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- MVrt?,fmfaqnT
$Mftl UpMiM.
I. published 0TCryaflcTnoon(8ondeyt excepted)
W. J. MraTXan & Co., sod It urnlshed
.10 ar suliserlbcrs (byearrlers) stfO cents per
month. "
Mull subscribers, S.OO pit suitum l.W
for ill months, and 11.85 for three months, In
.ariably In advance.
Single, copies, 8 cents.
UtiHg Mdtettdt Eepblicutt
!iisji.ir .
One aqnare, tire, dart.., (11 llou
One) Moare. font dam.. .!.... ' V ,, 'HS
Ooa aqnare, flre dajt ', ,.,"."'.' iS
On square, six-dajs ;,,;', J
Ererr other dar tTerilaAmenta. an n.
AIltlOBll. ' t
une. wee t4r ertlsemenls charged at new
for each Insertion.
NO. 119,
biz unes or leu conttltnte a square.
AdTertltementa ahnnM h. hanejl In l ia
o'elnclt. n.
(iot ie ' m. f --.,. -
wmfflm. xmma
w umiai "p
pnaroBAts Fan f
Ctttcr UttAftTXRMArrca'a Orrtrr.
iv iBiifKn-rnM Drpor. Dtcemtiei1 ft. IMl.
uvl proposals are invited by the unders Intd
' -tipplying the Unite J State quartermaster's
ih tttmrnt, t waiMBirt9n, D. a, Baltimore, Ma.,
UntanJrla, and Port Monroe, a,, or either ol
Mire ntftcm. with Hafr. Corn. Oats, had Straw.
nidi trfllM reeelrtxl tot the delivery of 1.000
mithels of forn or oats and Mtoni of hay or straw,
ROll UPWardl.
rMilcrs muit state at which of the above-named
it .lots they propose to make deliveries, and the
1 ales at which they will malte teUver leather a at,
Mic quantity cf each Article proposed to bedsllr
red, the time whoa said deliveries shall be com
iiomU and when to be completed.
n.e prise must be written out la 'woxdson the
Ma ire put up,ltTiVo4tout slts,of about
0 Lushcis ttcJi: 0-U tt like tasks, of about
t to bnthelf ch The sacks to be furnished
trithttivt ejitra charge to the Governraeat. The
My spi ulrfctf to t Mjutely taled. J
I1io partlaulsr kind or afsMrlptlod of bats, eortf.
nay, cr itraw, proporrd to I delivered nut be
Mated a the propot.e -
AJ1 tbe articles c cxro. UPl?L. 4ilJ turelaia
vital, will to aubjootto 1T1TO UJpetloa by thi
Uorfraraent frspcetor bT.r beta accepted.
Uratresta will be award nl from, time to time to
t; 1-iwett responsible Milder m the latemt ol
the Got criurcnt may require, end payment will be
made when the whole, amount eofllracted for shall
Mve r-ren delivered and aeeebted.
ThbIJJarwlll bo reonlted to aeoomDaor bli
proposal vrtth a ruaranty, timed by two reepoasl
1 ttpersocs, that In case his bid Is accepted he or
thry will, within tea days thereafter, exeeute the
contract for tbe same, with (rood and anffleleot
turetlea In a mm tonal to the amount of tbe eon
tract, to deliver the forage proposed In eonformlty
with the term 1 of thle advertWcmsntf and In eaae
ihMa&MIilitilr shall fall to enter Into the eontrast.
1 hey to make rood the difference between the offer
of ald bidder and the next lowett retponitbte bid
Jcr,or tbopenoni to whom the contract may be
Tho riL6nilbimy of the piarantora mnt be
liowa by the official eertlHoate of United States
Dlatrlct Attorney Collector of Caitomi, or toy
ntheroBlerr under the United Statei GoTernmenft
r raponalble perron known to thla office.
All bidden will be duly notified of the acceptance
rir ritreIlon of their nronoaala.
Tbn full name acJT. O. addreii of each bidder
mutt be lexlbly written In the proposal.
ProDoiale matt be addrreaed to Bxlradler General
0. H. Ruelier, Chief Depot Qoartennaater, Waab
1 01 on, 1 C, and abonld be plainly marked " Pro
Isalt for rrrar".'
Doudi, In a icra eoeJ to the amount of the eon
traetielgned by the contractor and both of Ma
Kuar-sntora, will be required of the aueccaaful tid
ier or bMdcra upon algnlne; the contract.
UI4DK mrni 01 hkim cuariaite. nu twnui mar
'nliftlnedupon a
upon appneauoa as inn 0
pplleation at this ofnoti
(Town, County, and State)
l.the sutscrlber,do hereby propose to furnish
and deliver to the Bolted States, at the Quarter
matter's Department at , agreeably to
the terms of your advertisement, Inviting propo
(Ala for fotefrr, dated Washington Depot, De
rrmber P, 13, tho following articles, Tin
, bushels of Corn, la sacks, at per buahel
luahels of Oats, In sacks, at per bushel
nf aunmicdi.
tons of baled Hay, at per ton of 9,000
tons of baled Straw, at -, per ton of 3,ooo
rteiivarr to commence on or before tbe
jAy of IM , aod to be completed oft or be
fore the day of , 166 . and plclge myself
to enter Info a written contract with the United
states, with rock! and approved sc curltlrs, within
the space of ten days after being notified that my
bid has tocn accepiea
Your obedient servant,
rVlrodier Ceueral U. U. Rbttttrt,
- CMe( Depot quartermaster,
Washington, D. C
we, the undersigned, residents of
til imnntv nt... - . and State Of
hereby, jointly and severally, covenant with the
L'nlted States, and ruarnntee In eaac the foregolDi
1.1 1 rtf - .. ,w aetf ntcd. that he or thev wll
t en
within ten dati after the Acceptance of the said
bid, execute the contract for tbe smewlth good
and aufllcient auietles, In a sum equal to the
amount of the contract, to furnish the forage pro
posrd in conformity to tbe terms of advertisement
dated Decemtor 8, ISex, under which the bid wss
made, and, la ease the said shall fall to
enter Into a contract as aforesaid, we guarantee to
make good the difference between the ofTer by the
uld and the next lowest responsible bidder,
or the person to whom tho contract may be
Witness. I Given under our hat 'a and seals
(im oay or , ibb
i h..rlivctiifvthL to the beat of my knowl
edge ami belief, the above-named guarantors are
cod and aufflcient as sureties for the amount for
which they ofltr to bo security.
To be certified by the United States District At
torney, Collector of Customs, or any other officer
under the United States Government, or rcaponsl
U. p.r.o. known to IU. office H
dbS-tf Brig. Gen, and Quartermaster.
1 PAHTMENT.Wasiiiiiotoh, Aprils, is.
Sealed Proposals will be rece'ved at this Lepart
ment until 4 o'clock p. m , on WRDNKSDAY, the
jihalatfnr Mnf.lfi8l.fnr the dellv.tv of all the
Wroiuht Iron Dates and Bars as hereinafter
spec! fled, necessary to build the following car
For lMnch Guns.
-70 Barbette Front Pintle.
30 Barbette Centra Pintle,
For 1 0-inch guns.
160 Casemate Carriages.
suo Front Pintle Barbette,
ForS-lnch guns.
iu Front Pintle Baibelte.
Ibe parts required for Wrought Iron Barbtlle
and t asemate Carriages a as lollown
roR tof r.nniAoc.
tnCCK-llHUP, lllricr, V-ya. Dt.a:B, ..auaouia,
Guide Hooka, Guide Hook Unr, Trunnion Beds,
Axle Shapes, uoiia.
Bails, Kall-I'latcs, Pall Chords, Rail Braces,
..V a .... v.viAab ft. null. nrn
jranaoma, adr run iiuivit uu.nir
anms,TransomWahers,AxloShapes.Fork Shapes,
Hurters, Chassis, Step, Assembling Belts.
