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Vttn nilT.V Kirnnvir.nvamitiniM
i lpt)UiliMTerjftttooii(8midj"pll)
v . AtwiMi fa wo.v ana u idiumn to
dtj nbutUxn (bj urrten) tt SO eoU per
I month.
' llitl ittbtcrlbon, 3.M per iraami for
I lx.nonthf, nd II for tint months, IbtitU
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Blm1 eoplt, 8 ccmU.
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til tmti nana ofhtr, I. Assam am LmcoLW.rrtt
Ideal of the United SUUi of America, do hereby
dMiiM andmakra known that nubile ealea will ha
heldMthsranderMuentlohed Land Offices In th
Tertiwry of WASHINGTON rand the- lutes or
MIQHt?AN&b4 KANSAS, at Uapcrla4heravat
At lb Land Offlen it Vimooutxr, oommooo
f Ml monody, in wiitu iaai oay oi auiuii next,
for th disposal ol tat public lands heretofore) un
offarad. situated In tha followlar townshlDS and
XceAe tafia .a and tH ef tk WVUwtXti f
Fractional township 9, north of Columbia river,
Ineladlnf nil of nneourcr island.except the west
rn aatremltyi toirnihlpi S, 4, nod ft, or ranft) t
Fractional township U north of tJolumbla rlverj
townships ,. and. sections ll, it, nod 15, and
sections n to to, 1 admire, of towniblp 6, of rang t
Fractional township 1. north ol Columbia rlverj
township 3 section 4 ios Inclusive) sections ll
to Si. inclusive, and sections 3 to u, inclusive, of
township S tactions 1 to 7. Inclusive! the north
half of section St the north half of section ft the
north, half of section lOi tactions II and ISt th
south half of aeotlon iti sections 19 to 90, inclu
sive, and sections to is, Inclusive, of township
4t sections 1 and f I the south hair of section T the
south hair or section St the south half of Motion tt
ths south half of section 10; sections ll to 19. In
elusive j and sections it to S3, Inclusive, of town
ship ft, of rants S,
Fractional township I, north of Colombia rlrerj
uetinu is. 14. and lft. and sections 17 to IS. Inclu
sive, of township 3. of rente 4.
Fractional township 1, north of Columbia rlvert
sections 17 to SI, IncIuiLre, and sections 8ft to 3ft,
incluslra, of township 3, of ranfe ft
Fractional township l, north of Columbia riven
sections 33, 3ft. s. 37, , and lft, of township 3, of
rancot. ,, .
sccuons 1,X, 11. 12, 1, Id, W,4I, w, MW.MI, nu io
I, of eecUon II, of township 3. of rant:e7
Fractional township 3, north or Columbia rlrer,
or rinse 13.
Fractional township 3, north and east or Colum
bia riven and township S, of ranrc is.
Fractional township 3, north of Columbia river,
Including Rabbit Island) and townships, of Moge
Fractional township 3, north or Columbia river)
and townships 1 end 4, of range 18.
Fractional towashlpsS and I, north of Columbia
riven and township I, of range 16
Township 6, of range 33
Township 6, of range OS
Township 7, of range SI.
Township 7, of range S3.
Townships 1 and a, of range S3
Townships 7, 8, and 9, of range SI
All of township 7 and 8, except Fort Walla
Walla military resirvationst townships 9, to, and
II, of range ta
Alt of township 7, except military reservations
on Mill creek) townships B, S and 10, of range S4.
Sections 1 to IS, inclusive; sections 17 to 34, In
clusive, and sections 37 to 14, inclusive, of town
ship 7 townships a, and 10, of range S7.
sections nos, inclusive, seouops inow, inclu
sive, and sections 39 to S3, Inclusive, of townships,
o f range 38.
Norl of Ih bau lint and wtt of the H Ulamettt me
Fractional townships 3, S, 4, B and 6, east of Co
lumbia rlvert sections 6,7,18,19,30,31 and 13, ef
township 7i townships 9 and 10 of range 1
Fractional township 6, east of Columbia rlvert
fractional township 7, north and east of Columbia
rlvert township 8 sections 1 to IS. lncluslvei sec
tions 17 and 18 sections 31 to 38, lncluslvei sections
si, S4 and SS, or township i sections 1 to 4, Inclu
sive; sections S to IS, inclusive) sections 31 to 38.
Inclusive) sections ist 34 and S3, or township 10, of
range 3.
Sections 1, 3, S, 7, 8. 11, 13. IS. 14, and 15i sections
17 and 18) sections 30 to 37, Incluslret and fraction
al sections 14 and Sft, of township 8, of range S.
Fractional township 8, north or Columbia river,
nf ttnta A.
Fractional sections 18, 19, and SO, ol township 8, or
raug-i 0
Fractional township 8, north of Columbia river,
or rang a.
rraciioaai lownsnip , dctu oi -iuinui nTr,
and township 10, of raara 10.
rrB.etlAAa.rtownab.in Si tMl
Fraction aftown ship 9j township 10, and frao-
ttonal townships IT and it.of range 11
At tha t jnd offlco at OLTMFta. commenctne
on Monday, the thirteenth (isth) daWel July next,
for the disposal of the publlo lands heretofore un
offsred, situated lathe following townships and
parts of townships, vln
Jiorthcf the bate Hne end eatt of the Willamette me-
The surveyed portion of township 13) township
lit fwtinnal tntrnahtn 17. anuth and wtlt of the
Nisoually rlvert fracUonal township 18, west or
me nisquiuiy nrrrj bii dwuwdiuiu v,t:c-;ij iui
portion cast or Puget Bound and the Nliqually
rlvan frkctlooal townshlDS 30. 31. and 33t townshlu
31) rractlonal townships 34, Sft, 3ft, 37, 38, 39, SO and
si) fractional township 33, except so mucL of town
ship as Is covered by Pehn'e Covemltitaryrescrt a
Uon fractional township S3) fractional township
34, south of Deception PMiag ej sections 1 to IS, In-
ClU81VCSeVvlOlll ll M JM, tnciuaiv acviiwua ii, -ot
oa M. 11 aail ILnf towmhln IB. of nnH 1.
Fart of townshlu south and west of the Nisqual
ly river) north haIfofnortbeastquarter,the south
east quarter of northeast qusrter. the northeast
quarter of northwest quarter, and lots 1, 3, S and 4,
nfaatlAn 16. of toirnahinl7i lotslandS. of section
a, and fractional sections 7 and .3, of township 30)
fractional townships 31, 33, 33, 34, 2 36, 37,38.
SO, SI, S3, and S3t fractional sections so and SI, and
lots 1,3. s,4 and 6, of sections S3, of township ll)
fractional sections 1, 3,11, 13, 13, 34, 2ft, 36, and Si,
of township 17) sections 1 to ft. Inclusive) sections
8 to 14, Inoiuslve, and fractional sections 17, 23, 31,
and 30, of township S8, of range 3
Fractional sections 0 and 6, or township Sit frac
tional townships 33 and 3S) fractional township 24,
east or Admiralty Inlet; fractional townships 3ft.
