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mtiMiVi Ahl'i,!
mT" "-
I' s.
Rational gqmMiciw.
rillDAYmm.i in ii.iATKH. 15, 18M.
By J OJl- 0 t AisflMsI itqmtlkm (J af
511 AlafA t!rrr(,Mvrm lTinsylwn (a at, tie awd
Wii4T5n-ioil(ff to rwfw rt JTf-mMfeais
rtvjarii mil ptnut nof(y Mis JI.
13T If c rai. f Ac attention oj butlm t turn Io las
.an-lJeafto. o our ..rflafmnl. 1V intend
to aoiuiruss qttoWi matter (or Ou hmrjlt
VtOHT pdtTOn.
Hfniipaptr (i noteWnUAad 5y emrrUri to
SimrftiTt In fats rtfy atari Pforysfoani af Hfrfy
ttsfl per monfA.
t377tararcxl adwrftMmnUl on our Jtrsf
pa? art Inserted 5y authority nftXi railroad torn
panW srrcralfy named, art aJIWatly torrrtUd
wVn cAaajes art mat?, Arncp can bt Ttlied vpon
The business of dlstrlbut.DK tht RtrrsLKAif
throughout thti city, Ge.rg.town and Alexandria,
nas tats uay been placed In tha naaft of Mr. &i
Tnm SiisrntaD, who 1 oar only authorized
aeent to oolleet and eollelt subscriptions to toll
1 aper, and haa alio authority to aolleit adrcrtlae-
tnente rrora in atlTeruaioa; eommually or thla and
the nrlrhborlna; eitlea for the National Rtrus.
UfAN Mr. Shepherd la well and favorably known
In tela community, from having been for aereral
moatha past one of our principal Local Reporters,
and wr commenO. him to our cltltcna on hla new
Washihotox, April 4, ISM.
aouMUf iiutuicu.
" Turn cattail trnca TnxuTnrzD to ditidi
- nusaj or tb Union h tast."
" 1 troclaih rax rAuxm to all who
aiTORT, raoncT, aitd trmt thxCoxbti
tenon onus Uhitxd Stars, aks th Union
or in a Btatbs nnnnin."
The undersigned, who, by original appolnt
rucnt, or subsequent designation to fill Taean
ri. constitute the executive commUtee cre
utJ by the National Convention, held at Chi
co on the lCth day of May. I860, do hereby
tsllupon all qualified Totera who dealro the
racondltlonal maintenance of the Union, the
n,-riEiacyof llie Constitution, andthoeomplrto
suppression of the existing rebellion, with the
k thereof, by rlgonraa war and all apt and
fflclent means, to aend delegate to a eonTcn
uou to assemble at Baltimore, on Tneeday, the
"th day of June, 18W, at 13 o'clock, noon, for
Le purpose of presentlnc candidates for the
fires of President and Vice President of the
I sited States. Each Bute having a represen-
atlon In Conpws will be entitled to as msny
-cleffstes as shall be eaual to twir th nnmhM
if electors to which such State la entitled In the
Eleciciral Collere of the United States.
E""7 MOROAN. !ew lork, Chairman.
HHA1NAKD, rmoat.
r H. ROLLINS, w llampihlre.
THOMAS G TURM.R, Rhode laland.
nillli W El-I-s-s. ConncclUnL
P",MMi DUkR, New Jaraty.
V R. SUITHLRS, Delaware.
I I WAOru.3larylan
H.S LAMC, Indiana.
)St-'Tl.S BLAIR, Michigan.
H ARL SCHCRZ, Wlaeoniln
U I U'ASHBL'RN, Mlnnaanta.
u 1LLIAM A. PHlIXlrs, JUnaaa.
I H IK1IH. r-ttirMka.
JOSLfH GERHABDT, Dltt ofo. -
In .New lork yesterday sold fill to IT5J,
upon a report tUt Mr. Chase had drawn for
X3CC,0 eterllnR agilnit gold sent from Ban
Fr.Lclico. TLe eloalng price waa 177. The
, recloua lottal opened at 173 tliia morning
Coraiuarcc tu Xuaurraetlonnrr Dlatrleta.
Senator Chandler hat Introduced a new till
regulating the bujlngof cotton, the lease of
abandoned lasdi, etc. It subjects all commcr.
elal iranaattlona whattTer to tho reslrictioni of
the act of Jnly, 160, and portions of loyal
Elates whenever overrun or seriously threat
tned with rebel raids.
Mora Indiana Starving.
The Sioux, In their new reservation in Da.
ols, whero they retired sftcr their murderous
pastime In Mlnncsots, sre in need. The Sccre-
tsry or the Interior, In a letter to the Senate,
recommends an approprlstlon of 5107,300 for
thst tribe snd the Winnebago, u costs fifteen
tents a day each, In addition to their own re
sources, to Keep them.
ICanaaa Uallroad,
The Committee on the Publls Lands have
reported a railroad bill giving a grant of alter.
nate sections for ten sections on each side of
the road, tho line to ran from Emporia via
Council Grove to a point on the Pacific road,
uear Fort Riley.
IVaral Changes
Socond Assistant Engineer John H. Perry,
iliiachcd from special duty at Baltimore and
ordered to thoaranac, vice Second Aatlttant
Engineer Edward Olscn, detached and ordered
to New York.
First Assistant Euglncer Wm. II. King, de
tached from the gunboat Massasoll and ordered
to tho Angusta. .
Second Assistant Engineer Elijah Laws, or
dered to tho gunboat Iowssco.
Second Assistant Engineer 8. W. Scnsncr,
ordered to special duty at Baltimore
Major Mary K. Walker, the handsome snd
aocompllsnea surgeon or uan. nicueok'a brigade,
was In the city yesterday .-.CAaZanoojaOauUffSfA
Hon. Euwabo Evzbitt was seventy years
uiuun me wo uiii , ,ui Miun,i,,ij vi iuc bom
bardment of foil Sumter.
Madams: Vistvali Is cresting a sensation in
SccnBTAxr Seward returned from New York
Cut. John Hamilton, of the 3d artillery,
who was aeiercly wounded at the battle sf Olua
tee. and who has been aerlously 1)1 la consequence
OI lus wounus, is now, w lire napi'y 10 icarn
tufrly And rsrluly Improving,
Tni KtroHT Patriotic "I Isbor ;ro oowo
liMkQ," said a noisy demsgoguo In a stump
"The plain L'ugUsh of that is, you want to
pick the public loncs," was tho retort of his
Tub doors of somo of the promimnt soccs
slonltts In Vltalla, California, were tarred and
leathered recently.
Motto of the Republican presses who op
i.oscd Mr. Colfax's resolution to expel Longi
"Don'tTialloo until yon get out of the Hoods
a little more treason."
Tn Pratt In New York has been ptitponed
until tho latofJnne.
A Riss. A Richmond corrospondent or me
Mlsnta (Otorgla) wwal aays that a resident
of Richmond advertise Ills furniture tor aaij
icaute his rent was rle4 from six hundred
1 a.s to tire thousand dollars.
Fori Pillow Captured by!
the Repel Forrest.
Fiendish Conduct of tho
Women and Children Murdered
Woundod Prisoners Sabrod
and Burnod Alivo.
Cairo, April IS. On Tuesday morning,
Forrest, with six thousand men, attacked Fort
Pillow. Boon after the attack Forrest sent a
flag of truce, demsudlng a surrender of the
fort and the garrison, meanwhile disposing
his force so as to gsln advantage of Major
Booth. 13th Tennessee U. B. heavy artillery,
formerly 1st Alabama cavalry, colored.
The flag of truce wss refused, and the tight'
lng wss resumed. Afterwsrds a second fisg
came In, which wss also refused. Both flags
gsve Ihercbels sn advantage of new positions
The battle waa kept up till 3, p. m., when
Major Booth being killed, Major Bradford took
command. Tho rebela now came In swsrms
over our troops, compelling their surrender.
