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TBIPATiiHiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiMiiiMAT M, 1803.
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ctoju. to (As Cmat AtmmNyof Ohio, Fibnury,
Tsairs. Th. ftdrf rtlMmcatt on our fourth par
r. lartd by authority of tha railroad companies
rcr-Uy nsmad, are ofnelally corrected when
chaaf it ara mid., hence can be relied upon ai cor
ron citt rcoistkr.
Block Marktt Today.
We nre indebted to Jay Cooko A Co., bankers,
fvrtbc rollowlnrcnnrtltlon of the atoelc and late
aarket to-day
Burin Senior
I S Coupon! floritS! 103 106L,
v n-Kiaiervu .. .. . iuj
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Ameruso gold coin . 143
Certificate check! RSK
, tw York, 11 a, in
r I Coupoui 108.
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I 5 C.mneatei(nrw), .... w-
Gold . iu.
What hit become of General Mllror's caralrT
'hat were In such not pursuit of Moseby and
Lis men a few days ago I Major Adams, of
ue Lincoln cavalry, was the officer who led the
purioit, and a Baltimore cotemporaty has de
trrlbod him as performing prodigies of valor
rimming bis horse across a rlrcr, Ac, Ac.
We bellere that this prodigious valor, however,
wis displayed In getting oot of Moseby't way.
Ve tive good authority for laying that Adams
came up with Moieby, who had only thirty
men, but Instead of bagging tht lot, at be
should have done, Inasmuch is he had a whole
regiment with him, Mosehy killed three of I
idami't men, wounded others, took several
prisoners, and took hit departure, treating the ,
iooghly Major with contempt. We hare sprn I
a letter from an officer In Winchester, dated
tha till, In which It It stated that "Major
Adaai had charge preferred against him for
cowardice before tha enemy last week, and that
he bss resigned his commission." We hope
lE'.i matter will be thoroughly Inrreilgaied,
isd that no officer will be permitted in resign
.a till face of inch chargea. Evidently things '
-e not ' hat they ihonld be up there U the
VaUev The lesson hat arrived who" , T(irT
test mllltirr ulent, ai well w ..e-none.!
sovaltr, It re-.ulred at .hat .-,., polnl
t Una bit Worls.
Ve tt-s t-.-
td f-.tefianltarTComrals.
! - i ei-'firM the ' Itfpori t"
Siiitar ! Qntrantlne rnnTentlnu,
. ,J .Mnnm nf mmltm-
U l,i-J.-. -. fcv--M.j -. j
m-viturea to cltlM, bj John Bell, M. D.,of
P Uauelphia, ' alio, a "Draft of a banlury
Code for Cities (reported to tU Committee on
Internal Hygelne), by Henry O Clark, of Bo
lon, one of the committee."
The Importance of the bints contained In this
volume caa hardly be OTCTeatl mated. Tho n
pon of Dr Bell li very fall and exhaustlre upon
tte subject of which It treats, and the Sanitary
C dt prepared b? Dr. Clark suggests the
method of raduclng the theory to practice. Dr.
.ar .,') was for screral jears cliyphjslrlan
of Boeton. and Is now at tho head of th T
partment of TJotpltal Inspection In the 1 R
BsnltarrComm'islon, Is high anthorltr In such
matters, he baring devoted much attention
ad aie n.ents to this branch of medical in-,-
Our 'Itr fathers should lyall mean-.
ujsub t)ia"'Ues acquainted with the contents
ot " -( um ".pt-.k'-a of.
Work In Ihr ItlRht DIrrrtton.
Tue Naeuvllle Vhoh of the Sd ways. ' Mrs.
-oetf, fwlft of a (-on federate Congressman,)
Mrs F-l Bro, Mrs. Col. Hawkins, Mrs AI
l BLd Mrs GUbralth and daughter, scut here
i- m Louisville, an 1 a liitraHer of citizens of
s) ill-, iti til at ill iweuu, were sent b
nd the Fcderrl lines csierdaj, lo try their
tonanfn in Dixie." Jt Is never loo late to do
oM, hene nr hall the above demonstration
o Kentucky as an omen of good, which Me
Lope will be pnt Into practice lit Washington,
"en at this late dav.
A Good Idea.
Ue Htoteof New Tork employs five efficient
cnt-u to fcurcrintend tht; transnorution of slak
i.fi trminri..! sniJioH c,m .i... t.m.Af .
D, ,. , , , ... A small party of the enemy advanced near
Poioma- t this rhy and thence to their homes McMlnnvllI yr.terday, but soon returned ac
tn Sew Tork fctate Among the men assigned i compllshlns: nothing Tho liitt.lllgenio unln
VO this important duty la Mr. Felix McCloakey tret1fig:
r eWry?rltyVWh0 'MK"nl---nia rl.rr Me.r.ua
of the Charlssion DemrK-ratic Conrentlon, and Nbw y0R. M s.Tho rtMm Amcrica.
irno am not a uhih in bringing about a sudden
dissolution I thai imdv.
Nwjio HoiniEha Trw tfnt Major
..len. of the rebel armj, and on of the
wealthiest planters on tht Jamr rlvr, near
Richmond, organld, hi hit own . p-nM i,
oattery of six guns, whim was manned by tho
negn9 belonging to Ids esla', who were resn-'
larly drilled, and, during the Peninsula ram
palgn, took active part In the several enicat
ments Major Allen was killed during ttu
seven days' .fight
If Qett DtvenskeronlMln(rwonndedlnhlalf,ro?1t,.,r7M '""l m,,VPl nmPle rrlniorrpmema
wes, he will hardlybeablotosa'.ehimself from ?" . .. !'uartfr.-nd ' hy thn .Ml. at
MJkt4t,ri9U (Mas,.) Itet, tJ UlX
1 "' , New Urlnm im imn Miiirnl Imni snl m-
Wlthout delaying to remark that Gen Devens Ivaslon by tli. arrival ol nlnronim.nui.so that
... KarVip. wnnml.d In lit. tiWMi. Imt In ' should iho InsurtreiitS ktt.mni n O.-.'e .....sn
hi. !.-. we would resDoctfnllv Inaulre whether
the author of the abore Joke Is still Bring ?
The ralueof the eight vesiA.s and cargoes
lately reported captured by the Alabama and
Highly Interesting Partioulars
No Occasion for Discouragement.
