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gtafoaaf f (pRMfomu
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turn baih haviomak mtfVBUOAa
W. J. .Menu's as Co, and), smltled
lo our otneriber (bj carrrnt) kt 70 eanta per
Mill Mbicrrbor., J.D0 par anmm j1 H.0O
Ur sir, ninlna, ana tl.j few tins) ""n1hfi
rit)ly IK tiitim
Inglti copies, wnu.
Citi-vr Qt A.rraaMrraa,a Or rica, J
.WAtmMTMOixnT.Dfmbra,tra,, 1
.4al4iposU4ariov.tdby th UAdrig4
Viuw'fn the l7nttA4,;ttMve ttunfauttr'
UpAttofcit, t tx aching?.., o. pjuitiwor. Md,.
AlWlrlJsuJ y.tfl Muftuo. ., ot ikr1 tf
tiepUwiUa Hay.Cnru, Oat, aad Straw,,
Oida wiujb rcs.tfor th delivery f S,oo
juXIbh must ut at! which, orihi sv-aaad
(aiiiVttVJ tfr to,ok,dUfiarte,aa4 th
rUiUfftiVlfctyinil utM dUitW.uia.L
red, ih Umi wham said aeAvr.M aiall b orri.
tif mafbwrttUs out In. word on th
"tVBM t-vnjfapluiruod stout aka,f about
two trassela sh. data In Ilk aaeke. of ataoat
tlM h-flt tM, Th mil lo b Ulh4
Huha ttjilra ,, lo lb, t Govern maot, Ths
lW..v?g aw aw to b ecure.v baled.
uw A(uuiKr him or aeempuoa oi uaca, oin,
Kay, o straw, irrtpoM4 to b dUvr4 mutt b
ctatad la the proposal.
Ail lh artUlaa offered uuUr tbt bid harel In
vited, will b eubjet to a rigid lajpacUun r tfc4
Ooreruta-ant Ins.xtator before btag accepted.
Contract will Im awarded from Ham to Urn to
tbt li.we.-t rMpo&itblA alddr,aa tbt t&Wrtat ol
tbt OctVAfamot mat reqalrt, aad paymeat will bt
mad whaa th whole amount ofuratd far, ah all
bar .hewn delivered and accepted, ,
Tfictdddarw.il b required to eieomfti&y bit
proposal will, a giuraatr, aimed by two ratpoiuv
&Up)rMu, that taaa his old u apBd ht or
they will, within tn days thereafter, tsttnto tbt
otitrAtlar thA aAfflA.Vlth rood ifld utBlftnt
ureutt In a, mm ao.ua! to tbt Amount of tno ton
hm w aiuiinm wtAKt propowq m tgnionoiiT
with tbt ternu of tbii AilTrtlitmAati tad JLa uti
tin tld bidder tbtil fill to t attr Into tbt AonlrMt,
tbty to mtka rood tbt different bttwn tbt offtr
of a1i1 biddtr and tbt Dtxt lowMt rttnonilbU bid
Uer, or tbt pnonj to wbom tb tonlrtat my bt
AWAtdAd, , .
Tbt rtflpontlbUltr of tat rturaaton mail bo
bown by tbt offloltl ertl3Att of a UnltAd 8Ult
Diiuitt Attoraty Colltitor of CutomA, or any
otbf i offiov under tbt DAltod SUtat Oot traatnt,
or f eipontlblt parson known to tbii oOta.
All blddtn will btdaly ootlOed dX tht AAttptAnat
at rtjcotlon of tbttr propoiAli,
Tbt fall namt And P. O. Addrtti of amb Uddar
nt t leKlblr wpttan la tbtpropotAl.
TTQpmuk must bt Addreuad to BrtfAdlAr OanarAl
O. HBntkatiCblef DrpotUnArttrmAitr. Wub
ilofto, P a, And oald bt pUlnly mrkd M rro
piKiJi lur FtorAA)i H
Dooda, in a lum kuiI Id tbt Amount of tbt ton
traft, alined br tbt contractor and botb of bla
rfUbtAnture, wlU b required of tbt auoeeufal bld
wt tt bl Idem upon tlfnlnf tbt oontTAtt.
f ank lornituf Mda.ruArAntAoa.Andbonu, may
! i btaf oe-1 upon AplUatlon At tnli oIBaa.
iTwu. uiunty, and StAttl
I. In aADariber, do baraby propoa to fnrniah
nodaUvtrto tba Unltad ItAtat, nttltt Qurttr
oiAattra lJfurlmtnt At AaratAbly to
tbaurmauf yanr a4rartlamtnttUTlnnf propo
au tor forAjc. onttd Waahlnrton Dapot, t
4tiADer ! iiiu. ina louowinc tnuiw, tui
buibtla of Corn, In AMka, At per buanal
- bu.beu of Oata, la aaaka, at par both!
of 3 pound
- ton of bAlrt JTay, at par ton of S,ooo
" poubdf.
"t)ni of baled traw, at -per too of t,000
Dvhfr-trv tii MnimatiM on or bafara tba --
day of ( IP , auj to bt tomplttod on or b
lorttn -dyuf- ,181 1 and pledf a myielf
toanteriutn . wrlttea aontravt with tba Dnltad
siinf, a un toon auu Apprortu iwunqnt wiuun
tbt- ji ti of Jen daya Afitr btlDi ottlfled tbtt my
f.tn AjMnlar1
HairKtRfjrraQtt. " ""
r GcnerAl IX HKtrcxu,
Jblcf Depot (inArttrmaaUr,
Wnblnftoo, D r
e Via utoralrAU, realdanta ol i
ti. i. iuji of .i --.-. anrt StataofMn -
Ltrtby, lolntlyaod aerArally. coranant with tht
United, $tft and ruarantaa In taia the foreg oinir
t44 of - be ttydt thAt b or tbty will
within tta dara afttr ffba aaopUnao of tbt aald
bid. txeeutotht oontraatfor tut aamowlth rood
and aumclant aaraUea, Into aum equal to tba
amount of tbt aootraet, to furnlib the forare pro
Soaad in oonfo tally to tba tarm of AdrtrUMmtnl
atod December 8, 18, under whlah the bid waa
mad, And, In eae tht aald aball fall to
mtrr into a eontrMt at aioreatitl wt ruArantee to
aikc food tht duTareoee between the offer by the
WW uu am uiMiawMiiwWBtnm oMUTt
rMtt" vtQy v (Whom b eoatraat may be
mN. I.
W1W -, Uitaa ouOat our hAnda ao4 laali
l ij day VI ISA
1LT aarttfythatj to tba beet of myknowl
dgaAAtiKiicL'Uie ADOTe-namaa iwuwii Are
ood And aufBeltat aa luretle for the amount for
uMeb the itfTar to bA ateurltr.
To be eertlneJ by tba United fltatea Dlilrltt At
turney, COlleetor of Cuatoaa, or any other omaar
uuXer ua United PUtet Government, or rtaponii
Dit pKfa inovD wi nn emu.
! Arit' Uen and QnuUmuW.
UVAATXAMAITEA'a 0l, U. 8, H. 0
miniaiTOPi pist to. iomi
beAlAt propoaala will be reaelred atthla
uotU WKDNhSDAYtthatadday of June, 14. at
vo'oloek.u. m. forauppIylDrwoodAndeoaltolhe
Co I ted Atta KatUm at waa&Laijon euy. v. t;
ui-j tU u of Jmy. 1641, to the loth of June. lias.
Toe wood to be cwoii mereuanuwe oak. ana x
te tielU ered. plleat mamred aod lntpeted At auih
folate within the walla of tba UarloeBarrteka aa
odorr, ttf of expenae to tht Unlled Itatti.
Tbe U1 u be beat Whit Aab, Anthraalt Erf
Coal, free from dint, aod to well hS.W pounda to
th inn. tn h tffcirhful. IcidiuUJ and delivered at
kucb point wlthm tbt wall of the Maxln Mt
rcka aa may be dealcnaUd br tba Commanding
MrioePilloerfreeofxpDie to tbe Unlled Itateei
sad both wood and coal to be furnlabad at tush
uaietAod la eucbquaatltleaaa tba aald Commend
lar Marine OOioer may rtqnlre.
dayman ta will be made upon tbe quarterly reoul
lUona itt the eommandiDK ofllaar, autiof the
quantltle reulf ed for the mt of bla eommand
Arretftbly to regulatlona
A (Uftrantee to be Uned by two reaponalblt per
whoa reeponitniity mutt be certified by the
Uoltfti atate DUtrlat JuJce, United atatea Die
trUt Attorney; or Ualied Btalsa Collector, murt
aeeompaoy h f ropeiAl,, oVharwlae It will not be
To bt tAdoraed uPropoaala for Fuel," auJ J
.1 ret ted to tba underlined.
mylt-lAwiw Major and UuarUrmaater.
