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"'wASlllNOTON. D. O.
BATCRBATmmiiiii (.'iijii-miAflUL It, 18M.
VSTliuliieraimf'ltlni to rtetit tfu irpuit If on
CT TIj OJlt t 0 IA AMwmoI Xtpuoltom U at
611 XiKOntrerltMiMmrinniyltaiiUlnmuilmd
M lrtt m
t-of MttaUtltt altetdum ojbutintumtntotht
tlfiflrAlivn nf our odvnttumtntl, Wl intend
lo Iiyi r niri rye lo 11' Mailer fur ( omtjtt
ft our Jiairont.
l-f Ttu ratlroad adrrtirrmentt on our flrrt
ja art insrrtnl by authority oftht railroad torn
j.nui trvtroUy tianvd, art ojfletally rorrtrtrd
Vii cnanfjt art ihoJi, hence rati ot rtlial upon
t rorrtet.
Th. luslnrs. of I'lstrlbutlrf the nr.rcat.lCAS
Ihrauihout thla eltjr, Oe.rjetown aod Alexandria,
haa thli day bee a ptaeed In th. hand ofTitr. An
TiirTa snmirau, who la our ool authorised
arcnt to collect andaotlcll BubierTUone to tMi
rarer, and haa alio authority to eollcit adrertlae
lnents from the adT.rtlsleg community of thli and
the nelshborlnii cities tor ths Natiohal titrti
ur ah. Mr. Shenherd Is well anda orably known
In thli community, fromhatlof Men Tor several
joonthi iklt one of our principal Local Iteportera,
aud we commend him to our cltliena en l.U caw
Waiiiiotok, April i, ISCi
1 1 rntiM or tub Union is rut."
1 nincum rcti riHDOK to iu who
.CrillHT, I HOTBOT, 1XD rjWCTI) T0 Coksti-
ti rioKor TDK UslTU) Statu, akd Tni Uxioa
I1 A HB.ln.1n.iul tA ,. .u.ti-t.1 n..A,n,
i uc uu.iiiiiuvv, hhv. vj uiimm .piviut'
met I, or subsequent designation to fill Tacan
cle, tonetltnle tie executive committee cre
ated liy the National Convention, held at Chi.
capn on the 16th day of May. 1860, do hereby
rail upon all quall&ed voters who deelro the
nronfltloual maintenance of the Union, the
.atrernncy of the Conatltutlon, and the complete
soiprcadon of the existing rebellion, -tlth the
raue thereof, by vigorous -car and all apt and
ifllrfent means, to send dileeatca to a conven
tion to aMcmble at Baltimore, on Tuesday, the
7lli day or June, 1E6I, at 13 o'clock, noon, for
the r-rpoteof presenting candidates for the
ofllies of I'resldent and vice President of the
United States. Each Etate having a represen
tation In Congress rIU be entitled to as msny
ueirgaics aa snsu ue equal to twice tne number
of electors to which inch Stale Is entitled In the
yn tnral College nf the United Stale.
CDtWN MOROAN, New lorlc, CnMrmas
K OHAlNAhD, rmont
C II ROLLINS, New Hamrililte
I 7- GOODRICH M.iitehuirtti
THOMAS (1 TL'HM.K, IUio.l UUnd.
UID ON WFLLft, luanectlcut
DLNMNU DUt.lt. New Jcraty
KDWAHO tltlllMUON, I'tnnallra.U.
N n SMITIlt R,DeIware
1 F WAONIR, Slarj land
H. S. LANK, Indiana.
AM0KLC. CASK1, Kculutk)-
F PFLK, lillnola.
M'sriN DLA1R, Michigan
CARLSCHL'H. Uiaconiln
O H IRISH, Ncbmka
The Hsbsl Prtratsara DatlM-( la Vjae.
The New York Tlmtt of yesterday publishes
a transition of an article from the (Opinion
Xatlonati, a rarls Journal, of March, disclos
ing tome Important facts In regard to the
building of Ironclads for the confederates In
French ship-yards.
In consequence of the opposition of Lord
John Russell to the construction of confeder
ate cruisers In England the Opinion Xuttonalt
The Confederates have directed their appli
cations to France, and, by way of a beginning,
have ordered a whole squadron, guns, shell,
ball, Ac, and Messrs. Annan, of Bordeaux,
and Yoruz. of Nantes, more audacious than
Mr. Laird, of Liverpool, have undertaken to
deliver, at tne expiration oi ten montns, sev
eral vessels of war, completely equipped and
readr for action. These vessels were, osten
sibly, Intended for the establishment of a line
between China, Japan and Ban Francisco, but
their real destination was soon discovered, and
Mr. Dayton hastened to enter his protest oe
fore M. Dronvn de 1'IIuvs. the moment be sue'
cccded In getting possession of undeniable
The nrinclnsl acensatorr documents, to the
number of ten, were transmitted to M. Drouyn
de t'llujs on tne -'-a oi Deptcmoer, loo.,
It appears from the Indications given by the
Opinion Xallonole, that Mr. Arman and Mr.
Vorux had contracted with Captain Bullock, of
the rebel nary, to build four wooden vessels,
which had been In progress since April, 1803,
and subsequently they had agreed to build two
Iron-clads, besides shot and shell.
The psper goes on to statei
The Freneh Government, havlniz onlv very
lnaccurato Information relative to the destina
tion of theso vessels and the nae to be msdo oi
their armaments, lisd furnished Mr. Vorux
with every facility desirable for the fulfillment
of his contract.
On the 8th of October, Mr. Dayton brought
to tho attention of M. Drouyn de 1'IIuys fresh
proofs, among others a copy of a contract
signed July 10, 1 SC3,whcrcln Mr. Arman agrees
to Mr. Bullock to construct fro Iron clad ves
sels, and a copy of an agreement, dated on the
17th of September, In which M. Vorux prom
ises to furnish Cspt. Bullock with X pieces of
cannon and l'.'.OOO shell.
At length. In a last letter not less explicit
than the preceding ones. Mr. Armsn proposes
to Mr. Maury, " Rear Adm,lral of the Confede
rate States of America," to construct, on short
notice, six new Iron-clad gunboats, according
to the plans communicated to him by Mr.
Jameson, and he agrees, moreover, to furnish
in one month alter tnceignsiure oi tne con
tract, proof that ho has in hsnd the authority
necessary ror the delivery oi tne armament acs
lined to bo placed on board oi tne gunuoats.
Tho correspondence between all parties re
sulted In sn aisnrance from the French Minis-
ieaux at the Opera House, on Wednesday next.
ror tne oaneui oi tne sotaicrs- wives nu
Kxpla m ot sanakul Bll.r.
rfti.i--r- Y.. T.. Anrll 1 5. Tha (rnnboat
Chenango, while outward bound, off Fort La
favette. thli afternoon, burst her boiler, forty
men on the deck were scalded, and some of
them afterwards died. The engine-rooms of
tho vessel havo not yet been reacnea. i ne
revenue cutter Brown has come ashore for
medical assistance.
Second Edition
ter to Mr. Dayton, October 23d, 1803, that tho
authority to arm the vessels already built had
been withdrawn by his Govcrnmcnt,whlch wss
determined to adhere to a atrlct neutrality.
itho.OjmlOfi AiiKmul (March 2, 101,)
adds the following significant remarks.
One might believe thst this list letter or M.
Dronjn de 1'IIuys terminated tho diplomatic
difficulty which we lisve Juit summed up, and.
Indeed, for a month or two tho construction of
the iron-clad vessels and these not Iron-clad
was suspcndedi but, If wo are correctly In
formed, the work lias, tong ijnrr, Urn rrmmini,
and two, at least, of these vessels ure ready for
deliver; to the Confederate agents.
IlorrlbU Atroclttoafthc Ilcbfli
Cairo, April 13, No boats bare been al
lowed to Icarebero for polnti below Colambua.
Since tbe first new or the Fort Pillow af
fair, the attack on Vailncali reitcrdar moved
I to be a mere raid for plunder. It was made by
i nw men, wno were mcuea out uy
Th Nw Tri 1111.
