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rk-6kivr Mkrvraii. iiipilioJi,
One aquara, tra4 y ... 11.00
Ei -. kyibUihdTa7llamooa((iudiiao(itod)
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One aquare, iU eUy--- ....
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' tlx moDttu, b II ft ttm Boat), trnrU
ttyiT9a. Biz line or lea aonatlfU a min.
iilTtrtlinanli shrmlrl ha handed In bv 11
NO. 186.
o'clock nu
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"iJMiI dim v.tf; l.bk aW- enr-mira
"3" ' I J-'lI' iOf'31 I aT I l ' vm ' (llfI I'llT
'.1" I 3P . v r) ii30E 'C ! JM.
' 1 ' ' " "
b rotalrad at thU Department until tho tth day of
oly,lo, ftt 11 o'clock Mr" -'
MftplM oftb artlsltt to elaa 1 will b furnish
ed to parties daslrlqg to bid, on applisation at tha
Tb Dtparttritfat reserves to Itself Iha rli ht to
oriiar tha writing paper plain or faUt-Unedtoasy
required pattern.
ueUrarlet of all article In the pavaral diuti
moat comply with the wmtanspacinaai
mnBteanmlr with tha wrlttaniDaclflaatloiu. which
will b furnished to Mdi
iQdf rv, wiiu, tn nmptci ot
jW deUrertea will be inbieot to Inapeetlon by an
expert aetaiiea rer was purpose vf ine secretary
o( tbe ,Treiury, and the dears rV of an Inferior
article' shall be deemed sufficient causa to annul
tbe eontraet.
Deurenea. must m rree oi anara, at tn Treaiu-
ry Department, VMhtn(too.
Eaen nroDOial muit be tin
or Bra making It, and be aeoom panted bri eatla
CftatArrniarftBteelhatlha bidder will Aaeuta
Tbe lallura to comply with any one order under
a eontraet. to operate to the forfeiture of tbe en
lire penalty of tna bond) or the Secretary of tbe
iff Hurj HIT uinui iu iu(sau m vpro market
of euen quantltlea of any artleleeasebaUbeneeee
arttotuDDlr the deficiency caused by euch fall
nre. and chare to the contractor fifty pet eentam
of the price which It fthall be found neoeeaary to
pay for such artlclei. , .
rropoaale naaeeompanted wltn aatUfactory guar
&nta will not be aoBilderad. and eontraete win
be awarded only to eitabllehed manufacturere of
or aeaicre in uw nnicici(
f ULAlf fiO. 1,
White Cap raper
White Leaal Can
White Quarto Foit Paper
Whit, puket Note PaDer
White Commercial Mote Paper
Yellow Envelope Paper
Brown Wrapping Paper
Red Blotting Paper
Card Blotting Boarde
White Envelope, odlclal ilia
White Envelope!, letter ilie
White Knvelopee, note else
White Knvelopee, official alie, cloth Used
Drown naniiia cnvciopoB
Copying Paper
White Demy Paper
White Medium Paper
Whlth Super Royal Paper
Letter Press Copying Books
1 Cum No. 3.
Beit quality Copying Ink
Best quality Black Ink
Beet quality Blue Ink
Beit quality Writing Fluid
Best quality Carmine Ink
Faber's best Black Lead Pencils, Nos.l,, J,
and 4
Faber's best Red and Blue Pencil
Steel Pens
Steel Pen-handle
Gold Pens
Best Quills
Best four-bladed Knives, with peail or stag han
dle! Beet Eraser, with Ivory handle
Scissor for office use
Shaari for offlee use
Class No. a.
Glees Inkstands
Cut.a Percha Rulers
Nine and twelve inch Ivory Folders
Utter Cllpe . ,
Beet daaUiy sealing-Wax, made entirely from
linen Tape
SUk Taste, assorted colon
Beet solid-beaded Pins
swartwout's Metallic Paper Fasteners
Pneotaatlo Inkstands
Eylet Machines
Frerch Eylets
Pasteboard Reference Files
De La Rue Visiting Cards
Ivory Pounce Boxes
las tic Rings
Ulaaa Paper Weights
Glass Sponge Cups
sing Gum
Xlinni. nm Mlaannt. Palnt RlniUra.
Th Department reserves the right to accept bids
w for Individual Hems in classes land 2.
Bkldera wilt be required to conform their bids to
the written specineatlona furnished with the sam-
plea, and failure to do so will cause the rejection of
any bid. ...,..
Bids which contain items ai priocs less man tne
fair cost of th articles will ta deemed fraudulent,
and will not be considered. ..
JsS Sawlm Secretarjof the Treasury.
U. S. Patckt Orrirr,
waiHiaoTOM, June a, icu
ftpat.cn proposals will bai received at
ntn until i o'oloAk hL on Saturdav. the 1st day
of August next, for furnishing and constructing
tha eases for models In the north, saloon of the
Patent Office building. Including alt materials and
workmanship, except the Iron pilasters of tbe
lower tier of cases, the stairway i, and the railing.
These will be furnished by the Government, but It
will devolva upon the contractor to put them up.
These cases will be similar In form and con
struction to those of th saloon of the west wlngi
but the lumber must be of the best quality, well
uaiAfiMl. ami fr from knots and shaken and
the work must be dono In the best and most work
manlike manner. ....
The contractor will be required to furnish th
brail hinges and to fit them lot also, to furnish
locks like these of the present eas. . a
The whole work to be finished throuihout with
four coats of paint, composed of the best pure
lead groufld In OIL Tbe glass muit be equal, In
every reswet, to that of the cases In the west
'saloon, and must be well bedded and bradded, and
leit ciean ana wnoie un tu cuwiucuuu ui m uu-
The plani may be seen at th office of the Archi
tect oi ine U IAJ111U1 i.jlkuiiuU vu fccr
tot Square, every day, Sundays excepted, from b a
The Commissioner reserves the right to reject
any or an oi tne oias, ii ae cansiucri it to me m
.ut ft tha f2wrnment tn Aa an.
All bids must be addressed to " the Commissioner
of Patents," and Indorsed " Proposals for Cases
for the V. 8. Patent Offlee."
The said bids will be opened at 13 o'clock m. on
th aforesaid lit day of August, in tbe presence of
uoh of the bidden as may see proper to attend.
jvMawtaul Commissioner.
till thl&lhdavofJulv.lH63. at 12 O'clock. Dl.
furnlahtnr the utalitenoe Department with
8O000 barrels of FLOUR.
