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I '.us -iv ' : -i
itwnal gtynfrtton.
Is jmMlihed ercrytneraikmCSBiiaiyi excepted)
Wi J.Mcbtioh & Co., and It omlahed
la our.ubKtlUr, (ty carrier!) it fO ctnti per
montlu ,
Mall nbctljr 5.00 per tuna 3.60
lot ,lz ooothi, n4 1 1.95 for Ihrca month!, In
Varlabl' In advance. N
I Blnglo apU cent..
One nut ttm ,dtji IaR,
One square; four days i pji
Ono square, five days , , i.bo
One square, six days,,., ,,, 1,75
Zverr other dar advertlamMta hi .
additional. ' r
One a week advertisements charged as new
r each Insertion.
Blx lines or less constitute a square.
Advertisements should bo handed In bv 19
vol. rv.
NO. 121.
o'clock, m.
titir QuATMiiTrn1i Ornet, I
, WiiniiroTOJ! DiroT, Deoen,bcr 8, lssa. J
Moled propos sis are Inn ted by the undcrstffned
for supplying the United states quartermaster's
Department, at Washlosten, D. IT, Baltimore. Md..
Alexandria, anil Fort Monroe, s, or cither of
thetf pUees. with HayvOorn, Oats, and Straw.
Bids will be reeclvedfor (he delivery or 0,000
bushels oteorn or oats tod 60 tons of hay or itraw,
and upwards
Bidders rauit lUto at which of the atoT0 named
poLoti they propose to rnake deliveries, and the
rates at whlob they will make deliveries thereat,
the quantity of cash article proposed to be deli v
wad, tba tint when aald deliveries shall tie om
meaeed, and when to be completed.
Tbe artee roust be written ontli words on the
tUovntobepatapliiKood stout s,sks, of about
tw fcmeliala eseh, Oatr In Ilk sasks, cf about
three bushels each. Hie sacks to b furnlabed
without extra chug to the Government. The
hay and straw to ba securely baled.
- The particular kind ordeeertpllon of oat, eorn,
hay, or straw, proposed to be delivered rauit be
itated In the proposals.
All the artlelea offered under the bids herein In
Tiled, will be aubject to a rigid inspection by tht
Government Inspector before being accented.
Contract will be awarded from time to time to
tht lowest responsible bidder, as tht Interest of
tht Government may require, and payment will be
made when the whole amount contracted for shall
hare sewn delivered and accepted.
The bidder will bo required to accompany his
proposal with a jruaranty, slrned by two responsi
ble persons, that la case bis bid is accepted he or
they will, within ten days thereafter, execute the
contract for the same, with pood and sufficient
sureties In a sum equal to tho amount of the con
tract, to deliver the foiare proposed In conformity
with the terms of this advertisement) and In case
tht said bidder shall fall to enter Into the contract,
they to make food the difference between the otter
of aald bidder and the next lowest r'sitonslble bid
der, or tht persons to whom the contract may be
Awarded. .
Tht responsibility of too guarantors must be
shown by the official certificate of a United states
District Attorney, Collector of Customs, or any
other o nicer under the United States Government,
or responsible person known to this offlCe.
All Didders will tt duly notified cf tho acceptance
orrejectloo of thetrproposelc.
The full name and r. 0. addrcse of each bidder
most be legibly written In the propositi
proposals must be addressed to Brigadier General
D. It. Kueker, Chief Depot quartermaster, Waah
Ington, D. C. and should be plainly marked " Pro
posals for Forage."
Bonds, in a sum equal to the amount of tho con
tract, signed by tho contractor and both of his
guarantors, will be required of the successful bid
dsr or bidders upon signing the contract.
Blank forms of bids, guarantees, and bonus, may
be obtained upon application at this office
(Town, County, and state) -(Date;
I, tht subscriber, do hereby propose to furnish
and deliver to the United States, at the Quarter
master! Department at - , agree Ally to
tba terms of your advertisement, Inviting propo
sals for forage, dated Washington Depot, De
cember B, 1561, the following articles, vln
bushels of Corn, In sacks, at per bushel
of M pounds.
bushels of Oats, In sacks, at cr bushel
of n rounds.
tons oi baled Hay, at per ton of s,ouo
, b toss of baled Straw, at per ton of 9,oon
Dell vet v to commence on or before the
dav of 169 . and to be com Dieted on or tie-
fort the dayof----' ",1S , and plo'ge myself
to enter lcto a written contract with the United
states, with gooaena approver securities, wiuan
the space of ten days after tclDt; notified tMt my
nia nas ieen aeeepiea.
Your obedient servant, '
Brtfadler General D. H. Rue a en,
Chief Depot Quartermaster,
Washington, D. C.
We, the undeiahrncd, lealdents of , in
the Conntv of- '-. ana GUto or -
hereby, Jointly and severally, covenant with the
uniieu aiaici, auuKusrmicw in emb iuo lurcRoini
bid of be aceerted. that he or they will
within ten days after the acceptance of the said
hid. esaouta the contract for the same with rood
and sufficient sureties, lu a sum equal to the
amount of the contract, to furnish the forage pro
posed In conformity to tho terms of advertisement
dated December 8, 1B6J, under which the bid was
made, and, In case the said shall fall to
enter Into a contract as aforesaid, we guarantee to
make good Ihe difference between the oifcr by the
ana me nexuowesi responsible Liuuer,
or the person to whom the contract may te
Ultncu, 1 Given under our hands and seals
ilhls -day of ,ib .
t Seal J
1 karaLv ccrtlf that, to the Lest of niv knowl
edge and belief, the above-named guarantors are
good and sufficient as sureties for the amount for
wMeh thev utrtr ta be seeurltr
TobeecrtlUcdbytheUnlted Males District At
torney, Collector of Customs, or any other officer
under tne umieu siaiea uoyciuwchii vi fdBruaii'
ble person know n to this office.
1 .an. nuciCEn,
deft-tf Brig. Gen, and Quartermaster.
v rAHTUbrn, wasumotoh. Aprne, i&oi
sealed Proposals will be received at this Depart
ment until 4 o'clock p. m , on U rDMTSDAY, the
4th day of May, 1861, for the delivery ot all the
Wrought Iron Plates aod Dars as hereinafter
specified, necessary to build the following oar
nagfst For 15-Ioch duns.
TO Barbette trout Pintle
so Barbette Centre Pintle.
For 10-inch runs.
tso i aiemate Carriages.
SOO Front Pintle Barbette.
Forfl-lnch guns.
TO Front Pintle Baibette.
Ihe parts required far Wrought Iron Dwbctte
and Casemate Carriages a t as lollowst
ren top carriage.
Check-Platts, Braces, Cspi, Sbrcs, Transoms,
Guide Hooks, Guide llook Dsr, Trunnion Beds,
Axle Shspts, Bolts.
chassis, rnoKT akd cektrb pintle.
Ralls, lUll-PUtes, .Hail Chords, Ball Braces,
Transoms, Angle Irofl Floor Cleats, Pintle Tran
som s.Tranio m Washers, Axle Shapes, Fork shapes,
Hurters, thai sis, Step, Assembling Bolts
Parts named before and rail top bars.
