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HOKDATiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiialUNE 20, lft.
pervo.v rrno rEr by the terms of
THE rSOClAUATlOS, OR by any act of
nnKAT ii a in.
Geo. Sheridan has rctnrntd with hit com.
mand to White lloute Landing, from hit raid
tipon ilic GordontTlltaltallroad. lilt men and
lorfu arf, of coorir, considerably tired, and
ln nctd of rest and reoperation. Otherwise
bit command It all rlgbt. Oar brave and effi
cient cavalry baTO thoe reaped frch honors.
In troth, they retain from each successive raid
arrayed In laurels.
Too Richmond Fzamintr or tbe ICth bat a
stnry about Oen. Grant, which mnit bo taken
with a train of allowance. It It to tho effect
that the General waa to drunk at Bpousyltanla
that hii wb. inlander arrest and taken alone
In an amhnlance, and bat been continually
lntoilcatcd ever since i and furthermore, that
his disappointment and chagrin, on learning
that be wat not nominated for President by the
Balllmnro Convention were to great that be
bad wllbdrawn bit army from the front of
Rlchmrrd, and waa reported to bo marching
back to Washington!
Wise, KeitlTlvni
It will be teen from tho Mexlcanlc fnlmlnatlon
below, that Henry A.WIee It alive and hlmtelf
aeain. TbeIdifo of the first expedition aralnat
leirrtimrfr, when tbe brave Kami penetrated
ire workt and wat not tnpporttd. baa Imnlrrd
II. A. W to achieve one of bit rhetoric tiTorla
(by the kind permMon ot Deanregard). Not
navlLg been compelled to rnn away, aa he did
at Roanoke Island, he frela good and heroic.
ana praises nil troops and exborta tbe 'Mag.
gardt and skulkers." But why doet not thlt
nngillant rebel give n word of commendation
to the old woman who went oat and tnrned
back Gen. Glllmore with her cock-and-boll
We doubt bst tblt will be the lait time Wlte
will rolmlnate from Petersburg. Neither hla
' p nlteiitt," " convaleecentt," " tecond-claes
militia," nor hla flery rhetoric will avail to
tare the "cockade city from the conqueror
or icksuorg.
(From the Pet ihur Eipress.June is 1
Heaciii .mu FlT MH.ITAHT DiiTauT.)
DCI-'TN C AKR a, Va., June S3, 1964. (
Sp.rsal Orders No H'
VII. To the troops of my command for the
defence of Petersburg, on the toutb of the Ap
pmnatlox, on tbe Oil Inllant, I have, with the
approval and under tbo Inetrnctiont of tho
commanding General, l . offer my grateful ac
knowledgment! for tbilr gallant conduct, and
mv congratulations upon itolr luccceaful re
pulse ofthe enemy.
Approaching with nln redmentt of Infan
try and cavalry, and at lead four plecee of ar
tillm.thry searched our llnea from battery
No. 1 to battery No. M, a M-Unce of nearly
. x mllft. Hood'a and DatVt battallona, the
101b regiment Vlrirlota v ,unteer, and one
company (Capt. Wood't company F) of the
li-d Si uib Carolina, wlib Biurdlvant't batleiy,
and a few go nt In position, and Talllafcrro'a
cavilrv. kept tbem at bay, and punished them
ecvenly, until they reached the Jerusalem
Plank road, In front of battery 29, defended by
Jtajor Arritr's corps of reserve", and aecond
cla-a militia, and by one piece of etnrdlvant'a
batttry, a hnwitier, under the temporary com
mand of Brigadier General Colnon. Then,
with overwhelming naraben, they were twice
repulsed, and succeeded only at laat In pene
trating a Kip In the line, and In Hanking and
gainloglbomar ofa mere handful ofcllUen
soldiers, who tiood firmly and fought bravely
as veterans until ordered to fall back. Alai'
time or the noblest of them fell "with their
ba kt to tbe ground and their front to the foe,"
consecrating with thtlr blood tbe toll of the
ii'im-- imy ueienaea,
1w. Iwmcdiato commander! have reported
the heroism of them all, tbe living and the
dead, aod now with pride and gratitude I an
nounce that ll.anrevard hlms.ir ! ii.ani,,.l
Areliar aDd hla comradea on tbe very epot of
.,... ... '. i lucy ioet, Kinea, wounacd,
and rnlMlug, GBoulofltei tban ISO men, tbey
pent their blood dearly to the enemyi If 8tur.
ditaut'a bitury loit one gun, a baler wat
cai tired, and another dlaablul, and If they lost
a half a mile of ground, tbey gitloed about a
half hour of time, and aaved their belovtd city
by holding oo long enough fur Slurdlvant'a
andGrabara'aaiid Yonns'a batteriea, Demlng'a
cetalry, and tbe 4Clh Virginia Inlamry, with
Wood' South Carolina company, a company
of couiaUtccnta, and a company of penitent!
l i drive baik the Iniolent foe from approachu
Wi h Ibilr fcK.iH, for ih rlret time polluted.
II M II hihi of OoJ, Ii iAa U Iht hit lunl.
iMtbttiili iroopa oa all have proved tbem-
ci,u, icMiiuianutra may win give aaaurance
wan i oiitidencu lo tnu puople of Petertburg.
A I'luplu who can tbut light for tbelr allara
mutt bu aldid, aupportvd, guarded byeveiy
atiu nniLu i,u uu uuiaireicueo lor muir ae
ftuce Couiradci' their wlvee and daughlera
are dally nurtlng our lick and wounded) they
wipe tnu hut bro, cool tbe fevered llp, and
tenderly nournh and comfort tho euUVrlng
aoldleri in tbilr boepltala. The angel uunei
aud tbe etrk keu patrluta of thla patriotic place
ahall nol fall iuto the handa of ruffian lnvad
en In very mllltlahaaict auciamplewblih
luiplrea tbe conlldence that Peteriburg Ii In
domliable, and which comolea and compen
aalei for every drop of blood which bil been
si III at Nouaway, at Walthal Junction, and al
J'rerj'a BlulTaud Ilowltu'a Nuk.for Ihe de
Knee uf ibi old Cockade City.
Uvtbe imiveaud tecond-claei mllltla of
lUe turroundlng counliei nowcnmnln ,,,.,,,.
Iy, one and all, and emulate tbli bright and
sumilful ex.lm,li-lu u hotly hl.a to blood
red shame the l.gKard and akulken from the
streets and alle) a ol tbecUy to th llne. and
let It Proclaim aloud that Kter.burg It lo be
4Sd Iball be defended ou her ouler walla on
ber Inner lines, tt her corporation bounds'. In
every airecf, and around every iempi0 0f God
and altar of man la her very bart, until the
blood of that heart It spilt. Homed by thli
spirit to the pitch of resolution, we will ngbt
the enemy at every etep, and Petersburg n
afo. IltMiir A. Wlti, Urle. Oen.