Bids will be received forwhat Is known as No. 1,
No. 2. and No. I, and for any portion less than the
30,ooo barrels, separate bids will be received for
Flour put In good second-hand barrels of the same
fratte as above. Pids for the different grades, and
or second-hand barrels, should be upou separate
sheets of paper.
The delivery of the Fleur te be commenced on
or about the 20th July, or as soon thereafter as tha
Government may direct, at the rate of 800 barrels
dally, delivered either at the Government ware
house la Georgetown, at the wharves, or at the
railroad depot, Washington, D. C.
The barrels te be strong and head lined.
Payment will be made lo certificates of Indebted
ness, or such other funds as the Government may
have for distribution,
The usual Government Inspection will be made
tna hafnra th L'lnur la received.
An oath of allegiance must accompany each bid.
No bid will be entertained from parties who hsvc
previously failed to comply with their bids, or from
bidders not present to respond.
niiU tn he directed toLoL. A. Heck with. A. D. C.
and C. S. U. S. A .Washington, and Indorsed "Fro-
Alii ifiF nur."
Assist awt QOAkTUMASTtn's Orricx,
Corner Q and 33d ttrtett.
Wtuhintfon. D. C, April IS, 1801.
Wbittih PaorosALS are invited for furnlshlni
HAY, STRAW. OATS, and CORN, for the use
this Depot, to be delivered at the Railroad Depot,
or at any of the Government wharves In this city,
m,.nMiHiitfl h kfiitraaed to theundersleneu
and they should state the quantity of each article
offered, also the price and the date of delivery.
VMnniiii win h rciv(l for dve thousand
(S,o(r bushels of Corn and Oats, and fifty (aoitons
of Hay and Straw, and upwards, unless It should
be for the interest of the Government to contract
for a less amount. a , . .
All grain to be put up In good sacks, of about
two (3) bushels each, wntoh are to be furnished at
ine COS( oi wiv cunMiutvri
The Hay and straw to be seourely baled.
All Grain and Hay ottered to be subject to a rigid
Inspection by the Government Inspector.
Contracts will be awarded from time to time to
the lowest responsible bidders, as the Interests of
the service may require.
Good security will bo required for the faithful
fulfilment of any contraot made under this adver
tisement. Payment to be made at tbe completion of the
eontraet. " BROWN,
Capt. and Assistant Quartermaster, U, S. A.
aprf im
ftTAVY flPPPtlfKB'. -IMS-'et
r Mat v Dvpabtmemt, BcaxAtr or f
PnoTtiioat ADCioTKTKQ,Jaael), 1S. t ,
SEPARATE PROPoiALf, neeled'end lndoned
" Propoaati for Navy oppUee," will bo reeetted
at tale iureauuBtUfeiekpm,,tt Wadneeday,
the ut day of July naait, for furnlahlag and dellv
irlor. fan reealeian' tan data' notlee.1 at the United
maiee navr janw, as uutwikiwi, minuoaNi
Brooklyn, new xonti ana nuuoaiDhia. rannivi
Rice, dried apple, tugar, tea, eoffae, beane, mo-
j Htt Tiomr.
jdi nee idu d oi tne very dcsi ijuauiy ine
m&rkat will efTbftL
The dried apatee shall be of th best quality, and
shall be prepared by rajHtarfao only, and of the
crop of the autumn in mediately preceding the
datei of the requisitions for the same) and shall be
aeuverea in dmbmm combining no mors i
thr hiiadrMimnidi.
The Iron hoODs on the barrels and hull barrels
contslnlog molasses and vinegar to be well paint-
au wiin rea jeaa.
Tbe sugar shall be dry and ns for packing, and
equal la quality to the best Havana sugsr.
ine leasnui i
be of good qualty Oolong, equal to
the samples at said navy yardi, and be delivered
i hall
tn nan ana quarter enesie oni;
ine rone so
lorto sample.
Tha bean sha
The eoffe shall be equal to the beat Cuba, accord-
The bean shall be ot the very best quality white
L.. . Jt .L.ll k. Ik. .... "(BaaJlaAlB &&.
dlngthe dates of the requisition for tha same, i
Kunaa kln bkb iiooidhimii nnanuMiiTcrim
be required until the 1st of October next.
ThAMDluui Khali htt fullv muiI ta tha venr
beit quality of New Orleans molanei,aad shall be
delivered In new, welteasoned rediak barrels,
and half barrels, and with whlte-pia heads not
less than iW inch thleki the ataves not less than
ic Inch thick! tha barrels and half barrels to be
three-quarters hooped, and, In addition to have
Meth4nch thick, and one ton each
ih In width and Mthlneh thick, and
shall be thoroughly eoepered and placed In the
oeii snipping conumoD, OB urn n qum
be In haliDarrels If required by tha Bureau.
best shipping condition, one half tha quantity to
s in naiioarreis ii required oy toe surcau.
Tha vlnetrar shall be of the first oualltr. eaual to
the standard of tha United States Pharmacopeia,
and shall contain no other thtn acetic aeld,and
snail be aeiirereo in Darren ana naii-oarreis simi
lar in ail respects to tnose required tor moiasses,
nnth tha xentlnn that toiiu ataves and head!
shall be substituted for red-oak staves and whlte
plae heads, and shall be thoroughly coopered and
Iilaced In the belt shipping order) one-half to be
n halPbarrels.
All thai foraoln a-.described artlclei. embraclne
casks, barrels, ihaif barrels, and boxes, shall be
sub ect to such Inspection as the chief of the Bureau
OI iruviiiont hdu 1-iuuiinn uimj uirrot, ins iu-
speotlng ofiicer to be appointed oy the Navy De
partment. AU loapccito
All lnspecuops to be at the place of
The prices of all tbe foregoing articles to be the
same throughout the year, and bidders may offer
for one or more articles! and his oiler will oe ac
cented for that yard for which hla proposal may
awarded to a bidder the articles will be embraced
In one or more contracts, at the option of the
All toe casks, Darreis, anu nan Darren, dukci or
faekages, shall be marked with their contents and
be contractor's name. '
(The samples -referred to la this advertisement
M thna lActd for thai enaulnc fiscal veer, end
Actv no rtcrtiuu ta tuck oe Asm bttn prevUmMy
The quantltte named In the following list, at the
nlanMfhftMln Initio ted. aueh nuantltlaa onlr ba-
fng received from time to time aa may be required
or ordered by tbe Chief or this Bureau, or by the
respective commanding officers of the said navy
yards during the fiscal year ending June JO, 1844,
Rice, lbs iw,ooo
Dried apples,lbs. eo.ooo
Sugar.fb soo,ooo
Tea, lbs 20,000
Beans, gallons.. 40,000
Molasses, galls. 20,000
VlMa vallnna HO.UOO
' Contractors not residing at the piace where de
IHerles are required must establish agencies at
such places, that no delay may arise in turnlshlng
hit mkvharMulrnli and when a contractor falls
promptly to comply with a requisition, the Chief
of the Bureau of Provisions and Clothing shall be
authorized to directs purchases to be made to sup
ply the deficiency, under the penalty to be express
ed In the contract! the record of a requlstion, or a
duplicate copy thereof, at the Bureau of Provisions
nu doming, ur t mufi ui hit mi j iuiun-
eald, shall be evidence that such requisition has
been made and received.