36, 37,38, and S0 fractional township si, west of
Fort Susan bay) sections 17 to 23, Inclusive) lots 1,
3, and s, of section 36, sections 37 to S3, Inclusive,
or township S3i sections 4 to 9, Inclusive) sections
17 to 31, Inclusive, and sections 28 to S3, inclusive,
ol township SO, of range s
Township 23 1 rractlonal townships 31, S3, 36, 37,
38, 39. and SO, of range 4
North of the bate line and wtt of the Willamette me
ridian. Fractional sections 1,3, and 3, south or Cowllti
river) lots 1 and 3, of section 4) lots 1 and 2, the
southwest quarter of northeast quarttr, the
northwest quarter, and the south half, ol
section 6) sections 6, 7, and 8, fractional sec
tions 9 and 10, south of Cowllti rlverj sections
li to IS. Inclusive, and sections 17 to Sft. Inclu
sive, of township 11) sections 1 to IS, Inclusive)
sections 17 to 'it, inclusive) sections zo, cv, a, nuu
it i fractional atotlon li. north and west of Mission
claim, of township 13t townships 13, 16, 17, and 18i
fractlonaltownahlpsl9,20,31,23, 2S, 26, and37 all
or. town snip so, except run .ownsena military
reservation) fractional townships ll, 32, S9, and 40,
nf rinr 1
Townships 11,13, and IS) sections 3 to 11, Inclu
sive) sections IS, 14. and IS, and sections 17 to as,
Inclusive, of township 14, sections I to 15, inclu
sive) sections 17 to 31, inclusive) sections J to S3,
Inclusive, or township ts, townships 16, 17, and 18)
fractional townships 19, 30, 31, and 33) sections Sft,
26,37,31, and Sft, ( township 23) fractional town
ships SO and si, of range i.
Townships IS and 14) sections 1, to IS. inclusive)
sections 17 and 18) sections 33 to 37, Inclusive) sec
tions si and Sft, of township IS) sections t to 1, In
clusive) sections 9 to IS, Inclusive) sections 17 to
Sft, inclusive, of township 16) township 17, eections
1, 13, 11, 31, and 2ft, ol township 18) fractlenai town
snips 19, 20, 31, 23, and 30 sections 30, si, 3, of
township Si, of ranee 3
Township IS) sections 1 to 1, inclusive; sections
ft and 6, north of Chehalis river) sections 9 to lft.
Inclusive) section 17) sections 19 to 3S, Inclusive, ol
lOWn Snip 19) atrowoua aot , u vmim u tu
SS, lncluslvei of township 16 township I9i sections
lncluslvei OI towns Dip io) lownsniy mi sections
i IS, Inclusive) section 17) the north hair of sec
n 18) sections 30 to 36, Inclusive, and section Sft
township 20i sections 7 to IS, Inclusive) sections
1 to
f lAurn.riln
n to so, incmio,v tMi - ' .n
shlp SOt fractional sections 23 and 23 lots 1, 3, 3,
and 4) the southwest quarter ol southeast quarter
and south half or southwest quarter of section 3ft)
sections 34, 37, 2S, li, S3, 31, and Sfl, of townihlp SI,
Sections 1, 2, 11, 12, 13, 14, 23, 31, 23, 26, and Sft, o(
towaship IS) sections 1,3. S, 1) sections 9 to 15, in
clusive) sections ZXlotl. Inclusive) seotlons 31 and
Sft. of townshlu 16. and fractional township so. of
Sections 1 to 13, Inclusive, or township 17) sec
tions 1, li, IS, and U sections 23 to as, inclusive, of
township 1, of range a.
accttons 1 to 19, Inclusive) sections 17 to 18, ol
township 17) sections 1,3,11, 12, 13. and tit sections
33 to 37, lnoluslvs) sections 34 and IS, of township
18, of range 7
Sections 1 to tS, Inclusive) sections 17 to 34, In
clusive, ol township 1 or range 8
Sections 1 to 16. Inclusive) sections 17 to 21, in
elusive, of township 17) township 18, of range 9
Fractional township IS, fractional sections 1, 8,
4, 6, . IS, 23, and 33, sections 31 and i7t fractional
eeiloniSa. 33. and SI. oftownihln Hi fractional
township IS) sections 3 to 10, Inclusive) section 15)
eections 17 to 33, lnoluilve. and sections 37 to as,
Inclusive, ol township 16, fractional township 17)
sections!, 3, and S) sections 10 to 16, Inclusive) seo
tlons 33 to ST, In elusive) seotlons 14 and Sft, ol town
WJP'S. '? '" -.. . . . .
s, 4) the east hall of the northwest quarter, and
the east half of section Si fractional sections 11, IS,
mnA 11. nf ttarnahln 111 fractional ICCtlOna B. 1. 13.
and 19) sections SS, SO, ll, and S3, of township lft
festioaal townshlpe It, 17, and IS) towiuhtpe ll
m OM IH f B9 ll
vol. in.
fraction alto wnshlps It VI, wa 18, of rango 13.
Lands claimed under the donation law will ho
exclnded from the sales. . ... .
No " mineral lands," or tracts containing min
eral aeposus. are to dc onarea at ui puouv !,
such mineral lands being hereby expressly ex
cepted and excluded from saierorothee disposal
pursuant to the requirements of the act of Con
gress approved February 14, 199, entitled An act
to amend an act entitled An act to create the office
of surveyor general of the puble lands in Oregon,
and totprovtde for the survey, and to make dona
tions to the settlers of the said public lands, ap
proved SeptetahcrS7ltfto,t
At the Land Offlco at Ioma, commencing on
Moaday,tbc thirteenth (ilth)day of July next, for
the alSDOsal of the vacant lands In the evrn fium
btrtd sscftons n4 part$ sections, within the un
dermentioned townships, which remain to the
uaiiea aiaies, wiininsix miles on caoasioeoi uw
railroad "from Grand Haven and Fere Marquette
to Flint, and thence to Port Huron subject, as re-
aulred by law, to a minimum of two dollars and
rty cents per acre, vltt
Northc the ftM tin end vesfe las principal sw
Ths nnrth hitirof southwest Quarter and south
west quarter of southwest quarter or section 3) the
northeast quarter and south half of section 4i serx
HUB ( llie liotlll util, nm uui vu uan iuum.i
quarter, and the north half or southwest quarter,
nii'simnai iniiuiniii. iub iumiui uwitii-
west quarter, the southwest quafteror northwest
quarter, and the southwest quarter, or section 10)
rCllUQI 13, II, nuu lot uv uvnuiaii iju.inip .mb
east half or northwest quarter, and northwest
quarter of northwest quarter, ef section 30t seo-
nnna 99 anil lt the fiftrth.it iurternf northeast
quarter, the seutheast quarter, and the south half
Of southwest quarter, 01 section dftt the northeast
quarter oi normeasi quarier anu seuin nail i iff
tlonSSt the southeast quarteroraoutheastquarter
or section SO) the north hair or section it, the
nnrthwMi nuartcr or northeast Quarter, the south
hairornortbeastquarter. the northwest quarter,
tbenortnbauoisouineasiquaitcr, anuine nunu
h.irnf antithwa( ntiartor. of section lit the north
east quarter or northeast quarter, south hair or
northeast quarter, north half of northwest quarter,
SOUineaii quarter, bmiumi wt uuiunkH1''j
and southwest quarter of southwest quarter, of
section IS, or townswp is, oi range
The northeast quarter and the south half of sec
tion 9i the northeast quarter of northeast quarter,
the northwest quarter or northeast quarter, the
southeast quarter oinonneut qu trier, mc norm
west quarter or southwest quarter, and south hair
or southwest quarter, of section 4i t He west half
of section et tne norrneaai quarter oi eccuou c
the east nail oi norueast quarter, tne cait ni ui
southeast quarter, and northwest quarter of south
west quarter of section 10) section 13) the north
west quarter of northwest quarter, the south half
of southeast quarter, and the southcaitquarter of
southwest quarter, of section 14) the west half of
northwest quarter, of section 18) the southwest
quarter of northeast quarter, of section 30j the
south half of northeast quarter, the east half or
nortnwest quarter, inBioutnwriqua,rn;twiiiuriii
west quarter, and the south half of section j the
north half, the northwest quarter of southeast
Suarter, and the southwest quarter, of sections!)