Cavalry tent Out to Aaaertaln Jokmtou'a
The Stoamor Sultana Boportcd
AU tho Robot Itodoubts Cap
turod by Gon. Grant
Robols Boll Shells upon Our
Cnicaoo, May 29, The JInui' special, dated
"on the Held, near Vlcksbnrg, S3d, p. m.
taysi No lighting to-day. The troops resting
from ycatcrdaya assault. Our repnlso was
complete on nil parts of the line.
No discouragement need bo entertained of
our llnal success. We are entrenching our
selves and building rifle pits.
Cavalry has been sent ont towards Canton to
ascertain tho whereabouts of Johnston's forces.
Our loss jester Jay was not far from a thou
sand men.
The Times' special Memphis dispatch, dated
the 27th, states The steamer Sultana, from
Young's rolnt, la reported loit.
On Friday, the Federal forces were repulsed
at Vlcksburg.
The steamer Clly of Memphis, from ihe vi
cinity of Vlckskurg, arrived to-day, and reports
Grant as hat Ing capture .1 every rebel redoubt.
At one place It was neconsary, owing to the
steepness of the hill, to scale it with ladders.
General Hovey led the assault. The rebels
rolled shell down the hill at tho Federals, which
exploded amongst them, making fearful havoc
Fighting waa going on furiously when the
Cltv of Memphis left
V Bald inlo Mar land Contemplated.
Lee Congratulates his Troops on
their Past Achievements.
I Call Upon
h- Prrpnrnl.
HjtiDQrARTKhn AftMT or fOTovAC, May 2S,
The enmT Is In motion. Their trains are
., I A. -.,..,- fl
'! ...u,.K .... r-i-
"""" "J ' -'---" r
Gen, Ie, It Is said, has Issued au addrrss to
his armv, rongratnlstlng thtpm upon their past
arhlevementi", and foreshadowing a raid into
Maryland. lie tells them they are to hare long
and rapid marches, tbrongh a country without
railroads, and rails npon cverr mm to be pre
pared for sevcrc-it hardships.
Cni( K.n, May .i9. A special dlMpiith from
Memphis, dated the 2Ctb. sayi A detachment
of the Second Wisconsin cavalrv attacked a
party of guerrillas on the Hernando road, Tues
day, killing four and capturing tire ot their
nu in iter.
A few davs since, a detachment of the Fifth
V, Isconsln and Third Iowa cavalry fought with
a superior force of guerrillas, seven mllet. bark
of Helena, and 11 nally droe them utT.
Their reivrted loss Is nine killed and twenty
onu wounded Among them their Colonel.
The Federal loss Is four killed, twenty wound
ed and several prisoners.
On the 24th Inst., Col. Hatch had a fight
a 1th two hundred of Chamber's guerrillas near
Scnatobia, capturing slxt), killing ten and
wounding twenty.
lallaiidigliam at Miclbjtllle, Trim,
H-aPQ'f a Armt or toe Potomac, May 38,
12 p. m. Late Ilichmond papers contain the
TriLAHOMA, May 20 Vullandigham Is now
i at Hhelbyville,
, from Grejtown on the 20th, hns arrived. She
hrlngi. a largenumber of passengers from Call
fornia. and a confirmation of the total d.feat
of the rev o it Ion ar j party In Nicaragua under
Jfrez, hv rresinent Martioer.
Jerez won tbebailloof thp28th of April. In
whirl. Marline wns slightly wounded. He
ihrMi mirrhftl on Leon, where Martinez gained
a roniplef lctory .Terer and twelve officers
werr all of his armv who ramped rapture
1 hainorrr, who held Fort San ("arloi for
Icri'7 ficd to ( opta Rlra
flu rpolntlon It thus entlrrlv rnilicl
lllKlil) XmNriaiil.
H fi. in l.e lltth ilonbl (hit liv ll.i l.tnn
I S! J. .? u'r'11 .??". bPiie in
Western Louisiana, they will slgaallyf&i)
I ,9mmercwt vwn irmr
The cargo of the Great Eastern contains two
hundred tons of Iron plates for the I nlted
Ho 1b Handod over to tho Lon
don Folico.
He Sues an English Colonel and lie
covers 25.
Handsome George Jordan, who was one of
the fayorlte light comedian! of the New York
tage, end who wai In New Orleana and became
tainted with tecctslonlsm In the beginning of
the rebellion, hat been playing lereral months
In London, where he seems to hare had a some
what adTentnrons llfo. Becoming Terr Jcaloat
of his wife, (Mist Thorne,) who was sntpected
by him of Infidelity, he teparatcd from her and
allowed her to pnnne her own course, until he
found that Dion Bonclcanlt wai nndnly Intl
mate with her. This wai too much for him to
endurethat Bonclcanlt, the inapper-up of
other men'i trlflea In dramatic authorthlp, thol.raln lnd , wllh lbt mcrobcrt of the rebel
Mau Bonclcanlt, thonld become hit riral irai
unbearable. He panned Bonclcanlt to licr
lodginga one night; he entered and attempted
to eject Dion, but Instead was cjoctcd by an
Engtlili colonel. TVe find the ttory told by
Gcorpe'i conmcl In a report of hU a nit apalnut
the Engllih colonel. In the bondon Standard
of the 13th Initant, ai follow:
(Stttlor at Ntsl Prim, before Lord Chief Juittce
Coekburn d a Common Jury )
Jordan ts. ObbonTh wai an action
brought to recoTer compennatlon In damages
for an ansanlt and falie Inprltonment. The de
fendant pleaded a Justlficaiton.
Mr. Berjeant Parry and .Mr. Montague Wil
liams were counsel for the plain tl IT j Mr. Kara
lake for the defendant.
