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! l L J J Li ,j , i ' ' Z gjjggggggiaeg!!gg!!S!i!!!gLllJ. WgBg5!gigaaiaMMaMa. r- i
sptiounl Uim&wm.
tub daily HvrioxAi, lutrtinucAM
Is published ever afternoon (Bandars except
1) by W. J. Mormon A Co., and U furnished
to oat subscribers (bj csirtets) tt 13; ceiu per
week, or 55 cents rer, month.
Mill subscriber., 10,00 per snnom IS SO
for ilr.monthi, and 19.00 for three months,ln
Tarlably In adranca.
Blnglo coplea, Tbbii Oxts.
. . Poit Orncc DiPABTMBirr. )
WAIKItfOTOlf, June 17, 16M. (
la accord an e Willi the provisions of tha net ol
Congress, approved May S3, ISCi, which Is la the
words following-, to wit i
"Am act to authorlss the eiUM lib meet of onu
mill stt.miMp Mine between tho United
Statee sod BraiiJ." -.
" B if truefftf tyiAe tawe and fours of toeprttt
tlvtiethr Intttd itotf of America, t Ctafrt" -tembUd,
That tr e Postmaster General be, and nets
hereby, autborlted to unite with tht General Post
Office Department of tbe Empire of Bratil.or such
offi r of tbe Government of Breill no snail b au
thorised to set for that Government, U establish
log direct mull communication between the two
eountrlee by me tat of a monthly liae of flrit class
American sea Rotor stean.ih.DS, to be of not let
than two thousand tons burden eaea, and of ml
tleleat number to perforin twelve round tripe or
voysjr.es per annum between a port of the United
States, north of tbe Potomae rlvsr.and Rio de Ja
neiro, In Brattl. touching; at Saint Thomas, la the
Wt Indies, at Bahla, Pernanabaeo, and men other
Braitllso and Intermediate port or porta aa ahall
be considered neoessaryaad eipedlenti Provided.
That the expense of tbe service sballbe divided
between tbe two Governments, and that the UnW
ted Statee portion thereor ebaU not axeeod the
urn of one hundred and flfty tboaaand dollar! for
the performaoeeof twelre round Utpe per annum,
to be paid out of any money appropriated for the
service of tbe Pott Offlo Department.
" See. S. And ( U further tnetUi. That the Post
master General be, and he la hereby, authorlxed
to Invite proposals fer aald mall steamship eervlee
by public advertisement for tbe period of slaty
daye to one or mors newspapers published In the
ettlee of Washington, Baltimore, rniledslphla,
New York, and tfoeton, respectively, and to eon
traet with the lowest responsible bidder for the
erne for a term of ten years, toeommenefroni
the dy the flrat iteamahlp of the proposed line
hall depart from the United Statee with the maile
for Brazil i Provided, That propoeala for monthly
tripe that It to cay, for twelve round voyages per
annum, out and back are received and accepted
by him within tbe limit as aforesaid, from n party
or partlee of undoubted responsibility, possessing
ample ability to furnlih tha steamships required
for the sertlee, and otTering good and sufficient
uretlee for the faithful performance or susa oon
tract: And provided, further, That e ich prtpoaale
ebatl be accepted by the Government of B-etll,
and that dlitl. ct andaeparete contracts with each
Government, onUlalof alml ar provisions, ahall
bo executed by aueh accepted bidder or bidden t
each Government to be reaponilble only forlta
proportlonof the aubeldytobo paid for the aerTlce,
" See. S. And be it furtfur reeled. That any con
trast which the Postmaster General may execute
ULder the authority of this not shall go Into etfeet
on or before the first day of September, on thou
aand eight hundred and Btxtynre and ahall, In
addition to tbe usual stipulations of ooaaamall
eteamsMp contracts, provide that the ateamahlpa
offered (or tbe service shall be const rooted or the
best materials and after tbe moat approred model,
with all the modern Improvements adapted for
sea-going steamships of the first class and shall,
before their approval and acceptance by the Post
master General, b subject to Inspection and aur
vey by an ex pcrleneed naval constructor, to bo de
tailed: for that purpose by the Sesretaryof tbe
Navy, whose report shall be made to the Postmas
ter Generali that the two Governments ahall be
entitled to have transported, free of expense, on
each and every steamer, a mall agent to take charge
of and arrange the mail matter, to whom aulUble
accommodations for that purpose shall be assigned)
that In ease of failure from any cause to perform
any of the regular monthly royagea stipulated for
In the contrast, a pro ratadeduotlon ahall be made
from the compensation on account of eueh omit
ted voyage or voyages) the suitable fines and pen
alties may be Impoaed for delays and Irregularities
In the regular performance or the scrvlee aoeord
log to oontrao'1 and that the Postmaster General
hall have the power to determine the contrast at
any time, In ease of Its being underlet or assigned
to anr other oartr.
"See. 4. And bU further enacted, That the mall
steamships emDloved In the aervlea authoritad bv
this act shall bo exempt from all port charges and
customhouse duaat tbe port of departure and
arrival In the United Statesi Prouided, That m sim
ilar Immunity from port charges and ouaom-houe
uuea ia Rruicu vy ton uovernment oi Drain,
M Appro ed, May 28, lttt."
wl 1 be received at the Post Offloe Department, In
the city of Washington, until 1 o'clock D m. of
8 AT UHU V, the first day or October, 18S4, for eon
vcylEg the mails or the United states by a
monthly line of first oiasa American sea-going
steamships of not leas than two thousand tons
burden, each, and of sufficient number to perform
twelve round voyages per aattun between a port
of the United States north or the Potomac river
and Rio de Janeiro, In Braitl, touahlng at St.
Thomaa, In the West Indies, and at Bahla and Per
nambueo, In Brazil, for a contract term or ten
years, to oommeooeon or before the 1st day of
September, 1869, and to date from the day tbe first
steamship of such line shall leave the United
tstrs with the malls for Brazil.
Bidders must designate the United statee port o(
departure and arrival, and may, at their option,
propose to embrace additional intermediate porta
at whlah the steamships shall touoh on their out
ward or homeward paasaei, to deliver and re
ceive malls
Each bid should name the time proposed to be
occupied la performing the passages, each way,
between the united States port of departure and
arrh aland mode Janeiro, and should be eocom-
tabled by a map or diagram of the route, showing
he Intermediate porta at which the steamships
are to ei 11 to deliver and receive malls. Schedules
of the sailing days, stating the proposed days and
hours or departure from each port ai well aa the
proposed days and hours of arrival, should also
accompany each bid, aueh a ebedulee, however, to
be subjeot to the approval of the Post Depart
ments of tbe respective countries, end to altera
tion by said Departments from time to time, as the
Interests of tbe proposed International postal ser
vice may require.
The stiamships offered for this service must be
American steamers of the first class, and before
acoeptaoso will be aubjeet ta inspection and sur
vey by an experienced naval constructor, to be
detailed for that purpose by the Secretary of the
P.oposals must conform In all respects to tbe
provisions and requirements of the aforesaid ast,
approved Mayssin, 184, and must be properly
guarantied, with a satisfactory testimonial that
the guarantors are men of property, and abund
antly able to make good their guarantee The
bidder's name and residence, and th name of each
member of the firm, when a company oilers, should
be distinctly stated In the proposal.
The acceptance or non-acceptance ol the bids will
be determined by the Postmaster General aa eoon
aa practicable after the time limited for their re
ception) but no proposal can be accepted by this
Department unless the bidder Is also accepted by
the Government of Brazil, as provided to In the
aforesaid aot. And In case ol such Joint accept
ance, distinct and separate oontracts art to be ex
ecuted by tbe accepted bidder or bidders with each
Government, eooU.nl n similar provisions, each
Government to be responsible for only its propor
tion of the subsidy to bo paid for tbe service.