J. V. PJiJtci, A. A. 0.
rit i 1 r. a . ,, -.
lilalr S Corps Storming thO En-
cmy'a Works.
A Qonoral Battlo on Hand.
Louiivills, June 10. A sttu" officer from
the front reports heavy lighting on Wednesday
on our left, lllalr't corpt wat ttormlng the
enem;s works. Our whole army wat In line-of-battle,
and there wtt Bring along the entire
front. Tho rebels were being slowly driven
back under tho flro, mainly, of artillery.
Our lottos are slight. Blair was reported
south of the Chattahoochle river on Wcdnea
day night. Johnalon hat maaacd his artillery,
to prevent our right from crossing. A tevere
fight It expected there. A rebel officer wat
captured on Tuesdsy night with dispatches
from Johnston to Wheeler, ordering him to
destroy the bridge which Sherman recently
built over tho Elowsh river.
Tho Siogo of Potorsburg.
Sheridan's Victory and Destruction
of the Cordonsvillc Road.
WAiRixoTOir City, Jun is, I6ei 10 p. m.
Major Gtturol DUt Site York:
Tbe following dl.patch from Gen. Grant,
dated yesterday. 11 a. m., at City Point, baa
been rocelrcd at this Department:
The Oth coma thla mornlnir carried two
more redoubt form 1 off part of the defencea of
Peteribarg. capt a ring roar unnarea ana out
prisoners and four gnns. Oar snecesaea are
Dcmc lOiiowea.
'Oar forcea drew oat from within flflTvarda
of tbe enemy'a entrenchments at Coal Harbor,
made a flank movement of an arerage of about
flfly.QTe miles march, croailng toe cmcua
hnmlnv and Jimea rlrers. the latter two thou-
sand feet wide and elghtyfonr feet deep at
point of crossing, and turprlscd tho enemy'a
rear at Peteribarg. This was done without
the loia of a wagon or piece of artillery, and
only about one nanarea ana nuy stragglers
nicked no or mo encmr. in coTcnnz nm
more. Warren's corns and Wilson's caralry
bad frrarient nktrmlahlntr with the enemv. each
Irving from fifty to sixty killed and wounded,
batlnfllctlng an equal. If not greater, loss on
tbe enemy.
" Tbe18th corps (SmltH'i) were iransierrca
from White House to Bermuda Ilandred by
watert movwd out near to Petersburg the night
or taeir arriTai, ana aurpriseu, or, raiuer cii
tnred. the verv at rnn r works northeast of Pe
tersburg neroro auiucieni lorce couia rn eo. ia
them bT tbe cnemv to hold them. lie wa
.allied the nlcht followlnr thla capture bv the
Sd corps, which In tnrn captured more of the
enemy'a redoubts further south, and this corps
was followed by the Oth, with the result above
" All th troops are now np except two divl
itoni covering thn wairon trains, and thev will
be up to-nlgbt. The enemy. In tbelr endeavor
to rein litre e rcleraburg, ananaonea ineir en
trenchments In front of Bermuda Ilnndred.
Thev no doubt expected troops from north of
the James river to take tbelr place Deiore we
discovered IU Butler took advantage of lhl.
and moved a force at once upon tbe railroad
ana pianK roaa between iticnmouaaua i tiers
barir. which I hope to retain posaesBlon of.
"Too much credit cannot be given the troops
and tbelr commanders for the energy ana for
titude diiDlaved tbe last flvu da to. Day and
nlgbthaabeen all the rami?, no delays being
allowed on any account."
Liter unofficial dispatches chow that at 8
o'clock this morning the enemy still occupied
Major Morton waa killed ln an assault yes-
Nothing to-day from Sherman or Ilunter.
Edwiv M. Stantox,
Secretary of War.
WAinmoTos Citv, June is, iset lOp. m. ,
Major Gtntral Dtx, Ktv York:
Dispatches from Gen. Sheridan have Just
been received. lie reports a victory over
tbe enemy at Trevlllan Station, on the Virginia
Central railroad, a few miles south of Gordons
vllle, where Gen. Lee, a few days ago, reported
a rebel victory. Tho official report Is as fol
" I have the honor to report to you the ar
rival of my commaod at this point, and also
to report us operations since leaving r-ew Las
tie Ferrv. I crrsied tbe Pamnnkev river on
the 7thinPtant. marching via Avlett's and en
camped on Herring Creek, on tbe morning of
tbe mdj rcsumea mo marcn via roiecat sta
tion, and encampd three miles west of the sta
tion. On tbe tbe Oib, marched through Chltdi
burg and New Market, encamping on the E. N.
. cretk. near Younc's Urldee. On the 10th.
marched via Andrew's Ferrv and Feicman'a
Store, crossing both branches of tbe North
Anna, and encamped at UucbUd's, about three
miles northeast of Trerllllan Station.
Mv Intention was to break tbe railroad at
this station, march through Mechanlcibcre.
cut the Gordoaivllle and Cbarlotteivllle rail
road near Llndsay'a House, and then to march
on Charlctttsvlllei but on arrival at Buchlld'a
House i rouna tne enemy's cavalry in my Ira
mediate front.
"On the morning of tbe 11th Gen. Torbet,
with hla division and Col. Gregg's brigade of
Gen. Gregg's division, attacked the enemy,
and after an obstinate contest, drove him from
successive lines or breantworks, through aa
almost impassable forest, back on frtvllllan
"In the meantime Gen. Cnstar was ordered,
with his brigade, to proceed bv a countrv road.
so ai to reach tbe station In tbe rear of the
enemy'a cavalry. On hla arrival at thla point
the enemy broke into a complete rttut, leaving
bil dead and nearly all of bis wounded ln our
hands) also, SO officers and 000 men, and 300
horses. These operations occupied the whole
ofthe day,
"At nUbt I encamped'at Trevllllan Station,
and on tbe morning of 'the IStb commenced
destroying the railroad from this point to
Louisa Court House. This wsa thoroughly
done, tics burned and rails rendered unservice
able. Tho destruction of the railroad occu
pled until 3 o'clock of thli day, I directed
Gen. Torbet to advance with hla division, and
Gen. Dav li'a brigade, of Gen. Gregg's division,
la tho direction of Gordonsville, and attack
tbo enemy, who bad concentrated and been re
inforced by Infantrv during the night, and had
also constructed rifle piu at a point five miles
from Gordonsvillo.
" The advance was made, but as the enemy'a
position waa found too slroug to assault, no
general attack was made.
tho reserve brigade carried the euemy's works
twice, and waa twice driven therefrom by In
fautry. Night closed tbe content, I found, im
examination of the command, that there was
not a sufficiency of ammunition left to con
tlnue tbe engagement tho next day. Trains nr
c trs also came down to where we were engaged
with tbe euemy. The reports of prisoners aud
citizens were that Pickett's old division, or a
portion of it.nas coming to prevent the taklnir
of (.ordonssllle. I, therefore, during the nlgut
and next inornlog, withdrew my command
oer ihe North Anna la Carpenter's Ford,
near Minor's Bridge.