OnDNANCB "oiJibir
Warn DnrATMT,
WAaHiaoTon. June 1. Ittfi, 1
tald Propoiala will be recelTedat UUoffla
uulil FHIDA) , tbt 17th of J lint, At 4 o'clock p. m ,
for the delivery, at the tw York aiaaoy,J1o.i
Worth titmi, New fork, ef loo,wo CURAT
Thm Currv !amha Ara to be made In llrltt COA-
.lormltv with tba aaupUM, wbleh can beaeenat
tbii otne. or at the N Vork aieAey,exaeptthat
in BADuiee are io u vi Dirvo, , ww nu
ciple Tbe era to be aatject t toaptlont
the factory wbere made before belnf reeetred by
th Goverameot, None are to be received or paid
lur but auch aa ate Approved on lnapectio.
ueltverlea muit be made at tba rata of not Uaa
ikbii a ooo ner week or l.ooo nerdar. eommeaclac
on the lfh day of July, ISM Tbty art tobedellv-
ereq in pour oi auu wbou.
viinr to deliver at a aueelQed time will aab eet
the contractor to a forfeiture of tbe queatltydu
Ttbt time. No blda will be considered from par-
Uej other man reruiar maauiMiureri oi ue am
rfrf-i and auch art known to tbla Department to
iiafu2)yoi)patnltopeutln their own ehope
to wotk uropoied.
wlvr will enclose wltk theU blda tbt written
' iSib lUMtty obUlnlm lostilll wilt tl r)Ull
Is ulu Into bonJi. wit. prerl llutt1M,for
it. bltMul .million ,, .
wUl tw notilftl, ud rur.likM IU (Ofu r
UMt.oJba.d. , . tl . , .
Tb. Dtputuctt k rtckt t nilMl ur
... .11 lMa H nnl dAAmud Cktllfft.larr.
Jyopoil4 will b. vUrmed to " SilndUr 0ne-
Irli.JUr (its.r.l, ChUf ol Otd.u-
I ,(Tbr. ib.ll do .rll b.f.11 tb..i uttbli
ftll .or tLrua ai. nlcb thr dwelling " fil AU
oerl.lo MineJf U lotrMlloi .11 liief ululHM
Sutiwlw.' Th..l i Pi"' " k "
rim rj.pkia i i. n ii -'"r "-r-'
.ooalfb. tiuiiHHijjn 'iSZXZr
I. - - '. L
. Nivr.
Matt birATMtMT,
Dvaaao orEavirMicirr ai tUoitfrrtio,
fctfvl PrAnola tar tnttiKtWnm Jlnlhrbvalloi fil
tor the Navy, to be del I vet eidurlottbe flical year
radiocaotb JuneUW, will bo reeeived at tbla
snraau unui it a. m tain June. ini
TbcaartarMMAlA uuiltM anJATAaJ MPronoaAla
for AnthrMlt Coal tor SttAmera," thAt they may
be latlBfulibd from other bualneea jettera.
Th oflae auil bafer thadallvervol 100.000 torn.
pf 1,940 pounda.
i ! aoai nyn u ui uia oea. jiuck eiouaiam or
BUek tleth, or of a kind equal to them In all re
tpecti, for th purpoo Intended, whleh equAllty
wiUb dtermlned by a Board Appointed, by lb
erttryof tht Navy Hr the rptton of tht
Thtnamtuf lbeoal broboaedto bt furnlabad
must b stated In tht offer.
it ia w u oeuverea in lumoa oi auiutu sua lor
&ral at earner- lean, of uauorm quality aelaet
4 frtt from Impurltlw. unmixed of which th
contractor will b required to furolah tueh vl
dent a will bt aatisUetory, and be eubjeat to
mum uupeHHi aa te uyeiuy a ooaaiiif a iat
DepAtiment may dirMt, Th coal must in aUe
tpecta baatlsfatry totba Inspector or loiptet
bra, to be aopolnted by th BUrtAU, who will bav
lb rlfht of prmptory rejeetloa.
Theol fa to bdeuvareden beard reset la, at
auch placlB th port of FhlladelpblAAamaybe
dalfnated by the sureaUf And In auch quantltle
and At auch timet aa, In th opinion of t b Bureau,
th xlf aaelea of tbe aerrlc may require) eom
tatnclnf wben thtTcssel la reported ready to r
atlvt cargo; fumlablpg, 1 1 demanded, not leaa than
1,000 tone pr day. to bis distributed t each vessel,
aa may b dlrtetcd, uqUI tb loading la completed.
. Proposals will likewise, be received fortbd
livery of 10,000 tons of the aam quality of coal, to
b delivered In th. pott ot New lork.on board
vessels, aa at FbUedelphiA
la th cm olUUuj to deliver tbt coal In pro
tr qaanllty, ot tht proper quality, and At the pro-
r iubi iuui uj. um uoriiu wiu reserve m oe
contrast the rlfht to Dusehaea forthwith, at the
contractor's risk and expense, that which may
seen necrosary losuppir aeueawency,
Aoy demurrage, or ether eharcea to wbleh tbe
Nary Department may be aubjeeUd from delay In
tba prompt delivery of the opal by tba contractors,
will be dduatd fiom tUix UHe.
Tb prlc must b for lb ooaldellrfered on board
vessels, on the terms and condition Above stated.
at tht coat Altar's risk And tvpaoa, And without
xir ehAix of any kind,
Tht offer, a required by law, must bt aecom
panted by a written lUArAoty. alxoed by on or
mora responsible persons, to the effect that they
undertake that th bidder or blddera will, If his or
their bla be accepted, enter latoonllfatlou, at auch
tlm aa may b preactlbed' by th Bureau, with
good and auifleleot sure ties t to rural h tht supplies
o proposition will be coDaldered unless accom
panied by auch guarantee i ant the Department
reserves tbt right to reject all tht offers, It consid
ered to b to tb Interest of tb scrvlo to do ao
Two or mora sureties each In a aumeoual to the
Amount specified to be paid will be required to
ijn tbe contract, and their recpooilnlllty
eerllfled by a United States Dlafrict Judge, 1
atAtaa Dlitrlat AttdrneT. Collector, or Nayv Arent.
Aa additional aod collateral eoeurlty,tweot7 per
cent, will bt withheld from tbe amount of all pay
menls, which reservation la not to b paid except
by authority of tba Secretary of tht Navy, until
the contract shall bar been In all respects com
piled with; and tba remaining elgbty per cent , or
other amount that may fee due upon each bill, will,
when a orooer eertlAcatela furnished br tbt In
spector, and tbt bill approved by tbe Bureau, be
paia vj euen navy agents a ina contractor may
name, within ten dava after the warrants for the
same aball bare been passed by the Secretary of
Ibe Treasury.
It will be stipulated In the contract that If tie
rami d maoe in me ocuvery oi ine con in me
3uaotlty. of the quality, And At the place and time
lrectcd br tbt Bureauthen, aod lu that ease
tht contractor And hla sureties will forfeit and
pay to the unitru males, aa liquidates: aamagci.
a aum of money not exceeding twice tht contract
according to the act or acta of Corgreii in thai
Madera whoa proposala shall be accepted, and
noo other, will be notified, and, aa early a prac
ticable, a contract will be transmitted to them,
wbleh they will b required to execute within ten
daya after Its receipt at the post ofilceorntvy
agency namcu 117 town.
rhaformof offer, guarantee and eertlQeare la
herewith given t
I, (or we,) of " - 1 State of , hereby agree
lo furnish and deliver thousand tons of ---anthracite
coal for steamer' us, at , At th
rat ol per ton, of 9,340 pounds. Amounting
to - dollars, tba whole In conformity with the
provisions and terms of the advertisement of tht
roth day of May, IBM, from tht NAry Department,
and hereunto appended
Should my (or our) offer ba accepted, I (or wt)
request to 6 Informed At - , And thAt the eon
tract mar b forwarded to for signatures
Ann evruncair
(Fleet) (Signed) a
Date )
W. tht undersigned, residents of , In the
Stat or , And of , In the State or ,
hereby, Jointly ad sever Ally, corencat with tht
United states, and guarantee In case the foregoing
bid of be accepted, will, within
tan dava after the recaloi 01 th contract at
, xeeut lb same, with rood and aufflelent
sureties, for tb delivery of the Anthracite coal
proposed, in compliance with the terras of tbe
advertisement of tbe Uth May, 1844, hereto ep-
KAded, And under wbleh It was made) and, In case
iftld shall (all to rnter Into the
eontraat Aforesaid, w guarantee to make good
tne uinrreooa raiwrin me ouir ot to saiu 1 1
and thAt which may be accepted.