Mr. Serjeant Parry. In opening theplalntlra
case, sajd that the plaintiff was at present a
comedian at the Lyceum Theatre, llo was a
gentleman who bad formerly resided with his
wife In America, where they practice, tho pro
fession of an actor and actress, baring married
In February. 1858. In the year 1801. they camo
to EngUnd, and be obtained an engagement at
the Prtncws'i Theatre, whilst his wife, contrary
to his wishes, accepted an engagement which
was offered her by Mr Dion Bonclcaul. at the
Drnry Lane Theatre. The defendent wai a
colonel In her Majesty's service, and the pres
ent action was brought In consequence of tho
defendant's having caused hlin to be taken lo
a potlco station In tho custody of a policeman I
.St ?,,,' nnlouna' "fB- lue Plain-'
tltTanrl lilts wtTa whin t linv tltt i-n t V . i
land went to reside with Mr. and Mrs. Charles
.av " P.-. I.J ...V VHUsv fc" sll
Mathews, at Fulharn, for some time, and after
and ultimately In Regent street. Whilst living
In Heircnt streeet tho plaintiff had reason to
warasmey iook longings at io. kj, rail-mail,
oaD.mi-r.anaci..7, ana m consequence or
Mr. Boucicault ho straratcd from her. and she '
returned to their former lodelnes. GOPall.tn.il. i
la riuo. i
On the evening of the 3d ScDtember. 1W15
the plalntllTheard that Mr. Boucfcault had made
an appointment to meet his wife at her lodg-
ings, and he thcrcupon,wllh a gentleman named
JaraeMn, repaired to the house In Pall-mall,
They watched In the street forborne time, and
ultimately about twelve o'clock .brougham
sloppod at the house, and having deposited a t
lady, whom tho plaintiff believed was his wife,
then drove np King street, St. James's. Mr! '
Jamrson remained watching the Jtoute whilst
mepiainiiu iouoca tno Brougham. Having i
"rrr,!'1;"'' Z2S2&1 fT,"'
Jameson, and after watching the house for I
some time a lady oppcared at an open window '
as n waicningiorsomcono. Alter an elapse
S ,:." V ... , ,."TT:Vr"?,'yT. l,. I. entirely submerged, and a total
up and down In front of the house until
the lady opened Ihe dorr and let him In. Tho '
I laintHf immodlatel walkod up lothedoor,
And rindlnir It sbni he knoekl. .nrt it .i ,
opened by his wife. Theplalntlffsald. "Where '
Is that man, Boucicault (" She replied, ' ship Ohl.
"He Is here, but for neat en's sake don't ex- Actln , Ai,tan, Paymaster N. C. Freeman,
pose inft. ' The plaintiff then went upstairs , , .
and searched his if's rooms, but could not ordered to steamer Iron Age
llnd Mr. Bonclcanlt He then scarchod tho , Acting Assistant Paymaster W. R. Wood
second Ooor, which was unoccupied, and was , word, ordered to bark Ethan Allen.
proceeding to go to the third floor when bewas ..,.. ,. ri, . ,, ,
met bv the delendant. bo nrcnnlcl that mite ActlnS AsslsUnt Payraaiter Chaa. E. .Mltth
of apartments He Informed the defendant
what he was there for. and tho defendant raid
that he might search the rooms. He proceeded
to do so. one of them was locked, and he could
not And Mr BoucKaull Ir cither of th. other
rooms The plaintiff, upon that, tonsldercd
that the defendant had counlved Mlth Mr
Btiuclcanll fur the litter's security in th house.
He implored the defendant to allow him to
searcli mat room, and in allowed to turn Mr
Bonclcanlt out of tho house The landlady at
that lime inado her appinranco upon tho laud-
Ing. Tho dcundant refns.d the plaintiff any
satisfaction whatever, and ordered him out of
the honse He refused to go until ho had seen
Mr. Boucicault out of the house. A policeman
then came upon the landing and tho defendant Aijuit, May 28. Tho Democratic State
ordered him to remote the plaintiff. Tho po- Central Committee met here to day. Thorcso
llcrman n fused lo do so, allcginc that ho had lntlnns.nd declaration fifths l.t Ri.i.r,..
no authority, and upon that the defendant gave
the plalutllt Into tho policeman's cuitody. Ho 1
H..IUUKJWI" mo .uic.ircLi police station,
here tho plaintiff wns rhorL'ed with creating
a disturbance In the house No. CO, Pall malli
nut tuc aeienaant, wnen he was as Ken to sign
tho charge sheet refused to do so, upon which
the Inspector on doty discharged the plaintiff
The learned scrjeant, in concluding his open-
ing ioiuo jury, sam mat tho matter had bien
the subject of conversation tliroiishout the
wiwi.uimu I'luitniuutii wnirn mo piainiut
was a member. It woa a matter of gnu nn
noyanco to him, ana ho non camo btf.ire lh
Jury to recojer inoderato ho would nol ask for
excessive damages for tho purpose of Undi-
eating his character.
Ihe plaintiff was called, and corroborated despotic doctrines. Tiny admit tho Jurlsdic
tho earned counsel's opening. lion of mllllury low within Ihe lines of war-
jue jury, .iter, consuiianonoi aiionl hair
an hoar, returned the following verdict. " Wo
Hml a vi rHIft fnr I in n a ni rl rlmn m sill
...... ... . .... ,..v ,-.-,.,.,... ..a,..U,n ,, i,
c arc of opinion that the plaintiff ncnhly
-...vi-u.u- uuu-, ue um rwu up suirs, i.ui
The rd Chief Justice. Then yon llnd the
!" i'rueui
The Jun Wo do.
Verdltt lor the plaintiff accordingly.
Hplesto be IIiiuk To-day.
Five rebel iplca and one Union soldier were
to Buffer death lodoj, under the sentence of
courts martial. The following are their names
m B Lomrtou, rel.el army, convicted as a
Iy, win ijb niiDK ai ron Mcmnrv, u-iitimore
(since nprloed;, Thos Firkins, allaa Haw
kins, rebel urniy, spj , to be hung on JohnsonV
Island, Lake Erie, near Sandusky Oil), Ohio, ,
John It I jle, rebel arm), spj, to be hung on !
