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s&-- --
A"V'-' v --
ntt&nar gHttin.
W, Hinui-A Co.,'.. 1 nralihtd
to our tuWcriWrt (bj curler.) l 0 ,cU per
tfall mbKriberi, $5.00 per nem $XM
for ilr taontht, and 11.23 for lire, montha, In-
Terlablr ta .dianee,
8lngUcJpl',CfnU., t L -
RATBB or ADVBU'ril'inci.
OnoKio.re, throe djn... i tuxj
One iqure, four Uj , iju
On nun, flT iUm , m
40ssiqur,ilzd.jt..... 1.15
JH017 ouur aj KiTcruscmesu, ui Mr cent.
Onca week dTertuemeaU chirged u new
for each Insertion.
Six lino or leu eonitltsta iiqoin.
AlTerlUemmU ibould M hinded In br II
o'clock, m.
vol. rv.
NO. 124.
' hmMWW
' fllftito
ApnopoBAtiB ronroiaoB.
. CniKr QviurrcRUAmai't Orriia, )
WAihutdm Difot, December S, lass. I -sealed
tnpsale ere Invited by theundersbrned
for mppirlBf 'tt united Hmn quartermaster's
Department, at Waehlnrten, D. C, BilUmora, AI4.
Alexenana, una tmi monroe. vs., or eiuier vi
these pisses. With Hay, Corn. Oats, and Straw.
Bid wily received for the delivery or 9(000
bushele of eon or oate ana 60 tooi of bar or strew,
and upwards
ladders must state-etwhleh ortheebove-ae.ned
pouts they propoM to make delimits, end tho
rates at whlsli they will make deliveries thereat,
the (raenttty or each article proposedto be nelly
ert-d, the tlue when eeld teUverfee shall b com
menced, and when to be completed,
The prise must be written out la words on the
Mda. ... x. . ..
(Virfl a fc nn tin In rood itout SaekS. of about
two bushels each. Oats la Ilka laoka, of about
three boabels cash. THe- eaeke to be furnished
wtt).out antra ahanra to tha Go rem meat. Tha
bar ana iuhw to urn iwanrr w.
ft.- MviMiFkui atMrintlnit h( ami, bora.
kar.or sir w, propose to delivered mutt ba
staed la thepwroeaiav 'f . . ,
All tha artistes afferadUDdar tha bids herein in
vtted, will ba subject to a Held lnspcctloa by tha
(Jovrrnment inspector baiore Dauc aecepieo. . 1
ftiftitkrtM win b awarded from tlm to ttraajb 1
the lowest responalbls) bidder, M ?!! Sf
.& n i In ! iinTrfinli-tliTriirtTTtTr1ll
made when the whole amount eontraeted fotahaU
hara been deUrered and aoeepted. v .
Tha bidder will ba required to accompanr bis
""proposal with a ruarantr, slcned by two responsl
Vlepertons.thaflneatehlabld Is ascapted ha or
they will, within ten days thereafter, execute the
nnlret Far.tha BKraa. with ooJ and sufficient
sureties In a sum equal to tha amount of the con
treat, to deliver tha forece proposed in conformity
with tha terms of this adTertlsementi and In esse
the said bidder shall tall to enter Into the sontraet,
they to make rood tha dUTtranee between tha offer
ol said bidder and the next lowest responsible bid
der, or tha persons to whom the toofrast msyba
The responsibility of tha guarantors must be
shown by the official eerU&eate of a United States
IHstrlst Attorney, Collector of Customs, or any
other officer under tha United statee Government,
or responsible person known to this office.
All bidders will badoly notified of the acceptance
or rejection of their proposals.
The full name and r O. address of each bidder
must be legibly written la tha proposal.
Pmnnta.tr. mua.1 ba addraued la nrlcadler General
D. H. Uueker, Chief Depot Quartermaster, Wash
iQirton, D. Ch and should be plainly marked " no
pmals for Forage."
Bonds in a sun equal to the amount of tha eon
tract, signed or ta. contractor and both of his
guarantors, wlirifta required of thesuecsssful bid
iter or blddera upon signing the contract.
Blank forms of bids, guar an teas, and bonus, may
Da ODtainea upon application as aim orac.
ruuu ur ruurusA
(Town, County, and gtate) .
anddellrerto tha United States, at the Quarter-
the terms of your adTertlsementi Inviting pro
nMUt'i wparuneasai
Ati ior toraffe, uiu vtkiuiukvuu uj
oember 6, less, tha following articles, vizi
dated Washington Depot, l)e-
per bushel
bustiela of Corn, In sacks, at
01 ee poanua.
- bushels of Oats, In sacks, at
par bushel
01 S3 pouna.
tone of baled Hay, at per ton of 3.0C0
tons of baled Straw, at per ton of 3,000
Delivery to commence on or before tha .
,l,T of ,164 , and to ba completed on or be-
t,irthe dayof 'ites , and pUdge myself
to enter Into a written contract with the United
mates, with good and approved securities, within
the space of ten days after being notified that my
bid has been accepted.
Your obedient servant,
Urlxsdier General D. H. Rockeb,
Chief Deyot Quartermaster,
Washington, D. a
1 We, the undersigned, residents of, In
Ihe County of- ,and State, of-- -- ,
.hereby, jointly and severally, covenant with tha
United States, and guarantee In ease the foregoing
"bid of - be accepted, that he or they will
within ten days after tha acceptance of the said
bid, execute the eontrMtfor the eamawlth good
aad lufflcieat sureties, in: a sura equal to the
amount of the contract, to furnish the forage pro
ipotedln conformity to tho terms of advertisement
dated December 8, 18S, under which the bid was
made, and, In case theeaid shall fall to
enter Into a contract as aforesaid, we guarantee to
make good tho difference between tha offfcr by the
td and tha nextlowest responsible bidder,
or the person to -whom tho contract may be
Witness, Given under our hands and seals
(thls day 0I.IM ,
seal. '
I hereby certify that, to the best of myknowl-
dge and belief, the above-named guarantors are
good and sufficient as sureties for the amount for
which they oiler to be security.
To be certified by the United States Dtstrlet At
torney, Collector of Customs, or any other officer
under the United States Government, or responal
t le person known1 to this office.
deS-tf Brig. Gen. ad Quartermaster.
PARTMENT, Wasuihoton. April a, 1804.
aled Proposals will be received at this Depart-
ment until 4 o'clock p. m on WEDNESDAY; the
ithdavof Mat. 18S4. for the deliTcrr of all the
Wroucht Iron Plates and Bars as hereinafter
sitfcincd. necessary to build the following car
For 16-lnch Guns,
70 Barbette Front rintle.
30 Barbette Centre Pintle
For 10-lneh guns.
160 Casemate Carriages.
wo Front Pintle Barbette.
For Much guns.
70 Frnat nolle Beibelte.
The parts required for Wrought Iron Barbette
snd Casemate Carriages are as follows:
renTor caikuok.
Guide Hooks, Guide Hook Bar, Trunnion Beds,
Axie snipes, uoui.