Witness. (Signed) CD
(Place.) 1.. r.
1 hereby certify that, to tht best of myknowl
edn and bellsf, the Above-named guarantors, -
uid 1 1 are good and auOolent
(signed) O.H,
To be signed by tht Unltea Btates District Judge,
United Stalea District Attorney, Collector, 01
Navy Agent. myM-wtw
J Wax DxrARTMEiT, (
WAsaiitoTOH, May 34, 184 I
SEALED PROPOSALS wUl be received at tbla
offlce until TUESDAY, the Uth day of June. 164,
for Mnch Columblad Shot and o-tnch Mortar
shall, tDdeiivartain in rouowing quantities,
Atthtuadtrnamed araenals.Tiat
At tht Water town Arsenal, Massachusetts, 4,ouo.
At tbt Watervliet Arsenal, New York, 4,000.
At tbe New lork Arsenal, Governor's Island,
New York, l.ooo.
At the Alteahany Arsenal, Pittsburg, 4,000.
At tb St. Louis Arsenals, Missouri, ifloa.
At tb New lork Arsenal, Governor's Island,
New York. 90 000.
tl. ll).(.lll iri.n.l Vlia Tn.k 1 fWi
n turn rw iui s. o " , 't ut k, v,wu
These projectiles are to be made of the kind of
meiai, ana inspected aiicr rmee iimuova ia
Ibe Ordnance Manual, the tensile streoc th of tbe
Iron for columblad shot to be not lest than 39,000
lbs par aquara tnoh, and for mortar sheila not
Isss than 14,000 lb, per equar Inch, Drawings
can be aeen at any of th United States Araenals.
Tbt projectiles art to b inspected at tht foundry
when east, and ate to b delivered at the Arsenals
free ofeharfe for transportation er handling.
Deliveries must be made at tbt rate of not Uaa
tban one-tenth (l-iotb)of tbwbol Amount con
tracted for per week the first delivery to ba made
on the Soth day of June, 1&4.
Failure to make dellvertea at a apclQdtlm
will subject th contractor to a forfeiture of tbt
numberha may f All to deliver At that time.
Separate proposals must be made for tbe shot
and aball.
Blddera will state explicitly tbe Arsenal, or Ar
senals, wbere they propose to deliver, and tbe
number ef projectiles they propose to deliver at
each place, i( for more tban one.
No blda will be considered from parties other than
regular founders, br proprietors of works who are
known to this Department to be capable ef exe
cuting tht work proposed for. Should any party
obtaining contract offer abot or shell other than
thos east In bla own foundry, they will be reject
ed, end the contract rendered null and void.
Blddera will enclose with their blda tbt written
acknowledgments of their surettea, over tbelr
own signature.
sUah party obtaining a eontract will be obliged
to enter into bonds, with approved sureties, for
Its faithful execution.
Upon tbe award being made, euscesslut bidders
will b notlfled, end furnlsbed with forma of con
tract, and bonds
Tbt Department reserves tbt right to reject any
or all blda If not deemed satls'actory.
Proposala will be addressed to ' Brigadier Gen
eral ueorare D Ramsar. Chief of Ordnance. Wash
ington, D. a," and endorsed M rropoeala for S-lnch
Columblad Shot," and " Proposals for S-losh Mor
tar auAu "
Brig Oca, Chief of Uidnance
removed kla oU to th Northeast corner of
r aid nnlh trtt,ppostU th
waM oi u arcurr AMJuainsj,
TL T.r.;. V I. Ji'
wwournf mt, u. m,j
updtn Inn UullW
lepecsAur vo wju upa
outio 5b n y r "
Navy Dxpaatmxt. Junet.Jitac
Separat aealed orupoaau will b received at th
offlc ofth Secretary ol the Navy until I o'clock
p.m.of THUH1DAY, the 0th Instant, for furnish
lag all th atatlonery that may be required by the
navy iwparuneni ana to eeverai Bureaus, from
tbt falter dato to July 1, 1644.
AU tb artlelea furnlsbed must b of tht bast
oualltr. delivered without iIaUv hn nnUw
And to the satisfaction of tht head of tht offlce for
wpiflu uey are rcquiraa.
If It bt requtrtd,taeh bidder for stationery must
furnish with hla proposal a sample ol each artl
No bid will be considered which does oot lull
conform to tht Advert iseme at. and in whiih aaal
hd arery atUcl la not bid for and In which mora
(ban one prlc 1 namd for Any one Article.
Bonds In sufficient AmonntLwlth two or mora
approvca turettea, xor the raithrul execution of th
Contract, will b renulred of the Mrian or imiiom
Coatriettng. The author I red names of tbt sure-
iieatnai win ot given, aa also aatiaiaeiory testl
bioolals to fulfil the contract, must accompany tbe
bldi otherwise It will Aot h tnn,UtA-
Tht Department reaervea to Itself tharlxhtof
trery article eontiadcd for, as the public errlce
may require.
Should any article be require J not enumerated
la tbe contract. It la to be furnlahed at the lowest
market prise, according to Its quality.
Tht law of Id March, 1MI, provides that "no bids
having nominal or fictitious prices shall baton
side red."
Tbatubjolael aebtdula sptclflec aa nearly a
can now be done, the amoum.quality, anddeacrlp
tlon of each of the artlelee likely to be required.
M reams regulation palter, per sample, per
to reams regulation paper, per simple, en
graved heading, per ream,
io reams heavy, white !aid,drapatoh sp, atop
ruled, per ream. ,
o reams beery, hlte laid, dlspalcb cap, siop-
ruted, engraved heading, per ream.
reams foolscap, white or Hut, ruled, per
JO reams foolscap, white or blue, ruled, co
graved beading, per ream.
IS reama extra superfine, blue or while, laid or
wove, letter Daoer. oer ream.
71 reama extra superfine, blue or white, laid or
wove, letter paper, engraved heading.
ywt (iibi.
30 reams bril nolo Dicer. thUk. ncr
so reams best cote paper, thick, engraved hed-
ing. per ream
iSreams best note paper, medlu-u, per ream
IB reama best note paper, medium, engraved
heading, per ream.
so reama copying r tissue layer, 31 , by 2
Inches, per ream
10 reama Mac Ilia paper, Hbf It Inches, Qa ,per
SO reams best bun or white etrelope paper,
royal, flat, per ream.
150 yards tracing cloth, per aqu.re ar I.
S r'lls traelng peper, per roll
50 sheets oil paper, per sheet.
i reama Molting paiwr, royal per ream
SO quires patent blot tin boards, per quire
190 sheets elephant drawing paper, per sheet
7 sheets double elephant drawing paper, per
SO sheets antiquarian drawing papir, per sheet
10,000 best buff or white envelopes, Government
pattern, oQolal alte,prfnfrif stamp, per
W,os) best buff or white envelopes, Covtrnment
rettern, official aire, tngratti stamp, per
,00t beit buff or white ear elopes, Government
fattern, unstamp, per 1,000.
buff or white envelopes, letter sire,
printed stamp, per 1,000
10,000 besi buff or white envelopes, letter size, er-
graved stamp, per 1.000.
0,000 best white official envelopes, mgrevtd stamp,
10 k by 6V inebes, per 1,000.
10,0U0 best white omolal envelopes, rnortrved stamp,
S by S Inches, per l.Ouo
10,000 best white official envelopes engraved stamp,
s by s luehes, per l.ooo.