The tax bill reported by tho Cemmlttoa of
Wajt and Meani prOTldca tbe following rates i
Coal UlainlnatlDK oil. c.. SO cents per eal-
loo i frronnd coffee and tnbstUntes, 1 cent per
pound) molasses, syrup of molasses, Ac, fipsr
centum ad tatoremt sugars, 1 and 2 cents per
pound paper oi ou aesenpuons. u per centum
ail valoremi salt. 0 cents rer 100 tioundsi tltr
Iron, tl per touj blooms, slabs or loops, $1.50
fertoo stores and hollow ware, 13 per tont
eatberof all descriptions. 5 per cent adtalo
remf grape wines Sets, per gal. all other wines
or liquors called wine, 25 eta. per gal.) ready
made clothing, boots, shoes, Ac, 5 per cent.
ad talorrm; manufactures of cotton, wool, silk
and worsted, 3 per cent, ad valorem; cavendish,
plug, twist and stemmed tobacco, 25 centif
smoking tobacco, made exclusively of stems
and shorts, and refuse. 10 centsi snnlT and
snuff flour, 33 centsj flnocnt35 centif cigars
Taiuea a. iu per mousana, roper tuousana,
rained it C10 to ? 20, (7 per thousand) valued
at $20 to $40 per thousand, $12) valued at $ 10
to $75 per thousand, $25) valued at over $75
per thousand, $40. First proof spirits, sold or
removed for consumption prior to July 1, GO
cents per gallon) alter July ana prior to Jin
nary 1,1665, $4) after January 1, $1.25. Dli-
imea spirits ana rennca cobi on may do ex
ported without excise duty.
On all beer, lager beer, ale, porter, and other
similar fermented liquors, a duty of one dollar
for each and every barrel containing not more
than thirty-one gallons, and at a like rate for
any other quantity or for fractional parts of a
barrel, which shall be brewed or manufactured
and sold, or removed for consumption or
sale, tic , tc.
On ralner.il or medicinal waters, or water
from springs Impregnated with minerals, one
half cent for each bottle of not more than one
quart) when containing more than one pint,
but less than one quart, one cent.
On carriages, the rates are from ono to ten
dollars, according to their value and uses.
On gold watches, composed wholly or In
Eart of gold or gilt, kept for use, valued at one
nudred dollars or ksb, each one dollar) vlued
above one hundred aollars, each two dollars.
Yachts, from five to ono hundred dollars, ac
cording to tonnage,
milt ..rd tablti Went for use. ten dollars: JYo-
vldtd. That billiard tables kept for hire, and
uponwnicu a license lax nas pecn impoiou.
shall not be required to pay the tax on billiard
tables kept for use as aforesaid, anything to
the contrary notwuaianawg.
On plate, of gold, kept for use, per ounce
troy, fifty cents.
On plate, of silver, kept for use, per ounca
troy, n re cents. JTovweu, inai silvers; oudb
or plate of sliver used by one family to an
amonnt not exceeding forty ounces as afore
said, belonging to any one rerson, plato be
longing to religious societies, and souvenirs
(cncral Grant left Ms quarters 'n this city
)efcUrday fur hi headquarters In the field, at
Naval lultillKtnct Capture of Ilhl
Information has been received at the Navy
Department, b) a Utter recelvod from Lieut.
Commander W.VC. McCaulcj, commanding
United BUHa steamer Tioga, dated off Elba
Light, that while lying lu latitude 20 dig. S3
mln. north, longitude 7C dog 23 mln. west, the
Tlou overhauled aud captured the sloop
Swallow, from tho Cumbahco river, t C ,
bound to Nassau. V I One hundred and
eighty bales of cotton v era found on board, and
au old set of rebel colors No papers were
found on board. The captain of the vessel and
one man of the crow were sent to Bo it on,
.Mass. The other members of the crew were
sent to Key West. The time of tho rtbil ves
sel's crew would be out In May.
Naval Chaiijtes.
Lieutenant Commanding Jonathan Young,
detadied from ordnance duty, New York, and
ordered to command the gunboat Clmmcronc,
vice Lieutenant Commanding John II Iluistll,
recently ordered to take command, and who
has been granted a furlough of one month.
Asslstaut Surgeon George It. Urush, ordered
to the rtcelvlug uhlp North Carolina, at New
dinner I.obert II. Cross, ordered to the
stenu frigate .Minnesota, vlco Gunner Charles
K. Howe, ordered to the Naval Magazine, Nor
folk, Ursula.
rtlUi from Secretary Chase oillie Gold
Mr. Fuicndui laid befor, thu Senate yester
day Afternoon the following letter (rum tho
Hern tar or thu 'I reasury '
TH(Aea Dli artmcnt, A rli W.lSel
Hint NotwltbiUnillngtho diminished amount
.Of United States notes In circulation, and the
gradual withdrawal from use as currency of
Fntcrost-bearlng UnlUd States notes made a
legal tender for their faro, the price of gold
continued to advance. This cifect can onl) be
attributed to one or tno raiuos, and Is proba
ble due In part to each First, to the lncreasu
of notes of local bauk, nn 1, tHconril), to the
edbrU of speculator.
J have already submitted tin ult v.u to thu
consideration of tbe Committee on Finance a
hill Intended as a remedv for the first evil I
now beg leave to submit to Its consideration a
bill Intended as a remedy for tho second
The first bill, If It become a law, will have, I
.trm I, t not. tho most silntarv con sequences.
The eifect of the second will probably be more
liumcttllate,inougl pcrnaps not oi sucn perma
nent ImDortance.
I ask for both b candid consideration, and,
ii ap, roved, the favorable action or congress.
It luiul not be tbousrht. however, that I re-
gard either ur bjthof these measures u ade
quate remedies for financial disorders. Nothlnt?
short of taxation to one half of the amount of
our current expenditures, and a reduction of
inoae expenditures to tbe lowest point compati
ble with c.ncltncy, will ensure financial auc-
cesewineuoTcrnintni And without military
success all measures will fall
Very respectfully, jours,
e 1' Cuabe,
ttecretary of the Treasury,
lion. r. YnBHDZX, Chairman of Uommlt
iwon Finance.
the fort and
the gunboats. After occupying a portion of
the cltv In en nails about an hour, thev left tak
ing away a numucr oi noises ana coneiaeraoie
piunuer, ana leaving oenina nan a aozen Kiuca
and wounded No one was hurt on our side.
Several of the guns cfntured by Forrest at
Fort Pillow were spiked before falling Into his
hands. The others were turned upon gunboat
No. 7, which, from sheer cxhsustlon of ammu
nition, having fired some 800 rounds, was com
pelted to withdraw. Although only tin clad,
she received but slight Injury.
Gen. Lee arrived and assumed command at
the beginning of the battle, previous to which
Chalmers directed the movements.
Forrest, with tho main force, retired after tho
fight to Brownsville, taking with him the cap
tured fund'.
While tbe steamer Flatte Valley lay under
flag of truce, .taking on board tho wounded,
several retel officers, among them Chal
mers, went aboard, and some of our ofil
eera showed them L'rect deference, drinking
with them, and showing them other marks of
courtesy, rrominem among mem is sbiu 10
have been Cspt WoodrnlT, of tbe 11 3th Illinois
8r. Lulls, April 15 The correspondent of
tlie tfitofi, wno was auoara lua steamer ruue
Yallcv. at Fort I'lllow, elves an even more an-
nalllmr description of the ficndUbncss of the
rebels than our Cairo dispatch. Many of our
wounded were shot In thu hospital, and the re
mainder driven out and the hospital burned.
The morning after the battlo the rebels went
over the battle neia ana snot tne negroes wno
had not died from previous wounds. Many of
thoso who escaped from the works and hospi
tals, and who desired to be treated as prlion
era of war, as tbe rebels said the theuld be,
were ordered to fall Into line, when they were
Inhumanly shot down.