is north hair or northeast quarter, the southeast
quarter of northeast quarter, the southwest quar
ter or northwest quarter, and the southwest quar
ter, or section 26) the southeast quarter or north
west quarter, the west hair or northwest quarter,
.n.i ,m nnth half of smith or tat nuarter. ofaectlon
28) the northeast quarter of northeast quarter, of
section S3) the north half of northeast quarter, of
section Sl and the east half of northeast quarter,
Of section 36, or township 16, of range 0.
inenorineaitquurt, u uwuwh u. .r
.rthua.i mi a ft r. a. mi inuinwriinusiiTi ui uunu'
. miartr. nf artlon li the north half, the north
west quarter of southeast quarter, and the south-
hI nnarfr. of aectlon 6. of tOWnshlD ISlSCotlOns
2, 4, and 6) the northeast quarter, northeast quar
ier OI OOrinwfll IUim", uuuinB. t"ini wi
northwest quarter, northwest quarter or south
west quarter, and south hair or southwest quarter,
or section 8) sections 10, 13, 11, and 18) the north
half, the southeast quarter, and the north half of
southwest quarter, of section 30. sections 33 and 31)
the north half and the north half of southeast quar
ter, of section sej tne soutnean quarter, tue
half of southwest quarter, and the southwest quar-
nt .mithatii nuarter. ol aeatlon 28i the north
half of northwest quarter and south-vest quarter of
northwest quarter, of section SO) the north half of
northeast quarter, northwest quarter of northwest
quarter, and south half of southeast quarter, and
.rnih hairnfanuthweat nuarter. of section Sit the
northwest quarter of northeast quarter, the south
half or northeast quarter, the northeast quarter of
northwest quarter, the south half of northwest
quarter, andthe south half, of section SI) the north
half of northeast quarter, the southeast quarter of
northeast quarter, and the southwest quarter of
northwest quarter, of section 86, of township 11, or
range s.
At ttm Land OfUcO at EAST BAGIMAW. COD
menelng on Mokiiav. the third (Sd) day of August
next, for the disposal of the vacant lands In the
run numbered etttiont and parte ef eeclione, within
the undermentioned townships, which remains to
. !... p. .. Wilkin at. Mill., nn Aafin altlji
ofthe railroads 'from Am boy, by Hillsdale and
Lanilnr, anuirom uranu n-.piia iu wui wm u
A.....M,rianv." and "from Grand Haven
and Fere Marquette to Flint, aad thence to Port
Huron," subject, as required by law, to a minimum
r i....tniu.. ami flftv runt a iir aerf. Vtli
JVorrt ofthe bate tine end tett of the principal
The east half of northeast quarter, southweat
quarter of northeast quarter, west half ol north
west quarter, southeast quarter of northwest
-...... Int. A anrt fi. and at half Of SOUtheast
quarter, of section 4i fractional section 10) lots 0
and 6 of section 21, of township IS) the southeast
quarter ol southweat quarter of section 20) the
. . . l.i.n...t 1 Ik. nn.lliir.ll mi p.
ter or southeast quarter, and east half of southwest
half, of section SO) the south half of northeast
quarter, southeast quarter of northwest quarter,
lot 1, southeast quarter, and southeast quarter o J
southwest quarter ol section li) the north half of
nortnwest quarter, " "". w;
southwest quarter of seetlon II, or township 11, or
The northeast quarter and southeast quarter of
nnrthwoat nuarter of section 10t the southweat
quarter or oortheast quarter of section 20) the
soutnrnai uuirictui uuims H. .. -.-...-
33ithe south half of northeast quarter, east half of
southeast quarter, and northweat quarterof south
east quarter, of section 81, of town-hip 9, fractional
section 4, of township 13) the west half of south
east quarter and southwest quarter of section 18
the northwest quarter and west half or southwest
quartet or section 20) the west half of southwest
quarter aod southeast quarter of southweat quar
ter of section 38) fracUonal sections SO and Si, of
township IS, of rantte 3
Fractional section it the northwest quarter or
northeast quarter, west half of northwest quarter,
northeast quarter of northwest quarter, and south
i nnrivrn( anutheaat ouarter of section 10t the
east half of northeast quarter, the southeastquar-
ter, tlieeaeiliaiiOlSOUinweat quarter, nuuauuMt-
uim.t nnartPF nf anllthweat QUattCr. of Section 12l
the west halfornortheastquarter, southeast quar
ter of northeast quarter, wets u ui iumihimi
quarter, northeast quarter of southeast quarter,
-nil aa.fhaifnr anulhweit Quarter o( sectlonlli
the northeast quarier, east nan oi iioruiwca. nnr
ter.northwest quarter ot northwest quarter, and
east quarter of northeast quarter, Iota 4, 0, and 6,
and south half or southeast quarter, of section 10)
, i nnrthiaat nuarter. west half of southeast quar
ter, northeast quarter or southeast quarter, and
west half, of section 12, section 14) lots 3 and 1, and
south fractional haKotsectlon lft) sections 20 and
22; the northhalf of northeast quarter, northweat
quarter,south half of southeast quarter, and cast
half of southwest quarier oi section imuum
and 38i fractional sections SO and 82, the north hair,
the north half of southeast quarter, the west half
of southwest quarter, and uorthsast quarter of
southwest quarter, ol section si) the west half of
northeast quarier and north half of northwest
quarter of aectlon SO, of township 11, the east half
of northeast quarter, east half of southeast quarter
and southwest quarter of southeast quarter, or
section V6) the north halfof section 86, oftownshlp
Lot 1 ol section 8i fractional section 10, oftown
shlp 9) the east half of northeast quarter, lots 1, 3,
ami 9- anil th nnrthflaatnuarter Of southeast Quar
ter, of section io.the south half or southeastquar-
ter oi eectiun Mime vaai iibii ui nuiiucmiHu.i ..,
lots 2, 8, and 4, and east half of southesst quarter,
nf auction 12. of tuwnahln l0:tha aouthweat Quarter
of southwest quarterof section 4t the west frac
tional halfof northeast quarter, the west half of
southeast quarter, and northeast quarter of south'
aat nuarter. of section 6t lots 2. S. 1. 6. 6. 8. and 9,
and southwest nuarter ol southeast quarter, of sec
tion Q) SCOtlUU iaim irsyiiuum kpiiuu w. ui wwu-
shin IS) section 1) north half of northeast quarter
..iia a, ,!., itfthit nnrthA.it nti.rt... nnrttu
nuu iv. wm . . -. - , hv in
cest quarter of northweat quarter, uorth half of
southeast quarter, west half of southwest quarter,
and southeast quarter of southwest quarter,of sec
tion Stthe west halfof northeast quarter, south
east quarter of northeast quarter, southeast quar
ter, anu weat uaii, vi tsvitwu iv, hmuviui iuum
li) the northwest quarter of northeast quarter, tha
west half of southeast quarter, and tha west frac
tional half or section IS) the north rractlonal hair
of northwest quarter of section 30, of township 14)
lOt No 4t south hall of southeast quarter, and south
west fractional quarter, of scctou SO) the east frac
tional part east of Kawkawllng river, the north
halt ofsoutheaat quarter, and the west fractional
hair, of section i, of township IS, of range S.
At the Land Office at Topbka, commencing
on Monday, the thjrl (sd) day of August next, lor
tha disposal of tha. public lands, hAtcAotoro un
otrared, situated in the following townshlpe and
parts oftowashipe, vw i j.a.ij .
iouth et the beat I ine eU Hat ef tiu tiMk principal.