S,ono best white ofllclal envelopes, enomrej stamp.
10 by 4. inches, per l.two
6,000 best areanj-latd envelopes, letter site, per
1,000 best creamlald eueloprf, uo'e tie, prr
I,ooo best envelopes, card size, per 1 ouO
1,000 patent cloth-lined envelopes, H by 4 laches,
per l.ooo.
t.ooo patent cloth lined envelopes, by 4 lucl.ee,
per looo.
I 00 patent cloth-lined ea elopes byl finches,
per 1,000
ao gross steel pens, on carls or lo boxes, (the
Department to have tkt liberty or select
log from all tht dlQerent kinds menu
factured,) par gross
tdoieo pen holders, of tht various kinds mao-
ufaitured. per doxen
14 doten pen holders, gutta percha, per dozen
H gold peni, large slir, with silver txtenilon
holders, best manufacture, per pen.
quarts Ma)oard k Noyce's Ink, In bottles,
prr quart.
40 quarts best London copying Ink, per quart.
14 ounce bottle Gurolt k to , superfine ear
mlae, per bottle.
1,000 quilts. No. bo, opaque or clarified, per l.ooo
200 swan quills, per 1,000
75 dozen re 1 tape, assorted numbers, per doz
lx dozen silk taste or braid per dor
S dozen drawing thumb tacks, per dor
t dozen penknives, Rodgers a beet, buck or
pearl handles, 4 blades, per dor.
4 dozen erasers, large size, Ivory ban ties, lo
cases, Rodgers s,ptrdoz
I dozen pairs of shears, best quality, S Inch
blade, per doz.
I dozen palraof shears lest quality, t I a eh
blade, per doz.
1 dozen pairs of scissors, best quality, per doz.
9 dozen glass tokstands, metallic spring cov
ers, per doz
I dozen nine Inch Ivory fo lers, per d
it dozen black lead pencils, f-abers best, at-
sorted Nos , per doz
10 dozen best drawing lead pencils, per doz
to dozen Faber'c artists' pencils, per doz
13 dozen best aber'a red ant blue pencils, per
I dozen sable brushes, assorted per doz
x dozen camel hair brushes, assorted, per doz,
3 dozen letter clips, per doc
s dozen sticks best India Ink, per dot
to dozen rubber bands, assorted sizes, per doz
13 pounds extra superfine scarlet sealing wax
per lb.
10 pounds best quality wafers, per pound.
10 pounda gum arable, pulverized, per poand,
Sdtzsn prepared mucilage and brush, large,
per doz
I doien prepared mucilage and brush, email,
per doz.
10 ounces offlce sponge, per ouoee.
5 dozen glass or china sponge sups, per doxen,
10 pounda beat hemp twine, per pound
10 pounds best linen twine, per pound
6 quarta black sand, per quart.
f dozen best prepared or virgin India rubber,
per dosen.
12 four-quire blank books, Indexed, par qulr.
12 three-quire blank books, Indexed, per quire.
t dozen capcopylog books, indexed, per quirt.
a dozen letter coyylng books, Indexed, per
JeM aw w
katUAL in all lEsrncia to mroxTED.
Selling Agents,
so Church titty,
i ' IHBT
U pi tad OSOO.OOO.
lThia Bams, organlztd under tht NAtlonal
oanklng Law of tht last Oongre, t opened thU
jay lor tht trAnACtloo f bualnt, At tb come
f nftoanth and t atretta, oppodt Ttennury Dc-
PArtmul H. D. COOKE, rrcautot,
DxrAATH t or the iKTKAioa, Juae a, 154
. Proposals lor furnUblog auch atatlonery aa may
t requited by this Department, and the bureaus
and omcea thereof, during the fiscal year odlor
June SO, IMS, 1U be rcwelted until 13 o'clock, M
Of TUESDAY, tbe flth day of July, iMi, Thoaeun
aceompaoled by satisfactory tec tlmoa tail of Ability
to fulfil a contract will oot b considered, and con
tracts will only b Awarded to manufacturers of,
br dealere la, tb atrtral alecee of Article.
ah articles lurnisneq must pf oi me beet quality
M their kind, end not inferior to the samp
iplea x-
hash proposal mual b slrned by the Individual
Or firm making It, and mnst specify but oot prloe
far ch article of th olaea bid for,
All articles required under a eoAtraot must be
delHtred, on the order of tht proper bureau or
Oinee, without delay, ad, If requested, must cor
respond with the samples. A failure or refusal of
the contract or to furnish preper articles wilt ba
feomedjuat cause for abrogating tbe toatrati.
Articles not named In th achedul, If required
are to be furnished at tba lowest market prises.
And tbt right le reserved of ordering a greater or
less quantity of cash article contracted for, aa th
public aervl.e may require.
Hand, with approved security, must ba given by
th Individual or firm obtaining a contract. Should
a eomrecior rciue or negieci w rurnish, when re-
quired, any article or arUclea mentioned la tht
,.a tow M don., .mio.t,q..lll,,.nd-
cr mot. or th. clu.ei .w.rfol u m.r b. d..,d
moil ndr.ntM.ou to th. D.titm.nt
.. rropo..!. rnu.t b, nddr..4 to th. r.t.,r ot
in. innior, .n i rnixrtro propo..!. for sutio..
If' , . .
It.m tiaw No. I -tmptr. .
I IMrmie.ti,ti.itqu.Utr,trhlt.orb!u..'
rul.d wld., m.ill.m, or do.., nd I
trtmrard, to weljh not Iru tn.n It
J Mre.m.let.l c.i, w tilt, or blo, trim.
iul.iidrul.d, per ream
less than 10 lbs. per ream, per ream, t
4 11 reama white commercial or other note
. Dl
10 reams Hat ear , wbltn or tlue, unruled,
a reams envelope, yellow or btiir.royal,
per ream,
loo reams large brown envelope, S4 x H
Inches, per ream.
I) dozen sheets patent blotting, tt x 84
10 reams brown envelope piper, II x 40
laches, per ream.
13 reams straw wri j lug pi er, aa x in,
Mstatets drawing paper, rojal or me
dium, per sheet.
IN sheets tracing pater, I ranch, large
size, per sheet.
IW yards tracing cambric, per yard
U dozen press copy books, not less than
boo pagis, per dozen.
CLASS No. 1 ntY.OjWM,
l,ou)musllnllned, printed to order, "it. to
Item )
tim1, in , insiif, per m.
14 iw),ono adhfsheafnielopea,wblie,ysllow,er
buff, heavy, 8 tu 9xU te 41.
Inches, printed lo ore'wr, per H.
It .5,000 adhesh e en elopes, white, heiry, t,
lo HO to t Inches, printed to order.
por iu,
2&J 0 adhesive envelopes, white or vcllnw.
iyj,tin,-u-iysuN,)iiairu n
order, M.
It H0.CO0 adheslrc coveloues. nate. - M
intermediate sizes ordered, not to bp cbargd
htgher than bid for slzenext larxer.
Class No 9 ten tnd Pecitt
t 45 gross Perry a or Gil tort i barrel prni,
per gross
z 4M gross Perry's, GUlott's, or other xn wl
metallic pens, per grost
I l.ouO quills, io. 80, prr hi
4. 39aflzengoldpens,withbaodlecot silver
cases, best quality, prr dosen.
A, a dozen heavy barrel gold pens, with
handles, brst quality, per dozen.
a. 4 dozen Ivory or gutta-percha ever
pointed pencils, large or small, with
lead, per dozen
T, zoo dozen V aber s, ro 1 1 o 4, or grad lated,
15 cases Fater's polj grades, graduated,
M iATali rihrl firl , Mil Han.ll. k
per uoien.
-w H,m . - b.w.. .,vuw.,l., ,-TI
Cf ana No I fnx, InJutdndi, Wajtrtand ,
I 10 dozen glass, any patent, large or
small, Inkstands, per dozen
t. 8 dozen caaUlron double or stogie Ink
stands, pee deicn.
a lWdoisQWeynard. ISoyes' Ink, or any
other American copjlng ink or fluid
In market, quarts, i er doien
4 jadoiea Arnold afwntlngffluldtquarts,
otr dozen.
33 dozen eopvlng Ink. quaru, Arnolds.
