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we asmwm ymmtmmtmmitsi'mm'.i i)iinirw'gmmLiliiiBW
gtotWHUl faepubta.
ll published ttcrf fUrnxm(8nndaj, excepted)
W. J. HraTAon A Co., end I, ornlshed
to our aubacrtberi (by- carrier!) (t CO centa per
Mall isbacrlbm, 15.00 per annua t $2.W
for elx rnontha, and f 1.SS for three monthi, In
variably Is advance.
Single coploi, a eenu.
One square, three daa ....tlO
One square, fonrdsys .,.,,, 1.85
One eqoare, five days 1.60
Oneaqnare, six days .. 1,75
Kvery otner aay aavenuemeni, ou per cent.
Once a week advertisements charged M nw
for each Insertion.
Biz I) nee or leea constitute a square.
Advertisement should be handed In by ll
o'clock, m.
NO. 176
. 1
Cm.tr QOAiTf m uTii'i Orrirr, I
tViininarAa nnrtT. zTlfaaAinhAr fi. IflAl. t
Ssaled propoaals am Invited by the undersigned
forsuPpJvln: theUaltd State QurlrmMlf'
Department, tt WMhiortoo, D. O , Baltlmor, Md
Alexandria, and sort Monroe, Va or either of
tbB plasea. with Hay, Cora, Data, and Straw.
IUds will bo twelved (or the dellvtry or ,0W
buibrli of oorn or oat and eo ton ol bay or straw,
and upward. ....... .
Bidder muit tUt at rhlch of th above-named
point, tbey propoat to mako deliveries, and the
rates at which tbey wilt make deliveries thereat.
tbe quantity of fahartile proposed to bedellv
red, tbt time wben said deliveries aball be torn
ueaeed, and wben to be eompletod.
The pil must be written out In words on the
corn to be put up la rood ttoui saeks, of about
in liiih.lm mjih oAm In Ilka tasks, of a bo tit
three boibeU cuh. Tba e to be furnlifiad
wjtnout extra tiiarga to ice uovenimeni, -mi
liw tiit itrio tit ha iMiirilv bilftl.
he particular kin or description of oats, orn,
lay, or atrftvr, rropoaad to be delivered muit be
All the artlal offered under the bid herein la '
vttod.wlU be lubjeotioa rigid Inapeotlon by the
Govurnmant Inapeator before being accented.
Contract, will 1 awarded from time to time to
the loweit rupomlbl kldder, a the Interact ot
Uie Government may require, and Payment will be
made when the whole amount contracted for shall
have been delivered and accepted.
The bidder will be required to accompany hi
propoatl with a guaranty, aimed by two rcaponal
tlepertonx.thatlneaaahlabld 1 accepted boor
they will, within ten day thereafter, execute the
eontraot for the aame, with rood and auGQclent
uretlea in a sum equal to the amount of the con
tract, to deliver the forage propoaed m conformity
with the tcrfcia of thla advert! a emnt and in eaa
ih t,i.it.i.ilir khftii fti tnantAriDtAtheeontraat.
they to make rood the difference between the offer
ol aald bidder and the next loweit rerponalbl bid
der, or the peraona to whom the eontratjt may be
warded. . .
fhM finAniiMiit nt th ru&r&ntora muat be
ahown by the official certificate of a United State
other ottleer under the United State, Government,
or reanonalble peraon known to thl offlce.
All bidder wiubedoiynotlfledof the aeceptanoe
or rejection of their propoaals.
The full name and T. O. addreaa of each bidder
muat U lerlbly written In the propoaal.
rropoiafa muat be addrested to Brigadier General
V, H. Ruaker, Uilef Depot Quarteraaater, Wash
ington, D. c,, and should be plainly marked " Pro
roaals for aorae.M
Bonda, In a acm equal to the amount of the eon
tract, signed by the contractor and both of hi
guarantor, will be required of the aueceaiful bid-
ir nr tiMrirra unnn itralnt lha contract.
Cl.au tonne 01 Diua, rurmcw. uu wuui, uaa
Chief Qcahtehu arret' Orricc, )
DtfOT op WAininaTO.
Waiiiihotok, June to, 1R4.
FealM cropoaala will b received at thla oGlce
until FHlDA,Juae24,l86,at Uo'olock m, fnr
furfitiMngSTATinNk.HYror I 1 vepoi ior aia
() montha from Julr 1. 1641. at per annexed Scbe-
dale. a t t
All articles muif d ci ina very : quPMiiy,
ample or which (of paper, one quire, or enrel
opei,toe pekf(e) muat aeeompAny enok bid.
luth Udder muat furnnh, with bu propoaal, hut
on lampu or tba article bid for, andtrfin?rtfor
aaoh article, which muit be dlatlnoJy marked
The contract will be awaried to the loweit re
aponalble bidder . , ., .. .
achpropnutiauitbei1jrDMby tbe Individual
r Arm raain Iti and the ability to fuini the eoo
treet.ir aw.rrteJ.matbeeertifledby the peraon
orper.oapropredaa auretic.
Should any rttclca- 1m requlreJ whUh are not
enumeraiea in inn Bcnpuuir iijtjr mimmw
a., m 4 Wa lAmAAt markal ivl...
Th nnnt Qiitnpmu(r va.erv tt blmteU
tna ni,ui ot oruerioc;, iroin nraa i nra, .!
orleai quantity ol etekaivl.fvery jMtJcle con-
Atj in tli. mthll. antvlee mv reotlire.
wllhln lx montha eubicqueut to the ateof the
cooiraei, aou, mnuu any arueir. u i,urnii
tiMn -rtn.ttl t4ma rtP tlflff OrderC 1. hS
aiaoreaerveaxnen;nMpurcii'"H ."
Itt nn.rt mirl(t. .t th Hk And eXIienS Of th
. .- .... I fmnlaji hm ma.
person or ptnontvwuirMiiui "'"' - -
lie will. In all caaes, decide whether lh term of
the cofitraot have been comj lied wltb, amlYewvea
the power te anou! the contract upon any failure
loeompiy wim iiesarmi. - ....
Bond with approved 'eurlty er to be riven by
tha person or peraona contracting, and. In case or
failure to supply the article ordered, the con
tractor aod h'a aurctlea rhall be liable to the for-
Cl. an jorma 01 Dius,Kuarkaic..Buu wui
be obtained upon appUaaUon at this office.
rutin, ur rnurviAi
(Town, County, and State
V Lm .ja,AA Jkj L.p.k wwanjmm 4a f.meah
and deliver to the United State, at the Quarter-
Tnaater'a Department at -
, arrecably to
'.llura inafl1..! In anah hnnd.
Propo.ala must be Mdrcised to "DrlRAdler Gen
eral D. II. ItUCKKK, Chief Uuartcrmaster, Depot
nr Wash out on, D C ," aad to bo plainly marked
"Proposal for staUooery."
BcitcDOLt: or AnTietra.
10 rHMi Manilla wrapntes: n r, SlxIS inehea,
DOtieistnsn oopounas pirrc.m, perrvim.
oreatntbutT envelope pper, sun lochea,not
lea than ao pnundc per ream, per ream.
90 reama Whit lout pnsi paper, ruicu, prr r.u(
loo reams white (oolseap pprr, ruled, not leas
than 13 pounda per ream per ream
iQrearaaiaw sp yvit iuu( --- -- -pouodaper
9M reams white letter paper, ruled, not lea than
t pounds per team, er ream.
. - a.i ..naiar. a nnU ntnar. tnlatit.
aW rVIDll nun. wumiu.nni .v.v ,' -- .- ,
not lei than 5 pouodt per ream, per ream.
l,ooo eheets blottlne; paper, per sheet
iiblaok bookc, rtemi site, full bound, per quire.
