato to
the Department In a separate report the raovo
menta or mvseir anr command front tbe time
nt our trausiir 10 tne Aianama nntn ine acpar
lure nf the enrlli el mall from this place to the
United Slates.
I nm very respectfully,
Your obedient servant,
II. V. Rukg.
Lieut. Commander U B. A.
Hon IliDgoN Wrti I., Secret.r) nf the Vat ,,
Waslilngton, I). C.
II. B. Consulate, Kixobioh, Jamaica,
Jauuary 21, inn.
Biri I have to report to you the annexed lut
or casualties, as resulting from our retcnt brTl-
nnui cm uiaaairuna riigagriaeui wnn the rehel
I steamer Alabamai
Jobn li. Clear, flramsn, Ireland, killed
Wm. Healy, fireman, Ireland, killed
Edward McGowan, fireman, Ireland, severe
j wound of tlil;,li
JobUVtlllte. first Cabin bov. Ireland a!lr!,l '
wound of leg. '
, .Edward Molloiek, captain's mate, Delaware, I
,riatophcr Steptotrlcb, tra Amtrla, .light
1 sarina rl (lirs ol '
au.ui nuuuu ci uauu.
r nvttWV '(-ft
Patrick Kane, landaman. Ireland, alight
libeling Multr l'artrldgJ'anu'Bve men in
missing, U of whom, Wl may hope bars reach.
iTine iteea.as'uaiyeaionj 'ine wouuaea are
In k iavtah1s! eondlUon jancf will soon ba able1
to retura to duly in the service of their country-
1 A thottth deatltale bwln to tWlDld sink.
Ing.bf IhJlUtterasi-of rjra4lelncaVnd even of
lulBcleni covering for the mounded, yet no dlf1
ocnty was ezperiencea in inetr proper (rest
tnent. An ample supply of medicines and
targrCal sryrdlanecj were guaeed at cay disposal
by the Medical onlcers or lbs Alabama for the
use of tha sick and wourtdfl'or thsT Ilatteras.
I, am, very rrepectfnlly; yonr obedleit aer-
Assistant Burgeon, V 8 N.
I.lent. C ommander II, C. Blah.
Late Coronisndlng U. B. steamer Ilatteras,
Oflslal netsert f taie CasamanderB of the
Pederal Veaaela Katgasjerl, Proaaisne
Idsc thtlXslsel JfawspaperState
roebta a txllbarate falsshood.
tiAa-ntr WiBJsn,
I'naTJtOTSblUnBon, B. 0.,
. February 11th, 16A3.
Bill In mi crevloua dispatch. No. TO. writ
ten Just as the ,mallwaa closing, I Informed
the Department that I would send a refntsflon
In an ofncdal torn, ot rh"j statement made In
General lanrrgar4 proclamation aa to tha
blockadeofCba,rTeaton, published In theCharles
tvn and Bavannah ranera.and accomDanled bv
assertions made with the apparent sanction of
certain loreign lunctionaries.
The emphatic letter of Captain Tinner (No.
l)l the clear and decided statement of tho offi
cers (No. ,3), which he forwardsi together
with tbe previous Inquiries and etamlnatlon
of log-books made by Captain Gordon, of the
Powhatan, who waa tbe senior officer present
previous to the arrival of the New Ironsides,
and whom I had dispatched to Charleston the
day ofthe raid, leave me nothing to add sate
to call tha especial attention of the Department
to tha facts tuns elicited.
Very respectfully, yonr ob't eerv'l,
8. P. Do Pott,
Rear Admiral Commanding
Bomb Atlantic Blockading Suadron.
Hon. (iinro Wgu rs, Secretary of the Navy,
Ue B. B. FnraiTi Nrvr Iron stnis.
Of t harleston, S. O., Eebrtlary 10, 18C3.
