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published la tho cities of Alexandria and Wish
Ington. That said marshal deliver the personal
property to the purchaser, and alio make and
deliver a deed of the real ettalato the purchaser
on the raiment of the purchase money there
for, and that the marshal bring the proceed of
am ie jnto ibis court to await m innner
order thereof.
Rational rjilim
FRIDAYiMirmmmi.niNOVEMBKR SO, 1888.
mr Tka ossu. f u. tii H.p.bii.
..a l at 111 Klilli , MMmi Pim.
flvsttla ana u"w
ran paveh 11 NOW rURMlHID BY CAR
Tuni Th. adv.rtls.ni.nl. on .ur lint paw
are Inserted by .uthorltTOfth. railroad companies
ev.r.llr Bwal, nr olHeUllr corrected when
changes in made, bene. b. lld TO" ' M"
tect. tm
To AnTinTiui. TV. call the .ttentlon of
hu.tnri. men to lli elM.ln.tlo ol our adv.rtlse
ments V e Intend to keep buslne.. ej. to this
matter for tl.e l-coeflt ol our patrons.
hoTict fnl scrlbers falling to rccelvo the
RtrrBMi Kit T.pirf.rtjrwill please notify this omec
W a.hlnftton and New York Itock Mar-
k.t. To-TJay.
We are indebted to Jar Cooke Co., banter.
Iortheliillowlnondltln of the stock and .!
market to-davi
Buvlnf. Selllna-
tl. . ' CoujxiDi.nl lisl 109 109',
u. s (.. reentered, 1851
IT. M 1 a til 1 r...urv Doles 108). 108",
V. S I jenrcertllleate. (newlMue). i ts
AneifeAO goldcol. l.i
lertlHii.t. theeke
New Voaa. 11 a, m.
IT. i ouponi 109'4
IT. l a-io 106
V lertlleatea(o.w),
Got i ua
J2T W f are requested to announce that from
Hits date notll the meeting of Congress lb
President will he nnahleto receive visitors, his
time being fully occupied bj public business.
.NmEMntnlS, 103.
Sentence of Smlth.toD.Th Btnktr,
Thcsentcnicof the Augur Court Martial In
the case of W m. T. Smlthson. the banker, has
t oen approved and promo' gated. It la that he
I c confined at hard labor In the Albany peni
tentiary for lte term of fit 0 ears. Mr. Smith
fod was taken North yesterday. The charge
on v. bleb be was sentenced was correspondence
with the enemy In ISCt. for which he wa once
arre-icd and subsequently released.
'1 be following dispatch was received by Judge
Fdmnnds, the Commissioner of the General
Land Office :
WrLMrNOTON, Del., November 19.
Sir The election In this State passed off
quietly. The copperhead, seeing defeat flar
ing them In the face, abandoned the contest.
Drown did not withdraw, but tbe leaders,
know Ing they would 1 c compelled to proclaim
themselves loyal men In order to rote, gave the
key note for tbe whole party to stay at home.
Sm.thera walked tbe course. Newcastle county
gives Smltbers 4,014 iotes, and Brown 6 votes.
Id six districts of Kent touuiy Smltbers has
1,275 votes, Brown none,
In fire districts of Sussex county Smltbers
has S4 votes, and Brown T votes, showing
gain for Smltbers over Fltbersvoleof last ear
In this county. J. IUald,
Chairman State Committee
From the Tech Country The I .at Ku-
ffagemtut--Our Los Military
Hot rotcnts.
New YotiK, Nov. 19. The steamer Creole,
from New Orluu- ou the 10th tnitant, has ar
Further details from tbe Tecbe, relative to
the late attack on Wa.bburne's advance, show
that our loss lu kllhd, woundid.and prlsooers
w as 077.
1 be C7th Judtauu was caplund almost entire;
tl e COib Indiuuj and Mth Ohio lost heavily,
the rul Us outnumbering our fones live to one.
We excelled tbeiu In artillery, which, at short
range, is inougni to kare swept ou urge num
bers of rebels.
It Is reported that tbe Thirteenth Army Corps
is oraerea to icxms, via tne uuir.
deneral Wad a worth and Adjutant General
Thomas have arrhci at New Orleans.
A Hylit ur ar Kluf.ton Utttrl Saudtrs
Wounded, Ar
ewokk Vv. 19. A special Knoxville
dlfpaililt to ui nbune, dated yesterday, sa a
lljoeneiiij1 ( a. tklnulshlng from tbtlr posi
tion on th. iiacton road, at 10 o'clock this
Our adnr dloiic, composed wholly of
mounted ml H'liy auJ cavalry, commandedlbe
ponltlou, u'kU r f oujinand of Gen. Sanders. At
noon the t-it luy opme4 with artillery at short
rango, ihnrl iltcry bclugj roteetihlby a largo
house. i jamln'a BalUry rcplhd, oecupjlug
the ihUriorti.tcatlon, a halfuillu In front or
uikI to the i Mit of tbe town.
A duf i trat charge was made by enemy alnrnt
timer, m, uur wen were proteeteu ty rail.
I arrlc j lis, on the crest of the hill. !
(irttrtl Anders was severely wounded aud
torurli in tho fleld. Wc J I elded the position,
und I II iik about a third of a uiila to a
urii tr uiit. Wc lost about one hundred
iihii nc futirth of whom were killed.
lit iminy bad completely Invested tho
llao,but Birnildewlll defend It to tbe last
uiuti util it 1 Ullevcd succeasfnllj. The
trur utc lu tho but spirits, cicry Important
toini fortlfltjj, aud courJdeuce prevails that
wi h ill whip tho enemy out.
Itrttt fof Itlrlunoad Prisoners.
Va i AUKipB a, Now 19. Every assurance
has be ii j,lFento tbe CbrUtlan Commlsslou
tbattht tious ittiit to our Lnlon iulfenrs iu
lb Lithiuoud prltooi, rt-achtbtm,
J.cueral Meredith, the United Stales Cora
mlsaiout r of Lxrbougo ut I ortrts Mourut, en
gagea to receive all n ut to bis care by exprus,
j ro-palil, and send tbeiu under ftaij-of iruce to
Llty rulul.
Coiumlislonei Ould hives written assurance
that they will be received at City r'olut, and
.Mlured to the prisoners to whom they are
General Ncal Don, and other reliable men In
llf rlsou", will rterhe ftu I distribute what,
t tr Is sent tbeiu among tht-ir fellow prisoners,
and see that they ru uh them.
TLg CurlitUu Conimlsslua Is arranging aud
hopts sucn to bate Its own delegates tUre to
retiHe and distribute all U sends aud do what
r they i au to rtlUveand benefit tbe suffering.
