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gtntioiml fgcpuMiCHW.
T0UDAYuiiraiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiUQlT8T SO, 1W4.
OF TKiraiflSKK.
rsksoa truo is kit at tuk Trias or
FULLY surroRT, moTKCT, and defend
Fremont, Coding that he la sot considered
the candidate of any legitimate party, either
by the preea orjwople, contrtTea with a amall
clique of malconlcnta, total of whomonght
to be engaged In belter business than catering
to Copperheadt, ea poclally In time like the
prcecnt, to bring hlmielf Into notice by writing
letters magnifying hla own Importance. It
reminda us of the fable of the bantam cock
among the horace. Bantam itrutted Into a
atable and found hlmtelf euddenly among the
active legs of nnmcrona apjrlted horses. See
ing the dancer of being kicked or trampled to
death he iiraLthienod up, and dlaplajlng hit
featbere 1 ahanke to the hone, aald, " Cfentr,
gertfUmm, CoH UC bt trtading oh tach other "
The D.mocr.tle C.aT.aUl.m.
Borne of the autplcea of the Chicago Conven
tion betoken evil. A railroad train loaded
with deleiiatea It blown oil the track, and the
spectators' platform breaks down early In the
proceeding. It waa a "peace" platform, we
conclude, for nobody waa hurt. The accident
betokena the coming fate of the peace party,
feace meant the dltmemberment of the Gov
ernment and tubmlttlon, In fact, to the de
minds or Jeff. Davit. The people will break
down all tuch platforms, and Ihoeewho ttand
on them will tumble down.
Mr. Bdmont, according to the press report
of his speech, warned the Democrats at the
oulaet of the dissuasions of the Charleston Con
vection, and with reaaon. The tlave power
brcke up tbe Cbertetton Convention and the
Democratic party, and brought on the rebel
lion. The ijmpatbliera with the old "Inttltu
tlon" will rule or ruin the Chicago Conven
tion. The history of these Democratic conventions
It Interesting. The one next previous to the
Chtrletton Convention wst opened with great
eclat by Gen. Sterling Price, who, at the head
of a guerrilla delegation, knocked down the
doorkeeper, and etrode Into tbe hall with tbe
air of a tltveocrtt, followed by Italah Hinder
He waa expel'ed, however, and hla brother
s'svcocrsls, hiving everything their own wsy,
proceeded harmoniously to the nomination of
Bncbsnan. At Ihli convention, too, the ssme
Keystone Club, which "grosned" the Union
newspspers when they left Philadelphia for
Chicago, waa extremely active. They took
possession of Cincinnati, seemingly. The
lsrgett parlort In tbe hotels were monopolized
by them. Their bsndt of mualc added to the
general excitement, and they rilled the air
everywhere with the praltea of Jsmes Bu
chansn. That club did more for the nomina
tion of Buchanan than any other ontalde In
fluence. They now go for peace at tbe point
of tbe knife.
A Dlfllenlty with Spalai Pewalbl,
In tho year IMS, the United States made a
treaty with New Grenada, South America, by
which the United States agreed to guarantee,
forcibly If need be, the neutrality of the Itth
mus of Panama. This treaty was ratified
June 13th, lots. Mow, Fern, a friendly conn
try, calls upon the United States of Colombia
(formerly known at New Grenada) to prevent
Spain from transporting her troops across the
Isthmus for the purpose of Disking wsr npon
Colombia, kuowlug that the has not tho
strength to resist or prevent flpsln from thus
transporting her troop, ctlla npon the Gov
eminent of thu United Ststes to fulfil the guar,
autoe entered Into by the tresjy above men
tioned. Our Government tlnda no difficulty In determ.
Inlng that It Is our duty to perform the oUlza
tlons set forth In the treaty, whenever the de
mand shall be made by the proper party) and
In the solution of tbe latter part of thu propo
altlon waa found the only doobt or caute for
hetltaucy. The matter waa referred to the
Attorney General, who, npon conalderatlon of
the subject and Toll examination of the history
of tbe tacts lovolveJ, finds that New Grenada
and thu United States of Colombia are one and
thu same Government.
