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svabhinotonTd. o.
4 Tli Ufflei of Use Wall on a I Kermbll.
ai 1 at Bll Klnth afreet, between Pen
fit aula iiiuh and D strati.
in..,. The advertisements oo aur itrst pane
Mf ibtfttcU by authontj ofthe rati road rompanu
t.ncMUj ofta.cUt are vmciui; corrected when
.Iianges ara uiaie, nance can oe relied upon as eor
'JU ADVERTISE!!. WC Call th ftlttUtlOD of
i utincM men to the classification of ow advertia-?-nifi.li.
Wclatend to keep a businesses tothla
matter for tfat benefit ol our patrons.
Notice. Bubecrlbers falling to reecho the
ntt-ciLicAH rfyWarft will please notify thU office.
Washington and Haw York Stock Mat.
kttt To-Day
u Are Indebted to Jay Cooke & Co., Unkcis,
fir the folio wing condition of the stock and sale
m-vrkef, to-dnri
Buyta. ttollio.
' S ta Coupon a. of thbl iutjs ico
I fli registered, 1881
V . 13-10 Treasury note loe itwv
v. S. limr eertineatea (newlsaue). IT, iw.
a nerlcan goldcolo itb
leiiltlcatc checks w
. . , .New Iork, It a,m.
N CnkiHaa ion
V S 7i-io ineu
L s. Certificates (new, ft)'.
t"'U US',
HTWo are recanted to announce that Iroru
this data until the meeting of Congress thu
President will bo uuable to receive visitors, hit
Hint lelu fully occupied by public business.
Ni)LMieu IS, 1W.3.
IIuucmiion Iui-oasinLE. Thu rebel Con
It dcracy has been si bad! beaten that tt tan not
be recognized.
H ublnh elsewhere details or fighting be
tuecn Meade's and LeVa great armies in ir
kiuia. This news comes to tis from unnilklal
'nircf and has undoubtedly been obtuimd
jit-iinn the i jntenl oT dcncral Meade, who I
tlrutie, let wbnt will totuc, witur) oi drlcai,
to m enl Iho J mii Jlurtj i uMh aliun of all re
furtt of n fragmentary character of a pari uf
the camialgn until some-thin, duMvc lias
haipcnert. lit went forward, ns ha Iriu
Mated, uHn the 1 lau nf Giant, lading ration
enough along fur a w hole !tampaiijn, sending
umbimome aupplytmius and all unnciensarj
luuibir and lu.gaB'e to the itar, aod without
rel)lni; tiou railroad or Mcamboatf, as ha
ttm too inmli (be praam hcrttofoie, In
vfurtid the Ka idan itardUe of bridia or
imi bihiud him, and tiuetiiiK in the div
tillinu and bravery ot hi i;allaulUoojs, dry
poa-der and the Oud of battle, he inotd un
IhO oicroj's work. L to this day thin, hab
tciu modi flghtinK by rLs'imcnta, brUade,
m sioua and corps, I ut then hti tut betn u
'ari batVc, aud "ahlle c have bicu wurettd
temporarily In tkirmUfac, thy Kraod ntult
i hat Lrc ii been tltjratttl aud. fcas
zraduall been falllns baik, and from j rts
ml appearand will atiuuj.lto tnakoa uueral
Man! at Hanover .lunttion or (turd instill, the
I at f rvl-cl au her.
IimhIJ Miade meet uh a ri ulsi, whitl. ib
not it all hkch, ho lau taeilj IhII hack ui on
tlu lielghis of trcikricksburK
Tlon h ttcry confldente ixpieaaid In olli
tt i inks that Mutde will be aunkful.
I'. S. fcintL iho abmc was u t)pc, ut. karn
ihat Gtucrrfl M.adc, on iroaung the Rapidan,
ituul unorder prohibiting newspaper lurres
jordtoti from ka lug the army ur tommunl
ui n with the rear, for reasons glun above.
It whl, thf-nfore, be dl HI cult to obtain rtllabk
tnlurmatlun k. citing his tuotenanis and
Luttka until ihu cainp3lj;n Is llnkhed. Wi
btline tin older lias been aired dj lolattd,
tnd tin inuy reauli la the eij uUlon of all
corribpuudiuta from tho arrnj.
telegrum from New York announces that
gold advanced to HU In Wall street today.
ThU is partly In conaC'iuence of unfavorable
rumors from Meade's army jurlly a want of
I oslilte Information concerning the bafct) of
Itiirmlde. Ullh regard to the siluatlou in
from and iho safety of Bunuidc, we comtnent
iltewlM ri ,
liat our Prison r arc Fed On,
Through the politeness of Mr, Tree, ihicf
i erk nf the. city pett ofliic, we wire shown a
tlntt ratwn ltsued lo one or our prisoners at
the Llbl y t rlsun. U tousku or a pictc or un
lolud torn meal take, without salt.haUDgthc
ajiearauce of being ground cob and all hi one
inass, mixed with a llttlo water aud baked, it
.', inches thick, 4 inches loHg, 'j inches
wide, and weighs H ounns Ii was i-iucd,
with a plentiful tupplyof Jamts ricr uatir,
i Win fc-traunut, an low soldier, a prmumr
I war at Llbby r rUou, on the loth da) of No
nil tr I'j'tJ, tho d ty ho was exchanged, allir
fruni niuntlia' tonflncmiut.
nt rn Assistant Setrelary of Ihc Nay
l-i n ln lubitcsslon, a ration vf the tame
t li is m tuugh as caoutchoue, can It
ii ul Jed or twisted Into any form, and piece
i ihro n igniiisttlic telling ntiiksiheie like
ub ui putt). Such ih'hu'um ntt wan never
rc ' nut lo the worst criminals in uuithern
I rit( us
(Jrovrr's Theatre.
'Ihe kluubt at ihu tstabllshuier.1, uhieb
i juimtuccs tonlghijrom the attraelluni"
uf the past tbrco weikt,U so marked and patis
factory that comment li hardl) necessary. The
nity icau witnessed ulinot nightly hate
attested thu uupopu.arlty of Miss WEnrKN.
Mit would make a very e'tvtr meujber of a
i-loik company, but to assume to be " nur"
mi the tbcutrlcal heaven, tifcj t lu soun ru
uiMl towue, is au error.