Coutlnuallou ortlie UomUrdatut,
Mm Yohiv, No IS Th steamer Dupout.
from CharUfctun Bar on th. ..... . ,i.-
ittth liiftaut, rrporuthat the bombardment of
loneuujpt. rcontlut day audnlht, and tbat
lis? Inn Id miinh r. Hun. ,1 ,.n.l .. tn . . .
V j 7 . , uu . uue compel td
o surrender In a short time. v
0 H T T V S i V U CJ .
Dedication ot tho
Tii 12 iMtoonasiON, etc,
Tbe consecration of the National Cemetery
at Gettysburg, yesterday, was a most Imposing
and highly Impressive affair. The town was
crowded on the previous evening, and the
tired TQuUltndes were obliged to sleep In tbe
churches, In the parlors of tbe citizens, every
available reding place being occupied.
During Wednesday evening a great throng
lingered around the residence of Mr. David
Will-, the hospitable entertainer of the Prcsl
dent and his accompanying party, anxious to
obtain o glimpse of the honon d ( hlef Magis
trate of the Nation. Tbe baud of the Fifth
New York Artillery was brought Into reulsl
lion, and serenaded the President soon after bl a
arrival, and he made tho following response)
I appear before on, fellow citizens, merely
to thank you for this compliment. The Infer
ence Is a very fair one that you would hear me
tor a utile wnue, ai icasi, were i to commence
to make a speecb. I do not appear before vou
for the purpose of doing so, and for several
very substantial reasons. The most substan
tial of thetc Is that I haro no speech to make.
Laughter. It Is somewhat Important lu ray
position that one should not say any foolish
things If he can help It, and It very often hap
pens tuat me oniy waj 10 neip it is to say notn
loir at all. I Renewed laughtcr.1
Believing that that Is my rrecle position
this evening, I must beg of you to excuse me
from saying "one word
Tbe President was most enthusiastically
greeted, and when he retired, be did so amid
prolonged applause.
srtscn or ur. bewaiid.
After serenading the President, the band pro
ceeded to the residence of Mr. R. S. Ilarper,
adjoining, where Secretary Seward was stop
ping, and serenaded him also.
Mr. Seward acknowledged the comIlment,
by making a brief speech, as follows.
Feu.ow-Citize.s: I am now slxtr vears old
anu upwards. I hare been in public life, piac
tlcallv. forty icars of that lime, and vet this Is
the first time that ever any people or commu
nity so near to toe Doruer oi .Maryland was
found willing to listen to my voice. And tbe
reason was that I saw, fort) yeara ago, owning
before this people a grave-yard that was to be
filled with brothers falling in mutual political
corn hat
I knew that the eause tbat was hurrvlne the
Union Into tbat dreadful strifewasslavery.and
when I elevated my voice, It was to warn tbe
tcopto to remove mat caue wnue tney could
v constitutional means, and so avert the catas
trophe of civil war which has fallen upon tbe
nation. A voice' That's true."
lam thankful that you are willing to hear
me at last. 1 thank my God that I believe this
strife U going to end in tbe removal of tbat
evil, which ought to have been removed by
peaceful means and bv deliberate counsels.
Applause.) I thank my God for tho hope that
tbislsthe last fraternal war which will fall
noon tbe country which Is vouchsafed to ua by
tiearcn iue ricoest, oroaaeai, mc most beau
tiful, the most magnificent and the most capa
cious of a great destiny tbat has ever been
given to any part of tbe human race. Cheers.
And 1 thank him for the ho do tbat when tbat
cause is romoved, simply by the operation of
aooinmng it as me origin oi tue giant treason
that is w Itboul Juttltlcatlon and without paral
lel, we shall bo thenceforth united, shall be
only one country, having only one hope, one
ambition and one destiny. Cbeen
Then wo shall know tbatwc are not enemies,
but tbat we arc friends and brothers. Then we
shall know tbat this Union Is a reality, and we
shall mourn, I am sure, w 1th sincerity, equally
over tbe grave of tbe mlf guided, whom we have
consigned to his last resting place, with pity
for tits error, and witn tue same beartlelt grlei
with which we mouin over his brothers, by
hose hand, raised In deftnoeof hi. Gorern-,
mem, that moulded brother perished.
v neu we pan to-morrow niiini leius remem- f t.i wn.ii v.'iz ... ii-. Tu
ber that we owe It to our country and to man-' SLS nl.d i.K &i.,i2 HSi,h?
kind that H.I. war shall have Toit. conclusion , H ,. L uhi 2 i,'?..!! ."i.Vi
ll,e establishing or tbe principle of Democratic Stf'""? JS7,hS-JV.eiiJfii
party, whatever portion of the Government
prevails uy conitmuionai sunrago in an elec
tion, tbat party Is to be respected and main
tained In power until it shall give jslace ou
another trial and another verdict to a different
party or a difftrent portion of the people. Ap
plause If yon do not do that, you aro drifting at
ouceaod irnslitlbly to the ury verge of the
destruction of your Government. But with
that principle, this Government of ours, the
purest, the best, tbo wisest, and happiest iu tbe
woi Id, must be, and no far us w e are concerned,
f (tactically will be, immortal. ICheers J Fel-ow-clilzens,
txood night.
Mr. Seward was warmly applauded at tbe
conclusion ofhls address.
President Lincoln was also serenaded by the
Baltimore Glee Club whilst making a social
visit to Mr. Ilarper.
On Thursday morning the sun roso brightly,
and after being temporarily obscured, smiled
pleasantly throughout tho Jay, and tbe cere
monies proceeded according to the programme,
nudvr the direction of the Chief Marshal Ward
II. Lamon, and his nidi and tbe marshals ap
pointed from Ibe dltlerent Stale represented.
SrECULAiDSTOTuaMausiuu Honorables
Jos. Casey. A. B. Olin, S. N. 1 . llU, P. C. (Shan
non, W. A. Newell, B. B. Iruicb, 0. U. Llu
colu, C. M. Bolder, Robert Lumon j Colonels
B 1'. Hauscomb, A. P. Chipman, Jno. Hay j
Major Giorge 1). Brasiuw Captains 11. A.
Rrlwrtx, A. ti. II. While, lliot.. Lloyd, B. B.
lunch, Jr., Jno. Mattlnly, Nathan 11. Bar
rett, w. m. uaiun, i.eri bcorey, Major Jno. r.
Tobias, B. P. Suidcr, Hugh B. MtCuuby, W.
I Chur"h, W. Y. Selleck, B. S. Hendricks,
Jno Van lies worth, M. E, Flanagau of Call
roina, Miuam n rooks, colonel J. u. eleven
son, Gcncrul 1 . L. Larrington, Colonel Heury
O, Kent, Alex. Stevens, Master Percy Gordon,
Jno. M. Barclay, Jndge M. W. lappan.
New Hampshire ol J S Walker, M, W.
Tappan, L. 0. btcveus.
Maine CharhsClarl , II W.Noni.