Rails, Rail-Plates, Pall Chords, Hall Braces,
Transoms, Angle Iron Floor Cleats, Pintle Tran
soms.Transom washers. Axle Shapcs.Fork Shapes,
HUnCfB, VJlBBaiB, BlKp 1 ABBCU1IM1UB Will,
Parts named before and rail top bars,
Thi number and dimensions ol tha Iron nlates
and bars for each carriage to be as specified In tha
bills of Iron In ordnance memoranda No. e, copies
of which ean be obtained upon application at
Watertown, Frankiord, or Alleghany
j ArBcnais.me
New yoiic AenjT.or at mis omce. 1
ules, containing the number of plates snd bars re-
Sutred, can be obtained at the above-named places.
n these bidders will state the price at which they
propose to manufacture each part, In the manner
inertia presence!.
Ihe Iron to be used In the manufacture of the
plates and bars to be as follows 1
rolled 1 now.
Check-Plates and Rail-Plates of medium quality
otlron, fibre In direct lea of length, tenacity not
less than 46,000 lbs. per square Inch.
Transoms all to be of best quality charcoal flange
Iron, fibre In direction of length, tenacity not lets
than 49.000 lbs. per square Inch,
Trunnion Beds to be of best quality of charcusl
Iron, tenacity not less than S4,ooo lbs. per square
Checks, Braces, Barters, and Counter-Hurters,
all to be of good medium Iron, tenacity not less
than 46,000 lbs. per square Inch.
Ralls, Rail Chords, Chassis Braces, Caps and
shoes, and Angle Iron, to be of good quality of
well-refined fibrous lronj tenacity not less than
60,000 lbs. per square Inch.
Axlss for B-lnch and to-lnch Carriages, and all
Traverse Wheel Journals, to be of best charcoal
fibrous iron i tenacity net less than 60,000 lbs. per
square inch. j
All bolts and Rlvetl toba ofbeatebarsoal fibrous
Iron. Tenacity not less than 69,000 pounds per
square inch.
Axtes for iMnch Carriages, and all Fork Shapes,
and Tongues for Casemate Carriages, to be of the
bett charcoal Iron. Tenacity not less thanei.ooo
pounds per sguarelnoh. m t t
Bidders will specify the date at which they can
Wumence deliveries, and the rate at which they
can deliver each part thereafter.
No bids will be received except from parties
actually engaged In the manufacture of this or
similar kinds of work, ad who can bring ample
evidence that they have in their own shops all (he
machinery and appliances for turning out the full
Amount of work as specified by them.
Didders will bs required to furnish proper sure
ties for the proper performance of the work, and
Mill enelose. with their bids, tha written acknowl
edgments of their sureties over their own slgna
Eac'h party obtaining a contract will be renulred
to enter uh-u truuu w.m irjruveu sursucs ior lis
faithful moAiition.
Upon the award being made, successful blddtrs
will DO noiineu, muw luimtmu niut terms ei con
trast and bond.
The department reserves the right ta reject any
or all bids, If not deemed satisfactory. T
xMtnnaBfa ulll ba addressed to "Brlridlar nn.
cral George D. Ramsay. Chief of Ordnance, Wash
ington, D. C..M and wilt be endorsed "Proposal
ior wrouKiit iruu innivi ! ,vi huu iuh r
llsges." GEO. D. HAUSAT,
apS-ltt Brigadier Osaeral, Chief of Ordnance.
Navt Department. 1
March is, last. )
EPAP.ATK PROPOSAL, aealad and endorsed
" proposals for Btaall Stores," ., will ba received
at this office until 12 o'oloek M. on tha seth dsy of
April neat, lor furnli hint and deliveries (on re
eelvLnc ten days' notlcS) at tha United State nary
Iards at Charlestown, Massachusetts, and Brook
o, Htvr York, In such numbers and quantities and
at iuch tlmea a mar he specified by the Chief of
this bureau, or by the command ants of the it 11
navy yards, respectively, during tba remainder of
tut ubvbi j vnr iuuiu( Vll ill tuu uJ ui auufi ion
tha numbers and quantities of the different artl-
eles, and at the placsi specified in the following
Mil, tl
Charles town. Brooklyn.
Salt water soap, lb 90.O0U &5.W0
Thresd,black sndwhlte. lb 300 l.ooo
nibsod, hat. pleeei 3,000 8,000
Tape white, pieces 4,600 4,00a
Tape, black, pieces 1,000 ifiot
pools cotton S.ooo lJ.oijo
Ilk. sawing, lbs 100 630
Pocket handkerchiefs 8,too 31,600
Needles, sewing, paper .1 1,000 Root
Thimbles a.000 S.OOO
jacK-KniTCS - a,
scissors ;.m. 100 .a,
Haxors......i.....ArHrifir-soo B.
Juror strops I5,ooo a.ooo
shiring boxes.... 1,500 n,soo
unaTing oruines , i,imi s,uuu
ShaTtDgsoapakes. S.000 20,000
Scrub brushes., S.000 s.ooo
Dlaeklng brushes 1,000 1,000
vvoiiK uroohis i,iw ,uuu
Esgteeoat buttons, dozen ,, COO
Fails medium buttont, dozen... &00
Eaclerest buttons, doxca 1,000
D.E. buttons, dosen 6,000 50,000
Fine combs ,ooo le.ooo
Coarse eombs 4.000 so.coo
spoons 5,600 15,000
rorks 2,600 3 600
Blacking, boxes s,om 40,000
Canopeners... 600
Vtearlne eandles, lbs 60,000
Offeramaybeaadeforoneor more articles, at
the option of the bidder, and Incase more than one
artlefa is contained In the offer tha Chief of the
Bureau will hare the right to accept one or more
of the articles contained in such oner, and reject
the remainder. Tht prictt mvtf oc uniorn, and
offr$ mutt embrect alio en foiu orwutrt articUt d
UtnebU at athntatian$.
For the description of artloleslnthe abore list
bidders are referred to tha sample at tha said
Nary Yards, and to the advertisement of this Bu
reau dated Aujruit 18, 1863, and for Information as
to tha laws and regulations (in pamphlet form) re
KvuiDg oonircii, 10 uu ouicr. oi idi icTerai com
rnHndantB ofNT Vrdi And Natt Arinti.
blank formt qfprepotalt may bt obtatntd on epplita
turn to iflf navy agrntt at ronrmtnun, icw itampmirti
lioiton, ik'tw lor, Phitade'phia, Baltimore, and at thit
War DrrAKTM ext,
wAiinnaTOH, caArcn 10, is.
SEALED PROPOSALS will be received at Ibis
oiudj until nnunD.9iAiiAii xiui At p. m.,
for 100,000 sets of Infantry Accoutrements, calibre
69, to be delivered In the following quantities at
undernamed Arsensls, vln
so.ooo sets at the New York Arsenal. Governor's
30.000 sets at tha Frankfort Arsenal. Brldcaburs-.
10,000 sets at the Alleghany Arsenal, Pittsburg,
30,000 sots at the St. Louis Arsenal, St, Louis,
These accoutrements ara to be made in strict
conformity with the new pattern sets to be seen
at ine Aiiegnaoy, new ior, s ranxton, be. jxuu,
Watervllet, Watertown, and Washington Arse
nsls, and ilfi Sprlnifleld Armory. They are to be
subject to Inspection at the Arsenal where deliv
ered, before being received for the Government.
Nona ara to ba accented or aald for but such as ara
approved upon Inspection. The belts to be of
grained leather, and all the stock to be i&e Wit
oak tanned. The shoulder belt will be Included In
the set.
Deliveries must be made tn lots of not less than
one-fifteenth (1-19) per week ot the whole number
contracted fori the first delivery to be made on
the 91 it tUv of War.
