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Ijtatwmrt UjroMican.
MOND&YiiimiumtmmiiiiimAFRlI 1. 1904.
The nnderelCTeJ, who b "'"'J .ft?'"1 !
ment, or atibseqnent de.fenatlon to fl J f "
clea, constitute too eiccntlte commlltcocro.
atca Dj wo national vonTeuuuu, uum u-1
CAtrO On me loin COT OI I""T itw, uu wiwi
call upon .11 qnallrlnl rotors who doelre tho
tnconcltlonai rn.lntes.nca of tho Union, the
umniirnf the Conitltntlon.andlhe complete
nmrMitnn of the exlatlnir rebellion, with the
canto thereof, by rigorous war and ail apt andJ
efficient meant, 10 aena acicgaica vj a codtch
tlon to aiiemble at Baltimore, on Tuesday, the
Tth d.y of June, 18M, at 12 o'clock, noon, for
the purpose of presenting candidate, for tho
office, of President and Vice President of the
United Btates. Each Bute Iiarine a rcprcsen
Utlon In Conine., will be entitled to a. many
delnratea aa .hall ba tonal to twlco the number
of electors to which inch Bute I. entitled In the
Electoral College of the United States.
EDWIN MORGAN, Mew Tork, Chalrmaa.
CHARLES J. UlLPlAn, ai.in..
F. BRA1NARD. ermont.
E. II. BOLLINS. New Hampihlte.
t 7. GOODHICH, Mass.ehu.ett..
THOMAS Q. TURNER, nhod. IlLed.
OlCroN WKLLKS, Connecticut.
DE.INIhO DUER, New Jiry.
EDWARD McDlliUSON, Peucsihanla.
N. n. SSIITHKRB, DtUw.re.
J. F. WAGNER, M.rjl.nd.
H. S.LANE, Indiana.
AMDEL c CASEY, Kcntnckr.
X. PICK, IIMool.
AIMT1N DLAIR, Mlchl.fta.
CARL ICHUR7, Wlioooaln.
CORNELIUS l OLX California.
O. II IRI.H, Nebri.ka.
JOSEPH GLRHARDT, Dlit. of ColuuMa.
Wo are authorized lo announce that the lt
public reception of the eca.on will take pl.ee
at the Exccntlro Mansion on Tuesday crcnlnir
April ICtb, from i to 11 o'clock, p. m.
Htatl.tlc.oftha nebl Piisoncr. Captnrtil
and on Hand,
TLo report of the CommUs.ry General of
lri.oners, accompanying the Secretary of War',
report, ha. Just been pnbll.hed. It show, that
tho number of rebel officer, and men captured
by u. .lnce the beginning of the w.r lsi 1 Ucu
ten.nt gener.l, 5 major general., 35 brigadier
generals, ISC colonel., 140 lleuten.nt colonel.,
Ctl major., 3,497 captains, 5,811 lieutenants,
1C.MU non-commlssloncd offlccrs, 191,158 prl
Talcs, and 5,S0O cltlrcn.. Of these, we had on
hand at tho d.to of tho report 59,254 officer.
and men, among whom were 1 major general
and 7 brigadiers. There have been 151, W
rebel, exch.nged agaln.t 110,6CO Union men
returned. The exchange of officer, on both
.Idea aco computed at their cxcbangeaMo raluo
In privates. Since the date of the above report
there have been les. than 1,000 exchange., and
very few capturea on either aide. The figure.
.re consequently approximately correct. No
statement has been furnished to our Govern
ment of the nntnbcr of prisoners held by tho
Cold Certificates.
John J. Cisco, Atslstant U. S. Treasurer of
New York, telegraphed to Baltimore Saturday
to the I 8. depositary In that city, that by
order of tho Secretary of the Treasury no moro
gold certificate for tho payment of duties
would be Issued alter that day.
ilaval IVcvra Gunboat rttarljr Destroyed,
News has reached the Navy Department that
the gunboat Gallatea, Capt. Guest, camo near
being destroyed at Capo Ilaytleo, by the burst
ing and Ignition of a carboy of turpentine, In a
department adjoining the magazine. There was
only a partition of wood between them, but the
crew exhibited the greatest heroism by.tandiog
to their posts until tho magazine was sub
merged. Gold was 171 at 11 o'clock, and 171 at 13 m.
Tlie Capture of Fort Pillow Operations
of tke Uunboata.
The Secretary of the Navy received a telegram
on Sunday night from A. M. Pennock, fleet captain
of the Mississippi squadron, dated Cairo, Illinois,
April istb, In which It states that Lieutenant
Commander Fitch returned from Fort Pillow and
states that the fort was captured by tho rebels on
the 13th instant, after a fight lasting from daylight
until s o'clock p. m Lieutenant Fitch arrived
there on the Hthlmt.
The enemy left the fort, carr) log off all the gunii
consisting of lour 13-pounder and two lo pounder
rifled Parrotts, Heavy forces of cavalry werejust
above, preparing to cross oer to Ulan d No 30 to
capture a number of steamers that had been de
tained. The Meore, Hastings, New Era, and Vol
unteer shelled the enemy from four o'clock until
dark and routed them, drlt log the rebels to Ash
port, when they left on the Ripley road.
The transports were then convoyed past Fort
rillow, and the guoboati landed at the fort and
took on board the remainder of our wounded, also
the women and children. The next morning Lieut.
fitch ordered the remainder of the dead to be
burled, and aeelng no more ol the enemy In the
Immediate vicinity started up the river. At Ash
port he shelled a squad of cavalry that had en
esmped there the night before, and drove them off.
The New Era waa supplied with ammunition and
left to guard the fort. The Mcoie, Hastings, aed
Volunteer returned to Cairo.
Front Moseby'a Department,
Moiety, who has been leiy quiet for some time
past, made a dash upon a party of the guards upon
the railroad oear Brlitow's stition and captured
a score of prisoners
About 10 o'clock, Friday morning privates fcam
uel Cook and Thomas B. Ford, of company D, 10th
regiment renusyUanla Reserves, while on duty as
guards to a wood-haullog party, were killed by a
party of guerrillas, about a mile from Manassas
(iuovcu'fc TurATur. A transition takes
place at Grover's theatre to-night from the delight-
iui opera, ivmca me pumtc nave enjoyed so much,
to the dramatis pctfermamea of an unrivalled
eomblaatlon company. "Colleen Hawn'Mstobe
brought out In a style neier before witnessed In
Washington by the companies of the New Chest
nut street Theatre, Philadelphia, and Grover's
Washington Theatre combined.
Culonel MnxioiN has been appointed to
the command of the Daltlmora and Ohio Railroad,
from Hack i reek to the Ohio river. Colonel Jacob
M Campbell, f Renna, has command at Cumber
land, Miss CHAttLOTTg Thompson, tho actress, is
plaiiiiglnBt. Louis. '
i.ienlJdVE.l'unxirB U 0n a Wf to her
wiS tt ,She Is In excellent health, and
ZfvVtflJ t0 Iern tJ le public will soon
hav. an opportunity to hear hfr lu oratorio.
thfrAeiffi0P JalM a benefit at Ford,
thDanor'Tmrnh,e(,'Uy,.evfDlo'lf'0t wi pisy
ab?.Pe0medy U ? 'tS W,r
Infinite humor Is huhop Uke " A fellow of
leans, from ehronlc diaru . a ently la ftw 0f
Ur. Mary E. '.M'tnr.d hy Uio
Tho rctersburff Exjtrttt has a dlspuich daud
Ualton. April 13, as follows .
Miss Mary K. Walker. SurKCon m VLt ujd
Ohio, was captured by our pickets and bron 'ht
hero ycaterday. She Is qulto sprfRhtly, con
7er,eft lluVDU d says that iho only wished
to deliver letters to tho pickets. .
The Rush to auroasti.We liavcltfiom
trustirorthj soxicen that th rush of serrant
women ana men to uaiirornU has so over
stocked the actual need or help in that State
as serlonslj to affect tho well-being of many
who have gone ont and are nownnxlou to
-' ;
iMTEniciTiKa most tub uiiiii
l..m.r. Attek.l brltlr.r n. trill.
A Uolon Hu.rt.,m..t.r ifali.d I. .