Proposals should bo sent, under seal, to "The
First Aaslstaot Postmaster General," "Foreign
Desk," with the words Mait ProoiaJe" "Foreign
Main" written on the face of the address) and they
should b dispatched In time to be received by or
before tbe first day of October next, which will be
the Isst day for receiving proposals under this ad
vertisement AI. BLAIlt,
Postmaster General.
Noti. This Department Is not advised that any
de Quite action has yet been taken by the Govern
meat ol Brazil lu lespeot to the establishment ol
the proposed steamship service between the two
countrlvsibutltls probaUethat by the 1st of Oc
tober next, the limit fixed for the reception of pro
posals under this adtertisrment, certain Informa
tion n that subject will have been received.
When received, It will be mads public.
Jei8-w9tv M. B.
p no io sal a foh coal.
Navy Aocht'b Orrici.)
WAiiimaTOH, August Sfl, It, t
Sealed proposals will be received at this office
until WI.DMLSDAY, September 7th, 1861, at 11
o'vloek, m , for tbe delivery at the Ordnance Yard,
In this city, of the foil jwlog sizes and kinds ol
toal, vlxt
For Ordnance Foundry, 1,000 bushels of Charcoal.
lor Ordnance foundry. JOO tons of Anthracite
Vg Ctial
or Oidnante Foundrj, 200 tons of Cumber land
Con Ordnance Logins, 360 tons of Cumberland
' . ?I OhJn"c steamer Baltimore, l,aoo tons of
Anthracite loa, (steamer size )
The above coal to be of the beat quality, and
sutject to Inspection before acceptance.
A.l of Ihe coal to be delivered by the lit day ol
November, 13, tree of expense fo the Govern
ment. 1 lopoiala must bo addressed to
S. P, BHOWN. Navy Auent,
nutt lot Whlngton, D. C.
Lovering U Co 's CraiheJ, Powdered, and foft
Crashrd sursn
"W-tlf nKNJ. BVALl
, JNO. TO0.1
Ft idtax .lib. omdlUuaof Anariaa. do here
by OMlar and stake known that publle aalea will
be nek) at tna uadarmentloaad taad offloee la th.
state ol Mlnneiota, at the period, heielaaftra
d.ilra.tM, to wit l
AI th. LiU OfflM at HlHKCArOUl, oomaeaa
lot on MUNDA.V, th. Ulh ai of leptamber neat,
(or Ih. dlipoeal of the pnblla lanHa wllhln th. I.I-
A'frti iD()wllu)i4imllll A attartf-'
TH.ICtfendth.W M ofeaatlonth.NKo(
eetlon II of towmhlp 1U eeatlont II and 51 1 the
N K or tectton 3X aaetlooe S7, 2t ait aou m, oi
lowa.hlpllT.ofraa.e90. . . .t - ..
e.tloai I. i.i. 7.1.11. ll.ll.aoJ ITith. HE V
of aeflUon90.of townahipllll eeotlooe II, 91, 9J,
M, 91, , II. u, and u, of townahlp 1171 tbe s K.
BCV.andUi. IE Kof 1W X si eeelloa , ol
towaiblp llStOfraoKeH. .. .. a
Mtlone 1.1, a, 1, 1, II, II, U, and "I II" 8 X '
eeetlonia,t1aN)orBaotlonl,andtha N H of
aeeUonH.of towneblp lilt the H cl iMtlon II.
th. I oi aamon II, tb a K ol acotlon 91, aod
eaMlouK,17,.,ai,U,and aa, of town.hlp iiti
am s h aa M ana wa ,i v ! v.
township lis, of range Tt. .... ...
teetionsl,l.n,t, lt,andl theN of aeoUoa
18, or township UK sections 1.1.0, 7, t, 11, It, I5L
n. iff. it. St. to. 27. 9t. ii. ti. and lo, or township 1 17.
ef rangers.
eeuoni.oi xowasnv w"""1 'i
II, 11, 15, 17, It, 21, 9 90, 87, St, II, U, and Ut of
township 117, of rants 28. .-.,.-.
aeeiione i,, S"?ii i 't 1V i -"i 'i
XV.BQatVfOi lawDiu'C m,ui mu- w
r, iiiueViVI lawmuif ! "- ""
seeuone l,l,,7,tl 11.11, 19, 17, Iff, 21, 21, and
29, of townsbpll7t and sections 2fl,7T, 29, tl,U,
DQ M. OI lOWUUUU Iio, VI ('!,
Sections 1. 1, n, T. ff, 11, It, 18, and 17, or township
lilt and sections 25. S7. 2t. II. -. and U. ol town
ship 118, of range .
Scetlenel,t,8.7,lU,li.l5, and IT, the NX of
section 1 ti the NW of section 21 the NW of sec
tion ti, of township 117, sections as, 27, , ll, n,
and u, of towneblp 118, or range is.
Bastions i, t, 8, l, f, ll, it, 18, it. Iff, 21, and
the N H of section ti and section at, or township
till aeerlone 28, 27, 2t, ll, lif and 18, or township
lis, of range M,
Township 111, sectional,, 8, T, t, 11, 11, 16. 17.
It, 21, 21, 34,27, and 29, of section ij the N Hoi
secHon ll the N X of section ll and the N X of
section 18, or township 117, of range U.
Township llli sections 1, 1, 6, 7, ff, 11, II. 18, 17,
Iff, 21, 21, 34, 27, and 29, of township 117, ot range
Townahlpa 111 and 117 sections It, 21, 21, 29, 27,
Sty 11, II. and 18, of township 118, ol range 17.
Townships 118,117, and 118( sections ,, 18, 30j
and 23i the 8 X IE Jf. "d the IW V, of section 24,
sections 28, 2f), 29, 10, It, 82, U, and I., of township
(it, of range M.
At the Land Office at ST. CLOUD, commencing
on MONDAY, the fifteenth day of August next, for
tbe disposal of the public lands within the follow
ing parte of townships, vlxi
Voru of the mm Jim end vxtt of Uu JlflA principal
met laMTt,
Saetlons 7 and Hi the N W of aeatlon Iff. add the
H U of section 21. of townshlD 121. of ran re 28.
Sections 1,1, 6. T.ff, II, It, 18, and Hi the N of
section it, ha N ko( section 21, and tbeNof
aon, . oi wwn.iAip izi aecuons ai, m, aau w,
of towmhlp 122. of range 21.
Sections 1. 1, 8. 7, 9, 11, II, IS, and 17 tho N X of
section Iff, the N X of section 21, and the It X ot
section 11, of township lit, sections 29,11,14 and
18, of township 122, of range to.
settonslt,8,7,, ll.ll.ltj, and 17i and the N
X of section 21, of township 1.1 (sections It and 21 1
the s x of section 2i section e 28, 27, 29, ll, U, and
15 of township 113, of range ll.
lections 1. 1, 8, 7. , if, u, is, and 17, or township
131 1 the s x or section ll the 4 X of section 15, the
SH Of section I7seoti0ns It, 21. 23 25. 27,29, 11,
11, and 15, of township 122, of range 12.
Sections 1, 1, 6, 1, ff, 11, 11 16. and 17, of township
lilt tbe S X of section llthe S X of section tftt the
W of seeUon 17i sections 19. 21. U. 25.21. 29. II. II
and 15, of township 122, of range ti.
131) aectlona It. 21, 21,25,37,21, 11,11, and to, of
township 122, or range M.
Sections 1, 1,5. 7, 1, 11, It, 15, and 17, of township
121 sections 25, 27,11, ll, and 15,01 tewnshlp I2i,
of range is
SafltTonal.l. 5.7. ff. 11. II. and t St the N K of sec
tion 17, of township ni( section ! the w X of sec
tion 181 SCOtlOnS IT. II. 21. 21. 20. 27. 29. II. U. HO J
15. of townshlD 122. of renra IS.