The parts or towAshlps IS, ll, 14, and IS, lnsida
oithe Shawnee restrrauon, of ranxe 90,
Tho parti of WwiiiWp l tssWe or IhftwhM
ffftttattal HmttWfcftm
Washington, d.
reservation! townships 11 and 14, and the parts of
township 15 Inside of Shawnee reservation, of
range Ji. r '
The parts of township 13 losldo of Shawnee res
ervation) townhlps ll and 14) and the part of town-
unir iv inaiun oi m uniwDct reservationi ana me
parts of townships, IS, 19, and SO Inside ofthe Mi
ami reservation, or range S3.
The parte or townshlpe U and 11 Inside of the
Shawnee reservation! townships IS and 14) and the
parts of township IS Inside of (he Shawnee reser
vation) and the parts or township 18 Inside of the
Miami reservation) townships 19, so, 31, and 83, of
The parte of township ll inside of Shawnee res
ervation) townships li, It, and 14) the, parts ol
township 14 Inside- the Shawnee reservation! the
Garts of township IB Inside of the Miami reserve
on) townships 19, 30, 31, and St, of rang 34
The oarts of towns
namp uiniiaeoi ue nnawnee
reeervatloni townshlpe 13. is, and 14; the part of
township is Inside or the Sbawaee reservation) the
tart a oi townanip in louse oi tne rnianu rvacrva
ion) townships 19,30,31, anft 93, of range 2ft
At the Land Offlco at IIcuvoLbT. commen
cing on MordaT, the thirteenth (ISth) day of July
next, for the disposal of the public lands hereto
fore unoffered, situated In the following town
ships and parts of townships, vis:
Swth ofthe bate Hne and eatt of the tixth principal
Thanartsof townshln S3 Inside or the Miami
reaer atlon, or range 33
The parts or township 23 Inside of the Miami
reservation, of range S3.
jnepnrta oi townanip a insme oi tne jniami
reservation, of range 34.
The parte of township 33 tnsUe of the Miami
reaemtlon. of ranee 25.
Lands appropriated by law for theuse of schools,
military and other purposes, or lands on which
applications hara been filed under tha provisions
of the homestead law, will be excluded from tha
Tha offerine of the above lands will be com'
menced on the dare appointed, and will nroceed In
the order in which they are advertised, until the
wholo shall have been otTered, and the sales thus
closed) but no tale thall be kept open longer than
two tnetkt. and no private entrj of any .of the lands
will be admitted until after the expiration of the
two weeks
Given under tnv hand, at thecltvof Washington.
this twentieth day of Maron, anno Domini one
thousand eight hundred and sixty-three
By the President!
Commissioner or the General Land Office.
hrery person entitled to the right ot pre-emption
to anr of the lands within the townships and oarts
of townships above enumerated, is required to es-
t ami so in e eanoToine satisiaciion or inn iiegis
ter and Receiver of the proper Land Office, and
make payment therefor as soon as practicable
after seeing this notice, and before the day ap
pointed for the commencement of the public sale
of the lands embracing tne tract claimed) other
wise such Claims win oe lorieiteu.
Com mtsa loner of the General Land Office.
Note. Under the regulations of the Depart
ment, as heretofore and now existing, no paj ment
can be made for advertising proclamations except
to such publishers as are tpeciaUy authorized to
publish by the Commissioner of the General Land
uuice war i wnw
Navy Department. )
Washington, D C, MayW, ibGS.
SCALED PKOPUSALS-will be received at this
office until the fifteenth day of June, 1063, at noon,
for the supply or sixty thousand pounds or fresh
Beef, and sixty thousand pounds of fresh Wee ta
bles, on tha Washington station, during the fiscal
year commencing on the first day of July next, and
ending on the thirtieth June, lssi
int iiei ana eietaiicsmuatuoi xoouquauty,
and the best the market atfordsj and each article
must be ottered for by the pound The Beef to be
in equal proportions of fore and htnd quarters
Boudwlth iDDroved aecurltv will be renulred In
one-half the eatimated amount ofthe contract, and
twenty per centum In addition will be withheld
iron toe auiUUDi ui cicu iajruirut tu w iuuv,
collateral security for the due performance of the
contract, which will on no account be paid until It
is fully complied with
tvery offer made must be accompanied (as di
rected in the act of Congress making appropriation
for the naval service for IWS-7, approved loth Au
gust, 1816 ) by a written guaranty, signed by one or
more responsible persons, totheettect that ha or
they undertake that the bidder or bidders will, If
his or their bid be accepted, enter Into an obliga
tion, within Ave days, with good and auffiolent
sureties, to furnish the articles proposed
N.i nrorwiaal will b eonaldered unleaa accomna- '
nled by such guaranty, and by satisfactory evi-1
ttence mat tne uiaucr nas me license requircu oj
law of Conpcrcsa my28 t
Wabiiinoton Citv. March 19. 1863
Owners or steam vessels are invited to send to
the Quartermaster General's Office tenders for
their charter or sale
Tenders should contain descriptions or toe ves
sels, their dimensions, enrolled or registered ton
nage, actual carrying capacity, material, whether
Iron or copper fastened, stie and power of en
gines and boilers; and should state the price at
which they are ottered for long or short charter,
with the eatimated value of the vessel in caseot
loss, or In case the Government should prefer to
purchase Instead of chartering
Owners or steam vessels already In the service
or the Quartermaster's Department are requested
to make known to the Department any reduction
in their present rates which they may be willing
to grant, and also the price at which they will be
willing to sell them
All such tenders should be addressed to tha
Quartermaster General or the United states, at
Washington, and should be endorsed " Proposals
for charter or sale or steamers "
When received, they will be considered, and the
Department will endeavor to reduce the heavy ex
pense attending army transportation upon the
ocean and tide-waters, by substituting, whereter
it can do so, cheaper veaaels or equal capacity for
those now employed. M. C MKIU8,
mar 34 3m Quartermaster General
O WTID till the 80th or MAY. 1863. at 12
o'clock M , for rurnlshlng the BubsLstence Depart
ment with 20,000 DARRr LS OF I-LOUR.
Bids will be received for what Is known as No 1,
No 2, aud No S, and for any portion less than the
20,000 barrels
Bids for different grades should be upon separate
sheets of paper
Thedemery of the Flour to be commenced on
the 10th day of June, or as soon thereafter as the
Government may direct, at the rate of 800 barrels
dall), delivered either -at the Government Ware
house, In Georgetown, at the wharves, or at the
Railroad Depot, ttaahlngtoo, D C
Pa ment will be made In certificates of Indebted
ness, or such other lunds as the Government may
hat afor distribution
llie usual Government Inspection will be made
just before the Flour Is received
An oath of allegiance must accompany each bid
No hlil will he antrtained from nartlea who have
fircvlouBly failed to compl) with tbslr bids, or
rom bidders not present to reipond
l pe oarre s to ve new nuu nrauun-u
Bids tobedlrectedtoCOLUNLL A BtCKWITH,
A D I and t 8 USA. Washington, and in
dorsed " Proposals for Hour " my lft dtwth
at the Treasury Department, Oldee of Con
struction, Washington, D C, until 11 o'clock, m,
of May SO, IBtU.for tba furnishing and delivery of
about ON MILLION OF BH1CK, more or less,
for use on the Treasury extension
All bricks must be ul the best quallt, sound,
hard, and well burned, of full alie, aud In accord
ance with samples that may be seen at this office
Bidders will give price per thousand delivered at
the building, at such points as maybe directed,
ami In such quantities per day as the uecesaUles of
the work may require, 1 he whole to be delivered
by the nnt of September, ltu
All lilda mint be a ecu nin anled bv the written
Sua rati tee of two responiiDie persons mat ine uiu
erls able to 1 erform the contract, and will exe
cute the contract should It be awarded to him, and
that the burner IB a inanuiaciurcr ui uric.
