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"i suiu. .or struts to siAVcay Axr
rxtsox who is rune sr tuk terms of
They Cll I'pait tla. Prt.ltl.nt-IIU Ad-dr.ss-lV.
ar. " In th. Uldit of tb. Xm.
tlon'j IIopa.rf
A company of Ohio troops, raised In the
Tenth Congressional District of that Bute, be
longing to one of tho regtmente now garrison
ing the defencea of Waeblngton, Toted Yester
dsy that they disliked gsrrlson duty, and would
like to see some Ugnllng.
Accordingly they were detached and ordered
to the front, and while n routs this morning,
they halted at the Eiecntlv. Mansion and pild
their respects to the President. Upon making
his appoarance In front of the Mansion, he was
enthusiastically cheered by the Ohio boys.
Gtll. Ashley Introduced him.
Tho President thanked the officers and men
for the call, and especially for their kind ex
pressions torards him. lie was proud to hear
of tho noble decision that they had mado to go
to the front. He thanked them for It. They
had taken this step, he said, not only in the
boor of the nation's trial, but, he waa glad to
add " in tfu.mUU o(A nation's hopti."
Tho Ohio bojs cheered the President again
most heartily, who responded by bowing. The
Prea'dent then retired and the troops took np
their line of march.
The Secretary of the Treasury returne.1 ftnm
Now York last cvonlng, and was at his poet of
tlaty again to-dsy.
A meeting of the National Union Committee
was held at Washington, on Friday, Jnne 10,
at iu o ciock a. m.
On motion of Mr. Ecntcr, of Ohio, It was
Rttolxxd, That the chairman appolut an ex
ecutive committee of Are, and that the head
quarters of the committee be in the city of New
On motion of .Senator Lane, of Kansas, It
Rtmlrtd, That the chairman of this commit'
leo bo a member and chairman of the exccntlve
Mr. E McPcPherson declining to accept the
ouice or secretary, it waa
Ritahnd, That Hon. N. D. Sperry, of Con-
nectlcnt, bo appointed In his place, and that he
be also a member and secretary of tho execu
tive committee.
On motion of Mr. Lane, of Kansas, It was
SkoIiiJ, Thst an advisory committee of Are
bo appointed by tho chairman, to hare Its head
quitters at Bt. Louis, for snch purposes and
with such powers as the executive committee
may deem It expedient to confer upon it.
Tho chairman appointed as the
Wm. M. Claflln, of Massachusetts,
ilireua L. Ward, of New Jersey.
0. V. Sentcr.of Ohio.
8. A. Purriance, of Pennsylvania.
John P. Claris, of New Hampshire.
Abviaonx coumma t
James H. Lane, of Kansas.
S. n. Boyd, of Missouri.
B.C. Cook, of Illinois.
D. 11. Stubbs, of Iowa.
Thomaa Simpson, of Minnesota.
On motion, It waa
Jtttolvtd, That the chairman of the committee
be also treasurer.
On motion of Gen. Lane, It was
Stiolve d, That the chairman be authorized
and requested to correspond with tho President
of the National League la regard to tho Presi
dential campaign.
Tho committee then adjourned.
Hkibt J. IUtkoid, Ctislrnian.
N. D. firuRT, Becretsry.
Tho Promenade C.aac.rl at ths Presi
dent'. (Jraunds
A delightful programme or music Kill be
performed on the Presldent'l grounds this af
ternoon, under tho direction of Professor Fran
cis Seals, band-master.
Hon. Hinki J. IUtkoicd left this city for
Wan. V..li Ikl. m .., kl. ---. .. ..
..en .via ..II. IHWIUlHg, U,1H SVmUKITU IUC Ur-
taalzattoaof the National Coa-mlttre, of which
ho Is chairman.
Key. Dr. Winslow, who nas accidentally
drowsed In the Potomac a ftwdsys sao, was lorm
rlv rsotor ol the Episcopal church at Annapolis,
Capt. C. II. Bbiohtlt, .th United States In
fantry, who was latsly wouaeed In battle In Vlr
glnla, died at German town, feonsy Ivaaia, on Wed
nessar. Gov. Btomi, of Iowa, Hev. Dr. Breckinridge,
and Parson Drownlow are at ths Natlooal.
Gbsut Bilixud Match The great billiard
lonrnament between Dudley Kavanagh and
William Goldtbwalte, for the championship
and flvo bundrod dollara a side, took place In
New York on Thursday evening. It com
menced at 8.10 o'clock, and ended a little after
1 o'clock a. m. Goldthwalto led throughout
np to Kavanagh'a last Inning, when the latter
made one hundred and fifty-six, and won by
seventy. ore points.
SiIUD fob EcBOrx. Among tho vasson-
ers who sailed from Boston on Wednesdsy for
trerpool In tho steamer Asia, were Mr. and
Mrs. Harrison, Miss Mary Harrison, and Miss
Berry, of Baltimore.
"Cocira Tnnxii" Is the title of an Interest
ing novelette, rnbllshed by Harper A Brothers
For sale at Franck Taylor's 'cokstore.
REV. IIIATFIfS VICnillY IT STU'TI. rlMCIllan,.pln, and may now try But
HI..'. llLllMiti I 111. Jul 11 1MU.1IU'. er'a plan too Ifhocboosfs, but will llnd It no
inpiure orraunonraml rrlsoners
Vim i .. .. t.rf ,"vuzl9
.,,"""' 'n lnf nM"
PmLaD.LMua.Jnn. II, m.-Th. TsroU's
iecr irom Biannton or the ctn says Hunter's
iiv.usj nai iuuh-, un-iuK iuw surmj, wun it
npidiy rclrctUoi toward tho UIuo ridge.
0.6 baltcry of six gun. was caplured, be -
.Idea otbtr raonon of hear; calibre
A million dollara' worth of .tores and many
prisoners wer. captured, and much railroad
property destroyed.
rTha correspondents of tho TrQunt atid Tlmri
repeat tho atory of tho capture of tho Water
Witch. They say It was complete surprlso.
not a gun being fired on either side.
Acting Volunteer Lt. Wm. B. Eaton, com-
standing U. S. steamer Admiral, reports to tho
Navy Department that he captured the notori
ous blockade runner Isabel on th. 23th of May.
8h. was attempting to enter th. port of Gal
veston, Texas. She has made upward of
twenty aucccssfnl trips between Havana and
Mobile and Galveston. The Isabel endeaTored
to rnn away from the Admiral, and did not sur
render until after receiving two broadsides at
short range. Commander Eaton says "every
shot hit," bnt ho does not state what damage
was done to the vcsiel. Tho flrlng with small
arms from tho deck of the Admiral drove the
men away from the wheel of tho Isabel. One
of her crew waa wounded and had bis left arm
amputated, and throo lingers of his right hsnd
taken off. Th. Isabel was one of tho three
steamers that rnn out of Galveston on the
Ight of th. SOlh of April last. The Isabel had
a cargo consisting of powder, arms, perens.
slon caps, hardware, and merchandise, aomo
portions ofwhlch was thrown overboard during
tnc cnase. The rrlio has been brought North,
Tier. Dr Itreeklitrldg. Ilaaored by 1111.
Tho gentlemen of tho Illinois delegation pre
sented to ItcT. Dr. Breckinridge, at their qnar
ters in Baltimore, an elegant and mas.lvo .11.
ver pitcher, bearing an appropriate Inscription,
as touowst
"Robert J. Breck'nrldge, D. D., of Ken
tucky, from the Illinois Delegation to the Union
National Convention, assembled at Baltimore.
