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It published pjtrf afternoon (Snatays axotpu
) by W. J. lloBTion ACo., and It furnished,
to our subscribers (by cerrterO"al IV, cenu per
week, or 65 cents per month.
Mill subscriber!, 10.00 per annum 13 SO
for sit months, and $8.00 for three moatba, la
Tsrlsbly In advance.
Single copies, tmtu Cms.
. Torr OrricE DtrAftTttnrr.'t r
WAaninaroit Jaat 1T.1MI. f
la accordance with tt protlatons ef ttt as. 01
Congress, fcpprorsd May 28, IMS, whiihUlo Ua
wordi following, to wit t
"An act to autTwrlis tha satabllatiuMt of otaen
mall steamship amice between the Uattad
fltataa aod prasil." , . .T
" U f)acff 6y (A Smart snd JTouii ofHtprtttru
ffwi 0 fAt I'nfiVrJ srafpf 0 Jmrrfra, (t rtitpm -ftmbted,
That the Poatnaster Gsasral be, and hell
hereby, authorised to unite with the General Poet
ume Dnrtneot of the Empire ol BratU. or eueh
officer of the GoTernme.it ornmli u hell be au
thorised to eet for tbtt Government, ta eaUMUh
log direct mill communication between the two
eounrrlee by means of a monthly Hoe of Brit claea
American eeiolot? steamthtDS. to be of not leu
ttma two thouiand tone bururn each, and of suf-
iicirnt Dummr in pvriorro iwura ronoQ iripi or
toys tea txf annUm hatwaea a sort ol the Units!
States, north of the Potomac nrer.aQd Rio de Ja
nelro, in BfU, touching at Saint Tbomai, In the
Weat Indies, at oAhla, Peroambueo, and such other
urazuisa sua iDiermeaiftM pon or pone m nu
beeooildetM oeeeeiaryand expedlentl trvUU
Thettheexpenaeof th service lis all be divided
between the two Governateota, and that the Uni
ted Statea portion thereof ahBlt not mtatA th
funofooelinndredand Bft thorn and delUrt fat
the performance of twelr round tripe pet aqnapiv
to be paid out of ear money approprlttoiMo; the
errlae of the Poit Office Department. '
" Sea. 2. And le U further enarted. That the Pott
maater General be, end he Is hereby, authorise
to Invite propoiala for aald mall ataamihlp eervlee
by pub la adrertlaemeat for the period of iltty
rteyt la one or more ncwipapere puMlahedln the
eitlea of WaaMogtna, Baltimore, Philadelphia,
New York, and foaton, respectively, aad. to oon
traetwUh the loweai reaponiibU buVler forth
Amafor a term of ten yeare. to oomntenea from
the day the OratateatnaTilp of the propoaad Una
anall depart from the United State with the mall
for BrKitijPreetaVtf, That propoaala formenthly
tripe thit la to eey, for twtlverouad voyages per
annum, out and back are reoeWed and accepted
by him wltblo the limit aa jitotuld. from a (tarty
or partlea of undoubted responsibility, poeaeaetnir
ample ability to furalah the eteateihipa required
for the aertice. aed oUerloe; food and eufflclent
auretlee for the fAltbful paiformaoefl of auch too
traoti And proptded. further. That a ch propoiala
ahall be accepted by the Government of Braill
svid that dlati ,et and aeparate eontraeia with eaeh
Ooreraroent, c-tntilniDgiiml ar proTlaloni, ihal
be executed by auah aacapted blddeV or bidders i
each Government to be responsible only forlta
proportion of tbesubaldytobepaidfortbaserTtee,
"sc. 1. And be it further racttd That any con
tract which the Poitmaiter General may execute
ut.der the authority of this act shall o into etTeat
on or before the lint day of September, one thou
sen 1 elxbt hu dred and ilnty-Qvei and ahall, lo
aldltlontetbo usual stlpul uona of ocean nall
steamsMp contracts, prorlde that the eteamahlpa
olTeied for the service shall be constructed of the
beat mttertftle and alter the most approved model,
with all the modern Improvement: adapted for
aea-ffolet steamships ol the first elaaat and ahall,
before their approval and acceptaoco by the Foat
maater General, be subject to inspection and sur
vey by an experienced naval constructor, to be de
tailed for that purpose by the secretary of the
Navy, whoae report ahall be made to the Postmaa
ter Gcoerelt that the two Governments ahall be
entitled to nave transported, free of expense, on
each and every steamer, a mall errant to take eharre
of and errant e the mall matter, ta whom nltable
iua ia ( oi itumre irom any aause to periorm
any of the regular monthly voytues attpnUted for
la the contract, a pro ratadeduetlon ahall be made
from the compensation on aeeouatof raohomiu
ted voraKf or voyaajeat the a ul table ttaea and pen
altlea m ay be lmpoaad for del vs and lrreirularUlea
lutha rrffubir performance of the acrrlce accord
tne;tocontrac' and that the Poatmaiter General
aball have the power to determine the contract at
ay tune, in eftieoi in Deing un aerie t or asiif oea
trt nv nthir ntiritr.
Ses. 4. And b U further enacted, That the mat,
ate&mshlna emnloved In the aervlee authoriied bv
tMa act shall be exempt from all port cnartea and
euatom-house duaat the port of departuro anq
nrrikA m vuu uuii i u, ITOUMAJ, 1 net K Bim
liar Immunity from port charg;a and cua om-houae
dua la Kranted by the Government of Brazil.
M Apptoved, May 23, 1864."
wl 1 bo received at the Post Office Department, In
the altyof Waaulagtoo, until I o'clock p. m.ol
SATURDAY, the first day of October, iWl.forcoo
veylng the mails of the United States by a
monthly Una of flrsto'aaa American sea-golo
stetnshlpa of not Icaa than two thousand tons
burden, etch, and of sufficient number to perform
twelve round voyage i fer annum between a port
or tbo United Statea north or the Potomac river
and Bio de Janeiro, In Dratll, touching at. St.
Thpmaa, to the We it Indies, and at Bahla and Per
naiabuco, In Brsill, for a contract term of Un
3 ears, to aommeQceoa or before the 1st day of
September, 18S9, and to date from the day the first
steamship of auch line shall leave the United
tatea with the mall for Brazil.
Bid tera muat designate the United Statea port of
departure anl arrival, and may. at thrtr option,
propoae to embrace additional intermediate ports
at which the ateamahlpt shall touch on thai out
ward or homeward peiiagei, to deliver and re
ceive mfti.
Faeh bid should namethe time proposed to be
occupied In performing the peaaegee, each way,
between the United statea port of departure and
arrival and Rio do Janeiro, and should be acoora-
fa ded by a map or diagram of tbe route, ahowing
he Intermediate porta at which the steamsblpe
are toetll to deliver and receive mallei Schedules
ol tbe sailing daji, stating the propo ed days and
houraor dip mture from eaeh port as well as the
proposed dtys and houra of arrival, ahould ateo
accompany eaeh bld such schedules,! however, to
be atiUject to the approval of the Post Depart
ments of tbe respective couotrlea, and to altera
tion by eald Departments from time to lime, aa the
lntereats of ttie proposed International postal ser
vice may require
The steamships offered for this service must be
American steamers of the first class, and before
acceptance will ba subject to Inspection and aur
vey by an experienced naval oonatructor, to be
detailed for that purpose by the Secretary of the
Navy. x .
