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By Z7lf ttftrt oft' Xational JttyliMtrM tt oi
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XfT HscK IV a!rrn(oN 6j fathff rnftt to Vu
tlMtifleation ft our adrnttumtnCl. TT intend
to ktrp ataffarlf tyt to fMf matter for Uii btnrJU
four patron,
VSTTturaStroad adtertbmtntl oh onr Jlrii
1m arf (njrfrd by authority oftfu railroad com-
fnf'f tevtrrVy namtd, art oJJtciaUy torrttUd
nfutt cangti art mff, Antrt can of rtlttd upon
(if corrteU
The I'uilnrit ol dlttrlbutlDK th. IlLrvaLHAft
throughout this tUjt Georgetown and Alexandrls,
naa thla day been placed la the hand of Mr. Aft-
thcr SiicrncftD, who U our only authorttril
a&cnt to enlteet and aollelt aubierlpMone to thl,
paper, and hu alio authority to solicit sdwtl.o-
loenti rror the advsrtlalng community or uils and
the nelhborUg eltlea for th. National Rcrva
ucak. Mr. Shepherd If well and farorablr known
In this community, from harlot; been for several
montha paat ana of our principal toeal Reporters,
And wo comniend him to our ettlzena on hla new
Wasiunara, April 4, IS,!.
tn rauiTOS or rat Ukioh past."
"I raocum rcix raJuxM to ixl who
I'rrokT, rnoncT, axo sxtxxd tbi Cohsti-
Ttmon or TBI UitiTxn Statu, axd tbb Ukiox
The nndersigjied, who, by original appoint
ment, or subsequent designation to HU vacan
cies, conauiuio me exocnUTO commutco cro
tcJ by tbo National Convention, held at Chi
cago on the ICtb, day of May, 1800, do hereby
rail upon nil nusll&ed voters who dealm ihn
(ncondltlonal maintenance of the Union, the
auprcmac y oi wo wonf utntion, and the complcto
sarrrrsslon of the existing rebellion, with tbo
uiudo vuerroi, oj Tigorona war ana ail apt and
ctOclcnt racanf, to aend delegates to a conven
tion to asaerablo at Baltimore, on Tuesday, the
7th day of June, 1804, at 13 o'clock, nooq, for
the tmrposeof prcaestlnir candidates for tbo
ouicea oi i-rceiaeni ana vice rrcsidcnt of the
United States. Each State baring a represen
tation In Congress will bo entitled to ns many
dclegatca as shall be equal lo twlco the number
of electors to which such State la entitled lntho
Electoral Collego of tho United State.
EDWIN MOHOAN, New York, Chairman.
F. BRAINAKD, Vermont.
K. II. ROLLINS, New Kampihlre.
I i. GOUDRICK, Matltchuiettf.
THOMAS G. TURNER, Rhode llland
GIDEON WELLKS, Connettlout
t HOWARD MiPHKR10N,renosltanla.
N. B SM1T1IFR3, Delawair
J. V. WAGNLR, Maryland.
H. . LANE, Indiana.
E. TXCK, IUInolt.
W. D. WASHBURN, Minnesota
COHNELICa (OLE, California.
O. II IRISH, Itebmka.
JOSEPH GERIIARDT, Dltt of Columhla
To-day la tho annlyeriary of tbo flrtt fight
for our national lodepcnde&CQ at Lexington, of
Ibe battle or Ccrro Gordo, and of tho flrat blood
shed of the rebellion a rebellion which U de
clared by Ita leaden to be "a protcttt agalnit
tho in la taken tWlUiatlon of the age.11 We re
member well when, three years ago, t'Ce Cth
MaaeachnsctlA , regiment marched through
Washington street, at a few hoars' notice, to
the defence of Washington city, and how we
wcro thrilled on receiving the dispatches re
latin? to the riot In the streets of Baltimore.
Thcrowas lo prctencothat Maryland had
seceded, or intended to secede, but cerUln ruf
fians given over to Infatuation In the Interest
of slavery disputed the passage of our troops
through that State for tho defence of the
national capital. One or tho liaders In that
riot, FMHp Cashmeyer, has turned traitor to
Jeff Davis, who bad rewarded him with an
official position for his treason to tho Govern
ment, and Is now Imprisoned In Castle Thun
der. Others havo come to a bad end, while
Baltimore to-day stands conspicuous before
tho country for her loyalty and her lofty patri
otism Instead of mobbing our soldiers, a
grand Sanitary Fair occupies the attention of
the city and of the whole State of Maryland.
Wo cannot give our readers anything moro
pertinent to the subject of this anniversary
man some account of tho proceedings Insugu
rating tho i.r, which took placo In Baltimore
last evening, the President of the United States
participating therein.
In tho afternoon a grand military parado and
review camo off, and the day was generally ob
served as a holiday. At six o'clock the Prcal
dent arrived, and was escorted to tho residence
of Win. T. Albert, Esq., President of tho Mary
land Btato Fair Association. In tho evening
the Fair building was opened, and after a
rervent prayer by Bishop Whi.tlncly.iLi, -Gov
ernor Bradford dellvored an eloquent, patrl
otic, and highly appropriate address. Wc ex
tract from tho Baltimore Amtncan a report of
the subsequent proceedings:
After the cheering had ended, and afier,
with great exertions, order had been secured
everybody being anxious to too tho President
he said, substantially!
LaJ'ui and Oentlement Calling It to mlud
that we are In Baltimore, we caunot fall to
pole thatthe world moves. Applause. Look
Ing upon the many people I see assembled here
to servo as they best moy tho soldiers of tho
Union, U occurs to ins that thrco years a&o
iuu.e .muicn coma not pass through ualtl
more. 1 would say, blessings upon the men
who havo wrought these changes, and the U
!Im who have assisted them. Applauso.
This chango which has taken place In Baltl.
moro Is Part only of a far wider chanro that Is
isklng placo all over the country.
When the war commenced, threo years aeo.
) one expected that It would last this Ion
nnd no one supposed that tbe Institution of
slavery would be materially aliccted by it But
here we arc. (Applause.) Tbe war U not tl
ended, aud slavery has been very materially
affected or Interfered with. I Loud applanse.l
Bo true 1b it that roan proposes and Qod dis
poses. Tho world Is in want of a good definition of
the word liberty. We all declare ourselves to
be for liberty, but wo do not all mean tbe ssme
loioff, come mean mat a msn can do as ho
pleases with himself and his property, Ap
plause. With others It means tbst some men
can aoaaiuejjpicuowuuoinermon and other
men's labor. Kacb of these things are called
..llUttr, atlho.gh thsj-.r. mtlrtl. dKrwtnt.'
Tn rlia an illustration) A UdIiiM dr m ihii
TPIl ircifl lilt ,UIUt, Wl lilt IUtT fl Ul .1 IMllRCU ,
by hlm.and tho sheep of course than! tho
Hi wolf dcnouoceihtmM dDoUlnjthethTil
ofhlilibertTiMnccUllTlf It be a black fthem. 1
: .-:.:". ? --r-
f Atinlsnie.1
This satno difference of opinion prevails
among some of she people of the North. But
tbe people of Msrvisud have recentlr been
doing something to properly define the mcan-
idroi iDtyworu, anu i manic mem irom ino
bottom or my heart for what they havo dono
and are doing. Applause.
