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iWMiwwi)wnm!n. lijji .ii BBmuwHaaw
re-mBmrnamm i j.w msxu -UJUJ IU-TS
X. V
Is Jmbllahad werr aftenora(Bari4aj uxtpted)
W. J. ilDBtAos,A CO., and U tiralh4
lo our rotiecTjtKrt fpf carriers) at SO cwU jr
lall rutcrIUrs, J3.C0 per antum ) I3.M
for tlx month, and tl.BS for three months, to-
Tariabir la adrnnu.
glcgla capita, II cents.
IXAVBft Or ADVinVllTltn
Ooesqnsre, lbrMdars,ti?Ar..'.,wi...$lU)
One square, four days.. i.ai
OnSsqnaef five days..!,., .k,.,. 1.90
One sqnaro, alx days, jt7i
Kvery other day advertisements, GO per cent
additional. i
Once week advcrtUemcnta cotAed u new
for each Insertion. -v" ;
Six lines or less constitute I. square.
Advertisements shonltl-be. handed In tyU
o'clocfc, m. ,- rJ .? 'iaVy , ,
NO 1(57
L made, and, I
Ik inter into a
Ui naacgoodl
Bl Mild
If if the per
pnoPosALa yon foagk.
Vtitxr" qeAimBMAmk't timer,
WAanmsrroit DcroTt December B, !
eald propoaale ere Invttrd by the undersigned
in aitttnivlnr th TJt.lt wl At tea tliiarlentieater'a
Department, at jfMmrt.n, I). O , Italtlmorc, MO.,
Aiexannna, man cci( rnniyr. -., ur innrr wi
.these places, with Hey, Corn, Oats, and straT,
., Dlda will be received for the delivery ftf ,
.DQjnetaoieuri pruiiwaoiuoivi nui wnnw(
And nnkiitilf.
Udders must state at which" cttbe above-named
.tHiiats ther propose to m"t Uelivertes, end the
Fetes at which the r will. n.ak deliveries thereat,
the Quantity of each article propoaedto bedeitv
end, the Urns when aald dellveriee shall be corn
tarased, and vhen to be completed.
The price n ribs written otin werofou thi
w"Xin to be i t up In rKd stool ) of jtooat
two bushels cuh 9es til ilk tMlii, of about
thro bushels each- The to b furnlehed
without eatra shews to the Government. Tbe
ty jr.u1 atraw to be securely bated,
fti nirtlmlar kind o? desert Dt Ion of oets. corn,
hey, or strew, promoted to bo delivered uuil be
AH th ertlclec offerJ under the tide hcrHa to
rlton. wtll be subject to a rbjtd Inspection by the
Om r-,tnf"t Inspector before belD accepted.
rf nnnt lli mmrtfed from feme (a time to
the loWit raeinoilble eldOer ee the latertit o(
tht ttitwrnzmtat mar require, ud permeot will be
Bade when the wbole amount eontraotad for ball
h hit 1livprAd and aaocDtcil.
Tbe bidder will bo required to aeoompanr bit
jintrtnuL that in iui hie Ud lr eoeDted he or
tber will, within ten daye tbereeiteneieeutetbe
(viWtrftti for the ane.wlth rood end lufflolent
uretlee in n mm equal to the amount of the eon
tract, to dfllrer the forare protMiaed In conformity
wltbtbetermaof tblaadvertlieaenti and In eaae
the cftld bidder aball fall to eater Into the contract,
tLey to make rood the dlderence beturcea the otter
ot ael4 MdJtr and tb next loweit rcaponilble bid
der, orhe peraona to whotn the eoatraot miy be
1 Tbe tvatonalbUltr or the faaraotora muat be
BhoCU bj.tht official certificate of a United Statci
DlatrWt Attorney, Collector of Cuitomi, or any
other o&7r under the United Statei GoTemment,
... .BMnBhle nenoa known to thte otllee.
All bWlet., will be duly notified of the eoeeptanoe
Tbe full name and P.O. eddrrii of each bidder
mutt be lejrlWy -tiw lo the prepoiai.
rrtloiaTa rauatNfaddrreedto UrUadler Gcoeral
4 -!. ii. fThii atot unartermaater. Waih
Vriinni D. C, awl ahould be plainly marked " Pro-
ptrfail .or Kvrmvv
Onn. In a in -nil til tha MinaUDt DI thl 1DB
tract.firntd by the contractor and both of wi
Earanton, will be required of the luoeeuful bld
r or bidden upon UgalnK the eontract.
Klaok forma of bide, guarantee, and lonui, may
bo obtained upon application at uua ouoo
form of morosAL,
(Town, County, and SUte)
-v. ...K..ritu Ark lArnT nnMinai trt fiirniBr
rnddeUterto the United Btate,athe Quarter
tuacter'e I-npartment at , apreeably to
the term ut your adTextleemeat, InTltlni; prono-
ali fur foraire, dated WMblnrtoa Depot, to-
buabala of Corn, la aaexa, at per buahel
ofMpounUs. , . ,
buabela of Oati, In eacka, at -1 er buahel
- tone of baled Hay, at per ton of 2,000
IwuoC V-JM Uaifv"t"r ton ' 3
Ccltrery tn fncntap9 xnx or boforo the
day ol 1 1S , and to be completed on or be
fore tu dryer - ', i n?.Cl3e-i?JlTeL'
toeotet lute a nrltteb contract with tbe United
ffUtea, with pood and apprciTed aeeuritlfa, within
tboirc ol ten daji after tclnf otlfiedthatmy
bid hat Ducn accepted
1 urottedieat (errant, - -
l)r wiier General I. II. Rocaea,
ititef Depot uuartarmaster,
Waablnsion, D. C,
Ml e, the Uiu'eralsned, tealdcnta of-
thai i fluniv est . and State of-
herrb. Jointly and aewrall), covenant with the
Cniud atatca. andruarantco In ca.e the forcfcolnc
bid of - ' tm cc.i ted, that he or they will
irUMc ten daye ftder tht acceptance of the aald
bid. execute the contract for the tame with good
and aoOlclent aurctlea, In a mm equal to the
amount of the contract, to furnish the forare pro
posed in conformity to tbe terms of advertisement
dated December 8, 19(13, under which tbe bid waa
made, and, in case the aald shall fall to
inter into a contract at aforesaid, we irurantee to
make Rood the dltfercnae between the otter by the
j, Id ., and the next Ion rat responsible bidder,
r tiie person o wnom ue soiaiiavct mmy vw
i itv I G'r3underourhanda and seals
f.M, day of ,IM
Hereby certify that, to the best of my knoivl
edceandlcllef, the above-named ruarantora are
good and sufficient aa aurctlea for the amount for
which they otter to be security. ...
Tobe certified by the United States Dlatrlct At
torney. Collector of diatoms, or any other ottlcar
under the United states Government, or rcapousl
bl. p.oa known to thl. offlc u n0CKE
dtfc-tf Uric Gen, and Quartermaster,
QOAtiTKBMAtTiaaUiriCC, U. 8 M.Cfl
WAaniNOTON.MaylS, 1864 J
Sealed proposala will b received atthla omce,
until WB.DNe,SIAY,theddey ofJune, IBW.at
3 o'clock, p. m , for supi 1 tag wood and coal to the
TTlr1 att.txa Marlnia at Wlhlneton CltV. D. C-
from the 1st of July, 184, to tbe loth of June, ISU
it of July, 18C4, to tee aoin or June, ism
d to tw guod merchantable oak. and to
d, tilled, measured and Inspected at auch
bin the w-llo(tha Uarlee Bartlcka as
Tne uoou
be delivered,
! axl.KIn Ih.