P.upoaals muat conform In all respects to the
urovlalona and reautrementa or the aforeaald act.
approved My98(h, 1864, and muat be properly
guarantied, with a satisfactory testimonial that
the guafAotora are men of property, and abund
antly abla to make good their guarantee. Ihe
bidder's name and residence, and th name of each
member of the firm, when a compaoy otters , should
be dlatiostly stated lo the prupuaal.
The acceptance or oon-acceptance ol the bids will
be determined by the Tostmaater General as soon
as practicable after the time limited for their re
ceptions but no proposal een be accepted by thla
Department ualeaa the bidder la also accepted by
thn Government of UriEll. as nroTidad fa la th
a fores aid aat. And In cace ol such Joint aoafpt-
nuov, ultimo i au scpsrAia ooairoii Are o ue ex
routed by the Accepted bidder or bidders with aeon
Government, contalnlne: el rati r provlalona, each
Government to be responsible for only Its propor
tion of the subsidy to be paid for the service.
Propoaals should be aent, under seal, to "the
First Aesletant Postmaster General," "Foreign
Peak." with the words "Mail Prepaid inu Foreign
,'iu - wriiicu vu tun ica oi iuw Buarcii) pti iuey
ahuuld bedietiatehed In time to be received bv or
before the hrttdnv of Octotxr next, which will ba
the list day for receiving proposals under this ad
crtluuent. hi. BLAIR,
Postmaser General.
KoTi.. Thla Department la not advised that any
dctlwtto action has jet oeen taken by the Govern
ment of Brazil In tcspeotto the establishment ol
the proposed steamship service between the two
countries, but It is pmbMe that by the lit of Oc
tober next, the limit fixed for the reception or pro
posals under this advertisement, certain inform a
lion en that subiect will have been received.
When received, It will to made imUlo.
Jel8-w9w M. B.
T) HOl'O
Navy Aqeitt's Orricr.
Sealed .roii-i will bo received at this
w An inutun, nuiuii o, too.
until WEUNkSlJAY, September 7th, 1601, at 19
o'fliocx, m , lor ineoetivery a me uiuno vera,
In this city, of thelollowlog sizes and kinds of
Col, vis I
fr or Ordnance Footdr y,l,noobushrli of Chsrooal,
Kor Ordnauce Foundry, 300 tons of Anthraoite
Eg Coal.
For Ordnance Foundry, 960 tons of Cumberland
For Ordnance Engine, 250 tons of Cumberland
Coal. '
or Ordnance Steamer Baltimore, l,9uo tons of
Anthracite Loal, (steamer slis.)
The above CoaI to be of the best quality, and
subject to Inspection before acceptance.
All of the Coal to be delivered by the 1st day of
November, 1881, tree of expense to the Govern
ment. Propoials must le addreiaed to
8. P. BROWN, Navy Agent,
au2S lot Washington, D. C.
levering S. L'o.'a Craihet, Powdered, an Soft
Lraahed Sugars
au4-tll flGNJ, REALL.
www? wwwme0ttw
... mt .spk i 11 inm n -'
BINO. 700.1
frMldcst of the United atstet of Amrrles, do here
lr ! d.kkDOttIobU. ltertU
be held St ehe nodermiatloeed 104 pffleee In the
Bttte ol .MJaoeeoU, et the periods herelasfter
Jetirtetetowltl I i-
At she Luut oaoe st MINNEAPOLIS, eosunene
!nfnnMONDiT.lh.nrth flit of Setitenber next.
for the dl.foi.l of the putlle leads wtthla the tek
Jawlel toyoshlpe sod perte 0 towaehlf, Till
JVfertt 0 lit Uut tnU enJ iwrfe H ffl prtrtjlel
The IE Vend the W of eeatlonSl the NKof
Mtloo It ottowmhlp 11S seetloos is end SI I the
N X of leetlon SJ eeetlose XT, 19, SI, end St, of
towoihlDlllofJeaseso. . . .. ..
Seetloos .., 7, ,tl,ll,l,nl IT the NC K
or M.Uoe Aif township I1S seetlooe It, SI, U,
JS,7,3S,JI,SS,odSS,Ol toWDlhlp mi the Xi
It V, end the SE KM 1W X of teehon u, of
tAivnartln IIIL of nnrti M.
iSecUoni 1. 1, b. 7. t. ll. l. 18. and Hi the N K of
BMtioniMheN jjof eeettoa 11, and tha N H of
eollonai.oftowB.hlpllli the 8 ot section 19.
theSol'iMtlnnll.lhe S K of section Si, and
aectloni35tS7t-M,it,rt1and a of tewnihlp U7i
ue ana ui a
aw, of auction it, of
towainipiiBeOi ranresi.
SMtlonal. S.S.S. It. andlll the N K of sscUaa
19, of township Uli section 1 1. 1. S, 7. $, 11, II, 16,
tT( th SI, n, to, 17, tt, II, M, and to, of township 117,
0VPaV . , ,. a ,. m .
tmuoniiVI lawaiiup iil mrvnvaw i,, a, , w,
11.11,16, IT, if, t1,U,W, 97, St, 11. U, and S6, of
township 117, of range SS.
eeciiona l, f,o.i, , n, is, ioi k, .. ai. w, '
t. and6,oftow1lablpli7.ofragaM.
Sections 1. 1. S. 7. fl. 11. tl. 16. 11 If. St. 21. and
35, of township 1171 and sections SO, 37, ,!!,,
ana so, oi sownanip lis, oi range si,
sections 1. 1, 6, 7, t, U, 11, 16, and 17, of township
117; and sections 36, 37, 3, 11, S3, and SS, ol town
ship US, of range IS.
SeeUona 1, l7, 7, f , tl, 1, 13, and 17f the N W of
section 1ft the N W of seetlon lit the N X of eeo
tlon SS, of township 117, veetlens So, 87, 3, II, ,
and 66. of towns hip 118, of range II.
notion a i,i,,t, e, n, is,' , it, i, n,tBaii
wNUat Mtjtlon STAsd.sectloa if. of townshlo
MTi sMtions 36. 37. 39, n, Si! and Ut or township
USjOfraagaaC K
Township itf, sections 1, t, 6, 7, t, 11. II, 15, 17.
tf, Si, 31, so, 37, and 29, of seottnn lit the N K of
eeUoa ill ihe H K of seetlon and the N H of
section 16, of township lt7, of range 66.
lownsnip iivi aeeiions i, , o, 7, v, u. is, io, i,
19, st, 31, 36, 37, and 39, of township 117, of rings
Towoahloa lit and 117i aectlona It. SI. SJ. SS. 37.
St, II, u. and 66, of townahlp US, ol reoge 37.
Townships tie, 117, and Ii6j aottona,B,13, SOj
and 2J tbe I K V- and the 1 W , of aectlon Si,
aestiona 30. SS, 39, 60, 1. 13, 61, and 11, of township
At the Land OOeeal ST. CLOUD, etmmenetnc
on MONDu.Yithe firueath day of August next, for
tbe dlapoaat of tha nabllc lands within the follow
ing; parts of townships, vlit
AcriA o ui cue un ana torn or vu jum pnnnpat
Sections 7 and 17f the N M of aectlon 19, and tha
N U of Acetloa 9I.tijrxownsJila 131. of ransa 33.
Sections 1, S. 6,7, 9, 11, 11, 16, and IT; the N of
section 19, the Nkol section si, and the N J of
section Si.ortownslJplSli sections 11, 63, and so,
af town thin 123. til rtvntr OB.
