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Ll.Vf.Jt,.,, ,,, ,', ...,,..5
-yi vkti 4i tt r 90 lUittltMir
-j ptifsM trstj ftnoofaiin eeijrt4
W.' .'KmriMi Car" It unOiitd
U o'tilsidilMtt Jfcy rt1 jrt 10 ita l
montk.' , ,j 'i f";, " ,
"atoll nbMrUxn, W.CO pw uu.ua I2.S0
for li month!, and tl.M for Uira nontht, l
tuUU (i aTc; "
rnoroBAL8 ronronAOK.
Cutrr qvumuunn'i Orriei, (
WasiirasrTOS, Dawm Oeeesaoar t, 1901. t r-
Sealed proposals ar tnltod by ibo DAdnlrn4
for supplying tho U.rite4 ttsfcseaasrterasauet'a
Df pertinent, at WMhlrtiiil. C, 04lUnoraliL
Alexandria, and Fort Monro. a.f or elthaf i
these piaeec. wiia nay. uortw oats, im umt.
jfios wuin imiTvuiofiai aeuTaix ot wy
bushel of eom or oats and M tons of mt or straw
and onwards. - t .
Bidders mart state at which of the iUtmium
points they -propose tamaka deliveries, end tho
rate at whlth tier will nakx Mirrt tWt,
thtqoumrftehalHaroo4io Modi
red, the Una when nU ddlt trlM eVall to ecav
meneed, and when to bo eosnpletedV r i ,
Tho arise must bo written oat tn word oa too
Mdo. ,'-. , .l.x
ComlobOputuplanod'iWvt saeksaol abomt
two bushels iuh. 0t la llko imU, of about
three fnuhoUtoatfcr Tbo onkarto o farnistied
without xtr obarft to tho pcrroromSBt. The
bararawtolaoarlTbaLfjU it U
The peril tola king or Mrtni of oora
bar of straw, propM t 0dallTro4,aiUit bo
stated u tbo proposals, '
All tho articles efrerea under tbo Mds herein tin
Tiled, will bo sutyeet to a rigid inspection by tbo
(JoTertLmont Inspector baforo beta aooartad
Contrasts will M awarded from Usae'toUaio to
tho lowest responsible, btddor, a tho tntaroot ol
tho OoTcromoat maf rog.alro and prwrt will bo
roado when tbo wholo ataonai oonlractod for aoall
hara bn deUrorod and aeoejitad.
, Tba bidder will bo roonlrad to aaoompany bli
4irropoaal with a raaraotr, unod by two rotpouU
t)lapnqm,thflnapobUbld U aaoeptad ho or
tbcfWllLwlthlatandaro thtroafter, oxorato tbo
eoDtravtior tho amaywUh food aad'oiifflalont
arctic In a tarn oqaal to thO amount of tbo on
tnwt, to deliver th (oraco propoeod U tontornUty
wlththoUnaaottbiiadnrilMBifnt and in em
th aald bidder Iball fall to enter Into th contract,
they to aaha rood tho dUftreao between th pffer
ol eald bidder and tho next lowoat reeponilblo bid
der, Or th pcriona to whom tbo oontraet may bo
Tho reaponalbUlty of thO suaraafor mart bo
hown by tho offlelal eertlfloat of a United Btatea
Diatnet Attorney, Collector of Cuatonu, or any
other oflleer under tho United State Gorarnmenf,
or reepomlbl peraon known to thla offle.
All bidder will bo dtUyaotlfiedoCthaaoeeptaneo
or rejection of their propoiala.
Th folLnam and P. O. addre of each bidder
mult be leclblf wrttten In the propAaal.
rropoaaia muit bo addreaaed to Brlfadlor General
p. H. Booker, Chief Depot Qaartermaater, Waah
njrton, D. C,, and ahould bo plainly narked M Pro
pueala for lorac
Donda, lm a cum equal to tho amount of tho eon
traat, alfned by tho contractor and both of hla
ruarantore, will bo required of. tho avceeaafal bid
der or bidden upon alcnlsr th contract,
Dlank forma of blda.ntaranteee, and boaoa, may
b obtained upon application at thla offle.
(Town, County, and Slate)- -
I. the iubaeribcr, do hereby propoao to furaiah
and deliver to th United SUtei, at the Quarter
maater Department at atreeably to
th term of year adrortlaement, Inrlttaf propo
ala for forafe, dated Waahlagton Depot, De
cember 8, 1801, tho following artlelea, vl
y buahala of Corn, to aaeka, at per traebel
boibcla of Oat, la cock, at per buahct
tona of baled Uy, at per ton of 1,000
- tona of baled Straw, at pox ton of t,ooo
Uellverr to commence on or before the
day of - , 18 t and to bo completed on or be
fore th day of - i IM . and pledfe mytelf
to enter Into a written contract with th United
fitatea, with rood and approved accurlttee. within
the apace of ten dayo arter belnf notified that my
Pia dc Been oepia.
Your obedient aerrant, '
Brigadier General D H. Rtrcxu,
CUef Depot Quartcrmeaterj
Waahlnfton, D. C
We, tho onderatgnod, reddenta of, In
-th County of ' and Stat of ,
hereby. Jointly and cevcrally, covenant with tho
United Btatea, and guarantee in eace the foregolnf
bid of be accepted, that he or they will
wlthlil ten dan after the acceptance of th aald
bid. execute the contract for the came with good
and anfflelent auretlee, lnla aum equal to th
amount of th contract, to furnish th forag pro
Saed la conformity to th tonne of advertisement
ted December 8, 18U, under which tho bid waa
made, and, la ease tho aald, ahall fall to
enter Into a contract aa aforesaid, wo guarantee to
mak good the difference between tho offer by the
aald and tho next lowest responsible bidder,
or th person to whom th contract may bo
awarded. -
Witness, t Glvanunderourhandaandaeals
( uoa aay oi is
1 harebv eertlfr that, to tho beet of mv knotf 1
edge and belief, the above-named guarantor are
good and auffleient aa auretlee for th amount for
which they offer to be security.
To bo certified by tbo United States District At
torney. Collector of Customs, or aay other officer
under the United Btatea Government, or reapoaal
pic person Known w uu uun.
det-tf Brig. Gen. and Quartermaster,
Scaled Proposal a will bo received at this Depart-
in on usiu o'siock p. m., on nsvnsiuAii toe
ithdarof Msv. 1804. for the dellvcrT of all the
Wrought Iron Platea and Bare aa hereinafter
apecineo, neoeasary o nuiia ibi lauowmg car
For IB-Inch Guna.
10 BarUKe rroat Platlc.
10 Barbctt Centra Pintle,
For 10-lnchruu
leo Casemate Carrtagea.
too Front Pintle Barbctt.
For 8-inch guns.
70 rroat Pintle Barbette.
Tho parts required for Wrought Iron Barbctt
ant lascmaie umu i iouhwbi
rsiTor cAamtAOE.
Check-Plates, Braces. Capa. Shoes, Transoms,
uuioe hooks, uoiuf uoos ur. irunniea ceus.
Axle Sh-ae. Bolts.
chassis, rnoar abd ciitm fisru.
n&ili. H&llPlates. hsU Chords. Hall Braces.
Transoms, Ancle Iron Floor Cleats, Pintle Tran
soms, iraosos w uacrs, aai ?;, or mnmyvw,
Parts named before and rail tOD bars.
The number and dimensions ol the Iron fclatee
and bare for each carrtago to bo aa specified In the
bills of Iron In ordnance memoranda No. o. copies
of which can bo obtained upon application at
Watertown, Frankfort!, or AilejchanyArsenals. the
New York agency, or at thla office, printed sched
ules, containing the number of plates and bars re
quired, can be obtained at tho above-named places.