ThsK W.theNW'i.andthe N K lWof seo
tlon 1, of township lil seetlone 1, 1, 1, 7, t, 11, 11,
15, 17,21,21, 25,37, and 15, of township IW see-
noos t, 17, it, zi, Ti, xv, si, as, ana so, oi wwnsnip
int. oi rang vi.
TheKKNK V, of section I, of township 121:
sections land ll, of township 122 1 the wjfof
section 1 1 sections I, 6, 1, 9, 1 1, 11, 15, 17,21. and
25 1 the N X of section 27, and section 15, or town
ship 1211 secUona 11, U, 18, It, 29, ll, and 11, or
townahlp 124, or range ia
Lnda annronrlataa bv law for the use of schools,
military, and other purposes, together with selec
tions of swamp lands fileiiln your office by the
Surveyor General, will bo excluded from the sale.
The offering of tho above lands will bo com
menced oo the days appointed, and will proceed.
In the order In which they are advertised, until
the whole shall have been offered and the sale thus
aieiadi but I' a sale ahall not ba keDt onen looter
than two weeks, and no private entry ol any of
toe lanas wiu oe aamitieu untu aner tne expira
tion oi ine two wee as.
Given under my hand, at the city of Washing
ton, this I8th day of April, anno Domini one thou
eight hundred and sixty-four.
By the President:
Commissioner ol the General Land Office.
una fide aetual settlements under e
All bona Ade aetual settlements under existing
laws, subsisting prior to and up to the date of this
proclamation, will bo recognized and all such
settlers are hereby called upon to eome forward
and establish and enter their claims with the
Register and Receiver before the day fixed In tbe
lortgoinc ior me oomiianoamwu oi ine puons saie
J. M. EDMUNDS. Oammlaaloaar.
Nott. Under the regulations of the Depart
ment, Dcrmviurv inn noweaiaung, no payment
ean be made for advertising proclamations, except
to eueh publishers aa are specifically authorized
by the Commissioner of th General Land Offlce.
Orrosiri United States TaEAsunv,
Receive subserlptloas for the
Authorized by the aot of Juno so, 1384. The notes
will be Issued under date of August 15, In denomi
nations of
$50. 1100. t900, 11000 AMD 15000.
Payable to bearer or order, bearing Interest at
T 1-10 per cent per annum, payable aeml-annuallr,
and will be convertible at the option of th bolder
at maturity into six per cent, Five-Twenty Bonds.
we Duy ana sen
And pay the highest price for
Jy37-dtf JAY COOKE h CO.
Oppoalt. tb. Poat Offloe,
we atrri av himiuiai i-n
Hon. Hannibal Hamlin, Vice President, Me,
M. a, Me.
" N.H.
" Mm.
14 CODQ.
" Ohio.
" Pa,
M (t
.. m.
" Wli.
U. S. , Mloh.
" Kenaat.
M. C, Mian.
" N.J.
" Mo.
" N. Y.
" Edward !l KoUUi,
" AJ.1. 11. R
11 Job. B. Alley.
" Alfred A. Dumh.in,
" Uwltlit Loomli,
' Jastee OL AarUef,
11 jQhD Covode.
" Robert UoKaliht,
11 Juitlo s. Morrill.
" Jobn K. Poller.
11 & Chandler,
11 Jamce M. Laae.
' Cjrrua Aldrleb,
11 Job. T. Nlaoa,
' F. f. Dlalr.Jr.,
" Iclbrldaati iD.uldln..
Ideiire. Jaj Cooke a. Co , aaaktra, Waablaiton, ,
C. and Philadelphia, fa.
X WASHINGTON haa removed to Ha New
M.rpie jjmiuingon auieenin eireet, Detweea
and U, oppoalta the United atatea Treaeurf.
leu eivduibi iu.u. uiou.y, reoeivea uepoaila,
fUTehaaea OoTrnment obeeka and vouobere, anj
raaaaeta a f eneral bankloi baalneie.
Carelul attaatloa alren to Qorernment and oily
II D. COUKa'. Pri tUent
WK.I IIDNTINQTO-I, CaiMir allot!
iFromthU'tltoatintn the FNatlatlalideo-
tbn, tjaj lojel man who farora the r4lec
ttoo of Mr. Lincoln win wast . newrpew
JitbUihed at the teat of OOTeroment, aarocat-
leg tbe Union Bomlnatlont for Prtaldrat and
iToalUacn,nho doalrs .paper which will
keep them promptly aatlled f .11 political
qoTcmentt, and their probable cosiertnencea,
wo tender the NlTioniL RaruifJCiH, with
cjinOdence that It wl fulfil their dealre. In
thla rupee.
'The Natioxu. RaruBUClM will continue to
farnlih In adranceof all competitor, the late. t
and moat reliable news from oar different
armlea, and especlall from tb. Amr of the
Itallterarr and miscellaneous departments
wlUrecelTO apodal attention, and efforts are
contlinell j being made to eatabUab the charac
ter of the WmxT NanoiiL ItiruBUuaT aa
family paper.
Biz months ago the weekly paper was en
larged to lie present site and greatl. Improved
In Its typographical appearance. Oar list has
Increased largely alnce that time, for which we
think onr nameroas rolnntary agents through
out the loyal Btetc. Daring that time, how
ever, tbe prlcea of labor and of material have
Increased npwarda of fifty per cent. In view
of that fact we do not propose to Increase the
price of tbe paper, but to urge upon our frlenda,
and the. frlenda of the Union, who favor the re
election of our present worthy and patriotic Chief
Maglitrate, to use their utmost endeavors to
increase our circulation. This Is the only way
by which we can be able to keep tbe Wiixlt
National RaroBUcm up to the high standard
It has occupied during the last six months.
We dealre a large number of eubscrlbers for
the political campaign, which baa opened by
the nominations made at tbe Baltimore Con
Ten tlon.
We propose to send our weekly paper for tbe
period of all month l, from the flrat of June to
the first of December, which will cover the
campaign, and full returns of the Presidential
election, at tb. low rates at which It Is now
furnished to subscribers.
There Is no city, town, or Tillage In the loyal
States which cannot furnlah ns some subscri
bers. Let the work of making up cluba com
mence at once. We have printed a large edi
tion of tbe numbera for the present month, and
can furnish back numbera to all wbo may de
sire them. Bpeclmon copies will be sent,wben
Tho terms for the campaign are as follows i
One copy, six months, $1 three copies, six
months, 12.50; ten copies, six months, I7.50-
until WEDNEsDAY.llit day of Anfnst, 1W1, at
13 o'clock, m , for turn Is bin supplies for the
year endiot Jme SO, 1S6, a per esheMulee an
nexed hereto Proposals must be endorsed " Pro
posals for fuel," books," stationery, or " Fur--a
It nra mil Mljeallaaeoua StiDDllej." aa the eaae
may he. Proposals mar be made for the whole of
toe roei require, or mr ine proporioo ior aov
oae or more dlstrle e. The Fuel to be delirered at
the expense of tbe eontraetor, in suen Quantities
and at such times aa may be deslfDStatl by tbe
Committee on supplies. All articles eieept fuel,
to be delivered at the expense ef the eon tree tor,
attbls olflce, or atthesereral SebO'il Houses, as
tbe Committee mar eleet. Aathequentltteaspeel
fled In the schedule are only estimates of probable
requirements, the rlxbt u reserved to require
more or aeeept less, at the option of tbe Commit
tee. The contrast in oath ease will bo awarded to
the lowest resoonslble bona fide bidder, to be de
termined by the Committee Th Committee re
serve to laemseiTes ine nxm meet anr '
bUs, if deemed for the interest of the Corporation.
Thnia alona whose offers shall be aeeeDted will be
notified. Information may bo obtained of John
occiejia, irtjuiurer. ejunaa o. M,utiat
Chairman Com. on Supplies B. T. f . 8.
Coal Anthracite, White Athltw tons i to be ap
portioned equally In the four school districts.
KlndltDf Wood Mixed Oak and Pine SOeorditto
be apportioned equally in the four school dls-
ficnsDUtc D Boos.