Rtar Adwlrol X. F. Jht iW,
romrnandlNi 8. A, JJ. Mpiailrtm t
Admiiui. 1 I have the honor to forward Id
yon a rertlncalo algncd by all the commanding
officers of vessels that were lying en Charles
ton Bar the morning or the attack or the rams
udou this squadron, eiceptlmr onlv throe, one
of whom Is on duty at a distance, and the oth
er two, ine commanaera or tne two vessels
which wero sent to Port Royal to repair dam
ages, and w)ilch were the only two that were
lniurrd. notwithstanding the rcuort of the en.
emy. In the Charleston papera, aa "the result
of the engagement, that two Vessels were sunk,
(J) set on, Are, and the remainder driven away.
Your personal knowledge or these gentl
men, and your entire confidence In their truth
and uprightness of character, will give to their
statement tho force) that Is necessary to refute,
satisfactorily anil effectually, that which has
been gtyen to the world by the anthorltlea lu
Charleston, and their eympatblrers at the facta
of thla engagement.
It Is with unaffected pain, that lam called1
npon to forward a document refiectlnir ao ee-
vtrcly, tnt. Justly, upon functionaries, holding
the high position oiconsuls,'and dne or them,
irthla statement has been made by hla authori
ty, the commander or a vessel or war or her
llrlttanle Majestyi nor can I account for It In
any other way than Its being a promedllated
act on their part, with rorcgono conclusions, to
draw up a report that would prejndlca our
cause In the eyes or tho world, or that these
eventa were seen uy tncra with tbe distorted
optica of prejudiced and partltariWltncsBCs.
Tbe facts are so clear, both as to the dlsposl
tlnn or tha blockading squanrondnrlng the day
succeeding tho engagement, and as to tho
amonnl of damage done to our vessels In ft.
.1... I. .1.. ..... .,,. -e ., .. .l . .. '
irontinm,,, ,. .!. ,i, .Mi.r i..i. 1.1-1.
ciiac 11 uM-n nub Huinit 01 a uonui mat ineso
. offlees in a version or thn acrat ihi.t, aam
not havo been, by any possibility, either by
Inference or personal observation, fooced upon
I . .1. i.a! -... a. '
incir n'nvininni inun
I bare the honor to be.
Vtry respectfully,
Your obedient servant,
T. TmNr.it,
V. B. SrriKin - Nfcw Inoiwni,"
Off CniRutsroN, Feb. 10, 1B03.
We, the nnderalgned officers, commanding
various vessels of the Blockading Squadron off
Charleston, have aeen the proclamation or Gen.
Beauregard and Commodore Ingraham, here
with appended, aa also tha results or the so
cslled engagements, vln two vessels sunk,
four act an lire, and the remalnderdrlven awayi
and also the statement that tha British Consul,
and tbe Commander of the British war steamer
"Petrel," had previously gone five miles be
yond the asnal anchorage or tha blockade, and
could aee nothing or them with tbelr glasses.
Ws deem It onr duty to state that the so
called results are u(s in rwry rajrtlrular, no
vessels were sunk, none were set on fire seri
ously. Two vessels alone are Injured of ronac
quenco the " Mcrrf dlta" bad her boiler ex
ploded by a shell tbm the onlygun tired at her
when aurprlacd by an attack at night, a thick
hare waa prevalllngi and the " Keystone Btele"
also bad her' steam chest Injured at tbe moment
of attempting to run down one of the rama.
, Tbe " Keystone Stat j" was at once assisted hv
tile " Memphis." which teaael eYehanveri slmta
I with the Iron ram. aa aha waa wlthdeawlnr in.
I Rn haatv b-,,ii.Ai,i r (t.al.e ,1.., .1
iwoc Dtaie." aa uia also tne "irnatieei:itv "
t, i.aIl .i.iai ,n ,,.. . . , . ,1
. .v .... ...iu,-. ,w iud ,iu ruuuijbiiik urmeii
linking. Tbe rams withdrew hastily ton ards I
t ,0 harbor, and on their way were fired at by
the " nonsatoulo" and " At.usta," until bolt
had got bet ond reach of their guns. They au-
chored nnder the protection of their forts, and
remained tliore.
