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pational gtpuUta.
wabuinoton.Id. o.
nilDATiiitiiiiiiniuiiiiiitiiititiJtJNK 10, 1804
ron pnKsiDENT.
OOLDEH ieitbuce,
TIIK nOHl.tATIO.f g.
The loyal pcopla of the United States, with,
ont dlitl.ctlon of party, have, by their lrg.li j
appointed delrjratca, In convention ata.inbled,
placed Allium Lmcolh, or Illlnola, and
Akdsiw Johnbov, of Tenneuee, In nomina
tion for the offlcea of President and Vlco
President of the United Sulci. On IheSih
da; of November next the aame people will
ratify that nomination by their votes at the
Theae candidates are placed npon a well de
nned platform of principle. It la prorrevlve.
Besides being thoroughly antl-sliverv, It do
tinea, In laopiag. unmistakable, the trnesentl
menta of the American people, with regard to
the aftrrrsalve policy of Enropean powe npon
this continent. In brier, the platform pro
nonncea tho eternal doom of hnman slavery In
the United 8tatee, and points unerringly to the
final tstsbllshment of lEepucltcan lnitltntlona
npon every Inch of the American continent.
The samea or Abeabam Lncoi.- and Ax
ssiw Johssox itand at the head or pnr
eolomri. We hare placed the flag ore: them.
There they shall stand, beneath lta ample folds,
sntll the verdict of the people Is rendered.
L'kcolu and Jonjison need no editorial glorl.
flcatlon from ni. The people know them,
know tbem to be pnre patriots, devoted to
the tree Interests of tho whole country.
They are hated by rebelsand copperhead.
Ilencethe necessity of orgsnlzitlon throughout
the loyal States, to tho end that the enemies of
the Oovernment may not defeat the great pur
pose of the loyal American people.
l.et ns close nptbe ranksand forward march
"follow the flajr, and take steps to the ranilc
of the Union."
The Ohio delegation to the Baltlmoro Con
vention complimented the President laat even
ing with a serenade, by Professor Mentor's One
military bsnd. In addition to the Ohloans, a
large number of citizens asaembled In front of
the Executive Mansion to pay their respecta to
Mr. Lincoln. When " nail to the Chief," and
the " Fanfare " from the opera of Faust had
been played with effect, the Prealdent came
forward and waa greeted with Immense cheer
ing. He addreesed the assemblage ss follows:
srsztii or ratlins T Llc0li.
Cmuau: I am v.rr ueh obliged to you far
this compliment. Ihavcju.t been saving, and as
I haveju.t s.M It, I will repeat It: The h.i.-it of
a I speccaes wbten I hsve tti answer Is a serenade
I never know what to say on sueh oeeailoua.
suppose that von have Sone mi this kiodoesi r
sonoeellon with the action of tlia Baltimore Cob-
vsqmou whlsh baa recently takeo place, and with
whleh, ofconeM, I am vary well aatlined. Laugh
tar and applause.) What we waot still moiethn
Dtl'lsior eoavenUons or Prectdentlal sleetloe-u
au sets under Ceo. Grant, fries of ''Cti aad
applau-e ) I propose tbat jou e-lUntl- !,',,
Mtnil Ik.t -- li. -.. .-. ai
..--..,-...-.-,.,...,.. ..(0tbs brav .
aera and sol Hers la '
e dell Is of the ve'
pnrtanee, aiH
. Drct 1m-
weskould tbeisore .i ... ,
to that point. Now, r ;,, , det,,nl..
,uanr looser, I propose 1, you Mp mt ,
el up what I am now ,., ,n wth ,hrM roulln,
cheers tor Co. Grant, and the ofnccri and lolulera
under his commacd
The President then led off with three hearty
The delegation, after a few more pieces bad
been played, proceeded with the band to the
residence of SecretsryChsse. Mr. Cbase being
In New Tork, the delegstlon were Invited Into
the mansion by bis daughter, Mra. Senator
Bpragne, and a pleasant Interview oceurred-
The company then proceeded to serenade Hon.
J. C Wumore, the Stato agent for Ohio, whero
peeches and congratulatlona were Inter.
changed. And tbua the gallant Ohloans wound
up the agreeable festivities of the evening.
Bzeitraloia of Secretary Cbaai
The Secretary of the Tr -saury, accompanied
by Collector Barney and two or three other gen
tlemt-n, made a abort excursion on New Tork
Bay, Tuesday, on board the Wyanda, one of
tbe six steam revenue cuttera Just completed
for the Treasury Department under the direc
tion or Mr. Tbomaa B. Stlllman.
Tbe Wyanda, which was described In oar
eolurous a rew dsys since, Is commsndod by
Capt. Mcrrlman, or tho Kevenue service. We
lea n that tbe Secretary was much pleased with
the vessel and her performances on the trip,
Optra (it G rarer 'a Tontgbt Ueneftt of
Tonlibt th ffloit effecUra opera ot ih later
tlaee. Fault," will m preacated at Orovefi
Ihaatr! for tbrlMt lima tbla aeaaoo, ior tb bene
fit or tbe ot)ra.lo Fredcrl.J. On tbla oecaaloo,
M'lle Carrtaaa will peraeoata Selbel for tbe flut
tin Ja other leipeet tbe eaat wllj W ium aa
laat trrek, wbea tbla opera waa produced wltb
auebmaffBileeat iOVt. Hrrtaaoaa baa no equal
la tbe part of Hepbiatopbtlri, aad wbo euuld
nateb the Manaret or flcuora PredarU1 1 p ua
go and eoj J u fauat" oaee asor-, aad tbua add an
oiber brtibt gem to tbe treaeurea laid up la mem
ory. ,
Gold wii 107 J In Mtw Tork to-day.
Gropt Victory by Gon. Hunter.
Twenty Rebel Cannon Caplnred.
- .
WASniFoTOtf, Juoa IS, 7 a. m.
Major Onirat Kv
Owing to the break In the telegraph lines no
dispatches were recclrod yesterday from the
Army or the Potomac.
Dispatches hare arrived this morning with
dates to 9 o'cloc k.laBI night.
There was no tiring on Wednesday except
by pickets. An arrangement had been effected
br which the killed and wounded between the
lines were gathered In.
There were no movements yesterday.
A deserter who came Into our llnea reports
that Ilnnter's victory netr Btsunlon wss much
more complete tbsn the Utchmond papers re
ported. lie ssys tbst tinnier took SO cannon,
many prisoners, end a large quantity of stores.
The defested fVrce wss recently a part or
fBrecklnrldire a command,
flen. Ilnnter's report has not ret been re
E. M. Utah-vox, Secretary or War.
The Cooa-ratuUtlona of fll avjland.
MaTor Chaoman. In accordance with a reso
lution pasted at tho great ratification meeting
In Monument Square on Wednesday nlbt,haa
appointed the f .lowing committee or citizens
to proceed 1 1 Washington and tender to Presi
dent Lloeola the congratulations or the Union
party or Maryland, sod assure htm of their de
termination to give him a cordial and united
support: Hon. Tbomss 8wunn, lion. William
Price, Knbert V. Prond, Charles George Itldge-
Icy, Alrord Mace, James McDougal, Samuel
M. Evaue, John J. Dsnsker, Edwin S. Lamdln
and Thomas W. Cromer, F.iqs. The commit
tee will proceed to Washington on Fimrdav
RirrxHiNu Troops. The l New York
State mllllla, having served Its term of three
years, arrived In Washington last night. They
are nodcr command of Lieut. Col. Chalmers,
and will probably leave to-morrow for their
homes In that State
" Raw lark Block Met.