Uo.r.1 and Thrnim Into h. Fl.me. t
. a.VL.'-isa!!!i!8!
info'cnSIoVy S5 nr Fort rXVTkr nfi,
MDtl, , tKi .afarm, supposed t?b th.i.r
,UM(1 , ,,,, ,., who r. withdraw!..; In a
nottrtera atrecuon im iii.to uii luirrn
om kuiviiuiui ....,....- ... 'ii.rft.Blnt
aisw tut i..ii f nllfifi. Uftsf nff1r mnnrt Ihkl
WISU IVB Mill -- .......-..-.-,.-
a rebel force unaer win Aamt arore oar iroop CtpUm Uwrence, wua on Dnaarea inun
from the Bl DlltaweekfO.naUok eeretel lfy pained them. At the top of W11 they
rntwrtfi end fiflo btilee of col ton. She wm fired
ntn hvtnifrrnui. frtMt. mil! tibote MeiDDhlB.
The Are wm te tamed, drtvlac the rebele ewey.
i na iiumcr LiNtir on wra . iui
Thits.MM I nshimnitt. from Alii en tin. Hetl
tint, hw rrired, with four more tune from Fort
DeRuun lo wo btricei containing elht hiin
dretl balee of cotton prtiti to the naT.
tour inouiana DAin oi rou r r,tiii
be up the Eliclc and Taioo rlvere. The runboat
ATeDcer nnq liioaouu vhuiim. nvu.tr. ...
Lafatette rlrert hre gone up then rlren in -core
t Mi cotton. Two other unboae hate been
ordered te aiilit them, and ten ennboati are up
Red rlrer ThU account! for only one euoboat
belnc at Fort Pillow at the time or the retl at-
Ck- .. a .. ..
TheiTeamer i.oiacn unie, irom wrinymi, iui
Vnt-t Pittn far. lalilD With sttAfei atlll DFlTalte frtifht.
nu taken poneitlon of by ruerrllut on the 13th
Inatant, fifteen mllea abare Memphlf. The boat,
pttienxcre, and crew wereiiflcd ofererythlnj of
All ateamere ADProachloc the ihore about Pa
ral'a, are tired Into.
Tb Dgni at HOteviue laiiea lour no an.
Seven hundred batee of eottnn were placed on
board the teemer during the nght.
An stffldr.vlttt.ktn here declare! chat the Quar
term aiter of the 13th Tcnneteee earalrr. wh'le
Ilflnir, wai nailed to a Donna by tie teueie ami
thrown Into the flames of burnlof bulld.nr,! at
Fort Pillow,
From Kentucky Hebe le Defeated.
V mh.h A bkll .V SW ht.l.av sTaI afaMsirt
aiUWIllliXi;, AT1I I Vl auuisuai wuusaaaaa
attacked onelheuund rebel. klUU and wounding
twtntT.flre.tncituillDr a rebel eoionel and e ant ur
ine Ally rebel, una buodred borici, and two hun
drrd laddiei oear shelbyrllte.
The rebel aJrance ran InU Col. True'a aJraoee,
which wu rolne from Weft Libert r to ShelbtTlUe,
six rebela were eantured. when our men mciaed
forward to join Col. Gallup.
For'Tcttlteni of Uooneivllle w hipped t we aty-flfe
of Gray'a guerrlllae.
It ! rrpuiicuinmtiiicre ure rcucist 11 rerry ur
Lattcharcnuntr. Whttetburr. In the letter eountv.
hai Veen evacuated by the rebel forcet. who hare
gone 10 rcuiioree qi. mwirui, ncir itkcion.
Auothcr Blockade-Ilunner Come to Grief
a re at Mortalltr of Cnlou Prlaoiacre
Sick Priftouere Taken to Baltimore
PoRTxtti Mohkoc. April 17. A Port RoTal pa
per ot the llth report! the rapture of the elde
wheel Uockade-ruoner AUlance. on the llth, In
the Savaanah riter. She wai mound, and the
crew were all taken except ilx. She wai from
Mtiiia.wun aearixo oi aiionwi eiorei lor id
rebel government she wai valued at &3 000. She
waa Built on the Clyde, and haa three amoke-
The Savannah Republican of the 4th Init , itatei
that "the ankce prlionen In that state are dying
at ina raie oi iwemy xo iweniy-cve a any.
IVninvu papen Of the 6th itate that hlotlle. S.
TiiniD. (-.nsariciieD.aDU w limwKuja mio irim ritiw
Iv blocliadtHl than ever.
PortRovalon the 8th. with a million of dollari.
10 ray nu me iroopi in ine ue pari earn i.
Kliht buihwhackeri were captured on Cobb1!
Ialand, near the cittern more, on toe loth: by
men. The uere nought to the military prlion
in I!HipiCB,
Themteamera New ork and Lxnrcii have ar
rived frcrtn City Point with 6I ilck and wounded,
amoog them the following officers: Surgeon De en
dor f, tStli New Vorkt Captain Dotent, 14th ton
neetlcut. Three men dud: John Thorn pton, ud
Uhlot David Dodge, lOuth Ohio, and E Pellmer.
4th Kentucky, and were burled here, one case of
emall'pox wu also left here, lha remains of
Lieutenant C. D. Forsyth, aoeldently shot In the
belly, were brought dewn. Captain Shaw and two
men, captured on the Titan, also arrived. The
stck were taken to Baltimore.
The Plata Evacuated by the Uebele.
Caiho. Anrll IS. The ateamer Clendate. from
Uemnhla. hn arrived, with Oatea to the IMh. She
pitucd tort Pillow UatevenlDg. There was no
appearance of the enemy, and the river was all
clear. Nothing remains of the fort but the ruins.
The Glendale brouihtupG0 balea of cotton for
Cincinnati. She hrlnxi no neweoaperi or news
from below. A number ol steamers are leaving
nere lor ine soma.
Caiio. April 11 The matn todvof the rebels
left Fort Pillow Friday morning, the rear guai d In
the afternoon, taking all the small arras. They
destroyed all the ammunltlen and everything elie
Hardea'a Corps to Relaforce Lee.
Cuattamoooa, April 16 All Is quiet at the
front, and no change in the situation of the rebel
A rebel lieutenant, and fifty-two nonooramii
loncdofhceriand privates, came Into our Hoes
last night. They report that Hardee's corps Is or
dered away from Delton, and several trains left
before they came away. It Is believed In the rebel
camp iney are going 10 irginit
A brick house was burned adjoining the military
prison thla afternoon, and Jointly occupied by quar-
termaater'e and provost marshal's departments,
and the Sanitary Commission. The Jail in which
the rebel prisoners were conttnod wai saved with
dlrUculty. No prisoners escaped. No Government
property was destroyed.
MJ. Gen. Newton goes to Cleveland, 'and will
have command of the 2d division of tho 4th corps.
formerly Gen. Sheridan's,
From Pad uc all,
Cairo, April 16 The ateamer Swallow, from
Taducah, at a o'clock last eenlag, reports all
quiet. The Tth and bth Kentucky rebel regiments
are oerruonlng Western Kentucky with impu
nity. The Inhabitants of Metropolis are in a con-
staat state of suspense, not knowing what hour
thev mar be attacked. Evervbodrhas alent In hla
clothes for the past two nigh, ready to defend or
ueoamp, na Gircumsiance migni require. uun
boats are constantly ratrolllne. teklna- everv pre
caution to prevent the rebels from crossing by
destroying nil ski ill, and sinking all other crafli
wnicn migui un useu lor tnai purpose.
Capture of a Noted Guerrilla.
Knoxwlle, April II The celebrated guenlila
Revo old's command were surprised i eaterdav lv a
small force of our cavalrj. Ten were killed, and
Ileynoldi, with others, captured, with their horses,
Huiymeun nuu aruia.
Eraatielpatlou Resolution Passed by Ibe
convention pit Knoxvllle.