Worcester's Prooo')nalpSi)sllerS doxen eoples
xeooiar'S i-mpaniOD ooiea uopica
Fatkcr fc Watson's First Reader 4 doxen ooplee
' Seeond Header adoxsneoDlss
" Thlri Header I doxen eoples
11 " Fourth Reader 1 doxen eoples
qusexenMs' ninory or uoitea eiaue i aoten
ShurtlifTs Governmental Instructor 1 doxen cop
American Musical Class Book 1 doxen eoplee
Bau's Spelllnc Book 4 doxen eoples
Lolburn's Mental Arttbmette 4 doxen eoplee
Swans Primary School Spelling Sook S doxen
Fli st Lessons In History United Statee l dozen
Concordia 3 doxen eoplee
Wamn'a Prlnmy GeonTaphy 4 doxen soples
Golden Wreaths doxen eoplee
Parker & Watson's Trlmsr or Word Dullder-0
doxen copies
Davles' Pdraary Arlthroetle 8 doxen eoples. Re
vised edition, 18U
Danes' Uements of Written Arithmetic and Frac-
tloal Arlthmetlo 6 doxea eoples. Revised edl
tlOQ, U63
DsTles' Practical Arlthmetlo 4 doxen eoplee. Re
viced edition, IMS
Foolsoap Wiltlns; Paper reams. Beet quality
Note Writlos; Paper reama. Beet quality
Knvelopcs, large, white 1,000, Vest quality
knvelopes, letter, white-i (WO. Beet quality
Wrltlcj Ink (Dovell s IM quarU
steel Pens, assorted 100 f rose
Lead Pencils 10 doxen
' lokstinds, plain glass 3 doxen
Chalk Cray one, prime quality 00 rross
Potter V Hammond's Wrltlar Books, Noe, 1 to 13
Included 1 doxen eoplee of each
Plates, a by IS t doxen
Slat s, 10 ty it 3 dozen
Slates, W by 14-1 doxsn
SciiaOCLi: D. FVBN1TOHK and Hikillaveovs
Tbreestrlng Brooms tad xen
No, 4 Hweeplns; Brushes 3 doxen
No. S Dust Brushes 4 doxen
hnek Door Mats 4 doxen
Hemp Door Wats 3 dozen
Dust Pans S doxen
Water Buckets, cedar, unpointed, Iron bound l
Tumblers , pressed flass, best quality 4 doiea
U ater cups, tin, pint 10 doxen
Wash Basins, tin 4 doxen
I arthenware Pitchers, x f aL 8 desin
coal hovels 3 doxen
Coal Hlm)s, 10 Inches 1 doxen
Coal Hods, IB Inches I doxen
Pokers i dozen
latie Sella looxen
Sponae, medium lbs
ion ellng, linen crash 3oa yards. aoTMt
TO Tnim
AvoostI, ISM. aal
M J.
101 Union (Matt. nviBtnn. Mtiam .
The only toanufaotureri In the United Statee of
Brass Alphabets and Figures, to any great extent,
or In any variety.
Also, the best of Indelible Bteoetl Ink. very cheap,
sola at wnoieaaie at mo lamest cash rnoes.
Stencil Dlee, and all kinds of itencil
fa.yuir ia Mail,
net nrorarrs promptly attenteutq.
ifit-tm i
m Maajmlfloent, 8 word t Preeented to
Major General Joeepb Iloekert toy Uie
CltlxeBaorHan Pranclaco,
Op, thou art glorious here to the sight.
With thine opulent scabbard and rlea jewels o'er
I thee,
Lfnglrjr rvetleesly for tbe true patriot fight,
And the triumphs of Union and Justice before
r theol
Tft, weapon, more gtorloue still thou eh alt glow
la the hand of the hero, that hand falllna never
While tht traitors slek ueder our "Terrible Joe "
Bhoutlng,'Cnlon and Honor and Glory atever!"
Than, away to tho Battle of Justice, away 1
f'WUlUmsbuTg," "Look Out Mountain, will
, sheer through Its thunder.
As thou giv'st yet another marnlHoent rev
To the ehleftalVs bright scroll ol a world's death
B awav. and when nut la thla tarrtbla flrht.
What memerlee thloo through the osnturlea
oeratloaB, tnmantlfs of Liberty's light.
J'er thee Gratitude's garlands forever bestow
I igi
t v.
On thy handle ot gems how delighted they'll gate,
4Tet muit murmur, "Thy Jewel of fiwif precious
as tbe warrior's own Send ta tht Here battle's
When he stood tie dear eountry's triumphant
Us fender I"
Drain at le Items.
I'll DII..1.MB1S D t.i...BA s Ani. ..
It. 20th Init., for tho eeason, with "Tbe Dream
at Sea." Th. following ladle and gentlemen
constitute the compan; at thla honset Mies
Annie .oeriie( Mies Aarian.MIBaMOraTla,Alua
h. Hardr, Mils Jolla Sjlrcettr, Mlsa T. M'lni,
Mrs. J. Dickson, Mrs. Jflreater, Mlea Herbert,
Mlaa Dart, Mlea a. Hardr, Mlaa Jrnnle, Meeara.
McEeaRankln. 3. Dlckaon. Chalmer. II. C.
Addrews, J. Ofden, Kenler, J. O. Belton, H.
a. wentwonn, r. unippenaaie, a. nan, u. i..
ninton, H. Lewie.
Mrs. Joseph Wood (onco the famons Miss
Fston. snbseancntlr married to Lord Lennox)
died at her residence near Wakcfleld, Kngland,
laat monm, in me o&i Tear or her age. uia
theatrical Tleltors at the Park, New York, will
remember thla eplendid vocalist, who. In com-
8 anr with her husband, sang In several Eng
h operaa. 8he was extremely popular with
onr ciuxens tnirty jeers ago.
At th Walnut Bireet Iheatrc. rhlladolphla.
tllA Nra1air1 afiniWen tf lYAt tin In smrtTtWina. attvlt.
. - w--t Bw- -i- ph pt -- j
and without regard to expense. Is drawlnjj
splendid houses. Tbe spectacular, at prt sent,
aocuie ui pieman inn iuupi ui i unaucipuia.
The Rlchtngs Opera Company were at last
accounts, dofnfr; a indld baslness at the
Academy of Music, San Francisco, the favorlto
opera being The Bohemian OIrt.n Father
Peter will make a fortuno In California.
Mr. Edwin Forrest will commence an eight
weeks engagement at Nlblo's Garden, In tho
last week in September. He will be followed
by Maggie Mitchell, who will open tbo
'Cricket" In a revised form.
The Boston Theatre, under tbe management
of Mr. Jarrett, opened on the 22i Inst. This
gentleman has uken a lease of the Providence
Acauemj 01 music ior ioc ensuing year.
Mr. and Mrs. Vandorver are engaged for the
Memphis Theatre for tbe coming season.
Prior to the ovenlUB of the theatre, thev tlav a
star engagement at EvaniTl.le, Ind.
'ine Moms Brothers ana rt-u ana Trow-
orioge-e Troupe commencoa meir regaiar sea-
ss&i A:z.t k161''
SSbS -
S'KSn.r.r"tCe ,mn0d,"e,3, 'flCT h"
D"Betgch.ll?th.- comedian, appear, for a
abort engagement, ot, tho 15th of September,
"iffiS? o? . ou.' cd.U, will com-
mence Us regular dramatic season on the 15th
nfH.irt.mh.?. with, w.ll rt.rtl .n,l .irnt,
"""" '
"SJffi. Tlardot Garcl. .. giving morning
conceru at Baden-Baden. For her convenience
a music hall has been constructed. I
uusriea wneaiieign ia at aiaguire-a opera i
House, San franclsco, where he baa assumed
the leading ro In" Bel Demonlo."
Cf hS-?"r.ter ZtT,OI.P0.opeSd th0, N"U-
vllle Theatre on the 23d Inst. They will stay
there for a ahort season.