Jq these bidders will state tbo pries at which they
propose to manufacture each part, In the manner
lurrvui pcvBcr.uou.
The Iron to ba used In the manufacture of tho
plates ana bar to do aa rauows i
Check'Platea and ULVntes of medium quality
of iron, fibroin dlrectlen of length, tenacity not
lets than 48,000 lbs. per square inch.
Traa soma all to be of best quality charcoal flange
Iron, fibre In direction or length, tenacity not lets
than 48,000 lbs. per square In oh.
Trunnion Beds to be of best quality of charcoal
Iron, tenaolty not less than 4,000 lbs. per square
Checks, Braces, Hurters, and Counter-Hurters,
than sa.QoO lha. nr niit.ra Intth.
Halla, Ball Chords, Chassis Braces. Caps and
Shoes, and Argle Iron, to bo of good quality of
weiweoncu nurous iron) icnaoiiy not less man
A0.000 lbs. rer sauaro Inch.
Axles for 8-loch and IWnch Carriages, and all
Traverse Wheel Journals, to be of best charcoal
fibrous lroni tenaolty net leas than ,ooo lbs. per
square Inch.
All bolts and IUvets to bo of beat charcoal fibrous
Iron. Tenacity not less thaq os,ooo pounds per
square meu.
Axles for 15lnch Carriages, and all Fork Shapes,
and Tongues for Casemate Carriages, to bo of the
best charcoal Iron. Tenacity notless thanU,ooo
pounds per square Inch. ....
Bidders will specify the date at which they can
commence deliveries, and the rate at which they
can deliver each part thereafter
No bids will be received except from partlee
actually engaged In the manufacture or this or
similar kinds of work, and who can bring ample
evidence that they hav In their own aeons all the
UMMuery uu appuauocB mr iuwui vui mw um
amount efwnrli m analflil bT them.
Bidders will be acquired to furnish proper sure
ties for th proper performance of the work, and
wffl enclose, with their bids, th written acknowl
edgments of their sureties over their own signa
tures. Each party obtaining a contract will be required
to enter Into bonds with approved sureties for Its
faithful execution.
Upon the award belag made, successful bidders
wiu a nouuwi, uiuuu4 wiw lerma ei con
trt .nd bond.
The department resorvec the right to reject any
PrATitaala Will DO adilrCSSCd to M Arlriulla nn.
eral George D. Ramsay. Chief of Ordnance, Waah
Ington, D.C." and will be endorsed "Proposal
iur wrouxn uvu 'i uya kubi sar
riagea." u&u, iAnaataxx,
spo-t BilgadlerGeaerl,CIUrtoruauaaf,
fllftitjj dttitflj KejjttMwm
a M A h h B TOn E B , E T 0 .
Kir DrrAiTMMT, )
B.iiiwor rioriiroimoCLoTiiiKii, I
Urh , 1841. )
EPAnATC PBClPniAT.. ...Iiul anil .n.1..1
xrropoi.li for Sm.U Itoroi," ko , will t. rMMrtd
it toll oao. nam U o'olMk M. on th. Mth d.r ol
April next, tor furnlihlog .od dtllrtrtar (o. r
Mirlai tin ();' ootle.l .1 to. Unltl sufe. rr
t.rd. t Cb.rlritown, AlMiMboHtu, aod Brook
itKewToik, la mch numoeri and qu.atttlM.tid
t uoh time. m.r b. iptclOed br th. Chlet ol
tall bar.au, or brth. toam.adut. of th. i.ld
p.rr r.rd., rcrpfttlrelr. darla, th. remaiadar ol
a. m.w r.waaiajronio..uia a.joi .db.. loo.,
th. tiumberf .ad qu.ntltlM of the dlfftorfni .rtl
tlti,' uid a) th. tlatei in.eln.4 la th. lonowlai
t fonowiBf
t CharUltowa,
. 600
attwftUtto.pilbl 60.000
ThtMd.bluk .adwhlt., Hi.... Joo
lUldah.t. DUM.il...ui
! 3,000
Tib, whlu.plee.
TiiKbluk.vUM ..,
.... soo
.i.. i.otn
ffwlar.lbf.j4. .;...
ft handkf rfhlf fi......
Nffdlef a.wlar. bfoerf.. ......
jKk'kolTff ..
fuiorf. !
luror ftropf....... .. ..
ShaTlnf brllfbff
Scrub brntaef. .. tt.
. 100
, too
. 100
. 9,000
. 1,000
. 600
. 1,000
. 6,000
. 4,000
. 4,000
. 3,
. .,OM
. 600
maikia, bru. uu ,
Walik broom
E.K1. foat buttoof , doxf a
KmU medlun buttooi, doxfn.
Kfflf Tfft buttoaj, doxen,,..
D.lc. buttoBff doxf a
Fia. comb.
Ooariooembf .
Blffklor. boiff
8t.Mo. eaadlff, lbf ,
OfferamaTbemadetoroaeor mora articles, at
the option of tho bidder, and In case more than one
article is eoniamca in me oner in imci oi mo
Bureau will have th rlsht to accent ona or mora
of tho articles contained in such oiler, and reject
ua rtuaaAButrr. nm yncti mum ifniirnr, na
eTer wuuttwibroeMtU of anvons or wutrt trtUUa d
livmtU tUVi9tHoi.
For tneatnarlnUonorartleiea fntha aTtnva lUt
bidders aro referred to tho aample at tho aald
Navy Yards, and to tho advertisement of tbla Bu
reau dated August 15, 1801, and tor Information as
to the laws and regulations (in pamphlet form) re
garding contracts, to the offices of the several com
mandantc of Navy Yards and Navy Agenta.
Blank farm ofvrovotili im r obtained on mvoHta.
tton to tht navy egenft at Fortimouih, Mv ItamyMrtt
Barron, Aw 1 W, Philadt'pMa, Baiiinore, and at (AO
vvrraw. mza-iaww
w AimniiTTja, in area m, iwh.
SEALED PROPOSALS will ba received at this
office until WEDNESDAY. April 37th at 4 p. m
or iuu,uuu tail oi imann-y Aooouircmeaia cauor
68, to bo delivered In the following quanlltlec at
nnderoamtd Arsenals, vln
10,000 seta at tho New York Arsenal, Governor's
ao,ooo sets at the Frankfort Arsenal, Brldesburg,
0,000 sets at tho Alleghany Arsenal, Pittsburg,
0,000 setc at tho St. Louis Aritnal, St. Louis,
These accoutrements aro to bo made In strict
conformity with th new pattern sets to be seen
at th Alleghany. New York, Frankfort, St. Louis,
Watervllef, Watertown, and Washington Arse
nslc, and the SprLngQsld Armory. They are to bo
subject to Inspection at the Arsenal where deliv
ered, before betag received for tho Government.
Nona are to bo accepted or paid for but such ae aro
approved upon Inspection. Tho belts to bo of
gralaed leather, and all the atoakto bo the best
oak tanned. The shoulder belt will be Included In
Deliveries must be made In lots of not less than
one-fifteenth (M3) per week of the whole number
contracted fori the Brut delivery to be made on
the gist day of Nay.
Failure to make deliveries at a specified time
will subject the centra tor to a forfeiture of the
number he may fall to deliver at that time.
The accoutrements muit be boxed In tho usual
manner i the boxes to te charged at cost, to do ae
arm In ad b the Inanaetor.
Bidders wlU state explicitly the Arsenal or Ar
senals, where they propose to deliver, and the
number of acts they propose to deliver at each
placOi If lor mora than one.