Kmoxville, April IS. A large mass meeting
was held to-day lu front of the court-house, at
which resolutions wereoifered by Parson Brown
low favoring emancipation, and recommending a
convention to effect it, and requesting Governor
Johnson to call the same at the earliest possible
period, and endorsing the Administration and the
war policy of President Lincoln were unanimously
carried. Governor John ion mad a. ntworrnf-
telllng speech, r bulling, In severe terms, the Cop-
tirri.trt.i r
Tub SitkxueCoirt of Ohio has decided
thai urn soldiers' voting law is constitutional
Tub steamer City of London, for Liverpool,
iuu out eoo.,uw, ana too icuioma, lor ooqid
ampton, 9118,000. on Saturday.
Tub balks of gold cert I Oca tea, so far, aro
about seven millions, and It Is said they aro
reaching their limit, and tho resumption of
cold dullcs must soon tako place, at least until
Tux Flneiul services of tho laLe Mr. A. A.
Loctt. Superintendent of the People's Line of
ieiegrapn, too piaco at, nis tamer's residence.
in jieveny, iiiBBB,, on oaiuruay. ine aucna
ance was very larce. Including representatives
of the telegraphic profession from all parts of
tuo country, juo sen ices were conducted by
the Kev. John 1. Kimball, who paid a touch
ing tribute to tbc many virtues of the deceased.
Os MoxpAV last a scouting party of the I39th
New York volunteers captured Col, White on,
of tho 7tli North Carolina rebel Infantry, who
had co mo within our lines at some point in tho
neighborhood of Elizabeth City. We learn
thai Col. Whltson, when surprised, attempted
to escape) but was pursued, flrod at, and was
quite dangerously wounded.
Mrs, Lee, wldowof the lato Judge Lee, dlod
suddenly In Baltimore on Saturday, while at
tending the runeral of her niece, Miss Jenkins,
ohe dropped dead, of apoplexy, during the
funeral BcrvlccB '
Tnau h. nrsDOAT Victoria, lying In Baltl
m? ?,arl;!";prung aleak yesterday and was
partially flUtjd with water.
The women or vtah havo recently altered
the orthography of tbrir erred. They now
spell It Mortman
Prom Polm. LMkemi Aa.l PHI
y vir(iBi ,
polar LooaorTM., ApillH. 1
AaniJ.1 lttnb.. nnr nnr commander It thU
point, Tiaa mado .ceond ncaatt nl exmlUlon
nto Virginia. AccotnraBiM by hi. ChWof
Buff, C.ptaln Lawrence. Colonel Draper, Mtli
coioreorejimcnti uemeni mix, w";
Ink, ".lia th. Potom.0 with S) lnf.ntry
and BO c.T.lry. A landlna: wa. mailo on tlm
Virginia thori at new Point, under corer bf (
ijjp (ranbjii Yankco ana Anaeo.ta. Aeriw
'icroeslng JIachndock Creek our force, met
about 100 robel cavalry, wno aeuveroa a uro
a4 Ihan wtffsiff.i'failL I
and lrian rmtrPavtiad.
u . VH H . v. - -
crated by the colored troop Ineood order, dle
loffdcd them, and ther fled. The houio behind
which they were sheltered was burned. Oar
forces captored seventeen thousand ponnds of
tobacco, valued at $30,000, and brought tack
with them fifty contrabands. Tho tobacco has
been sent to Qen. Dot'er at Fortress Monroe.
Gen. Hints has msde tho following changca
In officers at this polnti .
CaDUln V. E. Goodwin. A. u. M.. vice lap.
tain (lodfrcv. relieved! CaDtaln John Hall. C.
S., vlco Captain Lucas, who has been assigned
to amy as l osi uommuiarj at ronimoutu.
Captain Craft takes charRQ of the prisoners
of war. vice Certain Bides, relieved.
31 a j or weifcmouia, rrovppv .-tiareuai, vico
captain l'atterson.
Tne Tnii Mraitin Cisi. On Saturday
afternoon, when Mr. PhlUIpe eeneluded his able
and eloquent defence for the prisoner, Cornelius
Tuell. charged with the murder of Ms wife, he was
followed by Mr. Bradley, also counsel for defence,
who addressed the Jury for about two hours. Mr,
PhlUIpe argued for a verdict of manslaughter. Mr,
nriiiior tar an aenolttal. The District AttPrctr.
Mr. Carrlngtoa. made the closing speech, and con
ourred with Mr. Feudal! that a verdict of guilty ol
manslauihter or a verdict or not guilty would be a
mockery of the law.
It waa nearly? o'clock when Mr. Car r in i ton ttn-
isnea. juageeisner men prooouoQeu iaf tun
to ine jury, noquoiea. iron nuaa.u on iriiuica,
thedeflnitlona oi murder and of minalaughter,
and llluitrated them by appropriate examples.
inejury yeureu aoout nau-pai avca u o.
and. hstrtrvr had no refreahment alnce morning. It
was mppoaed that some time would elapse before
ineir rcruru. iney aooo agrvvu, uuwiTir, ur"
verdict, and, upon their returnlog to the court
room, the prisoner wai brought in. Neither Judge
nor counsel could them be found, and It was nearly
1 o'sloek before the verdict trutltv of murder as
lmllBt.iiU.waa nrotiounrel. The lurv were then
polled, at thedemandoftbedefenee The prisoner
during the course of the trial had manifested in
ordinate gria, oftentimes crying out loudly, eipe
clally when hli little eon waa put upon the wit
ness standi but when the verdict was pronounced,
and when his counsel whispered to him that there
was little hope, ho broke Into a transport of sobs
aed shriek, i and, being very feeble, had to ba
helped out of the court room. The ae&teace of the
court was reserved until the exceptions heretofore
taken shall nave been argued in banc,
OrrotiriTi Limto Auexaxdhu TU JVfl
iovmc terry ceeyany i ne Doaie oi mia new pom-
in rr atsirfed na their rerular trine on Satur
tea on ineir rrguinr i
Ion was neceaaarr ai
This action wai oeceisai
rait undent a ndlnr between
some misunderstanding between the Potomac and
Alexandria Ferry Company, who own the toata
ouosr America and Marv F. Ranler. The Potnmae
Company have bought the well known iteamtr
Thomas Collrer. and have alio two large new
fetrv boats ilmllar to thoae lnuae on the New
Yorit ana urooitivn rrr. uni oi ineaa dorib. idm
Fulton, commenced making trips on Saturday, In
connection with the Collyer, and haa alieady
proved a very great benefit to the traveling com
munity, on account of carrvlnr wscona. horses.
sie. The Potomao Ferry Company, aa baa already
been stated in the HrriBMcax, nave built a new
and substantial whirf adjoining the old Seventh
sireei wuari.
The intention or the eomuanv is to run the Ful
ton and the other boat of her build aa a regular
farrv between this eltv and Aleaandrfa. and hav-
rr. ii .. ... - - " ..: - .'
ing oougnt ine Mount croon priviiegrs oi ine
1 homes collyer. Intend running ner en excursion
part lei to that lacred resort. The President of the
Potomao Ferry lompany Is Hon. L. B, Chittcndent
the SeeretarylsJ.il Hutchinson Esq, banker, of
ibib ci tjr, ma supermini icdioi innnia ni 1. 1
Dow en, under whose direction the new boat Ful
ton naa oeen runnmc uo toto-aav. Mr. uowen
ceriainiy acacrves great crouii lor (imtnovrin
which be baa made all the neceaaary arrangement!
for the beata to run at auch ahort notice
we understand mat it is the intention or us
company to run their boats on sutler and later
trips than have heretofore been run, starting at
7 o'clock In the morning. The boats leave Alex
andria from MeKentle'a wharf, between King and
Prince atreeti Yesterday both lines did a good
business, the loung America carrying passengers
ror io eenii eacn, ana we unaeniana ine new une
carried for the same price.
Grace Gn.iTioon'e Licturi. Not 1th-
itandingthelnelemency of the weather on Satur
day evening, the lecture of Grace Greenwood on
! rctieiwoa, waa uciivcrcu accoruing 10 appoin'
ment. In the Senate Chamber, and waa attended br
man) Congressmen and our Influential citlicns and
I heir ladles. We regret that our limited spec to
day will not permit us to give an abstract of the
fair lecturer's remarks. There wai but one opin
ion among the audience and that wai the subject
was discussed with signal ability.