Kate Denm and Mr. S. Ryan commenco a I froe-booters of Dixie. Within the past few
two-wecke' engagement at the Athitneum, d,j, ,he forces or Johnson and Woodward
tri" "" i . of September. i Biv0 ,u(rerca lLrc0 terrible and stasicring de-
Helen Western closed a Bueccssfnl engage-! feall , 8omhern Kentucky, both of those
ment of two weeks, on Saturday night, at Ben ,connartl, blng,ool to their final account!
D nB.'f ' 'i6!': i,l" c ';?:,. v .1 last night we received a dispatch announcing
Orisl and Mario, with ass atanls, have been , brmi,n, ,ctor7 0Ter Morgan'a men at nog
engaged to go on a concert tour through Kng- er.THe, and now Blffle le defeated. Lot the
u5iD' . .5 . n, , .. . ' glorious work go on until Kentucky snd Ten-
The Nstlons Tbestre, Clnclnnstl Is now Sesseo shall be purged of the banditti that In
managedby.trlumvlrale.composcdof Messrs. fMt lhelr soil, and honost citizens can again
u5.l' li, V. Kaaoa- . .. , sKep In peace under their roof-treea. May
The Boston Museum commenced the regular mercfuI itolVcn gr.ntn. this great deliver
aeaaonMondaylasl.wIththecomedyoflown , anco' -VmAtiHe DJtfu Itmsj.
and uountry."
Yestvall commences heretsrrlng tour at the
of next month.
Paul Jul'en, the violinist, Is giving concerts
Mrs. Lelghton, assisted by a small but till-
dent dramatic troupe, is dolog will In Idaho
"Rosedsle" Is cnjovlng a fair run at the
Bnu-alo Theatre. L. P. Barrett in the principal
Mad. Anna Bishop is elvlnir concerts in
Canada a favorite tramping eroand of hers
J, II. Allen has gone from Megulre's Opera
nouse, Ban Francisco, to Australia.
"Aladdin" continues to hold Its own at
G rover's Theatre, Philadelphia.
Mr. Lanergen'a season at St. John's, N. B ,
waa exceeaingiy prouiauie,
Charles Wilkinson will be stage manager at
the Rochester Theatre next season.
The Baltimore theatres are open, and dolus
a fair business.
Tbe Neir Orleans Varieties is closed.
Badaje of the Tenth Army Corps.
Headquabtess, liiTH Akht Coars
In the Field, ne&h Hatchcks, Va, ,
July Uth, 18SL
uenerai uraers, no. is
I. The stale, adopted for the badge of tbl,
or We' oTth TS,g$T&& "nPi
are made at once to eupply the troops In their
SKSST"4' ' badS "
cur. at once, by requisition or purch..o, the
ClOin W supply mo uauKO vu uiv.aions ana
tionwlll be marked with the letter In large
size ana in vm uiyibipu coiur.
By command of Maj
ijor Oeneral D. D. Birhbt.
Ed. W. Smith, AbsU Adjt. (Jen,
Tbi crew of tha Ashing achooner Mercy A,1 BivoiLAitWiLL. ThcruUtelydltxlIu llocnos
11 o wee, of Chatham unlc by tho Tallahaeate Ayrt-a au old man of 78 years, whoso will con.
on tbo 15th Instant, laL 43, Ion. CO arrived talncd a c)ausoloalog ton thousand clKara for
home at Chatham ou Mouday avonlng last, those who might attend bla funeral. This cc
Ono of tbo crew states that on being laton on centric tutator also eiprissed bis desire that
Doara too pirate nu iu'uigui.iy rocotfu.izuu mo
..lllno- maatoraa one Norrls. foru.nrlv nf If.
uinot's L-ouKo iignt-uouso nuirazsa wnu mm
ei... plr Ts tat B1ain .annriiul . 1 u . lkAn
are other Capo Cod men on hoard tbo Tnliahas
see, who Inqu red particularly coneurDlng va-
rinnai Tipinnni in inn viciiiiav vriiri ni nm i nnv
rlons rtersons
i thev
wersAcqiislntw - V'jt CVi RtyuHicat
tfh. Lai. aeneial Merhirion-Inttr.it.
Inar Correep.tidenc..
4 n . CiTo't Omo, Aetual t, ibsi.
To Gtnml Qnxnlt - ..
DaisSiH: I hop. yon will pardon me for
Uoubllngyon with the perusal of thcee few
lines from the trembllna; hand of the aged
grandma of our beloTed General James D. Mc
Phorson, who fell In battle. When It was an
nonneod at his funeral, from the public print,
that when Ocn. Urant heard of hla death, he
Went Into hla tent and wept Ilk. a child, my
heart went out In thanka to yon fof the Interest
yon msol'ested In him while he waa with yon.
IhaTe watched his progress from Infancy np
In childhood he was obedient and kind ; in man
hood, Interesting, noble, and peraerwlng, look
ing to tbe W.nta of nthr.- Mlnm h. ntjA
the war othera can appreciate hie worth better
than lean.
When It waa announced to ua by telegraph
that onr lored one had fallen, onr hearts were
almost rent aannder, bnt when we heard the
wuiui.uuer-in enter couia weep witn ue, too,
wo felt, sir, that yon have been aa a father to
blm. and thla whole nation 1. mrnirntn. m.
early death. I wish to Inform yon that hla re
mains were conducted by . kind guard to the
inrj ii.riorwuero ne spent cheerral erenlng
in 1801, with his widowed mother, two brothera,
only Bister, and hla aged grandma, who la now
trying to write. In tbe morning he took hie
i 7. : V.A10C., mue areammg ne ahould
fall by a ball from the enemy.
IH. funeral services were attended In his
mother's orchsrd, where his youthful feet hsd
often preeaed the soil to gsther the felling
fruit, and hla remains are reetlnir In th. .n.nt
grave ecarce hair a mile from the place of his
birth. Ills grave la on an eminence bnt a fw
rode from where the rnner.i .!. ..-. .,.
tendod, and near the grave of hie father. Tho
will often pause to drop a tear over the dear
departed. And now, dear friend, a few lines
from TOU would be firatefiillv mf.l.l fc th.
afflicted friends. I pray that the God of bat
tles may be with yon, end go forthwith your
armies till the rebellion ahall ceaae, the Union
....u, .uu lull OIU ulg waT0 0Ter onr tBm
v 1th much respect, I remain your friend,
Ltdia Bloccm,
Aged 87 yeara and 4 months,
ilEana'TEKi AaMv or the Uhitcd stateb. I
rt LM. S-ocm .,-.... !
Mr DsibMadih i Tour very welcome letter
' to know the relative nr th t.mnt u.i..
ui s,uu aiu inaLODL nm rprniT mtt i -.i.j
fln . XfiaPhalramn .... -r ai- - ..J
..".....i.a.viwunn.w.iBiji log mora toau
friendship existing between blm and myself
A nation grieves at the loss of one so dear to
our naiiou'8 caaso. it Is 4 seltlsh ffrlef be-
cause tho nation had more to expect fiora him
than from almost anyone llvlne. I Join In
this seltlsh grief, and add the grief of personal
love of tho departod. lie formed, for some
time, one of my military family. I knew him
I well. To know him was bat to love him. It
may bo some consotstlon to von. his aged
grandmother, to know that every officer and
every soldier wbo served under your grandson
felt the highest reverence for bis patriotism,
his xeal, his great, almost nneauated ability
hla amiability, and all the manly virtues thst
can adorn a commander. Tour bereavement
ia pxoa., dui cannot exceed mine.
Yoors trulj, U. 8. Graxt
Lieutenant General.
Another Onerillav Dieaeter-Derest sf Col-
Vpntn Pnlntial iru.t. a. t .