Vermont L, 1 Bradford
Massachusetts John S Kcyes and John M.
Rhode Island Thomas , Hart and W in. M.
New Jersey Col. Murphy and Ham
ilton. Pennsylraala Govs. Po'lock and luhutton
(special )
wnio ti. lenuuDd ami i-wru u ceiiicr
Maryland Lharlia rlndley aud S 1- Harry
Illinois Col. Church.
Michigan Col Charles Dickey.
Wlscoosln W. G. Belllck.
California Cornelius Cole and T. B Shan
Virginia Col J T. Closo and Joslah Mal
I baric Clark, Maine.
John S. Keycs, Massachusetts.
YV. Bonllant, Maryland
rarl BUI, Ohio.
Charle Dickey, Mlckicau.
Col. V O Ki'Sr and MhJdf Blake, ludiaua.
Gen S. Ruffner and Gen Le Roy Kramer,
Weft Mrglnla.
W P. Alcoro, (West District,; Pennsyl
vania. lion. A. P. Usher, District of Columbia
Tho whole neighboring population w as poui
cd Into Gettysburg, aod every train lint hid
. . . j . ' . . .
arrived rormeiait lony-eigui uonrs, was ioaj
, a W1,h nRno-crs.
d with passengers.
State, county and city officials. Governors,
Lcelalators. municipal fathers and other civic
functionaries, etatcstnen, philosophers, poets,
editors, men of science, artisans, mechanics,
tillers of tbe soil and navigators of the seas all
Impelled try one common, patriotic desire to
testify their loyal devotion to the National
cause and their heartfelt respect for Us fallen
heroes. Reprceentattvcs of the army, too, of
all ranks, came to visit the graves of their com
panions tn anus, and pay e soldier's tribute at
tbe soldiers grave.
At 10 o'clock the ttrocesslon commenced
moving over the route designated toward the
Cemetery, In the following order already pub
lished. Tho military ponton of the procession
was headed by a squadron of cavalry, followed
by Major General Couch and Staff.
Tbe 5th New York Artillery Regiment, from
Baltimore, with their fine battery, were next In
line, presenting a splendid appearance.
General Scheuck and Staff were also present.
Next came tbe Marshal In-Chief, Ward II.
Lamon, Esq , and his numerous staff of Aides,
wcarlngyellow and white scarfs with trl colored
rosettes on the breast, and black and white
shoulder knots.
Next came the President of the United States,
and Secretaries Seward, Usher, and Blair, all
finely mounted.
The President wore a plain snlt of black and
white kid gauntlets. Great curiosity was man
ifested by tho people everywhere to catch a
glimpse at the Chief Magistrate,
Tbe remainder of the procession was chiefly
composed of various civic bodies.
The head of the procession reached the plat
form creeled in the centre of the cemetery a
quarter before noon, but some time was con
sumrd In assigning the different bodies their
position round tbe stand) and it was not until
after U o'clock tbat the President and others,
assigned to scats upon the platform, were all
In their places.
All the arrangements having been finally
completed with great order and decorum. B.
B. trench, Fsq , acting as one of tho Chief
Marshal's Aides, gave tho signal, and the sol
emn ceremonies wero commenced by the per
formance of a funeral dirge by tbe band, sta
tioned In front of the platform.
A most Impressive prayer was offered by Rev.
Tbomaa II. btocklon, Chaplain of tbe House,
during which the most profound alienee pre
vailed and very many were affected to tears.
The touching pathos of tbo venerable divine,
Iho occasion aud the scene presented, was at
once most affecting, and not a few eyes not ac
cn Homed to weep were bathed In tears.
i ne rTCftiuem eviuen-iy iei. aeepiy, ana, wuu
the venerable statesman and patriot, Hon. Ed
ward tvereu, wno was uy uts siae, made no
effort to bide his emotion. The scene was a
grand and Imposing one. Tbe battle fleld lay
like a panorama lu full l lew, and tho heroism
there displayed on the opening of July seemed
to be re-enacted in the Imaginations of the be
holders. Toe surrounding troops, the vast
concourse, aud the Ins'gnla of a nation's mourn
ing mado ip a scene that can never be forgot
ten by those who were present.
At the conclusion ot the prayer the band
very appropriately performed tho grand old
hymn of Luther, "Old Hundred."
lion. tJ. is. rrcccn now introduced too lion.
Edward Ererelt. who advanced to tbe front of
ma latioriii ana pronounced
Wu reurit that our limited space will not
permit us to lay before our readers this splen
did effort of Mr. Eterett. In It be gives a
graphic and eloquent description of the battle
of Gettysburg and an admirable dissertation
upon tbe wUked rebellion of which It was one
ol the bloody fruits. The oration will he read
with Interest by every loyal man and woman
in the laud.
W ben Mr. Everett hud concluded, a hymn
composed by Hon. B. B. French, waa lung
witn excellent etlect by the Baltimore uieo
Club, after which, Marshal Lamon Introduced
to the assemblage, the President of tbe United
States, who delhertd the following dedicatory
remarks i
Four score and seven years ago our fathers
brought forth upon this continent a new nation,
conceived in liberty and dedicated to the propo
sition tbat all men are created equal. Ap
plause. Now, we are engaged In a great civil
war, testing whether that nation, or any other
nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long
endure. W e are met on a great battle-field of
that war; we are met to dedicate a portion of
ft as the final resting-place of those who here
gate their lives tbat that nation might live.
It Is altogether fitting and proper that we
should do this. But, In a larger sense, we can
not dedicate, wo cannot consecrate, wo cannot
hallow this ground. Tbe brave men, living
and dead, who struggled here have consecrated
It far above our poor power to add or detract.
Applause. The world will little note uor
long remember what we say here; but It can
net er forgvt w bat they did here. A plause.l
,, " " '"',"' '". ' " " "C ,h .,, i i,
H' f' S".' ??? "HS,,"? '" r JiV.!'. iV?
. ' .'"' ? ""ite,.1"'! . L
ii is ior up, me .mug, rainer to oe aeaicatea
i r,.her for us hero to be dedicated u the ureal
1 lr
. at.i llnnl.ii.il 1 rpt... !, ...! .-I!
under God, have a new birth of freedom ana
that Governments of tbe people, bv the people
and for the people, shall not perish from the
eartn. iLong continued appianie j
It was announced by B. B. French. Esq..
mat a letter nau ueen received iron. Lieutenant
Gmtral Scott regretting hit Inability to be pre
sent on me occasion.
After tho ceremonies went concluded, a salute
w as fired by tho artillery, aud the military por
tion of the procession reformed and escorted
me rresuient to tils lodgings, where ho was
subsequently visited oy a large number or per
sons, and for more than an hour was the victim
of a "hands shaking" that must have tested
bis good nature to tbo utmost. The Piesldeot
returned to Washington tn a special train,
wuiru iei. ueuysourg anom o'clock.