Paitinim. d before and rail too bars.
The number and dimensions of the Iron p'ates
and bars for each carriage to be as specified In the
bills of Iron In oidnanoe memoranda No. 6, copies
,t which can be obtained upon application at
sVatc Mown, Franktord, or Alleghany Arsenalt.tbe
Nur Ymit- fdov. or af this oflloc. Printed sched
ules, containing the number of plates and bars re
CUircu, ean oe ODiaineu a ids ivutvuiucu ytmvvm
An hirirlra will atata the nrlae at which thev
propose to manufacture each part, In the manner
The Iron to be used In the manufacture of the
i lates ana Dsrs io oe as ioi.owb:
i i. . k. Plate a and Hal I-Plates of medium oualltr
llion, Obreln direction of length, tenacity not
Transoms all to be of beat quality oharcoal flange
iron, Ubre In direction o( i
i..n jo rVtrt lha nt aiiikr 1
Trunnion Bcda to be of best quality of charcoal
iroo.tensolty not less than 64,000 lbs. per square
Checks, Braces. Hurters, and Counter Hurters,
auio do 01 kouu moiuuD. truu, .vMtvuj uvi
.i.an am rOO Ilia. nr aniikrA Inch.
Halls, Rail Chorda, chaails Braces. Caps and
Shoes, and Argle Iron, to be or g od quality of
wrlNretlned fibrous Iron) tenacity not less than
60,000 IDS per Bquarftincii,
Axles for 8 inch and to-lnch Carrlsg rs, and all
Traverse Wheel Journals, to be of best charcoal
ttbrous Ironj tenacity not less than W,ooo lbs. per
All bolts and RU sts to be of bett charcoal fibrous
Iron. Tenacity not less than 66,000 pouads per
anu are inch. ,
Axles for iS-lnch Carriages, and all Fork Shape s,
and Tongues for Casemate Carriages, to be of the
lest charcoal Iron. Tenacity not less tban66,ooo
loundspersuuarolnch. ,,,.,.
Bidden will specify the date at which they can
ommencedelh erics, and the rate at which they
an delhcr each part thereafter
No bids will be iccelved except from parlies
Actually engaged In the manufacture) of this or
almilar kinds of work, a d who ean h'ingamiile
rldence that they have In their own shops all the
machinery aod appliances ror turning out th e full
Aim uut of work as speolfled by them.
ni.lU.. a ill la ramilrail Ia Turnlah nriitier kUTfJ
tlea for the proper performance of the work, and
tbllicncioaa, iviiu utuir vuim, ma wtjuch nmuvni-
cdxuents of their sureties over their own signs-
Kact party obtaining a contract will be required
I'd enUr Into bonda with approved sureties for its
mlthful execution. ........
Upon tho award being made, successful blddtrs
tract and bond
Ihe deiiartment re.erve. the rlaht to reject any
or all hldi, II not cm.il .atufaotory.
eral George P. Ramsay. Chief of Ordnanee, Wash-fngton.pfcv-
nd wl be endorsed "Proposal
?'.... ... I , .... .n:l h.H In. Irin vain ...
rrol o.at. win uo uui....11 I" ' iimmiuw
lor wrougmuua pf." "",.r.i n iiiM.lv
rlaae..'' otu. u. HaaiiAi,
aps-ut Srliaolsr Ceottal, Chill o( Oidnano.
ftDscAtf or PaoTittani Ann CLornma.
March tc, lSi. )
SEPARATR PROPOSALS, sealed and tndoraed
Propoaalaror Small Stores," fee., will be received
at this office until IS o'clock M. on the Hth day of
April next, lor furnlshler and dellTerlnr(onre-
oeirinf ten aayi'noiisei a in uaiiea stie nary
yards at Charfestown, Maasaehnsettsf and Brook
Is. new York. In such numbers and quantities and
at such times as may be specified by the Chief of
this bureau, or by the commandants of the said
navy yards, respectively, dories; tbe remainder of
the fiscal year endlnt; on thesoth dy or June. IBM,
the numbers and quantities of the different artl
eles. and at the places specified In the following
Hit. vln
' f..1..AJH
Salt water aoao. lbs .....60.000
Thread, black sndwhtte, lbs.... 200
Riband, hat, pleees 9,000
Tape, white, pieces.,., ,B00
lape. Mui ivcci., ;wv
spools cotton. .... S.ooo
silk, sewlnf, lbs .,.... 900
Pocket hanek treble fe. 8,600
NeedleauwlnaVPapu . 1
Thimble 1,000
elssors Ioo
luiors .......... 600
Rsior strops. ..,. .4 IBoo
Shavlnfbox 1,200
Rhavtnf bniahee 9,000
havlnt soap, cakes ,000
Scrub brushea. .... .... 9,000
Blasklnr brashes 1,000
Whisk broom 1,000
Kafleeoat buttone, doien. ... 600
Katie medium button doten... soo
Katie vest buttons, dozen 1,000
D.U. buttons, dozen 0,000
Flneeombe .. 4,ooo
Coarse eembs 4,000
Spoons 900
rtrks 900
Blacking-, boxes..,.., 9,000
Can openers. 600
St carina eandlee, lbs 00,000
Offers may be made tor one or more articles, at
the option of the bidder, and in case mora than one
article la contained In the offer the Chief or the
Bureau will have the right to accept one or more
of the artlclaacontalnadln such ofler. and reject
the remainder, Th prictt tiusf be unform, end
oArs mwf etAcrecseUeenyoneervterf arttettt 4t
liverablt of all thi italiwu.
For the description of artlolee In the above list
blddere are referred to the sample at the said
Navy Yards, and to the advertisement of this Bu
reau dated August 16, 1861, and for Information as
rv.u usiivu kuaua iu. loo, iuu lur luiuruiaiiuu
to the laws and regulation a (in pamphlet form) re-
gaming eoniracu, loxneomcea 01 ui acTerai com
mandants of Navy Yards and Navy Agents.
BotImt Xtu ) ork, PMladt'pA la, BaMmort.mnd at thtt
imam J9TWH 0 yrvpoimiM mmy ow wtatnwa an wpyitcw
". m2-tAw4w
AW .atlPPT T V ft
A V Y 'BUrrijIKb.
Navt Dxpabtueht.
I "fttt
" ,iivaEAV or i'aoTisions aid lothir,
Antkta nmruMftla. b1'J mrl ndnrMl
po.al. for Narr SurotlM," wlU be malnd t thi.
bureau until i o'cloek M. on TUESDAY, tb. lth
HiX ?ii.Ki'.?!l!t.jr. uS!ii,tj.tlf.M!ll mS..
l?.,,'rS:!5! ?.""! .KSJi?"BK"iS.fi J".
B,oo'kWo,N.w "vo,k" "TphKTKSlVV
TanU,la.uchnuaatlll.oulanil t .uch time.
a. nkrb.requfradoronlereahrthaChl.f ofthl.
5";;u! 5'i.S;,0JSJ.".,SlKJ,iL ,"lJ.'UI
the alllerent articles and at the places specified in
the following list, Tit 1
lflawwn. jirvtwyn. rnuaaa.
PJee.lh 60.000
... ao.ooo 7fi.oon
Dried ApplM, Ihe. 66,000
near, lb. z,ooo
Tea, lb. I.ooo
Deaa.,(all. W.OOO
Molaaaei. all.... 11,000
Mnejar, ,all..... U,00
Separata orter. muit b. mad. for each article at
aebofUi.eJorea4dMTyara.! and la cue more
than on. artlcl. 1. raatafaed In the offer the Chief
of th. Bureau will hare the right to accept one or
more ol the article, eoniainea in .ucn oner, ana
reject in. remeinaer.
For the deecrlptloD of ertlclea In the
v ,i .