It Is not very becoming for a President lo
make a speech at gTcat length, but thcro Is a
painful rumor afloat In the country, in refer
ence to which a few words shall be aald. It Is
reported that there has been a wsnton masss
creofsome hundreds of colored soldiers at
Fort Pillow. Tennessee, during a recent en
gagement there, and he thought It fit to explain
some facta In relation to the affair. It is said
by somo persons that the Government Is not In
this matter doing Ita dnty. At tbe commence
ment of the war it was doubtful whether black
men would bo used as soldiers or not. Tbo
matter was examined Into very carefully, and
after mature deliberation, tho whole matter
resting as It were with himself, he In bis judg
ment decided that they should. Applause.
He was responsible for the act to the Ameri
can people, t a Christian nation, to tho future
historian, and, abovo all, to his God, to "whom
he would have one day to render an account of
his stewardship. (Applause. lie would now
say that In his opinion the black soldier should
havo the same protection as tho white soldier,
and he would have It. Applause. It was an
error to say tbst tho Government was not act
ing In the matter. The Government has no
direct evidence to confirm tho reports in exist
ence relative to this massacre, but he himself
believed tho facts In relation to It to bo as
stated. When tho Government docs know the
facts from official sources, and they provo to
substantiate the reports, retribution will bo
surely given. Applause. 1
What Is reported, ho thought, would make
a clear case. If it is not true, then all such
stories are to be considered as false. If proved
true, when tho matter Is thoroughly examined,
what shape Is to bo given to the retribution?
Can we lake tho man who was captured at
Vicksburg and shoot him for the victim of this
massacre 7 If It should happen that It was the
act of only ono roan, what course Is to be pur
sued then I It was a matter requiring cartful
examination and deliberation, and If H should
be substantiated by sufficient evidence all
might rest assured that retribution would bo
had. Applauso.1
At the conclusion of the address of tho
President, some enthusiastic Individual pro
posed " three cheers for the next President of
the united b talcs," which were given with
xest. Frequently during bis remarks ho was
Interrupted by the applause of tho audience,
particularly when he enunciated the policy of
tho Government to retaliate for the brutal and
cowardly murder of any of Its soldiers white
or black.
At this part, Hon. Senator Wilson, of Mass-
tho President, W. J. Albert, Ksq., vthq Intro
duced him to tbe audience, and lu a neat and
brief address, presented Mrs. Governor Brad-
rord, president or tno Ladies' Organization,
with a magnificent Chinese silk shawl, on be
half of 31 r. Tobey, chairman of the Boston
branch of iho Christian Commission, and other
gentlemen of that city.
hemakkb or art. Wallace.
Cries of " Wallace." " Wallace." were made
In several parts of tho hall, and in response Mr.
Albert Introduced Geu. Wallace, who said.
Ladles and gentlemen, 1 have been under fire
a number of times, but I would beg you alt to
believe mo as telling tho truth, wt en 1 say that
my heart never beat faster than It docs now on
the present occasion. President Lincoln gave
me a commission m o rears ago as a Major Gen
eral, to fight not to speak, and I vsould beg to
bo excused on that account from eajln,; any
thing further In hla presence.
President Lincoln remarked that hu might
probably soon get up a big fight for him.
suv.ovmioivuniiurju uja remarke, iaung
thnt all understood tho proceeds of the Fair
were for the benefit of thu bOldt(ra nf thn arm
of tho Union. None knew tmw t?ffttrrui.v
'"' uicu iu vuuuciuuuuiu IDeuOBJiUai WOUlll
tvuiD tun uuuuij ui uiu viiizcDt oi Mur isno.
i uiLutuit. w u-w ui iuu loiaicr a grail
tnde as It was to tell of his triumphs or sorrows.
No tips could express it. Thcro arc two cIqssli
of soldiers' friends those who befriend the
living and the; well, and thoso who care for the
sick, the wounded, and tho dying. It was not
for him to sav it. but ho thouzht all couM trli
for themselves who wcro the moet worthy of
blessings and reward hereafter, andwhovtnnld
be tho most likely to receive sueb. Ihe Gen
eral coneluded by hoping the President would
exenso mm J or laming so long In bis presence,
and retired amid applauso.
Mr. Wilson u. Horner then sung with fino
cutct, wniio standing alongside of Prca.dt.ut
Lincoln, the song entitled, "Wo ore Coining,
Father Abraham, Five Hundred Thousand
More," assisted by tho National Union Musical
Association, and tho Inauguration ceremonies
were concluded.
Large numbers of ladles and scntlemen mado
a rush for tho prlvllego of shaking hands with
the President, who gratified quite a number.
but as the Indications were that tho whole three
thousand persons In tho Hall dealred to have
me same privilege, ana as air. Lincoln Lliceclf
11 111 ' h-lrt l.s on ihlnVlnr. knur It , n..A .
done, but could hoc no way of gratifying oil,"
ho waa escorted from the Platform bvthu mm.
mlttec, and after un Inspection of the main
.usi, wit.., uu ns csvuituu tu'iIcaiT1BEe, aim
prucwucu iu iuu rvuucnco pumlp, Allien.
m runic lu AVnll tercet.
YesUrJay was a melancholy day for thu
bears in Wall street, New Tork. The fancy
stocks tumbled, and tho bears wcro Jubilant.
Tho fancies had been worked up to Ihe maxi
mum of Inflation, oier fourteen millions of
greenbacks had been paid for gold certificates,
the banks had cut down their loans during tho
lest week over fivo aud a quarter millions, the
money market was awfully tight, and tho bot
tom fell out of several large tubs, Morse A. Co.,
leading stock brokers, stopped paymsnt, certi
fied checks could no longer be used In settling
balances, and legal tenders were reckoned two
per cent, higher than tho ehecks.
To-day tho stock market Is " panic!.)," and
at noon gold was selling at lCOjQlO'j;.
Komluatlon Dccllueit.
We arc requested by William DUoii, Ktij.,
who was nominated as a dt legato to thu Union
National Convention at tho Republican mass
meeting In this city last Friday evening, to
Btato that ho dcclluis to bo eonildered n enndi
date for that ofllcc.
Water Tax.
The bill to remedy defects iu the workings of
tho law relative to levlng a water tax In
Georgetown, authorizes the reduction of the
double tax on corner lots, to a levy upon sev
enty five ftctof each ltd only. It nUopiovldos
for a general nater taxofone-llfthof ono mill.
Metllcnl ami Hoij.ltNl lrf artutciit of th
Tho FluaueC lomiuitteti luis rt ported tho
army appropriation bill lm tJ..- next tibial
year, with an ameudmeut stparating Into dif
ferent beads tho gross appropriation of S,-
035,000 for the Medical and Hospital Depart
ment, as follows i
For hoipltftl stores, buildioci, tVo.
For hospital furniture and fleld
. . . zt oj mo
ci, nil
For books, tatlooery, printing, vc
For Ice, fruits, he
For boipllal elotMng
For cltucn nurses -
"" " 1
ai 000
6 000
i-or car oi men in pnvaie i p,'iii
For arttaclal Hints lor soldiers and sea
mn ,
Fnreitlzcn plnslclan and their medi
cine For hirtot clerks and laborer
For unteorologleal otiirrvatlons at mill
tarrposts Far array medical museums. .,..
ForoonUDffent xjenic
For laboratory lor testwm medicines..
ForwaablxgandwMhlasniashines. ..
UlJLrtJrtliVl lit
. .... aut attt 4-nH .
' '"' HANA, A fcoMI.iao, abd
' '-
" "r FIW.
New Yore. April W. The Attain Havana
letur contains a report that tho pirate Florida
mas at Remodloa, Several Union vessels are
said to have gone In pursuit.