48 blank booki folio ilte, full bound, per quire.
100 blank booki, eiown cap site, bound In clotb,
v3 blank booki, eap ilte, half bound, per quire,
son octavo memorandum booka, full size, l er
U"C"' . . . . -.-- a. A t -. -.
oo time Doom, uenu sue, uuuuu m vwtui h
From thla time antll tho Frcildentlal elec
tion, every loyal man who favor tho re-elec
tion of Mr. Lincoln will want a newepapar
published at the seat of Government, advocat
ing tho Union nomination for President and
Vlco rrcldent.
To all aucb, who dostro a pipor which will
keep them promptly advised ef all political
movements, and their probable) comeqnencei,
wo tender the National Republican, with
confidence that It will full! their desires In
this respect.
The National Republioah will contlnno to
furnish In advance of all competitors the latest
and most reliable news from our different
arm Ice, and especially from the Army of the
It, literary and miscellaneous departments
will receive special attention, and efforts are
continually being made to ctabllih the charac
ter of the WariiLT National IUpdduoa as a
family paper.
Sir months ago the weekly paper was en
larged to Its present size and greatly Improved
In Its typographical appearance. Our list has
Increased largely since that time, for which we
thank our numerous voluntary agents through
out tho loyal States. During that time, how
ever, the prices of labor and of material havo
increased upwards of fifty per cent. In view
of that fact we do not propose to Increase the
price of tho paper, but to urge upon our friends,
and the friends of the Union, who favor tho ro-
clcctlonof o tr present worthy and patriotic Chief
Magistrate, to nso their utmost endeavors to
Increase our circulation. This Is tho only waj
by which we can to able to keep tho Wcbclt
National Republican up to the high standard
It has occupied during tho last six months.
Wo dcetro a large number of subscribers for
tho political campaign, which has opened by
the nominations made at tho Baltimore Convention.
We propose to send our weekly paper for tho
For the National Republican
ar oco. w. HtaoAi.
Up, brothers, up! pour out your lead and put forth
your sharpest steel)
Let tho rebel know your motto well, whenever
you may meet 'em,
la to crush their slimy aerpent'a fang beneath your
Iron heel)
And strike hard boys, when ;ou do strike, for
'tia merciful to beat 'em.
Every day that they are spared la only add Id g to
totnelr woeai
TIa a scheme, boy, of the divll, the better thus
t cheat 'em.
Thttr money and their credit's gonei they're ihort
of rood andclotheat
The a hurry up and end the war ' merciful to
beat 'em
Don't spare 'em, boys, until theyyleldt then 'twill
be well to lave
Thru, 'gainst a much as you can't help from
letting olJ Leath greet 'em
Cut now, my gallant Union bo J s,bo aettTe,gsllaat,
And whip 'em In "two-forty time" '11, merciful
to beat 'cm.
Waihimqtoh, June 10, 1811
Passed at tbe First fleeeaon of ttie TMity.
Klghtb Congress
P0BU0 No. 101.
An act m akin it appropriations for tho support
of tbe army ror the year ending the thirtieth
June, eighteen hundred and sUty-flve, and I
for other purposes.
Jk If enacted by th Senate and Haute of Hep
rtientatives of the CnVtd State of America in
Conorest attembled That tho followloir sums
be and the same are hereby appropriated, out
of any money In tho Treasury not otherwise
appropriated, lor tno support oi me army lor
the year ending the thirtieth of June, eighteen
hundred and suty.flve i
For expenses of recruiting, transportation of
reo raits, ana compensation to citizen surgeons
for medical attendance, tbrco hundred thou
sand dollars.
For purchase of books of tactics and Instruc
tions for volunteers, fifty thousand dollars.
For contingent expenses oi mo Adjutant
Ing the horses of lha corps named) also, gen
erally, the proper and authorized expenses for
the movements and operations of an army no
expressly assigned to any other department,
thirteen million dollars.
For the purchase of cavalry and artillery
horses, twenty-one million dollars.
For mileage, or the allowance made to offl
cers of the army for the transportation of
themselves and their baggage, when travelling
on dnty without troops, escorts, or supplies,
seven hundred thousand dollars.
For transportation of tbe army, Including
the baggage of the troops when moving, either
by land or water) of clothing, camp ana garrl
son equipage, from the depots at Philadelphia,
Cincinnati and New Tork to tbe several posts
and army depots, and from those depots to tbe
troops la the fieldt and of subsistence stores
from the places of purchase, and from the
Pisces of delivery under contract, to such
places as the circumstances of tho service may
require them to be sent of ordnance, ordnani e
stores, and smsll arms, from found erles and
armories to the arsenals, fortifications, frontier
posts, and army depot, i freights, wharfage,
tolls, and ferriages; for the parchaao and hlro
of horses, mulre, oxen, and harness, and the
Surchsse and repair of wagon", rarts, and
rays, aod of ships, and other sea going ves
sels, and boats rcqulrod for the transportation
or supplies ana ror garrison purposes j lor dray
age and cartage at the several posts) hire of
teamsters) transportation of funds for the pay
and other disbursing departments) the expense
of sailing public transports on the various riv
ers, the Gulf of Mexteo, and tho Atlantic and
Pacific) and for procuring water at such potts
as, from their situation, require It to be brought
from a distance) and for clearing roads, and
and rivers, to tbe extent which may be required
ror toe actual operations or me troops in too
field, forty million dollars.
ror mre or commutation or quarters ror om-
cers on military duty, hlro of quarters for
troops of stonhouaes for the safe keeping of
military stores) of Rrouuds for summer canton
ment) for the construction of temporary huts.
fPLBLlC-NO 102.1
An act to Incorporate tbe Homo for Friendless
Women and Children.
Be It enacted by th JSennte and Bonne of Utry-
ritntatlv4 of the United btaUt of America In
Congrem tueembleiL That Mary T Hay, Fltza
i. Morris, Jane F. James, KHz Wade Fltz
tcerald, Georgian F. Bpoaks, Emily 1). Rwz
relinquished, and conveyed br the United
Slates, In fee simple and In full property, to
the State of Missouri, for the supportof schools
In said township i Provided, That nothlog In
this act shall In any manner abridge, divest,
Impair, Injure, or prejodlce any adverse rlftht,
title, or Interest of any person or persons In or
to any portion or pare ot me at iresaia iota,
KCi niu, uovimim r oubb, jjiiiii ij. itiikj- I w but 1-"-" fc"u ur Jifc ui mr bi iicsam iuw)
tries, Indiana Plant, Mary Orajham, Maria (tracts, piece, or parcels of land which are
th term of your advertisement, lnvlilos; propo
sals lor forage, dated Washington Depot, De
cember 9, IBM, the following artlole, vlzt
buihela of Corn, In Backs, at per bushel
nf M twin nria.
- buahel of Oata, In sacks, at per bushel
olai pound.
tons of baled Ilay, at per ton of 3,000
. tons of baled Straw, at per ton ot 1,000
Delivery to eomnieno on or before the -day
of , 16 , and to be completed on or be
forethe dayof ,1M . and pledge myself
to enter Into a written contract with th United
Btates, with good and approved securities, within
the space of ten da a after being netlned that my
bid ha been acoepted.
Your obedient servant, i---
brigadier General D. H. Huckeb,
Chief Depot (inartermaiter,
wainlng-toa, D. C.