By be People's To eeraph Udm,
OIBms fill MMh street and comer Penoiylranla
aveone an I Rlxth itreat.
Vamav, Jrac 10 Fibst Poaao.
..181 I'oupon s'a mi.
C.i s-w imi,
ertlCeiues of Indebteilneta an
G-It....r. lai i.
New lork Ceutral t.. list
eria ni.,
Hu'lana River til
Harlem m
RJln ,4)
MlchlRaa Central mil
flcM(ftn Southern. ti
iiiiooio intrai 23
Cleveland pd Plttsburj 1M,
GM-na nadCM-aro...
Cleeland and Toledo liflu-
itileato and Rock Maori U6
Mllwauklea d Prairie du CMen 11
Pl'tsbtrrg, Fort Wavee, and Chlcaio ll',
ri-i.i-vra. rnrt ya, ana en
Alton and Terre Hint
rhleacnaed Norttiweatera .,
Qulckillver 71
Aa Ordnance Train Huppoacd to Have
been Captured.
LntllSMIJ.l. June 0 A train from Frank-
fort to Lnnlavllle, said to contain the Statr
ordnance, due hern early thla morning. Is
eevrsl hours In-blnd time, ana Is supposed to
bave hoeo raprorrd.
Telegraphic communication with Frankfort
oas oeen Interrupted most of the afternoon.
Nothing reliable can be aacenained to-nlarht.
Tbe military anlhorltlre. from thallmllwl In
formation attainable, concluded tbat tbo facU
of the recent iruirrUla movements have been
greatly exaggerated.
Tbe Durnlna; or Ihe Hltawir Uerkshlre,
New Yokk, June V. Thirteen pereons are
known to have hern lost by the bnrnlng of tbe
rp-rKsnirc. client oodles bate Men funnd so
far. Some bave been Identified.
Passengers riale tbat probably no one es
caped from tbe ladiee' cabin. It la thought
tbat about fortv Uvea were lost, oerhaoa a
larger number, aa only seventy or eighty are
known to be aaved. Tbe passengera were for
tbe greater part from Hudson and Catsklll.
Tbe river Is being drsgged and tbo wreck
searched for bodies. Noel Regan, or Ilvde
Park, bad a leg broken, a. d Andrew Boner Is
probably fatally Injured, by the fall or a amoke-
Biara: mis morning. ine nost wss valued at
2V,000, and waa rally Insured.
The Sanitary ralr In Pttlledelpb
PniLAntirnu, Juno 9. Tho Sanlt "
now belnz held here promUcs to - r r
lar exceeding the exptatlon- -J success,
sanguine of lta projectors. - r iht "j""'
avctage twenty thousand The admissions
No return or receipt- persons dally,
they are believed to Jet been made, but
thronged will, r - be very.large. The city la
iate and f' eople rrom tbe Interior of tbe
Tbe collec -onl Delaware and New Jersey,
ceded t -llD ' palnuoga la universally con
lont' -o be the finest ever displayed on this
Verdict Mffalust Maralial Hurray.
ALniNT. Juno 8. Alhcrt W. Patrle has re
ceive)! a verdict or f'J 000, at tbo urecn coun-
tv Circuit Ourt. azalnet U. B. Marshal Mur
ray, and William Buckley, his deputy. Patrle
was arrtstea in August, wvi. lor aliened ais-
loyal wortla wltnont process 01 law, ana car
tied to New York, wueru be was confined In a
cell with other prisoners ror several days.
A Haiti om Counterfeiters
Cairo. III.. Jane 8. Tbo mllltrv luthorl
tit of this place made a descent no a band of
coat.trreittTs to-nay.wno uta croBnoa mo nter
from lltmourl a ferr dnyi inco.capturlDK two.
The oUir, In attenipilDn: to escape, were Ur(,
ana ono Kinca ana anomcr leTereiy
Karolllng Offler attacked.
Cairo. June B. EnrolllDir otticera from Cape
nirardeau. Mo , tn route tor New Madrid, yo
terday, with a dt-uebmcut of Lwelru men. wben
witmn tigui inllcB or Nw Madrid, wurn at.
taikrd bv about bvrnir KUerrlllas. One tn
mlllDi; olllcer wut .nountlr killed. Tbo Ser
geant or the Ut MlMrmrl was danKeronl
woandt-d, but tappood to bare been after
ward klllt-d by the rebel. Two other were
severely wounded.
ArrUal of a Ulukde Hnuner.
DUSTun. tiuiiu i. i uy przu stiramer inisut.
rrom Bermuda for Wli.nfnition, wlih a general
; ' ..-r .-.. ..L a "' . . .."
? . V rSitin h I msiani ny ine gun-
caught after a chasu of six hours, and threw J
.. . "--""- "","." ' "I .. "
overboard most oi ner cargo, ene is an Iron
aide-wheel steamer of 250 tons.
Highly Interesting from the Anny of tba
(Corre iponJrnce of the Associated Freas
Ubapqcahtiils A&HrorTRi Potomac, June
7, Tim following bave Jnst been issued from
beadquarttrs, aud are published for the benefit
of an conccrut'Qi
IUadquaktibs ARWTorTnil'OTOMAC.Jnne
7, 186. tVrfwral Ordtr. Edward Crapeey, a
correspondent or the Philadelphia Inynrtr.
haviny published In tbat journal of the 3J In-
slant. libellous statement on tho Command-
log General of thla army, calculated to Impair
tne confidence of the army In the commanding
offlcer, and which statement tho ssld Crapsey
nnv cknowl.d.fea to have been falsa, and
hiut nn tiimu Idlo eamu romor. It Is bsrsbv
ordered tbxt be be arreated and paraded ibritsth
tbe llnea of tbe army, with a placard marked
"Libeller of the Press," and that bebethen
put without the llnea and net permitted to re-
The Provost 'Mershsl General will s that
wie oraer u prompuy executed. The Com
manding Oaneral trnsu that thla eramnlAarlll
deter rubers from committing like offences, and
he take thla occasion to notiry reprcsentatlvi-a
or the preaa, that, whilst he Is ready at all timet
to extend to them every facility for acquiring
facta, and giving circulation to the truth, he
will not hesitate to ponlah with the ntmnst
rigor all Instances Ilka the above, where Indi
viduals tskeadvantageof the privileges afforded
them to circulate falsehood, and thus Impair
the confidence which the public and tbe army
should have In their generals and olbcrrflleers.
By command or Major General Meadei
8. Wnxiaus,
Assistant A distant General.
June 4. I8M. AjiecW Orders, -Vo. 1W. (Ex.
tract. 7. Llenl Col. M. C. Murphy. 1.0th
New York volunteera, having, on tbe 23th
ultimo, creenmrd to send a flair oftrnea to th
enemya line- wimoui any authority whatwer,
la hereby dishonorably dismissed from the mil
itary service or the United Slstcl, subject to
tbe approval or the President.
By command or Major General Meade i
8. WiujtMi,
Assistant Adjutant General.
All U quiet along the lines to-dsy, except
occasional heavy guns In the direction or Bot
tom's Bridge.