Jnno 7, ISOt "
On the left side of the pitcher is this sen
tence "God and Liberty.'
in making thopresentstlon.on behalf of tho
delegation, their chairman, Hon. B. V. Cook,
Cn Earmrisinor- Most or in. merab'ra of
the Illinois delmtlQQ hva n.r.r hAj th. nL...
ur. or EKetlor you lo p.rion Irfore the
bllnsol this convention, wt wchsranotthelm
known yon We hae wltnnsed with reir rret
Interest treeouris you hit. taken In your awn
. .1.-) 'ui ..cnujr Buucrrace q iae ctnie or onr
common country, when tht eourie Involved sse
rtace, j1 sutrerloi, and the suDderlox of ne sr
ties. We have heard Tour nnhla nM...nw. in
support of the principles of freedom and rlihtout-
neis, made under clreumstanes of arrat difficulty
(If you will permit us to use the words) Into a
troox pfraonal atlectlen for you. And, as a token
of onr refpret and rirrd, wo deilro to present to
you this trithnonlil, hoptrr that It my servs to
rToi d you sometimes of thoeo who have ben
llad to meet yon, aod who will not cense to watch
vonrfutmc course wlttitbe deepest la erest n-d
ympathv. and with the carnrit wish that your
devoted labors for the truth aed the hebt msy
meet with abuad&nt success
atr-LT or dr. sn cixaitidr.
Ola CtlAlRMAf Ann CrtritM,. t ....I.
with ry (treat sensibility this token of -eurap-probtloo,
for you know how (treat a surprlie It
must te 1 1 mo that youcitould have thoucht of te-
nowuKPitiif, in . manner so Kind, a nulllcand
deltlra mirk of your kind ronitrutlon of ray
past conluet aod uy coerlahe I prlodnlrs. Next
to tha apornaslfof (.od iaj th.t ni i,. nwn
eonsciccee, that which eiery.faetous heart de
sires is the sfprorslof thoss who are worthy of
A11P rAIfl.1s-a Aav ,, ya,aa aia4 ka,1 it at.-- - -
t 111 world men wLo art roo.l tnfira f nesva.
it Hoe J loj ,ty to the Dition nnd uofllnchlnn coor
KO la the malnteaaRCflcf It extatccce na ltt
Uloir ourbt to tf, tLc pco'.a nf llllnoU.whoia you
reiruebt. hhxt pruvrtl IjV their (tti)s. thkt hv
re such mm To iy nothlnr; rf the luiror
lha a aliaa Af Irl. r.ls&s a.a..b. --.I sa i- -
sjv iim m. tuia bvxth Ul IUUI ITfmfU, la ! Ol rx
cccuihe wiu to idc mil ii n you WHO Hate COD-
ijetej md feortlay of iuch an ext.rea.iIon cf iour
I Co not I'roftn toliMf iloLe taore ilsKa Iwu
houDd trttlo I unnot rrfotoaaythAtwhatlbatt
JoDf u m. wotthf oihe notice It bni attracted, but
It la ometMQ-r, perhspi, which it will be road for
our cblldrea to rcmrmber, tbat a almpla citizen, Id
r. private atatioc. bai .tri ti!i. hi nm.iv t...
onal acta, tolafluenee, la any decree, thecauteof
miRi'iy rwtoiunoa iuocsoi HI TuoiC impotiani
a&d danajcruua theatre , auJ I oetd cot deny that
a the new and aiarrelog erlila which hi Ulleo
upoa Kentueky, and in the renewed elTorta dt
mandtd by the great .Unrera tt that crlali A
eountarroutlna la Kentucky woul 1 be ftttt to
her and a muue of terrltde Import to the cation
Thla token yu have riven me liarowedlymbdr,
and ti ao uodtrateod and acoDtrd by me, aa ilrnl
fjrlnc that tare of unlverasl liberty aod that equal
fen to lore and cherlth
lore or our florloucuntry, which you and I pro
fen to lore and cherlah Hlehlr I chri-lih it.
tt la not the flrat I hwe receired. In thla rery city
(Baltmorel It waa inr rood fortuna tn rciw
taatt twenty the yeara tijo, oa other fiom a race
and a eUti ileapleed tbeu aa youra u glorloui
now, which the coincidence. If not your ovn hljh
aad (eaeroua prlncJ jjlei, v, Ul excuae me for atatlor,
aa a nroof tbat whaTA ou arcrove Id m rni rn
far back In my life It waa my lot, aided by a ba&d
of noble men, noit of whom I have aurt.Trd, to
defeat and eruih a cooipirac of multitude! of tha
ivbwiucib ui junrjijjsQu, iin wnien i xaen re
aldrd.) to reduce loto a condition hardly tint la.
iruUhable from ilt cry, or to expt 1 from the Mate,
sjv sa avva auv IUIIIV banstsi VI J I van UlsaCaal Wfltt lalCU
Inhabited lt la token of mvetTorti for thlr
the free blacka of thla city, amountlof to many
luuiasiuu.i iuivitaatru u aiusil COairiiilHlODI
amonnit themielvei, and preacnted to me4 au ex
qulilte token nf at once their gratitude aod their
good tMte. You, my frlenda, will not con Wer
your moit beautiful jjlft deQled by deaoaodlDt;
along with that touehlrij memorial aa an heir-loom
In my family,
Mr. Chairman aod Kentlemec, we know not what
la to become of any mania thece timet of rebuke
and Borrow and change. We are betrayed oer
and often, ateu where we leaat emect lt. Ilr th
help of God, I will try tn Hi e and die In aucha way
tnat not one of you ah all ever blu.h when you re
member thla day Ee alow to believe of me any
thine elae than that which will accord with what
I aay to you now. Count upon me alwaya aa one
man who will it and by the country aa Ion a
there la any comtrv 10 atand by, and nho will
follow hlscomlctlonatothe gatea of death.
The Richmond Examiner aavs that General
Jones, commanding the confederate forces In
the Valley, waa defeated by Gen, Hunter on
Banday, near Mount Crawford, and tbat they
retreated on Waynesboro. The same paper
ijjh . ma. rumura were currem in iticn
mond of this disaster, including the ton of gum
and traint, but tbat the Secretary of War an
nounced that there was no truth in them that
all the pans and trains wero got off safely.
Gen. Jones was killed In the action.
The Examintr says that " the withdrawal of
Breckinridge was a sad mistake, end thst the
Yankees took adventure ol tho weaknf.. r
onr forces to overpower them.1
ltamori wero aieo run in Richmond that Lct.
Inirton has alto been captnrud. and tho Vlr.
tinla Military Ioslltnto burned, etc. Lexing
ton Is In Rockbridge county, about thirty fl.e
muea eouiowea. ui otauutuu.j
HEn.L naronTa amd tricuLiTioki mocT
Tho ExmiUur of the 7lh sas. It was ro
ported that Grant's army was falling Lack to
the White Hone-.