We, the undersigned, reatdente of, in
th County of -,ana State of -,
hereby. Jointly and levcrally. covenant with the
United State , and guarantee in caae the foregoln
hM r ta Aaaented. that ha or the? will
within ten day after the acceptance of the aald
bid, exeoute the contract for the same with good
and sutnolent sureties, In a sum equal to the
amount of the contraot, to furnish the forage pro
loaed In conformity to the terma of advertisement
dated December 6, 1861, under which the bid was
made, and, In ease the atd shall rail te
cntur into a contract a atoreiaio, we guarantee to
make good the difference between tbe offer by the
itid and the next lowest responsible bidder,
or the person to whom the contrast may be
W lineal. I Given undtr our hand and seals
flhls dsyol -,1M .
1 hereby certify that, to tbe beat of my knowl
eJge and Idler, the above-named guarantor! are
good and sufficient aa auretlea for the amount for
which they otter to be security.
To be cerUOedby the United State District Af
ter ney. Collector of Cuatoma,or any other officer
under the United Btatea Government, or responsi
ble perion known to thl offloe.
1 a H. RUCKER,
deo-tf Brig. Gen. and (tuarterinaatcr.
trntrat department at tho hcadnnartLrs at
penoa ot six monins, irom vuo ur.t vi uuu iu mo several military aepartments, uvuihousaua
ttiA rtrat nf TVrpmher. which will cover the dollars.
so time beoks. small quarto atte.bound la cloth, -!-. ., ft.ii Mmrna of the Presidential ' . Fop copilot- official reports of tho armies of
nerdosen. . . .,,-,--- .,.,., the uoiieu oioies. ior puoncauon, uve inou-
aoo time books, email octavo size, bound In election, at the low rates at which It la now anil dollars.
furnished to subscribers, For bounties and premiums for tho entlcmtnt
There Is no city, town, or vltlago In the loyal enllatraentj of recruits for tho rciru ar army,
States which cannot furnish us iom subscrl- Flirtha navof adfined bonntle. tovolon.
hers. Let tho work of maklog up clubs com- tccrs and drafted meu, lHu million dollars,
monra at once. We have printed a larce odl- For pay of premiums, rent of buildings and
tlon of the numbers for the present month, and Krounds, transportation, subsistence, lodging,
uuu ui wguuvi. , , commutation of fu-1 and quarters, straw, post-
can fnrnlsh back numbers to all who may do- agt Bttlontry, advtrllslnir, medicines and
sire them. Spoclmcn copies will be scnt.whon medical attendance, and all other necessary
requested. expenses Incidental to the collecting, drilling,
- .- ' ainil npiranltri(V vnlnnlivM and tnr llin m .
uuu u.v.a..ua, . .- - .,. u. .uw wvvb-
WAinmoTOrt, May 18, 1844. J
Sealed proposals will be received at this offloe,
until WB,fD.NSDAY,the2Mday of June, 1864. al
i fii(u-lf. ti. m . Mf unnlvlns' wood and eoal to thl
United Mat a Marines at Washington city, V. C,
fpnm th lat nf JnlV. IRfli. til thfl 10th Of JunC. I860.
The wood to be good merchantable oak. and to
be delivered, piled, measured aodlnspectcl atauoh
polota within the wall of the Marine Derrick as
m.y be designated by tbe Commanding Marine
Umcer, froe of expense to the United states.
Ihe Coal to be best White Aah, Anthracite Egg
Coal, free from duet, and to weigh 2,W pounda to
tbe ton, to be weighed, lnapeeted and delivered at
such polnta witntn ine wajis oi ne nnno u.r
racka aa maybe designated by the Commaedlng
Marine Otflcer.frceof eapenae to the United states
and both wood and eoal to be furnished at auch
times and In such quantities as the said Command.
lug Marine officer may require.
PamentswlUbemadeupontbe quarterly requi
sition, or the commanding otfloer, atatlng the
quantities required ror the use of his command
agrccbly to regulations
A guarantee to be signed by two responilble per
sona, whoie responsibility must be certified by the
United States Dlstrlot Judge, United Mates Dib
trtot Attorney, or eVulted States Collector, must
aoojmpany each proposal, otherwise It will not be
considered . .
1o be endorsed "Propoiel for Fuel," and ad
dresicd to th underslgnod.
mylMawiw Major and Quartermaster.
20 ooo'wblte offl c 11 envelopes, No. 13, very thick,
PYo ot'-3 white oQclal envelopes, No. 10, very thick,
Too obo white ofllctol envelop, 9x4 lnchei, very
ioo,boo white letter envelopes, SXxStf lnchea,
very thick, per M It . . .
pint bottle., jr iImm txtu.f
UdojenM.in.rnfc tMiyn' ernthmblaek Ink,
In qu.tt, pint, aaJhir-plutbottle.,per doieabot.
" li 4oif n Arooll'. eoprlo j Ink, In quart anJ pint
bott , per dote, bottl...
12 dozen Lreaee'. copying Ink In quart and
pint bcittlrl, per doieo bottle.
34 dnten David, eftrmtn. Ink, gla.. bottu. and
stopper., per dor.n boitle.,
H amen FaUr'. or other Mack lead jiemll., No.
I and t, be.t quality, per donn.
34 dozen Faier' or other red and blua pencil.,
per dot.n. . , ,
24 dozen prlAM Inkttan., ai.ftr'ed, per dozen.
too rroi. nillott'. .teel pen., anorted per ron
200 cm., other .terl pen., ai.orted, per aro...
,.,, , ,iinti. nen holder, iter dozen.
41 dozen other pen holder., Mlected kind., per
no""- .. , j
13 dozen tin p.per io,er,iT mo
M r,Sr,nd. re, ,ili n .11, i) .tick, to tbjpound,
""'"";!? .'..l ...hhr. in nleer. to the
pound, per poum. .
too dozen plree. red tape, No.. 11 at 11, per
ao'ra. . ... .. ,, .,
100 dOZCn .pOOl. reu ,niu, " " -".
""ff'ViMBilan Jar. mtiellaje and bru.he., large
' s'ilozen gl.'. Jr. muell.go and bru.hea, .n.ll
"",.I,?'40A'n--... ....... ...i i ma n.r..
'i letter copyios uuu, ae, . , -. -, r--
Vono beia abetract paper, ruled to pattern, per
' too 'aheeta return psper, raled an 1 printed to pat
tern, per sheet
S reama or bill pnper, ruled to pattern, per ream
4 doien Ivory pai er folders, per dozen
4 doicn erasers, ivory or wood hai.dls, per
dozen gutta perch rulers, t lQ1T1jI? p"
Brlgrvtlcr General and Chief Quart eriuaitrr,
Vlrelnla Brown, and their associates and sue
eaaors, are hereby created a body corporate
and politic, with n common seal, the rltrht of
succession, with ability to sue and liability to
be sued as a natural person And the said
corporation shall be known by the name of
" The Home for tho Relief of Friendless Wo
men and Children." The business of said
corporation shall bo tbe establishment. In the
city of Washington, or at a convenient and
eligible point not exceeding In distance seven
miles from tbe city, of an Institution where
provision can be made by public charity fr
the care and relief of friendless and deserting
females, and for the care and maintenance of
joune orphan or destitute children, male or
female, who may bo or are likely to become a
charge upon public charity. And said corpo
ration shall possess end enjoy all the powers
essential and proper for the carrying out of the
purposes of Its creation.
Blc. 9 And be it further enacted. That said
corporation may receive, tike, and hold by par-
cnase, gut, or ocvue, any real or personal
estate for tho purposes contemplated In thl
acti PritHJtdt howerer. That tho nctt annual In
come of tlulr real estate shall not exceed thirty
thousand dollars.
Bee 3. ,4id6 W..r.forfnacfftf,TbatXlaryT.
Hay, Eliza M. .Morris, EtUa Wade Fitzgerald,
(leorglana Speaks, Emily U. Rugglc. Indiana
Plant. Jano F. James, Mary Grayham.