The number and dimensions of the Iron plates
and bare for each carriage to te as specified In the
bills of Iron In ordnance memoranda No.s, copies
of which can be obtained upon application at
Watertown, Frankford, or Alleghany Arsenals, the
New Voik agency, or at tills ofllce. Printed sched
ules, containing the number of plates snd bars re
Jul red, can be obtained at tlie above-named places
n these bidders will state the price at which they
rropose to manufacture eaoh i art, In the manner
herein prescribed.
Tht Iron to be used In the manufacture of the
plates and bars to be as follows
Check-Plates and BallPlatcs of medium quality
of lion, fibre in direction of length, tenacity not
less than 46,000 lbs per square Inch.
Transoms all to be of best Quality charcoal flange
Iron, fibre in direction or length, (ensoitv not less
than 43,000 lbs. per square Inch.
Trunnion Beds to be of best quality of charcoal
Iron, tenacity not less than 64,oool6s. per square
Checks, Braces. Hurters, and Counter-Hurters,
all to be of good medium Iron, tenacity not less
than 4S,C0O lbs per square Inch
Ralls, Rail Chords, Chassis Braces, Caps and
Shoes, and Argie Iron, to be of gioJqualltyol
well-refined fibrous Iron; tenacity not less than
00,000 lbs. per square Inch.
Axles for B-lnch and 10-lnch Carriages, and all
Traverse Wheel Journals, to be of best charcoal
fibrous ironi tenacity net less than 60,000 lbs. per
square Inch.
All bolts and nU ets to be of be it charcoal fibrous
Iron. Tenacity not less than ss.ooo pounds per
square inch.
Axles for 16-lnoh Carriages, and all Fork Shapes,
and Tongues for Casemate Carriages, to be of the
bsst charcoal Iron. Tcnacll) not less than6S,ouo
pounds per square inch.
Bidders will specify tbe date at which they can
commence deliveries, and tbe rate at which they
can deliver each part therealttr
No bids will be received except froia parties
actually engaged-In the manufacture of this or
similar kinds of work, a d who can bring ample
evidence that they hate lu their own shops all the
machinery and appliances for turning out the full
amount of work as specified by them.
Bidders will be required to TurnUh proper sure
ties for the proper performance of the work, and
will enclose, with their bids, the written acknowl
edgments or their sureties over their own slgo
Inrai. Each party obtaining a contract n 111 be required
to enter Into bonds with approved suritles for Its
faithful execution.
Upon the award being made, successful blddirs
uiifba entitled, and furnished with foiuii of con
trast and bond
The department reserves the right to reject an
or all bids, If not Oemed satisfactory.
Proposals will be addressed to 'Brigadier Gen
eral George D. Ramsay. Chief of Ordnance, juh
Ington, D. C ." and will be endorsed 'Proposal
or wrou,l,t i-oa rl'f .rtto.lg.JU. .
pMM PrlguUtr Cru.r.l, Chl.l til Unlo.ag..
Ben caw or Provisions akd Ctornnto,
SEPARATE PROPOSALS, sealed and tidorsed .
una , io
11 ProDosala for Small Stores.
,"o.,wiiiDt received '
at this offlee until is o'clock M. on the 96th day of
Anrll next, tor furolihlnr and deliveries? fon re
ceiving ten days notice) at tht United States navy
yards at Charlestown, Massachusetts, and Brook
In, New York, in such numbers and quantities and
at such times as may bt specified by the Chief of
this bureau, or by the commandants of the said
navy yards, respectively, during tht remainder of
tht fiscal year ending on the toth day of June, 1864,
the numbers and quantities of the different art!-
cles, and at tht places specified in bt following;
list, VlX 1
Char Isi town. Brooklyn.
Salt water soan. lbs..
,w,vw w,w
Thread, black end while, lbs.
lUbandfhat. pieces.
Tape, white, pieces....
Tape, black, pleots... ,
Spools cotton...
silk, sewing, lbs
, s.ooo
, 9,000
. too
. 8,600
. 1,000
, S,000
Needles, sewlnc. dscui.......
Thimbles ......;
scissors 1,000
Razors 000
Raior strops 15,000
Shaving boxes 1,900
Shaving brushes s.000
Shaving soap, cake 6,000
scrub brushes , 3,000
Blacking brushes l.ooo
Whisk broou 1,000
Tagle coat buttons, doien 600
Eagle medium buttons, dozen.,. 600
Earlevest buttons, dozen 1,000
D.fc. buttons, dozen... fl.ooo
Fine combe a 4,000
Coarse combs 4,ooo
spoons 3,000
Fork 3,600
Blacking, boxes 6,000
Can openers 600
30 000
Stearins candles, lbs 60,000
oners may De made or one or more articles, at
tht option of tht bidder, and In cast more than one iirnatures.
article Is eontalned In the offer the Chief of tht lech party obtaining a contract will be obliged
Bureau will hart the right to accept one or more to enter Into bond with approved sureties for Its
of the articles eontalned In such oner, and reject faithful execution.
the remainder. Tht prtcti must t uniont, and Upon the award being made, successful bidders
cJTcTt mutt embrace all iff any one or mors articUt tfe- will bt notified, and furnished with forms of con-
IfMrcbU at all the Italian, traot and bond.
For the description of articles in tht above list The Department reseives the i tght to reject any
.bidders ate referred to the sample at the said or all bids. If not deemed satisfactory.
Nay Yards, and to the advertisement of this Bu- Proposals wilt be addressed ta M Brigadier Gen
reau dated August IS, 1863, and for Information as eral George D. Ramsay, Chief of Ordnance, Wash
to the laws and regulations (In pamphlet form) re- Ington, D.C.," endorsed "Proposals for Infantry
gardlnr contracts, to the offices of the several com- Accoutrements." GEORGK D. RAMSAY,
niLuanis oi vy iaras ana navy Agems.
Motion, tow tori, PMla&'phU, UaUiMor,tthi$
man j arm vj tctwiim maye wiainrn trn, Pf7tcw-
Hortj mnavt on
Natv Dzpabtsieht.
tBvsxAu or PnovisiOKs a an CLOTitma,
c.n.... i. ...i.j .Ja JLlinli i-.
isals for Navy Supplies will be received at this
bureau uutl, li o'cldik ri. cn.TUEJDAT. th. inh
nlablnr ami ilMtvcrtnr
(n a receiving ten days' notice) at the Untied States
n V'wi.. .- v;r7 pRii i.ii,i. . S!!.?!1
5iSf.WKf '.Ssl.S'.'MlilSi JS Wrf.'.i.s?!,'.1:
as may be required or ordered by the Chief of this
Bureau, or by the Commandants of the said Navy
larus, reipegiiTeiy.
nacai jrar cnujci
the different artlcl
the folio wine Hit.
