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'-ill , IliUDHpl
W ,. ,zt te -u lr ' I -
W. J.kinnuritiLVl -ulahd
loM inb,cr1.Ti tMfcWO wU pw
month." i "" c . j i
Tor ill monthi, and f 1.85 for three month, In
TutiM? In kdTnn.
felncl copUQc&iU.
ftilg attmuil . Htqmblfcoit
One iqnr, three, days eim
Ona square, four days...... 1J
One square, firs days io
One square, six days. 1.75
Krerr other dav adrertLieman-i. fin r- AM.t .
Once a veek adroTUfemenU charged as new
for each Insertion.
Blx llnea or louoniUtuU a square.
Advertisements should be banded tn by 19
o'clocTc. m.
NO. 12Q.
Cater dtULiTutumi'i Orrict, I
WAimaeroit DzroT, December ft, iMt, (
Valed propoeela are invited by the underebraed
Tor supplying the Doited ftatee 'Quartermaster!
Irwuineat, At WuUoUn, D, C , Baltimore, Md-,
AlnuiMk, wad Fort sioaroe, Va. or either mi
these ptoses, with Hay, Corn Data, sued Straw.
mdi will be received for the delivery .w
bushels of Mm or oats and 14 tons of hay or straw,
and upwards,
must iUU at which ol the aboveanied
points they propoa to- stake -deliveries, and the
rates as wmcd mey win snaae wuTtnci inwr,
the quantity of eaeh article proposed to be deliv
ered, the time when uld deliveries shall be ota
ueoeed, end when to be completed
The t1te ! be wrttten out la word on the
Mds. .
Con to be Hit tip 1ft rood stout Mike, of about
two bushels 'eaeh. r Oate in like Mb, of about
thne bushels eaeh The iMki to be furnish,
without extra charge to the G6Trament The
hav and straw to be leeurelf haled
The particular kin or description of oats corn,
bay, of straw, proposed to be delivered nuat be
atauhl in the tiroixMala.
All the arUolee offeree tutor the bide herein lo-
Tiiea. wiu do sunjeet w a ngio, inspeeuon oy tee
Corcrmnent Iorneetot before beta Accepted.
Cbntraate will m Awarded from time to Una to
the tovat nsranaib-r alddar.ae the Interest ol
the Government mar requlre.aad parmeatwlU be
maao wnen we wnoie amouai contracted jor iaau
han rteen delivered and aeaentad.
The Wdder will be required fcTaeootipany nil
proposal with e jp-eranty, elned by two respo&sl
le persons, that in caee nl bid is aeeeptod he or
is persons, mat in case nu ma it aoeepiea ne or
is y will, within ten days thereaiter. exeeute the
inUActfor the tame, with (oqdseod eatBelent
iretles In a earn equal to the ameont o( the eon
sureties Id a earn eani
treat to dell ret the ferae proposed In eonfonalty
with the term of thle advertisement, end In ease
the said bidder ahall fall to enter Into the contract.
they to make food the difference between the offer
of said bidder and the teat lowest responsible bid
der, or the persons to whom, Vie oonuatt Buy be
awArted. n" -
The responslMUtf ot'tbe guar-ators most be
shown by the official certificate of A United states
District Attorncy( Collector of Customs, or any
other oOoer tinder the United States Government,
or wwnemslbJe person known to this ofltee.
All 6 bU ere will be duly notified of the AcoeptAnsa
or rejection of their proposals:
The full name and P.O. Address of eeh bidder
anit be leptbty written In th proposal.
Proposals must be Addressed Co nrlradler aeaeral
.1). H.llrjoker, Chief Depot Qnartermaster, Wash
1 Often, D, G, and should be plainly marked Pro-
Bonds. In A sum etftili to the amount of the ann.
tract, aimed br the eontraetor and both of his
euATAntors, willl required of the suswiirul bid-
msnklortnJofhlos.jniArsnteeej And bonus, msy
v Vfiuwt uivil UilU"UJ l UUI OOIVi
(Town, County, And sjte .
iun vr riwrvMi.
I. the subscriber, do hereby propose to furnish
and deliver to the United Statee. at the Qnartcr.
master's Department At , Agreeably to
tbe terms of your Advertisement, Inviting propo
sals far forage, dated Washington Depot. De
cember 9, ten, the following Articles, Tin
" ' bushel of Corn, )q sacks, at peg bushel
buaheisof Oats, in seeks, At per bushe
ots3 pounds ,
tons of baled Her, At per too of t,ooo
-w tons of baled Straw, At r- pit ton of 3,000
Delivery to commence on or before the .
Msy of i LM , And to be completed on or be
fore the daj of i ",! And pledgo myself
to enter Into w?ittn contrast with the United
mates, with good And approved securities, within
tbe space of tea days alter being notified that my
end haa been accepted.
Your cbedtaat servant, .. . -
Jtrtgadier Ocnerat D. II. Bccscm,
UhJcf Depot QoarUrmaater.
Washington, D. C.
We, the undorelgned, residents of t in
heieby, Jointly and sevsrally, eovenant with the
United States, and ruarentM In eaia th tnrdnln
ui uiuniF vi "" Mm Btiig ui
Md of -- bo accepted, that he or they will
within ten days after tbe. acceptance of tho said
bid. gxeeute the contract for the same with good
ana sufficient sureties ini a sura equal to the
amount of the contract, to furnish the forego pro
posed In conformity to the terms of advertisement
dated December 8, IS, under whioh the bid was
made, end, in ease tho said shall fall to
enter Into a contract ae Aforesaid, We guarantee to
make good the difference between the offer by the
said and the next lowest responsible bidder,
or the person to whom the contract may be
swarded. t
tMtona, J Given underourhaeds and teals
1 this dsy ot -,! .
I hereby certify that, to the beet of my knowl
edge and belief, the above-named guarantore are
goou anu sumcicnt as sureties lor MO Amount for
which ther offer to be security .
To becerttfledbytbe United States District At
iviawy. vvumwt v vimonu, or any oiner omcer I
under the United states Government, or reaponsl'
a. -. D.H.RUCKER,
det-tf Brig. Gen, and QuArtermaster.
Sealed Proposa:g Will be received at this Depart
lueot untlUo'oloakp.m,on WEDNLSDAY, the
tl rK.f M'4' 16M for the dUvery ol all the
..iwuatia. .iroQ i-iKvcs aoa uars as oercinaiier
specified necessary to build the following ear-
For 19-lnch Guns.
10 Barbette Front Pintle
io Barbette Centre Pintle.
For lOdnch guns.
too Casemate Carriages.
900 Front Plntla Barbette.
Fore-lneh runs.
10 Front PlnUe Batbette.
Tbe parts required for Wrought Iron Barbette
-and Casemate Carriages ae ai follows
CheskPltes, Braces, Caps, Shoes, Transoms,
Ojlde Hooka. Guide Hook Bar, Trunnion Beds,
Axle afaapes. Bolts,
CDABSts. raoMT Xkn ckhtak fimtlt.
nails, J l all-Hates, Hall Chords, Hall Braces,
transoms, Analelron Floor Cleats, PlnUe Tran
nnms,Tranaomwashers, Axle Shapes,rork Shapes,
Hurteri, Chassis, Step, Assembling Dolts
CAIKMATr cabhiaoe ckasjii.
Parts named before and rail top bars.