" Iii addition, the animals for tbe two entire
davs In which wo were engiged were without
forage, the surrounding country allordlog
nothing but grazing ofa very Inferior quality,
aod generally at such point a. were Inacces
sible tO UQ.
"The cavalry engagement of the 12th was
by far the most brillUut one of the present
campa'gu. The enemy's loss was very heavy.
IMwtnier10 D,med offl"r' ln
I "Col. McAllister, c'ltnmandloif regiment,
killed t Brig, Gen. Hoes- r, commanding brigade
; woundcdi Col. Aken, commanding regiment,
..V ....., w.. ..., VVUlUl.UU.ua .Vb.UVU.
"My loss In killed scd wounded will be
about 675 1 ol thla numbtr 400 were wounded.
I brought off ln ray ambulances 377, all that
could be transported. Tbe remainder were,
with a number of rebsl wounded that fell Into
my hands, left behind. Burgeons and attend
anta were detailed, and remained In charge of
tbsm. I captured and bave now with mo 870
prisoners of war. Including twenty commis
sioned officers. My loss In captured will not
exceed IGOj they were principally from tho 6th
Michigan cavalry.
"This regiment gallantly charged down tho
Gordonsvllle road, capturing 1.500 horses and
about 800 men, but were finally surrounded
and bad to give tbem np. When tbe enemy
broke they hurried between Gen. Cnstar's com
mand and Col. Gregg's brigade, capturing five
caissons of Pennington's battery, three of
which were afterwards recaptured leaving In
their bands two caissons. A more detailed re
port will be made hereafter."
Edwin M, Btamtom, Secretary of War.
Wash-hoton, June it, 1 4-p. m.
Major Central Dtx, rw Yo kt
This evening a dispatch from City Point,
dated al 0 o'clock this morning, reached the
It reports that our forces advanced yesterday
to within abont a mile In front of Petersburg.
where they found tbe enemy occupying a new
line of entrenchments, which, after successive
assault, we failed to carry, but hold and have
entrenched our advanced positions.
From the forces of the enemy within the
enemy'a new line, It is Inferred that Bcaurc-
gara naa oeen reinforced irom iees army.
No report has been received bv the depart
ment concerning tbe casualties of our army ln
Ha operations since crossing the James river,
except tbe death of Major Morton, mentioned
Gen. Sherman reports to-dar that "tho
enemv cavo wav last nlubt In the midst of
darkness and storm, 'inownoie army is now
In purauit as far as Chattahoochle. I start at
once for Marietta."
No military Intelligence from any other
quarter has been received to-day.
Edwin M. Stanton,
Secretary of War.
Eqncatrlaa Drama.
Mln Kate Vance, who has been turning tbe
baadiof tbe SoatooUosly her daihlnf perform
ance or "zuazfpntt'for literal dnys, oiism in trie
atne character at Crover'a theatre to-ntht. She
U undoubtedly the beit delineator of thli exciting
charaeter that haa e.er appeared ln Washington,
and eaonot fall to draw all the lmpreislble young
men la town to Crover's.
Indiana Club. A special notice to the In-
dlanlans ln another column ahould be read by
all tbe citizens of that State now In Washing
Ifw York Stock List.
By the People's Te'exraph Unci,
Offices Alt Moth street and corner Pennsylvania
avenue no J Mxth street.
Monday. June 20 Pmrr Board.
U.S. !88t Coupon '
U. . 6-W's
ertldcatei oflnJtbtetlnen
New York leotral
Hudson River
Reading mi,
Michigan Central 9li
Mlcblxan Southern,. t8
Illinois Central Ji9
Cleteland and Pittsburg 113:
Cleveland and Toledo us
Tilcago and Rock IiUml m
Mllwaukieard Prairie du Chirn f9
Pl.tsr.urg, Kort ayna, and Chicago 1I4,
si iiimig. r uri aynv, a:
Alton and Terra Hauta..
. 64',
Cblcagsiand Northwestern....,
Quicksilver ,
natlfleatlon Meeting In Concord Dnukcr
11111 Day- lu iloston.
Dostox, Juue 17. A large ratlQcatlon meet
ing of the Culon Presidential nominations was
held at Concord, N. II., last evening, which
was addressed by Aaron II. Cragtn, Amos
Luck, and others. Great enthusiasm pre
The custom hourc, banks, and many stores
of this city are closed to day In observance of
the anniversary of the battle of Banker Hill.
PIre In the U ntcrvllct Ararnal.
Aldan r, Juno 17. A flro occurred ln the
blacksmith's shop of the Watervllct Arsenal
early this morning, and for a time, owing to
the hesitation of tho men toro near the flro
through fear of an explosion, the main build
ings were In dsnger of destruction, but tho
ipeedy arrival of three atcamera from Troy
kept the conflagration within tho building
where It originated, and tho less Is compara
tively trifling.
The District or Columbia Volunteers.
Wo clip the following from the army corres
pondence Ofthe New York Herald:
"A correspondent here hss given the credit
ofthe capture of apiece of artillery, during
the recent raid of our cavalry to Petersburg, to
the 5tb Pennsylvania cavalry, when, ln fact,
the credit belongs to the lit District of Colum
bia volunteer cavalry, and tbo piece In question
Is now In their camp, with tbo permission of
Gen. Uutler to take It with them to Washing
ton upon their return. I make this correction
that a regiment which has always dono Its
duty may havo tho credit which Is due It."
Destruction of a Ilebel Tram port In
Cliarlcatou Harbor.
The ralmetto Htrald of tho ICth has the fol
lowing account of the lato aiTalr In Charleston
At daylight on Tuesday mornlntr a n.bel
steamer, supposed to have been carrying sup
plies to Sumter, was discovered fast aground
auoutioree inousanu yaras aistaut. imme
diately our batteries opened on aer. A few
sbota gave us the range, when the solid shot
began to gotbrough her, and thu shell to burst
inaiaeoi uer. i no practice was splendid. Shot
after shot would pass c carthroug her, and then
go bounding and skipping far up tbe harbor.
Some would hit tbe water ibis aide of her and
ricochet, striking beautifully, scattering splin
ters In all directions. Johnson, Blmpklns,
"The Bull or the Woods," Moultrie, andothers
all opened in a general engagement. Gregg
and Cbatfield would bang away at the steamer
aa If disdaining the rebel fire, then suddenly
lend a shell spinning Into Johnson, bursting
right over bead, or tearing up tbe embank
ment fearfully. Wagner, too, was buy show
ing tbe rebs that though she usually preserves
a dignlflcd silence, she Is none the Icbs able tn
give them good work when In the humor.