Failure to make deliveries at a speelfled time
will subject the contractor to a forfeiture of tho
ntiTnhr h m&T fail to dellTer at that time.
The accoutrements must be boxed In the usual
manner; the boxes to be charged at cost, to be de-
ermmea oy tne inspector.
Bidders will state exallcitlr the Arsenal or Ar
scnals. where ther nro do ee to deliver, and the
number of sets they propose to deliver attach
place, if lor more than one.
No bids will be considered from parties other
than regular manufacturers, and such as ara
known to this Department to be fullyeompelent
to exeaute in their own shops thework proposed
for. Should any party obtaining a contract oiler
accoutrements other than those made In his own
shops, they will be rejected, and the contrast
rendered null and void.
Blddera will enclose with their bids the written
acknowledgments of their sureties over their own
Each party obtaining a contract will be obliged
to enter into bond with approved sureties for Its
faithful execution.
Unon tha Award belnamede. successful bidders
will be notified, and furnished with forms of con
tract and bond.
The Department reserves the right to reject any
or ail Diuti 11 not ucomvu Kuaiasturj
Proposals will be addressed te Brigadier Gen-
Ington, D. CM" endorsed "Proposals for Infantry
Accoiurrraenii." ucutvun. u. nnnaAi,
m2S-stuthlSt Brig. Gen., Chief of Ordnance.
I at the Treasury Department, Office of the
Supervising Architect, Weihlngtoo. D. C, until 13
m of the tat day of May. 1801, for all the Fire and
Burglar-proof Safes and vaults required by the
Treasury Department prior to May l. 1B3.
Plans and specifications cau be obtained by ap
plication to this offJco personally or by letter.
Bids to be per superficial foot. Including door and
all necessary fixtures, measured on the outsldei the
Frloe named to cover all charges whatever, except
he freight and the astusl traveling expenses of
wot Amen 10 roe pieces wncre me vaults are to ne
Safes to be delivered at the Railroad Depot or
Steamboat Wharf for transportation, In good order
an 1 condition, without charge.
Locks for the Yaulti or Safes will be furnished
uy ine Department, nut must oa properly put on
vj uie euairnoiur wiiquui tuintc,
All bids must be accompanied by the bond of two
(inoiibte nersoni In the sum of aS.OOOthat tha
bidder will accept and perform the contract If
awarded to hlm the sufficiency of the security to
be certified to by tho Collector of Internal Revenue
of the District.
The Department reserves the right to rrject any
or all the bids if it be considered Its interest to do
so, and no bid will be considered that does not
oooiorm 10 toe require nit mi 01 tnis auvetiiaement.
Bids to be enclosed In a sealed envelope, endorsed
11 Proposals for Safes and suits.'
m2S mthmyl JLuPerT lalCT ircbtret
I thesabtcrlber has obtained from theOrnhan'e
Court of Washington County, In the District of
Columbia, letters of administration, with will an
nexed on the estate of Alcthea Tanner, late of
wasmngton city, u. i,ueoeaacu. Aupcrteosnav
lng claims against the said deceased, are hereby
warned to exhibit the same, with the vouohers
thereof, to the subscriber, on or before the 13th
day of April nexti they may otherwise by law be
excluded from all benefit of the said estate. Given
under my hand this 13th day of April, a. d , 1W4.
M , loo!
ap!4-law3w JOHN F.
X tba subscriber has obtained from the Or
pTan's Court of Washington County, In the Dis
trict of Columbia, letters of administration oa the
personal estate of David Carroll, late of Wash
Ington county, D. C, deceased. All persons having
elelms against the said deceased, are hereby
warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers
thereof, to the subscriber, on or before the 3d
day of April nextt they mar otherwise by law be
excluded from all benefit of the said estate.
Given under my hand this 3d day of April, A.
unnm uounty, uoioraao.
26 eaoh.
JOHNUVANS, Colorado.
F. H.JUDD,Nw York.
H. s. coiltr. New York.
WM. MOLLER, New York.
GEO. W. GRAFFLIN. Baltimore.
M. C TYLER, New York.
S. G. ARNOLD. Provldense.
Ills Excellency JOHN EVANS,
Governor of Colorado Territory
Dr, F. H.JUDD.
sesretaryi-J. P. DAVIES.
Office, No.ucntf street, New York, mai-lm
PnoposALsron qradinu,
OrricK or Wasiiivoton Akickal, i
WASItlROTOH, D. C,, April 16, 1SS4. t
SEALED PROPOSALS will be reeelred at this
omce, for ten days from this date, for grading that
rortlon of the Arsenal grounds north of the Tenl
entlary, and for building and furnishing a part of
the stone for a sea-wall on the weit side ot said
grounds, in accordance with speclflcatlens, plans,
mux hcuuiii tu urn ivcu una uuicv
The bids will be brtha cubic var.l for the ex
eavatlog.and by the perch of twenty-five cubic
feet for the stone-work, the prices to be written
Each proposal will be accompanied by a gusran
ty, signed by two responsible persons, that In case
such btd Is accepted, the principal or the guaran
tors will, within five days thereafter, execute the
contract with sufficient sureties In a sum equal to
one-half of the amount of the contract, to fulfil the
same conformably with tha specifications) and. In
ease satd bidder should fall to enter Into the con
tract, they to meke good the difference between
the offer of said bidder and the next lower bidder,
or the person to whom the contract may be
Tba responsibility of the guarantors mutt be
certified to by an officer underThe United States
Government, or a responsible person known at
this office.
rroposHlsto be addressed to Captain J. O. Ben
ten, at this pott, and endorsed "PHOPOSALS FOR
All proposals received under this advertisement
wlllt opened on TUeSDAT, April Sh. at 13
o'clock m., when all bidders may be present.
No bid will be coo tillered that does not conform
to the requirements of this advertliemcnt, and the
Government reserves the rliht to reject any or all
of the bids, if it be considered to Its Interests to
do so.
specifications can be obtained at this office, or
win dc maueuto applicants.
Capt. Orlntnce Cora'g Washington Arsenal,
ricE Depot Commissary or Sumiitemce, ) j
tt Aiunuiun. v. t.y April 19, loot. )
Sealed rtronoaala era lnvltM oatll th 9nth Inat..
at 13 o'clock m., for furnlthlng the Subslttcnce De
partment with eight thousand (8,000) barrels of
The proposals wvi be for what is known at this
Depot as Nos. 1, 9, and S, and bids will be enter
tained for any quantity less than the who'e.
Bids must be In duplicate, and for each grade on
separate sheets of paper.
The Flour to be fresh ground, and delitercdln
new oak barrets, head lined.
The delivery olthe Flour to commence within
five days from the opening of the bids, and In such
ausntilles, dally, as tba Government may direct;
silvered at the Govetnment warehouse In George
town, at the wharves or rellroei depot In Wash
lofton, D. C.
The delivery of all Flour awarded to be com
pleted within twenty days from the opening of the
Payments will ba made In certificates of indebt
edness, or such other funds as the Government
may hare for disbursement.
The usual Government Inspection will be made
just before the Flour Is reeelred, and none will be
.asantml whtah la tint trash rniin.1
An oath of allegiance must accompany tho bid of
rMu uiuucr wan atinoi laooawion nie in mis
oiuni idu nu uiu wui in cnunaiora irom pArues
who have previously failed to comply with their
bids, or frem bidders not present to respond.