Immodlstcly upon surrender, ensued a scene
which nttcrly baffles description. Up to that
time comparatively few of our men were killed,
but the Incarnate confederates commenced an
Indiscriminate butchery of-whites and blacks,
including both colors.
The previously wounded black aoldlers be
coming demoralised, rushed to the resr, the
white officers having thrown down tholr arms.
Both white and black wero bayoneted and
shot, or sabred. Even doad bodies wero horrl
bly mutilated. Children seven or eight years
of age, and several negro women, were killed
In cold blood. Soldiers unsble to speak from
wounds were shot dead, and their bodies rolled
Into the river.
The desd snd woundod negroes were piled
Inheapa and burned. Several citizens who
Joined our forces for protection were killed or
wounded. Out of the garrison of six hundred
only two hundred remained alive
Among our dead officers aro Capt. Bradford,
Lieutenants Barr, Ackcrstrom, YUson, Revel,
snd Msjor Booth, sll of the lSlh Tonnessce
Csptaln Psston snd Lleutensnt Lyon, ef the
13th Tennessee; and Cspt. Young of the 34th
Missouri acting provost marshal wero taken
prisoners. Msjor Brsdford wss slso csptured,
but Is ssld to have escaped. H is fesred, how
ever, he Halluces willed.
The steamer Platte Valley came up about
half-paat three, and waa hailed by the rebela,
Under a flag of truce men were sent ashore to
bury the dead and to take on board such of the
wounded aa the rebus allowed to live. Flfty-
sercn were taken on board, lacludiog seven or
eight colored. Eight died on the way up.
The atcamer arrived here thla avralnir anil
lmmedlatelv sent to the Mound (Hit hoanltl I
" 'I
todlKt.ugol.er uQcrtng ctrgo. Among thiliou of Miehi(tii, Kll of Nw Work, Lou,
wounaca oiucers 01 ido colored troop are!
Captain Porter, Lleutensnt Libbcrts, and Ad-
juunt ixmmtng.
Six guns were csptured by the rebels, and
carried off, including two 10-poundcr Parrotts,
and two 12-pound howitzers.
A largo amount of stores were destroyed or
csrrlcd away.
The Intention of the rebels secmod to be to
evscuste the place and move lowsrd Memphis.
Locistillz, April IS. Col. Prstt, command-
in? at Fort Donelson, telegraphs that he Is In
formed thst Faducsh has been attacked, and
the town Is full of rebela.
Ha llepuleca the RebelaHn Tivo Dattlca.
LiTTLB Rocit. Ark.. April U. Advices from
Gen. Steele to the 7th bsve been received. Ills
expedition reached a point five miles south of
Skin or Little Missouri river, about twenty-five
mucs irom ;amuen, wnerone expected uen.
Thayer, with the Fort Smith force, tojoln him
next day.
On the 2d, Shelby attacked Steele's rear guard
under General Rice with 1,'JOO cavalry and two
filcces of artillery, and wss repulsed with a
oss of 100 killed and wounded. Our lots was
11 killed and wounded and IS prisoners.
On the 4th. Msrmsduke sttscked. with three
or four thousand cavalry and live pieces of
artillery, on the south side of the Little Mis
sion. Alter nvo nours naming, no wss routed
with a los of four killed snd twenty-three
Our loss wss 2 killed and wounded. There
Is a large force of rebels flvo or six miles In
Steele's advance, but It la not expected they
will make a stand. Nothing has been heard
irom uanxs or-tne gunooats.
Prom the Army of iho Potomac,
Anrll 11 Tfc ft.1 Hlvl.lnn r,t th M am..
commanded by General Blrney, was reviewed
to-day by General Hancock, and presented a
splendid appearance. General Meade and stair
were present, and complimented the division
ana its commander on its emciencr.
After tho review tho Generals partook of
ume reircanmcnia wun donn i. lions, at nis
Invltstlon, snd aflerwarda ltli General Blrney.
Ihc day lias beautiful.
A rumor prevails In camp this morning that
tho rebela have been seen on the Blue Ridge,
uui nu cretin la given u.
Arrival of a Steamer from City Polut
No Nevra or Prlaonera.
FoKTitisa Monroe. Aurll 18 The steamer
New York returned from City Point this morn-
lug, bringing neither news nor prisoners, the
water being so high In James river as to pre
rnt communication with Richmond.
The sixty women and children taken up In
the New York were landed at City Point, and
wo learn they had to pay seventy-fivo dollars
(confederate money) each for hack hire from
that place to Petersburg, distance nine miles.
Steamer Colonel Rucker, Cspt. Bell, arrived
this morning from New Berne, N. C.
At 7 p. in. yesterday spokestcamcr Wlnants,
searching for disabled steamer Scott. Thoy
had spoken steamer Arago which reported
steamer Scott twent-llte miles cast of Bodle's
Island, on tho Gtu Instant Steamers United
States and Silss O. Fieri e are slso In search of
the disabled stoamor.
The gunboat Iroquois, hllo oil Point New
Point, ran into tho steamer Ocorglaua, striking
near the after gangway, carrying away several
of her state rooms. Ac. The passengers, fear
ing ahe was In a sinking condition, escaped to
the Iroquois.
Navtgallou Open.
IkrliLO, April 11. Navigation Is opera to
is point.
Tna Ham Teiinssses Fraparlus; to liult,
Nxn Yonar, April 14. A letter frorfi the
blockading fleet on" Mobile, March 23, aaya tho
formidable rebel ram Tenneesse Is getting
ready to par the fleet a visit. I We Infer from
this thst the Tennessee was not sunk as re
ported some days since
IHlisl ILaius Clown Up.
Niw Yobk, April It The steamer Tpnuas
A Scott, from New Orleans, has srrlvcjllf-
I Hatches papers of the 1st of April have a
report that the rsbels bsve blown up two rams,
Bwevepon and Missouri, to prevent their sll-
lag into our nsaas, ana in si uey asvo evacu
ated Bhrtvtport. i
Initlan Tranblsa PlRht at Sfrrmnls
Omaha, N. T., April 14. It la reported that
the Indians bsve lorn down the telegraph lino
twice near Junction Station, between Julca
burg and Dearer City.
A fight Is sstd to have taken place at Fre
mont's Orchard, between troops from Denver
snd the Indlsns, In which live soMlers wcrs
Tlis Cananra af air. Ln, of Ohio,
After the close of the debste In the House
yesterday afternoon by Mr. Colfax and Mr.
Long, Mr. Cox moved to lay the resolution to
censure Mr. Long upon the table. This was
dlaasreed to yeas TOi nays TV.
The first resolution wss then read, nainelvi
"Thst said Alexander Lone be. and he Is
hereby, declared to he an unworthy member of
tnia uonse." '
The resolution wss agreed to yeas SO) nsys
TOi as follows!
Arnold, Ashley, Dally, Baldwta of Massachusatti,
Baxter. Btaaaao, Blaine, Foutwsll, Boyd, Broomal,
A. W.Clark, Cobb, Cole, Craawell, Dawes, Damlof ,
Drtazs, ttamont, Lsaley, Faroswortb, Frank, Gat
nald. Gooah, Grlnorll, Hlrsby. Hoopsr, Hotebklss,
Hnhbard of Connartleut, Jcnskes, Julian, Xasson,
Kallay, KalM-n of ll.bla, Kallon "t New
A ork. Loan, Lonsrear, Man la, AlaBrlda, MeCturr ,
Meladoa. alUlaroIMew lork, MorriU, Morris ol
Nw York, A. Myers, L. Mvsrs, Norton, O'Neill of
Pennsylvania, Orth, ratiaiaon, rerbam, rika,
romeroy, rrlaa, Rsndall of Kentucky, Rtce of Mass
aahosatia, fuse of Maine, Rolllae of New Harap.
shlra, Sehaaek, Shannon, Sloan, Smith, Smltbers,
Starr, Starans, Tnaycr, Thoinaa.LTpson, Van Valk
nburfb, Washburna of Illinois, Washburna of
Massasliusetts, Webster, Whaler, Wilder, W llaon,
Wlndom, WoodbMOia 80.