HoiLEn Explosion. About 6 o'clock on Sat-
urday evening, one ol th boilers In Mr. Daniel
amun-s pianing rain, corner or inirtcenm street
and the canal, exploded, In consequence of a defect
In the boiler, but dolor no very serious damage,
th loss being light. The wall f the engine room
was demolished, and six colored men were severely
burned and scaldedi but It Is thought that all will
-. ui.
The Veteran Reserve Conrs. It Is rcbort-
ed that the Inalid Corps are to be disbanded and
ine omcera musicrea out. inoiewnouesireit a
to be placed on th pension Hat, The expenae con
nected with thla ore en nation, now amountlog to
over a million of dollars per annum. Is considered
too large for the country to bear at this time, con
sidering th merely nominal character of the ser
vice! rendered
Fourtu Preibtteriam ClllhCU. loJtVt1
fair, The Ladlea of the Fourth Preabvterlaa
Church of this city, Rev. John C. Smith, paator,
will open a Fair to-night at Odd l-ellows Hall
seventh street, and will continue every evenlcg
this week Th proceeds of this Fair Is to be ap
propriated to defraying th debt due lor th Im
provements lately maue In their church edifice on
Ninth street. This Fair, from present appearances,
will be one of the finest entertainments of the kiod
ever given In this city. We advla all who with
to enjoy a pteaiani c cning 10 attend More ftnon
See Advertisement In another cotumu of a
Morgan horse for sale.
Drought on tuis uoKfito, and can be
oougni a sq, iMJ'cnuijivania avenue, near Four-and-a-half
street, cew and beautiful styles of gold
plated Jewelry, ror one dollari also, double-plated
teaspoons, at ihe Collar Jewelry Store, 41S Penn
eylvanla avenue, near Four-and-a-balf street,
i ,
El loot on Yocno Col. Daulgren, A largo
number of persons went last even lngto the church
of Dr. Sunderland, on Fourth street, with th ex
pectation of hearing a eu'ogy pronounced on the
tirfuiB lauui vmi. isatuigrrui
V u rrm. hnv...
iUB.PIXllQt.il. Lr. SUDd.rl.Dil h.lnir Hklf1thB
ruluKl.llo dlicoun, until the .xpcctrdarrU.lof
U.hlrrn'a .(ultf.
NlW I'i.TOa. Iter. B. II. Natlal comminip.l
Of f Mt.rd.y lit. i'iitor.1 dutlea .t W.il.y Ch.pel,
Mrthodlit fc.pliaop.1 church, torncr of V .ad
.llth .tret. L.rs..udleDce. wcr. .M.mbled on
both momlnr lndi ntnnilnii. Nh) flt.n.l.
h. will discount on the ilutlc. or Ttor ..do!
Tni uses CoiOT-UaiiTUL. The WllUe.
..urt.m.rtl.1 ressiemblc. tol.r. .Iter aa ad
journment of tiro w.ekl, to lii.r ill. .rfum.nt. o(
the prosecution and defence, and d.t.rmln.
whether or no h. t. guilty of the charges and
ptclflHtion. pr.f.rred .g.ln.t hlai.
Uudsii biNHNCi. Twenty-two loIJUri,
member, of the various rreimeot., sentenced be
court-m.rtl.l to th. Dry JTortugts for desertion,
r.soheiih.r. je.terd.y from th. front, and were
commltWd to the Old C.pltol
Tui Lite Fbesusi, Tuo damage to tho
Chea.ne.k. and Uhlo L'.nal, by th. last fn.hrl,
though suOlclcotto suspend nailg. Ion .hove the
Wllll.m.port and Shepberdstown divisions la not
regarded., serious, nd It Is thought that In a
week', tlm. it will all b. repaired, .nd n.lgsllon
r.openeu to Ihe w rstern terminus ol the coal
KcstGKAiioi Atcsrun. Wo Ic.rn tU.t tho
reslgn.tioo of Lemuel rowers, as colonel of th.
I.treglmrut District volunteers, his becn.cc.pt
"' Colonel T ws. one of the flnl to enroll him.
elf In defence of his rountry, when th. rebellion
Fom' New Tusitiis. ThU evening Mr.
Forrest .ppe.r. forth, lot tlm. In hi. splendid
jmp.r.onstlon of " llamlst," In shsk.p..r.'a .ub.
Um. tr.gcdy of th. earn, n.mei thu. .ppropn.t.ly
commrocln, a week devoted to Sh.Ceieate, n
honor pf th. coming snalv.rasry of th. blrthdiy
of th. Immort.l bard, by th. p.rlorm.nc. of on. of
hlsfiandsit creations lie will be inly upportt
bvfir N.Cullough, Mrs 1 H Allen, MUs Alio,
cr.y, Mr, II B Ihllllps, Mr i. A. Hin, Mr ( B.
Vlshoji, snd th. entire company
Second Edition
n ., ,nIrT,.t,,r,l that I.lcnl. Oro. Gr.nl,
Jolnlni ,nd .nncrrUlnir the movement.-
"'""' " " a supc ms ing u, ngroraniu
" ntuij ui luatuwiutuvumuuHiu mj
IpUce .t the head of the cavalry corps, and lta
mer,i demons . offlcei
. "
offlccrs who h.d beon proved
and found cfllclcat under his own eye. The
campaign upon which we are about entering; la
onoof the utmost Importance to him a. well
aa to tho country. It. success will vlrtn.il
end the war) Its failure may prolong It for years
to come.
Jt.Jor General 1'. II. Sheridan was ordered
from tho southwest to the command of tho cav
alry of the Army of the Potom.c. Brlgsdler
General Torbert relieves General Merrlthof the
command of tho First Division, who return,
to tho command of the reserve brigade of the
samo division. Brigadier General Gregg re
main. In command of tho Second Dlvl.lon,
and Brigadier General J. II. Uson succeeds
General Kllpatrick In command ol the Third
Division. The First Brlgada, of the First (late
Boford'.) Division, Col. George II. Chapman,
1. transferred to the Third Division In exchango
for the Second Brigade of that division, Gene
ral Custer, which goes to tho First Division.
Bilgadler General Davlcs, l.te of the Third, Is
ordered to report to General Gregg, of the Sec
ond Division, for duty.
It seem, that when Sheridan wa detached
from the Army of the Cumberland to como
here, General Bhcrman mafe an application to
have General Kllpatrick assigned to his de
partment as chief of cavalry. Kllpatrick was
Just then starting upon hi. lato raid upon
Richmond, and It was thought best not to re
lievo him till after his return. lie Is now,
however, on his way to report to General Sher
man, accompanied by his Assistant Adjutant
General, Captain Estcs, and Lieutenant. Theo
dore Northrop and Harry Wilson, personal
Tho last cnlclal act of Gcueral Kllpatrick,
before leaving his late command, was to reply
lo a letter from General Robert E. Lee, of tho
Confederate forces, sent Into the lines of the
First Cat airy Division by flag of truce, and re
ferred by General Meade to General KUpatrkk,
demanding to know whether the order, pub
llshcd In tho Richmond papers as having been
found upon tho late Colonel Dahlgrcn'a person,
were authorized by this Government, or the
commandants of tho army or the expedition.
Gencril KilpatrlcV's reply was a bitterly In
dignant negative.
When the General left Btcvcnsbtlrg for
Brandy Station to take the cars, yesterday
morning, he was followed by nearly all the
offlccrs of hit command as an escort. Ilia long
connection with tbo Third Division, hit kind'
nets and brave gallantry had greatly endeared
him to both offlccrs and men. May hit fnturo
career In the West be at brilliant and success
fnl as hla post hat been Mth the Airny of tho
Th. Soldi. t. Choice for Pre.ld.ut.
John W. Somen, commlsssry sergeant of
the 70th regiment Illinois volunteers, writes to
his brother, In this city, that the soldiers of
that regiment recently held an Informal elec
tion In camp, near vlcksburg, Miss., to ex
press their preference for a presidential candi
date, with the following result (oue company
not voting) i Lincoln, 493 Grant, S3; McClel
Ian, 17; Fremont, IS.
Inipnd.uc. of th. R.b.l..
The rebels have sent a flag of truce to Gen.
Meade to Inquire whether tho (protended)
order or Colonel Dahlgrtn it aa aalhorlzcd by
General Meade or the Government, This Is
done probably to glvo some thadow of Justifi
cation In the eyes or the symp.thlr.ers of Jeff.