Government reserves the right to reject any bid
for any cause. Bids to be addressed to the under
signed, at No. 334 G street, endorsed, " Proposals
ior nour," s. u. urkehe,
aplt-et Captain and C. a. V.
Post Orncr Dipahtmkxt,
WAsniHQTOii City, March 33, 1804. j
Proposals will be received at the Contract Office
of this Department until I p, m., Juno it, 1SS4. (to
be decided, next day,) for conveying the malls of
the United States In the State of Kamai and the
Territories of CoLOXAbo, Utah, and Nevada,
from the 1st October, 18M, to the soth September,
1868, lnsluslve, on the routes and by tha schedules
01 ocpanurca arrival acmn apociucu, conaii-
tutlng the overland route to California.
Route Ho. 14,?0 From Atchison, Kaosas, or Saint
joarpn, luuioun, 10 anit a.akc
City. UtahTerrltory,Iomlles
and back, daily, supplying such
offices as may be ou the route,
Sihtdult from Iff qf AptiX to UI of December, (3
nontit )
Leave Atchison or Saint Joseph dally, at 8 a.
Arrive at Salt Lake City eleventh day, by 11 a.
m, (343 hours,)
Leave SAtt Lake Clt? dallv. at 10 a. m.i
Arrive at Atchison or saint Joseph eleventh
day, by l p. mM (313 hours.)
Schedule from lit 0 December to Itt of Jyn, (1
Leavo Atchison or Saint Joseph daily, at B a.
Arrive at Salt Lake City fourteenth day, by 3 a.
m., iav aouraij
Leave Salt Lake City daily, at 7 p. m.i
aititb at Aioniioa or OIUQI
Arrive at Atchison or SaJ
t Jsseph fourteenth
dAT. h 1 n. ra.. f SOd haurs.1
, by l p. m., (loo hours.)
(da to axtendthedallvser
Bids to extend the dally service from Salt Lake
City, by Virginia City, to Folsom, 60S miles fur-
inar, luppiyingaucn ouioca are on na rouio,
auo suppiftiiT icnvcr. vuiurauu iciriiury, unuy,
by the most direct route, forming due connections
with tha main line, will ba considered.
If service on this route, as extended, bo let, that
on routes rtos. itKeanu umsi win no oa.
The accepted bidder will nave tha privilege to
commence service on the 1st July, 1864
N. B. The paper and document mall for the Pa
clflc coatt to be sent by sea.
Routo No. 14,638 mm Salt Lake City to Vir
ginia City, Nevada Territory,
663 miles and back, dally, sup
plying such offices as may be on
the route.
ifftcdue from III of April to lit of December,
(8 months.)
Leave Salt Lake City dally, at 1 ti. u t
Arrive at Virginia City sixth day, by 11 a in.,
(US hours;)
Leave Virginia City dally, at 10 a. m.
Arrive at Salt Lake City sixth day, by 8 a. m.,
(IIS hours:)
iiflcdue from Ut of December to Ut of Apnl,
(4 months )
Leave Salt Lake City dally, at 6 a. m.
Arrive at Virginia City setenth day by 1 a. m ,
Leavn Irrlnla Cltv dallv. at 10 n. m.i
Arrive at Salt Lake City seventh day, by 6 p.m.,
(in hours )
If the extended service Invited on route 14,360
be let to contract, service on tnis rouie win not ie.
Route No. lfl.761 From irslnla Cltv to Folsom
City, California, tiO miles and
nacK, aany, supplying suau of
fices as may be on the route.
Schedule from Ut of April to Ut of December, (9
monthi )
Leave Virginia City dally, at 13 m.
Arrive at Folsom City next day, by 11 a. m , (33
hours )
Leave Folsom City dally, at 10 a. m (
Arrive at Virginia City next day, by 9 a. m., (33
SchtduU fromUt of December to Ut of April, (i
Leave Virginia City dally, at 3 a. m.
Arrive at Folsom City next day, by 1 p. in., (35
Leave Folsom City dally, at 10 a. u.
Arrive at Virginia City next day, at 0 p. m. (W
hours. .
If the extended service Invited on route 14 360
be let on contract, service on this route will not be,
Each route must be bid for separately, with sep
arate guarantee and certificate, and must provide
for the conveyance of the mall "with celerity, cer
tainty, and security' using tho terms or the law.
It will be perceived that the schedules for the
ntnnlna' lima ara arranred so as to form one con
tinuous line from Atchison, Kansas, or Saint Jo-
scpn. Ailssouii, 10 oisom iity ami lack, convey
ing the mat, each way, in 10 days, eight montns In
the yeari and in SO days fourtnonths in the year,
For form of proposal, guarantee, and certificate,
and for instructions, requirements, fcc. bidders are
rsfsrred to the pamphlet advertisement of October
IS, 1863, at tbe principal post offices. Bidders
should be careful to pott-nay bids.
m33-iaw4w "M. BLAIR. Postmaster General.
FICE, DxroT or WAiiiiNOT0X,WAeiiiiroTOK,
u. C, January f. 18,
All dealers in Drugs, Hardware, Lumber, Leather,
Office Furniture, Harness, and Saddlery, are re
quested to send to this omoe. on the MONDAY of
each week, a sealed proposal or llttt in duplicate,
of tbe articles they are prepared to furnish to this
Depot at short notloe, wit' ti price of each
marked In plain figures, 1 ' m i-iu theexi
fesclesof the service r- i. titidsorar
teles ean be obtained w ml at the
lowest price.
Dealers wishing to sell to this Depot will be re
quired to furnish the list punctually every Monday
morning. , , D. H. fiuCJOCR,
Brigadier General and Chief Quartermaster,
lae-if PepOtof WaahJjigtoDj
Down the picket-guarded lane
Rolled the comfort-laden wain.
Cheered by shouts that shook the plain,
SoldleMlke and merry
Phrases such as camps may teach,
Sabre cuts of Saxon speech,
Such as " Bully 1" " Them's tho pcich '"
"wade In Sanitary l'f
Right and left the caissons drew
As the ear went lumbering through,
Quick luoceediog in review.
Squadrons military
Run-burnt men, with beards like frieze,
Smoothfaced boys, and cries like these
"U. S. San. Com.l" " That's the cheese I"
14 Tass in, Sanitary."
tn such cheer It struggled on,
Till the battle-front was won;
Then the car, Its journey done,
Lol was stationer).
And where bullets whistling fly,
Came the sadder, fainter cry, ,
" Help us, brothers, ere we die
" fare us, Sanitary f
Such the work. The phantom filer,
Wrapped In battle-clouds that rise;
But the hero's dying eyes,
Veiled and visionary, j
Sea the Jasper gates ewubg wide
See the parted throng outside
Hear a voice to those that ride,
"Tats in, Sanitary!"
Saw Fraxcisco, f. D. ItAmr.
For the National Republican'.
" My basket was packed In December.'
" In December, madam 1"
11 In December, sir. I knew the evil diy
was approaching, and I waa prepared for It. I
bad lint, and bandages, and cordials: snJ!I
was determined to minister to the first mm
wounded In defence of tho Union."