Separate otters must be made for each article at
each of th aforesaid navy yards i and Incase more
than one article u sootaineu in ine oner, tne t,oie
of tbe Bureau will have the right, to accept oneor
more OI tne articles contniaru in luvn oner, ibu
reject the remainder) and bidders whose proposals
ere accepted (and none others) will be lorthwlth
notified, and as early as practicable a contract will
h transmitted to them for execution, which con
mint ha raturnadto that bureau within fite
days. excluiU e of the time required for the regular
irauauiiBBiuu u, im wkh. ir
Two or more approved sureties, In a sum equal
te the estimated amount of the respective con
tracts, will be required, and twenty per centum In
addition will be withheld from the amount of all
payments on account mereeiMouiiatcrai uitj
In aiiditinn. tn aftoura its nerformance. and not In
sny event to be paid until it Is in all respects com
piled with. m , ,...,,
plication to tae nar agenis at ronsmoum, new
Hampshire! Boston, new i
tlmore, and at this Bureau.
W York, Philadelphia, Dal-
A record, or duplicate of the letter Informing a
idderof the acceptance of his proposal, wilt he
hi.Munf ih aoLeutanee of his nronosal.
deemed a notification thereof, within the meaning
of the act of INS, and his bid will be made and ac-
x.i.taH In nnnfnrmltv with thla Under itandlO IT.
i'very offer made must be accompanied (as dl
reeled in tne actoi wmgress maatoa appruiiria
tions for the naval service for lStSVST, approved
10th of August, 18K.) by a written guarantee,
signed by one or more responsible persons, to the
edect tht he or they undertake that the bidder or
bidders will, If his or their bid be accented, enter
into an obligation within nt e daj s, with good and
sufficient sureties, to furnish the supplies pro
posed. The bureau will not be obligated to con
sider any proposal unless accompanied by the
guarantee required by law the competency of the
gusrantee to be certified by the navy agent, dis
trict attorney, or collector oi ine customs. a.t cry
proposal must De accompanied oy saimaciory
evidence that the bidder has the license required
by the law of Congress.
37ft mlltntion of fodder U calledto the tamptti end
ditcrfption of artuUt rewind, ai, in Ih intvedionor
rtcfytUn, ajtitttml rigid companion wUl be mad be
tween the erticltt offered and the tampte and contract,
HH.niM.ihjii tail hf lata tnii and their attttklioh
it alio particularly directed to the Joint retolutton of
WIS March, 1UM, and to the act of the WhAvgutt, 196.
jeic iaww
Washington, Juoe 24, isas. t
seamed proposals will be rcoeUed bv the
undersigned until 13 o'clock M. on Wednesday, the
Oinaay OlilUiy, lor lUIQiauius iur iu uaa u tiiia
UO tons (3,210 lbs. to the too) of the best White
Asn ioai, lurnaoe hid
60 tous Red Ash, same site, and
350 cords best seasoned Oak ood.
Parties will be at liberty to bid for the Wood and
Coal together, or for either one separately, and
thair hida will li considered acLordlusrlv.
aatlsfaetory arrangements must bo made to se
cure io ine uovernmeut iuu wcignt auw uivumv.
Th Wood ta to be oordedandmeasuredUDOn the
premises, and one-half Is to be sawed Into three
', l ik.. nth.. I..lf l.tA Iuia anil all tn ha
piCGC MlIU IUB VIUr Umn IN1U w, mn v vv
pilled away in the cellar. a
The Coal to be stowed away tn tbe vaults, which
mrv Bftinaalhte.
No bids will be entertained unless eatlsfsotory
evidence pan oe lurnisncuoi toe renauiuiy auu wy
situ nt ttij, nartlea.
Samples of Coal, such as la desired, can be seen
by calling upon me ui-nnimu-ui.
Payments will be made promptly after tbe de
livery ! the fuel.
Proposals should be addressed to the undersign
ed, and Indorsed " Proposals for Wood and toal '
Disbursing Clerk Post utlloe Department.
rnOPOSALS will be received at this office until
13 o'clock M. on Monday, the 6th of July uett (r
grading and gravelling I) street north, from lrat
to Third street west. The gravel to be a quality
to be approved by the Commissioner and Assltant
Commissioners, and to be twelve inches in the cen
tre, tapering olf to four inohes toward the gutttri
to be well raked of stones of an Improper size, and
to be well tolled with a heavy roller.
bidders will stste the price per oubleyard for
grading and square ard for gravelling.
No part of the appropriation will be paid the
contractor except uiion the written certificate of
the Commlsslonvr of the W ard and both tbe Assis
tant Commissioners that the work has been pro
Cnmialuloner of Fourth w.nl.
Jylltd AMliUotComulnloQM,.
New York. FhUadel'a.
300,000 100,000
100,000 60,000
600,000 200,000
0,000 16,000
00,000 10,000
10,000 16,000
Hcadom DcrAHTMCRT or Waiijiioto,
OrrtcE or Cmrr QUAwrrsHArraa,
July I, iau. )
Written nronoiali are Invited for furnish tnt for
this Deparfmeht, to be delivered I a thU ally, the
following artlclei, suitable forclothtpgeoatrabaod
men, women, and children t
Russet BrogsDi, and ether oervleeasle Shoes , for
men, women, aad children's wear.
t,nrp, jeii, sou wooien niu, ana cioin nps.
RaadTHMde hlakarv eml.ehMlc thlrta. and Dea
ham Overalli.
Kerseys, iinaeri, ginghsms, blanket! and otner
Woolen aed Cotton Goods.'
samples should be sent with each bid, at the ex
pense of the party forwarding the isme.