SeaUona 1. 1, S. Tl t, 11, 13, 16, and 17 tha N K of
section 19, the N of section 91, and tbe NK of
aectlon 23, or townahlp mi sections 39,61,31 and
66, of townahlp it), of range to.
ecllonal, t,6,7,t, 11,13,16, and 17i and, the N
U of section 34. of township Uit sections 19 and Sit
the a u of section 33 sections 36. 37. 39, II, 39, and
39 of township 191, or range it.
Sections 1, i, 9, 7, 9, II, li, 16, and IT, or township
I31i tha S W of eeotlon lt the S H f section 16 the
X oi seeuoD niaeeuons i,xi, u, aw, a?, a1, ai,
, Mill 4W,W1 tunusup t'f smuv "
bcvuddi l,a, o, 1,7, 11, l. io, iDii ii, oi njwmuijj
I'll i the S X of section 111 the s X of section ISt the
a koi aection n secnons i(2i,s,3o,i, w,si,s4
and 69. of townshlo 111. of rente SJ.
Sections 1 , 1, 6, 7, 9, 11 16, 16, and 17, of township
tSlt sections 19, SI, 31,36. 87,86,11,33, and 16, of
townahlp 133, of range 64.
Seottona 1. 1. 6. 7. 9. 11. IS. 16. and 17. of townshlo
til) sestlons S6, S7, II, 63, and 66, ol township 133,
of range 66.
Sections I, 9, 6, 7, 1. 11, II, andl6ttbe N W of sec
tion 17, ot township itif section 7, tbe W X of see
tlon 16 sections 17,16,91,93,36,37,39,31, 11, and
66, ot township 193, ot range 1.
The EH, tbe N W V. and the N X BWoI see-
non i, oi towninip ii inuooi i, , o, i, , ii, i,
15, 17,91,33, 36,87, and 16, or township 123 f see
tlona 7, 17, 19, 31, 37, 39, II, 66, and 69, of townahlp
in, of range 17.
TheEXNE V, of section 1, or towoshlp 131 1
sections land 11, or township 133 Ua W )i of
section 1 1 swUods 1,8, T,, if, II, kj, 17,86, and
96 1 the N X of section 87, and aectlon 36, or town
ship 133t aectlona 19, 14,19, 19,39,31, and 11, of
township 134, of range 83.
Landa appropriated by law for the useof schools,
military, and other purposes, together with aeleo
tiooaoi swamp lands filed in jour office by tbe
Surveyor General. wtU be excluded from the sale.
The offering of the above landa will be com
menced on the daya appointed, and will proceed,
in the order in which they are advert lied, until
tha whs-ila thftll hfcva been offered and the sale thus
dosed, but Ve sale shall not be kept open longer
man two wccti, iaano pi it bio entry wi iuy ui
tha lands will be admitted until afterlhe expira
tion of the two weeks.
Given under my band, at toe cttyoi wasniog
tan. thla tsth dav of AntlL anno Domini oae thou-
eight hundred and sixty-four.
By the Presldenti
Commijs loner ol the General Land Office.
AlUma iU actual ssttlemaats under existing
laws, aubalatlng prior to and up to the date ot thla
proclamation, will bo recognized! and all such
aettlsrs are hereby called upon to come forward
and eatabllah and enter their claims with the
Register and Receiver before the day fixed In the
foregoing for the eomnenoement of the public aale.
J. M. EDMUNDS, Commlaatoaer.
Nots-Under tbe regulation a or the Depart
ment, aa heretofore and now exletlng, no payment
can be made for advertising proclamations .except
to such publishers as art apecineally authorised
by the Commissioner of the General Land Offlce,
Reeelt a aubaerlptloaa for the
Authorlre by the act of June so, 134, The notes
w.U be Issued under data of August 16, In denomi
nations of
150, 9100, 9500, 91000 AMD 95000,
Payable to bearer or ocder, bearing Interest at
7 6 19 per cent, per annum, payable semi-annually,
and will be convertible at tbe option of the holder
at maturity into six per cent. roe-Twenty Bonds,
We buy and sell
And tav the highest price for
Jy3T-dtf JAY COOKE fc CO.
E. B O 11 E H & 0 0.,
no. m snynnTU stueet,
Opposite tbe Toat Office,
Iloo. HeaDlbfcl lUuilD;
He, Vice Fre.ldent, Me.
" Edir.nl 11 Relllae,
" Aln. 11. ntee,
" John B. Alley,
u Alfred A. BurDhkBi,
14 Uwljht Loomla,
" Jeme. M. Ashley,
" John Covode,
" nehert MeKnlsht,
" Jmtln 9. Morrill,
" John K. Poller,
" r. Chendler,
" Jeme. H. Lenr,
" Cyro. Alilrl.h,
" John T. Nlson,
" P. P. Blelr, Jr.,
" LlbrldieO Soeuldlair.
" Vt.
" nil,
v. i. a , Mint,.
" Kni...
M. 0., Minn,
" N.J.
" Mo.
. Y.
Ueiar.. Jey Cooke ft; Co , Uaoker., We.ulDiton, 2).
, nuu . lui.u.ijiiu., r.. jf.iii
I WASHINQTON he. removed to tt. New
fntrhle Bulldlogon PKteentli atreet, between F
end u, opposite the United etetce Treasury,
fella excheaie, losne money, recelTee depoalta,
purebeee. Qov.roment cheek, end vouchers, end
trenaeet. ft K.nerel bsnklof bualneaa.
Careful attention slven to Government end city
0OIIDQIWH.1 .U.I HWHBH u, wlia.uulMHIlfc
II. D. tuoKsI, rrMiienL
wu. e. iiuninuivr, vnimrn
TrWthlitlno&nUf the PreaidenUsf eteo
tlon, ercfr.loyamaii Vho fatora th r-eJec-ilon
of Mr. Lincoln will want a newspaper
published at the sett pf GoTemmeot, Ai ocV
log too Union Dominations for President and
Vlco President.
To all inch, who desire a paper which will
fceep them promptly adtliei t all 'political
movement, and their probabli c"OnolBtnce,
wo tender the Nitiowai. Ripubuoim, with
confluence that It will fnlfll their deelrea In
this reepects
The NiTioniL Itirasiicut will contlnne to
farnlfth In edvenctot all competitors' the latest
and most reliable news from onr different
armies, and especially from the) Army of the
Its literary and miscellaneous depsrtmenU
wlUrocslTo special attention, and effort are
continually being tnodo to eatabllah the chsraci
ter of the Wxxxxr Matiosal Rtpunuoui.u a
family paper.
Blx months oiro the weekly paper was en
larged to Its present site and greatly lmprored
In Its typographical appearance. Oar list has
increased largely since that time, for which wo
thenh onr numerous voluntary agents through
out the loyal Btatos. During (hat time, how-'
eter, the prices of labor and of material hare
Increased npwarde of fifty per cent. In itew
of that fact wa do not propose to Increase the
price of the paper, but to urge npon onr friend,
and the friends of liifi Union, who, fator the re
election of oar present worthy and patriotic Chief
Magistrate, to use their utmost endeavors to
Increase oar circulation. This Js the only way
by which wo can bo able .to keep the Wixxxi,
National Rnrrj&ucAic np to the high standard
It has occupied during the last six months.
We desire a Urge number of subscribers for
tbe political campaign, which has opened by
the nominations made at the Baltimore Con
vention. We propose to send onr weekly paper for the
period of six months, from the first of June to
the first of December, which wDl cover ihe
campaign, and fall returns of the Presidential
election, at the low rates st which H Is now
furnished to subscribers.