The number and dimensions of the Iron plates
and bars for each carriage to bo as specified In the
bills of Iron, in ordnance memoranda No. a, copies
of which can be obtained upon application at
Watertown, rrenkford, or Alleghany Arsenals.the
New York agency, or ai this ofllee. Printed ached
Ues, containing the number of plates end bars re
imlred, can be obtained at tbe above-named placea
On these bidders will state the price at which they
lropoeeto manufacture each part, In the manner
therein prescribed.
The Iron to boused in the manufacture of tbe
plates And bars to be as follows.
. dolls n I BOM.
t1ic.kFlatcs and Bait-Plates of medium quality
f Irwi, fibre In direction of length, tenacity not
leee than 40,000 lbs, per sousre Inch.
ItAnsome AUtobeof bestquAlltysbsrcoal flange
iron, fibre In direction of length, tenacity not less
than 43,000 lbs per square Inch.
Trunnion Beds to be of best quality of charcoal
Iron, tenacity not leas than M.ooqIds. per square
Checks, Braces. Hurteri, and Counter-Hurt era,
all to be of good medium Iron, tenacity not leu
than S,C00 lbs per square Inch.
Ralls, Ball Chords, Chaasls Braces, Caps and
Shoes, and Argle Iron, to be of good quality ol
well-refined fibrous lronj tenacity not less than
00,000 lbs per square Inch.
AxleaforS-tocr. and 10-lnsh Carriages, and all
Itaverse Wheel Journals, to be of beet ehareosl
fibrous Iron, tenacity net less than fr5,ooo lbs per
square Inch. . . . i . .
All bolts and JUveti to be ofbeitoharcoalftbrous
lion. Tenacity not less than 68,000 pounds per
square inch.
Axles for lWnch Carriages, and all Fork Shapes,
and Tongues for Casemate Carriages, to be of the
best charcoal Iron. Tenacity not leu thanM.ooo
i ouads per square Inch , .
Bidders will specify the date at which they can
oouunencedelherlei, and tbe f ate at rrblch they
cau deliver eaoh part thereafter.
No bids will be received except from parties
actually engaged in the manufacture of this or
.lmlMr kinds of work, atd who-aaa bring ample
evidence that they have In their own shops all Ihe
machinery and appliances for turning out th e full
amount of work as specified by them.
Bidders will be required to furnish proper sure
I les for the proper performaaee of the work, and
will enclose, with their bids, the written acluiowl
edgmeuts of their sureties oyer their own signs-
Eaoh party obtalnlota eonlreet will be required!
io ruin iuiw w- -fi'iuTcu aurniiKa jur ia
lalthful execution.
Upon the awardbelng roAde, successful blddus
will te notified, and furnished with forma of eon-
The department reserves the right to reject any
or all bids, If not deemed satisfactory.
Proposals will be addressed to "Brigadier Gen
eral ticorge D Ramsay. Chief of Ordnance, Wash-
U1X4UU, Vi, -. w.-- ivyv.-l
for wrought iron plates and bare for iron gun car
ilagss." GEO. D. H All SAY,
"-T.'.. ..-... -... t ri.r.i rw4...:.
ApO-ltt pngautsr WM(W vi-i wt w-iom,,
iJ i vi.rABiina.ni,
Bureau or Proviiiohi ard Clot hi so, I
Mtrch 26, tsei.
" " nwm ukhv. kvmiw uHt mi
"Proposals for Small stores," JtowlU be received
at this office until 13 o'clock M. on the Mth dsy of
April nest, lor furntihlDr And dellTerlne (on re
ctlvl&r ten days notice) at the United States nary
In, New York, In such numbers and quantities an 1
at auoh times as may be specified by tbe Chief of
this bureau, or by the commandants of the said
nary yerds, respestlrely, ilurlns; tbe remainder or
the fiscal year endloa; on the 10th dsy of June. 1664,
me numocrs ana qusnuueeoi me aiaerem aru
elee, end At the places specified In the foUowlDg
Hit, tIi r
Charles town.
1,00 i
Salt water scan. lbs.
. 3,000
. 1000
. 300
. 8.E00
, J.O0O
Thread, black sod white, lbs
Riband, hat piece
Tape, white, pieces
Tape black, pieces..........
Spools cotton.....
Needles, sewlnr. osoers......
. 1,800
, 1,300
. 9,000
. e,ooo
. 2000
. 1,000
. 1,000
. con
, 600
, 6000
. 4,000
. 4000
. 3,000
. 3600
. 4,000
. 600
Baror strops ...
ShiTlogboiee... ,
ShATlng bruihes
Shavloesosp, cakes..
scrub brushes ,.,
Blacking bruihes
Whiilt Brooi
Fagleeoat buttons, dosen
Katie medium buttons, dosen.
acleTest buttons, doien
D L. buttons, doten .t.,..
Fine combs
DlAcklng, boxes
30 000
IS 000
Stearins candles, lbs
Offers esar be made lor one or more articles, at
the option of the bidder, and In caie more than one
article Is contained In the offer the Chler or the
uuiiiu hiii unii mi i iiu, iu nvi)ii vui w ioi
vi m Hiivit. mii..iuiuiu .uui "ti tu irjvvi
ine remainder, im prtett muse ee vntonn, ana
Qffwt mutt tmbract aUoeny cue or mort tract ti fr
UwrmtU at U tkt ttttttmt
For the description of articles in the Above list
blddere ere referred to the sample At the said
Navy Yards, and to tbe Advertisement of this Bu
reau dated August 16, 1863, and for Information as
to the lews And regulations (In pamphlet form) re
gardlng contracts, to the others of the several com
mandanta of Navy 1 ards and Navy Airents.
Diana jvrmM aj pronoun nay e (xxainra on eppttco'
Navv DcraitTHcirr. 1
.Bureau or Faotiiiohs ahd Cloth mo, S
iuivu ign i
Separate proposals, sealed and endorsed "Pro-
posals for Navy supplies." will be received at this
Bureau uaUl li o'clock M. on TUESDAY, the 19th
rarca iw. io i
Navr Yards At Charles town. Massachusetts i
B...1.1-. u . v . . k,i..i.i.i.i. ti ,
v.iri!n;Mii!u .h.H
the dlrferent articles and aI the places specified In
the followlnr Hit. viz i
RJce.ll W.oou
Drted Apples, ibi M.ooo
Sugar, lb 223000
Tea, lbs S,ooo
Conee, lUv- -
Beans,galli joooo
Molasses, galls 1S,000
Vinegar, gala... 13,000
Separate offers must be made fur each article at
each of the aforesaid uaty yards t and In case more
than one article is contained In the offer the Chief
oi the uureau win nae me rigni io accept one or
more of the articles contained In such ofler, and
reject the remMuder ...... ,, .
niTyiiN.. uulMtuureniKBicst or Ullliu.
Ku aal.il Juo. I. UN, il lor inlorm.l.on l. lo
th.l.w. nd KiuUtlua (tt 1'nmphUt lorm)
mMlltf Milraal., to th. oltloe ortli. ureral Com.
raandajta of Nary arda and Narr Aunt..
aankorvu nf yropCMtli -.(ftM.f4 ? nJ
cjllon l.laa njv W'',,WTf",fe f" ""'!
l(r Ju(m, r I or, PaHnoVIAlo, Hclllncrr, and
ef this Bureau.