Of three hundred and lift colored troops,
not more than fifty-six escaped tbe massacre,
and not one officer that commanded survives
Only four officers of the 13th Tennessee escaped
death. The loss of the 13th Tennessee Is eight
hundred killed, and the remainder wounded
and captured. General Chalmers told tbe cor
respondent that although It was against the
policy of bis Government to spare tho negro
soiuters anu meir oiuceu, uu uau uuuuaii iu
his power to stop tho carnage; at the samo
time lie sam no uciieveu mai u was tiui. ad
other oiDcer said that our white troops would
have been protected had they not been found
on duty with the negroes Whllu tho rebels
endeavored to conceal meir toes, it was eviueni
that they suffered severely Colonel Heed, com-
inana.Lg u.o leunessce renncm was monauy
wounded. Iwoor three vull-flllcd ho pit al a
were a short distance in luo country.
iltbtU IWtrcatluif from ICait ICiulueliy
J .oi is vji I e. April 10 Headquarters aru ad
vised by Col Gallup, of Lexington, that the
rebels are In full retreat from Kast Keulueky
Col. True Is puihlng forward for Found Gap
to cut off their retreat.
kecotakM actnallv Chen and received as
such and not kept for use, shall bo exempt
from dutv.
On all cattle and calves exceeding three
months old, slaughtered for snlc, twenty cents
per ueaa.
On all cattle and calves under three months
old, slaughtered for sale, fLsa cents per head.
On all ewlnc slaugbterciTTor sale, when the
number thus slaughtered exceeds twenty In one
year, ten cents per head.
un an succp ana iamu eiauguicreu lor saic,
five cents per bead.
Railroads and steamboats, two per cent, on
gross receipts. Other railroads than those
operated by steam, and ferries, two per cent.
Bridges, fire per cent, on gross receipts. Com
panies as above may add to their rates to pay
said tax.
Express companies shall pav five per cent.
on gross receipts.
insurance panics, one per cent, on gross receipts.
Passports three dollars each.
Telegraph companies five per cent, on gross
Banks one eighth of one per cent, each half
year upon average amount or deposits. Also
Speaker Colfax gave his last reception for
the season at Ms residence, on Four-and-a-Half
street, last evening. It was tho splendid
climax of an exceedingly popular series of
levoct. Tho affair was an Immense "Jam."
Tho entire honsc was packed full of well-
dressed gentlemen and ladles, all In Joyous
spirits. We have no room to give a list of the
distinguished persons present. Bufflce It to
say that nearly a quorum of the House, over
whose deliberations Mr. Colfax presides, was
there, embracing leading men of both parties,
Hon. Thaddcus Stevens was conspicuous
among them, and he experienced some dlflV
tulty In finding " ways and meant " for get
ting through tbe crowd which filled for a large
part of the evening all tbe principal opart
menti In three stories of the house. The stair
cases even were often so blocked up that It
was almost Impossible to ascend and descend.
" draco Greenwood " was there) also, Secre
tary Usher) Mcurs Nlcolay and Hay, the
President's secretaries) Mr. Harrington, tho
Acting Secretary of the Treasury) and scores
of others we might mention. Mr. Colfax may
well feel proud of such an ovation.
Ufa of President Lincoln.
T. B. Tetcrson &. Brothers, Philadelphia,
ro., have Just published the "Life, Speeches,
Proclamations, Letters, Messages, Acts, and
Public Services of President Lincoln." It con
tains a full history of bis life, his career as a
lawjer and politician, his services In Congress,
with his speeches, messages, proclamations,
acts and services, as President of tbo United
States, and Commander-in-Chief of the Army
and Navy of the United States, up to the pres
ent time, with his portrait. Complete In ono
volume of two hundred pages, price 50 cents,
Upon the back covet of tho volume Is a portrait
of General McCIcllan as ho appeared when
seated In tho cabin of a gunboat on James
river, about tho time of tho battlo of Malvern
IIUl. Phllp & Solomons, 332 Pennsylvania
avenue, havo It for sale.
Thnnki to SpcaktrColfax.
A commlttco from the Union Councils are
to call upon Speaker Colfax to-night, and pre
sent to him resolutions of thanks for his course
In tbo case of Alexander Long.
Matamoraa Captured hy Sua French
The New Orleans JJtt of tbe 7th states that
the French had occupied Matamoras without a
blow, and thst two regiments bad been landed
and all communication with the Interior was
for tbe time being Interrupted.
In New York yesterday gold, after selling
el 172, rallied to 175, closing at 174 J. At 2
o'clock to day It was standing at 171 J.
Joseph Proctor, the tragedian, Is playing
ai ma rtainriue toeaire.
J cxi A Dalt-Is playing In tbe "American
Coualo." and other pieces, at ths New Theatre In
Joseph W. ETnxniDOE, Esq , of New Berne.
has been apnIotid as Lool Treisury Agent at
noanoKC i liana, n u , ana win loon enter upon
the dli chart of his duties.
one-fourth of one per cent, each half year upon
averago amount of capital stock beyotWtbe
amount Invested In United States bonus.
Two per cent, from gross receipts from lot
teries. Tickets must be itamjcd, and license
to deal must bo obtained, Ac.
Advertisements thrco per cent. The dut
Imposed may bo added to public advertisements
wiien ratos arc uxca ty jaw. o lax upon
papers having less than two thousand circulation.
Theatres, operas, circuses, and museums aro
to pay onu per cent, on receipts.
ror licenses, uanwers wuu a capital oi you.
000, each ono hundred dollars, and for every
additional thousand, two dollars. Wholesale
dealers, whoso sales amounts to $50 000. for
every additional thousand, one dollar. Itetall
dealers ten dollars. Retail dealers lu Honors.
twenty dollars. Lottery ticket dealers, one hun
dred dollars. Horscdealers,tcndoltars. Livery
eiauic keepers, icn aonars,
iiaid nioM poivr LOOKOUT,
Capture of Ft ft yl linueaml Hollared orlli
of Tobacco Operation! of tit n Iltuka
Illockarie Kunnere Captured.
fieclal Co reipurdeuee Baltimore Americau J
Point Lodkolt. Mil .In m . Amil u tai.
General IUoks has Just arrived Iu from au
expedition to lrglnla, where be succeeded In
capturing fifty thousand dollars' worth of to
bacco, together with a gang of blockade-runners
w ho had It In charge lie had along with
him the gunboats Teazer, Condor, and Tankec,
with three hundred Infantry and ono hundred
cavalry, aud thu expedition proved successful
The tobacco was slalmcd by n man by the
name of Matthews, from tho northern part of
Maryland. Gen 1 links had been Informed of
this by the refugees mentioned in m last com
munication. Matthew i claims to be a loyal
citizen, and thinks Hint ho can recover all bo
has lost. Gen. Hinks deserves great credit for
the Prompt manner In which he Has succeeded
lu cheeking tho great route to IUchmond aud
Baltimore, lho tobacco was fresh, and of
Tho Opera.
ro-iilitbt it. opera season at Grover's wiiuiuae
In a blue ef glory Tha richest portions of tl.rte
maKQlllcei.1 oiri, vlit " Faust' "la Dams
Blanche," and " Ur Frets, hu'i," ate to be given
This will gUtrvrry un oi the .radlof uembets
of this unrlvatlei ioiliihit an oiwottuoily todls-. and thi
l-Ur their beat powcti it win t e ttuly a flttlnr rebels were
Won't hb TaiKsriaiuo. Tho CrUlt. Sam
Medary'a paper, published at Columbus, Ohio,
has the following remark, touching the action
of the State Copperhead Convention!
There can be no doubt about the fact, that
any attempt to tranifrr (As Democratic party on
to a var platform -UX bt reiMed with moro de
termination turn some men, wno wouia sen
the country for an office, suppose. They want
neither Lincoln nor any of his Major Generals.
The strength, and the only strength of the
Democratic party, from first to last, has been
oppotitlon to thlt iwtr unholy, barbarous and
Anus to nx SubuendzheI). General Slgel,
commanding the military departmental Wheel
ing, West Virginia, has Issued an order that no
person residing within the department, on or
south of tho Baltimore and Ohio railroad, and
not belonging to the army of tho United Btates,
will be allowed to keep or bear arm, except
thosejjclonglng to tho Slate militia, tie. All
other persons, loyal or disloyal, will deliver
their arms to the nearest commanding officer
or military provost marshal, with their names
affixed thereto, so that thev mav bo nroocrlv
cared for, and returned when tho public safety
will admit. All such arms will be sent cither
to Harper's Ferry, Cumberland or Charleston d
and turned over to the proper officer.