We hii I ten f ur rlscd at the cuuii uf
M itiBger drover, in prentiug Miss WthUrn
t a Wasbniion eudlvncu at a "star," und
ontlrulug ht-r Ihree wcek, when liu posdcfiB
u more brllllaiit nuc In his own ioinpai))j an
utiitif of vastlj fiiptnor olollty, of f;rratr nc
t inplUhinf-iiis and vmulllitjr of laWii, an 1 a
votcl drainullc student, who Is uiilreisallv
i uj uhr lu thh til) We ttftr to .Mlts &lsis
Dot. Wc venture the opinion that If this
tady had layed the tamo line of characters,
ora or nhkh Mras UesTenf hat pa formed
ilevirly, durios the past tbric wcek( Mr
(Irovir'a receipt would have been far greater
and hit patrons would have been better pleased.
There are many parts alienated by Ml
Uestcun which illbir Mn. Miko or the
rparktlng Anme Wahd cmld irform much
more acceptably,
Ve tlneerel) hope Ibat when the pictcnt en
gagement of theJuctlT iikbrattd MahtETTI
aud Mahzstti families terminates that we
thall have the pleasure of wltnetilo some of
tho standard plays of the old Masters, per
formed bj 6rouraowu lorapany. It will not
onl) be Jictptablc but lu our uplnlun will
prove a ityi'j tuilniss to the manager. In
the meantime thotc who deshe scats atGrocr'i
while tho aboc named lamlllea art hire, will
probably hate to teiurc theua day lu advance.
The money market in New Tork hat been
depretaed lor seeralda)t in conicpucuce of
fear that Burnsldo hai been beaten or ca turcd.
Iho only thing that wo can propirtj say on
litis tubjectat present, is that Jttr. Datla would
gkeall he Is worth If he could be sure that
Lougstreet and his army Is as safe at Is Burn,
side aud hit army. We shall tie.
Wur in Virginia.
mi; "nwn; of heiib inii.
Nine Hundred Rebels Captured.
KnuatTfmrnt with the Knrraj Itfjondi
Hie Itapldan.
-. . . , ,. ., , . , ,
The Arm) of the I'olomae advanced Hi six
oMoek ou the moniiug or the JTth, from near
Germania, l ulpcptr, and Jaiob ford, and
ferH nncof ta. ,.. ,,.,.
Hit licJcricktbui tuiu.ki, nut Iiobcmon't
tflT-ero. The left admoicd tilung Iho pUn
ru.d, foniiiDff. curro touards Gordnmilllc, ,
nH tl,r rl.l .1.. ..!,,
.... ...... u...tUA .... Iuu .i.-i.t.i, i
toullicisl cif Jaiol,'. ford.
As llii. iintrc drancid 11 caiut ut on ILc
cntroy'. plikit. and iklnnl.blog line. SuW I
lucotlj the cdluiv'. lhiCMas .trLUnrtlicDt.d Ijj
Iho airlal uf rtluroncmciin from lill' i
r... .1, u ..i . r
Oalht ltHl'lan frniil, uliout I u'llutk.a .luw
and irrctiUr Lanuuadln i.otnuLU(.cd ou tho '
roads kadiup toManU Urangi. tuurl Hnu.c,
aud t...Ml,aM. M., uk jdc M.u. ..
-klrmkhers The enemy did not npl) with
uitlllcr) .
At Tour o clock It W4 aunounced that Hill's
...n.. n.1,1,1. i11H,r.tn ii ., t.
eorp., which had i rev lou.ly rested on the Kan-
idan witt ot the rnllro id, was approaching on
the centre, aud half an hour later heav) mus
ketry w as heard ou the right, show lng that tho
Third coips, formlug that wing, whs tugaglug
the eneni).
Up to 7 u't lock on the e eulug ol I rid j) our
cutudiius were lew. un me centre the ou'v
oilkirs of rank ot that time known to be killed
Is Lliuteuant Colouil llcsser, of the 72d Penn-
s)Ivaula ri'lmcnt.
1 he battleground is on w hat Is know n as th .
,,,,,., ,, ... ,, , i
VMlderness,T with but little open country,
couseijuently an accurate description of our I
position cannot at this time be given, but It
will bt perclved that we have the enemy's
rortltlcd position on the helghu skirting the
llapidau on the rlgut, which will comi el thein
to givu bdttk, if tht) luteud to tight, upon I
ground less unfavorable to us. i
ui huuuij,u uul rent" lue rcuii arm)
a. he llilcudtdtaud Is said It l'rlsoULlitohae
ruuiiud to Kkhtnoud ou Thiirbda.
t.rifaialr) aud ballirits hjd a crc
n.(iii uu lueiiieiii)'. light mn.'caialry ou
...rid., .time. He dro ,u bk
uou Ihelr lulnuihmmt., aud tluu lie, lu I
luru, naa tolut.lliil lu tall baik. Ills loos I. .
taul to lie about lu huadnd and llfi) lu Ullul
... j j j n ... . .
auawuuuuta i ne r mucorp. coming up the
eucu.) agm toidi tiled to retreat. ,
About 'xiy men w tic wounded lu the second
skirmish, ine killed, aod seven mortall)
wouuded, I
uninu tmUi ueu. I reneh, Third Loii, vvhcu ,
dvanuug eutountercd hwell't Luns. bLloru
be cuuiiciivd with the lentrt. ind .ifttr a severe
ill.ht,. M t Ad jmriu, but i.i hcivll). He
hnwcvtriJimredvOOltbtI jiisoncrt.
1 li. fr.vtli loriwns then ilnnivu forward
and tllbit Hie gip letwtcn (he centle aud our
A luiu oi the r HiL tun- ddvAiiLiinr mi n...
plank ,d, was ..tucked on the tlanklv icbcl
killed two men and several imik..
fllB ENCwr I-Al l HACK.
(in l-ridav nioinliig it was 1'nnxl that tho '
ciiciii) had fallen back fioni uui teulre to
point two miles nearer Oruuge tuuri Uuurt.
u A 1 M
Till Hi IJ L InltllllZClltU In Utl tli tlmnw ,l,lte
" " h
ol rrida), ud wa brought to Woehintou by
a i eelal iiiesscuger, whoeuiue ueai belugeai
lured I y guerrilla.