Fifty Yankee prisoners arrived from Lee's
army uu aioauay aiquu iuvuidccuuu ijieui. uq.iucuijt truwucu iu-unj. At noon lO-aay
O. Campbell, of the 6th New" York, wounded, the vote for the sword stood as follows. Han
First Lieut. B. B. Lathbury, of the 183d Penn- cock, 41b Mu.de, 2Z2t Grant, 115, McCltllan,
sylvanfa, also woundedj Lieut. . Matthews, i Sherman, lj Warren, 1.
of the 1st United Elates Cavalry, and Capt. D. '
Bartle, 167th New York 1 " New York Aaaoeutcd lUnu.,
TbeAVaiftlnerlnanartlcladlscnsslntr Grant's Nsw Youir. Jons 10. At m..in..H- .i.
policy and the probable coarse ho will pursue
J: ,
'Grant'a fortifications signified what was '
predicted retreat. Ho runs away from Lee's
front where is he going? Jf he canuot roach
the city by Gold Harbor, he cannot coma al all '
tbat side. Tho bettor opinion Is that ho will
now attempt tho south side, bnt how Is he to
reach UI Grant has tried his awn plan ha
betlet than tho others."
Loal ft smitr. ntimiti 'V 1
I , Th. a,Ir s.ys, IrTrefrreiiVtoirrldajij;
"ounded. Among tho number reportid to W
- ucar ui uen. uine, wonnuca severely In tho
thigh, shot by a shnrpshooteri Gen. Klrkland,
!SWSa?.'tdS'rn "" ""
From th. Richmond Examlher, Jan. I
vmiu. v o asiwus VKiyiuisll
This eailant GeoYFlan. U nW,tinn,l
' SfSftEtSgSiVSSggR
brigade, fell In tho engagement nenrC.ld Ilar-
liftera fronloitbecneMvUtiaaltlnn. a v
kea bnljet struck him In the left breast, abotit
.uo uipjjip. i'bbbcu. .nrougn tne near, and bnt
under the left arm. abattrrtntr it. tt -.,. t..
mounted at the time, haTlnff cnt ! horse to
.o rmr oecanse or nis restlyenesi. The iral
li?i S60"1 feU 'nd dIed Immediately. Ini
wvj nivciTca in me ciiyycaieruay morn
ing, and eneomned by Mr.'DcIvl, nnderlakcr,
preparatory to removal toOeoiathleinonilng.
From the niehmood Examiner, Juoa 4
The remains of Col. Lawrence M. Koltt. of
wvu.u ..iv,iu wuu uiaai in mi. cut irom a
wound received In th. bailie of Wedneadary,
wer. escorted to the Danville depot vcaterdav
arternoos, and departed m route tor th. State
of his nativity. A portion of the Pnbllc Gnsrd
and band, with th. Bonth Carolina ConRre
alonal delegation, accompanied th. remalna lo
ths depot as escort, tho letter oQclatlnf; aa
l.u vuarcTB.
cLtr.is but to ms lui i-iciicrTT or wxtdi.
The .mtiiep savsi " It Is anrtrMt.t th.t
ladle, b. appolntod lo perform' th. duties of
eicraa in an. post ouie.initientvjoTKl, theclcrvs
all being In th. Held. Tha peat offlc. In Motllo
Is enttrelj served by ladles."
" Economr In th. ns. of water la ndvlscd,"
In Richmond, "as the works are ont of renalr
and cannot bo worked to their fnll cstpaclty."
From Jnn. 1st to thecvcnlnj; of the Mb, 1,400
privates and 40 officers bad arrived In nlxfc.
mond aa prisoners from Gen. Lee's army.
Dlsnatchea from North fteonrln. 4tA .Tnn.
Cth, state that the Union army la etui making
toward Atlanta. Ilooker'a eorpa la fortifying
me uiii. unwocn Acawonn ana Atlanta.
Heavy ralna for two day. had made the roads
almost Impassable for artillery, and retraded
movemenla considerably.
8om. slight aklrmlshlng occurred near Lost
Monntaln on the Sth of Jnne. All was quiet
on th. moraine of the Cth. Later acconnts
ssy that the Union army had crossed the rail
road near Ackworlb, and that Hooker was
said to be flvo mile, cast or It on tho old At
lanta road. Qen. Johnston's headquarters
were east of Marietta, hla left at lnt Mnnn.
tain, Hardee commanding the right, Polk the
icu, ana uooa mo centre.
The Yankee cavalry dashed Into Big Bbanty
at 10 o'clock a. m., on the Cth, and wer. right
ing Wllllam'a brigade when tho reporter left,
a nLOCKAtis ncxiveR captured.
A dispatch from Mobile, JuneCth, says . The
steamer Darcgan was captured this a. m. hlle
attempting to rnn th. blockade. She had an
a.sorted cargo.
MorBaa'a Haw Ileltl Tbe ltcbIa UItu
Thirty Mllca orClnclntaaatl.
GixainiiTr. June 0. The rebels are now at
Falmouth, on tho Kentucky Central Railroad,
and at WUUeailown, on tho tarnplke. thirty
mllce from Cincinnati.
A large rebel force Is reported tw el vo miles
east of Lexington, and another approaching
from Richmond.
The rebels are also reported between Crab
Orchard and Stamford. They burned a large
warehouse and water station at Cynthlana yes
terday, and now tavo possession of Paris, Cyn-
llil... ilt..A.n .. Il'lllt .a '
uiou, UEV.ftVtAJnu, IUU uiiaiursiuwa.
Louisville. JnneO. Atont700 rebel nv
airy, supposed to be a part of John Morgan'
force, entered Paris, Kentucky, laU night.
Locisvitxv. Jnne 10. The ordnance train
from Frankfurt yesterday was attacked near
Bagdad by the rebels. Air. 8hanks, a Union
member of the Legislature was killed In the
encounter. The railroad men think the train
has returned safely to Fraukfbrt, as its engine
was rercreca lmmcaia.ejy upon tno attack and
the cars proceeded back towards Frankfort.
A company of soldiers, which proceeded up
the road last night to learn the oxtent of the
disaster, have not Tet returned, and no hnra
had no telegraphic communication with Frank
fort ainci) yesterday afternoon.
Tnn nrnL miDins ih Kentucky dei- atbd
CihCiwsxTi, June 10. Gen. Burbrldgc. who
has been following the rebels since they left
Pound Gap, came up with them yesterday at
Monnt Sterling and whipped them handsomely,
A portion of Morgan's command entered
Lexington at 2 o'clock this morning, and
burned the Kentucky Central railroad depot
and robbed a number of stores, and left at 10
o'eloek In the direction of Georgetown and
r reunion, vien. uumriage ta toiiowlng tnem
Later from Charlaaton.
.Saw Yobx, June 10. Tho steamer Arago
has arrived from Port Royal, which place fibe
left on the 7lh with three hundred passengers,
Including Gen. Gordon and staff.
The frigate New Ironsides had arrived at
Hilton Head.
When off Charleston Bar, on the evening of
iud uu, mo Arm;u, .unmet, iubi iue United
States steamer Qceen, with ordnance stores,
had arrived on the previous evening. On the
evoniDoi mebin, me euinvan'- island bat
tery tired two shells at the fleet of wooden c
tela, but the range v, as too great, and the shells
fell short. A blorkade-runnlog steamer at
tempted to como out on the night of the 6th,
but grounded, and was completely knocked to
jjicccb uj uur gaBt
Admiral Dahlgrcn arrived at Hilton Head on
the 7th.