.- e detlKoittetl by th. Coma.Ddliif Marine
5ra7 ' 1 " ,0 ",0 VMci ?"!. o
ThVi..,. ' to t l-t Whtt. Ah, AnthrMlt; Fm
clKbed, lcspectednd delivered at
M,w0D t.-m n the walls of the Marine Bar-
lutu ! -!'".M .n.t cd br lh tommamtlm
"V "isl .VM.;to a lurnlihed .t luoh
U,."r.uchV'ltl.- ..WCommand
lux Mulne (Mm my '' 7, .rt,.iir renin.
Quintliul rSiulicd lor the uie ol nil tommand
,.rh ie rciponalMllir 1-tiB by th.
Outlcd State, tilitrlet Jadne, United Mate. D
but Attorney, or United State, collector, moat
SiinViny"Sb AopaVal, otherwli. It WlU not be
"foU endoned 'Tropoiali tor Fuel," and d
dre..edto the undenlnl. w D SLACKi
mylHawiaf Malor and Uuart.rma.ttt
Wah birir.TMr.KT, I
WiattiiiaTOM.lUDe 1 1644. I
Sealed ProooiaUwlU be recelTed at thii omte
uuUl F. IDA Y, the nth or June, ill ocio v. a ,
MFih. riii.rv. at the New York a. cney, No 45
Worth itreet. New Yolk, of 100,000 CUBBY
1 .... ri.,M rvimiia &r. to be mad. In atrlct oon
formltr with th. a.mplei, which can he leen at
thl. ottloe, or at the N. Yolk ajency, eiceutthat
the handle, are to be ol birch, b eck, or her J
maple, they ere to be ..IJ.ot to lo.pectlon at
thelac'ory wheieni'de btloio bclnj received by
the Oovernment. ooo are tob received or paid
lor butaiichaaaioaiiuiovedoti inspection.
1 cliveriea uiuit be mado at the late ol not lea.
than.,000 perwcrkorl.oo per day, i nneacloi
no in. I.iuu.yo, wui,, im. , utv .ww-....
1. 11 ire to deliver at ipecltled time w II aulject
the eOnti.otortoa oil.ltur. of the quantity due
at that 'im. 'W VtU. , LWUUBIUC, hvo. -
.1 ..... th.n le.ul.r mauufa turer. 01 the a tl
ale and Bikih aa u. known to thl. Department to
t. 'fully eoe-petent to execute In their own ehopi
ttSidieraliMloi. with their hide the written
acknowledjroent of their .uietlei, over their own
''ia'ch1 party obulnloj a contract will be requl'ed
to "nter Info boodi, with apptored auteta., for
,lVS?SiSSSSl. mad...uc..ful blddei.
wlll'b.notllled.and lurnlihedulth lorm. ol con.
,r"heB.Srt ment re.erv.athe rUht lo reject any
,rrr,v.omU. aBonolt j, BAMaAY,
Brlaadler Ueneral, thief ot Ordnance
rXan.' Court of WaAlnrton county, In the Die
frlltol Columbia, letteu if admlnlilratlon on tho
'"". "-'. ....... 3 a.muel Heave, let. of W.lhloc
IrTiton county alore.ald, deceaitd. All perann.
havlnf claim. aam th. aald decea.ed are hereby
warned to e,blblt the ..me. with the voucher,
thereof, to th. .ub.crlbcr, on or before the th day
PlJy1t-wIW AdmlnlitraUix.
Nat DcrAnTMrjiT, )
BcsEAtforEQOirMCirrAJfD RtcotTtito, v
r ' f MayMfIM. )
Sealed Proposals, for furnishing Anthracite Coal
for tbe Navy, to bo dePvereddarlngthe flaoal year
ending soth June. ISU-wtttbo received at this
Bureau until 10 a. m , 18th. June. IMk
These proposal must be endorsel uPropotala
for Anthracite Coal for .fteetnerf," that tbey may
be distinguished frora other bnatneae letters.
The oner muat ha (or the dell far jrpf 100,000 tons,
Of SAW pounds
The coal roust bo of tbe beat Buek Mountain or
Black Hath, or of a kind equal to them In all re
spects, for the purpnse lfitended, which equality
will be determined br a Board appointed by the
Secretary of the Navy arier the reception of the
The Bins of tbe coal proposed to be furnished
mutt be stated in the offer.
It la tn ba dttlvftrtrd In Innri of suitable site for
naval steamers clean, of uniform, quality, select
ed trmm from lmnurltlet. unmlied tf which the
contractor will be required to tarnish auehevl-
uence bi win c usiapwry, iqu u iuujmi iw
such Inspection as to quality and quantity as tbe
Pepattmentmav direct. Iboeoalnuct la all re
, h BttafbetAf- tntti ltuatiir oelniDeet-
ors, lobe appointed by the Bureau, who will hare
me ngni oi perempTorr rfjemien
IhecoM is to bedeUeredon beard veas-la, at
auch place In the port of t-blUdelphla aa may be
designated by the Bureau, aad in such quantities
ana at sucn iuae,in m ouidiquui turn nuriU
th psiraneitfinf tha service mar reoulret com-
uencing wnen loirnm ia reporiau reauy o re
ceive cargo) furnlahlog, If demanded, not lesa than
1 .000 torn irr dav. to te distributed to each easel.
- "----------- . , .-..'.
aa may be directed, u itli tbe loading a completed.
Pr poaals will likewise be received for the de
livery oi aw vv tons oi ui ui tututT a i "v, ur
be delivered In the port of New fork, on board
TMiei.iiit rniiaaeiDnie.
Intheeaeolfatlute to deliver the coal in pro
per quantity, of the proper quality, and at tbe pro
per time and place, the Bureau will reserve in the
contract tbe rUht to purcbaso forthwith, at the
contractor's risk and exi-eose, that which may
seem necessary to supply the deU elency.
Any demurrage, or other eh arras to which the
Navy Department maybe subjected from delay in
the prompt del very oi tbe coal by the contractors,
will be deducted from their bills.
The price must be forth eoaldatlrered on board
es.rli,oo tbe terras' and conditions above stated,
at the co t actor'a r ak and exptose, and without
c'ri ennrge m nay ainu
The ntler, as required by law, muM be accom
panied by awrlttei guaranty, signed by oce or
more responsible persons, to th effect that tbey
undertake that tbe bid er or bidders will, If his or
their bid be accepted, enter into obligation, at such
time as may be prescribed by tbe Bureau, with
good and autnetent sureties, to furnish thesupplies
No proposition will be coo tide red unless aoooru
panted by swh guarantees an I the Departme t
reserves the right to reject all the olT'.rs, U consid
ered to ne io me iniertsi oi toe ei-vice u uo ao
Iwo or more sureties each in a sumequ! to tbe
amount specified to be pld, will be required to
sign the contract, and tl eir responsibility will be
certlfiel by a United States Dls net Judge, United
Mates District Attornsv,Collector,or Navy Agent.
As additional andeollateraisccurlty,twenty per
cent, will btwiinneia iron me amount oi mi pay.
menu, wmen reaervauon is not to oe ram eacai.t
by authority of the Secretary or the Navy, until,
the contract shall have been In all respects com
piled wlthi and the remaining eighty per cent , or
other amount that miy be due upon each bill, will,
when a proper ceruncaie is lurnitneu df vui ib
ucfltor. Hnd the I ill annrovrd by the Bureau.be
paid by sueli navy agents aa tbe contractor may
mini, ivlthlri ten dava after the warrants for tbe
samerhtll hate been passed by tbe secretary of
ine-ireasurj 4 .
It WlU DC luuuiaicu ia iuu cuu.iki mat iiup
ftitt h ti.AitA in the dcllverv of the coal in tLC
Juantlty, of the quality, and at the place and time
irtxttiiii liv th huratu then, and lu that case
the contractor and bis sureties will forfeit and
pty to the Unit U taicsras iiquiaaici aamages.
