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$niM gUiroMfwtt.
U published every kflcaoon(Banlji excepted)
W. Jt. Mctbtaou A Co., and It oraUhaJ
lo our i&erllxn (oy carriers) at 10 cents per
Mall subawUwri, 15.00 per uun IS.W
for elx months, end I1.SS for three monthi, In
Tarlahlyta advance.
Usgle copies, 8 cents.
HAWK or snviniiiia.
One squarn, thre. days .i,..i,.ll.00
une squaru, iout nays. ,, ija
Onasossre. Are davs... iju
On. square, aU days .'. . 1.7
Svery other day adrtrUseiaaMs, 10 per ten.
One. week advertisements charged as nrw
for each Insertion:
Six linos or less constitute a square.
Advertlsemanti should. b. handed la hv l
NO. 171
o'clock, m. , , . .
miw jVM'j TUoUlin
nuoniVi gtpmum.
I I.
Ciittr Q?ATMArmi Orricx, I
WnniHAToa Defot. December 8, 10(1. (
Jealed prupoeila ere invite by the underalgned.
or eupHying the United St a tee Quertcnnaatera
Department, tt WMhlorton, D. &, Baltimore, Md..
Aleiandrta, and Fort Monroe, V., or either ef
tbece pleees. with Her. Corn. Oete, end Straw.
Bide win be reeetv ei for the delivery of toot
buehele of eora or oat Md. M tou of her Of tttw,
end upward.
Btddere mast iUW et whlsb M the above-named
points they propoee to nake deliveries, end the
retee t whleh ihuj will wake aeUreriea thereat,
tbe quantity of each artlole propoiedto bedell'
ered, the time wbea eald demerlee ahall be tojn
ueneed, aad wbn to bo complete-! f
Tliurlee tnoet be written oat Ins wr0e on) (he
. OQt.?o M tut optnfood ftout eacke.of at-oat
(wo buebcta eaek OeM In like tatki, of aMut
three beeheli each. The eacke ta be runilihd
without extra charge to the Otrirount. 'The
hay end atrew to be eeeurcly baled.
The particular kind or dcctrlptloa of oete,-corn,
hay, or itraw, propoied to be delivered moat be
'ititaA .ntlieiirnnba&la . "'.
AO the artlclei offered ufifler the blfij keretk In
vited, win be tUDfeet to rtfw uepecuoa j u
,OoTcrniit iDtpeetor before beta Mtepted. ,
Uontreatc will be awarded from Hue to time to
the loweet reapotulble Udder, m the Interact ol
the Goyeruneat Mar require, and payment will bo
uade when the whole amount eootneted for thaU
hare btt delivered and accepted.
The Mddfrr will be reoull-cd to aent)nv all
eropoial with guaranty, turned by two recponal
Die penoDi, oi in ub bib mo w miui a or
they 'will, within ten daya thereafter, eaeoute the
contract for the tame, with rood and eufailent
lumid in a iam oquat o we uioudi oi n eon
tract, to dellrertho forare propoted 1& eonformlty
with the termi of thte adrertUemaoti and In eaae
tie laid bidder thftU faU to enter UU the eontraet,
tbey to make good the dllTcrtaee between the offer
ol eeld bidder and the next lowwt reepoulble bid
der, or the penewt to whoti th16itrat My be
The reipomlHUtr of the fuaraatore unit be
ehown by the offltlal eertlfiMW of e, Cmlted ftatei
Dlitrtet Attorney, CoUeetor of Qutocai, or any
other offloer under the United Itatot GoTtmaenf,
or Miponelble person known to thli offlte.
All bidden will be duly not 1 fled ef the neeepUnee
6r rejection of their propoiali.
ThfuUnanreudF.O. addrMft f Mk bidder
atut be leclbly written In thpropoa.
Fropotalj mutt be addretaed to Bricadler Oeneral
D 11. Ituflker, Chief Depot Quartomeater, Waah
locton, V, C, and ehonld be plainly marked " Tro
poatta for forage."
Sonde, In a aum equal to the amonat of the eon
tract, atcoed by the eontraator aad both of hli
Snarantora. wlu be required of .the euetaeafut bid
ar or bidden upon eljpilnf tho eontrael
Blank forma of bid, cuaranteea. and boom, may
M ootaineu upon application ioii vmom.
(Town, county, and state) "
1, the lubaerlber, do hereby propo.e to turniah
aaddaUrerto the Doited, nates, at tha Quarter
matcra Departnantat - , arreeahly to
tho taxma of your adrertlaement, lnrltlng propo
aaU for orage, dated Waahlnjrton Depot, De
aambcr t, IU the lollowlnf artlplea, Tin
buahels of Cora, In lafiU, at per Vuihel
of M pound.
- buiheli of Oati, la aatka, at - per buahel
of 13 pounds.
tons of baled Bay, a jer tea of 1,000
- tons of baled nnw, at per torn of t.ooo
DellTery to eommeneo on or before tfae i
4ty 0f i i , 1M , and to be eempleted on 6r be
fore tho day of , 1M . aad pledfe niytelf
to eater Into a written eoatiaat with the United
nates, with rood aad approradseaurltlea. within
the spue of tea dare after belas, aerified that my
bid b.a oecn aeoepted.
TO-if obedleat aerrant, -
Brt liar General D. H. Rue a in.
Chief Depot Cluartarmaaterj
Waiblngtoo, D. O.
V.. tun uttJeriLrned. rexldeota of In
the uinty of - .ana state cf-
herobi, jointly and severally. aoTenant with the
United states, and rurnntce In eaie the forerolnr
bid cf- he at copied, that be or they will
within ten daya after the aw apt ante of the said
lid, exeeute the eontr.it for the same with food
and sufficient sureties, lnl a sura equal to the
amount of the contract, to furnish the forar. e pro
posed fa eonformlty to the terms of adrertiMment
dated Pceeuber 8, ISCJ, under whUa lha bid was
made, and. In ease the said - lhaU fall to
enter Into a sontraat as aforesaid, we guarantee to
make jool tho different between tho offer by the
ill - and the Deal lowestreaponslble bidder,
er the person to whom the eontraet may bo
to.., S Gtvenundsrourhandaftnilsealf
J bu - af of t IH ,
I hereby eertlly that, to the beet ef mr knowl
edge and MlleL lha. abore-named fuaraaton an
rood and aufflelent as sureties for the amount for
wbltih they oder to bo seeurilf.
TobetflrtlQedbTthrUnlted natee Dlatrlat At
torney, Collt tor of Cuatoma, or any other offleer
under the United nates GOTernmont, or reaponsl
bit person knjwa tothllofflse.
det-tf Rrtt. Pro, and ftnartermaster.
TToimicai qoudKdi uuhbbsi
Wan DcrAaTMEitT, Cavalxv Boncav,
loncav, )
I 8, 1144.
tved at this
1 rricc or tnur kdiitiiit(
WASHiHarroir. June S. 1
SCALED PROPOSALS will be neelved
offlea until It a'elock m . MONDAY. June S0th
ISM, for two thousand (S.OU0) CAVALRY HORSES,
to bo delivered at the OoTemment stables at Gles
boro Depot, near Washington city, within forty
(SO) days from date of contract.
Said Horses to be sound la all particulars, wall
broken, full lu flesh, from fifteen (is) to slxtsee (18)
hands high, from are (ft) to nine (I) years old, In
good condition, and well adapted la every way to
Cavalry purposes.
These speeltlcelloos will bs a.rlctly adhered to
and rigidly enforced In every particular.
No bid will be entertained unless accompanied
by a guarantee for Its faithful perform anes.
ty Should any United States officer guarantee
Aa proposal of a bidder who should prove to bo
Irresponsible, his name will be reported to the Sec
retary of War. with a recommendation that suck
officer bo dismissed the service.