The firing continued for several boors, and
then slsckeued up. as the tide rose higher and
higher, till the decks of tbe steamer remaining
underwater proved that that spot was to be
bergrae. Iu the afternoun, as tho tide low
ered, exposing her again to view, several more
shots were put Iuto ber. We bad a flue view
of the wreck from the left battery with the aid
of a good glass. This "left battery," formerly
one of the main works engaged In the reduction
of Fort Bu niter, stilt remains, ln a great meas
ure, as It was left by Geu. Glllmore. It will
over be memorable as the scene ol one of thu
greatest achievements of the war and of tnu
century. No casualties whatever occurred on
our side, though some shells burst uncomfort
ably near. One entered an embrasuru where
six men were at woik, kuoeklug the sponge
from tbe band of one man, and throwing dirt
into tbe eyes of another and over all. It was
certainly a narrow escape.
Mail Sbrvicb to Buazil. In accordance
with tho provisions of an act of Conirruss. ru-
ci.nl j passed, authorizing the rsUbtlshmeut
oi an ucean Mall stemnsblp service between
iut l uhui stales and urazll, the rostmaster
General bus advertised for proposals. Teho
round trips are to bu performed annually for a
term of leu jears, commenelug ou or befure
,u k -i oi leiuucr, iron.
The SleaniAhiDB nUt-ml for LMa arrt-t mnti
be Amerlcun, ot thu first class, and uo propo
sal will bu accepted unlcsa the bidder Is ulso
accepted by the (loi eminent of Brazil.
Ihe Department is not advised lhL auydefl
nllc action has y.t been taken by Brazil lu rc
pect to the establishment of tbo proposed steam
ship lervlco of the two coUntrle
Second Edition
There Is nothing Important to-day from Gen.
Grant. Tha last official news, of any Interest,
was received by us on Saturday night, but wo
did not deem It of sufficient Importance (o
Issue It In an Extra, on Sunday, as the mon
ster funeral resulting from tho Arsenal calam
ity took place on that day, and was sufficient
to cast a deep gloom over the wholo commu
nity, without any contribution from us In the
way of announcing a check to even ono of our
We only allude to this now, because It was
whispered about yesterday, that the whole of
Burnslde corps was repulsed with great loss on
Friday night, ln attacking a line of the enemy's
works at Petersburg. Such wat not tha fact.
It Is true, however, that the division belonging
to tho Oth corps, lately commanded by Gen.
Crittenden, attacked the enemy's works and
had a most desperate Hgbt, and carried tbem,
but waa subsequently obliged to retire from
them. Shortly afterwards the enemy evacuated
tho same works. A slight reverse like this
must be expectod as among the things occa
sionally Inevitable In a gigantic military move
ment like that now going on against the great
rebel citadel.
The bulletins of the Secretary of War, dated
the IStbi wero Issued ln the New York Sunday
morning papers, and furnished to the regular
subscribers of those papers. Here the Sunday
Chrontclt wltheld the Secretary's bullcllbs
from Its regular morning edition, ln order to
make a few additional pennies out of Us sub
scribers, who were entitled to the news In the
regular edition. This would have been nothing,
however, If the bulletins bad contained Im
portant cheering news Instead ofthe sad Intel
ligence of thy return of Sheridan without hav
ing accor sjllshed tbe full object of his mission,
and tho announcement of the transportation of
Smith's corps from tbe White House to tbe
James river by water, which was published ln
the HxrcBLiCAN about one week ago.
We did not deem such Information of suf
ficient Importance to publish an extra, espe
cially when tho city was shrouded ln mourning.
We did not csro to disturb tho solemn ccro
monies of the day with a mere mercenary
operation. Wo left the transaction of such
venal work to our neighbors. Whenever there
Is important military newa wo shall Issue It
at the earliest moment, at two cents per copy
at the counter, and furnish It by carriers to
our city subscribers without extra chirge.
On Saturday evening last Senator Sherman
made a speech before tho Ohio Club full of
patriotism and force. The honorable Senator
took his stand squarely where, ln our judg
ment, all true friends of the country should
stand In thla hour. After stating truly tho
lssuo In regard to t jo rebellion, he said i
"I will not Insult yoa by suggesting a doubt
as to where you will bo fouod ln snch a con
test. We are for Lincoln and Johnson, ap
plause, first, last, and all tbe time, with heart
and soul, without exception or reservation,
simply becanse they are for tho Union, for tho
war, for sustaining the army, and for w hipping
rebels wherever they show themselves. We are
not for Fremont, because we look upon him as
tbe representative ofa dlssatlsScd faction who
have not patriotism enough to submit to tho
popular w 1)1 when the safety of tbe country Is
Involved. We are not for the nominees of tbo
Chicago Convention, because we know the
ruung spirits oi mat convention are tbo very
men who encouraged tho rebela to revolt. They
may bait their hook with a peaco man, or a
war man, or ono of cjch kind, but wo know
that If they are successful tbe blood of our pa
triot heroes will have becu shed lu vain, and
disunion and a shameful peace will bo the re
Mr. Sherman'a speech would occupy a
column and a half ln our paper, and Is full of
good things, but tho above paragraph states
tbo entire question before tho Union-loving
people so clearly and forcibly that wo prefer to
make It a "shining example." No other
" campaign document " Is needed by the Union
party than that single paragraph.
It Is well known that Senator Sherman was
personally ln favor of the distinguished Secre
tary of the Treasury as the nominee of tbo
party, but, like the Secretary himself, ho bows
to the will of the people, as expressed ln tho
Convention, ln tbo honest spirit of tho true
patriot and statesman. Ho asserts ln his
speech that Lincoln and Johuson were nomi
nated by the people long before tbe Couvcntlon
was held) that It was the voice of our brave
soldiers and tbo loyal masses of tbe sovereign
people; and he contends that opposition now is
faction, and a very small faction at that.
Another British. Illockade llunucr Cap.
Tho Navy Department has received Intel!!
gence of the capturo of tho British steamer
Siren, oQ Beaufort, N. C, with a cargo of
liquors, hoop Iron, paper, cases, kegs, A,c.
She was captured by tho United States
steamer Keystone State, Commander Peirce
The Siren Is an Iron screw steamer, schooner
Hgged, and of eighty-seven tons burden, and
commanded by J. W. Penlstoo.
She will bo sent to Fortress Monroe, to Rear
Admiral Leo.
Gin. GlUnior IWlWvcd.
Wo leara that Gen. Butler haa relieved Gen.
Glllmore of his command and ordered him to
report at Fortress Monroe as under arrest and
to await court-martial. We also learn that
Gen. Grant, upon learning the facta stated-
above, released Gen. Glllmore from arrest and
ordered blm to report to Washington and await
further orders.
Suuday Btraat Cars.
The experiment of running street cars on
Sunday has proved a perfect success. Tho only
difficulty experienced yesterday was In an In
sufficient number of cars. Many who would
havo ridden could not get In or upon the over
crowded cars, and wo presume tho company
will extend their accommodations ln future.