So last we mutt send troopa and vessels of
war, tr uwd be, to maintain our treaty, and
pmet.t 8p,ln from transporting her troops
It appears that the tresty alto guarantees the
absolute sovereignty of New Granada over tbe
territory named, and a recurrence to the his
tory of the uegutlstlon shows thst the agree
msnt was made with the expectation of pre
sently being called npon to send troops for the
oit. nslblu purpose of maintaining the treaty
but really with thu dosljn of occupying and
possessing the territory on behalf of the United
Sulci. Bucb wat the plan of our, then, ad
ululitraiiun, whoto policy wat to occupy and
control thlt continent.
In the Impendlnc results of this treat.. ..
have a practical Illustration of the Impolicy of
.,... .,.,,, nuui.au leacungs of our fathers,
and of tht wltdom or Waihlngton and hla co
temporary etateameu, who enjoined npon us to
avoid entering Into entangling alliances with
foreign Powers.
A Irfcleal llwtetloa.
Jin. Editoh i tJluce we hare had refreshing
uloi I.icly, and the streama are crni..n
ailed, wby ibonM the milk manufacturer!
perelst In mnrMvg nlWD ciu a Quart for I
l..llk Oti Pm I
Gov. Seymour Elootod Presi
dent of tho Convention.
Meridian's Nomination Considered
Ipll Uipittti to tin (tatleael r,iuMlcan.
Cbicaoo, 111., An;. SO HI o'clock, p. m.
Oar. Seymour, of New York, It elected preel.
dent of tbe coQTeaUoo, aail ! now tailing
McClrilan's nomination It considered inre.
We Inn, s we go to press, (1J p. m,,) by
telegriph from Ne York, that prltate lis.
pstches Jutt molted there announce that
McClellsn bat melted the nomination of the
Contention at Its candidate for Frealdent of
the United Stale.
We are Inclined to think the report prema
ture, bnt we hare no doubt that tnch will be
the final result of that angntt "astemblj of
dtlxeni," at Belmont calls It.
August Belmont commenced his speech , In
opening the Chicago Convention yesterday,
with the following announcementt
"We are assembled bore to-day as a National
hcmocratlc Convention, under the call of the
Democratic National Committee."
Ho closed the ttmo tpeoch In the following
words i
..v.vuu. .v.vm ,mMn.,i UUE ftft
Deace Democrat, but at clllzena of this stmi
The public are patiently waiting to learn
which of the above atatementt It true. Both
csnnot be.
"We all eapett a i.ntl. answer, Jew."
Fibamjiau Tho subscriptions to the 7-SO
loan, aa reported yesterday to the Treasury De
partment, amount to 555,000, and to the 10-40
loan to 1414,000.
The National Bank Note Company It now
furnishing three millions dttly of bonds for the
conversion of 7-30, due August and October,
Tht Hnacti at Fords Theatre,
Mr. and Mrs. Florente reetlred an ovation at
Ford's Theatre that Bust bar been v rr eratUr,
lot, aesustoottd aa they ar to larf and sathusl
aitlo audience.. The theatre was rilled from top
v Nina eaa an erouoa in loc-Dles. Th. area for
prom.aaderewai filled with ipeetatnra, sou. ol
whom .at en eaaraa-haek atooli aod tbe olbcra
aaaiataloed a nerpctdlcular attitude. xeDt whea
tbty wr "doubled up" with Itusbter by Flor-
..n. ...a coDueauaet.
urs. Florat waa nearlr snotharaJ with tl.a
bouquets thrown from th boxes br offisera and
othara who, happenlnc to b In th city, too oo-
wsutB to issiiry ineir appreciation ol tlese favor
It blldra of Momus and lb Graces. W trait
that Mr. Ferd will rlre ut an opportunity to wit
ness, r loaf, the atw pleees that th Florences
have added to their rcpertolr.