'.'. 'ild
Of thi. BU-
Dioaera ar. reierreu m (ne aampie.
but vard.. and to th. adrerttaemeat
reau dated June II, IMl, and for Information a. to
alAn ..,A
th. law. and regulations Jin pamphlet form) re
gardlng contracts, to the of&ce of the aeveral Com'
DanuuHC Ol fi.TX lara. anil utiT Aa.ttt..
fiana rormj ar wtmoiait mauoeooiainea on ejuxi-
nllon ( naey oeenll a rortnmlh, rw lump-
.nir. cmi, t, im,iu.ijwl ,Hinivr,.nu
or hh a ureen.
otok, )
!' I
urricc or imsr iKTiiHAnii
WAaniMOTOW. D. CL March SS. IMl.
PROPOSALS are Invited for furnlshina Wood to
the troops In and around the forte hereinafter
peclflel, from parties owning wood or wood lands
In the vlolnlty of the same, visi
North of the Potomac Forts Sumner Mansfield,
Bayard, Simmons, Gaines, Ksno, Kearney, De
Ruisy, Bterens, ilosum, Tot ten, Slemmer, Bunker
Hill, Saratoga, Thayer, and Lincoln, and Batteries
Sneade, Kimball, Parrolt, and Cameron.
East of eastern Branch Potomac Fort a Gieble,
Carroll, Snyder, Stanton, Baker, Darls, Pupont,
MelKs, Mahan, and Batteries Kicketts and Wag
ner, I
souinor roiomao ona marcy, a.inan Alien,
C. F. Smith, Bennett, DeXalb. Corcoran, Hanerty,
Woedbury, Whipple, Cass, Tilltnchast, Craig, and
proposals will be recelred under this ad r art lie
ment lor woedanwhere within the 1 mlta of the
Departmeat of Washington for supply of troops
In said Department
rroposals will be made la the following manner,
to wltt
1. Torwood standing (price per cord.)
3. For wood felled b ft fie United States engineers
or ether wise (price per cord 1
s. For wood cut and corded on the ground.
rroposals must specify tbe loaallty, kind, quan
tity, and quality of the wood, and Its dlstanoe
fiom the nearest fort, samp, or station for troops.
Each bidder must attach his full name and post
office address to his tld, and the names of all par
ties interested In the proposal must appear In the
Bids will be opened from time to time, and con
tracts or purobasce made as the wood maybe re
quired. Tbe right Is rcssrved to acoept all or any part of
a bid.
No verbal propositions will be entertained, but
every bid, or nedtfleatlon of the same, must be In
Proposals should be endorsed " Proposals for
Wood,' and addressed to
lieutenant Colonel aod Chief Quartermaster,
m38lSt Department of Washington.
AYOIVS UDUril'B, APIUL 11, 1801
nlnAi.l. will La received at the Maroi'a Olllce
until ft M., on MONUAY, ISth day of April laat ,
for continuing tbe .ewer In sixth street west, from
I to L street north. The else of the sew.r 1. .u
fet Intnl. diameter, wall. nln. luchee la thtak
ne..,to be laid la th. be.t cment mortar.i the
i.avaUon will be about tan feet deep. Bidder,
will atat. th. prle. per lineal foot for th. main
ewer, whl.h ihall Involve excavation, and ruling
and making good all sutler., atreet., a..., which
may have to he dlaturb.d la executing the work,
tfn.i hut nf.Atlfi.l m.eh.nlc. need bid.
spaelaottion. can be .ecu In the City Surveyor's
Otncs. W. DOUGLAS.
Commt.aloner Fourth Ward.
c. M. uiichmVhll-,
apis A.aletaat Commtaalonere.
will U publl.hed to-morrow, and will atlr up the
dry honea of Incompetent and Incapable official,
throughout the laud, and make a aenaatlon gen
A nsw volume by Count Adam Ourowakl, em
bracing a Diary of Political and Military t-'ent.
and Tranaa.tlon., In the Cabinet and In the Field,
for the year of lass.
For aharp erltlclam, alternaUng with epl-
fiammatle trenehant, eauatlo prala. and ea.tlga.
Ion, thi. work muat bear away tbe palm front all
othere over printed la thi. country, ismo., cloth
bound, price Lo.
CAHLKTON, Puhll.her, New York.
FitlVATE MILES O'REILLY will be ready with
HIS DOOK,rloh with Song., Servl.e. and Speeehea,
and Comically Illustrated. febt
Uat removed hit ofnet to the Northeast corner of
F and FUUenth atresia, opposite tk eaat
entrane. of thtTreaeury Building,
Attends ttpMlallT to elalms upon the United
ttlai, niir
0,000 11,600
SEALED PROrosALS will be reeelednt thla
oinoe until WEDNESDAY, April 27 1 h at 4 p. ra ,
for I00,ooo aets of Infantry Accoiitrrmenti, calibre
ftMobedsllrered In the following quantlttea at
undernamed Araenali, vlit
so,oooaets at the New ork Ararna), Govcrnor'a
30,000 aeti at the Frankfort Araenal, Brldnburj,
10,000 sets at the Alleghany Arsenal, Pittibure;,
20,000 sots at the St Louis Araenal, st Louli,
These accoutrements ate to be made in strict
eonformlty with the new pattirn sets to Ve seen
at the AUtxhany. New York, Frankfort, St. Louis,
tvaierruet, wucnown, nnu vainiDKiou aiic
naif, and the Springfield At nor). Thei' are to be
subject to Inspection at tho Arsenal wbeiedeKv
ereo, be Tote being rcoflvcd for the Gorernraent
None are to be accepted or paid for but such as are
approved upon Inspection, The belts to be of
grained leather, and atl tbe stock to be the beat
oak tanned. The shoulder belt will bo Included in
the seU
Deliveries must bo made in Iota of not leas than
one-fifteenth (1-15) per week ol the whole numbei
contracted fori the tint delivery to bo uiaJe on
the Slat day of May.
Failure to make deliveries nt a specified time
will subject the eontraetor to a forfeit are of the
number ne may lau 10 ueurer at irm time
manner) the boxes to be charged At coat, to be i!e I
A us MwuinuiTui. iiiua. lj tnixi;it iu iiic iisuna
rmlnad br the Inaneetor.
i Bidders will stale explicitly the Araenal or Ar-I
cenals, where they propose to deliver, and the
number of sets they propose to deliver ateneh
pit, 11 ior raor mitn one.
No bids will be considered from ptrlU oilier
than regular manufacturers, and such as Ate '
known to this Department to he fully competent
to execute In their own shops the work proposed
lor. Diioaia anj nnnr ouiniainx contract oner
accoutrements other than those made In his own
shops, they will be rejected, and the contract
rendered null and void. '
Burners win enciotewnnineir urns ine wmien
acknowledgments of their sureties ocr their own
Kaeh party obtaining a contract will be obliged
to enter into bond with approved sureties ror Its
faithful execution.
Upon the award being made, successful bidders
will be notified, and furnished with lorrua of con
tract and bond.