NobtdaiwIU be entertained unless aatlihctory
evidence can be furnlihed of the reliability and
loyalty of the bidder.
iDesala will be oneaed from time to time, and
contracts awarded as the Interests of the service
may require
Good Mfiurltv will be rnulrcd for tha faithful
fulfillment of any contract made under this adver
tisement. Proposals should be addressed to tha under
signed, and Indorsed " Proposals for furntihlng
Dry Goods, .
Lieutenant Colonel, Chief Quartermaster,
Department of Washington.
(New York Herald, Tlmee, and Tribune, and
Philadelphia Prsee will copy.) Jy im
j mii.1 ui bUkupioiA) Bininu ab inr.
visi niii iruuni ur mrvnurVJiAi .o
United States m. 'Vawl Boat loo namal and oar.
go, and certain packakes of money, bank notes
au ouia, in pnsv i
Whereas the said Yawl Boat, and cargo, and cer
tain package! of money, bank notes and coin,
were captured as prize by tha schooner Racer, at
tacbed- to the Potomac Flotilla, aad brought Into
Deport oi wasnwjiionana wummnv Jimaiucuoii
of said court, and on the stfth day of June, A. D.
low, a uuei was niru in imu court vy ine uniiv
Statea Attorney for aald dlatrlet. nravlnr the con
demnation of said Yawl Boat, and cargo, and cer
tain pscKsges oi money, cana noiea anu coin) nnu
that process of monition and attachment Issue
against the same, and the owners thereof, warning
them at aome early day to appear, and anwier said
It ts, therefore, OnncacD by this Court In Admt-
rajiT, ittnc tnis xm uay oi j une, a. u. idm, itim
notice be giten to tbe owners of said yawl boat
and carro. and cartels Dackaa-esof monev. bank
notes nau com, anu an persons miereateu ur claim
ing an Interest therein, to appear and answer this
Libel on the tint Monday In August neat, and
show cause, If any they hat e, why said yawl boat
and cargo, and certain packages of money, bank
notes and coin, should not be condemned and sold
according to lawi and that said notice be given by
noitlnr a conv of this order uoon the front door of
oiling a copy of this order upon the front door of
court nana of aaid Drrtriet. and bv nubllcatlon
In the National RevvbucAn, twice a week re
vlous to the said flrit uondayl;
publication to bo mnde on or bel
may in AUguii, ine nrsi
ifore the Brit won-
day In July next.
By order of the Court,
- Testi R.J. MEIGS, Clerk,
Copy Test l IU J. MKIQS, Clerk,
Jyt 2awtaugS
United States ec. the) awl boat, (no namo,) notes,
bonds, bills, coin and property, In prize.
W hereas the said yawl boat, notes, bonds, bills,
cola and property were captured as prize by the
and brought Into the port of Washington, District
oi kOiauuiti auu wiuuu u juriauiviiuu ut bbiu
Court, and on the ssth day of June. a. D. isci,
Attorney for said District, praying the condemns-
tlon of said jawl tost, notes, bonds, bills, coin I
ana propeny, ana mat process oi monition ana
attachment Issue against the same and the owners
thereof, and all persons Interested or claiming an
Interest therein, warning them at sons early day
to appear and Answer said Libel.
rally sitting, this 2Sth day of June. A. V IS63, that
it ia, memory, uduj.hu ui tui cuuri, in miiui
notue De given to tna vwucn ui sbiujhwi husi,
notes, bonds, bills, coin and nrooertv. and all ner i
eons Interested or claiming aa later eat therein, to
aDoear and answer this Libel on tha first Monday
in August nt, fd show cause. If any they have.
Till VR414 J.n, WUQfr, MV, WWW V, W...V, fcV.H VHV
property liiguiu nui wv wiwcmucu auu auivt no-
Minllnr to lawi Add that aald notlas be riven hv
posting a cop) of this order upon the front door
o( tha Court House of said Dislrlot, and by publl-
catlonlaths NATioNALRtrunucAMtwlceaweelt
previous to said first Woodsy in August, the first
publication to be on or refore the first Monday in
July next.
uruerui ijiiri.
K.J. MKIG9, Clerk.
A. J. MKIGS, Clerk.
Copy Testt
Jys aawtaugs
X. thtub.crtbcrliiBolLinf!WrOBit)iOrjihAB'.
ColumbL, lelt.n of Ailmlol.lr.tloo on lh f
to exhibit the aame, witlnouchera thereof, to the
subaerlber, on or before the 20th day of June next;
they may otherwise by taw he excluded front all
Drue n i oi uiv iniu ciuiid.
Given under my hand this 90th day of June, ie&i.
s tnesuuscriuet natnobiAineairomineurpnans'
Court of Washington county, ln the District or
Columbia, letters of administration on the iersoi
al estate of Francis J. Stratton, late of Washing-
ton, D. C, deceased. All persons hating claims
against the salddiceswd, nrehereby warnctltoex
htutt the same, with the vouchcre thereof, to the
b Grvui'der'my hand this 30th day of June, 1W3.
Jeao-lawaw "LaTfcK A' " totou85irt.
1 the subscriber has obtained from the Or-
piiitn's Court of Washington county, la the Dls
trlct of Columbia, letters of Administration on
or Washington Llty, D.C.,deoeiised. All person
having claims against tho said deceased sre hereby
warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers
thereof, to the subscriber, on or before thesoth
dav of iune nexti thev mav otherwise bv law be
exctuded from all benefit of the aald eilate, Gh en
Under my hand this SOtU day of June. ltU3.
jjrwsw Administratrix,
I the subscriber has obtained from tho Or-
sonal estate of JeremlftU' Murtogh, late of Wash-
lncton County. D. U., deceased. All persons haw
lng claims against the said deceased, sre hereby
warpvu u cuwit ino aauiv, wiiu me uucueri
thereof, to the subscriber, on or before the 33d day
of June next i they mav otherwlao bv law be ex
cluded from all benefit of the said estate, Ulen
under my band tnis sm aay or June, istu
Je34 law3w Administratrix,
Georgetown, and Flcr 19, foot of Wall street, tevr
For freight or image apply to
Agenti, foot of )IlRh itreet,
Georgetown, or
JAMrS HAND. Asent.
UHUA1B, .( 14 ui , uuiil luu, u, nigll .ITVl'l,
117 WM1 atreet, .New Vork.
We ate now prcpsred to furaish to purchasers
IT, 8, O-ao 1IUNU8
of all ilenoinlaatlous, upon appllCAtloa, wiihuut
their bonds are ready for delivery, ami are re-
quested lo can lor mem.