AxscDon or McClbxuk. Col. M etcalf. of
Kentucky, made a Union speech at a public
meeting, not long ago, at which he related an
anecdote of Oen. McClellan, showing how he
regarded me rebel leader, ue aald i
I got my eyes opened on thst voung Napo-
iwu iu mo .inoK ei iwu i went to aee lien,
sf cCletlan, and In tbe course of the conversa
tion I aald to him that Jeff. Davit waa a scoun
drelandsrermdlator. nefUrClallaiiWtrairM.
ened himself up quickly, sad taldt 'I do assure
you, air, that you are mistaken. Jell. Davis la
a perfect gentleman, and will not do anything
nnhnrnmlnp ft i-nflmn I wll ir t.i
conspirator, thief, repndlalor, and the civil
devil who la Instigating all thlt murder It hit
beau Ideal of a (perfect gentleman,' I hope our
country will never be curaed with hla morali
ty ana virtue at tne bead or affairs.
BrioLAKr Extraohdinsbt. In Cumber
land, Sid., on the 18th lost., tome burglars en
tered a building, and, after stealing tome
money rrom the drawer, laid sclge to tho safe
by s regular mining operation. They laid a
train to the safe to blow It open, fired It from
the outside. The'r labor waa lost, for, In the
language of the Wheeling -bUi-irncrr
"The explosion which followed forced out
the vaU of the baek bulldlnc. which fell across
Centre street, and tho roof tumbled In upon
and crnahed the contents of tbe room. The
main building, on Baltimore street, two and a
half stories high, or brick, was shattered from
the main floor to the roof, the class helm?
blown out, the doors snd window frstnee
started rrom the waU, and the walla, rronl and
tide, forced out and cracked almost to their
downfall: It It needless to tty that the bur
glars did not re-enter tbe store to look after the
contents of the ssr. which waa fonnd nnrfnp
the rubbish with the ouulde plate or the door
The Income of Collector Babibt, collector
lor tbe port of New York, was only (w.ooo lait
The wife and two tout of Geo. Kobbut E. Lie
are reported to be llvlns at Niagara, N, t. Thar
Hiaraa lliaav Attssunjtvu saw IT
Mifli Kexoqo, tho prima dooDit BiereUdt.
tht aUtlatt sVOtl CtillBrrairriBri Slohtilna. it !.
York, bssvc Uq ruUUxi At ew JUrtforJ, ft.
Oot. SrHioci aod ladj, of Khodo Iilaadi
MiJorOfn. Smith and Geo. rbotuM Maitla. U. a.
t.ra.jiJ.D Allen, or rbiladalpbUf andCol.A.W.
A J. mi, or Nw York, art itopptng t tba A.tor
BicaiTAUt Biwaud left town laat cvusIdi;,
for New tork. 6
iMHu aval una. u. tia Jl MWWKT W IU8 u DlteU
SUU.I Edward Malct aad a. 8t.eppe.nJ, of the Briu
awe tuajttiWut asuu aUUOr urBsassllal. still lDO, ttt hi
the Brevoori Houie, f-.w y0rk.
flslltllVMlB tVtlsll-iu Uaaa ,t T It T . -
" a"" miwuii, aUMS)u CUU afs t, AAM1
Uttt. WIidooiIoi E Got. a. W. Haadali. Wih
lnrtaTini AaattattBint aU'MtiD nl thai Iu.-.. n i b
Wasbiuatont aadO.W. hliss, U.S. army, 'ars at
thai ABlAts aJAiictah "
Carr.MciB, Englandj N.J. Gomez, Havana
"" ( w aiit meiuri, tHJ
ATciiuo nova , neir sork
COL. CniOEIBlNU. Of t).A RA V-.a-rni..ttai
..-.i. .... ..T "-." ..- --- .".
Ai.UUat ProYO. M-nb-1 Gcaeral or thl Denit
taaol of Ih amL tw wUI 1000 Droo.ni North nn
Uava or ahaaaca. Col. ihiokerluc ha tn in
vary poor be. lth d urine the ittt two montni.
Col. IIira Robion. tbo foraer colonel of
wtj sfu tvsuuua.au, wiriiiY, BDa more rrCtUtlV C0B1-
mai.diBKAbrlaaia. baa bean ni.aintii in 1111 ik
lmporUat poaiiloa. Col. HoMnion ti walNknown
lathlailaprtmeataiabraTeoaocr, aod tbta a
avaaawauwu. uisti .IBSSl VMV 'lt7 VTlTUnt I Ifflff.