Davit for the atrocities lately committed by
the rebel hordes when they have gained an ad
yantago oyer Union troops.
KxtKsiBiuir or Cioiicnovc Fatints.
Tho testimony beforo Congress In tho Good
year Tatcnt extension case, shows that the
Goodyear heirs hare nine patents In the United
States, forty-teren In Great Britain, tlxteen In
France, four In Belgium, thrco lu Austria, and
two In Ilalland making a total of seventy-two
T ho trotting horso.L.dy Woodruff, presented
by Bonner, the Ltigtr man, to the New York
Sanitary Fair, was told at auction on Thurs
day for $1,800, cub to It. B. Howard, of Wll
Uamsburgh. Immediately after the talc, Jim
Irving, fait man, offered Mr. rtoward 13,000
for her, and got tier
Tne trial of John M. Nixon, tho one-legged
soldier, for the shooting of Wm. Brown, pro
prietor of tho Towtcr Mng, la Now York, In
September last, wat concluded by a verdict of
manslaughter In tho third degree.
Ilou. Q.rr.tt D. la and Slavery la ltffttl.
In a discussion on the snbjcct of slavery lu
tho Kentucky Constitutional Convention, In
1SI9, (see pago S01,) Hon, Garrett Davis saldi
"But It appears to me that any Intelligent
and carefully reflecting mind must como to the
conclusion, that slavery It to have but a trans
itory existence In Kentucky. The gencrsl sen
timent of the world Is against It, beforo which,
In nrty years, It hat receded vastly) and this
sentiment It deeply and widely formed In our
limits, and among our own poople.
Tho history of slavery, as wo
have It, proves In all the pages of tho post, that
It f irogrmlng to Its tnd. That consummstlon
Is In the course of events, and when men throw
themselves In tbo current of etcnts to hasten,
or fo rifanf, they aro but strain. Let all ifrav.
bo kept out of that section of this reiUtltn cur
rent which flows through Kentucky, out! UI ft
roll on In Itt undisturbed power,"
Why docs tho honorablo gentleman now per
ils! upon making a "straw" of hlmstlf 1
Interesting from China.
Ju a letter to the editors of the Xiangtftit
from Fau-Cbsu, wo una the following!
"Soochow and other Important cities be
tween Shanghai and Nankin, have jlcldcd to
the assault of the combined Imperial And dis
ciplined unineso lorcos unacr jsngnsn oincera.
The Imperial cause seems steadily on tho ad
vance, and If tbo Government continues to re
ceive foreign aid, you will probably coon bear
01 me aouniau ui auam auu complete over
throw of tbo rebel power. It Is tho general
belief that all difficulties with Japan will be
adjusted. Satauma has paid tbo Indemnity of
9100,000 for the murder of Mr. Hlcbardaoni It
was aent to tho Drlllsu Legation In band-carts.
Satauma' Envoy also signed an agreement that
their master would undevl&tlngly ecek out tho
murderers of Mr. Klchardson. and execute
them In tho prcsccco of tho British authori
ties." Tui Martland Atatb Constitutional Con
MiNTios. Gov. Bradford has Issued his proc
lamation announcing the result of tho late elec
tion In this State on the question of calling a
State Constttntlonal Convention. Tho Gover
nor states that the whole vote was 51,314, of
wnicn ui.ovj were iur ana iv.w against a
convention. He, therefore, as required by an
act of assembly, proclaims that the convention
authorized by the act will be convened In tho
city of Annapolis, on Wcdntidsy, XWlfo lust.
TllinTT.KlailTII C01KlftKJ.
First ...!
MoflDlT, April 18, 1SIH.
On motion or Mr. Grime, tho bill lo amend
an act entitled "An act to authorize the Corpor-.
allon or Georgetown, D. c, to lay ana collect'
water lax," Ac, was taken up, amended and
On motion of Mr. Trumbull, the bill concern
ing the disposition of convict. In th. court, of
the United Statu ror tho subsisting of persons
confined In Jails chsrgod with Tlolstlng the
Isws of tho United States, and for diminishing
the eipenses In relation thereto, wu t.ken up.
The hill h.d been reported from the Jndlcl.ry
Commlttco with a lubttltnto, tnd Mr. Trumbull
expuinea mas lit pattage wonia remove a uiui
cnlty which bad arisen Inthe District of Colum
bia at to the Jurisdiction or the Marshal over
prisoners In the Jail, nnder tho late act for ap
pointing a warden to the Jail. The substitute
was adopted and the bill raised.
The bill provides thst all persons who hsve
or may be convicted of crime by a United
oiaie. conn, not rauiiarr. tor wnicn imprison
ment Is the penalty, shall bo confined In tuch
Prison in a convenient Bute or Terrltorr. as tho
Secretary of the Interior may designate) or If
ancn conviction do naa in too uisinci oi to
lumbls, the transportation shall be by tho
warucn oi too tail oi aaia msiuci. ine reason'
able actual expenses only to bo paid ont or tbo
Judiciary fund.
olved aye. 83, noes S3 that after to-day, ex
cept tsaiuraays, until otnerwiso oraerea, mo
Houso will take a recess at half-past t o'clock,
and meet again at 7 o'clock, for tho transaction
of business. During tho day session the Houso
will consider tho Internal tax bill, etc., and
unringtne evening sessions tucn otner business
at the noute mav elect-
Mr. Arnold, of Illinois, offered the following
Jltiohttl, That In th present condition of tho
country and lu finances. It Is tho Imperative
duty of Congress to raise tho taxes so at largely
to Increase tho rovenuo or the Government.
For this purpose a much higher rato or duties
should bo Imposed on all luxuries Imported
from abroad, and a higher rate or taxation on
an luxuries proaucoa in tne united males.
T..aT..a.I -11. t . .m.n.tnn .vf tk. (.m..,. .1.
culatton of thocountry producing general and
rumou. circulation .noma oa rcprcssca uy i.X'
ing mo is.no oi .ucn oiata oanKS.
Tho above resolutions were agreed to tho
latter by yeas 03, nays 40.
Mr. Holmsn offered a resolution, proposing
to repeal tho national bank act, and to limit
circulation to tbo legal tender notes authorized
to be Issued by tho Treasury.
The Homo refused to suspend the rules
yeas 41, nsys CO. Objection being made, tho
resolution lies over.
Mr. Fernsndo Wood offered a resolution
having In Tlow tho protection of the Govern
ments Interest In tho mines or Colorado and
Arizona. He stated hla object was to prevent
Innocent parties from being Injured by parties
who havo established mining companies thcro
without authority or tho United States.
Beforo action was taken on the resolution
tbo morning hour expired.
The Houso then took up the bank bill, tho
question being on lta passage.
After an unsuccessful motion to lay the bill
upon tho table, It was passed yeas 70, ntyt 03.
A 8ouiik writes that the mo.t useful article
that can bo tent men In the Held It a bunch
or woolen yarn snd a darning needle to mend
their socks.
by it3legra:ph.
Rebel Offlcere Iluns; for Attempting to
Enforce th Coneerlptlon. ArriTala of
Block-vA Runner at Wilmington
Still Frequent New from Florida.
New Btnur, April 14 According to th Raleigh
Prtwrfti th veODle in Western North Lnrdlfon rtv
centlyhung eeveral confederate offlcere and eol
diera for atterapilir to enforc th ennacrtptlon.
-.Mo -. ia-,u iviyiutrwf y uto ejection u-ruenae
upon the iucee.jf oar (the rebel) armlet. If they
are lueceiiful. Hotdenwlll be defeetedi If thr
meet with a repulie, hie election fcy a large major-
Frequent arrlrali of ateamere at Wilmington
with valuable cargoca for the Confederate authorl.
tlea are till announced.
The rallroade in North Carolina are buiy tram
parting rebel troopa and euppllei.
Recruiting for colored troopi li going on brlikly
In New Heme.
