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ill! lilmsKmaam n'mm Wi
- ''" "-' ""jLW
ifliitional gqnililitntt.
U mhllhM vt j sftrWon(Bliciaji mceptod)
W. t. Monui ft Co., and It ornlahW
to ou tnbtcribem (by carrier.) at JO emu per
Mall autwcrlbar., 15.00 per intnm 11.00
for .It montha, tail 11.23 f?r thrM month., Id
variably In advance.
Single, conks, S cent.
enter qTUxtEikurrxmU Orrtci.
WA4UfWT0V.Dcntrt DfaemberflLtSU.
aiH-als arelaViwobtheun-larsiriw-J
lorsvpnylng tbe umua tttataa UQftrtvnuMtur'i
kit mi aria, ana Fort alohroo, Vei err either icJ
these plas-s, with Hay, Com. Oats iM Straw.
Hide will be Tocetvcd for the delivery of 6,ono
bushels o( com rtr bete And Bn too of hay or straw
end upwards, n
fffdders moat state el whith of tha ehoTe-cemed
jHiinti they nitVpoM to make deUvsrite, and tbe
rates at which the will make deliveries thereat,
ttiequinlllyofeaJh article proposed to bodeiiv
eml, the time when said deliveries shall be emn
mansed, and wha to be completed.
The prise must be written oat la word on too
Mda. , .
Horn to lo put np In rood f tout taok, of about
tvio trashed tub. Oats tA llk tasks, of about
three, bushels each. Tho sacks to ba furnished
ftltWut extra charge to tho Government. Tbe
hay aud straw to bo seaurcly baled.
The particular ttlne or description of Oats, core,
hay, or straw, proprei to be delivered must bo
Stated la the proposals.
All the arUalai offered under Iho bids herein In
vite!, will be nbjt to a rigid Inspection by the
Oovt-rnracut Inspector before being accepted.
Contrasts will ha awarded froa tima to time to
tha lowest responsible bidder, a tho Interest ol
tUo Uoverra.unt mar require, and payment will be
made when the whole amount contracted for snail
bevo been deuv ered a ad accepted.
The bldJer will be reouired to aeeomnanv hti
i ropusal with a guaranty, timed by two resnonsl
uepcrsons.thallneaaehlsbld la accepted he or
incy wiiu tvunia ton tiey a inereaiter, execute me
contract for the same, with good and infllelcnt
inrrtiee la a turn equal to the amount of the oon
tract, todtllrer the forare propoaed In eonformltr
with the tcrma of thla adrertlaemanti and In caao
the aatd bidder ahaU (all to enter Into the eonUMt,
thtr to make good tb difference between the offer
of aald t-ldiler and the d1 loweat reaponalble bid
tier, nr the perins to whom the contract may bo
Tbe reaponilhUlty of the Kuarantore mutt be
tbowji by Ibe oiuelal eertlflcate of a United States
lilatrlot Attorney, Collector of Cuatoma, or any
other offlcer under the t7nlte statee Gorernment,
or r ionaIble prrioo known to thla office.
All bidders wlUbedulynotlfledof the acceptance
it rJcstlon of their propoa ala.
luviuimaiuaiuiariUi miuttib oi wmva ciuubj
aa.at be InctMy written In the propoaal,
fcTiHKMua mint be addraiaed ia Brlcad
D. H. tucker, Chief Depot Quartermaster, Waah-
loon, I. C, and ihonld be plainly marked M Pro
(KMiala for VWa''
Uundat la a aum equal to the amount of the eon
ruarintora, will be required of the aueeeaaul bid
der or bidden upon algmlng the eontraaw
Rlank birmaol bids, (piaraateee. and boooi may
b nhtuined upqn application at this office.
roRM op pboposAU
. u . u, County, and State!
i thM tubacriber, do hereby propose to furnish
ajiJ deliver to the United Vtatet, at the Quarter
untcr'c Department at , acreeably to
lUi terms of your advertisement, Inviting propo
t tot forafte, dated Waahlncton Depot, pe-
ii-utitar I, fxJ toe fuuunui ariiEioa, t ixi
buahela of Corn, Id saexi, at per bushel
of el pounds.
buiiuli of oat i, to eaeks, at per bushol
nl 1 nnuli.
tDui uf baled Hayt - per ton of 1,000
t jib f bated Straw, at per ton of sooo
uvrr wcommanaa on or before the -
j ol -
i iM , and to be completed on or be-
f.ircitia dayuf ' ,1W , and pledge myaelf
to untor Into a rrltton contract wltlt the United
trtMaa, with cooj and approved aecurmea. within
th apace of ten daya after belna; notified that my
1 1 bs iwon accepicu.
Voitr uhedleat acrvant,
Qria tier ironeral D. 11, Rockeb,
thief Depot Quartermaster,
Washington, D. l
We, the undersigned, reeldente of
tno -tiitatg of -. ana Btataof
ucit j, JulnUyiBd severally, coveoaot with the
dniua elates, and guarantee In ease the foregoing
bid i .. ho accepted, that he or they will
wnaiu (cnaar airor m aovpiuicoi me saio
anil suiaolrnt auretlcs, tni a sum equal to the
amount of the contract to furnish the forage pro
Sooeu in csniormiiy a tuo icrmi 01 UTeniaemenv
awa December 6, I8i, under which the bid was
mads, And, In case' tho said shall fall to
enter Into a contract as aforesaid, wo guarantee to
make good the dltferenoe between the offer by tho
aid and the next towvat responsible bidder,
or lie peraos to whom the contract may be
. j-dfJ,
!, Given under our hands and toaJj
lata uay or ,130 .
1 hereb certify that, to tho best ol my knowl
odjeandLellef, tho above-named guarantor are
good and autflelent as sureties for the amount for
which they oSer to be security.
To bo certified by the United Statee District At
torney. Collector of Customs, or any other officer
unoer iuq uduou aiai uovemmon, ot responsi
ble person known to this office.
if- Brig. Pen, and Quartermaster.
QiTAVTi-itMASTH's Urricc, U. 9. M. C, J
waanintiToii, sumj 10, iooa. i
rmru iiruuDiiti hiii urn racotvru uia omoci
nntll WkDNUHbAY. the 93d dav of June. 1864. at
u o'elork, p. m.j lor supplying wood and coal to the
unitm siaies marines at ..etaiflxioneiiy, u, u,
from the 1st of July, 134, to the loth of June, 1S&9.
The wood to be good merchantable oak, and te
be delivered, plied, measured and Inspected ataueh
polnta within the walls of the Marine Barrlcke as
may bo dedgnaied by the Commanding Marino
O nicer, free of expense to the United States.
