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jntioimi f cpufcto,
II AT Kit UP ADVnnviiivn
tub daily batiobAx; tutpvatJoAJ.
I" pnbUihod trtrj ttUrebm (Bi4jt xeqtl)
.W. J. M ratio A Co.; n4 If jusltlied
lo our inbicribtTa (by ut)n) t tO cU per
month. , ' ,
Mall mbacrloora, $5.00 Jt Anton M.50
forili rooolbl, tniJIl.MfhrlbrM month., In
T.rl.bl In dr4cj.t f ,
Blngl. copjfft .tn-
Ona lanara. thrA dav M
x One iimre, (but day.. . 1J25
vuu Biuaiu, ufouajit ... himihii 1.S0
Ono tquare, six day. 15
Kverv niher da AitvnrttuHnftrtt an .
addition al.
Onco week adreriUeciesU chargod a new
for each luertlon.
vol. rv.
NO. 118.
Blr linos or leu constllata a square.
Advertisement should bo handod In by 13
o'clock, m.
1 Hcjmblkdtt,
WAtHlnvTott Detot. Daesmbar 8, 1861,
jftlM proposals are InvHaU by thejindmbrnJ
for supplylof tha Unlt1 states (Jimtarinaslcr'a
Pc pftrtmcQt.ftt Wasbtnslon, D, C, Baltimore. Md
AlexsJiana, aod fon MAdror. va., or etthsr of
thft plaott, with Hay, Cora, Oat, and Straw
Eida will he recelvwfor the dsUvtrr' 8,000
1 ushala of eorn or oati and Mtons of hay or it raw,
aod upwards.
mridcrs must stale at which otthabnvf.amcd
point they propnsr to malt deliveries, and the
tata at which they will make. deUvsrlts thertat,
the quantity of each article proposed to rflHv
erfd, th tlae wbtntaU dellva-rles: shall be eons
uenooil, and when to ba ooinplatad.
Tne prist nustb written out la words on the
blda. . ,
Com to be put up In rood stout sasks, of about
two bushala oaah. Oala In Ilk saeks, or about
thtr buitaela cash. Tb aaeka to be. furnished
without extra ebarre to tha Govrrasntat. The
hav and atraw to b aaeuralT babM.
The pai-titulsr kind or deaorlptloa of. oats, corn,
hay, or etraw, propoaed to be delivered must b
stated In tha proposal.
AU tha artistes offered under the blda brln to
vlted, will bo subject to a. rigid Inspection by the
Government loapector before belaf noaeptetl.
Contracts will be awarded from time to time to
the lowest responsible fcidder, as lb Interest ol
the Government may require, and payment will be
made when the whole amount contracted for shall
hare been dellrered and accepted.
The bidder will be required to aeeompany Ma
proposal with a ruaranty aimed by two ffevoql
tie persons, that In eaee hi bid la aeeepted he or
they will, within ten daya thereafter, execute the
contract for the came, with rood and somctent
uretlea In a inn equal to tha amount of the eon
tract, to deliver the (orate propoaed In conformity
with the terms of thla advertisement! and In eaa
the eald bidder shell fall to enter Into the eon tract,
tbey to make rood the difference between the offer
of eald bidder and the next lowest responsible bid
der, or the persona fo, whom the contract may be
awarded. .
The responsibility of the guarantor muat be
hown by the official certificate of n United State
District Attorney, Collector of Cuatom, or any
other officer under tha United State Gorernmenf,
or responsible person known to tbl offioe.
All bidder will be duly notified of the acceptance
or rejection of their pfoposals.
The full name and P. O address of each bidder
muat be lerlbly written la the proposal.
Proposals mutt be addressed to BnajatUtr General
D. H.Huefcrr, Chief Depot Quartermaster, Wash
ington, D. C , and should be plainly marked " Pro
posals for FDrare,"
Bonds, in a sum equal to tha amouut of the coo
tract, alajned-by the eontractor and both of his
guarantors, will be required 0 the successful bid
der or bidders upon signing the contract.
ElKnk forms oiblds.ruarantee. and bomis, may
be obtained upon application at tbi office
(Town, Count) and State)-
and deliver to the United States, at the Quarter
master' Department at , arreeably to
the terms or your adTertlsement, lnTltina; propo
sals tor rorafej dated Weahlnrton Uepoi, De
cember S, IMS, the following article. Tin
bushel of Corn, lo sacks, at per bushel
. of M pounds.
- buihef of Oets. In sacks, at par bushel
ton of baled Hay, at - per ton of 2,000
tons of baled Straw, at per ton of 3,000
Dellverr to eoutmenee on or before tha
day of, IW and to be completed on or !
fore the day of- .-,18' . and pledge myself
to enter Into a written contrast with the United
naies, witn rood ana approved securities, wur in
the spuoe of ten days after being notified that my
om (mi oorn eveptro.
Your obedient servant, " -
firtgadlcr General D. H.Itucirx,
Chief Depot Quartermaster.
Washington, D. U
V, the undei signed, residents of
thaCniintTofi -.and State of
'hereby, jolotlynnd severally, covenant with the
Uuited States, and guarantee in ease the forcgotnx
Md of bo accepted, that be or they will
within ten dy after tha acceptance of tha eald
bid, execute) the contract for the same with good
Bin uuivicut iviiHiit tm,m 4wa v u
amount of the contract, to furnish the forage pro
poicd tn conformity to the tenns of adrertltement
tlated December ft, lBa, under which thebld was
made, and, in case thccaU shall fall to
enter into it contract aa a foresaid, we guarantee to
make good tha difference between the offer by the
uid nd tne neat lowest responsible biacer.
or tha person to whom the contract may be
. , , . I
l Given under pur hands and seal
1 this i day of , 164 .
I hereby certify that, to tho best of my knowl-
ulra Ami lftliir. tli aVbnr.nAnid nii.rjitra .vra
jood and sufOclent a auretlea for the aniounffor
which thev offer to bb aecurltr.
To be certified by the United Mate District At
torney, Collector of Customavor any other otBeer
under the United State Covemment, or responsi
ble person known to tbi office.
deS-U Brie Cn ad Quartermaster.
TAnTMLNT, WAsmwoToit. April t, ISSt
sealed proposals will bo received at this Depart
ment untlU o'clock p.m. on WLDNESDAV, tbe
4th day of May, xb&i, for tho dollviry of all the
Wrought Iron Hates and Bar a hereinafter
sped tied, necessary to build tho following car
rinses For iMnch Guns,
no Barbette Front Pintle,
ao Barbette Centre Pintle,
tor 10-loch cuds.
too Lass mate Carriages,
soo Front Pintle Barbette.
ForMneh tuns.
70 Front Pintle Barbette.
The part required lor Wroufbt Iron Burbett
and Casemate Carrlasea a a follows t
ron Tor cAmiAor.
Check-Plates, Braces, Caps. Shoes, Transoms,
Guide Hook, flulde Hook Bar, Trunnion Beds,
Axle Shape, Bolts,
tuassts, rnoMT aw n ctrtbc riMTLc.
Halls, lUU-PUtes, Fall Chords, Hall Braces,
Transoms, Anile Iron Floor cleats, Pintle Tran
soms, Transom waahera, Axle Shapcs.Fork Shapes,
Kutters, Chassis, Step, Assembling Bolt
Tart namd before and rail top bars.
The number and dimension of the Iron p'atts
and bar for each carriage to be a ipeeltted In tbe
bills of IronlAQidnance memoranda No , copies
of which can be obtained upon application at
Watertowu, Frankford, or Alleghany Arsenals .the
New i ork agency. or at thl orace Printed sched
ules, containing the number of plates and bar re
quired, can be obtained at the above-named places
On these bidders wijl state the prlco at which tbey
troposeto manufacture each part, In the manner
therein prescrlld.
The Iron to be used In the manufacture of the
plates and bars to be aa follows:
Check-Plate and lUlUPlatasof wedluiu quality
of Iron, Hire in direction of length, tenacity not
less than 43,000 lbs. per square Inch
Transom slltobeof bcstqualltycbarcoal flange
Iron, fibre In direction of length, tenacity not less
than 48,000 lbs. per square Inch.
1 runnlon Beds tn be of best quality of vbaiooel
Iron, tenacity not less than fit.oooiCs. per square
checks, Braces, Ilarters, and Counter-Hut ters,
nil to be of good medium Iron, tenacity not less
than 4S.OU0 lbs. per square Inch.