Naya Maesrs. J. 0. Allan, Waa. J Allan, Ansooa,
Baldwin, Blatr of Mo., Bliss, Brown of Wlsaoastn,
Brown of Wast Yin tain. Chanler. Clar. Corrroth.
Cox, Cravens, Dawson, Denlson, Kdan, EldrlilKS,
m (asa, uukb, una,
Harrla of Maryland,
.BiutagB rvnas;
..-.nut nvauKu, nui nu,',., u lww, u..
lory. Merer, MeBowall, MsKannay, MlUer, Mnrrla
of Onto. Usrriuin. Nclaon. Nnhla. nr!lt rrKj.ni
of Ohio, Paadleton, rerry, rruya, Itadrord, Ran
dall of rtnnsylvanla, Robinson. Rofars, Rollloa of
MlseooH, Ross, Seott, Stabblns, staelo of New
York. Steele of New Jarsry, strooaa. Stuart,
Sweat, Voorbaes, Ward, Wbeelar, C. A.Whlta,J.
lit nHIMiniBOII., ft T UtTta-i BU I Minim IV,
tm TTaT ptat as wa attains I an asaaa-HS-aaaK aaaB fKaa sfl a-i.-i-
olotlon iru adopted, the second resolution was
of no particular moment, and therefore he
moTed to lay It upon the table.
Mr. Coiru waa -willing to withdraw It tj
unanlmout content.
Oblenloni were made on the Onwwtilnn
Mr. Voorheea tald It was time theae dla
graceful proceeding were brought to a close.
avuero waa mucn coniosion a. ims time.
The second resolution la as follow it
ly, the one already adopted, to the said Alex-
anaer iong aunog tne session or me House.
The second rcso)utIonwss,onmotlonofMr.
llolmsn, laid upon the table; 71 again CO.
Mr. Coiraxthen moved the previous quest lou
on the preamble, under the operstlon of which
it wss agreed to.
The preamble sets forth, aubetsutlally. that
Alexander Long, a Iteprcaentatlve from the
Second District of Ohio, by his open declara
tion. In the National Capitol, and by publica
tion In New York, has shown himself to bo In
fsvor of the recognition of tho so-called Con-
loaeracy, now trylog to establish Itself on the
ruins of the country, thereby giving aid and
comfort to tho enemy In their destructive prac
tices, and to the traitors sgalnat the Govern
ment within our borders, by assurances of their
success snd affirmations of the Justice of their
cause; and that such conduct Is Incompatible
with hla duty ae a member of thla body.
The above preamble was agreed to by the
following vote yeas TO, nsys G3i
Yeaa Jdeasrs. Aller, Allison, Anas, Anderson,
Arnold, Ashley, Bslly, Baldwin of Massachusetts,
Raster, Baamaa, Blame, Bootwcll, Biyd, Broom
all, A. W. Clark, Cobb, tola, Ireswell. Dawes,
GilaoeU, HIctT, Hootxr. Hotchklas. Hubbard of
thia, un.oiii, jcKu-j, tana, uarneiu uoocn,
CltMl Mil. I...1.H I.ilf.n V.-.h H.ll.. Vl-
Tr.rr l "" rw, miurw,
AJ77.rrMYv.r.: fJoS: SOT o!
New Yoik.
.., uiw, r-tticr-oo, remain, i-iac, romeroy,
ft lee, Randall of Kentucky, Rtccof Massachusetts,
Rico of Maine, KoUtnaof Maw Hampshire, scbenck,
Shannon, Sloan, Smith, Smlthers, Starr, Slavers,
Tha) cr, Tbomaa, Upaoo, 1 an alktoburfb, Wash
burna of Illinois, Washburna of Massachusetts,
Webster, Whaley, Wilder, llaon, Wlndom, and
Woodb-ldre vs.
Nays Messrs J. (..Allen, W J. Allen, Ancona,
Baldwin of Mien , Bliss, Brown of Wis., Brown of
W. Va, Chanler, Clay, Loftroth. Cos, Dawaoo,
Denlson, Eden, klldrldre, Flack, Gaoaon, Grldcr,
Hall, Hardlnr, Harris of MJ , Herrlck, llolmsn,
Hutcbios, Johnson of OMo, Kalbfletscb, Krnan,
Knapp, Law, Laiaa', Marey, McDowell, McKln
ney, Miller of Fcnn , Morr a of Ohio, Morrison,
Nelson, Noble, (Xlell, O'Neill of Ohio, frndleton,
,ii,i ,iuju. Rwiiwtu, n.ouau vi irno , nooin
sob, Rofera, Rolllna of Mo , Hoss, Seott, stebblos,
Steels ol New York, Steele of New Jerse) , Slrouse,
Stuart, Voorhaae, Ward, Wbeelsr, a A t hlte ,
1. W. White, Wlnfleld, V. Wood, Yeaman-SJ.
The House, at a quarter to C o'clock, ad
journed. orrtciAL.
Dlamlseale for tha Weak enttlna; April V,
Lieutenant Colonel August Otto, SSlh New
York volunteers, and Captain W. A. Harn, Sd
New York independent battery, to date March
14, 1861, for giving duplicate discharges to en
listed men.
Assistant Surgeon Uald fckoit, and Assieiaut
Burgeon James Fulton, 143d Pennsylvsnls vol
nnteers, to dste April 8, 1801, they having dc.
cunea to appear before a board of cxsmlnstlon
First Lleutensnt Isaac A. Nesblt, 1st Penn
sylvania artillery, and First Lieutenant James
A. Smith, 75d New York volunteers, to date
March 14, 1864, for absence without leave.
First Lieutenant Robert D. Adams, First
Lieutenant William Frltbee, and Second Lieu
tenanW James McOulre, 40ih Kentucky volun
teers, to date November 1,1603, for drunken
ness, desertion, snd incompetency.
Second Lieutenant George B. Worcester, Sd
Vermont oluntccrs, to date April 0, 1804, for
Inefficiency and conduct unbecoming sn officer
snd gentlemen.
Second Lleutensnt James Brcnnau, 78lh
Ohio voluutcers, to date April 8, loOl, for
drunkenness and absence without leave.
Tho following officers, to date March 14,
1804, for the causes mentioned, having becu
published officially and failed to appear before
the commission!
.losenrs without Uait.
First Lieutenant C. A. Witcrliou.c, Sth
Maine volunteers.
Second Lleutensnt William Zclgler, 13d 1111
nols tolontcers.
Duottdtenct of vriteri
Second Lleutensnt Wllllsin M. Wliallur,
4'Jth Illinois volunteers.
Tho orders of dismissal heretofore issued in
the following esses havo been revoked)
Chaplain W. Gibson, 45th Pennsylvania vol
unteers, he having been previously honorably
first Lieutenant W. T. Warrall, 4th United
Btatca colored troops, and Second Lleutcnaut
Charles A. Brown, 4th United Slates colorod
troops, and they have been discharged as of the
date of the order of dismissal.
Tho following officers, heretofore, dismissed,
are restored, with pay from the dalo at which
they rejoin their regiments for duty, provided
the vacancies hsve not been filled by the Gov
ernors of tholr respective Ststes i
Msjor IT. M. Carey, 13th Ohio volunteers
Captain James B. lruckey, 3d Ohio cavalry.