The malls are now regularly received In tho
army, t' arrangement being mot complete
tinder the mansramrnt of I.lent. TV rr p.rt.
and Mr. W. B. lla.lett, postmaster oMh Army
uiiu-iwiiiiRc newspapers will also arrive
regularly from this date, under the dlnctlon or
Mr Lamb, new. age t.
IIUDijuiRTiRS, June 8, S a. in Tbo flag of
truce tent by Gen. Orant was arranged for lat
Cvenlnc ana. nnder the direction of a mifti
commanders, tbe dead and wounded between
tht Uaca of works were brought off.
There were rerv few wounded at aAmr.nttif.
while at others qatto a number came In. None
bnt medical officers and atrctchcr-bcsrere wero
allowed to go on the field, and alt Intercourse
who ine enemy was strictly prohibited. At
mo eipirsuon oi mo time agreed npon, a
voice from the enemy'a lines snug out, "Boys,
get to your holes, the time Is up,-' hcn .ill
bsnds left at once.
A few shells were thrown on our left yesler-
dsy afternoon, hut no damage. A portion of
iuo om torps is reported as having arrived at
a point on tho ChtcUsbomlny, near Bottom's
Bridge, and considerable cannonading waa
heard In that direction yesterday arternoon.
A party orrcbels, a captain, lieutenant, and
five privates, came Into our lines yesterday
with a flag or truce, looking for tho body or en
officer, and our men attbatpolnt brought lb m
In. not knowln? that a flap of trnrn nrevellfi.
They were retnrned to their lines last cvonleg.
The railroad from tht While Homo to thu
army Is being put In order, and will bo rcsir
ror travil In a day or two.
Iloston Item.
Bostok, Juno 8. A. Wallaco Tl.axtrr. for
several years associate editor or no SnlvrtUu
The cam or the prlzu Urorjer Minnie wa
sold at auction today. Fl0 hundred ami
eight bales or cotton bmotht Jl.OOlf'if 1 OS
per pound, and 47 boxes n? mti.ren .!, at rui
ccnu per pound.
Tbo sailors or the Rnislan Out. about four
bnndred In number, beaded hythe Admiral
ana bis officers, and accompsnlud by the bard
of the flag-thlp, camo ashore to-day and
marched to the Common, whero the city gov
ernment had prepared a bountiful collation.
wnirn tbe tare fully appreciated. Tho boys or
. '" " "ii-m acoooia ncoea to me inter
est or the occasion by perrormlng their excel
lent military drill. Snbaiquently tho Hnwlau
"""J .attended a concert by tbo children at
., " " wuicu was a (.Harming ana Inter
esting affair. Thla demonatratlon was graco
fully woufid up by a series of public hospltsltles,
extended by B ituu to her Muscovite visitors.
Scvcrsl officers of the fleet wilt visit Newport
til mnprnv
In the United Slates Senate yesterday Mr.
Chandler reported from tho Commutes on
Commerce a bill to encourago and facilitate
telegraphic communication brtwein tho eait
em and western continents, by a line thronch
Asiatic Russia via Belirlng'a Btralts. Mr.
Davla proposed a resolution to restore peace
proposing s cessation or hostilities, ., wblcb
the Senste refused to receive. Tho bill repeal.
Ing the commuta Ion clause of the conscrip
tion bill was then tsken up. Mr. Cnllamer In-
inxiucmi nmrnauieitis mat all drafts he-reef. ..
rdered shsll he for a term not nceedlnc .'JI,
year) but that drafla to fill quotas fc ,- ", ! .
alrcadv mado ahall ho cnmpl.ted r . , ,,!!
lawa now In forcej and that no per- .' "ir.lled
on futuro calls .hall bo liable ."" .,,
draaed until the present enre . '" " ,.l;'
exhausted. Alter con.lderal-- . ''??', " t?1 ib.?
or the proposed amendmer-.'" J
.cruj w wtu ucroaiirr r -,,,, tll nna rt mr
Jo" Vmffimcn 7. "y 17. Tbe oiher1
lourned oiaio au-
U the noute, ytcrday, thu guntral bank
I5K . 'w WM rJ -d -ytas 04, naya C5. An
"" t wai r,,-,, to fcm tho wu for tjB K.8tlorif
y dotIp(- to reconsider the vote by which It
waa n-jtcied, and thtn to lay that tuotlon on
ine i -ble (,at n wat noj pre56e(i( x bill t en
it the more certain enforcement of the 'aw
ior tbe protection of pat singers by steamboats
and oilier Teiael waa Dataed. The Senate bill
to prureot sniaircliot:. and trovldlng for tbo
appointment oi aaaiuonai inspfciorsm rete
nno. was passed. TbQ Senatu bill regulating
the coatluK trade on the Northern. Nt.rthtrwt
era, and Northwestern frontier! was also
For the National Republic ..)
Ait Article lVeetlid by Wounded Solilere
There Is ono article very mrch needed for
the comfort of aoldlers with amputated llmlm,
which neither tbe Sanitary nor the State acen
cles were able to supply In Frfdtrtrksbnri: to
any connldt rable extent, and that was tbe small
cnfhlons Qllcd wlih saw dust or straw, tn be
put nodcr the Ptnnipof a kg or arm. Whtro
a stump III a flit upon tbo crountl there aro
three evils ei lending it, vizi the increased dan
irerof Terrain, the rain of the bard bed. and
moredannerf.ua pr-rhaps than either, the dlffl
cult? of dlr-charglnf tliepusttha reabonrptlon
of which Into tbo njitcm is nruaily fatal. Many
orinesnot-ts seniif tretieriCKSuurg were torn
Into pieces, and the etvhlons hastily hasted up
and oiled with ttraw, to supply the omertrenry.
We dial't not there aro ladles In Washington
tbat co old and would readily make these aril
clva, so much desired by tbe r-nr.-cnn and I hat
tho S&altary would puppty the cloth and bosun
,hera to tbe White Il'iuse, whero the need Is so
!Krat. In Fredericksburg a brick wat often
tVtA Kasv T,tttw aawKIsli ai Aist t ' al itnAn rJBl1ll
have, and the destitution and need Is greater
at tbe White IIouso than It was nt Fredericks
burg. If wc may tellcrc tho accemts.
Nstiuial KiiLKoir. Tbo bill reported by
Iteprceentallre Ilrrndteee vesterday In tbe
House propo-cs to litrorpora n budvordi
rectors to bo known as tho National Kallroad
Company. Tbe; are aulhorlzul to construct on
a route, to be surveyed and desltrnsted by a
competent engineer appoiniea oy mem ana at (
proved by the Secretary oT tho Interior, a rail
road ronnlne rrom the city or Washlnittou
through Msryland, Venniylvanla and Nlw I
Jersey to the Hudson river, or to connect with
" .. n i.ji . ... .1 i .
"Vt """""""' "no '""'" "'" l"J "' -,B"
i iorii.
I York.
