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MONDATlllimillllllilllllimmJUNB . 1M.
ron vice piiesident,
person tvuo n rr,t ar the iemxs or
"i morniM rcixrAROoiTo all who
Lotal PxxysTLTAXUxs will bold a meeting
at the Union League Room, Ninth street, to
Borrow evening. See special nolle a.
Til lew. Aelattaa Th Caisdldatee of
the II timer Ccmvautles. Enaontd
Last Satardej evening this Association bold
one of tha most enthusiastic and Interesting
meetings sloce lu organisation. Orcr fort;
mrabfri were prefect. Speeches were made
by Hon. Elijah Bells and Judge Tabor, In tap
port of the Colon nomination!, and to latar
for lu success.
Mr. A. M. Scott (of Fairfield) Introduced the
following resolutions, which were unanimously
agreed to:
ItttolvitL Tha this aaaoclatloa tnoat heartily
and cheerfully endorse the nnmlneea of the
Baltimore C nventlon, of tbe 7th Instsoi' that
the ai social Ion have tha uiost Implicit confi
dence lotbtlr Integrity and devoted patriotism,
and the Maocletlno bereby pledges aaIJ noml
neea Jta nndlTldt-d and eroet support, and
tbat It will Labor unceasingly, ' In aearan and
out of season," fur their triumphant eltctlon.
TfcsoiW, lhat la ABKABA.U Liucolx we
recognize a true apeclmen of God'a noblest
woik "an honest man; and in Amdkbw
Jpdbboh, a worthy compeer for tbe second
office In the gift of the people.
-nrsolW, That we no leia endorse the Flat
form of said NVIonal Con ftn lion than we do
the nominees thereof; around earn, aud both
rery Uberty-l0)lrg raan In tbe land ran most
devotedly rally.
committee was then appointed, conslstlog
of Mr. L. D. logtrsoll, Judge Scott, and Judge
Mills, to wait upon tbe Presldentof theUnttod
Slate, and ascertain at what time he would be
pleated to receive tbe Association In a body
About one thoniaad dollar wat collected for
tbe Iowa Statu Fair to be held at Dubuque dnr
log the present month.
It waa then ordered that tbe Association bold
two meetiogt each monthon the second and
last Saturday evenings. Adjourned
Miftflin Mitchell was presented. ' between
lb at,"t her bant perforator at the Boa
ton to atr.Iat Friday DlDg,b Manatr War
ami, wiu. aauTtr tm worm piee, ntinnit r
billowing laaer ptloat Presented to Mlia Mantle
Mitchell by Wytsmaa MarabsiL maaagarof th
B atoaibvatrr, la token of his friendship and at a
'tfhitriatet'ihrdramtttDlna Boston etun
13 lie,"
Liter. Cou Clakk B. Bsxdwiw, of the 1st
MaiaaaAuiftts reglaaauf. la a prisoner at Lynch
birr,V. KutitccMUwiltbaaladtoUarnthaibalt
11 (hm! health, and report bla tit Mut ai tit
bines of tbe re'cls as baler kio4 ad bumaae
LtiCT. .'ol. Edml'nd Rica, of tbe 19ih Mas
la haaatrirexImeLt, waarsiMirUdanoDi ibekl'icd
f Any mo aloee wbicb tins a letter from him,
eM ty flaff of liuce, ba te-a ircelvrd by fait
Sattrr, daltd GnrUosavlUe, V , May 11 ittMof
laat be pilai- uvr and '-on b a way t Klabniiud
or BAuewbcre clae
Out. K ipatkicc la In Newhurgb, N. T.,
satf (liffrom wounda laetltad la u(rla. he
wa ka w nb eratetu a.
ThiDsstuip Joxbs. The Richmond Ex-amino-.
In an artlcleupon tbe capture of Ptanu
t m by Gen. Hooter, says i
The worst new of the whole affair Is. tbat
Gen. William . Jones was certainly killed lo
the fight. This is melancholy news Indeed,
f r Lb wis decidedly one of tbe best earalr
officers in itiaswlc , and one whom the conn
t y can HI afford to l.-ae at this Juncture, fir
wss an oflcer Id iheuM army. If we mUtakr
n t, where he left a record of titueh dlstlnc
t n, and was as brare and fearless a spirit as
erer drew iwnrd. Ills operations In this wr
hare been moetlyconfloea to Wratern Virginia,
and am too fresh lo tbe minds of tbe public to
need any review at tbls time. Since bis de
raise, the command derolres anon Oen
Vaufiban, who, w believe, Is of Tennessss
The enemy, we learn, waa under command ol
O u. Ilaater, successor of tbe vanquished
Dutch Qtn.tifral.
RiaiL Atkocitiis in Louiiuaa Tbe New
Orleans Trut Ptlta aaysi
A few dava an a party of guerrillas, under
one Lieut. Wrrn trope, paased the Government
iiantauon on me upeiouaas lull road, leased
T Mr. Thorn aa J. Ileudernon. and took off
lour wnite men, one or wnom, victor Abnar.
was led about two hundred yards from tbe field
In which be was working, tied, and ihotthrooiib
the forehead. Tbe deceased leaves a wife and
family In Algiers. This la another cold-blooded
(Jen. McNeil, commanding at DrashearClty,
will be hero to-day to cou suit with the eorn
maudlDg Oeneral as to some mesns by wbicn
tbeseoutrages may be prevented. Gen. McNeil
has had mucb experience with these rascals,
and we predict for thf-m au unwholesome re
ception When In Mlasourl the General exe
snted summary Joaticn on them "Vlib good
Tui KfBiLtu.kr.iiixmiia. Oor luforma
llou from CJK.njl. u to the .ffect that tbe tf
foil, of lbrttl hirsbuters to pick olT our
offlcut Is frarfullj tucrrs.fal, muih mor. eo.
Indeed, iL.u evtr belim. Mott of tbeiu use a
roceoll) Imported Whllwortb gun, which 1.
aid to hn superior to an) thing In use by our
lorn It Is understood that the rebels pay as
miih. H,W0 apiece lor then guns. Wed.
not knuw inn kind of money used, but tapposo
Koid or iterllat; escbangr, as Johnny Bull,
in m whom they were purchased, would prob
ably lnal.1 ou good mooey. Ooa of the guns
was captured the other side of Itessea some
time slum, in tbls wayt
A ehsrpbooier (rebel) climbed Into a tree,
and tltd a bsudkercbler around his waist to
p -event bla falling u ease be should be wounded,
ine rebel wss not mora than comfortably died
before a Federal sharpshooter trad a shot
through his neck and Instantly killed him. II.
hung In the tree until our llnea extended to tbe
spot, whsn be waa cut down and his gun taken.
iJor Norton, CoL Wllea, Capt. Hberldan,
and many others wcra shot with tbe tTbttwonh
rifle. CSattanoiga GtutU,
1 lu Lourt Theatre at If nnlclihes bxu opened
f jr tbe flr.t Urn. since the death of lbs lata King
ui Bavaria, with Mosart's "Tltns." TheanUr.
audlcnre was dressed In mourning.
Battle at Bottom Bridge.
Hanoock Forced tho Passage at
tho Point of tho Bayonet.
Tho Enemy Dofoatod
Driven Away.
An Intelligent officer of cavalry arrived In
town this morning from the frost. He left a
point ten miles from the front Sunday fore
noon, and reports that firing was distinctly
beard during Saturday, aud late Saturday
sight. In the direction of "Bottom Bridge,'
which crosses the Chlckehomlny at a point
about twelve miles east from Richmond and
about seven miles northeast of the mouth of
"Four-mite Creek, on tbe Jamea river.
When he left be says the report bad Just
reached the place that Ilancock, after a des
perate fight, succeeded In dislodging the enemy
and carrying the bridge at tbe point of tha bay.
onet that be held It aud the whole army was
succesfully crossing at thai point.
Tbe same officer was with tbe army on
Friday, and stated tbat our troops were never
In such high spirits, and tha officers expreaa tbe
greatest confidence in final and early success.
Wherever Generals Grant, Ueade, Hancock,
Burnslde, Warrea, Wright, or Smith appear
along the lines, thsy are greeted with the
greatest enthusiasm.
It .s proper to say that up to tbe hour of go
ing to press there Is no official confirmation of
tbe above news, but at tbe same time there Is
re-aeon to believe tbat It Is probably true.
W PtraaTwaiT, luee IS aooa
Mtit 0rl D'm. Aw York.
A dispatch from General Hunter, dated at S
oiiocK on inn mora in r oi iae cin.fweanes
oay,i ai oiausiou, repona mat "we met toe
enemy at rledmont last Sunday, tbe 4th
stent, killing W. K. Jones, their commanding
eeoeral, and totally routing them after a attle
nr ten hours" duration. We bava captured
1 500 prisoners altogether, and 1.000 men and
over sixty officers on tbe field of battle. Also
3,000 stand o( arms, tnrea pleceaof artillery.
oa a Test nuauuiyor store, we nave to-dav
effected a Junction with Generals Crook and
It Is ststed In another dispatch, (unofficial.)
dated Staunton. June Qlh tbat " eur lnfanlrv is
now engaged In burning the ties and bending
tbe rail etst and weM, All tbe government
anl railroad bulldluss have been burned at
Staunton, Irylnla. r leave to-morrow.
it. it. .m cui nr. wvpner operator."