S dozen bel blue Ink, quarts, per doz
50 dozen David's carmioe Ink, ounce,
c 2 MsealwaJera, best quality, red, No.
s, tor offlea seal, per M
A 9 pounda best red wafers, common si,
per pound.
10, za pounds best extra super tcaile seal
log wax, per pound.
Clam No i Cutlery and At ucr lie ntaiu ArUrtw
1 as dozen Hoger'e knives, lour blades,
buck or pearl handle, per dozen
2 .9 dozen Roger's Ivory haadlr erecers,
per dozen,
I to dozen oBlct Sbeais or iclscers, extra,
per dozen.
4 loo dozen silk taste, In hanks, per dozea.
I coo dozen red tape, aiaotted, per dozen
a. 690 dozen flermaa tape, No. 12, red, per
1 tSdezen paper welbts, assorted, per
igpouDda prejurKl la 11a rullr, tr
iu pound- pouott, nr pojad
w pounusi nuca viqb, prr pound
SO tiouada brst eotton twlaa, par poun 1
s do i in mabonaer rulera, rouad or fl al
(Jdoien Indla-ruhber rulera, roaod or
flat, Goodyaara yateat, so lathes
JO pouoda baatqualltj iponfe, par pouad.
w pouoda f urn arabtt, per pound,
odoieamuollafe, larse alia glait jara,
with hruah aod a'allt top, per
, srw uv.vu U4uwi.-B, j iHsw, waiuvu, i uau
or top, per doieu
1h. laHtdoicu ptuholJari, aiiortd,iart1oio
II io dozea atroof Mash irorjr tolderi, per
SO SO dozea paika Brlahil TlittUf earda, per ,
Ci.ai No. 6 ttrvKhittU and, lnhuiAt fjMr, I
1 wo theeu oi paraboaeat, beat qqaiity, i
xSOlochea. oar aheat
smahteta of parchment, beat quality, M
xW lochea, per aheei
i,6u0 aheeta of parchment paper, beat qual
ity, lozis lochea, per aheat
too aheet parehmaot payer, beet quality,
IflxSO loehea, per ibeet.
certify that baa proper raallltiM,
ablti ta fulfil a oonlraet far furolihla ata-
tlooary lot tbe uepartneot ot in laierior auriag
the ear ending Juos to, it.-, ihould bid ba
Da.rt.KTUf wt oi Tiir Iitleiob. I
V s. rATrSTUirin, Junes, 16W (
Pro do i all for furnlahlcc aueb tatlooer aa mar
ta required by thla Bureau durlof the Cecal year
ending June ho, l&oo, will be reaelred antU IS
n clock m ofTUMDAY, the 13th day ef July, lWi
Thoa unaccompanied by aatlafactorr teatlmoatala
ef ability to fulfll a coatract will not be cooalderad,
and eootracta will only be awarded to manufactu
re re or, or dealeri Id th aereral elaiaee f
art rlea
All artlelea lur nil bed muat be of th beat ejaartty
Kach propoaal muat be. algned iy the ladlrld ul
orDrra making H
All artlelea required under a contract moat b
dellrered without delay. A (allure or rfuat
of th contractor to furolah proper article will b
deemed juat eauae for abrogatlag th contract,
Artlelea not named In the echadule, 11 rHul-i
ar to te furalehed at the loweat market price,
endth right la reeerred of ordering a greatar r
le quantity ef each article eoatreotrd for, aa the
publio aerrlc may require
Booda. with approved aeeurtry, moat be glrca by
th lodlrldual or nrm obtaloiag the eoauaat.
Should a contractor rcluae or oegraot to foralah
wbeo required, any article or artlelea mentloa4
lo tbe contract, the aame mar be purabaead ta opeci
market, and If a greater price baa beau pats thre
or than fa epectded la th eontract, th dlarraa
may be vbarged to the coat rector la bla aexl qaar
tetly aoeouat,
SonedulM, apeclfflag ac aaar aa aaa be Sea, the
amount, quality, and deeeria ilea r the ar tic lea re
quired, ea be bad oa applUatloa at tkla eat
nopoaala muat b-e ajldretwed te the Commtettaa
ecof rateate, ewq eawowM awtoaaW?1
Jef th '
CMlcr Qutmuimi Orricr,
. . . WAinmetoir, JanelO, lfc. '
v.rw. w. .i..iiiiutii.
. r-SK'!p5l-l,w,H "'" t this offlce
unuiFnfDAY.JuntS4,iBM,At lloclock m for
(4) soon t hi from July 1,1541, as per ahnexf J ftchs-
All artiste must U of tb very best quality,
sample or which (or paper, one quire, of enrol
op, one package) must accompany each bid.
acn outier musz lurntsb, with his proposal, but
ear Mnsb of the amim Km a k. .,v 1 .Z
tach article, which tuutt be dlstineily marVM
The contract will L ftMk.u I ia it.. tJLu, ...
sponsible bidder. "
Kach proposal must balgne1 by th InJhtJual
r firm maktag llr and tbe Ablltty to fulfil the eon
tract, If awarded, mnst be cert 1 fled Ay th person
Should enV Articles ha ranulrad athtch .. -
"""'' o aeamr,iocyaxeioiiumuh
ed at Ik loweat market nrl
Jt v77 raiairr rrserves u himself
otlfilquHWyoi each And every artiel
"' ", as tn puouo aervlc mav reouira.
eon trail, and. ahouid AnViriuf.. hTJuuiJir
within a rtacolab?e tfml Jn-T hSSi.tfLV
i.mH .i mwniui iQDiwjufjn io ma uie of the
t.'wipS wltt "Hi UtL. r" "7"Br
KiVtb, ul Y. .ir.tl Vn.ll . 7hm. IA M.'?"
ST.JJ5 .iL,Sr,..!I l.-l ' ,,M ,0 "" "'
VSSS2. .. tWZ SSSi . mm.... .
.,. U. . BDCKr.B, Cul.I 4u.7tawtar. rMi
of W.ibUi,tin, D. C.,' .nil to t lilllnlr in.rktd
"Propo.il. tit st.tlon.rr."
ScniDVLi or A.Tlrtls
I0r..m. M.nlll. wr.pplnic p.p.r, JlTHInelie..
sot l.M In.. M pound, per rr.m, per rm
to reun. buff .nv.top. paper. 24x13 lochr. not
!. lh.nlOrHundirr r.an. per ream
Mr..m. wblt. folio poit paper, ruled, p.r team.
10 reams law cap paper, rule l not
pounds per ream. rr ream
! Ifss than 13
aw reams wuiieieuer paper, rulel,uul Iciatbaa
pounda per team, per ream
900 reams white commercial ttotepspfr n.1-1
not less than S pounds per ream, per ream
,l? bt bloiilng paper, per sheet
49 blank hooks, rfeml . full Ui,n .......
49 blank books, folio sire, full bound, per quire.
per quire
.. vwiH vw, crtrnu nji 11 IP, POnCO lH ClOm,
100 blank boobs, cap size, half bound. nr oulre
200 octavo memotandum books, full size, ler
60 time bonks, deml slrp, bound In cloth irr
00 time benks, small quarto lire, 1 o.n 1 in clutlt
per dozen
300 time books, small ccta.u size, bound In
leather, per dozen
SO ono white official envelopes, No. 13. very thick.
per M. ' ' '
60,000 whlUofflclal tavelopes. No io, Ty thick,
100 000 white vfflelal cuvelopec, i Inches, ery
thick, fcrM '
100,000 white letter envelope, Slxt). Inches,
very thick, per M
ixdozen Arnold's Writing Hull, In qatf and
pint bottles, per dozen bottles.
13 dozen Meynard Noyes' or other black Ink,
In nuart. nlnl. nd hlf-ilnt hAitia r-a. ,..,. i .
i'uusen Arnolds copying inx, in quart AQd pint
bottlts,prdozea bottles. '
ia oozan i.twrence-a copying ink, In quart and
pint bottles per doren bottles.
S4 dozen David's carmine ink, plait bottles ant
wuiin, incuuifii uotiin
f dozen (aber'a or other black lead pencil ros
3andt best quality, per dozen
:t dozen Faer s or other red and blue neoollf.
per dotttn.