Thc c0rpOrators may uulte and cousnlldato
. their stock with any otner compauies.auu His
provided that to i core the road from Interrup
tion by any foreign enemy In can of war, tbe
same ahall cross tbe rivers Bus inebanua and
Delaware at some point above tide-water. Tbo
capital stock of thecompany Is 10,000,(X)0. and
the Government Is to appoint two of the flftecn
directors. No action has yet been taken on tho
Oun Wot'iDED iv It ib ft l Uosf-TAbi.. -Private
John Webb, of the 140th Nuw York vol.
nnteers. who was allirhllv wounded and cad-
tnred lu ono of the Wilderneaa bailies, arrlvud
here yesterday, hnvlnir effected his ritape from
tbe rtbul hospital at It'ttjlu-ou'd Tuvtm, He
s)s tbtrearu ovtr three hundred wounded at
the latter place, wbo aro suflVrlnj,' for tbe want
of proper attention and nourlsbiueut. Aropu-
t"Uonsln cnnseqiiume havo cuased, and our
men are dvlns utf rauldlv. 8ure.ii. O'D mnul.
of the2i Pennstlvanla Kteervus. Is In eh a rue
of tbe bosplul, assisted by two other regl
mental doctor.
Our wounded, assoonastheyareabletollmp
about, and in many Instances before, are
marched off to KIchmond.
Second Edition
We Lara news from the front. It la good.
It Is more than goodi It 1 highly satlifactory.
Grmt U filling cf Jltthmoni intnly. Leo Is
evidently pnuled to nnderttand Grant's tactics.
A gentleman who left the White ITonie yes
terday afternoon says Grant had commenced a
Cent movement on Lee,
if ovr rradri htir tint Grant not changed All
COM, don't U fHuhttnnl. Bl 1SSBRID TOVI 111
nis cnosm a Bctrru oki I Don't look upon
every military movement that you do not
understand, through a pair or copperhead
spec'aclea, and Interpret It as a failure.
Acknowledge that Gen. Grant know, more
than yon do, and, remember, that he Is not
.rrald or Leo, and more, that Lee has shown
that he U of raid nf Grant.
On the 10th day or June, 1803, the situation
before Vlckebnrir was not hair 16 promlilog
ror tho evacuation of tbat place, on tbe 4ih or
Jqly following, as Is the situation to-day before
No knowing what Oiu. Urant'a present
movements may bring forth In frnlbantwenly
fuir days. Be patient and wait.
Delc;atea to tbe Baltimore Convention, rep
resenting the States of Vermont. Kcntncky,
Tennessee, Kansas, Lnnlslana, and the Tcrrli
tory or Darotah, called npon the President to
day. Interviews brier.
The National Union CommlttM held a meet
lug at milarde' Hotel to-day. Mr. McPntn
eoiv, ehoern Secretary at the first meeting,
declined tbo posltlou, owing to his pressing
duties as Clerk or tbe IIoueof Representatives.
Tho Hon. S. D. Spbrrt, orConnecllcut, wss
appointed to Oil the place a moil excellent
sclectlou. Tho Hon. 0. V. Sehtm, Msyor or
Cleveland, represents Ohio, and Itoh. B. C
Cook represents Illinois.
Hox. Kxnrt J. HiTMoiD, of New York.
bclne Ct-drrasn of the National Commute, be
came, tx eQleto Chairman of the Ilxemllvo
Pajlltff their lle.peeta.
Durlnc the entire forenoon to-day, delegates
to tho late Baltimore Convention hare been
rallln; npon Prffldmt Lincoln It pay their
respect-. Their Interviews with Mr. Lincoln
have been of the most pleasant character.
A l'ennsjlsaut. Itrgtinrut -labia lis
News Iroia Gen. Butler stttea tbst tbo IM
Pennsylvania artillery regiment bad mndo In
debut In battle, and that Llent. Loud was
killed, Major Anderson woundeJ, and Captolus
8trawhrldge and Jones wounded, It Is .esrod
mortally. Thla regiment was stationed t tho
forts In tbla vicinity for a long period.
The Pr-ncli Army In Mexico.
Tho French soldiers receive nenm equivalent
to ono cent per day aa their pay, and thla Is all
the spending money they have, aa their rations
aro so finely adjusted thai " company e avIngV
are exceedingly small. Tho French soldier la
very temperate and cnilljr disciplined because
he has no tnoucy to spend for drink. Forthls
reason, loo, tbe French army la very distaste
ful to tbp Mevleane. When our own army In
vaded Mexico our aoldlcrs received tl'ty limes
08 '-luch wages a? tho Frcuch do, uud they
Vent their money lavishly. Trt Mexicans
now refer to the times when tho Yankee put
down their dollars for small articles nndwould
take no change, and ahako tbelr beads sorrow
fully at the sight or the French soldier with
his ono cent a day.
Tnc Post or Ns&iiiu-:, Gen. It. S. Gran,
gurbas boeu relieved rrom duly as post com
mander at Nashville, Tennessee, and ordered
to that designated as tho Northern District of
Alabama, with headquarters at Decatur, having
charge or tho rallroada leading rrom Nashville
to Decatur, Iluntsvlllo and Stevenson, and
commanding the garrisons along the road.
Gon. Granger Is succeeded at Nashville by
Gen. John F. Miller, rrom South Bend, In
diana. 8-TrN Phoor-mmks. Programmes of tbe
opera -t Grover'a tc-olght, ta.t.fully piloted en
islln.wlll ha distributed to the laaleilnt.e Ml
dlenee. PKIlSONAt,.
CsrT. Fox, Assistant Secretary of the Navy,
Is on a tour to New Yort and D ston.
Assist:t 8tCRTinT Hsrrihotoii la per
(rmlrg thu duties of Secret ry I bate durlo tbe
atnenee ot th- latter la tw Yirk.
irirat Heeitou.
Fridit, Juoe 10, 1601.
Mr. Sherman presented a pattlou from
wool-jrrowers of Ohio, praying an Increase of
tbe duty on wool, wnich was ruerrwl to the
Comtuittroon Finance.
On motion of Mr. Spragtic, tho memorial of
Margaret A. Lawrle, prayluf compensation
for property destroyed by the United States
forces in the District r.f Columbia, was taken
from the flks and referred to tbe Commltteo
on Claims.
M r. Lane, of Kansas, offered a preamble and
resolution for tbo rcr-ojcnltlon of the present
Stato coTernoifnt of Arkansas, on condition
that slaTery shall never exlt In the Stale.
Tbe Ilnuso proceeded to consider tho resolu
tion reported from theComraitteeof Eloctltns.
namclyi That Ulalr la noi, but that Bemuei
Knox 9, entitled to the seat.
Mr Dawvfl,of Massachusetts, sustalnvd tbe
resolution, and
Mr. Brown, of Wisconsin, opposed It,
Tbe caso will occupy tho entire stsilon.
1,Y TElEUllAPIl.
Nutor from ftair Ilainpvlilr.
(lcll In tbe Dally National Itepublisau.l
(nrnin. V. II . Juni. 10. Th Itftitiltlicnn
.-..-, ... -- .,-.-...-
tu nbcisof the UglsIaturecaucuEsedon Peiia
torlul ueellou last night. Seaator Halo had j
83vciLf,Gcn. Marston (exinembir of Con
gress) had 80, aud ex-Congressman Cralgln
had liio votes. Thero were some scattering.
It remains to be seen what the LegWaturu will
do to-day. K.
President Llneolu'a Itenomlnatlou It
eeivtd with Unthuitim In California.
Blexlcaue About to Attack tha franeb
Sir. FaAisciscj, June0. The renomlnation
of President Lincoln waa received with en
thusiasm. There will be a mass meeting Oil
evening to ratify tbe nomination.