Tho Coal to be beat White Ash. Anthracite Erg
Coal, (roe from dust, and to weigh 3,340 pounds to
tbe ton, to be weighed, Inspected and delivered at
such points within the walla of tbe Marine Oar
racka aa maybe designated by the Commanding
Marine Uiflocr.freeofexpenae to the United Statest
aQUDOinwoou aoaooano oa luruaacu at suco
times and In auch quantities as the said Command
leg Marine Officer may require.
1'nvnenta will bomadeuDonths Quarterly requi
sitions of the commanding officer, stating the
quantities required for the use of Lis command
agreeably to regulations.
A guarantee to be signed by two responsible per
am. whio resDOnslbllltv must be certified bv the
Uulied btatcs district Judge, United states Dis
trict Attorney, or uiaieu aiaies collector, must
accompany each proposal, otherwise It will not be
To be endorsed "Proposals for Fuel, aadad-
urcmcii to mo unucrsixocu.
mvlt-lawlw Major and Quartermaster,
Wan DiranTHEMT,
WASinaoTOit. June 1. 1844. (
Sealed Proposals will be received at this office
until riUUM, me uui ouunr, niiocwca u.u,
(or the delivery, at the New York agency. No. 43
Worth street New ork, or 100,000 CURRY
lhese Curry Combs are to be made In strict con
formity with tbe samples, which can beaeen at
thla olflce, or at the New lork agency, except that
the handles are to be of blrob, bteos, or bard
map c. They are to be sebjsct to inspection at
the factory where made before being received by
the Government. None are to be received or paid
icr but sucn as are approver 00 inspection.
Uelitrrtes must be made at the rate of no'"
than ,uo per week or 1,Q"G per day, errn,e1lDe
ou the Hth day orjuli, 1864, They are wlrtle4u
ered tubuses or 306 aeh.
KalUtre to deliver at a specified w,. wjft
i.u . .tn-nK t.Tttttr nthe nuantltvdua
at that time. No bids will bniidered from psr
tlei other than regular yuiVr"!! ?!,"? Ji'ST
thSuJrrk. CTJKe!oia with their bids the written
ackuowledJ-t t"-" uretlea, over their own
'K'VSWty obtaining a contract will be required
to A'' lQ' bonds, with approved sureties, for
, fTlthful execution. ....,.
Upon the award being made, successful bidders
will be notified, and furnished with forms of con
tract and bond. ,t . L1. , .
The Department reserves the right to reject any
er all bldsK not deemed satisfactory.
Proposals will be addressed to ' lirigedlcr Gene
ral George I'. Hameay, Chtaf of Orduanee, Wash
lngton, D. C ," and will be endorsed " Proposala
for Curry Combs."
Brigadier General, Chief of Ordnance.
I "There shall no evil befall tbeet neither
aU any i.Ugue eome nlgbtby dwolllox " MAD
a certain remedy lu correcting all Irregularities
and removing obstructions, whether from cold or
otherwise. These pills sboold never be taken In
rrxasnoy, as tksy would be sure t? cause miscar
riage Prepared at 18 Rue Vangtard, Parti, France.
Cau only bs obtained at 119 South B street, bet.
Math and Tenth streets, Island. JeS-eodit
t. WAVY,
Navv Dxpaetmeit, )
Bobkad or E40l'rUUT AID RtCBOITIMO,
Sealed ProriitsJi for (urafsblns! Anthracite Coal
of the Navy, to be delivered during tho fiscal year
ending SOth June, 1KB, wlU bo received at Ibis
Bureau until 10 a. m , 13th June 1804.
These proposals must be endorse l "Proposals
ror Amnrxeiie uiei lor steamers," mat mey raey
be distlnrulshed from other business letters.
The oflar mtiat be far the dcUTorvof leaooo tons.
of 9.340 pounds.
iciiauBUliDioi tns ocst jmkk ciouatain or
Blaeklltath.orof a kind Mu el to them In all ra
spestB,for the purpose intended, which equality
wilt be rieterminetT bya Board appointed by the
secretary pi tue navy aiter toe reception 01 tne
The name 01 theeoai nroDosed to no rurnuhed
mutt be state.) in the offer. ,
ft la to be delivered in lumps of suitable site for
naval steamers o eaa, of uniform quality, srlect
ed free from lmpurtUee, unmixed if which the
contractor will be required to furnish suohovt
deneo as will bo satisfactory, and be subjeol to
iicn inspection as to quality ina quaatny as tne
Department mav direct, t be coal must In all re
ors, to bo aopolnte J by the Bureau, who will have
Tbe coil Is to bedefUereden beard vessels, at
such place In the port of fhllsdelpbteasmey bo
designated by the Bureau, and In such quantities
and at such times as, la the opinion of the Bureau,
the exigencies of the service may require eou
meneluc when the vessel Is reported ready to re
ceive cargo 1 lurmsniDg, 11 utmaouru, not less man
1.000 tons ir da r. to be distributed to cash vessel.
as may be directed, until the loading is completed.
, Proposal a will likewise be received for the de
livery 01 autmu tons 01 tne same quamy 01 eoaj, to
be. delivered In the port of New Tors, on board
rfiaacla. aa at Phlladalnhla.
In the case of failure to deliver the ooal In pro
per quantity, of the proper quality, and at thepro
per time and place, the Bureau will reserve In the
contract the rlaht to purchase forthwith, at the
contractor's risk and expense, that which may
seeei necessary to supply tho deficiency
'Any demurrage, or otaercnargfe lownicn ine
Navy Department may be suMseted from delay In
the prompt delivery of tbe coal by the contractors,
wlir be deducted from their bills.
The price musbe for the ooal delivered onboard
vessels, on the terms and conditions above stated,
at the contractor's risk and expanse, and without
extra charge of any kind.
The Oder, a required by law, must be aoeom
panted by a written gusranty. signed by oue or
more responsible persons, to tb effect that tbey
undertake that the bid ler or bidders will, If his or
thrtr ble bo accepted, euttr intooMfgation, at such
tim ae mav be oreacrlbed bv the Bureau, with
good and sufficient sureties, to furnish tbe supplies
No nroDOsltlon will be eoosLdered unless aeeom-
nanlnl hv tilth cuarantai an 1 thu Dwrattmant
reserves the right to rejeot all tbe offers, If consid
ered to be to tbe Interest of the service to do so.