The Palmetto Ilrraldnt th tllh rnnttina t full
Hit of our wounded In th handa of the rebeli. re
ceived irom urn. Anaerion
A torpedo had teen picked up In th St. John'e
rler. Florida,
The achoontr Spun key, with twelve bain of cot-
tuu wai cipturru on me ,ia 1DII. ncir lpe Cr
neverel bv the United StetM ehnnntfr nitiirsrai-.i-
The garrleon of Fort Pulaikl celebrated the en-
nivcraary oi iu capture on th liw.
Latest from Burope.
New oik, April lit Th iteamer Glaigow,
from Qucenatown on th 4th, hai arrived.
Console 01 J, (3 91 J for money.
Adt Ices from Rome confirm the apprehensions
Tor the health of the Tope. His life, however, is
not desrtstred of-
Th Paris Pcyi speaks of a serious conflict, said
to hav ooeurred In Jutland between an Austrian
nu rmiiian regiment.
The Pckln, one of tho gunboats sent out to
China for the f mneror. lies returned to Plr mouth.
Garibaldi landed at Southampton on the 3d, and
received an enthusiastic reception.
Three Years Ago In Baltimore The Cou.
BaLTlMOM. ADrtl 18. Three rerlmenti of col
ored troops, apart of Maryland's qnota, passed
through our streets to-day. This presented quite
a contrast with this day three years ago. when
rcnnsiiTsn.a. troops were assaulted in our si reel s.
Great nrenaratlons are belnr made for the onen
Ing of the Sanitary fair to-night President Lin
coln anu iaKer uouax win o present.
A Russian Frigate at We it York.
New Vohk. Anrll lSThaRuiilenfrlsrstaPfFrcn.
Tlel has arrived from St. Thomas.
1'outical, Jllinolt Union Club. A largo
reDresentatlon of tha Illlnolsans resident la this
city held a meeting on Saturday evening last, for
the purpose of effecting a permanent organisation.
.) lion a n waaauurocaueu ia incriiDg 10
order, and after preliminary business a ballot was
had, which resulted in th election of the follow
ing officers. PreslJeat, Or M B. Brown Vice Pres
ident, H. N. Chapmaot Recording Secretary, J. A.
McKeant Correipondlng Secretary, W. W. Curtis 1
Treasurer, A. Chester.
The Union Club earnestly pledges Itself to the
Union cause, the support of the national Admin
lstrstlsn, and the election of Abraham Lincoln, or
whoever may rccelt 0 the nomination of the Balti
more Contention.
Mr Waehburae made a .short Address, urging
the necessity of Activity And patriotic vigilance ou
the part of every man, that the schemes oldliunlon
Copperhead ism may be crushed out and the cer
tain triumph of the Union Insured. He predicted
the re-election of Abraham Lincoln by the largest
majority ever given a President sloe Washington,
The regular meetings will be held on Wednesday
evening of each week, at the Club Rooms, Wi
Ninth street.
Ohio Lnion Club, A large and enthuslastte meet
ing of cltlsena of Ohio met at S meed's Hall on Sat
urday evenlcg and formed themselves Into an Ohio
Union Club for the purpose of energizing and push
ing forward the work of supporting the nominee
of th Baltimore Convention.
Hon. R. W. Taylor, First Comptroller of the
Treasury, was called to th chair, and H M Slide
chosen secretary.
The committee anuointeJ at a nrevlous meetloa
to prepare a constitution reported a draft, which
was adopted, and signed by those present, w ben
the followlog racers were elected t President, r,
W. Taylor, of Mahoning, vie president. William
neimioK,oi lusearawasirecoraiog secretary,. 01,
McOrew, of Clermont) corresponding secretary,
A. M. Gangewer, of Franklin treasurer, i. U. Wet
more. On motion. It waa
fiTIWlVU, 1 llr viiiavBUB ut ta.u tuusita.iuu.i
dlstrlst of Ohio who are members olrthls club be
requested to present to this club, at their meeting,
a suitable candidate for member of the Exeoutlve
Committe to represent weir oiimei.
African M. E. Church, met Saturday morniag per
nournment Bishop Payne In th chair,
;rllgtous exercises were conducted by Rev. A,
W. Wayman and Rev, B. T. Tanner.
Th fourth question In the general minutes was
taken up, vli) What preechere.ar admitted on
trlall when the following were recommended t C.
A. Reeder, of Hagerstowni James Owens, of Long
Green, Md 1 Thomas B Cole, and Henry Rakes o(
Kditoo.Md.iU. W. Whiting, of LawUtown, Pa.i
James Tynes, of Norfolk, Ya.i Joseph A. Nelson,
of Hanisburgi Fa t and Isaao w. Brown, Referred
to tht Committee for Examination,
Samuel WUmore was readmitted.
'Qfen F, Lege was CQntlau.c4 0g trial,
i.me. A, H.Bdfand Gilbert Water.-wer. "'re
ceived Into full . mnectlon and l,td to d.aeon'.
oresrs,- ' ,, n
r. a lieu, jaena Menoisoa, j.n. Tnoms. And
W. H. O Brown, w.r. .I.cte4 ta .ld.r'. ord.n.
r The rar.ranmer.ry relation, of AM.si.yaad
Wm. 11. Rum.I1 ware eontlnoed. .-- -
Re?a JohaJorrtftn D.nnl. Davis, Al.s. Johaton
and wm. H. Gslllsrd. wcr. reported .. hiring
dled.locetoelsit.eeslon. Their n.me. were r.
ferred to the committe. on Memoir..
A.ijoorne.1 to m.ciwona.y morning at V-.io.
A Wick id Bui r it. A whUo man named
Samuel Young, a deserter from the marine corpe.
wa arrest! yesterday morning abeut two oclok
by Roundsman Xelley. of tho Seventh precinct for
breaking into an apartment of thAvtteaa Ho
tel, on corner of f eeond street and Indiana avenue.
In which several colored women were sleeping, and
iriea 10 rest unon tnir netis. wnen inr cnea out
murder. Officer Kellywas notified of the occur
rence, ana went 10 me now, , wner ne sftiieu tu
men in eld him in the arrest. The man did so and
waa essiulted by Young, who dealt him a sever
Moworertheeye. oung was taken be for Jus
tice Glberson, and was committed to jail for court.
S rji 1 1
HiOToui Soldieiu. Two soldiers, named
Mlehael Pratt and John tlarshalhwer arreeted
on Saturday afternoon, by Offloer McColgan, upon
the ehurtrsj of notlnr. Marshall, belm drunk.
went into a shoemaker's store on Third street,
near Pennsylvania avenue, and prepared himself
lor a nap. ine proprietor oraerea mm out, ana
MTwin hiii rrrmftl ta tro. a senfTIe ensued. Marshall
then left the store and eemmenced to break th
windows, in wnicn proceeuiog newu nripeuoy
trait, incy were niKva ovinra uiiicruivuiuu(
and by him committed tojsll for court,
A lx.KAinTAM IifTXHSSTiifO VistT. Yes
terday Judge swalne, V Governor Denlson, Gen
eral uarneid, aon rieietsor recK,(oi uoemnj nc
eompanled Mr. Wet more, the Ohio military agent,
to the camps of th nth, 63d, and Wth Ohio re en
listed veterans, between Forts Albany and Bar
nerd, where they made addresses appropriate to
th day and the occas'on.
It may be remembered that the GJJ and 7th Ohio
were amoog the foremost la tho bloody assault
upon sort wagncr.
KifiaiiTS or tub Tiiiwdle. Two Teutonic
rentlemcn of the sartorial nrofesslon. named Karl
Cry and F. Gaoserot, met bv chance la a restaurant
on Seventh street, and not liking each other'I com
pany, being j-Alous of tailoring triumphs and
heated with spirituous drinks, they engaied la A
eombst which proed rather serious to Gaoserot.
who wis cut orei the hand with a knife. Karl
-as arrested by patrolman Heel v. of th seventh
Efecinoi, ami was rt
y Juitlcc Gltcrson.
eclnot, and waa required to give ball for court
Likcist or a Watch. Frank Francis and
Charles Lvles, Iwo h aclc laborers, were arrested
on Saturday night, by Officers O'Connell and
Thomrson, upon the charge of stealing a watch
from Chance Nell, whilst asleep la a bawdy house
on Capitol H II. They were uksn before Justice
Glhcnon who committed thera to Jail f t court.
ricirro prom Cill. Three bova John
O'Brien, Joseph Smith and George Boret were ar
rested on Saturday afternoon, by Offieera PI ere
and Ueiaents. of the elihth nreclnct. urton th
charge ol larceny They had lu their possesitoa
some new miiiiJiry coma wnicn naa neon sioin
from store or some s tidier. They are eoatlnualtv
lolterlor about the denotnn a thievish alert of-
tentlmee stealing Nw York pnpere and selling
them. They wer taken to the station house and
locked up, when one of them mlth escaped from
the cell dt knocklog out a brick, and crawling
throurh the anerture. The othara wer aent to
the workhouse by Justice Ferguson,
Sabdath bbxiksss. Joslah Herbert and
Chsrles Noret, soldiers belonging to Camp Barry,
were arrested last night, about It o'clock, on d
street, near First street, upon tho cherg of drunk
enness and disorderly cor duct. They wer kick
ing at a door at Capitol Hall, and trying to obtain
admittance for the purpose of procuring liquor.