Maria Virginia Drown, shall constitute tho
board of managers until the first Menday of
ioy, a. v, eigniecn nunart'u anaeiiiy-nTO, ana
until their successors shall be chosen or t lee ted
as herein provided. A racctloir of tho mem
hers of the association shall ho held on the first
Monday of May. eighteen hundred and slxtv
fife, at some convenient hour and place, In tho
-.., . - w-. .. vv.-.. u. (fv.w.j ..i.u, a u.v. 0b CTZJUJU W'UTdlUa UUl
hoepltali, and (table., and for repairing pub-1 city of Waenlncton. of wnlcn tiro weeks' pnii
He buildings at cstablltncd posts, two million 1 He notice shall bo given by tho board of man
Tne terms for tho csmpatcn aro aa follows t
esry expenses under tbe enrolment act, tiro
One copy, six months, tl threo copies, six miin0u dollars.
mouths, t3 50, ten copies, six mouths, 17.50. Tor pay of the army, n'no m'lllou nlue hnn.
dred and seventy-one thoussud two hundred
IJ.t of General a o.plt.l. ' ana rony tureo aouars ana r my cents.
' Vna anrnmnlillnn nf r.Hiar- anlialil.naa
Vne rnmnintatlon nf oflters'
Utider Direction of Surgein H O. Abbottt V, S, one million seven hundred and twtntv three
A; Medical Director Department tbousnd six hundred and twenty. nine dollars
lt"ttA)aInt7f on n(! 0fty ccnl'
1. Armorv Bauare. Washington, D. C.i ..,. nnu k-,i nT, rw.P ,,.. . .1 fortv Uro thousand dollars,
Seventh street west, hUwoeu C and O streets hnndred dollars. I For cltleen physicians, and medicines fur-
For heating nnd cooking stoves, ono hundred
thousand dollars.
For constructlac;and extending the telegraph,
for military purposes, and for expanses in ope
rating the same, two hundred and seventy-five
thousand dollars.
For supplies, transportation, and care of
firlsouers of war, nine huodrod thousand dol
ors. For purchasing, constructor, hd malnte
nance nf steam rams, two hundred and seventy
tlvo thousand dollars.
For clothing for the army, camp and garri
son equipage, and for expenses of offices and
arsenals, fifty eight million dollars.
For contingencies ef tho army, four hundred
thousand dollars
For medicines, Instruments, and drcsslogs,
ttt o million seven hundred and fifteen thousand
For hospital store?, bedding, and so forth.
three million fivo hundred and eighty- even
thousand eight hundred and fifty-two a dlars.
For hospital rurmture ana noia equipments,
six hundred and eighteen thousand dollars.
For books, stationery, and printing, one hun
dred and twenty thousand dollars.
For ice, fruits, and other comforts, three
hundred thousand d llars.
For hospital clothing, sevon hundred and
fifty thousand dollars.
For citizen a arses, two hundred and ten
thousand dollars.
For caro of sick soldiers In private hospitals,
thirty-one thousand two hundred dollars.
For auiuciai umos lor soldiers ana seamen,
souib, In chargo of Surgeon D. W. VM9. U.
8 V.
3. Carver, Washington, D. O., Fourteenth
street west, at terminus of city railroad, In
charged of Surgeon O. A. Judson, U. 8. V.
8. Campbell, Washington, U, U., Seventh
street west, at terminus of city railroad north,
in cnarge oi QurguuD. a., s. ouumuu. u.o. v.
For raiments I u lieu of clotulnc for officers' """."i "i lDem Ionr "unarta ana uve thou
.... t..v. ...a ikMi..r ii..kt i. n.,-.. i i iina dollars.
and twenty doitars. F" W """ a laborers In purveying
For paymtnts to dlsrhargel soldiers for a'Pol. "n7 uvotuou.ana aou.r..
..'J,' I... a i.?.-j..j -j nn Vureiamln neaud rLCordlnirmeteoroloi:leal
fhousauddol." 'observations taken at the mllii.rvpo.ts of the
For nav of volunte.rs.lncludlnc the bounties """ But!, army, soviu hundred and Aft
pay of volunteers, Including tho bounties VD.!
,. u.o. v. . .,. . , ,-.., .... -. i nnnars.
4. CoiumbUu. WaahlnEton. D. C, Four """"i,"i;"",C-.JV::V-r.-rfc-i. For army medical moteum. flvo thouennd
. . i m .. ... HEtcu uiiiiiuu am iiuuuiiu nnu oian iv tuuu- ...
tecnth street west, at terminus oi city rauroaa, d handrcd and twintyelKht dollars ' 1"r- .,
In charge of Surgeon J. B Crosby, U. S. . ,m, ,B(.nly.flT0 cent jrcW.J, That If any I For contingent
K. n,..rr,..riM VVttiinrinn Il II. pnmnr fit ' . . n.rtmoni furrir.ai
DrrAETMmT or the Irtcbioe, )
U. 9 Pateht Orricx, Junes, ISM (
Fropoiala for furnlahlng such stationery as may
beriHiuirett by this Bureau durloa; tbe fiscal ear
end tor June so. 1S&5, will be received until 13
o'clock m ofTUL.UfY the Uth day of July, 181
Th laeunaooompanledbyaatUfactoryteatlmon ala
ef ability to fulfil a oontr-vct will not becoualdered,
and contract! will only be awarded to manulactu
rers of, or dealers In, the several clanes of
All attlclea rurnlahed muat be of the beat quality
of their kind. ,, ,
ach propoaal muat be signed by the Individual
or firm making it , L
All articlea required under a contract muat be
delivered without delay. A failure i r refusal
of the contractor to lurnlah proper articlea will be
deemed Juatcauae for abtogatlag the contract,
Articlea not named In the aehedule, 11 reqilred,
are to I a furnlibed at the lowest market prices,
aud the right li reserved of ordering a greater or
lena quantity of eaoh article contracted for, as the
..1.11a iatiii mat if tannirM.
Bonds, with approved eeurtty, muit be given by
the individual or firm obtaining the contract
Siiould a contractor refuse or neglect to lurnlah,
when required, any article or articles mentioned
market, aud if a r reater price has been paM thre
(n. k... i. uaMritiii in tha Boatract. the dluercnce
may be oharged to the contractor In hi next quar
terly aooounl . . ...
Schedules, specifying as near as ean be dene, the
amount, quality, aud description of tbe articles re
quired, can be had on application at thla offloe.
PreiioeelB must be addrened ta the Comulailon
erof PaUnts, and endoned" stetlenery."
Je tktt
FICK, Depot or WAimwTOH,WAininaTon,
1). C , January , 1B64 .,.
All dealers in Urujis, Hardware, Lumber, leather,
Offlce l-Mrnlture, Harness, and iaddlery, are re-
aucated to aond to thla offlce. on the MONDAY ol
each week, a aealed propoaal or Hat, ''uf.far,
or the articlea they are prepared to furnlah to thl
DeiKt at hort nouoe, wiu yii9 i u
Zl'i.ii .1.1. 4...IPAB sin thai. In Mavatai lrla
mirauu iu immu unuav, v ,r.a IT . -geucleaor
theBervlce require It, the ertlale or ar
tuiea can be obtained without delay, aud at the
SlaleVe washing to sell to thla Depot will be re-
quiied to furnish mt punaluallveveryMonday
morning D. H. iiueaEn,
Brigadier General and Chief Quartermaater,
jaivtf Mpot of Washington.