The follow log la a list of the remains already
Inurrud In the cemetery, 1th the States they
n prcscul i
Milne n
New Ham i shirs ... 4
eni.ont ... 19
Kiioas i.unu i
Maisnchusetts . 13U
Connecticut 12
New loik VJ
New Jersey . , W
PenntjUaoU . loo
Dei a ware , 11
MaryUnl , , 15
Olilo........ , SI
InlUna , at
U Html. 3
.MUltluan., , . 44
uitcnnttn . 1
Mlr.nf.ota ., 21
Mritlnla . 1
Unittd states JuUi.tr) (Kegulars) . 19
Unit Down ., tVf.
Messrs. labsENpr1, of Maine, Bnfllnglou,
ot Masiachuietti, MePiietson, of IVun.iUauls,
Greco Adams, of Kentucky, aod Coloail trwlo.of
New 1 ork, all eandldates far the clerkship of the
Hou.erf Hrprrse utstlves, are la the city.
RicuAKD Blsteed, Fsq , of New York city,
1 as Uea ap.iolntcJ Ui 1 ed Hates District JuJge
lurlha dl.tiict of Alabama, vice Judge Laos, re
oentl) lcu aid
Governor Morton, nf Indiana, Is about to
esinl IK h a "Home" at Indianapolis, where
-oldiera and soldiers' wives passing through
! the cltv msv have rare and protection, and
i stapw tbe extortion aud abuse fn qucotly
practiced upon them by hackmen and hotel
A TnRi2po is Jamx River. It is stated
that a torj edo was discovi red In James river
on Satnrda) It was sent down with a view of
damaging the ltosnoke. but Capt. Gansevoort
unserved it and had It low td ashore, when the
i nrti nil of u rnnu-li Im.L Inn nlna I.av m-i rn
content of h rough looking pine box wero
brou.bt tollxht, in the shape of a tin case.
containing thirty live ounds or powder aud
machinery for Igultlng It by percussion.
A gold wattb, Mudded with dIamondstwhicb
was originally presented by the BulUneb street
church, of Boston, to their former pastor. Rev.
F. T. Gray, who subsequently removed to San
Francisco, was recently left at a watchmaker's
In Boston to be repaired, and an Inscription
was discovered wmen tea to tne arrest oi Mrs.
Mary Clark, who has been xuad over in the
l.WQ for trial for stealing it.
Second Edition
ruuu O'CLOCK. P. M.
Hon. Kdwibd Emm's O.atiok. We
will ecrre to-morrow a.upplementto our paper
containing tDeofarWof TTon. Kdwafd Xto-
rcll, at the dedication of Iho National Cent-
tcrjr, at Gcttjiburg. "
aa..JH..rH "S.". ..,.lXi
Judge Und.rwood'. Decl.lon.
We hardly need tillnlteition to ih decfelo
of Judgo Underwood, under theConSieatlon
Law, printed on the firet page'of the Republican
today. Wo think the common lense of jnitlce
In tbo people will ratlfrthla dlclilon, whateTer
maj be the opinion of the higher court.. Con'
fltcntlon In fee tlmple makes tbelaw practical.
lUnr.H'a Mioiznn. Tlio December num
ber of Ibll favorite Magazine U out promptly,
and at uinal, It la niled with a arletjr of excel
lent matter, illustrated with exquisite wood en
gratlnRs. Hndson Taylor, 344 Pennsylvania
aTeoue, has already recctrcd a snpply.
Shllllugton has also received Harper', for
The Atlamtio Mohtdlt. Tho Atlantic for
December contain the following articles i
"Tbe Man without a Country," by Frederick
Ingham, U.S. N,
" Ltterary Life In Paris " The Garret.
"The Birds of Kllllngswortb," (Poem,) by
Henry Wads worth Longfellow.
" The Great Air-Engine," by the author of
" Life Iu the Iron-MIIIs."
" A Loyal Woman No," (Poem.)
11 Eugeno Ivlacrolx," by W. J. lllllmto.
"Sympatbetle Lying."
" Something about Bridges," by Henry T.
"Internal Stricture and Progression of the
Glacier," by Ixmls Agassis.
11 In an Atllc," (Poem,) by Mrs. Elizabeth
' Longfellow," by George W. Curtis.
" Letter to a Peace Democrat," by Francis
W ayland, Jr.
Rcvlewaand Literary Noll t a.
Au KiptMiiallnu Iteednl atna C'nlllit For
bj Many SoltlUra
By an act of Congress, approved July 17th,
lbGJ, entitled "An act to amend tbe act calling
forth the militia to execute tbe laws of the
Union," A.?., the President of the United
States Is "authorized to accept tbe service of
any number of volunteers, not exceeding one
hundred thousand, as Infantry, for a period of
nine months, unless sooner discharged." In
the third section of the act wu find this lan
guage "And every soldier who shall enlist
under me provisions ot this section suau ro
celt e his first month's piv. and also twentv-
five dollar as bounty, upou tbe mustering of
his regiment or company Into the service of
tne unuco ciaics.
Under the provisions of this law many sol
dlersdld enlist, and were mustered Into the
service. At least. mev believed tiiey were. and
they believe so still. Many of them received
tbo first months pay. tbe tlo I ountv. aud the
enlistment feo of $ i, making the round sum of
T-tu iu advance ior tne n.st monm. uut many
others were notio lucky, fhev neither re
ceived the bounty uor tbe advance pay; and
niter serving out ineir time, wt re uiscuargca
wuu sevtrai mouius wages still uue inem.
Now, after watting ruauy mouths, when they
present metr claims and asK ior meir money.
they are Informed that no nine months men
wero ever In the serf lee. So we were told to
day, at the office of the- Second Auditor. Wo
reierred mm to me iaw, ue reicrreu us to tne
order or decision of (be Secretary of War, "that
no nine months men were received or accepted
Into the service of the United States."
Now. how is thill Jf tbo President never
called for nine months men, who did? If the
War Department never received or accented
tbe service of nine months men, what Depart
ment did I For mat nine inonins men were in
tbe service is a fact which cannot ba denied.
If the bounty provided for In tbe above law
cannot be paid because no such men wore ever
to me service, uow is it tuat tueir osok pay is
auowed I uoes me war uepartmeni pay soi
dlers who never served? who were never re
celv ed or accepted into the service of the coun
try r
l ue case w uicu we presented to uay was tue
claim of a nine months man for bounty and
back pay, amounting to nearly fifty dollars.
Tbe bounty, we were told, could uot be paid for
the reason above stated, but the back pay, we
were Informed, would be allowed. Doua pot
this allow Ing of back pay prove tbat they ac
know ledge the service of tbe nine months' men?