A cargo of Chinese goods was seized to-day,
conulolog smuggled op urn.
Mazatlan dates to the 37th state that tbo
Mexicans am about attacking several plac-ee
held by tbe French.
(Several regiments of the cbunh party bave
uu u or hj g uarvsi
Dodlts Ileeovared
PocoDKiirsii, June 10, Fp or teen bodies
from the steamer Uerkshlre have been ft. und.
From tho Tork Rivor Arrival
of Wounded Offlc.ruA Mid
night Battlo Tho Enomy
Eopulacd Heavy Losses
Fighting Evory NightQon.
Sheridan on tho War Path
Alarm in Richmond.
Tho stesmcr George Weems left the Whit.
-Ions) yraferday morning, and arrived at the
Sixth street wharf to-day, having on board S3,
wounded rrom the Ctfa, 8th, and cavalry corps.
Sho report, that on Tuesday night the rebels
mado a midnight attack on our forces, bnt wero
repulsed. Tho loss on both sides wss vciy
Every tight thorn la very heavy llrlng,whlch
continues sntll after mldnght.
The steamer Winona anlved at IS o'clock
today, with . number of wounded.
Tbo Albany arrived thla morning, having orj
board number of wounded, mostly from the
nib corps.
The Lizzie Baker, whleh left the Miltc
Homo at half psst throe yeslerdsy, reached
the whsrr at halt rest twelve lo-dy, with
mall and passengers.
A citizen rrom Richmond, who camo Into
our line, and gavo himself up, reports that
thero ore no troops In Richmond except the
sick and wounded. The Inhabitants are
alarmed, and say that Grant will sorely take
tbo city. Many of tho rebels come Into our
lines and giro thenrselves up. They say tbe
rebel army Is very much demoralized. They
have been Tlvlng on half rattona for some time.
Sheridan Is on tho war-path again. He gives
tha rebel cavalry no rest.
Uowllng Oreen, tho county seat or Caroline
county, fifteen miles from Port Royal, was
burnt by our forces . few days since. Tbe
rebela fired on ono of our trains as ll was pass
Ing through the place, Inconscquosceof which
oar rorcce put nil tho women nnd chldren In
two buildings, and burnt tho place.
Tbo l-odles or tho following officers -uro
brought np lsst nlghti
Lieut. P. M. Wooetcr, ISSd N. Y. Lieut.
James (1. Williams, -J !'., Lluut. Charles
Demon, 1st N. V. artillery- Capt. Samuel D-r-rab.lOlti
Vermont) Capt. W. W. Ballard, 81st
M. Y. Lieut. James Johnson, -3d Pa t Lieut.
Burke, Slit N V., Lieut. I). II. Wilson, 1st
Pa. earalryi Lieut. Cuss. P. Monroe, 8ih Me.
MeJ. W. Hobbell, OM N. 1.
Tbo Llzzlo Bsker brought up the bodies or
MaJ. J. II. Converse, or a Cetinectlcut regl
ment. nnd AdJ't Win. Whlldry, -39th Pa.
Tho Fooplo Alarmed at Hun
tor's Victory la tho Valley.
The Inhabitant Lfailug the City.
A cltlzeu or I.lcUmonU arrived at the White
House Just aa tho steamer Lizzie Baker was
el -out karlng the landing yesterday, and re
ported the greatest consternation was pro
duced In Richmond by Gen. Hunter's Tlctorlcs
and rapid tnarchis In IboBhennandoahValleyt
that the defeated rebel army and death of Gen.
.Tones bad ltd tho peoplo of Richmond to sup
po that Hunter would come down like n
whirlwind ujou the west of Richmond, and
tbat Leo could not spare men enough from tbe
defences of Richmond to check Unnter In bis
preclpltatu couree. So fully Is this believed In
Richmond, the escaped citizen reported, that
many of the Inhabitants are leaving that city
In the direction of North Carolina; that nearly
all the ttores In Richmond are closed.
lie Holds all the Roads to Atlanta.
HE Wllll'tl TIIK HKl)K.r. EVERY
Num ill.-, Tznn., Juno 7. Tne following
dispatch was received Irom Gen. Sherman last
evening by Ocn. Webster, Gen. Granger'a chief
i ui r.-i. a. mi, jjusii
.r ii.ir . it. I. n-.
' Tn t! vu tV....... 1 ,... ..-.1 ,-
toona Pass and reached It. railroad at this
point, seven miles csit of Alatoona Fass, and
have full possession of .11 roada aomo miles
further east, to within six mile, of Marietta.
Johnston tried to head na on" at Dallas, but did
not succeed, In all tho encounters wo had tho
advantage. All Is working well. Ton may
glvo this publicity.
(Signed) W, V. BmnMiS, MaJ. (leu.
Mno Blockade Hunuers Recently
Filled Out iu Drltlsh Forts.
Wo hac received a private letter from Lon
don containing tho following paragraph, cut
from tbu Loudon Time ol iUy &5ib. It UlusT
t rates British neutrality In our affairs, and
shows how Urltleli merchants compromise
thUr own GovLrnmenl by furnishing " aid and
comfort" to thosu in rebtlliou against tbe
United &tutes. We give the paragraph Just as
lua Am sin can Fi lock ad i. On Bundav
morning a Bpienaia-iooniog aioamer, namtxi
the Iltbolutlon, of Vi tons, sailed from tho
Clyde for Nassau for the blockade running
trado. Shu was oactj the well known pleasure
scboonvr-yacht belonging to the Duke of Suth
erland, which waa lately sold to so mo London
party, who have had her fitted ont In O In trow
Ifortradlug purpoe w, haying been dlimautlcd
oi uer nanasomu lutings. I
i command ol Capt. Webber,
She goes out undor
'TlnMi n
iraoe, ana laaea who ntr ft vaiuaoio cargo,,
consisting of abc.utiiSO casks of spirits, 3 WW.
worth of woollen blankets, 50.. worth of.
i icatuur dooib, t ou. worm oi leu naif, xc.
Uurlug tbe last fortnlicht three new paddle
steamora havo sailed from the Clyde for Nas-
sau-tbe Ivanboo, 240 tons register Virgin,
2Q andLUtlo Haiti, iioO. They aro all llgbUy
uiiiit auu uii Krun..o'is uoiiuicn-i.y,
long la the Belfast and Clyde mail services, has
iwaa lolii and In ilnln.-.nt for Njuiiii V.nir
ueeu sola, ana is tilting ai ror Nassau, lour.
other now steamers aro titling out, and about a
dozun building for tho aainq trade. $.otman.
W. P. ISartlttt, 67th Mauacbusetts volunteers,
write, a Utter to thu BprLi;ld It.pMUn,. t.
cootrsdlct . itateuent ajve.rlug la aiiutUir
paper, and closes with tbla paragraph.
"Ploaso Inform tho Boston corrfsiwodent
that I think It impo-alblc i for r..orters to go. a
iuiiue,t luua win uviv r, uuv gi ui V15111. iuihd
iu thu rear, and t-iilovlDi! merv skndiddler's
It la a curious fact tbat all the Copperhead
apera ovpoeed the 300 cxemptlou clause In
l ... v . .- ..........
no coruiuivufc taw, uvvauig af iyuvuM-
fair advantegee over tho poor, and now that
there Is talk of repealing thla clause, they are
all equally opposed to that. Consistency la
ewel found, never in a Copperhead.