Tan Privy Purte of the new Kim-of w,,.
tembnrg has been voted) It It as follown
777,800 florins In coin, 4, &U0 quintals or oats,
1.230 quintals of wheat, 768 oulntols of barley,
13,1X10 qulnula of rye, and 1,200 cordt of beech
A n..a... IT 4 V.t.. ,..., ..
uan.bftjftfti. ui acu., Aj.iNiu, (ft.eiy a.o
slung him In the throat to severely that he
uieu. ue waa ttung by a waap on the tongue
-vu. Bar previoosiy.Dut it teema tne lesion
wat lott.
Tbb muilc publlthen st Psrlt have telxed
!"'" In,le bo"frpIJlJ "their tunea"
without paying coi
.V "J'ue KWPJ"gnti tno t rencn uovern
ment have promised to bring a bill at the
next aeatlon of the Ugltltiure to exempt these
tana from copyright.
Tu besBtlfnl grounds at ttmnn rnr.
merly occupied by Mrs. feiuam, and now hy
Mr. FltniBn fiaiwaa tiswm ti.vl.ej . . . '
MrPmM. I"" W -o threo Jloaton
KenBtnen' wh0 wI" " thKm tot prWate pnr-
jpnokt tub rnoiVT.
Ma righlla:-Itartjrtla; ttataaatmt mt
am Kngllah ntrnctoOair ioaa am
(Cormpoadtnceof tha AaaoeUtad F.tial
A letter from tba Armj of Iborotomac. dated
Aaicnat SB. eTenlofr, eaji: To-day not a gnu
was fired from daylight to dark, aod up to thU
hour, 0 p. tn., thcw hare been Teryfew re
port. H vaa the moit qnlet daj wo hare had
la four weeka.
Oar lott tn Thnndaj' light la aacertaioed
to be about two thoaiaad men. In tba asgre-
tale, and cine con 8 roar of Brown'a Uhodr
rjland, four of Slecper'a Maiiachuictti, aod
dno of McKnlRht'n battery of light artlllerj.
auu hLcuiciii) i isiauva v (ajucat,. ium (
waa the 107th PenutjlTanta Teteran Tolonteer
Infantry, lnitead of the 104th New Tork, aa re
ported In aorae of the newipapcra, which cap
tared the tattle- (tag of the l&h North Carolina
m the fiDt or the ivno. aoa the party who
maao tne prize waa me coior-oearcror the rrgi
ment, Friiato Hatteotteln, of companr-C
An EncllBh EeotlemaD. Edwin Wallaeo.
iwam tbe Appomattox laal night, and eecaped
to our 11dm. He baa resided In Petersburg
since the war btvan. and represents the pros
pects 01 tne lanieaeracr aa Dtconunjr more
Kloomy than ever. Tbe feadera are rendered
desperate because of tbe mlscarrlaco of their
scheme to draw Gen. Grant hence by Inradiog
Mr. wauace lost m wue ana coua in i'e-
tersbarg, a short lime agt. Tbey were killed
ty tbe explosion of one of oar shells, which
entered his house.
Three deserters also rot in last nleht. TheT
siate inai iney were paia ou ana aiscnsrrea a
short time ago, from Col. Crawford's (Union)
Third Teniiosaee handled days regiment, and
....... i. . ..". . . '
wnueon loeirway nome were capiarea, wiin
serenteen others, br General Weller's caralrr.
and forced Into the rebel ranks, altar being
robbed of all their money and clothing. Tbey
haro no Idea of what became of the other
seventeen. They were separated at Lynch
burg, whither they were brought from the
flaco of their capture In Irons. The seem very
ndlgnant at tho treatment they have received,
and wcro anxious to take the oath of allegiance.
Dffluient'a B parch tie llaulnds tltt Con
vtniion or cnatiaaion.
Cnitauo. Angust 211. At noon tbe couven
lion was called to order by Angust Belmont,
chairman of the National Committee, who aaldi
" we arc asf cmDicu ncro m aav as a national
Democratic Convention, under the call of the
national .uemocrauc uommuiee. ror tne pur
pose of nomlnstloe candidates for tbo Prist-
dencv and Vice Prt-sldcncr.
ibis usk. at an times a moit iJiincuii and
arduous one, has, by tho sad events of our civil
war. assumed an Importance aDdretponilbllit.
of the most fearful nature. Never, sloce the
formation of our Government, has there been
an aasf mblage tbe proceedings of which were
rraniri.1 wan more moincntons ana vital results
than ihof e which mast Dow rrom your action
In your Lands rat. under the rulinirs of an
an-wiio rroviaence.ine inturo or this iwpobiic.