& anm ut monev not exceedlns: twice tbe contract
price, which may be recoerd from time to time,
Recording to tha act or acta of tongrea In that
c. provide I
Hi.ura i.hniinrnuoili shall be accented, and
none other, will be notlflrd, and, as early as prac
ticable, a contract will oe iransmutea to mem,
which they will be required to execute within ten
days after its rectlpt at the post otBceor navy
agency named by them, ......
Tbe form of offer, guarantee and certificate Is
form or OtFEH.
I, (or we) of , State of .hereby agree
to furnish and deliver thousand tons of
anthracite coal for steamers' use, at , at the
rKte ol per on, oi 'i,v pounua, imounimi
to - dollars, the whole lo cnuformlty with the
provisions and terms of the advertisement of the
aul n uay oi iuay, iwt, irom tne ny atcjibiiiuciii,
and hereunto appended
enouiu my for ou ) oucr v bgccuicu, i vr ;
rrquest to be informed at , ana that the eon
tract may be forwarded to for signatures
and certificate
(Place) lYlEB") u
(Date )
We. the undersigned, residents of - , in tbe
state of , and of . in the Hate of ,
hereby, olntly and severally, covenant with the
United Mates, and guarantee in eaae the foregoing
bid of .be accented, will, within
ten da i after tbe receipt of the contract at
, execute iao intue, wim ruuu uu iiuutitui
sureties, for the delivery of the anthracite coal
proposed, in compliance with the terms of the
aaJveniiement of tha 16th Msv. IBM. hereto ap
pended, and under which it was made; and, In case
the said shaft fail to enter Into tbe
eontract aforesaid, we guarantee to make good
the dldercnoo between the offer of the aald
nnd that whlcn may be accepted.
Ultnesa (Signed) CD.
(Place) E. T.
1 hereby certilv that, to the best of my knowl
dse and belief, the above-named guarantors,
and , are good and sufficient.
(aigneai u u
To be slgoed by the UolteJ States District Judge,
United States District Attorney. Collector, or
Navy Agent. mi3Mvw
:HT, (
at this
sraikD PUOPOALti will be received a
OUlCe UDlll 1 UOUA 1, IUI liu uatir u iuiir. igin,
for B-incn toiumoiaa snot ana s-inn mortar
.hell, U be dellve ed in tbe following quantities,
at1beuodernimd arsennie, vixi
At the Wntrrtown Arsenal. Massachusetts, 4,000
At the Watervliat Arsenal, New Yo k. 4,000
at tbe New York Arsenal, Governors Island,
New York, 6,000
A tbe AliiEhany Arsenal, nttsburg, 4,000.
At tbe 8t Louis Arsenals, Missouri, 3,000,
6-INCll MOftTiK SllkLU
At the New Yoik Arsenal, Governor's Island,
New otk. soooo.
At the Watervllet Arsenal, New York, & 000.
Ihfseprojcctllac are to be made of the kl d of
metal, and inspected after the rules Uiddown lo
the Ordnance Manual, the tensile strength of tbe
Iron for col u mil ad shot to be net less thanSo.ooo
lbs per iqure Inohfaod for mortar sheila not
less than M.uxj IDS. per sowars men. urawiuii
can be seen at any -of tbe Unlied SUtea Arsenafs.
The projestlles ate to be inspected at tbe foundry
when cast, and are to be delivered at tbe Arsenals
free of charge for transportation er handling
Deliveries must be made at the rate of not less
than one-taott. (MOtb) of tbe whole amount con
tracted for per week) the first dellmy to be made
on thelWihdayof June,l8M.
Fftl.ure to wake deliveries at a specified time
will subject the contractor to a forfeiture of the
number be may fall to deliver at that time.
Separate proposals must be made for the shot
Bidders' will slate explicitly tbe Arsenal, or Ar
dials, where they propose to deliver, and the
number of projectiles they propose to deliver at
aril place.lf lor more than one.
Ho bids will bo considered from parties other than
regular founders, or proprietors of works who are
known to this Department to be capable ef exe
cuting the work proposed for. Should aiiy party
obtaining a eont.act otler ahot or abell other than
those cast in hia own foundry, they will be reject
ed, and the contract rendered null and void
Olddera will enclose with their bids tbe written
acknowledgmeuts of their aurctlea, over their
own signatures. . ....,, Ln
Lacn party obtaining a oontraot will be obliged
to enter into bonds, with appro. od sureties, lor
Its faithful execution . ......
Upon the award being made, successful bidders
will be notified, and furnished with forms ol coo
traut, and bonds
The Department reseives tbe right to reject any
or all bids if not deemed satisfactory
rronosala will be addressed to " Brigadier lien
eral George D Hamsay, Chief of Ordnance, ash.
Ingtoa.D C," and endorsed "Proposala forS-lnch
tolumbiad Shot,' and " I roposals for 8-lnch Mor
tar Shell " OKU. D. HAMSAY,
mj-M-ilt Brig Gen, Chief of Oidnaace
Has removed bla otllee to tbe Northeast comer i
y and Fifteenth streets, opposite tae east
entrance of tbe Treasury Building,
Washington City, D. C,
Attends especially to alalnu upon the I'oitti
lata Ts-t
Navt DrpASTMtirr. Janmi. 181
SeoaratA sealed Drnoaats Will be received etthe
office of the Secretary of tbe Navy until , S o'clock
Fi.m oi i ii umu a i, ine auiniDBianv,ioriurniiii
ag all tha stationery that may be required by the
Navv Department and the several Bureaus, from
the latter date to Joly 1, 1805,
All the sxlielee furnished must be of ,the Lest
quality, delivered without delay when ordered.
bbq. to mo aaiiaiaaiioo oi D9 oeau oi D9 oinee lor
which they are required.
U it be required, each Md-Jor for stationery must
furnish with his nronoaal a aamnla ol each arti
cle bid for. , .
No bid wiu be considered which doei not fully
conform to the advertisement, and in whtrh each
and every article la not bid for, and in which more
than one price la named for any one article.
Bonds In utricle el amounC with two or mere
approved sureties, for the faithful execution of tbe
contract, will be required of thsperioi or persons
contracting. The authorised names -of the sure
ties that will be given, as also satisfactory testi
monials to fu'fll the contract, must sceompany the
bidi otherwise It will not be eo ildered
The Department reserves to Itself the right of
oiaennx a greater or qunimiy oi cacn and
every artlole contracted for, as tbe public sett ice
mav reaulra
sboul I any artle'e be require I not enumerated
In the contract, It 11 tcrbe furnished at tbe lorrst
market price, acaordlng to Its quality
The law of S 1 March, 1683, provides that "no Mda
naving nominal or neuuoua pricoa snail do con
sidered T '
Theanbtol-ed schedule soectflea as nearlv aa
can now be done, tbe amount, qu Jlty, and descrijr-
uon cloaca vi lue aniaies iieeiy io oe required!
60 reams regulation piper, per sample, jer
50 r turn i regulation paper, tt simple, eo-
graveuncaoinr, jier ream.
40 icama heavy, white laid,dcsptch cp, atop
ruled, ber ream
40 reams heavy, white laid, dlapateh cap, stop-
ristcd, engraved heading, per ream,
20 reams foolscap, white or blue, ruled, per
20 reams fiolrcap, white or blue, ruled, en
raved headlnr ner ream
?S reams extra supeifiae, blue or white, laid or
wove, lette paper, per ream.
71 reams extra superfine, bbie or white, laid or
wove, jeiier paper, cngravea neauiag,
per ream
SO rema b at note paper, thick per .ream
so reams best cote piper, thick, cugrated head
lag, ler ream
15 reams beat note paper, me dl u n, er ream
15 reams best aote paper, medium, engraved
heading, per ream
30 reams copying er tissue paper, 21,', by 26
lnchei, per ream
10 reams Matiilla paper, SS by IS Inches, flV,per
20 reams best brff or white envelope paper,
royal flat, per ream.