WAtniROTOK. June is. isu
Sealed propoitla will be rueiva by tin lepart
ment until TUFWtY. JuIt sth, ISM, at 4 p m ,
for the delivery at the New ork Arienal of lA.noo
non-Lommlisloncd Utflcera' t-wordi, and loooo
Muilelana' Sworda, United State regulation pat-
These s worda are to ba made 1 strict accordance
with the atanlanl palWi to be aecn at the "ei7
York Arsenal Thry are t be ut Jct to tbe usual
Inspection and prouf at lha manufactory where
miwe i
riivrrlt mint be made In lo'a of pot lets than
onC'tirecnth (t-lflth) prr wrck i( the Vsholeountber
eontroeted for The rlnt delivery to be made on
the 31d day or July, 1W4,
Failure to mako deliveries at a specified time
will subject the contractor to a fortVlture of the
nuinlr he may fail to deliver at that time
No bldi will be eunslderu 1 from parties otl.er than
regular msnufacturers of swords, and surh as are
known to this Department to be competent 1e exe
cute In their own workshops the work propoiod
The MlderwMl be required to accompany bit
proposition with a guaianty, elr ne 1 by two re
iponslbla peranna, that in cm his bid li accepted
he will at oaitc execute the contract lor the same.
with food and sufficient Buret ea, In a aumequ 1
Its Duo. Icu Jl ui (iv it ill vu ui ui tun vuuti . .u ut-
liver the artl-lee proposed, Jn cooformtty with the
terms of this ad ertlsemrnt and to ease the aald
bltlil r BLOUIU I-.ll i" rnicr mu mvon irc,niev
to mkegood thedltTerenee between the olrr of
aald hluder anu tne uext rci.vnniiiMo di uit, r u
penon ti whom the o- ntract mar be awarded.
The reipo alMlity ot thn guarantors must be
ahown by the official certllio-te ot the clerk of th
eareit Diitrict Court, or of the United States
Dlitrlct Attorney ..
Bonda In a aum equl to one-tenth ottne amount
of the contract, algned by the contractor an both
or hie cu&rantore, will be rrqulrc I of tbe aueceat
lul bidder or blddera upon Blgnlns th contract,
We, the undenlgned, residents pf - -. In the
eounty ot--- nd state of , hereby.
jointly and severally, covenant with the United
States, and guarantee, In oaie the foregoing bid
of b-o accepted,that ho or thry will at ouoe
execute the contract for the iame with good and auf
ilclent suretiei, in a sum equal to one-tenth of the
amouut ef the contract, to furnish the articles pro
posed In conformity to the terms of the attveruee
ment, dtt4 June H. 1611 under which the 1 1 J waa
madetand. In caae the said ahall fall to
n. i.rA aonntraet aa afnrcialJ. we guarantee
to make good the dlllerenoe between the otter ot
the aald and the next lowest reiponill le
Ptiiuer, or the penon to wnom mo coi.ua. may ud
awarded. . ,
J uirea unaer our neuas auu scnis
Mali aay oi , iw ,
Wltneni ll.
T aal
To thla guaranty muat be appended the official
ertllcato above mentiuned.
fc.eh ttart ohtalrilti a anntraot will be ob'ixcd
to enter Into bond with approved luiitle for Its
ISliului rarsuiiou.
Upon tho award being made, aueeeaifut bldJera
will be notified and furnlihcd with forma of con
traot and bond
The Department reierve the right to re.eot any
or all bldi ll not deemed satlifaotory.
Piojioiala wlil be addr aeeil to ' liilgKdler Gen
eral Uoorge D SUineay. Chief of Urduauae, Waih
lngtoa, D C ," aud will be endorsed 1'roposals
for Non-comnUiiloned OlBoert' and Muilolaus'
sworda" "HO U IIAM8A,,
JslOthituCt Brig Qn tCujef of Oidnanae.
expense of tho medical de
- -" ' ;.. . . .,' . Unil LWUllLV-UVU tCUlBI iiviutu, iu n nut i - . . " "... ........
B. uesmsrrcs, vaninBion, u. u.. corner oi ffl , , or Tolaoletr- forcl. ,),, partment, loriy-Mioo tnousanu e.gnt nunartu
Fourteenth street and Massachusetts avenue. "..fi . ..ii-l .. i. .. i.. and lb rtv-elht dollars.
Iu charB. of BarKcon J. 8. midrah, U. 8 V. .''bo'eItio Uo any nay or allowance, for al For laboratory for testlnr; and re.rranglnr
0. uouBiM, wascingtoo, u. k,., eormr uj i .crvants, but shall be subject to the mcaicina ana nKViui .ujiti., nr. .nou.anu
street and Now Jersey avenue, In ch.rgo or As- L dedUctlonfr.iuiLl. pay required by tho third d- .. , kl ., , .
e slant Burgeon Win. Thomson, U 8. A. i, Minn nf thn act entitled " n act to define tbe I For washlug and wa.hlnR machines for hos-
7. Emory Washlnon DC., near An.,- ruln oulccr. o" th,' pU.I. where matron, c.nn, t oo employed, ar.
house, osst of the Capitol, In charge of Burgeon ' ' . f , nurnotw " anoroved Julv teeo thouiand dollars.
N. R Moselcy. U. B. V. ventecn tfirhteen hnndr,4 anl slity twm Vor ezpenscs or the commanding general's
8. Falrfai Bemlnary, Virginia, two miles f'Vh.Xr That the, ecooa ifciloo. offlce, ten thousand dollars.
back or Alexandria, lu charge or Burgeon D. r aret service, ono hundred thousand
81,ln?k.Mngtou,D C.,lCend.nreen '....a for.lnc.tlons. two million
IXlZZTvXTJ:1" y .n-actuaVeorocpanr..1 "" ' P'of '"
u". farm, Beveuth street wit. lu charge of K". Vr'ttalK Wn " armT "and ac! For ordn.nce.ordn.nce.tore., and surplles,
8urSeonlt.'B.Bontecou,U;8.y. Su?r! uems of rt Jcornau;::;. bo construed deluding tho purchase and manufacture ol
11. juaiciary oquare, uiDKvnn, iv. ., .1)Il!ff uulvtocoinDanvoillUrln actualcom- arms, actoniremente, anu uorau cquipiuenia
ISISiam Durpouu .:. iuRrui. u. a. a. . n,,,l .Irifud men nli.ili one nillllon f.mr ' for ItiO inauuiaciuro ui arms a. tuo ua-
W. Kaloramo. (small-poi,) iy..hlnEton,D. '"it 'enulflv'o 1 uun I four huu' tlon.l armor, , tno mUlloa Uve hundred thou-
in : . . . . - . .. ..iwi .Hilar..
11. juoiciary DQuaro, nasuinKinii, u. ,,., :,.,,., tocumpanyoluursln actualcom- "ru"i actouircoieni., una uor.u eqo
Judiciary Square, K atreet north, between " . .forL.ald i ' volunteers aud regular,, twenty
Fourth and Fifth elrea, wost, la charge of raV", ,,0,,ca i' kid for recular, volun-' aollart
n. Hock creek, out Twtnty-nrst street
charge of Acting Assistant Burgeon K,
Ihoinas, u.B. a.
13. Lincoln, wasuinKiuo, " e...uuu muo
cast of tho Capitol, In charge of Assistant Sur
geon J. 0. McKee, U. B. A.
14. Mount Pleasant, WashlnKton, D. C ,
Fourteenth street, one
dred and twt,nty-ilx dollar nnd thirty cents.
tor thn Tubular bui piles of ihu quartermas.
tcr's depjrtuieut, consisting of fuel for the ofll
cits, cnllited men. truard. hospitals, store.
homes, anl olllcci; of forairo In kind for tho
horses, mules, and oxen tor the quartermaster's
xanil dollsrat.
For rv airs, Improvements, and new ma
chinery at tho national armory, one hundred
thousand dollars.