IfZADQR'aDcrARTMENTOr Washinoton, 1
OrniG or turn Qahtchmasth,
tinriDni. v i - iVK-Vj1; r7tili w-n 1 1
speclQe, from partlei owning wood or wood tanCs
tn the vicinity or the same, t is.
North ot the Potomae Forts Sumner, Mansfield,
Bay ard, Simmons, Gaines, Heno, Kearnej, Di
Kussy, aieiens, atocura,
. vtt... i:-.m.. nr.ii -
mu 'iiaosrvh.- ii.vsir.nd tti..
sneaoe, KimDaii, ,rrroii, ana ?".
. .. . .. .. .
A.sit oi eastern urn oca miauas- ruria urcuic,
ner .. . . ..
South of Potomao Forts Marc. Ethan Alien.
C F. Smith, Bennett, DeKalb, Corcoran, Haegerty.
Woodbury, Whipple, Cais,Tllllnghait, Craig, and
Proiwsals will be received under this adveitlse
roent for wood anvwhere within the limits of tho
Denartmeat of Washington for sunnlrof troons I
&SSRSS&U I. th.fol.ow.nan.anu.r,
iWri-wno.t .in.Hr (nrle iir eftnl i
or thrwttfli'nriea ner eord
l!ro"wnod cut .SdJaJon th. around
Proposals must specify the looallty, kind, quan
tity, and quality of the wood, and Its distanoe
from the nearest fort, oamp, or atatlon for troop i
1-aoh bidder must attach his full name and post
oQlee address to his t Id, and the names of all par
ties interested in the proposal must appear In the
Bids will be opened from time to time, and con
tracts or purchases made rstho wood maybe re
quired. The right Is reserved to accept all or any part of
a bid.
No verbal propositions will be entertained, but
every bid, or modification of tbe same, must be In
Proposals should be endorsed " Proposals for
Wood." and addressed to
Lieutenant Colonel and thief Quartermaster,
m-Mot Department of Washington
'roiiotali will be received at the Mayor's Office
until IS M , on MO.N D V V. tBth dav of April Inst ,
for continuing the sewer In sixth street wcit. from
I to L street north Tho also of the sewer is six
feet inside diameter, walls nine inches In thick
ness, to be laid In the best cement mortars i the
excavation will be About ten feet deep Bidders
will state tbo price per lineal foot for the main
ewer, which shall Involve excavation, and filling
and making good All gutters, streets, f-c , which
may have to be disturbed la executing the work
None but practical mechanics need bid
spedflcvtloni can be seen In the City Sun eyor's
Commissioner Fourth War I
apl2 Assistant Commissioners
will be put Ilahcd to-morrow, and will stir up the
dry bones of Incompetent and Incapable oftklals
throughout the land, and make a acnsatlon gen
erally LOOK OUT -On IT.
A new volume by Count Adam Gurowtkl, em
bracing a Diary of Political and Military fcvents
AoslrAUBBctioiu., tuthe tAlluct and in the Held,
for the year of twa.
.or sharp criticism, Alternating with epi
giAmmatlo treuchant, caustic praise and castiga
tlon, this work niuat bear away the palm from all
others cer printed In this country ISnio , -.loth
bound, price ALSO,
tAKLVaON. Publisher, Now vtk
PEIVATL MILLS U'RLILL. will be leady Allh
HIS BOOK, rlvh with Songs, Ssrvlaes and bietbcs,
And ComlCAllyJllustrAtcd febs
Has removed Ms office to the Northeast cornet ot
r and Fifteenth streets, opposite Ihe east
entianceof the Tressury Building,
Wsshlngton City, D. C ,
Attends especially to elstrci upon the United
later. ifls-ly
RMH. Aw Vorf. Phil, AM. ttalhmoT. mnfri tkll W .Z tJZ ".. " !"".. -." T V- .. Wo tl D tllO tut) OiOCd fTOm thC Ddtiv ItUtlU
ur,'w, - n121 Supervising Architect, Waihlnston.D C, until 13 ignctr of Wheeling, Va , Arrll 12 1
ATAYY SUPPLIES. ; 1SH.,: rh 1.IQJ "L1 ,!" Ki I Accordlmr lo previous nnuonnceinoiit.
i.1 - Trtiiutv nnarlmBt nrlnr to Mav l. ISC5 iTCSldODt llaialln yesterday morillDC dtll
v AlllinttlUfli fUnlOQ V. ISM,
MEALED PROPOSALS will be received at this
0mcs until WEDNESDAY, April 27th at 4 p.m.
68, tobedsllrered In the following quantities at
undernamed ArscnAls, vim
so,ooo sets at the New )ork Artenal. Governor's
20,000 sets at the FrAnkfort Artensl, Erldesburg ,
10,000 sets at the AliRhsny Arienst, Pittsburg,
so.ooo sete at the St Ixuli nrnA,M Louts,
conformity with the new peltern sets to be seen
at the AlleehAnr. Nr Tnrb. rranVfnrr. At. Iinla.
Waterrllet, Watertnwn, and Washlogton Arse
nsls, And the fprlniQeld Armory. They are to be
subject to Inspection at the Arsenal where dellr-:
ered, before being rcciltred for the Government
None are to be Accepted or pM for but such as are
approved upon Inspection. The belts to be of
grained leather, and all the stock to be the best
oak tanned. The shoulJcr belt will bo Included In
the set.
Deliveries must be made In lots otnot less than
one-fifteenth (l 16) per week ot the whole number
contracted fori the first delivery to be made on
the Slit day of May.
Failure to make d ell v eric i At A specified time
will subject the contractor to a forfeiture ot the
number he msy fall to deliver At thst time
The Accoutrements muit be boned In the usual
manner the botes to le charged at cost, to be Ce
erin toed by tho Inspector.
f Bidders will state explicitly the Arsenal or Ar
senals, where they propose to deliver, and tho
number ot sets they propose to deliver At each
place, if lor more than one.
No bids will be considered from pArttes other
than regular manufacturers, and such as are
known to this Department to be fully competent
to execute In their own shops the work proposed
for. Should any pArty obtalnlog a contract ofler
accoutrements otner than thoiemsda In hli own
shops, they will be rejected, and the contract
reodered null end void.
Bidders wiu encioie with their bids the written
.eknnwldFmnia tit thir mrtii nvr thir nwn
Each party obtaining n contract will be obliged
to enter ibiu iwdv iviiu j7,jruTcu lurcuci lor eis
Unonthe ewsrd belnir mde. sueosuful bidders'
will be notified, and furnished with forms of con
trset and bond '
The Department reserves the right to reject any
or all bide. If not deemed satisfactory.
Proposals wilt be addressed to " Brigadier firn
era! George D Ramsay, Chief of Ordnance, Wash
ington, D. C " endorsed " Proposals for Infnntr) .
Accoutrements" OKORGtC D IIAM3A1, I
m26-stuthl&t Bits: Gen , thlel of Ordnance
Treasurv DeDarlment rtrlor to Mav
iibdi uu iiecmcauona can w ouisidcu vj ap
plication to tnts office personally or by letter
Bids to be rer s
ptM na "ed toV
ft-7 ",.kJ. '
man 10 oe pr supercciai 1001. inciuuins: uoor anu
iixturcB, noMurouoo toe oumuei too
to cover all charccs whatever, exceot
freight and the aitual traveling expenses ol
auiis are to i o
... v.- a.m. .i .. .. i,.m.