Four veara of rule by a sectional, fanatical.
and corrupt party warns us of the disastrous
consequences which would befall us If Mr.
Lio coin's re-election should be made noealble.
"The Inevitable results of such a calamity
moH DauucraiB.aicgrai.OD oi oar waoie po
lltlcsl and coclsl system, amid bloodshed and
anarchy, with tho (treat problems of liberal
progress ana sen -govern ment Jeopardized for
Kcnerauons w come. iei us at i ne very outset
oi our proceedings Dear in mina test toe dis
sensions of the last National Democratic Con
vention were one of tbe principal caasos which
gave toe reins oi uovernmeat into tnonands o
our opponents, and let ns beware not to fall
again into tna same ratal error, we most
brine to the altar of our country the tacriflce
of our prejudices, eplulons, and convictions.
owcTcraoar anu long cnensnea iney may do.
irum uit inuaica. .dct lareavea narmoay ana
unity of acllon,solndlspensab1a to our success.
- wo are nere noi as war uemocrau nor as
peace Democrats, but as citizens of this groat
Republic, which we wlllstrlvo and labor tqtbe
last to bring back to Us former greatness and
prosperity, wunoui one sinsio star taitcn rrom
tbe brilliant constellation that once enclrcUd
its youthful brow. I.ct pure and disinterested
pamousm, icmperou oy moderation ana ior
unaer mo o.essings oi Aimigniy uoa, toe .acre a
cause of the Union, Constitution, and laws
must prevail oyer fanaticism and treason."
Iter. Dr. Clarkson, of Chicago, offered up a
prayer lor iua speoay return oi peace, ana ror
me permanent nsppmoss oi toe country.
A list of delegates was called by BUle, and
aa each chairman presented his credentials ho
was welcomed with loud applause.
Mr. Tllden moved that one delegate bo d-
polntcd from each dulcgation, to report resolu
tions for the consideration of the convention,
na uiai tu risoiuuons do rcicrrca to a com
mittee vi Ithout debate. This was carried.
Mr. Powtll. of Kentucky, stated that the con
testing delegates from that Btate had agreed,
and were harmonious In this convention, lie
moved that a member rrom each delegation bo
appointed a committee on resolutions, tbey to
hare but one vote. This was carried.
Mr. McDougall. of California, moved that
there be admitted to the convention not to ex
cecd three gentlemen known to be members of
tno Democratic party irom eacn or tno several
Territories, ssld dclcgatea to be permitted to
participate In debate, without a vote.
Gen. Morgan, of Ohio, moved to amend by
extending the privileges of tbe rcaolutlon to
delegates from the Southern States and tbe
Dl Uriel of Columbia. This was referred to the
Committee on Credentials.
Governor WlckHOV, of Kentucky, handed up
two letters from John W Leathers and J. H.
Buchanan, delegates from Kentucky, la which
they explain their absence by saying that tbey
are victims of military despotism, arrested
without cause, Imprisoned, and denied a resort
to tho legal measures guaranteed by the laws
of the State aod tho Constitution to establish
their innocence.
I On motion, each delegation, through Its
chairman, named IU selection of members of
tne respective committees.
A number of resolutions wero read and re
ferred, inciaaiurz one bv Mr. Lodj oroi o.fur
tbe appointment of a committee to proceed to
tvaaoiokionanu request Mr. Lincoln to post
pone tho draft until tho people should decide.
at the coming election, la favor of war or
peace, by tho election of taudldatce for tbe
rresiuency. ine convention adjourned till
ten o'clock to-morrow,
ArrlTat of the Steamer KuIIod, rrom I!ll
to lled.