J32 4tl 4B4 Fifteenth Street,
MMmMr : !'.' M
Bl .nw BmrumM- II
Wft xniiB'i t.H . iBK IB
I " "raTeaif Jl !l W Pi
M I f al'sai6 1
'BB 'at t-aal1' B. B emlf I iHl
Wff iBmJWHi ami
Our Caralry Destroy (heir Pontoon
Longstreet Not Captured.
Gen Meade Congratulates His Army
on their Heroism.
Correspondence of the Associated Frees
HiaDQ'RS Abmt or me Potomac, (
July 4, 1803.
Tho following order has been Issued, namely:
General Order, Ao. 68. The Commanding
General, in behalf of the country, thanks the
Army of the Potomac for the glorious result
of the recent operations.
Our enemy, superior la numbers and flushed
with tho pride of a successful Invasion, at
tempted to overcome or destroy this army.
Utterly baffled and defeated, he has no with
drawn from the contest. The privations and
fatigues the army has endured, and tho heroic
courago and gallantry It baa displayed, will he
matters of history to be ever remembered.
Oar task Is not yet accomplished, and the
Commanding General looks to the army for
greater efforts to drlvo from our soil every ves
tageof the presence of the Invader.
It Is right and proper that wo should on
suitable occasions return oar grateful thanks
to tbo Almighty Disposer of Events, that, In
.. ......
the goodness of Ills providence, iienasiuougm
Dt to give victory to the cause of the Jnst.
By command of Major General Mcado.
8. Williams, A. A. 0.
Correspondence Associated Press
Near Gitttahcro, Jul) ', 1803. The enemy
i,,vfl rnironted towards tho Potomac.
uave mrooiea iwarus uio i otomac,
I Their skirmishers were drawn In last night,
gU a BUiail CaVBiry lOrCC. prOI)0"iy lllc IVB
cuard. passed through EmmlttMrnrcthls morn-
lnjf, about daylight.
Our troop have been rngsgnl all dsy fn
burying the dead, relieving the wonnded, and
collecting arms, many thousand of which be
longed to the rebels.
The rebel pontoon bridge at dam No. 4 has
,,ien Mtrojrel liy our rivalry union nnop-
rmin .... to Wit It am snort t
Cono nil lo " llmspon I
to destroy the mo
bridges there.
Oilier preparations aro lu progress lo Inter
ecpt Leo's passage of the Potomac, ami our
ann u m' ln mot,mu B much ihnC'
now ever, uas ciapseu eiuru j.cn mimuvuvf-u m
, m , , 4 . ., . AM-
withdraw from our front, that bis udvanco may
. , . 4 . ur
hove reached AVIlllsmartort to rrow before wi
t .,
can prevent It.
oners. They were received by Gen. Couch.
U ls not lru0 "Btatcd( that Longstreet an
captured and died. Gen. Hunt, Chief of Artit-
lvry was not wounded. Both of these reports
wi.ro apparently well authenticated, and fully
believed. T. It.
FVaflllTlftlU iV Till I IIIOMA.
---..- --.. ....-,.,.
s T R E N G T H 0 F T H E P 0 S I T 1 0 fc
Kosecrans Flanks Bragg.
They are Driveu luto tbe Mountains
and Scattered.
Tho Enemy Driven Entirely
from Tennessee
' Illlauoma, July 4. Tho titegraph wire
linve been extended, and Uio following In a
'"""" of lh "I'erallon. oflh. !a.tlhr.o
' Tbe works proe much strongtr than here
t tofore supposed. Fort Kalus, u large butloM,
Is tbo centre of a scries of stroug ouur-works,
liuariug upon every road and importaut point
tln ttunlclnity.
The real weakneea of Hrafcg was not holding
I Manchester.
At soou en KoBccrans tnk Mum liester, and
'vancl tow.M WlathcsUl, U UanVeU ,.
e)ual Inferior force at Tullabouia.
As soou us theheiul of our culumu got loulb
of 'hillshomo, llrajjc evacuated,
We have four siege gnns, and s large amount
of meal and other provisions.
After finding, ftillahoma 'evacuated, Roie
crans threw forward his forces tn rapid pursuit.
The situation on tbe night of the lit lnptsntt
General McCook at Estell Springs, with Buck
ner opposite tbe forks Thomas at a point twt
miles up tha river, with the enemy on tbe op
posite bank. Tho main rebel army, In th
vicinity of Winchester and Dechard, were In
camp, ready to move into tho mountains.
Headquarters was established at Tallahoma
the same night, and Crittenden, with a fall
corps, sent by a rapid march to take posses
sion of tho road lending from Dechard, t!s
Tracy City, to Chattanooga. This was mo
ccaafal, and forced the rebels to take tbe road
across the mountains.
On the morning of tbe 2d, McCook crossed
at tbe month of Uock Creek, below the enemy's
position, In front of onr right, and thns flanked
the enemy, who withdrew to Winchester and
the mountains. The fight only ended nt 2 p. tn.
"he troops wero nnablo to cross until the
morning of tho 3d. They moved only a short
distance, Negley encamping on the battle-field,
and Rousseau and Btannan on tho bank of the
(leu. McCook, lu the meantime, advanced to
and'ocenpted Winchester, Dechard, and Cowan.
This morning the whole force advanced to
tbo foot of tbe mountain, to And the enemy
We lost not ocr 1,100 men by casualties of
all kinds.
Our troops have suffered most from alternate
heat and rain.
We have from 1,50010 2,000 prisoners, and
many deserters.
The enemy Is entirely out of Tennessee, and
our communications Intact.
Tbe railroad will bo In running order to this
point to-morrow.
Pontoon Bridge and. Train
High Water in tbe Upper Potomac.
Major Gen. French on Saturday succeeded In
rcaehlD? Willi amsDort bv n forced march from
Frederick, with a considerable force, and has
destroyed the pontoon bridge and train of Gru.
Lee, which the latter left In position there for
emergencies. .
The recent rains have swollen the Potomac,
thin rendering; the river unfordable, on Im
portent fact In view of military operation.
The water In the Upper Potomac Is said lo he
eight or nlno feet dec).
Tn RlcnaiO'.n. One tear ago Saturday,
Major flpneral MrClcllan, then lu command of
the. Army of the Potomaej In a congratulatory
aJdrcst to bis aoMlcra, aft. r Itio Sevm Daya'
liattloa on tlic Friilnaula, il tho following
"On thla, our nation's ulrtlulay, wo declaro
to onr foea, vlio are rehela against the best In
terests of mankind, that thla army ahall enter
tho capital or the so-callou uonreaaracy, mat
our National Constitution shall prflvall, and
that tho Union, which can alone. Insure Inter
na peace and external security to each State,
must and shall lie preserved, cost what It may
in nine, treasuro anu moon."