"'."' mi nwiuiH ". "'
i lUllroad Deput or
. tfck.lorth,.u....,S.fc.wm lxrur.ui.ri
by th Department, but must be propei ly put on
SSJSSlon! In Se aim ot fjow th!t the?
bidder wHI accept and perform the contrwt If
awarded to htmi the sumdeney ot the security to
bo certlned to by the Collector of Internal Hevenue
Of the District.
so, and no bid will be considered that does not
conform to the reaulrements of this adt erttsement.
1 BidstobeenclosedlnasealfdenTelope.eni'orsrd'
" rronoiAis lor saics nnu nuui "
isaiah nocms.
I ni38 mthmyl Supervising Architect
, , .....
i ropossli will be received at the Major's otllce
w..t. from tl. norlh Hit of Mmtchuiett, r.
nu, t0 u,, notti, ,u, ol L .ttcct north. l.o. th.
buildlogcf tteuch tr.pt, two on the ..it and two
on lh, J, M, rfMnihand Litrtetinorthi al.o,
I th. bulldlo of a branch aewar, which ahall bfjln
, mtar.cctloa of L rtrret north and Ninth
i atrct weit.andrun wcit lon tho acntr. of L
I ,lre t0 0npoilt ta cantro of th. atl.y lcadlna;
into aquar- ru oj, tacaco uji i-ui anvjr u
such point as the tltv Sun e or may designate
The size of the main sewer la 9 feet inside di
ameter. The branch sewer will be c'rcular in shape, in
side diameter eighteen Inches, alls nine Inches In
thickness The 4 stench traps will be similar to
those at sixth street west and O street north) the
I "! dPtUpr.owerwlll be about feet, the
work to be laid in cement mortar
Bidders will state tho price per lineal footvor
the main sewer, which shall Include all excava
tion And filling required Also, per lineal foot for
the branch, which shall Include all excavation,
" ""!, wu
' !'. .k"P'
airs oi lias iooi-wsvs ou ruuera,
a o . iuiu uor BLC
all excavation reaulred, under an act approved 23d
monirapeacn, wmon aaau loomae
mv lbS3
None but nractleal workmen need I Id
JOHN r. OMiNKlt,
(.-mmlssionerolthe Third WnxA
apli Asslitant Commttiloncri.
j JJAYOffB OFFICE, API1IL 11, 1804.
Proposals will be recehel at the Mayor's Ollce
. and grdlng that part of B s'reet north, betwieu
"?'? ii'i W '..:! ""."d.! ft .VS.
the construction of four cowers, to be located
where the Surveyor may dlreot Didders will state
ine price per square jara ior ino aion- paving;,
per cubic yard for the grading, per lineal toot for
the sewers, which shall Incluie excavation and
filling and making good the canal wall The size
of the sewers will be two feet Inside dlameteia.
wall nine Inches In thickness to bo laid la cement
mortar. The paving to be laid in a bed of sharp
fravel nine Inches In depth) the atono to bo uoi
ormlo slit, to be well rammed, and done to the
entire satisfaction ol the commissioner
1 otiimUHoner Third Ward
J H St-MMi.S,
Apu Assistant Commlssloneis
Proposals will bo retched at the Major's office
until MONDAY, 18th lUy or April Instant, for p i
lng and grading ihe car rlage-way on c street north,
between Four-and-n half and Sixth streets west
Bidders will state the t rice per square yard for
the stone paving, per cublo yard for the grading
1 he atone shall be good and uniform in sire, and
laid in a bed of good sharp gruvei nine Inches in
depth, to be wet and rammed three times beforo
being received by the Commissioners
None but practical pavers need apply
Commissioner of the rourih Waul
apu Assistant Commlislners
AOll'S OFFICE, AFIUL 11, 18ul.
Pntivnaala will be received at Ihe IMavor'a otllas
until l- o'clock m, on MONDAY, the 18th day of
April, Instant, fer the bulldlogi of a brick culvert
across Second strict east, In F street north) the
culvert wlllle circular in shape, lnudedlametei
1 feet, walls 8 Inches In thickness, to bo laid In the
best cement mortar
Bidden will atate the price per lineal foot, which
ahall Include all exeat atloii or other expeusca In
cident to the work , ...
None but praetiml mechanics need bid
apl2-eoit Commissioner of tho fourth Ward
I ICE, DrroT or WAsniifOTo-, Waihikoton,
i V , January 4, IStti .
All dealers in Drugs, liaidu an Lumber, Leather,
Offleo Furniture, lUrness, and Saddlery, are re
quested to send to this otnee. on the MONDAY of
each week, a sealed proposal or list, tndupthott,
ot the arttclea they are prepared to furnish to this
Depot at short notloe, with the price of eaoh
marked in plain figures, so that, incase thccxl
fenctciof the service require It, the article or er
ides osn be obtained without delay, and at the
lour.it nrlce.
Dealers wishing to sell to this Depot will be re
quired to furnish the Hat punctually every Monday
morning D It. ftUCKEH,
Brigadier General And Chief Quartermaster,
JaS-tf Depetof Washington.
Cimierff-wyltwiia paus and Feurtent itrtel,
WaihlcgtOQ D, C Jso-ly
(Written for the haUonal Republlsan )
I stw a boy In a h black-jack' wood,
With a tall, lank, awkward "flg ger,"
striking away with his heavy rnAul,
By the side of a young slave "nigger f
And he said to himself, I'll maul away,
And cleave a path before me)
1 11 hew eI" blackjacks" out of mv waj
Till the star of fame shines o'er me '
liawhlm agAlnon a broad, swifts trtam
But the maul this time was a pAddle;
And I watched tie tiny rainbows gleam,
As he made the wares skedaddle
And he said " I'll paddle away, nway
Till space i hall vanish before met
And I yet shall lire to seethe dsy
"Vvhea the star of fame shines o'er mi '
I saw him again with his musty books,
A pondering Coke and Stoiyi
And little there was In his homely looks
To tell of Mi future glory
But he said " I'll master, X know I will,
The difficult task before met
MI maul my way through the hard work still,
Till the star of fame shines o'er me "
I saw hlni again when he rose to cope
Hand to hand with the " Western Giant,
And bis eye was lit with a beam of hope,
On Mi sinewy strength rcllaat
I'll fight him," he said, " with the mati' of 1 mth,
Till he shrink and quell before mc
Till he stand abashed, In aitoslthcd ruth,
While the star of fame shines o'er me '
I SAWhliu again In the White House chair
A-wrlllng the Proclamation!
And the pen ha used was the hem lest maul
In this rifl mauling nation i
And he said, " 'TIs the only wa to make
The traitors flee before us;
Whtlo the light It sheds will leave a wako
That will shine wSen the end grows o'er us "
I saw htm again the other night,
And he shook my hand la greeting)
I And little he theught how soon I'd uilte
nd tell the world of oar meeting.
I The hand I clasped has swung the maul,
I Kt.il m own his written Us storyi
i But never, I ween, could any hand
Write half of its tell and glory'
Folly PcAriiiLusion
Wasiiinotuv, D C
I vi Fi-aiiitt( I in 1 1 II ( ivnc iiiir. im
a brief address to the people, from tho balcony
of the McLure Houso. Oo. Uorcman Intro
duced Cho Ice Frcaldcnt In a few remarks ap
propriate to tho occasion, Mr. Hamllu said ho
was Droud lo stand for tho first time in tho pres
ence of a pooplo upon whom ovcry lnttUlgcut
tcrson In tho lountrv had been looLlmr with
. I ,n mm nlonin lntnvnBt . 11a hnn
tho most Inteaso Interest. Ho thought It u as
Sutoof Wc.t Vlrglnl., bythefr p.