Charltitoicn. Brooklyn. PAldJ'e.
lllce.lDS outwu
Dried Apples, lbs. 66 "0
Sugar, lbs 226 cjo
Ten.lb "
Coflte, lb
Beans, gulls SO 000
Molasses, galls.. 16,000
vinegnr, Buia... i?,uuw -
Separate offers must be made for each article at
each of the aforesaid navy yards j and In ease more
th.n nn. .rtlelfl 1. eonl.f
of th. Bureau will haf. th. right to Accept one or
inca in tne oner tne cniei
more oi me .riicici ooQi.incu in lucn onr( uiu
reject in. rem.inoer. .,,...., .. I frapoi.il will b. recelr.J it th. Mayor'. oOlc.
Vor th. deicrlpuon oC article! In th. above lift uoUl ,. on M0NDAy, 18thi!y ot April, In.t.nt,
bluO.n are refund to the i amplei at th, i. d ,, th, t0ntinulr ot the lewef In Mnth itteet
naTrrari!.. andtotheairertli.ment of thllBu- we.t, from the no?th Ue of Maiiacliuiciti are
reauJatcdJun. 11,1861, and for Information ai to nu, ,' ,n, nottn j, 0l L,u,ct notln, iI0 xh,
th. lawi and reiulatlon. (In pamphl.t torni) r.- t,iidi,g if 4 .tenth trapi, two on the eait anj two
Itardlnif contraoli, to the offlee of the leveral Com. ' on lh, J,,, ,ld, of Nlntn ,n1 L.tteet. northi alio,
"K'Wif.lV'.Sr'l'jSJfcHiiKJ S. -j; I ,n lmUiUol a branch eewer, which thall brjln
mnkfontucpropoiclt tmhiitltiiud m cpfti. ,t ti mterieotl.n of h ilreet north and Ninth
Vf&'S'TS.VISi'AFjSXS!filSXlS.'T!-A ' we.t,andrunw..t alon, the ecntre of L
iW i, "" ""vi """"
TOR, )
urriCK or tnixr varterhabter,
m-- r T...t .;.' t
sieclfle , from parties owning wood or wood lanOs
mine vicinity oi ine same, tiii
North of the Potomac Forts Sumner Mansfield.
Bayard, Simmons, Gaines, Reno, Kearney, De
Hussy, Stevens, Sloeum, Totten, Slemmer, Bunker
Hill, Saratoga, Thayer, and Llncola, and Batteries
Sneade, Kimball, Parrott, and Cameron.
East of Eastern Branch PotomacForts Gteble,
Carroll, Snyder, Stanton, Baker, Davis, Dunont,
Meigs, Mahan, and Batteries Ricketts and Wag
ner. South of Potomac Forts Marcy, Kthan Allen,
C. F. Smith, Dennett, DeKalb. Corcoran, Haggerty.
Woodbury, Whipple, Cars, Tllllnghast, Craig, and
Proposals will be received under this advertise
ment for wood anywhere within the limits of tbe
Dcpartmeat of Washington for s apply of troops
in satd Department.
Proposals will be made ln tht following manner,
to wit i
1. For wood standing (price per cord )
3. For wood felled by the United states engineers
or otherwise (price per cord 1
s for wood eut and corded on the ground.
Proposals must specify the locality, kind, quan
tity, and quality of the wood, and its distance
from the nearest fort, camp, or station for troops.
Kach bidder must attach his full name and post
ofllce address to hts bid, and the names of all par
ties Interested ln the proposal must appear In the
Bids will be opened from time to time, and con
tracts or purchases made as the wood maybe re
quired. Tbe right Is reserved to accept all or any part of
a bid.
No erbal propositions will be entertained, but
trttj bid, or modification of tht samt, must be ln
Proposals should be endorsed " Proposals for
Wood," and addressed to
Lieutenant Colonel and Chief Quartermaster,
mSS-Ut Department of Washington.
pitorosALs Fon shingles.
HrADQUAKTrns or Washikoton, )
Urnccor Ciiief QUAXTXRantTin, J
WAsrimoTOir, April II, 1BC4
Wiltten proposals will be received at this ofllce
until SATURDAY noon, theisth Inst , for furnish
ing, for this Department, UO.OOO, more or less, No.
a mtiflnr Mnrleii eatd shlnslss to be of the best
quality, and ready for delivery on Monday morn
.Si intj loiu IBIl nry win. vv u.uicu iiuiu iui
wharf or lumber yard by Government teams.
An oath of allegiance should aooompany ttn.li
No verbal propositions will be entertained, but
every bid, or modification oi the same, must be
made ln writing.
Good security will be icqulred for the faithful
fulrUmtnt or any contract made under this adter
tin emeu lie ihlngles will be subjected to a rigid
Inspection, au payment will be made upon the
acceptance and twill ery of the whole amount.
Proposals must be endorsed, " Proposals for
Shingles,1 and ad Iressed to
Lieutenant Colonel, Chief Quartermaster,
apM-st Department of Washington.
miiAiAi will lis rearlrcd at the Mavor'i Oflloe
until 13 M , on MONDAY, 18th day or April Inst ,
for continuing the sewtr In Sixth street west, from
I to L street north. The site of tbe sewer Is six
feet inside diameter, walls nine Inches la thick
uess, to be laid ta the best cement mortarst the
excaiatlon will be about ten feet deep. Bidders
will state the price per lineal foot for the main
sewer, which shall Involve excavation, and tilling
and making good all cutters, streets, fee , which
may have to be disturbed ln executing the work.
None but practical mechanics need bid
Sue eldest Ions can be seen ln the City Surveyor's
OtllCf W. DO U 0 LAS,
Commissioner Fourth Ward.
apli Ualstant Commissioners
Meals furnished at all hours, and at the shuitost
notice. J W. REYNOLDS,
osis 1 Proprietor,
Wax Dipaxtmext.
Wasrikotov. March is, 184.
SCALED PROPOSALS wUI be received at this
for IM.OOO sU of Infantry Accoutrements, calibre
sa, to bt delivered in the following quantities at
undernamed AncDiii, thi
so.ooo sets at tht New i ork Arsenal, Governor's
30,000 sets at tht Frankfort Arsenal, Brtdesburf,
so,ooo acts at tht Alleihany Arsenal, Pittsburg,
20,000 sets at tht St. Louis Arsenal, St. Louis.
Tfacaa fintitrmnta ar ti ha tnaila In atrlot
eooformlty with the new pattern sets to be seen
at the Allerhanv. Nw YntV. Frankfort, at. Innti
Watervllst, Watertown, and Washington Arse-
nsis, anu ine eprinsneia Armory. They are to bt
subject to Inspection at tht Arsenal where deliv
ered, before being received for the Government.
None are to be aocepled or paid for but such as are
approved upon Inspection. Tht belts to be of
grained leather, and all tht stock to bt tht best
oak tanned. The shoulder belt will be Included In
the sat.
Deliveries must bt made in lots of not leas than
one-fifteenth (MS) per week of tht whole number
contracted fort the first delivery to be made on
Failure to make deliveries at a specified time
will subject tht eentraetor to a forfeiture of the
number he may fall to deliver at that time. ,,
l The accoutrements must be boxed In the usual
manner) the boxes to be charged at cost, to be de
trmlned by the Inspector.