The reported capture of the naval tug-boat
wviuuiuiut, njtii .UIIIJ luiurcu BUtUlCrS OH
Doara up me ei. jouu'8 river, .lorlda. Is co:
From Fort Alourot A Dcmonatrotlon rn
Fonx Mosrsoz. June 9. The Btcamer John
A. Warner, Capt. Cone, from Bermuda Hun
dred, has arrived. All was quiet at that place.
but there had been a mocmcnt In the direc
tion of Petersburg, and some firing was heard
id mat uirccuoD. .team. no. Known.
Nothing later received from Gcu. Grant.
Blockade of the MlaalaalppI,
iijtv YonK, June 10. The steamer George
aauiuKuu. iiuu. now vriviiB vu IQC .in. naa
arrived. She passed the Creole on the 4th and
the Evening Star on the Cth. for New Orleam.
The blockade of the Mississippi at Green
vine, Mississippi, is connrmea. . ne steamers
Henry Ames. Mississippi. Olive Branch, and
others were ling above Greenville waiting the
reanu oi tne engagement wmen naa Dctn going
on for two days between the batteries and eun.
boats. But little If any Impression nppesra to
obto ueen maae oh mo onvcriea.
Gaerrlllas are again committing outrages In
Ilvjottrtng At IfaahTllle over the Untoa
Nasuviulb, Jnne 10. The Announcement of
th- nomination made bv the Baltimore N ra
tional Convention was received herewith much
, t 0I oainiCB wero nrea ona Anartw
Bjuunfton maae an eloquent national speecn at
" m 10QU oiei( mia great nppiause.
The PhlUdalnhla Haultary Fair,
Piulidelpiii, June 10. The Sanitary Fair
Associated Banks to day, a resolution to deposit
t25,0O0,0O0 with the U. S. Bub-Treaanry, and re-
ceive In return six per cent, certificates was
lost forwent ofaunanlmousvote Sftyutlng In
favor and 11 against U. This will not prevent the
banks voting In the affirmative from deposit.
tog the money, and lt is probable that this will
bo done, while somo of the hanks who - "ted
negatively may yet sign (be agreement
Necond Edition
!K m. f
rolm o'of-ock.
When McClcllsn commanded tho Army of
4lli0 TotOmac. tha dallv BHnmnM rw ....
j -., ..r-r. wj ''ST, i
p't;o.!,noUa-.i"'A111nlrt1'nelllilnMif tl,o grand Army
i.ndrrt Doles' 1 f tho rotomac." TM try JW. cosrj. Quiet"
t U . to. h. fonnd Long u
now, I
ptforthosewhoslecpIndeathonthecold'THR AMY OF TIE MOiHC "DUET.
bosom of mother earth.
Activity prcvalla everywhere In the army.
Ti rottless, Indomitable, and Irrtpreaslblo
Oram as reiterated that 'her. la no rest for
the wicked." Jeff. Davis Co. tremble.
At tho moment of writing probably ono of
Hid grandest and perhaps most decisive move,
menu of the war 1. being enacted.
The lstest oSlclal reports from Gen. Orsnt
annonnce "Tnvraino 001x0 wnx."
We giro below a few extracts from some of
thfl leading papers In the country on tho aub-
joct or tne nomination of Lxkcoln and Jons.
sox. The New York Tvntt says.
"The great Union party has mado this re
nomination, not to vindicate or reward ihm.
ham Lincoln, bnt because his first term has at
tested bis thorough devotion to the cause, has
proved hla ability to ahape 1U policies wisely
and successfully, has Identified him completely
before rebeldom and before tho world Its
foremost exponent! and becanao all rhin nf
iricu ivr QQ-rica men, in m great national emer
gen c v. Of necessltr Inrnlrea m-rn er 1m. -t.t
Th-rA la nii I11rTlhnn ih.t -- ... .
a --- r ..-v..ivuka aw. IUKIC iUlU IHU
oiaics at mosi n lew Jersej and Kentnckj will
vuiuaeaiosi an. iicKei. unaer inls political
Sagcopperbeadlsm will be annihilated as utter
ly as rebellion Itself Is destined to be under Ibe
nag oi war."
Th. New York IVfoune savai
"This nomination la In unquestionable ac
cord with public sentiment and all Its manifes
tations. A great majority of the Unionists be
lieve end feel that Mr. Lincoln ought to be
recognized and deferred to as President In
every pert of our conutry. MiHic-ii, have
donbtlen felt that to set Mr. Lincoln aside, and
elect another President In his .toad, would be
planalbly accounted an admission that Ui. se
cessionists had some excuse for their troason.
We admit th. Tore, of thla consideration."
.. . . "T". will of agrestmojorltyoftho
Unionists hss been heard, and II aays, 'Let ns
bsre Abraham Lincoln aa our President for
another term.' We bow to their decision, and
ardently hope that tho result may vindicate
their sagacity and prove our apprehensions
The Albany Joining Journal sayst
"On the subject of the rcnomlnatlon of Mr.
Lincoln, there was practically bnt one sentl
inent. . The Convention simply re
jected th. sentiment of the country. Abra
ham Linooln onjojs a largoplaeo In the public
affection. Ills singleness of purpose, his self,
eacrmclng devotion to hla country, his patience,
hla earncatness, his sirenlty of temper that
nothing can disturb, Us hopefulness when
other, doubt, his confidence when others dca.
pair, his reliant trust upon God, his faith In
tho triumph of the right, his pure private lire
and his incorruptible Integrity, bar. singu
larly endeared him to th. hearts of the masses.
lie Is their choice and their candidate."
Speallcg of Mr. Johnson, the JonrnnJ says:
"Certainly the cholceof the Convention could
not havo fallen upon ono worthier of the honor,
Or Who would Civ. more f harartpr Jinrl t!rntt
to ILo odlce. Like Mr. Lincoln, ho is a self
made man. Starting from tho humblest ob
scurltyi commencing life as a tailor's appren
tice, and following the occupation of a me
chanic until ho ha J arrived at manhood living
In a Btnte where labor waa not respected he
overcome every obstacle, arose to be the por
ofthe proudest aristocrat In Tennessee, becsmo
Its Governor, and represented It In th. United
StatesScnate. .....
A braver man does not live. A slaveholder
for many jesre, he bates the Institution with
an Intensity which only those who havo suffer
ed from Its baneful effects can appreciate."
The Boston Tramcrlpt saysi
"Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson are
candidates possessing all the elements Insuring
popular support. They represent the cause of
social order and crood pomw,nt whii., .t it..
same tlmo they aro rledged to certain living i
upon a 'Baltimore platform1 that makei 'free. '
dom national and slavery sectional.' "
The Boston Journal says: '
" It Is merely the utteranco f the deliberate I
Judgment of the people that, on the whole, I
Abraham Lincoln Is the best man to bo his own
successor In the Presidential chair till this great
adopt w lao methods the moment ho Is convinced
nf thdr wisdom, and his unshaken tenacity In
clinging to them ever afterward, his deference
, u.tu.cu ,.. ul io pio, n con-
stancy. energy, and patriotic zeal throughout I
all the trying crises of his administration, have I
convlucod the country, soldiers aa well as cl- I
Guiana, aiiaa no as our Desi Btanaara-oearer till ""icvi., .uu tuirfciivu oauer wouuuou oiucers.
peace again settles upon every part of our ' A report was brought to the White House
"The nomination of Andrew Johnson, of'.''' '" TJ "' " ,"t J"! 2!!