No bid will be considered from parties other
than regular manufacturers, and such as are
known to this Department to bo fully competent
to execute In their own shops th work propoied
for. Should any party obtaining a contract offer
accoutrements other than those made in his own
shops, they will be rejected, and tho contract
rendered null and void.
Bidders wlU enolose with their bids the written
acknowledgments of their sureties over their own
tech party obtaining a eontraet-wtU bo obliged
to enter Into bond with approved sureties for Its
faithful execution.
Upon the award belngfmade, successful bidders
win ia pounea, ana ruruimea wiin lorms oi con
tract ana bond.
The Department reserves tho right to reject any
or ail Dia.. ii do. uiiDiou aauaiaoMJi-yt
Pronoiaia will ba addresied ta " Brleadler Gen-
eral George D. Ramsay, Chief of Ordnance, Wash-
ingion, v. .," CQUoracu "rropaiaia ior iDiauiry
Jioeou trim rnia," u&unu. u,nn.miAi
mao-stuthlM Brig. Gen., Cblcl of Ordnance.
I at the Treasury Department, Oftce of the
Supervising Architect, Washington, D. O, until 13
m. of the let day of May. 164, tor ail the Fire and
Burglar-proof Safes and vaults required by the
Plana and speclflcatlons can ba obtained by ap-
Bids to be per supernelal foot. Including door and
all necessary fixtures, measured on the outside, the
trice named to cover all oharges whatever, except
he freight and the aitual traveling expenses of
workmen to tho places where the Vaulta are to bo
Safcctobe delivered at the Ballroad Depot or
Steamboat Wharf for transportation, In goodorder
and condition, without charge. .
Locks for the Vaults or Safes will bo furnished
ny me Department, out must do properly put on
bv the contractor without ebarra.
All bids must be accompanledby the bond of two
resposlble persons in the sum of Sff.ooo that the
bidder will accept and perform the contract If
awaraea to mini id aunieieucy oi toe aecuriij o
be certified to by tho Collector of Internal Revenue
of the District.
The Department reserves the right to reject any
or all the bids if It be considered Its Interest to do
so, and no bid will be considered that does not
conform to the requirements of this advertisement.
Bids to be enclosed In a sealed envelope, endorsed
" rroposa.s lor oaics ana iuiii "
mS8mtbmyt Supeiv litng Architect.
ll CALS.
J. EDWIN HALLENBECK. dealer In Newsna
pert, Periodicals. Novels, stationery, Prints, to-
imccu, otrsaia, xiaga uu i.bji.ub vfumi iticu.
large assortment of Plain and Colored Photo-
grapns, 110 King sireei, lour ooora uciow rroroit
MUiuaii oiucs, Aicaauuiia, .
Subacrlptlona and advertisements for the Wash
ington Daily National Hn uhlicam received.
map30tf ii- .,
thesabscriber has obtalnedfromtheOrnhan
Court of Washington County, In the District of
Columbia, lettere of administration, with will an
nexedon the estate of Atetbea Tanner, late of
Waahlngton city, D a.fleeeeiM. ah persons hav
lug claims against the said deceased, are hereby
warned ,to exhibit the same, with tho vouchers
thereof, to the subscriber, on or before the 12th
day of April next, they may otherwise by Jaw be
excluded from all benefit of the said estate. Given
under my band thla 13th day of April, A. D . IBM.
apl4-lwlw JOHNF. COOK.
jl tiio surioriDcr Has ooiainca iroin toe ur
phan's Court ur Washington County, In the Dis
trict of Columbia, letters of administration oa the
personal estate of David Carroll, late of Wash
ington county, D O, deceased. All persons having
claims against the said deceased, are hereby
warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers
thereof, to the subscriber, on ur before the 3d
day of April nexti they may otherwise by law be
excluded from all benefit of the said estate.
Given under my baod this 34 day of April, A.
CIS. '
Between list and 93J streets.
Siraxa AT all Ho cm.
to- Give ui a call.
lefe-iy C IL GIXMAM,
Orncr or Wabu moTOie AnatitAL, )
WAsniHOTOIf, D. O., April IS, 184. t
sealed PROPOSALS, will bo received at this
office, for ten day from this date, for grading that
portion of tho Arienal grounds north of the Peni
tentiary, and for building and furnlihlng agiart of
tho atone tor a eea-wall on th west side of aald
grounds, in accordance with spec locations, plans,
and aeetlona to be seen at this office.
The bids will bo byth cubic yard for It ex
cavating, and by the perch of twentr-flv cubic
feet forth atone-work, the prleea to be written
out In worda In the bids.
Kaah proposal will b accompanied by a guaran
ty, algned by two responsible persons, that in case
such bid la accepted, the principal or the guaran
tor will, within ftv daye thereafter, execute tbo
contract with anfflelent curettes In a com equal to
one-half of th amount of th contrast, to fulfil the
same conformably with tho speclflcatlosst and, in
case aald bidder ahould fall to enter into the eon
tract, they to make good tn difference between
tbo offer of said bidder and the next lower bidder,
or the peraon to whom the contract may be
Tho reaponslblUty of tho guarantors must bo
certified to by an offiaer under the United Slates
Government, or a reitionalble perion known at
thla office.
Proposals to bo addressed to Captain J. O, Ben
tan, at thla poat, andcndoraed"FR0rO3AL8 FOR
All proposals received under this advertlicment
will be opeped on TUESDAY, April setfa. at 13
o'clock m., when all bidders may be present.
No bid will be considered thst does not conform
to tho requirements of thla advertlicment, and tho
Government reserves the right to rejeot any or all
of the bids, ir it bo considered to ltc interests to
do 10.
Specifications can bo obtained at thla offlce, or
will bo mailed to applicants.
Capt. Ordnance Com'g Washington Arsenal.
UiriCE Depot GoMHissiaY or SuasisTKKcr,.!
WAHIKOTOM. D. C. AdHI 10. 1661 t
Sealed Dronosala are Invito! .til tha Qflth ' .
at 13 o'clock m., for furnishing tho Subsistence De
partment with eight thousand (8,000) barrels of
The propoials will bo for what Ms known at thla
jffpg. as nos. 1, s, ana 1, ana mas win be enter
talned for anv auantltv ! than th whn'.
Bids must be In duplicate, and for each grade on
separate aheet of paper.
The Flour to be fresh ground, and delivered In
new oak barrels, head lined.
The delivery olth Flour to commence within
fire days from the opening of the bids, and In such
Suantltles, dally, as tho Government may direct)
ellrered at the Government warehouse In George-
iuhii, it iu wu.rTu or uiroii ucpoi in wasn
lOftOO, D. c.
The dellvenr of all Flntu wm1 a ha Mm.
pleted within twenty days from tho opening of the
Payments will bo msde In certificates of lndebt-
eancsBfOr auen omer innas as tho Government
may have for disbursement.
The uiual Government Inanactlon will ft, maita
just before the Flour Is received, and none will bo
aocBUicu wnian i not; ircan irouoiL
An oath of allegianoa must accompany the bid of
wu utuuci huu una not mo oiui on me in mis
OfflCO. and no bid will ba entertained from tiartlea
who have previously failed to comply with their
bldi, or from bidders not present to t cspond.
Government reserves the right to reject any bid
for any cause. Bids to be addreaaed to tho under
signed, at No. 33J O street, endorsed, " Proposals
lor nour." s. c. UKEKNiL
aplO-at Captain and C. sVV.