Tho Rebel Army Whipped All
to Pieces.
They Relrrat to the Moimtalus.
Their Retreat Probably Cut
The urmy of tbe Potomac bus covered listh
with glory. Fighting against an army which,
bad inflicted so many terrible blows upon them,
and had gained somauy atUantagcs over them
flghtlug, too, under tbo unfavorabla cl renin.
staucts that Inevitably attends a change of
commanders on tho cvo of a battle, they bao
given the army of Lee the most terrible repulse
of tbe m ar. Tbo army of the Potomac have bo
come ctcraus,uud Its corps commanders hao
proved themselves In this last conflict equal to
nny that e cr set n squadron In the 11 old.
Gen. Mcadc, having Just assumed comma ud
of the army, was, of course, not familiar with
the discipline nnd details of any except his owu
corps, and ho owes his success to tbe good
counsels and hearty co-operation of his gen
iruls and to that sentiment which animated
tbe army, that now tbey were lighting upon
their own free soil aud tbo enemy mutt bo
On Thursday, as the Pennsylvania troops
went going Into the tight, niauy exilumattons
were heard from tbe ranks like these i Ko
mc mbir, bo s, w e are flgbtlug on our o u soil
now,' "It's a pour cock that won't tight on
his owu dunghill, " etc. And the lVuimyhu
ulatis fought better than they cut fought be
fore ln this war, If wu may believe tho usil
inony of eje-wltiiesscs. And this feeling per
vaded tho whole arm), reudcrlog them Invin
cible, ulthough they hiid performed Uio mont
fallgulDg murchert wllblu thuljbt ftwu)s.
Vu glv e below the e ougrutulatory adilreva by
the President, which added so greatly to tbo
cojojniiDt of. tbe pooplo ou lliu Fourth, tbe
olllclal dUpatches of Gen. Meade, and aome
accounts ot tbe battles, gathered from llioiuml
ellablti sources t
C'ouuratulatory Atldieie byttie Vreallleut.
WAstilNeiToN.-lulv J. Tbi Profcldtfiit of tbo
Hultid Htati'B uilliuliiii i fl tn tlie iij untrv tJUt
the ucwii Irom tbi' Anu nt tlia Put ouiao untyA
10 oVlocL p. iuM ou tho u lust., v , im. ii Itl
cover Ibut arm) wit li tliu rUjhie- t i,onor---to
"trnmtifl av trreat success ta tbe cause of tbe
Union, and to claim the condolence of all for
no many gaiiaut laiieoi anu suit rnr iuu uo
specially desires tbst on this day, He whose
lll, not onrs, should rcr De done, be every
where remembered and rertrenccd with pro
foundest gratification.
(Signed) Asian a u Lincoln.
0171 e I al DUpatebea from General Mesute
HEADqvAnTxas Abmt or Potomac,)
a ear GcTTTsavao, July , 8'f o'clock p. m. J
Te Msjor Otner at Hctleck, Commander-in-Chief:
The enemy opened on our Hoes at 1 o'clock
p. ro., from about onelhundred and fifty Runs
coneentrated upon ray left and centre, continu
ing without Intermission for about three hours,
at the expiration of which time ho assaulted
my left and centre twice, being upon both oc
cantons handsomely repulsed with severe loss
to him, leaving In our bands nearly three thou
sand prisoners Brigadier General Armlstead
and many Colonels and officers of lesser rank.
The enemy left many dead upon the field,
and a largo number of wounded in our bands.
The loss upon our sldo baa been considerable.
Major General Hancock aod Brigadier General
Gibbon were woundod.
After tho repelling of the assault, there being
tnfttfftttnns lend In if to the belief that the enemr
might bo withdrawing, an Armed reconnols'
sance was pusnea lorwara irom mo icu, uu
tbe enemy found to be In force.
At mo present uour au is quui.
My cavalry has been engaged all day on both
flanks of tbe enemy, barrasslog and vigorously
attacking him with great success, notwith
standing they encountered superior numbers,
both of cavalry and Infantry.
Tho army la In line spirits.
(Signed) Geoiuib G. Mcadi,
juaj. ucn. vonimnnuing.
Tne Rebel Army netlre from their Poet
tloii, Sappoacd to be ftetreatlng.
WasniNQTOii, July A, The latest oUlclaldls
natrh received hereunto this hour (i p. m.)
from Ucn. Meade, is dated Hoadiuatters Army
of the l'otomac, 7 a. m., July 4tb, which mere
ly sutca that tbo enemy hud withdrawn from
his nnalilans occuDled for attack on Friday.
Tho Information lu tho possession of General
Meade at that hour dia uoi dcvoiop ine cnarac
ter of the enemy's movement, whether It was a
retreat or manoeuvre for other purposes.
Reliable information rocelvcd here to-day as
serts that Gen. Leo's headquarters wero at Cash
town yesterday afternoon, and further repre
sents that tbe rebels were tortlfylng at New
man's Cut, ln South Mountain, upparvutly to
cover a retreat.
Later official dispatches sreerpct tod to-night.
second dispatcu.
Washington, July 5, p. m. 'ibe following
dispatches bare been rccclvedi
He idq'hs Ahhv or thk Potomac, )
July 4, Noon. J
To Jitejor General Uallrck, General in-Chief:
Tbe position of affairs Is not materially
changed since my last dispatch of 7 a. m.
We now bold Gettysburg. Tbo enemy has
abandoned largo numbers of his killed aud
wounded on the field.
I shall probably be able to give you a return
of our captures and losses before night, and a
return of tho enemy's killed and wonnded In
our hands.
(S'gned) G. G. Mcade, MbJ. Gen.
third dispatch,
Headquarters Ahmt of th Potomac,
juiy , tup m.
MaJ. Gin. if. W, llatitck, Uftirrw-in-cn,;
No change In atTalra slnco dispatch of 12
(Signed) 0. G. Meade, MoJ. Gen.
podhtu dispatch.
ileadorarters arm of tuk potomac. (
July ft, H.20 a. m.
Maj, Gen II, '. Itnlleck, Oenrrat-in-ChOf:
tbo eneruy retired under cover ol the nttjht
and a beay rain In direction of FalrfleM and
Casblown. My cavalryore lu pursuit. I can
not glvo ou tbo dftails of our captures In
prisoners, color, aud arms. Upwards of twenty
battlo-flags will be turned lu from one corps.
