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SATURDATfi'im iri.ii.iiiiiiMAT SO, IB6&
MW Tata Ofl of the Jf aiUae4 IUnmbli
sm la avl SIS Ninth itmbatWMBl'tnif
yl rami s.vRm aunt D atreetw
Wnxicinm tbtt (tot rebels) kits thi
" rowan, wet drivr RsroKi them into their
fforiD alio DRin n. Trust them hot.
" Wm tort abus, tott would in vadi amd
" terms. Ill WMO ENTERTAINS TOT sentiment
ma cotntrXT, wno deserves thi scorn axtj
vOjrriwrT or all honorable mm." J?ov
(TdfU, fo f 0nrraf Auembtyof Ohio, Frbntaiyt
Railroads Arrival akt Departure or
Traiha The advertisements on pur fourth page
re Inserted by authority of the railroad companies
severally named, art officially corrected when
change arc made, henee can be relied upon aa cor
tom citt nzairrtwi
lock at-reaet To-dey.
tV are. Indebted to Jay Cooke & Co., bankers,
lor the following condition of the atock and aale
market to-day
Buying. Selling
V S. Coupons, re of tl 1"V 106tj
S. Registered ' t07k
U 3 7 i-io Treasury note 107
U 3. 3 year 6 per cent notes. i
U S 1 year certificates (old issue), ioi
u i year cercinca.es mew issuej Mf
U S, Demandnotes (old Issue) liif
American gold ooln lux
Certificate checki W,s
Nrw York, 11 a. m
U S Coupona .... .108
U S 7 S-10 .... . .107
L I Certificate! (new). ... 99 w
Gold 145
By reference to the proceeding's, It will be
seen that the Common Council of thla citj lait
evening- passed a resolution endorsing the ac
tion of the President In the case of Mr. Vallan
rin Monday next the people of Washington
wilt be called upon to elect a Collector, Regis
'er, and Surveyor for the city, one Alderman
and three Council men to represent each ward,
and Attestors la the Second, Fourth, and Sixth
In another column trill be found the qnallfl.
i&tlons of voters, whose names may not ap
pear upon the poll lists
The regular nominations for city officers of
the Unconditional Union men, or supporters of
the OoTernment and the Administration, arc
as follows
For CoiUetorA C. Richard
For Jttgitteru. D. Elwood.
Fit buntyor L Bcuacmbckoer
The ward tickets, as far as ther hare teen
reported to us, are as follows
Fipst Ward. For Alderman, Uoratln -N
EanbT ForCommon Council, Peter Lammond,
Samui 1 Jlurdle, Thoa. T. Robinson
Sccon Hard For Alderman, J. .
Ihorapson. ForCommonCouncll.S. p Drown,
b T Raub, L' B Ward. ror Assessor, L. W
Tnihr. Ward For Alderman, ft A Hall
f r ( oinmon Council, A. It fiber Uerd, John F.
r. Francis Mcflhan.
r HTu Waud. For A'derman, .
1 For Common ( ouncil, J. TollanKbii ,
T ' liniPhi Jr , (,oo tfata-rc. For Asea
i r H If Johnson
r-n Ward For Aldtrman, J. M. Brod
e I For Common C ounctl, John Grinder, E.
i tteTens, V C. Harper.
iith Ward For Adrmn,T Ld. Clark,
i r Common Council, John CoHgan, Chas
Davis, Geo R. RufT.
t ctento Warh. For Aldermun, J. R El
una For Common Council, J. Murtagh,
' Fdn, f Y Mitchell.
1 ho attention of the voters of ashlngton li
tld to an advertisement of the Collector of In
ternal Revenue requiring that a five cent stamp
re attached to each iffldavlt. That Is to say,
wb renin for the afflduUi of the voter and five
ents for the witness, also, live cents for the
atu of alleglaoce, whether administered Uy a
m or a commissioner of eUctlon
u jng the refreshing things that w oh
served venterday w s the coolness with which
ibe Vat appropriated, verbatim the excluah
uewa contained In our 10J oclock " Extra '
It appeared as editorial In that paper, erron
md all, and reuppeared In tbe Baltimore .Sun
tnd Amerimn to-day, credited to the Start t c
woi Id respectfully call the attention of the
editors of the three papers named above to the
enaction, In our second edition, of the most
important error contained In our " Extra
i ewi thus appropriated.
thla person bss sent us a note containing
lev era i newspaper Items, clipped from tbe
Boston Tranicr.pt, about his arrival home, near
Boston Sometime In January last be disap
peared from 1.1a post as chaplain In tbe army
without leave Ho ai reported as having de
serted In a published order of the War De
partment Lis name wm stricken from tbe rolls
bv ordsr of the President The first thing we
heard of him altcrwards wan through an Eng
isb paper, published In Bristol, that Denlson
bad turned up in that country in the capacity
i " chaplain of the relief ship feorgc Grla
wld " We then (in February) published the
Ptldent's order, and remarked that runa-
- from the American army w&s not j st t rr
s n to represent tbe condition of the loyal poo-1
tiv of thit country to the people of Grat I
. , ,. .. , ' , . , , ,,
Britain On the 21st Inst, we made a similar
statement in r onnection with a landatory aril-,
le of Denlaon in Ibe New York J&enlng Pot
On Thursday we received tbe note from him
referred to above in which be has the audacity
m atate that tbe articles we published about
him " are founded on misapprehensions " ne
says " the President was aware of his going to
England last January with a Tlew to tht rtcov
ery of Mi htaliht " that be (tbe President) was
' made acquainted" wttfa the character of
Ptalion' tnJliloQf tkat " icforrastlon was
glren to the President" of his (Den I son's) ar
rival, reception, and labors In England, and of
hit return, a few days &xo, to this country)
and he close 1& characteristically impudent
note to ni by 'saying that It M wa bettor (hat
nil name shonld b dmnnnd fam the rolls." as
It left him (Denlaon) ' more free to speak with
reference to the measures of the Gorernment."
As this note Is undoubtedly in keeping with
the . representations that Denlaon made while
In England, It Is proper to state that we took
measures, yesterday, to learn from the proper
officials tbe facta concerning his late mission.
They are as follows
lit Dcnlson did not represent the Govern
meat la England, In any capacity.
Sd. no was reported as a deserter from tbe
army, to the Adjutant General's office, where
upon hi nam vat ttrtckm from tht rolls in dt-
gract, by order of the President, thereby de
putlog Denlson of all pay and emoluments
So much for the Heitrcnd Charles Wheeler
Section 5 of tbe charter of 1&3 la In the
words following
And b it further enaeUdt That every free white
male citizen of the United States, who shatl
hare atulned tbe age of 21 years, and shall hare
resided In the city of Washington one year Im
mediately preceding the day of election, and
shall be a resident of tbe ward In which he shall
offer to vote, and shall have been returned on
the books of the corporation during the year
ending the 31st of December next preceding the
day of election as subject to a school tax for
that year, (except persons rum compot tnenia,
vagrants, paupers, or persons who shall hare
been convicted of any Infamous crime,) and
who shall have paid tbe school taxes, and all
taxes on personal property dne from him, shall
be entitled to vote for Mayor, members of tbe
Board of Aldermen, and Board of Common
Council, and Assessor, and for everv other offi-
cer authorized to be elected at any election under
mis act."