Tost Orncr DirARTHCHT, )
WasniNQTOM Citt. March 32. 186. I
Proposals will be received at the Contract Office
of this Department until S p. m., June 14, 1604, (to
bo decided next day,) for conveying tho malls of
the United States In the State ol Kansas and the
Territories of Colorado, Utah, and Nkvada,
from the 1st OctoUr,Us4,tothasOthapUnUer,
1BSS, Inclusive, on the routes and by tho schedules
01 aepanures ana arnvais nerein specinea, consu
tuttng tho overland route to California.
Route No. 11,310 From Atchison, Kansas, or Saint
Joseph. Mlsiourl, to Salt Lake
City. UtahTerrltory,lt320mllea
and back, dally, suppl j log such
offices na may be on the route.
SihtdvU from lit 0 Jprll to lif of Dtctmber, (3
mtmtn j
Leave Atchison or Saint Joseph dally, at 8 a,
Arrive at Salt Lake City eleventh day, by 11 a.
mi i,- tiuunji
Leave Salt Lake ntvdailr. at 10 a. m.t
Arrive at Atchfion or Saint Joseph eleventh
aay, dt 1 n. m , nu nours.l
Sckiduli from Ut 0 Dectmbfr to lit of Aynl (1
moniht )
Leave Atchison or Saint Joseph dally, at 8 a.
m 1
Arrive at Salt Lake City fourteenth day, by 3 a.
el, lauoaoursj
Lcava a alt Laka Cltv dallv. at 1 d. tn 1
Arrive at Atchison or saint Jt seph fourteenth
day. by 1 p. m , (306 hours )
Bldatocxtendthedallyservloo from Salt Lake
City, by Virginia City, to Folaom, tw mile a fur
ther, supplying such offices ss are on the route,
and supplylny Denver. Colorado Territory, dally,
by the most direct route, forming due connections
with the main line, will be considered.
If service on this route, as extended, bo let, that
on routes Nos. 14,636 and 15.7C1 will not be.
The accepted bidder will have th privilege to
commence service on the 1st July, 1664.
n . ae paper ana oooument man lor me ra
elflo coait to be scat by ssa.
Route No. 14.C26 From Salt Lake City to Vir
ginia City, Nevada Territory,
MS miles and baok, dally, sup-
Fuying suca omecs aa may ne on
be route,
Schtdut from lit of April to Ut of December,
(8 months )
Leave Salt Lake City dally, at l p. m.
Arrive at Virginia City sixth day, by 11 a m ,
1110 nourij
LeaT Vlrrlnle Cltv dallv. at 10 a. m.i
Arrive at Salt Lake City sixth day, by 8 a. m.,
(118 hours:)
UhtduU from lit of December to Ut of April
(4 months )
Leave Salt Lake City dally, at 6 a. m
Arrive at Irglnla City seventh day by 1 a. m ,
l oguraij
Leave Irglnla City dally, at 10 p. m j
Arrive at salt Lake City seventh day, by S p. m ,
If the extended aervlce Invited on route 14,360
be let to contract, service on mis route win not do.
Route No, 18,161 From Mrglnla City to Folsom
City, California, 140 miles and
back, dally, supplying such of
fices aa maybe on the route.
Schedule from Ut of April to Ut of December, (B
month! )
Leave Virginia City dally, at 13 m.
Arrive at Folsom City next day, by 11 a. m , (33
hours )
Leave Folaom City dally, at 10 a. m 1
Arrive at Irglnla City next day, by 9 a. m , (23
Schedule from Iff of December to lit of April, (I
annua f '
Leave Virginia City dally, at 3 a m.,
Arrive at Folsom City next day, by 1 p. m., (35
hours 1)
Leave Folsom City dally, at 10 a m
Arrive at Virginia city next day, at B p. m. (SS
Ifthe extended service Invited on route 14260
bo Jet on contract, servloe on this route will not be.
Each route must bo bid for separately, with sep
arate guarantee and certificate, and must provide
for the conveyance of the mall "with celerity, cer
tainty, and security," using the terms of the law.
It will be peroclved that the achedulea for tho
running time are arranged ao aa to form one con
tinuous line from Atchison, Kansas, or Saint Jo
seph, Missouri, to Folsom City and back, convey
ing toe mail, each way, In 16 days, ejght months In
the year) and In l daye four months in the year.
For form of proposal, guarantee, and certificate,
and for Instructions, requirements, Ac .bidders are
referred to the pamphlet advertisement of October
16, 186s, at the principal post offices. Bidders
should bo careful to post-pay bids.
jnSMawtw M. BLAJH, Jatmasterj2eneral
FICE, DcroT or Waihinotok,Waiiiiotow,
D.C., January 4, 1864.
All dealers m Drugs, Hardware, Lumber, Leather,
uivs uriitiurc, uarucaB, ,uv iuuiii ... iv
queated to send to thla office, on the MONDAY of
eacawccK, a seaiea proposal or usi, in avwuate,
of the artlelea they are prepared to furnish to thla
Depot at abort notloe, wit' t prlco of each
marked In plain figures, ue the exl
sendee of thoaervfoe r miicloorar
tlcleacan bo obtained i- . m fit tho
loweat price.
Dealers wishlne to sell to thla iinnt will be re
quired to furnish the list punctually every Monday
mrtrnlnr. D. H. finrrKlFR.
Brigadier General and Chief Quartermaster,
Depot of WftihiDftos.
Appolntm.ntf by th. Prttliltnl,
Bjatid utth (te Advtct and Content cfthtStnaU,
Thomai A. Otboraa, to be m.rihtl of the
United BUtca for the DUtrlct ofKanaai.
to di DjioiDim oixnuu.
Colonel Alexander Bhaler. OSth New Ynrt
Tolooteen, May SO, 1883.
Colonel Jasper A. Maltbr. 4Sth Illinois iol.
nnteeri, Angntt 4, 1803.
Joseph J. Dartlett, of New York, April 8,
Colonel Jothna T. Owens, of tho COth Penn.
sjlT.nla Tolnntecn, April 3, 1804.
tux aisx or axnun.
First Llentcnant Wb, R. Drlrer. of the 10th
Massachusetts rolanteen.
First Lieutenant Charlea Dodd. of the 1st
Ne Jersey cartlry.
First Llentcnant James A. Saylcs, of the Sth
Vermont TOlnnteeri.
First JJeatenant AJ C. Dana, oT the 8th Illl
Capuln George Uontelth, of the 4th Michi
gan TOlnntcera.
Captain Frank n. Cowdrcy, of the 95th New
York volunteers.
Captain John D. FUV. of the 121st New
York Tolantsers.
Captain James TV. Lalta, of the 110th Pcnn.
ylranla TOlnnteers.
Captain Chas. II. HUltr, of the 10th I'ennsjl
Tanla caralry.
to m coiiuissimts or bcbsisicxci witn tub
raxx orcinint.
Wm. W. Wlltbank. of lVnnnvlv.nl. Anrtl
Geo. D. Newton, of Pennsylvania, Jnne 29.
Jno. P. Langdon, of Fcnnsjlranla, June 30,
Wm. C. Conrad, of Pennsylvania, Juno SO,
Jno. P. Alden. of Kansas. Jnno 2. 1803.
David G. Peabody, or Kansas, July CO, 1803.
D. M. Alexander, of Kansas, July SO, 1803.
David II. Vccch, i-f Pennsylvania, Novem
ber 10. 1803.
Francis A. Dohrman, of Pennsylvania, No-
It. E. Mayo, of Delaware.
Lieutenant Jno. L. Robcr, of tho 11th Pcnn
sylv.Bla cavalry.
Thomaa C. Smith, of Michigan.
Captain BenJ. Baylor, of the lllllh Pcnnsvl
vanla volunteers.