? ""om -'thot'-r,h.we:s n ro1.? ;r;
..kVby-r.ev.r.dl.a.rcr'on M Must? On
JhVnt 'theTown8 oPf"cUonh,.ft. f V
I, th. ,d.ecn?nnhr i.!S?.a 0'" ,
S hf gu ?rn!a. CtZV 'If hekd ?
lM""'",'- ,7 ,'""i U,hoDvgh, .nvl-
numuered nearly three to one, attacked tbe
roDeia iranessiy, ana speedily put them to
SiJSSSSn kTuMtK'a'n'olher
mrt.ii. ,.m f.j -'.. .J . 1 i5..I
Our loss wss twoklllod. - - rw
We re?ret th,t w0 hlT0 not lh0 f ,b
offlccr wn0 commanded our troops. The sol.
olorl deservo the hlBhest applause for their
.,.ntand successful light with a force so
aricel; tuclr .upcriors In Sumber.
Thi, iHimi tn ha , m..mi -ri n..
ni.tk.ii. n...i..
A gentlemen from Nassau, saya the New
' fo's: rut, gives ns Important information
hout blocksde running. He declarea that
veeeelB ply regularly beUeen Nassau and Wll-
mlngton, and the captaloa of the stoamcrs are
Pl " thousand dollars each trip. This Is a
sure source of wealth. There are many New
Vorkers at NaBsau, men who would by recog-
ld'L'.r. "2.,toS,hIKj,, "S'f.?-
fiVBasaubW uu uaaa euvnee. "" ea.. uu busts-
bara streets are largely represented In the con-
.alvHt baIa 'FIia ..atilP tVie. WaiAHa.. ItArtla"
irrtvuuu .muv. "v inu sua .tsuigau tioi,ii,
however, Is not fortunate. In consequence of
i becoming a naroor ana ronaezvous tor buc
caneers and blockade runners, the Inhabitants
are suffering severely. All articles of con-
i sumption are In demand, and bring exorbitant
i prices ior mo wiimingion mama, so we in
Dl"nl .Ire C0DI,lled t0 W,for loPft.nd
clothing the same extravagant rates as tbe In
habitants of thla city. It woutd be as bene
ficial to tbo people of New Providence as It
would to mo union cause u iuu cuy oi Wil
mington should bo blockaded or captured.
Inblioibiutt. Some months since, the
mum tiers of tbe church iu L were called
together to elect a member of tbe board of
' AW??!? "Z V? XhVZ'",'" K
A gentleman in business as a wnoiesaie gro-
- lnSe'rpCerr.bneel"cr;u,:eh,0 o,n"thTerLoIun'd
" f I h V, ..u fficr AdTms iiokSi vcrv
u J U. or.t of llemn shako of
rVi. Uriihwr Ailama aalil thn nib. ra
iv lonmcntti. "what elso Is there I "
" What elso t " said brother Adams, bringing
down bis cano with a rap, "lie don't Keep a
good article. I've tried It."
The brother was not elected.
hs rionas suouiu uoi iunvu too uouso oi
mnr.,1n, wlthnnt rlrlnLlnv tn lU mom.irv alt
tho wine lull iu bla collar. It U said that tbu
is h or the aecwsm was neritcuy luimica.
A nan at Columbus, Ohio, paid a negro ?3V)
to go as his substitute! but lbo negro tfonnrt van
sUtntcs In demand, and inM hlmsflf nl diirtlnn
atiiTiiro in iirmnnn. Biifi uniii n mi- i ni minimi
f.rtl.COQ I
NO. 235,
Hoard of Aldermen.
hf ORDAT. A Brett M. IMi.
.The Hoard met at the usual hour. The lse
tVesident, (Mr. Turton,) In tbo eh air. There were
r, (air. Turtoo,; 10 too ehair. There were
neasrs. Pepper, Plant, fiarr. Me Cat h on,
la, Uord.Noyes. Lewis, and Canflsld.
air laid before tho Board tho fullowlof
cations from the ."ayor; one anoouneur
arscwewt mviirii
virrmenie, ;
Tbe Chair
..Huannieaiions from the ."ayorj one anoouneUr
Ms approval ot an aetUfrado and f ravel BUry"
IiSp? Vn.u fr?m rinx to sooad streets easti
r..-nr..T.A . 7. uu ar.T.i airaci aouin, irom
ir.V.i B..n;. "l also, an aet to trim and
leeJna?',,.,.,?,.:?."',"0,,",wl" """'
i.tV. n rV.,Mh br,0" " B street north,
'.7" i;.,,.,!', eed North Capitol strMt.
, Also, a letter Iron the Mayor, Df.mln.tmr Thoe
l.SV.'.J': ..". 'ZV 'e.rnnea. Be-
!-. . -' .riu,eni u,mjBlUte.(
Also, a letter lir,m the Mayor, eneloatei the
ep'nln. ol Mr. Bradley, Corpor.uJ. Alton.. I.
relation to the powers' of th. water board! ii.
letter oftba Mayor la aa follows
cSSJu?' AUn ,nt """ dwmon
LSJ1I"1."!1 lhK!lif hoaerto ee.tose here
With the oplelon of th. Corporation Attorney, de
tain, the powere of th. water board una." the
",10JAto.,c?UBeUs I'r4 'uee , 8, by
whleh It will be bm i thai there le n. tiower to lev
water-melne eiMpt by pat lien to th. Council.,
Bod In eonformlt with fh. nM.i.i... .. ...--!
!f 7.2"?.''"0! W"'i "A "imllla la
f.l.'I"t'iy"l..0' rnee water throofhoul the
etty of Washington.
a cnsigH peiHioae lor weler-malna.
Very respeatlolir.
o , .... ."aD Wallacji, Mayor.
Belerred to the Water Lonmlttee.
From Josenh Smith, far an i.n.t...r .,..
mato. Referred.
Mr. Barr preseoted the petition of J. Kelly for
aea l.aeaa.. n BL. M...- is ..--. . ?.
--. .Mva.H.ui ..Bias wKri oi uories ana earte at
worn ior the C mo ration. narrtiMi tn rnnnmaa
wr. Mscatnron presented the petition of O. W,
Miller and C H. Drown. Referred.
Mr Utarmahts rrsasntai . niim.. n
strake and others for the Improvement or New
York avenue, between Sixth and Seventh streets
Itsferred to Committee on Improve meats
Mr. Nnyrs presented the petition from the Com
tnlsslonereef the Wash in. inn Aitinm.aVi....
app'oprlaUon of thlrtr thousand loataad oi Hit. en
thousand dollars In the years IBfts-'ao, tbe lottl
tntion supplleJ dally ISA pertooii i860- si. 143 per
s nii ib6l'62, ui persousi tawn, iu persuasi
18J. di.309 persons. This lnere-.se of Inmates, to
gether with the eaorhltaot prices r e. cry article
of subsistence, renders this application neoessair.
liefer ed to the Co omtttee on Asylum.
A. letter ftom Capt. Sheelz was submitted to the
Beard In hleh beeays that during his comma d
aa eorolllnc oQlcer, he mustered Into the United
States lervtce.andaeere ltedtothe District nuots,
BMreerute. Tbe premium was pelt foroolr tie
I ha Captain asks that an appropriation be maae
to defray tbe balame due
Tbe speefal order for the eveolnr was the noml
nation of Cnailee Hurdle as pollee offloer of the
Seeond ward.
Mr. Barr. from Iht comntHM nn Paii.. .,..!
nhel ttS A AAmmlll.. I. yI.b. ..-. a. e .'
--.., ...., vvi.4.iiw, uwinpiKu ngaiuB. nn con
firmation Mr. Lewie moved the nomination be laid over
for one week Laid over.
Mr. Lloyd, from the Ummlttee on Finance, pre
sented tbe lollowlot; bills, whleh have been in toe
bands of the committee, and asked that they be
referred tolbe Committee on Unfinished B lslneasi
A bill to pay outstanding claims against the
Central Guardhouse,
Petition of Caddis for the purchase of a lot from
ItiO vvrjiutrtuuu
Petition from, the District Columbia volunteers,
asking bounty,
A bill fixing the salary of lbs Treasurer of Public
Petition from Charles Duke, forth UT,Y.m t
iut ituiu laity v-tiii'UfrAtiuil.
iney were an reic
Unfinished Baslness.