This has been changed since, so far as to
admit those who are otherwise qualified to TOle
in Jnne, although not " returned on tho books
of the Corporation during tbo year ending the
Slst of December next preceding," provided
they were liable to be so returned, and that the
omission of their names was owing to the inad
rertence and oversight of the Assessors.
Persons so omitted In December, mnst take
tbe following oath
District or Columbia,
WaiMngton County Fct
On this day of . 1603, before me, a
Justice of the Peace In and for tbe county afore
said, personally appears , who makes
oath, according to law, that he has been a real
dent of the City of Washington for one year
prior to the date hereof, and was liable to be
returned assessed for school tux on the thirty
first of December laC and was omitted to be
returned solelj through the Inadvertence and
oversight of the Assessors.
Sworn to before ,
Justice of tbe Peace.
This statement on oatb,of theparty concerned,
mnst be sustained bv the following oath of an
other resident citizen j
District or Columbia,
Warfdngton County Set
On this dav of . 1WJ3. before me. it
Justice of the Peace In and for the connty afore
said, personally appears , who makes oath,
according to law. that haa been a resident
of tbe City f Washington one year prior to the
date hereof, and that he might have been re
turned aa liable to school tax on tbe thirty-first
of December lant, but for the inadvertence and
oversight of the Assessors.
Sworn to before . t
Justice of the Peace.
Under tbe act of Congress of May 20, 1802,
all voters may be required to take an oath of
loyalty. By the form of this oath, they swear,
not merely that they ar loyal, but that they
hare never been otherwise. This oath Is to be
taken under the pains and penalties of perjury.
We subjoin the act of May SO, 1663 .
AN ACT prescribing tbe qualifications of elec
tors in the cities of Washington and George
town, In the District of Columbia.
Be if enacted bv th Senate ami Haunt of Hen.
renetttatite of the United State of America m
i ongres asteinoiea, matin an municipal elec
tions In tbe cities of Washington and George
town, In the District of Columbia, DURING
BELLION, every person who shall otfer to
vot at any auch election, und Mho shall t e I New York Tribune.' Parties who entered our
challenged by any legal otcr on the ground lines to-day from the South report that Gen
of dislojalty to the Government of the Lnlud erals Breckinridge and Crothcra1 divisions, of
State, shall, I c fore bis vote fcball be ro- Bragg s army, were on their way South. Mr.
rMed, in addition to the reqnlrtmcnts Vallandlgham Is a guest at Gen. Bragg's head
now istablished by law, take and subscribe quarters, Sbclbyville.
to the following oath or atlirmation, namely i a
"I do solemnly swear (or alllnu. us tho case I .. ii.tii. n.u r- ii.n.iuTh.
may be that I w ail aupport, protect, and de-
fend the Constitution and Government of the
United States against all enemies, whether
domestic or foreignj that I will bear true faith, wwcu in idi! a icrnoou i train He win de
allegiance, and loyalty to the same, anv ordi . IIver a? ddreas In that city to-night In further-
niuce, resolution, or Jaw oi an State Conven-1
tion, tegUUture, or order or organization, so-
crct or otherwise, to tliucontror) notwithsland- (
Ing, amlthat I do this with a fuU determlna-
lion, pledge, and purpose, without any mental ,
reservation or evasion wuaisoevert ami, iur-
au AM) TKUK TO THE GOVLRNMENT Boston, May 29. The extensive bakery of
Or THE UNITED STATES. So help me Austlu A Co., In Lynn, Government contrac
God. The tab! oath or atlirmation m.) be tors fnr furnishing hard bread to the array and
taken before any justice of the peace, notary navy, waa destroyed by fire this morning. The
public, or other person legally authorized to I los la heavy. Amount not yu ascertained,
administer oaths In the District of Columbia 1 1 -m,
and the productiou of the certificate, in wrltlmr, lUcruita fur the Maachutta Colored
of any suchjuatice of the pence, no tar) public, I Uegimcut
or other person so authorized to administer I Boston, May 29 Over three hundred re
oaths, with a topy of such oath or affirmation, emits for the Fifty-fifth (toloredj rtglmtnt
that said oath lias been taken and subscribed arrived In camp, ot Keadvllle, toda. The
to liy thu person roduclug such certificate, I reglnunt now numbers about six hundred men.
shall be duemed ' y the Commissioners of Elec-
tlon sufficient evidence of the fact And It i Hklrmtah at Berry'a Ferry, Virginia.
hall .also be lawful for the Commissioners of The following as received at headquarters
Elm tlon. or nu nnn of ftum. riiiHm' lh i mn -r.i .Tj ' "'
V . Vi "i 7 . ' -"" - "-
of holding such elections, to administer said
oath And any person or persons violating
said oath, or making an false statement In
taking the same, shall be subject to all the
pains and penalties of wilful and corrupt per
jury, and shall be liable to be Indicted and
prosecuted to conviction before anv court in
said District of Columbia having competent
jurisdiction thereof
Oinctal Dlspatchca from General EUet.
n official dispatch to the War Department,
received yesterday from Gen. EUet, command
ing ram tied, dated Helena, Arkansas, May 25,
says "As my command was descending the
river from Memphis on the evening of Ma 23d,
tbe commissar and quartermaster boat was
fired Into from tbe Mississippi side by a band
of the enemy, with lw o pieces of artillery, about
six miles above Austria,
I returned yesterday and landed my force.
Tbe enemy had a few hours before ray arrival
captured a small trading steamer, and burnt
her, taking her crew captives, and approprlat
Ing her freight
could obtain no intelligence from the In
habitants by which to guide my movements.
My cavalry, under Major Hubbard, two hun
dred strong, came up with tho enemy, one
thousand strong, all mounted, eight miles out.
1 he ngnl lasted nearly two hours, i he Major
was compelled to take shelter in a favorable
bottom, where he succeeded in repulsing tbe
enemy, and finally drove them off before thu i
In rant r rouldcome to his relief. Our loss was
twkiUcdand nineteen wounded, mostl) slight.
The ncmy left Re dead upon the field, and
one bi itmaut mortallr wounded, and twentv-
t aund of arms We captured three pris-
Ii'iim I n x wn or Austria, having first
scan hulev r uudint As the Ore progressed,
thedlufharKr r loadt 1 firearms was like vol
leys of muskmr ub the tire reai lied thelrhldlng
places, and two h.aj vplosions of powder
also occurred
Of Major Hubbard and bit battalion I can
not speak too b.ghh They are deaervlng of
all praise Every otUcer and man of tho little
force is reported to have acted with tho most
distinguished bravery and prompt obedience to
Cart Rack. May 20. The steamship Jura
haa arrived off this point from Liverpool on the
21st, via Londonderry on the 22d Inst. She
was boarded by the news boat at ft o'clock this
Politics are unimportant. Therels a general
feeling bf suspense for later American news.