Captain George A. Armstrong, 7th Michigan
First Lieutenant Johujonea, second battalion
Veteran Reserve Corps, provided the vacancy
has not been filled.
Assistant Adjutant Genual
Second Edition,
Tho last reception of the season will bo!
glven.oy Speaker Colfax, at his residence, this
The New Jersey Monitor says Mr. Scovcl, In
his election to the Senste of that State, waa
opposed by the Camden and Amboy Railroad
Company. Why ahouldn't he be so opposed If
It is true, as ststcd, that ho wss to supported
and finally elected by the Delaware and Rarl
tan ("Elbow route") Railroad Company. Mr.
Scovcl acknowledges thst, st 8enator, he rep
resents hit constltncntt In tht Dtlavart and
Harilan road iTc may safely be called a Rail
road Senator,
Hoston Ilsrald Kstabllshment tlnrnatl.
Wo learn, by a private dispatch addressed to
Major Charles 0. Rogers, proprietor of tho
Boston Journal, that the ofllce of the Boston
ITtrald Is on Are and partially destroyed.
Major Rogers hss afforded all the facilities In
hla power to assist his neighbor In continuing
the publlcstton of his paper.
Tni rcxxuALof tho late Mr. A. A. Lovclt,
superintendent of tbe Teoplo's Line of Tclc
grsph, Is appointed Saturday, 4 o'clock p. m.,
at Beverly, Mass.
"Uraca Uieeni-.ood" on tha rwbflllon.
A lecture of rare Interest will aa given In the
Senate Chamber, Saturday, on which occasion
OaAtc Qaicawoon (Mrs. L. K. LltiDlneottl has
been Invited to address tha public, by tha Presi
dent of lbs Senate, Speaker of the Itouseof Rears
aentatliea, and other merabera of Coorress Tha
prooeeda are to be fives for the benefit of tha Na
tional Association for tha relief of destitute col
ored women aod children, organised under act of
Conavess. Crsce Greenwood Is a ladwif ilronr
latellect, of noble Impulacs, and a wondsrful com
mand of language. She has foe yssra dellg hted tha
publls as an authoress, aod her efforts at the leo
turer'a desk are no less successful than those with
liar pen Let us give her a good house, aa an ap
preciation of rightly directed geaiua, and for tha
sake of the causa to be benefited byfisr labors
Only Two -fichu sVouger.
The Opera comnioy remalne at Grovcr'a theatre
only two nlghta more It hea been well aaldby
" Krastnus " that ' to fall lo saa thla tioupe would
be a sin agatnat good taste." To-night Madame
Johannsen appeara fn her magnificent chsrsster of
,,F!dello,"ln Beethoven's only opeis. To-morrow
niant we are to Sara that uellcloue pniraof tha
" Barter of tev Ilia"
Sonne Gi'iarn, ona of the prlaeln-il raemlcrs
of Mr Groer'a Philadelphia company, firmerly of
tins eiiy, is sdoui to return to the felicity of
matrimonial life. The n-.meof the harp) gentle
man who has achieved this triumph la unknown
to us. We understand that Miss Wihu, of the
ssmc drsmstls enmpsny,has had aeicral Imita
tions to partake of the Joys ofmatrlmon)
IUiirm's Moitiilt rou Mat. Tho Mny
number ef Harpar'a delightful Magazine has insde
Its appearance betimes. It Is the closing numbsr
of tha tasnty.elgbth volume, and Us contents are
rleh enough to give It a new lease of life for f our
taen ysara loafer Tha leading article ia "Life
with tha ksqulmeaua," Illustrated with exqulslla
wood eng ravingi. The flmlhl. Is for tale by Hud-
eon Taylor, 014 Pennsylvania avenus; John C
rarksr, S7S r street, (near tha Tost Olhsc) and by
J Shllllngton, corner of lour-anil-a-ha'f stiect and
Pennsylvania avenue.
TlllllT Y-KIQIITI1 OUHullKim,
Flret Scaalon,
Fxidat, April i, le-l.
Mr. Howard Introduced a bill to amend tlui
statutes of llmltstlon In forco In tbe conrts of
the District of Columbia, which waa referred
to tho Committee on tho District.
Mr. Morrill presented a petition fiom col
ored citizens of the District of Columbia, sui
ting forth thst they are subject to taxation
without representation, that thero loyalty has
never been cjuestloncd, that they have furulsh
ed two regiments now in tho field, snd havo a
third one forming, and prs) lng that legislation
be had to glvo them the proper relief. Refer
red to the Committee on thcUlstrlct of Coluin
Mr. Wilson again asked, but failed, to ob
tain consent to offer a resolution, providing
for night sessions for the transaction of busi
ness. Mr Beaman, from the commlttco of confer
ence on the disagreeing amendment to the bill
providing a temporary government for Mon
tana, made a report, recommending a concur
rence In tho Bcnato'e amendment, ati Iking out
the qualification of white for voters and sub
stituting every male citizeu of tbe United
Slates, and those who have declared their In
tention to become such.
Mr. Beaman presuming that all gentlemen
had made up their minds, moved the previous
Mr. Ilolman moved to lay the report upon
tho table. The question was decided In tho
negatlio yeas 00, nsya C7.
The report of Iho commlttco of conference
waa disagroed to yeaa 5J, nays 83.
Mr. Ilolman moved that the llouao adhere.
Mr. Beaman moved that tho House Insist
and ask a commlttco of conference.
Mr. Webster moved the following instruc
tions i and that the committee agree to no re
port which authorizes any other thau frco white
male citizens, and those who havo declared
their Intention to become such, to voto.
These resolutions were agreed to yeas 75,
nsys 67.
And Mr. Beaman'a motion for another com
mittee waa adopted, (accompanied by the
above Instructions.)
The consideration af the Joint resolution to
dispose of the unemployed Generals waa post
poned for ten days.
Mr. Alley, of Massachusetts, from tho Com
ralttoc on tho Post Office and Post Roads, re.
ported a bill authorizing the establishment of
ocean mall sicamsnip service between tho Uni
ted States sndBrssll. Mr.AUcymadeaspoech
In support of the bill.
A Qallant Officer,
Wo saw yesterday a plan of the battle fought
near Columbia on the 4th of July by the gal
lant Col. O. II. Moore, at the head of two bun.
dred mon, agalnat John Morgan'a force of four
or five thousaud. Col. M.'a repulse of a forco
equal to twenty or twenlv-llve times his own
waa one of the most chivalrous alTalra on rec
ord. Thongh 'tis unquestionable history, It
reads like the wildest romance.
Col. M. prepared his defences with groat
judgment, out, as mo turning point 01 the bat
lie. he had not the slightest advanta.-o In nosh
tlon. He and hla men wero upon one side and
Morgan's men upon the other side of an abatis
of felled trees, crouching but a few yards apart
andiuring at eacu oiucr upon terms of perfect
equality through the branches. The fighting
.there waa moat terrific. All the Federal aol
dlers kept their places, the living not less than
tho doad, and the rebel hosts at length find In
lonruslou. Tbe disaster sustained by Morgan
upon thla occaalon cost him lull twelvo hours'
tlmo In hla movements, lie had Intended, aa
ho himself slated, to mako a dash Into Louis
vllle, but hla long and unexpected delay caused
him to change hla plans UulivtUi Journal.
Col. Moore was mado sick by wounds and
waa Incapacitated for active service beyond
the limit prescribed bynn army regulation,
which requires thst officers who aro on tho
sick list more than sixty days shall b dropped
from Iho service. Col. Moore Is now In tho
illy seeking to ho reinstated, and thosowho
know him well aro strongly of tho opinion thst
the Government tanuot afford to loso the ser
vices of such au officer.
" TElsEyiUJM.
Krom fas-twill ana and Tela.