A dlapatch from Gen. Grant's headquarters.
dated yesterday, at four p. m., reporla that tbe
reoeicavairy naviog yeateraay made a dssn
Into Wilson's lines, near tbe Tenny House,
wiieoa im morniug ecnt out a part oi si act
InUwh brigade to see where the enemv was,
Their pick eta were driven beck and their outer
line forced, the cavalry patalng over the en
trenchments. About amllewMt of Bethesdt
Church, Mackintosh came upon Field's division
i loianirv, aoa naricg accompusned toe rur
poae of hie reconnolsssnce, returned. He killed
and wounded a number of rebels in bis pro
err a s ana orougni away rouror ore prisoners
lie had sixteen men killed and wounded.
Dispatches from Gen. Sherman, dated at bis
neaaquaners, mz Dnantr. ueoraia. tots morn
lug, have been received. They state tbat onr
lines srn within four or five hundred ysrds of
the enemy, but no Ashling ye.
(Signed) XdsiIK M. Bvaktos,
Secretary of War.
w Trk ItMk LIU.
By tha Ptople'a Ts'eirarb Ltaaa.
On SIl Mntb straat aad aoraar Penaaylrtala
avtnua aal statb atrl.
MftMDlT. iOlB lS--riT lOUD
U.s isei Coupons'
C a S-so
rttQaaUa of ladabtadoeaa
Hudson River ,
Raadlng ,
tlWhijtia Central....,
Hlchlco Soutbara
tlllnot Central
Cleveland and PlUaburf
Uloea aal Chlaco
Clevatand aad Toledo
Hilaaajo and Roek lalaad
Mlwauklad PralrlsduCbl'B
Pl'ttburf, Fort Wayn. and Cfclaaxo
Alton and Terr Haute...,
blcnand Nortbweetsra.
Quick ill vr
. SJ
64 S
Horcaia Valla la th S)lej mf Frauakfart-
He Captwr Twt Ohlt Bglawit at
rjrnthlatna Horga FlaaUr Dfalal
by Oew DHrbHaJga.
CijrciHXATI, Jone 13 Uorjran with abot
tbreethoosaod men attacked .he lC8tl ilndlana
and 171st Ohio, under Col. liobaon, at Uyn
tblaua, Kentucky, veaterdsy. anl after a pretty
evere fljebt corn pell e4 Ifobson to sorrender, on
condition that bis men should be Immediately
Tbe flchiio.? took place principally In ibe
streets of Cynthlana. Boms of oor troops took
refuge In the conrt bouse, and In order to dls
Indjfe tbem the stable near tbe hotel was set on
figo. About twenty building were thus con
earned before the fire was extinguished. Oar
loes was 15 killed and 50 wounded.
Col. Benjamin, Provost Marshal of Coving
ton, was mortally wounded. Col. 0 arris, lMih
Ohio, was severely wounded, It Is also reported
that Gen. Ilobson was wounded. Onr loaa la
prisoners Is from twelve to fifteen hundred
1 hi morning; (Jen. Durbrldge, who left Pari
(. dikui, icu upon Morgan wmie hi, men
were at breakfast, and after a very severe tight
defeated Mm, scai.erlnfc bis forcee la all direc
tion. About ISO prlsonsrs were taken. In
dadlot; 30 officers.
Oen. Uarbrldge, at lasiadrlees, wai tlnaely
following tbe flrelne rebels.
BKeotm DisraTca.
LofisviLLi, Jane 12. Dr Wheeler, United
States mall agent, who has been at Tr.nkfv.rt
dorlnir the alcjje, left Krenkfort at 4 10 this
He reports that tbe fight t-Qmmeni.ed at 6
o'clock on Friday evening, lasting till dark,
snd at Intervals daring tbe night the enemy
aprroschlngfrom Georgetown In two forces,
SKgrrKailog twelre hundred men j whereof
seven hundred entered Old and' Ire hondred '
Sew fraukfort. They bad bo artl lery, A j
small four pouader had been placed below lbs
lured by the rebels, but was Bnbse.tienUy re-1
...v... u.,u,u.j i.. unos; conimuea
.i?.?n,,nniIi,k .km9.r,. ",,U 'nr"lnlh
afiernoon, with shorl ist.rvals of Interrnp.
Th. ,.i. rr..A. , a . . , .
The nbcla made two demands durlna; taa
ieJ. r. alad-h.' rnV0!."" ""fff wbleb t
cLmmanSht? th. """"" M1 Kentucky,
Ttar.h.if.h.i?' ...
ine rebeia abandoneJ th aiia.k .. j .u.k
ou Balnrd.v aftarnoo,. -V. . . .V " " " 1
were moving csstward
' Tbe yederal loss w.. .1. ..-..
sarlon.lv. Th...M,.T,...."""","i """
flftv rirr.l. Mi.ii.iJ. . V "u,,a""
dlirs. ' 6' wh0, wmn ,oN
HO injury was do,, w tnttkmi
the bttrnlnsr of tbe barracks on tho cdffA of iha
dly on Friday night, which was reported to be
a Dnug. inree muea norinwaro. nx
Caw. i Dickson, of Oen. BnrbrMra'a .rr
telegrapba Oen. Ewlne, Lexington, V.S0 p. in.,
that Bnrbrldg. completely1 touted ' Morgan's
command at Cynthia this morning, J ,jj
Jack Allen'a force, three hundred strong,
which has been attacking rrstikfort, Is said to
be at Laurenceburg.
I have, he adds, traced the Sight or three
hundred of Morgan's moo, under Col. GUtnar,
to Versailles, msny of whom have thrown
away their arms, and w)ll rrcbahly unite with,
Gen. Carrlnsrton has received fmm ci.n
Uslulselman a dlsnatch pnnflrmtn? tr,n.V..7:
ter to Ilobson, and the aubsojueut auccees of
Gen. Burbrldge.
Hon. Francis II. BrUlow, member of the
Mth Congress, died at Xlkton, Kentucky, on
Frldav.of heart dlar.u. V
Qr.at n.tiaeatl.is IlKtl.gal Imn.n.j..
Ila, sjadlana
InniAMsrotia. Jone 12.A mas. m iin. a
ratify the nominations of tbe Baltimore Con
vention waa held here lent nlqht.
u was largely auenaca.
Addressee were delivered bv Oov. Morton
and other prominent gentlemen.
Oov. Morton, referring to Fremont's letter
accepting the nomlnsllon or the Clevelsnd con
vention, aajd tbe silence of Fremont lu regard
to the prosecution f tbe war aud tbe suppres
sion of the rebellion gave rise to tbe most
painint apprehensions or bis true position.
He (the Onvertior) had carried Fremont's
stsndard In 18M, aod endesvorrd to sustain
him as a politician and military chieftain; bM
never, until he saw tbat Inter, bid be ceus to
regret whathe had done. That lettergar. toy
to hU enemies and pain to his friends, and,
omitting one or two aentencea, there was
nothing In It that might not have b.tn written
and subscribed to by Vallandlgb',m without
FraM Ik. Araajr of she Patouoe.
CerreipoDdMM of th. &f .oslated Pren 1
uianonamviaa Anur n m pmum
June . Nothing eapecl.Uj, Interesting tore-
.. vu M..iw, u.j une picK uring nss
been kCCt UP all dav. -hit. at nthrr tin nt. ti
would seem, as If by mutual agreement, tbla
f f ji i "a" i,Ml evening a battery
In Blrney a dlvl ion opened on a house on cur
left, which, aocordlng to a deserter, who came
In this morn ng, wss occupied by Oen. Wilcox,
and three 'shells went through It, causing tbe
occupant, to lUVe ralher hastily. Tbe lire
was returned with very good aim, bnt without
loss to us. The deserter ssys thst Bainrcgsrd's
troops are posted from Botlom'a Bridge all the
wajioioe jamea river, .atching rorine ap
pearance of our army In that direction
wcwi iu, p. m. .The enemy are busy throw
ing up formications In the vicinity of Stunner
and Botlom'a Brltos The aolrca uf Bleb.
mond se visible trum tbe signal Stallone at
mesa points, ana wagon trains can be seen
moving within three or four miles of tbe dly,
where the road for a short distance Is visible.
Very Utile firing bas taken place to-dat . No
change In position bss been inada for the pan
two days; bnt we expect news dall) of tbe re
sult of an expedition which started not long
avo. Last etcnlnir. as Col. McAllister, nf ibi.