The Departmtnt reserves tho right to rrject an)
or all bids. If not deemed stiUNctorj
ProDOiati wll be addreaird t " fir U idler (ln
nil ui
eral George D. Ramsay, Chief of Oidimn,e, Vneh
logton, D. C," endorsed 'Tropoinit (or Inf.nti
Aoeouiremenia," ukuhuf. u .(Aius.i 1,
m26-stuthlSt Brig Gen., Chlrl of Ordnance
" - the Treaaurr DenArtment. UR1e. of the
BTTpervUine Architect, Waahtngton, D C , until 12
ra.ofthelstdayofMay.IMi, foi all the Firo ard
BurrtAT-nroof safee adA vai it rmuirrd hv the
Treasury Department prior to Ma l, taas.
nana anu anecincaiiona enn ne unmincu i'y np
plICKtlOD tO t
umomMiifrwiiwuv r uy ic it.
inlBH nr.nniillv op bv Iff! tor.
r Bia.lob.prr.urrll.ll foot. Inclu.fln door .ml
ptle, ,meJ to eortr all cliaijc. whatov er, except
h, f,,,M ,d the a tuM trarellng exjien.e. of
workB.n to the Plate, wher. the Vault, are to t
lSliJ "wWfo'ruatanoli.rEK;
,n,i oonOltlon, without eharjtr
i,ok. for tho Vaul'. or Fate . will ho furnlihcl
T !. Department, hut mu.t ho t,orerlr l'ut on
TMp0Blble persona In the sum of A5,ww that tl e
bidder will accept and perform the contract if
vrd(l to hlmi the BUlIlciOJCV nl the curltr to
L. .:....:j ,. k. ... P.K..I..'.. ii i ti.. :..,.
7h fw t t
The Department re.enei the rlM to rsjeet ny
or a'l tbe bids if it be considered its Intertat to Co
so, and no bid will be considered that doc a m it
conform to thercqulrcmcntsoftbisAdii.itliemer.t.
Propo.als for fates and aulU' r,vOlL,O0
m28 mthmyt bupervlslng Architect.
lyTAYOU'B omi'E,
froiwal. will be received at tho Major'. otRco .., .'rllclr. of tironcrtv fan
until tam.oaMO.NUAV,18thdyofAprll,ln.taiit,a'J hn"'C' S L,M JhereWthoi
lor the eontinuiin ot the .ewer In Math .licet I which Is preecnini.iwuereoyuioi
... frnm R nnrlh .1.1. nt Mllihll -jtl. .vn. . lO llllU. Ond lUat tUli IDOlUtlOn
, A. th, ....h .m. of L .ttert north
"-.,..- .... -- ---- -- - --"' -.- "".-
building cf . tench trap., twoonlhecaiti
nn th. west alile of Math and L alrcct, rort
the bulldlne of a branch sewer, which .hall twain
at the luter.ectlon of L .trect t.nrlh and Ninth
itrte, west, and rua we.t along th. eeLtre of L
street to opno.lts the
t regit to onnoalta the centre of the alley It adlrcr
Into Square No id, thenco up said alley to
such point as the City Sun ej or may designate.
I The site of tho main sewer Is & feet lmldo di
ameter. I The branch sewer will bo circular in abAue. In
aide diameter eighteen inches, wVl n ne inches In
i thickness. The 4 stench traps will le almilar to
thoae at Sixth atreet west and G s'rect north; the
average depth of sewer will be ah ut 9 feet, the pf the grievances thus alleged. Ho therefore
work to be laid In cement mortar Invokes tho Interposition df the Imperial (lo-
Bldders will state the trlae per lineil Toot for ' ornuicnt.
theraain sewer, which shall Include all exesva- Tho Trcsldcut Is not "Unaffected by the mls
.LAt2!gSlliV!i?uii.ii lilin'iE'JaiV n.lf(S.r I fortunes which Mr. Uougcra has suflered, and
SS&S anu'refalr. 8 'W ViSwSl SZSfilSi h. therefore, directed mo to mako a 'earc
ate, and tier .tench trap each, which shall include ful examination of tho case, ullh a lc to as
all excavation required, uudcr an act appro ed es.1 ' certain whether ho has been In fact lnolTcnsIvo
of May, 18U. ....... , I In his relations to this Government, and
gpeclhcstlon.can be seen at Ihe Ity Sui.eyor'. . . .. , . .,,,,. cro'occa.
rront but practical wotumtm need Did
HlUllAllU WA1.LACM, Major
Csmml.aloner of the Third Ward
A.llstaot Commlialoner..
AYOH'H OFFICE, VHUL 11, lbflj.
runoaala nlll bu recelrd il tho Mn.oi'a OtlUe
until MONUA V, 18th day ol April next, for pa.lng
anu graains; (uat part ui u aircci norm, uctm-vu
Seventh aVd Ninth, which Is not pnvedi alao, for
the conatructlon of four sewers, to be looted
where tbe Survej or may direct. Dlddeia will atate
the price per square yard for the stone paving,
fer eublo yard for the grading, per lineal (not fr
he sewers, which shall Incluie oxoaratlon and
filling an making good the canal wail. Tho size
of tbe sewers will be tuo feet Inildodlamcteis.
wall nine Inches In thickness, to be laid li cement
mortar. The paving to to hid in a bed ol ihaiu
J ravel nine Inches In depth, the stono to be tint
orm In site, to be well rammed, nnd done to the
entire satisfaction of the tommls.iuuer
J 1 (JAnNHt,
Commissioner 1 bird U ai d
J 11. SEMMrS,
rplS Assistant Commlssionci a
AYOli'B OFFICE, APRIflll, Will.
innitilB will he rrceli ed at tho Mnntr a oillce
until MONDAY, 18th day of Apillinhtant, for pil
ing and grading the carriage-way on C ein-ct north,
between Kour-and-a-h-.lt and sixth street, west
Didders will state the price per square aru lor
the atone pa lng. per cubic j ard foi the Kradlnt?
I ha innti htill Le zood and uniform lu al0. ami
laid In a bed of good aharp gracl nine inchea in
depth, to be wet and rammed three times before
UwlOg rCMlTCU vi IIV wUiiUUiiBiuuciB
nose out uraciicm iicii utjcu jt.-i.,,
Commissioner of the Fourth U n I
ajilj Assistant Lomuilssiutia
until 1. o'clock in , on MONDAY, Uio ISth di) - l
April, inatant, ir me nuiimugui n uu . iuiuti
acroas Second street east, In Fati.ct uorthj tlie
eulvairt win La clrcdlar In ahalte. In ide dlamctei
7 feet, walla 9 Inches In thickness, to be laid lu the
DC si cement mortar
Bidders will state the price per lineal foot, . hlch
shall Include all excavation or other t cnars In
cident to the work
None but practical mechanics need bid
' WM DUlTCLtt.
a pi J -colt Coin mill lo I) i r of Ihe Fourth U ard
FICE, Diror or Waiiuhotom.Wa hi 'icn.
D. C., January 4, I8W , , , ,,
All dealera in DrUM, Haidn are, Lumber, LAt in r,
Omce rurnlture, Harness, andseddleiy, aio m
quested to send tothlsolllc on th MONDAl of
each week, a sealed proposal or Hal, in iivuati,
of the articles they are prepared to fui nlah to thla
Depot at short notice, with the price ot each
marked In plain figures, so that, in case thcexl-
J codes of the service require it, the ni title or nr
IcUscan be obtained without dtbty '"d at tie
lowest prloe,
Dealers wishing to aell to thla Depot .Ui hu 10
uircd to furnish the Hat punctually (n cr U mUy
morning D. H. ilLUKl-H,
Srlfadler General and thief Uuarie.maaitr,
jtMf Depot of Washlntrtou
('ty,turJJnruvitRi. Jifenusamf fourlrrntit ttmt,
Washlniton D, C Jafi-ly
From the New York Spirit of the Fair 1
When elrclM by the fond and fair,
We saw the maimed and pale,
With that heroic, f entle air,
Before which cowards qualli
So radiant In the grasp ofpalo,
so mek with valor's crown,
Our swelling hearts could not refrain
To bless thy young renown.
Youth's artless cheer with raauhoo Vs thought
In word and glance o'etfiow,
As If thy life bad newly eaught
Thy blood's ancestral glow1
The tplrlt of old Sweden's king
Which mien and accent bore,
In every pulse-beat seemed, to apt In
Intrepid as of yore.
It nerrrd thy arm In wild foray,
And round t&y martyr's bed,
Whet e love and filth still watch and pra,
Angello patience shed. .
aln the bueambuah from whoae lair
Tho murderer's bullet came,
And rain the slander that would tear
The glory from my ha me.