Ralls, IUI1 Chords, Chassis Braces, Caps and
Shoes, and Agle Iron, to be of good quality of
wcll-reUned flbrous Iron) tenacity not less than
60 ooo lbs per square Inch.
Axles for 8-lnch aod 10-lneh Carriages, and all
Traversu Wheel Journals, to be of lest charcoal
tlbrous lront tenacity not less than W,ooo lbs. per
square in oh.
All bolts and nirets to be of best charcoal fibrous
Iron Tenacity not less than, aa.ooo pounds per
square inch.
Axles for lMnch carriages, and all Fork Shapes,
and Tongues for Casemate Carriage, to be of tha
bt-st charcoal Iron. Tenacity not less thanW.ooo
pounds per square loch. .....
Bidders will specify tbo date at which they can
commence deliveries, and tbe rate at which they
can deliver each part thereafter.
No bids will be received except from part.
actually engaged in the manufacture of this or
similar kinds of work, a-d who can bring amnio
evldenee that they have In their own shops aU the
machinery and appliance for turning out tb full
amount of work as specified by them.
Bidders will be required to furnish proper sure
ties for the proper performance of the work, and
will enclose, 1th their bids, the written acknowl
edgments of their sureties oyer their own sign-
Each paity obtaining a contract will be required
to enter Into bond with approved sureties for Its
faithful execution.
Upon the award being made, successful blddtrs
will be notified, and furnished with forms of ooo
lrat and pood.
Ibe department reserve the right to reject any
or .ii mui, 1 1 '!"-.-?, -"ST'SSi
rropoilfwui us uuvbti iv-niNurun
tral Gtonje P Baml.T. Chut ot Ocdauw, w.lh.
IngtontD C," and vrfll bo'.ndori! "Propo..!
uc wreuttiT iron piatr. w u.r. i.r iron sun m
tlUH" GEO. D, H4MUT,
apt-lit BrtinMrr 0Bt.l,ChttfotOta.n.
DuAcatr or f BoVisiexs axd Cr4Ttuira,
Mftrnh en. IML
SEPAHATi: PROPOSALS, sealed cndeodoried
M Pro petal 1 for Small stores," fee., will be received
at thla otflee until Uo'cloak M. on the Sth day of
April next, tor furnishing and delivering (011 re
ceiving ten data' notice) at the United states nar
Jards at thftrlcstown, blasiaohusetts, an 1 Drook
n, Nrwlork, In ucU numMn and quantities and
at such times as nay be s retired by the Chief of
this bureau, or by the commandants of tha ssll
nsir yarui, rciprciiTtf, uurmx 10a rrmnioucr 01
niv ti-sai j car cimiuR mi iiiq win u-jf tuur. iqih,
tho numbers and nuantlllesof the different arti
cles, and at the places specified In the folio win
Hit, Til I
Charleatown. D ooklvo
Salt water Man. lbs ....fio.oou 65.eoo
Thread,black 1 ml white, lb.... 200 1,000
Hlband,hat plecoi 5,000 HOon
Tape, white, pieces 4 boo ,ooo
Tape, black piece 3 000 1,001
Sroolsootton 8 000 13,000
stlk, sewlnjr, lbs
Poekrt handkerchiefs
soo 000
ft.E0O 2L8O0
Needles, sewlnr papers 1,000 H.oon
Thimbles... 3.00U s.000
Jackkolvcs..... 9,1)
iwusors 1,000 s,&C(i
luzors 600 6O0O
Rarer stiopc , I5,ooo 3,000
liavlDg boxes... 1,200 11,800
6halng brushes 9on0 3,000
Shaving soap, cairs 6,003 20,000
Serub brushes ..,. ?0t0 9,000
Dlaektnrbruihe ,wa ,oou
Uhlsk brooms. ion i,oou
r axieeoai mmoni, tioien ouv
r-agle medium buttoat, ilorcn fioo
trie vest buttons, doien t,ooo
D.h buttons, dozen 6000
rinecombs 4,000
Coarse combs 4(mo
ffpooni..,.... t 2,000
Forks 2600
18 000
2 600
Eiecxine. ooxes... flooo
Cnnoneners aw
St earths candle, lbs GOOOO
Offer may bo u le loronror more articles, nt
the option of the bidder, and In case more than one
article 1 contained In tho oiler the Chief of the
Bureau win nave tncriKiit to accent one or tiore
of the articles contained In siuh oiler, aod rijsrt
tha remainder. 17 rtcc$ nurf Vr imfortn, and
offer! mutt tmirticteU of any one or morf arlfdet de
litnbU it tilth tint tont
Tor tnedetcrlotlonof ATtlclciiinthe aUie I at
ttdders ate referred to the nam pie at the said
Navy ards, and to the advertisement of this Bif
rtau dated Auzust 19, iwa, and lor Information at
to the laws and regulations (In ptmpblet form) te
gardlng contract, to the oilier of the several com
lusDuaoia ii niy lain ana .avy Agents.
blank formt of mono-alt tuir te oblaiiu d on anvflca-
Hon to th nary agrnhfit forlimovth.l'ev Hampshire ;
fiotmtbew leri, lHlaipMt IMitmmv, amt at thin
Iwten, Hio-Mw Iw
A V x S.t IM'XjIKH
,Bluei or Phoviiioxi akuClotiiino,
March 19. 1SSI )
Separate proiKtaali, ae-iled and endorsed " 1 ro
posais for Navy Supplies.1' will hr receive 1 at this
Bureau until ll o'clock M on TU YDAl , tbe lth
day of April next, for furnishing nnd dellveilng
(00 rccelrlng ten days' notice) at the I ntted States
Navy Yards at Lbarlestown, Massachusetts
Brooklyn, Acw sork, and rhlladHphia, lcnni)l
vanla, in such quantities only and at such times
a may be required or ordered b the Chief of this
Bureau, or by the Commsiidants of the said Nat
lards, respective)), during tho remainder of lh
fiscal year ending June W. lwl, thequanllUes of
the dllferent artlotra and ni the t laces epeeltle I In
the fallowlnr list, viz 1
Lharleitotc i
IUcc.II 60,0L0
UrletlADilcs, lbs S5,oui
Sugar, lb 222,000
Tea, lb SO011
Uanstgalls 30 000
MoIisbls, galls lCaxi
Mnrgar, g-ilis . 12,000
fmrtvlA atTcr. tutifct Itfl mAtXa ftir encL aitlcla fit
each of tho aforesaid nay j ardst and In Lose moru
thau one article Is contained In the uller the Chli f
of tho Bureau Hill hate the tight to accept ono or
moreoi in ariioics cuainincti in mrii iwrr, ami
reject tho lcmalndcr
For thedeicilpllon of articles In tbe abne list
bidder are tcfetred to the samples at the said
nety yarJs, and to the adreilliemeut of this Bu
reau duted June ll, lbftS, and for information as to
the laws anl rcnulalloDS (la pimpHet form) re
carditis; contrac's, tn tho oltlce of thetererU loin
mandanta of Navy arils and Navy Ar,cntt
IflanJLfvrviiof jropo$ti!S vwy ( ot tainta a,t fippif
cotton lathe vn caentt rt ltirttnouth, .Nw llar.tp-
tir,f tiotton. Aw lor, VhUadtlpiita, Holt imorc, and
thli Bnreau.
riEfUMU vtMuinM iui aiiiiau ivr , t
Waiiiinotov, D C, March 20 iset.
UOPOSALS are invited for ftirnlihln'r U oo 1 lo
tha trams in and around tho forts heieliiafter
specific I, from parties owning wood or wood Ian 's
tn the vicinity of tbe same, vlzt t
rtuniioiine roioraac i ortsaumner .unnsncui,
Bayard, Blmuiom, Gaines, Heao, Kcarn-, Do
Russy, Stevens, nocum, Totten, siemmcr, Bunker
lilll, faratoa, Thayer, and Lln-oln, ami Uttterlrs
Soeade, Kliahall, Pitqtt, nnd Cameron
l.nt of t stern Branch Potomac torls Gftl le.