NiKeuel.ta.klo..u.,. .,....i . .
tho bar after tho return of the rams lu ahore.
The Unadllla was not aware or the attuck nntll
tho Housatonlc rommenceil firing, when sho
moved out towards that vessel for her anchor-
Tim Housatonlc waa never bsioud Of luual
lint oj tht blixladt Tho Quaker City In tho
foecnoon. nicked nn i.e. nM,r,rci,it, .Y. 1.. j
1 the '
bad I
' 00
1 sitppea to repair to the point or firing 1
1 flag communicated with the senior offlcer
board the Housatonlc that forenoon, soon after
tbe firing ended, and the blockade continued
aa before. No vessel ran In or out of tho port
that day, nor was any atttmpt made la run (As
Woetajs. The Keystone State nectssarlly wsa
ordered to Port Royal for repairs. The Una
dllla returned to her usual anchorage, after
communicating with the senior olUcir, where
she remained during the day. Throughout tu
day, tm nnall lug-boiiti remained apparently in
attendance on tho ram, nnder cover or Forts
prlncms Royal, which bad been alongside ol
tbe Housatonlc was dlspali bed to Port Royal.
one flour an J a half after Iht ram had ntlrti to
jTuuiinu ami ocauregaru me prim steamer.
Iht ewtr of Iht latttrkt and thn tlrlnn h,l pp.,,,1
, These .,.n.f.. ..i ... .1
1,1 UllUUk w OV B, IU,
si.te that no tcsserdld como out Vevond lb.
I bar after the return of tho rams, at between 7
anil 8 a 111., to Ihe cover of Ihe forts. We bo-
Have the statement, that any vissel came any-
I where uear tha usual anchorage of any of the
' Mockaderi, or vj to Iht bar, after the wllh-
draws! of the rams, lo be deliberately and
knowingly raise.
If tlio statement from the papors, ai now Ijo-
foro us, lias Ihe sanction of the Petrel and thu
foreign onsuls, we can only deplore that for-
clgn officers ran lend their official positions to
the spreading before the world, for unworthy
nhtect. ,iurti(u. natent tn ererv nlllr,ee r ka
sqljsdrou. Wat. RoogRS TlTU), Cap! ,
Com 'g II. 8. Steamer lliuaatonlc
v it OTROluo, com r.
L'om'g l' S Sieamer Flag.
Js. Mapisom FRAiuy, Com.,
. Com'c.U. B. Btaamer Qnaket Qlty.
PlKD. tl. WATM0U8H, ' ,
Com'g V. fl.Btssmer Memphis.
10 'O.J. Tax Jiumi; unit.
Com'g U. 8. Btssmer Bteliln.
ornciAU "
- t ft -'"T' -OS f
nevi0.''"' MiuTimr Dist. o WAinixoTOi,
irosAtriotea, I). C, Fib. 18, 18o3.
General Orders, No. rj AH clllren prisoners
now" en parole, by authority of; .he Misery
Governor, or Provost Msrsbsl of ryJumlDgton,
D. C, are ordered ia report, without 'delay, to ,
ton. U
By command of Brig. Gen. MiSTrsDits.
Joax V. 8aakaVa,
r t b K-3t Ass't AdJ'l Qeocral.
DsraaTiiiirr ov Btar,
Washington,-January M, 18DD.