For tbe purchaso of gunpowder and lead,
two minion aoimrs.
i Mi it h a or the several regiments oi cavairy, me uai
McCall, U. H. A. -,--r terlcsof artillery, and such companies of lu-
Washington, u. u, "" '., , , .., ,,, ,,? .j .,ati0na I For repahs and Improvements at arsenal,,
.W'-.'S.M,'1.' nua'Snuouthrilor IhCudlni new and addition, tc .present buUd.
(UlAr', puis a..v". ., . -, ...-, .,.
million dollar.
Fur the signal strvlcu of the army, ono bun
rtritii thn n mid dullars.
gen 1. tvrDucaehet. U. 8. V. " ru"ul ., a U outpost Including bedding For compeu.a.lon of two clerk, lu the signal
10. btanton, Washington, V. 0., I street and Ue' J ?.'' ,',' ''f , "ur ,0ldWbeadln olUco, to thousand eight hundnd dollars.
New Jersey aienuc. lu charge of Burgeon J. A. J" ".Toni,. Including blank took, fifr" I 8 2. ;tn.l . it further ,!. That all
Udell, U.S. V. ,.", n.rt.rm.,t.r,denartmi.nt ccrllBcales for persons of color who bavo been or maybe
IT. Atone, Washington, D. 0 Fourteenth '."'j' military .ervko of tho Unl-
.trett, oppo.lte Columbian Hospital, in cb.rtr. ,n'dtb"erm..ler.' departmeut,, and for the ted States mall receive the.ame uniform, cloth-
of Acting AMlitant Burgeon 1'. Gknnan, 0. " DK of dlvlslonand deparliumt ordut and , lng,arm,equlpment..campenulpage, rations,
8. A. ,. . , . , , rc,,rt. silly mllllim dollars. medli.l and hoapltal attendance, pay and
l. St Fllzabcth. flnssno Asylum,) Wash- rcK" .V ii.S ".",".i.J ... r ,t, omolumebts. other than bouuly. as other sol-
Ington, D. Cbcyoad Navy Yard west, In chare. .,.,, deoarlment. eon.KllUL' or rostaL'o on ' dlers or the ngular or voluulter forces of tbe
nf Acting Assistant Burgco. u. n. nuuoi., kULr, ,nd p.ck.goareeelved and sent by olU- ' United Blalea olllKO arm rata, servile, irom
e, o. n. . nr. nf the armv on uuouc service, ezoenscsoi .uu .... ..-. t . -----w, -.B
19. First Division Oeneral, Almanana, va., ---- ,,. m,r,i.i muii.r, commission,, and hundred and ilily-rouri ana mat every persou
corner of Fairfax ana uamerou eireeis, in - . . ,. ,, udinir tho additional or color who shall nereauor oe musioreu inio
charge or Su-geou Oh... Page, U. 8. A. Jwitlon of Vudgi adv.tc., recor ler. ' the service shall rece ve Such sum. In bounty
20. Bccoud Division General, Alexandria, f, """J iiVniMei while u that sirvleei a, the 1'iesidint shall order In the different
V. . corner of -rlneo audColumbus streets, lu '" " ' " w" ir.rcb .Ixienth elihleen . Stale, and parts of the United Stales not ex-
T. It. KDuneer. U. O. . i. . . . ... ..',.,..:.... ... ..llntr nn hundred dollars.
nli. pi a i,r Hnrirnnn
v"" .. j -&-.:. -,.".;,., i.i. v.
tid in further cnactej, That all
21. Third Division uencrai.aiuxauuri.,.., u direction of the ijuarlermas. Sic a nd w K rerwr ruzM, in i .u
Washington street, between Qaeeii and Came- J'", ? "" 'ut , the ercctlou or barraeks, I persons culi.led aud mustered Inio service as
ron atreEt.. in ch.rg. of Surgeon Kdwln Dent- ' JP"1. Jjc,1 ."hi,?!?.!., 1. lb. I volunteer, nnder lb. call, dated October seven
ley, U.B. V. , , ., construction or roads aud on other constant uen, eighteen huudred and slxty-tbreo, for
)i in.., n.ncr.l Ilnanllal. near Alexan- I eonstruciiou oi roau., .uu uu u.uu , " . ,Ha ihnna.nd v.i hint, it. w mueru
to," V.:rfn chirge of Surieon "George L. But- "UE of Mar .eeoud, . ShiliS L.-! .Who Time or.uli.tnieul ae.u.ll, cirolled and
n. U. BV; ded and nineteen a'S cn7," fourth, I subject to draft lu the Slate In wh ch the, vol-
- ' ' "'" """ "" t J , .... . . ..nnarni aliall rnrnlvrt friini thfl II III toil HtltlB
or 1
Wiiii.Auna noTJSL,
Corner PtnntylvenU Avenue end Towiienth ttrttt,
Wuhlfijioa D, 0 ja-My
HEAnq'nj rnovoat Mansnai. aud noann or
KMKOIMLNTor UIBTHiei or bUbvitiaiJi!
Waiiiinoton. P. C, Junes, low.
Th noard of Lnrolrunt of tbfl Dlatilct of Co-
luntbla will be In aeaaton at tbe offloe of tbe Fro
vo.t Marshal Dlatrtot of Culuiubla, corner of our
Uenth atreet and Newiork avenue, dally (Sun
iay'acaoepted), from 11 e'olook a m to 3 o'clock
p ta , for th purpoie of hanngcairiccny.im
from draft for tbe following cauaea, vit t
Uuaultableneaa of Age,
Manlftat permanent phyalcal dlaabillty, and
Two year aervlee during the prcaent war,
enter lu tbe Army or Navy.
Cltlzena are requeated to furnlah Information
cUhteeuhuudredandnnv four, lucludingtho unieereo, nau receive iniuiao uuuuu oiyu.
employed as clerks at division aud department I the "mo amount of bounty without regard to
headquarters, expenseaoftxpresaestoand from color.
ih. tP.zt.it.. r .a.i nrt .rmi.d luihutlulili of L. Rcc. 4 rul be tt farther enacted. That all
corls to pajtua-iurs aud ullwr dlbburslug olH-' persons of color who were free on the nine
ccrsaudtotrum where mUllaryeaeortB cannut' letntb day of April, elhhteen hundred aud
hu rnrulabud. exobnaua of the lnirmeut of otll-
cera klllud lu aitluu, or ntio die when ou duty
la the Held, or at poati ou the frou tiers, or al
other post nnd places when ordered by tho
Secretary of War, and of tion commlesloned
olllcers and soldi era j authorized olllce furni
ture) hire of laborer lu the quarteruiaaler's
departmeut, Including the hire ol interpreters,
spies, aud gulden for lUe armvj compeuaailun
ot clerks to olleers of the quarturm Joter'a de
parltneuti coin puns alio u uf luraxo aud wagon
niafcler, auibunzed by the ael uf July hub,
eighteen tuuJr.d and tbirly-elghl, for the ap
iit one. aud who haebeuu enlisted and mus-
ured Into the military service of the United
Blates, shall, from tho tlmeof their enlistment,
be milled to reccUe the pay, bounty, ami
clothing allowed to such persons by the laws
cTlitlnir at the time of their uullsltneut. Aud
thu Attorney Otneral of the Uuited States Is
hereby authorized to determine auy question
of law analog undir thl provision. Aud if
the Attorney Ueneral aforesaid shall determine
that any ot such enlisted persous are untitled
to receive any pay, bounty, or clothing, lu ad
dition to wbat they hao already received, tbo
8Lcrtiarv of War shall make all uecetsaary riif-
ulatlous to enabtu I bo pay departmeut to nuke
a cers, in two dallv newsnaners oubllahcd In tho
city of Washington and at aueh meeting the
members of the association who shall be pres
ent shall proceod to elect a board of man
agers In the places of those hereby designated
or authorized; and any manactr may be re
elected from time to time. Each member, at
such meeting, shall be entitled to one vote. An
annual meeting of the associates or corporators
shall, In like manner and upon like notice, bo
heldonlhefirstMnnday of May.ln each ear after
eighteen hundred and sixty five, for tho elec
tion of managers fir tho ensuing yeirj but If,
iu nny case, mu earn meeting snsn, lor any
reason, fall to be held on tho dav herein doolie-
nated, tho same n.ay, npon the notice above
proriueu, do neia on any oiner aay wituin tnre
months .hereafter: and the raanazers then
elected shall bold their ofllccs until the first
Monday of May next ensuing, and until their
successors shall be chosen, as aforesaid. Thu
said board of managers shall have power to fill
any vacancies occurrlog therein betwoen tbe
regular elections above provided in thi act
and a majority of said board shall form a quo
rum for tba transaction of hqftlncss.