But an explanation, w o trut, satisfactory t o
all concerned, will be given. Justici.
o r i c i a i .
l.ltmlssaU During the cck Kadlnsj Bat.
urday, Not. 14 Ih03.
Lieutenant Colouel J P Walker, fc5 h llllools
v oluuteers, to data October C, l-A, far m sbehsvlor
la the lacs of the euemy.
Laptala John Graham, W4 Peaiisjlvaala vuluo
te.ri, to date November 8, lttt.3, lor alionce with
out leave.
Captain William II Hill fclit Ohio voluoteers,
with loss of all ay aud allowaLCSs, to data No
v ember U, IS63, for eerltfy las; to a Uhe and fraudu
leut account agilnst the (jtteri.iueat.
second I Itutenant Frederick kupp, 13th Uolted
Slntcs lufantr), to date Nuvamber 13, 1M3, for
drunkriio'ts whllo uutler arrest, aud ouuduct ua-
t Saociln ao o Ulcer aud ceatleman
Second I Untenant A C Landit, UOIh Penosyl'
vanla voluuteera, tu dtte Nov lubar II, 1663, for
vlaitlns; a house ol III rtue whilst under niadlcal
treatment, and dlsobedteace of orders la fat Hog to
report, r.i ordered, at the Imvost Marshal a oMoa
In Wnchirgtoa
Mior Willi, m II Miller, 5d Ulit-orilo cavatiy,
to unl. ov irinber ll, 1W.J, upua ehurxis of Insult'
ioi a l-d, of uolawlully strlpplits; the chevrons
Irotu acoijinral, and of abitrcns; ai.d a plylaf
to his own use wines an I whiskey btlongloa; to
the lioilinl.
l!j dliittiou of the Prtsldeut the nauits of the
fuliowli BtjUUtts havs hetudrobjed fi.in the rolls
of the Army
1-uit Lteuteuatit SjiuuiD Uardaer, 13th United
Stale li.f-tf.lt y
I rank A 1 ease, as au ullKt r of (he 7dth Nw
voik vi lunlfiia
II e following ntflcfm, hcretolore dismissed, are
rrstorel, provided tbe vacancies have not been
filled by the Gov eruors of their respective Elates t
Loionci K.s Kutheriurl,lf7lti Illinois volunteers
Ciptslo H r Drllett, lit New Jersev volun
teer with ay from the diic at which he rejoins
his regiment lr tiiit
lauUlu Itttr nUnV, (Jilt Mfa kchu.etU Vblun-
t.ers, with psj froci the date al which ) v rt joins
his rrg mvnr tor tiutj
Cntilii Ii i Liuiki i liiht. vIty
Cajtitifi W Hemic,) th I (lint I, unla ulua
tueti Hllhniy from lh I lu aI ..hichlo ifjoins
his rcgiuicat lurduti
DismiiAii Rciokee
TicorUr.of dismissal In tho fallowing casts
haw I ecu letoked
Cfclontl John 3 Caven lar, 2tth Missouri volun
tecrs, thus lfkvlntr him hoayiably out of s'rvlcs
I y ii.lgr alio i
Cil jnt 1 Uurou 1- tlouiti In, lojj Ntw York volun
tetT he u jmnorai h disthirgfij by r-slxoa-
. . . r .. .
l0ll ,Hi,hout pay, lodate i.om Nnvemherl. ,181
I '
I uncheon, says Thackeray, Is base logratl
lude to break U-t, aud a premeditated Insult to
We don't agree with Ihaiktray it Is an
apology for both.
Iu some parts of Germany it la contrary to
law for mothers to sleep with their Infants uu-
til they are two ycirs old, because so many of
lLe iaU(,r orc iUir0cnied by tbe practice
Intercepted Correspondence
'Showing Uowv Business Jb
H Carried ftutf by tho
sjioctcaao (K.unnora
'WW tu t vt, j3 vcrtrti .jhr.
j - T
Tho original of tbe follow' ng Interesting
letiers, found on board tbe captured blockade
runner ' Ella aod Annie," are lying before uu
a co., sivAttiAH, showiko now TUB f ALL
LoMliotf, Sept 21st, 1BC3
Giitlimeni A day or two after mv arrival
here I wrote yon a few lines, stating that, owing
to the fall of Vlcksburg and retreat of Lee,
uouieueraio securities were at a very ow esti
mate, Ac, Ac. I could not get an offer for
our railroad stocks, and am sorry to say that
there has been no improvement since, and now
t,ioe last news was oi tne lanor ron wagner
and Sumter) they are valueless In the market
here. Excepting advantages we may derive
from arrangement I have madu with manu
facturer and publishers, and Information that
I hare gained of mode of business, Ac, Ac,
I fear tbat my trip here will prove a failure.
It I a great disappointment tny expectations
were so hltrh. so much ex netted of me. and
coming here at such fearful expense, my non-
success causes mo great unnappiuess. i would
return by steamer of 3d proximo, via Halifax,
but tbat I have not yet completed arrange
ments for future business, and am purchasing
for Messrs. Habersham.
1 have secured tbo aecnclus for publications
of 11. G. Bohn, steel pens of Hlnks, Wells A
co., piaying cam or u. iioooaii sons, and
am negotiating with others. Messrs. Worstcn
holm & Son, and F. W ard A Co., Birmingham,
are now considering ray propositions, and will
wnia me. ino parties anovenaraeu engage to
fill no orders from Confederate States besides
ours, and we, with Morris, to hare depots at
navannau and iiicumonu. l ncy give us same
terms as did their agents In the United States.
They w III, when satisfied of their securlt-, ad
vance us stock, provided the business Is largo
enough to warrant It. Could do nothing with
Glllott. However, II. Wells A Co.' pens are
as good, though uot so w ell known; tbey made
almost all tho pens we bad our name on.
I have mide sonic purchases for R. II. it
Bon, and shipped yesterday and to-day fivoor
six cases for them via Bermuda. Last advices
I bad from Nassau was that owing to the yel
low fever, there was but little business there,
and but few blockado runners. Have uot had
a line Irora home since I left. There are sev
eral parties here on tbe same errand as myself,
but who are doing little or nothing. Tbey
confidently expected to negotiate tbe fifteen
million loan, and for which tbey paid high
premium. I could, two weeks since, have sold
some of the bonds brought with me, but at to
great sacrifice, thought It best to retain them.
Have not tried Liverpool, as learned tbat there
ar large amounts of confederate securities on
tbe market. The people here arc, with few ex
ceptions, coulldent of our ultimata success In
our struggle for Independence, but fiar our
ability to redeem.
Tbo mode of business Is so entirely different
to our that It is almost like a new study to mc.