The schooner Belle, from Mobile, was sum
moned to surrender, and fired Into by tho
unuca ntaics sicamcrjiangoiu, wunin iouror
fivo hundred yards of the Moro Castle.
A claim for damages will be sent on to
Washington by tbe Cuba a Government.
Matamoraa dates to tho SOth ultimo report
there has "been aa yet no demonstration by tho
Tho French expedition was not ready to
leave Vera Crux till after the 1st of April.
The Insurgents In Ban Domingo were re
pulsed In the attack on Porto Plain, leaving
two hundred dead on the field.
Latait from Kuropt,
New York, April 18. The steamship Bcolla
has arrived, with dates to the Cth Inst.
In the lions o of Commons. Lord Palmcrslon
said all tbe Powers which signed the treaty of
1853 have consented to send representatives to
a conference. No answer has been received
from the German Diet. The conference would
endeavor to restore peace without an armis
tice between the Germans and Denmark.
MiHBtanfleld has resigned his position In
tbe Government.
BrAcnew cave notice that he would ask
Government, on tho 8th, whether reports havo
been received from consular officers In the
United States to the effect that E cells h sub
jects havo been kidnapped and detained, and
oiaerwise ouirageu, wun ma oojectoi lorciog
them to serve as soldiers in the Federal army.
iJurae,iiiiTscaruo uau inorea in ino uonse oi
Lords for the correspond enco In reference to
the removal of Ilrttlsh consuls from Southern
ports. The motion was agreed to.
Tho Duko of Newcastle has resigned, and
Cardlval has succeeded to the Colonial Secre
tary sb I p.
Eord Clarendon has accepted the Chancellor
ship of the Dnchy of Lancaster,
Tho London Times says the acceptance by
Maximilian of tbe Mexican throne Is doubtful.
The Confederate loan Is quoted at M&3.
Virginia G's have declined 1 per cent.
All the Powers Interested have agreed to hold
a conference. Franco will only ask the Inhab
itants of the Duchies to declare what govern
ment they prefer, in tho event of the greater
part of the Powers abandoning tho treatise of
Tbo Courts of London, Home, Vlonna, Iter
Hu, St. Petersburg, Spain, and France, bare
agreed to recognize the Emperor of Mexico Im
mediately on his accession to the throno.
Tbe Prussians had cannonaded Duppel with
out warning.
Sondcrberg was bombarded on tho 31 Instant
and burned.
The Austria ns aud Prussians had turned the
position of Duppel by crossing to Alscn Islsnd.
Den mirk scuds her foreign minister to the
Six thousand Danes have deflated tho Prus
sians at Vlclle.
Ihe House of Lords had given Judgment In
tho case of tbo Alexandra adverse to tbe Crown,
and dismissing tho appeal from the Judgment
of the courts.
Tho iXiitu Vftrx stsles that thu dlilleultlf
about tho acceptance of the Mexican crown by
Maximilian have bcrn solved by a compromise
with tho Emperor of Austria, and the Arch
duke will shortly proceed to Mexico.
1 he Prussians hnd driven In the Danish out
posts and occupied a position 2S0 paces nearer
Tho bombardment of Sonderburg lias ceased,
and the town was burning In several places.
Eighty women and children were killed and
the town deserted by the Inhabitants.
Consols closed on the bth atOl'jlj
Uncrrllla Uiirtlalloui In Arkansas.
Cairo, April 17. Late adtlccs from Du
nlPs lllnff report the country Infested with
guerrillas, who are constantly robbing people
and commuting all manner of depredations.
Mr. Nixon, the Statu representative from
Franklin tounty has buen murdered, and tho
representative irora Arkansas county kid-
napped. .Nomine lias been beard from Ibem.
On tho 1UU lost, four hundred Texan cav
alry attempted to surprise a calup of twef hun
dred and forty federals at Koscvlllc, on tho
Arkansas river, but wero rcpulicd, with the
loss of twehc killed and a largo number
wounded. Our lots was 11 . c Killed Tho light
lotted four houri
Poit Orrice Arm ui Maryland llnf
I rjiniaafid Vtwitylvanla. At lleneruld, Wash
ington county, Mainland, John D. Newcomer
Is appointed postmaster, lce Solomon Beard,
A now ofilce is established at West, Wvtzcll
county, West Virginia, and John L. Hlgglna
appointed postmaster, directly on the route
from llcltou to New Martinsville.
A new office Is established at Sbcrmau Wells,
cuango county, Pennsylvania, bctwcenMll
ler Farm and Funksvlllu, and Wallace Ward
appointed postmaster.
Tbo ofllco at Kcefer's store, Franklin county.
Is discontinued. Letters and newspapers should
now be sent to Chambersburg.
JsimatUn JtipotnteiL Jacob Martin, poet
master at Martinsville, Lancaster county, Pa.,
vice Benjamin Kecs, resigned.
William Itodgcrft, postmaster at Terra Hill,
Lancaster county, l'a , lce William S. Shirk,
Ezra W. Sweely, iKHtmablcr at Loyalsock,
L)comlng count, Pa., Uee Stephen Tomlln
son, resigned.
A. J. Jardlnc, toelmn&(cr at North Star,
Allegheny county, Pa., cc John Jardlne
roofed awaj.
Appolutmeiils by Owe President,
lij and vilK the Adtlce end tontent of the SeiutU.
Daniel W. Wilder, or Kansas, to bo Survc) or
General of Kansas and Nebraska.
First Lieutenant Philip C. Kennedy, lo bo a
captain In tho Marino Corps, from tho lGtb of
February, 101, lco Cajtalu Alan Kaniscy,
Second Lieutenant John C. Harris, to bo a
first lieutenant In tho Marino Corps, from the
lbth February, lbOl, I e P. C. Kennedy, pro
moted. Frooi Uregou.
We havo received files of Oregon papcisto
tho 1st of March. A new paper Is to bo estab
lished at Albany, by Ihe Albany Printing and
Publishing Company, It Is to lu called tho
Albany Journal t and will be thuroughly Union.
An elegant building Is In the courso of erec
tion near the mouth of the Columbia, aud will
probably open by tbo middle ol May. It Is
or pec ted that this haul will soon become a
fashlonablr resort, "as a watering place."
Washington's birth-day was celebrated In
Oregon with much spirit In several places
collections wcro mado for tho Sanitary Com
mission. Tho Walla alia Matchum publishes a long
account of tho sufferings of a parly of gentle
men who were returning from Elk City to
'Stinking Water" mines. Tho parties eon
sleted or Messrs. Danlol McKInncy, P. K
Yount, M. Adams, John Murphy, and Solo
rnouKcjB. Alter being lost for some lime In
the mountain, without provisions andsuflerlug
greatly, they wcro found and carrlA to Willow
Lrcck on hand-banows. The party left Elk
City on the 6ih of October, and reached Willow
Creek ou the 'J-Jd of December, In a deplorable
condition. Ibe Portland Ad tootle mentions that tho
Hon. Daniel S. Dickinson and, Hevcrdy Johu
son, Esq., wcroexpeclod In San Francisco lo
urguu an important mlnlug suit.
'Ihe following prices aro quoted at PoitUud,
March 1st Flour H.?5&5.NJ per barrel,
wheat, 73 cents ptr bushel oatsoUdo.; bacon,
17 cents, hams, 17 do.f butter liSQ-liJ cents per
pound; eggs, if cents per doxeni winter applun,
V) ,, i,ts, aud Ull do., 87 cents.