Tbe Derbr races were won bv Maccaronl. bv
a short head only. Lord Clifden was second.
The cotton sales for the week nrcvlont to the
sailing of tbe Jura, reached 28,000. Price
irom nana lower ior American and Hnrat.
Breadstuffs quiet and steady, without a change
in prices, r revisions ami ana nncnaneed.
Consols 9003 for money.
From Admiral Wilkes Squadron.
Portland, May SO. The ship Geo. Tnrner
from Buerlos Ayrcs via Si. Thomas on tbe 16th
inn., nas amvea. one onnga rour invalid sea
men from the U. S. steamer Alabama, four from
the barque Gembok, four from the steamer
Wachusett, one from the steamer Oneida, and
nn. fMM h.V.n..(.(1t 1l A ,tl-.l 11111..
uub iium HJt t auuti uin, nil ui AUUIII ! M UILVB
squadron. The Yanderbllt had taken In 1,500
looa 01 coai, ana was rcauy ior a cruise.
Sal of the Condemned Schooner Chap
man San Faakcirco, May 20. Sailed, ship Derby
for Hong Kong, carrying 20,000 sacka of wheat
and $56,000 In treasure.
Spoken, April 8, lat. 39 dcg. north, long. 42
dtg. west, ship Bunker nill, from New York
iur did rraaciBco.
Coffee has further advanced.
Grain Is firm, with small sales at advancing
Sam Francisco, May 29. Gen. Wright has
denied tho use of tho malls on the Pacific coast
to the New York Week! Caucasian.
Jobbers are doing a good business, but other
wise ousiness is anil.
The two wines of tbe California Democracv
are making overtures for fusing on the Slate
ucku, wun aomo prospect inat tuey will meet
each other half way on their platform, the main
plank of which Is opposition to the Administra
The Union partv are holdlmr nrlmarr elec
tions preparatory to the 7th ol June. The State
convention contest is mainty between ex-Congressman
Low and Gov. Stanford, who are the
icaaing canuiqaica ior uorernor.
Prom Tennaac and Kentucky
Cincinnati. May 28. Dispatches dated Mur-
freesboro', yesterday, say that Bragg's army Is
filling back, and It la quite probablo Roaecrans
is advancing vc iook ior important news
from that quarter soon.
The rebel Intentions In Kentucky arc unde
veloped. They are massing a considerable
force north of .Monti cello, and It looks as
though they would try to cross the river again.
Carter Is waiting for them.
A numoer ot conscripts from tho Fifteenth
Tennessee rebel regiment reached Cairo on the
25th instant. They were on their way from
Port Hudson to Bragg's army, when thu battle
of Raymond was fought. In the fight the re
fused to fire on tbe United States troops, and
shot Into tbo air. After this engagement they
encamped at Mississippi Springs, where they
met 1,500 reinforcements from Alabama. In
the middle of tha'night about half of tho regi
ment left camp, determined to make their way
into tho Union lines. They say there has been
ot no time morn than 10,000 troops at Port
SoutU Atlantic Blockading Squadron.
Philadelphia, May 29. The United 8tatca
supply steamer Massachusetts arrived at the
Navy Yard to-day, 8 lie- reports that the gun
boat Penobscot, while chasing an English
steamer off Wilmington, North Carolina, com
ing close In shore, was fired upon by the bat
teries, killing the assistant surgeon and wound
ing the steward. The Massachusetts spoke the
Iron -clad s off Edlito, South Carolina, and the
New Ironsides at Charleston.
The bark E A. Souder sailed to-day from
Philadelphia far Plymouth, England, with
oer 20,000 bushels of wheal and 1,000 barrels
of (lour
Troopa from Uraeg'a Army doing to Vlck.
burg Mr. Vallandlgham the tiunt of
Ututral Bragg
MiitrREEBBORo'. May- 28. fSpecial to the
Chicago Conrcntlon
n .!? t, , , , .
. Boston May 29 Gen. Butler left hero for
an,r.T 0I1am or "l", u ,PB i,mia,D.a
, M President Hamlin and cx-Gov. tta
b(u.rnc? ?f ln 11Boton ' "entng to
?V. th S!P CaBal Convention In
"'fc'0. on Tuesday.
Tire at Lynu,Maichuictli.
oi inc army ycMuruay
l n., 'D0.iT,.rri0, . v
t4Hviftitiiino u i.tbLi uiiili cunt tg. f
IlBHRTMLLE, Va., Ma) 19th.
Captain John O Lravcni, Atiit-taiU Adjutant Gevtrat,
Snond Divition, Lighth Army ( ory, Utrchttttr
Captain Tho affair of tho Ifiib, by the ad
vance iruard of the First Su York. mnr
disastrous to the rebtl party at Berry's rerry
than was at first realized. Out of the twentj-
iu iul'ci, mu wire kuicu, iito wounded anu
ten captured, and this by sixteen men of the
First New York cavalry. One or tho killed v. as
Captain W. W Meade He was shot from his
horse and drowned In the rher.
I forward a document taken from his pocket,
being the authority from tbe rebel Secretary of
War to organlro his company In White's hat
talion. Among the prisoners was a surgeon of
the 1st Virginia and n Lieut Morgan. Lieut.
Vermillion, who commanded the party, is en
titled to all praise. The rebels lay In ambush,
and permitted tho party to pass tlion, and tbe
first Intimation they bad of their pnsenro was
a volley, and the Immetlate formation In their
rear on the road. Lieut Vtrmilyea's men in
stanily wheeled about, tired, and charged, with
tbe results already reported,
I have the honor to be. Captain, your obedient
servant, Andrew J. MrltETitOLns,
Colonel 1st N. Y Cavalry
Alabama, VanderulU, and Wilkc .
Washington, May 29 Tho Navy Depart
ment ordered tbe steamrr anderbilt to cruise
In the latliule where the recint d en red at inn
of the iiratu Alabama were committed, and
among other ports she was Instruct od to enter
tMtnu rendezvoused Upon reaiblng tbe est
Indha. Admiral WULl. Instead nf aiintnir
iur to carrj out the order of the Department,
seized h'sr as bis flag-ship, and at latest dates
she was cruisinir uuder his directions. Auto.
dated Pr dispatch.
The Ileuel Movement In Front.
W e are reliably Informed that tho rebel Gen.
Hood moved up his division from Lee's posi
tion to Culpeper yesterday.