, Bidders will state explicitly the Arsenal or An
. stoats, where they propose to deliver, and the
'number of sets ihcy propose to deliver attach
place. If for mora than one.
No bids will bt considered from parties other
than regular manufacturers, and such as ate
known to this Department to he fully competent
to execute In their own shops tht work proposed
accoutrements other than those made In his own
shops, they will be rejected, and the contract
rendered null and void.
Bidders will enclose with their bids the written
aflknowledrmanta of their auratlaa nvir thalr nwn
m26-stuihiot Brig. Gen , Chlel of Ordnance.
4 the Treasury Department, Office of the
Supervising Architect, Washington. D C , until ft
m. of the 1st day of May. 1861, for ail the Fire and
Burglar-proof safes and vaults required by the
Treasury rep art men t prior to May 1, 1865.
Plans and specifications can be obtained by ap
plication u mi oiuc peraoBaiiy or oj iviicri
Bids toot per superficial foot, loeluding door and
nt... r.m..f incnvrVii harra hatar. Vnt
Bids to be per superficial foot. Including door and
Kl KiVSKiS ih.".. ..I xiSSSSTSASZ S'r
?.... . ... . "...r ..;
i greeted
mtob. d.UTerl t th. n.llro.J Dcnotor
t"mto. WHf for tr.niiotttlon, In ,ioru.r
Locks for the vaults or Safes will be furnished
accent and iterform
awarded to hint) the sufficlsncy of the security to
be certified to by the Collector of Internal Revenue
of the District.
The Department reserves the right to reject any
or a'l the bids If It be considered Its Interest to do
so, and no bid will be considered that does not
conform to the requirements of this advettliement.
Bids to be enclosed in a sealed envelope, endorsed
" Proposals for Safes and Vaults "
1 m23 rothmyl Supervising Architect
( aireet to opposite me centre 01 tne aney icauing
Into Square No. 169, thence up said alley to
. such point as the City Survej or may designate.
The site of the mam sewer Is S feet Inside di
ameter. ihe branch sewer will be circular ln shaoe. In
side diameter eighteen Inches, walls nine Inches ln
thickness. The 4 stench traps will be similar to
tai'"!S!V""..o''"' !!?
Didders will state the nrlce rex lineal foot for
the main sawer, which shall Include all excava
tion aad filling required. Also, per lineal foot for
the branch, which shall Include all excavation,
filling, and repairs of flsg foot-wavs and gutters,
fcc , and per stench trap each, which shalllnelude
all cxoavatlon required, under an act approved 33d
of May. 16M.
Specifications can be seen at the City Suneyor's
None but practical workmen need bid.
Cemmlisloncr of the Third Ward
4VnPi W SLAila.in.
apli Assistant Commissioners.
AYOR'S OFFICE, AP1UL 11, 1604.
'ro dos sis will be recehed at tbe Mavoi's Ofllce
until MONDAY, 18th day of April next, for pai Ing
and grading that part of D street north, between
acTcnia ana mum, wniua ! not parctii iiiio, lor
the construction of four sewers, to be located
whore tbe Surveyor may direct. Bidders will state
the price per square yard for tho stone paving,
per cubic yard for the grading, per lineal toot for
the sewers, which shall Inclufe excavation and
filling an 1 making good the canal wall. The size
of tbe sewers will be two feet lastde dlametets,
walls nine Inches In thickness, to be laid ln cement
mortar. The paving to be laid In a bed of sharp
J ravel nine Inches ln deptbj the stone to be uni
ons ln else, to be well rammed, and done to tbe
eatlre satisfaction of tbe Commissioner.
Commissioner Third Ward
apl3 Assistant Commissioners
ronoiali will be received at the Mavor'a office
until MONDAY. 18th day or April Instant, for pai -Ing
and grading the carriage-way on C street north,
between Four-and-a-half and Sixth streets west
Bidders will state tbe price per square yard for
the atone paving, per cubic yard for ihe grading
The stone shall be good aad uniform ln size, and
laid ln a bed of good sharp gravel nine Inches In
depth, to be wet and rammed three times before
being received by the Commissioners
None but practical pavers need apply,
Commissioner of the rourth Ward
apis Assistant Commlislners.
Proposals will be received
'rnivnuli will be received at the Mavor'i otfloe
until o'clock m. on MONDAY, the 18th day of
April, Instant, far the bulldlngof a brick culvert
across Second street east, lnr street north, the
CUlven will oe cireuiar in iusjio, iatiu utaiueivi
7 feet, walls 9 Inches ln thickness, to be laid In the
best cement mortar. , , t ,
Bidders will state the price per lineal foot, which
shall include all excavation or other expenses In
cident to the work
None but practical mechanics need bid,
apl2 eolt Commissioner or the Fourth Ward
FICE, Dcfot or Washington, Waihinqton,
D C.January 4, IBS! .,..,.
All dealers in Drugs, Hardware, Lumber, Leather,
Office Furniture, Harness, and Saddlery, are re
quested to send to this office, on the MONDAY of
each week, a sealed proposal or list, in duplicate,
of the articles they are prepared to furnish to this
Depot at short notice, with the price of each
marked ln plain Azures, so that, in oase tbe exi
gencies or the service require It, the artloloor ar
tides can be obtained without delay, and at the
lowest price.
Dealers wishing to sell to this Depot will be re
quired to furnish Ihe list punctually ei ery Monday
morning. D. H. RUCKLR,
Brigadier General and Chief quartermaster,
JaS-tf Depot of Washington
Corner PtimtytvanU Atenuaand Fourteenth $trett,
Wuhlngton D, C JeMy
All our hopes
Centre now about the brave and true.
Let us help him as we esn,
He's the man,
Honest for tht esuntry through and through.
others good, perhepe, as he
There may bet
Have we tried them In the waMlme's flume 1
Do we know If they will stand,
Heart In hand,
Seeking for the Right In Hea en's name t
Let the Nation ask blm, then,
Once again
To hold the rudder In this stormy sea.
Tell him that each sleepless night,
Dsrk to light,
Uihers in a morning for the Free
Let us not forget our rude
Gratitude 1
But lend our servant the poor crown wt mny 1
Give htm four more yean of toll,
Task and moll.
Knowing God shall crown him In His dax t
Tht IndtptnJtnt,
Teachers' Iustltnte of Washlngtou Ad
dress of Kx-Oovcrnor Don t well, of
A very Interesting puMIc meeting Look place
yesterday at tho Fcmalo Teachers' Institute, at
tho northirest corner of-Tonth and E street,
ta this city, Tho occasion that brought tho
teachers together was to listen to a familiar ad
dress from ex-Gov. Boutwell, (M. C.,) of Mass
achuattti, who Is considered a prominent man
In educational matters, ns well as politics, he
having always manifested great eoltcltnJo lu
these thlnga In his own State, and ho feels
anxloni to give tho benefit of his long, Invalua
ble, and profound experience toothers. Amontr
the guecta prcaent were Surgeon McQowan, of
huo army, a msunKuisnoa scnoiar, froi. iienry,
of the Smithsonian Institute! Her. Dr HIscox.
ltastor of the Stanton street IlantUt Thrush
I New York, and the Rev. Mr. Grey.