Tni rnsiK Pacts Tha FatttH Tlma on
Ricord. The Peterson (M. J.) race, were eon.
tinned on Wednesday. The Underwood Gift,
(the slilcr to Tlpperary,) In .mile dash,' heat
Copeck eaally. i Time, li.7. Money stakes,
IUT two-year uiua, lureonaricr mure, la pioire
Uieat Islington Colt in ll-3,the first qnsrter
neing tne isstest time on recora, oi seconds.
Third race, three miles. Captain Mooro can
tered over alone. Fourth race selling stakes
-on., and . quarter mile. Copeck belt four
others, Time, 2il9J.
To tub Fiitwi.. Another One Hundred
Daya regiment from Ohio proceeded to the
front this morning.
-Hiarza's PicTonlit IIisTonr or tai Itr.
Bixtox. Tho seventh number of this splendid
and Talnablo work has been rrcelved atFranck
Taylor's bookstore.
Sid Caumitt. A boat containing a fishing
party waa upset by . squall, Monday. In Salem
(Msis.) hsrbor, drowning Ssmuel Wllllston,
Charles Adsms, Frederick Knowlton, and
William Dodge all young men. -
Miis CniuLOTTB Tnoursox Opinion cf
lAr Prtu A icasattoa has bern created at the St
L uli Theattc Never since Matildi Hkbop
pUeilher first emrxgemsnt In tliti city, bava wa
tflfneueil si mutthenthuklftsu In a theatre, as fa
now elicited by the uobjua prrrrrma&cci of Mlsa
Ciurlottc TiiowFioi.. Wit are cull rely uoas
qoalatad with tha past blitory or thla unjr la 'y.
nor would our preieat purpose be if rved by know
irg It minutely. She earns here a rrr.rct f rancrt
and aba has Mpldly won her way into put lie favor
without tbe uul ya.m ot adtert'sl' -, which
commoolf precees such events. Wliat she has
aocempllahtd she owes eollre.y to hrr Inlrlttsle
bcrtt, aad the ftpprf cUtlrs qualities of n tU 1iuU
audience. Tbs verdict ot our tbsatrtfOlng puMlo
bubssn eelnrsNllnmore than one Irs'srce by
thetnetrooolltattauilleoees of the If, a! ws
desire to plat It en tttort that tbe brilliant sue.
re'sof CitAFLorrKTitoMnoir lothe rttf will ba
followrftbr like rrsultswhsrevsr she goes.
Trne merit cannot remala hidden and uaob
servej forever. It may struggle a Ions time In ot
seurlty, bnt the llRht which It emits wit! ere atu-r-ltj-
dle tbe eyes of all beholders. Dice a
iTOthrred Br, the flames will In time burst
thronjth all opposing obit ructions, ai ' rpnrkl
alolt with tenfold heat and brilliancy And as
passion loogpentnp will subdue every obHaele.
so will patient, plodding merit, when re of a'trA.
triumph over all embarrassments and Usnn
We do not know what dlfflcultlrs Miis Thomp
son mar have had to pats through In It- rro'es
signal career, nor bow long she has bern a devotes
tovth l Nma. But we do know tbnt ihe Is an
AtTim. In tho strictest and most cnmrrchroslve
SiMOflhat tsrmtand that she idolii.i hr pro
frf'no. To attain tbe excellence which she hnf
acblevn) mutt bave eon turned loojcj' f tpl'
and study, which, without a loe of mt w u'rt
havwbsrnlupoiitble. Cxclleoce In an) Lrsnch
of ut It oolr attainable by labor Na'uial t'nt
basisry little to do with perfection la ary'hleg.
dlrretlyi U merely lmplrea love, miI Uici tbe
mlrtd todars the -rMeveoe.it of seenilrflmios
s'bllltlef, which every one encounter on tbeiod
to rue r re toei. Charlotte TnoHriot-, whnt
ever may have been her natural q'lall-W'li'Ds for
the stage, muit bivva labored lmmertrly, ni d w
are happy to state she Is now reaping her is ward
In well-fame J fame.
Astrneturebullt upan such found ttion la sot
likely t fall. Such a palce of rt lm a 1 the
elemrnti nf stability We eoneelTr 1ht he' Urn
will prove Dy'h.nr but ephemeral l.e baa non
of tbe flasbtns qualities of a rocbet or meteor, but
! a itar of the tint magnitude, and will move
iteailly onward tn her orbit from the horizon
where she nw stsd Is, to the zmttb
In fiss anJ flure, riiAntOTTi: TnourioKls
beautiful, and her features are r-i'innt'y expres
she of lots lest. Nature his tHltcl her with ryra
which enthrall by tbslr wondrut tlrpth, apd fi
elaato by tbelr billd llfht. Th. v seen, by ihelr
alleut laDgnaCt tn traoila the p r . lets cf
Mraoal Si" Loutl U'pulUeai, nkQ iMt
MuCitAM.oiTt: riiOMrioi n'l xanur hrr flnt
appittanne at Gnovcas liiiAini. on Monday
fwu.DjDext, Juu ilth, la bet original character
of Uitle .Sirrvot, on which ociu'en our tbta1isa
got tr p-iie may expest a rlci tat.
Island 1tall Fibtivau Ttie interest In this
delitb'lut id sea of en er alnnteat stilt cootlnuet
. ..-. -. lt,l. IV-I ... all I- SI,. I . ,.. .
UnlDICll III VtUlUR lUHIVItll U l HIV inivitii U
amusement ol' vliltors hAS b-ra nitii'ml. Tbn
co Mi-it betwee n the frleni's of the 0 rtr-rrnt ge n
rats rf".onwit hrieatiplrltb't'vcv. dear Graut,
MoUtlUi, and Hfrrnn, ltio ure Is btlnr
polled, ftinl tbe irlendiof each are cuntMrnt of
ueeen. Tbo ervn'eit fnr thoillversenlte ts ex
citing (trcit Intevcit.the voto being ei clout
Tha ldlei f tb fcuventb street Frcsjtrrlan
onureb bave ibow n great tan in tti luiiMxctii'nT
Of tha festtval, n. meir tuccen is jut ir
result oi tbelr eauu-prtie.
't I'f
Arbivaxop Bodies. The following Dalies
arrtveil herelsit eveniogfrom ibeWhttn H tin,
tobetranihtpped Nartht Lt. CM re I n M -M l-t
N, V. arMLt. Frank Wooster, ml f Cipt.
BanaK) Datrahi 10th Vtrmnnti L.apt U U al
lard. blst N, V i Lt Jai. O. WUUaft.ion.'JM eiJD.j
Lt i. W. fiurke,8lst N. Y I Geo. V MM) ll'b tn
atanat Lt Chaa F. Mno-e,8Hi Masa i Lt I) U.
Wilson, 1st Penn. ear.) MnJ W. Hubbll.6M N .
Wouiided Orexcxm. Among tho wounded
oOcera broutht op on the City of Albaiy, to-da ,
era loI Raymond, A li. Y mounted rifleii Lieut.
G, F, Gould, 41 N. v, rlfleij Ucut. H. M. Bearer,
32lMa., (slckt) Lleuta.H. K. Praotam.SId erl tred
regiment, (ilck:) Ll ut O. W. Gibson, I7rbt
Lieut. JornC. Wbltmorer 2ith W. Y. eav. Lieut.