11th New York volunteers, was ridlnir aloni?
tu. uur, no was urea ai ny a reoei sliarps Hooter,
notwlthslsudlng there had bcru a tacit airrf
ment that no picket tiring should take plsce
The ball passed across ibcColonel'f breast aud
entered tbe heart of Wilson Snooke, tbo Colo-
ners oraenr. who wns rid ntr with b m. The
entire command was at pnre put under arms,
cipvcimic au auacK, out uoining tanner trans
Th. luva.lou of K.nitteky
LoLlsriLLB, June 13. Oru. I arrlngton baa
Jusl received the following telegram frnn Gen.
Burbrldge t
"Lixi-oTOjt, 1 p. m I have beirdiolh
Ing of or from Gov. Bramlette.
" The rebels left here yesterday for George
town, and are supposed to hsv' goneenst from
Gen. Burbrldge started In pursuit, with
fresh horses, Issl night, and will push them
up and fight Ihem steadtlv
A messenger who left the cental at 4
o'clock this morning, reports thst Frankfjrt
launder martial law and that all men capa
ble of bearing arms have been armed to de
fend tbe citv.
The 8tate archives are helnff rrmntr I to thi .
. . j - . .. . . -..::.
ion, iaa ucu. ceeo is conuacul oi nia anility
to hold It until reinforcements shall arrive.
A force of three thousand rebels ocfntiv
stockades three miles this eld of Frankfort,
vj prevent tciaiurr-nirnim. rrarning rranKiort
irm ixiDisTiiie.
1 he Union troops msde sn stuck on the I
stockade, last nhrht. bat wer. rnnl.vvl h. .-,. I
perlor numbers. I
lxirisvau, June 13 By order'uf ibe fmv-1
ernor, me enure enrotiea mllllls or JetTnrsou
county have been ordered out, and business Ir ,
directed to be sufpnded until fnrther order? J
X conrlsr from Frankfort reports that a flr a
of truce was sent to Governor BramUlte, j
mandlng an Immediate and nncondltlo oai
surrender of Trankfort, which was declP ied
and fighting wss resumed. .n authentlr iI
reportsayitberewereabjutooebuodreil 1 (jiinj
awu wuuuuw i emotion a aiy.
Battl as Colambl , Arb.Th I t.ror
aiko, ill , Juno iu uy an arrlr 0e the
stearaex Liberty, further accounts of Iheljaltl-
at Colambla. Arkansas, hsre been r .i. t..
1f " forces ennased are e nil oali-d si
Smith landed at Sanojsldeon tbe sth and
toer up the line of march early I j ibe monilnir.
nnder a heavy rain in Ine dl-.ecilo a f L.ke
Cheat. About U o'clock tbo .dranc . met two
regiments of the enemy, sirooglv P sted oppo
site tbe bank of a bayon euipiyii ,K into the
Jake, and opened lire upon iberr from two
iruna. They fell bsck to a second nn.iun nn
Ihe bsyos, itsrlng au oja u.M hat.enn the
Our fire waa responded to by tl (C enemy with
abatteryofslxgnns turforce iioondeaistud
from tbe use of their fi7 ns, an d a dtauced under
a heavy flra upon tje enerfly 1lne,drlvln
them from their pos' Unn. 1 he enemy retreated
In a westerly dlrrctlon, lea' ,iD the lake la the
r D rendcKog It Impi acllcable U purue,
Tbe eugegeraent lasted an hour. Our loss
was tweniyk'Uled and se enty wounded. Tbe
evemy s h, was sbou' . ibo same number.
unr forcee, .offered moit (n crossing the open
MsrtTiaduie I report ato hula command.
eo . Mower had bora hftt under him
twlc'j, while leadlnir 1 aln mu nn th nrmi.
AbsndofgaerrlUr amsdea.railun theplau
tatlonof Jnde Den , near Bknworths Land-
log, on the 7tb Inst ant, csptnrlupalxty ronlca
uu r(iuK -u 11 mr negroes einploved on
the plantation.
Xewa tt om if bl ffuurc
roRTarss HofiKoi. Jaoe 12. A Im- KU&
tnona psprr aay. tbat aevrral suaratr hare , .lasted to the Haiv-woe cous.il ssssmM.il la
arrived al Cbarlealon, 8. C., witlilu a r. 'lays, lbs Oiuactl ihamtrsr at IB o'closk this morulas;
among tbem a flu. St. unship Ijelonrlne ll I ' oraaaliatloai lbs lubblss aauawalle hatlaa;
Cblcora romDanv l...o throofKl with a srowd ol sltlisos, who w.ra
M. llnSS ?.' i . h-. i ,,rsent to witness IhelrlDductlon Into .01s.
" 0",0a.,Ji ine 4. The cneiuy ai. ih. numbers wsrsssil.l toordsr by K I. Hsr
if tbrowlnjr forwa. rd troo s on onr right. ej sserstarrol lha 1st. Uamd. aad lb. oatbto
uu.iun.iii. ariiiirn t BKlrinlsnini! since unn' . isuninuy cxevui. iubouhm ui in.ir umc. . ,u
o'clock lo-dsy. (, i. Echols l" wounded tt efltelr skill andablllly.a.dlh.oalhorallr-
. R. BlKbv. of Ihe Ui h Illinois rra-lraimt i-."i u-.ji.i.. J.ti. n o wii.n. John A.
Ibeenerav Is r.wt irvin t Kimr.ir.n r..
miles below
A DOrtlOD Of thft. 1 7lh .rrnv rnm. U m.w ..
tha way from ln s.MlisisalppI to reinforce
Bhermsn They has e reached Van linn ti
rrora Gear., null.r's Arnir.
iorvhisb uoiton, June II About one
day fro.j, tb. Whli , House, ,n rout, home, ihelr
iiimw tnlletnien t liarlnit oiplred. Tbls ll
nof Ihellrst ll iree ytars' rnglments, Only
three or the orlitnal officers rwnaln, vlci Col.
'!' ' Co1 Cu'i C-Pt, Patterson.
Col. Chambers, SJi MassacbuscUa reirlment,
has bn suffering for to me .SuTlu I crTtlc.i
con.liloo, at Chea .peak, hospital,' from a gun-
shot wound. On lbun.dsyl.st the Mil .as
..t...ai - l . . , . ..
"A.1' "V.u. "' " "" omK will.
The propel er M oonllrht arrived bxjav from
Vew Birne N O &,&...'
V J? L V, . . " n",B"w: ,
roc p. m. Tl M awasaer John A. Warner
. .. . ''"g" . cspiurooon Tuursisy las
lmtu "" ',b,J w ro'"'' Petersburj
,, WM ,, j. Ktw 1rk MJ
FflURO'CLOCKri'. Bl. .'
Oflle.r. of M.rlu. Cnrp. Il.llr.it.
Col. Dalaney .nil Lieut. Colt. M.rtton nJ
Kcjnoldi.ot.aUi. Mitln. CotH, lu bwu
UreJ, .fin, forty-Are jr' terrier. This
ltve Mij:Xetilnlhrj)lororatrf4flhf witp
on tbe actlre Utt.
We noaeret.nl that tti late Ool.ltarrla't
tucccwer will be tithe- MaJ. Berlin rr Ma).
ArrlT-.l.nf AVnnnilrit from M'hlt. IIimi..
Tb steamer TliuuM A. Morgan arrtre4at
Sixth street wharf this morning, taring on
board two, hundred and flit; Ale and wonnded
officer, and soldlere.
The Utile Bater, wlh mall and passengers,
which left the White IIone yesterday morning,
arrlred at the alith street wharf this moralng
8he brought np the bodle. of Capt. Jno. Backus,
1st Connecticut caralry, and Lieut. Col. Thos.
Bnrfee, Sltt Connecticut. Bhe aJso brought
up tha Id Wlsconrln regiment, their Mmo
hsrlnft eiplred. She brought no news.
The steamer John Brooks arrlnid yesterday
morning, hating on board thnie bnndrcd
wounded, most of them severe cssiw.
Tbe Daniel Webster arrived at Alixadrla
yesterday roornlnf with a nnrabTof wnnnded
from the While llonie.
IMbii ii Aawoxr IIospitm. Afljatant
Henry McCarTlUe, of the 35th Macs.chusctU
regiment, died yesterday at Armory Uospltal,
of wounds. Col. Blchsrd Byrnes, of the 2Slh
Masftachusetls regiment, died In tho same hoe
pltal, of wonndt received In the late battles.
Col. Uyrnes was born In Ireland, and at the
time he was appointed to the colondry was a
Bret lieutenant In the S:h U. 8. cavalry. He
was an estimable officer.
Nitu MsesirnraBTTrt Bjioiubit. This
gallant regiment, having served threo ytfrs In
tbe Army of th. Potomac In aucli a manner as
to win Imperishable honor, returned from the
front yesterday and are bound to Boston.
During their last campaign this brave regi
ment has lost two hundred and slity-two men
aud rtturna to Massachusetts with twn lmii
dred and olghty.oue
Falsi Kuvor.- - V false rumor In New l orb
to the clTect tbat Grant was rc'xeailng, sent
gold up from 1M lo 1B7j.