ISO yards tracing cloth, per square yard
S r lis tra lag paper, per roll
60 sheets oil paper, per sheet.
3 reams blotting paper, r yl pr ream
60 quires ptteat blottln b ards, per quire
150 sheets elei hint drawing piper, per sheet
15 shears double elephant drawing paprr, per
10 heeta antlauartan drawlo Daner. ner sheet
14,000 best buff or white envelopes. Government
pauern, omeiai size, prirufa stamp, per
30,010 beat i ulf or white envelopes, floterumeat
rattero, official size, engravtd stamp, per
5 000 belt buff or white envelopes. Government
fattern, unit trap, per I.OOJ,
buff or wh ta enveiotei, letter size,
prlnt"f stamp, p,r 1,000.
10,000 beat buff or white en elopes, letter size,
rravtd strap, per 1 000
white nfflclal cnvelOes, engravtd stamp,
10H by V loehes, per 1,000
to ooo best wnlte otnclal envelopes, engraved atatoy,
by inches, per l.ooo.
10,003 best whlta ofildial envelopes, tnjnuvd stamp,
S by Slnehec, per 1.000.
5,000 best wnita official envelopes, iu, avtd stamp,
10W M 4. lncSra per t.wiO
s.ooo best crcam-Uid envelopei, letter size, per
9,000 beat cream4ald eav elopes, note size, per
I 0ro best envr lopes, card alio, per I 000,
1,000 patent rloth-llned envelopes, ft1 by 4 laches.
par i.'nw.
l.ooo patent clot Mined enelapcs,6 ty4 Inches,
ler I 000
per 1,000.
to gross steel i ens, on cards or In boxes, (the
Department to ha, e the liberty of select-
idk iri'oi an u uiueiem kious manu
factured,) er gross
xo dozen pen holders, of the varhus kinds man
u failure J. tier dozen
12 dozen ren holders, culta rtercha. ner doien.
21 gold pens, large size, with slUer extenslou
holders, best manufacture, per pen.
40 quarts Maynard fc Noea'a Ink, In bottles,
40 q larta bi it London copj lug ink, per quart
24 ounce bottles Guyott n t , supeiiiue car
mine, per bottle.
I, coo qullli. No tu, opaque or clarified, per l.ooo
uu swan qui us iw i,ww
76 dozen red tape, assorted numbers, er doz
12 rtozn silk tabfe or braid per doz
A dozen drawing thumb tacks, per doz
dozen penknives, Hndgeri's best, buck or
, pearl handles, 4 blades, per doz.
4 dozen erasers, large size, norj handles, in
cases, Bodgers's, per doz
1 dozen pairs of a&eaia, best quallt), 8 tneb
blade, per doz.
1 dozen pairs of shears beat quallt), 6 inch
blade, per doz.
1 dozen pairs of settlors, best quality, t er doz.
dozen glais It kstanda, metallic spring eo,-
ers, per doz.
3 dozsn nine inuh Ivory folders, per d1
24 dozen back lead pencil, I altera best, as
sorted Noa , per doz
10 dozen beat drawinr lead pencils, per doz
10 dozen a tier's artists' (eoclls, per doz.
12 dozen best laber's red an I blue pencils, per
t dozen sable brushes, assorted per dos,
sd zen oamtl hair brushes, assorted, per doz.
2 dozen letter ell, s, per doz.
2 dozen a lefts best India lok, per doz.
20 dozen rubber bands, anortr J sizes, per doz
w (rounds extra superfine scarlet sealing wax
per lb.
10 pouuda beat quality wafers, pr pound
10 pouuds gum arable, pulverize 1, per poind
del n prepared mucilage aud bruih, large,
per doi.
5 dozen prepared mucilage and brush, small,
per doz.
60 ounces oni.e sponge, per ounce
6 dozen glass or chlua sponge cups, per dozen
10 pounds beit hemp twin, per pound
10 pounds best itucu twine, pi r pound
6 q isrta black san 1. per quart,
dozen best prepared or virgin In Ue rubber,
per d sen,
12 four-quire blank books, Indexed, er quire
It three-quire b ank book, indexed, per quire
dozen cap copy tngbeoks, indexed, per quire
dozen letter copying books, Indexed, per
quire. Je4 taw4w
tllAtlLlce. AMORY, JR., a. CO ,
ellng Agents,
303 Church alley,
Capital IJUO.OOO
EThla Bank, organized under Ite National
Oanhlag Law of the last Congress, I. oprned ttu.
day for thetrau.aotlou of hu.lnea., at the eoiutr
of Flrtornth and retract oi potite Tie.aury Do
partusnt II T CUUItr 'resident,
Wu, 8. IIunTirtoToil, Cashier. uaa-U
DirARTMtnT or rnt Jmiutovi, Jnne s, 181.
Proposals tor furnishing each atatlonery as may
be requited by tbla Department, and the bureaus
and otneea thereof, during the flaoal vesrcndlnr
June SO, 1846, will be received until 12 o'clock, M ,
oi iuL3uai,utiMuiiimjigti anoaeuo
accompanied by satisfactory testimonials of ability
to fulnl a contract will not bs considered, and eon
tracts will only be awarded to manufaetureraof,
or dealers in, tha eeverat classes of articles.
All articles furnished most be of tbe best quality
of their kind, and not Inferior to the samples ex
hlbtttd at thta Department.
aeh proposal must b signed by the lndtlduat
or tlrm making it, and must specify but one price
fur each article of the class bid for.
All articles required under a contract must be
delivered, on the order of the proper bureau or
otllee, without delay, and, If requested, must cor
respond with the aamplea. A failure or rerusM of
the contractor to furnish preper art elee will bo
deemed Just cause for abrogating tbe contract.
Articles not named In tbe schedule, if required
are to be furnished at the lowest market prlcei,
and the right is resetted of ordering a grratrror
Was quantity of each article eon traded ht, aa tbe
public aerrl e may require.
Dmd, with app toted uourlty, muatbeglveuby
tbe Individual or Arm obtaining a oontraot Should
a contractor refuse or neglect to furnish, when re
quired, an) article or articles mentioned in the
tract net. the same mar be ourenased in onen mar
ket, and if a greater prlcehaabeen paid therefor
than is specified In tha oontractj the difference may
be charges' to the contractor la hie next quarterly
account. .
The aurjoined schedule specifies, aa nearly as
can now be done, tbe amount, quality, end de
er tut Ion of tbe articles Ukelr to bo reaulred.
The bide wtll be eaevaetel separately for each of
the classes i peel Bed below, andenntraote for one
or more of tbe classes awarded as may be deemed
most advantageous to the repartmeot
rropoaals must be addreaicd to he Secretary oi
me inftrior, anaenaorscu rroposaia lor ntaiiou
ery. ,
Class No. I. rcwr.
Item. ;
ruled wide, medlBin, or olo.e, and
trimmed, to welfh not le.a than 14
a , per ream, pr ream
2. SO ream, legal can, white or blue, trim
mru aou ruiw, per ream.
760 rvams qnarto-pn.t, whtt. or blue.
ruled vailoua widths, to welsh not '
I... than 10 lb. per ream, per ream. theUineral Land Offlco at Washington a map.
15 ,phr.r.J,r,r.,,r. u'de-red , "'? .,., n &
fined d gilt or pl.ln, per re.m. Becntary of the Interior aball cause lo be cer.