A Ssnatou's Speech "Cinsokizkd." Sen
ator Wilson, chairman of tbe Military Com
mittee of the Senate, recently aald In debate
that since October 17, lbC3, we bave raised or
re enlisted 600,000 men, not counting black
men, and within tbe year have put Into tbe
field 700,000 men, and havo spent tl25,O0O,0O0
In bounties. Since Gen. Grant began his cam
paign In Virginia, ho has received reinforce
ments to the number of 49,000 men, etc. Tbo
New rork Iltrald censured severely tbo repor
ter of the Seuato debates for tho associated
preis for having neglected to report this Im
portant ipecebj but lt appears that ho did send
lt to the telegraph, and that )t was suppressed
by the censor ou the ground that It was con
traband Information.
Tub VUksburg Daily IhraW Is tho title of a
peat and strongly patriotic little sheet Just
started by Ira A BaUerton. at Ylckiburg, Mis
From City Polnt-Avrlral of Wounded
The steamer Charlotte Vanderbllt (formerly
tbe John Tucker) arrived at tbo Sixth street
wharf this morning, having left City Point yes
tcrday, at 12 o'clock.
She brought up the bodies of Llent. Col. Wal
king ltUt Fa., and Capt. McGee.
She also brought tip the following wounded
officers! Col. James A. Dreamer, 148th Pa.
Llent. Col. E. E. Lewis, 110th Pa.j Col. J. W.
Egan, 40th N. T., and Capt. J. L. Johnston,
148th Pa.
She also had on board Capt. A. G. Mason,
A. D. C. to Gen. Meade, and Capt.Chas. Bird,
2d Delaware, who are absent on leave. Capt.
J. W. Mason came up, having the body of Lt.
Col. Wat kins In charge.
The steamer Highland Light, Capt. Weeks,
with mall and passengers, arrived at the wharf
yesterday. She left City Point on Saturday at
twelvo o'clock. Heavy firing was beard on
Friday and Saturday ln the direction of Peters
burg. Tho report was that our forces were within
six hundred yards of the city, and wo could at
any llmo destroy tho place.
Six hundred rebel prisoners were sent from
City Point to Point Lookout on Friday last.
Six New York physicians, sent by Got. 8ey
monr arrived In town Saturday evening, on
their way to the front to assist In tho treatment
of New York soldiers.
Gin. J, IIodart Ward Is under arrest, and
hai btea ordered to report at Fortress Uonrot.
Ha his not been mads aware of the charges pre
ferred against Mm, and feels confident of removing
any oiouu taai may stem to reit upon aim.
A. B. Far will. Chief Clerk of the Bureau
ol construction of tha Navy Department, has le-
sigaranis position to assume tne amies oi mm
tar stata A rent of Maine, to which lmnortant
and responsible post he haa been appointed by
uarrrnor e.oDy.
W. E. Sinn. Esq.. has assumed temporarily
the Icneeiblp and general management of Cro-
Trra iBrfiif, vo CvDrraimaia air. ieonaru
Urovsr and tbs pubtlo that the control ot that
favorltft place of amusement has fallen fntU the
htmla ofa gentlrmaa of intelligence, goodbuslhiis
lsOt BOU eUalglDg UlltIOlUOB.
Mh. E, T. Groveb, a most Indefatigable
fen ue in mi id iiit proirsiion, oai agaiu aisui
he business management of Grover'a Theatre.
First S salon
Mondat, June 20, 1904.
Tbo bill to encourage and facilitate tele
graphic communication between the Eastern
and Western continents, camo up as the un
finished business, and was postponed until to
A message was received from the Prealdent,
In reply to further resolution ofthe Senate. In
closing a ci.umuQlcitloa of the Secretary of
fltato relative to Mexican affairs.
Also, a mcssaee from the President In fur
ther answer to Mr. Johnson's resolution rela
tive to the delivery to tbe Spanish authorities
or a person (.Argueucs; ror alleged crime.
Mr. Sherman, from the conference commit
tee on tbo disagreements between the two
Houses on the legislative and Judicial appro
priation bill, made a report, which was con-
currea in.
Mr. Wilson tailed up tho bill to prohibit the
discharge of persons from liability to military
duty by reason of tha payment of money.
Mr. Brown offered an amendment, the effect
of which Is to authorize the enrolment of the
friendly Indian ror tho protection of the bor
der States and frontiers.
Mr. Powell, from tbe Committee on Print-
iuj;, ii-jsuifccu iuu icauiutiuu iur tmuwug xaov
copies uf the Dictionary of Congress, pre
pared by Charles Lao man, Esq., for the use of
tbe Sina'e, and It was passed.
mt, iiaio, from the Naval committee, re
ported favorably (bo bill repealing so much of
the naval appropriation bill as appropriates
t itf,000 for tbo Klltcry Naval Hospital.
On Mr. Grimes' motion, to-morrow evening
was set apart for the consideration of District
of Columbia business.
Mr. Morrill Introduced a bill to authorize tbe
Secretary of the Treasury to sell property of
the Uulted States ln certain cases when not
longer needed for public use. Referred to the
Committee on Commerce.
A bill for the re lef of George F. Nesblt was
passed. It relates to his contract with the
Pest OiPce Department for stamped envelopes.
The joint resolution for the relief of Carmack
and Ramsay was taken up, debated, and laid
Mr. Pomeroyrom tbe Committee on Claims,
made an adverse report on the memorial of J.
W. Baruaclo. Justice of tbe peace In this Dis
trict, praying for payment of fees for swearing
volunteers into tbe service of tho Unltod States.
A bill was Introduced, and referred to the
Committee for tbo District of Columbia, to In
corporate tbe Yonnr Men's Christian Asso
ciation, of the city of Washington.
Mr. Price, of Iowa, offered a preamble set
ting forth that It admitted that the prosperity
ofa nation depends on tbo recognition of tho
taws oi uoa, ana mat tne compulsory running
of tbu street care on Sunday Is a violation of
inoaivine iaw inereiore,
lit solve J, That the Committee on the Judi
ciary be Instructed to report a bill to repeal
tbe law requiting tho running of said cars on
He moved tbe previous question t but no
ijuuruiu YUieu
'J hnro n as a call of tho nouse, when,
On motion of Mr. Cox, of Ohio, tho resolu
tion was laid on tbe table ayes GO, noes 35.
Mr. Upson, of Michigan, from tbo Commit
tee of Elections, made a report that John G.
Scott la entitled to retain hla seat as a Repre
sentative of tbe third congressional district of
.-wis scan, ino report was for the present laid
on tbe table.
A bill was passod doclarlng that no grants
of land to States or corporations shall be con
strued to embrace mineral lands, which aro re
served to the Government of the United Slates.
Mr. Ingersoll,or Illinois, offered a resolution
declaring, as the opinion of the House, that
all permits Issued to any person or persons al
lowing trade within tbe limits of anv State now
or heretofore In rebellion should at onco be
revoKea, ana no more be Issued. An unsuc
cessful motion wut made to lay tho resolution
on tbe tablet pending further proceedings.