A eommunleatltn from the Mavnr ralatlva tn
filling the quota of last May, and aiked that It
miKB. urn aksssu ou am oif OI . UJatra.
Mr. Pepper, fr m the Co mm itee o i Improve
ments, presented Council bill for lmnroTintT tha
alley In square 244. K fer red to the delegation of
tbeSecjnu w rd.
Also. Council bill parlog footway and setting
euib In square Crt Passed.
Also, Counrl bill for paying assessment for pav
ing carriageway In square tH2, Referred to uele
sailoa of 1 bird ward.
Also, Couuell bill setting curb-stone and paving
footway on the west side of Ninth etreet, from N
Mr. Piant, chairman ol the Committee on the
Fire DeDarlment. reoorted that tb committe..
non-coacurtod tn the amendments of tbo lower
Board and asked for a committee of conference
Messrs. Barr, I epper and Lloyd were appointed
special aitts OM tiic lowib boabd.
An act in relation to prltlee. Referred to the
Committee on Polls
A bill anthorlzlntr tha ertMitloa or av hrnt.hnns.
sir, ma twraeroi intra sirec. easi ana UStlCCt
south Committee of Public baho Is
Bill toreualr rutter ontoa ( aita. if Tnth
. a I a a.B-1. .tJZ ::..'. "..".. -"
lire, wen iroia new ion avenue to & etreet
west. Pasted.
A bill for the DaviQEor ana ev. rfcammenJJ
as a sanitary measure, In square OS, seventh ward
neieireu 10 uia uaicgaiion vi torn wru
t)n motion of Atdermtn Utermehle, the opinion
of the C rporatton Attorney was asked wh ther
the Corporation bad puwer so to Improve, It rtc
om mended as a sanitary measure, e.en without a
majorlt of the property holders
Mr. Prpper then offered a resolution for a drop
on the northea.t oorner of I street north and
a.lgbth street west, Third ward Committee of
l Cipro vemenis,
Fur a croBB-r
north, aoross Fourth street west Committee of
For enlarging drop on the northeast oorner of I
and Light b streets west Referred back to the
committee to report a stench trap, Instead of a
A etll from the lower Board, for a gutter on the
south side or Ustrret, across Fourth etreet west
and New Jersey avenue. Passed.
Hoard of Corjunoa Council
The Board met at the usual hour. All the mere.
lS'i present ept kirviQg and Dudley.
ins nriiUTUi lastu utiuio 1111 Awjartru mtiiiga
from the Mayor, announcing his approval or cer
tain nets.
Also, a mrsBace from the Ma ior in relation to
leacners id m puDua acnooia neierreu.
Alno. a mesaasre from the Mat or. returnlnr.
without his anuriival.tha bill for tha Immavtmtat
of Fourteenth street we-t, from K street south to
the canal, and the Mil for the Improvement of C
street north, from Ninth to Tenth streets west, In
aceordance with tbe late decision ot the Corpora
tion Attorney on he late act of Congress, In re
gard to assessing tbe cost of Improvements on the
properiy owucri rciitiing on ma airec. lmproveu
Mr. Larner was of the oi Inlon that the late aot
of Congieas coo fer re J upon the corporation the
power ui stfirisjiosi ine dui ui iu iiiipruTCDien on
the property owners If the Mayoi'a veto were
eusta nej, the Council must urge the passage of
au capia.ut.iur j juiu iriuiu.iuu at. iua uhi
Mr I'euin supi-oned me phi inopnoiit on to
the eo of the Mayor, He had a very high regard
ior me irgai aeniiy or ine iorporeiion Aiiorney,
but wnulat not make any remarks on tbe present
bill He would content himself with voting ai e "
Mr. wncbt said mat, pcueviog mat me uorpo-
ratloo Attorney was a more superior lawyer than
himself, he siiould vote to sustala hla decision
Mr t dm o os ton felt bound by the decision of tbe
corporation au roey, nu wuum voie "nay
Ti.e re.ult of the vote was then announced, as
Yeas messrs uavis, Ferguson, earner, uwen,
Peugh, Stephens, cwatu, Tsl ert, and Warda
nays -mesirs a.umonsion, niarcne, n eero, ii
'. Alison, Walker, Wright, and the President 7
Mr Oeren Introduced a bill to craJe and era. el
N street north, between Fourteenth and fifteenth
streets west, fteferred
Mr. Laraer Introduced a bill to construct aeron
(utter on the south side of O street north, from
ourth street wcat to New jersey avenue. Paisrd
Also, a bill to enlarge the drop at th cornet or 1
street north and Klgtith street wept, Passd.
Alio, a bill for therelicfof Lull S rederlh
Al.n. ninr In favni rtf tti fraction Of a BO 1100,
house In the northwest portion of the Second
Binniii uutiid. neiviiroe
Also, a bill levying special taxi e upon particular
portlnueol the heoimd.TuIrd, and fourth, wards,
fur oattlcalar local improvements. Rclcrred to
the corporation at orne
Mr, Walker present' a me reuuoa or u, s.
Mitchell, assistant cierk of the cent, e Market.
asking an increase of salary, nefsirtd.
aVrUK ll vr iiihhiii atsbae
Mr rrsTiinn ri orled a bill to relation to retail
dealers' llcenies, of all Modi, wMoh was made
thai aiK-riml nidtr fitr next Mondsv a.V.nlnr. Am)
ordered to be prloted.
Also, a nui loi.ovuar, asii,q i regulate is, cm,
".:r"V flof MondavavebinrVndorJerct
,l?'d.r.,or De" wonay ayening, andorderct
Mr' Lam
Mr Larner, I ' oin the Committee on Iv prove-
meuti, remitted a bill making appropriations to
MivaurocirQtiTiaiDVBprr iuriaiionis
i'I !- n .;... bI! . m.iK tn Nsin.
"J LfhVi5liaiw?aV" p. '"" "" ,0 S"a"
lheMUwaa anvscouently re-.ooi.dere.l, anl '
ieB i,v debate ensued, in whlah Wfiwi Urnet,
ian i. ah.i . an.ni in auPiinpi ni-iira uiinii.
Prugh intMoitepsrti ipatrl
One square, three days .. n.
On.toari,ronrday ...""'"'"Hjl
ouiar six dys. ..,.,. ,.;;;-,;;;; JJj
MMmiF T aTCTU'emenu. Pot.
Twice a week, 75 per cent additional.
Eight line, or leea constlnK aqnare.
Adrertlaemcnta should, b. handed la by 11
o'clock, m. ,,'"',
Mr. Moor. IntnduMd m nbetltnt. forth, bill.
a$.W' w,'.ol, subjoel "ae refemd to th. Cob
mttteeon Imprevamante.
tiir2,k-1 " dleeharfd from th.ao.sld.ra.
lion ol eertala pepere r.l.tln. to th. .eeaeimeas
"' Sri's'.lr aonetrnetw la th. alley u
eo.uara No. Ul, A,r.ed to.
u.I!li!lk-?'"' spprepriau.n to trim
also, a bill to tiki up and relav tho rtittap oa
lUailltlTT A. Mw....
.lI1!? ""'i loaj4ed t waelder tbe report of
the Commllta.on Kle. lone In relereaei TJjir.
Mareh. and Mr, Dudley. The report sets f.Vth
that th. n.me. of these (enUemen a," Jot oi. t".
tea llste, a.d Ihar ar. aot awnere ol real Mute!