The following additional lufuimatl.in, which
has alsoeome to hand lo-iilght through auoihci
source, state, that the line was funned on ,
rrl lay atom nixju un the road lending to I
OrauWe twuu Hojsc. den. Gregg's cavolr)
on the, kit had a .even light will. Iho libel
eavain.and druvt thui. b.ek u(on their In-
lantrv, mid U.cn fell t,,Hk himself upon iho 1
HPh o.whUhlu turn drove tl... rebel ,. .
r.i..i..i ........ . -. 1
fn li 1 1 I it U, jiil ton) iteitinii nil Hit Inft will
'"I Win Hi rf irtilil (61 pi nil lit (mil
like diovtthet t I -MiniMl ci-. ' )u I lioN
citson s tavern tmd foiiuedlhu eenln Ou tla
right Frl tice's dirltlon of the Third corps met a
heavy twdy of E well 'a corps and fought them
several hours, ustit the remainder of the core
came op, and later the Sixth tor pi.
The Third toipf, particularly frlneo's divla
ion, lost heavily, tillmalcd at 600 killed and
wounded and many prlnoucra, but severe!)
punished tho enemy In killed and wounded,
and took, nt Uen. Frtnch reoii, WO pi lion.
Our force on the centre had no hea light
ing, and conencntly our loei waa tmall, ex
ceptlng Gregg's cavalry dhlslou.
Un Saturday morning It wat dlseovucd that
the enemy's centre btd full en boik. Their
tkhmlih lino In the noods It something like a
mile and a half nearer Orangt Court House.
Tho heavy rain, It was thought, would hlndu
an hcary offensive Held oratlont nu tatttr
ll is reported that General KMpatrkk's Cav
alry division, under Cutter, attempted to cros
under the enemy's batteries at Kaccoon lord,
on Friday, but was driven baik. Heavy guns
were heard there all tho afternoon, tending to
confirm the truth of the report.
Tho enemy used no artillery on our front on
Friday, and we but very little, owing to the
dentil) wooded aud nearly level character of
the ground.
It It known that there was heay tklriulih
loc on the turnt.lko at U o'elotk on Saturday
morninir.but uorta titulars lime bet nrnuUnl.
L-anKonadlnfi Captura of UutrtUss, Ac
New York, Nov . 2J The Herald special,
from ruppabannoik Station, dated Saturday
cculug, ta)t it it certain there has been uo
battle fought. Canuonading was heard on
Saturday morning, but fainter ihuo on Friday,
and during tho day all wat perfect!) 'jukl
Tim rain ceased before dark, and It is probable
that the quantil) fallen will not lntcrfiru with
the movement of the army exicjt fur a few
Mnc guerrillas were captured on tiida)
night, between Cutkl t 'a Station and Fairfax
Court Houn. OnchadtJ,0001ngrccnbaiks."
New okk,Nov. 30. Iniotisciucuee ol uti
fjorablc rumors from Mcadet ami), gold
went up to M'J at the board to day.
The ltrlitl about to make n Nlauit nl
Ilaltnn, Jrnrcla LonKStrret Ktcnllrit
from Kunatllle to All UrafCB
CiiATTiMMMit, Nm. 2S. There has hecn im
Ikhtingat tho Trout todaj. Thoincin) have
enuuntraled In low and near Daltou, wllli n
ien of making a stand. Our line it Injuttd
Au ordir from Urair recalled Gmeral Loiil'
1 street from befreKnoxilleoii the morning of
I the 2Clhf and he is duw cudcaotlng to join
ftbat.t,lUfuln ncar I)l,Itt,n. y a iTrcuitmis
Our situation froi i Kuoxtllli t Hrldgiporl
it all that iau be iktdrcd,
' lDalton ' wtiiinuU county, (.cun.ii. i.t
the junction of the East TcuueBie and Georgia
(Kallrond with the Western and Atlantic Kail
roaa. itriorfcf.j
From lTalivlfle.
.Nashmllb, November . Captaiu Cu,
matuand ilerkof the steamer Duku. weiu hi.
rested to-night, aud will be tried by a militar)
commission, charged with erosslug rebel eav-
airy or Hawkins' command, some tbrte hun-
dr-d men, from the north to the aouth side or
llb? c,u,llt,-rUnd river, ncar Fort Donaldson.
llluol atutcr.
Colonil LntiK enitiuotcrtd n orlLun nf
"llC'lr' -";'7 ' t'livclind jMtcrd., ami
"' .""""""? ra. l.OM IlOl
Tluruuaia lieaiyraln Inn. latt niplil, aud
"l0 .'iiniUerUud rltrl iioh ri.lng ra'ldl).
ThCro l9 "'" Uxl fw"CT" ",0 "","l
From tallfornU and 5d.
Sin FKiclblo,CI, N'or. .(). Bmlum la
irtncrallj matnded, and thu day daoti1 lu
lliatikfjiU luu.
Tht .herlft of Los Augilos. iruposlng yclcr-
daJ to ""t tho flgllantecommiueowhu hung
gHn Tidro, marched to the town, when the
sheriff stopped proceedings.
JTbe J1Iscvda. constitutional convention has
adopted an article compelling all children bc-
Uft.n Bix and fourteen years or age to attend
Fire In KnoxTlll.
Onciati, Nov. 20. The lattsl uc Irom
Kmmlllo ruetiedlier.il lo Wedn..id... ,
u ..... ti, . i. ., . r . i . . 7
Aith Infant. Tho north part of the town had
bt en burned, Including the railroad depot, but
tencru. ourniae was cueenui ana still couU
dllJt of 1,oldlnK the place.
The Flve-Ttveutlts.
.. . 'LD'LrH"i r?" -J rJ. uI'8trM,0Q
"ricui, repnris ine saiv oi ?0'itJ,you oi nve
tweutks on Saturday, aod for the week 1.1KI3,.
u0 It Is expected that thedellverlesof bonds
wItl ,OOB bo made wllh the Uiual promptitude,
A Thio or Soibkettcs. Mad'llo Jopanna
CLAtttEh, the celebrated Swiss loubrettej Mlas
A""E Wauk, the Irish soubrette, aad Miss Fah
naic irtlitdlu Ih'i city aad will ill prer to.
niorrow Dlglit, with oilier (inwerful atttaLtiona,
'"" -"""i"-. iuurrnoariiiiiic
r..,n, W.bb sI.wC 'lo ZI.'!,J&'
uvouthe it.e.t ford s to-nljlil. In is com, let.
ail (otf eous a it 1. as It Is .oull,. lor the ui.