.lulls (, NtiioiT,Ksq.,th private sei rctary
fth. rreslripot, stivetrOonl iVeil vesterdar. on
Inii.n.t. f... Ma Ka.llh M Will .TnltlMl vUtt.nd
his triitasfsr as Denisr, cr-UtrS'le Tsrrttor, t-
lore nit roiur A
f-lra Scaslon.
vtiK'nar. June 13. SiU.
Mr aarrner ProteIa poiltlon Iruiu Trier
Ctwper, o f New Yotlr, relative to oar systum of
uoancc, and askloft tor sucn lriaiainn a. win
pay tho current expe.isce of thu OoverDnjeot
ann inw rret oo an in ' puwnc uuuij miri a
restlnie a dlLTcrcnt syatenf of currencv, m as to
txclode tbo iKBaea of State hsnks. With Swe.
denhnnr t.u .tVrU.. ntlni. to lefflsTate PCrmt
nentval ue Intoa papercurreicy. Tbe petltl'n
was ref .rred to the Klnanee C Qioniiuee.
Mr. C .rinita preuted a petition froia th
constat WHndfroucltUeDSorttVRlstriit, as
wrllas tbe Judcr of the bupreine Court of lUi
Dlstric t of Columbia, praylntr tbe rT"1 of.
imifh nfthftart nf f.rrh 8. ISA... tf
from t ho county constablrs the rli;hl , "v arreat
nrrsoi,. rliirirrt! wlthoffonrr apalnU tL'e "'Un
t .: '-
iiitl ll.w.
K tferrd to Die
immlltrn on lb- in trlct
nf (JolnmblH.
"rtr. MIeon, from tuo Commutes ou Ml.
tai 7 AtTalrf, reported the IToute bill to pro
vt de for the more speedy punihbment of
p1 lerrlllas, with amendment.
110U8E OF KEfKE3K.NTATlvCa?.
Mr. Da we, from the Committee otElectlou,
to which the subject of military appointment
uad been referred, made a report to tho effect
chat General Robert C. Scbcuck, having re
signed hi coinmiseion teroro tbe comianiir-
mi-ntof the session of Congress, was not Ul-
onallfled from holding: a seat as a member from
f blo, bnt tbat Major General Francis V. Hlslr,
by cntlnnlnir to hold a mintary commlaa.on
llllJanuary, l&fls, did thereby dlsaualiry him-
self from holding a s-at as i rnemher fron
The report ws, Mr the ,.rcr,i l.M wi. me
The House concurred lu the report of the
committee of conference on the dUKTeolog
mnirtrlmfnta of the two lfoueea concerning the
pay of certain colored troops. Among other
Ihlnirs ll aulfcorlzrs tbe AttorDCI flenrsl tn
tlltrinlne aoj rinestlon of law. In order to u
able colored troops to reci He their pay, bounty,
i lothlng, etc.
Mr. oinencK, oi uaio, irota ine oiuuiinc"
Ml. L Biucuv, w. wu.u, nT , " :"
on Military AUlrs,reportua a wil - orepfanuu
throe hundred dollarcuuimutalloaiUusnln tun
mrolcuent Mill and tnon-d thu previous ques
. Inn
)KtiUarla nir. tkereaolnt on wontuitr
Mr. Garfield lutroducr4 a Joint rcsolutlnu,
I thai no isuie declared to lie in rebellion iy ibe
nrnelamtlon of the President of the United
tiuua shall be entlilod to appoint elector for
VYt-aldtul and Vice Presidents and nu uluttural
vole from aay such State shall b received or
oanted uotlt both llouans of Cong res a, by
concurrent action, shall have reeugnlnul a
m.ie KOTcrumwi u ruvit .
On motion or r. liiaine. ot jiainr;, mo
vsolotlon ws. laid o tbe t.bl-yra. J04,
nay 3.".,
" " """
srura ISurup.
Caj-b lUca. June 18. Tbo steamer UtWut
fntm Liverpool June 3d, Londonderry nn tbe
- passea en rour w yaeaec yeiicruay.
' tier news Is nnlmDortant.
Consols closed at WICJOIJ for mon-y
- , . .
v 'i T 4 TM7 A T1U
J .u.ugnr.tloa ,f h. M.ror - O.n.ut..
tloie of ibe Coanells.
HoABti of Couuom Coumcil. la accordance
wltti tbe provlsieesof th. shsrlir, th. nisoit.r.
siwt n"ij-laxul W uaen, Wai rattlbons,
s.mMsl Truth.
Mrd nr.M-N. U Urner, T . Ble.sss. Jsues
fJIA'tfarJ-Alburj Lloyd, W W Jloore, Eli
jah rilpinnstao.
yiVi ir.nt-Wm r. rartusoa, iaaiss S. llivls,
r. If. Waul
.via H.irf-imof.t Jiwsla. Thomas B. Msiehs,
t ic.irae R Run.
imJi Ba.i-'Vr. T. Walker, J. Q. Dudley, Ceo.
Mr. Fernuioo submitted a resolution dedal-Ins
Aabui 7 Lloyd the President of tha lMarJ for the
Hotly-, leroud Lounalli whleL was uasntmouily
ii t iildal eUel was assorte 1 la Ike ahllr by
Messis Icrauson and X.arn, and aadraual tee
Heard aa loll.we.
ruIiMi. ' " r . C'eanrt;
1 rvtura nr .locate tbsnks lor ths bono. y
bs.asoor. rr.d uu nie, la sel.etio. tus sesla toj rr
slds o. ar f our deUbsietloul.
a.r - a -J - -. enHa. ...l.j. r.Alns.lai.1 l.t r..
' Wi h '"', tewelbef to- ia aetueted b no
I I'.rlr 'sella or psny itrjodloe, nut ss lb. tsprs-
.sniatiris o r the etty of Wasblnatun. lecMuljltut
thaaioat fupdamabtal (irloclj'l of lnjatt od
IIDUIIVH w sase uiie...' w- . -...--
ateitaielft: ,au wlah laoonalatut with lbs nrct.
nrratlon and jrptutloaof uurnatloml espttal,
and although mu hwa acrompllsked ly the pr
eedlna; Couuoli nverthelss, mush remaloatobe
done, aiad I am Miiirrd that eaoh and all ol yuu,
will eater upon the dlioharire of rour duties with
a full aod settled dstenataatida to labor with an
eye alexia to the beat Interests ef tbe city.
tf IS wbh gnuwA iuait iur ibbbf j(nn iis.i um
city of WasblnKtoahMbeeaeatiroatsed and atla
iuailtlbyafwDOtldentl&ilwlth tbe lotaresfs
of thicltyaaaenenue town, wblah I alwaya
rtrded ea usjuit aril ueianeroua iu tbe extrerae.
VaarthB1iI IaaV fnrtjru.i'il tfimiM't atnilva
tmiroveii.ente n our midst, and to-Ji) cj'n ao
no'iDtifj inoi our eny un ntumi m i-u(niiiiuH
uriihin fh Utt flra vtar trntn 13.100 tn iinwarila
ortcdooo. antlt' at thenwtchoflmpiorementihaa
been f wtta uui lewwxaepuaoai in prworivmr-c-;
Aril, (rpntiemen. l iron inn. win ipirit win con-
ll.. i ...s saatJsk fan til stll f aii B-ratal ar
IIUUI III, SJ'll B..ii-. u.. ., u v. -.'- .--
o.wned.pftiVl.eflfi lighted, a;oit eweratte to all
aeettoa. and an alumlast sjprlf of ao! and
wholciocs water atetery door. And, reatlemao.
I QClirC in Ba" our puouc cnor. ) urn vncuurBt;rii
scd sustalacd, net taaJa as perset as ponltile.
until our 4ltysbU trteOrne what it wasdetfoej
tobebytta tlluatrloua (oundsr, worthy to be tbe
capital of a ftreftt aad (rrowtea: nattoa.
And now, centieraen, Knowme; tun treii inas aii
tblnfs pertalnlor to the rood of tb city wilt en-t-e
ytrut attention, allow me to ty, as yonr pre
Idlflc ofTleer, tbst, with vour co-operation. 1 abail
eamratty endeavor to dUehirt; toe dutlea of the
cnsir ritiy aan lmpanisiiy. ann i iraai ourar.
Ion will N a harmonlona and protpsroui one, sod
ntthetlei eh and all of u mar entertain tbe
proud com let Ion rf baring fllfhaied our duty ao
aa in n'" tur Roiurn rrBnii n CJi tmir, s.ii4
and faithful servant
Mr. I.rrjer aabnltted a rei61utlnn ileelftlaal'
L. Hurvey. aecretary, and A. It Eaton, neaicneer
10 ine n"ari ior nm rniuinj- yctrjiTtiira wi
aeref.1 1
Mr Lirner move 1 that a eummlttea be eU'Wdnt
sdtn wstton tbo Board of Aldermen, anl Inform
tbem Ibst tbls Board bad orcanlreil, and waa
ready fi proeeed to tbe builoraa o( tbe Inaufiira
tlin of the Mayor eleet. whl'h waa ajrxeed to, aod
Mraars Mrntr and Kelly wers appointed tb.n
Mr. FfTifiaon luialttf J a resolution, that the
rnjea ct order of th late Hoard bs adopted at the
rules oi the preasnT uoaru wmen wm atreea to
rnntritrn nrrin.