The Department reserves the right to reject any
or all the bids, should It be considered Irs Interest
to do so, and none will be considered that do not
conform to the requirements ef this Advertisement
lims to be incioscu in a lemeu -utkiuo-, su
dor led " Proposals for Brick.
Lnglueer In Charge
may 31 ThStmSO
May 20, 18S3
On hand, tho best lot of
ever otTared In this market, lor style and variety)
censlsUag,ln part, of Latcaslon Tops, two and
lour-ieat Hooka ways, top and no-top Buggies, Jer-
IsoraUTLlCRU WAGONS, or all sties, with aad
without springs
Repairing promptly attended to
HOB'T H GRAHAM. Coachmaker,
may s-imi( n D, and 4T7 Eifhth ill,
a. SATtJRDAY evening, may 30. i863.
Medical PonvxToa's Office; I
PROPOSAL win be received at this offla unti.
19 m., on MONDAY, 1st day of June next, and on
the first of avery month thereafter, for supplylnc
this Depot with the following artistes, In such
quantities as may he required during the respec
tive months:
class no i
Cotton Date
Cotton Wadding:
Flannel, red, (all wool!
Muslin, (bleached, unsized, 1 yard)
Napkins, (for opthalmle)
silk, (green)
Taae, cotton, or twilled stay bind
Tape, woolen, or woolen binding
Thread, linen, unbleached
Towels, for roller
Twine, H oo arse
Oiled Muslin, 4)yard pieces
miea iik, sjf vara pieces
Hinders! Boards, 3XXI3
T 4x17
Knapsacks, hospital
nieuicioe ranmers
Mess Chests
Hand Utters
Horse Litters
blanket Cases, canvas
Buckets, leather
Class No 6
Envelopes, printed
Paper, wrapping, WfcD
Paper, Writing, Cap, Letter
Peas. Steel
Pen Holders
Pencils Lead, Faber, No. 3
Portfollors, can else
Wax, Sealing
Class No e.
Water-beds. India Rubber
Rubber Cushions, for air or water
u square small
Gutta Tercha Bed Covers
" " Cloth
Class No 7.
Blankets, white or gra
Mosquito Bars
Hair Pillows
Class No 8
Bed Pans, delf
Bowls, deir
Dishes, assorted aires
I ceding Cups, delf
Medicine Spoons, delf
Mugs, delf
Pitchers, half gallons
Plates, deir
Retorts, delf
Pots, chamber, delf
Pots, tea, deir
Spit-mugs, without tops
Tumblers, glass
Class No 9
Basins, tin, small
Baalns, wash, hand
Cauldrons, assorted sires
Dipper i, tin, 1 pint
Flesh rorks
Funnels, tin, 1 pint
Oratcrs, nutmeg, large aad small
Knives and Forks, Mix's U. S A
Knives and Forks, Carving
Knives, Butchers'
Knives, Bread
Measures, tin, gallon to pint
Bed Ticket Frames
Bath Tubs
stoves, Cocking, and fixtures
Range, Cooking
Close Stools
Pots, Inodorous, army pattern
Scales and Weights, shop
Class Ho 10
Bedsteads, Iron
Bedside Tables
Butler s Trays
Class No 11
BruBhes, scrub
Buckets, wooden
Clothes Lines
Table Spoons
Lanterns, glass
Co tree-mills
Tin Warmer, for stomach
Tin Warmer, for feet
Class No 17
Funmls, lass, half pint
Pill-boxes, turned wood
Pill Machines
Pill Tiles, 6x10
Rain Gauge
lUiorsand Strops, In case
Sheep Skins, dressed for plaster
Spatulas, S to 6 Inches
Spirit Lamps
vials, assorted
Class No 13
Kettles, tea, Iron
Pans, frying
Pans, sauce
Pans, tin
Itote, mustard
Pots, pepper
Samples of articles will be shown, and part leu-
lars as to slaesof pacltaacs. quality of articles, and
prouauie quaniiiy reiiuireu, win or 6"
ven on ai-
piuaiion at mis omcc
Bidders must embrace In their proposals alt the
articles designated In any one clan Proposals
tint In enuformltr therewith will he relected
1 roposals from dlslo)al part Irs will not be con-
sioereo, anu an cam oi allegiance rau.i accouipan)
arli nrmtnanl
tin mil. in the a urn nf fli e thntuan 1 dollars, for
the faithful performance nf his contract, will l
required oi the successful bidder
Aa tho articles In the aboteclitaieB are only pur
rhaad when the wanta of th aertlce demand
them, successful bidders from a distance will be
renulred to eatabllsh an arenov In title city
The Medical Purveyor reserves the right to re
ject an) anu au uius noi ueemed aunauie, auu an
contracts acoepted will be subject to the approval
ui mo oura-uu uvuciat
M8 K , V 8 A, and
my 20 Acting Medical Purveyor
IT S Military Railroah Om he, I
360 O street. Washimoton, May li. W S
Ths undersigned will receive sealed t Ida lor the
purchiseol SUS-JO-3340 tons of new RA1LK04D
IRON, SO pounds to the yard.
3SSTJ13J40 tons of the above is at the Cambria
Mills, Johnstown, Pennsylvania, and the balance,
67J 20S-W40 la at Pittsburg, PeunilvanU
Incase a bid is accepted, the party making the
same will be notified n$ loon as practicable If
wunin ten uaja niter aucn aoilce tne any -!
fall to make pa) ment In Government funds to the
undersigned, the Iron for which said bid was nude
shall be subject t sale to any other person
All bids must besealed an I directed to the under
signed, Washington, D C., and Indorsed "Bids for
Railroad Iron "
The right to reject any and all bids Is expremly
Bids will be recelv ed as above Invitt d until June
6, at whluhtlme a decision will be given
my j6-lt Captain and A U M
Comer O end rid rtrtrti,
Hahtngion.D C, April IS 13
WniTTEN PHorosALa are Invited lor furnishing
HA, STRAW. OATS, and CORN, for the uae o?
this Depot, to be delivered at Ihe Kailroa 1 Ueot,
or at any of the Government whan ea In this cltj
The proKsals to be addressed to the undersigned,
and they ahould state the quantity of each article
ottrrtHl, also the price and the date ol delivery
IroposAls will be received for live thousand
(ft.ooo) bushels of Corn and Oats, snd fifty (Ml) tons
of Hay and straw, and upwards, unless it should
be lor the Interest of the Government to contract
for a leaa amount.
AllKralnto be put up In good sacks of about
two I) bushels each, which are to be furuUhed at
the cost of the contractor
Th- llav aod Straw to ti
Ail Gralu and Hay ottered to be subiovt to a rigid
Inspection by the Government inspector
(liiiilraata will be Awarded frmn lima lo time to
the lowest responsible bidders, as the interests of
the service may require.