They were nod'unkat th time that Patrolmen
Parkhurst and Sprague, who had them In charre,
took them to Soldiers' Retreat and delivered them
to me custody 01 capt. camp.
Alleged KiDiirpnro Case. On tho 15th
Instant, a colored man, named Alexarder Ball,
living with and lnthe employ of Mr. Bodlne, of
Gorgetows, appeared at the Provost Marshal'a
office and atated that Ashton Garrett, a farmer re
siding In Maryland, came to th store of Mr. Arms,
In Ceorgetowg, where his (Mr. Garrett's) son Is
employed, and took the complainant's wife, who
was a servant there, end on false representations
kidnapped her away and took her to Maryland,
without the coosent ol complainant or the volition
of his wife. Ball admitted that his wife Is a slave,
and 1 the property of Mrs. Ball, of Darnestown,
Md. The 01 e was put in th hands of on of Cap
tain Dolan's detectives, who reports that the
woman Is the Slav of said Garrettt(and that h
took legal possession rtf ner by a writ Issued by
Walter 8. Cox, isq , U, S. Commissioner ol this
Ah Unkind Husband. Pat. Smith, who
lives on Third street, between fiouth D and South
a, was arrested last night, about t o'clook.by Pa
trolmen hpragu and Parkhurst, of th 6th pre-
ciuci, upwu iii urjr,a vi ciiiwijsij nuuiiati ana
maltreating his wife Margery. He"was locked up
lo the etatloohousa during th nlgcUand this
mornlor. when his wife aDDeared aralnst hha, sha
was so drunk that she could net tell whetheroeJ
nut rial rlatv hll.rianrf Tllftriiaat Va-ll.ilvl na.l T-
..va.-w .. . ..hw-uu. VH..hHv.,u-va. WMW
mm 4 v inu ncr 91 vi.
Navt Yards Vessiij. On jester day the
United States steamers Dragon and Leslie left the
To-day, at 6 10 o'clock, the United "testnrr Battl
moro arrived.
On Saturday the Eutaw arrived.
TrxE CuirrEwA Indian CvitrsLiitnUie with
the rrctt dent The Chippewa Indian chiefs, now
in tats city to execute a treaty with the Govern
ment. visited their ereat father. President Lincoln,
to day to pay their respects to him. They were
received la the East Room or th Whit House,
whera thevwera met bv tha President. After the
chief Holedn-the-Day made known the object of
ins wsii, wnicn was sposea in ine iauia tan
nitrf. and which waa tranalated Into Enellah
through an Interpreter, the President made a brief
reply of welcome to them, and then Invited the
brawny red men to visit the different apartments
la the Presidential mansion. The visit was en
joyed by thi so ahor'glnal braves, and they returned
quite well satisfied. They will depart for their
homes In Kansas in a few days.
Hupreme Court of th United State
Ihe Supreme Court was In session to-day, Chief
Justice Taney presiding In apparently accustomed
health. Decisions of a long list of eases wer an
nounced, the record of which will not be made up
la seaton for to-day's papers, The oourt ad
journed slni' rf.V.
United States Court of Claims.
April 18. K N O Clougli. Esq . or Leaven
worth, Kaasts, was appointed a commissioner of
the court
On motion of Mr. Mcrherson, the Assistant
solicitor, John Creswell, Fsq , of Washington, D.
C, and wiliard P. Gambrell, Esq., of La en
worth, Kansas, were admitted attorneys and
counsellors of the court.
In tho ease of Morris Bolce 11. the U. S , Chief
justice msey amcreu ineopinion 01 ine court,
ordering a Judgment to ha entered In favor of
claimant for the sum of $71 659 OS. Judge Hughe 1
read a separate opinion, concurring with the opin
ion ol the court on some points ana dissenting on
others Judge Loiing dissented.
In the ease or uco net. i.mor, etai , if. toe uni
ted States, Juge Hughes delivered theoplnlonof
ihb buurt nurvitio iu iu voiui, anu uifcciijig 1110
petition to do dismissed
Juege Lorlng delivered 1 separate opinion con
curring In the result
In tho case of Grace W Oedsn tt ul.ri.tba Uni
ted States, Judge Hughes delivered the opinion of
ine court aaverse 10 ine ciaim, anu uireciugin
million to do uiiipiiloa
Judge Lorlng delivered a separate opinion e
currlog In the result.
Adjourned to Monday, the 3d day of May, at 13m
District Supreme Court Cilmlual Term,
Anrll is .Carolina Schneider. Indicted on the
charge of keeping abawdy house, submitted and
scniencru 10 pay a una 01 w.
Catherine Stewart, laroeny, nolle p) ot.
John Fiti-rerald assault and batterr. nolit vi
Jamaa Irvine, alias Georcc VVrlfht. charred with
highway robbery, was acquitted.
James In Ing, attat George Wright, charged with
assault and batter) , was acquitted.
John Farrell, ass'ultardbatteryisubmittrd, and
senienceu 10 nay n mud ui .
neiiy niaunews, ueeinng a uawuy nouac) suo
mltted, and sentenced to j)y a fine of (ioo,
Julia Dean, keeping a bawdv house) submitted,
and sentenced to pay a Hoe of 1 300,
n. .
Abkivam ami Cleaaances, Clstom-House,
Pour or Giohoetowji, D C, AratL in Cleared,
Schr. 1 leetnlng. Barnes, Alexandria) sloop T Bui-
jct, iiuris ot iuarj ) imr .uiin oumji, Fgirfi
ttcrv (Me.) navv vardi schr. Kate. Ravnor. Pa-
tuxeoft schr Hore, Abbott, Hale's Landing. Md i
schr. H M Mavo, Ward, Baltimore, schr. Oakes
Ames, Arcml, New Bedford, Mass j sohr Henri
etta, Bar cellos, Pokomoket schr. an Uuren. Wall,
Boston) schr W. li. Malllcr, Randall, Brllgeport,
Con a.
Arrived Steamer Fairbanks. Deshon,lrom New
York) schr. Halite M Mayo, Ward, New York)
steamer A Breoallef, Height on, Phil a.
i'oiicB Nmn. The following caaea were
brought up before, and disposed of by, Justloe
.carr ii-uay jouq uosnnen, Bcaooivoj, iuiuiui
stones, fined SM4t James Coleman, larceny, sent
10 laii. jcrrv narrinrton. aisoraerir. nneu bi m
Bridget Harrlntton.do. do., James Oolman, carry-
t- - ..V , . Ann .at. I l,..Ua rajan.
Ing a concealed weapon, fined $30 43i Uiarlee Den
alson. disorderly, fined S3 i Atanuef Griggi, gamb
ling, fined S but Thomas Cartwrltht, horse eteal.