The Secretary of State win hereafter receive
members nf Congress on bust ness on Saturdays,
commencing with Saturday, tha first of next '
Temporary llama gar iters, tbjej. A,
Tha Sanitary Commission 11 tuts opened a
branch of Its Washington Army Belief Station,
for the protection and accoramodatlOa of fe
male nurses, tempofarllydetalaed tn Washing
ton by Illness, or while waiting orders and nn
provided wllb proper quarters by Government
or friends. All anch nurses will' be made wel
come on application at tha office of tha Com
million, SM a" street. fsbt-lm
C Talbert, deaeased, the eaesutor aforesaid has,
with the approbation of the Urphaoa' Court of
Washlogtoa Couaty aforessld, appotatsd Tuesday,
tha lotkday ot March next, for tha goal Battlement
aad dlstrlhutloa of tbe personal estate of aakl de
ceased, 01 tbe assets In head, aa far aa the aame
have been collected and turned Into money, when
and where all the creditors and hairs ofssld de
ceased areaotlncato attend (at the Orphans' Court
ol Washington Couaty aforessld) with their
clslms properly vouched, or they easy otherwise
by law be excluded Iroaa all baastlt la Bald de
ceased'a estate, provided a copy of this order be
Sutllshed once a weak for three weeks la the
aruaat Kef kiUra previous to the said lh day or
March. 1BU ,
Teste: 7. C ROBBIrlS,'
feb IS-lswiw RegUtar c. J .Willi
AiiltTAirr OtfAmTEaMAatTVat'si Orrtrr.
WstMingtvnbrpot etnur Q mnd t3drti4t,
Ii tMnotont 0 C , Trbnttiry Ut IW3
Ta trvMit lninoiltlna urw.'tlia Mt.laiwai of
thli dVpot, notl la hfrtbj rlTn that ara-fitr
00 trauifrr ofelaltni fur MrrTeM rendctad will b
fornliediiJ paid at thli odor, unlet! tbd-
maDd 1 accorapaiitad by a legal powfr of attr-
urji wuu s,ite (sriiutrTu iriruuf at simp aiiatcntvi I
Anil ai all iuch elalraa art rcqulrad o t lUBtalatil
t( trial tlnsa tuuaarsi I at tsila ortlaa r.-m'Jtt ...SI...SI
br the time books In this office, or dulv authantl.
anted transfer lists In aoeordaaoe with the Revised
Regulations of tha Arms . aad subject to such stop-
J'ages aa are authorised by the War Pcpartmsat,
laltn Agents, Groggery Keepers, and othsrs, are
warned that the purchase ot suaa claims are inci
dent to deductions which msy not appear upon
the race or the time ticket or traaafev list.
rebl lw Aast. Quartermaster, U.i A
Dll. VlHllBIiATT,
Of No 411, corner omihth and Estreats,
Optoslte the General Post Office,
Ceo be consulted on UtlCVMATlC JsTrCTIOKX,
A I FLCllOHS, aa waU Mall Diseases of Imprudence,
of whatever character, aod which may be declared
Incurable brother phyaletana. lteengegastaRiek.i
an Immediate sure.
Yom bis Isngthy praetle. In the aclaae. or roedl
das, ha Is enabled lu oner himself to the public as
being tha only one In Washington capable of afford
ing speedyreUef. All easea earable will be guaran
tied lie warraats a sure without tho us. of mer
cury or anyotherdangarouamadlctao. Reeeatsases
enred In two or thra. days, fa
N D. batterssdJrssMdtoCr. F.,athlsoffla, No.
421, eorosr of KIgbth aad E strsets, opposite Gen
seal Past Offlca, will malts tmmadlaU atteauoa.
oss y
SMITH'S, 40 Sevealh strret, Hssdqnarters for
ciothipg, ; jsaa
X Clrllan Sacks, for eltliens and soldiers, at
SMITH'S, seo Wenth street, opposite City rost
ottlca. j, us
Carpratrra ol thla elty are reepectfully lavltad
5,".."2.1.1.THNo' "steoth street, to buy their
CLOTHING, aa they caa isvs at Issst 10 par cant
1 ours, rcsprctrully,
J. It SMITH, Clothier,
400 seventh street and corner
JaSS Tweatlath street aad too, areoue
A'qenct OP '
(riues, Tras, and lUITmuit,)
Tor aale at maaufacturer's prices.