Sec. 4. And be it further cnactfd. That tho
board of manager shall have power to appoint
such agents, matrons, assistants, and teachers,
and to employ such domestics and servants, as
BUau re aeemua necessary, ana to maKo an
needful and proper regulations for their re
spective, general or tpeiltlc dalltft, a well as
for the government, direction, and control of all
persons wbo may at any time become inmates
of tho ''Home" authorized hy this act, and
may prescribe for the children and youth com
inltied to thtlr care such rules of discipline as
shall be deemed by them mccssary.
Sec 5. Ami be it furthtr enacted. That when
ever my child who, from the neglect or tudbll
l.J u, ..EP s-s.,VU.V ua seiSBIUIBU Iris BU'lJllj ,.,
sbatl become a charge upon public charity, and
shall be surrendered to tho e hargu of tbe abso
elation, pursuant to the tn lalons of this act
by such parent or by Its guardian, or by thu
overseer or superintended of tbe poor of said
city of Wash Inn too, or other oflli er having tUe
ehargoof the oor, or whenever any destitute
aud dependent orphan sbt.ll bu eurrendcp d tn
auch Institution, In the manner herein provided,
by an Instrument In writing, duly signed by
such parent, guardian, or public o Ulcer, tho
said board of maoaicers may, in their dlttrre
ttm, laco such child to service with some
ptopcr pi raon unaer articles ot inaeniuri, to
be executed In duo form ot law, v lUi aueh i ro
visions for malutcnanco and eiluc itlon ns shall
be approved by ono of the Judges of tho Su
preme Court of tbe District of Columbia; nud
the anld board nf managers are herd y author
ized tn penult tbe adoption of any such child
hy any respectatlo und proper prst n whn,
under provisions to be approved ns nforesold.
shall una in aito tne matin nance, care, ana '
firnper cduetttlon of sueh destitute or orphan
Bec.G. And be It further enacted, That In case
of the death or legal Incapacity of the father of
any dependent child, or of tho Imprisonment
of such father for crime, or of his aband mltiir
or neglecting to jrovlJofor his family, tho
mother, ir residing mine jjnuncioi iniumiiis,
shall bo deemed the Ugat uuirdlnu of her clill
dren for thu purposes of this act, and shnll
havo power to make the surrender afures.lJ.
llut In caio tho mother also bo deal, or n non
resldcutof said District, r legally Incapable
of acting In the premises, or bo Imprlnoned for
crime, or nigleel to provlda fur sueh child, and
Incase there ue no guaruiau or oiuer pe ton
legally bound to suport such child, or quail
tied to mako the surrender aforesaid, then, and
In any such t nso, thu siiperlntmdeut ol the
poor, or tho Mayurol Washington, or other
public ofllctr having charge of the poor, shall,
lor the purposes uf this act, be required, as ex
otUcto guardian of such child, aud may make,
as such, tno surrender oi sucn cuu 1 10 tuusaia
corporation by the Instrument In wrltinc afore
said, which surrender shall, in all rwspeel, be
as aliil anu eiiectnat as u maao u tn . uiner
or iannt of such child PrviUUd. That no
surrender of any auch child shall bu made
under tho proUalons of this section, unlca
guttt eutrender sujU, on cxaiuiuaiion, uu ap
proved b) one of thu Judges of thu Suprtmu
Court of Bald District.
See. 7. And be if further enacted. That the
board of managers may elect from thulr own
number a president, mco presiaeut, ana sccru
taryi and they may further cleet a treasunr
They may, In their discretion, nppolut au ex
ccullre committee, couslstlug ot live membirs
of tbelr board, who may, under the j ont.ru I
direction of tbe board, take charge of ibu aT
fairs of tho corporation during an) recuss ot
thu board.
Sue ti And be it further en i ted. That the
treasurer of said corporation shall at any time
upou tho call of Congress report a full and
periect statement oi mo aumrs ui ul-u vi fw
ratlun, tho location, dlut, uud Income ol all
real estate owned by it, tb amouut of ll ro
eeipts, expenditure-, Investments, and pir
souul utule, au 1 all other luforuiatUm whleh
CougreBS ma) require
bee. D. And bt it further cna.ted. That Cou
gress may ut ony time ulter, amend, or repeul
Bee 10. And be it further rnictYJ, That this
act shall take eueci tu.inu.ia.uy.
Approved, June io, isu.
granted, relinquished, or conveyed by this act.
dpprovea, Jane 10, loot.
rpcnt-ifl tin OLtmoK 'So. 35.1
JnitT nt solution granting certain privileges
to me city oi uea uotnes, in toe otave oi
Be U retolved buthe Senate and fioute efJiepre
tentatlvet of the United State of America tn Coa
ffre$awmbtedt That the United Bute hereby re-
linqUIBU lO no City Ol ISU .vioinon, ia mo 3H,a
of Iowa, a municipal corporation established
under the laws of said State, all their right and
Interest In the coal beds underlying the river
Des Moines, within tbe limit or saia cuyi
Provident, That no diapotltlon or ue thereof
hall be made which hU obatract tbe free
navigation of laid liver; nor shall any one
grant of the privilege of mining tne same ex
tend for a longer period than ten years.
Approved, June 15, 1854.
Jamestown. Bat of all dreary sights on the
James river, Ja roes town Is the moat dreary.
As the first Kngllsh settlement which succeed
ed In North America waa planted on that low
island to our right (going up), we shall natu
rally expect the spot to bo marked with a mon
ument as far surpassing that at Ranker Mill
as Southern chivalry surpasses Northern pars!
monlousobss. There are monuments, and
striking ones, too; but they are not such aa
Christendom, or even Pagandom, has pointed
to with pleasure and pride.
There stand a portion of the square brick
tower of tho first Episcopal Church erected on
this continent; but tbe body of the building
baa been eo many years a ruin, that trees
fifty feet high havegrown npon tbespot wherf
F. F 'a first convened to worship tbe God o
their fathers. Ihlsl not all. Through the
thin woods lying back, of tbe old church may
bo seen emerging half a dozen old chimney
stalks, ten or twenty feet In height. One farm
house stand In the distance, but tt It abau
doncd; and the Or. pot planted by the pale
face In North America Is, to-day. and tn effect,
forbtlfa century, ha been a "deserted vli
Out upon yon I unworthy descendants of thi
matron purchased aud paid for with rolls of
fragrant tobacco I Out upon you, who lef
Jamestown in ruins and Yorktown a ono horse
hamlet, with not to much at a stone to mark
the spot where John Smith firet landed and
Lord Cornwnllls ended the Revolutionary war I
Tot. chivalrous, and thus permit tho memory
uf jour ancestor to rot, thus encouraging pos
terity to treat you In tbe tame way I Bit It
will not. For whereas von hare shown your
cold Indifference toward the glorious memo
ries of tho past, you cannot look forward to
the happiness of being ever consigned to oblivion.