O, Ulrfe, brutal hate will pine,
All Impotent to siat , ,
The Uurels thtt iMsoountrys sMlne
Forever sbMUndetr. "
TnedtAth of Rev. Thomas Star King, In an
Franclieo, on the 4th of Much, has called forth,
mnnr nthir trllmtra. thfl fnllnwlnir rm.1llf
I From the San FtaqcIioo Bulletin.)
lUllCTlnKGtinnt-SIarch ltli, 10I
tame ILe Relief "What, fentry.ho'
How nasied fho night through thy long waking1'
" Cold, cheerless, dark is may befit
The hour before the daws Is breaking '
1 Nn ilslit t na tound t" " Noi nothing e
Tlieplorer from the marshes calling
And In yon Weatern Kky, about
An hour agn, a Star waa falling."
" A atar t There's nothing st'aogo In 1 hat '
"No, nothing! but, above the thicket
Somehow It seemed to me that God
somewhere had just relief, cl a picket '
lotirap&uileuce I.ald IIire Couf(rrse liy
lli JJepartmentbffftftfe.
FRANCE Continued,
Mr, Stttvrtl to J Mtrcltr,
Depastmeht or Statc )
Wasiiihotoi. November 8 l&M. 1
"' t ... pnim,..u -,n(n r ti? am.
I Imrc tho honsr to acknowledgo the
-,t" ,",", , r. Tt, rtiim f r
Instant. In which you ircscnt tho claim of Mr.
FiaucoU Ilougcrc acnnst tho Government of
UiO untlcu oiaics, in uio iorm in wmcu 1. uas
,,,- .tatedbvhlm to Jlr. Fauconnot. manaccr
"i ,,. Vnn.ulile tat franco t New oilcan.
'' J,1.""" . .7:
Tho tateincnt of Mr.BouRerO la of tho follow-
lnir cfTecli Tliat ho It a native of Frances that
ho ua, bcen , Inhabitant of tho State of I.OU.
l.lana .lnco 1810. nnl for .ome time, not uell.
nlUly .Utcn, h.'toja domiciliated li.ero, a, a
(uffar Ilontcr, In 110 parltU of 8t. Charlei
that lie haa not loll Ha nationality of a French-
man, ,nd tn,t i10 n, ncrcr borne arm. aualnst
the United Slate., that ho wa. recently tho
owner or scvenly-lwo negro slaves or varioua
aces and distinct eoxci, who were tho ,u-
rromrt nf fnmlllfa uhlch ho had honirht a
! IontT whiio prior to tuo year imoj oil 01
"- - ":.. v '-tt- -.t. ..
whlcli slavcawcro upon lis saw pianwuon, to-
KClher with horses, mules, carriages, linen, and
family rtorcsi that the aggregate Yaluo of these
slaves aod the articles of property thus 4c-
" was seventy thousand tight hundred
(lon,r. That ou tho 2Mh dav of Aucust last.
a column of United Btalco troops, under tho
fmmnnil nfdoloucl Thomas and Cant. Grout.
took from him by force theso seventy-two
slaves, a list or wmcu is given, anu aiso tne
inveuiory ui
deprived him
LKSliwi 01 luc m .1 ol, licu"nK re"u' "'' ? try, and dctcrmlno inch case. Those CommH
r" th, .'Jo corn' V,1!'1,1 ? U"V of jnne, which would llone ronJer account, of tholr dolnga to tho
.'. i ''J,0.' i hare jloldcd thrco hundred homhead. of engar ijovomnr. of th. hii. ..t ni itt. mtiro in.
-. V. f l,. ... -p'
and mousses,
IBM mo aarasgcsMiiicii re-
united from this failure aro equal toclcMoen
thou a ami dollars, which, added to the value of
tho slaves and property taken, makes an asrerc-
gatoof eighty eight thousand eight hundred
Mr. lloncre.ro represent that ho has maileuu-
encccssiul BTiDllcatlons to tho local authorities
I of tho United States In Louisiana, for redress
sloncd by ilolcnce. Injustice, soverlly, or even
carelessness on tho part of the military forces
of tho United States, bo that redress, If Justly
duo, shall bo awarded.
Incntortng upon Ibis examination, I could
not but remark that Mr. Bougere's own repre
sentations of his attitude towards tbo do, cm
ment do not seem to mo to fully justify tbe
view of It which, u,wn different Information,
you hat u assnmcu. Yon stato that his antece
dents hnvo been represented to you as excel
lent In all respects, and that ho appears to
hao ncm departed from tho strict neutrality
which the Emperor's Government has not
ceased to recommend to Its citizens under ox
1 s tint,' circumstances. In trusting to Mr. Bon
gcre's statement, I obserro that upou the point
non lu question ho states only that ho uer
loet his nationality as a French subject, nor
boru arms against tho United States. I need
hardly point out to so just an obsen cr as your
Excellency the fact that, besides bearing arms
against tho United Btatcs, thcro am other ays
In which a man of wealth and Influence can
abet and support a treasonable Insurrection.
Kveu tho chief of the revolutionary conspiracy,
and every member of the cabals which aro
called his Cabinet and Congicss, can probably
safely assert that ho has never borne arms
against tho United States. It may, neverthe
less, bo tme that Mr. Bougere has preserved
his neutrality In tho present conillct, notwith
standing his own seeming reserve upon mot
object i I will thcreforo cheerfully receive,
upou that point, any more full and a Jti factory
Information which you may bo authorised now
or hereafter to furnish. In tho mean time,
candor requires that I should Inform jou that
even tho very cautious and guarded statement
which Mr. liougcro mako concerning his neu
trality Is distinctly contradicted by the military
authorities at Now Orleans. Iboy represent
that beforo tho transaction, of which ho com
i lalns. hud occurred, he had been In the habit
uf meeting with a military band of Insurgents,
of tth.fha nephew of hla is caplalui that ho
assisted largely by voluntary coniriuuuons io
equip that tieusonablo band, and that ho vol
untarily supplied them with rations sent from
his own house that he provided himself with n
rc olutlonary uniform, saddle, and horso equip
ments, and had them In his possession and
ready for use on his plantation when that trans
fiction occurred.
raising from the political character of tho
claimant to tho details of tho transaction com
plained of, I must call your attention to the
cry aguu and unsatisfactory manner In which
tho facts aro presented by Mr. Uougcre. lie
coulents himself with saying that a column of
troops of tho United States, commanded by
Colonel Thomas and Cnptuin Orout, of the
Eighth Vermont, took by force tho slaes and
nronem described, and forbears from gi lng
any account of tho moment or circumstances of
tho aucgeu capture. This very general nai la
ment la unsupported by any teatlmouy or el
ilaicc, nor is It even authenticated by tho cus
tomary continuation of his own oath.