clilnUls so liitlst ol the psttldisliment to iccom-1
iilimh V ii rail let saiu,l..l l...lt. .-i.l
::" VBVr: :." ..."CZri
the above niMued .... -. no ;;.";
news to the lovers ol re .1 fun and tha admireis of
"al merit. ,
Sisan Dzms conimcin.es a star engagement
' worfoiit, a , thiscvenlnr She ett here accom
l,nie'1 V t,,e '" f Hrover's theatre
oaSsturds) mnrnlnR It It not an lmtoslbllity
tli at she will give her next jierfornnnce at Htcti
nioad, before Gen Meade, with the old fUg waving
over In r hea I Utioktows t
The Ahsii Thu appearauco In our stretu
of teal nstives of the Arab, to Deseil, in tlietr us
tloiml cnatumes is teally a curloatl). They nl
traded a good ilenl ol mrlosity at (-rover si bent ir
on Stturday ulglit They will he at the I'eoj it's
TllK Wmii gI5TElt8
W(1WJ to jordt theatre
'i nnd deseivesueceaa
coulliiuu to altracl
Theyaie elinimint; oi
diuu a Itai un OrEHA Cohi'ant havu goue
I to Bot'oii
I uiin uouru is pid)ing ai tne uuoiun nit
Deiihtmpnt or (state.
Wabii MjTus, November, 1Mj,L (
Intorumtlon has Uen received at thU Depart
Hani liom Mr. Charles H. OL'den. lliuLunsul
atthc Lnlted btatcs at uobiie, that the Govci-
m.r General, by unorder in Council, has order-1
e I and directed thai thu order in Council of the
-Jod Januari. l.S. iihultu to iha retundlne' ul
dutka on exerted p.ekagcs, bo so mod I II Ld as
1 extend to a subordinate pa(kageo. packages
In an sorted r,so, hnx, lLl.V?.H,.r i.a!k! I
1 iff nrtoihe'tHUr i(vtd in oi t wholt l,uf
jri linn of an In i.U- prviVd Un ilnthn pill
m.dt tUltriindtd u He v line ot the V"J'. l i
sielurucd or ix oiled amount lu nt least eW.
i'Secoml Edition
KH'Il O'l IXJCK, r. M.
Nothing Utcr fiotn (Jen. Meade thin the
uews whkh aipeait inour first edition. The
Gomnment are without dUpakhct.
It will beperectted that a dispatch elsewhere
J nut ricelved, eunflrms the statement In our
first edition. Gold epiculatort lu New York
aro badly bltlcn.
Tho New York 11 vrhl, announcing that 'tho
army of tho Toiomat is again In motion,"
' In Gen. Meade, the country has nvprv mn,
fldcncej but It muitbe remembered tbatfAti
UiObtment it tn dtrttl ttnnotitton to AtmmumtsI
Ha flghtt under tho ponltlTO orders of tho
I "aldent and Secretary of War."
Tho I'rcsent movement Is not In "direct on.
position " to uen. 31 carte's counsel) nor hat he
positive orders from any living person to flghl
unlets he thinks It advisable.
Prisoners captured from Lee's army report
that Jell". Davis was prevented by a storm from
reviewing that armyontheoccailou of bis visit
M It last week. Wo are sorry for that,
Jtfl.'i speeches to his troops teem to bo pre
cursors of their defctt. Ho reviewed Bragg's
rorcis and talked to theiu, and afterwards at
Mobile he addruatd thu old men, Momcn, and
children thcic, informing them that Bragg was
soon to drive tho Yankees out of Tennessee
and tarry tho war up to thu lino of the Ohio
The Statue on the Capitol Dome.
It will bo seen by a notice In another column
of Mr. Uulfcr, tho Architect of tho Capitol,
that the crowning set lion of tho "Btatuo of
Freedom," will bo nlscd to lis place on the
dome ou Wednesday at U o'clock, tn. If tho
weath'r should bo pleasant, a great crowd will
nMmblot witness tho ascinslon and opera
gl ittsea nod Held glasses will be In demand.
Hclow wc give our riatkrs a literal copy of a
letttr from n rebel wlio run tho blockado In the
Uobut K. Leo list inuulh. This Interesting
iplstto w is lultrici ud on board tho captured
blockade runuer, Fill m 1 Annie
lUuiAX, N.8 Oct. 33, 1641.
Vv Dear Fi tend John t oil will be surnrlxprl
romewhat, I Imagine, at getting a letter from
tne In these foreign parts, but the war turns up
wonders sometime. I would have been very
glad to have seen ou on it moro before in)
departure, but was hurried off a month before
I expected to leavij which, by dam, scarce!
gtvo mellmu to jack m) trunk. Yon know
bow exceedingly smart nome of our Sct'ys,
Hous , Ex , Ac., Ac., arc sometimes think a
poor dtvll iau step over the waters and bo back
In tt week's lime; that's the way vvudo business
in Hkhmond. 1 am on mv way to Paris a
bearer of dispatches, und I s'uppose If (W
havutho contederaev acknowledged bv return
mail, old boss Jell, will think I have not done
the buslncsa rhjeht. However, if Zeuls mud my
self can't cocue to terms, I thall order the dis
missal oi nis representatives out, and we'll quit
speaking. Aufor l'ct-o-ry, she has turned
tho cold shoulder on Mason, and I'll settle her
uuwu as soon as 1 gci 10 Lionaon.
Well, John. I would bo delighted now If
had )ou along with me. J shall be absent for
ten months or more, having much business to
look alter auring my aosencej and, of course.
win feel lonely oillme. I with you a great
deal of good luck, my dear friend, and I shall
be delighted to hear from you whenever vou
can find time to write to me.
I havo Just met here with James A. Gray, of
Augusta, woo ii returning 10 mo vonienerac),
aod I thought I would embrace the opportunity
and droo vou a few lines. I shall ba here ten
days or more, awaiting to take passage In the
Araoia ior Liverpool, wuitn sans rromisotton.
Well, old fellow, I certainly had a time of It
"running tho blockade," w as flrod at nine times,
luuuii'g mree 01 our mi pa crewj mo uaus
""" ;""."" "'" "KK "a .".
nrranu ratcaia evtn nreu musKiiry at US.
up m, ... it.. , ,,,.. -ii .V. ...m
loo late. We made a narrow escape but the
Robert E. hee. like her namesake, never sur
renders! I thall never forget our dangers
one of their big shells past directly through the
forward part of our ship bursting on deck the
fragments Hew in all directions. With I had
time to give vou history of our trip to this
place. I find Halifax a hot Southern town
they hate the Yank as bad us w edo. It Is quite
a tlouriahing city and very handsome real
Euiillsh. Excuse haste, and write to me, care
oi i-razer, irenuoim uo . Liverpool. Kind-
I est regard to your lady,
Your old friend, II, D. Norhell.