U dozen ft tats Inkstands, assorted, per dozen
100 gross Glllott e steel pens, assorted per grosr
zoo gross other steel pens, assorted, per grocc
12 dozen gutta percha pen holders, per doren
41 dozen otter pen holders, selected kinds, per
IS dozen tin paper folders, t er dozen
2S pounda red sealing wax, So sticks to the pound,
best quality, per pound.
10 TWIIiada vCiltai tnrllk ,nMi.t alt ..la... k&
pound! perpount!.
100 dozrn pl-ses ret tape, Noc t7 aad ,ier
M,m ' '
..w. a.1
100 dozen siioula re I ( A, i- a,n.t n
spools '
i.i.oicniui jaismucuagv ami I rushes, MtJr '
sit, per dosen
34 dossn glass Jars mucilage and brushes, smtll ,
size, per dozen. I
14 letter eopylnc books, 500, im, sa I itnti pi,ces I
each, per dozen.
l w sheets abstract paper, rulea to a-tero, per
600 sheets return paper, rated and printed tu pal-
tern, per sheet
s reams of bill paper, ruled to pattern, per ream
4 dozen ivory paper folders, per dozen
4 dozen erasers, ivory or wood handles, per
dozea f utta percha rulers, l Inches long, i er
dosen D. 11 RUCKKR,
Brigadier General and Chief quartermaster,
JbI01II Depot of Washington.
Wa. DseASTifCiii, t sval.v Uviiead,
ui rue or LiiiLr Ut autcrmistcs,
VrA.Ri.uTnN. Jiin. H. thki.
SKA1AD rRUFUSALS will lie res.lred .t this
ofllc. ualll 19 o'clock m , MONDAY, June 20th,
18M, for two tboui.nd (1,000) CA ALKY HOH3I 8,
to be delivers, at lb. Government stable, at Cles
horo Desot, nc.r Wishlofton elly, within torty
(SO) d.y. from d.t. ot contract.
Said Horse, tab., ound la all p.rtlcul.rs, will
limb An. sTiill In flaah. tVnsn Aftu. ria sw, .i.,... fist.
baotla biSh. Iron Bra (fl) tt nioe f rears old, lo
rood aoadliloQ, aad wall aitat lad la arery way to
Lavalrr miraoiti.
rtttie apecifleatlona will te ilrlotly aJhrrcd to
aod rlgldlr foiorccd ta crerr j articular.
Na bid will tf rotertaloed uolraa aeooupanl!
by a fuaraataa for IU falthlul iar(ormaao
rjf" Should any Uolted Stataa ofllcer guirauW
tbapropoaalofa bliider who ahouid prorata tt
trraapoaalbia, hla natnt will b reported to th ifro
ratary of War, with a re oom mead at loo that tucii
omaar ba dlimluad th atrvlec
All biddni end tuu-avoarra wilt he tuU lo thf tlHetett
tctvuntii:ay, mrU rvtryfiilurt ta complf wUAttrmi
tyf eonlrtrt. or la HUlat Mar etmtrtitl trKrn nmirAtii trtU
tr tywnvrt try yiwntvnrn uttjiu CMCTII VJ fl (BUT
Formi o( bid aod guaranty van h had on apnltca
tloa to thlaoOe.
Sueeeaaful blddera will l prepared to eater Into
written ooatraeti, with iotd aod lumnient incur i
ty. Immediately on the aoeeptaneo of their bl Ii
The oath of allectaoee muit aeeonpnay eaeh t id
The uadetalf aad reaervea th right to reject all
'u ombw usreaionaoia
Blda for one hundred (tout hi.raaa anl uiwxrli
w.ll be entertained
BUrortAeTWMnujiir ef lraea rauuIrM are
In Tiled.
Payment will ba prompt! etale o eoatpletlon
ot contract.
So store wilt he rarcfretf.
rropoeala muit be eodereod 'Proioaalafor Car
alrr Koraee," and addreaaed to Lieut Col Jamci
A i-kln, Chief quarteranaater Caralry Burra i
aahloitoo, D C.
Any other Information will he proui.Ur lrrn
oa application, peraooally r by letter,
Lleutroant Colon fl nd thief QuarUrmaater,
Lavalry Dureau
$ Turchaae la the open market will bo roa
tloued at dleaboro Depot until th gon tract ta
awarded Payment mate In CertHe .( f In
debudneaa for aereo (7) horaea or more
J9 1St
Juat Impoited, aa Invoice ot Mile
MC W C H A M 1 A C. N r" WINK,
nl anct easii)t quality, aad moderate tn i rtef
1HKP, 9 007M,
Ma Importer,
Pana jlvaola areuue,
Twodoaie from rrtentb a tree
Ala-Iagwrtb'a l-atewb to barrele for eolv.
blere je4eesw
1 rmnilKTHL PHKSlDfNT OKTH1C U i. n
flPRINariELD.1IlXn)8ErT S.19U.
Ofllcitily MvlMd aad CorracteA
rrom theraMotb4rtATioaAi.ltiroaLiii
Foe eaiebf
oSlsMI ju rtnuwytvaiala arauu.
WO io
laoea or .h Armed Tuniot, -Vc.
We copy from the IWdttto ITtroUl, pnbllahc J
at PortUoya!.S.C ,of dst Jnim e.lhft enh-
Jolncd pAraKrapha i
Wo rcjrret fo announce tho capture, ou Mon
day oflast week, of the navy nrmed tuz boat
Columbine, commsndtul by Action Matter
Banborn, with a crew of thirty to forty and
four officers aud thirty men, and two cDlcers
of company K, 85tt United Bute colored
troops, formerly the at ISortli Carolina (liter h
) rcglmcnu TIio Uoat was up tbe fct.
John', on a roronnolasance. At Horae f.ind.
Ini?, flflecntnllM above rilatka. a rebel Held
bsutry was brmuclit down to Ibo snore and
ma da an attack. Almost the first almt nnL
the Columbine's rudder and dUabltd It. The
uuBiiaen annea ashore, when Iho rcbtli camn
down two hnndrcd strouf and enptared brr.
On Gatnitlar laal Gen. (Jnrdon mmln m nmn.
nois Auce in, iron, or JacfcsonylUo to Camp t lu
nean. A considerable force of rebels was
there encountered, an after n Htl! rUUt
klrnilahlnR Oen. (Jdrdon withdrew.
IhbMary lientou Lai brought np lo JarU
aohtlHe tbo rebel echooncr J:iiLlr aad.VJ
IwlMof cotton caninrtj on her at i! lulto
Inlet. The cotton had bten hauled to Smyrna
for shipment to Nassau, and the schooner was
captured by Gen. Blrnoy'a mountod troopi
jait a eho wa- sceLInff an opportunity to ran
Ibe work on lha new wharf on tho cut side
of the BU John's, oppoUa Jacl8onIlIof ro-
On a rtccnt expedition by Gen. Gordon up
the BL Johns, tho ctesmer Charles Uonehton
wss flretl Into by a ballery of Impounders. She
" wi. .in cv nulla, urn no UAtDSKO UODP.
rcetaUe, AuJ bcrrlp. ariinlpntr at K, n.
putlnr, hnt, owlnplolh'lr circ'I) tbtwlinrr,
coram a nd ureal price.
Tun Caitim or Nn,Ki) us ilowiN'i)
humi. uuruiauurt cnrrc.tKHu.cul unJ it
tto followltiR necottntof thocaptitre of m c-iei
on Moron', Ilan! I.i wefk
On Fr.d.) ulgut, Mar ll'th, at aljoui mid.
nljlit, a lurly oi rtljul', uumbtrlne alxieLn,
catnooerfroiallw raiiu land In n row-'joat,
Iatd1 ou Jlorgan". IiUnd, and ca.tur.
Uelro colorid vcoiK, lntlndliii; men, mien,
!?.. . ",M,, 'rom Valuation owned I t Mr
rnllbrlck. and anni.rlntenct.it hv u, vii
1 hey auto tooU .11 tho prraonal meet, of tho
contraband,, plpa, eLlekcn,, wHilrolvt, and
trunk,. ILrc, other men wero taken ond ,et
VI VUarU BOtnC atOlen 1 IPS. wlion th.iv trt in
,k.i. ,1... ,..," '.V ----j
.en cBi.-ai'u, mu n.uci. not aann to nn npon
tlinra from the fact that tho colored p.opl had
told thent that thin ruin reclmnit of tmr
(oldlera on J'ddlnc'a Pn'nt, uhleh Is r!M oi
l'0,,(n, and on Bt. Helena Island.