" And did yon, madam V
"J did. Threo years ago next Wedncsdty
(tbli Ttry day, kind reader.) thirty noble
Massachnictts men wcro brought wounded
from Baltlraoro to Jndlclary Hoepltalt and I
hastened to them with my hospital stores. On
that day I enlisted la my country's Bcrrlec
enlisted for tho war. I am a veteran now, but
I want no discharge. Tho boys loro mo too
11 Three years Yes. three lonz Tears of war.
I have socn a great deal In this time. Two or
three Sabbath days havo been all tho rest I
havo had. Always moving always active.
"Bat I have needed no rest and need nouo
nowi for not a sick day havo I had In all this
time. Oh! how many havo welcomed mci
how many have cheered me. I low the Lord
has blessed and sustained mel I am moro than
paid. If I could sit down and wrlto as fast as
I can think as fast aa I can remember what
a history it would be; At Pittsburg Lnndlnj;
seven weeks In an nmbnlance, ministering to
tho tick and wounded, and giving to grateful
hearts our sympathy when we had no other of
fering to make. Scoln this paper what soma
kina soui nas saia 01 me in verse:
"Many a manly heart has quivered,
Many nn eye with tears overflowed,
At the well-known voice of eomfort,
At tho sympathy bestowed."
' What If this it pralso T It Is grateful to me,
iur i. auuw it is sincere, a .icw womanly
worda to a tender boy even to a stalwart man
when sick and drooping, will often cheer his
spirit, though It may bring tear-drops from his
evesi and even those few worda arc reneatM
tn his far-off home, and como back fragrant
with tho perfume of a father's thanks, of a
mother's, n sister's, a brother's lovet or, more
precious tuan au, 01 a who's outgushing grail
tndo." "Seven weeks among tho wounded, by tho
Mississippi, mauamo i"
"Yes; and then a month on James rlvcrj
and, with Mrs. Harlan again, to Culpcper, to
Slaughter Mountain, to wherever duty called.
But now I labor among the forts and defences
around Washington and Alexandria In the
corrals and In tho workshops; wherever men
and boys lu our service need my caro need
the aid of a Samaritan need tho books I carry
to them or need to bo told In Joy or In sorrow
mat jurist 10 incir rciugc,"
' And this with no recompense but "
" Kocompcnse slrt I work for humanity,
for my country, for God. Kocompcnso ' How
else can I make an offering tn acknowledgment
of tho blessings conferred on mo 1 I have re
ceived and distributed a few hundred dollars
In money, thousands of packages of goods, and
tons Of read in tr matter. If there are anv who
wish to recompense me let It bo In tho form of
appropriate contributions for tho soldiers.
That will richly reward me. Oh, how plcassot
n is 10 near iuu voico 01 Doy or man greeting
mo Willi tho shout of 'welcome, motuhii ' as I
approach his cot with the little gifts so dem to
"Yes, I In am for the war. I can never desert
tho soldier who will not desert hisllac. Tho
Government has kindly recognized mcj It has
givcu mu mu mrgo ieu ueiow my garacn, in
wuicu mauyajHJor eoiaier nas louuu rcioge;
and It baa placed an ambulance at my com
mond, that I may go In sunshine and In storm
wherever tho fallen need comfort. Let my
basket be replenished from day to day. and tho
rest shall be well done. I am In for tho war."
"Madam, I'll proclaim It aloud; I'll tell tho
country of you and of your deeds."
And so we shall.
Who moved through this great city u 1th 0
moro clastic step than Mrs. Eluiiu Files T
Who says that graco and beauty cannot sur
vive the period of youth 7 that religious zcil
and patriotic devotion aro Incompatible with
tho gentlest tenderness and tho most buoyant
cheerfulness r Not they who havo knoi n this
lady In tho cxerclso of her high ocntion, Tho
war will end, and she. with many of Its heroes,
will soon pass nwavt but her name will llvo In
honor as long as tho sentiment of gratltudo
shall llvo In tho affectlons'of tho men and
patriots of tho griat Kepctlic.
To WAsn Colored, Plaid, Black, amj IUw
Silks and Hiddos. For a single dress, rare
four or flvo good-sited potatoes, slice them
thin, and lay them In a quart of cold water for
a few hours; then, If the silk Is much soiled.
Bponge both sides freely, rubbing tbe soiled
places with much caro. Spongo ono piece at a
time, and Iron It dry upon tho sldo that Is to
be tho Inside, moving the Iron up and down,
or straight across never diagonally. Havo
tho Irons quite hot, yet not so as to scorch, or
to change the color. If they are too cool, they
will draw up or crimp tho Bilk luurynilnuto
gathers', and It will bo nearly Impossible to
mako s.ich places smooth again, 1 bo effect of
the starch from tho potatoes Is to cleanse tho
silk, and also give it a little stiffness, aud even
plaid silks of tho most dcllcato colors aro made
to look new In this way. If a silk Is not much
soiled, spongo It only on what Is to bo the out
side, and Iron It on tho other. A good black
silk may bo mado to look "amalst m w eel's tho
new," again and again by this process, and
those who have never tried It, would be sur
prised at tho renovating effect.
Good ribbons, black, whlto, or colored, nro
mado fresh aud handsome In precisely thu same
way. To iron them, set the Iron across ono
end. on tho wrong Bide, and while jou press It
hard, draw thewholelengthol the ribbon under
it with tho other hand.
Raw silks should bo i ashed In potato water,
os directed for calicoes that aro UabU to fade;
aud after being rinsed once, and hung without
wringing upon tho line, long enough for the
water to drip off, they Bhould bo rolled for fif
teen minutes In a sheet, and then Ironed dry,
on tho wrong Bide.
" 1'ompoy, aro you willing to bo damned If It
should be tho Lord's will)" Inquired a pious
friend. Oh, yea, massa, an' moro too, I am
willing yon be damned, too, ma-si'" replied
Latest advices from Oajacastatothat Gen.
Diaz held tho city with 6,000 Mexicans, and
was conudOBt of bis ability to defend It.
The Tennessee 1X1 re r Steamers.
Mr. Taylor, of tho Chicago Journal gives
the following graphic description of tho steam
ers plying on tho Tennesseo riven
The steamers that navies to tho beautiful
Tennessee aro not gems of naval architecture)
tho glided saloons are "In the mind's eye;" tho
state-rooms aro In a state of natnrei the whole
craft Is Bcowyto a degree and dangerously
amy, ana yet, 1 ramer imus mat neitner uioo
intra nor mo uoge 01 Venice ever floated in
iarro so eraecful as the " Paint Itock" seemed
to mo before tho battlo of Mission Rldgo. To
bo sure, sho sat on tho river like a tab, bnt In
ror ctca sho "walked the waters like a thing of
life." I will paint you a plcturo If I can; tho
last throw of the locomotive dice-boxes has
tumbled yon out at Bridgeport within an aco
01 your 111c, ana concluding to tako to tho
water, yon make for a tall smoko under tho
river bank, and elide down a slippery path. In
a turbulent current of box and barrel. Besldo
you, swaying llko tho tetherod elephant In tho
menagerie, Is a broad-nosed, amphibious-looking
creature, apparently built around a very
quaint and greasy engine, while you can
hardly persuade yourself that tho chimneys
wcro not set up on end and thrust above the
tree-tops simply because there was no room
for them below. On the edges around this en
gln'e are masses of blue, thinly sprinkled with
sutlers and contractors. Here and there a gen
tleman In black with a haversack blacker stlU,
represents tbe Christian Commission, and now
and then a follow In nothing in particular rep
resents tho Devil's I hasten to tell you It Is
only the Inky spirit of tho printing press.