Tub Tcur, Vnivn Court t Lony I'dMtT
TrcttlHfh Thursday. April 14. Purse f 50. mile
heats, nest inrce in ure, in narness :
H WoosJruil eaieredbr m Rally Come Un. t 3 l
J D MoMaon entered b g La ritual ? 1 2'i
I) ruee eniereu i noudcnui ir
D. PtlfT entered s m I J d
Time 3.51 3AlJft3S4'4l31l
First ICB.lou,
SiTUUDlT, April 10, 1804.
I'clltloos from several Western railroad com
panies wero presented, remonstrating against
tbo cxtenslou of tbe (loodycsr Iudlan rubber
Mr. Hale, from tlie Commlttco on Naval
Allolrs, reponca a dim 10 provide ror tne lion
Information In tho asms way, perbsps, ai lbs
olttr statements came.
Mr. Howard said lit wished to get tha origi
nal evidence by persons on tho spot. It wonld
bo a disgrace to th nation not to avenge this
wrong) no matter what was the color of the
soldiers, this most be done. It wonld bo Im
possible to keep colored troops In tho service
nnless wo protect them, ths samo as, while
troops. It concerned tbo nsltonal honor to
protect me men wno aro ugniing onr panics,
and who wear our uniform.
1Flt.t. I. -.a, ln.-A .I.aI.I.hI. (num. I...... in
of tho threatened terrors, at some critical hour
In battle mar loss ns the day. it nad been,
and ba anmKiacd wonld continue to be. the
Sraclico of tho rebels to put colored persons to
eath In cold blood or sell them Into slavery
when captured, and hide It from onr offlcersi
but he wss for retaliation, man for man, and
two to one, If necessary for retaliation In tho
promptest and severest form.
Mr. Johnson agreed with tho objocla of tho
resolution, but It did not go far enough. This
was not ths first time a small garrison had
been left to bo sacrificed. It had been done at
Padncah. In Kentnrkr. Thoso In command
In that region should know their responsibility
to tho Government, and should know that
thcro Is now in tho rebel soldiers a feeling, In
stigated bv thotr oulecra. eonal to that of sav
ages. Tho Government must act, as ono life
of a soldier nnder our dag Is as desr as the life
of auy rebel. Nothing less than life for life Is
dictated by onr reputation ana onr amy. uui
he wanted to know why theso dlssstcrs havo
been bronght upon our flag, whllo wo appro
priate money without stint.
Ho moved to amend tho resolution by direct
ing tho commlttso also to Inqnlro whether Fort
Pillow conld not havo been reinforced or evac
uated I which was agreed to.
Mr. Howard then withdrew tho clauso re
quiring tho commlttco to send some of their
members to tho spot, and, as thus modified, tho
resolution wss adopted.
Mr. llsndsll, of Kentucky, oflerod a resolu
tion, which was agreed to, Instructing the
Commlttco on Military Affairs to Inqulro Into
tho necessity and expediency of constructing
a railroad from Cincinnati to connect with
Cumberland Gap. for military purposes, as rec
ommended by the President of tho Untied
States In his messsgo of December, 1801.
Mr. Kernsn, of New York, presented tho res
olutions of tho Lcglslaturo of that Bute, ask
ing thai General llobcrt Anderson bo placed
upon tho retired list with full pay. They were
referred to tho Commlttco on Military Affairs.
Mr. Rice, of Maine, presented tho resolutions
Ol too Legislature oi Maine, anting mo proicc
tlan of the northeastern frontier of that Stste.
The resolutions were laid upon tho table and
ordered to bo rjrlntod.
Mr. washbnrac, irom tno select commlttco
on Immigration, mado a report thereon, ac
companied by a bill providing for Immigra
tion from abroad, to supply tho vacnum In tho
Industrial pursuit), caused by the necessities
of the war. Tho bill provides for a Commis
sioner of Immigration, to havo an office In
New York, and among other duties ho Is to
sco thst they aro not defranded In tholr pass
ago through this country.
Tho Ilouse took up lho report of tbo Com
mlttco of Elections which concludes with a res
olution that " D. M. Kitchen Is not entitled to
a scat is this Honso as a ueprcsentstlve In tho
Thirty-eighth Congress from tho Seventh Con
grcsslonal District of Virginia."
Mr. Dawes made a speech In support of tho
resolution and of the report. Tho committee
could not sausiy tncmscivcs mat mcro nas
been such a freedom of election in that district
as to warrant lho conclusion that Mr. Kitchen
la tho choice of tho loyal voters of tho whole
Messrs. Smith of Kentucky, and Whaley of
Virginia, spoke In favor of Mr. Kitchen's
The question was taken, and lho House de
clared Mr. Kitchen not entitled to tho seat
On motion of Mr. Wilson, of Iowa, a Joint
resolution was passed instructing lho Commlt
tco on tho Condnct of the War, or such mem
ber thereof as they may designate, to proceed
to Foil I'lllow and Investigate all tbo facts and
circumstances attendlug tho rebel attack and
capturo of Fort I'lllow, and that Ihcy report as
soon as practicable.
rite a, aad wlthoat sshlMllsc oa Ma part aay feel
ing for on. who was bis wlf.i states that her nams
was Jan. Farrdt, ai d that ah. waa a widow.
la It not ahocklnf appaUlnat ! tb. prlat ner a
human bster, or la ft. not! II. to'd another that
bis wife, befog lo liquor, fell down ths sttpa and
died from the fatli but could th. three a.parate,
dlatlnt blowa on hr forah.ad and eaeh atd. at her
hpad b. sroduaed br th. fall, and If ah. rllit rmm
tb. fall would hshsv. sent th ebt dren away.
loieu uuu.b, mm wvuiu u. intra .aa. nun
a.H to proeurs a eoffla and a place for lnl.rn.Dtt
locked ap th. houis, aad would h. have ron. hlra-
ill 10 procurv wins ana piica lor inttrucDlT
It la not reasonable, not natural. Thos. mvalc-
rloua movlmenta after her death would alon. con
Vlctblmi DUiD.iiaeaTBe.onoi in. prisoner la
titl.d to ths brutal, horriff las; manner In which
th. seed was dons by his father.
Mr. rhllllpi, for defence, In reply, stated lhat
It waa aad that man ahould b. frail, and aadder far
that b. abould b. punlihed for the fralltrwhleh h.
eannothelp. Hs wished that k. bad th. tonsn.
of an ante! to tell how he believed la hla own
neari mat iorn.uu- .urn w iu tu iwuivi u.kh
rulllleaa or tna uelicerai. nomicia. oi nia
Sided ever a lodes In his natlv. ally, Bostu. Bis
selection for th. poallloa h. hsa Jnat assumed does ,
Srrai creaitioio. jaajrm.aioi
aod we look to sea uolon Lode. 1
mil mefiil uad.r hla dlf.tlan.
Cfrrvlf Courf of Fotrtt county Hon. E. "K,
IMXAD prealdlof Ytlttritft Trotteiinot Joho-
Iv. ally, Boston. Bis a
hsa Jnat assumsd does .
I of lb. grand oOMr, 1 - fl
dg. highly proaparoui ' f
ston rf .7 , In equity, re Josfah Millard. 'Continued
until luoaaav, lata inai.
It be Protecting llielr Shail OonfeilerAt
Conscrlptlou Buspeuited.
Niw Uirnb. April 13. The rebels have ap
peared In large numbers on the Chowan river
probably for the protection of tho shatl and
ncrring iisuorics.
beaven Kulltless of ths deliberate homleide of hi
iiedUtnAt with to eater Into a tlraie acaloat
te conduct of tbe prosecution, but he dm not
think It fair In the prosecution attorney torutthe
son of ths accuied upon the stand to trim? gainst
a father merelf beeauie tha boy's name wm upon
tha bask of tho bill of Indictment m a witnrti.aad
thon to refine- to taka tha teitlmonv of nollee
offleer Morels, whose name was also on the bill of
Indictment, inerelr because he saw that thepilntcd
testimony of the policeman upon the preliminary
examination was favorable to the accuied.