I Mr. Jehn U. Anslc), Ordnance Department
I Atlanta, Ga.
The above precious erluslon will enable our
friends abroad to form a correct estimate of
the intelligence, refinement, and high toned
chivalry of tho gentlemen for whom they have
? !- r.,'" ?
lofnar. Wo doubt not that this elegant, polite
,nj ,,ti.mauuorul ambassadors, who is so
I '. '- .. W
for "oil llol Jill ," but no dodoubt If holia.
"inle to tirmsltllh Itinli," or "cltleddowu
rul lo nj." it would be an lutirlalnlmrsuci..
tnw. -a Interview between this
pretty Norrcll andn muscular Kngllshmauwbo
had read his vulgar and lusoleut allusion to
thu Queeu '
HU crack blockadu rmiuur Ai surrendered
aud he will find the "grand rascals" havo
stuppedthc blockade running altogether before
hla ten months' v kit to Europe has expired.
HhIiMx may bo n " hoi bunthtm town" aud
"rual rnglieli," but w never before heard or
read that it U vtry handoiue. Wo presume
llmt the reason of its beautiful seeming to
re bit Norn 11 wus its hatred of "the Yank,"
I'. 3. a Mr. John l Auslcy, Ordnance
Iteparlintut, Atlanta, d i , U not a subscriber lo
the lUieiiUCAN, wo ihluk ho will hardly be
gratified w 1th a l crusul ol his unliable friend's
Am uiiLeT'a Oil lee, h. 8. CaI'itol,
VAbmaTov, 1). C, Nov. JO, 1MJ.
The crowning section of thu "Statue of
rretdon," will be laied on tho domo of tho
Lo Itol on Wednsd),t!iel!d day of December
at li o'clock M.
I. f. W.UEi:,AuhlUet.
lurieuL J
Ut-rtRiMLir u SrATt.i
WAaiiiHOTOK, o ember in, tea .
luroruiailon has been rccdwd at this Do-
pa.l.ucut fioiu Mr. Thomas Savage, iho Vke
n , , BirH,llt ,, , ., , fi( , (l
' l'vntral ut ll,d LDlttd 8ui "'
i una i.l ilin I rnimili m u i. r t n tpAnl..i.it.ta
vflin ol the ) rouiiili at
r f a rrnrlnitifillnn
I whlih il,
! itowlif I a imn lull m
it ii Lulu de niBi y Ccweto, a Mhju,
General of the Royal Armlet, Governor, Cap
tain General of the Spanish portion of the
Island of St. Domlofo, and General In chief of
the Army thereof, Ac., Ac. 1 f I !
Somsdonbtt hAvlng occurred la regard lo
the fulfilment and m canine of the proclamation
of my predecessor, under the date of the fifth
of October latt past, and In order .14 ftTutd
all Irresolution and uncertainty, making use of
ine powers invcatea in me as captain General
and In Chief of this Army, I ordain and com
inand t
Art. 1st. -The blockade of the coasts of tho
Spanish part of the Island of St. Domingo em
braces only the ports, roads, and bights not
occupied by the troops of the army, and there
fore aro free, those of St. Domingo, Sam ana,
and Torto Data, as w ell as tho others that tho
army and the legitimate Spanish authorities
will go on occupying. In consequence hereof
Spanish Consult may issue the projcr docu
ments to vessels that maybe bound to such
ports with lawful cargoes.
Art. 2d. This proclamation will be published
and circulated tn duo form for Itt punctual and
exact fulfilment.
Santo Domiugo, Not. 7, 1803.
He is All Right.
Longstreet Gut Off in
His Retreat Towards
I By Independent Line
Cincinnati, Nov. JO. Thu following private
disp-itch has becu received hcrei
CvMSLaLAKri GAr, lenu,Nov,99.
To li. f. HrowtUow, tincinnntl
It. A, Crawford, from Greenville, Tctincssu.
arrived last night.
Ho left Knoivilloou Wcdncsda) iilglil. lit
niKrts iGcn. Burustdc cheerful. The lower
portion or tho town has been burned, including
tho East Tennessee and Georgia railroad depot,
.Mike and Hill Hrauney's roaideneo, and Widow
Collin's houics. He returns to dav.
J. it. Dkovvnluw.
It's supioted these houses wire occupied by
tho rclcl sharpshooters and destroyed by our
shells. Longrtreet received orders to retreat
on :&ih and It's reported he has fallen back.
Ho will be loo lato to mako a Junction with
Bragg without fighting for It.
rarson Urownlow, with a number of i romi-
nenl East Tcnneesccans, arrived In our ell) on
Saturday evening.
They all left at thu request of thu military
authorities there.
Particulars of the Escape
of John Morgan and
His Co-Bebels.
Connivance of Secession Sym
rmunEUIIIi, .Nov.oO. A ei.ci.ial di.oat.h
10 uie jikhiwj vuutlui, dated Uniiunall, Nov.
30, aajs:
The officers who caused Iruiu thu I'tulttu-
tlary at Columbus, with Morgan, were CanU.
Benuett, Taj lor, Sholdou, Haines, HatLtr,
Suiilh, andMapie.
John II. Morgan, ou miring, ihan.'td with
bis brother Dick from thu top .ell to the luirer
of the tier floor, which Is 3i Inches Ihlcb, lu
which a hole was cut running to tho main wall
axonnd the penitentiary.
The wall was c,nt under and the party
escaped into tho open country. The night was
darkauda heavy rain falling. Not the slightest
clue n been dlsn crcd of their whenubouts,
or the route they have taken.
The Governor has telegraphed to all the mili
tary committees of the State to arouse their
civil counties, aud Col. Farrott, Provost Mar
abal General of the State, bat notified every
provost marshal within hit jurisdiction to rcour
their several districts thoroughly.
The most plausible touory mentioned Is, that
they escaped in time to take tho Cincinnati
train via DayloD.whlcti started from Columbus
at 'i a. m. on Friday night.