My wounded and tboooftboenotny are ln our
l,amlrt. t. G. MraPE, MaJ. Gen,
Flight of Hie Enemy. Latest from lite
From parties who Mi the battle-held at 12
o'clock on Bniurday morning, we gather the
following particulars of tbe flight of the eueni) i
The enemy Is In full retreat, demoralized and
almost disorganized, leaving in our hand- his
nuny thoueand of killed and wounded.
The battle of Friday was the mort terrible to
ihitmemy oriiinimcu uava conuici, ami iu
repulse so complete and disastrous tbat Gin.
Mcado and the leading officers pronounced It
tnt.. Anal and diclslvc. Never wusthero a
morovlgnroaH and deadly assault thin tbat
..,n,i nn nur tntrobv Lomcslrect. It was a
death struggle on the part of the enemy to break
m.i-iinoa rpTwiated and renewed a half doren
times during tbe afternoon. In which tbey were
as often repulsed anddrheii back with a loss
of llfu unparalleled bv any previous battle In
which they had come In conflict w ith tbe grand
old Array of tbe Potomac. Ofllcerswuo have
been taken prisoners Admit that tbo Ios of the
enemy of those ialiUh command is full) eqiml,
If not greater, than we have su.talued, but re
fua to glv e tbe names of thoao w ho luv e fulle n.
The Great ifatlle of Friday.
The great bottle of Thursduy, which wan
universally regarded as the severest and mow
bloody contest or this most sanguinary war,
wu far eclipsed bythnt ot Friday. The enemy
advanced on our columns with a u ild di-Spcra-ilon,
thai Indicated a determination to win Ht
til hazards, but most signally failed at each
rvno wed attempt.
n.trinir thfl nioriilnir. from davllubt to one
oVloalr, both armies wero lu baitlo array, uud
there was occasionally ugm winiiBiu)i uuu
nrtUlery duels ull along tho lines. Each of tbe
conUwtants seemed to bo watching the move
menU ot the other, and expecting a develop
ment of tho purpose of their uutogoiiltts.
Dead mem and horses, from llio battle of the
prcceidln dsv, strewed thu Held, between tho
contending armies, tho wounded only having
i..n romntfld durlm; theurecedlug nig tit. It
wan a period of (Mouse unxltty to the apecta-
tor itreacni, luvsriuiuicu u u. n,.,.v
oecnaioniii imwiuiub vuuuu u .
of shells, uud uow and tbeu a voile) ol mus
'?, r.itfr md nlouf tho lines a daring
sharpshoottr Irom either side would teat bis
skill, aud olen with succibs, as the many
wounded brought lo the rear on stretchers in-
The enemy wu ideutl) waiting in tbo ex -
oectutlou tll ?. Mc-di would Sioke au us -
Son hi. in luicrce.butbowaltedluvalu.
S-imild VilSJilto all. but with tbo enemy
time was liuumtant. 5'o were ou our ow
u. w
sistance. Ho bad hie entire nnu) lujesul bo
1, .,- nr ihU w u had al-miJ tut uniuruueu.
1.. ... lint., .f.ivtt rial, reficshiuent uud StrtUnth
to our troops. We fcurcd uo enemy lu ttic
!! wlillL II1U Ul'lTUULU vi iuuiuiijiiu
UilUtlu, whoso priscuco bo would seoru wire
mr urmy tlcleuitu, uouny ureumo i mm a
SOtUCti Ol aUXieiy u i"U(i " l'""" mt--
neul was luoosed lu his frout.
Under these circumstances Gcu. Made wise-
lv determined to ruuulu ou tbo deTiuMve, uud
o iiwait tbo movcmeuti or W- wily uutagouht
ollbobultle. UecoiildiiutboMiui'dtomuke
un miault bvonv ofllio numerous imau
Alililioiila Olinenufc Ui mwiKui tiuuuiiu 1 - --- --
hlUt aS! U. .rd UU eonum....... h, 1 1 ta coj o a to. 4.. T to... Wo..
V..r.,rfr.:... .uvmuMofiiuiworu.. anaiuiittofcnnr.0 lin.uaj for lint. 1 r .iu
Invitation emplunl by Ilie . nemy durluf Uio hold llio ol.lo uuill I could ri-J;-li lilrn Willi r,
i o n"n7 In all liallll. rollKl.t In Vlr,-ll,.a .!,. lurort.lu.uU, llUU Uo did. T ,r.o uuu J
liucniyliadlliUad.autaL'nol im.lliathucoiild'r.Kltucnn ruachrj lilm tdai, an I it
Hi,, 1 for onr mu. k. Ull.re .my w ituUu. Uur furiw ar.. .u pu
i oiuiiellcd lo Huiuallw olliinl.r, lie ulua)ull
.loodonllm dcfinil.K, aud ini'arHl tu wiwl j
our assaults to tha best of his ability. It wu
nouns moce or ngnung, doi uen. uaaaa wst
determined tomsketfae enemy fight n lu
Pennsylvania aa we had been compelled to fight
him ln Virginia.
Gen. Lee waited until half-past one o'clock
in the afternoon, expecting an Attack, nnd theu
began to show symptoms of uneasiness. Squad
rons and divisions were moved from his left to
his riirht. and to the lnexnerlenced observer a
grand attack ou our right wing seemed Immi
nent. Gen. Meade had, however, strengthened
hla whole line by the posting of his most relia
ble cores at All exposed DoInU. conOaent that
the enemy would meet a wall of steel wherever
he might elect to make his opening demonstra
tlon. eickleeaod BLocum stood ln solid pha
lanx at the right, opposite to wnicn was j&weire
"Stonewall'' division. The enemy's centre
presented Longstreet'a grand division In solid
phalanx, and the gallant Hancock stood In bat
tie array before him.
The first demonstration of the enemy was on
the right, with cannon from an emlnenco and
mnsKeiry irom ine wooae. uraauaiiy toe num
ber of guns were augmented, still pouring their
shot la on the right, which were responded to
by our artillery Irom Cemetery nil! with grssL
effect. It soon became evident that this attack
on tbe right was u feint, tbe Infantry move
ments of the enemy in tbat direction being tort
light fur a general assault. After abont au
hour of heavy cannonading the enemy's guna
were gradually concentrated en the centre, and
was soon followed by a grand Assault by Long
trect'a corps on General Hancock's corps.
Thla was the most terrific demonstration that
the enemy hud yet made, and v.ms nndonbtedly
one of desperation and determination to win
at all hazards.