N'kw Touk, April 15-Tho fcttamcr ContV."!
ucntsl his arrlToV frm Now Orleans on Uvp
Htb, with Alexandria datea to the Mh.
AH Is quiet at Alexandria, and arnplo pre
cntillon Is taken against anrprlie by tho enemy.
Tho hcarv Iron-clads had dronncd dawn to
Fort Dc JEtiesey, but there was Mill so (Helen t
water Tor the gnnbnals and t ran port to cross
the falls.
Tho streets of A'eiinilrU aro barricaded In
cace of raids hy tbe rebels.
About 500 people have taken tho oath under
the amnesty proclamation
Tho steamer Luminary, before reported de
etrojod, was abovo the falls uninjured.
Advices from Texas state that Gen. Dana has
been relieved from tho command of the troops
nt l'asa Cat alio at his own re-iued.
Gen. Hcrron Is sick at llrownsvlllc ntth tho
small vox.
A blockade mi.nlni schooner trkd to run
out of Tass Catallo on tho 2d, and tho gunboat
-fl-eiTuia coaiea ucr. ine reucis ureu ncr,
escaping In their boats. Forty bales of 8ca
Island cotton was saved and she was then
abandoned to tho flames.
The sloop-of.war Tcnsacoli. left S'ew Or
leans on tho 7lh for New York.
Advices from Matamoras report no trench
or Franco-Mexican force there, nor known to
be near there.
Jndga Da r til Is president of tho Free Stato
uonvcnuon in sue. on at ew Orleans.
The report of a rebel attack on Alexandria
Morcmtnta of Itloekatla Iliiuntra.
N'aw York, April IS. Tho steamer Corsica,
from Havana on tho Dili, and Nassau on tha
11th, has arrived.
Tho schooner Tctrcl, at N'assau from Charles
ton, reports tho loss of tho alcAtncr Juno from
Wilmington for Nassau. She broke In two
and nearly all hinds were drowned. Tho
.learners Byrcn end Co'inctto had arrived from
Tho Greyhound, W-.I-o'-Uic-WIip and Byrcu
havo sailed to run tho blockade.
I'rlnco Charles Bonaparte, cousin of the Em
peror, has arrived at Martinique, en route to
.Mexico with tho regiment In which ho Is a
Coo fel rate Vessel.. Ilutldhig In Fraucc.
New York, April 15. The Tmui9 Paris lct
tertaysone of tho vessels built at Bordeaux
for tho Confederates has been launched. An
English csael Is lying there -with her equip
ment. Tho builder has been compelled by the
French Go crnment to gtvo his word that nono
of the vessels he Is constructing shall pass Into
Confcderato hands. Tho two Iron-cuds will
not be ready for launching for throe months)
but tho other thrcu (wooden vessels) will soon
follow their consort Into tho water. The French
Government has enclosed tho Rappahannock
In n dock at Calais, and placed a roan-of-wrtr
In front of It.
Price of tiolil.
New Yoiik. Acrll 15. Gold seven tv-three
and thrco-foutths to seventy-four.
Th Mohican.
rniLADCLPHU. Acrll 15. Tho United SLaLm
ship Mohican has arrived from Brazil, via St.
Thomas. All aro well on board. Captain A.
B.Olilson, commander.
Complctlou of the Kailroatl to Klioxvltlc
la-Otrooif. Kt.. April 13. Trains Passed over
the bridge at this place this after noon. The
connection wim kuoxviuo is uon complete,
UrtHImore ami Ohio Railroad Company.
Baltimore. April 14. Tho Baltimore and
Ohio Uallroad Company to-day rn titled tho
iiurcuasQoi mo flonairwi Virginia or rangers
burg railroad, and contracted for a grand rati
road bridge at Parkcrsburg, connecting tho
Baltimore aud Ohio railroad with tho Marietta
and Cincinnati branch, making a continuous
railway, without change of cars, between New
York, Washington, and Cincinnati, Indianapo
lis and Chicago, by lino sixty miles nearer than
tho Columbus route to Cincinnati.
Uotlou aud Us dependencies. In ordinary
seasons, consume o, tr forty thousand pounds
of butter a week.
Tiie'Iicll Mmidsh Case. The court ad
journrd y-titcrday about 4 30 p m.. havlor bcrn
occnit ed tha entire dAjr la heart dj ih tmimony
nbleu was taken In this ease. Dr. Boian, Gforro
BaslUrO, William Clendenin and Tim (UUarher
were the witnesses eia mined after our reiMirt
Dr Boiran knew the prlioner'a wl( ilnce 1P57i
uiailo a post mortem examination of her lxiy una
fount! artoui wounda of various stain of .
t-uiurniioni iney wrre Druisei, ana some or them i
wrcks oW, one wound was peculiar It was about
an Inch and a quarter loo, and resulted from a '
detcentUntrblowt It might Lave beea dons br tha
hammer, but eerralnly not by the axe
George Uatlard knew Tuell, but not thedeoeaseilt
saw Mm on the e, eoloc of Thurtda) i be tuit come I
from his da) work i he said -fOoci e.enlor," t
Tuell "Good eveninjc, Cornelius; what Is the mat.
ter with ) on "aod received the reply that he was
la trouble ( that his wlf was iltadi he seemed to be
pettlnrorcrjlcjr, aod looked as ir he had tiiken a'
coui-le of Rlajsei of llquori he said, In answer to a
tiueitloo, thtt she hid died from the eiTccts of!
liquor J
He handed u Itncsa n ten dollar bill u hlch he hiwl
lit hli hand, and, uijoubclnaskcj, statiM tha It
woulJnnj, he thourht,for a Job which he wanted
to be do i e In the mornliir.W to take hts wlfo
to Glenwood. V Itnen took the tea dollars when
odt-ici the second time, nnd expected to return It
to-morrow. Tuell itUd that the reason lie i'ld not
bury her that dy was because Lis time was taken
up fn settinff a pileit and rround In the cemetery.
He said ' We will take the rottln tovn to-nlxht
nnd take her out early i I would not have it known
for tjioo tht I burled her there." I
He wss voce about half an hour, and took tie
coBln to his house about 7 so, p. m, It waa not'
ver d&rki witness and prisoner took the coffin in
int. auey nu airucK a Ml ni earned the comn up '
stairs, and put the body ln( they then drove away
vain, tua inij , mm iu. n unit n aiaDir ept ineie
that nlcbt la the morn ton took a drink, and at 0.
SO startedf the body had been la bedj there wis a
sheet o.er It, and It was la a verydlsorderedsta'e.
Wm Clendeonln. Superintendent of Glenwood
Cemetery, asked prisoner why he came at 7 o'clock,
and received the reply that the coma was loose.
Tim(.sllaKher,KrAvo(iIC(er, asked him why he
came ao early to bury the body) he said he had
come early as he was poort he tookolf his coat and
hclpedt he said she was a widow that her hus
band had teen dead three jcats, and tbathe was
the first cousin
Ibis morn I off tbe little son of the prisoner, who
Is about ten years of aze, was about to he put upon
the stand, when the counsel for the defence hoped
that It would not be allowed, on account of the
palnlul jtosltlon la which the son would be plao ed
in testl.jlDc "(talnst a father It would bo a re.
proach.satd Mr liradle). upon tio witness for a
Ufa time.