The stock Is different, Ac, Ac. Have not yet
seen, in any of tbe paper bouses, a ream of
ruled letter or cap paper. Almost any article
ordered In quantities would have to be put up
to order. I have learned a great deal, and
wbf'n hostilities cease will bo prepared while
other will flrBt have to learn. I find It best to
depend upon ones own tact and labor to tlud
best places to buy at. To be ad Ised to, or in
troduced, subjects yourself, or the manufac
turer, to a demand called commissions gen
erally 2 J percent, on your order. Hare already
had a dillieulty from such a demand being
made of me the manufacturer, governed by
tho Influence of the party who said ho Intro
duced me, (which waa false.) had to decline
my order. Of course I would not submit. Am
yery well except a cold.
Tbe climate Is very disagreeable, damp and
chilly. Brother will please write May of me.
It Is too late to ask you to write me, as I shall
be on my w ay homo before a letter could reach
me here, unless a very great Improvement In
our affairs will enable me to negotiate our ae
entities. I see no prospect of such. Regards
to each of you. Would bare sent tbe seeds for
Willy In ono of R. II. A Son's cases, but the
new seed has not yet come lo, and the dealers
advise not to send seed of last year. W ill get
ana send as soon a can. iourstnuy,
Messrs. John M. CoOpir&Co , Savannah. Ga.
Please write roe In duplicate to care of De
Koi sell a. mown, vv iimtustou, is. i , witti re
quest to forward to care of their or W. C Bee
A. tjo.'a agent, ..ermuda, to oe retained until
called for.
This per hands of P. C. W Hams. Esa.t da-
plicate, care jounson pj uro , nassau, n, r.
.. . - . . ....' W '.-
Loudo. Sent. 24. 1SS3.
Dear Sir : I wrote vou 31st ult per hand
of Col. Jas. Walker, and send duplicates per
Johnson A Bro., Nassau, 5th Instant, To that,
uic a fiat jiui uouu boiu vu s but uui ruinous
ly low offurs for your bonds. The hope among
oar friends was, that things would Improve In
a few weeks. Bat I am sorry tossy ,thaf at
this date (the news of fall of lorts Waener and
Gregg, aud ruin ol Sumter, Just received,) they
are at even lower estimate, aod with an no
lavorauic prospect or improvement soon, i
have seen all wbowere at all disposed to Invest
In them. Mr, Moncure, who very klndljr of
fered to assist me In'yftur behalf, also tried on
two occasions, but with no butter success. Ex
cepting aa vantages we may uenvo irom ar
raugements I have made with manufacturer
and publishers and information i nave gained
of mode of buslne a, best place to buy at Ac
i tear mat my trip here will prove a failure.
It Is a trreat disappointment to me mv exnec
tatlons were so high, and so much expected of
ue uy you, and otners, and coining here at
such a fearful expense, my non success Is a
source of great unhapplnes. I would return
by steamer of 3d lust., with Mr. Williams, but
that I bavo not yet completed arrangements for
future business, and am making some pur
chases on account of Messrs. Habersham, who
out una fiijwc uiuougt;.
I have, a far as possible, cooslderinc the un
certain duration aud result of tbe war, secured
the agencies for publication, of II, G. Bohn,
steel pens of Hlnks, Wells A Co , (could do
nothing with Glllott) whose pens are good,
luougu uot uxieuBiveiy kbowd in America.
They supplied M. L. Leman, New York, and
made tbe pens that J. M.Cole bad their nameaon.
Also.ot play Ing cards of Goodall & Son, their
cards are as good, while .cheaper than any I
iiBTeKscu. a in oi au uuguiiaiiuic witn otnersj,
l Arloiiiinlm .t Hnn. V. Wurrl .- 1 v nnnil.Jiu
Wame & Bro., a soap manufacturer. Gold
pen manufacturer aro uow considering my
propositions, and will write me decision, terms,
Ac, Ac. My propositions art at ajre U upon
III 118.
Since mv last 1 have agulu seen Mr. Miller-
lie says mat you are a subscriber to, or stock
holder of, the ooropany he represents; but tbat
vouirave blm for your Individual order not
more than from 000 to 1,000 of tbe $13,000,000
loun. lie could ooi ut the time lav his band
ou bis memorandum of tho amount, but thought
not over fiOO. ( understood you to say, and
ao did Mr. Williams, that you had giveu him
,5,0O0 to be lnv ested for y ou iudlvi lually. As
you gave me no Instructions or power, a re
gards the matter, shall not refer to it more,
would not bavesofarutMr.M said ho wished
to turn Over to me your order and bonds. Ho
gave rue the former only. There aro .several
parties ou the same crruuJ ai uyielf, but who
are doing little or nothing.
They confidently expected to negotiate tho
fifteen million loan, and, though they paid blgM
pnmlum aud have offered them at very low
rates, have failed. The brokers that I have
seen offr no more fur the lift ecu million than
for the one hundred. Neither have 1 been able
to do anything with the railroad stock of J,
M. C. A Co. not an offer for them.
The people here, with very few exceptions,
are confident of our ultimate success, but doubt
our ability to redeem at the end of the struggle.
Tbe mode of dolug business here, aud differ
ence In styles of goods, is so different lo what
we have been accustomed to, that It 1 almost
liko a new BttOy lo me. . --
It) alt ibe places 1 have been In. havo not yet
sow A ream of ruled lettefor cap paper. Most
of the aedgeripapen are folded, 4bc. Almost
all thai vroultf sult'ourxnarkst. would hart, to
be put np to order. However, I have already
lewiaesxmgraat deal, and when hostilities erase
wlU.be prepared, while other will first have to
I arnii.
Excepting your letter oi inoiwa June, nave
not had a Una atneel left the Confederacy, und
Mr. Moncure and William have bad no ad
vices from home. Mr. Williams Is very anxious
about his family. If there is not an improve
tMot UaAssiUaiTant my loogejr Uy here, J.
shall, as soon as J harp completed arrange
ments here, return most likely by steamer of
November 3d, via Bermuda. Tho climate Is
very disagreeable, damp and chilly, and then
tbe expense ll ao great.!
Have Just read advices of sale of yonr Bank
notes In New Ytrk. They netted In exchange
In Nassau 505.20-rhot so well ss I hoped, but
best tbat conld bo done. Iiexpcoi to have
statement from Johnson de Bros. of exPnsoaof
freight, Ac, on 'goods sent yaa'frora Nassau
and Havana. In few days. Win 'make up the
account ana If any funda on hind of yours,
will Invest, aa far aa can In goods of your
ordcrf . Hope to be able to fill the order for the
young Udles;
The Intelligence of the war since my arrival
has almost altogether been as unfavorable to us;
true It baa come from Northern sources, but It
ha had the effect to depreciate onr securities.
It Is generally believed hero that Charleston
must fall very soon.
nejraro to me Misses Atoms ana otuer
friends i would have written to vou oftener but
for want of opportunity of sending.
Yours, very truly, W. It. Olcott.