Nt nulT roietoa pnvlleted (juration, aal Jsn
cerrti ma reaitraiion at a ravmoerni inia u.ira,
tiretue he believed another cntleman bad beo
dulr elected an 1 waa Juatly entitled to tbe aeat he
now vcui'lej He aim preaente4 a comtnnnlratlnn
front Mr Tlrert. conteitant.
Mr. Marche moved that thernlcnttlo? be ko
aeoepiit wnicu wm arrrrn io.
Mr. Wilton aubaequeotly morrd a rcCo&Uera
tlonoT the rote, ana moved that tbe communica
tion be referred to tbe Comm fee on Elections,
urfcatn ffirnrdiwMth wil atrrnl to
Therealiraationof Mr. nnffwRi then tod. and
aao theetnimnalratlnnof Mr Ta'btrt Mr RtitT
aya b reilrna bftausehe bellrvfa Mr. Taltert
la Juatly entitled to hta . Mr Talbrrt, In h'a
communle tlon,Sft)S that 37 otea In the ttecond
r-rectflft. wbleb were rnted erl1eatty for bloi, and
which tf " W 1 1. la to Tolbert were thrown out.
la the aeeond nlaee.tbejudspa decided early In the
B)uolna;th"t tbe mli-apn'liDtjnf the nami u uM
mftbott tdlir.renre. but tbe vote mlaioellelwere
cientuOly hrowa out. Tortbeflnreaioaa bean-1
nouncri mi ii'mwn i nt'aici. iif uicccion
The antjeet h a laid on tbe table, to be reierra t
tthe Comm'tteenn KlecU-na when fotnied
The DeaM uf Aldermen having entered the
bamtwr, thejotnt mfetlnc waa called to onlrr b
thr Treatdeotof tbe Bi"d of Common Couoelf,
who morl lhat th tTiHrttntor the Doardot AI
drruitr (Mr io- I Ur-'wn) act as preitdent of the
Jo.o mretlnir, and Mr K I Harvey as secretary
which waaairrfedt'.
Mr. lurtnnaulitnltted a rviolutlon directing1 the
appointment of a enmmlttee of ae.en members, lo
conaiitnf lnr mrmtetaorthe Bord of Conuinn
i ouncll and three roc rubers of the Board rf Alder
sen, to examine the ret hid, of the com million era
of election, and report fie votea for Mayor to tbls
a.eet!nit whl-h wat aereedto, and tbe Chair ap
rmluoi M'ttra. Turtoo. Uwen. Lsroer, Moore,
Fetjrnro', MTMhan, and Lloyd tbeeommlttee.
The cumin lit i bavin; returned, reported that
firt.r ibf return of the election for Mavor, Rlab
atrl Wileh r rivt-d 3,306 roteii John II. Semme s,
3 I'.i otn, anil Job W Anxua, 1
The Trealdent then drclarrd tbat Bl chard Wal
ach,baiirtT reeired a majority of all tbetotra
., wti d ilr et'etM as M.yor for the ensulne,
tuorrar (Apotauael
Sir. Gullclt aiivtn Itcd a re jl'itloa that a uoiu
BtVtt of two be -ppo ctv'l Id wait upon Blsbard
Wallathand Infirm hid of bla electloo, which
trai. arreeft ti. nnd Meirs Cu'lck and Wilson
were ppolnttl
Ti commltiee ihortlr after returned, with Ibe
Mai or elret, who aieended tho Preatdsnt'a stand,
aud, aul I great nppltuae., deltiered the follow In f
UUOl'l ADDiril.
l.rnVfn of the St-arJ of J rfi nun end UtrS ff
i jfi ntn toirci
riav'Pf fur tit iMrd lixe t ttnaallalupouto nil
triiifti(tiou nf thl f Hia!titratof tha n.eironoll
'of the t'nift- I cannot titru It any, much lea an
n ceflnn like tbe present, to paaa without making
K iiriui ACKniwifrsoKQi io mr iciiow-cuieDi i tr
thilrnllen cipreaicd e afldeoce In me, anil cape.
ally f r tbir tutrktd approval ol nif eou'sedur-
lag my lail offlciM term
It-rriul il'ttlnttlon aeatn conferred on m !
uerl KB caprtiwH'n im inn luiuutoco ui wit iciivw
eltlfita aruriogwbooi my whol life haa ben pan
ed, lh I aatiiiethe rcap?naltllltle of rur posi
tion with greater vnttritice of ray ability to meet
them and rutrrnu a nw term of ottlc better fitted
to (ltakhtge Ita duMea At the ime time permit
m to expreaa my th.sk for tbe klndneai and eo.
oiertIn ire eUeillrouithemembereofbothboaida
or the Cl ' ounrlla rturlnc the term of mavortttr
J nit expirai, and with wbnm It waa a pleaaure to
et In i rotr etloj the Interrata snd promoting he
wfrof ibe cli)
Thoie of you who were my itacltta during
fiit nrrlod lu the mnatenent of th elti'i arTairi
baie, byyour re-election, reerl.fdau aaauranre
t it ptt tenlec have been n-oit proper!) appi"
I t-i trd and tbme nf you who bavejuat come into
; : CowlU m kLown tobegiattemen wottbyof
.... ionadae of thi m tber repreaeot, and will
tae puaaure in ai operating with oldrr t eiVera
( a: the o"" iu " 'rai improvamni ana
1 .janfr.ent of our common eltv.
i ..,. iH uttined that all that can will t don
for tb Kcliar of th community m, hoe4atrcats
1 yU,, t, lretsa-'lvakpn In charge, aod wboienell.
' 7.iog, rouei.iace, and e.5f ouhat utdr
I sakeu t v".1;"- -,-.., flri ,. Ih.
, Ufi ol ?$ilS&e
" UlMirnn?ut'cimpIlcd tu make xtlona
upnn tbantcansor all who dcalreaperpstuaUon
of free lnatitutlona,ind our elti.ln common with
",, ? X'riwwmZ cl "ihViu."
Happll, tlalacrlt with which our young men
vuluQterrid In the lint and greatsat moment of
lltDgff IO allO llllUU st oisj ICUUinu luax ciBtm sj
the ajrl Govrrument upon ua, and through tb
aup'oprlatlon of mocer by th laat Couaalia. th
iXiirnll'v o tt tiirm ncd th energy of thoi
beu Mitred from tbe pprbeoalon of aforeltle
flonacrlpilou uodr any of tb preieat calls by lb
PreiMaat for ironpa to ltd In the supprcsalon of
h..il sMllim
- - j, therefor the proud satisfaction rf
knowiog; at our ci'y haa furnished Ita quota
with musk MJacritr and ai ! expanse raan
nvo1ber ortlousf)ftba Union, allenelng forever
.... .k.l-.. ..I a .In . a an Im lit sr anl r.ann.nlli
in ,r, i.- ., . ... ,
as .! hiinn nlir It V iltr.
Ti la la not the iscelou nor have I th time, tn
dlrt jour attantlB or you tbafipatleoe to listen
to, a etn1i aut In detail f all th matters of In
tereat eonnevUJ with tka administration of Ihe
tty goffinment wbleh should engage your at
icutlon during th eomlog icralon of (h Cltr
wusin hiit,Bvair.ambriridu Ibis oitDorlunttv turn-
lighten the community un a subjeetof tbeareatest
lmitorttnc, uuon which th a who should Is ti-
." ".-; - . .ot,nt.
- -. --
T..a ""VovVr."" """.m"'"""
i TJm f0l upoB wblblbecliytand wasaeleeled
for tb seat of th General CJrrnmni
j nt. svUj of Ita geofraplealpoaltinn between
tbe.norin aiKi in awiw,
-f. Tha bulm toll from tboootan
id. Ildlaaa4la thtlnterl r and tiwardsthe
Theijiof bat leg apermaueutseatofitoveru.
meet la ledlcated In tbe CoutHutloo, which pro.
I vldr that Cnngresa ahtll 'exrrcUe eacluslie
' lfiislatlon la alt tsses wbatsocri ovr such Is
trittt (no' fervllor len miles sauare) aa mat Lv
ucsslou of pirtleuUr Stitrs nd the accsptanae cf
innirs iieeuu"' iiiiHktgi uiitrrnmra oi mr
- , ,,. , Jt ,. D rU, ., , tti
kr ti Sltvtf.ot MaivlaiidaodlltcluJ. io snslon
taken by Cnr ureas, aad commtsMirfrs wrio ,
po Utt til In 17S0 by tbe tbea PrsUei t, Gn rl
Waililiit',,o. under authority of t vt ajreis aud em
poarrl Mo survey, and. by proper metes and
bounds, define this terrltorVi aod to purchase or
accept stub rjuantlty of land on th eastern side of
tb tvtoinu river, within such District, as the
President luwJd dm proper for thauae of th
traltcd "ttr and, accord Id a; to sash p ana as the
President shall apivrnvi, provide suitable ImllJIn
anl ace tmmodatlonsfuf untreas, the President
aod tbe pubd olflee of the Gorernmcnt."