Tennessee, for the Vic. Presidency I. . inoml-1 - P ' " 1 corps captured 4,000
nation eminently ' lit to be made.' When th. """''a nd tht lny we cn route for tho
tide of accession swept southward over nearly
ius aruoiD region uciow Atason ana uixon'a
line, he was almost the only first-class leading
men who waa 'faithful among the faithless
found.' And be hss continued his fidelity to
the present moment, through good report and
evil report, In the Senate or tb. United States,
aa Military Governor of Tennessee, among his
own people, at the North, everywhere. Neither
tolls nor dangers, the asaaulta of cnemtea or
the flatteries of the discontented, have ever
caused him to swerve a halr'a breadth from the
true Hue of patriotic devotion."
Terrible Death of Bkcdaddlsra.
Nine conscripts escaped from a car between
Springfield, Massachusetts, and Albany on
Wednesday night, fiv. by Jumping from tho
windows and the others by crawling through a
holo they had made In tb. floor. Seven of them
wero killed and the remainder will die, lt la
thought, from Injuries received in getting out
of the train while It was In rapid motion. The
bodiea were found lying along tho track for
several miles.
i.i r k.,..i. I,.. .. , ..
A lot of bounty Jumpers wero on board tho ,
train and famished the substitutes with lluuor,
One of them waa arreated for doing It, and when
the train arrived at Grcenbush an attempt was
made by his comradea to rescue him. The re
sult was that the guard .hot on. supposed to
bo of them named William Murray, of South
Drooklyn, In the thigh, so that he died In a
short time.
General Ay. rill.
On the 31 lu.tsnt Oen, Averlll wss reported,
at Harrisonburg, to be at or near Jackson river,
In the neighborhood of the terminus of the
Virginia Central Itallroad. The point indica
ted Is a little over fifty miles from Staunton.
S. '
A IIiNDSOUB DoxiTIOv. Mrs. John
Heard, one of the ladles at Wlllards' who have
been so actively engaged In distributing straw-
berrlca aad other luiurlee In our hospitals, re-,
colved this mornlog through Peter Harvey,
Esij., of Boiton, flvo hundred dollsrs, contrlb-
uted by tho ladles of that elty for this humane
. a,,, tk. . . a,. . .,
Bikxrcti Bill. The vote by which tho
bankropt bUlwu defeated In tho Howe. wu.
reconsidered and the consideration of tho pill
Tad'. V
j nPPIflT AT WATJ fllfl T PTTN
! U"1U1M' "AU OUi'l'Ll 111.
Sherman's Expedition Moving
Tho Robol Morgan Dofoatod
in Kontuoky.
Haiti of Grn. Kautz on Plersburjr.
Wan DirATMiT, I
WAiinitOTOif, June u, 3 p. m.
Mtjor Cmtrti Dlx, Stv Totkl
Official reports from th. headquarter, of th.
Army of th. Potomac down to S o'clock yester
day evening detail no movements of Import
ance. A dispatch from Ocn. Sherman, dated yes-
day, states that our cavalry aesterdsy (Thurs
day, Olb,) developed th. position of th. enemy
in a line along tn. hills from Kenesaw to Lost
Mountsln, and we aro now marching by th
roadB towards Kenesaw.
A despatch from Gen. Untlor, dated this
morning at one o'clock, rcporta "all qnlet
along onr Hues. Yesterday Gen. Kautz charged
th. enemy's works at "Petersburg, and carried
them, penetrating th. towni but, not being
supported by Gen. Glllmore, who had with
drawn his forces wlth.ut . conflict, Gen. Kautz
was obliged to wlthdiaw without further effect.
Gen. Kautz captured forty prisoners and one
piece of artillery, which ho brought away with
A dispatch from Gen. Canby, dated Vlcka
burg, June , states that"Gen. Emory rcporta
that an attempt by Tayl.r's fore, to cross th.
Atchafalaya had been frustrated, tho troops
that had crossed dispersed, and a large rjuan.
tltyof commissary stores and clothing cap
tured." Gen. BurbriJge, commanding In Kentucky,
in a dispatch dated yesterday, at Lexington,
reports that, "after concentrating a force at
tho mouth of Beaver Creek, on Big Sandy, I
moved against Morgan'a foroe In Virginia,
wcat aa far aa Gladcsvllle.
Morgan with 2,500 men moved Into Ken-
tucky via Whltcsbnrg. I pursued, and by
marching 90 miles In 21 hours, came upon him
at Mt. Sterling yesterday morning, and defeat
ed him. By stealing fresh horse, he reached
Lexington at 2 o'clock thla a. n.
"Our forcea held th. fort, and tho rebels did
bnt little damage. lie left her. at seven a. ro.
for Versailles. I start In pursuit with a fresh
for'co this evening."
No official report has yet been recelvod from
Gen. rinntcr. Edwix M. Stuiioh,
Secretary of War.
Arrival of l'our Hundred Hounded
More at the White Housr--Con.
.eylus nebels to Pfilnt Lookout
Reported Capture of Four Thou
sand Rfbels.
we TZT? """, "''''".""a ""
Wbl,te IIon" J"1"0 evening, arrived at
Sixth street wharf to-day, having on board
fo"r 1",narel wounded offlctra and soldiers.
MT "" TerJr M"r0 "" ""''J " h"loK
to "" "m"ed on stretchers. Nine hundred
rnore rebel prisoners bad arrived at tho White
House. The propeller Bpanldlng was engagod
tatai,ta the State of Malno loft.
About fifteen hundred of our wounded wero
at the Whlto House awaiting transportation to
Washington when tho steamer left,
. ... t
-""E ur , , "N L ' aU'l,
of luln WM MJor McLauBblln, 103d Pa. vol
Araonc our wounded broacbt no bv Ibe SLato
Whlto House ycaterday, when the Spauldlne
left. IC the report Ii true, lt Is etrango tbat
Gen. Grant hat not mentioned the fact In any
of hla dispatches.
Whilst the State of Maine waa loading, tho
cables which held her to the wharf gayo way,
and broko her forward gangway. Fortunately
no one was hurt.
INQ. Six Thouiand bounded Men mud -Eleven
flandreil llebel Prlaenere There.
TtlA BstaaaranaB nnnn.AtUiat a1ll. Ini. !.
Wh... Hon., yesterdsy morn,nK .t o'clock,
arrived at the sixth street wharf last night,
Bhe brought up six hundred and forty-are
wounded oalcers and aoldlers.
About eleven hundred rebel prisoners were at
the White Homo. They expressed much satis
faction at being taken prlsonere.
There wero about alx thousand of our wound
ed remaining at tho White House yesterday,
and aro being placed on steamers to bo con-
v . . ,?,,?,.
Among our wounded brought up on the Con
necticut are i MaJ. E. A. I. Drewster, 33d
Mass.) Capt. C. P. Doswoll, 83d N. Y. Lieut.
Barnum, A. I). C. to Col. Steadmanj Lieut.
Clark Smith, A. V. C. to Uen. Marllndalei Lieut.
Zimmerman, 81st N. Y. Llent. W. H. Knff, 3d
N. T. Lieut. J. R. Moreham, Jllh Vt. Capt.
G. Farr, 18th N. II. Lieut. W. II. Barclay, 7lh
N.Y.i Llent. Newbold, 188th r.. Capt. II. p.
Woodbury, Mil Mass.; Llent. 0. II. Baldwin,
401V Mass.i Lieut. W. . Darby, 10th Maas.i
Llent. L. X. Braham, 18alh Fa. Capt. 1'. I).