Captain J. I). Glebncr, of the H0lh Pcnnsyl
vanla volunteers.
James A. Cook, of New Hampshire, July 3,
1803. '
Dcvrltt C. Tomllnson, of New York, August
E. V. Brookneld, of Ohio.
Aaron M. Wilcox, of the 27th. Iowa volun
teers. Phllo P. Judson, of the 8th Illinois cavalry.
Kdward Dale, of Wisconsin.
Captain EHsha II. Lndlngton, of the 17th
United Slates I a fan try, to be assistant Inspector
Kt-uviui, wnu mo raaa 01 major, in mo army
of the United States, vice Duford, deceased.
John Wilson, to be medical Inspector in tho
army of the United States, with the rank of
utuicuiut coionei, August iu, J6i3, vico names.
TO BE rmST LMCTXJAHTS tvxe 11, 1803, TO
rru. crioikal tacakoixs.
Cadets John R. Meigs. Peter S. Mlchle,
James D. Rabb, William J. Twining, William
R. Klnf, WUUam It. H. Bcnyanrd, ('harles W.
Howell, Asa II. Holgate.
Captain John O. McFcrran. to ba nnartor.
master, with the rank of major, tn tho army
of the Unitod States, July 17, 1803.
i.caaut:r A. 1'oore, 01 Aiasa., to oe an assist
ant quartermaster, with tho rank of captain,
In tho volunteer force.
vxTixn roRCi.
John S. Klein, of West Virginia.
Samuel Grlsson, of Michigan.
JniT 17, 180i
First Lieutenant Washington A. ltoebllng,
of tho Cth Independent Now Tork battery, to
be aide-de-camp, with tho rank of major, for
Major-General Warren.
Sergeant Emmor B. Cope, of company II, 1st
Pennsylvania Reserve volunteers, to be aide-decamp,
with the rank of Captalo, for Major
General Warren.
Captain Septimus Carncross, Assistant Ad
jutant General or volnnteers, to be Assistant
Adjutant General, with the rank of Major.
Captain Burr II. Polk, Assistant Adjutant
acneal of volunteers, to bo Assistant Adjutant
General, with the rank of Major.
Lieutenant Henry M. Cist, of tho 74th Ohio
volunteers, to be Assistant Adjutant General,
with the rank of Captain.
First Lieutenant Robert G. Curtis, or tho 1st
regiment Mississippi colored volunteers, to be
Assistant Adjutant Genera), with the rank of
TO liaCOMUlSSAUIISOr subsistence, with tub
Lieutenant George W. Chandler, of tho 3d
Michigan volunteers.
John Van Lear, of Maryland.
Captain Edward F.Wvman. of the 6lh Maine
Samuel B. Ward, of New York.
J. Sykcs Ely, of Ohio.
Herman Lowenthal, of Maryland.
N. M. Qlatfelter, of Pennsylvania.
Henry Almstodt, of Missouri.
Frederic Kelly, of Missouri.
John M. Mnscott, or New York.
Major R. W. McCIsughry, of tho 118th Illi
nois volunteers,
Gcorgo M. McConncIl, or Illinois.
Charles C. Browne, or Illinois.
Charles Case, or Indiana.
John O. Mott, or Now York.
Captain Thomas T. Craven, to bo commo
dore in tho navy, ontheactlro list, from the
10th July, ISO J.
Captain William Radford, to bo a commo
dore In the navy, on the activo list, from the
21th April, 1803.
uommauuer upward Mlddicton, to do cap
tain In tho navy, on tho aetlvo list, from tho
4th November, lt03.
Commander Gustavua H. Scott, to bo a cap
lain In the navy, on the activo list, from tho
4th November, 1803.
Commandor Charles Green, to bo,a captain
In the navy, on the retired list, from tho 10th
July, 1803.
Commander David McDougal, to bo a captain
In the navy, on the active list, from March 3,
1804, vice Captain S. C. Rowan, promoted.
Passed Assistant Surgcou Job Corbln, to be
a surgeon In the navy, from March V. 1S04,
vlco Surgeon Stewart Kennedy, deceased.
Edward B. Bingham, or Pennsylvania.
Elwood M. Corson, or Pennsylvania.
Henry A. Danker, or Now York.
Joseph W. Necomer, of Pennsylvania.
rredorlck Krecknor, of Now York.
John 8. Ramsey, of Pennsylvania.
Assistant Paymaster William W. Williams,
to be a paymaster In the navy yard, from March
3, 1801, vlco Paymaster T. Marston Taylor,
transferred to tho retired list.
Ensign Mortimer L. Johnson, to bo a lieu
tenant In the navy, from February 23, lbOt.
ClRMlfloatloilof I.yma.ttrf' Clf rka,
Mr Halo has reported amendments to the
bill before the Senate on this subject, giving to
clerks at principal stations and receiving ships
twclvo hundred dollars. The other grados are
one thousand, eight hundred, and seven hun
dred dollan.
Carre .pondene. K,.ld D.for. Congress by
th. Department 6f If.tf
3tr. AViRiril U Ztr. Taylor.
DtrAHTMEirr or State,
WAStllHGTOi. Deecmhtr 7. tfttM
Slut I have to acknowledge the receipt of
your uefpaicnc. oi .Novcmocr n, irto. 19,1
November 13, (No. 19.) and November 15,
(No. 30.) These pspers, tn their order, open
and clear np tho subject of the action of Rus
sia upon the proposition which was recently
made to her and to Great Britain by France,
for s Joint appeal of all three of tho Powers to
the United States. The consideration which
they suggest has, however, already been antl-
cipaicu in. my previous instructions.
I havo now onlv to renew the expression of
the satisfaction or the President with the pru
dent, Just, and friendly course pursued by the
Government or the Ciar on that Interesting oc
casion. On renting your despatch I cannot avoid see
ing that some exsggeratlons of our affairs,
which attended tho political canvass which haa
been recently held hero, have been presented to
Europe, even by friends or thla country, as
portentous facts, and have been Influential In
Indncing tho ill Judged proceeding or Mr.
Drouyn do l'Hnjs, and investing, it with an
Importance far beyond Its merits.
aii meso exaggerations, navmg nad in some
measure their desired local and temporarv aue-
coss, have now passed away. Even those who,
on cither side, got them np In the heat of srgu-
mont nave lorgouen mem, ana tno wnoio
country, with all tho departments or the Gov
ernment, haa bocome satisfied that the progress
or the Government In suppressing tho Insur
rection is satlsfsctory. I am not disposed to
Jndge foreign nations harshly for their want of
confidence In the maintenance or the Union,
since they aro naturally misled by our own
partisan excitements, the nature and char
acter or which must bo vory Imperfectly under-
bwjuu Burundi
I think that if tho European statesman
ahould undertake a survey of hla own political
hemisphere, ho would hardly find a nation
which, at this tlmo, Is more thoroughly con
vinced of Its present safctv and assured wcir.re
than the United Btstes. Our groat expedition
assigned to Major General Banka has moved
towards Its destination, aad It will soon be
heard from. Our forces aro clearing the valley
or tho Mississippi. Another army la pressing
the insurgents In Virginia. Our Iron-clad fleet
is growing witn rapiuity, and It will soon re
duco the last remaining Insurgent port. Tho
principal part or Tcnnesseo Is restored. Elec
tions are being held In portions or several or
mo insurrectionary Btatcs, wmen will restore
In thoso regions tho civil administration of tho
Federal Government.
A now rear I j thus likely to open with better
auspices for tho country than either of Its pre
decessors, 1801 and 1803.