Good security will be required for the faithful
fulfilment of any contract made under this adver
tisement. Payment to be made at tha completion ofthe
contract , S. x. T BROWN,
Cant and Assistant Quartermaster, USA
sp lT-sw
T7IRBT ward;
"Notice la hereby given that In conformity to the
provisions ofthe charier of the city of Washington,
an election will be held in the first precinct of the
First ward, on Monday the first day of June next,
at the shon of John Keeres,on south or I street,
uitnnn iimvicTTniu avuu larnuiui un'ii. iurn
Collector. Register, and Surveyor, one member ol
tfte Board of Aldermen, and three members of the
Boa-u oi common council to represent saio warn
folk open at 7 o'clock am, and cloie at 7
O'clock p Jn R.A WATERS,
my 23-d Commissioners of klectlon
1 I R S 1 W A R D,
notice Is hereby glen that, In conformity to the
provisions of ths charterer the city or Washing
ton, an election will be held In the Second Precinct
of the First Ward, on Monday, the 1st day ol June
next, at F. Dorsett's shop, earner of ISth and O
streets, for a Collector, Regjster,nd Surve) or, one
member of the Board of Alderman, and three mem
hers of the Board of Common Council to represent
said ward
Foils opeo at 7 o'clock a m and clous at 7 o'clock
p. m
j w Dim.
my 23 Commissioners or Klectlno
n election will be held on the first dav of June
next at the corner of Twelfth street ami New aork
avenue, for Register, Collector, and Surveyor nf
the city, an I for one member ol the Board nl Alder
men, and three members of the Board of Common
Council, and an Assessor to serve two years tor
raid ward
Polls open at7 a m, and close at Tu m
may 23 Comralsslonrts
notice Is hereby given that. In eo
eonforniltv to the '
provisions of the charter of the city of Washlnr-I w for you If I know how for I am afraid you
Pennsylvania avenue and Eleventh street, for Col- tor a man with the rheumatism Is not fit for n
lector, Krgtster, and Sun cj or of the city, tn soldier I know and you must do your beat to
serve two years, one member of the Board of Al- come I hme looked for you and vie at the
dermento sen two years, three members orthal,,.-, wi,-n ti. n.Bu ...-.. in. o.h.,ri n T
The noils will onen at 7 o
Clock a in and Close
WM 11 POrE,
my 22
NOTIO Is HERFB1 G1FN that, in conform
Ity to the provisions of the charter of the dti of ,
vasningion, an election win dc neiu in ine firsi
Precinct of the Third Ward, at the office of John
members of the Board of Common Council to rei-
resent said Ward Polls will be opened at 7 o'clock
ah. .h.l l.lll nlrta. .Mf.l.1,i.1l i. m
m . .nil will cloie .t 7 o'clock u
m.V 33-lta Commli.looerf
Junonext.atMr Draae a, near the northweat cor-
ner or ninth street west ana u street noith, for
Register, Collector, and surveyor of the city, and
for one member ot the Board of Aldermen andihree
members of the Board of Common Council Polls
open at 7 A M and close at 7 P M
w r wuuu,
$ ,
R SIILi.i.-..-
"Tfotlet li hereby alien that in conformity to the
roin'ecYioVfeheld iff jSSSff, tnr'f.
day of June next, at Henry W Henkle's rest lenoe,
ju mi siiiu air-ci Hcituiiwccn ti a.nu aircria
nerth, for Collector, Reirlster, and Surveyor ol the
tity of Washington, one member of the Board of
Aldermen, three members of the Board of Common
Cou ell, and one Assessor
The poll will open at 7 o'clock a m , and close at
7 o'clock . m V C FCKLOFr,
my 23 dtd
1 O L R T II W A R U ,
I-. .i..ti. .. iii t- w.i.t i .v. L.. .-.i
wii. in cinuuu tt in ifo iiriu in imr Trniiiu rrrciuci
of the Fourth Ward, In the basement or the West
lugofthoClty Hall, on Monday, the Hrst da of
June next, fur a Collector, Register, and annpjor
of sail city, tn serc two jers(dnc member uf
the U..ard If Altermen to serte two jears thne
members of the Board of Common Council loirns
one jeari an 1 an Asaeaaor to servo two jmi
iiiib witt-ii i i u u n iii, nuu viubi-m
o clock p m
my JI ComniUsloiu rs
11 VI II A III),
LFCTIUN NOTICF-NotUe la here! j ghen
uiiii, in GDiiiuruiiiy io ine ro taioiis oi inn ennr'
tcroftheCit) of WnshltiKton an election will le
held In the Ftrat Precinct of the Fifth Ward at the
PuWU School House corner of A street boiillt an 1
I"rl.-'.rL ,V-5" Au"Jafc-V1. ?"'. ?L J
aaii eiti.Vmi tM nnu niomt. of th- it ..nt nf
Allerwen and three members nf tho Board nf Cum-
mou Council, to represent said ward
IMlawlIl be 01 ened at 7 o Lloclt a m , ami will
ir(iu.rwi.nuiiu. m
Commlsilonersnf r lection
Notice Is herebi alien that in conformity to tl.
provisions ni ine cnarier oi ine cii) ni wasniiijr.
... ' .' ... .......... .
ton an election will be held In the iwtomt I ret in t
of the Fifth Ward, at the school houie, comer of
D street south and Third street east 011 MON 0A ,
tht 1st day of June next, for Collector HeKlster
an t Surejor of sal 1 cltj , and for one metnter of
the B ard of Al lernicn and three members of the
BoAid of Common Council to represent sal t ward
Polls will be opened at 7 o'uUck a m , and will
close at 7 o'clock p m
ISAAL u UAIt Will,
ixni w
A R I),
t LI CTION NOTICE Notice Is hirebv at ven
r nisi 1'iit.imii
that, in couformltj to the provisions of the char-
tor of the cltj of Washington, an election will be
.nu...ih.trui... nn m.i.. ih.i.t.1.. ,.r
Juuo next, for Collector, Register and Survej or of
said cny, aim lur on- meuiu-r 01 mo iwnrii 01 ai-
dermen, three members of the Boar I of Louimvii
Council, andone Aaaeaior, torcprestnt said Hurt
I oils Willie opened at 7 o'clock a m, andulll
beclsrdat7oclocki m
J VML4 U 11 kt
J US till tUOK
Couinilfloners uf Llitllou
in 2 J
i. LLC HON MJTICK Not l.e la heielv ei(.n
that, iu conformltj tothe provlalotis ot the cliartir
,.rl..rilir.rU..).lii.lnn .null, tUn ulll I a ),M
Int tie aecond Preclact of'the Sixth War! at the
AiiL0tt Litxlne House, on Mondav the nut dny
of June uext, forCullei.tor, Register an I Siimu r
ol said ell) and lor one member ui tiie uyi
Kn. ta2orf?o
lolls will U ojuned at 1 o clock n m,andtlll
be closed at 7 p m
CunimUiloner. uf h lectloit
lii J3
1 i: v i:nt u
V R I),
Ice ta hrrebv civen that. In toiifuriiiltv tu the
ili laiuiia ui 1 (in iiini in m 1111 in) in ,. nnu in
oa. an election will b h 1 1 in the Hut prrcluct
ofthe seventh Ward it lie Island Hall, onMou
iU) , tht llrst ilt) of June next, lor collfitur HokI
tr, aul Vint) or of saidclt), and fur 011c number
ofthe Board of Aldermen, an I three nuiulira of
the Board of Common Council to rej resent said
1.1 r 11..: ki. ..r k , 1.. ..r ti.'t.i
Polls will te opened at 7 o'clock a m and will
beclosed t7ocfockj.KmGi MATTINoLli
Commliilonrrs of I lection,
my 80-d
NO. 156.
v w w cAinwiLL (from the German )
A child sleeps under a rose bush fair,
The buds swell out In the soft May sir)
Sweetly It rests, And on dream-wings flee
To play with the angels tn Paradise
And the years glide by.
A mal ten stands by the rose bush fair,
The dewy blossoms perfume the alr
She presses her hand to her throbbing breast,
With lot e's first wonderful rapture blest
And the years glide by
A mother kneels by the rose bush fair,
Soft sigh the leaves In Ihe evening air)
Sorrowing thoughts of the past arise,
Ami tears ol anguish bedim her eyes
And the)earsgl deby
Naked and lone stands the rose bush fair,
Whirled arc the leaves In the autumn air,
Withered and dead the) fall to the ground,
And silently cot er a new-made mound
Add the years glide by
A 8o)itler Wanted at Home.