Johnson's Island (ti-ornu P Sims, ubcl sj ,
to be liun' on Johnson's Island, Gto B Hun
gess, rebel hpy, to be hung on Johnson
Island) John C Shore, of to F, WnU Illlnon
rei;lm. nt, for mutiny and Innuhordlnntlon, to
lie i hot on Jnlmon's Irluud
itllai.itlfliRni AckuovlcilK-a his Kp.
trlnlloii JustlflMlile,
I A corriBpundfnt of tin Cincinnati Wuw,,
j who u i mi iam.d ilm pirt that tunud Mr
i Vallan U jh uu v. i to ihe n hcls, says
Tli litnrinnof Mr Vallandlhatn ibronli
.lit tin whob allilrwas mod at, sensible au I
litlgni(Ui). In lon.crBallon wlih jour crru
Aponilent b mnctldlt niltnlihd iluil the dull
j ina if ic uoi nnncni with liimaill vten
ji.irir.Hin and JuxtlltaMi Kibe I m m uin
ti tin torid war, hn adinitlMl ihiit in tint
.aMh. (,overnmnl would he nhllgwl ton,, i, had taken a prominent and active part
al i h i h fl al foi r ol lal Btntm, and s mil.1 " ,. lh ,itl in w,u h the Arm, of Ihe Poto
inliraii mi opposition rhlslmwewr In de , ll)W0 wero engaged, and iv better soldier or a more
clnrmt would lo at lb ex ciiarof tlin free prJn- lrit.( or heroic omce hss not met his death on the
i. i ,.f ., ..nmliniUii. -). l. eV.A..... l..tl hu1.I Vin f.sRn IClrtiO I. an rlpPla.IlSQ TI
' IliliiUI uui wuo.iLiniiiitj nu"iraa,un ni'Mitlll
that hv tW adoption of bis plan not only mlcht
l :ei;;,'IiZipIe.P.,c conserv. but lb. lAlon'of
the States ultimately restored.
Fxa lUr. a, -Be. Ilrs. page for now,
med In the 10t o'deelc Extra JUrcuLiCAN.
Second Edition
r (
roun crcLocic. p. m. ;
In our Extra, tuned thlt morning, we slate
that It wit reported at Ylckiburg, orf tht 55th,
that Generals Can- and Bloomer were killed.
We should hare added that the report came
through rebel source.. We sincerely hop. It
will prove untrue.
A Tt.ftta;.. from lUchmoaid.
We have had an Interview with a young man
who hat Just arrived In thlt city from Wch
mond, where he wai born aud raited, lie left
the rebel capital nearly four weeks ago, went
to Weldon, North Carolina, and Anally, with
much strategy, he was enabled to run the
blockade to Norfolk, from whence he reached
thli cltylatt evening, after having encountered
many dangers and tntTcrcd much, fatigue.
Ills statements ara very interesting. lie sayi
that Stonaman'i raid caused inch a panic. In
Richmond that J fir. Davis orfcred an extra
Congrcst, skedaddled to Petersburg for Isfety,
The cltlicni wero grcstly alsrmod, knowing
that the city had been left undefended. There
were no gum In tho fortifications, they having
been removed to the Fredericksburg batteries.
It was tho common remark In Richmond,
that If Ilookcr shonld get In tho rear of Lee's
army, Richmond would Inevitably fall Into his
hands. The people expressed the belief, how
ever, that Hooker would hardly got In Leo's
The masssa of tho people In Richmond hav
come to a settled belief that the Confederacy
will Anally he subdued by the Federal!. The
scarcity of provltloni of all klndt helps much
towards that conviction. Onr Informant be
lieve, that the place would havo Iwen ttarved
out cro this but for the bacon or pork which
was seised by Longstrect during his raid In
North Carolina when ho advanced upon Suf
folk. Ho took 2,000,000 pounds, by which the
rebels "saved their bacon" for the time; but
ills said that the bacon Is (polling rapidly, and
they will bo In another strait very soon unless
they should inako another raid Into Maryland
and Pennsylvania.
It wns slalotl and generally believed In Rlch-
mond thatLcehadtnhlaanu), flghtlng against
Hooker, 171,000 effective men.
Chicago Contention
The great national convention to secure the
construction of a ship canal between the East
and the West. Is to ansemblo In Chleaeo next
'Tuesday, June 2d. Preparations for an 1m.
m"" tbcrlng havo been made and a great
amount of talent will be brought to bear npon
... oMect In v ew. We hat e received from col.
. . ... -rL. L, .-.,.
," ' , ""' , s "' '"'" 'T,
i commute, appointed to collect statistics ai to
i the Importance of uniting tho MIsslnlppl with
'the Atlantic bv a shin canal. It contains a
r ....,,, . . , , . ...
"""" of fct" """ wl" 1'"Kt "'a1" "
no convention.
... , , , . . , , Z
" "ck of n1"1 ulcU'u niinu.r.
s I)lIPut, Hear Admiral Commanding
Bouth Atlantic Blockading Squadron, rcportt,
t "" f M'J . W, ..! three-mattrf
eamer was driven on shore to the eastward of
Breach Inlet, on tho night of the 20lh Instant,
hlli attcmpllnc lo run ont of Charleston har
n.v.l Onl.r. To-day.
,, p... j., pi,. n,.. . ..j
Lieutenant Commander Robert Boyd. Jr.,and
BoatsaIn Chas. Miller, ordered to the receiving
ell, ordered to bark Arthur.
Assistant l'avmaster Jos. T. I.lil ordered
.., ,inI, p.ns.cola
w steam Hoop I emacols.
Acting voiunicer uiuicnam j . v. womuouy,
ordered to Mississippi Squadron.
81. of Horses.
Tlir nnlAnrGpTemmcnt liorscs ntthnGoTem.
ment Corrall thua far arcragca thirty dollars
H n 111 be rontlnued from day to day until tho
whole numbered condemned are told.
Ilesolutlons of th. Mew York Democratic
central Committee.
Hon In regard to the tupporl or tho Government
10 suppress tho rebellion, declare that whUo
peace Is desired by every patriot, It must be on
the basis of a restoration of llio Union under
ti,0 Constitution. That tho present Adminls.
tratlon la not any more capable of managing
lch a ponco than Ithasshownltsdf to conduct
sncccssfully tho war, ond that any attempt to
unrc It to peace will onlj enable It, In conjnnc-
tlon with thoDavlsgovcrnmcnt.toconsummate
a separation of the Stales to hit Ii tho Dmo-
crate parlv will neer su'imll
Tlio risoiutlona then refer lo tho declarations
of the Lojal League C'omcnllon as placlngthe
mnr) aboo tho civil povtcr, and accept tho
tlac.t ,roclaImlng tho determination to stand
I,r the-1 onstltutlon asalnst all such slavlshand
,,. operations, but declare that ctery attempt
i,P,ond those limits to prostrate tho chll power
. w .. '.... .. . .
,,. niiiiar lorce, ireaim 10 me country anu
tho Constitution. They endorse tho sentiment
nf the (mt-rnnr's lcturto the lhany meeting,
Arrival of Wounded from (J runt'. Army.