Two or more sureties each In a sum equal to tho
amount prciueti to ire paid, win uo rrquirvu 10
sign the contract, ami their responsibility will be
oertloed by a United States District Judge, United
rrtates DUtrlet Attorn v. Collector. or New Aeent.
As additional and collateral security, twenty per
eeot. will bs withheld from the amount of all pay
ments, whteh reservation is not to bo paid except
by authority of the secretary of the Navy, until
the contract shall have been In all resDects com
piled with) and the remaining eighty per sent., or
oiner amount tnat may ocuue upon bod niu, win,
when a proper certificate la furnished bytnetn
ipeotor, and the bill approved by the Bureau, be
paldbyeuch navy agents as tho contractor may
name, within ten dava after the warrants for the
sanie shall have been passed by the Secretary of
tbe Treasury.
It will be stipulated In the contract that If de
fault nemaue in mo ucuvery ot inn coat in tae
Suaotlty, of tbe quality, and at tbe place and time
irected bv tbe Bnreau then, and in that ease
the contractor and his sureties will forfeit and
par to the United states, as liquidated Carnages,
a sum of money not exceeding twice the coo tract
according to tho act or acts of Congrets In that
ease provided,
Blddara whose Drouosala shall be accented, and
none other, will be notified, and, as early aa prss-
uoaDie. a contract win oe iraosnitteu to tnem,
which they will bo required v execute within ten
days after Its receipt at the post office or navy
agency naatcu oy tau.
The form of offer, guarantee and certificate is
I. (or we,) of - -, stateof , hereby agree
to furolsti and deliver thousand tone of
anthracite coal for stctiners' use, at , at the
rate of - per ton, of 3,140 pounds, amounting
to '- dollars, tbe whole la conformity with the
ro virions and terms of the advertliement of the
rth day of May, lbl, from the Navy Department,
and hereunto appended.
Should my (or our) oPer be accepted, I (or we)
request to oe imormou at - --, ann mat tne con
tract mav be forwarded to (or signatures
an ocrtmcacfi.
(Place.) (Signed) A. B.
We, the undersigned, residents of -, in the
tnateoi '"-, anu or - -, in tne state oi
hereby, Jointly and severally, covenant with the
United states, and guarantee in ease the roregoing
bid of - ..-. be accepted, will, within
ten days after the receipt of tbe contract at
, execute the same, with good and sufficient
sureties, for tbe delivery of the anthracite coal
propoaed, in compllaneo with the terms of the
advertisement of the 18th May, 1B64, hereto ap-
Kaded, and under which It was madei and, In case
a aald shall fall to enter Into the
contract aforesaid, we guarantee to make good
isc umcreuco ueiwcca tua uurr oi too caia
and that which may be accepted.
Witness. (Signed) C. D.
-(Place.) K.F.
I hereby certify that, to tho beatot my know!
eds-e and belief, the above-named guarantors,
and -, are good and sufficient.
(alined) G. H.
To boslgned by the UnlteJ States District Judge,
United States District Attorney, Collector, or
niTjr Ageui. iy-ww
Warn DtrABTUxaT, I
Waihisotow, May 39, 1H64. t
SEALED PROPOSALS will be received at this
nuica uoiu i uajua , iua itia uay ui .uihi. iom,
for S-iuch Columblad shot and 8-lneh Mortar
Mjeii, te Deacuveieuin tne louowtng quantities,
at uic uauriuuufu arcuic, tiz i
At the Watertown Arsenal, Massachusetts, 4,000,
At the Watervliet Arsenal, New York, ,ooo.
At the New York Arsenal, Governor's Island,
New York, tfloo.
At tho Alleghany Arsenal, Pittsburg, 4,000.
At the St. Louis Arsenals, Missouri, 9,000.
At the New York Arsenal, Governor's Island,
New York. lO.ooo.
At iam waicrvuct aihdm, how ui, h.wu,
These projectiles are to be made of the kind of
meiai, anu inspeciea aner tne ruice iia aown in
the ordnance manual, the tensile strength oi tne
Iron for oolumblad shot to be not less than 36,000
lbs. per square laob, and for mortr shells not
less than 1 4.000 lbs. per squar. Inch. Drawings
can be eeen at any of the valuA States Arsenafs.
The projectiles are to "m iM'fvotcu at mt jo unary
when oast, and ar w to delivered at the Arsenals
free of charge r transportation er handling. ,
Deliver! nu't be made at tbe rate of not less
than op-teotn (iiotni or tne wnoie amount eon
tracu for per week t the first delivery to bo made
Q. the 20th dsy of June, 1864.
Failure to make deliveries at a specified time
wlUauhlcct the eontraetor to a forfeiture of tha
number ne may fall to deliver at that time.
Separate propossls must bo made for the shot
and shall.
Bidders will state explicitly tbo Arsenal, or Ar
senals, where tbey propose to deliver, and the
number ef projectiles they propose to deliver at
each plaae, If for more than one.
No bids will be considered frompartles ether than
regular founders, or proprietors of works who are
known to this Department to bo capable ef exe
ciitlnr the work uroDOsed for. Should anv nartv
obtaining a oontraot offer shot or shell other thai.
those east lu his own foundry, they will be reject
ed, and the contract rendered null and void.
uidders will enclose wna meir Bias too wrinen
ack now ledjnn eats of their sureties, over their
own signatures.
a,acu party ootaining a contract wiu do ouugeu
to enter Into bonds, with approved sureties, for
Its faithful execution.
Upon tbe award being made, successful bidders
will bo notified, and furnished with forms of con
tract, and bonds.
The Department reserves the right to reject any
or all bids if not deemed satisfactory.
Proooaala will ha tdJ-Miadta "llrladler Gen
eral George D. Ramsay, Chief of Ordnance, Wash-
lagwa.i. u.i"mi cnuorsea "iToposaia loro-iocu
Columblad Snot." and " lTonoaali for 8-tneh Mor
tar Shell." GKO. D. RAMSAY,
myga-nt Brig Oen ,Cblofof Ordnance
O , ' M .. .
Hs removed his omoeto the North it t corner ol
y aua rauvmn sti eeis, opposite tte cut
antranuo of the Treasury IMUdlpA
WasMogtor) aty, b. C
ltt j t 'tUv 'M mil UtUtJ
tat- iFM-lf
Washington, d.
o t"a t I o ne r y .
Navt DxrABTHtrr, June 3. IW4
Separate sealed proposals will bo received attbe
office of the Secretary of tbe Navy until I ooloek
p. m. of TH UR1DAT, tbe SOth Instant, for furnish
leg all th stationery that may be required by the
Navy Department aod the several Bureaus, from
the latter date to July 1, 1 Si.