WbU a auccesasloo of hu a and valleys, the ell
of thla lty waa selected at the pcrmaoeot seat nf
Govrnmnt ol th I'nlled States, Irani that imi
tloaofth OfstrLrtof ten m lei square ceded b
tb State or Maryland
The owners of the su 1 Lerrab uts ia,e It; the
General Govromat n oel tei (th I " U
atreeta and avenues uf su-li mii - i JUI w lilh nd
extnt,but Hkwisery aier tale bitltlei I I
and nomtnaUy sold lo trie U.ijfea Stie, the
minimum pri mfi ai rr S s jt tilth
1 ; tr serial! mot whl ti those nni n-neats it
th nation's araniltur its publls tmildloxa-stand
(if tb V, St aerea of la 1 r.imprtiiai id h le
area of this rltj, th CoTerprai-nl mtalirl 11
rrcclft,aii wit in thr.isin oil-r-.
for aire aad avcauea lit). euros
10,11 huildlor lot 1 1
nil romlnall) puree aiei til '
Latlng lei the propr.ttu v( II Bill
every aite ii ini
s the same time the u'l Guv eminent as
.urn. net fr.nii u..i time-ilia till ivw. bv lie
i s-r .- --..,.-A larsSI ... ,1114 h, AKaa'
aiiAfiAaiira oi ihos eonimliB oners, a superintend
rnt and msvor Mr, Brtnt, sppolated by the
Prealdeat ef the,4Ja.td states, rolad otlr
and abtolut ssntrul not up y over all the streets
and avenues of Uta city, biit 111 ewlae a I muaiel
pal ss well as Federal Jur adisunn ptr t's title
sens, and e.en to the ifeieat tin. t.e General
Gorrrnuent clalius ao I aerclse. ibromli Ira
Commlaa loners of Publls Bulldlnf, Jnrlsdlatlnn
and ebeolute eontrol over all tha avanuee ae rtiatln
ailahed from tbe atreeta, to tbe St tent of elotlna:
one of them aod eell'pt tbe around wblah formed
tLandahanflsaatrte aod tnesanal. and retain-
a ' .. Ikatr tr a ...la M a)kaaa,
Ulfl J 1MICI1 rttm nrn1 l"SV . a '
T)ieae puMId autborttles tbe romalaslaneis,
under h dlrsctloti of tbe (tbenl sfrealda nt. Gen.
Waabtta,ton. somatlved the realitf, of a city, aod a
plan oithK'rl Capital and NMirm'e City waa
jubaltto 1 b Oen V, arblni;toa la 1191 a etty lor
the tiaT' 11 "'nt capital ot th (treat nation we
hire become with. elraordlnsrT reservation a for
thepublleaM.attd pobli.bnitaUoiawtlljrtB
and avenues wlthawldtb and extent snebasno
community, had there been one to eooiult, would
t ae tbouebtof finlMtlch waa adopted by Ooa-
Ta. ..a,1 llnvaiaa.aai anit that a-l4rvnl tlVA.
rnetors of tre smi hereabout were jo'nt owbeTS
a -si at-. -- ... ild-.la . .V. ?-Mt .Its lea
I Hil UIO Prvvrrii 1'UV iuv r-niFi ans a-
he p-oprtlon rt s SM asrss ts I 506 acrrii 3,1 It
acre oi ino inncrnaaeiov wiii'iu mtiu imu uts
t allied without cet, and SIS aerea nominally pur
chaacd, but rer.Hr paid for out of tbe moneys arts
lne; from ths aal of tbe very alternate lot ao ga
eroualy given by tbe proprietor a of tbe soil t and
the Genrnl Government waa touod bv ererf prlo
elple otjoitletopay aptoportlfwof tbeexpena
lociirred In Improving thla cliy equal to tbe t-
tent ef Its Intrreit, and which wa to telnsreaied
in vrain nJ I baeOtted bv sacb lrnroremnta.
Tt provide theie suitable accommodation" tat
Contra a, the Prealdent aod Ei estiva Depart'
toentii. the omtRlalAnm, wit ft fht esatent bf
Cottej, borrowed from the Stati-'rflr1rjla
SUa.uoo. and the state of Marylasd ST. ooo'arMto
repar there sta'ss and tbe sum of S,S due from
tha Government lathe original proprietors of ike
sill for the Sit aerea nominally pureia.ed aetnslly
sol t. pfer.iMi.ty te ISO., at a f tme when there were
hn tiw hMdtrt. S.411 of tbe 10.114 bulldlnr lata H
aeeeronatr riven by tbe proprietor of tbe ir
frtheaamnf Jlt,efl2 St, and applied SMO.ftOS SS
tpwri:bu.1dlnrth National Capitol, Snd ?"?,
BTiwH'imiiuerniiivn ri nirfira iur ii
Chief Manlstrftte.
Ta remainder of tho lutldlat lota, a free' rift
to the General GveTotsMit, a wn well tinder
tord at the time, "that whatever irifneyswere
re anzea tneretrnm wouio a. iei p ,y-ruTi or
th tensSt of tbat elty, of all tbe anllef w bleb tbe
dnuo's aod the General Glrernment were the Juat
ownera," were, with thecxceptlon of tM.nw worth
eaeS, Klveo by Comr-t to Columbian ami George
tnwn Co lerea. and iia.000cr.eh to tbe Waatlnxioa
ad st Mnreot'a Orpnaa Aaylams from tlvato
timeania, anu to nonereipnaeiiia imn-tiTing
the property reervd fnrtbeuaeof the G veru
mnr. the aala'lea aod offlee emeneea of its own
Mfflcea the Oommlialonert, mperletendent of
PuMlo Buildloss, and rrrsldsat'a garde, er-d fir
mnnre nrt iiteaalla for hlsrarden.
Neither the donors, the eruinal rroprte'nn of
in aoil or n rwfw iui utnrri uiiTcrLnrnii
at tbat tire contemplated tbat tb large nms or
moner anaing inereiroia inonia Deepenv in aoi
other war than In th lmbrovsosnt of their J ilnl
property, snd certainly no one suppoird that tti
whole, or even an equal portion ol tbe Snrden of
opntnt aod keeping tn repair etreats, lajlng elds.
walk!, nuuum s uriuKo. mv uuids wjinrTrr m.f
beoccektary to a aewandlargltytlntendel for
tbe capital of a treat nation, or tadecdnf auhie
quentlr matotalnlng and supporting H, should be
torna oy ii cuueaa.
While tha eltr ha exnended out of the lain
paid by Its cltltens a larg aum in openlov;, maklag,
rcpatrieg and paring a treet s aod stdewalkt re
quirru ty a ipini popninion letaiereu ocr a
I trie are ico dri opinn ioa lmprriTri icnii
crtmlnately tboaa leading to and around t-mt-ul'd-lnra
and reierratioaa of the General Gorernment.
enbai clog the value of thenatln'prpetty,that
ftarermnent haa pnt upon streeta and svaoues
laid out to suit Its own purpossi and einreoltote,
over a part of which they exercise exelailre ton
tmi eonparatively little, and that little oa Peon
ylranta avenue and tboae streeta and eve ue
Immed atclyaroaadtbaCapltoLrrcilHnt's Hmta,
! ut e Department, and other of tta ntrt cs
cluilve roperty, tbe Improvement of wM aa
lndlapenable to ft corn entente and piOTO'le nf
ita lntereat
Upon iboae reatrvstlons ths GaterLment had
expended In buildlajr aDdotberlmprrvmerti for
Ita own excludre uae tbe aura of $ll(:m,si9si
riartlr taken from the publla Treiury aril pnrily
romtbe tale of lots, donatlonaof prlvitAltsdlvld
uaN.u 'r tboiereienatlnathemaelTei are val
ued hy two naaieaaora at SIS 413 mis. m.klne;
the argregate value of the nation' rial prop rty
In thla c y to be S"."l m IS, nearly tq nl o nil
loJiviauai property, ana wnicn.ir iitdie o t
lameuuruen, would tieia
nenu to the elt of A3ll
I jield by way of axiMna
3IUV17 3 ar-nuiiy
i pit lannrrir properiy i nv uorr a rainu
at all tlmra been fie frm tsxln who tbe
property of lallvldual hu brn auMect t. tt.
llildlic here greatly more property bn
wheie in the Union, aaaeaamentaupon th ah alike
to private property have been from tl-n tu t.me
naie, the Gnemment has been mrjt to nolai-
position ol !) kin i, andtaxeaco.ltcft'oaly from
in uTiuiin
Tbe Monr rary fr -m one bi t! aad
twenty lo one liuodrel scd sixty it ,, nth, anl
tbe streets irome'ghtii tt oi nun' o. anl f rty
fee, tbe a-age being ninety frt, t.o,n g early
double 1h amount if streets the swue pd1i, aod
more noJerate dlmeni'ona, of wlch nrarlytw.?