You pick your way amid box and bale to the
upper deck. with Its warped and creaking floor,
and tho cabin Is before youj a flapping canvas
reared on the slenderest of umbrella frames,
and looking llko tbe tent of a side-show.
wumn is neither ore nor light nor Boat. You
plump down Incontinently upon the floor, pro
daclng a candle and a sandwich from your
knapsack, button up your coat, and thero yon
are. a first-class rasscnirer. The amilth steamer
moans; the solemn trees begin to glide along
tho river banks; you are under way. and so
giving your blanket a whip yon fall asleep, and
make a night ol it. In ihe gray of tbe morn
ing you look out, and to your delight the
steamer lies with Us nose to tha shore, and
Bridgeport Id plain Bight. You havo been
waiting for the fog to lift; you have not gone a
mile. Starved with hunger, and cold, you get
under tho lco of a log cabin, two stories high,
built up square and strong In tho middle of tho
deck, and discovering that It Is tho bullet-proof
pilot-house on catch von reel f wlahlnor tou had
a lease of It.
LIttIo bells tinkle, blcr bells clauc. there Is a
rush of steam, the great wheel, hung on behind,
llko a reel at tho stern of an emigrant's wagon,
becanso thero was no room for It aboard, be
gins 10 turn siow, ana tuo craii swings shore
ward, just abreast of a garden, to wood up.
A couple of dozen negroes stream duskllj out
from the lower deck, and the garden fenco of
red cedar Is shipped la ten minutes, leavlug
not a roll or a wreck behind; Innocent onions
and Infant cabbages, every esculent and suc
culent of them all, left to the tender mercies of
hungry pigs and tho cold world. Bang goes
the bell, tho hungry 11 res lick up the sweet mor
sels of cedar, the engine gives great sighs of
content, we push bravely against tho current,
and such Is " wooding up " on tho Tennesseo.
Tho International Agricultural oxhlbltlou at
Hamburg gave a prlzo to Count Pinto, of
Sllcsla, for tho best milch cow. Foreign breeds
havo never reached tho Count's neighborhood,
and his dairy is his own rising from the natlvo
stock. Tbo prlro cow, " Black Tate," on tho
UMli day from calving, after having traveled
flvo hundred sillcs to reach Hamburg, yielded
33, quarts of milk In ono day, which gavo 3
lbfl. 13) oz. batter.
Tho Country Gentleman contains Count Pin
to's accout ot his method, it Is too long for
our columns, but tho most Important points aro
contained In the following extracts 1
"Tho new born calf Is sprinkled with meal
and laid boforu tha cow, which latter remains
chained to her post, which then licks tho calf
all over. Tho calf Is then taken away from tho
cow, and brought back to sucking only three
times a day, at milking time. So tho calf ac
quires from tho first day tbo habit of regular
meals punctually given.
" After the calf has douo sucklng'the cow Is
stripped clean. In other cases part of tho
milk Is first taken and then the last milk al
lowed to tbo calf. Which of theso two modes
Is adopted depends upon tho yield of milk and
Us richness. I once lost a valuablo calf by
allowing him tho, last milk, this containing
too mucn lauy maiicr.
"Inconsequence of their abundant allow
ance of fcod. my cows bring larco calves.
which nt an ago of threo weeks after, being
fd nothing but tho milk of their mother, wilt
average 150 to ICO pounds, llvo weight, (1C5
to ltd pounds English.) There will also occur
msuy twin births, which shows that rich feed
ing docs not diminish the generative power.
" At tho ago of threo weeks tho calves aro
removed to a calf stable, and thero rcctlvon
drink three times a day, at tho same tlmo they
used tosuck; In tho meantlmo they aro allowed
"Tho Urst peculiarity now of my modo of
feeding Is this, that Into tho drink of tho calves
I mix a great deal of Unseed.
"Another point of high importance Is to
tako prevention against dlarrhcea. Now loose
ness of tho bowels originates In most cases
from acid formed In the stomach. I therefore
suspend between every two calves a pleco of
chalk. Sometimes a.calf will not touch tho
chalk for months; at other times they cat up
tho wholo piece In a few days.
"1 also shear alLmy cows andcalrcs. Ono
girl will shear two cows or four cahes In a
day. Tho shearing helps to keep the skin
clean, aud greatly increases both comfort and
a ppctlto of tho animals.
"Another point of great Importance Is to
have tho organs of secretion fully developed at
tho time of calving, especially ut tho first calv
Inc Our rhvslcUns will prescrlbo fennel tea
to women lj lug In; this Induced mo to try fen
nel tea niso on my cows, upcu ono ounce 01
fennel I poured tbrco quarters ot a quart of
tolllnc water, let It stand fh 0 minutes on a hot
fdatc, then strained It and gave It to tho cow
ukowarm. Tbe cows are not at all fond of this
drink; I therefore sweeten It, and giro it out of
a bottle. I gho this drink Immediately after
calving, threo times a day for two days, or six
times iu all. I glvo tho same drink thereafter
onco a month; in cao of costlvcncss I glvo It
oitener. with the best success.
"It Is of great importance to allow milch
cows a sutllclcncy of fatty matter In their feed
always. I prefer linseed to any other Ingre
dient." How Mit. M.ECI11 Ploughs. Mr. Mechl. the
great English farmer, is as earnest as to the
eueel 01 acep cuiiuauou as 111 iuubi 01 mo
other subjects he adocatcs. Ho says that his ,
"neighbor, vr. itaiunon, 01 lurenuau, once
pulled up a parsnip with a vertical root thlr-,
teen feet sixteen Inches long, besides tho
further piece left by lis brcaklug oil. This was I
In a bank of earth twenty feet deep, that fell
over Icoslywhcu excavated." As a general 1
rule, tho Alderman docs not, thetefore, advo
cate ploughing a rod or so iu depth; but he '
wants farmers to Imitate moro closely than
thev do tho practice of successful market gar-1
dcuders, who alnas eulthato much deeper 1
than la uonowun neui crops. Asiouiaown
practice, hosajsi
"From Blxtocn to twenty )carsagoI broke
up much of my land, by six horses following
In tho track of Iho tlm plough, drawn by thrcu
horsos, and In this very year I could see tho
great contrast in part of a tUld where I had
omitted to do this. To-day I am follow lug tho
two-horse plough, with four horses attached to
an Iron plough, without the breast. Tbo sub
soil breaks up, bolls over, and Intermixes with '
tha top soil and manure, and as it flows over
you see tbo strong roots of old wieds torn from
their hitherto safe resldenco. but condemned
now to destruction or removal."
Charleston aa I le-Uairthe City peaerte
aiejoviijr or misens ror tbe Union.
Tho following letter from a res nee labia cltl-
xen of Charleston, B. C, a Union man, to a
gonuoman or fhlisaeipma, gives a faithful ac
count of tho city, as It was February 23d, 1804.
Tho statements can be degended upon at ac
curate and Impartial 1
A groat change has como over tho city since
you (left. Tho population is almost entirely
above Wentworth street hardly a soul below
Market street. The post offlco is at the comer
of King and Ann strectst the banks at the west
end of Cannon street; Che military headquar
ters In John street, and above that point. The
lower part of the town Is given over to GUI
more'a shells. Below Wentworth street aro
fourteen parallel streets, Including tho most
valuable of tho public buildings, stores, and
private houses. Cannon street le-almost subur
ban. The deserted portion of tho city, from
which the bombardment has driven tbe few
Inhabitants who remain, occupies about threo
square miles. Ed, Tha Prett. Probably over
Ave hundred houses have boon struck In that
part of the town. Your old room In the upper
story had a shell cxplodolnlt. The prices of
living are, In our currency, enormous.