A. Finder, Ctth Mais.
A DiBOttriLT Neigiidor. Louisa Blunders,
who llvfl on Vlrftlnia avenue, Island, ho ween
Knur-tod ahn1f and Tblid streets, was arrett d
Ustnlcbtb, Offlcer Ashtoo, torbelnffvcryabuvlve
to war Js Bernard Cook and his wile nnxMoor
neghbors. fthe Is representNl as a comn.ondru L
fird, and Is extremely aonoylog to th retldeats 1
tbAtlooallty the was taken Ifor .Tustlce Bos
well, wbolinrdhtr ti, and required br to ghe
f-curlty far s:ood behavior.
Katt YaKD. Tho Klnff Philip arrived at
the Yard last night, having on board eleven ram
who had been captured and parsled by the rebels.
They mads their way to tbe river, and weie picked
i u by our gunlKnts and aruuaht to this city. Rho
altobroufUtup the pilzssohoooer Jutta Ann,cir'
turrd several djjs since In the rotomac, and
which hs been reported
The Kit a left the Yard this morning fur tbo
lowsr Potomie.
Two Amaioniamb. Vesterday arternoon
Matilda ky I sod and huiao Hlabaidior) wem r
r a ed by Oflc r Glbion, of tbe S venth wa i upon
t e charrs of flch'lnc In FJiht'nr allev. Tbv ltvd
h tn (.lnkltr vjarv ! r anit wara Awtti L- at th
s . "!"" .--.--..,--- "-.--.... -..-.-
f time. Tncy were taken to ine siatloo-boun'
1 ,..,..
Tub Gold Cash. Tho case of J. W. Thorn
ton fc en., aga'mt Geo. w. niggs, of A. T K.erit
huv r. the bankere. to recover certain roll e
poiltt inids since the suspension of iecl ia-
mei lis o rae up sg"ia tnis mnrDinf in ins vi inu
Sjprtnie Court, aad li arguad byleatned eounacl
nbuth ildei.
L'.nded OrriCBas. The follow t u tr oli cere
leprntcd at Ur. Antliell's ftfllca this iuuiingt
l-lK't M. A. HAuna, l&oth Obloi Ucut. H mour
Mpmu,ethIl'h.eavUut Piker I Duff it li
:;. ,.;,. K. K. n-ede. 13 b N.
smith, ij h X. 11 1 Usut. R. P, Stance i.lith N. Y
Uiscuaroid Tiioors. Tho propeller New
Jersey turn d-ttMxtbstreetwhan tbu afternoon,
having on board Ihe 1st RVhIu I Uud i.uti.-i
JIV.Vmz ViSi" shot"-n"oncnut'r
j IM ,,u" U"le Blt',
Pot.icH ItEituni. Stfotul PniMtl L
iuey, saim g iwiuor io soimere nunu
jAbrfl'nc.nrf-Joun ilmldtDe.diiordniy;
, i i Ge-rc inac, du t dj. Samuel Mii
ttiruuloc stunei, &i.ed I6. Alfred U lt- mmil,
d tfineiiai.06
oiwMVa5ksTd"iM (lI',,' $'
i Hft Jreeia Miy Il'oi( dlsord.rl), ilucd
& l'!iai)n'S'X.XWf
J.mei Oonibntir.-o ia mnu. i iVliiimoie, .1.. i
tucin jralit-
Wm Wls&u, ut.ukillit-d tl M-
Is; fc- Kirk,' il ilurnidov.
c en iuo inmt'ry.
ItiariD in iiriifrKi vn
yVB" iiuVa..ii
suit aud I Atterv: nil fir
eou I.
Id hard Hi iaft, vnTAncv, lOvkt'i up j
kiyhth irtv(-
1' L lllce. diiiudcrlvi Aini
Hautiu t. J koo, fastdil.luftft! 5s Jttues U-n-
it-y.druuk $0
IrtfA lie irtt Smiiu 1 Nutvlaikl. k tutut a
bawdy home, commlttiM to j I tu Jtisu i ! ece .
vt Ft meUTaylir, btwi y hovl' i )N Lucy
LiAr(no to iaoius Uiro.rHu.ouuDAo i '
o laoiuxs uiro.r(n.BiwDiD i,'i-,
disuidiytiiiury joiesQuluUD,smptciouoI
desertion i military,
Tenth PrtetnctM
rtnt preeincl-Matilda Rylsnd an I a man Rich
ar.ao. fltbUiit In tbe street, it caoh.
iTolion, sutdeioaof deiertiontmtlitAry
Sanderi,dliordcrly oonducti 1 1.
Lait evantogt Joaat, IMi. by Her Mr. a1S,
William Jas. bovd, eldest son of Dr. Win, Hu)d.
to MAkTnAJAKE SrLav, bthof Waibmgtoo, and
highly reipsited by a large circle of frlsnds.
In Rnckvllle, Coon , after an Illness of two and
ShalMsTS, MAHTRUlAttTR IooMis,wirof the
non uwiidi uramii.
from Connecticut, Ma
Hon. Dwiiht Loomts. lata member of Cosgrrss
;qii yej
SPECIAI. notices.
Cf-Snnday, at 3 oelokt lira. I. Pmllh
will speak on tbe Capitol Ground (for tbe last
time) under the Influence of God, whosa ways are
as much higher than man's as the heavens are
higher than earth. Suhleot, "Tbe Signs nf the
Times." All are Invited by Cod. Jefgf
KJ-Ifavr Yark-Cltlatsa of Ntw York.
reairtents of tba Capital, are requited to tne-t at
'he Colon Realm; Rooms FMD K Y (THIS) ICVKN
ING, a l)i oelnck, for tha purpnia of orgAolilng
NewYoik Soldlara1 Aid Asioetatlon, and hear
report nf Committee en Org sol cation.
j urucr vi lummnicv.
O-DeiHeatliai ThddletlotsarTlra
of Kvland Cbspel M. E Cburah,eoroer of Tenth
and b atreeti, Itland, wl'l taka plao RUNOAY,
the IS h Instant. Three services 11 o'clock a. m-,
by tne Bev. Mr. Itowmao, D. D . Chaplain to tba
Vnate of the United 6ttei loelosk p. m. by Rev
W. T. D. CI e mm i a o'clock p. m.. by tha Rev, John
Lanahaa. D, D Tbe pubilo are Invited to attend
the opening services t( this handsome church edi
fice. Je4t
CJf- Featlvalo' tha Capitol Hill Praabr.
terlan Church at ODDFELLOWS' HALL, Saventh
street. Opening Jane 1st, eloilnr June 10'b, with
to cent seion11ckets,60centitlckets for Con
esrt.W cents. Jf3t
tnr The Confessions and lCipcrWnee nf
All lirvAUD. Published for the benaUt, and as a
warning and a cautioh to Totme keh who suffer
from Nervous Peblllty, rrematura Daeayof Mai
hood, ate., supplying at tie same time Tnc hcak
or ior tuHC cy one who has euied hlnlf at
tar being put to great expense and Injury tMoti?
medical humbug and quackery.
Ry enclosing n rmit-pMJ addresso-l cLelora
ingl) eoples may be had of tbe author.
aiy a A If bsdford. t:ini.- Ootit y, N. V
t7-Fellvat nnd Fair nt IUu4 1141
The Ladles of the 8 venth street Fmbyteiian
Church will hold their Festival at tha above Hall,
commencing MONDAY, MAY 10. The best Rtnd
of Muslo tn this city has been engaged for the w
oaiton Tbe nano Is kindly furnished by Mr.