3 0t mciuuo
niYimnl and
I patriotic action la tho beginning of tlio present
Ian' c Kcty, who Is now present, rolled
uac me ae oi reucmou anu uiuraiij etcuru
( their ludcpcmlcncc. Howes proud lo bear
testimony that every cell mado for troops by
I lfl ih-ftRldnit non tho Htatn of West VI tl' I nl a
I "" bocn nroriplly rro?dol to. Tin ml
were hardly mado andho quotas assigned
uutll thev were full.
The hlstortau will assign JOU ono of tho
uuiu tuvy -HVIU tun.
The hlstortau will assign iou ono of tho
brightest pop; In the country's history when
the record of tho present tlmos shall bo n rlttcn.
1 m. . O.-l- -Ji - ... ..... V,.nn I la k a
II I1Q DlOlU UBU n urcub iuiuid uvtuiu it, m iuo
tjttera oriibor which ho had udoptcl, In Iho
inlnn. flint uttilnrlln hr mnnnlaltid ami In Jtirt
mimroua sources of wealtU and rrosncrltv
over, sustained tho truth of tho motto or tho
StAto "Mountaineers always free." Wbere
ever such mountains rear their crests towards
heaven there freedom loves to linger among tho
hi s and valleys.
Thanking tbo people for their attention tho
Vice President withdrew, and Joining the rest
of tho distinguished visitors proceeded to the
uallltuoro Depot ami lOOKine tars ior an
1 net on.
At tho conclusion of the Vlco President's re
marks Mayor Craogto proposed threo cheers
ior mo aisunguisneu visitor, which were ncari
y gWcn. . .
Worklur Cow la riace or Oieu.
In our last paper, we took occasion to recom
mend training oxen to work separately, or
singly, Ilko horses, believing that tbelr useful
ncrs nnd auo would thereby bo largely lu
crraaed Wo now dcslro to call the altentlon of farm
ers especially small farmers to tlio conveni
ence and economy of having a team of trained
cows, we nave seen a lew sucn toims in our
Ufa time, and in every case the testimony of
tho owner wis doctdodly In 1m or of tbem.
They declared that a pair of cows, and a hone,
could do any work required to bo dona upon
tho farm, excert, perhaps, ploughing ery
heavy sward land.
As ucry farmer has a horse, aud must hare
cows, It Is self evident than If ho can so con
trive as to msko them do all his work, ho
makes a considerable saving. A ilnglo pair of
cows would, of course only bo able to do the
work of a small farm) but on larger places,
where a tlnglo yoke of oxen U hardlvsuUlclent
to do all the heavy work required, a pair of
cons might bo made to supply tho dtiUlcncy,
and thus sao the expense of a second pair of
Cows might le worked a part of each day
without Injury lo them for breeding purposes,
and without seriously diminishing their pro
duct of milk. Of course, the ahould not be
workod too near their calving, uor bo worked
hard wheu yielding a full llow of milk. Uut
it could easily bo so managed that llity would
not como In Just as spring work couus on
Wo recommend training cows to tlio oke,
for similar reasons that wo recommend train
ing oxm to work slngl) economy aud con
venience but we do not Intcud to couvej tho
Idea that In cither case can they be mado to
supersede entirely the ordinary ox team. If
any of our readers have had experience In
working cows, we should Uko to hear lrom them.
Wise Majciis ix Coknbgticut I am sur
prised to Und In the courso of my drives back
m tho country, how many of our old time far
mers are applying themselves, la a modest und
somowkat fugitive way, to wlnu making. It
Is true that they bring under tuulribullon a
great many foxy swamp varletku, and aie not
o er-carcful lu regard to ripeness) but faults of
acidity itiey correct by a heavy sugarlog, vthlch
givts an Innocent and bouncing per tent ago of
alcohol. 1 bo practice U not, I fear, inured
upon Vt Uh a purely horticultural lotc, and I
suspect they bring it jaoro lively stomachfc
fondness to It, than do tho pomologlsts to
their sclcnco of lrultlng. I thluk tho develop
ment of this homo manufacturu has been iulek
cmd by Maine laws, heavy linpoit duties, and
by u gtowlng rcluuancy on Ihe part of tho
heads of ftulliou to carry a demijohn In tlio
v. agon.
1 also hear thu home product commended by
tho old gentlemen manufacturers, as ' warm
lug lo tho ln'ardi," and in lurgi doses, I
ahould think It might be IhclrtowueuBtom
trs for this beverage are mostly c-ecdlogly
serious nnd sedate vcotdu. vho huvo a lomieal
way uf culling hoiuo-made wlnts "pure
julee." Ana pray, why should not bcuato peo
ple ldJov tho krood thlncsofllfo tall ihom by
what names thoy will f I kuow au e.cccdlDg-
ly woilliy man who never buj a his ildcrcx
ccpt of a doaconj and thou only by the casltt
aud ho bujs It very oflcn. Ikt J in el
li is dlQIcuIt tn decide from r vdlnB the
New Vork papers which buI.ocI "teltcsraost
Interest In that city at present the Mctropoll
tan Fair or the stage fare V Bro idn iy stac
trip now costs ten cents.
Dill Co Pre Tent the Depreciation of the
Tho following la the bill reported by Iterrc-
scntatUoBtcvcDs, from the Committed of Ways
and Means, to prevent a depredation of the
currency i
First. That ovcry person and everv hank as
sociation or corporation Issuing notes, bills or
ouucauoni. caicniaiea or intcnaoa to circulate
as money, unless therein authorized by act of
congress, snau pay a amy oi one-rourm or one
per centum each month on the amount of sueh
notes, bills or other obllgvtloni so Issued by
said person, bank association or corporation,
and shall, on tho first Monday of each ana
erenr month make a delivery to tho assessor of
tue District in wmen sacn ban it association or
corporation may bo located, or In which such
person mar reside, a true and accurate return
of the amount of notes, bills or other obllgatlops
so Usuod, whether tn circulation or In Us vaults
or elsewhere, In possession or on deposit and
shall annex to every such return a declara
tion, vilth tho oath or affirmation of such per
son, or of tho president or cashier of such
bask association or corporation In such form
and manner aa may he directed by tbe Com
missioner oi iniernai jicrenuc, mat me same
contains a true and faithful statement of tbe
amonntof circulation as aforesaid, and shall
deliver a copy of said return to Ihe Collector of
the District In which ssld bank association or
corporation Is located, and shall, within ten
days from tbo first Monday In each and every
month, pay to said Collector said duty of ono
fourth on the amount so returned t and for any
neglect to render or mako such return or pay
ment as aforesaid, everv such ncrson. bank as
sociation or comi any, shalj pay a penalty of
ono per centum on tbe amonntof notes, bills
r ocner obligations issued as aforesaid, wuicu
amount shall, la dofsult of a proper return, bo
estimated by tho Assessor upon the beet Infor
mation he can obtain j and otory such penalty
may bo recovered for iho use of tho United
atatca In any court of competent Jurisdiction.
Second, lhat after oCti voar from tho naa-
sage of this act, It shall bo unlawful lor any
person, bank association or corporation, to
lituo or clrculato notes or other obligations de
signed or calculated to circulate as money,
unices auiuorizoa tucrcio oy act. oi uougrees.