Hotels chargo from $13 to (30 a day. and the
cheapest board lng-houso is 10.00 a day. At
present rates It costs mo about 1600 a month,
liecfls selling at t3.00 a pound; sugar (poor
brown) at 4.G0 a poundj corn whiskey (00 to
$73 a gallon; oak wood at $50 a cord. You can
therefore lmsglno tho pleasures of housekeep
ing at these rotes. A barrel of salmon from
Wilmington cost me $405, and I bought a box
of herring, which used to cost Bovcnty-flro
cents, to-day, for $35. has lain In a hiding
place for some months to avoid conscription
He docs not daro to do even as tho owls go
out of nights. Once he was the victim of mis
placed confidence; ho west to WilrulDgton to
try and get a chance our he was nabbed, en
rolled, and only escaped by Jumping from tho
cars ana using 10 me woous.
Finally, after enduring Ineredlblo hardships,
and walking seventy-five miles In thirty-three
Lours, ho got back to a place of hiding In Wil
mington, whence he returned here, and Is now
verdu whereouly Intimate friends can fled him.
Deserters throng the woods and swamps all
over tho countryi tho rebels hunt them as they
do negroes, with dogs. says ho saw
twenty-two brought in the other day, tied two
and two. who had bccn.cauzht bv hounds.
Two others were shot In attempting io escape.
Our condition Is as bad as It can be. Tho
despotism Is as bad as It can bo, though curses
joua ana acep aro uticrcu against tho uorern
ment by many men who were secessionists.
There Is a very largo sprinkling of Union men
here, ft it quite doubtful tf there it not a tna
Jority in Charletton vho are for the Union. The
town Is very much changed. Scarcely any
body believes that slavery can llvo mnch longer.
Tho thing Is about up. If the Federalists make
the rprinp campaign vsJtat it ovgtd to be, ft ptoplt
will crv " enoiwA."
Congress has Just passed a law compelling
tho funding of Confederate notes In four per
L'CUl. UWUUB, UV1UIU J1PM i, uu pvuaKjr ut yj"
Intra tax of 331 per cent, on the notes after
that date, and If they are not funded by Janu
ary 1, ittid, mcy are to 00 taxed liw per ceut
This Is repudiation with a veneeance. Then a
tax of flvo per cent, on everything adds to the
acnguis 01 onr situation.
The SXaJor General anil the I? rummer
Tho President had recently appointed to the
Naval School at Newport a llttlo drummer lsy
of the 55th Illinois volunteers, whose caso was
brought before him by Major General W. T.
Sherman, In tho following letter. Truly tfte
letter docs aa much honor to tho distinguished
Major General who could pause, In tho midst
or mo antics 01 a great campaign, to pay such
a tribute to a drummer boy, as It does to tho
nine ncro wuom 11 ceicuratosi
Camp oh Tltu Black, ug 6, itsi.
Hon. k V Stanton. Secretary of Wan
Sim I tako tho liberty of asking through
you, that something bo dona for a young lad
ntttn&t flrlstn IV IIaipa t lf.iil.Aivnn TULmhIj
whp belongs to tho 53th Illinois, but at present
absent at home, woundod. I think ho Is too
young for West Point, but would bo the very
thins: for a midshipman.
When the assault at VIcksburg was at Hi
height, on the 10th of May and I was in front
near me roau wmen formed my lino or attack,
this joung lad camo up to me, wounded and
bieeuing, witn a good, neauiiyooy's cry, "Ucn.
Sherman, send Bomo cartridges to Col. Malm
borg, tho men aro nearly all out." "What Is
the matter, my boy ?" "They shot mo tn the
1 leg, sir; but I can go to tho hospital. Send the
cartridges rleht awav." Even where we stood.
tho Bhot fell thick, and I told him to go to tho
rear at once, 1 would attend to mo cartridges,
and off be limped. Just beforo ho disappeared
I on tho hill, he turned and called as loud as ho
could, "Calibre 51." I havo not seen tho lad
since, aud his Colonel, (Malmborg,) on In
quiry, ghca me his address as aboro, and says
he Is a bright, Intelligent boy, with a fair pre
liminary education.
What arrested my attention then was aud
what renewed my memory of tho fact now Is
that ono bo youmr. carnlnc a musket ball
through his leg, should liao found his way to
mo on tuai latai spot ana aenverca ins mes
sage, not forgetting tho very Important part,
even, of tho calibro of his musket, 54, which
you know Is an unusual one.
I'll warrant that tho boy has In him thu
elements of a man, and I commend him to the
Gocrnment as one worthy of tho fostering
care of somo ono of tho national Institutions.
I am, with rcspeet, yonr obodleut servant,
W. T. SiiBituiv,
Major General Couimacdiug.
From the Columbus (Ga.) Sun,
The ImpeudliifEDatUe What the llehela
Think of the Neit Uattle.flcM,
We have good reasons for believing Virginia
to bo the scene of tho next hostile engagement
of a general nature. The enemy's movements
nro pointing to this conclusion, and we need
not bo startled at any time to hear that Lee has
fallen back to tho environs of tho capital, and
that a stupendous decoy movement Is being
made by the enemy on tho south side of tho
James river, from tbo direction of northeastern
North Carolina. Large numbers of citizens
non combatants of tho northern counties of
Irglnla are being arrested by tbo enemy.
Ihls has been tho usual preludo to general
movements, and may. In tho present Instance,
be Intended to cocr designs looking to a
r hango In the present position of Meade's, now
Grant's, army.
Working Cows.
Wasiiikutoh, April la.lsfli
Editor SUljncl Ilepubllean:
In your Issue of the 15th Instant Is an orlldo
(copied, I suppose,) upon tho "Working of
Cow b." This Is all very well for people of tho
Franklin school,w ho believe that mou was born
Into this world merely ta get money. I can as
sure jou, as well as alt others, that from a cow
two things only are to bo obtained milk or
water. Uso them as Is thu eustom of tho
w orld, and you get milk; work them, and ou
havo water. Some people aro born to mean
nai those who are not, 1 do not see why It
should be thrust upon than.
Yours, JLc, Tiuelibji.
UiurTiMi Wax. An excellent graaing-wax
Is madoof threo parts of rosin, threo of bees
wax, and two of ullow. A cheaper composi
tion, but more liable to alhero to the bauds, Is
made of four parts of rosin, two of tallow, and
one of beeswax.
UI10 number of emigrants that are an lying
.1 V.iur Vnrl. la rn.illv tllrnrlaln cr Thus r.
this cnr it readies nearly twonty-nlao thou
sand, while last year to thu aaniQ period It was
1?m tban cloven thousand-
A BtTlss Mother's Gift Co the New York
anltarr Fair
A letter frem I witter land contains tha foUow
Ingt "Terhsps the most touehlnrofferlnr Is that
liven by an Alpine peasant woman, a tiny book of
pressed Alpine flowers, toeetaer with a simple
wooden wine cup, thit formerly belonged to her
son, now a soldier In the Union army." An
American jaoy resiuing in iunen wary 11. C,
Booth hss written tho following Impromptu lines
and placed them In the cup 1
It isn't much, Ilerr Consul, that I have brought to-
Dut you'ro welcome to the little as the flowers of
There Isn't mnch upon the Alps except the pines
and flowirs,
The sunshine, and the sparkling dew, and all the
Dut I couldn't catch the sunshine, nor bottle up
tha deWi
And the pine nuts of the Alpine hills are not for
such as you 1
And so I've brought the blossoms that bloom upon
iuv uiua.