That their csjape was connived at by the
syinpatbysers, there it little doubt. The man
ner of escape nat lugcBlous, but afier all sim
ple enough, based upon tho almost certain
theory that luoy wero correctly Informed as to
the ground they had to ork through. They,
by palleut labor for nearly four weeks, and by
means of small pocket knives, dug through the
floors uf their culls, which uero composed uf
anoutone root ur stone and brick, douu lulu
a four loot .ewer.
To necks ago one of tho escaped prisoner,
asked luuguard for few boards to to i it the
bottom or the cells, giving as anexcu.e thai
tho damp stono v, as Injuring their health, llut
the teal use ol thu boarda was to cover up tlto
holes they m ere cutting. Un tho night of their
flnal eacape, on returning to their several cells
Dick Morgan managed to change ullh his
brother Joliu from the loner to the nrper tier.
Alter gcttlDB' into Ibescmr they crawled to
tho heay grating aud masonry at Its moulh,
and found they could not cscapo by that; thej,
however, niado a hole upward to a hcaty pllo
of coal, which rolled on them to such an extent
that they were compelled to go further baik
into the yard.
They then excavated the soft earth dear un-
der the main wall, and so torrettly was thai
Ulstanco bUculatcd that they camo out luto the
open road, ono foot from tho loundatlon.
Ono of Ihu party, Capt. Iliuet, was by trade
a brlekmason, and It seems bo had iho man
agement of tho whole aflalr. A note algned by
that worthy, written In a lino commercial baud,
was left behind, as follow st
lo Captain Vario I, Harden vj tht Ftlltcntlary
Castl Mikio, cix No. SU, Nov. u;ib,
19U8. Nov. Ith, 180.1, commentemonti Not.
SJlu conclusion. No. of hours per day's labor
three. Tools, two small knlies. La pilicncu
eat amcre malson fruit est doux. " Patience I.
bitter, but lis fruit Is sweet. 11 y order of my
six honorable confederals.
T. Heint Minis, U.S. A.
Public opinion Is divided as to where Ihu
blamo rests. It Is propel to stale, however,
from General
that for the last two week, several of Iho most
prominent Copperheads In the State hat e been
putting up at the principal hotels laying their
head, together without any visible reason
Task Care, BoARDEKSAtiDUoARDnto notes
Xitrt!-On Saturday evening, two young man,
each about t7 v esrs of age, named William Woods
and James Rochr, went to the boardlgg house of
Mrs lucretU Htggioa,oo Ninth street, aod lodged
for th algM. Daring the night they eosamltted
tome petty thefts but upon betas found out were
excused, in tne mora tog. Daniel Loiestock,
boarder, missed his overcoat and some kid glov es,
add the trunk or cuts, crouss was discovered to
have been broken open. The joung strangers
were then arrested by Offlcrrs Robert Johnson aad
R. M. Moore, of the Sixth precinct, ami committed
to Jail or court by Justice Thompson. Ihey are
both from Baltimore1. Wood waseontlned during
tne space or roar years la tne luuimore House oi
Refute. He laid, If he saw a door open and a tine
overcoat or hat htnglogln the hall, heeouldnt
resist the temptation of eatering aad stealing
PmopEiar Biitvjrp.. John IT. Dktz, a tavern
keeper on sixth near L street, wboie grog shop
was closed udder the late order of the Protost Mar-
ehaUwas arrested last eveolrg byRoundimaa Ver
non and Oncer TulMn, upon the charges of selling
Uquor to soldiers and keeping oieu on Sunday,
He was lined by Justice Do swell $30 for tho first
offence , and (30 M for the second. H had been
ordered by tha military authorities to quit the etty
hat ha still rmlnil and lrnt AM. tli .
trance of hla bar-room. It was a regular resort
for aoldlers and teamsters.
Uorbcs Stolist. Thli morning tome thieves
broke Into the stable of Mr. T. W. Williams on
Eighth, atmt,1 and carries off two horses. One
Roane Colt five years old with a short mane, a (a at
trotter, the property of Mr. W ID Ism a. Also, a bar
horse sixteen hands high, with white hind feet
and thin tall, owned by Mr. Stanton on Seventh
street. A liberal reward will be paid lor their re
covery. AMotmror Kisxs Recsitid. The amount
of fines received by Justice Ferguson, at the Guard
house, from parties found guilty of telling liquor
to aoldlers, appears from his ofllelal report to have
been, ror,tbe five months Just past, the Urge turn
of tJ.040. Besides the amount taken by this ono
officer, there has been a large amount taken in by
the other Justices of this city,
Miv' IUplt Beaten. Last night, Ofllcer
Benson, of the Second precinct, found an old man
In a badly beaten condition I) tng In the road near
the Seventh stret toll-ajate. The officer picked
him up and convened him to ore orthe camps In
that vicinity, where his wounds were dressed
Themanwaa In such a stata of Intoxication that
he was unable to give his name,
! ..
OtiNNiMi ov nil BABRATn. Anthony Gray
wna arrested jestcrday br Ofllcer Morgan, of the
ecoml precinct, upon the charge of hunting on
nnilay. The offence was committed in the coun
ty and Is a v In 11 1 on of IhclawB orthe Levy Court.
He wat Unrd (5 by Justice Thompson and the pin
Murrav, nobt, niftckam,noht.Doude,John Lead,
Henj. Mutton, Win. Jeoklnaand Kdward Diners,
were yesterday seat to this elty from rolnt Look
out -ind were sent to tha old Capitol by Captain
Todd. They are charged with running contraband
articles Into Mrglnla,
Stealing Government Propirtt. Edward
Scaolan was caught In the act of stealing thlrtj-two
bags, belonging to the Government, from the sU.
Meson Seventeenth street. He was arrested by
ne iwiirr, MRU upon nis own eonieasien, ws com
mitted to Jail for court, by Justice Thompson.
Catillfl was arrested at the Nineteenth street w
on park, where he was caught Jn the act of iteallne
Government forage. He was taken before the
provost marshal, who committed him to the Gusrd-
nouie ior punishment.
Scpresib Cocrt Chief Juttkt Cartter. The
14 sickles' Cut-off" still occupies the attention of
this court. On Saturday, Mr. Reeder, from BAltl-
mpm. a aisiinguisneu macninisr, was a witness in
ine ease.