I Z. Richards, Esq . the conductor of the In
stitute, presided. Tho exercises wero opened
Eromptly at two o'clock, the hour appointed,
y a warm and earnest prayer by the Rev.
Grayj after thcro was Mnglng by twelve young
ladles.nnder the direction of Prof. J. II. Uanlel.
Miss Flannery presided at the piano-forte.
I Ei-Govcrnor Don t we II was then Introdnced
to tho andlcnce. Ho said It had been a loog
time since he had spoken on educational mat
ters. He complimented tho promptness at
which tho meeting was called to order. He
fonnd In tho world people aro prompt, Just In
proportion as they aro earnest In the work,
theme, or subject they are engaged In; henco,
when they make an appointment they should
bo there just on tho minute. Promptness Is
the key of success to tho farmer, mechanic,
and professional man or woman.
In teaching one of tho first matters to be
attended to Is promptness, punctuality and
regularity! for without tho possession of these
qualities, thcro can bo no great snecess In life.
I They might go along tolerably well, stumb-
i ung tnrongn tne world, but decided success
was doubtful. These were called tho minor
morals, with others that he had not named,
lie saldonr schools generally undertako to
l teach too ranch. He was always shocked
when ho hears of a new study Introduced Into
our school) when ho did. he felt very much
, like tho late illustrious Chief Justice Bhaw,
when It was announced to htm that Webster's
Dictionary had appeared with eight or ten thou
sand new words In It. Thojudco rcnlledi "I
A child U la school ill hour por dv. or
S?..0.!.. nWutrF'W lh." for
ten or twelTO year, of hi. life.. Wo mn.t ace
Jju.iau auguaij n (ll. Hum LUC Utb LKKJkS
I whatever Is worth reading lu foreign languago,
is soon iransiaiea mw) mo tngusn language.
I There Tore tho first duty of tho teacher Is to
teach the art of reading well. Thcro aro fow
persons that can read well. Keadlng Is la
Itself to bo classed among tho most liberal
t endowments: It Is to be ranked among the flno
i arts arts, like sculptnro or painting, music or
J orator) perfection In them Is glicn to but
few persons. To read well, requires the care
ful training of the voice. Thcro aro always
physical facts to bo considered In doing this.
The lungs aro tho motive poncr or machinery,
and tho force- which Is used to read and speak
' Is atmospheric air.
I Ho then gave a fow rules for tho training of
, tho volco, its inflections, articulation, enuncia
tion, acctnt, emphasis, and pauses. He showed
that good orators coma from good readers, and
that good reading la one or tho most efllclcnt
I aids in advancing the causo of moral and rell
i glous Improvement! hence a correct and taste
ful elocution Is necessary. The speaker then gave
i his views In tho manner of toachlntr urammar
and history the former by Illustrations on tho
blackboard, and the latter by reading those
portions relating to tho hlslory of our people
and nation. He said of dictionaries, that, on
the whole, Worcester's dictionary was con
sidered tho best authority) It has uhat ho con
siders tho best pronunciation, and the usago
and Illustration and derivation of each, and
what tho pronunciation of tho nord ought to
bo. He then gave examples of true and false
pronunciation as occur at tho present day.
Ho thought that our public school system Is
better than any private system can be. There
tho children meet their future associates and
learn each other's natures aud habits. Thcro
aro many adrajHages of tho public school over
tho prlvato one, which tho speaker fully ex-
filalned. One was self-reliance, Ithout which,
n somo degrtfo, thero Is no real success. Ihe
child of poor parents Is more Ilkoly to learn
his lessons well than the child of rich parents,
Just In proportion as they are taught to lu
self-reliant and act for themscUcs.
Ho said our present system of putting voung
and Inexperienced teachers our our primary
schools Is wrong. The best teachers that can
be had should bo placed over them. If there
were to bo experiments made In teaching, they
should not be made In the primary schools.
Ho then gave a lucid plan for teaching arithme
tic, and Illustrated his arguments by putting
questions to thoso present. His remarks
throughout, and of wblch the ubovo Is only a
synopls, wero familiar and practical. Tho
company present could not but havo been edi
fied. At the cXise of Mr. Bout well's remarks, thu
choir of young ladles sung the song of tho
"Bravo Boys," with excellent effect, which
showed they were ln the hands of a skilful
Prof, Henry then made a short but eloquent
address on tho office of the teacher. Exercises
ln reading were then given, and thu exercises
closed with prayer,
A Swaup Full of Ksssl Disketeks. Tlie
Philadelphia Inquirer has a letter from Jack
sonville, Florlda.whtch says "Wo havo learned
of persons from tho Interior that the great
Okeefcnokee Swamp, In Georgia, bordering on
the State line of Florida, Is full of deserters
from the confederate armies, borne estimate
their number at one thousand, whllo others
say from five to six hundred. Ihls forco has
been accumulating ever slneo the conscription
law went Into operatIon,and now.havlng a small
army,they are regular yorgaulzed and armed for
defence against the confedcrato authorities. A
force was sent to aubdue and arrest them a
year since, but were repulsed by tho des triors.
Okecfenokee Swamp Is seventy miles long by
thirty wide, and there Is ample room thero for
a joini eioctt swamp conieacracy.
That swamp would be a fitting place of
refuge and retirement for Hauls, Long, and
the Woods.
hTaeaulredrcadllT .among n reugious ureiuren-ror Alexander
'"SoflhTcLfe requisites of education 1. JS SnaT
reading, thcreforo It U nccccssary to road tho SWfM ta ilff SK war man
A Voltt from tht Old Capitol to tht New
Tho follow log Is copy of a petition sint to
the House daring the debate upon the crpnl
ilonofMr. Longt
Ta Me UonerabU Sptaktr and Mtmbtrt of th Houtt
a BfvretenUUtvrt of tht Tafry-ifoVA COngrtn,
GxirrLXicn i While we havo read with pride
and admiration the several speeches that have
been made by members of jour honorable
body In denunciation of the treasonable lan
guage used In debato by the members from
Ohio and Maryland, and while we sympathize,
with you In all your efforts to vindicate tho
loyalty of your honorable body by the sunmsry
expulsion of these unworthy members, who, at
this critical moment, In the fearful straggle
through which we aro passing In onr efforts to
S reserve tho Integrity of onr glorious Union,
are to give utterance to the treasonable senti
ments expressed, wo respcctfullr. but most
earnestly, beg leave to romonstrate against the
proposition made by the honorable member,
Mr. Orth, from Indiana, to wit i "That In the
event oi tuo expulsion oi mo ouending mem
bers they bo consigned to tho Old Canltol
prison.' finch a course on your part would be
ii reuecuon not oniy upon uo loyalty ana prin
ciples we hold dear, but upon all the attributes
which constitute manhood.
There are la this room (No. SO) la which wt
are confined fiftm prUonen, representing
almost all of the departments of Government,
sll of whom aro charged with crimes more or
less serious.