JU sfAfera and yuarsrUors wUf U KtU tt IS ttridtit
tccovnUbilify, sai rtwrystiwrs U eomftg with ttrms
cenrractf, r Is msJts Ul contract wArn wrieit vtJJ
Ufoiloutd by yroitcutitn t tt full ssf rnf . f As few.
Form of bid and guaranty can bo had on applica
tion to this office.
sueoesaful bidden will be prepared te enter Into
written oontraota, with good and sufficient aecurl
ty, Immediately on the acceptance of their bids.
Tha oath of ailetienea muit aceomoanv each bid.
Tbe undeisigaed reserves the right to reject all
bids deemed unreasonable.
Bids for one hundred (100) horses and upwards
will be entertained.
Bids for fA entirt nvmAer of Hersee required are
Payment will be promptly made oa semplstlon
of contract.
Ho marei will b receivid.
Proposals must be endorted "Propgiels for Cav
alry liose,,, and addressed to IJeut. Col. James
A. Kkln, Chief Quartermaster, Cavalry Bureau,
Washington, V C.
Any other Information will be prompMy given
on application, personally er by letter, to
Lieutenant Colonel and Chlsfuuarlermastsr,
Cavalry Sure an.
13-Purehate In the open market will be con
tinued at Ueeboro Depot uoUl tbe contract le
awarded. Payment mada In Certltoatec of In
debtednen for acven (7) horiea or more. joS-Ut
U. S. Patirt Urrica, June 6, IS44. (
rropoials for furnishing suck stationery aa may
be required by this Bureau during the fiscal year
ending June so, 1665, will bo rceelred until IS
o'clock m of TUESDAY, the ltth day ef July, lMi.
Those unaccompanied by aatlcfeotory testimonials
ef ability to fulill a contract will not be considered,
and contracts will only be awarded to manufactu
rer! of. or dsalcrs Is, the ssreral slasces ef
All articles furnished muat be of the best qasllry
Each proposal muct be signed by tke ladlvleusl
orflrmmeWlDglt. 4 .
All articles required under a searract muit be
delivered without delay. A fallare or refusal
of the contractor te furnish propsr articles will be
deemed Just cause for abiogatlsg tke seatraet.
Artlsles not named In tke schedule, It ree.oir-4,
are to te furnlahsd at the lowest market prlaea,
aad the right Is reserved or ordering a greater or
lets quantity er eash article contracted for, as ths
public service may require.
Bonds, with approved security, must ha given by
the Individual or firm obtaining the soatraet
should a contractor refuse or nsgiect to furalia,
when required, any article or articles mentioned
uth. nntnfit.thfi iinimiT b. rturekftced la onen
market, and If a greater price has been paid there-
lor man is iprcincu u nt euh , iaiiv
may be ensrged to the contractor la kts aext uar
tcrly aocount. . . ..
.hiiUi. aneifriaf ac aear as eaa be Seas, the
amount, quality, and Icaariptloa of tat at Ueles k
quirea, can ee aau vu F'"":""i' S" .';
Preposala must be addrsssed I the Cqnmlsslen
cr of PeUass, and endorsod " SUttonww,
Brim or XauiraiBirr AifD Rxcavmao,
aled Proposals tot famlshier Anthraette Cost
nij . iom.
endlogtoth Joaa, JJf will be Mcelred at thla
vrcauuiiJJKiaa os
will bo rceelTed
Bureau untu l a, nH lltn 4 one, im.
Thfii)rfmMi.li Muitbe endorted PrODoaala
for Anthraetu Coil lor IWamtff' thtt they may
be Alrtlnfulahed from other buslneis letters.
Tbe oiler muat be for the delivery of 100,000 tons,
ofMiO pounds.
iDf eoaimust pbdi ujBra u mnuBiiia uc
BIasIc H.alk. ar af . ktad eaual to them In all re-
speets, for the purpose Inteaded, whlsh eqoalltr
Secretary of the Kary after the reception of the
bid 1. '
The name of theaoal ereoosed to be furalshed
muitbostatad tn the offer.
It is to be delivered in lumps or suiiaoie sire ror
naval steamers si can. or uniform quality, select
ed ft-ea from tnmirUle.ntimlted Of whlah the
eontraetorwin be 'required to furnish auaherl-
uense iiwiuiM eaiiiia.iorjt sm qu)ccj hj
iiuh la.neettiiB a. t-iiAlltr a,ad ouaatltr aa the
Department mar dtrett. ' The eoal muat la all to
spcets.bajatlsfasterytAtho lnspestorerlaapest-
ors, o do appoiaieo oy tarn jnireaa, woo win aire
tfait rltrht At n4ramntew r.letloii.
The seal Is to be delivered on beard vessels, at
suan piaeeia me poriot i-nuaoupmaasmay 00
designated bythlareanand InsuehqaanUtles
aad at such times as, In the opinion of tie Bureau,
the es.lf.aalM of lha aerrlae marreoulrei eom-
tanalDr when theT.iiel la reoorted readr to te-
setve eano furnl.hlnr, If dsmanded not less than
l,0oa tons per day, to be distributed to eash VMM),
as may be directed, until tbe loedtaf ts eompleted.
Proposals will likewise bereeclved for the de
livery of soooo tons of the same quality of eoal, to
be delivered la the port of Mew fork, on board
!- tK fc PhllftAalnht.
In the ease olfallun to dsllver the eoal la pro
per qaanttty, of the proper quality, and at the pro
per time aad plaeot-tne Bureau will reserve la the
contrast the riant to purchase forthwith, at tbe
contractor's risk: and expense, that whlsh may
seem aesesiaryiosoppiy tneoeneieney.
Anyoemprrefe. or omer.narres 10 woicn ui
NitT DaDartmanimaTbinb1aied fromdslsvln
the prompt datrvary of the eoal by lha contractors,
will be deducted from their bills.
Tbe prise must be ror tho eoaideiiverea on board
VMecle(oa the terms and conditions aboveateted.
at tbe eoatractor's risk and expsose, and without
extra chart of aayklnd.
The offer, as required by Jaw, must be accom
panied by awrlttet fuaraaty. signed by. one or
more responsible persons, to the effect that they
undertake that ith bidder or bidders will. If hli or
their bit be accepted, ester Into obllf atlon, at such
time aa may be prescribed by the Bureau, with
rood and aumaleotsurstles, to furnish the supplies
Ho proposition will bo soasldered unless accom
panied by such ruaranteei and tho Department
ressrves the rlajhi to reject all the offers, If eonild
ered to be to the Interest of the servloo to do so.
Two or more sureties each In a sumequsl to the
amount specified to be paid, will bo required to
situ the eontraet, aad their responsibility will be
certified by a United States District Judge, United
natee Dlstrlet AttorncT.Collector, or Nary Agent.
As additional and collateral aeourlty, twenty per
nl. will &. withheld from the amount of all oav-
aienta, whteh reservation Is not to bo paid except
by authority of the Secretary of the Navy, until
tLa contract shall have bean In all reiDects com
piled with; and the remaining eighty per cent., or
other amount that may be dae upon each bill, will,
when a proper certificate It furnished by the In
spector, and the bill approved by the Bureau, be
paid by such navy agents as the contractor may
nam., within ten davs after tbe warrants for the
ntne shall have bean paisedbyth Secretary of
the Treasury.