There Is no city, town, or village In the loyal
Bute which cannot famish as $om subscri
bers. Let the work of maklog up clubs com
mence at once. We have printed a large edi
tion of the number for the present month, and
can famish back number to all wbo may de
sire them. Bpcclmcn copies will be sent,when
The terms for the campaign are aa followe i
One copy, six months, $1 three copies, elx
months, 13.50; ten copies, six months, 97.80.
vitv nnu, vA.uiaHT0ii, f. tM,i
August SS, ISSt, (
uotll WEDNKsDAY.Ilst davot AUTUSt. 1864. at
hjaaiva rrnooiin win uea rcuejiTeou 11 ibu dldoi.
iz 0'CiocK, m , io lurnisnmt supplies lor tne
year ending Juie 10, tS66, aa per schedules an
nexed hereto. Fropoeata must be endorsed M Fro
posals for fuel," Uooks,'1 " stationery," or Fur
ultura ind MUeellsBCOUB SilDOllM. fta tha amm
may be. Proposals mar be made for the whole of
me suei rrquireu, or lor in vivpoi'ion tor ear
one or more dlstrlo'e. The Fuel to be delivered at
the ecDcota or the contractor. In suehauanUtles
and at such times as maybe designated by the
iximmmee oa vuppiics. ah nieiei m99Vt ivc i,
ta badaltreHed &t thaexnenaa ef the eootraator.
atthlaoRle, or at the aeveral School Mouses, aa
tbe Committee may elect. As the quantltleespeel
Ded in the schedule are only estimates or probable
requirements, the right la reserved to require
more or accept less, at the option of the Commit
tee. Tbe contract In each case will be awarded to
tbe lowest resDonstble bona Ode bidder, to be de
termined by the Committee. The Committee re
serve o inemiejvcs in rigut to rieji bdj vr mn
hi sit. if deemed for thalatarcat of tha Oonoratloa.
Those alone whose offers shall be accepted will be
notified. Information may be obtained of John
seaiijiu, ireaaurer. ejuriAs u. ai.bia,
vnairmsn vom. on auppues o, i. r. o,
Schidvlk A- Foil.
Coal Anthracite. White Aah ISO tons i to be ap
portioned equally ta the four school dlatrlets.
Kindling Wood Mixed Oak and Pine io eordaito
be apportioned equally in tha four school dis
tricts' ScniDiLC D Boots.
Holy Bible 1 dmsn copies, fl to , leather
Worcester's Pronotineiog Speller S dozen copies
Scholar's Companion 2 doien copies
Parker & Watson's First Reader S doien ooplea
" " Second Reader 4 doian ooplea
11 " Thlrt beader-ldoien copies
" ' Fourth Reader 1 dosen copies
Quackeuboi' History ot United State i dosen
SbuitlitTa Governmental Instructor I dosen oop-
Amerlcan Musical Class Book I doien ooplea
Span's Spelling Book aooseaeoplss
Colburn's mental Arithmetic a dosen copies
swan s Primary School spelling Book 9 doien
Fiist Lessons In Ulstorf United Statea 1 doien
Conoordla 3 dosen copies
warrs n'a Primary Geography 4 dosen eoplss
Golden Wreaths 6 done copies
Parker fc Watson's Primer or Word Builder 6
dozen copies
Davles' Pilmarr Arithmetic 6 dozen copies. Re
viled edition, l&ii
Davica' Klements of Written Arithmetic and Prac
tical Arithmetic a dozen copies. Revised edi
tion, UC3
Divies' Practical Arithmetic dozen eopUs. Re
vised edition, 1861
ScncnvLE C. Statioksbv.
Foolscap Writing Paper reams. Beat quality
Note Writing Paper 6 reama. Beat quality
fcuvelopn, large, whita l.ouo. Rest quality
Knvelouea, letter, white- l,ooo. Beat qualify
wrltiog Ink ( Dovell'sl 16u quarts
Steel Peas, assorted too grots
Lead Pencil te dozen
Inkstsnds, plain glass a dozen
Chalk Crayons, prime quality 10 gross
Potter t. Hammond's Wrltlag Boolts, Not. t to 13
Included l dozen copies of each j
Slates, 8 by 14 I dozen
slat s, to by 13 s dosen
Slates, 13 by 14-1 dozen
S4.u4.duls. D-FuaiTpai AKD NlSCtlXAHCOUS
Tbreestrlng Brooms 13di ien
No. 4 sweeping Brusbce a dozen
No. 6 Dual Brushes dosen
hnck Door Mats S dozen
Hemp Door Mats 3 dozen
Dust fans 1 dozen
Water Buckets, cedar, unpatnted, Iron bound 6
Tumblers, pressed glass, best quality 4 doien
water cups, tin, pint 10 dozen
Wssh Basins, tic 4 dozen
Earthenware Pitchers, X f el. 3 dezsn
Coal hovels 3 dozen
Coal Hods, 16 lushes 1 dozen
Coat Modi, 18 inches 1 dozen
Pokers 1 dozen
Table Bells t dozen
Spomc, median. S lbs
lowellng, linen crash 3W yards. eu37-3t
Auovst 1,1864. aal
lot union street, uosion, mass.,
The only manufacturers In tha United States of
Brass Alphabets and Figures, to any great extent,
or In any variety.
Sold at wholesale at the Lowest Cash Prises.
Alan, the best of Indelible StekAall Ink. var aheMT).
I NLesnail Dies, and ail kinds Oi Stenell S(ok. laaul
I irs or orders promptly attended to, jyW-itu
A Derby Day with the Arabs.
11 Id Orcnibj's Autumn Rambles In North
Afries Is tbe following about Arab rscersi
Punctual to the announced time, the com-
tasndsnt, superior officers or the frarrlaon, and
Some of tbe cItII anthorlUee , f ,QoniUnt!nsf
rode acros the course, and took up their poll
tlon opposite tbo stand. With' than csme a
body of Arab rrandees of infflclenttmportance
o bo admitted wltbln tbe sacrod circle Im
posing flrnrcs In bemouscs of every possible
color, white, black, scar Jet, bide, puce, sod
60 me of them magnates "from tbe Sshsra
tbeaowin onormoue straw hauj three or four
feet In diameter, covered with black ostrlcb
feathers, and screening the headsqd shoulders
as completely es an umbrella. Thanks to
French orgsnlsatlon, there was no time lost In
clearing tha bourse, it had boon krpt eleaMhe
whole time, even the uina) dog bad not been
Allowed to set foot on iti and lmmedlatelT on
the arrival of the grott people, tbe starters for
the first race took their pieces at the poet.
The Arab Is the most reasonable bone In tbe
world) the moment he undersunde what Is
expected of him, be accommodates himself to
circumstances In the most well-bred way, and
however mettlesome ho may be, does not fidget,
bolt, or caper, as hit European cosilu Is apt
to do at a sUttlDg post. We had ampVop
pOTtunlty, therefore, for studying the points of
the horses. They were Ore Arabs of the ordi
nary stampi four of tbem dappled of silver
grey, (be fifth, dark brj and this, bv tbe way,
Is about the proportion In which the rolore are
In' general distributed,- at least in Algeria. For
one bay, black, brown, tt chestnut, there are
tbroo or four whites or; grays of one abide or
another. To an eye accustomed to Eqropean
hone-flcslr they wonld haro looked, vcrhaps,
at the Bret glance, very llkoa lot or screws.
Theythsd all bad quarters, yery Indifferent
enouaers, sna most of them were atciaeaiy
ew,e-necked perhaps, In part, tbe effect of the
Arab bit, which has a tendency to make 4
horse throw np bis head.