Wo feel already sufficiently humiliated at
being confined In the same building with ne
groes, blockade runners, and rebels taken In
arms but let us beg the honorable gentlemen
In Congress not to so deeply lnj ore and dls
grace ns as to place, or even to propose to
place, among us such dastardly rebels as Hsr
rls and Long, who, without sufficient manli
ness and courage to take arms (and with some
semblance of honor) expose life and limb in
defence of tho principles they cowardly profess
and advocate, yd under the very folds of our
fiag Impudently give utterance and shapo to
their cowardly treason, even In oar executive
chambers. Borne or all of ns hope ere long to
cmcrgo from under tho cloud where we have
been placed bv circumstances over which we
have no control, and again do battle for our
country. Therefore we again Implore yon to
pause and reflect ere yon propose to Inflict on
us mis last ana unucaraoio punishment and
disgraceful contamination.
Respectfully submitting tboaboio, wo hare
iuc uouor to remain yours in loyally and trust,
Inmatbs or Room No. 30,
Old Capitol Prison.
Wasugtov, D. C, April 12, 130.
Alezautler the Little.
"Man wants but ltttlo hero below, nor wants
that little Long,' will be henceforth the motto
of the constituents of Alexander Long, M. C,
from Cincinnati. Wo copy the following bit
of Alec's political history from the Nashville
I mom
Wo recollect well when Alexander tho Copy
surnamed the Long, which Is nearly as dls-
uukuibuvu a wuc 10 start upon as ureal was
a candidate for Congress. It was during tho
dark days of 1803, when McCIellan retreated
from the Peninsula; when Pope transferred his
headquarters from the saddle to tho fortifica
tions at Washington, after having made a re
treat for which he refused to make prepara
tions! and when Klrby Smith was besieging
Cincinnati Alexanders home. Ha van won.
1 der fully patriotic! v& member of tho mill-
vSSSSSTJt IlamiltoScounu ll
r.m., i,. n....;i,... ...... ....
I "' ln thoplorlou. ciaio of U. 'SuTijl talked
v. ,nd Jcclarcd ho w. Drcoarod to .oi war.
Gurlcr tho then alttlnt?
Ho held tickets all day at the polls, In his
own ward tho eighth In Cincinnati, and per
sistently Importuned all his friends and ac
quaintances to vote for him, pledging his word
that he was for tho suppression of the rebel
lion, at all hazards and declaring that to com
promise with traitors would bedishonorabloln
the highest degrco.
Gurley had many enemies among members
ofhliown party, and the conscqucnco was,
that Alexander the Long overreached his rival,
and was accredited a representative from the
second Congressional district of Cincinnati, by
a majority of 131 votes, out of a poll of 10,000.
A row da s after his election, a brother in
Alexander's church, who had always been a
Republican, hut who had otcd for him out of
personal considerations, upon solicitation, and
a pledge that ho was a good war man, called
upon him to oflVr congratulations. Alexander
Sroflered his hand, and vouchsafed one of his
cstsmllcsi but was a little horrlded when
asked something about his views rolatU e to tho
details of tho war,
" I had bctt:r not talk with you," said he;
11 you aro for war I for peacei we can't acrec.
and as brethren ln the church, wo should not
The gentleman left tho Congressman, fouling
that ho had been completely sold, and cotx oyed
tho Intelligence to others, who. like himself,
had been deceived: and they all resolved that
never again should personal considerations In
duce them to votu for a doubtful candidate.
Tho result was, at tho last fall election, Gov.
Broucli carried tho district by about 7.000 ma
Splc) Mhet m llostoa Girl Wauts
The editress of the Boston Olive JJranch, hav
log received a communication from Nashville,
Tennessee, Inquiring whether somo female
printers could do obtained tnero to go to .Nash
a Ule. replied as follows!
Every girl In Boston, who Is old enough to
work ln a printing office, or any other ofllce,
has a lover, whom sho would bo Just as likely
to traue on lor a unncssco arucie as sue woum
to swap him for a grizzly bear. The ldua of a
Boston nl rl. who noes to operas, patronizes Ju-
lien's concerts, waltzes once a week, cats Ice
cream, rides lu tbe omnibus, uoars satin slip
ncrs. and sometimes kisses the editor, colntr to
to Tennessee, except she goes as tho wlfo of
oneoryourtlrst citizus, (.editors excepted ) is
trulv ridiculous.
Would not a girl In a nlco silk dress, laced
pantalettes, ana sniny gauer uoois iook well
trudtrlDir through the mud and mlro of Nash
ville, to an old roost of a printing ofllee, the
walls oi wuicn are covcrcu wuu posters ouer
lng rewards for runaway niggers, whllo In onu
corner of the room two old darkles aro Jerking
awav at a Kamacc press, and ln tho other tho
editor Is squirting tobacco julco all over the
noorf ouiun'i sue do iu a mcu ux,wnen luc
editor and somo great brute of a fellow, whom
ho had offended, got to placing at the game of
shooting their revolvers across tho olllco at
each otber's heads! Who would make the Are
when the devil bad run off or tho editor was
drunk f Who would go home with her, dark
nights f Who would lake her out to ride on
Saturday afternoons, and go to church with
her on Sundays No, sir a Boston girl would
not go to Tennessee for lovoor money sho can
gel enough of both nearer home.
Tho Fraukfort Commonwealth corrects tho
btatement uhlch Is going tho ronnds that Gen.
Burnsldo has been appointed to superintend
the enrolment and draft In Kentucky, Tho
matter has been placed ln the hands of Gen.
"Time was that when the brains were out
Hi a man would die. and there an nnd ' but It
la not so now. for tho Hon. Garrett Davis still
lives. Chicago Journal.
IMto rowelli (
as bis comrxrtUor
Letter from Admiral Dahlf ran.
Admiral Dahlgrcn has written a letter, dated
Washington, March 37, to Mr. Charles Wining
Hare, responding to tho res ol at Ions psesod by
the Dahlgren howitzer battery of Philadelphia,
in rererence to the death of their late comrade,
the lamented Col. Ulrlc Dahlgren. Tht) letter
concludes as followii
Tho accidents and necessities of my own un
settled life cast tho birth of my gallant boy,
Ulrlc. at a rural home ln Tennivlvanla. net
far from Philadelphia. Bat his parents were
born and educated In yonr cltyi his grand
parents and thoso before him, even so far back
as the colonial period of tho State, were born
and lived In Philadelphia, and their remains,
with those of his mother, brothers, and sister,
repose there. His own care:r In Hie was open
ing among von (In tho stndyof law) under the
cjo oi niB aina ana excellent ancle, Mr. James
W. Paul, when tho first cannonshot at onr glori
ous flag roused the young and old of the land.