It will be stipulated in the eontraet that if de
fault be made in we delivery 01 tne eoai mine
anantlty. of the quality, and at the place and time
treated bv the bureau then, and tu that eaie
the contractor and bis sureties will forfeit and
pay TOlne unixsq siaies, as liquidated aemnges,
a sum of money not exce edlor twice the eontraet
price, wnicn tuj c rtjcn rerun irum nw iu win,
aecordlng to tbe aet or acts of Concrete In that
ease provided.
niuuers wnoit propoiHie .nan uv aDcvpivu, aau
nose other, will be notified, and. aa early as prac
ticable, a contract will be transmitted to them,
which they will be required to exeeute within ten :
days after lis reselptal the post office or navy
The form or offer, guarantee and certificate Is
herewith given t
I. (or we,) of 1 State of- hereby agree
to furnish and deliver thousand tons of
anthracite eoal for steamers use at -, at the
rate of " par ton, of a, pounds, amounting
t 1 dollari. the whole in aonformltT with tha
Srovlslons and terms of the advertisement ol the
)th dsy of May, IB, from the Navy Department,
ana Hereunto appenoea. .
Should my (or our) offer be accepted, I jar we)
request to be. Informed at , and that ths son-
tract may be forwarded to
ui iDMU(ra
ana eertiaeiie,
(Place.) (Signed) A. ft.
We, the undersigned, residents of - , la tha
State of -, and of -. in tha State of ,
hereby, Jointly aad severally, covenant with, tha
United States, and guarantee Incase, the foregoing
bid ot ' do aseestod, -will, within
tea days after tho rseslpt of the eoatrast at-r -,
execute the same, with good and. sufficient
sureties, for tha delivery of tha anthracite eoal
0r0D0a.1l. in eounllance with the terms of the
advertisement of the Itth May,ii, hereto ap-
Kaded, and under which it was made; and, la case
scald. shall rail to enter Into tbe
eontraet aforesaid, we guarantee to make good
toe ainereocc Between me oner 01 me sua
- and that whlsh may be accepted, ,
Wltaeii. (Signed) C. f.
(Place.) E. F.
I hereby certify that, to the best of my knowl
edge and belief, the above-named guar an tort,
tod. , are good and sufficient,
(Signed) Q. H.
To be signed by the Unite! States Blstrlct Judge,
United States District Attorney, Collector, or
Navy Agent. mya-wlw
Wll DESAXTHirr. )
WasHiHOToir. May as, tbU. I
8BALXD PROPOSALS wUl be received at this
office uatU TUESDAf, the ltth day of June. ISM,
for 8-inch Columblad Shot and B-lnsh Mortar
shell, te be delivered In the following quantities,
at we unuernamtu arieumn, ti i
At the Walertown Arsenal, Massachusetts, 4,000,
At the Watervhel Arsenal, New Tork. 4,ooo.
At the New York Arsenal, Governor's Island,
new idi(i,uw.
At the Allechany Arsenal, Pittsburg, 4,000,
At the St. Louie Arsenals, Mlnourl, 3,000.
At the New York Arsenal, Governor's Island,
new iora, w,iwi,
These projectiles are to be made of the kind of
metai, anainspecieu aner sue ruics mu uovd in
the Ordnance Manual, tha tensile strensth of the
Iron for columblad shot to bo not less than 20,000
lbs, per square inon, anu lor mortar aneiia no
less than 14,000 )ba. per square loch. Drawings
can be seen at any of the United states Arssnals.
The projectiles are to bo Inspected at the foundry
when cast, aad are to bo delivered at the Arceoals
free or charge ror transportation or handling
Deliveries must be made at tha rate of not less
than one-tenth (t-iothl of tbe whole amount con
tracted for per week the first delivery to bo made
on the soth day of June, 19U.
Failure to make deliveries at a specified time
will subject the contractor to a forfelturo of the
number ha diit fall to deliver at that time.
Separate proposals muat be made for the shot
du auiu.
nt drfe n will atata exDlleltlv the Arsenal, or Ar-
senais, wnere ioey propose 10 uciiver. aau me
number ef projectiles tbey propose to deliver at
eaon piece, 11 tor more ioad oat.
Nn Mil, will be eanitdered fromnartlce other than
regular founders, or proprietors of works who are
known to this Department to be capable of exe
cuting the work propoaed for, Should any party
obtaining a contract offer shot or shell other than
IQOSS Catl ID me PWU luuuurr, uj nm u tgoat'
mi. and tha anntraot rendered nnll and void.
Riddara win ancioae with their bids the written
acknowledgments of their sureties, over their
own signatures,
Euh nariv nMaletor a contract will be obllied
to enter Into bonds, with approved sureties, for
Its faithful execution.
Upon the award being made, sueoesaful bidders
wiuoe aounea, ana rurnicneu wuniorms 01 o
tract, ana Donas.
The Department reserves the right to reject any
er all bids if aot deemed cat! factory.
Proposals will be addressed to " Brigadier Oca.
cral George D. lUmsar, Chief of Ordnance, Wash
ington, D. C ," and endorsed M Proposals for B-lnoh
Columblad Shet," and " Propocals for 8-lneh Mor
tar Shell." GEU. D. RAMSAY,
jay2-11t Brig. Gen , Chief of Oidnanee.
1 e rwmuved his office to the Northeast corner of
r aud Fifteenth streets, opposite tha east
entrance of tha Treasury Building,
Washington City, b. C.,
Attends especially to sUuas upon tha United
iata If It-ty
Hatt DtriiTViir. Inna ft. XMA.
Separata sealed propoaala will bo received at the
office of the Secretary of tbe Navy until 1 o'clock
. m. of THURSDAY, the 10 th lnstaat, for furnlih
lor all tha stationery that may be required by tha
Navy Department and the sereral Burcsua, from
tho fatter data to July 1. IStt.
All tha artlclae furnished must ha of tha best
oualltr. dellvend without d.Iav wh.n srdat-od.
and to the satisfaction or tha head of the office for
which they are required.
If It bo required, each bidder for stationary must
minuD wituou pippuiii eampie 01 eacn aril
ale bid for.
No old will be sonsiderad which does not fully
conform to tha advertliement, and In which each
and every article Is not bid for, and In which mora
than one price Is named for any one article.
Bonds In sufficient amountwlth two or mora
approved sureties, for the faithful executloa of tha
contract, wilt be required of theperioa or peri on a
contracting, Tho authorized names of the sure
ties that will bo given, as also satisfactory testl
moalals to fultl the eoatrast, must accompany tho
bldiotherwlse it will not be eoaaldered.
Tbe Department reserves to Itself the right of
ordering a greater or less quantity of each and
ejTry wnteiej uuiibu iur, ue puoue acirico
mar reoulra.
should any article bo required aot enumerated
In tha eontraet, it is to be furnished at tha lowest
market prlee, aecordlng to its quality.
The law of id Manh.lMi, provides that "no bids
aavlBgmoml&al or fistulous prices ahall be eoa
aldered." Thesuhjolsod sohedole epaclles, as nearly as
can new be done, the amount, quality, and descrip
tion of eash of the articles likely to bo rsqulrsd,
10 reams regulation paper, psr sample, per
so reams regulation paper, per simple,
vraT.d h.adlnr. nr ream.
41 resms heavy, white laid, despatch cap, stop
ruled, oer ream.
40 reams heavy, white laid, dispatch cap, ef op
ruled, engraved heading, psr nam.
SO reams loolseap, white or blue,
ruieu, per
90 reams foolscap, white or tine, ruled, en
graved heading, per ream.
TS reams extra superfine, blue or while, laid or
wove, latter paper, per ream.
74 name extra superfine, blue or white, laid or
wove, letter paper, engraved headlog,
per nam.
as reams beat note paper, thick, per ream.
SO name best note paper, thick, engraved head-
log. per ream.
IS reams best note paper, medium, per resm.
11 learns best note paper, medium, engraved
heading, per ream.
s reams copyleg or tlaiue paper, SIX by tt
lashes, psr resm.