huodred and twenty-seven intUa tfitcnj'ii cf tkra
hare already bien made
Ih rlsnof the city was uu t e. i msnt
inle, far too great fir tbe numtx-rf Inhabitant
It w as to t e, and Is the nation's c t) , tbe capital
of fie country, the propcrtj o tr natlra, aod to
'l Ko eilcana shriM 5" a uiVtf r jf i rl and la
tet '
kikdiis It hasi.ot Kn.wn In ti tibial tnasner,
ri ntsneesiiaiity tireo crnt.l la short tlm
ihftprrssureforl proeiatn;bntfubjf,s tmo
t Its cltucna
Thveitvof Waabloiton I lhrtui nt Ton-
gr ess and the Government for their own purpose,
aod where they have unllmltnd eontrol. aad can
r'gulat aod govern without tha 1nirfrena
of the State, and la not dcpendeit npu tho will
or retourtei of any particular nor.inn of the
union, ana can never estne situjecin jotai in-
Mucb I as been done by the Guvernmrol toward
th Improvement cf theelty, jt not o mih aa
ahauld b. Cbarg tbe Ceneral Uevernmrnt Ub
the money Mctlrcjfiom tbe iK'enflrst. arm which
hul(l hv rnirel to th benefit nf t .iIit. iv
Interest thereon, ar with the rate tnoa I
Its vast property aa is pall byljttiT .- mil
credit It with every dollar spent ml prorlv
chargeable to tbtmprornieiit of ibtit, It will
be found that the General (Jo'nif nt t debtor
to tbe city
If, t her for, Congre would allow, aal I e uo
reason why they should oot,th pronettyof the
Oeneral Government te bear its equal ptereii'Ao
of tbeburdaaof malntalalag andauppurttos; tn
slty government, of Improving their owa aad the
eltueoa' Joint property, of supporting tb Dumber
of indigent persona attracted to tbe a at of Onr
ernmnt, and or educating the children ot th
thousand Socklog hare from all setlons f our
ffimmon country, no more could or would be naked.
Many Important Improvement have bn ma e
during th last term of the mayoralty, and those
without any additional Indebtedness to th ityt
two tationnoure for tb u aid onvenlenee ol
tha police, and a scbool-houae of great paelty
aad of ornamental structure, bav bean furoiahed,
snd a market-house on the alto of tbe old Centre
Muker.suitaMe In capacity and appearance to the
city, bf gun.
Tne appropriation of large sums of woor for
ths erection of public works lain soma lnaisnnaa
o momr, la othere otherwise, especially when It
tnla to lncresss the burden of taxatloa. I there
f ir reeommeadgrettsautlonla referents thla
La me lavlta your attention to tbe very impor
tant subset of our street, and tbe necessity of
adopting aome plan tor their durable paving, In
lieu of tne present Ineffectual mod f graveling.
Th whole area of tbe city, exelualve of all east
of Twenty-drib street east, and of tb basin at the
watndofibnel.gUOftiacr, or SM.lll.Ul
iiuir iei, niTiutu touow i
Public reservations
Avenues, atreeta, and open spaa
Th total length of the streeta Is..
The l ital lenfth of the avenues is.
ijr 3i7 ss mile.
Of tbe M7 Si too mttrs of streets, aearly all have
teeoopeatd and graded, aad to pa tbem, with
th fir uausual widths, especial ly th avenues, and
ksep them la repair, su;tta tb acslty of uolos;
omrthlDs; to rrlleve thi rporatlo and property
ftwuers from th rtf heavy taa on lblr rasourssa
that would be nesessary.
Tbe adoption of tbe plan of wide atreet and
avenues were by General Washington for some
practical utility, though it utility may not aa yet
hTebin developed, and if a way of obrlatlnjr
t v difficulty and permanently destroying that
plan It would b a temporary rllf. and until th
utility of wide atreeta should be develops 1, b well
tn nv-ii ourselves of It,
1 wou it there tore respectfully surtrst inai, in
alFadrfperinlttlsa;lmllTldualproperlyWnra to
Inr as-1 an I plant with trees a portlooui the strata
in front of their ore raises, aa ba bn auci'd I.
the hooorahl th Scorctary of the Interior la hla
hat nnaual eouTUnleatloato CO'ifirss, ai.d wh'sh
It would be lmp.Hsi.la for tbls turpwisti j. or
St. General l.oternraaat, ever to r,nsM and
wfMiid involve ths nfssaslty and coat of taktBr-uu
a.Ml relaying tbe sidewalks or fsot pavtiueuu
Sauftr Feet.
...... .131 0S5.3H
.... 7,141,105
113,-07,5 '
,. 1,119,681 ft
lieyifrvrr irrmiy iki, iri piaoi m vulsbibi fgurft,
urn art nu o srrei t ine nwiirii wuia
I i)iao nn rsscji iu, rtiiie.ur vi v.e- 'mti i,- sjiiru- .
' .lAn. .( II l- tll.ir. falsarlla-l aid fl.nf..r1 aalth I
Thla would ffMtua'ly routraci tbiaimfalna
i thu strUand avaouss a w tl as ornament
th mtaa1 greatly Irssrn the a f of pavlag, aad
shout I It hereafter b de rl uearssarf I r store
t'i straet or avraua to Ha orUin-l wtslUi nr even
eiSliMnldtrailltf 4 n wit A tit ffalfc th
prpsrty r Intsrsstaef hers, I
LyOsidrabidinisi t) anaet)srniionatUsfroin
' mo way in wnim tri srBassiguaiuBanmii,
and it nas bene torn a matter oi sir aus rcfl Ion
w.!iatnr anolntr mail or iiMlri .tin r-niiu not
be adopted, and 1 am s!ls1rd thai thou thi I'm so
ivoul i uc.niioa sou ivnwury iimiibvcuici;..;
treat and ntruianent beottlt Would re iult
- - .-awr. .vvii n , su -"j ' 1 "' B ' "
ia linki lhar. lb. aA mm. ell. tji Kn. tj H a
.use; iarli..i,vu, lllf UKtf tllB.lllUIB4lf lin lir.trr
of th lettered br Mertn and tfouthjan I lb hum
bf red by Laat aud Wear that great aoafuaUdos
urs, and It 1 wl h Mkt dideulty thai a pan ru-
jar locsllwneia t sdr1alod. Nor li van tke i
dividing Hi. btws i th Uttered trsthS CaaSI
andalloadrawa cast to th Eastern Brnsh,froai
Its UUrsMtlon a lib Third straet wst or tbat of
of whatever dlmostnnamiitht h nssirf ioi,NING, Jan IS, lM4.vi9dr ipleee of the
the Vm ifrisfj 'Wrlh abj levin 'c&pftol
I would therefore reeorhraend that the present
mode of designation be ebaeged, discarding tbe use
of frartlonaard eutaNe q.ea rusntog fro in north
to south coaaeeutlvely from tb Raster a Branch
is) HMk Grtetw aad dlsUognnh tb lettered srea
rnnainKirom eaint wuun wpv wjrny woina
stiinntMPrvtn their alnhabettrnl arranreraent
tbtr locality can be readily aacartalned.
While on this snhtect, let tne direct your atten
lion to tbe Immediate necessity ftropenler Water
strra,fromPUeet south So Fourteenth street
West, required by tb prcsslar demavds ol Inrreas
tg dmmre and tn sbolutvueeesry df maK
lag 10ms provision lor h wnicn can omy pe on
In tbls wy.
wouia niso oiru jour siiennoa o ins pro
priety of opening soundnr strret, and sugteat, if
planted wttbtrc n, it roiVt serve la I tn of trust
I mush ndd, a publle park, and weald, with
waxer ires maae a nnva qi oyer tea miieai
completely eoctrdlrg the city without eroaatpg a
gutter. 0
The matter of taaattom and tha uortloa cask
should sontrltmtetor the burden on Individuals'
property or bustne sbonld bear tn enhancing th
health, oaTrlenee, and tomfoM of vh eommn
ntty, ts a matter of Interest to all, and It ts year
duty to make thst burden as light as possible, and
KxpDU wuwrr nmjr un uerircu loarciTlan iota
grssUat possible advantag. The present maxi
mum rate of taxation la this dry li thre-urters
bf one per cent nor, or sereMy-flve cent en the one
hundred dollars, less than In any elty of ti sl la
tbe world, and on-this small ratehSa been allowed
roTTeral years a deduction cf'flftoeaeeata for
prompt payment, making the rate of taxation os)
a'l asas"sW rropetty realry bnt slxtr.tctte la
the one handrvd dfSltars ot, vaM. .a'.
Small a thla rate T taxation Is It has leea
fduad heretofore sntisleatfor corporate nest
Ilea, and with prudence on year part trill, I hep.
be so daring tb nomine; yetr.