Blodgett, 10th Vt., and Capt. J. L. Cray, goth
N. Y., who died on the way up.
Among the rebel prisoners at the White
House were a number of Colonels, Majors,
Cnt.ln. and I.lAiilnn.nt.
luo steamer Monitor arrived last ulcht.
having on board about one bundrod wounded
The steamer Highland Lleht. with mall .nri
passengers, arrived this morning, having left
tho Whit. Houso yesterdsy at 13 o'clock,
Among tho passengers In the Highland
M17M wil Mm. Anntji1r,a,A-Mnn a... I
.-.- ' mv,.,.u.uu
wu" oar rm3' 'f Ihe last three ye.rs, admin-
utirintr m nur .iv ..i L, W. ....
j. ... (. .w Vw. .a.sa. BUl4TTIBB.ugkfk WUQ aiAa 1
boon ou nearly all the btUe-flelds( UUng care
of tho wounded while tho battle waa riW
n4 bu &mr rntWM ironnd fairidf.
rniiiT r-KiuiiT'ii oifKanin,
First l.ulan.
SiTVftiuT, June lllSSt.
Mr. Foster, from tho Committee on Claims,
reported a bill to amend lb. act granting pen
atouB,wIth amendments.
He staled that among others lt would cover
tho case of relief for the. widows and children
of tho colored soldiers rasssacred at Fort Pil
low. Mr. Truiutmll Introduced a hill In relation to
ttra Circuit Court, of tb. Unllaxl Btateet which
nas rcierrou to ma .mulctary uommiuco.
Mr. Harlan, from tho Committee on Public
Lands, reported favorably on tho bill granting
lands to th. Stat, of Wisconsin to build a mil
itary road to Las. enpenor.
Mr. Stevens, of Pennsylvania, reported from
the Commltleo of Wave and Means lli Rrmt.
bill, which waa passed, extending till the 1st
vi DviJMmucr tnoaima ior wimarawing good,
from public stores and bonded warehouse, for
nome consumption.
Tho House concurred In tho Senate amend
ments to tho bill urovldlnor home. In th. Tils.
trletof Colombia for friendless women and
Mr. Cox offtrcd a resolution that th. House,
tho Benato concurring, adlonrn Mint du nn
Thursday, the 23d Instant, at noon, and tho
revolution was passea.
13Y TEIrllAPH.
n.vr Yorli Sloek List.
Br the rop1's Telegrsph Lines,
Omces-.ll Ntoth sireet sod corner Feaniylvaala
avenue anl Slath street.
fl.Tn.n.v. Jnvr ai ai-i. nni.n.
tj. 9.IS81 Coupon s's ,
D. 9. a.90
- tlV
i-frtlfleates of Indht.ln.a.
Hew Tork Central. ..a
rrje ............;
Hudson Jllver...,.
Michigan Central
Mlehlean Southern..
Illinois central
Cleaelandand nttaburr,
Catena aad CMsaco...
Cleveland and Toledo... .... ..,, ,
Chleafoand nock laland ,
mttsburr;, Fort Wayne, aad Chicago..,
Fire la Boston.
Boston, Jane 10. Early thla morning a flro
uruao out an onnaings nos. id ana 17 Kowo'.
wharf, occupied by Messrs. Lewis, commission
merchants. Tho building was nearly destroyed,
with a largo aasortmcr.t of cotton, flour and
West India goods. The loas Is eetlmated at
190,000, which la mostly tnsnred.
Tbok tub SisDW.cn Isumds Ellsha II.
Allen, enroy extraordinary and minister pleni
potentiary of his Majesty Kamohameha, fourth
king of th. Hawaiian Islsnds, had an audience
with the President yesterday, presented hla
credentials and waa cordially welcomed to tho
diplomatic circles of-Waahlngton.
Knox ei. Dum. In tho House yesurday
tho resolution of tho Committee of Elections,
declsrlng that Francis P. Blair, Jr., is not, and
that Samuel Knox Is, entitled to a seat aa repre
sentative from the Sixth Congressional District
of Missouri, wss adopted by'a vote of yeas 70:
nays 52.
Not WotruMD. Gen. W. T. II. Brooks, lu
th. command of MaJ. Gen. (Baldy) Smith,
reported wounded, Aas nof Bern vovndf J, we aro
happy to bo ablo to state.
A FonniQN LOIN The Rerret.rr nf Ih
Treasury, on bis visit to this cltr. haa favorahlv
entertained certain offers for a loan from Eng
land. Holland, and Germany, and bo returns to
Washington with tho purposo of accepting
them. A'. Y. Timu.
A Complimentary Visit to Gov. Toil.
Tb Colon Llcht Guard ofthli cltr cnrtrl .
declre, tj note, to be permitted to call ooi Ki
Governor Toil, of Ohio, for the purpoio of pnylnf
their rup.cti. Tfce Governor, through Hon. Geo.
ii. MQier, .tuyor oi iiereund, replied ai follow.:
G. II. t'Utt, olnion Ught Guard, Wo4tg'cnt
I) CAR flit: I am rHiu.td hv I'v.rcn v. .,.,, t-i
ot Ohio, to replr to your oommutit cation, ot thli
date, aiklnr when it will ba convenient for him to
r-ce Ire a eU Irom tde mambere of your oompaDV.
Go.emor Tod diatrea ma to mtt th.t it uTn fU
convenient and highly aratlfyins to htm to ice
you at hit room, t vvillitda1, at J o'clock p.m.
tho 11th laitant. He alio rxprctaei the hope that
he may ham tie aturaellon of lecLoK each and
every one n( you
I am, rrry re ipcct fully, jourt,
G. B SLNTtlt.
AcoTdloRly the Guarda viilled the Governor at
Wlllonli' thla afternoon, and .rcbelor; entertained
at dinner ai we go to pre i
Tn eat he. Min Churl otto Thompion commencei
a abort epgif -n.ent at Grotet'ion Monday eveo
lus neat. She will appear in he original cbarae-
.-ro, i.Wi narfjaot, luinetiraata of that name,
the popularity1 of which the hmo frm.w-ti
il.ed. . We have every reaaon to belie a th.t .h-
wm oeweioomea i-y otr cltlieai with a meed of
cD.uu.iAim wmen la eonciuah o of the warm hold
wuiciiaoe naaever taken upon thedramatlo public.
Mlia Thompion'a naturalaera la acting la her
great charm, and In her pathetla paita ihe atandi,
according to our Judgment, uncqualed, and cer
tainly not excelled, rat hoi leema to be a part and
parcel of her niturci lt klcdlea In her countenanco,
melti from her eje, andexhalea from her whole
being. Her comedy la plrlted and Irreilitlble, and
characterized by a aound Ju 'gnien, whloh muit
bare reiulteJ from aeuto obaervatlou. Utr figure
la atately, her proicuoe commandlog,. and her face
adequate to the exprcailoo of e . cry paailon.
That Charlotte Thompion poiaeaiea a great
genlua for her profenlon there can be no queatlon.