Tho hope that you express that Philadelphia
will glvo a monument to her son, who tas
given to her cause sll he had to give, limb, and
then lire, who.before comcletlner tho first Tear of
his manhood, had been honored with the high
rank of a colonel for service and sacrifice on
so many battle fleldsj and who fell In a despe
rate effort to rescue his comrades from a cap
tivity worso than death, though himself Just
recuvenog iron, wounas mat naa maimea nis
fair proportions strikes every chord In my
heart, and most gladly will I contribute to the
purpose jrom my own resources.
e e e
Will your comrades be pleased to accent mv
cvcr-gratcful thanks for their feeling remem
brance of my son and tiuir associate ?
With my best wishes for the honor and sac
ccts of your company, 1 am, most truly, theirs,
Jontt A. DiHLoaxf,
Rear Admiral Commanding South Atlantic
uiocKauing oquaaron.
The Rebel Torpedo Corps.
Tho Navy Department Is In receiptor advices
from Admiral Porter, from Alexandria, La., of
March SO, enclosing somo rebel correspondence,
which was captured by the gunboat Signal a day
or two before, whllo the rebel mall carrier was
crossing the river, giving a complete history of
the rebel torpedoes, tho machine that blew up
the Houiatonlc, and tho manner ln which It
was done. Admiral Porter says i
Th ti.vn Init annntni.il a ,nnxJAAna
ubj m,v juii nujviuini wiuu Kiuiya.
for the pnrposo of blowing up property of all
kiuus. jimoDg omcr aeveiisu inventions is a
torpedo resembling a lump of coal, to bo placed
ln coal piles and among the coal put on board
ves els. Tho names of tho nartlca are all men
tioned In tho correspondence, and I used a
photographof ono of them." Among tho cap-
turca corresponuence is a leucr irom r. .
Courtcncy to Col. II. E. Clark, of tho Seventh
Missouri cavalrv. dated Richmond. Januarv
10, in which, speaking of his Inventions, ho
The castings havo all been completed some
iime, ana me coai is so perfect that tne most
critical eo could not detect it, Tbe President
thinks them perfect, but Mr. Scddon will do
nothing without Congressional action, so I
have been cmraccd for tho nast two weeks In
getting up a bill which will cover my case. At
last It has met his approval, and will to-day go
to the Senate, and thence to tho Houso ln se
cret cession. It provides that the Secretary of
w ar shall havo power to organlzo a 'secret
service corns commission, enlist and detail
parties who shall retain former rank and payi
also give such compensation as ho may deem
fit, not exceeding fifty por eent. for property
partially and totally destroyed also to advance,
wnen necessary, out oi mo secret service tuna,
money to parlies engaging to Injure tho enemy.
If you havo not used my draft on St. Louis. I
would prefer your not sending It forward, as It
might compromise Clcndenln. I will take the
first opportunity of sending some castings to
Shreveport, or any point on this side that you
may designate. In the meantime you roust
nso the auger and get what powder yon can. I
am certain u wiu provo cuccuvc.
A Uoston Intllaman Founders at See. All
Her Crew Lost Kxeept Three Seamen
Names ot the Survivors.
Boston. April 14. Tho shin Elvira. Certain
Andrews, from Calcutta for Boston, with a
yaiuaoio cargo, lounaerca in me uay 01 uengai
on tho 29lh of Januarv. during a hurricane.
Tho captain and first mate went down in the
The remainder of tho crew took refuge on
the shin's houso. which was detached from tho
vessel. Before the night of tho first day. fire
01 mem were wasneu on ine nouso ana arowneu.
On tho fourth day two others died, and on the
nun uay ono more died, ine survivors ro
malned on the wreck until January 37tb, when
tney were taiten on oy mo rrencu Dane uiau,
ana suoscqucntiy lanuea ni roim uo uans,
Of tho crew, twenty. nlno all told, only threo
were saved, vtz.i Win. 11. Palmer, second
mate, of South wick, Mass.; Goorgo D. Biate,
third mate, ofllyannlse; and James Anderson,
seaman of Hamburg. The Elvira was a fine
ship, of 1,138 tons, and was owned by William
Weld A Co., of Boston. Tho vessel and cargo
aro largely insured in tnts city.
Tun ItcnsL Kundinq Bill. Tho Richmond
Examiner discourses upon the enactment with
drawing ono thousand millions Confederate
paper from circulation, and thinks If tbis
" astonishing achievemeut In finance" is feas
ible,' enabling tho South to contlnuo tho war
Indefinitely, tho North will pattern by tho
Southern policy " lu this, as It has dono ln
other nartlculars. and becomo able to Protract
Us aggression indefinitely," It however com
forts Itseir with the belief that the Northern
people will not stand the adoption of any such
financial measure.
Gen. Neal Dow ias that the rebel managers
of tho Troasury Department havo no Idea of
the amount or comeacrata paper in circula
tion Whllo In Mobile ho was Informed as to
the manner of paying off tho soldiers of their
army. Nomlually they tie allowed 15 per
mouth, but at tho cents upou a dollar tula
would o totalty insufficient to support their
famUle.'. But the mode of paving them gives
an opportunity to supply the deficiency. The
paymaster, with a wagon load of confederate
notes, ildod along the linos, and tho soldiers
help themselves, obtaining Just as mac h of tho
paper as tney uesire. 00 plenty is mo trash
throutrh tho confederacy that tho Richmond
papers speak of it as they would of hay, quo
ting It by the bale. Eight hundred millions of
mis wonniess issue nao neen practically ro
puuiaica oyiue ia)ing 01 a tax of iiai per ccui.
upon a large part of It, and JJ per cent, upon
mo rcmainaor, 10 no imiowca nereaiur uy a
tax swallowing tho whole. Tho minority of a
committee of the rebel Congress recently re
ported to that body that tbe confederate cur
rency had depreciated fwo f Aw I f"'
A Nsw Motim Power. Professors Bar
eanti and Matleuecl, ot lloame, Uavo invent
ed a now medo of producing molhe power.
Their engine may bu deserlbcd as an Atmos
pheric engine, a vacuum bUug produced In the
cjllnders, under the pistons, by the explosion
oi a mixture of atmospheric air with an Inflam
mable gas 'llio expfos on Is said to bo with
out noise ami iree from danger. Tho result of
a long series or experiments upon tho two ma
ehluos one of them bclog tw cnty-horse power,
aud tho oibir of four proves that tho con
sumption of tbe gas used la one-third of a cubic
metro per horsepower per hour. The gas is
said to bo produced at a cost of less than a
penuy the cubic metre, consequently, a horse
pon er 1 an bo obtained at about ono-thlrd of a
penny iho hour. The machines couslrucUd
arc reported to work satisfactorily, and tho
principle to be equally applicable to marlno
vnd locomotive engines.
Passed at the First leeelonofthe Thirty
eighth CamsrreM.
fPrBUn Mn. 44.1
An act to amend section nine of the set sp
pruvoa .juiy seveuieentn. eignteen nandrea
and sixty-two, entitled An act to define the
pay and emolument of certain officers of
the army, and for other purposes.