Corrr.ionrienoe Laid Before Coa gross by
(he Department of State.
niANCK Continued
Mr. Uuard fu Jr. Jtn.r.
WAsiiifcOTOY, February J, lsu J
Him I hare carefully considered tho commu
nication of Charles Hcldslck, which you have
placed In my hands, and given also, as I trust,
due weight to tho representations which jou
havo submitted to me upon the subject Indues
lion. 1 have also mado inquiry of tbo military
authorities who were concerned In tho trans
action at New Orleans of which Mr. Hcldslck
complains. But I am unable to announco a
change, on my part, of tho convictions I ba.o
hcrctoiorc expressed to you concerning ins
I learn that wheu Xew Orleans was recov
ered from the Insurgents and brought Into mil
itary occupation by tho national forces that
city had a largo quantity of flour bought, paid
for, and stored at Mobile, and the municipal
authorities of New Orlcaus desired permission
to have Iho flour brought to tho city for the
benefit of the Inhabitants threatened with fam
ine The commanding general. Major General
llutlcr, aiscnted to this propositi on, and a gen
eral order was made, to tho effect that a steam
boat might pass from Mobile to New Orleans
for tho purpose of bringing tho flour to tho
latter place, bntnpon tho express consideration
that no passengers should do allowed upon tbo
steamer except Mr Greenwood, the agent of
the city government oi ncj? oneans. in?
Btcamcr Dick Keys was used, and after she
had made three voyages she was put Into the
Insurgent service, and tho Natchez was subst'J
tutod for the transportation of tho flour from
Mobile to New Orleans. About tho end of
June, lSoJ, tho major general discovered thst
contraband commodltle3 wcro carried by means
of this steamer between the Insurgents at Mo
bile and New Orleans, respective!).
Charles Holds' ck wss domiciled at Mobile,
and became tbcro a tc.idcr or waiter at the bar
room of tho truce boat Dick Kevs. on her trip
from that city to Now Orleans. Tbo military
authorities at New Orleans understood that ho
obtained this place through a feigned sickness
of tho Incumbent of It. Mr. Hold slck's posi
tion In society was that of a gentleman and
merchant selling wines, not in ono country
alouo, but cxtenslvcl) In Kuropc, as well as Jo
America, Tho simple fact of his descending
to an occupation so onscuro ana numoio as
that of a bar keener on a mere frelbt-bo.it. v, as
calculated to diawdown suspicion upon him
from mo ncccfsiruy wguam muuary auiuoi.
tic. Ho lrtuslly confesses this: far he an
swers that his purpo'o In taking upon himself
the occupation was to get letters to his address
which ho understood wcro lying in tho French
consulate at New Orleans. This confession is
accompanied with tho statement that ho wished
to obiaiu irom mo occupation tno prons
which could be dorlvod from selling his wines.
theso pro tits being rendered Import aut to him
by a reverso of his pecuniary affairs. But
ccrjalnly Major Gen, Butler could bo expected
to know nothing of these compound motives
or objects of Mr. Hcldslck. Ilo could ouly
know ir Jiciusic- as no appearcu io iuu puu
He vlow. But Mr. Heldslck says that his namo
was fully registered, and was reportod to tho
milltar) authorities without objection bolug
made This Is truci but what reason had Ma
Jor Oen. Butler, when ho saw the namo of
(Jiiarics neiusicK aa servant on uoaru iuo wick
Keys, to Idcullfy him with Charles Heldslck of
tho rcuowuod champagne vineyards In Franco!
Agnlnt it is admitted that Mr Heldslck pur
sued his humble occupation on board of tbe
boat after ho had obtained or might havo ob
tained his letters, although ouooage oui;bt
to hae Bulllced for that rurpose Majoi (Jen,
Butler seems to have been warrauttd In sus
pecting that the object of selling w lues, when
it was atowed, was a pretence) for, without
explanation, It Is unreasonable to aupposu that
tho crowd so pitiful a steamer a tbo Dick
Keys would buy enough tkainpaguo of the bar
tender to liulerantij him for his tlmo and ex
penses tn Belling it to thcui Nor docs it seem
to ha, o been altogether unreasonable on the
part of Major den Butler to rtgard with sus
picion the coincidence of tho samo Charles
lleldelik bt.ln.j, a bar-keel er not only on tho
Dick Hc)(twkeii Bhoasl)ing between Mo
bile and NewOrlenus, and his blln found
oterclslug exaeily the same occupation ou tho
Vatchcz, when thai vessel replaced tho Dick
Keys In Iho same trade.
Cltlmatcl), howecr, the N alike z fouud
coming again to New Orleans, aud then Mr.
Charles Heidsitk, now tn tho tbaractci of a
ii.Arp-nf itcsiisuliert. I lo teased to bo a bar
tender w hen the Intelligence boat ceased to pi) ,
by Major General nuiier's permission, uciw oen
Mobile and New Orleans On his coming to
NewOrkaiia In his new churactcr ho was ar
retted ou thu susplclou of his being a spy. His
explanations were not s-tlefactor). lie was
committed to lort Jackson which was at that
tlmo thu oulv military prison in tho depart
mcutol Major (lenerul liullci. Iho rrench
(!nnul it Nlw Orleans l routed Hcidslck's
case to )ou und ou represented tlio same lo
mo Major (uncial Bulfer rtiorted upon It to
tbu bocictary oi Mar, anu inai. report, was
submitted to tiu Ihu Interference ol Ihli
Department for the reloisu of Hcldslck on
a sped He parole canned his discharge from
confinement In lieu of hlsSjcIng tried by the
nrop.T tribunal as a sp, with whatever ol
hazard mil hi bao attcudid that proceeding
Haviug ruin el hi disrimrge upon lhat con
dltlnn.bla omplalnt that ho has lied no trial
docs not seem to me to be a reasoualo ono
L pon a careful ru lew of tho cose, I em obliged
tocomludeth-it tha prhatlon of which Mr
IlchW kunplaln wro drnwn down upon
himself by conduct aud proceedings which wero
Imprudent, even If not dangerous, and In In
tended violation of the military rules and rogo-
lacions esiaoiisnoa at ew urieans. or can
bis complaint that he was not Allowed an ex
amination or trial bo allowed. It Is understood
by this Government from tho military author!
ilea at New Orleans that he would have been
proceeded against and tried by competent au
thority upon the chargo of being a spy. He
did not wait tho public convenience In that ro-
spect, but appealed through tho Intervention of
his Government, and his release was conceded
upon tho ground of comity and good-will to
wards France, Irrespectively of tho merits of
tho complaints which wero ponding against
.nr. uoiaaicic. ..enavmgtnusDoenaiscnargoa,
and havlnir left the mllltarr department where
tho transaction occurrod, It Is now altogether
loo lato to bring him to trial upon the com
plaint on which he was originally confined.
I avail myself of this opportunity to renew
to you, sir, tho assurance of my high consid
eration. Wuuah H. Bin ARD.
Mr. Hcnrv Mbrcixb, Ac., &c, Ac.
Jr. .SViMrJ to Mr Dayton,
Waiiii-otoit, November 9, 18Q (
tint! I was absent from this city from thelst
until the Oth dsy of November. In attendance
on a member of my family dangerously 111 at
Auburn. Owing to this causo my notices of
those of your communications which were re
ceived during that Interval will bo found dila
tory, ana punapi, ior tno moment imperfect.