Carroll, fcoyder, Stanton, Biker, Davis, Dunont,
Meigs, Mahan, and Batteries hlcketta nnl a
nsr. South of Potomac Forts Marc), Kthan Allen,
C. F. SLnlth, Bennett, DeKalb. Corcoran, Hargerly,
Woodbury, AVhlpp'e, Cats, TlUlnshait, Crab;, and
ProiKisals will bo reoiUtdunurr tils ndteitut
mentforwooil anvwherowltbln thol mlts or tho
Department of Washington for supply of Iron)
lo said Department
Proposal Kill be main la tho follouloi; manner,
to wit i
1. For n ood stan Utitf (price t er cord )
i. lor wood felled by tro United states uiglneirs
or athcrtvlso (price i er cord )
n ..1 ...... ir. ... 1....11.- i.i.i ...
torwroa cui man orur ion ine noun i
rruiiuattia uiiiii iiti.ii) miv immiiiii muii, uu ill
tlty, and quality ot the wooJ.ant'l.. d .fanca
irom tne nearest rort, camp, or srniion lor troops
J aeh 1 13der must attach his full name and post-
otHsealdress to his Ud, and than iracs of all par
ties Interested In tho i roposil iniifct appear In the
bid ,
Olds will bo opened fmrn time to time, and con.
tracts or purchases made as the wood ina to re.
mt njui ii ictrit C-.1 u ncv(n nil ir nny pnri Ol
a bid.
No crbal propositions will I e entertalne I, but
every bid, or msdldcstion of the same, must be la
writ Ins.
Proposals shoull to tudoised Trojosals f r
ood," and addressed to
Mils M c-niiNr,
Lieutenant Cotonel and Chief Quartermaster,
m5S-15t Depaitmcntof Wiuhlnn'oii.
AYOirfa OFFICE, APUIL 11, lHfjl
1 ropos
als will berrcelted it Ibe M ioi' Oillcc
until 13 M, on MUMA ISth day or Apill Inst ,
for continuing the aswer In sixth street west, from
1 to L street north ThesUe ol the aewsr is six
feet inside diameter, walls nlno Indies In thick
ness, to be laid in the best cement mortars) the
exoaiatlon ulll be about ten feet deep Ptlders
will statA tie price p?r lineal foot fortbo main
sewtr.MhlcIi shall ImoUo exoaiatloo,and ftlllnti
andmaHlnjtKood all euttrrs, streets, ho ,whlnli
may ham to be disturbed tn executing the work
None but prartlcal meohnnics ncr 1 1 id
3pecinetnneanheie'n tn the ( lly tnejor's
Ofllce W DOUOL,
( uinmlsilorer fourth War i
l H tTrRMrlILL
113 Vsilstaut Commissioners
?u r - . I-
will 1 e pty 1
llaJiful trt-mnrrftur. end Will stir UU the
dry bones of Incompetent anl Incapable nmdals
throughout the land, and maWo a sensation rcn
UUKOWSKl'S DIAlli 1'Ott lit.,
A uewolumo b Count Adam (Juinwikl, cm-
braclns; a Diary of rolltlcil and lMilltary J-vents
and Transactions, lu the Cat luet and In tho field,
for tha j ear oT lifeJ.
tor sharp erlttdsm alternating with til.
eummatlo trenchant, caustlo j ralio nud cabtljra.
Fion, this work must bear awa tho palm Must aM
other e.er printed In this country limo t,lo1fl
bound, price t.2
i anr.KTOlMUllLI Vfai.
VM ATt MILLS U'RIIIIA w.lll..' ica.1v With
IMS BOOK, rich with bongs, services a ad Si eeches,
and Uuulcally Illustratttl febs
Has removed Ms offlco to the Northeast corner nf
K and Fifteenth streets, opposite the cut
entrance of the Treasury Jlulldlnf ,
Washington City, D. C,
Atunds especially to claims upon tU United
tales, llis-lv
WAlitiTaTOw. March , 16.
8KALKD PROPOSALS wUl be rrrelred at this
office until WEDNLSDAY. April 31th at 4 p. lu,
for 100,000 sets of Infantry Accoutrrmenti. calibre
63, to ledtllveted In the following quantities at
undernamed Arienals, vlrt
to.ooo sets at tho New otk rsenal, Governor'
20,000 sets at the Frankfort Arsenal rrilesburg,
10,000 sets at the Alleghany Arsenal, PHtsburr,
so.oco sets at tbc H luls Arsenal St Ioulr,
M) nour I.
These accoutrements nre to be msde In strict
conformity with tho new pattern sets to )o seen
nt the Alleghany. New lurk, Frankfort, St. Louis,
Waterrllst, Watertotrn, and Washington Ars
neU, andtLe ?prlcrfleld Vimory. 1 bey are to bo
suWect toltspceilon at the Arsenal where dellr.
eroil, bc'ore Wng received for the Government
how are to bo accepted or paid for but such as are
approved upon tnipectlou. The belt to bo of
grained leather, an I at) the sloekto bo the best
oak tanned Tho shonb'er belt n 111 be included In
the set
Deliveries must be made In lots of not lets than
onetlfteenth (1 16) per week of the whole number
contracted fori the rlrtt delivery to bo made on
tbe2lstday of May.
Failure to make deliveries at a specified time
wilt subject the eontractor to a forfeiture of tho
number be may fall to deliver at that time.
The accoutrements must bo boxed In the usual
manner) the boxes to be charged nt cost, to be de
termined by the inspector.
Bidders will stato expllcltl the Arsenal or Ar
rnals, where they propose to iMlicr, and the
number of sets theypropoxe to dellter at each
place. If lor more than one.
No bids will be considered from parties other
than regular manufacturers, and such a are
known to this Department to 1 0 ftilly competent
to execute in their own shops the work propoed
for. should any party obtafnlng a contract oiler
accoutrements other than those made In his own
shops, tbey will be rejected, and the contract
rendered null and vol 1
Bidders will enclose with their bid the written
acknowledgments of their sureties over their own
kacb part) rlUlalng a contract will henMlrrd
to enter into bond with approved sureties for Its
lauuiui execution
UaetMSbOBi' fto4 ,u,Dl,h with forms or con-
The Department reserves the right toitjcct anj
m3o-tulhl6t Ertjc Gen , Chlel rf Unlnance
P11U1 JCA1jS UIIjIj Ut liii.Ktul bu ,
nt Iho TrPftaiirv Dnptinnt. OfTle nf fhn
, ., m. m ,- h .... . w
Bnrglu inxr s.tct uJ rult rcoulrit &r Hi
rriarj- ttprirait jirlor In JIij 1, I96J
l'lnion.liiitclccilnnicMi le ohtilnnl lynf
rnc. numcuiocorcr auciiarsta wnnieror, cxw pi
ho fret, ht and the aital trnreltni; extcner or
woikraen to il.o ria wiif re the auitu .re to I e
'"iiloUdcllvcml t lh B.llio.! Ditur
simtitui,rr far trim, mtAMnn in -nn,
rA -,1Attti.. iilHixii, alii wirm
Locks for the " aulti or Sstos will be ftirrJed
U t iT-VV- l w.j tij iMit f o
WiSVSStitffi ll c . 1 ortu .
restMisiMe persons in the sum of s.9,ouothat th"
blldcr will accei t and jcrforin tho contrn-.t it
Raided to hlmj the suiaclenevl the aeourtly to
ThM ll.n.llll.il 111 I . ttm l A .!,. tn F. JJ1 an.
o Vlttcbldslfttbttrunsldcmlliilnlerept to d
so, and no lid will t-e oonsblered that does nor
confirm totlicrtq ilrenenlsoftblsadtntiiemcut
crtn iLrenenlsof this adtntiiemcnt
" liopnsala for sales an 1 aulti
t.2S lutliniyi
bupertliltj. Architect
at the Mayor's olttoe until 13 u. on Thursday,
tie 11th instant, rors'lUiir nnd (traellnt t-lov
enth street east, between sonnsjivanla aenuo
ard Q street south The travel to l e nine laches
ln thecvntie, taierins;ut to four inches toward
nls.fonT ' ' th.u..
uullerswill state ihenUe jcr cubk irl for
cuinnpjor uiuDir inai lvuitn mtuu i nu iii m u-
jjbij ivr "'ui uuvti) um uijiiu uti. in u itrjruoitcii
wherever the tonimisiioner may lurect
ftopsnoi um nProp latiou win w i an unui
the work Is appro wd by tho Uniraltsioarr and
I uth Assistant Commlsiljners
Bidders win atata iheprueper tuwo yaiu lor
rrmUrr -ml rnunre rrd 1 t an elllatr
CiminUilnarr l thft SUth waid
fpu-euJt Assistant Commissioner.