Caitlrb or Tome.10. Iho lultblrJu.u
rtTCDau xttamer Ifefcukii. Joliu (1. Baker.
i.ieuienani unmmnnm&irt cm tuo etii insinui,
captiired four thousand pounds of tobacco,
ixjonfrin to hlockade-montrB, rblch wcro con-
feflIttl !" s arnp In orthumhcrland county,
Vlrfrlnln 'Ihrrctwcra some rebel soldlern In
Iho lrlnlty at the time, bnt they took toylluht
on tho advanre of ihe r.o's crerr of tho Her.
cnk'S anil thi-ltf rf I tl..r..elTe In the woods
rt''. r.iuii
Ia?"Sec Cr 1 ","t!lnfs tf Diu
City Councils
Second Edition
Tho Committee on the District of Columbia
tO-dav rpnorlod fatornblr. wlLhnnlamni1mnt
upon the Mil to provide for the formtrton and
rrgniauon or corporations.
I.ery Court.
Mr. Wlllcy has reported adversely upon the
bill to amend the act to dsfloe the powers and
duties of the Levy Court.
Naval Changes,
Commander R. T. Kcnahaw. detached from
tho Louisiana and ordered North.
Lieutenant Commander T. S. FlUebrowu.
detached from tho command of the Chenango
to await orders.
Lieutenant C. M. Schoonmaker. ordered to
the Iron clad battery Manhattan.
Assistant Surgeons A. W. H. Hawkins, W,
C. Lyman, T. E. Potter, N. L, Baxter, Adrian
Hinds, and T. 8. D. Tuthlll, ordered to be ex
amined with a view to promotion to full rank
of surgeon.
G rover's Combination Company.
Crorsr's Theatre waa erowdrd last nlcht. and
the " Phlladtlphla company " raids their dttnd be
fore one of the molt enthusiastic audiences of the
season. ' Colleen Dawn" was put upon tbe stats
mest admirably, but w must eonfrss that w
havo strait belter playsd at Crovsr's. Wswlll
cot point out the defects and short'tomltiffs oi
soma at the players, bowers r. That would be do
unwe'eome task to tha one whosa temper and dis
position has tn sweettned by a ssasoo of such
op ratls performances as we have lately enjoyed
at ins sims taeatrs. miss Sophia Cimbtr, navlnr
just eotered the blissful stats f matrtmooy, was
not a Die i appear, as announced, la the part oi
Klly O' Corner, and Ihe rrcttr MIm Effle Cermon
was her subiHtute.
lo-oifmveare to bare Hit "Tloiet-or-wsvs
Mao,1 In a etyla superior to any representation of
that famous and never ttrloc pleee In this city.
Kopp.tz.wn.il aprlncsla ths realm of oatrut,
horse-hair, aid rosin, oaee more appears as leader
of the orchestra, and It does one's (musical) soul
rood to see aid heir him.
TcrCentcnary Anniversary of gliaks
ncar The WashlitoaLlteraryand Dramatic Aisocla
tlen are perfartlor their preparations for a grand
festival at tbe Washing too Theatre on Saturday
evening nixt in eommemoratloa of the three hun
dredth annlvermyof the birth of tbe Immortal
bard of Avon. This anniversary would hsrdlyhava
tea noticed properly in Washington If this enter
prlslnt; assoaiatlon had not entered Into the spirit
of the mattei. We shall speak In detail of tbe en
tertainment to be given on the occasion before the
evening arrives.
Cevaotei wis bora la Spain on the same dv that
brought S'lakspearo Into the worlJ, and when
Shakspeare was writing " Lear," Cevantrs was
writing " rjo Quliote."
N First Session
Tl-esdat, April ltt. 1M4.
Mr. Johnson preecnlod tbe petition of Clark
Mills In nference to the statuary and extend
ing tbe scuth wing of the Capitol to correspond
with the lorth wing, which was referred.
1 'Mr. Su tiner endeavored to tret up the reso
lution for fixing a quorum of the Senate. He
remarked that experience here yesterday, when
thu Scnatowasor a time without a quorum,
showed the necessity of fixing a quorum, as a
msjorlly cf tha actusl members Instead of
what would constitute a majority of tbe whole
Senate, provided all tho States were repre
sented. The resolution was not taken up.
Air. unmet, irom lue ciommuicoon ino lis-
LrUtof Columbia, report! back tbo bill to
omeua me aei to mcorporato tno lnnanitants
of Washington, passed May 15, 1830, with a
recommendation that the amendment of the
House thereto bo concurred In.
Tho amendment Is a now section, as follows:
Sec. '-i. That Immediately after the apprpval
of this act, the Corporation shall designate
some proper officer thereof, whose duty It shall
bo to sco that tho provisions of this act are
properly executed, and that tho principal
avenues and streets of said elty are so cleaned
and watered as to be at all times reasonably
clear and free from dust, and also to keep the
pavements 'and sidewalks upon said avennes
and streets at all times in suitable and proper
repair; and It shall further bo the duty of the
said corporation to take auch means as tbey
deem wlso to promoto some uniform and gen
eral system of drainage for said city.
The amendment was adopted, and the bill
Tbo bill to amend tbo enrolment act so as to
confer tho rank and emoluments of Brigadier
General upon the Provost Marshal General of
tho United States, camo up as tho unfinished
business of tbe morning hour, and was passed
after a brief debate.
Air. WUley, from the Committee on the Di
strict of Columbia, reported back the bill to
amend the act to extend tho powers and duties
of the Levy Court of tho couuty of Washing
ton, with a recommendation that It do not pais,
IIo also reported from tho same committee,
the bill providing for corporations and rcgn
latlng the same in the District of Columbia,
with a recommendation that it do pass.
The House concurred In tbe amendment of
tho Senate to the Jlouio resolution directing
the Committee on the Conduct of the War to
Inqulro Into tho facts attending the attack upon
Fort Pillow.
Tho House wont Into Committee of tho Whole
on tho ststo of tho Union Mr. Washburne, of
Illinois, In tho chair and proceeded to tho con
sideration of the Internal lax BUI.
Mr Morrill, of Vermont, made an able speech
in support of tho bill. Ho spoke hopefully of
our national prosperity, Ur sustainlm? thu
credit of tho Government, and with tho dash of
(Jen. urant,wno never laus with the enemy, we
shall como out of tho contest brilliantly.
Mr. Stobblns, of New York, advocated tho
duty of tho Government to sustain Us own life,
and showed that our means are sufficient to
preserve tho credit of the country, and to bring
us successfully through this war, which ho
thought could cud only by the rebels submit
ting themselves to the Constitution and laws.
1 llsb.1 Torpedo llo.t V.vlil Suuk
' It Is belleTcd at tbe Xay l)errtment that
! Lle.t. Dlzon ana ms utile torpedo boat, tbo
1 UailJ, lie sldo by side with the llousatonlc, at
I tbe bottom of tbe water. Tbe big ship sucked
I tbe llttlo one doirn with her All was oxer In
die minutes. rtUnburg Ktprcu, April 6.
j Dims or n Awuiicm Ladi in Eudoi'E.
'Ihe London Anrfsaysi " Amonir tbo passen
I Rors for New York wbkb left Southampton
I Aptll 11, In tho Oormanla was ilr. llanttTllle,
an Amorlcsn Ksntlemsn, on bis wsy to America
from Marseilles, with the corpse of his wife.
Bhe was the dsughtcr of ei-Uov. Fish, and one
I uf tbe most beautiful women In the Unltod
1 Hutu. At tbe inasnluccm ball riven at New
I York to tbo Prince of Wales, Miss Fish lod olf
the hall with his itoyai ingunces."