The rebel, told tho neonlo loft itierr th it ihi
onld couio over aaln In a few nlgum, and
lako thetn all olli hnt the pinboat John Adam,
went up thtro with a ttrontr picket (rnard, and
landed them at Eddlnij'a Point, to (rnard thnt
uu ..organ-, iriana, ana mould tho rrfu ro
peat their ilult our lioy will ni doni 1 1 e innt
happy to sea them.
Arlt- On theS'itll IheMtllonou-li. I.lent.
toai, I'hjthlan, the Hale, Artlnc Ma-ter
Mill hell, and the Coatt Snrrey atejiraer K.n,
Capt. llontelle all under command of Capt.
Stone went on rcconnolwanco up tho Ponlh
KdUto. Tho Ranboat, anehorod oppolt Oov.
Alkcn'a place, and ,omo howltrm, landed In
loitu, were taken by a party cro Jihott
I.land. Tho party were Bred on by a rebel
battery on the Charleston ride of the river, lint
no damage va done. I ettery on lllltn
Ulitlf almi tired on tin boot,, wlthonl dolnir any
harm. Tho oblectt of the i Tpeilltlon wero at
tained, aid the vln.U re'nrned t i the r'v
11 M!.
Oapt. W. II. l)imiil, ul t ic I . 8 l..it fur
vt), left for Morris liland on Tnejday, with
his hooncr, the Caswell, to mrrey the Inland
paia;e lietwecn I.lclit House and Htono Inlets.
Capt. Dennis has dl.plajed lunch .kill and
enurny iu ul, capaclt) of an ofllcer H tht
Coast Surrey In this department.
The Coast rfuruj steamer lxni C"il.
n mtclle. Is now hln, at this st.'lon
IJatofUruernl IIoltalc
( Direction of intrgton Ji, O. JLhlw't, '
t. Armor ttuare, WalituKU)D, . C
ak.euth alr:t weet, httwecn C aud 1) etreela
aoutb, In iiianyn of Surgeon I). W, U!l, t
-. Carver, Watliloctou, I C, Tourlwulh
street wctL, at term In u uf city railroad, in
charged of Suri;oou O. A. JuJwm, U. tf. .
U. Campbell, ttaelilnglon, D. 0., Bevenllt
street west, at terminus otit railroad north.
In charge of Surgeon A. F. Sheldon. l S. V.
4, ColumblaD, ahlDKtun, Ii. L., onr
let nth atrett wcat. at terminus of tltvrallrna I.
lu cbargt) nf tnrireon T. IC. Crosl.v, 17. 8. .
i. Desmarrve, Washlncton, I). C, comer or
Fourteenth etrw.1 and Massac 1, melt annuu.
In tliartii uf Surgeon J. 8. lllldrcth, L. S. .
0. Doni;laa, AnlilDi;tou, D. C, comer of I
etrett and New.Jereey aveuuo, In rharguof
iUtant Barffeon Wm Thomson. U, 8. A.
T. Emory, Wuehlngtoo, U. C,, near Vliua
UouRe.eaetof tbe Ca.utol, in charge of 3 ireon
N. It Jloacley, L . S. .
N Falrfar 8t.mlnary Ylrxiiita, two mll
Lack of Alexandria, Iri ihar n strain I)
t. Smith, U. 8. V.
V. Flnley?aahlnKtoa, I). C. Kendall (irdLii,
Fourth atrecb east, north ot tho cltv, In tharqv
tf durijeou 0. 1,. Fancoast, L.b. .
10. IJarcHOod, ASaablnKtou. 1). C, Curio
ran's farm. Set autli strwt wet, Iu cliarpw o.
Surgeon It. II. Dontecoit, U. 8. V.
11. Judiciary 8iuan, aiiilmcluo, D. C,
Judiciary 8 mar?, K street north, hotuttLU
Fourth and Fifth stria west, In ilur'u f
AeIctant Surgcoi, AUx. Ingram, L. 8. A.
13 Kalorauio, (uiall-ioi,) WaKhluton, li
U., I.iXL creek. Pit Twenty Oral struct, lit
charo of Aclluz AijI-taul Pur.eru K I
llioraas.V.B. A.
11 t InAi.il. U'n.l.tn ,,.. Tl I ..... ....I.
w. jsiuvuiu, iittnuiUQiUU, t'. v., viti aitls'
cjit of thu Capitol, lu clnnru ul Ajlttunt cur ,
g)on J. ( . MrKcc, V. 8. A.
1J fi.nnt ll.nr U'.th!tiu-I m It f
Fourteonth strtxt. ono half mUo Wtoiiil til. '
limits, In charsu of A-cMant Sarzcon C. A.
MeCall.r.S. A.
16. Seminar). Oajrtgwu, I) C, t irmr oi I
Wnablngton aud Gay ilrtits. In It mru fl ur-1
Koun 11. W. Diiiachtt, L. S.
1ft. Stanton, WiV Unburn, 1). L., I tiriLtaud
Ncv, Jersey arcniK.ln ilinrcuof NinreonJ A.
Mdtll, U. 8. V
17. Stone. Waehluttuu, 1. C. lourUvnlh
strut, oppoettt Cohimlilau II ii Hal, lu chart
nf A tin' fjrt Suitoii V (Vcunan, I
S. A
IS. M rilrAUili, (lueaiii, Ae)iUiu ) Aa
InUiii, I), C.bejouil Navy Yard v, ett . lu It trt.
Pt tllllR ill8tait a'un.'inH ' V J
I ,tf .
U First IhiMiniOumrti 1 m
i-urut,r ul laliftti aud Cauur u " ,
cbarcu of Surpeou Chas I'agt, I S. A
JO. Second Division Gtncr.il, Alaudjli,
Va , corner of (.'rlnce audCoIumbui airctts, I
charge of Burgeon T. It. Sptnci r, U. 8.
21, Third DMalop flencral. Alexandria.; i .
Washttieton street, letwien Uuten and tauu
ron strtots. In eh.'rT', of Surijru i LMaIt Hunt
lev. V. B. V.
3J, Atiijar Uencral IIoiUiI. near ,lutuu
drla. Va , In chnr ol jipoo lhwi: I.. H
ton, IT. ft. V
I pneu
1.piI pt lb KlratHeacJonufttte I hi y-
KlSlittt CuufircM.
irLBMO-NO. to I
A ai i tufii I au ail rUntlVM i it u iuitli
IU tt tHuoitd by th binau OAi IJvuH of ft f
rotrntathtt f (A Vnittt Slat of Jnvrxj in
Qimgvm ammblod. That that part of tba art
eDtttled An ac4 to "ipi-ly dtflp(rar Im Iu tU.
Oaeeqnurfjlhreodays. ,. lun
One Kjuarr, fonr day, jjj
On aqnarc, fire ly, , ujq
One oqtiire, Blr tUyi j,f,
ltTtry otter day adTmlMtaenui, B) per teat. '
Once a wee): advertisements ct.srfJ as arw
fo ach Insertion.
HIi Unix or less constlttiU A .(jnarc.
AdTertlsements AhtraH b handed in by u
o' loch, n. ,.
pproprlationl for the errlce of th, fiscal year
Hiding tho thirtieth of Jnne, eighteen hundred
and sixty fonr, and for other pnrpeae,," ap
pro cd March fourteenth, tttrhtjwn tinndrml
and alxty-fonr, as provides "that hereafter ao
p-lntlng or binding shall ba doni pr blank
books bo procured for any of thrf erecotlre
departments of the Government without,. .
written rwinlsitlon on tbe BnperlnMhdetil ef
l'ubllc Frlntlnj; from tho head of sich depart
ment be, and the aame la hereby, amended by
Inserting after tliatcordidepartment," wher.
lth last aboro written, tho following wont..
vlr i "or Ms assistant or asslsUntii" so last
ItvrUlrcsdi "tho head of ancb. department or
1 1 aMItust or assistants rr ' T v t
rimve1, Jnno S, 1801.
F 11. rue Nn. S7.I
An ii t to repeal tho llrsl KCtkiaof, the Joint
resolution relatUo to the transfer of persons
In the military servlco to the naval service
approved I'cbrnarySl, IM4.