All tho articles furnished must be of the bait
ouaiitv. oeuvcrea without drier when ordered.
oa to tae aim action oi id dcu or ine omee lor
which they are required.
If It be required, each bidder for stationery nutt
iuibiiu wiiu ilia uiDniMii m iioidii oi nmen ariii
ele bid for.
Ko bid win bo sonsldered which does not fully
conform to tbe advert Item en r. and In wklsh each
and every article is cot bid for, and In which mora
than one price is named for any one article.
Bonds In sufficient amount, with two or more'
BDnrorcu sureties, ror ine lannrui execution or tna
contract, will be required of tbe person or persons
ontractiag. tne autnonzea names oi tne sure
ties that will be given, as also satisfactory testi
monials to fulfil the contract, most accompany tho
Md i otherwise tt will not be bob atdartxl.
Tha nn.Hmnl tn !!? fharirhttf
orucnog a grvairr or icbs qaaotity oi cacn ana
Trj uiif ooairacveu tor aa tne puouq service
may require.
Should anv article be required not enursaratcd
in the contract. It Is to be furnished at the lowest
maraet price, aocoraing it us quality.
The law of Si March, tMI, provides that "no bids
u a vidb; nominal or ncwupus prices snail DC COD
sldered." Thasubieloed schedule sneelfles. as nearlv as
can new be done, the amount, quality, and descrip
tion of each of tne article likely to bo required,
0 reams regulation paper, per sample, per
so reams regulation paper, per simple, en
graved beadier, per ream.
40 reams heavy, white laid, despatch eap, stop
ruled, per ream.
40 reams heavy, white laid, dispatch eap, atop
ruled, engraved beading, per ream.
w reams looisoap, wntte or time, ruieu, per
30 reams foolscap, white or blue, ruled, sa
cra ved headier, tier ream.
Tt reams extra supernae, blue or white, laid or
wore, letter paper, per ream.
73 reams extra super one, blue or white, laid or
wove, letter paper, engraved heading,
per rvatu,
HO reams best note osner. thick, tier ream.
30 reame best note paper, thick, eo graved head-
ISreams best note osper. medium. rrr ream.
10 reame best note paper, medium, engraved
beading, per ream,
SO reame copying er tissue psper, 31V by 34
10 reams Manilla paper, M by 18 Inches, nV, per
so reams best buff or white envelope paper,
rojai, jiii, per ream,
160 yards tracing cloth, per square yard.
ft rlls tracing paper, per-roit.
(0 sheets oil paper, per sheet.
J reams blotting paper, royal per ream.
10 quires patent blotiln boards, per quire.
160 sneets elenhant drawtnr naner. nrr iht.
TS sheets double elephant drawing paper, per
10 sheets antlnuarfandrawlnrnaiMP. nrahrt.
tO,000 best bun or white envelopes. Government
pattern, oinciai siie,prirura stamp, per
1. 000.
Wfino best buff or whlto envelopes. Government
pattern, official sirs, tngravti stamp, per
S,ooo best buff or white envelopes. Government
faurrii, uuiismp, prr i,viv.
bun or white envelopes, letter size,
buff or white envelopes, letter sire, en
y reved stamp, per l.ooo.
9,000 best white official envslofes, tngravtd stamp,
tow bv 6V lnehes. per 1.000.
10,000 best white othetal euvelopea, enyrstvJ stamp,
by 6 lnehes, par l,ouo.
10,000 beet white offlotal envelopes, tngrtved stsmp,
t by ft Inches, per l.ouo.
0.000 best white offlslal envelopes, mtjravrd stsmp,
Iftiy ha lllnahm nl.l fVnl
6,000 best creamisid envelopes, letter site, per
1,000 best eream-IaU envelopes, note alts, prr
1.000 best eavaloDCs. sard slis. uer 1 000.
1,000 patent cloth-lined enrclopoe, 8V by 4 Inches,
per l.ooo.
1,000 patent cloth-lined envelopes, 0 by 4 lnohes,
l.eoo patent eloth-llned envelopes xibjU Inches,
ver l.ooo.
30 gross steel pens, on cards or In boxes, (tho
Department to hate the liberty of select-
iDg irom au uio ojucrent ainus manu
factured,) per gross.
30 doien pen holders, of the veriaus kinds mso
13 doian ten holders, rutta nercha. nsr dnsen.
34 gold pens, large site, with silver extension
holdsrs, best manufacture, per pen.
40 quarts Maynard At Noyes's ink. In bottles,
jr qaar.
40 quarts best London copying lak, per quart.
34 ounce bottles Guyott 4 Co., superfine car
mine, per bottle.
1,000 quills, No. so, opaque or clarified, per l.ooo
300 swan quills, per i.ooo.
15 dozen red tape, assorted numbers, per doz.
13 doten silk taste or braid per doz.
A doien drawlnr thumb tacks, nor doz.
0 dozen penknives, Rogers's besr, buck or
pearl handles, 4 blades, per doz.
4 doit-u erasers, largo size, It ory handles, In
cnari, mrngcra w, per tiu
t dozvn pairs of sheais, best quality, 3 inch
blade, per doz.
1 dozen pairs of shears, best quality, o loch
blade, per doi.
1 dozen pairs of scissors, best quality, per doz.
eaozen giaia iokhboui, meiaiuo spring cov
ers, per doz,
8 dozen nine inch ltory folders, per du
SS dozen black lead pencils, Kabers best, as
sorted Nos , per doz.
10 dozen best drawing lead pencils, per doz.
10 dozen Faaer'a arttata' nenctla. nr Am.
13 dozen best Faber's red anl blue pencils, per
t dozen sable brushes, snorted per doz.
3 dozen camel hair brushes, sssoited, pr doz,
3 dozen letter dips, per dot.
3 dozen I'lcks best India Ink, per dot,
30 dozen rubber bands, assorted iltet, nr itn
SO pounds extra superfine scarlet sealing wax
per i o,
10 pounds best quality wafers, per pound
10 nounds cum arable Dulverized. rtar n.viert
I dezen prepared mucilage and brush, large.
per doz.
tdoscn prepared mucilage and brush, small.
per uu-
00 ounces office sponge, per ounce.
Odozeu glass or china sponge cups, per Ciisn.
10 pouada best hemp twine, per pound.
10 iounds best Unen twine, per pound.
6 quarts black sand, per quart.
6 dozen beat prepared or virgin India rubber,
per dozen.
IS four-quire blank books. Indexed, per quire.
13 three-quire blank books. Indexed, per quire.