Mr Icndal, for tht. prosecution, replied that It
was very painful to all, to the bf),tu the prisoner,
to tho counmifor the prosecution as well as for
the Oi fence, to tho jury, to the court, but still it
was ncecssarr, and must be done, painful aa It was
His Honoi (Jueifie 1-lsher) ordered the boy to be
produced la the court, and questioned bloi to as
certain bis ability to testify, fo see If he knew the
solemnitv of aa oath, and QLdlnr that the bov was
Intelligent and knew the consequences of pcrjurv,
stated that It became his duty to allow the testi
mony to va lattBu. ii waa verypiuniu, ami n
wished aod had hoped that the boy would upon
being questioned prove incompetent
The boy stud tears and the prisoner IouJI la
mentedevery ono In the court room hearu-K htm
cry. IhepHsoner seemed to bo agitated w.ihthu
most terrible emotions
The uourt, upon Interrogating the child, lea rue 1
that he went tu fct Aloyslus, that Father Wlgot
was his priest that he was taught by him and by
another priest an 1 by father ( that Utile bo)B who
were good went to hea ven, that those who were bad
wont to the "bal placet" that he loved his Mskert
that bad boys are put Into the ttrej that It was
wionc for bos to do bad things) that ho used to
lle on Third street, butnow at the Orphan's Asv
lum, where the Sisters take care ofhimj that he
was icu jeaisoiARe ami nis utile sister nv or
six yeatSi who is niso at the Asylum
His name Is James Tuell He tettlllcd aa fol
lows L'eforemy mother was married her name
was Jane l-arrelli she had four clilldrent two aro
dradi before my father was msnled his name was
Cornelius, I know a colored woman named (.aro
line Sowrll, who lire., near our house on Third
street, and whose house Is separated by an alley i
I went thttheri ray father told me to aoj he said
he would be back at 12 o'clock, but he did not
come i my sister also went) he returned at night
and aid he had to go to tho depot with a lady and
gentlcmaai he put me la bed and my little alitert
the last tlma he saw his mother was the day she
was hlti hts mother was washing la the front
roomi his father came down with his boots and
hat on and hit her on the forehead with a hammer
which was on tho table
Hla fathert upon going up stairs threw tipt and
when his mother bfrereurlm tea, he took It and
threw It Into her face, and knocked herdowoihe
got aa axe and struck her on the head, and pulled
all her clothes oif, and then he broke up the furnl
ture and dregred tlio4 clot hea on the floor. He
told me to try and get my mother up-stairs, and I
couldn't get her upi lather put her on hts back and
got her up stairs, aod put her In bed, And told me
and my slater to go to bed; she did not speak to
uijne piept uiCivU'l HwrDinB) lYP-m mi miner
woltr hlu urn he fr ed to rw 1 'ht bed c!otheefrom
hlsrootherbut Mi father told Mas-aot to do it i
hr tt. ank town milk affer he rol up, and wtat into
the eotorrd woman's liouieifae told th colored
wonitni hi mother bteJ en tho forehead wbea she i
waa atrat)lti hsssw spots of blood all over tt-e'
pirp n hw m iiHwn n tne line ait gaia When hS
wtntf-r Mn. rJeweU to Crnllf's store to ret
home Scotch enufT u
It waihneroatag. aad two men were at the
wsjront he thinks rre was his father. They
told him t goawayihe saw something wrapped
up with a shtcti It was one of those things In
wniviinry carry ocaa aniuicrs. l( was pat into
the waron. When hla foher ease back, ho asked
here his mother was. He never saw hla mother
agln until the next da) at Glenwood Cemetery t
he then looked at her tiCe, aod notVlngmor. He
was then with the police HesleptattheataUen
honee that ntght, and with offletr Kelly several
nlchti, and was by him taken to the station house,
James Tuell. crnia-eiainlewl h Mr Bradlev i
Uhea ray lather hit her with a hammer aod.
nn.fu Drr uown sne saiu. " on, Ln,uon'i mi
mev" he then went out to ret the aie, and when
he cot It, he i truck her with It on the head; I was
la the house at tbe timet I saw two men take
eomethlag nut oa a stretcher.
AloornM Howard testified: Has been a member
of the Metropolitan polite about three months)
my attention was called to th scene about 1 J
o'clockt rapped aT the door i th little boy put hts
head out of tbe wtndowj when I went la at th
way, I found a hammer on the bureau In th front
rnomiwcnt Intnbk tnamianaia waa thtr. nM
th stove) went up the stairs, whloh were b
pmcarrii wun Diooapnine ia-rooui wcrtnecui
dren, who were In beitt the bed-elothlm was bloody.
Iu a drawer In the room waa a pistol, but It was
ont loaded. There wss a crib lath front room
which was full of bloody c'othes. Wa went rrom
thence to the station house, and thrice to filur
phy'e stable, on Sixth street, whero we made in
quiries In refer'uee to Mrs Tuell, but did not And
him. We watched the house all night.
rr.Jenei testified. I know Cornelius T)l for
6 years) he was employed at thi National Hotel
as a waiter, where bo was promoted for his uni
formly good conduct) his reputation was rry
good) hewasalwajspsaeeablet F. Kennedy was
no of the proprietors of th National Hotel.wher
Tuell was employed In th capaelty of head waiter
he was ery quiet and peaceable.
H. P. Chndler t Knows Tuell) never knew htm
to do anything wrongi he has for two years past
been driving hacks nn the National Hott stand.
G. W, Bunker i Knows Cornelius Tutllt have
known htm for three years) he has always born
an unblemished character In eteiy respect.
Michael Carpenter, omnibus driret,at th Na
tional Hotel, has known Tuell for eight years)
always thought htm a good ftiant never heard any
bad expressions from him
M Murphy testified: Keeps stables on Sixth
street) always, a quiet and Kood mani kept th
horses In good condition
Alien Dorsey, foreman at Murphy's stable: Hat
known Tuell for two years as one of th drivers;
always sus'alned a good character.
Patrick Downee, a carpenter: Knew Tuell in
1S3I, In Nw York city ) came from the same lawn
In Ireland) be was a eurfg), string and prudeat
George Ballard knew tha prisoner for six years)
was employed with him at the National; have al
ways heard persoos speak or him In tho moat
kindly terms.
Daniel HcnUn, bar-ten den Have known Tuell
for Ust eight years) hav known him to b a quiet,
Industrious man, a goo 1 husband) ha . been to his
home twloci a loving father) sober la hts habits)
alws) s went home) a kind husband) hav seen him
t-e Ice la the company of hlawlfet he spoke kindly
to her.
DirricuLTr in 1 Ciitmcn Conokxoatiojt.
The dlflleultlcs la the MeKeadre Chapel, It la al
leged, are on the Increase. They originated from
a report tat da to the (laartetly Cinferene by th
Her W A. Cook aa to the eondlUoa of the Sab
bath school, la which it wss stated that tho school
did not appear to ba conducted on sound Metbo
distleal principles) that nny of the library boks
u ere religious no els, kg. The Uiarterly Confer
ence passed a resolution renuestlnc the ssboel to
subscribe to the Sunday .VtAoof Advocate, and re-
laiinff io too aonooi eecoming auxiliary 10 tne
Methodist Kplscopal Sunday School
the teachers of the school In February laat held
aereral meetlncs toeonaldar tha antlonof tha eon.
ferente, and preptred a report and reeolutlon re
questing the conference to reconsider their action,
but In place of reconsideration they reattlrmed it.
It le stated that about two hundred aud Ofty
members of tbe church havo determined to with
draw In consequence of tha troubles, and hold
pray cr-meet logs and Sunday school at th vestry
of Trinity Mission, corner of Mxth an) N streets,
who have ottered the se coders the use of their
Highway Mount nr. The nldit before laat.
between II and 13 o'clock, ns Mr. Henry Ellis, en
gaged In the stone-cutting department of the Capl-
sniaii uiiiit s iiiii:ii auiuicris WaAU aVDUGKIKJ aUIDl
down, and, brutua ly beating him, robbed him of
on i-ocKceuooK, woicn lonunaieiT eontainea out
a small amount of money. Tho affair took place
at Sixth street and MarjUnd avenue, Capitol Hill,
and but a few moments after Mr. Lllls had sepa
rated from Mr. Morgan, whom heaeeompanled on
apart or his road home. We hear that altbeugh
this neighborhood la often the seen of rowdy leu,
and turbulence a i-ollcc-nan la very seldom seen
Here, espertally at night This should be rtm
dled Ualtimohs Annual Com riAixcs. TboUal
tlmore Annual Conference ol the African M. E.