General Banks, in his march, captured rebel
orders for the enrolment of negroes Into ragl
Second Edison
Up to the hour of onr goloi; to pren nothing
lmporttnt had btcn rtoclved bjlbeOoTtm.
ment In nfcrnic t? VleKlbnrr. Oen.-Qrini;
t the Utt adrlces, w muter of the ltntlo,
n the redaction of Vlcliitmnr wm nrorrrc.
Ing f.rorabljr.
The JJew York Herald' i WaiMngton corre
pondent Datttfv.i .t.i. th.t nn. nniir v.a
lrf.dr yone to new Held oflmportant terrlce
fitV. (iaM ) XtpuNImn
uuuvi lb ururri ittitti t nn i ar i iinra.Ann.ii.
We re .orrj to iy thit the .bore li not cor
rect. Gen. Bntler It .Itogetber too able a man
to be allowed to remain quiet at Low.ll,paii.,
where be hat been erer since he left here. It
may not bo Improper to state In thla connec
tion, however, that the President u as anxious
to see Gen. Butler In actlre eerrlce as Gen. B.
Is to b. ordered to duty. But th. precise place
where the President Intends to pnt the General
does not exist at this present moment, but It
may be made at any time.
It being current rumor that the Commission
ers of Election Intend to decide adversely to
the qualification of voters whose namea do not
appear on the school tax list, as compiled by
the assessors, the following decision of Judge
Dunlop, and the opinion of James M. Carlisle,
Esq , thereupon, will servo to enlighten the
commissioners and voters on the subject. "Wo
copy it from the National IntdUgenctrK of date
June 1st 1854. It is the official record.
The circuit court met yesterday morning,
pursuant to adjournment on Saturday last, fn
order to hear the case on a petition for a man
damus to compel tbe Register of tbe city of
vtasmngionio piace on me un oi amy quali
fied voters at the next election the name of
Charles S. Wallach, sq.. omitted to be entered
thereon by tho Assessors of tbe Fourth ward.
Mr. Carlisle addressed the court on behalf of
the Corporation, and In reply to the petition of
Mr. Wallach above described. He wanted uni
formity at all the polls, and asked a decision of
the court for the guidance of the Corporation
and Commissioners. Mr. Carlisle read the pe
tition of Mr. Wallach at length, stating that he
Is every way a duly quail fled citizen, and had
paiu au nis taxes, as caiica ior uy me two
charters of the city of lS-'O and 1818. He there
fore demands his right to be considered as a
legal voter.
Mr. Carlisle gave H as the lew of the Cor
poration that by the chatter of 143 It Is neces
sary to obey all Us requisitions to be entllled.to
vote Thu claim of Mr W allach was based on
the charter of 1BJ0, and he (Mr. W.) asks that
if his name was omitted through inadvertence
or mistake-, It might bo now restored.
In the coursu of his argument, Mr. Carlisle
based tbe right to vote under tho present char
ter on tho payment of the school tax. and beTd
that tbepropertyquallllcatlon under the charter
ofl&JO Is abolished, ul-o, If a citizen be not
assessed before tbe Slst December, he Is not
liable to be taxed afuruards. So far as the
qualification ot voters is concerned, the opin-
inn nritiAPornnr.tlnn hntixxntt,. ,.i,--1... '
ori848entlnly supersede that of 1830, and t ,alhorlllc,f 'n th" behalf, must bo obeyed.
was their deslro to know from the Court If A" of which Is aubmllted.
their construction Is right or wrong. . " Carlisle,
Mr. Chaa. S. Wollach atated that thero were I Attorney of the Corporation,
three claiscs of lndh Iduals AlTected In this case. '
He aaked If the charter ol 1M8 supersedes that Appropriations of the I.a.t Congrts..
of 1630, or was it only cumulative and supple. The following Is the official recapitulation of
mentary 1 Can a party be made to suffer the appropriations made by the last Congress:
through tho Inadvertence or carelessness of tbe I Le,lil.m ., executive, JuJIclal and
Assessors or the Register I He contended tint mlictllaneous U,8,41 10
the acts of 1848 inertly granted an extension of Denclenclea for th. legislative, ca
ttle right of suffrage, and did not Invalidate wiilv, kc l,M3,3 so
f. dim....i a 1 i-.li 1 ... '
.1.;; ni.r.h,i: , z.z:?zi ."? " .:.
. . ...j w..-. muv uau uvm .(u v
reflect on this question. He would ask If a I
citizen were tn iiH(ii-n!"-H Til rltrhf hrr..vo-H in
Inad crteuce of a CorrwraUon officer or officers,
whether by and by the same thing would not be I
done through design! For himself, be had
never teen one of the polMlsts spoken ofj they
were almost Invisible. One friend of his had
seen ono in a Darners snop and another bad i
eon ono somewhere else. i
No ordinance of thu city of Wn shin c ton can '
oeVonr faWJ:h0TU1!e';h.''of,8;8'joOnt,inu"e?
that of 18 20 in force and cnlargea It. Tho '
otner stae asseri ina. tae payment or a school
tax Is what entitles to a vote, but if this bo so
aliens and free negroes are entitled, contrary to
the provisions of the act of 1820.
Mr. cox o lusistea mat Mr allacn, or any
citizen simuary muuira, is cunueo to an no
tion at law against anj Judgis or commission
era of election refusing to accept his nrotfered i
vote. He also Insisted that, by Its ordinance
oi iwv, me e,orpurawuu nau transcenaca its i
W tltC tU li uiutl a is au HH'Sl vt IIU W CI C I CaCIB I
tered In a certain way, and In llxlng the 31st
. . it' . . .
or ueccmuer neany aix inonius in advance or
tbe time or election as aaiybeond which
the names of citizens could not be registered.
wuen assessors oinmeu giving in tuo names or
cart Its as liable to schoul tax. ther violated
their duty, cither byoceldent or design; but
citizens were not to be made to suffer through
their fault, nor to be deprived of tbe right to
Equally Incapable Is tho Corporation to refuse
a power to revise the lists and correct mistakes
and supply omissions; In doing this they tran
scend their powers. The case of tho church In
rhiiaaeipnia,quoieauv .r iariuie,neinought
went the other way The powers were much
larger than those granted to this Corporation.
Mr. Coxe concluded by reasserting that tho
act of 1848 was cumulative and not destructive
of the act of 1820, and that, according to tho
decUlon of the Court of King's bench in Eng
land, in ASUDy hbhb, mr waiiacn would
be entitled to an action against au offlcor of
election who should refuse his offtr to vote.
Mr llradluv. for the Corporation, eharartfr.
Ized the petition as seeking to repeal an ordi
nance of 'the Corporation which bad stood the
trial of three elections, aud had nntll now been
quietly acqulsced In hy nil our citizens He
denied that tho Corporation had no power to
pass those regulations, ainco Congress bad
given it all power necessary to carry granted
powers into effect. The act of 1848 covered
the whole ground, and compels the payment of
a school tax In addltlou toother taxes as neces
sary to qualification to vote. Tho Corporation
tun i) done nothing beyond the exercise of this
power Tho ordinance of 1 84 la not contrary
to the charter. If Mr Uallach's cxerclaa nf
suffrage Is endangered, the fault is nobody's
but his own, in not ha.ing examined the
printed and published lists Ilcsldea, the
period for tho operation of a mandamus Is now
too lote, it could opplj only previous to the
31st of December.