10 reams flat eap, white or blue, unruled, tilled and conveyed to said company rrom time
per ream to time, as tho road progresses, nut or any
Mreeme envelope, ellow or buff, royal, pnblle landa now bolonglng to tho United
loo reams largo bro n envelope 31 x as B'"" not "';'d re"'. or otherwise disposed
Inane., per ream. I or, or to which n pre cmptlon claim or rlghtor
150 dnzeu sheets patent blotting, 1, x 24 I homestosd settlement has not attached, and on
lochee, der doien shot.. I which a bona fide settlement and Improvement
"ESea ne7?e.mr 0P "f"' " 4 h" UOt bren m"d0 nnd"' COl"r of ,lll d"1"
15 re.m. '.'raw wrapping paper, l)x 40, 'ma tho I ulted Statu or from the Btato i.f
per ream. Iowa, within sir m'lesofsuclt newly located
fiO.heet. drawing paper, oial or me. line, on amount of land per mile equal to that
., Ions, Mr ehis. originally .uthorlscd to bo granted to aid In
' a"e p.,r.h..'t.,'1", ,C,'Ch, Utc'th.,'con,trnt.lon of said road bytho actio
too yards traclog eambrla, per yard. which thla is an amendment; and If tho amount
13 dozeo press copybook., not leas than of lsnd granted by tho original act to aid In
too ps, per dozen. tho construction of said railroad shall not bo
CLa.s No. 1 -J.nwh.fM. fonna W,nln ,h0 nraIt of lU , fr(lm lcu
1,000 mu.lln-llned. printed to ordtr.SH lo I llnc- 'htn '"eh selections may bo made along
VfiX.Ji IO 4i lUCn.l, Pr OI. !
IS 490,000 adh eiveeebeloB, whl , yellow, or i
burl, hearr, si,' to ai.alK to l
toiuto. Inches, pilntid to order,
per M.
ih, 35,0 o adhesive envelope., white or yellow,
hevy, letter, xJL. loohee, printed to
I,. ,too he'.riv"'env.lopes, note, per M.
Inteimediat. alz.s ordaied, not tn h. charg.d
higher than hid for size next larger.
Cuss No. 3 Pint a-iP --.ell,
' gross Per',', or oillou. bantl pea.,
3. IM groaa" Perry's, Olllotf. or other good.
metallic pe a, per gro.
3 1,000 qull s, No. EO, per a'
4. a5tozengoldten.,wllhhaudle.or.llier
5. doV..b.e.v?Ub.'".i W.'.e'n., with
handles, l.e.t quality" per il.izen
a 35dozen Ivory or gulta-pcrcha .ter.
pointed pencil., large or small, with
v, lead, per dozen
7 300 dozen,. her'., No Ilol.orgmduated,
per dozen.
8 I5ca.es laler's poljuradta, graduated,
to dozen Faber's red an 1 1 Iuo pencil., per
ndiSl"s.,.nj. iic...j n,
72tf8i, '"."nf patent ."ffig. ,
amall. Inkstands, per dozen
s dozen cast-iron double or single ink-
atands, per dexen.
' She? Am.IS..'cNu,.ni'.'.Du oJVula
other American copjtngtnkor fluid
iu marast, nunris, per u zun
26 dozen Arnold's Iwr.tlng'll ul J, ipitrta,
per dozen.
ii dozen copying luk, ,urts, Arnol 1 s
Sdoxea beat blue ink, quits, per d i
00 dozen David's canuiue Ink, ounce,
No 1, per dozen
S M seal walars, best oualitj , red, No
j, igr uiucc eerti, j er
fi pounda best red warcia, common size,
perpOUOU, ...
ta pounds beat extra super scat let scab
mg wax, per pt1 uu
Class No 4 CvJteryad Mi ttlaiunua Jititlti
I a3diXn hugci's knites, fuur blaules,
buok ur pearl handle, per d zeu
3, 36duzen Roger's ivur handle traiera,
Ifiilnfei. i Hlei SlmaTi. or claacM. etm.
per uoseu,
lr dozen.
loo d zen silk taste, fn hanks, per dozen,
15 dazen paper weights, assorted, per
d zen,
S. lOpouaJs prepared India rubber, per
t 10 pounds pounce, per pound
10 5 pouudi linen twine, per pound
It 60 p unds best cotton twine, er pound
12, 9 dozen mahogany rulers, ruuud or fiat,
20 Inches lung, per dme".
IS 15 d' zen Indla-iubler rulers, round or
flat, Goodyear a j aunt, 3u inches
1 nr
N. 20 pounds test quality sponge, per poua J
15, 20 pounds gum Arable, par ptiund
IS. 10 duen mucilage, largo size glass jus,
with brush and n.e al.o top, jicr
11, 30 dozen mucilage, plntslthout biuih
or lop, per dozen
18, 120 dozsn peaholders, aisorted terdozeu
19 20 dozen strong 8 inch ivory folders, per
30. 10 dozen paeks Bristol lilting cards, per
Class No A 1 archmrnt and Parchment Paper
1 600 sheets of parchment, best quality, 13
a JO luetics, per sheet.
2. 600 aheete of parchment, best quality, 34
xl? lnohea, per sheet,
S 2,600 sheets of parchment paper, beat qual
ity, lOxltf Indus, per sheet
4. 250 aheets prehment pper, beat quality,
16x20 Inches, per sheet,
certify Ihat ha proper facilities,
nod able to fulfil a contract fjr furnishing ata
tlonery for tha Depattment of tho Interior dun g
the ear ending June SO, 13 , ahoull bid bd
accepted J 6-dalh,w
Succcasors to
Manufacturers of
Otlle.j ill Twenty-second street, below Pcnn, ate.
Orders may bo left at otllee Mutual Insuraooo
Company, Seventh atreet and Louisiana avenue,
or addrvsied to Post Office Box 6M All work ex
ecuted promptly aud on tbe moat reasonable tci ms
and warranted. Repairs made (romptly
roll -am
Foot of Twuity-sucond Strict wast, VSash i., n l ,
Felt aud teueiit wholesale aud retail.
Dealers supplied ou the most liberal teru.i,
7-tfisi. . Infl nf Ttiraintu-siavtnnil atrauit urattr
Otllee, 161 Twenty seoond sUect, below Tcnn-
sylvanla avenue mlWm
orrioi XL.
Pa.aed at the Ftratle.alonof theThl ty.
lghtli Coagr.ee
PCBUO ifO. 83.
Ail Act to amend an act .Milled "An act male,
lng a grant of land to tho Btato of Iowa, In
alienate icctlom, to aid In the canatrnctlon
of certain railroad. In .aid Bt.tc," approrod
Max 15. 1850.
Si (I rnnefed ly tht SmcU ant IhuH of Rtp
Ttuntallvti ef Vit Untltd Statu if Amcrtla fn
Congr" (UumiUd, That Iho llUiUilpnl and
Mlaaonrl H.Uroad Company, a corporation ca
tabllahed by thd law. of th. Btato or Iowa, and
lo which the said Stale granted a portion of
tho land grant mentioned In the title of thl.
act, to aid In the conalrnctlo. of a railroad
from Davenport to Council BlalTa In tald State,
may modify or change the location of the un
completed portion of It. lino, aa thown by tbe
map thereof now on file In the General Land
Office of the United 8late, eo aa to teenre a bit
ter and more expedition. lino for connexlou with
the Iowa branch of the Union Tactile railroad i
J'mlJtd, nnnttuUu, Thai tald new line, If
located, eball In every caso pee. through tho
corporate limit, of tho cities of Uu Molne. and
Council liluU.) and tbe rli;ht of way orcr the
public landa or th. United State. Is hereby
granted to .aid railroad company for that Par
poeo i J'roWrfaf, That aald Uno shall pass
through the town of 2,'cwlon, In Jasper county,
or as near said town as may be found pmctlca.
ble, and not farther north or said town than
the north lino of section twenty two, township
tight, north, of ran;o nlnctciti, according lo
the United antes surveys. If the citizens of the
county of J.sper shall flnt pay to ssld com
pany tho difference In cost, If any, between the
Uno proposed by the company and tho one con
tempi stud br this proviso. Including extra coat
of right of way, If any, said dltfereuu) in cost
to bo estimated by compoUmt cuglnoera to bo
eeieoicu uy iuo panics.