Your despatch No. JG5 has been received. It
relstcs to tho United States shln-ofwar Kear
sago and tbo piratical vessel Florida. lean
not say that this Government Is satlitlod with
tho decision of tho French Government to trest
tho Florida as a ahlp-of-war, or with any of the
prececal ncB wnicn mo bmperor nas nasea upon
that decision. The President Is In no case
likely to concodo that the Government of tho
emperor was jusuueu in regarding as a lawiui
belligerent a vessel that was built, armed,
manned, equipped, and dlspachod from a for
eign port to make war against the United
States, and has pursued a piratical career, In
violation of tho law of nations, ever slnco she
left that rort. Nevertheless, j our proceeding
In advising the commander of the Rears age to
avoid a conflict with tho French authorities Is
npproedfc because the United BUlca will re
spect tho authority of France In her own do
minions so long as France docs not assail the
umtoa mates.
I am, sir, your obedient servant,
Wiixusi L Daytoy, Esq , Ac, Ac, Ac.
To be Continued,
1'iw.td at the First Session of the Thirty-
eighth Congress
PluUC No. 4X1
A alt to authorize tho Columbia Institution
for tho Dear nnd Dumb and tbe Blind to con
fer degrees.
lie it fiiact&l ly tht huuiU and House of lien-
mentitlvta of tht United Malta 0 Anurtta in
iA)tnjre$ oittmoitti, mat mo uoara or ui rec
tors of the Columbia Institution for the Instruc
tion of the Deaf and Dumb aud tho Blind be
and they aru hereby authorized an J empowered
to grant and confirm such degrees in the lib
eral arts aud stlencolo such pupils of the In
stitution, or others, wno ny tneir pronciency in
learnlnir or other meritorious distinction they
shall think omitted to them, as aro usually
granted and conferred in colleges; and to grant
to such graduates diplomas or certificates,
sealed and signed In such manner as said
hoard or directors may determine, to authen
ticate and perpctuatothc momoryof such grad
Approved April 8, 1601.
tPLnuo No. 11.1
As act to amend section nlno of Iho act an
proved July seventeenth, eighteen hundred
.nil tlvlri .UA AtltltlAjl A . fA fll,A Iri
aUU l.kkJ-kTT V. VUtiUUU ..11 V kV UVUUV IUU
pay and emoluments of certain ofllcers of
mo army, ana mr omer purposes.
7f it tttartert bu th StnatA atul iiiuu of 7!nra
tentative of the United htaitt of America tn C
ffres$ assembled, That the rank of chaplain with
out command. In the regular and volunteer
sen ico or mo united slates, is hereuy recog
nized. Chaplains shall bo borno on tbo Held
and stall rolls next after tho surgeons, and shall
wear such uniform as Is or may be prescribed
by tbe army regulations, and shall bo subject
to tho samo rules aud regulations as other
officers of tbo army Thoy shall be entitled to
draw forage for two horses, and, when as
signed to hospitals, posts, and forts, they shall
uo entitled to uuarier ana luei witmn iuenos
nltnU. nosts. or forts, while tbcv arc soasahmed.
without tho privilege of commutation, subject
to tho samo condition) aud limitations as aro
now bj law provided In tho case of surgeons.
hen absent from duty with leave, or on ac
count of slckncsf, or other disability, or when
held by tho enemy as prisoners, thoy shall be
subject to no omer uiuunuiion or 103a 01 pay
and allowances than other ofllcers in the mili
tary service are under Uko circumstances. And
chaplains who have been absent from duty, by
reason of wouuis or sickness, or when held as
prisoners In the hands of the enemy, shall bo
entitled to receive full pay without rations
Jurlus such absence.
Sue 3 tttdbt. ItfurtUf enaitul, That the act
approved duly lourticntu, cignteen nuuareu
and slxu two, entitled "An act to -rant pen
sions," Is hereby so amendud as to Imludo
chspiaius in tno regular ana voiuniccr iorcc
of 1 no army; .Twiuea, ihi im yc-uuu w
whleh a chaplilu shall be cntlliud for a total
disability shall be twenty dollars per month,
am! all tho nroUsloua of iho act to which this
section Is an amendment shall apply lo and
rmiimco tho widows, children, mothers and
sisters of chaplains of the land forces who
hno died since the fourth day of March, eigh
teen hundred and elxiy ono, or shall dlo of
wounds or dlfc-ie contracted In tho service of
ihoLtiUcl Sutes,anl wbllo such chaplains
aru or sfuii uu m mo anu 01 mcir amy.
Sec . And (x it furtUr eracttdt 11ml ll
shall lo the duty of chaplains In the military
sen Ico ol thu tnlted States to make monthly
reports to tho Adjutant Ocnerat of the Army
through thu usual military channels, of tho
moral condition and general history of tho
rtglmcnts, hospitals, 01 posts to which they
may be ottnchcd and It shall bo tho duty of all
commauders of regiments, hospitals, and posts
to render such facilities as will aid In the dls
chargo of tho duties assigned to thorn by tho
Uo eminent
Sec. I IrnltV it fnrttur iwuhd, lhat all
chaplains lu tho military sen Ice of tho United
States shall hold appropriate religious eon lees
at the burial of soldiers who may dlo In tbo
eommand to vmcu tncy are assignee: to auty,
aud ll shall be their duty to hold public ro
llglous sen Ices at lcjst ouco each Sit bath
wnen practicamo
Appwcd, Afrll tf, 1S0J
IPtmic No l'i J
An act to appoint an appraiser aud assUwut
aipralsci for the poitol Portland, aud for
other purposes.
U U enacted bJ the -Sr..uftr a id ioa i lUp
rcwdatUtt oj Vi LuUU Wofcs 0 Diua hi
Congt tn atuti&Ud, lUt the Prts dent of Iho
UnltodBtalcs with tho ad.ice and eonsctil or
tbo Senate, shall api-oiut au appraise, and as
aTaUnt appraiser for tlio ort of lurtUnd,
Maine, who-o duties shall t - the same ahose
or similar olllt-eis lu other Ku oinlthonlnlh
section of tlio uet of Congress iassod Alay
seventh, ouo ibousau I ugLt hundred and
Lnrnt) two. entitled An aei further to estab
lish tho compensation of oniecra of the customs
and to alter certain 1 olleetlou districts, and fbr
othi r purposes, ia hereby amendod by adding
Port. aud af ireal 1 to th ports therein enumer
ated and tb di puly collectors, not exceeding
thrt ' in number, aud tho appraiser of said port
t. r.11 1 iii reciive the compensation of two
tboundajolltrs per annum, and tho assistant I
appraiser shall receive a compoastUoi of fif
teen hundred dollars per annum
Approved April V, 1804.
Appolntmenta by the Presides.!,
By and with Vat Adwtc and Content tf (As SentJe.
Captain John P, Hawkins. commiAr- nf
subsistence, United States army, April 13,
100 o.
Colonel Edward A Wild, of the 35th Masse
chuaetu volunteers, April Hi, 1603.
Colonel WlUIata Blrney, of the 3d regiment
United States colored troops. May 23, 1863.
Colonel A. L. ChetUln, of tho 13th Illinois
vol an Leers. December 13. 18C3.
Colonel WlUIsm A. Pile, of tho 33d Missouri
volunteers, December 20, 1803.
IKDJAJf ArrAl&l.