It Is well to be watchful of Intrigues abroad,
ami to guard, so far as Is possible, against mis
apprehensions, much moro against Injurious
policies on the pert of foreign States i but, on
tho other hand, tho couutrysand tho Govern
ment rcnutro every one of lta representatives
to bo assured, and at all times to bo prepared
iu osaaro iuo aiaio 10 wnicn no is accroaitca,
that any foreign Power which thinks this peo
ple Is ready to divide and destroy Itself Is mis
tsken, and that If any such State thinks thst
thoUnloB can be destroyed by Intorrerenco
from anyforolgn quarter, this belief Is even still
more erroneous.
The President's message and tho reports of
the Secretaries of the Treasury, War, and the
Navy, will be very useful in enabling yon to
show to Prlnco Gortchacow the gronnda of the
nubile ronOdonco In tho stability or the Union,
which I havo eudeavored to describe.
I am. sir. your obedient servant.
William II. Sewakii.
Bayard Taylor, Esq., etc., Ac.
JuV. Sevard to Jr. Taylor,
Wasiiimoton, Ufoembe r 2J, 183s,
Sibi Your despatch of November 23 (No.
21) haa been submitted to tho President. A
pernsal or It produces the same Impression
which follows the reading of the despatches of
all our representatives In Europo, namely, that
the Government of tho United States Is rec.rd.
od by foreign Governments as weak and In
critical circumstances. Tho existence of such
an opinion in Europe is natural. Our utter
ances, which aro controveraial because wo aro
really free and confident of tho national safety,
however wo may seem to despond, too often
present tho Government In this light. This
Is the result of a commcndabla Impatience
for greater activity, with the promise or
greater and speedier results. The insurgent
emissaries In Europo Inculcate the same opin
ion, and their prejudiced or Interested European
sympathizers havo tho public car In Europe,
as losurgcnt exiles alwjya do. Nothing,
however, could be more Injurious to the conn
try than a seeming admls.lon or tho Justieo
of the opinion in question by this Govern
ment. This sentiment was among thoso which
Induced my Instructions to ourself, Mr. Day
ton, and Mr. Adams, to ask no explanations
and mako no comments on any explanatlona
which should bo offered by any of tho threo
Powers which lately engaged In a correspond
ence with each other concerning American
affairs. Tbo note which you have addressed
to Prlnco Gortchacow, exhibiting our resources
ana advantages, was written bcroro you re
ceived this Instruction; and It Is believed that,
from our known ability, you hao made tho
argument prescuica a strong one, and, luerc-
fore.tho President, so far from censuring you
or tho ptriormanco, is rather gratified with It. I am sir, with sincere rospect, jours very
liut It will bo well for you, nevertheless, to ex-, truly, Geo. IJowkk.eh.
plain to IMnco Gortchacow that this Govern- Jicksonvh-le, Fia. March u
ment would not havo Instructed you to wrlto i Sim I am requested by Drlgadlcr General
tho pa. cr, and thnt for tho special roason before Sc mour to inform you In reply to your note
mentioned it would not hove approved of It had 'of thoothinst., that ho is qui to lndlirerent as
tho Government been advised of tho prepara-1 totho natureof anything you may have written,
tlon of tho document. At no previous tlmo or may write, to tho Tnoune.
slnco this civil war began has this Government j Ihat you should bo "deeply shocked" at
been better assured of its ultimate success In finding a statement "entirely untrua" In that
tho present contest, or had moro gratifying Journal is but tho least cldcnco of tho crcda
proofs of tho strength of tho very extraordinary Ions simplicity for which j ou are known, and
political 6 stem which was bequeathed to us for tho display of which, and worse character-
uy our taiuersi aou iuo rrceiueii. is no moro
likely to accept overtures of forulgn mediation
In our affairs than tho Government of tho Uni
ted States Is llkclv to offer Its mediation In
similar affairs to any other nation.
1 o-day members of Congress arrlvo hero who
havo been duly clcetod In Louisiana and this
is a palpable demonstration that tho crisis of
disunion has passed, and tho process of resto
ration has begun. - -In
reirard to Ilussla. tho case is a plain oiiu.
Sho has our friendship, In every case, In pref
erence to any other Kuropean Tower, simply
becauso sho always wishes us well, and leaves
us to conduct our affairs as we think best.
I do not misunderstand the seductions which
partisan divisions existing hero, not In reality
disloyal, oner to foreign 1'owcrs. Such seduc
tions aro always offered in every civil war. I
can, however, hardly remember a caso In his
tory In which anv Corel cu State listened tn
sucn persuasions with any adantago accruing
to itself or to the Stato In whoso behalf Its sym-
paiuy was diuvuu
l am, sir, jourootuicui sen am,
William 11. Seward,
Uavahd Taylor, .U.. Ac, Ac.
Ur. Atittml (o Jr. Taylor
Department o Matl,
Washington, February is ibtu (
Sir. Your despatch of Jannarv 21 fNo. im
has been received. This Government thought
luai ii ill i j; ut uu ue'uuivii an uxulijuiqu 01 100
much susceptibility If It should show a deslro
to disensa with Franco, Kussla.andGrcatDrlt-
amino budjccioi mo aipiomatic communea
tlonswhlch.wlthont conference with tho United
Btates, passed between thoso respected Powers I
concerning American Auairs, on the initiation
of the Emperor of tho French.
ThQecuuingoi jour private uuolllcUl note,
NO. 125.
and tho accompanying statement to Prince
Gortchacow. described In rnnr rin.n.tih Na.
21, of tho 28th November last, the dates of
ruutu wuro uut Kivcn, was a proceeding not In
uaiuiuuj niu, ua scubiuiuut 10 WB1CU 1 UBTO
thns alluded.
That proceeding, however, was taken by yon
In the absence of knowledge of tho course the
Government had decided to adopt. Tnn h ..
now brought this fact to tho knowing r.t
iiiuto uuiwuwunimuuiu set. mo matter
ngm in mat quarter, wnicn is an that was
Under these circumstances the President u
plesscd not onlo to absolve you from censure
for the proceeding, but even to look back with
satisfaction npon tho whole transaction. Your
exposition was tlmeiv and ablv. and it hu
manifestly produced good result, Tho nnre-
ervea and inenaiy expressions or sentiment,
made to yon br his Malostv and bv lMncn
uvibv,u.cuvr,iu rciauon to our country, navo
been mode known to tho President, and re
ceived by him with lively satisfaction.
Yon will do an act at nne.of iwnrfa nA r
Justlceto tho worthy representative of Russia
rroiaing nere, uy staling to l'rinco Gortchscow
thst exactly the same assurances hare Wn
given to me by Mr. Stoeekl, on the same sub
ject. 1 am, sir, your ooeaient servant,
Wiluau II. Seward.
Batard Tatlob, itc, Ac, die.
To b4 ContintaJ.
From the Baltimore Amerleau
Ztt.r from Major General M.adc.
The following letter from Gen. Meade, the
gallant and capablo commander of the Army
of the Potonrac, was received by tho " Com
mittee on Labor, Income, and Revenue," ap
pointed to raise funds for the " Great Centred
Fair-for tho Sanitary Commission," to be he'.d
tn Philadelphia.
HEABQ'at abmv or the roTOHAc, April .
. Montaomtrv Bond. Emj
Dear Biri I havo the honor to acknowT edge
ths receipt of your communication of the Gth
Instant, Inclosing circulars of the " Com mlttce
on Labor, Incomes and Revenues," of tho great
wentrat rairior ma united states sanitary
complimented at the honor conferred on me,
by placing my name aa one of tho honorary
members of this Important committee.
It is hardlv ncccsaarv for mo tn iun m,
that I am with you heart and aoal. In tho great
work or benevolenco and charity which you
havo enterod on.