MEMPMtn.Mav J8. The Ont oadofwound-
od from Gen. Graul's aruiy has arrived. Among
these are Col. Maavendy. Col McGInnls. and
( ol. Lecher of the Eleventh Indiana, wounds
severe, but not dangerous.
In the severe battle, the Elc enth and Twenty
four lli Indiana lost about 50 men each Capt.
Ilolmau. of tho Twenty fourth. Is killed. Gen.
illovej's Indiana dUimnn at Champion Hill
maiiulned tho brunt of the light against an
erwliclmlni; force of rebels under Jon John'
ton. VUk&burgls lntstcd on all sides, and
must soon be tn our hands. Gen Carr, and
Lieu.. Col. Cameron, of the Thirty-fourth In
diana, are reported killed.
Lieut. Col. , Twenty-fourth Indiana,
had hla right hand shattered while grasping
the colors nf his regiment and endeavoring to
rally his men under u murderous lire. TAUa
ritlphia Inquirer,
Brio. Gen. Edmonh Kiunr, of tho 1st artil-
lerj, died last night (Irora wounds received at
tliancellorvtlle,at the residence of Gen, Rlcketta,
No W (. street, in this uty Mrs Hlcketta was
in WntUable In her klad atten ion to him during
hi. illness
(en KIrl'V was a frraduate of West Point, and
joined the Army In May, 11 He was assigned to
hlcketiV hit tan as Srvun 1 Lieutenant, and at the
tTkl I tttlr nf Hull Run, he assumed command of
th Imtter), f.en Klckrlts having been taken pri
soner and the rirat lieutenant killed He con
tinued iu command of the battery until his death.
lie wits promoted to a llrlgadler Generalship fcr
raver) on the neia at me battle oi inanceuors
-nim- iitir h y j . -- Vl,r ' t
conm-''dhln. for promotion after the battle
,' ',, -rVte-SSr b7M
(.oneral KlrM's funeral takes place to morrow
iitturdaw at nuun, from the rrsldenceorueoerai
I JSlRJ'S," ASf-S ffiStS.'waSS
York, for Inttrutat
3Y TE-E6liVPH.
It Objocta to Piraolos on its
Watora. ,
ParLiDiLraiA. May SW.-j.The correspondent
of the MerchanU Eichante.Ttne street.wrltcs
from Pemambuco. that the Brazilian authori
ties hare displace.; the commander ai Fernando
de Noronha. for allowing the Alibi tATotd
mli depredatlonj In Brazilian waters.
The tie commander who was sent to. the
Island protested against the Alabama remain
ing there and ordered her to laate )n a f'ew
hours. Unfortunately he had no Teasel of war
to enforce hie orders.
Every satisfaction In the power of the Bra
zilian authorities to giro has been tcfiflefrexj tq
the American Consnl.
It waa supposed at rcrnambuco that the Ala
bama sailed South on the 20th of April.
Ex -Got. Martiv. of Maine, died of apo
lexy, yeaterday.
, Mr. Watson, Assistant Secretary of War, is
itlU in New York.
Gor. CrRTtN la In town, and has had an In-
tarvlew with the President to-day.
Lottt Hocon Is playing her popular char
acters to great acceptance In Allan's new theatre.
Nsshvllle, Tr on.
Lieut. David B. Oordoy. of the Second reg
ular car airy, and attached to tha staff of Major
General sebenek , nas been promotM to a saptaiaey.
Ctflnor 8itrsof, of the M. E. Church, is
about to chanze his residence from Kraut ton, ILLf
to Philadelphia.
Oct, ConcouAK has boon exonerated from
blame by the martial eourt of Inquiry who exam-
laed tha clreum si antes 01 his snooting Ueut. COl
Kimball .
Eewahd Smith, a native of Boston, but for
many years a teacher lo Baltimore, died or apo
plexy In tha latter-named city, on Wednesday
Rear Admiral Footr haa not applied to be
relict ed from the Bureau, but offers his servloes to
the Department for duty afloat, In caae they ara
Uoit. Wu. Wuitiho, Solicitor of tho War
Department, left In the eleven o'clock train to day
for New York on official business for tha Govern
ment. Dr. Joun Flint, an eminent M. D. of Bos
ton, It ft for Aquia Creek this morning, to visit his
on, a lieutenant in command of a company In the
lit Mm. Cavalry Rejlment.
Toe Kino or Ashaktee Intends to mako a
deacent upon the countries on the coast of Africa,
under the protection of the Brltlfh Government,
beeauie the FnzlUh refused to ghe up a native
ebltf, who was accused of stealing roek cold.
Capt. John L. Wordik, commander of the
Montauk, Is rapidly recoverlag his health, which
was much Impaired by his arduous duties South
H li connected with the iron-clad depot In New
York, but has been for some time rusticating
Capt. Wortlen has a son In tha Military Academy
at West Point, who is rapidly rlilnf In his profes
sion U. S. Marshal Kxtes, of the Massachusetts
district, has seized two hundred and seventy-one
hares of the capital stock of the Southern Steam
ship Company as subject to coaflseatlon and for
feiture to the United States, It being alleged that
the said owners of said stock have since the 16th
day of July, 182, been cngsged la rebellion against
the United Statei.
Brio. Gen. Gordox Is In command at West
rolnt. He earn out a Colaael of thTweat)flrst
Maaaacbuaettsi ts a graduate of West Point In the
time alaas as MsCJallan, Jackson, Seymour, and
othcra of note In the war. He Is a quiet, but very
active and energetic man. He Is everywhere, and
nothing escapes his attention He Is evidently a
soldier. Bull Run Russell refers to him in his
Dlari," and the reference shows that the General
haa a thorough comprehension of the philosophy of
this war He Is one, says a correspondent of the
Tribune, who Is likely to be equal to any responsi
bilities that may be thrown upon him.
A Rebei Plot Discovered. A woman
named Miss Beyer was arrested at Suffolk on
Wednesday, and a document containing a plan
of all the fortifications at Suffolk was found In
her possession, and a letter to uen. L-ongstrect,
sajlng mat ne coum idbko r nm io .noTioue
and capture Gen. Vlcle and Governor Plernont
Tho document was prepared by an attorney at
Norfolk named oiuds, who is now vnaer arrest.
Out West the rivers are falling and the mer
cury rising.