I think you will at once perceive that theie
Is a necessity for your referring the matter back
lojour consul for testimony ut somo kind,
when I lufuru you that th fuct of u forcible
taking ol Iheslavcaaud propertyUiontradlct
td by the military authorities of tho United
Siatei) who were eugaged lu thu transaction
They rcjwrt that tho negroci (claimed as slave.)
wero not iaaen oy rorce nor in any otner way
by the military column) but that, on the
contrary, they left tho Plantation TofuntarUri
that a portion, understood to be orer half of
mem, naa even to lert ana abandoned tho
plantation beforo the expedition In that direc
tion was made: and that of the remaining half
ft portion left In the same voluntary manner
taking advantago of the expedition, tome of
them going off before the column at It ad
vanced, and others following behind It as It
proceeded that the expedition returned during
a night and a day, and that other negroes, sup
posed to bo slaves then, followed it on Its re
turn and that all this was done not only with
out any command or dlrodlon given by the
ouiccr, out even wunout any interference made
by himself or by any of the forces constituting
the expedition. It Is also ststcd by tho mili
tary authorities that they received only one of
the fncltlve slaves In question, and that this
particular slavowas one whq had escaped from
the plantation before tho expedition waa made,
was wounded by a mnskct-ball In tho act of
escape, and, therefore, sought refugo In the
camp, and wpi-ihcre Indulged with medical
treatment. '"
The same authorities report that when tho
expedition had pasted Mr. uougcre's homo on
Its outward march, that person, who had been
absent from tho mansion, rclnrncd to It and
then drove all his cattle and other stock back
Into the woods, and also drovo the slaves who
wero then remaining on the plantation Into his
sugar-houtei and that these slaves, taking ad
vantage of tho night, left the sugar-home and
followed the expedition on Its return to the
Tho military authorities further report that
they took two very poor horses from the plant
ation and used them to draw the guns, but that
onlr one of them belonged to Mr. Bougcret
and they allege that no other horses or other
anlm.ls, nor any carriages or slaves, or other
property, wero taken from tho plantation by
tho expeditionary force, either with or without
llw authority of tho commander. They add,
however, that somo such nroncrtv a. 1. men.
Honed by Mr. Bougcre was taken and used by
tho slaves In making their night.
Uavlng thus, nlih tbe utmost frankness,
given to i on the representation, of tho trans
action communicated by the Secretary of War
to this Department, It remains only to say that
I am Instructed to receive and to give duo
weight to any corrections of those representa
tions which Mr. Bongere shall be able to make,
and that when tho case shall thus hare been
fully developed, I shall apply to tho President
for Instruction., with a view to n riellnltf. nnd.
.. , . . :r..::z ::i.
-, i trust, a uausiaciorr reply.
I hare the honor to bo. sir. with litirh ponitld.
ersllou, onr obedient servant,
Mr. IUkv Mcudcn, Ac., tVc, .lc.
Jfi .Vflranl to Mr, Jcrrfcr.
Department or State. 1
Wasiunotoh, November 10, 180.1. (
Sim I have attlentlvoly read our Excellen-
cy'a noto of the Clh Instant.
Thus fur, only two persons whohavo claimed
exemption from tho mllltarv draft on the
ground of their being French subjects, bate
occn presented to this Licparlinent, ana notli
of them w tro discharged promptly and wilhout
This is a complex Government, conslstiug of
StatcOovcrnmcnts, within their sphcro, Inde
pendent of tho Fcdcrsl Government) tho Fed
eral Government, In Its sphoro. Independent of
the fitato Government. Collisions betwoen
thorn cannot be prevented by Kxccullvo action.
They must, however, bo reconciled whon they
have occurred. Tho Government calls on the
States to furnish troops by draft of the militia.
Tho States detcrmlno for themselves who con.
slltutotkomilllla. and thev make the draft.
Tboy respectively provldo for ascertaining who
are uwie to mcuraitanu whoaro exempt trom
" """ "J U.IB UM,SbVWUtlIVUVII Ml MV,.
u, ana tuey navo mate commissioners to near,
Uepcndcnco of tho Federal Government, and are
In no way responsible to thctu. Jf tho Go.cr-
nor or a tttsto errs, and subjects to military
duty a person who Is entitled to exemption on
tho cround of alienage, a question Is thus
ralsod between the United Slates and the na
tion which is untitled to protect the complain
ant. This Department Ucn recolvcs and
promptly and ciltctually decides tho caso. It
would ludeed he very acrccablo to communi
cate In ad van co to representatives of the for
eign Powers the principles upon which the De
partment would nroccod In such cases. But.
on tho other hand. It must he allowed there
are fu subjects moro prortuctlvoof conflicting
leguistion ana adjudication man mat or alien
age. It seems, therefore, to bo prudent to re
frain from anticipating merely what specu
lative questions Involve, and to confine the
action 01 uocrnmeni io moso cases wuicn,
Lclug practically brought beforo It, mnt neces
sarily receive Its solution. In tho hope that
theso explanations will be satisfactory to your
excellency, i nave me honor to oe your very
obedient servant,
Wlf-IUM ll.ttSWAftn.
Mr. Hknrt MnnciER, Ac, Ac., fcc.
7b be Continued.
t'ltaaeil nt the First Section of the Thirty'
Klffhth Cougrcaa.
iriOLic No. 40.1
An act to Incorporate tho Unlou Gaslitht
company oi tno ui&trici oi loitimma.
1U it matted bu the Senate ami Jfouaa of lititrc
ttntativet of the UniUd htatcs of Atmnctt in CVji
arcu atsetnbUd. That Savlua J. Bowen. William
timer, wiuiam uatos, itoucrt w. -Miiuank,
Andrew .m. muuey, uiiam Ji. uamwiu, 6,
I). Oilman, D. C. Forney, S. 1. Brown, John
(ircen, and uumallcl (Jay, and their asso-
elates and assigns, bo and thay are hereby
created a tody corporate, uudcr tho uaino of
The union uasncni company oi tuo uistnct
of Columbia," with authority lo manufacture
and sell gas, to bo made of coal, rluc, oil, lur,
pitch, peat, turpetlnc, or other maiulal, and
to be nsod In lighting tho city of Washington
and tho streets thereof, and any bulldlugs.
manufactories, or nouses mcrcm suuaieu. ana
to lav mains and Pines for tho purpose of
conducting gas lu any of tho avenues, streets.
lanes, or nuea oi ino saiu cuyi JTOuuea,
however inai mo cam tuiupuuy anon eo con
duct the manufacture, and lay said mains and
pipes, as not to create a nuisance or lujuro
cither rrlrate or public property) AmlnroitilJ
furtfur, That tho Bald mains nud pipes shall bo
laid subject to sucu couuiiioua auu m eompu
anro with such reirutatlons as may bo iru
scribed by tho muulclpal authorities of the city
of washiugton, ana tuo ngiu io crcci anu us-
IIUIISU OH J UUtluiuo, m''aiavua, ui iimtusuvi J
for tho m anu fact uro of gas, shall bo subject to
such regulations and restrictions as may bo
Horn time to nmo prescnucu uy iuu caiu muni'
final nuLhoritks of Wlishluirton.
Sec. 2. .ltl be it fuithtr mactal, That tho
capital slock of tho said company shall not bo
less than Ave hundred thousand nor morothan
ono million dollars, mid that tho said stock
shall bo divided luto shares of ono hundred
dollars tachuud shall bo doomed personal
property and bo transferable In such manner
as tht! bj law of suldtompauj ma) direct.
See. J. l'uf be U jarthtr eiuitttit, 'that within
six dsvs attei this act is approved by tho Pres-
hlLnt of the United Elate, thu corporators
named lu the llrst iseUlou, or a mijirlty of
them. or. If any refusr or neglect to ift. then
a majority of tho others shall cause woks of
subscription to the capital stock or said com
nanv to be opened and kept open in somo con
leiiiuu. iJiaeu iu u vtij i mohuiuhiuu, iiuiu
nino o'clock lu thu forenoon till threo o'clock
In the afternoon, fur a period of not lest than
threo da)L, ami a much longer as the said cor
pora torn shall prescribe, and thu said corpora
tors shall glu public notice of tho tlrao ami
place ot opcuing sain hooks oi subscription,
by advertisement thereof In the dally papers
published In tho city of Washington, and rab
icribers to tho capital stock of said comnanT
shall bo held to be stockholders i lYovtdeJ,
That every subscriber shall pay at tho time of
suuscnoiDg iwen.y-nvo per ctmtnra or the
amount subscribed by him to the treasurer whn
shall be appointed by the said corporators to
receive tbo same, or his subscription shall be
nnu and void. L
SlC. 4. And be it further enatUtL That when
tho nitnlranni amount of the capital stock of
said company, as prescriDea in tne second sec
tion, shall have been subscribed, and twenty-
fire per centum thereof paid aa aforesaid, tho
saia corporator, or a majority oi mem. ana in
caso any re fa so to act, then a majority of the
others, shall, within fifteen days thereafter.
call tho first meeting of tbo stockholders of
said company, to be held at somo convenient
Place In the city of Washington, for tbo elec
tion of directors, of tbollmo and place whereof
notice shall do given ror at least live days id at
least two dally news papers published In the
city of Washington or by written notice there
of, signed by one or more of said corporators,
and personally served on each stockholder) and
in all mcetlngst tho- stocxhobi4ra each ah a re
snau entiuo ine noiaer to ono tchc, to up given
either In person or by proxy.