New York, Ang. 39. Tbe steamtr Fulton
has arrived from Hilton Head, via Vfrtra
Monroe. Her news has partially been ontlil-
An expedition consletluir of the 75th Ohio
and companies H and D of the 4th Massachn-
ecus cavalry, and one- piece or artillery from
the Sd Hhode Island battery, all commanded by
Col. Harris, of the 75th, started from. Magno
lia, Florida, to make a raid.
The column reached Start without fighting,
and there destroyed a railroad train and cap
tured a large quantity of merchandise and
applies, ami thm proceeded to Gainesville.
While there tbey were surprised by six hun
dred of Dickinson's rebel force. A fight en
sued, resulting In the capture of one hundred
of our men aod the p'ece of artillery, and tbo
recapture of the property.
Affairs at Morris Island are unci, so god. It
Is expected that additional heavy guns will he
ready to operate against Bumter In a few days.
Meanwhile the fort Is undergoing a severe
handling Shells are sent Into Charleston
Later from Kurope The Delraat Ittota.
Naw Tonir, Ang. W. The steamer Edln
borough has arrived. Her news Is a day later,
but not of much Importance.
Livirpool, Aug, 19. Tho Belfast riots con
tinued fiercely yeeierday, with much Injury to
persons and property. To-day tho disturbance
has apparently suhsided, the rioters belnic oyer-
awed by the strong military force. There Is no
other news.
TBS LATISTa iTtlCDTanh tn Onsnalnwn.1
IJVS.i POOL. An If. 17. The not at H-lf-sU Irtv.
land, continued last night. Many persons
were shot and several killed. A strong mili
tary force is now on the spot,
LOUDO. AUET. 17. Consols fur mnnAf Ml
J aij. American srcurltlts are nnmlnsl.
Second Edition
. -i. r if
OOPPatflllEAD TIIUNDBSn rnoit cm.
(lor. Seymour, In bis speech st Cblcseato-
day, tajs the " great reason .way tbe Dcmc
crallc parly tbould be restored to power It be
cause ll will restoro Ibe Union sad bring back
peace." Wbat twaddle tbta It from tbe lesdet
nf s party that destroyed peace add sounded
the tocsin of war when It fired tea first gun at
Sumter, tclecd the navy yards, arsenals, ships
of-wsr, snd other Government property.
Borne or the thieve who perpetrated threi
high crimes are nowst Chlcsgo snd In Csnsds,
the Immediate snd telegraphic colleague of
this same Horatio Seymour. Mr. Seymour
must not deceive himself with tht Ides thst the
loyal people of thlt country have forgotten that
Jamce Duchtnan precipitated thlt horrid war
npon the couutryi that ABune.se Liacou
asiumed the relet of Government with thlt
wicked Democrtlle war on hla handa with
out a navy or army to euppress It, but thst s
centlnuout orgsolied opposition to erery ef
fort of the Government to pnt down the rebel
lion htt been made. The people remember
thlt. Horatio Seymour thould hide hit besd
in thtme Instead of Insulting high Heaven bj
tuch hypocritical talk.
"There are more thlnga In Heaven, Horatio,
than are dreamt of In your philosophy."
No uewt of Importance from Petersburg,
Atlanta, or the Valley of the Shenandoah, up
to the hour of going to press.
Mr. Ford commenced the theatrical teaton
last night with fine prospects. Tbe Flos
bnces ftvorltot In tho Fedoral melropollt
were tbo stars. A crowded house greeted them.
They never executed their difficult ptrtt to
higher tatltfactlon. 3!rs. Florcncoa recep
tion, and tho applause bestowed upon bet
efforts st different periods of tho evening, In
cluding the Horsl compliment paid her, mutt
hare been exceedingly gratifying to her as
well at to her " better half." Tho perform
ances of tbetc accomplished dramatic artists
sre free from tbe low vulgarisms too often In
troduced by torn peoplu In performing the
ittne 1 ne of characters. Wo sre glad to be
able to testify to tbe fact that Mr. and Mrs.
Florence havo established a higher standard
for their guide, and It will wlnln the long run'
Th TrftT.ll.B Post OOlc.