Arrest or a Wholesale Foiuier. Charles
G Nortoo, who had spread his net for about fifty
thousand dollars in Baltimore and Washington.
by means of forced checks and drafts, purporting
to te signed by r uranger Adams, a neavv uaiiictr
in Chicago, waa arrested yeaterday In Philadel
phia Hia attenrpt to swindle Jay Cooke k Co , of
Washington, was conducted in the following man
neri A letter, dated Philadelphia, and signed A S
Hale, was received by the firm This letter en
closed a bogus draft of F. G Adams, a banker of
Chicago, upon Meaars Thompson Brothers, New
) ork, for s,600, and asked that Jay Cooke & Co
would pay a note of Hale and Wilson, due that
da) for about tS,0tx, and aa a blind requested them
to hold tht) balance for ten da)
Deserters. The following rebel deserters
were sent to this city yesterday, by General Stabl,
and committed to the Old Capitol; II. Brown, B.
Cooper, J. Cox, D. Cleery, J. Clark, J. Cook man,
P Dilllnger. W. Dawson, J W. Deckerd, J B
Evans, J Kngllah, W i nnls, W h Falkland, J
Fahey, F B Flanduan.F 11. Goodwin, G W Grey,
P J Hodges, J J lower ton, t" iiusscn, u K).or,
V Masters, B. Nichols, C. W. Nichols, M-O'llrien,
H J fUnoni, J, Rose, S. M Sparks, C Laubers,
J Stephens, H Stephens, R. S. Strong, T L Wil
liams, J H V, addle, M. A Weaker, B Woodward,
and D H. Wlnlbergir
CniMtxAL CorRT. Friday, May 29th Chief
Justice Lartter presiding Henry Johnson was
convicted or petit larceny, ana was semencea io
SO da s Imprisonment.
In the case of Aniew Bernon, Indicted for grand
larceny, the Jury rendered a verdiet of guilty, and
h. was sentenced to one ) ear's imp neon mem
A Milt proi, waa entered in the case ef James D
Goff, charged with petit larceny.
A noleproi , also, In the case of ElUabeth Win-
burg arraigned for malicious mischief
Also, a nolle proi In the case of CharUs Parker
aliat Boker lnllcted for highway robbery.
Accident. As Mr. Wright, a fltato Senator of
California, was passing between iwo cuy Pmk-
iter cars, near the raiiroaaaepoi, one oi i- -
R -.. .. .- s t ..iar-n tllm
ranofrof tneiracK, jamBnu u.u .
and Injuring him considerably Officer Tlcroe ran
to hiaasalstance, and with the aid of the employ.
res of the road, procured him a physician and prof
fared him every attention necessary
Hnwnn TO WlIOU IIOROR IS DlE. It U Willi
gratification that we announce after looking over
the rolls of the Thlrty-alnth Massachusetts and
the Fourteenth New Hampahlrc regiments, that
have been performing provost duty for some
mqnths, that during me enure ume do occasion
oceured to rep rem and a single officer or private
To Br Sent North The following persons,
lntvlafbeen confined In the Old Capitol, this morn
Ing took ineoainoi mi-ginnce, nun ngreeu to ue
sent North. A. Colvln, J Hughes, W Reynolds,
and A. Randell
A Bcrious ArrnAT. An affray occurred this
morning between two colored men (contrabands),
named Foster and Berbesou, and during the fight
nsrbaaen had his eve entirely gouged out by his
Millt-L Foster wai Immcdittsly waited and
taken baffitj Jostle. Sat.t, wkett th partial
agraed to sorftt all past cuSeraaoel and b. frlsnds
aisln. Foster wa) hildlalh.sum of .900 to keep
iH B !"f
oioutoi rpUCR"'Bolt)-.'nit board
iv. provided tklrtee. saowatad rn.a for th. eoun
tf durloc th. lumtaer. Thsv will perform dutv
outaMathe two eorporatlon limits of Washington
Luslns P. hoM. wss appolaUd patrolman la tiii
flMond prsetott, Ties J, H. Johnson rslfuo6
rlsat raonaay to. wliol. polIM rote. eons, out In
ualr summer nnlfai
iVe.s. Lewis F.Ulngerand'jel. Stabler, selling
liquor to soldlerst dismissed, , .Llfurath, flgbUag,
and suspicion bf shootlhif .aaoldlert dlamlssad.
Jamas Lury, itoalnf, Muyath'a hpuse, And John
P.Bktrtoa,-g-ilnftQ street (both soldi trs)i turned
tfvef tonaUlUrV. TTramlS T. MoKnny , keeptn,
opea onSundWnedlO. ?aIif'Cl-hy-Ma
gartt CamtrsaVsnton, and Targ arat Shay,
do.dlialM. Wm.Milli,ao. RttULr.aadFran
els Bush, soldiers, latoalsatloni turned ovsr to the
Precttui No. s 31sn Smith andfimjiy Vo-horn,
grand larceny) were stat to Jail. Tboa. Kennedy,
Airred rugn, aaa nsbryTyira artuiReanasti dia
missed. Elixabeth Aneyand Mrs. tent, disorderly
condueti fined 9144. Jda..ONa, disorderly eon
duett fined SS.S1. Jamil O'Neal, -lasm- ofitaee,
dismissed. James S, Wilson assault) Usdssed.
John Cooden and Wm. 8. Jones, tatasloaldn(dls
Prtcinti Ao. For dlsordeily eondnet, Robt. Hall
and Jas Coffee were lined $S. For same offence,
Peter G. Carrtco waa fined $1. For grand larceny,
R. F. Beall and Mary Ruchardweredlsmlssed. For
selling liquor to soldiers, Dolph Croto was dis
missed Prtttnd No. 8 For passing counterfeit money,
Geo. W. Wilson was held for a further hearing.
For intoxication, F Fitzgerald, Dennis (VDrane,
Pat Lynch, Sam'l Herbert, E. D. McElroy. and
Jerry Maher were fined $IM. C Johnson and D.
Ml-deletT, Tor disorderly conduei, war aisuusea.
Prrcintt o Henry Cook, firing a pistol la the
tree tit fined $5 Henry waa also fined M 11 for
keeping tavern open after the hour prestrthed by
law John Smith, vagrancy) dismissed. Jobs
Harris, dlsorderl) conduct) fined fl. Michael
O'Nell. disorderly eonducti fined At,
Prttinci o. 1 Jacob Reese, assault aad battery)
ball to keep the peace. Chas Uruoa and Kawara
McCarthy, do , ball fat a hearing. Sldne) Wilson,
do i ball for court. AdelU Green, do-i dismissed
Terence Keenan, violating eorporatlon ordinance;
fined $3 68. R. Beverly, Ua.tash.-wuejdtamlf.sed.