- -r- . yniji -, (ltiprr'V PHTT 11 Ikdl
AYOira oj&Tici:, aphil 11, lboi
111 """" "'
PiTiH.sswllUerccPive.tattho Mnjm s cOto
until Urn onMUDA,lsthdsyof April, lnstnt
fnr Ihft cnntluulLsr o( tlm irurr in Ninth at tret
.,.. r. .1.. ...), .11. r.t Ma.kii.ull. ....
ii v-, iiuui um ''"'V" r;u" " ...---)i.-v'i- """
tho bulldlnj ot a branch lower, which thall brjin
Hie tritlOhlCWtr trill be ClrLUlrU lU khIO, ll
anno laieiiCBilon ni i aircrt uunii r i main cm muklD uis nuai liajiuini nuo luc itld1. uui iihto otru 113 sucucsaiuuy pcrionncu, nor,
turn; uctt and run not nlo; tho ctatr. or L nry nnbrnlttoU an account, nub.tauiUU I bj . ludwrf, I'crformcil at all, bv tlio Triaanry I)
fI5c.U?,S' 'k. S '?h.rr, 'i' ,? .ift Iftl A onchcri, tho log uHburecments b) hlin tor imrtmtut
Inch Sill h. titv suViSjSr iiaj 'cilmiil adtcrllalu,' ainonntlng to 3,0I1 II, not lucln- I am, crJ rcrcclfnll, onr obodUnt m r
ihiii7onrth.mnlniourc.il 5 fret lnihtr .11-! din'- sums pahl for which Lo bail no mdUi' 1 int, B.l'.tm.i.
I ilCKIirap . uu ileum iui ! u- mtuim. .,,.,. . . . , , ,
those at SMh street west and Osiieet nrthi the hUU Iho soui-thlrly loan, Mru aliuu'j und
a. crasij depth of sewer will be al-out 9 leet, the
unrLTtHl n I a ii in cement luurtit
-,,, ,,, . . l. , " . . n - i r r
, BUM"" w111 ". i," nr 00-1 lln..l ru lar
tlon nnd f.UlQir rrq lire 1 Also, pir lineal foot Tor
the branch, wh ch shall include all cxraiatlou,
liltlne, and repairs oi Has foutwas au leuiteis,
.vr , aud per stench trap cacti, which shall Includu
all excavation rniilred,nUrau act npprored 331
VrA!lcaTloa.cnl.o.e.natlhrllljkitvr)oi.l"ortn rtrlou as fito jcar, and I rarln ' an
tnls. Intcreiitol only tli per cent., in I fjrn llinu
Nnu. but i.riietlciil worLniu Uttd bid
HII HM1U M 1. H, JU.)I
JOHN 1 OAllNLtt,
iinnilikiooer of t!. Third Unrl
N,U Atilatant Commliiioniri
r.inoBLla will lm rn tlrnl it the Mavoi a Olllce
until MONDAl.lsthdayol April next, or pavtnc
anlKradloaj that pirt ol I) street north, letw en
fe; enth and Math, which U not paved i also, lor
the construction of four sewers to lo loiatcd
where tho Surveyor m dltcct Lldlera uliltttle
tht price per square yard lor tho stone pailoe;,
I per cubic yui I fur the Kntdlno; per lineal loct f r
nu sewers, mum man msmno ivuuu nui,
lilllnv an 1 inikloiT frou I the canal wall Tho sle
I nfth tnwAii will to tito feet 11 1 dllOU lOt.
I wall ulno Inches In thickness to 1 1 Uld lacemi nt
wet tar Thcpavhu lole ls.ll in -v ted of t harp
ivrnrel nine Inches In dtpthi the fctono to I o uni
I loim In ize to tm well ramme I antdoiu tn the
i nilrc satlifaotlnn ol the loiumlssionr
J 1 (MUNL1
l oniu Ui loner lldrd n!
nfil. Abalstant Coiamlsslouvik
I iTAYOli'B ori'ICE, AlUUL 11, 150 i
1 ropomls will be receUrd at tbo Udju's onlco
until MOND 1 , 13th day of Ai ril inHlsnt, fur pat
lnrr and era Itns; the carriaioH ty on c street north,
lit ween euur-aud-a-half and Mxtli streets west
Hid lers will state the l rice per square vaid foi
tho stone p na. )er ruble ) ard lor the gradliUT
iho stone shall be pood ft nd uniform in sUe,anl
I I tjd )ti a 1 cd f cooJ harp grnvel nine Inches In
iiei th, lo lie wet and ratnnud three limes I ctoro
! I oltiff recehed I) tho Commissioners
None I nt i rait leal piier nael njiply
( imtsilonir oflhp Ifouril W 1
N I. ASnlstanl ComiulssUicrs
MA'-ion't QFFioK, Avmr. u, ini.
. ...imajili willtm iirittnil ii tlm MftMil a Oltti1")
until U o clock m, on MOM)A, the lthdaj of
Apill, instant, fr 11 e I uUiifnK ot a truu emven
across Sruonl street east, In J street north tbe
uihert will be clrc ilar in shape, Inlide diameter
' fLCt. wnlls 9 Inches In thickness, tn bo laid In the
li, it cement mortar
BUI ten ulll state the price per lineal loot vntch
i ball Include all excavation or other ci femes In
d Irnt to tho work.
i None but practical mechanics need bid
1 ap!2eo)t Commissioner of the Fourth wu 1
tMi5 AucuPjcirtE, tha popular fetre s, pot
sesses considerable literary talent, ai ts erincM
by the folloulng vljorout Itttlc porn from her
pen J
fir Alice rLAcibr
Ui, 1 am a stronfrandmlgbty titti
As tdash on my Iron wayt
Tho wreathing smoke from mv llirunt 1 tots,
hile the air rcaounds with my nclgh)
1th my iron breast 1 clear the wj ,
And hed not tbc tern past's urn;,
But woe tn the mortal who ftlrht or '
f.SouM stand upon my path I
For I lUten not to his wild appe t,
I heed not the warning about,
But with my swiftly revolving v, he I
I crush all humanity out I
Then wllh a whist of bitter stot r
Imawa on mypathagiln,
f wlftty, an when the bow Is drawn
The arrow speeds o'er tho ptatn
Thn bwre of nif , beware or m
For lamthe'Mren Jlorsr,"
ud my one eye glares reveoffsfiill) ,
And I struggle and strive fortuy lSUtt
As tho smoke from my throat I tns !
Hetrelrtry riiase nn1 the Finn
Cooke A. Co,
of .lay
Iho follotrto letter from tho HtcrcUry of
tho Treitury explains Itself. A clearer and
completer reply to nu niaault uon n faithful
imbllc ofllccr nc cr a made 1
TREAsenv DErA&Tcr, Arll, ini
Hon, Scuylir loer, Speaker of the Hovte nflrptr
wntfrtivi 8m 1 I bavo had tlio honor of receiving from
the llouso of ltcprcsentatlven 0 copy of tho
following resolution 1
14 Jtetolreil, Tint tbc fiecntaty of tho Treas
ury bo rcriucttcd to report to this llouso what
have been iho 1 ervlecs of Jar Cooko . Co. lo
tho Government In thoenlo of United BUfca
cccnrltle". and what have be n tho rata and
whole amount of compensation therefor; also,
whether said service mlcht not hare been oi
isncccssiaiLy pcriormcn oy 1110 treasury uc-
also whit suras of money. If
JnT hnTt , wi paia mil of lhn TreaWj ? for j
nuu-nisvminnorumu uy iay ukim.w
firm, has been cmnlorulfll SL'Cot for tho sale
nf 1 nlltvl Sfitro lintirli nnil 1 rckitn iintra lhn
"'" - . - ' "V.-. huh av' J '' ", ."'
rcsolntlon will bo ansnrrrd n- If It nil been
-.... i.. .r.. . .- i 11. ia..n
, ll-cijI.oloorthofHol.unlrc.I million. flc
twcnly lmn being now takon, nJ thoacconnU i
connected with It clo'wl, 1 ropctfally n'jmlt i
tho following Btitcmrnt In reponfo to tho rc-
'"-1 "T of tho bomU .ulBCriUcd for lu cscqm,
un. " lumnc nu nutuuunui jiintiit wnifwi,w,vi'j( wai rit0J7,'Jiu i, di wliiru
account of compcneitlon or oxncobcs. JloltTOO VI wa raid to the t'cncrnl ai.cnt m
Tho flnt Inquiry rcnlrca t Katcmcnt of iU. , comncnintlon for rc-ponslMMj-, foi crrlrc
".Ifl.? !?i? '? 1?.. I..0.' ,'Jl!,1, f I" f? "rc"s" florSrtl- ai-m the '.no
States MeurltlM. and of Itc. ra'.c anil amount ' tlchth allowed to him.
flf lltl (rtTl nt n B ni 1 Afl iTlfrilOir
Mr. Tonlto'ii flnt wrvlpn wrr r-. r.i i.t for'tlii thn tntnl n-rnniim nf tdn . .. i.
ihcaalo of tLrco years' Treamrj notes, ppu
lly Wnoita fn iMrtlc.