Tbo House went iaio Committee or the
Whole on the state of tbe Union on the civil
appropriation bill.
A Com In ofHcoretarjr Chase Murdered
by the Itebcle lu Co hi Blood.
A correspondent of tho Brooklyn Union
" Tho remains of Arthur L. Chase, lato a
lieutenant lu tbe 6th New York artillery, paised
through New York city this morning on tbe
way toLockport, N. Y, tbe residence of his
parents, for Interment, the circumstances of
the death of ibis bravo aod noble boy are of
sucb a character that they may well be put on
record with tbe many other acts of disgraceful
barbarity, which will remain ln tho future aa
Just exponents of the character of tbe rebellion,
iu tnuiB, aiiii il BUU.turs.
MJIe died in Washington on tbe morning of
thn Rth In at ant In tha A rmnra Hnnara hnanli.l
and after bis death, a memorandum was found
In one of bis pockets, ln bis owu handwriting,
which statea that he had been wounded, disa
bkd, and bad fallen on tbo batllefleld, and
white In thla helpless state he was approached
by four rebel soldiers, who shot blm through
tbo neck, chest and tblgb, placing ihemuzzlo
of their guns so near blm that bis clothing and
flesh wero burntd by their diacharife, and are
now tbe wltnesaea of tbe truth of this memo
randum, which he had strength to make after
suffering from the atrocious act."
l.iiut. Chase was a cousin of Secretary Chase,
and a nipbew of Doctor Wills, of Brooklyn.
Tbo Orchestral) that Madame Urlsl and
Slgnor Mario are golog to make yet one moro
Autumnal tour In tbo provinces, ln company
with other artists. Tho lady will slog publicly
once in London during tho season at BIgnor
cubattYa concert.
- ai
Tha P.ttnijrlT.nla Sw.rd Contaac.
PHtLATJiLiTitA, Jane SO. In tbo contcat for
sword presentation at tha Banltarj Fair, Uep.
Mcado baa ojr r a thousand rotes orer Han
cock, In atotilTOtethus far of OT.r'fonf' thou
tand. McClcllan hat one hundred .fid eighty
nine, and Grant one hundred and thirty.
From Ntir Orta.ns.
The New Orleans Era of the 12th Intt. hat
the following Items:
The wife of Mai. Oen. McClernand lt now
with her hotbsnd In this city.
Among tbe pstsenjrers by the trsnsport
steamer Thos. A. Scott, for New York, It MaJ.
Osn. Franklin, who la still tnCferlnp consider
ably from the wound he received In the Red
rlrcr campaign.
Another or her passengers It the Hon. John
Ilanc.ck, of Anttln, Tciat. Jnilge Hancock
It one ofthe most talented and Influential men
of that State. He hat just made hla etcapo
from Texas, and goes to Washington at the
earnest solicitation of Got. Hamilton and the
Texas refugee, to seek aaststance for tholr op
pressed friends In tbe Interior.
Capt. A. II. Longler, of Oen. Hamilton'!
staff, also sills on the Scott, as bearer of of
ficial dlepatchet to Washington.
Ex-Got. Leonard J. Farwell, Chief Exam
iner of Tatentt at Washington, who has been
on s short visit to the Crescent Cltr, returns to
the North this morning br the Evening Star.
Mr. Hendricks, of New York, who haa been
recently engaged as secretary to tbe Finance
Commission sppnlnted by Oen. Btnkt to look
Into the affairs of the monetary institutions or
thla city, la alao s passenger per Evening Star.
Thlt commission bat completed Its labors,
which havo been arduons, and submitted their
rsymsster It. V. L. Baber Is one of tbe pas
sengers by tbe Evening Star to New York this
mornlnir, be having been relieved from duty
here and permitted to report at Cincinnati, by
special order or tbe Tresldcnt.
Rtchsrd Wsirner has been called to Munleh
by the young King, to tske his residence there.
A Bad Attaih. Mrs. Kate Bresnahan, who
was one ot tbe unfortunate vlotfms of the Arsenal
fcrttaitrophe, and whoie remaloiwere notresfjr
nlzid. wal a voiine woman, about tWentv.fonr
years or age, and tbe mother at two children, of
whom the elder was but two ysarf of age. Her
husband entered the aerviee laat August al A sub
stitute, and has not been heard from for leveral
months. It Is supposed that he hai ben killed la
the late battles. The children were at her boaie,
on O street, between Third and Four-and-a-half,
Islansj, in ehrtrra of a colored rtomeitit. wn tbe
terribl calamity ocourred. Tn llttia children.
who do not know with what a great lots thsv have
met, ara at present lo the ear of their aunt, Mrs.
Margaret O'Brien, who was arrested this morning
as a common drunkard. Of course she is unfit to
e in omiaren's guardian.
In TnocpLK Annr. Margaret O'Brien, a
co mm an drunkard who llresoa the Island, wai
arretted this morning about 10 o'clock, by Officer
nrroner. on iob cnargc m iDUSing ner nusoana.
Comnlatnt was lo "ced at the Tenth d reel net ita-
tloo house concfnler her conduet. The officer
repaired t her residence, 01 Fotir-aml-vhalf
street, near C and after oamlderabla eavMdron-
a .-.-! ..- ;; !. '.
ID; iHirinra mat ini wat very nn-oyinc ana
abusive to tbe not entitled above all others to her
endearment. Tha pallceman entered and remon
strated with her. She curbed her Im, and as soon
as tbe Dfttrolman deotrted she bolted tha door and
began to speak of him In Tltupera'Jye stralni.wheo
he procured a warrant and arrested her Kha wat
taken before. Justice Dos well, who fined her $6
and requlrsd her to give security ror future good
Coumittid to Old Capitol. Tha follow-
logsoldlars, moitlyof the 3d D. C voli , were com
rattled to the Old Capitol uoder a icntence of court
martial! tanl C. Whitman Co. o, lit Ct. art.i
Stephen Flrch, 4th N. Y. art I Vincent W. Row,
Wm L, Smith. Co. O) Peter Peer, Co. If, and Rich.
Riven, of vd D C The lait named, commonly
known ai Dick Rivers. Is one of tha moat nntnrlr.ua
characters In tha Plitrlet, nod figures very con
spicuously ln the police annals ofthe city.
Fire. This moraine, about 0 o'clock, a Are
broke out in the lampMaek factory of Mr. H. C
wnion, on iwentynrs. street, near tne canal.
The steam fire engines were quickly oo the spot,
and succeeded ln aavlnr the main bulldloa-. Thai
fire lasted about an hour. The machinery In the
shop where the fire originated was cnosideTahly
damaged. It Is thought that $3,000 will cover the
amount of loss.