Soc. &rAnd be U further enacted. That thtf cov-
ernment and direction of the affair of the com
pany shall bo vested In the board of directors,
composed of seven members, who shall be
stockholders, and who shall hold their office
ror tuo term 01 ono year, ana nniu oxuers aro
dalv elected and Qualified to take their places
as directors' and tho said directors shall eloct
one of their number to be president of tho
board, who shall also be president of the com
pany, and a majority of the board shall consti
tute a quorum to do business; ami they shall
choose a treasurer, who shall give bond with
Bufllclent surety to said company, In such sum
as the said directors may require, for the faith
ful discharge or nis trust, in caso oi n vacancy
In the board of directors by death, resignation,
removal, refusal to act, or otherwise, the va
cancy occasioned thereby shall be OlUd by tho
other directors.
Bee. 0. And be it further enacted, Tnot thcro
shall be an annual meeting of tho stockholders,
for tho election of directors, to bo held at such
time and place, and under such rules and reg
ulations, as tho said company In their by-laws
shall prescribe, and the directors shall make
an annual report in writing ot their proceed
lncs to tho stockholders.
8ec. 7. And be it further enacted That tho
directors shall hive full power to mako all
such by-laws as they shall deem necessary for
tuo regulation, management, ana uisposmou
of tho stock, effects, and property of tho said
company, andfor the prorer execution of the bu
siness oi the company, bo as tne same snau no.
be contrary to this charter, to the laws or tno
United States, or to the ordinance, of tho city
oi Washington.
ttec. t. And be it further enacted. That notn
tog In this act Khali be ao construed at to an-
muiiiu iuu BB.U i-uui.iuuj w iHuu uj uuic.
token, device, scrip, or otner evidence or aem
to be used as a currency.
See. I). -4tf be it further enacted. That lr any
person or persons shall wilfully destroy, or, lu
anywise, injure tho mains, pipes, apparatus.
or other works, property, or appurtenances
uuiuiiKt'sK io buu usea uy earn cumr-noy iu
manufacturing eas or In furnlshlnir UdhBamo
to coaiumcrs thereof, the person or yimjns so
offending shall, for every each offe$ltrfelt
and pay to tho said company the sub- f five
dollars, and shall. In addition to satfesjsraalty.
remain liable to said company for an,y loss or
iiamatre orcasionea n 7 me onenca.
ace. iu. anu oe u jurtner enacted j iua. iuo
said company Is hereby Incorporate upon tho
cxrress con cf It Ions that It shall forrjUhgasto
all the consumers thereof conlalnlirg fifty per
centum more Illuminating iower than that
which Is now furnished by the "Washington
Gaslight Company," and at a cost not exceed
ing mo aouars anu nny cents per tnousana
cnblc feet; and a failure to comply with these
conditions shall operate as a forfeiture of this
Sec. 11. Ami he it further enacted. That the
said company shall not be authorized tctotll
gas until It shall have produced to the Majtor
f tbo cltv of Washington and to the Bccrttarv
of the Interior satisfactory evidence that ttkas
laid down, In a proper and workmanllke-snao-
ner, in ine avenue anu sireoiaoi me sam euy,
gaa mains oi an average cuamcier or attest.
six Inches and a total length of not lesifctban
twcntyflvo miles i nor shall tho said company
connect Its gas mains Ith tho pipes supplying
tho Uiqmol and otner public nuiidinga uutong
lng to tho UuUed States, or sell gas, uulil It
shall have produced to the Secretary of tiki In
terior satis factor) eyl)cnco that It has crtctod
and In operation good and substantial works
nil liAlrfnra imniritA of mnnn rartiirlntl sinil
storing a quantity of gas, of tho quality s fore
said, sufllclcnt to supply the consumption at
all times required In, the Capitol and rmbllc
buildings aforesaid. And unless tho said com
pany snau nave commicu wuu mo rcruiro
ments and conditions In this section prescribed
within two years from the passage of this act,
tho said act shall bo null and void. Provided,
homttr, That said company shall have tho
privilege at any time witnin me earn two years,
of lighting with the gas manufactured by It
somo one street a dlstanco not exceeding ono
Sec. U. Ami be it farther tnacivd. That well
of the stockholders In the " Union Uas-llghl
Company" of the District of Colombia shall
be held liable In his or her individual capacity
for all tho debts and liabilities of the said com
pany, howovcr contracted or incurred, to be
recovered by sutt as other debts or liabilities,
before tho court or tribunal having Jurisdiction
of the case.
Sec. l!l. .Im! tV tt further eaet&l. Thai this
net may at anytime bo altered, amended, or
repealed by the Congreas of the United States.
Approved, April o, iwh,
Il'inuc No. 11.1
Imctii incorporate Providence Hospital, of
tne city oi wasmngion, uiairici 01 voiumoia.
IU it tnthtnl lu tht henatt ami Uouu of Reii-
rttcntUUtiQf tt Cuited ,Suci of America In
Vttngrm att nbic, That Lucy Gvryun, Teresa
Anircla Costello, Sarah McDonald, Mary K.
Spalding, and Mary Carroll, and their succcs.
sort In olllce, aro hereby made, ddlared, and
conauiuieu a corporation ana uour pontic in
lstf and In fact, nnder the name and style of
the directors or rroriaenco Hospital, and by
that name tlicy shall be and are hereby mado
capable In law to sue and ho sued, to plead and
bo Impleaded, In any court within the county
of Washington, In tbo District of ColuinbUi to
haro and naa a common seal, and to alter or
amend Uie samo at pleasure! to havo.rrarchase.
receive, possess, and enjoy, any estate In lands,
tenements, annuities, goods, chattels, moneys,
or cltects, and to grant, devise, or dispose of
iuu same in sucu manner aa tnoy may ileenl
most lor mo inicrcstoi tne noapitai i i'rotwtd,
That the real estate held by said corporation
eiiau uoi execou in value tuo turn 01 ouv uuu
drcd and ilfty thousand dollars.
Sec. 2. Anile it further tmrtnt, 1 hat the said
corporation and body politic shall hsvo fnll
power to appoint from luelr Qin bodj a prtsi.
dent and such other oulccrs as liny uay diem
necessary foi tho purposes of thtlr creation,
ami lu case of the death, resignation, or refu
sal to aerve, of any of their numbtr, the re
malnlng membert shall Uea and apiwlut oibir
pertont In lieu of llioac hose places insy hat e
been vacated, and tb said eorporatlon shall
have full power and all tbo rlsbts of openltg and
keeping a hospital In tbo city of Washington
for the taro uf such aickand Invalid persous as
may place theunclns uudr Hit trealintut and
care of the said corporation.
Sec. 11 .W is it further en ctej, 'lust lha
said iorKralion shall alio luie oud enjoy ful
n.,., nuA authorlt to mako suth liT'lawa.
ruin, and regulations as may Im necessary for
the general accouipllsliiuimt of the objects ol
said hobpltah iYuiwifaii, That they be not In
consistent with the laws In force In theDlttrla
of Columbia! Awl proeWni jur(her, That llils
act shall be liable to bo .mended, altered, or
repealed, at the pleasure of Congress.