0 dozen cap copying books, indexed, per quire.
fldoirn letter copying books, Indexed, per
quire. Je4-law4w
Selling Agents,
'J09 Church alloy,
n i n b t
13" This Bark, organized under the National
Cnkktg Law of tbo last Congress, la opened this
day for tbo transaction of business, tt the corner
oi riRoeatb tod F streets, opposite) Treasury De
partment, B. TA OOOSBs Frtaddsot,
alimtftl HeDnblicim
c, Saturday evening, junhu, isg4.
jitutrrAMTGcUKkAL's Orrier,
Washirotom, May 20, 1804.
General Orders, No. 303.
Tho following act and Joint resolution of Con
gress are published for the Information and guid
ance of all concerned:
I. Pcsuc.No.TJ.
Aa sot, to organize a Regiment of Veteran Volun
teer Engineers
b tt enacted tv ne SWate end How Rtprtttnta
t(vnBfth4 t7nitedSIfnffAmTktCongmiuem'
bUir That the Secretary of iWer be, and he ts here
qy authorized to enlist, out of any volunteer
forces In the Army of tbe Cumberland that hare
serted, or arc now serving, as pioneers, piotonlers,
or engineers, to serve wherever required, for
three years or during tho war, to consist of ten
companies, and to hav tbe same organization.
pay, and emoluments as are allowed to etgtneer
soldiers under tho provisions of the fourth seetloa
of an act entl'led " An act providing for the better
organization ef tbe mllltsry establishment,1 spa
proved August third, eighteen hund-ed and slxtyl
See. 3. And U tt further rnacitd. That the officers
of tho engineers authorized to be rslied under the
provisions of Ibe forr going section shall be ap
pointed anil commissioned by the President ol tbe
United States, on tbe recommendation of the com
mander of tha Army of the ( umberland, and shall
receive the same pay and allowances as engineer
officers of similar gradojn the legular Army,
Approvea nay so, isst ,
IL Public KasOLonoa No. 9
Joint resolution relative to the pay of Staff Off).
cers of the Lieutenant General.
B it resolved Or (A Strut t and Jieuii of aVsresena-
rtteteMs VnUtd Statet ef America in Omorerioh
smUeaT, That tbo staff officer s on tae aUff of the
Lieutenant General shall bo cnt'tled to reeslro the
same pay, emoluments, and allowances as staff
officers of the same grade on the staff of corps com
manders, the ssmeta take eflest from the day of
their appointment on the staff of the Lieutenant
Approved May 30, ISSL
By order of tbe Secrotary cf Wan
Jell Assistant Adjutant General.
Wan DcranTMEKT,
General Orders, No. 304.
The following resolution of Cosgrris Is pub
lished for the Information of aU concerned. All
officers In the United States service, from whom
icports of military operations are due, and who
hare not forwarded the same, are hereby required
to transmit them to the Adjutant General of the
Army, without delay i
A resolution to provide for the printing of offlslal
reports of the operations of the armies of tbe
Dotted States.
Stwtced by t Smete and Ifoxut of Rtfrtttnla
tlveioftht Vntted Statet ef America in Conjrtit at
tembled, That the Secretary of War be, and he is
hereby, dlreotcd to furnish the Superintendent of
PuMIo Printing with cojtts of all such correspon
dence, by telegraph or otherwise, reports of com
manding officers, and documents of every descrip
tion la relation to the existing rebellion, to be
found la tbe archives of his Department since the
first day of Lecember, eighteen hundred and sixty,
to the present time, and during the continuance of
said rebellion, which may be, In his opinion, pro
per to bo published with said correspondence, re
ports, and documents, which stall be arranged
In their proper chronological order.
See 3. And bt it further rttolved, That the Super
intendent of Public Printing shsll cause to be
printed and bound (la addition to tbe usual num
bet) ten thousand copies of such correspondence,
reports, and documents, In volumes of not ex
ceedlng(asnsar ss may be) eight hundred octaro
pages esch, which shall be distributed by the 8c
rectary ot the Senate, as follows, to wit i five hun
dred copies to the War Department! one complete
copy to each State library of every State lathe
Union, and five complete copies to public libraries
In each congressional dlttrlct of tbe United States,
to be designated by the Representatives of the
present Congress from such districts; and of the
remaining copies three thousand shall be for the
use of members of tie present Senate, and stx
thousand for the use of members of the present
House of Representatives.
Sec. S And be further rsts'iW, That It shall
also bs tbo duty of the Secretary of War to cause
a complete laCex of the matter contained In each
vo'umc to be prepared and Inserted therein.
Sec. 4. And le it further rtt Itei, That all reso
lutions adopted by either House of Congress, at
Its prssent session, diroctlog the printing of any
of the correspondence, reports, or documents, as
above contemplated, be, and the same are hereby,
Approved May it, 1641.
By order of the secretary of V an
. D. TOWN&kND,
Jell Assistant Adjutant General
War DeiVartmivNT, l
At jutant Gehchal's Urmt,
Wabiiihotos, Juae t.lWi.
aeotrat Orders, No. SOS.
To arold mis const ruction, Gsoeral Unlets, So.
U, of February 34, and Jto. 1M, or May IS, ISSI, are
hereby republished.
No. 7fl.
Tbe President directs that the sentences of aU
deserters who hero been condemned by eourt
mrtlal to death, and that have not been other
wise acted upon by him, be mitigated to Imprison
meat during the war at tbe Dry Tcrtugai, Florida,
where they will be sent, under suitable guards, by
orders from Army Commanders.
The oommaadisg generals who hare power to
act on proceedings of courta-oartlal In such oases
are authorlxed, In speslsl oases, to restore to duty
deserters under sentence, when In their Judgment
tbe service will bo thereby benefited.
Copies ol all orders Issued under the foregoing
Instructions will be Immediately forwarded to the
Adjutant General and to the Judge Advocate Gen
no. mo
General Orders, No. TS, War Department, Ad
jutant General's Offloe, February SO, 1814, oem-
utlng the capital sentenses oi iiessrters to Im
prisonment during tbe war at tho Dry Tortutjas,
Florida, are so amended as to direst the discharge
from the service of the United States, with for
feiture of pay and allowances du, of all psrsens
to whose cases the provisions of the Geoeral Or
ders app.y
By order of the Secretary or er t
Assistant Adjutant General.
Notb It Is not tbe Mention of the last order
to remit the penalty of Imprisonment at the Dry
Tortugas during tbe war, but to add tkereto dis
charge, with loss of psy and allowances due.