Hot when you .came to examine tbem closely
yon fonnd undeniable points about them; legs
aa clean' as a whip," email blood-lite ears,
heads well set on, with deep jaws, broad fore
heads, and full, bright, rmtlees eyes, and, alto
gether, a look of gamenese that showed It was,
at any rate, no plebeian animal yon hid before
you. If tbo horses were nnllko what one sees
on an English course, the riders were still more
so. Moat of them were bare-head od and bare
footed, and had nothing on extent a shirt and
a pair of short, bsggy trousers. One vtnerablo
looklrg old fellow, however, sported a yery
one pium coiorea siik waistcoat. At toe worn,
Go," off they went In a wild, epluttcrlog gal
lop, eTery one of them going his hardest, with
out an Idea of holding, or nursing, or waiting.
In a mad tangle of men and horses. Dut bo
fore they had got halfway round, they wero In
Indian file, old plum-color leading by a good
length, which he alter wards Increased to two,
coming In an easy winner, tie eecmed to be a
kind of Arab Ferdham or Wells, for he rode In
about a dosen races that day. Ue certainly
won elx or eeven.
Tbo moment tbo raco was over, tbo uext
starters were put up, snd so on, with breath
less rapidity, until at last we came to a race
which I was particularly anxious to leo. All
the races np to this, with one exception, had
been for Arab horses exclusively, the exception
being raco for horses of European origin,
owned by resldcUU in the province, which bad
been run by three very ordinary-looking nags.
Now came a race fur all comers, end I was cu
rious to lea how the Arab wonld come out
against the European, Aa far aa that Issue
went, It was a very hollow affair. Three
French horses started, among them the winner
of the last mentioned race, and two Arabs.
But thoogh the Arabs made all the running at
first they were soon collared and passed, and
came In, one of tbem "nowhere," tho other
several lencths behind the last of the French'
men. In fact, the popular notion about tho
speed of tbe Arab courser Is, I think, erroneoua.
Great speed Isnothlsstrongpolnt tho chances
are that on any ordinary raco-courao tbe best
Arab In the world wonld be beaten easily by a
very eecond-rale English raceborse.
Tne Ureal Wine Cellar la Dremsu.
The following account Is now going tho
round of the German prosit
The municipal wine rault of Droucn Is tbo
most celebrated In all Germany. One section,
called the Rose, from thwbronte bas-relief of
roees over uv contains mo ismous uosenwem,
which Is now two centuries andahaU old.
There, six large casks of Rhino wine, Jobsn
nlsbcrg, and as many of nochelmer, wero
placed in 1034. In the adjacent rarta of tho
same division of the cellar are twelve largo
casus Dca nog ue names ot tue Aposues, ana
containing wines not less precious, but not so
sged by a few years j the wine bearing tbo
name of Judas is considered tbe best. Tbo
other parts of tho cellar aro occupied with
wines of a subsequent growth.
Br decrees, as a few bottles of Rosenwcln aro
drawn otf, tbe cask a are filled up lib Apostlo
wine, ana mat wun some sort sua younger,
and so on, In such a manner that tbe different
casks are always kept nearly full. A single
bottle of Roaenwetn now represents sn immonie
value. A cask of wine containing 1,000 bot
tles at cost, In 1G31, l.SOOfr. Calculating that
sum at compound Interest, with tbe expense
or cellar see, a bottle would positively cost
10,895,232fr. and a glass, or eighth part of a
bottle, about l,301,90fr.
Tbe Rosen w tin and Apostle wines aro never
sold but to citizens of Bremen. Tbo burgo
masters have alone permission to draw a lew
bottles, and to send tbem as presents to sover-
clngs. A citizen of Bremen may, In caao of
serious uuiobb, procure a uuuiu ui iMirt uu ins
obtaining the certificate of his doctor snd the
consent of tbe municipal council. A poor In
habitant of Bremen may also obtain a bottle
gratis, after having fulfilled certain formalities.
A cltlzon has also tbe right of demanding a
bottle when be receives any celebrated person
sge at bis house as a guest. A bottle uf Koeen
weln was slwajs sent by tbe city of Bremen to
Goethe on hlsiV-day.
Diwcrva Is said to have degenerated at Sar
atoga thla eeaeon. The correspondent of tbo
Boston Journal sayai The Redowa and tbe Polka
attract some attention, bnt they aro dancd
frightfully. Tho half frightened youth seizes
a damsel, rushes out Into tbe middle of the
floor, spins his companion round like a tetotum,
races up and down tbe hall floor as if chased
by an Invisible phantom, till the lady panting
for breath, and the lad reeking with perspira
tion, relapse Into obscurity. And this la called
dancing tbe polka. Tbe never-falllng resource
Is the everlasting lancers, as It Is called. Hour
after hour, night stier nigui, us music is ncara.
As It Is danced. It requires nothlnc but back
bone to do the constant bowing. Men and
women walk lastly and with markod indiffer
ence through tbe various measures, scarcely
llftlnz their fsot lest tbo exertion should weary
tbem, or they should tread npoa or d 'arrange
some orcaa.
They are going to have a second story opera
house (a fa Pike's Clnclnnstt) In Baltimore. A
very large building is to be erected, the second
story of which will be entirely spproprlated to
the grand opera or concert hall, with a width
of 68 feet and a depth ol 09; it will be of such
heltrht aa to nermlt tbe erection of KsllerUs.
and the whole containing 9,500 slttlnga for the
Mr. and Mrs. Barney Williams play a four
weeks' engagement wun u rover, in ssning
ton, commencing September 20,
Dan. Bete hell Is st present starring It at Buf
falo. IIanowo. They do not "hang" lu Mexico;
they aro not barbarous enough for that. ,V. 0,
That barbarity was reserved for tho cMralrt
leaders of tresion and rebellion, who pnnlih
1 oyaliy io tbe (lag of the country with tbe halter
CrucAao, Apgt 27 lbs crowd' In attendance
on the Nstlonsl Democ ratio Convention Is si-
ready groat, but It wilt be swelled Into Itnmenie
proportions. Numbers reported to ba on tbe
way here are yet to como ln Although the
hotel accommodations aro ex tens It a, U has
been found necessary to resort W tho nrinclDel
residences for the accommodation of the psr
tlo who arrived last night.
Numbere were turned away from prtVate
houses snd hotels because there was no place
(ert to accommodate them. Outside delega
tions made srrsngementa to camp out. All
regular delcgstes to the convention are now
The casvsss on tho Presidential candidates
Is lively, but the two names prominently men
tioned are MeClellsn snd Seymour. Tho letter,
however, isye he Is not and will toot be a csn
didate, hts name being used by gentlemen of
prominence In his own and several Western
Stattssndby Fernando Wood, who, It la re
ported, ssys Seymour wonld be more accepta
ble to those he represents than MeClellsn.
This Is, nevertheless, denied by delegates
from both tbe Eastern and Western Btatos, who
claim that they are tho consistent and earnest
pesce men.
MeClellsn appears to hare a large majority
of delegates In the West as welt as In tho East.
t no inenaa or stcvieuan expect nis nomi
nation as oarlr as tbe first or second formal
ballot. , "
Tbe Ohio deTegitlod U reported aa being
about enually divided.
The disagreement between the contesting
Kentucky delcgsiione has not bMnadJsited,
snd will probably go to the coimntlon for de
cision. The New Tork delegation held Its first meet
ing for consultation this afternoon. MeClellsn
has undoubtedly a reliable majority among
them. The Constitutional Union men are now
organizing a mass convention, tho object of
which seems to be to recommend rather than
nominate McClellan to the Democratic. Conven
tion. New Vork, New Jersey. Pennsylvania,
Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa,
snd Minnesota, with two or three of the New
England States, sre claimed es certain for
MeClellsn. Some of these States, however, do
not vote ss a unit.