10 reams Manilla paper, Sfl by ll Inches, flat, per
30 reams best buff or white envelope paper,
royal, flat, per nam.
ISO yards tracing cloth, per square yard.
S rMle tracing paper, per roll.
W sheets oil pspcr, per sheet,
s rcini blotting paper, royal per ream.
SO quires patent blotttns boards, per quire.
loo sheets elephant drawing paper, per shset.
71 sheets double elephant drawing paper, per
so eheets antiquarian drawlogpaper, per sheet.
M.eOO beat buff or white envelopea, Goverameat
rsttern, official size, primtd stamp, per
s0,w best buff or white envelopes, Government
pattern, official alse, tngrtvtd stamp, per
l,oes beet buff or white envelopes. Government
fattern, nnstamp, per 1,000,
buff or white envelopea, letter slxe,
prinitd stamp, per I.ooo.
10,000 bssl buff or white envelopes, letter site, en
fravtd stamp, per l.ooo.
white official envelopes, engraved stamp,
10H by IV Inches, per 1,000. '
10.000 best white official envelopes, esorstAf stamp,
S by I Inches, per l.ooo.
10.000 best white official envelopes, tnoraieS stamp,
I bVS inrhea. cer l.ooo.
S.OOO best wbltaofflslal envelopes, enors ved stamp,
to by 4 j; inches, psr l,ooo.
S.OOO best sream-lald envelope e, letter size, per
1,000. ' v
1,000 best eream-lald envelopea, note site, per
1.000 best envelones. card size, tier 1 000.
1,000 patent cloth-llncd envelopes, l by 4 laches.
psr l.ooo,
1,000 patent clothllns4 envelopes, S by 4 Inches,
per l.ooo.
perl.oeo, 1
SOs-ross steel nens. on carda or In boxee. th
Department to have tho liberty of aelrct-
ibk irwra mu av uiuorcui ainus manu
factured.) oer cross.
M dozen pen holders, of the various kinds man-
uiaiiur.. per uosen.
It dozsn ven holders, cutta nereha. ner damn.
Sigold pens, Urge size, with silver extension
holders, best manufacture. n.r nn.
40 quarts May nerd St Nojet's ink, In bottles,
40 quarts best London copy lor ink, per quart.
M ounce bottles Guyott Co., superfine car
mine, per bottle,
1,000 quills, No. 60, opaque or clarified, psr 1,000.
too swan quills, per l.ooo.
75 dozen red tape, assorted numbers, per doz.
IS dozen silk taste or braid, per doz.
s dozen drawing thumb tacks, psr doz.
S dozen penknives, Rollers 'a best, buck or
pearl handlea, 4 blades, per doz,
4 dozen erasers, Urge size, Ivory handles, In
asses, Rodgersfs,perdos.
I do 1 en pairs of shears, best quality, S loah
blade, per doz.
I dozen pain of shears, best quality,! loch
blade. per doz.
1 dozen pairs ef scissors, best quality, per doz.
s dozen glass inkstands, metallic spring cov
ers, par i)e
5 dozen nine looh4vory f older e, per das.
M doren black lead psoolls, Faber s best, as
sorted Nos., per doz.
10 dozen best drawing lead pencils, per doz.
10 dozen Faker's artists pencils, per doz.
13 dozen best Faber's red and blue pencils, per
S dozsn sable brushes, assorted per dot.
s dozen camel hair brushes, assorted, per doz.
t dozen Utter slips, per dos.
s dozen sticks best India Ink, per doz.
so dozen rubber bands, assorted sizes, per dot.
SO pounds extra euperflae ccsrlst sealing wax
per lb.
IS pounds beat quality wafers, per pound.
10 pounds gum arable, pulverised, par poond.
Sdescn prepared mucilage and brush, large,
per doz.
I doicn prepared mucilage and brush, small,
per doz.
SO ounces office sponge, per ounce,
S dozen glees or ehlna sponge eupa, per dozen,
IS pounds hsat hemp twine, per pound.
10 pounds beet linen twine, par pound.
S quarts black sand, per quart,
s dozen best prepared or virgin India rubber,
per dozen.
12 four-quire blank books, indexed.per quire.
13 three-quire blank books, Indexed, perqulre.
j uozva pauyjiug uauaa, inusxeu. per quirCi
uuidu iiiuc Dvpyiuf vwuki, iDu.xva,
idexed. Der
Selling Agents,
SOS Church alley,
El-Tldi Bank, orftolifcl undir Ut National
banking Law of th. laat OoogtMl, ll cp.nl ihl.
day tor th. ttaiuactloa .( bualnrM. at th. aerner
.( FlflMulh aa4 F atfMU, oppoalt. Traaaury V
! arun.nl. I.L D. OOOKI, FrutiUnt,
Wu. s. lloman.il. OaahUr. uMl
Tho President of ths United BUles ontbs lit
Initsnt communicated to tho Benito, In answer
to a resolution of that body, ths following re
port from the Secretary ot State and accompa
Djlng documcnUi
Mr. Setcard to Ua rntidtnt.
WAiniwoTOir, May SO, 1B44. f
The Secretary of State, to whom was referred
the resolution of tha Senate of Us 28th Instant
requesting the President to Inform that body,
" If he shall not deem It Incompatible with the
public Interest, whether he hai, and when, au
thorized a person, alleged to have committed a
crime against Spain, or any of Its dependencies,
to be delivered up to officers of that Govern
ment f and whether such delivery was hadi and,
If io, under what authority of law or or treaty
It was done,' has ths honor to submit to the
President a copy of the papers which are on
file or on record in this Department relative to
th. mblKt or tbe reaolntlon.
Br the act or Conp-efs of Ug 15th of Mar,
1890. th. African liar. trad, la declared to 6.
piracy. Vj th. ninth article of th. treaty of
vsn wun ureal rmtaio, it la itipniatea tnat,
"whereu, notwlthaUndlng .11 efforta which
may be mad. on th. coait of Africa for op
prtaalng th. il.ye trade, the facilltlet for car
rying on that traffic, and aroldlng the Tlgl
lance of crnlaera, by the frandalent nae of flaga
and other meana, are ao great, and the tempta
tlona for pnrtnlng It, ithlla . market Can be
fonnd for alarca, ao atrong, aa that the dealred
reanlt may be long delayed, snleaa all market,
beahnt agalnet the parchaae of African ne
groea, tbe partlea to thla treaty agree that they
will unite In all becoming repreuntalloni and
remonitiancea with any and all Powers within
whose domlnlona inch market, are allowed to
cilit, and that they will urge npon all inch
Power, the propriety and duty of doling inch
manteie euectnauy aa once ana lorerer."
There belns notreatr of ntradltlon between
the United Btatea and Bpaln, nor any act of
Congreaa directing how fngltlyea from Juitlce
In Spanlah domlnlona ahall be delivered nD.
ine exiraaiuon in toe cue rererrea to in ine
reaolntlon of the Senate la nnderitood by thla
Department to hare been made In rlrtne of the
law of natlona and the Constitution ol the
United Btatea.
Although there la conflict of anthorltloa
concerning tho expediency of exerclalng comity
lowaraa a, loreign uoyernmeni oy anrrenaer
lng, at lta request, one of lta own aubjecta
charged with the commission of crime within
lta territory, and although It may be conceded
that thero la no national obligation to make anch
a anrronder npon a demand therefor, unless It
la acknowledged by treaty or by atatute law,
yet . nation la never bound to furnish asylum
to dangerous criminals who ar. oUendera
against wo numan race, ana it is Miievea that
If, In any caae, the comity could with propriety
bo practised, tbe one which la understood to
have called forth the reaolntlon fnrnlahed a
Just occasion for lta exerclso.
itcspectruily submitted,
Wiixiih It. SawiBD.