And open on the sunny banks beside the glacier
If you think them worth Ihe sending, 1 shall In
deed be glad;
There may be one who'll buy them perhaps a
awiixer ia
My boy Is In America; jou may hare seen him
You'd know him by his mountain toae, and by his
KOldcnbslri a
Ills volee Is like an Alplni horn, so slear Its crys
tal notes.
Twas like the muilo of a song to hear hint eall hie
The boy was genii as a kid, and J et as fullof fire,
And dauntless as that royal bird, tho Alpine Urn
It Isn't much, Herr Consul, that such as I can
But here is riierj 'swlno cup a Hltla simple thing;
A Swltr.tr wine cup, fragrant still with all tbe
sweet perfumes
Of violets and forget me-aots, and choicest Alpine
So take the cup, Ilerr Consul, and take the Alpine
flowers; ,.
For they may mind some Swltier lad of happy by-
- gone nours.
FUl up the little Swltxer cup with sparkling Swlt-
xrr iw.
A high health to Amerlet the cointry of tbe free I
On presenting the cup and the little book of
pressed flowers the goad old peasant woman took
a bottle of red Swltmwlne from her rocket, and
filling the eup, presented It to the Comul, and then
drank herself, saylog, "Here's a health and a
greeting to America, God Mess my boy's new
fatherland." "God bless It," replied the Consul,
" and Swttierland too." The oM woman thanked
him with tears In her eyes, end went away, leav
ing "Hiery's cup "and tbe Alpine blossoms be
hind her,
WIT " Tie s Iss psasaat's word for "wine,"
Serious lie pulse or Gets. Banks Adrauce
Corps Geu. Stoueraata In Command
Our Loss Two Thousand.
Cuicaqo, April 19. The Evening Journal
pubUshcs letters from thoKed river expedition,
dated Grand Ecore, April 10th and 11th, giving
tho details of a severe Union disaster at Pleas
ant Hill, Do Soto county, Louisiana.
Onr cavalry of tho 3d and 4th divisions of
tho 13th army corps, aacr a hard-fought bat
tle, wore put to rout bv a larcclvsunerlor force
of re kola.
General Stoneman was In command of the
movement. -
The l9Lh army corps flasUy came tip and
checked the pursuit. Our loss was 3,000. Tho
enemy also lost heavily. General lUasom.
who commanded the 3d and Ith divisions, was
w oundod in tbo earlier part of tbo flghu -The
Chicago mercantile battery lost all Its guns, 4
ofllccrs, and 23 men.
Another Dispatch.
renrnen I'ABticclaus,
Chicago, April 111. Tho Journal's letter
from Grand Ecore, of tho 10th Instant, says
our cavalry had been driving tho enemy for
two dsjs, but on tho forenoon of tho 8th scut
back word for Infantry support 1. Gen. Han
som In command of tho Third and Fourth di
visions of the 13th corps, was ordered to send
forward a brigade, and ho did so. At noon be
followed with tho Fourth division, and after
advancing about eight miles from where the
Third division of his command and the Nine
teenth corps were encamped, tho rebels made
a stand, and our line, consisting of only 2,400
Infantry, was formed In a belt of tho wood
with an open field In front, and tho enemy In
tho woods on tbe other side.
General Stono. chief of General Banks' stair.
was on the field and took the direction of tho
General Ransom was in Uy or of advancing
only In force, but Lis wish was disregarded.
After a skirmish across this open Held for
about an hour tho oueuy advanced upon us In
overwhelming numbers, estimated at 10,000
strong. Gen. Hansom got all tho available
troops to the front, and openod on tho enemy.
JIo lost heavily, but advanced steadily. Soon
all of tho cavalry gavo way aud tha Infantry
fell back. In a few moments tbe enemy pressed
closely up. The panic of tho cavalry so de
moralized tho array that the retreat becamo a
rout, ine ucnerai am an in his power to
rally them, but lludlug It Impossible without
reinforcements, mado every cflort to save the
artillery. While endeavoring to get tho Chi
cago Mercantile Uattery off salely Gen. Hansom
was severely wounded In tho leg. Capt. Cyrus
K. Dickey, hla adjutant, was Instantly klUod.
Our loss was largo, probably two thousand.
Tho Mercantile battery lost all Its guns. Capt.
Whlto was taken prisoner. Lleuts. Throop
and McUrldo w cro killed. Loss of tho battery
in killed aud captured, yiO. Uut out of theso
returned to camp after tho disaster. While
tho -Uli division was falling back in disorder,
tbo Ud division, numbering only l.hOO men,
csmo up, end was immediately routed. Fi
nally, the 1'JiU corps, 7,000 men, camo up and
formed In line. They checked the enemy and
held ihctn until wo got all tho trains otf, ex
cept iuai 01 mo cavauy.
The whole nrmy Is lolling back Lcre, where
It must to reorganize before pro: ceding
further toward Shrcveport.
From Arkansas.
Lai no, April 18. The steamer Lady Pike,
fiora Memphis ou tbolCtb, hss pissed.
On tho 4th, gunboat No. ,M captuied a rebel
mall-carrier, near Caopell'i lilutr, Arkansas,
with llvo hundrod Utters from HUbmond and
other points, aud 6UOU0 percussion csps for
Price's armv. Iho letters contained official
communications for Shrcveport and considera
ble federal monuy.
A s.iuad of rebel recently captured rcprc-
seutathe Clarku aud tho sherliV of Kansas
county, Arkansas, and carried them off, burned
a lot of cotton, and robbed soveral cotton
buyers of scleral thousand dollars and let
them go.
The Great Uoston Hivlndler Sentenced
.Vrralgumcul of the alalden Murderer,
Boston. April 10. In the Superior Court to.
dsy Edward P. Jcllrles was sentenced to two
Years' hard labor lu tho 8tata prison. Thu
case was one of extensive swindling. Jeffries
occupied a high social business position, am!
ior a uiuu was reputoa very wealthy.
Tho arraignment of Edward A. Green, latu
postmaster of Maiden, took pi aco In Lowull
to-day beforo Judgo Hoar in tho Supremo Ju
dlclal Court. The Indictment charged hint
with tho wilful murder of Frank V. Converse,
late teller of the Maiden Bank, to which Green
pleaded guilty. Howas romsndui for sentence.
Freucli Movcnieufe It Meilco.
h. r,,..., .,.,-, Anrii is. The steomer Ori
zaba, from Panama, brings letters from Aca-
. . ... TI... M.nn.llAn nf fVlnf(
puico 10 mo iowi. ..!......... . .-
by 3,000 French U conttrmmJ.
l'rupol have lcu rnida to old Juan Al
voro to aikoowlcdge tb. empire. Ho declined
to II, leu to thomiMld the French wore enemies
of hi, eonntrjr, aud ho would reslet thum to the
,i extremity.

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