Judge Duniou tnougnt iuit Mr. Wallach had
committed no default He had for years been
rrcular tax-payer ani xotcr iu the Fourth
ward, and had a right to presume he was con
tinued as such. It did not appear that Con
gress Intended to deprive a citizen of the right
to vole who had committed no default.
After Mr Bradley had cone uded. Mr. Car
lisle offered the Court a aeries of points or pro
positions for their judgment
The Court, briefly consulting, decided that )
In addition to tbe qualifications under the act
of 1820, that of 184 superadded tho payment
of a school tax; that all the requisitions of the
act of 1848 must be complied with. In Mr
allach's case every qualification was ahown
to he complete. It in the Assessor's duty to
airk out citizens, and that of citizens to find
If they hive been enrotlod, and If all bis quali
fications are complin, the c itlzin is entitlciUo
ote Mr. Wallach had a right to presume he
naa on the list.
All persons having Un requisite nua flea-
lions, and subject to the school tax, ought to
have been assesses1, and are entitled to vote.
Congress appeared to have two purposes In
this act of 1848 one to describe the proper
qualifications for a voter, and the other to raise
a tax for the support of the public schools of
the city. There were other purposes, but they
wvre subordinate and directory, and not indis
pensable. The evidence of qualification af
forded by tbe registry Is not exclusive; other
testimony might ne. a a routed. AJtbouh
tratlon Is conyenlent and proper, and although
ordered (9 be done, yet If not dona, and all
other things be performed, the party li entitled
to.oU.' '
Tbo Court granted no formal mandamus In
MrVTallaeh's special cat, tbe decision being
general, and at each to b. applied by the Com.
mlsalonera of Election In bis and all similar
Instances, lie will, therefore, under this Judg
ment, be entitled to rote, notwithstanding the
omission of his name on the lists.
I From th. N.tloe.1 Iat.lUt.ncer. June s. ISM 1
opinion oFjTitrs conroriATion at-
Tonnsr, jvkb a, mi.
Tht tal Ufa inter', quatljlnitmt U lob. an-
ptltd on O14 OayefttKlion, and ft at aifelUxeu
1. is cea ireewnue maie citizen T
S. Has he attained the an of tvent.n.
3. Has he resided In the cltr of Washington
on. year Immediately preceding the day Df elec-
4. Is he a resident of the ward In which he
olfers toyotel
5. lias he been returned on the books of the
Corporation, during the year ending the Slst
day of December last, as subject to a school tax
for that yeari or (viMM (As tarn, thing uwltr
th. rtcent oKirion of tht court) waa he liable to
be so returned, and has he been omitted
through the inadvertence and oversight of the
ABicsorsi in wmen case ne is to De considered
as If In fact returned on the Usui
6. Has he paid the school taxes and all taxes
on personal property dne from hlmt
If all these questions are resolved In the
affirmative, he Is, by the terms or the fifth sec
tion of the charter of 1848, " Ektitmd to
votx," unless he be "non comvoi tnmtli.
eagrant, pauper, or thalt have been eonvteted of
an njamvu4 crime.'
1 Fersons whose namea are actually on tho
lists are to be presumed rightfully there. It Is
to he presumed that the assessors, being sworn
officer,, have done their duty, until tho con
trary appears oy proor.
2. In recelrtns: other nertona a. havlev hnn
Inadvertantly omitted by the Assessors, the
commissioners are charged with similar duties
with that of the Assessors) and If they are sat
isfied by proof that tho party ought to nave
ui-cn remmea on mo lists ana waa omiltea as
aforesaid, htttto be eonetdered aion Vit littt;
and the samo presumption arises In bis favori
so that being challenged that presumption must
be overcome by proof.
3. Proof that a partv has been omitted
through Inadvertency.
The affidavit or the voter himself, and of a
known and creditable witness, In the form pre
pared by mo, and certified to the several polls,
would, In my opinion, be sufficient proof.
The credibility or tho parties making the
oaths Is, or course, not to be lost sight or by
tho commissioners, whose conscience, must be
satisfied (as In the case or a Juror) that tbe
fact Is proven. They will, of course, not vlcld
to mere surmises or unfonnded doubtst hut, as
there seems to be great room for abuses In this
particular, too much care cannot be taken to
prevent them.
A Justice of tho peace should bo In attend
ance at each of the polls to administer oaths.
Nothing further occurs to me to suggest cx-J
cepi mat uie commissioners aro unaouuteaiy
bound to carry Into enect the recent authorita
tive Interpretation of the charter recently made
by tho court. Tho substance of that decision
Is thst it It not the meaning of tht charter that a
citizen thall lou hi vote through the inadvertence
and overtight oj the corporation oJJUerl. But
whatever Its foundation might be. It la the vital
principle of all governments that tho laws, as
declared and Interpreted bv the constitutional
Deficiencies for th. support of the
".w--.-.- "..j! ??
Naval icrvloe
Poat Office DaDartmeiit
6.850.000 oo
80,848,303 01
12.S30 000 00
1.2SO,tV. U
7,843,100 00
2,1 J 1,684 ST
I83.1S, 00
Military Academy
S7llOU)f70 43
- .
Sevemu Covorkssionii. Election, Vin-
mvn An fur urA ewim th .i....
F" K"c". Administration candidate m
McKenzlo . . . .043
Majority for Kitchen
Hon . Owrf Lotxjot Is In town.
Hon. Tuannxus Stevens is at the National.
Oor. A drew's, of Massachusetts. Is expect-
edIn town,
Represettatux Lovejot, of Illinois, has
left WasblOKtoa for the West.
1-UTnxB Cxlvii Bxxtox, the Rochester
.a, . , ..............
w"'1". " been corauiltteu la full-the halite-
Ina- ntrakl aif IfVI IVI
" " '
Funeral ok Gif ebal Kihkt. The funeral
of Ilrlcadler General Edmood Klrby, of the First
United States Artillery, took placa at one o'clock
tolsy from the resldeuo of Gtaeral Rlcketta.
Cnpt Uarti , by request, auperlatended the prelim
luary arrangement!.
The funeral eermon was delivered by the Rev.
Smith Pyoe, In a feellar and'eloqueot manner. He
eulogized tha noble aad patriotic character which
had always marked the young hero
The following ofneera acted as pall-bear en. Gen.
Seymour, Geu Wax Weber, Gen MerxUth, Geo.
Maratoo, Gen De Ruiey, Gcu Morris. Col. War
ner, atui ui Hawkins
The escort waa composed as follow)
Second Dlatrlct Heglmeatof vulunteers, a quad-
rot, or Scott's boo cavalry, a ad the 17th new York
The escort was commanded by Gen. Barry
uisTmoumiED rsaaoNAOEa racicx-r.