To tho Fbutdkt.
iff. Sivagc to Mr. StiKtri.
Hava.a, November, 30, lses. (
Bisi OvrronethoosandAfrtcannegroeawcie
brongbt to this city a few daya since. It la re-
nortftrf that Ihv .frrn l.niffd frnm .tj.m.1i1n
(whose name and nationality aro unknown) In I
toe neignuornooa oi uaracnas, or Bagua. vory
firomlnent and wealthy persons are aald to be
mpllcated In this bnsfness.
I have the honor to be, with great respect,
your obedient servant,
TnoiiAS SivAOB,
' Vice Consul General,
lion. Wiluau II. BtWIKD,
Secretary of State, Washington.
The ateamer was not captured. It la believed
that ahewpnt to Nassau after landing the ne
groes. T, S.
Jr. Stvard to Lord Lyotu.
WAsniH qtoit, Noramber 39, 16.3. (
Mr Loss i It appeara, from Information this
day received from the Consul General of the
uu'tea Btatea at Havana, that over one tnon
aand African negroea were recently brought to
that city. It Is reported that they were landed
xrom a ateamsnip, whose name ana nationality
aiennknown.ln the neighborhood of Cardenas,
or Baguai and that very prominent and wealthy
persona are said to be Implicated In the busi
ness. The steamer waa not captnred. It Is
believed that ahe went to Nassan after landing
the negroea. This Intelligence haa been com
municated to the Navy Department.
I have the honor to be, with high considera
tion, your lordahlp'a obedient aervant,
The Right lion. Lord Ltoss, Ac, etc., &c.
Jr. Stward to Lord Lyonu
DErA.TMtnT or ST.TI, )
WAsninoToit, November 3S, ises. (
Mr Diar Lobd Ltohsi 1 have taken the
Prcaldent'a Instructions npon the suggestion,
communicated in your note or uctooer io, oi
Earl Russell concerning a Joint or concurrent
appeal to be addressed to tbe Government of
Spain for an amendment of her law whlsh tol
erates the bondageof Imported Afrlcana landed
In Cuba after they have become In form the
fropcrty of an owner of au estate In that
stand. If Earl Rnssell, with his large experi
ence of thla evil and of the difficulty of obtain
ing a correction of It. will prepare tbe draught
of auch a communication aa he ahall think may
properly bo addressed to tbe Spanish Cabinet,
tne ireaiacnt win, wun great pieasuro, aumor
Ue me to communicate with tbe Bpanlah uov
ernment lntheaame aensoand aplrltwlththoae
which ahall be adopted by bar Britannic Maj
caty'a Government. I shall be thankful If yon
will Inform Earl Ruasell that the President ap
preciate vary highly tho liberal and humane
aantlmenta which have Inspired tho suggestion
to which I have tbua replied.
I am, my dear Lord Lyona, very trnly yours,
Wiluau II. BawAnn.
Right Hon. Loud Ltons, Ac., Ac, Ac.
Lord Lyona to 2fr. Seuord.
WA.mifOTOif, February 4, ISfli.
Mr Diau Biai I did not fall to forward to
Lord Ruasell a conv of the letter of the 83th
Novomber laat. In whleh you did me the honor
to inrorm me tuat it ma loraanip wouia pre
Dire the draught of such a communication aa
might, In his oplalon, properly be addressed to
tbe Spanish Cabinet, with a view to proenro an
amendment of tho laws affecting the Introduc
tion of alavea Into Cuba, th. President of the
United Btatea wonld authorize you to commu
nicate with the Government of Bpaln In the
aame aense and spirit with those adopted by
her Majeaty'a Government.
Lord Ruasell baa desired me to thank yon for
taking the President's Instructions on this
matter at a time when other prcaalug affaire
must have occupied tbe attention of the Chief
Magistrate. lie haa alao authorised me to
commnnlcate to you tho enclosed copies of a
dsspatch from her Maletty'a Minister at Mad
rid, and of a note In which, In execution of In
structions from her Majesty's Government,
that Minister has pointed out to the Govern
ment of Spain tho measures which, In the
opinion of her Majesty's Government, are re
quired for tho suppression of tho Cuban sltve
Her Majesty's Government do not doubt thst
a similar repreaentatton addreasod to the Gov
ernment of Spain by tho United States Minis
ter at Madrid would have great weight with
the Spaoleh Cabinet, and they would learn
with muck satisfaction that the United Btatea
representative had been directed to makoa
communication to tho Spanish Minister for
foreign alfalra la tho samo aense aa that made
by her Majeaty'a Minister In the note of which
a copy accompanlea thla letter.
llelleve me to bo, my dear sir, your very
lalthful, humble servant, Lions.
Hon. William Hi Biwabd, Sx., dx., Ac.
The nresent CsDta!n General of Cnba has
acted In good faith In carrying out tha treaty
obligations of Bpaln for the suppression of the
auve traney ana tne npamen uovernment ap
pears to have hitherto approved the proceedings
of that officer. The result haa been that the
number ol slaves Introduced Into Cnba within
the twelve months ended th. 30th of last Sep
tember la eatlmated at from aeven to eight
thouaand, as compsred with eleven thonssnd
two hnndiea ana nny-ionr, the number Intro
duced In th. oorreepondlnz twelve months of
the preceding yesr.
inis aiminution in tneuuosu Slave trsuic
wonld be sstlsfactory If It were not that It la
malnlT owing to the exertlona of one Individ
ual alone. General Dolce, the present Csptsln
General of Cuba, who, It must be borno In mind,
la liable to be removed at any moment, when,
In all probability, the trade would again re
sume Its wonted vigor,
Gensrsl pule, complains Utterly of the want
of sufficient power conferred upon him, and of
the Inadequacy of the provisions of the Spanish
penal code for aupprosalng tho Cnban slsve
tradei and if an officer so well disposed aa Is
the preaent Captain General of Cnba finds It
impossible to put a stop to th. Importation of
slsve Into Cuba, It may easily be Inferred that
a leu honorable offleer would And ample ex
cuses for the non-performance of his duties In
this respect.
In order to put an end to the slave trade In
Cuba, It la necessary that the Bpanlah Govern
ment ehonld take stcpa for amending the lawa
firohlbltlag the Introduction of alavea Into that
sland. The existing lawa are admitted by the
Bpanlah authorities to be insufficient for the
purposes for which they voro framed, and,
until they are amended, the sincerity and good
faith of the Bpanlah Government will be liable
to be called In queatlon.
The 4th and 13th articles of tho penal code
only serve as a protection to the slave dealers.
The former of these articles prohibits tho sell'
nro by the authorities of any newly-Imported
slsves, no matter how notorious may have been
the violation of the Bpanlah lawa in Introdu
cing mo negroea, ir once tne aiavea nave been
conveyed to a property or plantation In the
The 13th article, on the other hand, provides
that the legal punishment of slave dealers and
their accomplices csn only be Inflicted In vir
tue of a sentence of th. "Royal Andlencla Fre
torlali" but In conaeqnence of nearly the whole
ot the population of Cuba, as well as tho sub
ordinate aulhorltlea, being more or less mixed
up and Interested In the alave trade. It Is Im
possible to procure evidence to convict tho par
ties engaged In the traffic, and this artlclo re
malna therefore entirely Inoperative.