8 AVID nr TIir Ton ana. Aorlrl who worked
in the laboratory at the Arsenal where tbe heart
i en dine; calamity occurred on Friday noon, es
caped from peril by a lingular circumstance. Tbe
oungladyii usually remarkably taciturn, but
on this day she ftlt an lrrepretttbledeilre to talk,
and for no re ton that she can Imagine, her tongue
ran on at iueh a rate that the was reprimanded by
the overseer of the room. This did not check the
unruly member, and Dually he sent her home to
etrldof her loquacity. Before she reached her
welllnr. the emlotton occurred, which cent nut
of existence a score of thoie who were at work
aiouna ner.
AcomiMT on Board tub On boat Anacos-
tia On Thursday Hit a sad accident occurred on
the gunboat Anaeostla, of the Potomac flotilla.
John J Derger, a sailor, while getting from a small
boat to the steamer waa shot by tbe accidental
discbarge of his rifle, which he was attempting
to pull up after him. He died In a few minutes
aiicr iue accmcni.
Deaths op Officers. Tho followlnr offl-
eers have died at Armory Sq-iare hoipltal since
Saturday, tent. Alex. DI. lMouune. who was an
ald-de-eamp to Gen. Han one k Capt. A. J. Dtvls,
Co I). Hth Vermont) and 24 Lieut. Oicer M. Ad
ams, Co. K, ltd hN. Y.
CnuEtTT TO Animals. 3. A. Thaver was
arrested tbls morning by officer Ashtn, on tbe
charge of cruelly heating his borte with aa Iron
oar. lie was nuea ft or .ustice uosweu.
Ford's Theatre. Tbo; sacred concert last
evening was a bilillont sue ecu. To-night, and
probably for this week, the Illimitable cornelian
of nature, Clarke, will appear In the "Two Gen
tlemen of Verona" and the " Comedy of Frron "
Clarke Is a perfect soda fountain uf mirth, while
his aiioelates give lt a One strawberry or pine
apple savor. Junius,
June 20, 1681'
District Criminal Court.
Grand Jury -lit Cwll Ihttr Alt niton to tht Social
Virti or tht VMrictThe City in Danger of tht fate
of S-jdom Tbe regular term of this court was con
vened tblt morning, Chief Justice Cartter presid
ing, Edward C. carrlogton, Dutilot Attorney,
Tbe grand Jury
T were called, eighteen of whom
Z, M. P. King waa tppolnted foreman
Dr. S. C. llusey, David RaUlugcr, and Philip J.
Buekey were excused.
Judge Cartter then proceeded to charge the grand
Jury. He saldi
You bave been selected from vour fallnwltl.
sens ai conservators of the moral health of the
lt is your duty te Inquire late crime and bring
Ihe circumstances of the District are peculiar:
there are thrown udoq the District a vast deal ol
crime on acoount of having so maoy here from all
paria oi ine worm.
It r qulrra Industry and energy to keep the Eli
tt let safe from corruption and crime.
There are two crimes that no person can shut his
eyes to. One Is tbe proitltutlun that overspread!
tbe cPyi tbe other ii trembling Then two aro
uiceratinc tne morals or tnu uiitriot.
We ought to beeWe to drive vice from the place,
compel lt to vacate the thoroughfares of our city,
aod leave honest people to pursue their walks of
The nymphs of prostitution, with palnttd cf
fronterv. Intuit honcit women. Thla is tha onlv
glaring, unblJlblng crime wandering about our
treeti. Your preJecenors have doi.e much, but
much more Ii to be done. Nothi r but untirlne
energy can preierve ths city from the fate uf
The grand Jury then retired to their room.
The petit Jurors were thea called, twenty-three
of whom aoawered.
The following gentlemen were excuied for va
rloui reaaoni: Jeite U. W Itnn, George If Caddis,
Richard Ro.erts, Edwla H. King, Isaac Dseri.Jr,.
and W. V Dixon. " '
The court adjourned the petit Jury over until
Moudav next, la ordr that tbe grand Jury might
prepare buitacas.
Circuit Court.
Junt SO Th Wllev and llrnwn . wm r.
turned Ihts moro lug Mr Davldge opened the
caiti on the part ofthe defendant!, and sereral
wiiactiaa were examined tot tbe defence.
On the 18th lost., AiExanoca, Infant ton of
Al xander R. and Mary G. fchepherd, ated months.
The funeral w.ll take place from Ihe residence
of his father, No. MS Tenth street, betweea L sod
M, tht day, at 0 p in. Ihefrleada of the family
are reiptgiitUly requested to attend.
On tha ISth tnilant. from urnnn.tai ranstlvcil kt tha
battle of Coal Harbor, Ltjcicm Saiiell, Ortt ir
leant company H, lit California regiment, la the
SOthyearolhli are.
His funeral will take place this afternoon, from
bis lather's residence, No, 972, seventh attest,
r-Th. lllln.la Union Oltrti '," m
vfrntirihkY KVENINO. at If. Club Booms,
Mlflnth street. It Is f most ur.ent ln.rort.nra
t"..v.?r member b. ..., fb.t . full and
hearty oj-operatlon may .JlJ1;7il!2 I.
nntk for.rrrr m ' no. " ""J lo ," "
Sow" -ni Hci. K. a Wsthburn. and Hon. Iiaso
N. Amo.d wm 'J,0l;fol rrs.wer.t.
i. A. Mrtfr.f. a.-eretary. ieoo-st
laffilaSJrSSed at iR. Club ;,
Ninth street, TO-N10IIT, to tend off speechetiu4
transact soma other very l0""? b""n " ,
I). CRUMHAfiKlCRt Vice resident.
X. O. TiioMrsoir, Secretary. JfJO-it
riiLM.i.tiliy Mastlnv At' tha VOUIHT
Men'a Christian Allocution will be hiW at their
rooms, No. &oo fterenth street, between naodF,
on MONDAT KVKNINQ.JUna 30th, coran.snclnr
at 7f o'clock. Matters of unuiual Interest and
Importance will Uf sontldejed.
Jcl9-2f QgtfrMAt r-OWK&L. gei'y.
tf-Grace Church Fair M Festival, nt
Iilaod Hall, corner of Virginia avanoa and sixtn.
meet Tbe ladles of Grace Church (Rev. Alfred
Holme ad, rector,) will open their Fair lev the sale
of useful and fancy articles, for the benefit ot
Grace Church, on MONDAY NKXT, June SO. A
large and splendid collection of articles will be pre
sented, imted to tbe season and ea eulated to se
cure the patronage of the friends of the church,
and public generally. Seatoa tickets adults, 60
cent!) season tickets, children. 35 cents. Jel6-3 W
O A Fair ami Festival ror the benefit
oftbe wives, mothers, and fema relatives of our
brave soldiers Is now being h Id at Odd Fel'owa
Hall, Seventb street. Season tickets, admitting a
gentleman and lady, $h single admission, 15 centst
children, 1 8 cents. JalMlt
"Kxeelsler Union Club." Thla Club la
composed ot Union citizens of New York, residing
temporarily la Washington. Regular meetings
are held at a o'clnak on MONDAY EVENING of
each week, ln the Union League Rooms, 481 Ninth
treat, between D and E.