(en Halleck, Assistant Adjutant GeaeratTown-
end, Maj Gen Helatzelmao, Gca, Canbr, and
other military gentlemen were present. The fu
neral waa largely attended and many teara were
shed as the frlenda of the young aoldler took their
last look at his mortal remains The body was
laid la a handiome coffin, draped with tbe flag
undtr which he fought so iraely
ins rao motion.
On Thursday night the President carried to the
bedaldeof the wounded man his commlaalon of
Brigadier General He raised Mmaelf In the bed
to receive the token of appreciation of hit ier-
vices, and expressed his gratitude as well aa he
waa able
fn a few houre afterward he exchanged the stara
of a Urlgadter for a place among thoae who, dying
In the iime holy cause hat c gone to dwell among
the stara forever
Ine remalnanf the lamented officer were, at S
o'clock, eacorted to the depot to be conveyed to
Brownsville, Jefferson county, New York
Am or Inpiosnt DiscnAHOKD Soldi ins,
The agents recently appointed by authority of the
State of New lork to aid Indigent and otherwise
unfortunate discharged soldiers, commenced their
charitable labors ou Wednesday, and have already
relie, ed and sent one hundred and thirty such per
sons North, together with thirteen women, the
wl. es of deceased soldiers, who hat e been aojourn-
loghere Inpotert), and for want or aaalstance
heretofore were unable to return home
Transferred. E. A. Woodward, ot Oen.
Martladale's otflce, haa been, by direction or the
Secretary of War, transferred to the Adjutant
Geueral a oHlc
Rebel Prisoners and Deserters. The fol
lowing rebel prisoners and deaertcra were captured
yesterday, and sent to the Ontral guardhouse
Captain Robert H T)ler. Flghth Virginia; Second
Lieutenant John Welch, company 0, Fortieth Vir
ginia; Jamea H Vanaess, Fifteenth Mrglnlacav
airy; Philip Brown, Benjamin snkios, It p. Olltr,
J, S. Brumley, and A, W. Dobyna, all or Fifteenth
Virginia cavalry, Martin Cntddtek, Fourteenth
Tennessee; R. W. Carter and T. M. SplUman, Math
Virginia cavalry, W, Lewis Smlt, Wax. L. Tover
on, and D.. Carter, Fifty-fifth Vlrrlnla; L. C
Williams, if. HV Northern, r.W.Sely, Thomas
LHsbTfiJ a, Via stead, and W.fL Dbel, Fortieth
Virginia. ? i K,
f,Th following are refugees fronlha South: John
Bsrtlett, Hugh I fceagen, lamuel tlaylelt, John
Smith, Joseph Thomas, John Kirk, B. W. Harden.
J.rx Clark, GO. Lewis, George Belneld, John T.
BelAeld. and John T. Waterfleld.
Arribts of Soldiers. The following sol
diers wtre seat to the Central guard-house. Lieu I.
E. Monck,Moth Pa, Reserves, drunkenness. Jao
Dluek, Henry W GlirarSf-BAraay taowr Mlakast
Huguay and Thps, Oonnoi havlarxo pass. John
King. Herman X. Newaan-iOo. W. Rilisr, Jack-
con McCartney, w. Holllnbauga, James Green,
Henry Hlgaamsa, martin. zigier, on Jones and
Wm. fhutt, detertlon."VniUin Davis, Edmund
CFlrna, J. Jonea, aatd Malachl Duvall, latoxi-
i 1 iSB
CatlwrrtiL CoTRT. Chief Juttltt CartUrprt
tUina Friday, May M-KUa Blacknan, charged
with grand laresnr. was fouad not guilty
Saturday, May . Margaret Shey, convicted of
assault aeti battery, was imprisoned i hour. wm.
Kenny, eftet'Kelly, Dennis Sullivan, and Martin
Ftp were convicted of grand larceny and sentenced
to one year impriaoament. Catherine Brown
Lwss convicted of grand larceny and sentenced to
one years impriioununi.
RXAL ESTATl &ALI. 8o.d by Greed A Wil
liams, auctioneers, half tot 90, in square No. 17 1
also, a side auey ana the improvements, which
are a good two-story frame house on Twenty-
third street west, between north L and M streets,
near the Circle. It waa bought by John McGarvey
ior 91,110,
The Common CormciL, In the Common
Council, last evening, a report Was received from
the committee appointed to examine the plana for
anewmarkst house-, which had been received by
the Mayor,-and which, tn accordance with a law
of the Corporation, be had advertised ror. Accom
panying the report were two plans one from Mr.
Cluss, of Washington city, D. C, proposing to
build a house, with two stories, on tbe present site,
for tbe siftra of 925,000, The other waa from Mr.
Cor man, of Philadelphia, proposing to build on the
present site a house of tbe latest modern atyls
audi as are now used In Philadelphia, for the sum
of $18,000
The report, which did not propose to accept
either proposition, was referred to the Board of
Aldermen, and the plans were deposited la the
clerk's office, and are subject to tha Inspection of
toe two Boarus ior lurtatr la form a tlon.
Assaclt. Last nlgbt. about 10 o'clock.
Timothy Welch waa arrested for making a furleua
assault on Mrs. Welch. Tbe case was examined
by Justice Reaver, and ha was held to ball for
Police CAsrs. The followlm? cases were
disposed of by Justice Reaver t Nace Johnson, dis
orderly conduct; fined $1M. Wm. Waters, disor
derly conduct; fined 1 60 Abraham Crlddcll,
selling liquor on Sunday; fined $30 44. Henry
Kengla, nulaanee; fined 5 6Q. Jno. nil r, drunk)
dismissed Tat. Malay, drunk; dismissed Ellen
Coaner.druaki fined S3 60. Thos.Tulllran.drunki
dismissed. Jno Bowers, disorderly conduct t lined
Marinr List. ArrtwiZi Schr. Heady, Cal
loway, Vienna; wood
Schr. Julia, Foxell, Richmond, Fa ; coal to Gov
Schr. Folar Star, Murphy, Havre-de-Gracti coal
to Dixon fc Xing.
Schr.Wm. Hone, Scott, New York; hay and stone
to Government.
Schr. Oak a In, Wright, Bait corn to Hartley at
Schrs. Tornado, Dodge, and Moses B. Bramhall.
and barge Olio, Smith, Alexandria; light.
S'hrc. wuiara P. Fhiuipe, Smith; Amy Chase,
Crowe; Naiad Queen, Hulse, Washington; light
steamer Baltimore, Lewis, N. Y i mese to Mor
gan k. Rblnehart.
Departure by fiuvr. From Ray'a Docks Schr.
Tbos. J. Tull, Cooper, Dlghton, Mass ; achr. Re
becca St Harriet, Brannan, Creton Landing N. Y.