Church esse mblel yesterday morning In the Union
Bethel Church M street, rear fifteenth. Bishop
Payne exiled the bouse to order, and conducted
the religious cxerelies D T Taoner and J.
1 horn as were elected secretaries. There are about
fortytlve members in attendance Bishop Fayne
announced the transfer ot ) S. Hall and J. R.
Thomas from the New Ynik Confereneo, and N. H.
Turpln, Irom the Ohio Conference, to the Haiti
mote Conference The usual standlngojmmlttees
were appointed At '4 o'clock th annual sermon
was preached ! Rev J F. Campbell. The Con
ference meets at 9 o'clock, a, m , and adjourns at
IQo'cl ik,p, m AW Waycitn was appointed
I.xcTiitB tiiis Aurnxoov The Hon. Mr.
Boutwell, of Missachusetts, will delher an ad
dress before the Teachers' lostltutethls afternoon,
which will insure a general turning out of the
friends of cduattlen. particularly of the two
Hoard uf city Councils tbe Board of Trustees of
the ruillo Schools, and the teachers, who have
tiren specially lot lted to be present
PotiTit.u At an adjourned uicotlui; of
uimoisaiis rimi oa oamraay evening, in via ins.,
at tha Club noons, on Ninth street, the Hon II.
Waihbume was ctllej to tha chair, and J. A. Mc
kean appointed secretary. A constitution was
repotted snl adopted organlz ng the "Illinois
Union Club The election of perm a a cut officers
andcommlttres was postponed to Saturday en
log, the lith, when tt is hoped all lit! not sans resld
lng in the District of Columbia will be present.
A" STRBET-wAwniNa Macoim. Wc were
made glad yesterday at tho sight of a street-watering
machine the first of the season which waa
ia full operation oa the avenue. In front of th
Presidential Mansloa We hope the number may
be increased and their mission extended so as to
Include the entire avenue. We understand that a
committee of lady shoppeis are about to call upon
the Mayor and petition him to make the avenue
tolerable for promenad'rs, by abolishing the dust
and dirt there 1 he Mayor will listen to and grant
the petition of the Ntr sex
CONfLiCT or RACE3. A row, Which prom
ised at one time to assume a serious complexion,
took place yesterday alter noon between aoma half
dozen white lads and tho male iclioltts attached to
a colored school ou hew lork atenue, between
Fourth and Fifth streets, numbering some twelve
or fifteen Tbe colored bn)t wero made to bask
down, and wire pursue! to their school-room,
when their teacher, also colored, and a number of
their parents, resl In? la the neighborhood, ap
Dfu.mlfor their protection lhe whit lads, still
persistent in their demands for satisfaction, re-
iubcu io go awn) , nnu tiu oenancc io an tarsals
made against them
The scholars oiho schoorhadby this time gath
ered amuod thosowho proposed to defend them,
and feltnt;sarti, gsto expressions to ravarksby
no lueaas compllmentar) to the whit boys, who
replied with n lolloy of stones. These were
picked up and thrown again at the whit boys,
who, It appears, onnio doubly armed, and letting
le a aecnnd lollev. forced their aatastonla'a to
take shelter in the school-room, and inflloUng
quite a severe wound on the head of the sister of
the teaiher of the school At thlsjunstur one or
two men appeared, who assumed the quarrel of
the whltu buts. ao far as to commend their aetion
nnd applaud their braver), and promised them If
tne attack waa renewed, to ttand by them The
party on the defensive, howeter, did not make
thcii appearance Main, but delegated one of their
number to go for the polioa, whojumpe 1 in a oar
ilnge passing at tho time, and proceeded on his
errand Iisfure his return, however, tho white
bu)Bhad withdrawn uw$, ima in'.
'1 in following cases came up and wero decided
hv Juatice Heaver Henry Herman, tobacconist.
tailing to t ft lie out a license, was fined $fl 35) The
odoie tAarner, exi-oslng person, lined 9S.liWm.
II Moddard, laroeuy, locked up; Griffin Buike, as-
sauu ana baiicryi aecumy iur couri, ouiucg a
man's head badly) the same, selling liquor to sol
diers, lhe defendant Is a notorious character, and
KErjn a i live tuunu n- m s-urniauojua, ninratl
space, ueorjrotown. Hannah Short, disorderly
iuuuuci, uucu 9 -iu
towk. ArmL 18. lbut ( Irarancti Barg Arling
ton, olden, lohlck) schooner H, S. King, Tn fort,
1 hlladelphla) schooner Alequtszen, Watts, Bos
ton) schooner John MeAdams, Pearson, Boston)
ehooDsr Vuianna. Creiwfll. IlAlMmnrtM harra Ma
tilda Walton. Cumberland) schooner M J. Hardy)
Hooper( Salsburyrbajge J J Heeksber, Neal, Phil-
KusipiiiH) miuoiicr uvoca, niiioneu, caitiaiur.
lTulfril HI.,,, flmirt nf Claims.
pillb-tin yestardav tha raarf umaDt of tlta
cl o( 1 .lwar J 1 Nurlolk i Tin unlt.J statca
oss coolloueJ ana concluded tT Mr, r. r. Stanton,
for tho claimant, anil by Mr. McFlisrson, tha As
sistant SoUcltor lor th. Uulted states anil tha
cass waa submitted,
Adjourned to Momlsy, at II m
peats his great sfcaraetar f Fabro th Broker of
Bogota "ibis eveiiag. U havteg attracted an audi
ense last night that ftUefl vey Mat and alsl Ja ,
this iDaeiouv tfctr; Thcbarsietrt Yabrls
on wel eaisralated fr th display or.Nr For
rest's pcrtai mtie, ana bis reaanionoi is eouea
forth tUskosteaHustaHtleapplaBSe, Herieetred
ad n lr We auport .from Mr. ioha VsCullpturh,
Mrs J. H.M-. aad the entire cRmpsny, and the
play net ffitiiti greatest stiis. Let It bre
memVsved that th Uoefit of Mr. J. A. Kara Uks
nlae to-tnerrew !. when a sterllBLf bill 11
oflervd e tt is
CAimftj.Tjmv klnatrt fTiti .Ka-atatle shouts
of applaoa CTt each representation of "Thi
Home That Jack Built.1 It has pravad, without
a oaestUa ( dubt, the Ual play Ug aaid that has
vrbe produced at thla or any other establish
eat. ThflrstsreiloaUworthadoxaeom
monpaaWmlmea John Mulligan, th grat negro
sortiaa, I rapidly gaining popnlsrlty, and will
vMtaatly b th greatest fevorlt In his Us that
vr vislUd r ally. Don't forget that th paato
salme la pet formed lor th last Urn at the matinee
to-morrow (Saturday) artamoon.
VASnprBft-.Fnmjt Xmu$ AneUTUa
aHernsMHi aad nlrht etna ttl tha flnMk umA mmI
vuldMUsofUeaoawlUbpreaUd. .flrat
slaa artistes frn all th nroaalaent plaeea of
am u sea eat hav volunsrL laaddltn to th
gnat artetles troop. Mr. urns U a deserving
member of th professloa, aad a doubt hla friaoda
will turn out ea msm oa thla speelaj oeeaat ao
remember this (IHday) afteraooa and night.
mm- i i
Ob the lith laat.. at tha naldene of her aoavla
law. Captain J. W. Baden, ota K street, btwee
Klahth and Ninth, Navy-Tard, Xusa, th beJoved
wife of tb Kev Oeorge L. Maeheahelmer.