Hillary Smith, Wm. Burke, and Catea Terrlll, riot
lag) ball for court. E.E. White, Jameal. Barbour,
and J. E Smith, obstructing pavement) ruled for a
hearing Sarah Reynolds and Mary Ann MeQuJre,
drunkenness) dismissed.
Precinct ho. 8 Joseph Starr and II. N. Stanton,
drunk and disorderly) dismissed Dennis Calla
han, a soldier, same offence) turned over to the
Precinct ho 9 Elizabeth Dreggs, assault tad
battery) security to keep thepeaar.
Precinct ho 10 Anna Boulson, grand larceny)
security for court John Thompson aad Wm. Mil
ler, disorderly eonduet) fined each 1. lleary Ben
der, same offence) fined as, and for false pretences,
his case was deferred. Thomas Bell, Intoxication)
dismissed Mrs Magildy, do t fined Si Bernard
McMckle and Joseph Johnson, soldiers, do j deliv
ered to the military. Wm Loper, flighting In the
streets) fined $2 John Cunningham, do.) fined 4.
Arrest. Yesterday, Ellen Bmllh, a negro,
and Emily anhorn, a white glrl,were arrested for
stealing a lot of miscellaneous clothing from Mrs
Jewel They were sent to Jail by Justice Rearer.
Assault. James O. Wilson was arrested
yesterday, for an assault on Wm. Donelson. He
was examined by Justice Reaver, and dismissed.
Police Reports. Tho following cajos were
disposed of by Justice Rcaveri Thomas Kennedy,
drunk) dismissed Alfred Pughadrnnk) dismissed.
Henry ZeKler.drunkt dismissed. Edward Wesser,
selling liquor without license) fined $3 W. John
Tllltnger, selling liquor witnout license) dismissed
Wm Mavhew. wagon without license I dismissed
Elisabeth At hey, disorderly conduct j fined $M.
Mrs Lane, disorderly conduct, fined 41.44 John
Conlen, drunk) dismissed Wm 8. Jonee, drunk)
dismissed Mary Thomas, drunk) cent to work
house Jas O'Neal, disorderly conduct) dlstnlsaed
Mrs O'Neal, disorderly conduct) fined 1&.U.
Ma tune List. XrHtfaZi.Schr. Lady of the
Lake, Swan, Bryan's Point, Md ) wood to Jno
Schr. Malta, Blades, Aanameaica, MJ-1 light.
Schr Triton, Freeman, N. Y.) hay to Govern
Schr. F Stockton, Vancllfe, N Y j same.
Schr. Louisa, Hallet, N. Y ( same
Schr H W Moore, Benton, N. Y. cement for
Schr Thot T Hull, Cooper, Alexandria) light.
Schr. Queen of the West, Rogers, Alexandria)
Schr. W B Darling, Baxter) same
Schr R. W Brown, Harmon) same.
Rchr Broadfleld, Flak, Washington light.
Schr Matthew C Durfee, Brush) same.
Barge Pilgrim, Heovy, Aqula Creek) light.
Barge James Henry, Dougherty) same.
Barge Jno Norton, Heenan) same.
Barge Orange, Lumb) same.
Barge Gen M anzant, (rvinej same.
Barge Peter Sterner, Williams) same
Barge Jno Q A MoConkcy, McCoaneJl) aame.
Barge Gen McCle Un, Hare) lime.
Barge Perkins and McCann, Doonel, same) army
Dtparturet by Rner From Hay's Dock st lohrs.
N. C. Harris, Lajtoo, Iksloni Anna Shepparij,
Tucker, Ncw)Hrt, K 1 1 Vounn America, Barbour,
Cro ton Lan ling, N Y ( Maryland, ntcritng, niia
Iiethport N J From Cumberlad Coal and Iron
Co. Schr. Ann D, Jackson, New .ork. From
Agnew's Docks t Schrs C. II Molen, Baker, Bos
ton i C S andervoort, Biker, Boston. From
Sherman's Dock Schrs I ram Smith, Terry, Fall
Klver) George Hoilniar, Chainplen, Dlghton, Mass
CuESArRAKE and Orio Canal, -irrfwd.
Boats to Ray's Docks, with coali S, K. Hensell, toe
tons) Martha Bank, lit toasi W. 11. Berger, 111
tonst Gem, 130 tons) Samuel Strlden, ill tons. To
Bordea Mining Co., with coal S V. Carllle, IM
tons) Jno. AaJUinbart, IU tons) ve Sisters, 109
tons) W Garrott, 112 tons. II G Rlttcrn, 108 tons,
A J Boose, 108 tons; M J Hull, IU) tons) Dutch
Hen. 107 tonst J F McCulloh, 1 to tons, Ann Ma
rlon, 110 tons) J T Chaplain, US tons) D Lynn,
110 tona. To merchants) E. Boyce, wood) G W.
N Hctven. 117 tons coali Oliver Bolcy, las tona
coal) Independence, lit do i II C &J D.Turner,
US do ) M M Claggett, US do ( Stephen Caste-
mann.ESdot W. J. Worth, llmeatone
DcBorturM. Jas. T. Essex, Liberty, G. W H. Het
yen, Oliver Bolcy, J. E. Carlisle, Martha Banks,
Gen. Rosecrana, E. Boyce 8. K. Heaaull, Col. 8.
Moore, a W. Claggett, John D. Dntrow, Old Dc
ralnlon, Disappointment, R W Castleman, Gen,
Btirnslde. John A. Relnhart, Independenne, W H.
nerrer. J A Beose, M M Claggett, Samuel Strl
den, D. Cromwell, Five slaters, George W. Rlgga,
Tub Maueets. The following li a list of
prices as reported for the Republican, up to 13 m
to-day i
Flour (family) S S00f) 98
weicn's la-nix (vio o
Rsy'. r.rally
" (sunerl
" (estra)
Wheat, red
" twhlte
" whit.
Oats, Msryland
Apples, Ruisst
Lemoas (per boaj
Cider, common
clsrllled . .
ohsmpscoe, bottled, psreass
Whliky ....... .. .
Hay, per too ..