Eleven hundred slaves hsve, as la well known
to the Government of the United States, been
recently seised by the Csptaln Oeneral of Cuba
after they had been successfully landed and
conveyed to a plantation1 In that Island At
tempta will doubtless be msdo to procure their
restitution on the ground that thev have been
Illegally aelzed by the Captain General) but if
one of these negroes Is given np to the slave
aeaiera, ciiuer or tne oraera oi tne spsmsn
Government or by the decision of a Judicial
inuun.i, ucr jnsjcBij'. uovernment trust mat
the Government of the United States will unite
with her Msjeaty's Government In addresalog
a aerlona remonstrance on tho subject to the
Bpanlah Government.
Pihuabt 4, 1601.
'MABam. December IS. 1SSS
M. lb Mlx'aa: In conformity with the wish
expressed by your Excellency, In tho conversa
tion which I had tbe honor of holding with
you on tho 14th Instant upon the subject of tho
slave trade In the Island of Cuba, I proceed to
particularize In writing Ihoso measure to
wuicn i aiiuaea ss neing, in tne opinion or her
Msjesty's Government, calculated to put a
Anal stop to thst deplorable traffic, tho adop
tion of which measures I am Instructed to press
npon her Csthollc Msjeaty's Government.
Aa T h1 th. hnnn. nf -!- tn Y-
lency, tho Government of the Queen, my mis-'
tress, nave learnea wiui extreme satlalacllon,
from the official reports of her. Majeaty'a con
sul at Havana, that a considerable diminution
In tho number of negroes lllegslly Imported
Into Cnba within the yesr ending the 5tli of
Bcpteniber last has taken plsce aa compared
with former yeara, and alao that a well Judged
amelioration in the treatment of those legally
held In alavery thero haa been encouraged by
the aulhorltlea of her Catholic Majeaty a
meaaure, as her Majesty's consul romarks,
which haa happily combined a regard for hu
manity and a aenalble Increase In the product
iveness of the plantations In which It ass been
Her Msjeaty's Government hsve pleasure In
recognising the good will and activity dis
played by the presentCaptalnGeneralof Cnba,
aa well aa the measure of his success, lu check
ing the slave trade. It appears, however, that
such are tne temputiona to unprincipled indi
viduate to Introduce alavea Into Cuba, and auch
the facilities still afforded to them by the defects
of certain parts of the Spanish lawa regarding
tne enDject, tuat wnnout aome moaiucauona
in these, his well-meant efforta must contiuno
to fall abort of their lntendod object.
The measures to which her Majesty's Gov
ernment wonld call your Excellency's attention
1st. An enactment declaring alave trade to
be piracy. Tbla Is a measure whleh haa been
adopted by many natlona. Including those pos
sessing largo numbers of slaves. Its success
haa been aignal In checking the alave trade In
countries where It moat prevailed. It baa
mainly contributed to free Brazil from tho
stigma attaching to this Inhuman traffic, and
that without any Injury to her productiveness
or material proaperlty. HerMaJesty'a Govern
ment are not aware of any sound argument
which can be alleged against this measuro.
9d. A modification of the Bth and 13th ar
tlclca of the Bpanlah penal code In force In tho
Island of Cuba.
According to the former of these artielos, the
aothorltlea cannot selzelmported negroes when
once they havo been conveyed to a property or
plantation, bowover notorious tho fact of auch
violation of the law having been committed
may be.
According to tho latter, tho legal punishment
of slave traders and their accomplices can only
be Inflicted In virtue of a aentenco by tho Royal
Audleucla Pretorlal. Now, It Is well known
that the difficulty of producing evidence before
this court la ao great, that proof to convict
those accused of such charges la seldom, If
ever, obtained, however morally convlncod the
ruling autborltlea may be of their guilt. It la
true that tho Captain General has power to re
move officers of whose delinquency he feels
certain, and It la true that the present Csplsln
General Dulce, hla predecesaor, the Duko de la
Torre, ana otuen, nave exerciser mis power in
regard to certain flagrant casesg but how much
moro effective aa regarda public opinion, how
much more satisfactory to her Catholic Majes
ty's Government would 1. be thst such punish
ment and degradation ehonld result from a
legal conviction, rather lhan from the exerclao
nf dlacratlonal nowcr.
1 believe that in stating that the experience
of tbe Duke de la Torre, aa well as that of Gon
eral Dulce. havo caused them to coincide In tho
opinion that the adoption of both the measures
to wuicn i nave auue aurubcu. wuum uu ex
pedient and necessary for tho final extirpation
of the alave trado In Cnba. lam not ovcratep
plng the truth In bringing, however, these
measures under your Excellency's attention, I
feel confident that they will be submitted to
tho enlightened examination duo to the Intrin
sic merlta of the great end they are meant to
forward, and also with tho most friendly dispo
sition on your Excellency's part to set at reat
foriver, a serlons and painful matter of discus
sion between the Governments of Great Urltatn
and Spain.
I avail. &c. Ac. J. F. Cnaui'Tox.
Ills Excellency the Msuquis ns Mibatloiiis,
d:c, Ac.
Uadbid, Deoembsr IS, 1SU.
Ml Lobd i In conformity with the Instruc
tions eonlalned In your lordshlp'e dospatch of
tho 13th ultimo. I did not fall Ln 'Ttirraa to the
Marquis de Mlrsflores the gratification of her
Majesty's Government at the diminution of
tne nave traae, and the amelioration In the
treatment of alavea In Cnba, reported by her
Aiajcaiy-s Acting consul wcncrai in nia acs
rtstch to vonr lordshln of flentcmber so.
I astd that II was satisfactory to know that
tnese improvements rcsnitearrora mo determi
nation of the present Captain General i and
on the Marqnla do Mlraflorea replying that
Gcn.Dulce.br the manner In which he had
acted, had fallhfullr earrtcd out the wishes of
iicr uatnouc Majesty's uovernment, 1 observed
thst, snch being the esse, I conld feel no
doubt thst his Excellency would taka Into se
rious cousiuerauou two measures, wnicn ap
peared to her Majesty's Government, and, In
deed, to all Dersona acnualnted with tho Bub
Ject, were wanting to enable that officer, who
noes not tact: tne will, to put a stop st onco to
the Importation of alaves Into Cnba, and to ro
allxe a wlah which his Excellency had so often
concurred with mo ln expressing, that th. ae
rlona and painful question which was contin
ually recurring between the two Governments
In regsrd to this matter should be forevor set
at rest.
The two mcaiurea I alluded to were, I said i
1st. An enactment declarlntr tho alave trade to
be piracy) 2d. Tho modification of tho penal
code in force In Cuba, and particularly of the
Oth and 13th articles.
With respect to the first, of these measures,
I observed that Its efficacy had been ahown ln
the caae of Brazil, and no reasonsble objection
bed ever been alleged against It by the Span
ish Government.
With respect to tho second, tho 9th and 13th
articles of tho code sited as a protection to the
siave-traaera, ana ueiealea tne intention ot
the law and the well intended efforta of the
Spanish superior autborltlea. The Marquis of
Miranores promlsoa that ho would tako thcae
matters into his consideration, and assured mo
thst good will on his part would not be found
wanting to do all that was possible to put an
end to the slave trade.
As I had referred to particular articles of
tho penal codo, he requested me to address blm
a note. In whleh they should be particularized,
In order that he might be able at once to direct
nia attention to tne points to which her Majea
ty'a Government alluded.
I have consequently, ln tho note nf which I
have tho honor to enclose a copy, pointed out
to the Marquis de Mlrsflores tbe effect of the
articles 0 and IS of the code, which are clearly
stated ln Mr. Crawford'e report No. 13, of
September SO, 1M1, enclosed In your lordship's
oi mat year. i nave, ac,
Lord Lyoni to Mr Stvard.
WASiufOTOw, Februsry 4, 18SI
Sir i 1 hastened to communicate to her Ma
jesty's Government the note dated the Slat
instant. (28th November last, i In which Tou
did me the honor to Inform rao that you had.
learned irom too unitoa atates uousmuenerai
at Havana that moro than one thousand re
cently Imported African negroes had been
brought to that city.