Th funeral arvlee will b performed la Christ
Church. Alexandria. VlrrtaIaoa turdav mora
leg, I sth last at ia o'eloek. Uyfrtadarrs
speeiruny uiviiaaso aiwoa
ty-aOvetwx ea tlia XUbelllMS.br Qrst
Greenwood, (Mrs. L, X. Upposott.) oa tha even
ing of aATURDAT, April Hth, at tb ItuU
Chamber, for th benefit of th National Aseoels-
tlon for th relief of destitute colored women and
children, or genii ed under t of Congress, oa In
vitation of tb President of tha I eaatt ffpaakar of
th Ileus of Repreeeatatlve, aad ther members
of th two houses of CoagrM.
LsUtur to cammsne at 8 o'eloek. Tltl
Lights of th War-Cioud.H Ticket to U floor
of th Chambert lOUerl,80ntf. Tobhsd
at the bookstores or wllllam Bauaatyiie aad Che.
II. Anderson, leventh street, aad rrank Taylor,
Peaaa. aveane, and at th doors. aplS-lt
ThTMblfftmEitiiTiad Dra.
aue Aeaoeiatloa take mat Dleaeore to aa-
nouac to th lovera of th drama, and th ad
mlrera ol th immortal Bard that they hav per-
lectea uiur arrangeanis io eeieorai uie ser-eea-tennary
birthday of aliakeepeare at the Waahlag
ton Theatre on SATCRDAT CVKNINO, AprU M,
1M4. Some of th moot eminent gentlemen In th
city hav hlodly volunteered to assist thla worthy
enterprise -worthy, aa half of thprod goto
lb Hospitals of th eity.
rrogramm In th 8wUf CkrmUti aad th dally
papere of next weak. aplt-lt
tr ltw Bteaan XrrpUer IJae between
Fhlladelohla aad Washlnatoa aad Alexandria-
The fast sind atanash steam propeller THOMAS
K CAHILwlU leav th first wharf above Vine
street, Philadelphia, far Alexandria aod Washing
ton, oa every WIDNESD4T AFT! RNOON, and,
returning, will leav WaahtagUfls. eleventh a treat
woari, every baiuauai ataiHiiuun. ror
freights, which will be takea at low rates, apply to
No. 134 North Del a war avenue. FhUa.
Nos. ltd and SM Kleventh street. Waahlogton.
CHA8. WILSON. Agent.
Ef-ss CnTatla Pmrawaatt te
resolution passed brth Republleaa Association
of Washington, reb.tsth aad April eth, iMi, all
,the qualified voters of th District of Columbia
who declr tb uaeondltlonal malntenane of th
Ucleo, th supremaey of th Constitution and t he
eomplet suppression of th rebellion, with th
eaus thereof, by vigorous war and all apt and
efficient means," are Invited to meet la mas sea
vention, to b held under th atupfeee of aald As
sociation, at the TJeloa Lesgu Reading Rooms.
oa Nlath street, Waehlegton, between D and K
streets, on FRIDAY KYJCN1NG next, at half-naat
7 o'eloek, for th purpose of choosing delegates t
represent (n lAsinss ia ui eonveaiion so v o'q
at Baltlmor on Tuesday, th 7th day of Jnoe,
IBM, to nomlnat eaadldate for th office ol
President and Vie President of th United states.
J.J. COOMBS, President.
D. CHUM BACKER, Seeretary. apll-td
Kt Fao-pl Telegrapls Bw sTtret Claee
Uaca, direct to NXVT TORS, BOSTON, aad all
Important points. Washington 00 I R I PUB
LICAN BUILDING, Sit Ninth street, (west side,)
and corner Pennsylvania avenue and Sixth street,
under NatUnal Motel.
charlu n. NOYSa,
febit-tf Manager Washington Dlatrist.
0-Ilelmatreeli I u lull table Hair Ilsster-
ATivr, hot a DTI, but restores gray hrtt to Us
original color, by supplying th capillary tubes
with natural sustenance, Impaired by age or dis
ease. All iasferafaaeeuf iy4 are composed of feme.
r.wHc, destroying tha vitality and beauty of the
hair, and afford of themselre no dressing. Helm
street's lnlmltaW Coloring: not only reetoree hair
to Its natural color by an eey process, but gives
tit hair a, LUXURIANT BKAUTY, promote lta
growth, prevents Its falling off, eradldates daa
drulT, and Imparts health and pleasantness to the
head. It hat stood tb test of Urn, being th ori
ginal Hair Coloring, and la constantly Uereaelag
In favor. Used by both gentlemen and ladle. It
la sold by all respectable dealers, or caa b pro
cured by them of th commercial agents,
09 Broadway, New York,
1 we sites, M cents and $U
Ct-Mexican Mwstsusa; XJalnamt. Th
parties In St. Louts aad Cincinnati ,who have been
oounterfcltlng the Mustang Liniment under pre
tence of proprietorship, hava bn thoroughly es
topped by the courts. To guard against further
imposition, i bar procured rrom u united suits
Treasury a private steel plat revenue stamp,
whloh Is placed over th top of a-eh bottle. Kaeh
atamp bears tb rtafJc of my alg-aator, and
without which th article Is a sounUrfalt, danger
ous and worthless Imitation. Kxamln every bot
tle, Thla aUnlmnt baa ba La us and growlsg
in favor for many years Ther hardly exists a
hamlet on th habitable glob that does net son
tain vldenct Its wonderful afreets. It Is tb
beet emollcnt In th world. With Its prceeat Im
proved Ingredients, Its effects upon man and beast
are perfectly remarkable, sores at fticd, pains
relieved, lives saved, valuabl animal mad use
ful, and untold ills assuaged. For cuts, brnlsee,
sprains, rheumatism, swellings, bites, csked
breasts, strained horses, e It is a sorer sign
remedy that should never b dispensed with. It
should be In every family. Sold by all druggist.
reio-eosm v, a, ajutna;a new joik.
13" Lyon's Katbalross, Kathatroa I
from th Greek word " Kathro," or Kathalro,"
signifying to cleanse, rejur enate and restore. Thle
article Is what It nam signifies, for preserving',
restoring and beautifying th human hair It Is th
most remarkable preparation In tha world. It Is
again owned and pnt up by th original proprietor
aad is now mad with th same ear, skill and at
tention which gv It a sal of over oa million
bottles per annum.
It Is a most delightful Hair Presslog.
It cradtsatca scurf aad dandruff.
It keeps the head cool and eleaa.
It makes th hair rich, soft aad glossy.
It prevents th hair from falling off and turnln
It restore hair upon bald heads.
Any lady or gentleman who values a beautiful
head of heir should us Lyon' Kathalro a. It la
known and used throughout tb civilised world.
Sold by all respectable dealers.
New York.
d-IIas- Maglla Balna. This Is th
most delghtfnl and extraordinary artlsl aver dls
covered. It ehaagss th sun-burnt fab and handa
to a pearly aalllgu(tar of ravishing beauty, lm.
parting tha martlop0lyet yoath, and the dWfa
gu appearance so Inviting la tha slty bell ol
fashion. It removes tan, frecklec, pimple aad
roughness from tb akla, leaving th complexion
fresh, transparent and smooth. It contains no
material Injuries to tbe skin. Patronised by Act
resses aad Opera Hagsrc It 1 what every lady
ahould have. Sold verywher,
prepared by W. B. HAOAN, Troy, N. Y.
Address all orders to
.Hew York.
SIDKRS Tb Conductor, W. T. Barnes. Car
a. Ol. If in fault, ourbt to hav been arrested and
condemned by the paiioers, not by those wbe
siisr nnthtna n
oil- lAinin.
Wasmikotok, D C , April II, 19"

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