V hen iicsotlatln tho Crut loan uli tin tf
fceliitcd hinks of Xcv York, Uoton, nnd
Philadelphia, in Jah, l01f of llfty millions of
dollars for three j cars' sevcn-thliiy Ircsnr
UVVVFi kUU fcj.i IkMII Dll UIBIIU 1 UI'Lll O U U-
scrlr lions throughout Uiu countr) l tllccl tht'amounti and, aa Is btllovcd, Is lets than t'10
' net
a and dlstrlbntlon of these nous by nscnt
' nnituT m tAtiir M-ntt tiinfviiii nf tt. i
nartment.thotroi.eediof.uth8aloanl dlktrl -
; .. . '. t . . . .. . . . .
tmtlon to I o raid over to Ihc banks In ulnibursL
incut In whole or lu part of their loan, In order
to secure thopromit liking of a second loancf
cqnil amount.
in ruiiuimcnt ni ini stipulation, ino Merc
...v in addition to tho regular nUkera nf iho
wty, in auamon ro uo regular outers ,oi uo
dpysrUncnt, apiwlntcd ono hundrtd nud forty-
cllil nfftnts, of whom Mr. Joy tookn uas ont,
to rcccUo subtcrlnllons for Iho ealo of tho
sccnlhlrtli,supplledthcmwlihi rlnted blank
llooktor BobsVrlptton. blank ccrttUcit of dc-
posit, hi uk forms for corrcspouULiuu with tin.
tni aiviuLCi, nuu (.uveioi'CJ nnu i nuiu nu
(ft4teS luCri0U.
111 addition tot'icso expenses
and tho cicnacs of tho ncocsanr.l. Inerejised
--" -i.li - .....i i i. ...i . .,'... ..
"' uu vi.iy.vjw, cui i iutoy "sLun
I ODC-UftU of ono per cldI. on the Urn ouo hun.
ilrcd tlionand uouars obtaluul Iv them re
spccuvciv. ona onc-ciirnin on an mims in cr
cess, and alio el for ndcrtlsln4 i stipulated
sum, larjintf atcormnff io iocum, ijul in no
vocu vivvvuju uuu uuuutvu uuu "iij nuuaio.
Tho sccral agents thus cm plot id ritnrned
0UU--ii ni'u- iii uu ntnuku uuiuuuuuj; iu
?:;i,btH,VrtJ.M, Oi wuicu Air. Juycunke oi
" "'W"' "" "' '1
n hole, for whlihhoas paid tho Htd i or
tcntaiL. ntitountln ' lo tU.tiSO (Ht and. for ftJ-
it i It,-. II .'.- II . r . .
virus id it. cia, niah.iiiK uis loiai miowuucu iuj
tbo Balo of scvcn-lhlrtlcs, tf b.",0 .
Mr CuoUo, at tho eloso of Ida l.uo.a lu ub
talnlnj stibHil) tlona to tlioatun ItlrUu, ami
noucucr Ho twu allowed only tlO, or lcia
lln m.lffltnllllh nrLtlnvAfKIXihi
Tho .mliia of Mr.CooLe. In o.nn.ctlui
I Importmt, but bf llttlo ina'nltu Ii compared
ulrh thrin irmtrril In thn nrntl itlf i nf tlm
loan ol five bun Ircd millions nf dollar for '
bonds comuoalj known as tho iltolULn
tie " When thla loan m si nnthorl-' 1 ' y Cun
trce, manj cxntrlcnccd and abb- Lnauelnl
men cv pressed tho belief that It uoull bo lm
possible to riiguti&to bonds rcdtttnii le niter so I
arrcnranccaneredccldcillj ai;ilnittli uccc(
of tho loan
. Under Iho law, tury holdu r f L Llicdfttilt
'notes had Iho right to Co nun ihnu it his
, ilcnsuro Into tho live twenty Urnd al pa-.
privilege whlfli can bo used nt anytlinn U
oltcn not used at all, and It soon bcrjmo cleat
that voluntary com crstons woul 1 nt 1 1y on!)
a small proportion of Iho largo sum roiUlic 1
for tho disbursements of tho war locxclto
and promnto a belter disposition, tho ussiitant
tansurers, designated dtposHnrlt-nndspetlal
a guilts wcro oulhorlycd to rcc.lo ik posits of
notes and Isuo rtitlflcntu entitling tho do
t oMturs to bouda learlns Inters t Iiom tho
dato of deposit Btlll, cnncra,(in'4 listed, and
wire nltoicthPr InndCQUite to t'i deimnd
upon ihu ircasurj
ii was inuucnsaiiii) mat iii n iiunn
'lioiild bo answered wit!. Iho kaf-t I 'msiblo do
laj,aiidtho Bccrelary tildes orod to nBecrtam
tho best trrmt on which tho bon Is could bo no
pntlated by rbUs, Cnrcfal In ,ulr) ss rnudo
through tho isl6taut Truisurer nt .w York,
and other experienced pcrnons, mil It aana.
ccrtalncd that ncgollallon ioul 1 not bo cflectcd
at IiIkIhi rates than fioraOT to itnii for a
dullor, which would Involtoa ls on etch
hundred millions of llio loan o fniiitwo to
thrco millions of dollars.
Inwlllliiff to submit to thl 1 .tUMrit
lar, lu ()( tob.r, 1VJJ, determined to appoint a
emral agent, wllji nnthorlt to ano''it sub
agents Ihroughont Iho wholu countr , for horn
ho shoull bo personal!) icnponsl'Usiimt luthls
inyto ore; in lo a dlutt uppc&l totboholo
people Ho fccordlngly sUoen 1 t general
atnt Mr Jay Cooke, who a rumnmonled
1 tr irefertutj bj his riiponslblMi., hy his In
tLKiity, aud by hU tuergetlL aud 'uiectafu!
servkes In Iho tuotlatlou ol ll e Ursi nitiloual
loan, aiid committed Ihonholo Murkthlm.
It waiarceil tint liWioramMluns, forser
i ( and to cocr dlsbursenn ut-, rhould m
one half ol ouo per cent, on tin Utl tm mil
lions, nud ihrcLMlghthn on r-ubrrlpllont bo
ond ihut araonnt. Ol Uirv thrM-elshths,
Mi Coolowos lound topftynn olrftth tosub
scrlptlon snb agent", and another dphth to
travcllDR ncenta and lor advertising and other
etpeti'fa of making tho loan ns widely qn 1 fa
vorably known as posslbb IIo vas allowed
to retain tho other eighth ai cnmpcuaUon far
his own labor and risk, and ttr c pmai
chan'cnblo to his own proportion
Ills rcrpontilblUty covered all nets of his snl
acnts until panncnt Into tho Treasury of all
monevs aubiLrlbal. and dellrcrvto antxerlhcra
of all bonds aubfcrlbcil for. So liability and
uo uuij, except mat 01 inrnismn mo uouai,
was assumed by tho Government, whllo to In.
suro tho faithful performance of tho duty of
tho general agent, end tho full satisfaction of
an uotnanas upon nimsoir ana his sab-accnts,
bonds wcro rciulrcd nd cItcu In tho aprrxrecato
snro of six Vundrcd thousand dollars.
Notwithstanding tho magnltndo of iho task
Imposed upon him, tho general agent hid no
monopoly In tho disposal of tha loan Tho
Treasurer, tho C6slstant treasurers, end several
of tho designated depositaries, wcro 1U0
directed to use their best endeavors to obtain
subscriptions, and wcro authorised to allow
ono-clghth, and, In soma cases, one-fourth of
ono per cent, to purchasers for resale.