Cnicioo. August 37. The mass convention
of tho conservative National Union men was
largely attended this afternoon. Tho conven
tion met In Bryan Ilall. Hon. Amos Kendall
was elected president. The vice presidents rep
resented all tbe States North and Sou lb, with
the exception of three or four.
Resolutions were adopted denouncing the
policy of tbe Administration, Ac. Speeches
were made by Gen. Coombs, of Kentucky) ex
Gov. Weller, of California, and others. The
enthusiasm for McClellan continues to the last.
There are many rumors floating about) among
othara that the New Vork delegation Is donbt-
lui, urn tne umo delegation wiu ooitu aic
Clellan Is nominated! that tho Kentucky dele
gation will bolt If tho Golbrle delegation la
recognized; that Mr, Lincoln has signified his
willingness to withdrew, Ac, Ac.
Cmcioo, Saturday, August 27. Tbo cntlro
New York delegation to tho Democratic Con
vention are In the city to night. The attend
ance of outsiders la not very Urge, although
very rcapccuDio in poinj. oi numoera. ine
discussions to-day have been very animated.
Tbo only point made is McClellan or antl Mc
Clellan. 1 tblok It ssfo to say that McClellan
will bo nominated. No one Is strongly urged
for Vlco President.
The Platform will say enough about peace
tnaatlafy the pcacemeu, and not enough to
make war ucmucrais trail, at leaai qui opcuiy.
Dean Richmond goes for McClellan. It Is
possible that Gov. Seymour may more In con
ventlon to nominate McClellan by acclamation,
Cn.cioo, August 2d. Among tbe resolutions
adopted at the mass convention at Bryan Hall
yoitcrday afternoon, was one recommending to
tno national Lemocrauc uonvenuoninenomi
nation of Gen. McClellan as the most suitable
candidate for tho Democratic party for the
Presidency, ana ex-uov. wiinsrn u. usmpoeu,
of Tennisseo, for the Vice Presidency.
This resolution was seconaea rjy uons. jamen
Guthrie and Leslie Coomba. of Kentucky John
B. I fa akin, of New York, and Mr. Rollins, of
Missouri. Tlie resolution was unanimously
adopted, and tho convention then adjourned.
Nsw Yobk, Aug. 23. Tho ILraWt Chicago
sneelal statea that Senator Sprairue arrived on
Friday night, with an official document or
agreement from President Lincoln, of his
withdrawal as a candldite for re-election. It
la understood that Senator Spragno and others
bavo gone to Jollct, Illinois, to sgroo upon a
cand date to present to the now Republican
convention, ana mat Minister Aaams, now in
En eland, will bo tho man.
The meeting of tbo pesce party on Saturday
afternoon was a lauure.
Cnrcioo. -AUeiust 28. The various deleea-
Uons to tbe National Democratic Convention
sro now full, tho vacancies existing yesterday
having been filled by tbe selection of substi
tutes. No apparent chanircs have occurred In
the views of different delegations as to tbe
most available candidates, with the exception
that McClellan seems to gain strength with the
New England delegates. The session of tbe
New York delegation last night was prolonged
until after mldnigmt out, aunongn tne Mcuei
lanues aro iu mo mojumj, uu uvumn v
slon waa arrived at, and It was finally agreed
to tsko a decisive voio at v o-cioc wwurruw
Some of the McClellan delegations from the
East and Pennsylvania talk sharply of the
course pursued by tbe New York delegation.
They claim that McCltllan has a large msjorlty
ifihn whMfl vote of the convention: thst no
such vote csn be concentrated on any other
muo and that If New York wonld only speak
promptly and emphstlcally for him, his nomi
nation would be made by acclamation.
Governor Seymdnr continues to hold tbo
position that he Is not a candidate. This baa
led many to acciaro iur juukubu niw.'iw
vimialv held Bcvmour as tbe first choice.
Tbero are many outsiders from New York
Rhn ssv that Sevmour has norlehlto deny his
friends the privilege of using his nsmo. they
are backed by ultra peace men who agree that
McClellan Is too much of a war Democrat, and
that tbo country needs and demands a states
man, not a soldier. Notwithstanding all this,
there Is still a firm Impression that Seymour
will bo chosen president of the convention, and
that ho will nominate McCUtlan, and It Is gen
erally believed that should this occur any op
position to him will be too weak to amount to
tbero Is some talk that, In tbo event of
McCitllan's nomination, a nou win occur ana
another convention be called, and then an ultra
pesco man nominated. Tbo McClellsnltcs dis
believe ibis, and say that, should auch a course
be pursued, Its only effect will be to strengthen
lTi.tr candidate.
It should have been stated In the dispatch of
this morning that mo conservative union men
tilthirew thu recommendation of Ex-Governor
Campbell, of Tcnnesye, for Vtco President,
just previous to tuo ouuyuuun
to J.
Cmeioo, Aug. 2. Very little change In the
rxnccled uronramme of to-morrow has taken
plflco. This afternoon there was a meeting of
tbo McL'lelianac.cgaiea ior consultation, and
after a comparison of views, It was found that
representatives from fifteen or sixteen different
(Stales prete'iruu ccjimmr io Mcuiouan, lavnr
lng his nomination by way of compromise be
tween tne peace men ana ma nar ueraecrary,
Most of tbem, however, are members of dele
(rations that aro rcoulrod to vote as a unit.
Kpymonr this alternoon poMilvrly decline
IV T M J..-T
NO. 234.
tha use of his name, and nobody else Is talked
of for president of the convention.
ine positive withdrawal or Seymour's name
encourages the McClellsnltcs to hope thst he
will receive a two-thirds rote on the first or
second ballot. T
A letter written by Millard Fillmore to 111
rsm Ketchum expresses tho hope that McClel
lan will receive the nomination. It U pub
lished In tbe Tinui to-day.
The New York dclwratlo Waa In aaton tA.
mjBu., uu aiicx iroe lniercDange ot opinion,
it was virtually resolved to cast the tolo of tho
cweo ior Mcucllan.
The final rote of tho delegation wUl bo Ukoi
to-morrow murntng.
Prona Ulsstmrt d Arknaeaa.
ST. LOUIS. An IT. 28. A ttnnrt niltae1 Lett
night thst tbo rebel General Shelby, with
0,000 men, was about seventy miles below Uc
wkcu, vu me irou aioumsin railroad, out the
military authorities hsve hot been able to
verify ft.
The Vlcksbunr ScriU of tbo Itih has an a-.
count ofamstloyoU part of tbe Ud Illinois
cavalry, on tbe steamer Olive Branch, which
was only quelled by the prompt action of the
commander of Aho gunboat Benton. Six of
the mutineers were blaced In Irons on tha Urn-
ton. and tho remainder disarmed and sent un
tbo river under a etrong guard. The cause of
tho mutiny Is not stated.
Reports freca Dutall'a Bluff, Arlc, say thst
Shelby and Marmadnke have made an attack
on Pine Bluff, and thst reinforcements have
own sent to um latter place from LllUe Rock.
Frotn Utftnt't Army-Sklrmlahlne; on tie)
Right, amd Un Wince.
Fobtriss Momkox, AuguU M. The United
States hospital steamer De Way srrlTed from
v.7 lumfc wud eiw union soiaiere sua iou
rebel soldiers, all wounded. They will leave
for Philadelphia this evening.