They report thst theee f enUemen are not entitled
to their eeaU aa m.mbera of th. Board af Common
Mr Marihe said that on the loth of May laat ha
beejme the owner of a lot, and that lot he now
holds. Ills eollearne lath. nrpn Board ( Mr Me
Cathrea) laformij Mm that alseaeawea nearly
th. eama. H. eala ther. were many p Ktlnu of
triara sisitnai m-Ka.... a...- t-a ' . . . ..
f-L.ir ..."" wuf' e wem purensseooe
fore the election, and eooseq-itntlr tho names
would net o on the tax lists, but they woukI be
hr Id for the taies. He dcclloed to run as a eaadt
:!Vf w ll' bul WM P"ubyhis friends, and,
aitnoHhn votes were thrown out bvth. .ufi.
because the name was sn ued wrong, be wae eleet-
?L . ltfr,? ;J'wiy H eoo.lude.1 by say.
UF.lnw.' P b"d UmseTrantltlatl to his seat
Mr PeUlboae said that tht commlReei could An
ed by a flaiterl&g major..
aothlnf leee than pertorm Ue tlnty. They reported
thai nta IhA I.U..I .. . I a a. . " rT .V
Z, -- .uiaaam luejDi, uu inn law on m
Mr. Wright hopd that the sutjeat would be
postponed. His colleague (Mr. Dudley) waa tn
aisposcdana wae not able to be present, and ho
dealred to bo heard on tho subject.
Mr. Peugb desired to have the matter referred
to tbe orporation Attorney.
Mr. Wliano snrinil thavt fh IVtaprf ika, ttir.
Of the quallf eattens of its own members.
The motion of Mr. Wright wae agreed W.and
the report was postponed for two weeks.
billi raoMTHE OAD or ALDCBMEir.
The biu nutnoiisiaig tho Mayor to employ an
eoglneer to examine tbe oilTsreut plans and eitt
Biatea and eanae suraays to be made of tbo Im
provement of tr-o Washington canal, and appro
prlatli g i 4H0 for that purpose, wie taken up.
The bin was debated at gre.t length by Mcssn.
Wrltht. Peuch. Larner. Moorrs avnd ftpnhini.
wbeu tbe bill, on mntl o or Mr. Stephens, waa re
ferred to tho Committee on Canale
1 be bill 1 1 provide for the appointment of the
officers of the tire aiarm telegraph and fixing their
s-IarleB, was tsken up.
Mr. Wright moved that the Board Insist oa IU
former am.ndmtnt, and ask a committee o( eon
ferrncetwhler. waa agreed to, and Messrs. Wright,
vasal euo aau .Vat TAB wsjisj stppaiatfJU
Mr StenhenssubralttadthalollowlnrrsMAlnttAfi.
which as agreed to.
Ktiolvtd, That the use of the Chamber be and la
hereby granted granted to the members of the
fcxeraptiun Fund, on Wednesday night, the list of
Aug tit, for tienurDOie of efrMtlna-aa oraraDlia.
tioo in reference to tbe pending draft, provided
the Messenger of the Board Is paid for his services.
vu mo uon oi an, wrignt, ine uoara adjourned.
Internal Ilerenne Deelsloa Concern Us a;
I'aymtnta lo I'eraone in Ine Knaplny
mint of the United States
Tbe one hundred and seventeenth lection of
tbe act of Jane 30, 1S34, provides that, to cases
where tbe salary or other compensation paid
to any person In tbo employment or eervlee of
the United Stales shall not exceed the rate of
six hundred dollars per annum, or shall be by
lees, or uncertain or irregular iu tue amount
or In the time during which the same shall
have accrued or been earned, such salary or
other compensation shall bo Included In eetl
matloc; tbe annual gains, profit, or toco ma of
tho person to whom the same shall bivo boon
Tho Instructions heretofore issued to pay
matters and disbursing officers must, there
fore, be so far mod I tied as to conform to tba
change In the law and tbe ruling that tbe tax
should be withheld trom all payments to per
sons employed by tbe day wbeu the compensa
tion exceeded two dollars per day Is a on ailed.
Hereafter no tax will bo withhold from per
sons who are employed by the day and paid by
tbo day, no matter what may bo the rate of
compensation) and no tax will be withheld
from persons employed by the day and paid at
the end of the month, unless the amount earned
during the month exceeds tbe sum of fifty dol
lars. When tho amount earned daring the
mouiu aoee execou mo gamui uuj uuur, vuu
tax of five per centum must be withheld from
tbo amount In excess.
When a poraon la employed bv the month at
a rate of compensation exceeding; fifty dollars,
the tax must bo withheld from the amount in
excess of that rate, even though tbe payment
Is for such a fraction of a month that tbo
amount due Is kss thau fifty dollars. Thus, If
a person whose salary is one nun area aouars
per month Is emjloyed but one quarter of a
given month, tbe tax must be withheld upon
tbo sum of twelve dollars and a half.
All unonnu received bv anv person in the
service or employment of tbe United States
whlcn are exempt irom eaiary tax unaer mo
above provisions must be returned to tbe aa
seasor of the district In which such person re
sides, in tbe same manner as income from any
other source.
A special exception to the rulo above estab
lished Is made In the !Vi3d lection of the act,
osiifh nifividM that rtavments of tMto money
shall be regarded as Income froii ea'arica, and
tho duty thereon shall bo adjured and collect
ed In like manner. Th lax must, therefore,
be withheld from all p" utnts of prUo money,
a hpretoforo. and such payiiu a may be de
ducted from Income, as provide1 nsoctlonU7.
Turnouts svt Ne-wiMirt,
Tbe Newport contspondent of tl o New York
Eitnina Pott uudor date 2UU g vea one an
idea of tbo graodtur of the euu pr,ee that are
''sported' by mUs'lonairrs at ihut fashionable
watering-place, lie says that
On tkllevue avenue every pleasant afternoon
there Is a magnificent display of vehicles of
every description. Juit now tbe rage seems
to Ixs for ' four-lo-bend" teams, of which there
aro aboat half a dozen here, and more expected.
8o far as style Is concerned, it I generally coo
ceded that the M turn-out" of 1. W. Jerome,
tho wealthy Wall street banker. Is superior to
all others, though there are oue or two that
overmatch bis In point of speed and value.
Thcro Is a grow'ng sentiment, however, that
speed In a gLntleman'a team is of secondary
tt hf drirvi (sit horieB,
Must himself be ,"
Is becoming a rrovcrb Tbe equipage that
throws all others In the shade, and cause them
to i( pale their ineffectual Urea," la that of the
aforementioned chairman of the Democratic
National Committee. It consists of a low
barouche drawn by four elegant and fiery
11 thorough brods," with postilions mounted
on tho Icll or " near" horse of each pair. Two
footoun In extensive livery are suspended
from a high seat on the back of tbe carriage.
technically called tho ' ramble." The barouche
Is lined with rich satin damask, sod the out
side trimmings are of heavy gilt. ba poa
tlllons are drrssed In buckskin breeches and
high-top boots, with black silk velvet lacketa
and caps hlnhlV ornamented with gold lace.
Tbo men am peculiarly; wtll formed, naving
been selected and traliu Europe with espe
cial reference to their " build" and the extra
h o7tbVl r '?fah. Tbelr livery is imported
at a coat of about 1 1.000 a suit, and the cost of
tho wholo atlair may bo coojecmrod when I
stateT that the borsca aro valued at tM.OOO, the
carrlsrroat 000, and the harness and other
trappings at $3,000. When tbo royal curffe
.--f:,..ip. .TuiBAiancQ on Lbo avenue with the
democratic prince In full costume, all other
..hi, i..a insuinrtlveli irive wav. as though tbo
uempant was lndood a "crowned head The
..-,,'. t hi Hmnrrattc ma ostv am said
f''r, BOtQ0 forty horses, valued at 11,000
l0 J!"",!?!11 ""'""
w etf,vwve..m .
r s ara-aaaTara tim-w-m
WATKlla to scarco at ovvauiaeot that tha
w.7nnik twelre rmM prr quart for
. .- .-....

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