Rebel Deserter. Thomas Veal, a rebel de
serter, who has vlolaed his oath of allegiance,
was yesterday tent to Provost Marshal Todd from
Alexandria. Capt. T. committed him U the Old
Rorbbrt in the First Ward. Latt night
the store of Jno. Knoff, at the corner of Eighteenth
and K street, was entered and robbed of various
articles. No clue hat yt been found t the burg
Sehiocs Charge. Elisabeth Mcuhllg. Win.
II, Davlss, Mrs and Miss Dtxon were before Jus
tice Rowland on Thursday, on the charge of as
saulting, with intent to kill, the wife of the Rev.
Mr. Macbett, of the Hi st ward. The parties were
held to answer a further hearing this afternoon, at
twq o'clock
In this oil), on the 24th instant, by the He.. W.
M. D, Ryan, Mr. Arthur de Psluham u'Uvorts
to SoriiiE Fav arolh nc HAvaonr, both of ranee
Chicago and New ork city papers please conv 1
On the 93 1 Inst , nt M. Domlnlo't Church, by tli e
Rev. lather Uokee, M 11 (.omhah to Johanna
riTXOEittio, bolhofthlselt).
tjT Ladles' Fair la Aid of tha (Sanitary
COMMISSION At a meeting of Mdies, held at
tlie residence ol Mrs. Lieutenant Brookricld, No.
all Pennsylvania avenue, on the .1th or Nov ember,
the follonlnir ladles were rhosen a committee to
organise sod conduct a i air In aid ol the Sanitary
1st ard Mrs. C mmii'lone r Dole,S?3 rrmoiit
avenue, ami Mrs Ldwln tlaik, No i75 crmout
31 Waul Mrs J. V, "tugus, 417 1 street
4th Ward Mrs Lieutenant firookllelil, 371 Penn
sylvania avenue, and Mrs N Hater 487 Sixth st.
6th Ward Mis. W. L. Nicholson, 284 Fouth Dst.
th aid Mrs. Captainsteele, 1 street, between
Ninth an 1 Tenth streets
Tin Ward-Mis 1. H. Uannej, J Thliteenth
street, Island
It is earnestly requested that the ladies of this
elty and District, who feel an interest n this great
wotk, will call upon such members of the General
Committee as may reside la their rcspectiv e wards.
t intake arrangements for nasi tiog In this benevo
lent enterprise, luaid olthe brave defenders or
American Liberty.
1 he Committee desire it to be understood that
ibis Is an Invitation to all, and express the hope
that none will wait to be called upon for donations
of money or goods, but come forwtrd nt once with
such o Hurl hk a as they may ba pleased logtve for
the advancement of this noble cauie
CWtKIF I. h.NMLL. SccretArv
uou dtf JT1 PennBIvnnia avenue.
S3 -1' u Ion Uigut Hereafter the meetings
nl the Lengue will be held In their hall every
Wl 11 VL an. v t. l miui nun i.l. a .'
.. .s wit, . m, . ma . ami. I'l.liugui.ucu iiibaki
era Hill lie prescut thruughuut the winter.
ITlStoiaae lu Plrc.Pruof Ilrirk la-
- i
nniiao, i oioi i- aireet. Apply to Mir u s to-
N", Pennsylvania avenue, to doors from Four
teenth street, 01.VWI
B3"Omis of the luilciieiiilcut I tlrir.nii
Cnmpnny, Acti Ninth stteei, (one door from re.in
aylvanlanvenue. jyio-u a. u. iAt-eurr, oiauagtr.
Aa Public School There art a fi --
ennt seats In the Male and r emaleCirammar Hihooli
First Dlstrlot, (First and Second wards of the city )
Tickets of admlaalon can bo obtained by nn early
application to cither of the umleralKtinl
in New iork av , bet Wlh nnl 13th ats.
,n a A K. 1. MOHStLL,
IS D street, opposite City Hall
se;j-ti aub-Bord Trustees First Dlitrlot.
0llwea of Hi Ncrvoua, Scmlual,
Urinarr ail I FhixuhI s.atama-.iIiw att.i F.ii.i.iu
tiestnient lit Hejwrtsof the II jward Association.
criit by mail lu sealed letter enveloi.ea, iree of
charne . ddress Ur. J. SKILLIN HuLGIilON.
S.w.7.ri1. A',oclon. No. i outh Ninth street
fhlladelplita, Pa noJ-d.w3m
C, November 31, !93
iho time lor the i1tMi.HiirM nt lti tti.t m
Northern and I- HBTtrn tll.rnnhii mall hivlnn hnnn
changed Irom 6 so to five o'clock, to take ellect on
theSJd lnst.lt is necessary, In order to sec ire
connection at New lork, that all mail matterln-
itntimmr jiotnta l)ond that city should be de
poailedtntMsomoeby 3 30p m
Matter received alter that hour will tedlspntclinl
IV tha S n m train, which iloea nut cnin. t m.i.
the F astern trains In New Voik,nud miut lleove
there one mail. 3 J IIUWLN.
noJMtd lottmsater
i CoromuAloated
s''pMlmanairyCemswswptlafi a Csirah'
A cAao,
The undersigned having been restored to health
In a few weeks, by a very simple remed), after
having t alTe red several years with a severe lung
affection, and that dread disease, Consumption it
anxious to make known to his fellow-sufferers the
means of cum.
To all who dealte U, fie will send a copy of the
prescription uaed, (free of charge,) with tbedlree-.
tions for preparing and using the same, which they
wui Had a fart curt for Cok Simmon, Asthma,
BaotfCHiTis, Covohs, Co Lbs, kc. The only object
ofthe advertiser In tending the Prescription Is to
benefit the afflicted, and spread in forms tlon which
he conceives to be Invaluable and be hopes every
suOerer will try his remedy, at it will cost them
nothing, and may prove a blessing.