.Major General 0. (J. Washburne, of Wlscou
1 .In. ins bcoa ordered to tsku coinmimd or thn
1 Department of West Tennessee, in placo of
I uencrai jiuriuui, rvn;vi.u, wno id oraorod to
I report by lotter to tbe Adjutant (Jencral In
1 Washington. General Washburne to-day left
this city for Memphis.
Tho l'arls correspondent of the London
' Tumi, under date of April 1st, nllad.ng to tho
I arrlral of tho Confedcralt .learner Ocort'la In
I tbo river Olronde, says .
"As ships hailog gunpowder on boaid are
not pcrralltod to como up to bordeaux, the
Georgia was forced to csst anchor opposite to
I Lormsnt, whero she remains. The Georgia Is
1 n very flue ship, carrying 20 guns and a rrew
I of S00 men."
General Slongh Is to he relloted from the
command at Alexandria, as Its military gover
nor. and sent 10 New Mexico to relleye Qcn.
1 Carlton.
Haw Torkllcxk Mark.l.
(Brth.reofVf Us..
lito.D oat-Nir Voaa, April nj. -
R'siIIiik .'.... j.. ii; 1M (JU
Mlchlffan Central ,;. IMV
Mlfhliran southern...;;." f (9 00
- - Guaranteed. ISfl A'
mino.a Cntrat j. 131)ffvlS2
leteland and nttflmrfb 104 (a
Galena iU(A
Tclntn llXf2IIS
Roev Wand H
rott Wayne lot iaiOd
Telrilo snd ttttebu'Kh .. wiA 70
Altnn and Terr. Haute S8
" " Preferred. . M (S
Mllvraukle and Tralrla 1u Chlen. . at !(( SI
rumberland and North Weelarn. 4?Vffi 4
u. s mo'i loev,(S)tlo
U. . CettiHeatet nr,(S m
Canton 4xffi
Cincinnati v,6b toii
qulckiilrrr MX 19
raoin. Mail , 110 !ll
New York Ceatral I9VA
Erie. .....) 1. 109u.(id
Erl. rreferred. 1 tosxiftica
Hudaoa .. 1S4I4W
Htrlem IB. rAlSI
- Freferred lot (S -
nattina f the Prestcl.nt,
ItALTiMoni. April 19. rrcsidcnt Lincoln re
turned to Washington this morning. Ha ex
pressed himself highly gratified with his Visit
10 uaiiimoro.
Captur. of UncllsouTlll.. KcnltieUr.
LocUTIiXt, April IB. Bennett', guerrilla
band, on Thuredsy. captured MadlsonTlllo,
Gen. Shackelford. Frorost Marshal Dscker-
noen, of that place, and seTeral citizens all of
wnom were auoscciuentiy released, no inrtner
Troops M.Tina; to th. Field.
Bosioir. April 10. Tho 31st Malno regiment,
nowly enlisted, passed through. hero last night,
for Annapolis. Th. U3d Maine regiment, also
new corps, leave Augusta to-day, for tha samo
destination. Tho, 16th Massachusetts battery,
newly enlisted, also leava to-day. The SOlh
Massachusetts, veterans, also leavo to-day, for
rew uicans.
A Gallant n.b.1 Wldorr Hraaks ll.r I.g
in Den. .rerun imprisoned. LAY.r.
A good loolilng young widow who "bosses"
a sewing machine In Wheeling, Ya.. la In love
with a notorious rebel bushwhackor who has
committed several murders of Unionists and is
now con&ned In the Wheeling Jail. Ills nsma
Is George Dusky, a son of tho notorious Dan
Dusky, and the widow's name Is Mary lirlggs.
Mary was allowed to carry delicacies to George
until sbo was detected in attempting to pass
something of a contraband nature through tbe
bars of his cell, after which she was debarred
by the Jailor from sbo premises.
Lsst Wednesday night, about 10 o'clock, tha
Jailor heard a noise on the outside of the south.
era wall of tha prison, and went round there
with a lantern, when be discovered a psreel on
tbe ground. While in the act of picking up
the mysterious package, the widow Brlggs
alighted on his back from tho wall, which was
twelve or fifteen feet high, and disputed his
possession of the property In tho fall her
right leg was broken Just above the ankle, but
she struggled manfully, and In tho contest a
bottle of nitric acid was broken, and the con
tents spilled upon tbo Jailor aniLMrs. Brlggs,
both of whom were stained and burned. The
valiant shscesh finally esnk exhausted, and was
carried Into tbe Jail and placod under surglcsl
The Jailor upon examining tha parcel found
that It contained a bottlo of chloroform, a bot
tle of nitric add, a chisel, a box of stool pens
and two love-letters from Mrs. Brlggs, a copy
of tha Frcanan?t Journal ana a copy of tho
Cincinnati Enquirer!
Tbo Wheeling InUlligcntir esys that tout Is a
word of hardly sufUclent strength to dcscrlbo
onu of the letters. The lnrstuated woman had
climbed to the wall with a ladder, and was
about to attach tno packago to a long pole and
extend It to tho window of her Dusky's cill,
when alio dropped It, and was thus discovered.
Klnjc Cotton Discrowned.
Thu following extract from tbo I.ondon cor
respondenco of the Boston ComrnonwtoiiA Is
significant :
Tho embarro ou cotton bv which tho Rich
mond authorities hoped still lo Influence tho
action of England concerning the Confederacy,
was announced here under circumstance, which
caused a laogh to pass the rounds of all the
Boards of Trade. It coincided with the newa
that tho Indian cotton crop would not bo less
than 3.000,000 bales; that a first Instalment of
oG7,00-J bales wcro already on tho sea from
China and India; that a steady working for
five days In tha week on Surat cotton was
already secured in the factorios of Lancashire;
that for tho first time slnco tbe fsll of Sumter a
steady decline In the price of raw material (In
cluding American) bad setlni that tbe cotton
Board of Lancashire had, under the cheerful
prospect, changed from weekly to fortnightly
meetings; and that, (best of all) this meant
the grander success of the perpetual dlecnthral
ment of tbe cotton market from the South and
slavery. A writer In tbe TiUyraph (a paper
bitterly hostllo to tha North) says or tha Con
federate embargo 1 "Tha South cherishes a fond
delusion. Cotton Is no longer king at Rich
mond, and this latest action of tbo Confedrate
Government sounds more like a table-rapping
by bis spirit than a genuine edict of tho mon-
arcu wuo was uuco au-puwenui in Virginia
and the couuty palatine. Cotton Is now a
democratic power domiciled throughout every
region of the tropics."
Oun KirniaisTATiva in Wist I'oint AcadJ
Eur. inn circuuiBcaucca 01 t-ue selection, ly
Mr. Daw cs, of tho present representative of this
congressional district in West Point Academv
are Interesting, and the representative himself
an illustration 01 tno grace 01 democratic in
stitutions qulto worthy being mado a nolo of.
Mr. Dawes had had 111 luck in three selections
of voung men lnfluentlally connected, well
bred, well educated. They had failed and been
sent away from the academy within tha first
year. He was determined now to search the
highways and byways for one t. confer tho
cherished opportunity upon. Having acci
dentally learned of an Irish lad In the farming
town of Cheshire, who had sucked the schools
of tbe village dry of all tbelr intellectual food,
and hungered for mro, he sought blm out, and
found him shoveling sand with his father, a
common day laborer.