That her geolui It eicecdlogly enatlle there can
be no dlipute. We only aik any one who U ikep
tleal ontheie poind towltneiaone of her per
formancei no matter what. She la alio In poa
atnlonof a correct and highly cultivated taiti
Her readlog lt aupcrb. Her voloe U rich, mellow.
uuui Ricat compiii, (( mere ie anyiniog Iaok
Z!yZ7o oY'Vltt'
It Is cspsbleof th. (local Inflections, and, when
''illy at the command of the posasssor, will hi
alscirie In lis edtcts
The pew,ll.r forte of Silas Thompson seams to
ba the portr7i of dninesllo feellaas aed im
pulaes. W. rejaro her as tha quesn of the do.
mestlo dtsma, and, when t,er pte,ti,, attratts th.
att.ntlonof the first drsm.tu authors, as It will
certainly do, she will acoompllsn wonders In thst
walk of art.
Isund IUll Fistivil. Th. regular fair
and leatlvsl will be closed next Tuesday eveunr
the Uth Instant On Wednesday evening a gra
promenade eonoi rt will talc, place, on which oeoa
slon the full bt nsa band will be present, ssalsted by
other noveltlee, to add to the Interest of the occa
sion. The lolural In the fe.tlval 1. .1111 lacreaalng.
If ws Judge from the large attendance present,
andthephj.lcalstrrgthof those engaged acould
allow It.fthe fair might be kept open some time
longer with aJvantsge.
Ih. contest between the mends of the Generals
still goes on spiritedly, Gen. Grant leading, Gen.
Herron nrxt, and other Generals following.
The contest for the lllbl. between frlenes of the
uliTcrent Sabbath Sahool superintendent. Is verr
Th. conteat for the silver service waxes warm.
SlCX IHD ODHDID Orjicins. Tho follow
ing officers reported at Dr. Antlscll's office last
.wiling kau ibu morning!
Cant Chss. H. r.lmsr, Bth N V. art.i Capt. J.
H. thapmso.fioth Alsas t Capt. E. J. Parksr, llth
ra. car Capt. una., p. lkiawcll, .id N. V I Lieut.
Olark Bmlta, 16flth N. Y Lieut. Semi. C. Darnutn.
.ta 0.nn .'.pt.' HmV p Woodbury, aJ Hui i
Lieut. J. it. NattJ.am, lit Ver. eav.i Cipt. A. Wall
ten eth ra. res i Ueut. A. F Clark, Slit Pa. cav.j
Uaut.Baml. U Horn, llth Conn.
The following were sent to An-apolli:
Lieut CharHi Wjehtinan, aim N. .. Ueut.
iSrif M' Biir Me 1 Capt. James M. Bell,
13tn Pa. fls1f t limit a-:- W I,'.-.. A KtA . tr..n
a.lla.kM.'. iS,i,r.i,.."I7',,u.'.;:'."
d u. s.colMro.i.Vusut76rD 6.it iwTh5!
Y . li.Ui. ait.;! e!ii!a2i 2..V ...rt ..' ...V ,,J?
VJ. I . . a aaaaiai) vriu vastaaai .4asjua ahsrvv.
Vi UeuVw
c?ilTatt&f,itt5"S,wl1 J'M W,J Frat
Tni Tucnm.'. IHTlitrra. This Institute,
avhlsh wss established seversl rr-ntbs aro fort e
brneflt ol the feaehers of th. publle sebonls or Ihe
elty, he'd Its sst mctlasj on yesterday arternnnn
The conductor, Z. Rlsbards, Fiq , delivered ah.
clnsiof Ircturf .which was replete with lotf resline
aceonafa relall'. to ths success of Ibe entcrp't'e
Th. perssntat.of altsodanceon th. partnf Hi.
trfcehtra wss about 80. Tbls wss redueed by the
crtntlnufd sbsensaaef Ov.or six ef th. teacher.
Tb. eondustor expressed his cratttud. to Ms Ul
low-teachers ror their klndaeas snd to tb. trustees
of th. puMIe schools for tbeu frequent attsnuancr
and so .pc ration.
A CoLOnjD Viruoo. A black prostlttite.
Damsd Emma Jan. R.ardnn. waa arr.it.il laat
.reolnr by ratrolman Weeilsn, or lbs Seventh
ward, on tb. chare, or drunkenness sod dlaordcrly
oaduat, on I. strut, between rour-and-a-half anil
.lath streets. Che has orteabeea arrssted, ard la
. terror ao aa. peace awe inhabitants or Ihe 1. land,
whom she orten disturbs by her bacchanalian
oriles. Sli. waa uken bfor. Justin nos-vell,
whoOa.d ber IHR, and ssnt ber totheworh
houso tn defsult of psyment.
A Pmsiciin r Tbocbuu This morning
Dr. ioh. Dear, or rrlae. Georra'a county, was ar.
rested by MrgL Cronln ol th. IMventh precinct,
upon th. charf. of iDinltlnc a lady, who ts tho
wlf. or . laaa named Wm. Ocekerty. The Doctor
waadrtvtathlstlxon th. Avenue and beckoned
ror th. lady who wss near. H. was taken beforr
Jostle. Gl&srsou, and stated thst ba did cot Insult
th. lady, whos. husband appeared aaalaat him.
nor any oth.r lady. Th. Doctor irav. Dsil for his
appearans. on Uondsy at 12 o'clock.
Pjlsjixo CoTOiniTaiT MoiiT, Abraham
Esuroan, a German lad, who Is a clerk in bis
brother's store, on Pennsylvania avenue, near
fan, nf the 7th precinct, upon the charge or at-scsptlna-
to pais a oouatcrrclt eote on a man
uiiuiiitihwh arreaiea ey paaroimsn Jlecol
named Jeseph Gapalla. II. was tsk.n before Ih.
Justice, andave ball In the sum or $V ror hi"
appearans. tats aft. moon. The note was on. or
th.lwo dollar denomination ehascedtoa nm.
andwasratharweUdon.. ' "
Bloraim nrKiL";ETiT Jsmcs C.
McGulr. sold, yesterdsy, six lots on event.rnth
street, bctweaa M and N sueats, to r. s. Wilson,
ror twslv. cats psr root. Lot at th. corner oi
aev.Qteeoth atr..a mri nhita. r.i.n.a .... .
Jacob H. frank, at fourteen cents p.r root. Lot
at L street north, nesr Tw.ntl.lh street, to Jamas
v.,tn,iniinuij-iTDaiia.Aaii cents pernoi
AFloETiKoWoMix Bridget McCarthy was
tested TeataMar. h. tlfltH ablnn.p Itnnn (h.
arreated yeiterday, br Officer aklnner upon the
eharie or aaaaultlns: Mary Mitchell, by bcatlar her
v'i ui Basaaaiiiiiac putt Miicncii, ov vmiut ner
With B. elUb. Ill WlrriU llABaT. I.l.n.l A- IS .(.-
between Four-and-a-hilf and Third, she wai tiken
before Jultle Bnaw-It. Whrt nnanharil an.. -.
quired her to give aeeurlty to keep the peace.
firCl! IW TBI! RrmrBT.TMt-ri1-v mTtmnnn
Tatrolman Tucker, of the Sixth Precinct, found a
boy named Edward J. Fallon, who waa iudtenly
taken lick at a houia on Seventh atreet A hack
waa immediately pro aired and the ehlld conveyed
to the home ofjti parente ,on a itreet.