Austin WIlov. of California, to bu Runerln.
tendent of Indian Affairs, for the District of
California, under the act of Congress approved
April 3, 1804.
j onn u. rrau, or Kansas, to do inaian Agent
for the Delaware Agency.
HOSO-LUIJE Coxniriovi. Manv voAre ttra.
In what la now flourishing city in this State,
lived a stalwart blacksmith, fond of bla pip
and his Joke. lie was also fond of bla bloom.
luff daughter, whoso many graces and charms
had ensnared tho affections of a susceptible
young printer. Tho couple, after a season of
billing and cooing, "engacoa themselves." and
nothing but the consent of the lady's "parent"
prevented their union.
To obtain this an Interview was arranged
and typo prepared a Bttlo speech to astonish
and convince the old man. who sat enlovlntr
his pipe In perfect content. Typo dllatod upon
tho fact of their long friendship, their mutual
attachment,! and their, hopes for the future,
ana uko topics t an. taxing tnoaaugnter Dy
the hand, said " 1 now, sir, ask your permis
sion v irAuspiau. iuis oeautiiui nower irom
lu parent bod" but hla "phellnx" overcame
him t he for cot the remainder of his oratorical
flourish, blushed, stammered, and finally
wound up with from Its parent bed, ,lnt my
... tl Tlin fah Irauinla 1lah4 Ida itlafin i-
flturo of tho suitor, and after removing his
plpo and blowing a cloud, ho replied t
t "z -?: jv- 'r?:":zir.-
" hcii, young man, 1 uout -voo aa a nave
any objections, provided yon marry Vu girl
Goou Johuc or Lottii. Since the advcnl of
Gen. Logan's splendid corps at Huntsvllle,tho
rooms la tho principal hotels hare been In de
mand. A bcautlfnl and accomplished actress
has been staying at the Uuntsvllle Hotel, and
In about a " minute, mlnute-snda-half, or two
minutes " after she had vacated her room, the
f;allant General O. was assigned to It by tho
andlord. The General, on examining his bod
previous to retiring, found a most snowy robe
de nult neatly folded under his pillow, marked
in aeucato inaractera wim iuo name 01 uo
fair owner. The chambermaid was called and
asked by the General, holding tho garment In
his hand 1
11 Do you know Miss Lottie Hough V
" Ytu," answered the chambermaid.
" Then carry this to her with my cuoipll
ments. and ssy General O. Is not in the habit
of sleeping with empty nlgbt-gowus." Chit
tanooja (!aette,
There is a wonderful Hindoo chess plaier at
pros tut In London. He plays three gamea
blindfolded, and wins. Al Iho samo tlmo ho
plays a gamo of cards, and wins. During the
game a ucuiaioucnea everyone or iwoseconaa,
aad he gives tho number of times it has beon
touched, a man stands behind him and throws
little pebbles one by ono against his back; these
too ho counts; and after the games are told he
recites a poem In perfect rhyme which ho hss
composed during the sitting.
Tac New York Commercial Advtrtittr rldlj
culcs tho allandlgham relief fund for Ita
smallncss, only seven thousand dollars having
dccu raised in six wtcas. ine vommercuu save
more money could be raised for Jeff. Davis In
New fork without going out of the Sixth ward
ets A correspondent who inquires lm
prudently whether the surgeons of the Veteran
Reserve Corps are utertnary surgeons, is In
formed lhat they aro not, nor are their host, 1
tals to be called horsepdals.
Inthecltrof Nashville tbcro Is a fioatlmr
population of ten thousand person 1, besldea
the soldiers.
Ai.kxandsia ArPAins Sale Under the Di-
ml Tat Lan. A small sale of property under
ine direct lAKiaw loovpiace lo-uayana- oiaotgi
tbe eon mist loners In this city The fidlowlnc ! a
list of the property, and the amounts for which It
House and lot on St Asaph atreet, salJ to beloaa
to Turner DIaoo, aluatlon SWOj sold to Harriet
Houston Water street, salJ ta beloav to Hush
Latham, valuation 6l,zo0i sold to J. G. A erpUack
!ofS73 ,
UOUSC Oil Air lax street, iih io u-iunf , nuiu
Latham, vMuatloa (H,W0t sail to J H Bowman
House ou Prince street, said to beloat, to H
ward Saaititer, valuation ft,), sold to Ann R
Paeon for $775.
Two houses on Water street, anld to btloDR to
U Fit ner aid, valuation at,(-i, sol I to loloorl
Unrips D GUmore for S4W , , ,
Lot on rrineess aod Water streets, sal I U beloa?
to Helen A Ludlow, nluatioa $ o, sold to Caleb
Cornwellf rW0.
Lot oo Prlooeand Payne streets, si.ll to heloiiff
ta Mrs R Massey, valuation lf0, sold to Deoja
min Benedict for Jis
Uje hundred and elfhteeu arrs near tail's
C ur.h, nlnemllfe northwest of Court house, said
to be'ou; to Dr J W. Do wen, valuation $ifiiO,
sold to J U Do-rneyfor$Bio
Twenty-three scree near iour-Mlle-Run, said ti
belonrtoDr J W. Bowen, valuation .two, aold to
Caleb Corn we 11 for SI 33
One hundred and fifty-nine acres remmet'a Run
northwest of oourt-heuse nine mites, said to be
long to Dr J W. Boweai valuattoa $1,009, sold to
M Downe for Sl.too
Houso and lot corner King aud Pitt streets
Marshall House said to belong to Elisabeth Dan
dls's eststef valuation tP.oooj sotd to Mrs fydlt
innKelleyfor $5,660.
UilOn wasnius;ion aircei, aa;a io l'-iour h
al eth Du miss's cstatet valuation $ sold to t
ib Lornwell for $MQ. , ,. ,
trcait Court There waa no session of tin cir
cult court la Fairfax county tonlsv, lo so"
nuenceof the non-arrival of Jule saead af
WASIIIAUfON, April 11, lS4
1 he luiiywiugoillccrs hsrlnjbeenrei-orted at the
hevlquarters ot tho army fur the ofltaces here
.aaftrr si seltteJ, arc hereby notlfled that they
nlll stand lUsailsssd from the sen Ice of the United
stst-i unless, within fifteen (t6) days from this
title thryajl r I eforo the MUltAry Commission
in session in this eilj of which BrlgA-ler General
John i Caldwell, Inlted Statea volunteers, Is
pit side bt, and make satisfactory defence to the
toi bffair dunijtctjul ttut jjaiu Unjuate t
nwAiny an Qjflcial rtt u n of dsierfrr
l-irst Jdeuteaant And Adjutant Joseph It "ll
nth Illinois volunteers
Diobtiitce ef tr&ttt ad nefleitofdmii
!icoundLleutenautJ.CAln,8ii, uhlo lode) u
rie it batter)
Abitnee irttaeuf Ltati
i irst 1 leutenant John AcWner, fllth utiio volun
taptala Noses sale, looth 1 ania volua
Lieutenant James Bo.i"S mm reniVT"
ula volunteers
Assistant Suriecn Mntthou 1 Locke. 4th lea
nssiee volunteers
Fir it Lloutenint manual Kyre, si De'aware
(.sistaat Snigeoo 11 6 Osgood, uth JaJlaoa
surgeon John Higgles, ttth lUlnula jaialry
iwcond Ueutensnt ThoraAs UrUa, wth IUUw
volunteers K D. TOWNW.
apli- Assistant Adj iteat Green!

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