After some palns-taklnir ha cot tbo father to
understand what West I'oint was, and that he
proposed to send his boy there for tho best edu
cation the country afforded; then he bad tbo
uoy examinea in ms studies, ana finding him
worthv. cave iilm the BDDolntmcnt. and now
lie is cujoylng It, and earning 11, too, by a
cuuinrBuip umuuK mo very uesc ana a Charac
ter irreproachable. Mr. Dawes alluded to his
caso the other day, In a debato in tbo House on
the question of raising the pay of tha cadets in
tha acadomy; to which tha objection was made
that most of tha cadets wero sons of rich men,
wno couiu waao up auy aeuciency. lint Air.
Danes and other members testified that many
poor boys wcro there, wholly dependent ou the
(iovernment pay for food and clothlnc cvorv.
thing. Mr. Dawes said his boy never saw so
largo a aum as eou one 01a montniy pay; uutli
he went to West Point, aud ho needed an In
crease lu these times. It will bo a comfort and
a pride, wo are suro, to watch tbo progress of
luia iau; aua wu inaoK jur. uawoa lor so nu
selfish and wise and deserved a cholco.
BprinnfltUI Jtepublttan,
Uas 14 Kbusldow. Qas has shared In tbo
rlso of alt articles of household uso. The face
tious editor of tbo Petersburg Jtegittir soys that
- never, wnue memory noias ner scat,' win he
fnrtrot lit si !! nitartra rraa t.lll
, VIS.IB SIS- VM-a..vi. s. Si a 444,
"Bunllght and tho air of heaven are all that
in .n tia 11 a nn inn nia iprmi. whhf imLKU.
aod flows as freely as ever, hat it costs moro to
A boiler explosion la a sawmill, In Arcadia,
Wayne count 7, killed ono of tho employees,
throwing him SO feet, dashing; his face against
a post. Om piece of Iron, 15 feet long, waa
turown 10 leei.
Mr. Bplancr, tbe AllUtant Trcaenrcr, Is
RssctriD rxoif iRrlur-TesterdsT After.
iifton-a rent Wat,, from lUUImnrewnma to this
ltysnd WsHtttotbaCftpUol Hill P stttloa
hemes, where he lnfornetl sew" mistcatl that
OB dsvi ivBciTfw iniormaiion inai'Aia aaogni.tra
flamed Ksts, who b4 sbsadonsd her horns in Bw
1 1 mors itTcrftJ wseks (, wu reaa tm the strtsts
of WsiMetton by hr titer (who rcsldti htr),
urn. wta followed to n hnuss ol 111-rtputs on Thlr
tsrnth street wrst, No. 490. Th Ktntltmsa wsi
strseiftr here, and did not know wblthtr to turn
Ms footsteps whilst la quest of his dligrsotd
dftiifMcr. who Is about fourt tn years of (, well
dsrcloped In form, rather pleating la address, Qd
bloomlor with beauty
She had a mark oa her check which fttlthhorsd
a dimple wheoerer her UpswouM b wreathed n
suUee Md, which ehowsd Itself perotptlbly whea.
ter ehVtaanlfeited eoltoqulal animation. With,
thla facial gutdn to direct hla judcia ent, the lerssaat
la eltliaa'a elothloa; immediately repaired with tha
father to thsvlelnliy but experienced eonalders-
bis trouble Id nadt tha dealred locality, Be
eTeral houses on Thirteenth street had tae lock-td-ror
number thla occurring from the prsctlo
nbaerred by brothel proprletreaiee la euanrintx
their numbers for the imrpoi of dotldos; bills of
ladletments which fix tha exact situation.
The lerjceaDt, alter learls tha father at a near
corner, went to on,houe marked 480, sod rang
tha bell. The feminine coryphees of the houae
responded to tha nog. Tha sergeant entered
andaakadto ae Mies Kate . , whan ha was
told that no lady of that nama resided in tha
houe. The rrrceant then wlahed to know tea
nsma of oaa who wss thum rotor oa a p'ano
forle, and was altogether sstliQed with tha an
awer. He then aeated hlmialf beilda tha hair
nude artlite, and eagscsd la a conmiallon whlefc
aeemed to captlrats her delltbt. Presently tha
dimples were dltptared, and lo I the facial mark by
which aha waa dlstlnfulihei. Tha sergeant asked
her whence she cane. Kho replied, from Boston.
"Can you tell ma about a Miss sterenson who Urea
In such n part of the city, telllnt tha street 1" aald
tha sergeant. "No, I can't," replied tbe girl, tir
ing lo tba word "can't1 the southern pronunela
tlon of tha "a," and not Its Italian sound aa em
ployed la New England. .
The sergeant then stated that he was looking for
a lady named Kate . sha replied that auob. a
lady was there a few data ago. The sergeant aald
nothing, but left, knowing that ha had found tha
right house and conversed with tha looked fbr
lady, atnee the marlc on her face, Her Southern
rroaunelatloo, bound her ta ilaltlmot. II re
urned in ft short time with the fatbi,who was
lmmcdlatelyreeognlted by th dsughter and tha
scene which then transpired would baffle not only
deaerlption but even conception. It wat a real
traniorlpt of Orld'a Callita or Goethe's Margaret.
Around gtrl, merging Into womanhood, a month
ago environed by the enjoyments of a happy horns
and lapped In tno dcllahfaof Innocence, now in
veigled Into vicious habits by aa elder member of
her own aei. suoDorted bv lascivious rmriulU.
The girl returned to her home with her father,
repentlar of tha course she waa commenclM.
Like Calls t a when reproached by tha nymphs of
Ulan, jiks iuarxaret wnen at me iouniain,wno waa
ps(,ulnadad by a aliter vlrgla. aod aha replied,
" Yet If I sinned, the sin came In shana ao lovelv
that I loved It " Kite, like them, showed signs of
reprniKQcc, ana exniDiiea, or ino uiusnea wnicn
tinged her cheeks, traces of Irtue, of a character
uoblemlihed by crime.
This is Oft It abb of tnanv almltar eaatna. Wa
withhold the name, because we think tbe public a
tlon might plunge the unfortunate girl Into sternal
Infamy. This la th second or third case recorded
thus 1st thla week In the police annals, of girls
itcu irumruin.
DiUBTias A P msn is did. Tho followlnir
persons have been taken charge ol by Captain
Subeeti'e detectives, William Smith, list Feonsyl
vania volunteers! James Soloman, ud New York
Independent battery. Camp JJarryt William Ben
nvt, cuinpiiuf r,u aviiirigt -.oiunictri( sioaa nan
som, ChArlea Smith. Frederick Woolbert, sad r'w
iui iuucrcuuus) ustiicrji itgiiu umipajf juisju(i
Jourdon. and John Redman, supposed ueaertersi
Felix Sabay, company G, ol a Michigan regiment
of sharps hooters .stationed near AnnayollBt John
K. Worson. S3d New lork independent battery i
Charles uHairont 33d New York independent bat
reryi unanea comne, 31 Connecticut heavy bat.
teryt John Bryan, 12th United States, company A
lit Dattalloni Georce Jeilrevs. 10th New ork
heavy Artillery, company It William Brown, 1st
Mmuniucui catwairj) xtenjstlULa iUBaVOnKiU, 0001
pany A, lBth hfaasachu setts volunteersi Jha
Bruce, a supposed deserter t Jamea Richardson,
rnmiianv C Ath Ksui l'nb tilt....
wwiwshh j , w tv avsasb s.a,iiiss.ij
Cook vi. Cuiunifiuim. EduarrJ Vnrton.
colored, who Is a cook at tho Amerlcsn Hotel, on
Iodlsna avenue, wa arrested thla morning by
nvuuuimiii n,snim,iu iqb sevenia preoinof, upoii
the aharae ot commlttlnr an atiaillt anil liatteptr
upon Cella A. Fdetln, who Is a chambermaid in
the same hotel. Cella wished to procure some hot
water and waa refused by the cook, when a quar
rel ensued, which resulted In Norton's choking
Cella, by throwing a handkerchief around her
neck and pulling it tight. Very ohlratrouat Nor-
ten was lauen Detore justice uioerion, who cocv
mlttcd him to Jail for court.