The oruer applies to soldiers eonvlotea only or
desertion, and does not relate to persons soavleted
of other crimes The Jsttcr class wilt be punished
according to their respective sentenses. jell
F I 0 I A h
Adjutant Ociiebal's Orricr,
Washikqto. June 4. 1944,
Captain J, M. Enter. 18th Uolted States Infantry.
heretofore published for falling to report at Cin
cinnati, Ohio, as ordered, Is hereby notified that
oe is exempt from dismissal from the servloe of
the United States, satlsfistorveaplaoatloahavlrc
boos SUB U his esse to this cflee.
JtMt Aulstut Adjutant General
TiueAsuntcii's weeklt STATEMENT, JUNE I, U04,
Shoving Ou amount to Mi tredtt, at (As UUt ef (Ae arvrrol !jf rtturm, at tpetifitd belou, tt (As
TWorury, oruf wiiA (As sewrot Auittant Trtatwrtrt and detignated depcaitorUt and I As
eVMOUnls for tohteK draft i had been iitudd orior to (As data otthU ttolrmnu hut mat il rrA
as paid, and (As 6oZani rmafnln?0fA
trunyrrt tv unujrotn wjwforK. erofTta oy iw occraary oj v a rrarury, out not yii rtporua
a paid r wedded f and aUo tit amounti to l$ credit now wnavaUaws, being (As amouftfs
depotUad in fA Mint and trancfut, ami the amountt wffAAWJ ey Auittant Trtaturtrt and
DepotttarUi in State now under iantrrtatonary eontrot, '
of last
la what place.
4 poiU In
May SI IrrMsuryofLheUoitedsiates,
Washington, D C
" II 'Assistant Tre4sorer,K. York,
t New York .
" St jAsilstant Treasurer, Boston,
SI ,Asslstant Treasurer, Phlia-1
aeipoia. reaoerirnnia.,,,.
u it Aifclst't Tteasurer, St. Louis,
t Missouri, i. .... ,
Assists Treasurer, San Fran
( slsso, Callforala
a7 Asslitant Treasurer, New Or
lssns, Louisiana..,
' si Asatstant Treasurer, Denver
aty 4i
" It Depositary Balrlmore Md.
si Depositary at Buffalo, N. T .
" ii Deios ttry at Clnelsoatl, o
" si neposltary at Louisville Ky,
it Depositary at Pittsburgh, pa.
i.iM.in n
.,.14 33
IHo ii
4.081 .
11.401 71
1,111 03
ii ,upoBiiary at coieago, m
ii Depositary at Detroit. Mleh.
April so (Depositary at Falls of St. .
i CM. lAtA l I
0.poIUrf .1 Omh Cltr,
rf.bluk. ,....
D.potlLr7MOijmpl,,WM!i- I
April 15 .DtyotUitj ,t urtgoa Cltr.
rt.ua.ittp. .t M.ut. r. I....
utpniiurr oi. r.ui'l,
8U. ..Hi
M.r i
U. 8, Depo.lurf
N.UonM B.oki,
do. do.,
AinouM on Dtpoilt in Vnittd Statu .Vbrj.
My . Tr.nmry TJaltM flt.tci, WkthtturtoQ ..
" .1. Anlil4ot Trcuurer, rMlclphl., renQijlT.ol. .,
" II. Aiilit.it Tr.urr, 81. Loud, Mmourl .
M.yll. Tl.MUrroMli. Unllfd ttl, U'uiUKton
" .1 A.ilit.Qt Ttciuurer. rbllKd.lphu, r.on.ylroU..
14 II AailiUnt Tr.Kiu.r, St. Loula, Mliannrl...
" 17. AaalaLQiTraA.ur.r, New Orl.ui., LouMana
11 .1. Dioaltarr .1 Dalttmor., Marrlftad
8uapDde4 Aceounta V 8. Dapoaltarra, l.w
Tranarara ordered from Alalataot Treaautar, N.w Tork, Near Yotk
Tranafera ordered fro t Ai.lat.ot Tr.aa irar, niaton. Maaaaebuaetta
Tr.oaiara ordered rrona Aaalataat Treaaurer, rblladetpbla. Feon.ilranU....,
Tranafera ordered from AaialUat Treaaurer, San rrinclaeo. Calllor&U . ....
Tranafera ordered Iron Depoaltarr at Loularllle. Kentucky
Tranafera ordered from Depoaitary at Cbleago, llllnol. H...,
TranBfeiaord'redtoTreaauryAf tbo United Stat.a, Waablnglnn
Tranafera oreered to AtalitaotTreaearer, P4eir York
Tranafera ordered to Aaalat.nt Treaaarer, Boaton, Maaaaebuaetta
Tranafera ordered to Aaatataat Treaaurer, rblladelpbla, rennaylrtnle
Tranafera .rdered to Aaalataot Treaaurer, St, Lnuia, Miaaourl
Tranafera ordered lo Aaalitant Treaaurer, San rranelaco, California
Tranafera erdered to New Orleana, Lonlaiana
Tranafera ordered to Depoiltary At Baltimore, Maryland
Tranalere oreered to DepoalUry at CtoelnuAtl, Oblo ,
Tranafera ordered to Uepoaltary at LonlaelDe, Kentucky
Tranafera ordered to Dapoaltary at Cbloaro, Ulloola
Tranafera ordered to Depoiltary at Dotrolt, Mlcblfan
Tranafera ordered to Santa Pe
Aaaay Offlc. ol th. United Statea, New York
Mini of tbe United Statea, rblladelpbla, rennaylraula.
Mint of tbe United Statea, San Franelaeo, California...,
Branch Mint of tbe United Statea, Center City
Tranafera to
Tranafera from.
Traoifrre to
lit Statee note tmJer IneurrteUonary Control.
Branah Mini of tb. United Statea, Charlotte, North
Branah Mint of the Uolted statea, Ditilonee-., Georila. .
Branch Mlat of tb. United Statea, N.w OiXeana Loulal-I
AieUUnt'Treeaurer! New dr'leauai Liulalana. i,
Aialatant Treaaurer, Cbarleaton, south Carolina
Depoiltary at Hlehmond, Virgin a
Denoiltary at Norfolk, Virginia
Depoattaryat WtlmtnitoB, North Carolina
Depoaltary at Savannah, (.corgi... ,,
Pepoiltary at Mobile, Alabama
Depoiltary at Naahrllle, Tennraiee
Depoiltary at Oalveaton, Tcxaa.... ,
Depoaltary at Llttl. Rock, Arkanaaa
Depoaltary at lallahaaa... Florida
Total In eoln ,
,11,877,611 31
To amount subject to draft
Add difference In transfers
Deduct overdraft
To credit Treasurer United .'tales...