From Agnsw's Docks Schr. W. R. Darling, Baxter,
Boston; Schr. BroadOeld, Flsk. N. Y. From Sher
man's Docks fear. Naiad Queen, Hulse, provi
dence, R. L; schr. Matthew c. Durfee, Dearse, Fall
tuver, mass. TOm Cumberland Coal at Iron Co.
Schr. H. W Brown, Harmon, Fort Richmond,
Staten Island, N. Y.
Arrivals bt C ax au Boats to Borden
Mining Co., with cosh C, F Warmckey , 1 IS tons;
Advance, US tons; S. M Petri, US tons; Henry
i. avinaic, iujiom; u marmaauKe. l OS Tons. To
Ray's Docka, with coal Mrs E Biggs, 108 tons; J.
Hall, 113 tons; Chas W Harper, 108 tons To
Agnew's Docks) Missionary. 117 tons. To Cum
berland C k. I Co Gov. Shaw. 113 tons, lo
merchants Wm Walsh, 109 tons, E. A. Boyce,
ZVjwirfures by Canal Mrs. 8 W Jackson, C A.
Fauble, A. F. Darby, Missionary, 8. M. Petri e, Got
Shaw, W.Garrott, Thlrza Hall, II. G. RUter
FisiiMabbet Herring, 94; from Little Falls,
30,000 to 80,000 No shad In market.
On the 14th Inst , by Rev Wm. B. Evans. Mr.
Euocnl Groves to Miss Maboaret Kenredt,
all or this city
On the 37th lost, bj Rev Wm B. Evans. Mr
John D, D. i e to Mia, Urii.oet Dorn.
On the 39th Inst , (it the residence of the bride's
parents, In Utltunore county, Md.,) by the Rev.
W D.Lvans, Mt.Jamls Noams Bvkmiiam to Miss
Scsan Jake Haioiit
Bslt. American and Clipper please copy
la thla city, on Friday, the 39t of Mat, at five
o'clock, a, m . Kitanoh Bardlr, artdfitT, of Con
sumption Most of her time had been spent In
Richmond, Va, but fortheUat fourteen years, she
had lived In Washington Wherever she was, all
respected her for many valuable traits ot charac
ter Long a ploua member of the Baptist church,
she practiced with great fidelity the precept of her
Divine Master and as wife, mother and friend,
was alike exemplary, kind, considerate, forbear
ing; and charitable Confided tn by all who knew
her, she m as more regarded aa an adt lsory friend,
than as a servant In the family of her Master,
whose children she bad nursed In sickness and In
health, with a Judicious care and attention rarely
iiiunini, nun "111111 ream icjiatiu vj Viliiuriiig allltrc-
tlun from them Her pleasure was to make all
happy around her She was a welcome guest,
wherever she t si ted and many.the white as well
aa the colored, profited by her example aud discreet
suggestions, made In awaytooffind mi one. No
fault waa ever attributed to her, except that ahe
would rather herself sutler, than expose the errors
of others So extended was the uiaitle ol her
cnariry, ana oueuience 10 me mandate to love our
neighbors as ourselves Having acted faithfully
her uart on earth, when the dark hour cume. ah
submitted patiently to a wasting disease, and de-
panea mis me, n lanmui servant, a true menu,
an affectionate wife and mother, and a sincere
Her funeral will take place to-morrow, Sunday,
the Slst, at S o'clock, from the corner of D east and
Seventeenth street west The friends of the fami
ly are invited to attend
07 At a regular meeting of Good Samaritan
Division, held at Union Hall on theevenlngof May
IBth, Ittaa, the following preambles and resolutions
were adopted)
Whereat, In accordance with a wise dispensation
of Frovldenoe, our late Brother Jeffrey Goodrldge
baa leeii transferred from the busy scenes of thla
life i and
Whereat, It la due alike to his worth aa a man
aud his memory aa a brother that we express our
deep sense of his standing itnd worth t Be It, there
fore, lUtolwd, That In the decease or Jeffrey Good
ridge, we, his survli Ing brothers, have sustained
the Joss of on who was ever true to t he princi
ples which be professed " Love, Purity, and
Itetotvtd, That while we mourn and lament over
the tleatb of our late brother, we bow in humble
submission to the will or Him who hath bereft us
Rttolved, That we tender our heartfelt sympathies
and consolations to the stricken relict of the de
oeaied, and point her to the Cross as a sure and
steadrast hope and a healing balm for every
Kttoired. That these preambles and resolutions
be entered upon the record of the Division, and
that they be printed In the Daily I hronicte, National
Hrpuutem, and evening Star, aud that a copy be
transmitted by the H N to Mrs tioodrldge
Heaneetfuliv Btihinlttaail In I.nv. Piirllv. Mod Fi
delity JAMM W DA Via, H S.
Tirot II. LANGLFY, ("Committee.
i3f- At Calvarr nautlitvChurcb. Fifth street.
VWr.JU U BUU aa, lirctll, IU rrtjvssa av. v.vt
held EVLRY SABBATH DAY at 1 a.m. end 4
P m Preashlng To-morrow by the paster, Rev.
T. R, Howlstt. Cltl tans and itraai cri ar Invited.
seats rrs. it
lMKrtttltNytTtT V r f
" Orrrfc o r'ColxtfctOB, U. , laVERMAt t
Reteruk rom D. C., I
WAiMiwoTOisMay xftth, 1SCS. S
Jvmccsfor THtT,aAi kmo Notaribs jfnite
are hereby warned against Issuing affidavits Df any
other document requiring a STAMP wltkout the
same betfig affixed thereto. Judos orLccriOM
are warned agalast tveel ring Ocati ncATze which
are not properly stamped.
Th penalty la Fifty Vottart for each and every
violation of the law.
From and after June first, iSiS, no Instnunent'uf
writing requiring a stamp will be valid wltnout
r t
tbe same being affixed thereto.
Stamps of every description can bt had at thla
offlcJin small or large quantities.
Collector for District of Columbia,
Office No. 478 Seventh st., bet. E and Fsts.