Ha would not apeak runner on inis point. Tte
son had testified agalnit tha father, amid bts sobs
ami lamentations Infamy was (hereby stamped
on hla brow during a I ire time Th died bad been
dona He would refer to tha testimony of the
child and point oat the Ineohersr o'ee. not to attack
the child's creaiDinif , dui to snow inai me emia.
Ilka all children of tender veirs were oflentlmea
contradictory In their statements, on account of
tha Inaccuricy of their memories and of their per
S ill -
Rsuoious. 'The coming of Christ about
18S7 or Ti and tha ensuing ralllenlum," hr ths
Rev. M. Btxter, of Fngland, Is to be the subject of
a aermon to be preached la tho rreebTterlan
Churoh, on Fifteenth etrest, between I and K, to
morrow afternoon, at IK o'clock and on Monday
andTucaSay evenlsgs at the Union League rooms,
Ninth street.
Tha analrersary o( tha Sunday &J100I coonsct
ed with tha Flnt baptist Church of this eltr.wlll
beheld In their new houia of worahlp on Thir
teenth street, between G and II. to-morrow, Sun
dar, at!1. o'clock p m. Reports of ofScers will
be read, and addressee dellrersd by Hon. M. K
OJell and Cornelia Or me Lazenby, aged six years,
tha moat remarkable child of her age.
Congregational worahlp will be held at Union
National Hill, on Ninth street, to-norrow,
Preaehlng at 11 a m. la the vcnlng addressee
mar be expected from Hon. J. W. Tattcrson, and
At the Wesley Chapel, corner of Fifth and T
sueeta, jiev. lun rtaai(xnenewiyeiecxea pastor,
will pieach at 11 a m. and 7 p.m.
Tho Washloirton Spiritual Conference will hold
rorth at Smeed'a Hall, at 3 W p. n. to-morrow.
Tha CAnltnl I1I1I rreabvterlaa Church, which la
worshiping In lho publlo school house, corner of
mini aim iouiq a iireen, wm vn urnaicvu
Treibyterlaa Church to-morrow, at 4 o'clock p. tn
Tli ft Proibvterv of Potomac haro annotated Rev.
Pre. Gurjcy, Tuatln, McKeei Rev. F T. Brown, of
Georgetown, and Rev, W. V. Drown, of the Ialand
church, to conduct tha exerciser. Interesting
rryicc may vv c&cicuc
FikkAlibu Tixtoiurn. We aro pleased
to sea that Messrs. Kennard a. Co. are on hand and
Istut onmmntinlnr tha ennitruetlon of tha flra
alarm telegraph, for which a contract haa been
made with our city authsnues. in our isit even
liiaT'i tiatner wa nolloail tha number and character
of tho ctore-bousfs, hoapltals, corrals, fc., erected
la this city by the Federal Government. We would
augcai ins riropneiy 01 naTios iuv uuuucra oi tun
flre telegraph to extend their works so as to In
fiuria eh of the GoTernment bulldlnrs Thla
could easily bo done If attended to whllo ths clr-
euiiaoi wires are dcidk piauaeu anu 11m. uutrjtf
town, ton, ahould avallherself of our flra depart-1
ment If euch should be her intention It ts Import '
ant timtne ouuaerasnouiaicnow liinumeio in
elude hero In the general plan. Tho whole work
li expected to be completed and In full operation
early In July .
Tub Baltimore ANNUiLConrsBKHCi or tje
AraiCAK M E Cmorch This body Is In scsdon
at tha Union Bethel Church, M atrtet near Fif
teenth, with about fort)Hra membera lo attend
ancc. ine uauni uuaiutai wai iruinciru, an 1
tM annual sermon preached by the Rev. 3, P.
A resolution was ottered In relation to the col
lection or autaorlptloea for Wllberforce (colored)
University, at enla OM01 which was laid over.
The Bishop atated that tha University Is In a highly
proaperous condition, having now ilxtyfour atu
deata and four teachera; antT $5,600 had teo paid
oath debt, leaving a balance of too still dar,
all wllhln twle montha.
fiujtnixDsn or a Rissiam Sailou. liy spe
cial order ho li. dated Headquarters Atmy ot tie
Potomac, Apttl 10, 1861, by order of the Secretary
of War, private Alexander My leaky, a recruit la
the 84th New ork volunteere. la remanded to the
cuatody of tie Ruaalan Mlolster. said H. leaky
having deaertcd a few montha ago from a Hutalan
frigate 1 lng In the port of IScw York.
1 ommuaawcaasia -, v ii. niMrs ivwihs ' tyw.
Court occuniel until adlournmint la aeleettoaof
je-lMy'f iTOcetatnfi in .wur wrw ctmuijuti
to-day in lho examination of witnesses In tho easo
of Commonwealth vs. W. II. Hunter, colored,
W11 or( CowV&llaa Minnie thuater was thla
morning brought before the Mayor charged with
keeping a houieof til-fame, at ho King street,
and gave security In the sum or iOOO for her ap
pearance at tha July term of the County Court.
George Wagner, for disorderly conduct, was fined
$a and costs.
At lt) o'clock a m.thta morning, after an 111
reaa of thirty-fours hours. KLisaatvir, third
daus htt r of Geo. W, and the lata larah K. Cocbrrao,
aged 11 years.
The frlentU of the family are Invited to attend
her funeral from tho 1 oaldens of her father, No.
E street north, to-morrow (Sunday) affernooo, at
I o'clock,
"special NOTICES.
t3Ilellgloua Vortllp-CwrrBattel
worship will be held TO-MORROW at Uo National
Uolon League Rooms, at It o'eloak a.m. Krea
tng aervlce to eommeoeoatlM o'clock Hon. J
w. raneraon anu o.aeri ara ezpeoiaaio auaroea
tho ni eel Ins. A cordial Invitation Is extended to
t he public. apla-tt
rt-Tlia iionaa of ReDreseutatlTea 'will
t onen for worth Id. at 11 a. m to-tnorrow. (luo-
day ) April 14 Rev Dr. OaviiXB.DxwBTtof Mas
aachuielte.wlllcoFdietthesirvleea and praaah.
ur. VQWtj win iiraatva aisv sjnumm
Church, onreer of D mod sixth streets at TK p. .
There will be no service In thst church U the
morning. apt
VTS-18 Rlraal TJantlat Cl.iir-tlsU.Ti.ator
row there will be preaehlng at 11 o'clock a. m , by
Rev. Dr. Hlactx, of Now York. In tha afternoon,
of staging aad recl'allons Irom Scriptures tn she-
rue ana reiponsei, wui do neia u mura,
Auareasra will aiao om oeuvereu 10 ma wm-rrn
Af lr aurvlco la the evealnr. the O.dlaance of Ban
ttsra will be administered.
TherowliI bo preaching In this Church evtry
evening next week by Rev. Dr. HUeoxof New
Tork.and Rev. Dr. J ffrer.ot Phlladelpala. The
pupi e aro coruiany inviteu. p .
tr-Oa.lvo.rjr DaplUt Cbnrelt cueota ovorr
Sabbath in tbe Old Trinity Church, on Flfthstreet,
between E and Loulalana avenue. Serrlee at 11
A. M.andlP.M.
ten, pastor.
Seats free.
Rev. T. fu How
CjPreabyterIau Services wilt bo bold
every Sabbath until further notice, la tho school
bouto at lho corner or Third street east and A
street south. (Capitol Hill,) at II o'clock a m .and
1p.m. mio-avsat
tf-I.teture on lho HebtllloM.br Graea
Grseawood, (Mis U X. Llppeneott,) oa the cvea
lng or SATURDAY, April llth, at the Sonata
Chamber, for the bcneSt of tha National Aaaoali
tlon for the relief of dcilttute colored women and
ihtldren, oiganlted under act or Congress, op In
vitation of tbo President of tha f en ate, Speaker ot
tho House or Repress Ultves, and other members .
or the two houses of Con rets.
Lecture to commence at S o'elook. Title
" Lights or lho War-cloud." Ticket to the floor
of tho Chamber, $t G 1 erlcr, M cents. To bo had
at the bookstores of U 1111am Ballantyne and Chas.