4 U enacted bv ths Senate and IIovu of Iienre
ttntativte of Ou United StaU 0 America In Con
teu awmbUd, That the rank of chaplain with
out command, in the regular and volunteer
service 01 wo uniiea auies, is nereoj recog
nized. ChsDlalns shall ba bornh on the Held
and slalT rolls next after the surgeons, and shall
wear such uniform at Is or mar be prescribed
by the army regulations, and shall be subject
to tho same rules and regulations as other
officers of the army. They shall be entitled to
draw forage for two horses, and, when as
signed to hospitals, posts, and forts, they shall
be entitled to quarters and fuel within thehos
pltals, posts, or forts, while they are so assigned,
without the privilege of commutation, subject
to the same conditions and limitations as aro
now by law provided ln the case of surgeons.
n nea aoseai irom amy wita leave, or on ac
count of slcknee,"Or other disability, or when
held by the enemy as prisoners, they shall be
subject to no other diminution or loss of pay
and allowances than other officers ln the mili
tary service are nnder like circumstances. And
chaplains who have been absent from duty, by
reason of wounds or sickness, or when held as
prisoners In the hands of the enemy, shall bo
entitled to receive fall pay without rations
daring such absence. In all other respects,
the pay of chaplains thall be the same as now
provided bylaw.
Sec. 2. And UU furfur enacted. That the act
approved July fourteenth, eighteen hundred
ana Bixty-iwo, enuuea "An act eofjrani pen
sions,1' is hereby so amended aa to Include
chaplains In tho regular and volnnteor forces
of the armyi VotfJeJ, That the pension to
wuicn a cnapiain snail oo enuuea sor a una.
disability shall be twenty dollars per month,
and all the nrovlslons of the act to which this
section l an amendment shall apply to and
embraco tbe widows, children, mothers, and
sisters or cnapiain s ot me lana forces woo
have died since the fourth day of March, eigh
teen nnnorea ana sixiy-one. or snau aio 01
wounds or dlicase contracted ln the service ol
tho United States, and while such chaplains
are or shall be la tho Uno of their duty.
Sec. 3. And U U further enacted, That It
shall bo tho dnty of chaplains In the military
service of tbe United States to mako monthly
rerjorts to the Adjutant General of tbe Army
through tho usual military channels, of the
moral condition and irenerel history of thu
regiments, hospitals, or posts to which they
may be attached) and It shall be tho dnty of all
commanders of regiments, hospitals, and posts
to render sucn lacmuca aa wui am in eue ais
charge of the duties assigned to thorn by the
Bee. 4. And he it further enacted, That all
chaplains ln the military service of the United
States shall hold appropriate religions servlcea
at the bnrlal of soldiers who may die ln the
command to which they are assigned to duty,
and it shall be their duty to hold public re
ligions services at least once each Sabbath
when practicable.
Approved, Arm v, iww.
Po&T Of rirt ArralM Viryfwd, Ptnntyt
vanL iloute Agencttt.'iJa the North
ern Cent. Allroad line, Baltimore to Harriet
burg, Mr. Joslah Gordon, of tbe former eltv,U
appointed route agent, vice Win P Blades,
abandoned service, at same pay, $S0O per an
In Ohio, Oliver II. Smith Is appointed route
agent on tbe line, Zanesvllle to Morrow, In
place of F. A. McDowell, resigned.
Jrr Carrier William II. Downs Is au
pointed at Baltimore, ln placo of Joseph E
Hughes, removed, at name pay of 750 per an
A new post-office Is established at Union
Dale, Cecil county, Maryland, and Uendersou
Scott appointed postmaster. This office will
receive regular mall supplies by special service
from Cherry Hill, threo and a half miles dis
tant, and will greatly accommodate some two
hundred families. Hon. Mr. Cre will's dls
ApjMintHittilt.W'tillMn Smith, postmaster
at MllUngton. Kent connty, Md., vice Jamc
T. Brltton, resigned.
Samuel Keys, postmaster at Vienna, Dor
cheater county, Md., vice Clement Harding,
James Lsnkford, postmaster, Jacksonville,
Somerset county, Md , vice Luther It. Blade,
George W Martin, postmaster at Tyrone
Mills, Fayette county, Pn., vice John F. Over
holt, resigned.
Pembroke Leighow, postmaster at Baar Gap.
Northumberland couuty, Pa., In placoof Kelsey
T, John, resigned.
Lom-u. Ml dear boy, did yu ever go out
of night and lean on tho fense for hours In the
spring time, when the frogs wax singing ln the
mashy ground, and the spotted night-hawks
was a glancing In tho air, and tho bats war
playing tag, and gaze up Into heaven at tho
grate round moon, and thu twlngllng stars, and
sLrh and want sumtblu, and hav ynre Izo fill up
with tbe Jolso ov yure hart, and not think of
cndythlug all tho time, and couldn't tell what
ailed yu I Did yu ever steal silly out ln a big
woods list as tho sun fel behind the hill, and
set down agin a tree and dream ov nothing till
tbe twllito ghosts began tew hurry bl yu, and
tho warm air begin tu thicken with the fust
dark ov the nlte, and the owl swa oph In tho
distance begin tn kali out the tosds. and the
slippery snakes, and still set there till fear sot
yu a thinking? Didyu ever draw yuro cheer
up uciore me oiao ucannsiono az mo urana
begin tew grow white ashes, and the k rickets
had grown tired ov their songs and gopo Into
their nolcs, and look sttddy at the dyeing fire,
waiting fur yuro thoughts tu cum bak from
the wecry dlstanz and put ju tu bed I Hev yu
did all this and didn't know what ailed ) u 7 1
ken tell yu my deei boy what ailed yu. It wuj
Lontium! 'twsi yure hart that az thinking.
Josu BlLLIltOS.
8icod ArrstiUMC or the Pom iho r Pau
tt. A new Fremont paper has been atartud at
Washington, called " The New Error." "Bur
lelgh " tho New York corruspondent of tho
Boston Journal, tells of a new radical organlza
Hon, which hss raised a fund of $100,000 and
will commence a Fremont paper In New York
uudcr tho tgulucnt title of " Tht rathjiiuler,"
Thence organization nil! stand aloof from the
Hum MM ns and Democrats alike, and em
braces In It active membership not only tbe
leading German politicians, but war Demo
crats and radical Abolitionists.
Uno of the most active In the new mot emeni
is a Douglas democrat, who professes to Imu
fifty thousand men of that vartv with him
Tho chiefs of tho party do not Insist upon Gon
Fremont for the Presidency, but ssy they aru
nllllnnr to acccDt anv other man standluir ou
tho radical platform, except Abraham Lincoln.
This new party, wo Buspect, is engineered by
Senator Pomcroy, of Kansas, who, slneo the
exposure and defeat of his secret circular strat
egy, has been busy ln all sorts of cunning plots
and combinations, by which bo expects to
throw the old parties iuto confusion, and then
evolve from tho ciiaos a uew pariy inai snau
find an easy road to power. A big plot, no
doubt, but rather small engineering to make
much of It Springfield Republican,
DweMof 1.000 works of EneUsh anJ Forelf
Literature, comprising
in no y, trav it, lotiry, "
lit tfQt bf ai prices
aI HMLPJ11.N BiWkstors,
)4t rennsrlv aoia a cnue,
apls-solm bet. itth and ih stums, north

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