Arrivals from Cltv Point reoraipnt thst .
skirmishing was going on all day yesterday be
tween the enemy and tte left wing of theroto
mae army.
An artillery skirmish waa also In progress on
Gen. Butler's right, when the boat left this
ine weidon railroad Is held by our forces,
snd no fears are entertained of being dislodged
from thst strong and important position.
A Miavrti 1luw w Vnnwi. TV... eiwn
perhaps, a hundred and fifty guests assembled
when we entered. I wondered how we wero
all ffolntr to be accommodated.
UI dare ssv vou do not have theso sort of
dinner parties in Jtugiana," ssia a young isoy
to me, whom I had met the evening before.
We always, at such parties, stand np to din
ner." My answer waa cut short by our being
ushered Into tho dining-room.
As I wished to do at itomo as they did at
Rome, I first turned to a little side-table, on
which were arranged sardlnea. anchovies,
"Throndbelm aquavit," and other appetite
tickles. I wont describe the dinner) suffice It
to esy It was most excellent. But I would
moat earnoally recommend any one goleg to
Christiana to practice dining standing up bo-
iore leaving nome, ior ii requires an uncom
mon knack to be able to ma naze It nronerlv.
Try, tako a plate, with a bit of chicken, a slice
of ham, some peas and potatoes on It, for In
stance. Hold thla lu your left hand for all
the chairs and aide tables sre monopolized by
tbe elderly people and cut snd eat with your
in ine mean lime. Keep constantly annuo ir
wine with imaginary guests, and get your sisters
toputn genuy up against you irom au sides,
Ana wunei you enouia noi omu u pay some at
tention to the stndy of attitudes. Assume tbo
best posture for preserving your "gravity In a
tate of stability," while at the same time avoid
a straddle, as if yon were on tbe deck of a rolling
Steamer, otherwise yon may be anlmadvertnd
on py me company, xoumusi not loei an-
noyeair, jusc as you navesncceeaeaincuuieg
up the chicken and ham In nice little bite, and
have relinquished the knife for the fork, a jolt
from behind disturbs the direction a mouthful
la taking, and sends It outside your shirt-front
lnstesd of Inside.
Neither must you bo irritated at focllne that
some one la pourlnir a plateful of eravy down
your back. I upsot a class of wlno over a
juuuk kcu.icuiiu ir(,, u ciucuj uiau ui
atom oasis, woo Dompea against me, waa mo
causo, j ana i am asnameu u say mat i looked
hard In another direction, as If I knew nothing
at all about tbe matter. Another piece of ad
vice i wouia veninre io suggest capeciauy ir
you dislike using dirty lorss if, tnsij ou Keep
iii;m noia oi your own.
Forks aro always at a premium, and If you
put yours down for one moment, you'll never
see It again. I cannot auggeat tha modest
atranger'a doing anything better with his wine
eiass man puiunir it, in an pacfcei wueu not m
immediate usej for I am convinced that not
one of tho ladles or gentlemen present drsnk
out of the ssme glass twice.
After dinner, which was over about six, tbe
gentlemen strolled out Into the grounds to
smoko. The ladlea don't at all object to tbo
smell of the fragrant weed, and nearly all the
clergy Indulge In It. You csn judtre for youn
self, when I Inform you that In 1853, when tho
population consisted of 1,400,047 souls 1 like
exactitude the Imports of tobacco amounted
to about a,300,000 poundii which gives an al
lowance of two pounds and a quarter to each
soul, uot doductlng women or children
One gentleman to whom I was Introduced
Informed me that ho always bad a smoke tbe
last thing at night, after ho had got Into bedt
and, from some Incidental remarks he made, I
aiscorerea tnat ne was marnea man, ana oc
cupied tbe same apartments with hie wife,
Clirars. colfta. and lis attendants Curacoa, hav
ing been duly appreciated, we returned to the
houso and danced till 13 o'clock. And though
tbe Dartv had thus lasted eleht houra. tt had
been throughout an uncommonly pleasant one,
and the time had passed very quickly. AU the
x tir itoima.
A NiBftow EsciPi Embalming a U$ Jbn,
Another miraculous escape from the horrors
of actually belnc burled alive has just taken
place In thla city. A person by the name of
Martin waa suppoaoa to nsro aioa irom dis
ease of tbo heart, and to every ontward ap
pearance was dead. Tbe attending physician
bad given bis certificate of burial, certifying to
the cause of death, etc., and tbe supposed
corpse bad been prepared, shrouded In the
habiliments of death, and cncofllned. Near
and duar ones had ahod teara over the less of
ono whom they supposed dead, and whose
iioay mcy naa csreiuuy preparea ior laesueui
preclude of the tomb, when, tho fortunate
thought suggested Itself that tho body should
be embalm oil. The necessary steps were taken,
tbe coilln carefully closed up, and tbe body
sent to an emuaiiuiug ceiauusuiueut aajoiniog
Bull's Union stables, on Carondelct street.
Ilera tbe process of embalming waa In due
tlino entered npon.
It appears that In the process which pre
serves tho body from Immediate dccompoeltioo,
tbo preserving quality la Infused Into tbo system
by means of an Incision Into tbe main artery of
tbo arm. Ihe Incision iainadowlth a lancet
In tbe same manner as In the csie of blood
lutlntr. The cmbalmer had commenced his
work oy making tbe necessary In el ion, and to
bis surprise be discovered blood feebly ooxlag
from tha vein. He know there must ba Ula
where blood wonld flow, and desisted from his
work of embalming. In a few moments more
thera waa a sllirht motion of the body, and nrea.
ently tbe man In tbe coiHn made an effort to
raiso himself, and with assistance, did raise up
ana spoaic. ucnuo reaeuranvea were aaminis
tered, and he was soon able to converse, and he
uesirea to it now now it waa inai ne lonna n.ra
elf In a cotnn clothed In a shroud I The mat'
ter was soon explained to him his friends, to
their joy, were aayiseaoi wnat had taxen p.srr,
and he was sent to tho hospital lnstesd of thu
gravrwucro no is now in a lair way vi rvcuiw
tug. This Is, Indeed, a mlrsculona eecspe from
ibo ntntrliw of Death. .Y" orMt avt
i-er .iirini ,
"" VIRI1(,
One squire, three dtji , . . ganm
One mw, fair dsjs Jm
One squire, flTSdajs..,,, J"jJ
On. squire, six dijs !'.'.''.".! tM
trerj other dsj ftdTertlsemesu, K fttcmU
Twice wk, 75 per cent ftddlllonil.
Eleht line, or leee conetltnt. a savere,
Adrertlssmnits should be tundedlx ii u
o'clock, ta. "
official War bolletis.
Il.perl.d Optem -r Fart M.rar.a.
WiinmeTox, jknn.t a, last.
Uijor Qnml Dtt, Km Yarli
A dispatch from Gen. Grant, Just recelied,
states thst the Richmond pipers of jeeterdft
(27th) announce thst Fort Morgan 1, In our
possession. It Is not sutod whether tho fort
was surrendered, or whether It was blown p.
Another dispatch Iltea theraltnwlinr.Tlr.rt
from tha Richmond Ezmintr of jeslsrdsy i
" Fort Morgan la In th, enemy', poeseeeloni
whether blown up or CTScuated Is not knows."
on. Bhirldin.lo. a dispatch dsled jeatordir
at half-past two p. m., reports i
" The enemr left me front liat nt.iii. r.itin
bsck to Bmlthneld or Hlddlewer. We rinmr J
101 prlaoneri yeeterdsr, and tnalcted a toes or
ISO killed and wounded. There here been a
few feints to croes the rtror by cinlry at WU
llamsport, but there was no strength ehown.