II. Anderson, Feventh street, and Frank Taylor,
Penna. avenue, and at the doors. apic-ai
t3-Tbo1VfehlnBt--I-ltrrrusd Dra-
niatle Aaaoalatton tako great pleaanro to an
niunee to tha lovers of the drama, and the admirer-,
ol tho Immortal Bard that they have per
fected their arrangement to celebrate tho ter-een-teuntry
birthday or Shakeepearo at the Washing
ton Theatre, on SATURDAY X KNINQ. April li,
1801 fome of tho moat eminent gentlemen la tbe
city hve kindly volunteered to atelit this worthy
eoterprlie worthy, as half of the proceeds goto
the Hoapltala of tho city.
srrgrammo In the SttnJy Chronteh and tho dally
papers of next week. apia-lt
tf-Iee Cream, ConreetloMorir. .Jto Ho
ceptlons, rartles, Weddings, Balls. Suppers. Fairs,
and other entertain menta furnlahed at snortoat
notice and moat reasonable terms. Ice (ream and
water icei miu oy imu iuwcri wa:iaiiiu mi vm
the beat In the citv.wholeaale and retail, delivered
to any part of the city. Charlotte Ruaae Jellies,
Pyramids, and Wedding Cakee made to order, at
JOS. SHAFriELtVJ Confection ry, SS4 Sl.tb
atreet, between G aod H. JafT-Soa
tt-Wo have ltitrnd uot to bo natoulahtd
at anything. Years of experience and a eorre-
I apondence extending throughout all nationalities
of the habitable globe have turned ineones into
TsiraarnTTMia Prlvntn .Tnmfft rrnnrm1rlf . n
Capo Lookout light now hums as bright as deserter from the 1st Connecticut attlUcry, waa
usual. . unrated at the Baltimore depot by Cant Dolan'd
The Confederate conscription Is suspended dctecmesanatiirncuoverio wpi scnceix rii
tn Mm Vir.t PnntrriR-innai ti-trit nf Vnrih ' vale John Winters, a dcaeiter from company H,
n-Siinl L r.- iiftJIJi I-. .11 vhPenDijlvsnla cavalry, waa also atrrstc.l by
Carolina, and amnesty offered to all North cpt Dolan'eoitlccrsand turned ovrr to jtptnu
Carolinians who arc or who havo been In the s hietz
U. B. service.
A IUnn Case. William Smith, a lounger fMll inJ Mt.Ulih. a basis from which wo need
about the Baltimore and Ohio Rallroul, waa r-I . v not nurrrUad at auch faeta aa the
teated aod fined iW by Juitlce Ferauaon for sell-. 'j0 " We, " "Jj J " ! L. ? w.7hVm
Inglbjuorto aoldlers Being unable to pay hla followlng-although tha persons who write them
line, ne waa aeni to mv.Dirni uunnuituiu tare. c Know ma ieiwii wu .iu--bisuvw,
hence feel at liberty to innoiao tneir statements
TueTubll Mludeu Cask. This tnse was
rtiumcd thla morning at 9 o'clock. Alter our pa
per went to prcaa on ycaterday afternon, Mr. Occur
K Hinla, reporter 01 the iiar. was nut upon the
etaod to prove that the teatlmony given by Caro
line Sewall and by t e little boy, Jamea luell, be
fore the coroner's lnqueat was different Irom that
gl en before the court The proaeoutlon took ob-
jceuona, wiucn were auaiaincu oy tne couri
VAtlwa Orr 2yr Hundred and J -fly J)tA
hrt Dvvnty Company C, let Regiment eter-n
Reaervo Co pa, Capt. lolin, (tbo prcarnt popular
chief of pro oat niarehMdetectliee.) recehed their
re-enllatiueat bountj (.) to-dny. This bounty
la a don it Ion from the city of Boatoo, and wai
raid to tho man by Capt Dolan aud Clement W Il
ia, i.ii ,of Boaton.
Tue Couit-Mautul or Capt. Todd. It Is
rritnrtsxl In taw a tsrt-dav lhat tha court martial r -
ccntly eonvened for the trial of Cant II. D. Toud,
lata Provoat Marshal of thla city, 1m
him to be dtamlaaed tbe service.
Ban Fuancisco, April 13. Bailed, ship Suc
cess, for Callaoj also steamer (Jolden City
for Panama carrying J.'0 passengers, and
ITb'J.000 tn treasury for England and 12 1' ,000
for New York.
6he also takes 270 chests of tea and ISO bales
of wool for New York.
Among her passengers was fJrcathouse, thu
privateer, of tho schooner Chapman, who goes
to Washington In irons for trial, hailngfor
felled his parole. ..
ia.SVa.c, fiS. " SSI - "
... Mr Harding called up tho bill In relation to
ins otaub oTHiks in .cw j orK coniinnis donation iana claims in urcgon ana wasning
tn im mmmpnti .1 nnnn i.i ihitr. . nrti.tii lib ton Territory, and It was passed.
protest agslnsl paving ten ccnta for irldoon ate If It la In contemplation to alter or tako down
DroaJnay, anil the stoics lll soon bo di popu- tbo sonth front of the Treasury building, and
latcd. Not Ions nenco It villi bo rcinurkul by ( "'"" n ""S u
.1 .11 .i . ..j In "" work,
eury eld omnibus horsu on that route, "duiur- Mr ro,,cr explained that lioUad understood
Quoua lags the ittran on the stage " tho design In the first place was to lncreaso the
i. taju.
Dai la Malipoet . a hoatler. tcatlned that h. knew
Tuall and hla wlls, Jan.t that h. Ured next door , .. ..... , .. , ti-.ac-
f.r a pcr.od of aiv.n y.ar. jik removed from I Nw Stbsm rnonuxxn Lrae. By referenco
theoc. two rcira aioiHllnj from lait March Dur. to the advertising column! i of the RsreaMCAif It
Ine the Uil three months li. aullerol great anno-Mlll be aeen lhat a new ateam propeller Use haa
ana. rr.mths ileceaied Her conluctwas very i been eatahttshed between I'hlladelphta, Alesan
dlaatreeahle towards hi r huaband and towarda her . drla and Wnahlnnton. The Inereai. of commerce
neltnbota. There waa only a Iraraa partition be- between the porta named his called thla new en
tweouthotwo houaea, and h. could hear hlmaelf terprlie Into action,
ofteu abuiad He often aaw Tucll oa the front i i i
iorch about tiro o'clock in tlio morntni to arol 1 1 IvuiICily-JH.iiols Klloii Club. This club
"iffln.fi wood when sober, violent when ! "!"!! '5:'1'!. .. !'!'.' -Ki'.. S"-.,"' N,0,h
dru kLh. waa I.Ttec than her hu.bandi he never "'" "' '-" ' ''"" """""
rl.Hr.na flvlntf down atsilra utter him. ml wfrA ' G EOHU LTO W N At hA KOs
hrovvn by the hand of a woman whoaediess he
the frying-pan nor tho gridiron hit hlm he never
aaw any uruiiri auiui iiyi uu ucr.
lie waa oniv in me nouio onoi. nnu loai waa
saw and who was Mrs. Tuelli thla he saw last GEOKOsTOWN COBrORltlON. No quorum
February two ears agot be did not remember tho t.lD, preient, there were no Council meetings
color of the dreaai he herd herabuaa Mm- neither laitniiVht In Georgetown.
IM '
The following cases vera hroaght before
whin one of tlclr children waa chilatened He Juitlce Lcary this morning: Wni. Turvey, tilaor
heard her rrpcateJly thieaten hlmi heard her say derly. fined $l 63, James If. White, school&oy, dls
thit she would atrlke 1.1m lhat ahe would braiu orderly, fined $4 41) Robert filcPhersen, do , fined
lie had heard acreama during the altercation $3 SO
went beforo a mnglatrat i he bad to move away
that account S o hid calls 1 the wltnria "(!
uiui lis uau iictu mvivmuim uuiui turn uiviiuu
listnisi.n thomt thn siftroatnB iitfti".i1iil frnm hop 1
v. hen ahe would threaten, the would alve n veil Catuolio Fair. The ladles of lho COOirrc-
Thoio acreama would be git en, whether he waa ' getlon of Trinity church, Georgetown, will hold a
there or not He had aulmculty with her, and grand fair for two weeks t rompeUa Hall, Union
i lititjvi. Aiimfineinr oa manuiv uiii. Aurii i.m
il Much xa! ami enthualaam have been manlfcated
d d a n of a b h," and an " E gllih nigger " la i reparlng for the occasion and It will doubtless
Mrs Mar) Mahon) .wTo of Uvld Manony, lea- , piove a decided success. The proceeds of tha fair
titled She lived on Third at.e.tt the flrat three gj to help to support the male and female free
months that shelitedthcre Din lue'l waa a good clioolc, and hence It ahould be extensively pat
nelihbort ahe lived there aeven month t the In iter ' rooized.
montha It waa dlaagrecable to live there, became .