Greet ears should be, however, taken that one
scrt ef property is not made to bear an nnqnal
portion, afcd tbat you should divide tbe burden so
that tb money to be raised for tha general
peneef tbe cltyshorld be derived Injntt pro
port Ion from both on tcdlrldnats' property aad
T do this will require a careful scrutiny of eur
freient license aystem, and prevent, if possible,
bet most tangible sours of revenue, real prop.
ertr, from hearts g an Inordinate share.
There are maay other matter of tmnortaneelo
you andthecommusltr to which I should hare
adverted bad time allowed, and which shall be
mttrs of written communication la tbe future.
Before ton eluding, petmtt me, however, to ex
press my thanks to tbe mllltsrr authorities,
whlrh th discordant state of ths tlass have rea
dsred necessary In our mtds, for tb eourteitee
extended tone and thelrSrenrral urbahlty and
food fellag toward my fellow-cltlteea during uy
ait official term, and at the same live express
tha great regret I feel that In tbe late contest for
thspoatilonl sow bold. I have been separated
from many; of mr old and warm friends, partlen
larlytke estimable gentleman who we myaom
pstltor, aad whose lose to th City Oounella and
to that branch of It over which b prealdsd dur
ing tbe last session will be seriously felt.
After the addrtss. the Mayor alluded la feeling
terms to the late jUdrma from the Sixth ward.
Jamas A, Gordon, Eiq , who died on vsttrdT. re
ferring to his many good action, and hoped ths
me inhere of tb Councils would attend tha funeral
to a body.
The oath of allegiance and tbe (atk tn faithfully
discharge the daties of his offlce were then admin
istered to the Mayor, by ibe President of the Board
VI ABUriiyial.
The joint meeting; tfiea dissolved.
The Poatd reaumed Ita session.
A Joint resolution of respect to th memory of
the late J a. A. Gordon, Alderman from tbe sixth
waM.wat r reel ted from the Board of Aldermen i
which waa read.
Nr. RntTdllver4 a feeling tribute to ihe mem
oir of tb deceased, andth jMnt resolution waa
passed unsnlmoualy.
Mr. Ferguson Introduced a resolution author
Irlnr the Secretary to subaorlbe for two eoplss of
the Aaffmal lntHytttr a log as tb proceed
lgs ar published in that paper. Agreed to.
sir. H-C. Wllsoa latrodaeed a Joint reaolution
appolntlar a eoasmitteeof tbre mmber fron
each Board to mtk arrang eneota foreeUbratlar
thocomlna stbof Joly. which wa passed! and
Messrs Wilson, Stephens and Wright were ap
Oi motion, the Bssrd adjourned.
hi - -
J a nnn IJixl FxsTiviU The beautiful stl
ver rvlea to be given to tbe city editor wh
should receive tha Urveit nnmber af votaa. will
be awarded to th aueeeasfal on this evening.
Tbe regular Tali and Featlral will close to-morrow
vnlac. A promenade onert will be given
oo Wcdoaaday evening, on which oeeaalon a fine
band of Dual will be In attendance, aad other
nf iirs wiiti'r prriiDua, necontrit inr id
Bible between the friends of,1h Super mtc ndents,
and tbe imeklog cap and slipper between the
frlenda of tbe General, will b closed to-morrow
evenlog The friend nf alt tbe pirtle will take
note nf ih.a, and vote before It la too late.
Navr Yard. The KIdr Philip left the yard
reitcr.Ur with a number of seamen for tbe ro
om flotilla. Th Lesll also left yesterday
for th Lower Potomac.
Tna Gold Uisa, The gold case of J. W.
Thorasoa It Cot vi. Jitgis and Kleckhower, was
dtelded last Saturday In favor of the defendants.
JcrrcutTl JawgLVT ' JrwelrtI Tins gold
plated Jswalrr fr Ham dollar, a tbe Dollar Stare,
SSS Ta. avane, new rur-and-a-halt st.
tJ-Kotl. A fr Icetnrw on lleapltal
Praetlo will It 'llvered at tha Smiths nlaa In
stltatloa, before tbe Med Is 1 1 StsfTof tb Araay aad
Navy, by Prof Itaowit SKQran.ot prlstonTUES
DAV AF1 t.nSOON, luo 14th at 3 a'loflk.
1 be public geoerally are Invited to attend. If
I.- O core; to w( J on 13,1MW iunr
atriuaks fan arrived, from hw York. Ooa
I -reee. w M j lfieatindtoreraorina;thslrOod
lit on re
Thi staicr salla for New York at 0 p. m. oa
Tuasday, lith Inst.
UrI-ojal PsBasylranUns.-Thrs will
traMic vFieetlna; of the Aasoclatlonof Loyal
I'carisylranlans at tbe Union raate roams, oa
Mrtn atreet.on TUaSDAY K KMiNO, the lltb
Inst,, t S o'clock, to ratify tb nominations of the
Ha tlmore ponvaotion. several address r will be
dillvtred. The publla jteo rally aaerespeetfulty
iavl'ed loltad. By order of th Executive Com
mitt, Jail-It
tICxttUlor Uuloa Club" lUtiflcst
tioh MrcTiau Ihe neat meHns;of this cmb
will be held at th Volon League Rooms, 481 Ninth
street, at S p. m. oa MONDAY, ihe llth Instant.
Itesotutlooa will be Introduced endoraing the noml
nations of Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson,
for Preildeataad Me Preeldent,
reverai memner or Lenrress irora new Torn
hsv pod seated to be present snd address tb meet
Inr A full attendance I requested.
T-r Kxt-eutlve Committee meets atv p. m.
8 SEYMUUIt,Prealdent.
Geo D. I'otiiTOiijJteeretary. Jstl St
C-Sltlnr of lb Union Iaxuia.-a.
i-raud rally of thsoffloers and member ul all tbe
tounclls will ba held at Union Hall (upper atorr
of Uoion Laru Bulldlag), No 481 Ninth treat,
oa MONDAY r.NlN(j, -un ti, to make ar
raDcmnt for a Reoeral Ilatideatloa nJeUf, to
b tirid on Wdneday vdIdk next. A full and
usstual raprtssatatlon from all the Cou o sits la
lb Dlttrtsl larcnnssted. Pr order of
.iLU. F. Mc Lai L LAN,
3 H. BRwWN,
jell-sl Commltt of Arrngmenta.
lCxcllor Union CIuTj." Thi Club I
aom) osc d ot Union ettlxan of Nw York, raaldios;
temporarily la Washlactna, ne;oUr metio(
arhldVS o'alnok oa MONDAY LVCNINQ of
Seh wsk. In tb Union La;u Room, 4S1 Nlatb
trt, between D and U. ,
Krry loyal Nw Yorker la Invited to Join the
Club, and aid la the eltion of Llneoln and John
son. 0ILA1 aKYMOUIt, Presldant.
Gaoaea D. Kslmto Scsratary Jll-tf
CTTh RxS Uccwlar kttlus of tb
Hoard of Truatao( tha Pabll iicbouia will be
held on TUESDAY NIX r. th Uta Instant, at 4K,
o'ctok p. m.
Jsll-st R. T. MOBSkLL, lecrttary.
aifairrvail -kudTK-vlr at Island 1101
Th Ladle of tb seventh street Presbyterian
I burst, will bold their Fesllr al at tha above HalL
lommeosla; MONDAt, MAVSO. Tha best Band
n( Mil at A Ita Ikla ailsr haa hatsm aansraBrahl fnf thai iMaa.
I g,ioo Tbe Piano la kindly furor.) d by Sir,
oao T. aMJla, Admlaslo IS cents t ts in tick
ts, one person, nts.
Fantly tlckata ason,
Klsl -W-
rj'ltatlflcatlon Mttnff -A maismssi
Ing to ratify th owliiatlous ui li aham Llnnla
fir rtf-ideot and Andrew Joi.q.n'i inr Yjee rrel
urnlofthUtHreMtatea,wl)l -. held tin the outh
am oi i nn raieni iiiucr. on hmm -a
MimiuiuTPsuTtPi .,-, ,t,
M sntakers 1ilatd e a the raeetlnr. and an-
proprla pr6e.fe1lnrs be " Ml nr uvlted io
Ntrioxti, axerrrivc roMMirrEB.
Ilea. J M Kdmnadif Hon J W Forney,
Hon Grrea Adams, W ft, irwU,
r tl Stoadatd. LettlsClenhan.
itv. Bfrdd run'leriArtd, Hon, &. P. Holloway,
1 - Brown. Genrsre Wl Ksllore.
pniwn, trnrg ijvuor
Hon. JJStpb IMiiri.tt. Hon (J0. W, MtLUIUrt.
noD a.
. W. Raidaii
Hon, Wni. A-Cosk,
Hon. A. L Richards
nun tinii irvim,
llou Kdw A. Relliaa,
7 JtlMd
No. in VYsst HaUlBsor, street,
lha rareat dUasls. aruitt Cramir Pwnaa,
Ipoagsi aad rroaUd Cakes supplied to lauUUs at
SbettMlJsetl , .
MtiL at all uoumur THE DAY,
kriMlvtat vyiasaaIjaiyvhaad.

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