Having undertaken tho work, Mr. Cooke
proceeded to orgsn(70 c general system of
agencies. For a time, the resnlt seemed doubt
fnl. W hen. however, at tho next sca-lon of
Congress, Iho absolute right of conversion vas
limited to the 1st of July, 1SC3, and tho system
of aub-agenclcs had been thoroughly organ
ised and extended throughout tbc. country,
subscriptions gradual? rocrenscd. until, nt
length, the unwearied labors of the general
agent and his aub-azents were crowned with
complete success. Not only was tho whole
loan taken, but subscriptions wcro made on
tho day It was finally closed for nearly eleven
millions of dollars In excess of tho nmannt aa
Ihorlrodi for which excess tho general ajjent
wns allowed no compensation.
It Is Impossible to exhibit In detail the ser
vices Ihus rendered, or to 3ttmato their viluo
In money. It mar be sufficient lo stato thai
tho number nf nb ngeiiti employed by tho
general agent, nnd for whom 1m wns refpon
slble, wa about twenty flro hundred; that the
work of the ngene extended Into almntevry
county and town of the loyal Btctcs, and among
nil clashes nf the population! that Its rrnlla
wcro subscriptions for ftvctwent bonds
amounting. In tho airtrreffate. tn the sum nf
6ofil(953,!ti0, and thit without Himo ml scrip-
uon neuuer iup nrmv nor tun navy, nor too
uncrni crwmors ni mn r,oernmfni, coma
nava i)n paiu
scrlpllrna wllh thr an 1 stunt treimrei and tho
nit! mali t Intmslf tt-lna TLm. i,.i,..trit.M
amount In tbc no-grccalr to I4S S1 VX). of
' ,..,. aa n.rn . . ..'..' '
t H iAiiuibi ui i JB MII1PI M II" I riMVIM ,,1,li.
chucr. W roi.l, l S50.MV.W for .llm-t
Tbo whole i nnt nitlon lo tho t;cnc i 1 vnl
ana enh-n"rcut lor fenlcci and lor all ex-
,nlcrr Hon., amounting a alrca.ly Mild, tn
fit I Tin nna. (if lVi(.fi,it.. 1.. , 1nu .,.....
'added the commissions allowed to purchasers
'fir res do by tho n-slstsnt treasurer, and other
oOiccrs of the doxcrnnfutj theso convulsions
Amounted to fl0,,)l'1)I!,( maklnar tlio tullm
con uf Um .bo.o loin &Atl.H)&l Thl-.
con U a llttlo less ibau three tenths of ono i er
I bill I UI LJIlLi:! II 1111 1 B 1ULLT13IL I (J II 111 J 1I1II11U
cot of anvothcr irrnt loan, tlther Amtrir-in
nf ri.i-itdi. ..n.t.i.. ,..,u ..i
, The D.i'r.tarv L u airtaJr .ia..,i .1,.
1 . . ..,. . .,.. ... ....
hc&t tcrica ho w as unt onrazed to honL for In
cao of riBortliij to the utgollatluu of liny
millions with caollalUtt. In tbo ordlnarr war.
from nlncty-aeviu 1 1 nlnitr.tli;bt ttim for it
dollar, and thcro wa tverv reason totirllefl
that for the additional fcums ruinlrcd to com
l'kto the loin he would bo oMlcul to submit
to much nioic dUadvanlagoous Mlis Had ho
ncotlated Ilfn millions at ulna; icLiianda
half per cent , tU cost of onc-ti-nth of tho loan
would hato bn.n fl..N3.(XW.niomiicarh c iunl
to tin) wbi.l'j lott of ILoTihoIoiictnalfoaiinf
, vi'iv.iiu.iu'i u "ju luu iiibii an ih vm nnien
Had ho nttcmptul nnd suicccded beyond rca-
I souab.o honu lu nefyntlatln ihnvimt- nt th..
- ,.... !'.,.. .1T.":",T,.: .'"" ..r. .""
Mu,u ""', "r ""fc fuiu nave vcen cr., ak
luo lortoiu- htnttnitui. I i honoil. mm.
cicuin nuswersiuc mm rts. what ham hrm
thu scnlits of Ihocncrsl ngcnttothoGoeru-
mem in mo roio oi unum eiaie sccnrlllrs,
un num. na uiu mtu nun iiiiiuuu til ( nuipr'l
Pailon therefor.
.huuhui iiiiuihioui iu" rtiuiiiuuil l ifti
uncuy ansucrm
,u " .., uinc mu jam ouioi IQO
rruaaury for ndrcrtislntr oidcrcd by Ja Cooko
A, Co., aild nOUO for advcrtlalinf ordfirn.1 Iii tin
....!- ..... .. .1 .... '
s-"" -in. acvj . us nuvu hinicu.
It onlj remains to add that tho Bccruary is
tltailjof opinion that tho .enlces rendered
b tlio KtDtral agent and tlio lub-agmts rould
eiinwr of tboTrnnur.
I l"l" mleiieo f.altt llclure CuuKit. t,y
tli tlepnvtment ofNtnte.
I UANtr Contlnueal
! Seward tj Jr. J) lyton
Dei ARTirxi o sr,
W tiKiNoro'i. uctuberfi. lsai
our ddpalchea of thu Uth of Scntem
bor (No .4 0 .iijdtlioltlthS.rUmbLt (No.. 4?)
nau tun ucUvcd Mor.otLr.l hate be. n
fjtre.l bj llr. Mcrcl.r Willi n il.lt, anl Willi
n rcndluK of tho despatch addressed to him b
ir. uroujui'o iiiuj?tui wincuijeciu men
tlon It main lu otir eomraiiulrttlons
Tlin explauallona mado by you to hit tare
enirut, and they aro npnroved. Hcspatchea
frun this I) partmcut, whkh jf'umuitJi'Wo
recelrd aft r writing jotir own, not onlj sus-
lain tnoso explanations, onr luiyoino mnw
vi iv dlslluctly tho lino ot iollc louarJa
trance UiU the 1'risldtui Ins maiktdout
nifdt r tlio counstls of prucunco ml tin Ira
dlUonnllri ndr-hip towards her wl ih rt.aUs
In Iho Lnlu 1 Slat is. Any sutcsmnu who has
obsurel In w Inlkxlblvthis (Jovernt .cut ad-
.. ... .i it... r ...C... .... ..., in
lien 3 ID lliu ynnj u ju nu uuu iiuu iiin.1 , i ii-
tlon, w ml I nn u d to I , Inforrat 1 that tho
report ( f aualliniicu l n with liumn fm lu
lopenn u ii nn nbiurdlt bo, ali-o, no ono
tv ho know a I OrV complexly iho racrlcan pco
pin suihr ihcuisrhcfltol e n' sorbel lit lhod.it)
ol nun ii'rtl"r tho i ri-uii unhiippy Iniirrcc
tlon, an 1 r "'oiint? the nulhorltv oi llio Union
wo ltd for n moirrnt bclico iliat we aro pro
pirlnK f t i r medltntlu a tuture war aalut
anj ii lib u, f r uuy purjio whsletct, much
les-j that wi ar m.'amiL oi eonicmplatluc a
ltituri w it h rainht rrimr ,uliom It Is onr con
stant I Ire ui hold anl rctnln as n friend,
through all tholcUiltndnof iwilltlrnl fortune,
mui nil the chatitfca of tmtl uI life.
loua 0 autliotlod l ni) ti Mr. J)roii)u do
I llui tint hi (xplanau n- ari rtlrcly satln
fador) lotht Iribidml I may, perhip. tot
liiipropi.r! lmj ioao thl) oeeiif Ion by haying
tint lit" l.xtcutlvu u,o rrnment ol this tountry
lias no uitfin lu Iho i recs lu lotvs and sou
llmenn lu reeanl U Inn , iii ti till other
countries, ean be kuown a!aa ly tho Ian-
Kuat,oofits dljloioatU rcpiesentathu, for It
iiistrutU llieni mlnutily nud directs ihem to
sieuk tilwajs iraukl) and alncerel) IhoKm-
pcroi has an aeknon killed ori.au in tho preas.
lu nil nincei. U unirkud') r e iuloeul. tie-
,pfnnri! orolii illdtrus' i.mom.tlio merkan
j cipl When tbe sfo In 1 1st column of l'ic
Monltnn opinions ib rignlor or themsi'ics.
nn l calculate i to o auiisneiion ann cu
couracemintloihi reiuinlc. It Is nrccassrIU.
hut doiibtlcas crroheou-ly. aasum ixl tint thoi
an Insplr 1 WpirV ru h pnhllcitlon hac
irccnilvni'1 im1'!"1 nn i it la not romem
lirilthn mu uitenueo In tho spirit ol tl ti
fiknl t lp of old IraiiiouftHbuui madob Hut
is- "ivr tniliippvontrovr tvpi " I
us lo tho Intrlques nf onr domestic enemies In
ford en countries.
lharo Ihus laid hare a living and fruitful
root of Jcilonslcs between Franco and tho Uni
ted States. Wo do not claim that France shall
bo onr frlcml. o do not Insist that she shall
JndffO ns or our canso favorably or kindly.