Every loyal New Yorker Is Invited to Join the
Club, and aid ln tbe election of Lincoln and John
ion. SILAS SEYMOUR, rretldent.
GroaoE D. Eolkitoh Secretary, jetl-tf
ErDIevae of the Nervous, flcmlnal.
Urinary and sexual Syttema oew and reliable
treatment in Report! of the HOWARD ASSOCIA
TION Sent by mall la sealed letter envelopes,
freeofcharge. Address, Dr. J. SKILL1N HOUU1J,
TON, Howard Association, No. 2 South Math
street, Philadelphia, Pa. Tu23-ly
ftCalvary Ilaptlat Church niee.te every
Sabbath in the Old Trinity Church, on Fifth street,
between K and Louisiana atenue. Service at 11
A. M. and 1H P. M. Seats free. Rev. T. R. How.
lett, pastor. . Jaaie-tf
r J- Paople'e Telegraph. Ne w First Cine
Lines, .'" MW YORK, BOSTON, and all
Important pv?Dti- Washington Offices! REPUB
LICAN BUlLDlOi 8 Ninth street, (west iide,
and corner rennsylva nuo and Sixth atrcet,
under National Hotel. cHAh:Ea a WOYES(
feblMf Manager Washing District.
lO-Lyon's Kathalrou. KsUhftli ou la
from the Greek word H Kathro," or" Kathalro,"
signifying to cleanse, rejuvenate and re it ore. This
article la wbat Its name signifies. For preserving,
restoring and beautifying the human hair lt Is thu -most
remarkable preparation in the world. It it
again owned and put up by the original proprietor
aad la now made with the same care, skill and at
tention which gave lt a sale of over one million.
bottles per annum.
It Is a most delightful Hair Dressing.
It eradicates aourf and dandruff. y
It kcepi the head cool and clean.
It makes the hair rich, soft and glovty.
It prevents the hair from falling oir and turn In
It restores hair upon bald heads.
Any lady or gentleman who values a beautiful
head of hair should use Lion's Kathalrou. It Is
known and used throughout the civilized world.
Sold by all reipec table dealers.
DEM A 3 8. BARNES fr. CO.,
New York.
C9&IexlCKU Mwstanir T.lnlineut. The
parties In St Louis and Cincinnati, who havo tccn
counterfeiting tbe Mustang Liniment under pre
tence of proprietorship, have been thoroughly -topped
by the courts. To guard against lurthcr
Imposition, I hare procured from the United Statea (
Trcaiury a private iteel plate revenue itan.p
which Is placed over tbe top of each bjttle. Each
tamp bean the fac timttt of my signature, and
without which the article It a counterfeit, danger
ous aod worthless Imitation. Examine every but
tk. This Liniment hai been ln use and growing
tn favor for many years. There bardlyexlitt a
hamlet on the habitable globe that don ut con
tain evidence ef lte wonderful effects. It is the
best emollent la the world. With its present im-
proved Ingredients, Its effects upon man acd beatt
are perfectly remarkable. Sores ai e healed, pains
relieved, lives saved, valuable animate made use
ful, and untold Ills assuaged. For cuts, brulici,
sprains, rheumatism, swellings, bites, caked
breasts, strained horses, Ave , lt Is a sovereign
remedy that should never be dispeused wltbt It
should be In every family. Sold by all druggltfa.
(e30-eosm v. s. BARWh-s New York.
CWIclmttreet'sluluiltable Hair Ilcatur-
ative, hot a Dve, but restores gray hair to iti .
original color, by supplying tU capillary tubes
with natural sustenance, Impaired by age or dis
ease. All inttantaneout dyet are oompoted of lunar
cauttlc, destroying tho vitality and beauty of the
hair, and afford of themieuei no dressing. Hrlm
street's Inimitable Coloring not only restores hair
to Its natural color by an easy prooeti, but git ei
the hair a LUXURIANT BEAUTY, promotes Its
growth, prevents Its falling off, cradldatcs dan
druff, and Imparts health and pleasantness to th
head. It haa stood the test of time, being the ori
ginal Hair Coloring, and Is consuntly Increasing
ln favors Used by both gentlemen aud ladies. It
Is sold by all respectable dealers, or can be pro- .
cured by them of the commercial agents,
303 Broadway, New Yorc
Twi sizes, 60 centi and $1.
JS-IIagan'a Magnolia Balm', This Is the
most delghtfni and extraordinary article ever dis
covered. It changes the sun-burnt face and heads
to a pearly satin texture of ravishing beauty, im
parting the marble purity ot youth, aad the dtetin
true appearance so Inviting tn the city belle of
fashion. It removes tan, freckles, pimples and
roughness from the skin, leaving the compleilou
fresh, transparent and smooth. It contain! no
material injuries to the skin. Patronized by Act
resses and Opera Singers. It is what every ldy
should have. Sold everywhere.
Prepared by W. E. HaGAN, Troy, N. Y.
Address all orders to
NilW York.
CT fi. T. 180 X. .Drake's Plantation
They purify, strengthen and Invigorate, 4
They create a healthy appetite.
They are an antidote to change of water and diet
They overcome effects of dissipation and lata"
They strengthen tbe system and enliven the
Tbey prevent mi aim a tic and Intermittent fevers.
They purify the breath and acidity of the atom,
They cure Dyspepsia aod Comtlpttloo.
They eure Diarrhea, Cholera and Cholera Morbus
They cure Liver Complaint and Nervous Head-
They are the beit Blttcra in the world. They walxe
tbe weak man strong, and are exhausted nature's
great rcttorer. They are compoted of the cele
brated Celliaya Bark, Caacarllla Bark, Dandelion,
Chamomile Flowers, Latender Flowers. Winter
greeu. Anise, Clover-buds, Orange Peel, Unako
root, Caraway, Coriander, Burdock, S. T. 110
The following la a sample or the testimony dally
80I.tlEB4,HOME8t7rEailfTFMPENTtSOrrtCr, (
Cincinnati, O., Jan. 16, 1803, I
I have given your Plantation Bitters to hundieds
ofour noble Soldiers who stop here, mnre er leu
disabled from various caut.es, and the elTcct Is moil
marvelous and gratify lu, ,
Such a preparation as this la I heartily wlih ia
every family, ln every hospital, and at hand on
every battle-Held G. W. D. Andrews,
jrS-t.lv Mmnrlntfn1rft.
117.- n.....
Adjutant Genkhal's Orntr, I
Wasjhnutoh, March 17, iBsi. )
All Bnnll.tlAn. fiiB la.... . -I
million to visit WaihlDitou muit t ailjrei.ml to
Major General Malleoli, Chief of Stair, aad must
apeeUy tbo business (or wlileh tbe orucor deilrts
tb. permission. Tclstrams addressed direst to tho
Secretary ol War on thlt subject will rculvo cj
Ef viiti or tht secretary ol War.
mn-tl Assistant Adjutant General,

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