The OarHAHt Coukt. Judge rurcell betiu;
very 111, Iherewaeno Orphani' Court th1inin
lng. It will bo held Monday next tt 11 a. in
.aa. i I-
Tns follow In jf Items are taken from the
Slat Jomntt ot the 10 th I patent t
SUi of VtlutbU Ktl Ltide.Qf refercoee to our
advertUtareoltimneUwill be aeen thsltwovl
uablepareeli of property are to be aold at pubii
auction on Wedneaday the S.d lnit. Tho prop
ertr on Dake itreet, ao long end favorahlr known
ai the "Hallowell Initltute,M li one of themoit
dealrable itree In the city, and a aplrlted conteil
forltipoeieailonwlll doubtlcii be entcrei luto
on the day of the eale. The other proprtr re
ferreJto la altuated on the nuthafloof Klnc
atreet,eaat of rayneand la one of the raoct do
Irablo builneu loeatione In the city
A Fwful Uap Robert Floyd, a member of tin
20th Man. vela , and eonllnedlathe Falrf-x itreet
prlion aa a duett cr, attempted to eioape laat ere
ntng . about hatf pait 7 o'clock, by Jucuptng from a
third itory wlndew on the north aide. He wai, ol
eourie, icrlouily. perhapa fatally, Injured by tin
fall, and wai taken up by the guard and eonvc ed
TO-UORHOW. at the uiual hour. In tho Union
League Uoomi at 491 Ninth atrcet. Seata ftec
Huudav. at 3 a'eloe-. Mr t. imirt.
ilT ipeak oa tha Capitol Ground (for the 14 a1
"mrj unurr ins innuence oi lioa, wnoie wayi are
ai much hlghrr than man'a aa the heaveui r
higher than earth. Subject. "TheSltui r the
Tlmea." All are Invited by God. Jcfl-St
C7-PreabTterlnn Herrlcee will be lie lit
e cry Sabbath untu further notice, In the ichool
noma it th onm-p nf Thlnl rr-st nn.i a
atrcet couth, (Capitol Hill, at 11 o'clock a. m , an-
pm. mio-evSat
T ntlllt Churrh m.e trri
Sabbath in the Old Trinity Church, on Fifth itrci t
between and Loulalan-i avenue, service nt 1
A. M.ind.U P. Sr. Hs-t. trm. nv T n ltn.L
lett, paator. janl&-Lf
tl Dedication HThiledlet Ion aerrl ea
of itvland Chapel M. B- Church, corner of Teat,
and uitteeta, Island, wlM take rUc SUNDAl
the llh Initant. Three eervlcei It o'clock a n
by the Rev. Mr. Bowman, D. D, Chaplain to ti.u
Senate or the United State i I o'clock p. m , by Re
W. X. D. Clemmj a o'eloek p, m., by the Rev John
Lauehan, D. D. The publlo are Invited to attend
ihe onenlnr lei-vle- nf ihi. hn.i-m. -hur-r. .
fice. jftMt
itJ-The Ladlea of the Iilaml Ilatl Pair
Will WAlt On euitomfri Wtahln- tn niir-h.. i
private aale on MONDAY AFTERNuON, altera
o'clock. They offer a floe aiiortmentof Ladtca
and CliUJrcn1 Clothing, Gentlemen'! SMppcri,
Smoking Capa. &e The voting on the Silver lea
Set will clou thli Saturday) evenlrr. at I0
o'clock. JrlMi
B3l'Ixcelilor Union cim."-Ttatin-
tioh Meetimo The next neeilnicor this cmli
will be held at the Union League noomi, 43t Nmtl)
treet, at 8 p. m. on IMONUAV, Ihe Uth Initan
neiOlutlODB Will belntroducad rnrlnriin th nnm
natlom of Abraham Uncoln and Andrew Johoiu i,
for President and Vice President,
tBcmal membera of Cearreii from New o k
hare consented to te preientand address the r
lnr. A full attendanoe la rrqueited
The Exccuth e Committee meets at 7 p. m
S SEYNOUB. President
Ceo. P. KbLEiTQH, gecretary Jett-J
ltrMeetlnar of the Union Icagu-a A
Gand rally of the officers and members nf all tho
lunelle will be held at Union Hall (upper it or.
or Union League Butldlae;), No. 431 Moth trei f,
on MONDAY KVtNlNU. Jnne is, 10 mako ar
raorements for a general RatltUatlon Meeln$ tn
be held on Wednesday erenlng next. A full r
punctual repreaentatton from all the Council! i
the plitrletlsrequeited, ler order of
J. 8. IIHtWN.
Jell-31 Committee of Arrangement!
"Kxcelelor Union Club '' Till. CluW l.
composed nt Union cltltens of New York, rciidlng
temporarily In Washington, Itrgolar meetings
are held at 8 o'clock on MOND Y KVENINOol
each week, In tbeJTolon League Kootni, tst Nintii
street, betweeo D and K.
Every loyal New Yorker Is Invited to Join the
Club, and aid Lu the election or Lincoln and John
ion. SILAS SCYMOUIL Prcildent
UEoroe o. Eo Linos Secretary. JelMf
tT-The Kext Itei?ul-p He-tin it nr ihn
Board of Truiteesor the Publle BehntVli will l
held on TUE8DAY NEX l the Uth Icctaat, at IH
o'clock p, m.
jcifaii n i, uunsLLL-, secretary.
n-ircailral ud Pair at 111 a nil 1 1 nil -
The Ladles of the Seventh street Presbyterlm
Phii.ah ulll tinl th.laa P..II-.I .. k a.A ir.tt
vim vs an iu saua tutu fv.aivnin sua aauaii ao i.rtii,
commencing MONDAY, MAY 30. The best Html
of Musle la this city has teen eogiged for the oc
casion. The Piano Is kindly furntihed by Mr
John.. Ellis. AdmlsiUalS cents Season tick
ets, one rerun, 55 ceuti. Fa-plly tlokot s'ni
i.w. mf.w
. a-Ha(flentlon Meetlnfr -A ma.se meet
teg to .tify the nomination! oi Abi dhara Lic lt
, . ul "' lu"' Auuivri iiuuuiuu t'ti litis iiiut'
u"jjltcd Btatea.wlll ba held on the lout'
NINO, June 1ST isei, under the auirices cf ti.
Union League of A-trjCai
Able IDOakeri Will M.-a. tnanHn anal -n
proprlate proceeding! b, nld, An are ftV te l -attend.
Hon. J.M. Tulmuudi. Hon. J. u .v......
Hon. Green Adams, W. It. Iri-' "
W. O Stoddard, Lewis CJepi!---
licv. Bvron bunderland. Hon. D. P. Hui,;(u.
J. s. Brown, George W. Kellogc,
Hon. Joseph H. Barrett, Hon. c;eo. w. Ncl.lcKv.
Hon. A. W. lUidall. Hon. Wm P IVle
Hon. Wm. A. took, Hon Edw. A Rollini,
Hon. A. U. lUchards. jell-td
Om People's Telea;rpli.e w Vitut elm
Linn, direct to NEW YOIIK, BOSTON, nt.d all
Important points. Washington Offlcia Ksi
LIUAN BUiLUiNG.sil Ninth street, i
and corner Pennsylvania avenue and Sii
under National Hotel.
febie-tf lUanager Washingtou C it J
Ft" Dlaea-0- of tlia Ntnroui. Hen. In y
Urlnarv and Sxu&l Svitema new ami n
treatment In Reporta of the Ho WAH1J as
TION-Se&t by mall In sealed Utter emu
free of charge. Addren.Dr.J. aKIl.LI.W HI ;
atieet, Philadelphia, ra. aiH-

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