AfTTOTCd, April 8, 18M.
rPfBUo Vft. a-.n
Ay iCT concerncernlng noUrles public for the
lu.uict oi i;oinmoia.
Be U enacted bv the Sennit aA n,. f
ItepretcntttlMt of the United Statet of America
In Congreu attembUd, That notaries public for
the District of Columbia may he appointed by
the supreme court of said District, whose term
of offlco ihall bo flro years, and who may he
removed oy saia court ror cause, mere snsu
be no new appointment of . notary public
sntll the number In thla District Is reduced to
twenty.flvei and when the number Is so re
duced, as vacancies thereafter ocenr. thev mar
bo filled by said conrt.
Sec. 3. And be it further tnacted. That each
notary public hereafter appointed, before en
tering upon the dntles of his office, shall take
an oath falthfullr to dlschanra the sami. and
shall give bond to the United Statet In the turn
of two thousand dollart, with tecurlty to be
approved by the tald tupreme court, or ledge
thereof, for the faithful dltchargo of the duties
Of hl office. -And the said conrt ahall, with
reasonable.'dTttmtch, by . general order to be
fiubllahejd In one or more newtpapert printed
n the tald District, require all persons now
holding the commission ot notary public in
said District to give new bond, as hereinbefore
provided for. within a shert time to be pre
scribed therein) and all such persons falling to
comply therewith shall be stricken from the
list of notaries.
rles public shall have authority to demand ac
ceptance and Davment of foreign bills of ex
change, and to protest the same fornon-accept-anco
and non payment and to exercise such
other powers and dntles as by tbe law of nations
and according to commercial usages, or for
use and effect beyond the jurisdiction of the
saia Lnsirict, as accoruing to toe law oi .uy
State or Territory of the United States, or any
roreign uovernment in amity witn ine unuou
States, may be performed by notaries public.
oec. . Ana oe u jurwr cnaciea, i nat nota
ries public msy also demand acceptance of In.
land bills of erchange, and payment thereof,
and of promissory notes, and may protest the
same for noneceptance or non-payment, as
tho case may require.
Bee. a. Ana it tl luruur ewteua, luai, cacu
notary publle shall have power to take and to
certify the acknowledgment or proof of powera
of attorney, mortgegea, deodt, and other ln
ttrumentt of writing, the acknowledgment of
any conveyance or other Instrument of writing
executed by any married woman, to take depo
sitions, and to administer ostht and affirma
tion. In all mailer. Incident or belonging to
thu dntlM of hla office, and to tako aUldarlte
to bo used beforo any court, Judge, or officer
within thla District.
Rm. n. Ri! bt it further enacted. That each
notary public ihall keep . fair record of all hla
official acts, except such at are mentioned lu
ine nun tecuon oi mia acii anu w ucu iwiuue.
shall give a certified copy ot any record in uu
office to any peraon, upon payment of the fee.
Sec. 7. And be it furl'ar enacted. That each
notary public, before ho ' as snch, s hall p oj
vide a notarial seal, with which ho shall au
thenticate all hit official actt. which teal, to
gether wllh hla recordi and official documents,
shall not be liable to bo seized on by any execu
tion, lie shall deposltc an. Impression of his
official seal in the offlco of the clerk of the tu
preme court of laid dltlrlct.
Bee. 8. Ami be tl further enacted. That on
the death, retlguatlon. or removal from office
of any notary public, nit records, together with
all his official papers, shall be doposlted in the
office of the clerk of the supremo court of said
Sec. H. .lint U it further eiuutej. That the
original protest of a notary public, under hit
hand and official teal, of any bill of exchange
or pmmlssorytnole for nonicceptance or non
payment, staling the presentment by him of
such bill of exchange or note for accopunce or
payment, ana tno non-acceptance or nou-pj
incut thereof, and the service of notice on any
or all of tho parties to such bill of exchange or
promissory note, ana epociiytug ma muuu ui
L,, I. l. ..! It,. .Ann, ml ,'.( nf
giving eueu uuiiec, uuu ,uv ivi'm.u ,. ., -
residence of the party to whom the samo was
given, and the post office nearest thereto, shall
be prima facie evidence of tho facta contained
tli.t-Mln. The certificate of a notarv public.
under his band and seal of office, drawn from
his record, stating tho protest and the facta
therein recorded, shall be evldenco of the facta
In like manner aa the original protest.
Soc. 10. And be it further enacted, Tbst the
feci of notaries public ihall bo at followti l"or
eicn ceniucaio ana teai, uuy euiu.i i&.iu-,
depositions or other writings, for each one
hundred words, ten cents-, administering ah
oath, llucen cents; raiting acauowicuguieui ui
. .1.....4 nr nnm, nt attornev. with CertldcaLe
thereof, fifty centsi every protest of a bill of
exchsnge or promissory noto, and recording
tbe same, one dollar and seventy-live cents;
each notice of protest, ten cents; each demand
for acceptance ot payment, u accepwu or y i,
una Hollar, to bo nald bv the party accepting
or paying lha same; each noting of protest,
ono dollar. And any notary public who shall
taxe a uiguer ico man i." ptcw j -..
shall pay a Bne of ono hundred dollart and be
removed iromoutce oyinei,." auv .",,
Sec. 11. And It it further e.''',''. ."'
acta and parte of actt inconilaten.- with tnli act
bo and the tame are hereby rcpealeav
Approved, April 8, 18H.
Una of the speakers at the Fremont nieclluc
In this cltv. on Thursdav evening, expressed
Ibe following somewhat Jumbled opinion!
If Fromont waa nominated for tho Prosl
dencv. he would bo called to tho command ol
tbe armies; he, lu turn, would place In the
neiu uencrais iiueii, uosncrans, .wciieuan,
Kcgley and other unemployed General, and
the war would toon cease. In his flrstmessage,
uen. XTcinoni would declare that Slavery wat
forever abollihed In the United States. "iffa
burg Qaiette.
The oil wellt of Pennsylvania have produei'it
&.M.000 barrels of petroleum since Fe'iruarj,
A military hospital la to be built iuiimxll
ately In Detroit,
Wii DLIM.trMl.l-T. 1
Adjuthi (.mrait's onus,
Wa-iiikoton, April It, !8M
The qlIowlnofflcfrshavIna;ia reported at tae
headquarters of the army for tho ott-uces here
laaflar speoirteJ, Me hrrrb) notified that thay
will taDel dlsmlMrd fr 'h Ic of th Unltisl
tMcs unltM, within ortcn (15) days Iron this
date, th) apprar before lhe Military Couuiiiislou
lu "- on in this city, of which Brlgailer General
John t. tald well, t'alted states volunteers, is
in r title t and inakr latisfctory defence to the
tit trie sjainst them
foi tfii)7 4iirtictftt and yrej Ungnagt in
nlHy an (fUil rtturnjtf deitrteri.
firs) Ucuteoaot and Adjutant Joseph It nil-
4.H) Illlaols volunteers.
Vtiobrditnee oforxltri end neglect of duty
upcc-iiil Lieutenant i, Cain, 8th Ohio liul-peiv
drat iiatte ry.
Abtenee viihout Leave
V nt Lleutansnt John Acknrr, WU Ohio volua
(-aptrtlo Moid tal, lostb rviiuiyli aula 'olun
Lleuteaant James U. rtoJris, lioth PeunatUa-
nla VQuqteers. i
Assistant Burjeon VitthewT. Loo We, 4th Ten.
noiiee voluateeis
Flist UcurVnint Kiu .nuvi Tyre, 3d De'awa.a
' AsliUnt iurgfOQ 11 c Oijjood, Mh ladlaoa
h ircctm Joltix Ul((lns, lith Ulluoli cavalry
fcsxjoa.l Ueutcaaut Thomas larkln.twtl. lilloois
roluntters V, D. TOWNSEND,
Pit- Assistant Aut-jit general,

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