CoMMtmicATlow. IbfAcFoferi in th Seventh
Wtrii As msny or my friends desire that I should
make tome enplanatlon lo reference to my rotes
In Council against corporation laws requiring vo
ters and commissioners of election to take tbe oath
of allegiance and loyalty, my reason waa and is
simply from tha fact tbal th charter of theoltr
makes provisions as to the qualifications of to tare
and commissioners of election, and any laws tha
Council may pass on that subject a nullity, as any
en may see by reference to section A of charter of
1S48, and section S of charter ol 1S30. Therefor,
any attempt to enforce any such lawa of the corpo
ration would either subject the commissioner of
election to severe penalties, or to entirely destroy
the validity of the election And mr reason on
the 11th Instant for having the form of oath or af
firmation modified waa to make th form appll
cable to an affirmation, by adding at th close th
words & to J affirm") in parenthesis.
t am wii-cir hdq unooaui uon any in lavor or re
r learal meaaur to that end. and will eit tha
fact that, as th charter allows, the corporation
make tha conditions upon which licenses may be
Issued. On August 4, 1SS2, 1 prepared, presented,
and adrocated a bill which was approved Septem
ber 87, 1803, and which of course became a law,
which required every person to take the oath be-,
for a license could Issue to him for any purpose
whatever. Tha fact la. dlalovallv ! kAik -
of my offending' I am not an Abolitionist per at;
do not belters In negro equality, nor think th
Constitution a "league with death and a covenant
with hell " Nor am I In favor of placing coloaed
children Jo the public sohoola with white children
Nor do I prefer Fred Douglas to Gea. McCleliaa
ror the next President. This "i Ih turn of mm
ojTrn'.iiff.'' and the reasons I am objected to, and
many of those who object to m and carp at my
course are In favor of these measures I am un eon
dltlonxUy for a restoration or th Union, and, aa
tbe President haa said, "would save the Union
with or without $Uvtryt or would save It part slave
and part free.but would save It anyhow." andwould
use all means at the command of the Gorernment,
even to tbe negro, mad dogs, or rattlesnakes, to
do so.
Very respectfully, CHAS. WILSON,
Member of CouncU, Seventh Ward.
WAsiiinaTOR, May S9, iscs.
No Compromise with Theasoi or Trai
tors Notice I am authorized by the Secretary
Of War to raise a BATTALION OF CAVALRY for
tpeeia tervice.
Each company will be organlted as prescribed In
General Orders No 136, scries of 1833.
All officers will be selected and appointed by the
Colonel Commanding, subject to the annroral of
the Secretary of War
From the peculiar nature of the service reouired
ofthia Battalion, none but sober, honest, an4 In
telligent men will be enlisted
The best, fleetest, and most serviceable Iloraea
only will be used.
This Battalion will be armed with the new cele
brated Repeating Rifle, discharging fifteen shots
per minute.
For further particulars, apply at No. 21T Penn
sylvania avenue. L. C. BAKER,
mays 1m Colonel Commanding Battalion.
Tub National Umioh Leaoor will hold
public meetings every TUESDAY EVENING,
in their Hall, 481 Ninth street. Ther will be
Speeches, National Songs, he. Tbe reading-rooms
open every evening, apr i iw
James Brown, Esq, Is duly authorized and
accredited aa an Agent to solicit and receive sub
scriptions and contributions in support of the Na
tional Union League Reading Room.
WM. BEBB, President.
Tnto. F. Stores, Seoy,
To Consumptives. Tho advertiser having
been restored to health In a few weeks, by a very
simple remedy, after having suffered several years
with a severe lung affection, and that dread
disease, coosumptton, is anxious to make known
to bis fellow-sufferers the means of cure.
To all who desire It, he will send a copy of the
prescription used (free of charge,) with the direc
tions for preparing and using the same, which
they will find a sure CObx for Coridmitiok,
Asthma, Brorciiitis, etc. The only object of th
advertiser In sending the prescription, Is to bene
fit the afflicted, and spread information which he
conceives to be Invaluable", and ho hopes every
Butrererwill try his remedy, aa It will cost them
nothing, and may prove a blessing,
Wltllamsburgh, Kings county, New York,
ay IS 4m
Important to Females. Dr. Cn e is i man's
Pills. Tbe combination of Ingredient In.
beae Pills are the result of a long- and extensive
practice. They are mild In their operation, and
certain la correcting all irregularities, Painful
Menstruations, removing all obstructions, whether
from cold or otherwise, headache, pain in tha side,
palpitation of the heart, whites, all nervous affec
tions, hysterics, fatigue, pain In the back and
limbs, fcc .disturbed sleep, which arises from Inter
ruptions of nature.
was the commencement of a new era In the treat
ment of those Irregularities and obstructions
which have consigned so many toarREssATuas
oravc. No female can enjoy good health unles
she Is regular, and whenever an obstruction takes
place the general health begins to decline.
are the most effectual remedy ever known for all
complaints peculiar to remote. To all classes they
ar Invaluable, inducing, with certainty periodical
regularity. They are known to thousands, who
have usedthemat dlfterent periods, throughout
the country, having the sanction of some of th
most eminent Fhytician in America
hiplint iirectiontfttating vhen they thovid not be
ued, with each box the ft le On Dollar per Sat.
containing from 60 to 60 Pills
Pills tent by mail, promptly, by remitting to the
Proprietor. Sold by Druggists generally,
R. B. HUTCHINQS, Proprietor,
20 CtJar street, New York.
. Cor. Fa. ave. and nth st.,
J a IS eodSm Washington,
ar iRVALin. Published for the benefit, and aa a
warning and a cautior to toumo men who suffer
from Nervous Debility, Premature Decay or Man
hood, etc , supplying at th same time the meahb
or belt cure By on who haa cured himself af
ter being put to great expense and Injury through
medical humbug and quackery.
By enclosing a poet-naid addressed envelope,
single copies may be had or the author
my 30 ly Bedford, Kings County, N. V,
KT Ice Cream and Water Ices, wholesale
and retail Hotels, board log-houses, retail stores,
r srtles, fairs, excursions, and sutlers furnished at
he lowest prices. Families supplied with the best
cream and confectionery, and delivered to any part
of the elty and Georgetown, at the Baltimore Con
fectionery, Sixth street between G and H
The Diseases or Error. (2 Maladlet
d'LVrrur ) I, John B Ogden. M D, author and
publisher of the above work, do hereby promise
and agree to send (free of charge) to any young
man who will write for it, a sample copy for peru
sal The proper study of mankind Is Mar This
valuable work Is Issued and sent forth for the ben
efit of Buffering humanity It treats In simple
language on all the diseases of Error, Including
Seminal Weakness. Nervous Debility, Indigestion,
Melancholy, Insanity, Wasting Decay. Impotenoy,
&c, o giving safe, apeedy, and effectual pre
scriptions for their permanent cure, together with
much valuable Information All who favor me
with a desire to read my work shall receive a sam
ple copy by return mall, free of charge
Address JOHND OfJDtN.M D,
my IS Sm No 60 Nassau st , New York
The Great Pennsylvania rtmrrv Tha
Julckest and safest route to the Northwest and
outhweBt Two through trains dally, and one on
Sunday Soldiers' tickets at Government rate to
an me principal points in tbe North and West.
tor tickets and further In rrrnnaitlnn annlv tl h .
flee of the "Great Pennsylvania Route,'' northeast
corner Pennsylvania avenue and Sixth street, un
der National Hotsl. Offlo open from T a. m. to
p. n ;on Sundays to 4 p. m.
sua 8 Aaent,
TORE-HOUSE, foot o( r strut. Applr to
FKI.D. .COZZENi.Wlo.Msr.aaat.
fo-lw rn.av.ltwoaaorstroaitlt.

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