Wo traharrltm verbatim tt literatim (Italics
excepted) the subjoined, from a letter ad
drcrscd to a rebel soldier. It was raptured In
onu of tho late raids
Dear Cousin tt with unupcakaMo pleasure
Uiat I make the attempt to write rou a fcv
Uuca to let you know that I am awful sorry to
hmr you r-ayjou dontrt your com$ home oh 1
liopc nnd trust to God that jou will rot and
Mr Cojrlilll sayr hedont think there ts any ilotilii
ouoni jonrromfrt uc uenevcsjoti win rwneyon
in tilt brr for them tnletvnuroiit homo IuonM
' j kv." ?" r "" l0 ts
J"u wmt uuti i wik riuueu yuu wuuiu runic wuu
Mr CochlH and that you would get otT nt hen
yon would act otf nt hen
dtrson with htm but vou never come and voti
cant lmmaglno how sorry I am to think you
'cant come homo oh what would I give if you
could com homo I ffreatlr fear vmi will not ttct
welt short lv If vou dont come homo I know rou
- "i .- .T.-.
will come If you can I hope yon will come wo all
any cotne Par ears for Tfu and N Y R to
llkB hasteand comeback foMbtw have got t
'ctaijuusui wurMuuuauuiiuuuuT iu iiuiji uivui
ho says jou must come homo nnd get well and
vou cau learn what lluio VOU can come vou
must kt u know In time to meet jou at
. -- . ...
I the deno If ou should be so fortunate as
to comic home I hope thoy will let you com God
grant you may come home oh couslu jou can't
i imagine half how clad I would be If I could see
I you come I aaw Joseph and Naphlet Coghlll
burled yesterday they never opened their colUus
I after thev cot here we could smell thorn throuirb
their bores and they were burled ot home in
the orchard Cousin If vou cant come home
i before cold weather wo will send your flannels
but i hope you wm comt yoa mUst write me If
' m, .mn ' T WB, ..,. in hMrfmm vnn ..,
J0" cant f0'" l w" laa t?lle' Vm 7on "?
ery sorry that you were still sick and could
uui com uuuiu out 11 jvu cum come no in- auu
I Bct wc' ,er0 T0U maU Ccl Wtt11 there but you
I wost try your best to come do coins Mr Goghlll
ilT, he blUevea thev will let vou come vet oh
aenria their lnv- tn vnit aava mm hnma I wlafi
Jon raay Ceme Oh cousin jou must come I hope
' d lelfl be jour helper w'hlle you aro gone b'ut
you must try your best to come I am still your
uui-tnuuaiu tuuiiu lui uemn riiu iu III- eooil
and come homo
A F T in A Xf Pniu-mu
p Vrt m.. f . f .i .77 i . .
? You must please beg them to let jou
come furewtll until we meet do come home
Vallaundlshsvnt's Biography.
He came of a Virginia family, his father was
a Presbyterian clergyman, and he was born iu
New Lisbon, Ohio, about forty years ago. Re
waacnieuyeaucjuu aitue nresideothome, and
an1 I. a tin 11 irvnt rtn iviii at .l.limnn Ct
-... . ... t.. j . v vuv.wwu wi
lege, but did not graduate, and devoted two
years aa principal of nn academy In Bnon Mill,
Maptlonfl ifn atuHlH lau nH m mlmlir J
.Uy,ind ,JA t f , S. 7. admitted
to tho bor ofOhloln 1S42, nnd becimesnccess
ful in the profeaaion In IW and KM ft he v,aa
eletted to the Ohio legislature, and took strong
irrnunii in u or or i he war w in Mevien iin
ring his last term he Introduced, aud ndiocatcd
in nn tiinorjto aptfecn, a mil tor a cotmiiiuion
ul convention, wlikh pusod audresnltt I In the
present conatltntlnn of Olil
llo inarrk 1 In Murrlaml, and actllel at Djj
ton, Ohio, in 1S47, bccntulng tho editor of tin
Ptjton tminre Iii 1H4'I ho retire 1 from thi
Journal, nnd (tooling hlmrelf again to tho law
una eminently siicresafiil In IK 10 he waa n
can lldato for tho ludgtshlp nf roiumou pleis,
hut his pro-sla.cry opinions defoaud him. and
In 1851 ho wna tho Democratic tandldite for
lieutenant governor, but was not elected. II u
rnu for Congress in 185.3 and 1-M, but was di
feated by I cwls D Campbell-a irrtal excite
,nii i,,B,.mBii ... Kr.it. nlu.tinn. ir- .
.... I'lbl.lMH !,. VILVUWUC f ,V Hi. M
dueirato to the Cincinnati Pi mocratlc Cnnvcn
tlon of ISM, and supported Mr lluchanan In
J ho again run for Conn-a ngalnst Mr
Campbell, contested lih seit, and was admiltt d
rui again, under Hih same rlrnims'tanrts, in
Ibrt andwas ilectul, and was ro Uulul tothi
tITl I. ....BAa I Id A.. ! I n,x,w-m, lain ..
HU career as a CongrLamun
Is well known
Illilca for llngclug autl Klaalug oil the
Freucli Htage.
One M Nsrclssc, an actor, appears hef tro a
Ji ye tic jxitr ofPurl", charged with hiving kls
ed an actress upon tho stagu more friincnt1)
and more violently th iu thu ctlenrUa of tin
pljy roqulred lit sujs
" Monleiir, I am a d ram at I ( nctor I piny
Ihe parts of lovers In the tbtatreof tin Bo nil cue
My parts oblige me to be extrav aganlly passion
ate, cxtltwl, and tuthuslastlt I ntn ohlled
occahlotijllv to inrke love to vvouuuof all UL'ts,
of all sizes, of nil condltlqus of life, aitlvel),
pemv trlnglv , soiuitmaa fur u couple of hour
TT LovomnklugmyWomolaborlo,,,,
Motttiettr le Jutje. and t en re iilslvo nnd aunov
lng if one Is obllgul to do so Weil sir, and
juu iu ifunutu 11, an my 11 re, usvoiion, uly ar-
tisiic. amorous skill, so uuccaslngly nddriMul
irtih.!nt hi irnt mo Into itH. r Vi.ii. nnti
J" i r P e . V t g lU . ?
I frms a month for running nwny with
junim iuun.li umi iuukiii) iuu 10 ruiiuniuu
empttttoa, nnd they want me to pay IV) francs
lot iirlkke riilhtrid 1 or kisses, MonMuir
IW francs for one mau to piy for snch trllKa '
1 lint la what M Vulsln demauds of ine, for, In
fait, klsMug his will un the sta.fi, w hlk j'layln,
..., ...u
.,,i,r. tillu iB thu m
aUIu " It Is a very simple affair There
arc urtaln rigulattons which belong to all ttie-
utrts on the subject in nuistlou Altlclo 1
savs htn nn actor, 1 laying hi rott, U
V . -t0 V" f IfA. .b-H onl, appear
to in no rii( ic i
2 Pressing sluctrtlv to tin
of 2f Wc ' Now Nartlssi
laait,mjs a Hue
haa igoioiisly cnibraced my wilo tin tiiiKH,
uad uumlstakiably klsucd lur tvttntv-flvc
tillu, lor wiiicu i a cm a mi i'iu iraiux
Narcissi) "Ihe vrUo Is bevoud all rtaeou
aUin ' I dtiuiud Hut sum auordlug to
1111 usages 01 uiu urunaur uw
Natilssi " lom, lit us lompromlHL the
muiar, intro are laiuis on iiotn kukh
ilsiu "dood "
Narclsse "I have stole Uentv,-ono kUsts
alsln " ia "
Narclrtso Mll, tliui, I otkr to rtturn
limn "
lKru till) COllrt lilnl it LTftvlH. nml llin ltntn
dismissed tho case, referring tho matter to a
higher court of justice.