It has been my duty to mako Inquiry as to
the practical workluc and benefit or the llnitnri
States Sanitary Commission, and It affords me
irreat measure to oear testimony, as far as this
army i. concerned, to tno incaumanio Dcnenta
and blessings conferred by this noble associa
- T . . .. - . .: .. . - -
tion on me suuorinir aick and wounded ml.
A rew facts In connection with this nolnt
may bo or servlco to you.!
At too Dattie 01 ucttysDnrg tbo number or
wounded or our own armr alono amounted, hv
official rcporu, to 13,713. These or the enemy
id. uu miq unu itcig utbtiu.bcu ut our meoical
ofllcera as amouutlog to 8,C00. This would
mako in ail nearly ...vw euircrlnir be nrs. .
quiring Immedlato care and attention to save
Few people can realizo such lanre numhnra.
but ir you tell them that should thor fill and
pack your Academy or Music in Philadelphia
(which holds, I believe, somo 3,600 people,)
ttz timu, and then Imagine every soul In this
Immense crowd wounded, they will have a
chance Idea of the great wotk for hum anlty on
.!. fHiu ms n. ... "
Xow, aim OUR la tho (JOYernment I most lib
eral ana generous in all Ui provision for the
sick and woandod, yet It It Impossible to keep
c&tutantly on hand either tho perttmml or sap
piles required In an emergency of this kind.
In addition to this dllUculty at Gettysburg, I
waa compelled to pursue tho rdrcatlnff Foe.
and as I expected In a few days to havo an
other battle, at tomo distant point. It was ab
solutely necessary I should carry away tho
Rroatcr portion of mysnrgeoni and mtullcal
supplies, so that tho wounded of Gettysburg
were, In a measure, depending upon such ex
tra assistance as tho Government could hastlW
collect, and upon tho generous aid so cheerfully
and promptly alFordod by tho Sanitary and
Christian Commissions, and tho various State
ana noimcrs' am societies. All tho additional
aid from every sourco was hero most urgently
needed, and it gives me great pleasure to say
that, from tho rcporu of my medical ofllcers.
I am satis Ilea tho United States Sanitary Com
mission, as well as tho others abovo named,
were fully up to tho work before them.
What has occurred la the past may occur In
tho future. Thcro Is no nobler or holler work
of Christian lovo or charity, and If the voice of
tho bravo soldiers are of any influence, you may
rest assured you havo their hearty lhcs and
earnest prayers.
Most respectfully and truly yours,
George 0. Meade,
Moj. Gon. Comdc Army of I'otomac.
Cleucral Scjntour anil Trllmue Carres
Hilton He.d, s, C , March b.
(jtneral Seymour
Dsn But: In the Tribune of tho 1st I find a
statement that you had been placed under ar
rest, after tho battle of Olnstce. This seems
to havo been derived from a passenger by the
Fulton, I am deeply shocked at Hading in the
paper with which I am connectod a statement
so entirely untrue. I shall Immediately wrlto
10 ueny us iruiu
Do pleased to accent my earnest assurance
that tho statement X havo referred to was
neither written by nor originated wltli mvself.
isucs, you navo aouoiiess uceu otllclally ro-
quested to leave tho department. It Is perhaps
to bo regretted that a Journal making any prc
tenso whatever to bo guided by Justieo should
not havo better understood your character, be
fore gh ing to tho world for its belief wholcsalo
romances of error and falsehood.
And with the least possible respect, I am, &c.
1st Ucut. 1st U. 8. Art'y, A. A. A. G.
lcu.Slicrldu Heet a. Mooulifiltt Picture.
U. F. Taylor, of tho Chicago Jovma!, whoso
graphic army letters haa mado him famous,
relates the following t
Tho scenery through all this mountalu re
gion is siriKing; Yry oiten exqumtcly btauti
fult sometimes rising Into granduurt Writing
this I recall " a thing of beauty," which Urn.
Sheridan saw the night after tho battle of Mis
sion Itldge. Ho had gone In pursuit ol the liylug
enemy, and mot with a sharp ruslstamo near
Chick a manga Station, somo two miles beond
the JUdge.
At about setn o'clock of that November
ovenlng ho scut a regiment to tako possession
of a lllilo promontory J uttlu,: out luto tho val
ley, which would give him a wai advuntao.
The musketry were briskly pUiiug all tho
while, tlmo was precious, tho position Im
portant, tho regiment a long tlmo executing
tho movement, and Sheridan, anxious and Im
patient, was watching tho sky line tO BCO tbO
troops omcrgo from the shadows and movo
along tho clr-cut crest of tho promontory.
I no inoOD, meii nujr mo .uu, uuu just risen
aboo tho edgo of tho hill, when tho battalions
moved out ol tho darkness and exactly across
tuo moon's uiac. mcrv, iur au msiam, was
the regiment, colors and gleaming arms In
lold rmm ana laotiomcssi a regiment trans
One square, three days ,lx0
Ona square, four days. im
One squire, eve days..... in
One squsro, six days. 1-7
Every other day advertisements, 60 per cent,
Once a week advertisements charged u new
for each Insertion.
Biz lines or loss constitute square.
Advertisement should be handed In by U
o'clock, m.
ferrod to heaven 1 And thora waa tho moon, a
great medallion struck la tho twinkling of an
eye, aa If In honor of that deathless day. The
General's eyo brightened at tho sight. E"n
thcro and thou It was something to bo thought
of to bo seen but a moment i to bo remem
bered forever.
9iiprm Court f th UnlUd 8 tat a.
AprU li Oa moUoa of Hon. Thomas RwIdk.
Charles U. rail,, Ia , ol lows, was admitted as
attorney and counsellor of this court.
On motion of Hon. R. H. Glllet, Labbeas Ch sp
in so, Jr., Esq , or Now York:, was admlUad an at
torus? and counsellor of tbls oourt.
Oa motion of Hon. M. U. toper, ChatK. Hen
haw, rsq , of Now York, was admltt anVVtor
ney and couoiellor of this court.
tm motion ol Mr. Carlisle. Joh jurmond. Cso .
of New York, aad Frank Id. tliJeyj5q . of ell
Morn a. were admitted ttr.ZL. vJaIZ.VIL.TZL
of this court. '" .
NOM. 171 and OAT. TK TT-ii. i m.i.. .. ..
llnH.ri. Jose Jc-.quln CaVoWlo. Appeal, iron
5J'a..?i"r' of United SUM for th.
NnrtOOrn DltfMntnt r.lirnmla M. r. !.. Ei.t
dellraredthr opinion of tha court, orefrulics; tho
tn Dtloa to r acato the I Up illations dlsaUsslns; these
no. ir
e, - .
, oIa?' .M"ue nodrljrusz, PP0llnt, tt. tho
.VDit'd States. Appeal from tho fMatW rWiriVf
thl0l.Ir:.lU." JiU" d"Td tho opinion
trt rttoarVuiWscau.;. P1"10nw nao
C oult Court la this cause, with costs.
ji.in and KJ. Bantlaro Brlxnardello el at. an.
r?.M!' ?ftl,d Crar.Appea from'th?
"'' Cootlcthe United States fortho Northern
imgn,wuormi, mr Justieo Darts delivered
too opjiuon of tho court, affirming the decree of the
"i? "-- rvu.: M UI" c wiin costs.