John F. Kills. Admliilsn 18 eente. season tick
s'!, one person, W cents. Family tickets, season,
II. co. myyr gw
XJ People's Tate(jrph,Nw Wirst Ctaa
Lines, direct to NSW YORK, BOSTON, and all
Important points. Washington Oiflcest p B PUB
LI i AN DUILDING.M1 Moth itrept, (weit -ldf.j
a&d corner Pennsylvania avenue and SUth street
under National Hotel.
tfMS-tf Manager Washloeton District.
K7Dlseasea of tha Nervous, Ramlnl,
Urinary and Sexual Systems new and reliable
treatment In Reports or tha HOWARD ASSOCI A
1 1ON sent by mall In sealed letter envelopes,
free of charge. Address, Dr. J. SltlLLIN HODGH
TO, Hnward Assndaflon, No. a South Ninth
utrert. Philadelphia, Pa. mSCMy
O-Preabyterlnn Services will be held
vtry Sabbath until further notice In theiohol
house at the corner of Third street east aad A
treet south, (Capitol Hill,) at II o'clock a. m.,and
p. m. mio-avsat
dCmIvnry naptlst Church meets every
Sabbath in tbe Old Trinity Church, on Fifth street,
between E and Louisiana avenue. Servloa at 11
A. M. and 7.H P. 51. Seata free. Rev. T. R. How
Ittt, pastor. Janie-tf
KjLyoa' Ualhnlrou. 1C thai ron Is
from the Cree word " Kathro," orKathalro,H
Ignlfylngtoeieanse rejuvenate and restore. This
utlclo Is what Its name signifies. For preserving,
rcstorlog and beautifying tho human hair lt la the
most remarkable preparation tn the world. It Is
asjaln owned and put up by the original prsprtctor
aad Is now made with tbe same care, skill and at
tention which gave It a sale of over one million
bottles per annum.
It Is a mo it delightful Hair Drculng.
It eradicates scurf and dandruC.
It keepa the bead cool and clean.
It makes the hair rich, soft and glossy.
It prevents the hAlr Trim falling off aad turUa
It restores hair upuu imt I i.eadi
Any lady or gentlcoisn iio values a ItauUm
head of hair should tmr Lim's Ksthalroa. It Is
known and used throucliout tbe civilized world,
fold by all recpectat Ir iiAler i.
Iil.Mv- r. HVRNESfc CO.,
New York.
0"UxInu .'Jwitans Ldntmeut Tha
parties In St. Louis and Cluclauitl,who have been
counterfeiting 'be Mustang Liniment under pre
tence of proprWirihlp, have been thoroughly es
topped by tho courts. To guard against further
Impoiltloo, I hai e procured from the United States
Treasury a put ate steel plate revenue stamp,
wblcb Is jtlacedoicr the top of each battle. Eaoh
tHhM brars the Joe timlla ot lay signature, and
tvlthuut wblfh tba article li a counterfeit, danger
ous and worthlt-Fi Imitation. Examine every bot
tl." Ibli Liniment has been tn use and growing
In Is r for many years. There bardlyexlsts a
lnnnM on tho bsattable globe that does nat con
tain e.Ueneoef Its wonderful eliects It li the
bet cmolleut tn tbe world. With Its present 1m
l,M' ed Ingredients, Its eflects upon man and beast
Ate perfectly remarkable, sores ae healed, pslns
rctleied, lives saved, valuable animals made use
ful, and mtold Ills assuaged. For cuts, brulies,
yialoi, jheutaatlsm, swellings, bites, saked
breaiti, strained horses, &e., It Is a sovereign
remedy that should never be dlipemed with. It
should be In e . ery family. Sold by all druygliti,
f20-ohn D. 3. BARNES Nsw York.
EJ-lIe Imatreet'a Inimitable Ilalr llostor
ativc, mr a Ovc, but restores gray hair to Its
utislnM color, by supplying tL caplary tules
with uAtural sustenance, Impaired byageordi-
ease. All inttantawout rfyei are composed of lunar
cauttU, destroying tbe vitality and beauty of the
hair, and afford of themselves no drenlng. Helm
strtet's Inimitable Coloring not only restores hair
to Iti natural color by an easy process, but gives
the hair a LUXURIANT BEAUTY, promotes Its
growth, prevents lta falling off, eradldatcs dan
.rutf, nnd Impart health aud plsasantneas to th
hetd. It has stood the test of time, being the ori
ginal Hair Coloring, aod la constantly increasing
in favor. Used by both gentlemen and ladles it
Is sold by all respectable dealers, or ean be pro
mrej by them of the commercial agenti,
202 ..roadway, Nsw York
Tut aneit&oeenti and $t
B3llafcau'e fllftguoMa RaltA Thla la tha
most delghtfnl and extraordinary article ever dis
covered. It chfitic4 tbe tun-burnt l-.ee and hands
to a pearly ittln texture f r iihlnc beauty, 1m
partlasUte usrblspurltyot youtb, and thetfdf.n
gut appearanoa so Inviting tn the city belle of
lashiou. lt removes tan, freokles, pimples and
roughness from the skin, leaving the completion
frcib, transparent and smooth. It oontalns no
material Injuries to the sltln. Patronized by Act
resies and Opera Singers. It Is what every lady
should have. Sold everywhere
rrepared by w. K. MaGAN, Troy, N. Y.
ddrcni all oruers to
Now York.
mr n -XUU-IDrake's Plautatloa
t Biro: as
' Tiey putlfy, streaeiben and lnyliforate.
i-liiy create a healthy appetite,
rt.ey are an antidote to ohangs of water and dial
Ul.ty overcome sffw-ts of dusiptUon and lata
t ur
Ui, f uthsa the systec and enllreu ha
ui d.
The irt ent mlasmatls and Intermittent fsvera.
They purify the breath and aeidity of ILt stdio
1 4sb.
i lb v,uru Lspcpslaand Couitlnatlon.
! Tbr emu Diarrhea, Cboleraand Chulera Mure
Ibcy cure Liver omplalut and Nervous He.
no! if.
I Tb.y are the beit liiuexs tu tiie world. They maku
tbe weak man strorg, aud are exhausted iturf
(trsat restorer. Ibey are cumpoisd of thu t.i
brated Calliaya Bara, ( atcarllla Bark, Dandcll
' tljamomlle Floweri, Lwvudsr Howtrs. Wlntar-
rcea, Aotse, C1oer-i)iuli, Orange Peel, t-uske-1
rout, Caraway, U.i'ii. r, flurajj, i. T, Wo
iv. as.
I the following li ivup.e of tha testimony dally
(ceelvedt '
1 ) ntrai' Hume Hum mi TrttDXBT'sOrricE, I
Cinlirmati, o.t Jan. u, iws. I
I hav o gu tu j our Plant tlon Bitten to bw .reds
of our u'ltile Soldiers who stop hers, tnof r lsis
disfttlcdfrom various causes, aad thaanec Umost
marvelous and gratifying.
buch a preuaratlea as Ms li I heartllv w ith in
svery Umlly, In ever) hispltl, and at hand on
lift uaulCQNU . W Ut I

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