To amount on deposit
AdJ difference Id traoners.,
To outstanding
Add amount overpaid.
Totsl balance to the credit of the Treasurer..
Total unavailable
Available balance.,
Drafts May 31, June 1.,
Receipts do do .,
Balanos, prr last statement..,
I certlfj the above to be a true statement
TaiAsoav DxrARTMiar, Junefl, ISM.
!!. C. WILSON ft. CO.,
Successors to
Manufacturers of
Cffla, ill Twenty-seconJ street, below Tenu. aro.
Orders may be left at office Mutual Insurance
Company, Seventh street and Louisiana avenue,
or addressed te Post Olflca Box 614. All work ex
ecuted promptly and on the most reasonable terms
and warranted. Repairs made promptly.
R. C. WILSON a. CO ,
Foot ef Tweuty-soeond Street west, Wash'o, D.C.,
Fvlt and Cement wholesale and retail.
Dealers supplied on tho most liberal terms.
Factory, foot of Twenty-second street n est.
Offloe, iei Twenty.erisd street, below Tcnn-
ey Irani a avenue, ial'7ti
NO. 1G9.
some dots tubjeet to draft t and oio (As amovnttlof.
Tot .aiouot . and psykblr.
on drpp.1t. ' bu. cot T.l
, l.,o,lli.
aubjtet to
,19,J0,M1 69
MI,W4 .9
t,17l ei
941.0 M
m.in u
j,eiB,rr n
,i,n.,iii so
731,8.1 7,
100,600 M
' .4I. U
n oi ,
lil.W. M '
4,4I4,1 87
401,414 01
1,411 IS
418,1)1 (
1tl H
11091 78
1811 U.M
1,118.131 01
3.S35 . M
1,111.3. IS
13I.M4 97
4M.RM 1.
1,001 .49 19 !
78,17. 10 '
11,430 11
4l,ll 88
M!,Ctt 07
30i,I24 73 ,
V3I 5 .
5,096 TJ
11,1.0 H
4..T23 M
.1,611 11
41 MM ,
11,15. II
u,7ii,n. i.
3,196 9)
K.9T7 ,1
9,0.8 91
4,180 11
I 1,1.1 IS
i. e
1.CM.1I0 01
iadt El
14,711 48
40 Ml 87
40,193 01
5..8T1 II
lino ii
11,814,01. 18
,III4,.U .1 ,38,708 til 11
. " 10 91
t,8J, 1141
i.in,i u
IS.IIt.Ml 73
1,4.4,4.1 .1
1,004 411 08
m.WI 87
190,11 07
10 7i
414,431 1.
489,000 00
1,100 00
,03,sis col
414 Ml TO
435,000 CO
1,100 CO
, 1,101,387 It I
.00,000 00
,11,000 00
31,990 01
180,307 1. ,
119,338 71
I10O1 II
II 199 M
,0 80
4,814 11
18 339 19
1811 94
08,301 39
819 88
,19 181 .1
37,900 01
SH,,9CT 4.
114,114 99
11.7IM 10
11,(91 19
9,1S9 01
1,1 .1 10
711 01
1,191 89
1,181 11
3.1 93
1,00. 79
11419 19
lit M
10 733
91SI 73
1 7.1 38
14 840 1
4,918 II
1,0". 11
4,111 10
717.8.0 03
69 (91 84
611,038 99
U,U1,1!0 R M,796,139 11 31 U8 Oil 11
SM.Ms.orj 71
11,373,1m 00
$17 8 7S9 71
.. 37,01 a,Q31 i
...eftl09.Sl (rf
.$u,on,iSo i?
.. 11,372,760 00
3S,7f6,lte 17
S,fl IU 16
I0,tfi,l(9 0
AI4 110,310 Hi 04t,Iie tJO 63
.gt0,.lft,l(3 (-9
1.73J.IU3 71
.ClISK.l&S el
.. 10 6 1 J, 23 1 Ot
il2.4iJ.W7 41
.i3I.U9.B76 51
. 13,4 ,m 43
10,913,r4 09
F. C. SPINNKR, Trsssurer of tbe United States
Wan DctATULfT. )
AD j ota rt Gcnca al's Orricr,
Washimotoh, D. C, June 9, ISO. )
Tha following-named officers, charged with of
fences, and heretofore published, are exempt from
being dismissed the sen ice of the t'nlted States,
tbe Military Commission Instituted by Special
Orders Mo. M, series of Itws, from War Depart
ment, having reported that satisfactory defence
has been made In their respective eases, Wi
Major St. dalr MulbolltnJ, Utfth Peoatylvacla
Assistant Surgeon J. k. Mason, United States
army E- D. TOWNSEND,
jtS-lt Assistant Adjutant General
the subscriber nam ouiaiuoj irom tae ur
' Court of Washlnston count v. in the Dla-
tnct of Columbia, letters of administration on tho
fersonai rstaieor aamun neeve, laieoi wasnung
ogton eounty aforesaid, deceased, AU psrsens
havlngelalnw against tbe said deeeassdare hereby
warned to eihibit the same, with the vouchers
thereof, to the snbsirlber,oaor before the Ith day
of January next) they mav otherwise by law bo
exelnded fro, all beoent of the said estate.
Given under my hand this tthdayof January, A.
U, 10O. VVJ9J AntIA litCtlfM
ntiA nr.c'',
311,390 00
1,04000 00
.1,010 00
800,000 00
3,000,000 00
, tMl,()oo
1,078.000 00
3,070 000 CO
830,000 00
, 3,183,000 01
6WI 000 00
90,000 00
.0 01 00
1,831000 CO
1,111,000 CO
1,431000 Cl
113 000 00
M,0W 00
gpatia. genttMicip.
or iDTiniiim
On. Klire, Uire. day. tUOO
One Kiamre, four dnra. 1J3
Oneo.ur.,OTcT.r8 ....,W0
One svintra, lit cUr. 'l.tt
Ktctt other &tj ulTerUwnenU, eo pv nt,
Once week klTortUomenU chvtl w an
for etch Insertion.
Biz line or leu eontutn. . squire.
AdTerUuments tbonU be) hended In br 11
o'cloek. m.
OI'MO ii L .'.
Dlamluala few th. W.ak Kmtmg Jon. 1,
M.. J. R. Dlnnln, 9lh New Tork MraJry, to
date May 30, 18oi, with lot. of .11 pay and
allowance., for, neglect of duty and dUobedl
ence of order., In connection with the lnipe
tlon of esrilrr horaet, wtcrebyloi. w. 6cc
loned to the Qulted, Bt.lci,
Burg. Joeleh DayJJr., .od Lieut. Albert E.