Ing, awaiting examinatloni John Jnes, do Peter
Dogent, keeping bar open on Sunday, do f Ann
Esrlry, drunk, do,
tf-Mrs. A M. tflIn.OlAlrwovant and
Medium, will stou at th National Hotel for a few
days. Duetaes MamUiatlons as wall a ntdieal
xaalnatloBS given. R
tj Steamer Fairbanks hasarrlTed frooa
New York. Consignees will pleue attend to the
reeeptlon of their gods at once.
mint MOROAN si R111NEHART, Agents.
ry-Falr and Festival. The Fair and
Festival for th benefit of th Fourth Presbyterian
Church, f Dr. J. a Smith,) la now opea at Odd Fel
low s llsil, where may be found a fin aolleetlen of
fansy articles, eonteetlenary, fce , At ycasonabi
prieej CeasaadsH we. u AplMf
atF"Tha regular month meeting of tho
Young Men's Christian Aasoelauon win b hld
at th new reading rooms. No. 600 Seventh street,
net! door to Odd Fellows' Hall, this (MONDAY)
KVXNINO, at Ttf o'clock.
aplS-U Recording Secretary.
tflea Cream, Cnftttlnrrt R"
eepflons, Partlee. WeddingSi Balls. Suppers, Fairs,
and other entertainments furnished at shortest
notice end most reasoasbl terms. Ie Oeam and
Water Ices mad by steam power, warranted to be
th best In th city .wholesale and retail, delivered
to any part of thclty. Charlotte Russe, Jelllee,
Pyramids, and Wedding Cake made to order, ai
JOS. Ill AFFIX LDS Coafeetlonery, SM sixth
street, between O And 11. JaJ7-sm
jfT-Newataans propeller rJn between
Philadelphia and Washington and Alexandria.
The fast and atauneh steam propeller THOMAS
E. CA lit L will leave th first wharf abov Via
street, Philadelphia, for Alexandria and Washing
ton, on every WEDNESDAY AF.ERNOON, and.
returning, will leave WasVngton, Eleventh street
wharf, every SATURDAY AFTERNOON. For
freights, which will b taken at low ratee. srpply to
No. 13 North Delaware avenn. Phils,
Nos. (20 and 8 Eleventh street, Waehlagton.
4SrThConfa1n and Kxprtenc of
ai I valid. Published for th benefit, and aa a
warning and a cautiox to votma wxir who suffer
from Nervous Debility, Prematura Decay of Man
hood, etc., supplying ai th same tlm Tne hiabi
or silt cvbk. By on who has eured himself af
ter being put to great expense and Injury through
medical humbug and quackery.
ny enclosing a poat-paia aaurm.u vmviwpw,
slogl eoplee nay be bad of th author.
flA 1 HAiilAU DIA I rAiit -'i
my 9 iv Bedford. RJngs Oonnty. N. V
IVF" Diseases of th Nervous, Seminal.
tTrlnarv anil Biual tritini-MW and reliable
treatment In Reports of the HOWARD ASSOCIA
TION Sent by mall la sealed letter envelope,
free of charge. Address. Dr. J. SKILLIN HOUOU
TOV, Howard Association, No. s South Math
street, Philadelphia, Pa. maa-ly
rBL J. IVIlklns. EdM haa been ap
pointed Agent of th Great Peensylrania Rout,
vio a. u. nonoit 10 iumidh ujimien
Mr. Wllklna haa been connected with th Offlee. at
th corner of sixth afreet and Pennsylvania ave
nue, during tne past two years, ana is inorougnir
conversant with the business of th rout In au
Its departments. All applications for Information,
tlekets, Ae . must b addressed to K. J, Wilkiis. '
Arent Croat Fennsvlvanla Rout. Sixth street and
Pennsylvania arena. ED S. YOUNG,
r General Passenger Agent, Great Fenna. Rout.
13- People' Telegraplu W w Flrat Claa
Lints, direst to NEW YORK, BOSTON, and all
Important polnti. Washington Offices t REPUB
LICAN BUILDING, 111 Ninth street, (weststdej
and corner Pennsylvania avenue and Sixth street,
under National Hotel,
febli-tf Manager Washington District.
Cj-llimstrt'a Inimltabl Hair ZUator
ATivt, stotaDvk, hut restores gray hair to its
original color, by supplying tL capillary tubes
with natural sustenance, Impaired by age or dis
ease. All intlanltneeut 4ytt at composed of Unr
eauttic, destroying th vitality and beauty of th
hair, and afford of themselves no dressing. Helm
street's Inimitable Coloring not only restores hair
to lta natural color by an easy process, but gives
the hair a LUXURIANT BEAUTY, promotes Its
growth, prevents Its falling off, eradicates dan
druff, and Imparts health and pleasantness to tho
head. It haa stood th test of time, being th ori
ginal Hair Coloring, and Is constantly Increasing
in favor. Usedbybqth gentlemen and ladlea. It
Is sold by all respectable dealers, or can be pro
cured by them of the commercial agents,
303 Broadway, New York.
Tw sizes, 60 cents and 1.
13? Mexican Mnstanc; Unlment. Th
partlearaJt. Louis and Clntlnnatl.who hav been
eounterfeluAf th Mustang Liniment under pre
tence of proprietorship, have been thoroughly es
topped by th court. To guard against further
Imposition, I hav procured from th United State
Treasury a privet steel plat revenue stamp,
which Is placed over the top of each bottle. Each
stamp bears th at eimtU of my signature, and
without which th article Js a counterfeit, danger
ous and worthless Imitation. Examine every bot
tle. This liniment has been in use and growing
In favor for many years. Ther hardly exists a
hamlet on th habitable globe that does not con
tain evldenoeaf lta wonderful effects. It Is la
bestemolient lath world. With its present lav
proved Ingredients, It eflecjs upon man and beast
are perfectly remarkable. Sores ar healed, pains
relieved, lives aaved, valuable animals mad use
ful, and untold tils assuaged. For cuts, bruises,
sprains, rheumatism, swellings, bites, eaked
breasts, strained horses, fcc, It Is a sovereign
remedy that should never be dispensed with. It
should be In every family. Sold by all druggist.
fe?o-oSm v, s. BARNES New York.
Ct-Lyou'e Katlialron. Kathalron 1
from th Greek word " Kathro," orMKathalro,"
signifying to cleanse, rejuvenate and restore. ThJs
Article la what its nam signines. sor preserving,
restoring and beautifying the human hair it Is th
most remarkable preparation In the world. It Is
again owned and put up by th original proprietor
and is now made with the same eare, skill and at
tention which gave It a sale of over one mllUoa
bottles per annum.
It Is a most acugniiui au pressing.
It eradicates scurf and dandruff.
It keeps th head cool and clean.
It makes the hair rich, soft and glossy.
It prevents tb hair from falling off and turnla
It restores hair upon bald heads.
Any lady or gentleman who values a beautiful
headof hair should us Ljoa's Kathalroa, It Is
known and used throughout thacirllliet world.
Sold by all respectable dealers.
New Tork.
CT1 lagan's Uagnolla Ualtn-Tlils I th'
most delghtfnl and extraordinary artist aver die
covered. It caeoges th sun-burnt face And hand
to a pearly satin texture of ravishing beauty, Im
parting the marble pnsjgty ol youth, and the diet ,n
ru appearance ao la vl ting In the city belle of
fashion. It removes ta, freckles, pimples and
roughness from th skin, leaving the complexion
fresh, transparent and smooth. It contains no
material Injarles to the skin. Patronised by Act
resses aed OperA Singers. It Is what every lady
should have. Sold vry wnere.
Trepared by W. l. RAGAN, Troy, N. Y,
Address all orders to
New York.
"T5rUhe a&th ult. a stout built B tY HORSE, rlghb
bind foot white, blaek mice and tall, about
hands high, waa taken from John Holland alia
Johnson, (colored,) under circumstances showing
the sme was stolen. The owner Is hereby noti
fied to prove thssam to the satisfaction of th
Property Clerk of th Pollc District, at aU office
No. 4SI Tenth street west, prior to 10 A'elosk, a. m.
Thursday, April ss, IBS, or said horse will be then
sold for sash to the highest bidder, at th baxaer
of W. L. Wall fc Co., No. SS Louisiana avenue,
pursuant to law.
By order. GEO. R. UERRICK.
Property Clerk.
W. L.WALLfcC0,
aplS, U, 17 Auctioneers.
upward of 1,000 workaof English and Foreign.
Literature, comprising-
Itilory, Trah. FMtry, Sovltt etc , eta ,
At from
10 to 10 per cent, below the regular prlaas,
at HEILPRIN'S Bookstore,
lit Pennsylvania Avenue,
apu-eoln bt, 13th and llth itretti, north.

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