Bee. Ii and te ttnmur inacttJ. That when.
errr anch npw looHLlnn aliall lum K. ..n ..ml.
llehcd. the said railroad comuanv ah&ll fllo In
wfc"-.. "uiu ..mi; uiii .uutvil 4 IV
t'ed, That the said company shall not be en.
tlllod to, end shall not receive, any land nndir
of the line of tho Uur Ington and Missouri
Klvcr Ksllroad, as ludlcatld by tho map of
ssld road, now ou ulo In tho flcner&l Lsn I
n 8f' And , ' " "'' """,1'i' TU,a.1. ""'
Durllngton and .Mlisonrl Kivir Kallroad Com-
pany, a corporation organized under tbe lsn s of
tlioBlatoof Iowa.nnd towhlchsaldBtatoKranl-
id a portion of tho land grant mentionid in tbo
at of ."' act'0 llt '" construction of a
railroad front Durllngton In said Btato to the
Missouri river, shall lie cntitlod to rtceivo, and
thu Stcntarv of Ike Interior shall cause to ho
, ""'" ,?" 'TT "a"" """ M"",
"m to time, as tho rosd progresses, out of
any jiuhuc lauds now belonging to tbo L ulted
Bistre not sold, reserved, or otherwlsedispose I
or, or to which a pro cmptlon claim or right of
homeatead aeltliment he. not allaehed. ...rl ,
which bona Hdoscltlcmint aud Improvement
l.n.Hn,, nun .. .,.. .. 4 ., ..1..-.. l .
lias not teen msde under color or tltln ,! r ee.l
from tho Uultcd States or from tho Stale of
Iowa' wl'hlu six miles of said rosd.as now lo.
?. "".mount of land per mil. eounl to
lll3t mentioned Id tho act to which l hi a act Ii
sn amendment, as Intended lonld In tho con
gUrucUou of aald road, and If tho amount of
' 'ad granted by tho original act to aid In th.
toDsirncuon oi eaiu roau snail not be found
within tho limit or Mi miles from tbo llnu of
aald road, thin auch selection may to in add
aieug aucu nuu wiium twenty uiuis I hereof.
Bic. 4. Antlbtit farther rnaitctL ThatthoL't
dar Kap1d uod .Missouri Klvcr Kallroad Com
paDy. a corporation established under tho laws
of tht) Btato of iowa, and to which tho aald SUto
Kranttd a portion of tho land mcotlonod tn Iho
' tlllM tntl.U art mttv rriftsllfu .r phii...alhr.ln
title to this act. may modify or chanue tho lo
cation of the uncompleted portion of its line,
at ebown br tbo map thereof now on lllo In tbo
Gtncral Land OlU u of tbo Untied States, so as
lo sucuro a bulla aud more expeditious llnu to
tbo Mia so a rl rit er. and to a connexion with the
i lOWa brail Cll of thu Union lJ(.iflc Itallrnadl
aud Tor tbo purpose of facilitating tho more
imtnediato construction of a lino or railroads
Iowa branch of tho Union 1'uclUc Kailroad
Company a force aid, tbo said Cedar Kaplds and
Missouri rilhtrl Kailroad Coninan Is hembv
unlborlzid to connect Its lino I y a branch
with tbo lino of tbo Mlssiislppl and Ml'sonrl
Kallroad toinnanyj and the eUJ Cedar lUplds
and Missouri ltiver Kallrosd f'ompiny shall bo
entitkd for such modlQ d Hue to thu same
Unds and tu tho satnu amouo nf lands pir
mile, and for such conncuini; branch tbo same
amouut of land per lulle. aaiwt'iDully uranttd
to aid In the construction f ita main Uno, tult
ject to tho conditions and forfeitures nuu
tl ocd In tbo original irraot, and, for tbo said
purpose, rtuht of n ay through tho public lands
of tho Unit d Mutis la htnj-y prantnl to cald
company. Anilittti at In poilUnt, lliatwbrn
over said modi tied lualn 1 nt ehall bivo botu ca
lablUhtd or such couueitlne: llnu 1 oca tod. tbo
said Cedar Kaplds and Missouri Kl.trlUi.
road Company shall lllo lu IbiiOtDural Lau '
Offlco of tbo United blatos a map detinilely
sbowloK audi modified Uno and smli ennutxt
log branch afin.Baid,and tbeStcaUry f tbo In
terior shall reserve aud cause to bt. (.utltlt d aud
conveyed to said compauy. from tlmo to tliuu,
as tho h ork prorutfc on the main lino, out of
auy public lands now belonging to thu Lulto J
titatts, not sold, reserved, or olbtrH Iso disposal
of, or to whkh a pro cm, ti -a rlbt or right ot
homestead settlement has not attached, and ou
which a bona fldosoltlcinLUl audlmprutemiut
lias not been mado under ci-lor f title derhed
from tho United States or from tbo Btato of
Iowa, wttbln fifteen ml Ids of tho original main
llnw, an amount of land equal to that originally
authorized to bo granted to aid In tbe construc
tion ottbo fald road by the act lo uhUhtblsis
an amendment. And If thu amount of lands
per mile granted, or Intended to bo granted, by
tbe original adlo aid In tbe construction of sail
railroad shall not bo found wltblu the limits of
tbe iTltsm miles therein prescribed, then such
selections may be mado along said inudlllcd
line and connecting branch within twenty
miles thereof i Provided however, That such new
located or modified lino shall pass through or
near Uoousburolu'Doon county, and Intersect
tho Ifoycr rher not further south than a point
at or near Utnnlson, In Crawford county And
provided, further, Thai in caso tbe main Hue sbitll
l o so chauged or modi lied as not lo reach tho
Missouri rher at or near tbe forty second nar.
allel north latitude, It shall bo tho duly of said
I cumnanv. within a reasonable tlmo afur tho
completion of lis road to tho MUaourl river, to
construct a branch road lo bo mo point In Mo
uonacuuulj,luoruiOnawaCliy ( aud to aid in
tbo construction ufsuch branch the samoamouot
uflaudap r mile ara hereby granted as ti ibo
main Hue, and tbe same shall be nseredaud
cerlillud iu the same niannw said lauds to be
selected Iroui any of tho unappropriated lauds as
hcrulnbeforo described within twenty uilloe of
said main liuo and branch i and said cumpauy
ftbalUllewlthlboSccrotaryot iholnlerioramjp
oflhelocatlouof thesald branch. A.tutprwnltdt
further. That tbe landa hereby granted to aid
In tho constrnctton of tboeoanecUng; branch
afofceald shall not vest In said company nor
be encumbered or disposed or except In tbo
following manner) When tho Oorertior of th
Btato of Iowa shall certify to the Secretary of
mo interior uiat, e-aia company naa- completed
In good running order a section of twenty
conaecntiTe roues or ine main uno of said
road vest of Nevada, then the Secretary shall
convoy to said company ono third, and no
moro,0i iooichus grunioa tar saia coanect
lot; branch. And when aald company shall
eomnletn an addtttnnal icrtlon nf twentv rnn.
eccutlTO mllee, and furnish the Secretary of
tue interior with proor at aforeaaiu, men toe
aald Secretary may convey to tho said company
another third of tbo lands gran tod forsatd
connccuntc urancnj ana wnen saia company
aball complete an additional section of twenty
miles, making In all sixty miles west of Ne
vada, tbo Secretary, upon proof furnished as
ofprcsald, may convoy lo thu said company the
remainder of said lands to aid rn tbe cons trac
tion of said connecting branch t Jt-ovtdftt, Aov
w, That no landa shall bo convened to aald
company on account of aald connecting branch
road UDlll tho Oovemorof the Scale of Iowa shall
certify tor the Secfetary of tho Interior that tho
same shall have been eomplelod as a Q rat-class
railroad. And no land shall be convoyed lo said
company situate and lying within fifteen miles
of the original line of the Mississippi and Mla
aonrl railroad, as laid 'own on a map on Ola to
the General Land OUIcat Provided, further.