Mr. A. Morris, Richmond, Va.
This per bands of Mr. P.O. Williams, who
salts In a day or two for Bermuda v la Halifax.
Cmrmlry Skirmish, Ae.
WAJtDiNdTOS. Nor. 19. The tntetllirence ro.
reived to-night from the Army of the Potomac
Is of a cavalry skirmish between about two
hundred rebels, and a portion of the 18th Penn
sylvania cavalry, which took place yesterday
morning at Genuania Ford, on the Rapid au.
i ne reoci crossed me river, wuen our men
fell back upon our Infantry pickets. Tbo loss
was smalt. Some of oar men were captured.
There ar frequent review and division
drills, tho country and weather being favorable
ior sucu purposes.
Hundreds of contraband conld be profitably
employed In tbe army n drivers, Ac. In one
artillery brigade alone a sufficient number of
soldiers are employed as wagoner and team
sters to man a six gun battery, for want of ne
groes. ifsierday evening some cannonading was
heard In the direction of the Ranldan. south
of Culpopcr, but no particular had been re
ceived when tbe messenger this afternoon left
tue army.
Paymasters are busv In the orooer dlschanre
of their duties In almost If not all of tbe army
Tui NtMBiR or Appiicatiovs Madi.
Since th promulgation of Provost Marshal Todd's
orderlo relation to liquor saloons la csrtaln local
ltlealn this city, whtoh makes tt th duty of the
proprietors to sell no liquor to any one elllzen or
soldier, without the express permission of the
Provost Marshal being given, and 'hat to be dona
only on recommendation of th Mayor and Super
Intcndeat or Polios There bar been up to to-day
sixty leur appllsatluns with the ncosssary rssom-
mentlstions made Of the tl bava beta aseeptsd
and 43 rejested Taia will be tb proportion pro
bbly In all the localities mentioned la th order.
Deaths or Soldhrs. The deaths of tbe
following soldiers have bscn reported alnsa. yes
terday morula at thaofflca of Capt. Hartst
uiiDtn c iwiy, I4in , h ; H. M. Whetler, 6th
Wis ; James McCtd1fn,7Jj N. Y Silas Ganisoo,
toth N. Y. art i Jeremiah Blunt, Uth Ct( William
harp, HBth Pa l Wm, O. Pollard, (rsbal.) 44th N.
C , FretPk WolfngM, sd N Y Thos Shannon,
4Id N. Y i l'dward Sheshan, 23 Id Mill ; Ell J.
Deardsly, 60th N '. Engi John G Doharty, 116th
P I P. W. Navllle, 1st Ohio eav , John Murphy,
1st Bat I Corps; James K. lUckctt and Wilson
Jmlth,H M. ambulance drivers.
Miiitart FuitenAU The remains of Major
Wheeler, f the fith Wisconsin volunteer. -
escorted to the depot this afternoon, by a detach
ment of four companies of tha 163d New 1 ork vol
unteers, headed by a band Major Wheeler was
wounded In the late battle on the Rappahannock,
iron, mo riiecii oi wmen ne aieo yesterday, la Ar
mory fquare hospital He la a native or Boston,
Mass , to which place his. remains are to be taken
for Interment.
Soldiers Retreat. Last night there ar
rived one hundred and sixty-four convalescents
from Thlladephla, and eleven exchanged nHi.
1 oners.
At Trinity Church, on tho 19th, by the Itev . Mr.
Lyp?, D. D, Georoc V. Harhv to Mlsi Annie
SriAriLLtoau, both of Washington
At Lancaster, t Penn I on tha l?th ln.tint. Mrs
kv Hear, wife of O H Heap, Mq , of tha Navy
Department, and daughter of the late Commodore
Her remains wai Interred In Woodland Ceme
tery, west rn niueijiuia, uar those of hr late
xajner, eommouore mrier.
" She bore her sufferings with fortitude a nd faith,
and died ha imp. contented, and sai-enc "
la this dty.'Mor.Tath, at the residence of his
wetl-beloved slater, Mrs Jana Booth, Reiin L, U
OrruTT, son of the late Zepnanlab Oflutt, la th
Mini j car ut u itc,
" Dreathe for his parting aoul ons passing sigh,
Surviving mortal, while thine eye grows dim,
lo all the mansions of the houa ou high
aay not that Msrcy has not ona for him r
.TSMIoBletter'a oniath nisiava a. hitn.
DK1-D CURAT1VLS IN ONF Not the least
Striking merit of HTETTEH'S CLLLUHATED
UlTTLlts la the wide scope of their o juration as a
biocntlve and remedial preparation As a prottc
Uv& medicine tbey ward off all the diseases- and
their name Is Legion that originate In unwhole
some air, impure water, sxhtustlug heat, orother
local and ell ma lo causes. This alone would be
su lilt lent to secure for any corn Olive and alterative
uiruiLiuc wuuij.vTiue .uu iiDuyinirceieuriiY uui
HUai'LTTtlfS GHLAT SPECIFIC has a buodrrd
other claims to th confidence and high considera
tion of the public la dyspepsia, liver complaint,
LhllU and levtr. Milium amttiist tmvmrm. nlml...
morbus, cramps, co 1c, constipation, general de
'liny, .rcuiaiiiro uccay, icmaie irregularities,
aexual dUriLlilty, constitutional I weakness, sea
sickness, dlarrhui. diitDterv. ftaUul-nar. vrtln.
tainting HU,h) sterlci, and ay oomplalnta proceed-
tuS (luiu iiuiiruct,, tiigra.ioQ, anu a uisoraeteu
ondlllun of tha liver unit linw.li. linHTl TTi, u
SlUMACIf 1HTTHS are the most irawerful,
sjuMklj , harmless and agreeable of all remedies ad-
ivru.vu uy uu? ress or administered in famm
practice. D040-eo3t
Xf a, T. IS CO- X. Drake's IMaulatlou
They purify, strengthen and Invigorate.
Tbey create a healthy appetite.
They aro a artlldotato change bf waterand diet
racy overcome effects of dissipation aud UU
Tbey atrengthou the system aod enliven tht
They prevent miasmatic anJ intermittent fevers
1 hay purify tha Uaatb aud acidity of the stom
ach. I hey cure Dyspepsia aod Coiudlpatfon,
They euro Diarrhea, ( l.pjera and t holera Morbus
They cure Liver Complaint and Nervous Head
afha. They are the Wat Bitters lu tho woi Id Theymakr
the wak uau strong, aud are cahausted uatum
great restorer. They are composed ol the c lt
urnieu t,4iisaya uara, yiruit uara, vnauanuui
iruaiutjiiiue iiuwtfi) iicuufi riunn.. niuivr
green, Anise, tluver-bud.ii Urange Peel, snake
root, ( arawa, Coriander, Surdook, 8 1 I8t-
Hie following la a sample of tL ttimuity dally
r'lurruci )
is, iei. t
( i nci mn ati. 0 , Jan
I h iv given you- Plantation Dlttera to hundreds
of our nvule bldira who atop here, moro ar less
disabled from various causes, audtheertect la moat
marvelous an I gratify lou;
' Suoh a prep. ration as thil la Ihoartlly wish In
every family, In vtjv hospital, ami at band on
JyA-ly Superlntandtiat.