Cuargcu with IUn. A Ucnaau domestic
named Mania Alt Wll arrat(t naaUntaw aflah
noon by Fatrolman rullin upon the suspicion of
- sui) "uluiui uuui mi (-sjatauraot oi Caspar
Sauer. She was taken before Justice Bos well, but
wa OU mlsied for want of sufficient evidence.
Menla then lodged complaint against Herr Caspar,
charging him w.th an attempt to violate her per.
son seicral weekaalnce. Ha waa required by Jus
tice Boswell to give security for a further hearing.
im. A tiro broke out Itilfl moral tiff about
half past s o'clock la a large brick house on Poto
mac street, opposite the Hour mill of Messrs. Ray
A. Bro , and owned by George Mil, Jr. The flames
were discovered by patrolmen Find ley and Robin
on, in time to save the property from very great
damage. The Are ta supposed to have been tho
" ma, ui nu iUlIUUIAIJi
Cacuut at Last. A woman namod Mary
Keenan Was arrested laatrrdkV afTr-t-nnnn thn.it
two o'clock, by Sergeant Hepburn, of the Tenth
precinct, upon the vherge or atcallng a chair from
tha house of Mrs. Boyle, on Virginia avenue. She
was beastly Intoxicated at the time, and waa
locked up la tio stitlon house Thla morning, not
being able to pay a fine Imposed for drunkenness
and disorderly conduct, she waa about to be aent
to the workhouse, whea she waa -recognised aa a
woman who waa arrested several weeks ago upon
.usj tuaige ui aicAiius; overcoat irom ur, iiaies,
the soan manufacturert and who aicattavl from th
cell In which she was confined. She was, therefore,
aautw au m luituil USJ(,1U UJ alUBSlUV UBIV11.
Youso Diadou. Thrco colored boys, namod
Madison Jackson, James Jordan, and Wm. Parker,
were arrested yesterday afternoon bv Patrolmen
Doyle, skinner, and Carraehcr upon the charge of
:? ' . u",gu,c'' iiwjrwinuounea ivun Mill
on the Island and drove overcome soft bfleka. be-lontTlogtoJamessllason.dologdamagstoaeonsld-erabl
amount. They were taken before Justice
Boswell and fined Jordan and Parker Sio each.
The case of the other was ruled far a further
' ' "
Arrest op a Dsseutih. acorge Thompson,
supposed deserter, ws arrested by one of capt,
Dolan's detectives, and locked up in tho Central
SiaiiATu Bcuool Aknivbrsart. A meeting
to take into consideration the propriety of holding
a Sabbath school annlvenary celebration, waa
held in the rooms of tbe Young Men's Christian
Aiioolatlon, yesterday afternoon. Representa
tives from twenty-one schools of the Sunday
School Union, of this city, were present, and they
decided unanimously that such a celebration
should be hU.
District Suprcin Court Urlmlual Term.
iptit 19 Mary Blake, indicted upon the charge
of keeping a bawdy house, waa found not guilty.
Thccase of John McNally, indicted forurccny.
is on trial. "
Levi Pumphrey,who was committed to Jail upon
a charge of assault and battery, without being ln
Sloted, was ordered to bo discharged from Jail, If
uviaiutii luciv uuu uii uiurr vjiaigc.
Urphaus' Court.
jddoc run(.su.L.
Apt U 19. First rrneral aeeount of lfearv Wta.
ver, guardian to Theodore Barnes, onihan ol Ho
ratio Barnes, was app orcd and passed.
The tlrat and final account ot Moses Kelly, ad
mlnlstratorof Wm. W, Rusiell, was approved and
Tnomas Burke was appointed guardian to the
orphans of Patrick Gleason.
Wm, Crown took out letters of administration
o iue personal csiaie 01 iieary uuitiuge,
Thna. Iliittin wu inn laleil auardlan tn Thtrli
deus 8. Hutton, orphan of Isaac 0, Mutton, let of
rtairiaa county, .
Timothy llarrloston took out latter of admin
istration on th estate of PatrUk llarilnirton.
Louisa R. Joy was qualltlcd as admlnlstr atria of
a men a jucusmci.
Purt or GxonaETOWM, V, 0., Afbjl IS. Cleared!
Barge Great Route, Cole, whltehouseisch. lair
America, ucai niuu, cu, mif, iiuuiier, Hoop
er's Island) sen Mechanic, Cryer, JJenlenaburgi
sch. Alabama, Picrson, Baltimore, sob. Chief. Ao.
couacisch, iHrector, AcBomae, sou. William, Ao
oomac) sloop D. A. Newlng, Anammeslxistr. Fair
batiks, New Vorksoh. Laurel, Harden, Baltimore)
uii, auhiv sviunr, iurii, oi, i(rys son, war
talma, Bailey, l'hlladelphiat ach. Flight, MoNami
ra, PatapBoo rlvert sch Ferdinand, Jones. Bait
more, soh, Anu nek re U. Lodre. Snow H tilt ban
viii auhiv sviunr, iurii, oi, i(rys son, mary
Great Western, Clark, Mattawumani ach. Samuel
Poulsoil. Baltimore, bane Uarv Catharine. Harris.
Mettawomani barge General Worth, Zunda, Aceo-
Daivui .uaiyianu, f oiiweil, tff. Piarjii
ToucB JIattbhs. Tho followlnc Is copied
from the return of police sargeant Jbn T. Fiscx,
of the Third pretlacti Walter T. Bait, pbyslolaa,
carrying a concealed weapon 1 lined aso Kitty
Jlmmerson, drunk and disorderly 1 nncd S4t.
George Phllllpi, throwing stoneej dnod IWi.
George Doggctt, keeper of a restaurant, disorderly
conduct, fined Sl.il. Ths llnsi wore Imposed by
New York. Consignees will please attend to the
reception of their goods at onee.
mia-yt nunvan iiainanaHi .
stt-ATalr and rasUvmL Tha Fair a ad
rteatlafal fbr the benefit of the Fourth Frsabvteiiaa
ChurAb, (Dr J. C Smith,) Is now open at Odd Fel
Xowf UsJI, where may be found a fine ealleetlea of
aosy articles, eoDiMueuery t niiomim
pryn. jpaia ana see vs. yiwr
puons, rattle. Waddings Belle, luppsrs. Fairs.
id athar anlarl&lnnanta raralihad at anorteat
sotle and most reasonable tanas, lercresm and
Water lees made by steam power, warranted to b
the best la th clty,wholssal4 and retail, delivered
laaay vartol thaatrr. charlotte Rnsee, Jellies,
Pyramids, and Weddij.r Cake made to order, al
JOS. SHJLFriCLrrsr Uafsstlanerri S3 Slath
TtfiiMiwtuwiMii, jur-ni
? Tha Osasafe lama aad Ms Ha a a !
aw ImraxtD. Published far tha benefit, and a a
warning and A bavtioi to Tovaa hsk who enOi
Cram NSrrena PtbUliy, rramatara Daeay of Man
hood, atH supplrtng at the same time ths mmaw
or silt ctnus. fcy one who has tared himself at
Ur betnc put to great xpwa and Injury througb
By anslostng a postpaid. a4dreasod envelop
alagl so piss mar be had of the author.
ray ly Bedford. Kings QmntT. K. Y
ftTrTewfltem Profiler Lin Isetvree'H
Fblladelphla and Washington and Alexandria.