Jan :i 22s Penn ar., opp Willard HduL
431 PtrrtERTBI STBXgT,
irttrtlajlro, D. C,
1. h. prtiaioi, 1. 1, rnrrixTON,
laaMHaaryJanuafean. AlltmnmlUw
fab S
Mr. Goodsll'a dsy pupils will plaasa sassmble at
W maids' Hall, onlATUHDAT, the lllh Instant,
V ,m ..T,m the course ' Young Isdies
. m, ...u.. in, cuuiii - uuDgiautas
olo this clsss " feb II st
.--...... .... . ,cu ,. .,-
, FxsaoAav , isu
Pbopoiau for Blue-stone nsgrtag will be re
ceived at the office of tbe Bureau 01 Coastmstloo,
Treasury Departmaat, until it o'clock M , Feb
ruary n. IMS, for Blua-stoae flaggiog, according
to the following schedule 1
160 Atonee, 7 feet u leches, x S feat x 4 laches
Ico to J00 atones, I foot S laches, X I lest x 9
ah sinn
..'.- -". v . aiwim, mr,,m iu au v'e-fl
All Stoaes to he squared, dressed to aa eraa
il"""!".' without any wlodag. whatever
nTx'tu tn. Treasurl' SnuS.? ",,""h " "
The tVrVrhuent r,rsfn m I Ji right to rel.ct TO
or all thaTldsTlt eonstdared for th IntsresVor thi
Government to do so
Bids to he enclosed la a sealed eavalope, endorsed
"rroposals for Blue-stone Hagxlng"
,.-Ens1'"r In.Chsripe Treasury Departmsnt
o-ltF-Mano '
pilOPOSAl.il FOU Clf.Aae.
. . . TaiAioav DiraaTMixT, Fb. is, 1MJ
"lu " xtureau or Cbostructloo, Trassurr
Psi'srlmeut, until la o'clock M .March jd, losi. ,
"!' OLASS, according to tha following schedule of 1 ,
slies Bod OUalltlea Satnnleanr Ihaklnrfnr (II. '
estimated Tor to be fucalahed by each bidder
French Piatt hlatt.
194 plates 43 S-ia x so 1-1
ISO do it as IMI4
111 do 41 1-4 xgol-rj
ISO do 49 S-!SxIOI-e
11 do 43 MS X IS 14
111 do 4 S-llxlUI-a
IM do 21 7-8 X IS 1.8
IS do l T-S XtJMI
III do SS II 11x3014
iMa ThlcL Freneh Cryttal,
S3 pistes SI 1-11 x It
Jtouyh Hammertil Olaufor tihUghti.
m piates bixvtt a-sinchthick
All the Claii tn be delltereil st the Treasury
Building, perfect aod unbrokeo, aod according to
aamplea lu thickness sndqusllly Tha whole to
be delli cred from the 10th of March to the 1st of
April, as maj he required
.!,?,,'. :'",.S",K "?""? "?"?
,?, V. "."""". ",!r""ur ' 'b'T
W wlllu Quired 7i Tgui'ltotir boadSV tha.
J.'lf .ftl'i!'i,i"",,"t ""t;1 " "" "h " "J" 't aul I
yi.t'Je.mJ"?!' lI c,1"l,1", 'r I he Interest or lb.
tiovernment to da so
Invelopss contslniog bids to I e endorsed " Pro
posals for Olass, Treasury I afenslon '
r.h ?' . t 'hsrge Tresiury Uepsrtmsut,
rcb I4-WIM3 Washington, U t
" iLiiiiira.
a as A.vv sTEAir tjrrtji
684. SnmtK Uriel, near OarutJ Bridge,
-,'.' 'i'." ,,lm'd too aborlcat notice, li, tha
S?.!l utlal tnauoar, aad oa rsssnnsbls tl rmaT
tkKu.rMtoT"to "r'rt-'

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