Klo(tiley, 29th Maine rolsntcer., to date Jnne
2, 13TU, for paulof; and malterlnj Into terrlc.
recruit Edward Brannan, who was minlfeetlj
Dent for military doty.
Burs. Joilah Carr and Lieut. L. C. Stout,
SOth llalno (Tcteran) Toluntecrs, to dale Jnno
t, IBM, for pantos and ramter'tng Into serrlce
recruit Ephralm Pooler, who w aaulfeatly
unfit for military duty.
Captain Colin I). Forgu.on, Atilttaut QaarJ
terma.ter United Btatea Army, l.t Lieutenant
10th United Sulra Infantry, to date Uay 89,
Captain WUlltm Stoddard, Aulttant Qaar
termatlcr United Stiles TOlnntecrs, to date
May 30, 1804,
Captain M. F. McDonald, lithPenn.ylranla
caralry, to date May 0, I8rt, for glylng dnpll
cite dl.cb.rgcs to an cnlLled man.
Flrat Lie. tenant Ilenrj 8. Col ton, 9th Naw
fork TOldntcen, to date Juno 3, 1841, or
druckennc on duty and conduct aak""-omr,j
an ofllcer and gentleman.
I.lcut.n.01 Writer Camp Iow, ro,Ba.
tocr., (Tcteran,) to dat. Jono , fgT
.ml Inefficiency ar;d aniformij M8d.
chnrgo Mi duiyontD(1 battle-Hold and In tie
L!.cutenint J. W. Lucat, 7th Michigan car
alry, to dato May 30, 1864, for conduct unbe
coming an officer and gentleman, In sending a
written order to a dealer In counterfeit United
Blatce currency, for ten dollars' worth of lueh
currency to be famlihed him, incloalng the
money then for and propo.lng topnrehue a
larger amount In the future.
Second Lieutenant Howard Wllllaon, 103d
IUlnol. TOluntcerl, to date May S3, 1884., for
Incompetency, neglect of duty, and for allow.
lntho picket guard under bit command to
Jearo their potta and enter thehon.eofa citi
zen, and there behave In a riotou. and dl.or.
dcrly manner.
Tho following ofllcer., to date Mayo, ijs,,
for the cau.ea mentioned, baring been pub
Uahed officially and failed to appear before tha
Drunirenntfi. and aoienee wffAouf fa...
Capt. Oliver 8. Johnson, 8th NcwJera.y
!J Lieut. Ernitni WhccIocV, 14th New York
Altimee vithout leave.
Aa.t. Burg. Frederick W. Simpson, Wd New
York volunteer..
l.t Lieut. B.muel Howell, 72d New York
Lieut. Ernest Kallmann, 43th New York
Ximuai!. cOfVfrmei.
Tho order, of dl.mla.al heretofore l.tued In
the following cases have been confirmed t
Captain John Q. Fay, 3d New Tork Tolnn-
teens, to dato Hay 24, 1904, for having tendered
bis resignation la tho faca of the enemy.
Captain San ford F. TlmmoDS, 43J Ohio vol
nntoeri, to date September 8, 1803, for tender
log his resignation on tho ground of disap
proval of the policy of tho Administration In
arming negroes.
Captain NU1 Fisher, Mth Illinois volunteers,
to dato May IB, 1803, acd Second Lieutenant
Robert A. Crlder, let West Tennessee volun
teers, to dato Hay 10, 1803, for tendering their
ri'Bltfnatlooi on the ground of disapproval of
the polkynf tho Administration tn arming no
Lieutenant James V. Dunnlogton, 13th West
Virginia volunteers, to date May 2 1604, for
disgracefully deserting his command at the
battle of New Market, Virginia, May 15, 160a.
Second Lieutenant Theodore Yager, 19th
Wisconsin volunteers, to dato May 24, 1WI,
fur scandalous and inhuman condnet toward a
woman, tho same leading to her death bjv
Tbe f entence of dismissal In the ease of Sec
ond Lieutenant A. Rueckert, 1st New Tork
artillery battalion, has been confirmed, to take
oiToct January 7, 1833.
The orders of dismissal heretofore leeuod lu
tLu fallowing eases have been revoked
Captain C. A. OotT, Captain W. A Knapp,
Captain E. 0. Wvntwortb, Lieutenant II. E.
Dlalicslcy, and Lieutenant W. II. Odel!,4th
Infantry, Corps d'Afrlque.
Major 8. N. Bradford, 7?tU Pennsylvania
olunteers, he having been previously honor
ably discharged.
Assistant Surgeon James Fulton, 143d Penn
sylvania volunteers, and ho has bceu honorably
discharged upon tender of resignation as of tbe
date of tho order of dismissal.
The ordor dishonorably discharging First
Lieutenant L. C. Kent, 32d regiment United
States colored troops, has been revoked, and
he has been honorably discharged, to dato
April 13, 1804.
Doatu or tub IUbkl Gcs. A. (1. Ja VITUS.
CnARLisTOi, Wist Vikoih ia, Juno 3, 1804.
1 he widow and thrte children of (Jen. Albert
Gallatin Jenkins, of tbe rebel army, arrived
hero yeatorday, paeslug our lluea under a fljg
of truce. A rebel chaplain waa allowed to ac
company tbeui hero. Gen. Jenkins was
wounded three Hint at tho fight with Gen.
Crook, at Clodide Mountain, near Dublin.
The wound causing his death waa la tho arm
near the shoulder; amputation was necessary
and was mado. lie waa removed to a piacti
near Dublin, where hla family Joined him, and
was doing well until one night the artery,
which had been tncantlouslr taken np. bevsu
to flow, and ere those tn attendance discovered
It, he bled so profusely that recuperation waa
Impossible, lio was thirty-Ovo years of age,
ana owned a splendid property In Virginia, on.
the Ohio, a few miles below tho Kanawha,
valuod at 1300,000. In view of the chancea of
Ita confiscation, a standing otTor la mado to the
Government for H, bv parties In Cincinnati, of
1300,000. Tho children of tho Oonaral, on
reaching this place, were wretchedly clad and
destitute of shoes and stockings.
Umtcd States Satttvioi Maoakikb. The
leading article of thla excellent monthly perl.
odleal for J quo la upon Lieut. Gen. Grant, ao
companled by floe portrait on steel. The
msgsclue Is fllled with first-rate material. For
sale by Hudson Taylor, 334 Pennsylvania av

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