"As tht clock strikes the hoar, how often we sav
Time file si when Hit we that art puling awa,"
ftotfottitf cpMim
J11T1I p- XOVIftTIIlia
Ont tur, Uitm j -.--- tlXO
Opt Kjnm, tour dii --. j 1 J3
On KjMre, Ht dji J-JW
On jur, 1 ! 1
Ererr atlior dij1 klTertlsemtnU, flfty p
ctoUaddltlontt ,
One week adTertutmenU chirred .
tor etch lMrtin, ,.
dix une. or lM cunraniMV sqnar.
AdrertliemaiU .icraM tx hunted U by U
o'clock u.
VaJlasullgham's Reevpttom In W asrrvtUa
The KasbtUteiYm thus describe the advent
of VaUandlgham tn that city t
Jan omnibus backed no to tha depot platform
04 Market street, and ValUadJgham, accora
Bsnted brclrht or ten soldlera. cmtared tha
clumsy vehicle. In a few moments It started
up Market street, around tha Square, down
College) to Church, and down Church to tho
Chattanooga depot, where a special train was
tn readiness toconreTliimsotrthward. During
all this time he was followed by men on horse
back aod In carriages, while an Indiscriminate
crowd of nadealrlaus. armrwaeons and dogs
joined In the escort. There waa no disloyal or
ungcntiemsmy demonstrations, nowever, uur
Ing this unusual see do, although many crimi
nal remarks and conjectures escaped the lips of
the beholders The most common eipreaalon
wsi Suppose Bragg wilt not admit him Into
his lines what will he dot This question
generally remained unanswered bnt was the
subject of mnch speculation. The object of
such intense observation maintained himself
very well during the excitement, although ex
hibiting a few signs of agitation "
in ipcelnt of a larva assortment of Bors' and
aiMren'aClothlnr of the newest stiles, suitable
for the present season fur dress And school wear,
to which we invite the attention of parents
343 Pennsylvania Aveuue, between
Ninth and Tenth streets
apr lft tnr (star It Intel 1
VjT ha e now In store a fnll stocV of Gentlemen's
"iirlng Overcoats, Butt nets Suits, Dreis Suits, ant
Kurni thing CTvoiU ofthe latest styles, manulaotur
etl with the same degree of neatness, style, and ele
gance, as if made to onler
JA'A Pennsylvania Avenue, between
Ninth end Tenth streets.
anr 10 tflf JSlar fc Intel
nrrt it a nv nrnn
" " wall ttphv uikco.
344 Pxhniyltahia avenic,
, Offerthe largest BSBortuintlnthiacit,embrAc
'n?uu.Vl1ll,cdbT mctn lBt,, AMu Vl1
haw. such aa--
Bwoms, saanes, uens, anoumerSTraps
Caps, Pistols, Stc,Kc, with a One assortment ol
ualform clothlnr. with which we can furnish offl
cers comjdvte outfits la a fewmoments
VTAbi i&rniT av vu.,
CM.S Penusjlvaula Avenue,
apr 10 tflf flntel Star tTirnn )
8 U V V L I K 8,
Contl.dnc of
&e , ic , lie,
Atwhoici.lc tod rtt.ll
rur.hKMriArelBrlted1of.ll .ndexitmlae thli
l.rj(. .nd well .elected itock C choice KOndi
.verv enicie win lie onereti ni
AhUh c.nnot l.U to f Iv. ..tlaLcttOQ
fortnerly Bate. Ic Wood,
93. Pehniylv.nL .venue,
m.y U-Utl olio.lt. WUI.rd'i Molel.
i'e are constantly receivtna a full aunnlv nf
these veUhratel DRAl'GHl ALr s, dlreif from
uiMBn joiiii isyior aauui iu cmsks auu nail casks,
and solicit tLe patrouae of citlteus and the trade.
vj$ Pennsylvania avenue,
la ) 41 1 piMisite Wlllard Htl
A I A R R L L O R lv S
""jf7NRT PAHBV, manufacturer nf Marble lan
tell, 'Monuments, Mural lahlcts. files Cblnd
and Plumheis liri Caen sione lUpllsmal I otiia
Altirlntha in Maniiftctor) nl Wtrerooms
71 i aul A last 1 wmtj-Mfcou I itieel, neai
lourth itv emir, New ork
N B Urates, from the lowest nrke to the most
loatl) niilah firnlshelal New ork trices
ue.ifftia ntaue 10 oner, aoa csiimaus -itch mr
Marl le vor.t put up In sn part ol the lountr)
my iHm
An Llecllon will he held on Monday, the tlrt li
of June next, In the basement storv of It) la id
Chspet corner of D street south an I Tcnfi street
west, for Keflster, Collector and aurviir of ti.e
iltr aul tor one inemb'r of the U-mrl o( n
turn, and three members of the boa hi of Cruimon
touncll, for said ward, in couf irntliv u ith the r
v Isl ins of the charter of the cltj of rvahlit t u
foils optn at 1 o clock a iu , and t.lo nt i
ujHk iu CHi C MHHV
IJFll S IH-Pni'HN,
my J ( omniiaalonera 1 f ! ctlnn
Tie remaining stock of COLr BROTH! RS
LUMBLK Y KHli, between Thirteen an I a halt n I
rourtern'h strrtts on the Canal,
Centrally located, with business well established
and CHiiaMe, bj iroierl) directed energj of beinh
larelv Increased lot part) deslrliig such bust
uesM, a morelaiorable opportunlt) for a K vod In
vestment is rartl) otlen 1
In lonnectlno with the ard Is a
U orked by Mr amucl L pAnxaiitoi:, rtoentlv
our fureuivu lu that dcpartmenl, and producing
tvork of unsurpassed excellence
Al .dlcatlun Lan be m de nn the premises to
Skiirvlt Ing partner ot
mi i a uriiii
Uaiiiinoton. I) C Mav28. lfici.
SrniAL OHUahi, No aa 1I orders heretofore
Ipsik d from these hendqimrtcrs relative to the sale
of aplrltuous or malt liriuors tn enlistetl men or
Holdicrs 1 f tho I nlied Statca arm) , are declared tu
be lu frcej also as res;arUs teamsters, laborers
an I persons of that clasa employed by tha Quar
tern aster a or ComuiUsar) Depaitmcutst and a in
dealt r In spirituous or malt liquors detected i 1
itllluKor Kivlnsthe lamo to teamsters or nnv ut
the aboio class of persons will be pruicude t
aicalnat the same as provided tn speelal order N
li of March lb, itfcli, of these hendquarter
ilyorderof HLNRY B TODD
Captain and Prov ost Marshal
A S Biker, Lieut and. Adjutant
Arthh W, Arttcltt of l ar " All sutlers aol re
ttluer to thecamp, nd ml persons whataoever
servlut; with the armies of the United states In thf
Mild tiiough not entitled soldiers are to be au jevt
to oiders, according to the rules an tdlsitplln of
war my & iw
Uf No Ail, vomer uf Ukhth aud k, streets,
Up) oaltu the General Poat Otnoa,
Can be consulted un HIlkVMATIC AtkkCTtONS
a Fh ECt tot S, as well as all Diseases of Imprudence,
uf whitUvcr character, and which may b declared
Incurable t y other phj slclaus. He enxaaeito uaka
an Immediate cure
r rum bis lengthy practice in the aalenea of uedl
olae, be ts enabled to otter himself to tha public aa
being the only one la WaentoKton capable of atfonl
tng spoadj relief All oasts curable will b eaaran.
Ud He warrants a cure without tha usaol ucr
sury or any other daneroui medlslne. Raoentsaaea
cured In two or thraa daya.
N B Utters addressed to Dr. F.. at his n iria wrt
Ul. aoraerof Xlfhth and JB lUaaia. OppoelU oa
(1 imt wiM-t rui TmjTTiwiaiTruai

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