No, 171. The Vatted States, use ofanny B.
weri, aumiDisirairix.ann James if. Aorers. ad
tninistrator of Ceorg-e T. Itorers, deeeased. plain-
till. In mm. f.l...t a.t.tl . "1 """
to the District Court of the United States for the
District of Ulicoosln. Air. Justice Davla deliv
ered the opinion of the court, afflrmlnr the Judjr
raent at the sslj District Court In this cause, with
No. 233. Matilda C Cray, appellant, w. Santiago
S?'? 4? ' at .APP1 (ron tfae Circuit Court
of the United States for the is or them District of
CrJlSbrnh Mr. Justice Davis delivers the opin
ion of the court, reversing the decree of the said
Circuit Court, with costs, aed rent anding the cause,
with directions to award a wnireUaclat it novo.
No. 114 Ellen E. White, administratrix of Chas.
hlte. deceased, appeilaut, v$ Tbo United states.
Appeal from the blitrlet Court or the United
states for the Northern Dlitrlct of California. Mr
Justice Swayne delivered the opinion of the court,
ainrmlng the decree of tho said District Court in
thla cause.
No its Benjamin D. Godfrey, plaintiff In error,
tj. Charles T. hames. la error to the Circuit
Court of the United States for the District of Mais
achusetts Mr Justice Swayne delivered the
opinion of the court, rererilng the Judgment of
toe said Circuit Court, with coats, and remanding
the came. With dlrectlnna tn swanl ..- fM,
Ao. I jo. Toe uolted Ctaterppellaats.t Julian
Workman. Appeal from the Dlitrlct Court of the
United States far the Santhrn SHatHot r,mtti.-
nla. Mr. Justice Clhtord dellvere.1 the opinion of
sisv vuiuis ivcBisiiuK tun ucsrc Ol liiB IE1U UlStrlOt
Court, and remanding the cause, with directions
to dismiss the petition of the claimant.
fio. ui. im uiuieu aiaies, appellants, vi. Wil
liam Carey Jones. Appeal from the District Court
of the United Btates for the Southern Dlitrlct of
California. Mr. Justice Ulitorddelhered the opin
ion or the court, rercnlng the decree of theesid
District Court, and remanding the esuie, with di
rections to dismiss the petition of the claimant.
Ao. 363. The United atatei. amie.lai.fa. j vi.
eente P. Gonien Atmntl rmm h niatM r..
of the United states for the Southern District of
California. Mr. Justieo Clifford dsiiv-.i th.
opinion of the court, overruling the motion to dls-
No. t7S. Ann R. Dermott's executor, plaintiff In
error, w. Charles a. WaUach laerrortothe Clr-
eu urnn oi im un'teu stales for the Dlatrtet f
Columbia Mr. Justice Nelaon dalfvur.! th. ,-
i?a . w8 court-rtYei ,ln thB ludimtent of the said
wiivun vwuit, wtuivuaia. anuremaautogtna cause
with directions to award a venire fat Ut At novo.
No 183. Charles Homer et alt plaintiffs, w Ar-
tbur W. Austin On a rerti float nt .li.I.iAn Ar
oi inlon between the JuJs of the Circuit Court of
the United States for the District of Masiaehu
setts Mr. Justieo Nelsoa deliv ved the opinion of
thecjuit, ilniunla am iuIsh. tn .. -t
thirty per .ent ad valorem.
No. Ui. Jos Jaslgl rt at , plaintiffs In error, m.
Ji. S. Whitney, collector, tus In error to the
Circuit Court of the Uolted states for the dlitrlct
of Manachusettt. Mr. Justice A el ton delivered
the opinion of the court amirming the Judgment
of the said Circuit Court in this cauie, with costs.
No 2Ji. Th ITnltaail State .nnstll.at. .. ,.
net Larlost and No S33, The United States, appel
lints, vt Kudus, Castro. Appeals from the Dis
trict Court of the United States for the Southern
District of California Mr Juitlee W, avna dnr.
ed the oplnlouof the court, overruling tho motion
to dismiss these cauies
Ho. ssi. Andres Fieorf a!., appellant-, t. Tlie
United Statei. Anneal from Ihn niatrlnt i n,f r
the United States for the Northern l)latrit r r.i.
ifurnla Oa motion of Mr. CoCey, Assistant Attor
ney Gencrsl of the United states., thta .. ....
docketed and dlimlned.
no. sal ineuniteii states, appellants, vt. The
Widow and Heirs or Apollaarlo Miranda, deceased.
Appesl from the District Court of the United
states for the Northern District of California On
motion of Mr Cole, this appeal was docketed and
on dc a or covbt.
Ordered. In suits In enultv for the. fnroMnmr..
of mortgages In tho Circuit Courts of the United
States, or in anv of tlin tvnirt. nf thAT.rritn.u.
havtor Jurisdiction of the amine, a duxr. nsi k.
rendered for any balance that may be found due to
thecomplalnantoier and above the proceeds of
the sale or sales and execution may issue for the
collection of the same as Is provided In the eighth
rulo of this court regulating the equity practice,
where the decree Is solely for the pajmoat of
unui.il ur cuuht.
Ordered. Tltat the third paranrfiDh of the twentv.
f lurth rule of this court bo amended so that It will
read as follow i
In cases of reversal or any Judgtrciit or decree In
this court, costs shall be allowed ti the plalnttir
In error or aoiicllant. as the case msv be. unless
oinerwise oruerru vy too louri
The costs of the transcript of tho record from
the oourt below shll be a part of such eoits.
(iljnurLcd until tho time and place appointed
by la w. B-
Nation! CiaiiENcr ia Cnicioo. Tho
Uoard of Trade has resolved to shut down on
all kinds of paper money Issues on the loth
aay ot May proximo, except national currency.
Atlcr that day tho Uoard will neither recclvo
or pay out any but national currency. In no
ticing tho action of tho Board of Trade, tho
If other cities and towns support tho action
of tho Chicago Hoard of Trade, tho wholo Vorth
wtst wilt soon enjoy a sound, unirorm, national
currency; tho Government will find room in
which to circulate tens of millions of green
backs without Inflating tho currency, and
every dollac thus circulated Is tho samo thing
as a frco loan to Undo Sam to help blm put
down tho rebellion. From tbls day to May 15.
a heavy stream of wild-cat will flow to New
. York, and an oiuul fltxeaia ol greenbacks will
tlow luto tho Yi tst to illl ihu vacuum. Let the
commercial commun ty throughout tho North
west adopt this measure, and give tho wild
cats a noth otouuU.
SceiisU'vPioTTEDLoMjAoo. The follow
ingatatiaunt by tho NowOrlcaus Tmiet shows
that seeessiou was planned by tho southern
leaders many years ago. This was not done
mcrcl to assert iuo aocinno ot atato rights,
but rather with the dUlbcrato purpose and ex
poetatlou that Loulslaua would one day become
an iudcpcnde'ut nation.
moug the Incidents connectod with tho
custom-house- In this city, wo must mention
the I act that it has been In tho cnursa of erue
tlon nearly sixteen years, and that more than
ten) cars ago were put up the beraldrlc orna
mentations which usually give thu nationality
of the edifice, liy examining them It will bo
ten that thcro (s not on fu buiUtwj the tWjhteit
indication thai it iftu em feu and owned by the
United States Aa manv as (till ) Clf S atTO Uoau
regard and SUdell dlspla)od their propensity
to treason by Ignoring tho arms of tho United
DiaiCS) attU SUOStllUUUg m iwr avcuu uio roil-
can of Louisiana And thero to this day Is the
sectional symbol i jpjlog the place of right
and honor in iu Krt,lb .win, mwo annum do
tho eslo and the shield. We Uopo that Mr.
Chase vtlll at an early day authorize somo ono
to have tbo arms of the United States pu( np
in lta tirotier Ttlarfl. ka that tho hnlldlnt? mavh
oilHlelly known as belonging to Uucle Sam.

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