Tho crime of rebellion will be commemo
rated, If heroism, patriotism, virtue, have not
been. Flags aro being laid up In hundred:
stones will bu raised) day of celebration will
lio aet apart. As to thu word chivalry," It
has already oecame ao ouiuu as iu j e-j"
Ivo only of contempt, the very language th'is
sutTarlugtbe effects of the crime committed
by tboau who used It. Iu Virginia thu rod ma
has pased away and left nothing The pro
slavery white Is leaving Yorkiowu and James
town. It will take a now dispensation, aa
everlasting gospel," to mako the Old Domin
ion what aba can be, aud is yet dustlood to be.
That dispensation ha come That gospel is
being preached! Cor, X. T Cowntmla'.
i.i-Lhun..lon uf dueLrters nud the expeUSCS leel-
. ... .11.1 ...s.n.--..lns .1 . . ..,...! .... .. .. it ...I t. . Illu f. illiall ttlF
to evade nrollmcnt, aa It la equally for the In- expenditures rtqulred lor thu mtum! regiments I pay muit In aceorduueo with sueh douruilua
tertBt of eaoh peraea eorulled to place upon tno of cavalry; the uatierius ui ngut aniuuy, aim non. .,.,. . .. , ,.
knrullment Uet" all persona liable to do mill- such eumpunle ot lufantry a may bo mouul tiec 5. And le it furttxrmacttl. Jbaiaueu
tarv duty, ao that hla own chanoe lor diaft Bhall cd, vizi the purchase ol travelling forges, ' Urtmcnts henmtXer made lu tho regular army
not be unjust j in . puTNA.M, ! mule shoos aud uall. mm and steel for etne- ol the pre nt rebelllou, may bo for the turn of
Captain lat Regiment It. C, and Trovost lug, hlr of veterinary urgeons, meuicincsior inree jcura
WMBhal District of Columbia. miMf horns oud mules, PlckU rope, and for ihool ApproTed June 18, 140a.
rrt iilIc So 103 1
An act coneeruiug cumin ne uool lands lu
towunhlp lort) nu uurtu, ruuo ueu ensi,
lu thu BUie ot Aitsauun.
f, it enacted bu the Senate find House of Jltn-
restutattiet vf ls I nttd btatti vf Amrlea in
Cftfritt a.;iOifiJ, 111 OU Ui IUO "buvt all-lU,
und lutereotol thu Uuited Sulci iu uud to all
of thu lottt, tracts, piueus, and i areola of Uud
wlibluthuuruuu rraLnueuuimouui;iu,iu wwu
ship forty live north of thu b .u Hue, In rangu
eeu uantuf thu tiah prluei uluit ndUu Uuu in
thu State of Missouri, which hae not huru
tutoru beeu duoused of by thu I ultud Stale,
lUiiU ho and the Baiuo urc Uertjby grauiud,
The SuveaoLDtH's Mohlitt. Mr. Qhol
son, of the Virginia Legislator, said In Iti-il t
"It has always boeu cooal 1 red by steady
and old fashlouud people, that the owner of
laud had a ruasonaoie ruut to its aunuai
proQta, tho owner of orchard, to their annual
fruit, tho owner of brool mares, to thadr pro
duct; and tho owner of females slaves, to their
Increaso. lbe legal maxim of piirjui f"juitur
tent run, i.e. tho offspring Is iu the emcou
dillon with It mother, 1 coeval with thu ex
Isteucuof the right of property Itself, and Is
f.innded In wisdom and Justice. It 1 oo tho
j mice and Inviolability of this maxim that
tuu master loregnc mo nsi-vivo ui u miui
slave, ha her nuraed and attended during tho
period of her gustation, aud ral" the helpless
infant offonrlng Tho value of the property
justifies the expense, aud I do not heVtate to
say that in it lucnuse consists much of our
See how glibly this fellow Ghnlson couples
broodmares nud female lavu together. Thai
Is morality nud dcency for you.
rrotMior uo uow says:
M Sir tbousand Ue aro yearly exported
from lrglola to other State. A full oqalya
lent being leU lu jlace or the slave, this eml
gntlou I teeo in ea au advantage to thn State,
una does UOC cuecie inu umeie ivpuia.iuu
much a at first oven we might Imagine:
;" UecauBO it furnlchcs every inducement to
thu mauler to teud to tho negroes, toeucouragu
breeding, aud w causu thu greatest number
possible to be ralBtd. irgtulo Is. In fact, a
mirro-ralslnsr Statu for other Slatca "
Hi.rh ia Virginia's moralltv. She lived on
tho brad which sho earned in the houso of
prostitution. No wonder her polluted soil has
to be purified by torrents of blood XaihvlU
Uttlo Hllman has been mtde to show up his
hooka, and confess to his enormoua profits. Ac
cording to tho Itei ne et Oaxttte Jfut cute. In at.
actl m laMy brought by M'lle Carl nta Paul
M Ullmau, still manager of the concerts at
which that lad) had formed the principal at
trattlou, was called upon to pro loc hi books
and show hla receipts from tho 7ib January to
tho 7th April, 1801. By these It appeared that
the concerts brought In, during tho abjvo
period of three mouths, 3 J 1, 395- francs.
Of this sum. Hm, with three concerts
contributed about 10,000 franca; thu remalnln
towns of llelglum, 4,000 frants; Amsterd.in,
with nine concerts, 45.1KKJ francs; CologiK
with one concert, 7,000 Iruocs; Alx-la-Cbape-U
FlberfelJ, and other towns of the same I upo'
,..., j (Mid franca each. Mll'o Carlotil l'a
n.mhMTor tbenroiit for tho three mouth-
amouuted to nearly bO.OOO frnc.
Ibl4 appear an enormous sum, uu. mcu
iirt bu reollecud tbat lu tho coureuof nloet
daj she ai..ig at sixty concerts. To conclude
th cry minute account of the pecuniary
ktaiiisof M Ullmau and M'lle Cartolta Paul
we would willingly state wnere tuu trial, ai
w bit h thu imprti irio was eomiHled to show his
accounts, took place. Unfortunately, our re
spected French cotemporary docs not giro us
au) imorinauuu eiu ima utaui
riiitia too IIiqu. tn a S juthern newspaper
w i find au accouut of thu late fight near Cal
h uu, in (lojrgla, wrlttou by a rebel corre
apoudiut ou thu field, aud lu a Wuslu.n paper
ve ll ud an accoaut of a Bubuquut fight a lew
miles south of Calhoun, uear Home, written
by a Union correspondent ou the field lu both
of which accouut there Is a curious analogy
of tutement coueurulug thu InelUcleucy of In
fantry fire from a cause which has often been
pointed out.
Thu rebel writer gives a highly colored ac
count of a fight lu which the "Mlolobail of
the Vaukeo poured over the rebel line In an
uuccaalug tream," aud addi "Uut ouu tblug
savod ua irom a fearful loss ul lliu, aud u w
that tho Vaukoea lired uutlMy tooblKb." Ine
Lulon writer, after glviugau uccouuv u. .u.
very despuratu light al iwrnw Cros rad, ayi
It w. a matter of wouder, altur thu enguge
muut, to ascertalu that thu loss In actlou did
nolexcued scveuty five. It could oolj b -couutcd
lor by tuu fad that tbe rebels tired too
high, their ball tlrlkiug always above our
heads Our soldier lu the field thould be
continually reminded of these facts.

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