Parties wishing the presoilptlon will please ad
dress Ret. KDWARD A. WILSON,
se26-dkwlio WillUmaburgh, Kings Uo ,H V,
83- S.-T-100X. J
with great success tn France Pr the cute of a rim
pies on Ihe fate, ErupMon or the skin, lie and It
lsconteodsd bymanofthe rhyticlans ol Paris
that ls liberal uie Is lavarlablv attended with
clearness of complexion, and a peculiar bill,
llanoyorihepuplia of the eyes, whleh renders It
much touftbt for by Ihe beauties of" la betta Vianet'
Uhen the present tmprets went first to Paris,
after her marriage, It was rumored that the ex
treme purity of her complexion was produced by
it, aod as a consequence Its sale became to great,
and, In fact, has eon tin ted lo be, that Its price rose
over three hundred per cent , and In many cases Its
own weight In silver was paid for It. It forms an
Important Ingredient In the " Plantation Bitters "
msnufaetured by Dr. Drake, tnd has proved to
possess, In addition to the above well attested ire-
perty, remarkable virtues for delicate females,
strengthening the appetite, reducing undue palpi
tation, und subduing all kinds ol nervous affec
tions. Persons of sedentary haffta troubled with weak-
nets, lassitude, palpitation of the heart, tack of
appetite, distress alter eating, torpid liver, consti
pation, a.c , descrvo lo suffer If they will not try
the celebrated
which are now recommended by tho highest mcdl-
cl authorities, aod warranted to produce an fTt-
mtitatt beneficial e fleet. Thay are exceedingly
agreeable, perfectly pure, and must sujcrccdc all
other tonics where a healthy, gentle stimulant is
The) puilfy, strengthen aud Invigorate.
Ihty create a healthy appetite.
The are an antidote tochangcor wtler anddtel.
They overcome effects of dissipation and lata
The) strengthen Ihe sj item and cnllv en the mln I
They prevent miasmatic andlntermlttentfevcrs
Theypurlfy the breath and acidity ol the stouiarh.
They cure Dyspepsia and Constipation.
They cure Dlarrhea,Cholera and Cholera Moi bui.
They cure Liver Complaint and Nervous Head.
They make tho weak strong, Ihe languid I ill.
llaot, and are exhausted nature's great rrstorer.
They are composed of the celebrated Calisay bat k ,
wlotcrgrcen, sassafras, roots and herbs, all i re
served in perfectly pure St. Croix rum. For par.
tlculart sec circulars and testimonials apund each
Bewaie ol imposlera. ) xataine every lottl).
"cc that It has D S. Btrnes' sljnalurs on our pn.
vale U. S. Stamp over the cork, with plantation
scene, and our tirm signature on a fine steel plate
engraving on side label. Sea Ihat our bottle U not
refilled with spurious and deleterious stuff.
defy any person to match the taste or character of
our goods. Any perion pretending to sell Plant.
tlon Bitters by the gallon or in bulk, Is au lmpos
ter. We sell only to our log cabin bottle. Any
person Imitating this bottle, or selling an) other
material therein, whether called Plantation Bitten
or not, is acilmlnal under the U.S. Law, and will
be so prosecuted by us We already hav e our ej e
on two parties re-rilling our bottles, fcc , who will
succeed in getting themselves Into close quarters.
The demaud for Drake's Plantation Bitters Irem
ladles, clergymen, merchants, 4c , is perfectly in.
credible. The simple trial or a bottle Is the evi
dence we present or their worth and superiority.
They are sold by all respectable druggists, grocers,
physicians, hotels, saloons, steamboats, and coun
try stores p. II. DRAKE k. CO ,
OC9 S3Broadwa),N. .
t-.-T.-HOOXDrks'. Plantation
They purify, strengthen and Invigorate.
They create a healthy appetite.
They are aa antidote to ehaug of water and diet
Thev ovcrconia errata nt .i..i...inn ....,...
hours" -..-.,,. nu ,.,,
They strengthen the sjstem and enliven the
jney prevent miasmatic aod Intermittent fev ets.
Thev UUrlfV thahr.th.nilui,lii..rti.. ...
-. r .. w ... w. sue IIUU
Ihey cure D) ejicpsla and Constipation.
They cure Diarrhea, Choleraaod Cholera Morbus
Thev cure Liver Cumisltiint imi )....... u....
They aro the best Bitters In the world. They make
the weak man atronr. ami n avhiii..i nl.....i.
great restorer. They aro composed ol the celc
hrated Ca laaya Bark, Cascarilla Bark, Dandelwn,
eJiamomlle Flowers, Lavender Flowers, Winter
green, Anlae, ClovcMtuds, Orange Pert. Enake-
" mi, wiiauucr, uuruocjt, a l, 1880
Hie following ll m. smmnlfl nt tha U,lln,n.. .i.n
rccelv cdi " "-"" ul,, '
soldiers' Home SurjcaiNTENOLNT's Orric L,
Cincinnati, O., Jan. ia,ie3. (
I have eltiAn vmir Finn tut tnn lnita.r. v...i. . ..
or our noble Soldiers who stop here, more or less
.....v.u s.vu. ..iiuu.iau.i., nu i tne euect is most
man elous and gratifying.
Suchanrenaratlonas this ! t hatartiiir (.. ..
:i!iWi.ia ,,er" Wt,"! .t hand on
".. "--.... ... r, u, AltDaEWS.
Jijw-iy Sup.rUtenil.at.
Important to Fnailii.Dr.Lhu...
nuin't ruti.7rii combination ol Ingredlrirta m
these pills ar. th. result of a loaKand extensile
preitlca. Thry ar. mlM In their oucrition. an l
ceitiln In correcting all Irreiulirlllei, painful
..( untiuii, reuiuvin. an ousiluollons, wliether
frooi cold or otherwise, headache, pain in th. side,
palpitation of the heart, whiles, all nenous alleo
llom, hysterics, ntlcur, pain In the back ami
limbs, he , disturbed sleep, which arise horn Inter
ruption f nature.
Dll itllLLStM 'S PILLS
was the commencement ol a new era lu Ihe Ileal,
meat of those irregularities and obslluctlons
which have consigned so many to a laLstAiirjiL
onAiL No Icmalc un enioygood health uule.s
she Is regular, and wheneier an obstruction tikes
placo the general health begin, lo deklloe.
are tlio must rllectuil remedy eier knowu rir all
cuaiplnUits iwoullar to remalti. lo all classes they
aio luialuitfle, tnduting, vtith ttrtalnly, irioditut
KaularU). They are known to thousand., nho
hive used them at different pcrl.ds, throughout
the country, having the sanction of some of Ihe
moat eminent Fhyttclant tn AmtrUa,
IsflUU affrnffans, sfallnj whin Ihe) ihimU nol It
U4,d, with rich Boa the Prfie On. Dollar ter Hot
containing from ftO to eo nils.
Pills jeal ej, matt, promptly, by r.niltllug to ths
rroiirletors Sold by Drusglst. genenlly.
. ,,, 0irleton,8ICedirit,Newlrok.
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004' " CLO. H. MOLSLH

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