Mill stuff Middling
Drown stuir. t
Salt Ground Alum
Una ... .
llulk(perbushsl) .
nasier, lump ....
ground .
Guano.p.rton ,
Cost, Cumberland
Lumber, p.r thouisnd r..t
Builans Bati markets fslllng.
very dull
Fun Marrit. 81oop
, Alexan.
drla,toJ A Knlfht,
By tmall bostt M.ooo. Her
NO Oo-rB6sn WTrar -TkRlioy oW'TrIi.
toss Notjcr. I am anthsrUad try th. gery
of War to rait, a BATTALION ORCAVAUir fot
IpfCM SQT40l ,
Each company will be organised ae preacrlbed la
General Orders No. IM, saries of IStz.
AU oncers will be eelseted and appoUtad by tk
tolon,a Oommandlnfi susjart to the apprtrral ot
the Secretary of War. .
From the peculiar nature of the aerrlse re-raiaad
of this Battalion, none but sober, fconestfaad Ian
lliM'.'rm-l..Aa J --
The best, fleetest, .'and roost serviceable Horace
only will be used.
This Battalion will be armed with the atw ecle.
brated Repeating Rifle, discharging fifteen sbU
per minute.
For further particulars, apply at No. ilT Penn
sylvania A venus. L. O. BAKER,
mayslm Colonel Commanding Battalion.
Tn National Unroir Leaote will hold
pubUS meetings eycr TUESAV IVXNINO,
In their Hall, 481 Ninth street. Thsre will be
Speeches, National Songs, Jwu The rtadlng-eooma
open every erenLog. - ap 4M
Alfred Thomas, Esq., is duly airthorUedaa'd
accredited as' an Agsnt to solicit and receive sub
scriptions aad contributions In support bf the Na
tional Ualon League Reading Hooa.
WM. BEBBfPracIdeat.
TiiEQ. F. Stoeu, See'y.
To CoKatTMPTivES. The advertiser having
been restored to health La a few weeks, by a ycry
simple remedyi after having suffered several yeara
with a severe lung afletlon, and that dread
disease, consumption, la anxious to nakefenowtt
to his fcllow-suflerers the ueana of cure.
To all who desire it, he will send a eopy of the
precertptlen used (free of charge,) with the dire.
tlons for preparing and using the same, which
they will find a sons Cvac for CoasvatrTioir,
Asthma, BaoacHiTis, M. The only object of the
advertiser la sending the prescription, ts to bene
fit the afflicted, and spread Informatlod which he
eoneelvei to be Invaluable, and he hopes every
sufferer will, try his remedy, as It will coat then
nothing, aad aaay prove a blessing.
WHUamsbuTgh, Kings iouiity, New York,
Kyis im
DTtm Coseesbioms ahd ExriaiEHca or,
an Invalid. Published for the benefit, and as a
warning and a ca vti on to touho mer who suffer
from Nervous Debility. Premature Decay of Man
hood, etc , lapplytng ai the same time the meaks
or self ccbe. Df one who has cured himself r,
ter being put to great expense and Injury throuah
HIkrI hiimhn anil nii..1. a
- .V 4 w.w vu ijusivsiT;! f
single eoples may 1
jj uid-idK iwsi-paia aaaressea envelope.
d nq or ine author.
mySft ly
Bedford. Kings County,' N. V.
t7ICRCREAUND Water Ices. hM1.
and retail Hotels, boarding-houses, retail stores.
fames, lairs, excursions, and sutlers furnished at
he lowest prices. Families supplied with the best
cream aad confectionery, and delivered to aav part
or the elty and Georgetown, at the Baltimore Con
fectionery, BUth street between Q and H,
wyaa-iBi MS. Ml Ay FIE LP.
Tnn Diseases or Error. fs uraitiAum
fKrreur ) I, John B Ofdcp, M p. author and
puDiuoeroi .ne-aoove worr, do hereby promba
agree to send (free of charge) to any young
who will write for It, a sample copy for peru
The proper study of mankind is Mam, This
sal The nroDsr study of :
valuable work is Jisuad and eaat forth for the ben
efit or aufferlor humanity. It treats In simple
language on all the diseases of Error, Including
Seminal Weakness. Nervous Debility, Indigestion.
Melancholy, Insanltr, Wasting Decay, ImpoUncy,
&o, auk gl ring cafe, speedy, and ctfeetual pre
scriptions for their permanent aura, together with
mush valuable information. All who favor ma
with a desire to read mr work shall recti re iot
l'i vvLj "j inula ua1; ir- ui en-rgd
JHItj ir- u ajnrg,
JOHN B. OtaDLrt. M n .
my 18 m
No. SO Nassau st , New York.
Tue Great Pinnsilvaxia floLMTh
Iulskast and safest route to the Northwest aad
euthwest. Two tarouaa ftratoa datiy, and Qna a
Sunday. Soldiers' tlokcte at GorernmtnrraUc w
all the principal points In the North and West.
For tickets and further Information apply at the of
fice of the "Great Pennsylvania Route,' 'northeast
comer Pennsylvania avcaue and Sixth atreet, un
der National Hotsj. Offlcs opta ffCOT ft. njtto
p. m.ion Sundays t to 4 p. o.
njr S Aaeat
pop C1TV qpriMBI.
For Colleotort
For 1 rlstsri
For Surreyort
a. c. wciiAHPj.
Common Couoelli
5 Onion and administration ticket.
common council.!
a r. brown,
(1 T. HAUD,
U B. WARO. mysa-sl.
nlllll) WARD
ron rOMMOIf council.
For Alderman,
For City Counotl,
For Assessor,
my W-FAS Chron. SJtM)
TH Mmalnln. il.rk nf COVI.E BROTHERS'
LUMBLR YARD,betwunThlrtMn-and.a-halfand
Fourtnanth itK.li, on th. Canal.
Centrally located, wlthbuiln.il wall ..tabllihM,
and lapsM., by properly directed coorfy, of.10
largely laer.aMa loaparir u..ns " "'f
un, a nor. larorabl. opportunity tor a f sod In
veitm.ot li rarely oflsrcd,
In eonn.otlon with th. Yard Is a ...-
Workid by Mr. sahuil L. PARTRinax, reasntly
our lonman In that department and paoduelng
work of unsurpassed .rnIIuc..
AppU..U .. b. lr?3ItAS'Svj!l'.t0
urriviaff panasr 01

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