LcU marled lu (tit .Small and JJauu o Ktftf
HlJcUvt of Uit United Slant afAnurlea In (Am.
arm auimllttl, That the first section of the
Joint rceolntion entitled a "Joint rLsolutl.n
rmatit e to the transfer of persons In the mill
tnrj nirvlcD to the naval Mrflee," appnlred
I ebruary twenty-four, el;hteeTi hundred and
f lity-four, bo and tho sanio 1 herchT repealed.
Approitl, June 3, lbW.
VwuoSo. ti.
An ait lu re-establish tho prlneli .1 port of
tulry for tho district of Chain plain at Plaits
I urch. and for other tmrDoscs.
21 it tnacteil by As Stna'e and IIouh of ltf
itvntattnt of th VaUeel Statu ofAnurtea ta
Vmqrcu atmiMnt, That the third section of an
art entitle! "An act to eqnallre and eatabllsh
the compensation of thu collector, of the cus
toms on the northern, norlhcaslerntaadnorth
, oetcru frontlcrj, and for other purposee," P
rrocd March third, eighteen hundred and
(.Utv-tbrw, rhaiilnc th port of entry for the
district cf Champlaln from Flstlsburgh to
lluiu&'s Point, be and tho lame la hereby re
t .sltxl, and that PlaltsburKU bu and the aam.
Iehtriib re-cttabllshed as the principal port
oft-itry for sild d'strlct, at which the collector
i n-toms i-hstt rrtlde; and e depnty collector
hlisii r . ,,-. 1, us k ivht, .ml be Tested
ltli .11 thu lower and auth rlry given, to de
1 ut eolleetors by lie.
Approve 1, Juno S, 1(H.
r"V. Un l.aru.d not so a. suitolaa
st surthtne. .r. of exittne. and a om
rji itinra ettendlac thronffliont all nattonalltlM
oft ehal it.Morlo hae turned thenrl.. tat.
fi nl ratalll.lrr-l aliAslsfroiawhlahw. need
rr V n rr i nt snn rlre.1 at auch f.ets a. th.
rilliiwltw Hllhfia-h the person, who writ. thrs.
iu t It nw t i er.ons nod elreumitoaw.,
.Ii' iiMrt to ludoiie their atatemenU:
n-w rrnrnMi, Mais , Wot. 34, I8S9.
I) fi-.iM -IhsreUeaairjIetedmanyyearawtta
k rirjtoFr-lIni( cramps In Tnyllmt,, Mldfwt
sill' ti!itituit a nencrsl disordered system. Fhysl
el. in siid ucllclur. failed to relieve ma, Walla
slilns mi. ttleaila In ewjork who were using
lis. rvun Uttters the) pret ailed upon m. to try
tfc I emriieneril vltha amsll wloeglMsmll
sit, ' tier Feeling letter by defrrea, la a fsw
r iin .suulslied to tlmlthe eolilneas and
ciei it s bed entitrly left me, and I could sleep th.
nisi t tlirou.b which J hsre not done for Tears. I
feel like souther betnir. Nt .ppetlte and atransth
uivii alo,ir.tly tniproMHlty th. us. ofth. Flaa
tsM in I. fen.
Itpi, euVnltj , JrniTit Hvsiai..
" I oiro much to uu, for I eriiy
11 ii- I snUtlon Uittera hae aa.exl m Uf.
t If -vutiitNEn, Jtvlild N 1
'I iiirirrtt, U ,Sci t, is, isj,
' I have heenln tbeanuyhoepttal
for Join tern niuutht epeechleaa aod nearly 4ad.
At Alton, HI they gave rue a bottle ot rtautattou
Bittira ' Three, bottlea restored
imj a,ec!i and cured me C A. Funm.
Ilia following Is from tho Manager of th Union
M b fchix.1 for tlte Cbildran o( Volunteers,
HvriETz Mahiioiv, oTth BTaiarr. I
Nlw York, Auguat 1,190. (
Dji UAHLi YourwoaderfuinaoUttonttttre
u hecu ilvea to ionic of our UttU ebUdrea sa
i -liik, trora weakaeaa and weak luaga with no
i .-'y eUeot On littl girl In particular, wit
sips la her head, loaa of appettt, aad dairy waa
n ,nnautaptlon, oa whom all nedloal iklUkad
(uu exhauated, haa been entirely reitared Wa
conitueucel with but a teaapoonfulof Elttcxa a
i r Her appetite and itrength rapidly Increased,
He Is now well.
Ucrpectfull), 31a. a M. Dcroc.
' ' lluiu wilt send me two bottlea
more of th) 11 a mutton Dlttera. My wlf haa be-to
el fatly toelitted 1 y their uae
1 1 y Friend, Ai Ccutik, milidelpbla, Fa."
1 hitt-euagreitaufTercrfitu
Diaj-r) iU, an lha 1 toKhindoai reachlog Th
flip t if Ion Klltera hat e en red ine.
"t. " ctiihun, KiKhester, N. ."
' I te iclveutha riavntatkut huiu
re 1 1 iia i IxfU ut our ditablrdeoldiera wlthtli
- axtimiiiilnf effect
a. v 0 AMDaxwa,
aup't holdiura Home, Cincinnati, a
ill NaaUtluB Hitters bav
cure 1 tu- i f t'i IA cr Complalut, of which I wa
Uid u ,'rrirte aad had to at wdon my bual-
' Tlao l'lauUtloo Htttera b tr
ie.! me u( lcrangement uf the Kldnea aud1
Ufiutrj Ordain that htc dlatreaaed me for year,
M r ike a chart) C. C. MooaL,
Na. JM lroadway.''
i hi fiuitatlou B.ttera auaketh weak strong.,
tht Uuguld briUiaat, nd ar eahauated aatur
tfteat restorer. Ihey are aoupoaed nf tha al
hratod CallBaya Unrk, latrgra. Sassafras
h'NjtR, Heit), Xi aM irrceneUa vvrfeetly pur
"i r
t et a i4i i( itd. ut ary hablta, troubled with wa
etc, Ue itual, palpi tattoo of th heart, lack ot
1 1 cute, lUtreea alter eating, torpid llrcr, ooeaiH
leferje h nirrr Htmy will oot try
are iLvonjueutlet hj f,c tUajheat tuedleaJ
'ntKi, d ii
WHrrno'cd o luodjee an i-
'W" wnereui r
eftevt fhej it excKUntflj
Hre.at lc, jMtrfcctly pure, -mid haru.Iec
Notk Any eranu t reteaJlng to sell Pitata
tiiu DltUii iu ! ilkur ) tltebtUou lc a swindle
n I trui-oB'or ttlaut u, ndly la ouxlog cabla
1 -tir U i: f It j It Ire .culled with lmitatloa
t loT.ri i catun, lar uhUh ac.eral perauua ar al
t ulj Ifi itifii' -J everj l-wttl haa one
i .it l -til. atamp oTcr tli cork uaiaWUaifi,
ii 1 imi cigcalure on creel-, Ut aid label.
I !j fiwM If leilcrc throughout th bah
1 . i 1 C DRAKE A tO-
m4 Mttwdway, N. V
V 4 U -!( Mi),
U0 ttCft o
I V alLUr- II X j()N,
Hki lUacturersuf
l 1 uLh ruth VNU WATKH I'ltUOr ELT,
i -hi- r nd Gn i l jiooFt
l 1 IVsCut'aetOulcttcuttbuKtW fadu awe.
(T'-ria Hit) Imi l!(t At uflluo Ciutoai ItuuraOti
l I'tipftM), Wetitl. Btteut ad Luiuslaua avenua,
i tir ivi In rkiHl tn riet UiTtce Di. "UU VII work
oulinl pivmpll) aa tmi thimoct feAjonal l terms
aud warrauteil. lVit-i 1 1 o jroo.ptl,
rut 1 -Jm
11,1. V. 1I.10.S ,-. tu,
1 t ot li . rKouil (trct wet, Wasti'a, v l
RDUll.SU KtLl, JJUV ANll lAHltaii.
.l i 1 Kuu wholes!. AuJi.l.ll
CMA.iirs surpllnl on tli. uost 111 rsl l.Miii
..twry, too) cf Tirttitr-.mod .tr.t m
omw, Itl TralfSwin sttMt tslosr Ttun.
ylinls.Trnua. tuU-a

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