On tho other hand, It need not be said that un
favorable JadGrmcnU and unkind scutlments
Invariably produeo ultimata alienation. Fvcry
lody knows that tho United States aro tha ha
bltnal well-wishers of Franco, as thoy are of
l.oiBla. everybody knows that l(nsla is a
well-wisher of tho United States, but every
bod vis not satisfied that Franco Is a welt-
wisner oi me cniica outcs. i ininK e cryuouy
acca that tho responsibility for this does not
. f ... ......... ..... ...
rmwiuiiuo unueactnics. wncro, men, noes
It fall I Iho Fmpcror Joined Great Urltaln In
recoffnUlnj; our lneurpeuts as belligerents, and
In nUcmPtlnir to dcroirata us from our position
as a sovcrclfrn, tho treaty friend of both coun
tries, Into a position of equality with tho sedi
tions disturbers of our peace e think that
tins proccouiojy a as unnecessary, as n e know
it has been Injurious. It tries tbo temper of
tbo American pcopIo more suvcrclr than wo
hnvo ccr tried that of Franco In her domestic
troubles, which havo been moro frrqncnt than
our own. Is It wlso to let tho Unfortunalo act
bo followed by needless manifestations of
1 rench dlsfanor to onr causo In Iho war which
mo nro so cncrjrctlcilly endeavoring to brlna;
to a closo f
I nm, slr.yeiur obedkut sertutit.
Uilxiah H. Sgv.aiu
It L1AW I. DATTOV, Cq , S.C , A.C . tC.
i. s-trardto V. Djjylon.
Vzr miimcit or Stati (
Wajiiinti , OctoterM, lffi3 (
bin I havo llio honor to nrkwmlodca the
reception of your despatch of tlio !th Instant,
(No. 001,) which brings mo tho views ex
pressed by Mr. Droujn dc Tlluja concerning
tho sllnatlon In MctIco Various considera
tions havo induced tbo 1'rildcnt to avoid tak
ing ony part In the spcculntlvo debatos bearing
on that situation which havo I rcn carried on
In iho capital of Fnrope as c1t ns In thoeof
Atnenci. a uctcrminitiou to err on tbo side
of airlct ncutralliy. If we err at oil. In an ar
wiiirii is rnmca on between ttvo nations, nith
wmcu mo e nuoa rtatca aro mitniamin,; rcia
tlons of amity and friendship, was prominent
imon i iic moiiKirniiioDS in wnini i
I hai tliijj"
Tho lulled SiaUs. noi!rtlitlca9. when In-
lted by France or Mexico, cannot omit to cv.
prcs themselves with perfect frankness upon
new Incidents, as thci occur, tn tho rrocrens
of tho war. Air. Dron n do l'lluyi. nou speaks
of en olectinn nhlch ho expects to ho held In
Mevlrn rind to rosnlt In tho choice of his Im
perial Highness tho I'rinco Mjflntlllan of
ninato oo i-mpcror oi "vicrico oicarn
Irom other sources thai thcprlneo hasdcclaroil
his willingness to accept an Imperial throno
In Mexico on three condition, namcln first.
tint ho shall be called lo It by Iho universal
ffutlrogc of tho Mexican nation; secondly, that
no snau receive inmsponaatiio gn-iranicc lor
tho Integrity and Independence of tho proposed
empire; nnd, thirdly, that ths head of Ids fami
ly, tho Fmpcror of Austria . shall acquiesce
Ucfcrrlu: to thcao fads, Mr. Urouyn dt,
Illuys Intimates that an Ctrl) acknowledg
ment of the proposed cmplro by tho I ulted
btatcsnouU bo eonenicnt to I ranee, by ro-
noun, iter, sooner man imui oo possiuie
under other clrcumstauecs, from her trouble
some complications in Mexico.
Ilnpplly Ibo French Goriniiu'ut ha not
i an left uninformed that. lu Ibo opinion of
tho Lnllcd &tatis,thopcrmanentcstabllshniont
oiuioreun ami monarchical uovcrnmeai lu
Mexico will bo found neither easy nor desirable.
You rill Infoiui Mr. Urouyu do VIIujs that
this opinion remains unchanged, On tho
other hnrd, tho L ulted btutos caunotantlclpitu
the action of tho poo pic of Mexico, nor havo
tluy tho least purposu or desire to lutcrfcro
with tholr proceedings, or control or Interfi ro
Villa their lieu eno'ec. or uiitnru tin m in too
enjoyment of whatever Institution! of coern-
mem mcj mnv, in vi cxerciBo oi nn quaoiiio
fitedom, establish. U U l roper, uko, that
Mr. Drouj n do liluyt ehoul 1 b, Inforniud that
tha Inltcel States contluuo to regard Mexico
au tho thcatro of a war which has not yet rn led
in thobubcrslon of tho Government louircx-
l6tlii?lhin, with which tho lultud States re
main lu tho relation of peace, and slncero
frlcrdfthlp, and that, for this reason, tho
I ulted States aro not nov at liberty (o consider
tlm question of recognizing a Government
Milch, in tho further chances of uar. ina,
lomo Into Its place Tho United filuteb. con-
slrtentl) with their j rlucipks, can do no other-
v, uo man ioa o ino uesunios oi uiah o iu tuu
keepln? of her ow n ptoplo, and rctogulzu ihilr
BOereiKiit) anl lndcpcndcoco lit whatever
form thev themselves bhall ehooso that this
soverci'ntr and Indetcndeuio shall iv tiiml-
I am, fir, jour obedient sen unt,
1 1 1 1 u L. Dinov, Ci , c
Vr. VKHinf to -Vr. D-yto i
Wa inxiiTo, October SI, isai S
ik our despatch or Uetobcr S (No dV)
ban been received. our proceedlutis therein
lelatcd, In rcgatdio tho furors s'iowu to tho
plrato r lorlda und her i rew nt LIrcst, aud tho
positions niaume-d on thai sutject in jour In
terlew with Urotiynd rilujs, arc altoj; thcr
nr proved.
In connexion with this aubleet, 1 suNmit for
jonr (oustderntlon th expedlcnc nf mailing
tho attention of Mr Urouui do 1 llujstoacor
repondincc on tho t ublect of irivato.ia wlilth
took i !a o bctw cen tbo French dovcrnraent aod
tbedntirnmintr f tho United t-tr.les at tin bo
j,lnnltU or tlo Crimean war, V statemnit of
thla corrctpondcncoaccoinp ink this dmpitrh
If tlm I rentlifjOcrnnunt tako tho irronud that
tholIorldaU not a prUatcci, 1 ut a pul Ik
arruid vessel, it may 'ju pertinent lo ask, of
what j ractKal vaiuo io an cxioRca ueniRcrenv
u tlm distinction mu Ju I a neutinl bun en
rnMlt armcl vobc!h and privateers, If the
other billUcrent can at Its pleasure, create
pititeers into I UlKortnts, ty jjlrlnk' them
rouunlsloti Instci 1 of kttirs of mar im , and
if, bearing neh commissions, tluy can, t all
jinetkul Intent, tarry on tho tusluessof prl
Mitccrlug? U woul I be dllllcnlt to see, In that
tasi, what tho Interests ot commerce hau
gain d, oi cancilo, by tho doelaratlon of thu
t nir of I'arlsnainsl prhaletrin
I in sir, jmir ooeuirnl stnant,
Wiiium 1 Uamon, It) ,c .Ac . i
V Si i ii I ti Vr Jktyton
DcriiirMiKTot- Mn,
S iiie.ToN November 1. 1&C3 t
fiiu iur dospntthes of iho lRih lnBtant.