Her Majeaty'a Government had already re
ceived Intclllgenco of a atoam rcasel having
left the African coast with a cargo of upwards
of 1,100 alaves on bosrd, and also of theso
slaves having been landed ln Cuba They
havo alnee been Informed by her Majosty'a
Consnl General at Havana that (.leven hundrod
and lire of the newly Imported alavos have
been seized by tho Captain General of Cuba.
Her Majesty's Government aro not at prcsont
acquainted with tbo particulars rtlatlve to the
rc.sel from which tho alarca wcro landed, but
ther will take measures to discover. It possible.
the name of the vessel and tho partlea lnipll'
cated in her proceedings, and ineywiu oevcry
much obliged If the Government of the United
States will commnntcato to thtm any Informa
tion on the aubjoet which the United States au
thorities may do able to lurnisn.
I have tho honor to bo, with tbe highest con
sideration, air, your moat obedient, huinblo
servant, Lyois.
Hon. William It. Sbuaud, Ac, Ac, Ac.
JV. F. IV. Stuurd to 3tr. Sdi-OQt.
WasiiiiTutob, Februarys, IMl
Sib: Your despatches from No. Ill) to 119.
both Inclusive, have been recotvod. Referring
to your despatch No. 110, relating to tbo land
ing of certain negroea from Africa, I havo now
to transmit hcrcn lib a copy of a nolo from
Lord Lyona, from which you will pcrcelvo that
the Government of Great Urltalu dostroa fur
ther luformatlon ln regard to tho name of tho
vessel and tho partlea Implicated In her pro
ceedings. Yon will havo tho goodness, there
fore, to endeavor to obtain such further In
formation aa you can, and cointnunlcato It to
thla Department.
i am, air, your oucuiout aervant,
F. W. Seward. Assistant Secretary.
TnouAS Bavaox, Esq ,
lTnltn.l Rt-t.a Vlfn finnan! lnnrrn1 11.tr.nl
JV. Sewardti Jl. Koertur.
Defabtment or tatb,
Wasiiibot.m, February, a teas, t
Sib: Bv the Uth artlclo of the treatv of Wash
ington of the 9lh of August, 18 U, between tho
United Biaica auu ureal uriiaiii, ins .wrmiutcu
that tho partlea will unite In all becoming repro
sentattoos and remonstrances with any and all
Powera within whoao domlnlona such markets
(for African negroes) are allowed to exlat, aud
that they will urge upon all such Powers tho
propriety ana duty oi ciosiog snea rasnteis
pfTeetnallr at ones and forever.
Bpaln la believed to be tho only Christian State
In whoso domlolona African necrooe aro now
introduced as slave-. She has a treaty with
Great Britain stipulating for tho suppression
of that traffic. The Instrument was concluded
at a time and under clrcumstanccawhlch, as It
seems to us, Imposes a peculiar v. eight or moral
ohllL-atton on Snaln to see that bl.r stipulations
wero carried into full effict. It Is undcratood,
hdwevcr, that tho just expectattona of the
British Government in that respect have boen
slcnallr disappointed, 'i nia nae, no uouut,
been mostly owing to the fact that a groat part
of tho nublla rovtnue of Bpaln haa hlthcrtu
becu derived from Cuba, tho prosperity of
which Islaud has In aomo quarters Decn orro
ncously supposed to depend upon a continued
supply oi lraportou siam lauor. mis is ou
tlaw ed to be tho source of the disregard of Cu
ban sla. o dialers of tho humane policy of the
Homo Government, andthe alleged Inefficiency
atllmca of the colonial authorities.
Wo have no treatv llh Spain on tho auu
Ject of tho alave trade, but aa the laws ot tho
united siaioa cuaracunzca u aa piracy iouk
before our trraty with Great Britain aboto re
ferred to, we think ourselves entitle 1 to con
sider that trade an. offenco against puMlo law,
bo far as to warrant our faithful compliant e
with tho stipulation contained In that Hull).
Herewith I trausmlt a copj "f an Informal
noto on this subject, of the 1th Instaut, ad
dressed to mo by Lord Lioas.andof tho pa
pers to which 11 relUs. From theso It oppours
that though the number of Afrlcana lutrc
ducedinto Cuba la diminishing, ct that the
municipal laws In forco thero reiulro amend.
mnni (..-fori a .tonuairu of the traffic ean be
expected. Tho peculiar rclatlous or Great
Britain to Spain, with roferencoto tula topic
may Justify lo tho full extent the text of
tho note of Sir John Crauipton to tho Mar
tinis of Mlraflorea. Tho rclatlous of tho
United Statu to Spain, hocer, aro of a
different character, but the President author
Izee and directs you to address a communica
tion ln genral terms to tho Sponlsh Mlulster
r,.r Fnn.k.n Affilrs scttlui: forth tbottoaty stip
ulations bttweeu tho Lulled Stales and Ureal
it.t,.i n,. tt, I a anlilr ntwl .taUn? that 11 would
afford tho utmost satisfaction lu this country If
any obstacles existing lu Luua io tne rompiua
sujipriBBlou of tho Afrieau tUo trado should
DO reinoteu.
I aiu, sir, lour obedient servant,
' U'lIIIlM II. SEV.AU11,
Custhls Kobbnbb. Eaq., Ac, Ae. Madrid.
Tub following Items are taken from the
Stilt Jo-invttol.h. 11th leataatl
A rrtltt VrrfL 'llae. th. renavlef and Ih. ia
moving of th. awnlesa from Xleg .treat, It nre
saats a very baautuul app.aran.fc II would b. a
bard natter to nod a street ln any elty mora !
nnentfd than It Is br our neorde durlar th. mora-
lair sod evnlng hours.
Uto Frtcn. Whllefloaatrawberrl.a ar. senior
la n.ttiaor. at .If nt aod tea Beat, par quart, aad
ln Washington at from tea to Qruea.hucksters
are asking and aallleg aa inferior article la our
market at thirty aad tblrty-flr. cents psr quart.
tu.- .euiU te... . M.e -. .... . . - t
-TUJ .uuuui tun, iaausia a, uiua, vaiav -
A Daug.rona Dtoekad.Haam.r.
Bostom. June 10. The schooner Naner
.Mills reports that a British steamer left St.
George, Bermuda, on the night of the 4th laat..
for Wilmington, N. Or She waa commanded
by Maffltt. lets of th. Florida, and her mat.
wna tbo man thst ebot th. engineer of the
Chesapeake. Sho bed Aro heavy guns on
The National Democratic Committee, it is
understood, hsve been considering the poet
ponement of th. Chicago Convention, and will
decide It before the 20th Inat.
7 -fiTOfomsT3"
V. .- w -r Wm DtsTABTMKIT,
WAtnfHoron, Iu ll. tail.
iled rrorfleali will o rtoelreJt tMeoffle
lM0NbAtttU7TthMt4ryuit, IMijtorlw
tler end pounder Shell, to be.lrre4ia
until MONt
iiountler em
se-ueu iti
the followlaf MjauUtlct ,11. under-oemM
4frUUllfs.il IflsVlsl
At the WUnUet-lrintL Keir.Yoik.i.ooo.
At the New Yoik Anenel. Coreroor'i III An 4.
NetrYotkfi,ooo. fc H-1 MT
At the AUeibanr Ai-mbM, rWoMTf, fiWr.
Attl.eWiii.lr.tuin Amu., D. G, fl.OW.
At the W.Urvllt Areeatl, New York, (1,000.
At th New York Amnil. GoYtraat'i IkIadiL
New York, 10 000.
At tha AllexbtDf ArienM, FHtiftarr. l,ooq.