Th rast aad staonsh steam propeller THOMAS
E. CAHItwm leave the first wharf above Yin
street, Philadelphia, for Alexandria and Washing
ton, oaeverr WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, and.
returning, will leave Washington. Eleventh street
wharf. rery SATURDAY AfTERNOON For
freights, which will be take at low rates, apply to
No, 131 North Delaware avenue, rblla.
Nos. Sto aad tia Eleventh strt, Wsshlagton,
tFJ. r T7llJs( XaH has bn ap
potatid Agent of th Great PanaBylvvala Route,
vleaK. O.Mortea,$tUka effaston the Mth last.
Mr. WUktas has twn oanasted with th Offl.e, at
thaeoraer of Slxlh street aad Pennsylvania ave
nue, during the paat twa years, and la thoroughly
conversant with the bus fosse of the route in au
Its depart a eat. All applleatloa for Information,
tickets, ate , mast be add raised to X.J. Wilkibs. -Agent
treat Panasylvanla Ronta, Sixth street en4
Penntylvaata avenue. XIX S. TOUNO,
General Pasevngsr Agsnt, Great Psana. Rout.
itj reopUTeletfraiplu If ew First Glase
Ltau, direct to NEW YORK, BOSTON, aad all
important p elate. Washington Offleesi REPUB
LICAN BOILDING.IU Ninth street, (west side,)
and corner Pennsylvania avenue and Sixth street.
under Natlenal Hotel.
teblS-tf . Maasgsx Washington District.
tJW liav leamect ftot to be astoalsHed
at anything. Tears of experience aad a eon
apondenca extending throughout all nationalities ,
of th habitable glob hire turned theories Into
feet and established a bests from which we need
not err. W are not surprised at such fasts as th
following although tha parsons who write them
are. W know the persons aad sir sums taaoes,
hence feel at liberty to lndo.se their statements 1
" Naw BioroxD, Mass , Nor, st, 1 841.
Dxa Simt Ihave been affllsted many years with
severe prostrating cramps la myllmba, sold feet
and hands, aad a general dlsordend system. Fhyst
slans and medicine failed to relieve me. While
visiting som frlenis la New Berk who wer oalng
Plantation Bitters they prevailed upon m to try
them. Xeommensed with a small wlne-glasifull
after dinner. Ftellng better by degraes, in a few
days I was aatenlahed to find the coldness and
cramp had entirely left me, aad I could sleep tbe
night through which I have not done for years. I
fed like another being. My appetite aad strength
have also greatly Improved by the use of the Plan
tation Bitters.
Reepectfully, Judith Rviicl.
I ewe much to you, fori verily
belle e the Plantation Bitters have saved my life.
Rav. W. II. WAaooxxa, Madrid, N. T."
" nxBDssvnr, Wis .Sept. IS, 1883.
" - - 1 nave oeen in me army nosniiai
for fourteen months speechless and nearly dead.
At Alton, 111., they gar me a bottle of Plantation
Blttrra. Three bottler reatored
my apeeeh aad cured ms. C. A FLavtbw
The following Is from the Manager of the Union
Horn School for the Children of Volunteers,
IIVRHVvnaMAiioir,S7TBtsvrsscsjT, I
Naw Toax, August s,tes. (
Da. DxAK-Tour wonderful Plantation Bitters
have been given to some ot our little children suf
fering from weakness and weak lungs with most
happy effect. One little girl la particular, with
peine In her head, loss of appetite, aid dally west
ing consumption, on whom alt medical aklllhad
been exhausted, has been entirely restored. We
commenced with but a Uaspoonful of Bitters a
day. Her appetite and staalgth rapidly increased, '
and sha is now well.
Mas. 0. M. Davos.
" Thou wilt send m two bottles
more of thv Plantation Rltlara. ilr wtfa haa bean
greatly benefitted by their use.
siiy incnai ju vunxia, rnuaacipnia, ra."
' X have been a great sufferer from
Dyspepsia, andhadtoabandonpreachtng. The
Plantation Blttcra have cured me.
Rav. J. B. CATMaoir, Rochester, N. T.
" I hav glvan the Plantation Bit '
tare to hundreds of our disabled soldiers with th
most astonishing effect,
G. W. D. Aasaawa,
Sup't Soldiers Home, Claslanatl, O."
" The Plantation Bitters have
cured me of the Liver Complaint, of which 1 waa
laid up prostrate, and had to abandon lay busi
ness. H. B. Xisobuv,
Cleveland, Ohio."
" The "plantation Bitters have
cured me of a derangement of the Kidneys and
Urinary Organs that has distressed me for years.
It acts like a charm. C C. Mooaa,
No.su Broadway."
Ve., he., fcSt Ac Ao.
The Plantation Bitters make tho weak strong,
the languid brilliant, aad aro exhausted nature's
great restorer. They are composed of the sale
brated Cellsaya Bark, Wlatergreen, Sassafras
Roots, Herb, are., all preserved la perfectly pure
St. Croix Rum.
rersonsof sedentary habits, troubled with weak
ness, lasiltuae, palpitation of tho heart, lack of
appetite, distress after eating, torpid liver, eoasti
petloo, Ac, deserve to suffer tfthey will not try
They aro recommended by tha highest medical
authorities, and aro warranted to produeoaaiet
tetfttec beneficial effect. They aro ueeedugly
agreeable, perfectly pure, aad harmless.
Noticx. Any person pretending to soli Planta
tion Bitters in bulk or by tbe gallon Is a swindler
and Impostor. It la put up only la our log cabin
bottle. Beware of bottles refilled with tmltatloa
deleterious stuff, for which several persons are al
ready la prison. See that every bottle has our
United States stamp ovsr the cork unmuhfasVc',
aod our signature on steel-plate side label.
Sold by respectable dealers throughout the hab
itable globe. P. H. DRAKE k CO.,
fett-colm 903 Broadway, N. V.
ty B -TalUO-X.-Drake' fleiittlm
They purify, strengthen and Invigorate.
They create a healthy appetite.
They are aa aatldota to chance of water and diet
They overcome effects of dissipation and late
They strengthen tha system and ealtvsn the
They prevent miasmatic and Intermittent fevera.
They purify tha breath aad acidity of the stom
ach. They cure Dyspepsia and Constipation.
They cure Diarrhea, Cholera and Cholera Mersuo
They euro Liver Complaint and Nervous Head-
They are the beat Bitters In the world. Theymakc
tha weak man strong, and aro exhausted aature'a
great restorer. They are composed or the cele
brated CaUaaya Bark, Cassarllia Bark, Dandelion,
Chamomile Flower, Lavender Flowers. Winter
neen. Anise, Clover-buds. Orange Peel, Snake
rootTcaraway, Oorlander, Burdock, s, T. 104O
Tha following U a sample of tho testimony dallf
CnrciavATi, a, Jan. is, lees, j
X have given your Plantation Bitter to hundreds
of our noble Soldiers who stop here, more r leas
disabled from various causes, and tueetteot is moil
marvelous and gratifying.
Such a preparation as this Is I bsartliy .m in
every family, in every hospital, and at hand on
every aatUe-Beld. Y O, W. D. ANoaxws,
JytVly Superlateadeat,
svhuub.j in,

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