The enemy poured In shot and shell from onn
hundred Ana sixty gnns, nnd were responded to
by nearly two hundred Federal guns, admirably
posted to commanded their Advance. How ft
was possioie lor tnoeo wunin tne range 01 tnis
concentrated fire, Intermingled as It was with
deafening volumes of musketry, to cccapo de
struction on either stdo, was a marvel to tho
iuaxnerlenced. At tlmee the Held was so en
veloped with smoke that the contending armlet
could scarcely bo seen, though sufficient could
be discovered to aisiinguisn tuo aense mass 01
Longstrcct's command approaching the line1
of deneral Hancock, with tho determination nr
piercing our centre, each rebel jelling ,ml
screaming with frantic rage.
lien, nan cock's legions sioou 11 nn, loaning
and firing with great rapidity into the up
proachlng columns, whilst our cannon pourrd
Into them volley after volley of grape and can
ister. Bcores of men fell from the ranks, great
gaps were made In tbe moving mass or hu
manity, but they faltered not until tbo fury of
the battle became so great that tbey were sluion
threatened with annihilation. Tbe gallant
Uancock charged on them and finally drovi
them back, capturing a large number of pris
oners, but tbo fury of the ineu on both sub
was so great that all were bent on kllllug rathci
than capturing, and many a poor fellow , wh
would gladly have surrendered, was bayoneted
In cold blood. It was a terrible sightfaud j
tho two Armies separated, tbe field between
was strewn with the dead and the dying, friend
and foe lying side by side Intermingling their
trrotns and death rattles tn one common dm
The swaylogtoand fro of the two arinlc,a-
column after column was burled onour centra,
and as often repulsed, consumed nearly the
whole Afternoon. At about 0 o'clock tho enemv
retlrt to hla lines, and this grand demons tru
tlon of Longstreet lo pierce our centre was re
corded as a signal failure by tbe enthusiast
cheers that went un along our whole lines.
General Hancock had heen early lu the bat
tie seriously woundud, a ball entering hlngroiu.
ana some sugoi nesu wouuas. lie pcrw-iio,
however, In remaining on the field, aud 1) lit
on a stretcher gave bis orders of buttle, uud
would scarcely allow the surgeon todrtMhl
wound, so detply was he Interested in tbo mow
ments of the field) but when tho cheers of v i
tory went up from his gallant inen bo htvaui
almost exhausted, and was soon in the hand i
the lunreons. who pronounced his wound n i
dangerous, but painful.
it was eviueni 10 tnose experienced in wji
faro that the grand struggleof Lee to breik ut
centre was to htm a final effort, llo bad throw u
his whole army into the conflict, aud It lu I
been hurled back broken, discomfited, and
clearly whipped. All our leading officer irav
it as their opinion that the enemy wo-il 1 m
once retreat, and Gen. Hancock, from hl tn 1
of suffering, declared that nothing but a tun 1
cle could prevent our triumph for ibe daj from
being a complete victory.
A council ol war wasbtld on Frldav night,
and it was determined to press theeneui) l
the uttermost 00. Saturday, If he dldnotrctroit,
nud to make tbe battle a declsilvo as pu.slld
Theiewus a general It cling of lurprlsu uud
gratification among tho officers tbat our im-u
baud done no well, and wero enabled for Urn
days to resUt tho terrible onslaught of tlt
enemy, and that wo had heun ale tn en mo j
successfully through so embittered a cnnteM
Thebattloon Wednesday was to th noil
and west of Gettysburg; that of Tbur 1j ml
Friday was directly 10 ine souiu 01 tue iowii
The general opinion of all who wltuLJedi!i--confilct
was that the enemy bad lost ur hev 1
than we did. Our armv stood entlnlj 011 th.
defensive throughout tho three diy bjttl
and of course had the adrantage wlihhtii
uiwiiys heretofore been with the enemy
Gen. Meudd hi J, during the progress ot tu
battle, cut oil LcmV cutumuuluitloiis with 11 1
ueritoun, aud captured a uuuUm r of prUom 1
Irom his rear. Gun. Kilpatriek bad lo tnriei
on an extensive expedition In tho rear ut' Ui.
eucmy, aud with his dashing troops will
heard from In due time.
It was regarded us an iraposslbllllt.v tor Let
to ritru.it ln order. He must tight the luttl.
out, us an attempt lo retreat, wlih u.li a dl
tance between him and the Potomac, could u
but be most disastrous.
The Wouuiteri ou the Ticld.
The woauipd are scattered through the eotin
try lor inttuymiUw in tho rear uf ihuluttUMlcld,
aud ijotwllbsundlogtbelr suffirlug nr.-In ex
cellent spirits. At Eninilttsburg, Hiuovei,
Westminster and Frulerltk, there ure large
numbers, and the news hourly recilved fiom
the boltte-tltld of victories to oar unus, give
uew epli it and energy to the pour ullowt. '1 liev
forget their wounds for the time, und drink in
tho refreshing news which I more noteut !
the true soldur than tbe skill of tbo surgeon
Although they pt;icauy suuer, meir imu.u
are at ease, aud full of bright hope s ot u gruu I
victory over tbo foe wUb whom they Invt-
long contended.
The Prlaoaers Takcu.
, ll - iwposslblo to make any estimate nf thr
1 number ot prUouersUkeu. Iheycovereda. re
ot ground at VVestmlnlster, Emmlttsburg, and
I along tbo dllfercnt mads 1 and arc wrli.iilj
1 uttiii irom W ', .
thu front tliu ri uort of Uio I'Jpturu ot pr
U liKrt'JlhU'. out uro of uoiirnu i xjiTbITJK"!
Then' l no doubt that up tn Frlila) Uio n
rvi'dt'd ti'U thouauil.
All.kouU. rrly-Tli.Hu.iiiyH.iiuU.il
lie.EKM, Va., July 4
yiJ r cnuial vihfnclt. Com nunifine FijiArt i my
( HaUmiiTt, Md,
1 r
Jacksou, with u force of 1,((W meu and .
pieces nf artillery, attacked us 011 the Jd. Met
surf bad beou taken lo rvsUi blm.aul lor
oiuiercu iiiu louimauumi-mioif .. "1
lirlifuJUr Uwuerai
1 . 1.. i..,......ii rnmi. 1 ill 1 iirdiTi'ti lii itJiLiiuuir. Ull. 1 iv 111 iri- pt-ui 11 in 11
thu frunt tliu ri iort or iho vaiituru ol priKoiu'i i

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