That It shall bo tbo duly of tbo Bccrctary or
tbo Interior, and bo Is hereby n quired tore
servo a qnsotlty of land embraced In tho grant
described In this section s utile lent, In the opin
ion of the Governor of Iowa, to secure tho eon-,
etrudlon of a branch railroad from tbe town of
Lyons, in the Statoof Iowa, so as to connect with
the main line In or west of tbo town of Clinton
in said State, until tbo Governor of said State
shall certify that said branch railroad Is com
pleted according to the requirement, of the
laws of aald State i ProvUM, further. That
nothing herein con tat nod shall be so construed
as to rclcaio said company from Us obligation
in complete tho said main line wltblu Ibu
tlmo mcntlonrd In Ibo original grant Pro
vided, further, That nothing In this act shall
be construed to Interfere wttb, or in an man
ner Impair any rights acquired by any railroad
company named in the act to wblchtblals an
amendment, or tho rights of any corporation,
person or persons, acquired throoizh aov such
company; nor ehall It be construed to Impair
any vested right of property, but such riir.hu
aro hereby resenud and couOrmedi Provided.
AotTtivr, lhat no lands shall bo conveyed to
any company or party wbataoever, under tbi
provisions or tnia net ana me act arannded by
tuia net, which naa oecn seuieu upon ana im
proved In good faith by a bona lido Inhabitant,
under color of title derived from tbo United
States, or from tho State of Iowa adverse tnth
grant mado by this act or the act to which tbla
act Is an amendment. Butuacllof said com
Fanles may select an equal quantity of public
mis as described In this act with1', tbe dls
tance of twenty miles of the lino of ta . of said
roads In Ilea of Unds thus settled npeu and
Improved by bona Qdo Inhabitants In go J filth
under color of title ns aforwafd
Sec r. And be it further enacUd, That tho
Mississippi and Missouri Kallroad Company
shall bare tho right to transfer and assign all
or any part of tbe grant hereby made to said
company to any other company, or person or
persons. If, In tbo opinion of said company,
tbe cons'rnclion of tbo said railroad scrota the
Slate of Iowa will bo thereby sooner and more
satisfactorily completed; but such assignee
shall not in any caso be released frsm tbe lla
I Ultlca and conditions accompan lng this
grant, nor acquire perfect title In any other
manner than tho samo would haro been ac
quired by the grantco herein named. Prjvi'M,
'that said transfer and assignment shall tlrm
be authorized b) tbe Governor of tlioBlatoof
Sec 0 ind be tf further enacted. That tbe
Iltibuoue and bloux Cll Kallroad Company
may so far change their lino between Fori
Dodge ana oioui iuy as to secure tue best
route between tbose points, said change shall
not Impair the right to. nor cuango the loca
tion of, tbelr present land grant. A map of
tne cnango snau ue uieu wuu mo i;ouimis
slouerof tbe General Land Olflco within one
rear after tbo passage of this act.
Sec. 7. And be it further enacted. That all
of the conditions and limitations contained Iu
thu act to which this act Is an amendment,
and not express) changed by this act, shall
attach to and raa "Kb tho grauls made by this
act, cxcc.pt as the said conditions and limita
tions have been modi fled, and may hereafter
bo mod I tied, I y thu General Assembly of the
Ktateof lows.
Sec. S. And U U fit) tha emcttd, lhat no
lands hereby granted shall bo cer titled to either
of said companies nntll tho Governor of tbo
Btato nf Iowa shall certify to tbe Secretary ol
tbo Interior that the said company has com
pleted, ready fr the rolling stock, ultbln one
jear from tho first da) of July next, n taction
of not lens thau twenty mi cs from the present
terminus of thu completed portion of said rail
road, and lu each )ear thereafter an additional
section of twenty mUesi but tbe number of sec
tions per mile originally authorized shall be
Certified to each company upon proof, as afore
said, of tbe completion of tho additional sec
lion of th j road as aforesaid. Aud upuii the
failure of either com, any to mmpl to cither
sec Ion as aforesaid, lo bo uuuua ly built, tbe
v rtloo of Ibeland remaining uucrtlfl d shall
bvcnme snbjeclto the control and disposition of
tho Lrglaiaturu oi tne state of Jon a, to aid in
the (oinplitlon of said road
Sec V. And be U further enacted. Thai oil lands
hereafter certified to either of the Uud grant
railroads In said estate, and lying opposite any
conit ltted stctlon of such road, shall bu ottered
for sale by tbo rompany to which they shall I e
certified within three ears from tho completion
of such section, tf then certified audit not,
then within three )ara from thedaloof such
en tlficatc at reasonable prices, and If notall sold
within that period then durlug the fourth car
an such lauus remain. og unsold suaii ue ex
posed to public sale, alter previous notice posted
at the county seat of tho county In which such
lanas sn&u oesuasteu, to tne uiguest bidder,
and lu tracts not exceeding ono hundred and
sixty acres each.
Approved, Juno J, 1801.
LTt,nuc No. 84
An icr to lucorporato a news bnjs' home,
Ut it enacted bjthe Senate and House of lieprt
tentative of the United State of Kim r lea in Con
gren aifemlled, lhat Joseph Ili-ury, J. W, For
ney, iienry licara, envies j uowtu, and A
M, Uanuewtr, their associates and tucceaenrs,
being members of said society, by piling Into
its treasury iuo sum ui iwo annurs anuumi,
or life members, by paying fifty d dlars at ouu
time, aro ueruoy incorporated and made a ooa)
politic, by thu name of "The News bojs'
iluiuo oT Washington cttv," fr the purpose of
providing lodgings, meals, and Inetruetl m t)
snch homelees and Indigent bojs as "ay prop
i rly come under thecbargo of such ona. elation,
to provide for them a aultahlo borne, board,
cloLhlmr. and Instruction, and to bring thein
under Christian luflueuct, and by that name
shall hive ptrpetuul etuc-ssion, un power to
use n common seal, to buo aud bo sued, to
I load and be Impleaded fn any court oT compe
tent Jurisdiction Itbln the District of Colum
bia, io colleet subscriptions, make b)-laws,
rules, and rigulail.-us neodlul for tbo govern
ment of aald corporation not Inconsistent with
th, ii.o-rt ,.r the United BiatMi to have. bold.
and reielvu real eatute by purchase, gift, or
dcv.se, lo use, sell, or couvey the saiuo lor the
purjHises and beuctlt of si Id corjHiratlon, and
to choose suih o Ulcers and teachurs as may be
neceary, prescribe tbelr duties, and fix tbe
rale of their compensation.
dec ii And be it farther enaited. That tbo
officers nf said aasoclatlou shall consist of a
president, two vice presidents, secretary, treaB.
urcr,and a board of managers, to bo composed
of fifteen members, tho whole lo constitute an
executive committee, whose doty It shall be to
carry Into effecflhV pIsnnAnctf nrposes for
which said association wu formtsl, all of which
umcers shall be elected on the first Tnesdsy In
February In esch year at the aonuat meeting
of ssld association, which shall be held on
said day) tbelr successors shall bo elected and
hold tbelr offices forth term of one tear, until
ibelr.sncceeewn shall be duly elected , Ad 4a
case oiS. vacancy It shall be filled -try the other
members of tbo executive committee.