( No. ui3 and No. uOl.) In relation to tho Iron-
tltd warships lu course of construction at
Mutes nun liorneaur, uava uccnrocoivea.witu
llio trauslitlon ofn communication of tho til If
Imljnt Irom Mr Dro tyn do riltnsou that
I knl constrain id to tsrrcss mv dmai lolnt
menl thai tho answer which haalhu" been made
to jour rcnioustrtuces on this (jrivo niijeit
vasnH mnru aircctaui loueiusni ' r
Prouyu dol'IInjH docs not noon rec it w it In
amort satisfactory maimer, von will bo ex
lictod to follow ItupandtoiUainnu esrtj re
plj In jour erfurmaneo ol this duty, I rev
ous Instructions will luruleji reason whkh
ou will, in jour dlserellou, use to pminuiotbo
tleiliol solullOH of thu tuattoi
I am, sir, jour .icdlenl sluj
Win ism 1 IHTios, 1 v , e
DrrnT imr or ktts, (
iiimmVOV. Wrtieinbfrr il, IhU (
ih so rdcspoUhnfNovemberO(No.372)
I , mi reeeivi 1 nnd submitted to tho Prcsl-
ih intevon i ldnaid to Mr. Drouyn
iI.a ..ni. ilm 11 hAn t tilt .IlKtnnl
1 llllV",'"1 ill" BIHI" J, "l-VH "IV IUUJWI.I
Llio pii mu 1 1 Tida aud Georgia, Is approved,
, tv in ' "plrlt, h IM every word, lein
perceive In it no argument omit tod or over
strained) I trust that this remonstrance will
socuro the CArcrul as well aa tho prompt atten
tion of, tho French Government. Tha princi
ple Involved Is a plain one, namely, that la si
war, whether civil or (oreltrn, a coutendlnir
party without ports, or harbors, or ships, or
COaStS. Shall not bo allowed. hTtint r.l mtlnni
to build, or arm, equip, and maintain. In tbo
ports of such fitatcs, aud on the ocean, pirati
cal vesscla to depredate on the unarmed com
mercial vessels of a nation with whom these
States are In relations of peace and friendship,
ami iu vujuj uiuwr iuu pruLveuoa la SQCO
mates without amenability to tho international
laws of war
Tho Government of tho UnltoJ States, In
favor nf tho commerce of neutral and tho
pcaco of nations, denies anv toleration tn ueb
n practice. Tbo Governments of France and
Groat DrlUln seem to us to accord It. Which
of tbo two policies shall becomo the precedent
In futuro warsl It Is desirable and It Is urgent
that this Question shall be settled now. France
Is ns war In Mexico, and. practical! r incaklnir.
has closed all tho porta of that Republic
Would she assent to our folio wing her own pre
cedent set In tho case of the Florida, and espe
cially of the Georgia? True, wo are yet too
busily engaged In a domestic war to lulfer our
snip-Duuacrs ana armorers to become ship
builders and armorers for the enemies of France.
i rue, this war or ours has not yet resulted lo
the suppression of the Insurgents, and perhaps
France may yet think think that It la not llksJy
to havo that auspicious termination. But these
aro speculations on the chances or war. Is it
reasonably certain not only that wo shall not
retrain onr domestic roaeo within a vcar. bnt
that during that time Kurope will remain en
tirely at rest and free fromfao commotions of
civil ond International wars! If. on the con
trary, we shall again ho left free from the ca
lamity of war. and that calsmlty shall descend
upon Kurope, can any Enropcan statesman be
llevo that mltguldod cltlaens of tho United
Estates wouia not claim mo right to practice
upon tho rules which tho maritime Powers,
wncn ino cases were revcrseo, naa sppnea to
ourselves! This Government Is not sanguine
In regard to tho closo of our civil war. It
neither hopes nor desires, and therefore it does
not expect, a disturbance of tho pcaco of Eu
rope. Hut It does believe that tlmo lu Its pro
gress 1 ring's a common experience to overy na
tion In Its turn, and It asks, In tho Interests of
pvaco nuu ui namauuy, lust ino puucj oi man
lime Powers may now be based upon principles
susceptible of universal application
I am, sir, your obodlcnt servant,
William ll. tiEtVlKD.
U'llLliU I.. Uattox, Esq., kc., .fee., Ac.
f s tfaiiJ fo .Vr. VtrcUr
IVaj.ujtotok, November 4, 163. ( w
Bin I havo carcfullr read vonr Excellency'
uoto of tho 31st of October. In which I am re
quested to express my concurrence In the views
of tho laws atfectlng tho claims of persons who
may ciaitn exemption irom military service in
tho United States on Iho ground of a supreme
autgianco to tho Emperor ot tne rrencn. xou
arrange such persons Into ten distinct classes.
ana asK irom me a categorical opinion in re
gard to the title of persons belonging to each
oftheso classes lo the waiver or exemption.
This Government could not JuiUy bo asked
to express Itself npon even one proposition of
that elm racier, unless an actual case of tho
draft of ajH-rson falling within the terms of
the proposition should arise. It would be still
more Inconsistent to pronouueo categorlally
uttou thu several propositions ot the same char
aetcr If circumstances should not render such
a proceeding Indispensable to the protection of
any Individuals, or to tho Interests of tho Uni
ted States. I am satisfied, from what has
already fallen under my notice, thst there Is no
probability that cases will arise requiring so
comprehensive au examination of the subject.
Returns of drafted persons have beeu received
at this Department from thrco fitatcs, In all In
cluding two hundred and sev cntcen persons.
Of them only two ttrsons have claimed ex
cmptlonon tho ground of their owing allegiance
to i rnnec ll u h of these presented his claims
dlroeilv to tho Department, under the official
liiTltatlou extended for that purpose, without
tho Intervention of any diplomatic or consular
agent of tbo French Owernmcut. Ono has
already been pronouueud exempt, aud the other
probably will be on the coming tn of tho evl
denco In ah case
I could not at i recut saucllon all the poil
tlons aisumcl In jour proposed circular. At
tho same Umo only inconvenience could result
from unnecessarily controverting any of them.
I Propose, therefore'-aa the bust war. to leave
you at cntlro llbcrtj to Iuo such Instructions
io jour eonsms as jou tmnK proper, ana upon
jour own responsibility, reserving at thosamu
time for myself a consideration uf principles
luolvcd as tbo cases actuall) arise.
Bj the word c prion In jour ilreular, I un
derstand jou lo mean iiimiiifie, and if thl
la so, I havu no objection lo make, otherwlso
It would bo ncecssiry for me to say that while
I should pay tho highest possible respect to a
consular certificate of tho facts in a case, I
could not admit it to bo conclusive so at to
prevent my roccWlng contradictory evidence
to rebut It, and deciding In any case as a full
examination of all conflicting evidence should
lo conclude, I would observe that tho appre
hensions of timid persons havo very much mag
nified harards of tho draft- I am satisfied that
U will bo entirely easy to disuse of tbo claims
to exemption as they arise, to tho entire satis
fictlonof jour Governmcut and my own, with
out attempting to agrco upon a i lotocol on a
sublet t whoso conflicts of law aro so often tn-
I hare Mil houot to be, willt hlBu coasiucra
tlon, sir, uir obedient servant.
William ii. bewihu.
Mr Hrnv MBtuiEn, c, i.c., ."fee.
7Ybe tVnfinitftr.
H 1 O (J Q O 1, irCUSU'ANY.'
mini s-mucos b. qhkoory lodes, gilfin
i vrn L, lo.ouo shaiies-,iw lau
Ol ll. M. FULUIAN. ChUajo
1NTHON V ARNOU1, New lork.
l C ALGtll, HuJiOB, N. Y.
v c ANCtLL, TrorlJenie, It I
i.lar,-r L1TTIEJOHN.
louaicl-J S. WOODWARD,
v , . iperlalea leat-CHAS. H. BIUOOI.
hi -ji mil Street, New ork apMu
I i (i 'E UUliU
a- .1, vlc r.m.n n
l.lltlin UI1UIT, VWIIIN'I.
i Al UAL, eo,u IHARES,
tK eaoli.
UH 1 J ANH, Colorado
i ll Jl DO, New York,
ri K LOHU, New Vork.
W M MOLLER. N.w Totk
lilll W.liRAFFLIK, Diltlaiure.
HI.RMANN 1 UNKF, N.w jik.
R. LOUNKU. WlllTt., New 0lk
i C. TTLV II, New York
,. G ARNOLD rrorlJeac.
Mil txeellener JOHN E AMI,
Iwinrnor ol tolprado lettltot) ,
Dr F 11 11 1)0
Ire aiuiir-tt ALTER F. L-WTON.
i.nkf, Nn s uiiritreel, N.w Vork. mll-lm
thl. pcr iimi in, j i .eru.rj ,
s .

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