Th. Indications to-dij ar. that they will fill
back out of the vallej."
Other reports state that the enemr la lesrlne
the Shensndosh Valley.
Nothing hss been recited from Oen. Sher.
man for two dars. Edw M. Btibtok,
Secretary of War.
Con-., a. the Fr.neh Prepare It.
A French friend of ours, wbo is ay faU In
regsrd to the miking of this sgreosbla bever
age, glrea ne soma hints In the concoction
thereof. But we will la him tell hit own story.
lie sayst
in Paris, the colfta la nectar comoired with
the bereraffe we In common call coffee. I wu
deelrone to know bow it was prepared, and
aeon learned. The French nse three kinds of
coirce Mocns.JsTs, and Rio mlsed In equal
parte. The coffee, before roasting, la win
nowed, to cleanse it or dnst. Act It Is then
culled or picked oreri erery black or defectlra
KBrau i. picitea out, as weii aa small stones,
teedaaod rat droppings, which are abundant
In most coffee. It Is then put Into tube of clean
water and well washed, then enroad to dm
when dry It Is ready for roasting. The coffee
required Is roasted dally at large establish
ments! wnuo wsrm u is irroana. ana out uo in
glazed pspers of a conical shspe, holding from
two ounces to half a pound, and sealed up.
Gentlemen, aa they leave their place, of buel
neu for home and dinner, when convenient,
call and tako the needed supply. Thecoffeels
pm into a pot or aigestor in coia wsier, sua
then selorer a lamp expressly for tha purpose.
and there heated, not 'boiled, but steeped)
from thle dlgestor no steam or fames arl.eg
when readr vou bare roar coo of coffee. It le
coffee, and a bereraire delicious, health-xlrloir.
not tbe bitter, acrid, flttbr. naoseons drug we
are In the habit of partaking and calling It
Th. Knllstraent of Contrabands.
Gen. Wallace his promulgated the following
order In his depsrtmentt
The Sccretsrr of War harlnir ordered that
all slaves who are brought to the recruiting
rendezrous, and found physically dlqaallaed
for the military service, and who do nut desire
to'return to their masters, bnt seek miliary
proctectlon, ehsll not ba rejected, but enlisted
and mustered Into the United Blales aervlee.
with a view to transrer to the quarter,maeter'e
department! all quartermasters In this depsrt-
mem are nereoy aireciea io late cainro oi .aca
persons wnen irsnsierrea io ine qasnerms.iere
dt'psrtment, and forward tbem to the chief
quartermaster of the Baltimore depot.
Tboqusrtermssters will not forward tbe men
until ther are properly transferred by order of
the War Department.
Canadian! Isot prot.el.rf from th. Draft
by ureas llrlla.n.
The followluir letter of Instructions wss ad
dressed by Lord Lyons to Arthur rkbroeder, of
unieago. it was caueo. lonn Dy me irequen.
preaenlstlon of Canadian nstursllzstlon papers:
Bbitish Lxaitiost, WasmvaTon, D. C,
August 18. Bint In reply to yoar letter of the
12th Inst., I beg to stste thst I am distinctly
Instructed by her Majesty's Government thst
naturalization In a Brltlih colony does not
confer npon the person nsturallzed any claim
to British protection beyond the limits of thst
i am, sir, your ooeaient serveni, ltois.
At tbe marrlace of an clderlr maiden, in
church, the choir struck up the hymn
" Tbf a Is the way I Ions; bare sought
And mourned Moaua. I louotl it not."
The mttre It Is ssld sotted the bridegroom.
List or aen.ral Ilo.pltala
Ciulrr JKrtctUm of Surgton Ii. 0. Abbott, K S.
A., Mfdical Director Dtparimmt bj
I. Armory 8quare, Washington, D. C.
Eleventh street west, between O and 1) streete
south, In charge of Surgeon D. W. Bliss, U.
8. Carver, Washington, D. C, Fourteenth
street west, at terminus of elty railroad, In
charged of Surgeon O. A. Judsoo, U. B. V.
3. Campbell, Washington, D. C, Seventh
alroot west, at terminus of city railroad north,
In charge of 8urgeon A. F. Sheldon, U.S. V.
4. Columbian, Washington, D. C, Four
teesth etract weet, at terminus of city railroad,
In charge of Burgeon T. R. Urol or, U. 8. V.
B. Desmsrrcs, Washington, D. C, corner oi
Fourteenth street and Misiachnaetta avenue,
Lu charge of Surgeon J. 8. Hildretb, U. S. V.
6. Uouirlas. Waabinirton. D. C. corner of 1
street and New Jersey avenue, In charge of As
slstsnt Bargeon Wm. Thomson, U. 8. A.
7. Kmory, wasntngton, u. u., near Aims
houso, east of the Capitol, In charge of Surgeon
N. R. Moeeley, U. 8. V.
8. Fairfax Seminary, Virginia, two miles
back of Alexandria, In charge of Bargeon U.
F. Smith, U. B. V.
9. Flnley, Washington, D. C, Kendall Green,
Fourth street east, north of the city, lu charge
of Surgeon G. L. Fancoast, U. S. V.
10. llirewood, Washington, D. C, Corco
ran's farm, Seventh streut west. In chsrge of
Surgeon R. B. Bonterou, U. 8. V.
11. Judiciary Square, Washington, U. C,
Judlclsry S'luarc, E street north, between
Fourth and Fifth atroets west, In chsrga or
Asslstsnt Surgeon Alex. Ingrsm, U. 8. A.
13. Kalorama, Csmall-pox,) Washington,!),
C, Rock creuk, out Twcnty-llrst street, In
charge of Acting Assistant Surgeon K. J.
Thomss, U. 8. A. n
13. Lincoln, Wsahlngton, D. C, one mile
east of the Capitol, In chsrge of Assistant Bur
goon J. C. McKiw, U. B. A.
H. Mount Fleasaut, Washington, D. C,
Fourteenth atruct, one half mllu boyoud city
limits, lo charge of Assistant Burgeon C. A.
McCall, U. B. A.
15. Seminary, Georgetown, D. C, corner ol
Waahlninon and Gav etreuta. In cbarze of Bur
goon 11. W. Ducachet, U. B. V.
lu. rjiaston. vv aaiunicion. u. u., t ih."u.
New Jersey .venue. In chsrge of Surgeon J. A.
LldelL U. 6. V.
lTTBtone, Washington, I). C, Foorteentb
street, opposlto Columhlin Hospital, In charge
-a !.'a.. a .nl (Jlpntl.n 1IH.A
01 ACUDlC ASS DUrjjw - -.
18. SU ElUaUeth, (Insane Asyluia.) Wash
Inirton. D. a, beyond Ksry Yard west, In charge
orActlng Asalatant Surgeoa C. 11. Nichols,
IV First Division General, Alexandria, Vs.,
corner of Fairfax and Cameron striwts, Is
charge of Ba'gooa Cbas. Page, U. 8. A.
JO. Second u WU Ion Qiuieral, Alexandria,
Va., corner of Prince and Col om bus streets, la
charne of barroon T. R. Spencer, U. U. V.
21. Third Ulvlfllon Qeneral, AlexanJrta,Ya.,
tvsi.hinirtnn ivtreiL. between uuecn and Came
ron streets. In charge of 8nrgem Edwin Uent-
'?.'.U'.B-v- .1..
aj, AUgux ueuerai iiuaiMi, uv. .-
drla, Va., In charge of Burgeon lleorie I But
on, u.o. v.

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