Fu 1 Proceedings of the Dedication of the
Including tbo
la Pamj hist Form
For sate at tha
PrceTkN Li, NIK uo3u-Jt
fc- SjUT.-liOOX. ma
Causava, Peruvian on Kma'i Bark Is used
with great success In France for tbe cure of a Pirn
plea oa th face, Eruption of th Skla, to and It
laconfdd by many of th rhfalclan of Parts
that Its Ilbsral us Is Invariably attended with
clearness -of eomplexlon, and a peculiar bill
llancy of the pupils of the eyes, which renders It
much sought for by the beauties of" fa bella FranctS
wasm tne present Empress went nrat to rarta,
after her marriage, It waa rumored that the ex
treme fcmnty of her complexion waa produced by
It, and as a consequence its sale became so great,
andttn faef.haTcontlnaedtft bstbat Its price rose
over three hundred per cent , and a mny cases Its
own weight In silver was paid for It. It forms aa
Important lag radiant la th ' Plantation, Bitters '
mamifactured by Dr. Drake, and ha proved to
possess, In add it (on to th above well attested pre
perty, rem ark able virtue for delleat females,
strengthening tht appetite, reducing undue palpi
tation, and auMulog all kind ol nervous affec
Persons of sedentary habit troubled with weak
ness, lassitude, palpitation of th hear., lack of
appetite, distress after eating, torpid liver, const.,
patloo, ate , deierv to suffer If they will aot try
the celebrated
which are now recommended by tha highest medi
cal authorities, and warranted to produce aa fn
meJUte beoeflclal effect. They ar exceedingly
agreeable, perfectly pure, and must super ooda all
other ionics wber a healthy, gentl stimulant I
They purify, strengthen and Invigorate,
They create a healthy appetite.
They ar aa antidote to chang of water sad diet.
Tbey overcome effect of dissipation aod lata
They strengthen tha system aud enliven the mind
Tbey prevent sMaamatlo aod Intermittent fevers
Theypurlfy the breath and acidity of the stomach.
They cure Dyspepsia and Constipation.
They cur Diarrhea, Cholera and Cholera Morbus
They cure liver Complaint and Nervous Head
ache. They make the weak strong, th languid bril
liant, and at exhausted nature's great rratorcr.
Tbey are composed of the celebrated LalUaya bark,
wlntergreen, eassafras, roots aod herbs, all pre
served lu perfectly pur St. Croix rum. For par
UcUlara see circulars and testimonials around each
Beware of impost era. Kiamlne eveiy bottle
See that It baa D. 8. Darnes' bj nature on our pri
vate U. 8. stamp over the cork, with plantation
scene, aud our firm signature on a Una steel plate
engraving oa Bide label. Sea that our bottle la not
refilled with spurious and deleterious stuff. We
defy any person to match tha taite or character of
our goods. Anj person pretending to sell Planta
tion Bitters by the gallon or In bulk, la an Impos
ter. We sell only lu our log cabin bottle. Any
person Imitating this bottle, or selling any other
material thereto, whether called Plantation Bitter
or not, Is a criminal under the U. 8 Law, and will
be so prosecuted by us. W already have our eye
on two parties re-filling our bottles, fcc , who will
aooeecd In getting themselves Into doe quarter.
Tb demand for Drake'a Plantation Bitters from
ladles, clergymen merchants, ao, la perfectly In-
credible Th simple trial of a bottle Is the evi
dence we present of thetr worth and superiority.
They ar suld by all respect a bl druggists, grocers.
physicians, hotels, saloons, steamboats, and coun
try stores p. H. DRAKE 6v LO ,
oca DOi Broadway, N V,
Communicated )
- Pulmonary Consumption a Curable
to roNidttrrivca.
Tb undersigned having been restored to health
In a few weeks, by a very simple remedy, after
having saard several years with a sever luog
affect ion, and that dread disease. Consumption ta
anxious to make known to bla fellow-sufferers tb
means of cure.
To all who desire it, he will send a copy ol tha
prescription nsed, (free of charge,) with tb direc
tions for preparing and using the same, which tbey
will find a rur cure for Consumptiok, Asthma,
Bbonchitis, Couohi, Colps, fcc. Th only object
of th advertiser In sending th Prescription Is to
benefit the afflicted, and spread Information which
ho conceives to ba Invaluable j and be hope every
sufferer will try bis remedy." It will cost them
nothing, and may prove a blessing.
Parties wishing th prescription will pleas ad
dress Rev. TOWARD A. WILSON,
aeas-dkwlm WliUamaburgh. Ktnga Co , N.T.
aVf-Tt-aConresslone sad Kipcrlaure of
an Invalid. Published for the bene tit, and ai a
warning and a caution to to pro hen who suffer
from Nervous Debility. Premature Decay of Man
hood, eto , supplying at tha same time the mean
or self cube. By on who has eured himself af
ter beingput to great expense and injury through
medical humbug and quackery.
mtj lu.wiuig IUl-uaaU MMOTMCI
slngl copies may be bad of th author
oy vuHiwiuia a iiosi-uam aoaressca envelop.
uy 36 ly
Bedford, KIdrs County,
'. n. v
Kf Public Behoola These are a few va.
cant scats in the Male and Female Gram mar Schools.
First District, (First and Second wards of the city )
Tickets of admission oaoba obtained by an early
application toelther of the undersigned
t New Yolk a v., bet l.th andllthats.
s D street, opposite City Hall.
seJ3 tf Suh-Bnard Trustaea Flrat District.
Fcoosrlvaola ar.. two door, from FouttcBta st ,
IIiuncu or 73 WaiRis it., Niw York,
lavitc. .tteotioa to hi. stoek of
Air.Dt (or tbe s.l. of-
AuJ tarlbiisolh.r Brsails.
Stilt Ag.ut for
Hern.Uc.lly S.J Gooils, Flo. Grocerl.i,
lavltcs cooaeUseurs to loip.ct hit I.r. stock of
of 1L. f.mou. t latsses of IStt .oil 1&J9,
of his own Import.tloo, sod calls to. ssp.cl.l
attention of couBumcrs to tbs brands ol
unsurpaiicd In richness aod d.llolous flavor, of
wblcb h. Is Importer.
Iu) porter of Wines, Ursndles, &c ,
Doleo fenn. nv , 3 doot. from Fourteenth St.
i i .
" 4

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