At tho Wnitilncloa Arieoel, D U,A,ooa.
Three ..roiectllce r to b mtde oi tbo kind of
met I end loirscted After the taleeleiddown In
tha Urdokoea Uaauitl. tha Untile kirascth to be not
let than looop.).ia.ii nerequer nea.
jarraraio Dniww irtinoraiiNwui laa in
etTuetloaiflTeolQ the Ordnaiea Manual.
ui awio(i can poteen at any oi pna y&iMa fiaiee
Tha i-roJecUlea era to talnepeeted at U foundry
wheracaet. and aro to b delivered at tbe aritnla
fret, of chart" a Lu tiavaapoiUUon or headline
DfJIrfrlMfifuet i madaat th faUof notleil
than t-nr.tsnth tM0th. of the whole ft mount eou.
trifltaJ fbrnor weak, tho RritJtllrerv lo be mtda
oa tho tu iUy of July, i&L , .....
Failure to mtkedeiirerlei ht a epeerOfdline
wlilauMect tha eontraetor tad focfolturaof the
.number ha may fall p deliver at that time.
Mdilera will etaia exoltelUr tho areenal or
areenala whare they propoen to deliver, Md tha
number of projrctilYi thrypropoat to deliver at
audi tvlMMf (r amrrthan-oaa. .
nu unit win ue receircu iron partisi oiDr mm
foundfn r proprietor of worke, who aro kiowti
to tha Iepftrtaieat to bo capUt apeou,Unf tha
work ropmed for.
Should any party obtaining a eontraet oJr ahell
other than those eaitln Hla own Ciuodrr. thev will
he rejected, and tha contract rendered null and
The Milder trill be rtonlred to aeeomoaVr hie
propoill oa witb a guaranty-, elgned itj two re
epoQillslo periooe, that In 911a tie kid le aeoepted
he wilt at once earettt. tha eontraet let tut aana,
with good and eul&elent aurctlu,la aua aiul
to oo Month of tha amount of the eontraet, u de
liver tho Artlo.ee propoted, la eohforailty with the
trrna oi mie fui.eriuumeaii Rrtu m ui um iim
l.ldJer ehoul-1 hit to enter Into tha eontraet.they
to M-ikoirwoa tha dJHVrmea' betafn,thaoflfcr of
Ml bUlsler and the next reipomlble bidder, or the
peraon to whom tha contract my be award ad.
The tray onel unity of tbe guarantorefaaoet ba
tliown tj- thaoliiclaleertltleata of the eleik of tha
neareat Dtetrlct Court, ot of tha UiUcd BtaUe Die-
trtet Attorney .,,) iA. ,
t'onds In a eum equal to ontMenth of the am mat
of the eontraet, elgaad by tha oeatraetor and both
of blejtuaraQtora, will b required of theaueoeee-
l;ui bidder or Mi.iere upon eigninir in oDiri.
form or ouahanuck.
We, tlw undcriliCQed, reitdeote of-
hereby, JatoWy and aevejrally.iovanant wlU the
U tine a ataica. aau curnaicv, m - mo mi'iiui
tll j 0r fa'.M ie feteeptad, tkat ha or hy will
atonoa exetute thoeotiut for tha aaaa with
cood aod eufflclent aurellea, In a aunt equal to on
tentbof themwtoftheeoatraat.1iiire..ehthe
arllelea prormaadooalarmlty to. tha term of the
Kdvttenunt diOoJ Jua iiiaunaer wmen ine
bid wae maJej aod ln eaie the aald ehall
fait tn .mitir lata eft at r Aet avlbreaald. we ur
an too to makegood the difference between tha off r
of the eald and the next loweet reepoflelVIa
bidder, or tha pwion to wbon tha eontraet may be
iitivea unjer cur ninni ing isftie
M. ..,., MjH
witnen faal 1
Ta tkli i-uarantv tnuet be) auDeadad tbo Afllotal
certlflcatc above mentioned.
Each party obtalnlnf a eontraet will be obllfot
to enter luto boade, wttk apjuova.! eureUea, lor IU
fAlthlulexeeutloo. . .,..,
Upon tho award botng tnada. allocate (ul bidder
wilt be noti lint, od furnfhed with ioro)i or eon
tract, and bond
Tha Depatlmtnftroeervae tha right torajtfi any
or all bide U not deemed aatlifagtqrr.
Propoiale will be ulrtrraetd to ftRlOADIKR
nance, WH!lltUUUHaU.U," anil Will d -n lorwu
" 1'ropoeeda tot 24-iVOUader B'-Mounder BhoU.
JelSmwMt Bflf. uen.,uniai oi wumh.
a . ...aM t.a.I. I IOU 1
iiaMninuiviuu. .a. .mt. i
!.! rroTirtinIi will be received at thla offlee
mtii r hi hay. tha nth of June, atio'eloek p. a .
for the delivery, al the New York Meaty. No. U
Worth atciet, New York, of loo,ooo CURRY
Them rurrr CVimhi ere to be mad la atrttt eon
formltf with tha earaplea, wbleh eaa boaaaa at
thla otace, or at the Ne w York agaoey, except that
the hanJtci art 10 Do oi nircn, oaeee, or nam
maple. They art to be aubjeot to Impaction at
the factory where made before being received by
the Government. None ar to be received or paid
lor but euoa aa are approved on lnapecuoa.
Deliver. ct tnuet ha made at tha rate of not leea
th.n t.ooo per neeknr 1,000 per day, eommeoeing
on the ltth day of July, 1M1. They are to bedellv
eredlnboxeaofa00aab. iM ., .
allure to daUver at a eueoinad time will euhjeet
tbeeoutractoMo forfeiture of the quantity due
at that time. No bide will be eoaitdercd from par
tlea other than regular maauf-turera or the arti
cle, ana eueh ae are known to thla Department to
be fully competent to eaecute la their own ahope
BlIfeH wfiye"elope with their bide the written
eeknnwlei.jB.ent of their eurctlee, over their own
flitnaturei, .,..., .. i1M1(11,lfcl
to eattr into b)od, with a'pruved euretiee, for
i ftthliarxecmion. ......
i ..... .am-.! hstlnr in ltd A. ICaeatslirul bldderC
will I e nntlltcd, aad rurnliketl with lerat of con
trnft aadboad. .... ,
The Ueparluient rricrvea the right to rOet any
or ail M U II not deeme I eatlifaotory.
PropoiOi will be aJdreated to Brigadier Oene
ral i.wrc v. Htmeay, Chief bf Ordaanaa wain.
Ington.U 0,'and will be endorsed, FfopoaU
lor t-Ltrrr v-onjoi. ,
BtlXajvVei Central, Chief uf Ordnance
w -ifjiBjjfjiiUiw.n J
KC11UITHI It K 0 II U I T B 1 1
cnuin WANTXD to nu th. uuota In Dis
tils) ol Columbia. Mow Is tha tin. to rofinU.r I
Bnuutr to Vater.n. Mi, $06 paid in adranM I
Vouutrto Mow Ueerulis ,m,U6pald la aJ.
Uoanty for Dolorcd IWcrulta 160 pal la U
cancel ,. ,. M
Any person brlnt los a reerult r recruits to ur
Die. W1U h. pslJ liberally.
oluuteers ouni. and sstth. peuo.tr mi serve
our.euat. R. w. vJnUONDS.
Kwrulllaj offljer, W9 M.w Jnny .T. us. r
site th i Oeiwt of the Baltlnor. sad Ohlu Ball-
luad Coipanf, Washington, l. C. )"
ji.u cajui witvji
Apply at tha
iti.nu orr-atv
An, person briwrlas RLCnuIT ot JtlCHUllS

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