Mra T waa alwaja abualng her huabaudf one Akaivaiji Ann Ci,rAAKcis( CvstoH'Hovse,
auuuny cvrniDK buv aaw iuib i , uic ueceaieu, runr oi ucuHaETonn, u. w , jirrm. to, im
throw aptcreof atotoather huibaod, aliorctol- Schr. Inaley. Eldorado, Laurel, Delaware) echr.
lecta the decreed cnlllng her huaband a "dtmncd i Merchant, rhllUpa, Laurel, Delaware schr. Mary,
ir.sn uugricr, " uau ncaiu ine wumin acream, vn
Ins 1 cur. Tho trotting season at tho Harl
ford Irotllug t'ark opens on the 13lh of May,
architectural beauty of the edifice, and In tho
stcona to increase me room msiae.
I Mr. Bumnerconflrmed the fact that tho ai
teratlon was for the purpose of securing spaco.
On May JOtb will tato place n match between ler""m i" ..?J Va?SC , ,,"",?. Kx, !l
the famous trotlers Prince and Sorrel Dan, for !ud ,tD0 P1"." add an ""Wo" Uni
t2.500 a side, mile heals, bcit three Iu lhe the In !! of the columns.
former to harness, the latter to saddle. Mr-, Fesscnden thought this would bo a mil.
This will probably bo followed by another as "' H'0 1'"c mouey as that purt of tho
eoually Interesting a match, Juno Jd, between toilldlnt: waa now finished, and tho npproprla-
Frlnceand John Morgan, for li.Wii a sldi, tlon were for other work
mile heats, best three in flvo, to harness. ?,Le oluUSDSr"'L,d , ... .,
The owner of "foung Morrill" Is desirous . Mr!!0Wftrdth-5eVtlUtlw l.hc
to match him against "Gen. Meade" for J.5Q0 (m.ralt.te0.n Rj .,!. dIct-of h War JOT1'0
. .u. n i., i,a.Mi,..ainii.. i .. i. . .'. . 1 oto the truth of the ru morcd massacre of Union
tlmetoboagrccd'uponbytheowncr. of each HijSSL '.S
of their number as they may deputo, repair to
tno neighborhood, and report as soon as pos
Mr. Fessenden thought thst In cases of ex
treme urgency it was hardly north while for
ileal, lo a lour aud billllaat operatic aeaaon. It
rains lo-daf. but ws ire Inclined lo teller, th.
Ih.att. wl I he nllsd, " w.alher or oat.
AniiiBman I a.
new n.W ". ''" CAhTEKDlllV MCSIC IlALL.-If )OU wish tO
Niw Oblbanb, April 0. The ceremonies wj,Ue away a pleaaant evening, go tu the Canter-
.luHo.-nvv nf T.lhertV IlftlL a name KLlertfii hv l.nrv an, If. tun tn tit iwrnt wurtilinui nf tlift tsnii.
fleneral Banks, took place this morning, and tlful Jennie Logic, aod gaze with admlratloo on ; members of Congress to go Into theso kinds of
wero most impressive: iuu j.cv. j r normau, ' "" '"v,-;u' . .-. ...---..-. - --. mi umw ...,.; iur iioto ui uuiy
of Nw"o7k, master of ceremonies, lho l,';ols'!uilVibouSim.iu Jton.ionvuU " hac- Wo wero coming to i period In the
Con.iltntlonal'oonTentlon met at Libert, 11.11 1 ubeTudu"; la !l.u,'htSr 7oMlt ."... lon wten It wss very important to have all
at 13 o'clock. Alfred Bhaw was cboseu prcsl hu salt from th. stair, univcavanauih'a aont of , tho members present for the dispatch of bnsl.
dent nro rem., and A. C. nilles, of Eva, eecie T- lrtah DrUaiia1' haa mads quti. a hit. and ness. It was the duty of the War Department
un ore fcm. A committee on credentials I U"1 :,?eftTM1i?ua1,"'"?h.?y.Vntfi4.!0itel 'klo these malters.and It was to he
wis .Xt'edTand th. conrcntlon adjourn ', UW.?.i w
till noon to-morrow. n Monday nljht Mr. Wilson said he had called at tho War
M1LU1HT civauir nam. A.iim;.U.t nlsht ..o.lt.v.lyof the great , pepartmtiit t his morning and th, Secretary
a i.-iiu.n, n..t.i iitr Tii.ca recently near rnmin nantnmi... nr it.. tnUBin Tnimrt ' whuh had told him he had a disoatch from Oen.
I'cnsa. ola between the SOlU and ltlth cavalry haa drawn crowded houaea every nljht during th. Bherman saying that abont threo hnndred of
&7lh Alabama cavalry, in wnicu tue WI,, ,"" i-oitnu-jjrjuiji ...... u., uurauiuicr. uu uwu luaaaacrea at cortnr
".'alrnoSt annihilated lu a hsnd to fnS'lL''l!AuSSS!i& '?".. d "l-'aed.to mawlmmedltU IoTe.:
1 iinicr. Lhcrrvatonet echr. Mariner. Lewis. Acco
never heard any thing like whipping or laahlng ' maciachr Queen of the Weat, Hlndman,Acoomac
jura x uinoiomcv, iccaiicu snw j.oimy going aeor water wiieo, i-anucr, uvm a aiauur itur.
m bmury, nooinr, ijajumwiwi iwr iiuaiuu,
IV u,' hb s-ua. nas sav ann a,svaa s.B a.lU gu
lyi" the loj a cou d not tell what was t eing put
i the colllnt the coflln was strewed tightly.
v ro
Into thn hot so of the decerned Immediately after
tht fun i there la no tire pWce up atalra
James Tucll, iccallcd DM not any hla ftther
made a tire unattlra
George Dt'ltld, lecllcd Nothing waa over the
cotilnt no drore back Into the alley ( there waa no
atretchcri the wllli waa palatcd pine wood) boja
oame ut aa iioa na ue mw incia ne aaiu,
Mr Fendall. on the part of tho prosecution,
atated that he had felt duilng the t rslnning or the
trial as) mpathj lor the prlaoDcr, which waa ex
clTedl-y hli deep contrition, and he had hoped that
aomcthlrnc ahnuUl be abown In evidence which
woutdcxoueMte hlra from thla moat hrlnoua of
crimca, anu vvoum inaure a veruic, oi acnuuiai i
He, however, waa pained to heir at thecloie of
the trial Ihc moat startling facta connected with
the murder He referred to the teatlmony that
thedcootacd waa trtnucntly t eaten by hri hua
band, that ahe quietly aubmlttcd to It and ex
claimed, ,( Oh, Coo, d not atrlko met' that ahe
waa aakod to to tu a nelghbor'e kouie to nvel I the ,
eirecis oi nor uuauanu a wrutit
Mcnamara. Ualtlmorci schr. Isabella Alburto.
Tucker, UrUgeport, Conn schr. Jno. Dickson,
Craj ton, Halt t schr. Harmons, Bennett, Damrls,
cotton, Me i echr. Hyena, Garduer, Bath, Me i schr.
Carroll, St.Mary'e, Md i barge Wild Hanger, Foster)
Mattawomant barge Lady of the Lake, Harrle,
WautA'a liavt aahr Jno. C. Calhoun. Emeraon. Ualt
barge Mary Ann, Dlaney, Pohlok Creek. a aohr
Aid. Moore, tenna, a t schr. H A. lae, Bowie,
Md Polnti echr. Rio Grande, Skinner, Baltimore!
aloop II Day, Jonee, Md Polnti achr. rerry Wad
h.m. hmiih N Y t barre Levi Will a Id. Miller.