Approved, judo 2, isoi.
Tlte Forced Froclatnatlom,
Tho Albsav Ewniwi Journal calls to mind a
precedent. In England, to tbo case of Uowxrd
now In Fort Lafayette tho celebrated caso of
LAro, cocorane.wnica occurred in 1014, during
the great war between France and Ens-lend.
Cbarles Ksndon ddBerengert8lrTboma4Coc11
rsne, Andrew Cocbrsne Johnstone, Richard
Osthome Dntt, Ralph BendomJ nlCTsOdcT1 Me1
Rae. John Peter Ilollowav. itM Henry Lyte,
subjects of Great Britain wcro concerned In It.
It occurred to some one that bv forelnir a doc
nment announcing decisive results on the con
tinent stocks would luddcnlygonp, they might
sell at a large advance, and make tbelr for
lance. Accordingly, the first-named of their
numlcr wrote a tetter purporting to hare been
tuareasea oy a mgn government nuiciai to the
British Admiral commanding at Deal, announc
ing tho defeat of thl French, the dsath of Na-I-oloon,
ic. Hero (s tho documenti
"lolke Ilm. J, Foley, rmtAimireL. Pel, fc 4c!
"BtBi I have the honor toaopialnt you that
tbe L'AIgle, from Calais, Pierre Doquln, mas
ter, has this moment landed me near Dover, to
proceuu to we capital wwi uiapaicnee oi ine
bapploet nature I have pledged my honor that
uo harm shall coma to the crew of tbo L'Alirle:
even with a flag of trnco thry immediately
stood fox sea. Should Ibuy be taken Lhav to
entreat you Immediately to liberate them. My
anxiety will not allow me to say more for your
irratltkatlon tbsn that tbe Allies obtained a
final victory) that Bonaparte was overtaken by
i party oi oacnen's woe-sacKS, wno immo
dlatcly stew blm, and dlvld -d his body between
tbem General PI a toil saved Paris from being
reduced lo ashes. The Allied Sivtrrulirns are
lbwru,and tbe white cockade la universal) and
tinuiedlaie ace Is certain. In .be paqost
baste, I entreat your consideration, and Lave
tbo honor to be,
"Sir, your most obedient servsnt,
"U. DubouEO,
11 Lt. Col. and Ald-de-Camp to
The uews was believed, thu funds took a
sudden start, and tbo cunning forgers reapej
gulden ImvesL.
They wcro subsequently arrested ou charire
of conspiracy agalust tbe public welfare and
the Interwts of tbe realm, and tried In tbe
Court of King's Bench. The trial was fu ly
reported. It lasted two days, and was sharply
conducted on both aides. Some of tbe evi
dence Is very amusing, while tbe speeches of
tbe counsel were most elaborate and exhaust
ive. The rorgery was proved, and th defeud
ants found guilty.
Cochrane and Butt ware sentenced to pay
a fine of one thousand pounds each, Ilolloway
to pay a line of live hundred pounds, all six to
he surcrally Imprisoned In tho custody of tho
Mnrshal of the Maralulsca of nur Lord and
King for twulve caleu lar months." and Reran
ger, Cochrane and Butt to bo 4set In and apon
tbo pillory opposite the Koyal Exchange, In the
city of London, for one hour, between the
nours oi i- ai noon ana j ln-tne aitern on
and that they "bo severally committed to the
custody or tbe Marshal, and severally Imprts
ontd until their fines bu paid."
It ought to bo said that Thomas Lord Coch
rane was able to prove, after many rears, that
he was Innocent of any share In the transact
lion, and was publicly restored to tbe honors
ho had lost. His cousin, Andrew Cochrane
Johnstone, was guilty, and was rightly pun
isueu, wun ice oiner conspraiors ue Danny
made use of Lord Cochrane' character and
bouse to lend countenance to the fraud The
Kiening Journal remarks i
" Wo hao spoken of tbe two cases as paral
lei. They aro not so, strictly sjieaking. Tho
oflenca In tbe caso of lloward Is tbo greater
Tho English forgers sought lo put money In
their pockets by stimulating tho public eonfi
dencc , the American forger aimed at a similar
result by msklng It appear that ibo country
was on tbo verge of ruin. The former played
uoon he bones tbo latter nnon tha despair of
tho people. Tho one eudearoted to compass
no public mlbchlef bejond tbo narrow circle of
tbo stoekobbers ( the other committed an act
that might havo for Its eUect, If U did not buo
for Its design, tbo destruction of tbo natloual
credit, and the overthrow of tbo government.
If Cochrane aud his confreres were pot in the
I lllory what punlihmcut should bo moled out
to lluirard I"
nenjaniln V llutler to Garrett Davis.
Gen Butler has sent the following character
istic letter to Senator Davis, of Knuiuckv, In
response to tboreeolulloa of iu'iulrj, ulfered
by tbo latter In tbo United States St. uate a few
dajs since
niUlaUrlli.ni IN Till. ril.LO s-UDB , 19
Uarrtl Vttvit .? Atrmber of tie Via. of the Ini
tea if ijrom ttiiu(nyi
SiKt I have read your resolution of inquiry.
You can do me no greater faor than to have
o.ery act of my political life, which begin on
tho first Tuesday of November, 1S30, and cndnl
on the 15th day of April, ISO I, most thoroughly
1 wiii thank )oa alio to have every act of
ui oflklat life, which began at brlgadhr gen-
ml or tho Massachusetts mllltla, April 16,
Ull, and will end when tho war does. If not
sooner, rubjectod to tbe like examination. 1
hio nu fa, ore to ask. and but ono act of jus
Ueu that the Inquisition may not be ex parte,
that Is, one sided.
Your obedient servant,
lilNJ. F. Bt'TLBB.
Wan Dcpaitmlnv,
WASHIMJTON, D C . Play S3, 1H04
Die 1 Uowlna named officers, earfedwth ol
lenaea, and heretofore put iuhod, are cievpt from
tclug dismissed the s nice of the Uclttd Statee,
"ie MUltarv Coun-Usion lnlltuted by Sxclal Or
le n, No 63, series of 193, Trow this office, hav
mc reported that satlilsctory Cc'ence has been
aidt in their iisiacuveeasej, viu
Col ii tl Ron s D ev,swUk, l Kcntuc vol
uiit en
C 1 1 Jt.se, Ii S c'oik, 1st Marvlanl v Iui,
t,r.s K. D. TOW.NSfc.NU.
n30 Assistant Adjutant General.
' P I C I A U ,
lWUtAHT Glnlhal's Otriec,
Waihikotun, D, r , June 6, it4
Ti fo low Ins; named o Ulcers, charted with ol
leuces, aud Leretufore published, are exempt from
bcicg dismissed the sen Ice ofthe Untied State,
the MlHUri Cemmlsslon Instituted by Special
Orders n fta, series of 1663 from War Depart
ment, having reported that satisfactory defence
i as been made in tbelr reiixctive cass, isi
M'Jor it Clair MulholUud, 116th IViiuiylvaula
sslstatit Surgeon J K. Mmoo, United states
army K l TOWNiKND,
je6 It Astiatiot Adjutant Cftncral
K P I 0 I A h
wan uirAHTMEirT,
ADJTATGcnLaAL's ornc,
asuiNOTOkj, Junes ItiSi. 1
CaitaluJ M Lysler,lBth VnlUd States lafantry
hctetisfure tublishid for falliiK 'o reuort at Cin
cinnati, OMe, as orJcreJ, 1b hereby untitled that
he Is exempt from dismissal f om tne service oi
the United States, t-vtliNatory eaplauatioa having
been made la his ease to this e fflos
. D. lUWftStJNU,
jts-it Assistant Adjutant GepeiaJ

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