Ditto 1 achr B N Fox, Holmes, do schr. Troplo,
Banks, aaulabur, Va j ateam-tug Harry Iealle,
Aiiuvrauii, run , sssuvj. - u..,'-u , . n,..,, .
Mar) 'a, 1 1 , sloop Lllta Ann. Brown, St Mar'a)
cl. I Itata-rinAP. WnriiI. lit MHri'si
VII, IBM nn)(Vv, .....,-. ...... .
Wb tako tho lollowing paragraphs from the
I irginia stale journal oi ine mui ihiiaqi
Lhanae in the i'ro rtttorthtp of Ihe Journal
Meaara Cowing anl Mllla have beau added to the
Tie prisoner was .not kind to his wlfei ho was Journal tiiiu.uuder the flrni name of t) Turner
lie nsver i,)u.r, m iar na una urru naicr
i.san.1 n.n..n,-. uv, ..k... i.tJn. ..: '1.TT-." ' .'.'i, irzz-. it ' tlsallon oi tne matter, and had annotated
s-a-s va-vMafcvi null tnuiva" AHUII uiutuir JunKIl sjriiiiii, g f uik nviusj, evil ii ii . , - ' f I IU IVKis aa, um uiuu two Ivnni lutvni j'sasss ssvi i (viaiissi BUIli w naa.wM -vr- ..--- , . ii, .
Mrs. Gen. Hanks, assisted by the lsdles of ihompaon, Sheldon, Mlia Atlanta, and a a core of officers for the purposes. Gen. Sherman was lBto a stable, unwatehedi takes her neat uiornlug1 Masona.ol this city, laeteveulog Cantalu w la
New Orleans, dealgrts giving a series of tab- otberartaiea not on the spot, however, and he received his t daylight and hurles her, without anyfuneral a bright Mason, har lng for a number of yearepie.
talncd, a kind word to his wile. He wanted to get
riu oi ner, ana ne murucreu .m jici ine prisoaer,
and no one elaa As loogashewai harah and bru
tal In hla conduct to her dur log a long time before
her deceasei aa long as ahe recelted cruel treat
ment at his hands, the nutation arlacs, did she die
by violence I None will dispute thla, not even tho
counsel for the defence
Who employed the violence Do not the clr
oumatanceepulntte luell aeUe guilty party t Is
net tbo action of the prlaoner self aecuslngl Hs
iocs ancr eoiuoiiein inai ane uieuei ainau
ielli another that she died of llnuor. and
want the nelajhbora to know as If they would not
intitilra I Ha outi her lntn a anrMai takes not time
to acrew It, but drives the sorsws Into its puts her
Ln It la th Intention i f the new llrm lo make
many Improvements Iu the J out ml, which will he
iioaled aa la it at time an 1 clrcumataucea will Dar
n-It They will endeavor to mke tho pap rwor by
tno aupLort oi eeiy io)4i man iniueainir u
that end they ahalldevuto their in'lro Ld undi-
viuou cnergiea jiio aaiot.ii.ie eui or, pr umn.
has had cooaldcrable CKptrkiic aa an editor, and
we doubt not will add much, by hla lalure, lo the
lot ere at of tho paper "
ThenewOrmpromlae lhat the paper s'rnll b
strictly loyal, aud awaru supporter ol the prcacnt
Adminiatratlon Sucecaa to them I
Matontc Under a dlapenaatlon from the M W
n m ( !. rii.tfint ur (Vilnmhla. Bro 1 r
Holmead. Captain Ihomas U. Whytal assumed the
MaaterBhlpof Union Lodge of ree and .Accepted
" New Bcdfobo. Mass . Nov. Si, 16U
DlarSiii IhaTeUenanHaledmanyyearswlth
severe proatratlog cramps la nyllmbe, eoldiesi
and hands, ana a general maoraerca aysiem. rnjai
elaua and aiedicloes falltd to relieve me. While
vlaltlng ajme frleosa In New Hork who were uslng
Flautatlon Bitters they prevailed upon no to try
Uew. I commenced with a small wl&e-flaasfull
after dinner. Feeling better by degrea, loafa-r
diva I was aatenlehed to tlndthe eoldneas and
cramie had entirely left me, and I could sleep tha
nlsht lhroui h. which I nave nos uono ior year a i
feel like another telog. My appetite and strength
havo also greatly Improved by the use or tbe Plan
tattoo Bitters.
Keep ect fully, Jvditu BuaaaL
I owe much to you, for I verily
neiieie ine naniaiion tmicra ant iw hit tiiv.
Kkv. W. H. Wauuomkb, Madrid, N. V."
11 IhavobeeQinthearnyLoepltal
ror rourtceo monina apeon less ananeanyucau
At Aitnn. Ill . ths?v rivi ma k battle of Plantation
Hitters. Three bottlee restored ,
my speech and cured me. r. A. FLadvc
Tbe followlog Is from tha Manager of the Union
Home School for the Children of Volunteers,
Havemcveb M Altai on, 67th Stbket,
7 New Yobb, August S,iaes.
Da. DnAKfYourwonderfu! Plantation Bitters j
have been Riven to some ol our little children suf
fering from weakness and weak lungs with most
ha prr efieot One Utile girl lo particular, with I
nalns in her head, loss of appetite, and daily wast
ing consumption, on whom all medical skill had
been exhauated, has been entirely restored We
commenced with but a teeapoooful of Bitters a
day. Her appetite and strength rapidly Increased,
and she is now wen.
Keapeet fully, Mbs. U. M. Divoe.
a a Thou wilt send me two bottles
mora of thy Plantation Ulttera. My wife haa been
VrataVtlV lleMeCnilfMl DV Ul-lT UIB
Jlty rricnu, ai wmia, ruuausjiiui, tm.
a a I have been a treat sufferer front
Dyapepala, and had to abandon preaching. The I
1'ianiaiion uuien aurcu u.
Rlv. J. t Catiihoh, Hocheater, N. V."
t I havo ilven tho Plantation Bit
ters to hundreds of our disabled soldiers with the
moat aatonlahing effect
u w, sv niuMni)
Sup't Soldiers' Home, Cincinnati, O "
ia The Plantation Bitters have I
cured me or the Liver Complaint, of Which I waa
laid up proatrate, and had to abandon my bual
oeai. H U XnaaLXV,
Cleveland, Ohio."
" The Plantation Blttera have
cured me of a derangement of the Kidneys aud
urinary urgiua iuai naa eiairraaeu
It acta like a charm. C. C. Mooat,
Nn.fifil u oadwav "
tVo . b.t. La . i fee
ii.a Plantation Ulttera make the weak etroog,
the languid brllllaut, aad are oabauated nature'a
mruMxt ri-.toier. Thev are eomuuaou oi iuo
brated Callanja Bark, Wlntergreen, Saaaafras I
lloots, Heil s,m., all preecrved In perfectly pure I
St Croix Hum.
g. T.-I9O0-X,
n...n... nfsi.taDtarvhablte. troubled with weak
..... waiitud. nalDlialtou of tbe heart, lack ol
appetite, diatrcaa alter eatlog, torpid liver, eoaatl-
atlon,-C ,ueacrv iu iunr it uivjr wm uv
them , ,
Thev are iccommeiidel by tha hlgheat medical
authorltlce, and are warranted to produce an .-
uwdlla henenciai encvi jney are wiiwiui'j
agreeable, perfectly uure. and harmless.
Nuthi Any nereon nreteodtng to aell riant.
tlon Bitters In bulk or by the gallon Is a swindler I
and Impostor. It Is put up only In our log cabin I
bottle. Beware of bottles refilled wiin imitauoa
daietarioua a tuff, forwhioh aeveral neraoos are al
ready U prlaon. See that every bottle has our I
United States stamp over the cork vnmutMea, .
and our alrnatura on ateal-Diaie aiae aauet.
Sold by reapectable dealers throughout the hah-1
liable globe, r. n. --. -. ,
few eoent W Broedwuy, N. V,

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