The excellent method of assorting the mails,
wbliiil! In general rue on the English and
French roads, haa been adopted by tbe Foal
Office Department. One"of the cars used for
this purposo arrived hero last night from New
York. The car It forty fivo foU Ave Inches
long and nine feet four Inches wide, and hat
the ususl apertures through which letters aro
dropped. The Interior of the car la fitted op
very neatly, and Is supplied with four hundred
email pigeon holes, which will sdmlt of letters,
newspspers, A:. also, water-coolers, atores,
lamps, and all conveniences which may render
tbe clerks comfortsblo.
Severs! clerks will be employed In csch car.
The object of thlt plan It to avoid the delay of
atsortlng the letters when they rcsch the pott
office. For the present, there will be one
line only which will run between thla city and
New Tork, though the Depsrtment expect soon
to establish other line running north, south,
and wett from New Tork, sod west from Fhll-
adelphlt, to toon at tho railroad eompanlet
can prepare editable can ror tbe purpote.
Tbo Btltlmore and Ohio Railroad Company
bare furnltbed tbe rlrtt car, complete, and fur-
nlibed In the bctt style.
The Camden and Amboy Company have a
new car nearly ready. It Is thought by next
week that several routes will be started. The
Foet Office Depsrtment It entitled to much
credit, In thst they sre ever on tbe alert to avail
Ibemeelvct, In their effortt to aerve the public.
of any Improvement that will enable them to
facilitate the delivery of mall matter to tho
A Peace M.asur. Propos.d.
Upon the tame principle, and for the tame
reatont, that General McClellan arrested the
Maryland Legislature, vln to catch traitors, we
tuggett tbe propriety of "gobbling" the present
assembly at Chicago delegates, outsiders, snd
all- A greater number of traitors could not be
caught at any one time, In one net) hence a
moro effectual modo of suppressing the rebel'
lion could not be devised. If this could be
done, recruiting might stop, the draft would
not be needed, tho rebellion would lose Its vl
tsllty, peace would follow, and the Union
would be rcstorod.
A Hew Military Invention.
Capt. Dlmmlck, of the 10th New Tork vol.
unteers, has Invented a light, portablo shield
for sharpshooters and skirmishers, which will
enable them to approach rifle-pita with safety,
and from their protected position shoot at tho
enemy ad IA. For good military and strategic
reasons wo forbear to give a description of this
Important Invention.
Th "l'.ftcs" Apoatl .d th Major Gtn
We had tnppoaed that Mr. Vallaiidlgbsm
was sen. 10 micago oy me political incnatt
but ho tells ut at Daytoni "I expect speedily,
by tbo grace of God and I aak no hla-her au
thorityto be at Chicago." This efiectuslly
dlepusos of the authority of tbe Convention
that BHnt him. IJut would ho kindly Inform an
inquiring public, In case he had been dissatis
fied with tbe authority he asserts, to what
"higher authority" he would have appealed!
In the midst of his speech the worthy orstor
'maul to asK tola moat pusziing question t
"Wbat shall I sav. as an honest man 1" What.
Indeed 1 That question may be called. In the
lannuago of the rude street boy, " a sockdolo.
But recovering toward tho close of hit ad
dress, be proclslms hit purposo " to remsln
forever ' God's nnbloat work, an honest man.1 "
It Is a most commendable resolution. The
aeicgatowno hold his omco aa the old kings
clslmed to hold theirs, " by thogrsceof God,"
doubtless remembers what Othello says to
Emilia of her husband, Itgoi
"An honest man h. li, and hatci tht lUm.
Tt.it ttiekt en filthy dt.ils "
Hut being an honest man, wby does the lui.
maculato orator proceed to aeeerte the honetty
of thu toldlcrt, "I do not look for pertonat
axirrandlzement. JJdU Iihoidd have turn a
Major Qtntral lowj ago, and AoJ millions of
morxfij lotd ly as IU ipoitt ofmyh&rt in tin tear."
This Is the plain assertion tntthe commis
sion of a mslor reneral la the result of a desire
of personal aggrandizement, and thst major
generals lay by "tpollt" to the amount of
luiuiuuB oi uoaara. air. vauanaignam anouia
remember that he Is a " peace " man, and not
a good authorltv noon aotdlerat who. aa thev
read such word, will be apt to exclaim, as he
rcmombora Othello did, with peculiar em
phasis, when bis mind awakened tn the truth,
j.wHH, nontii legoi"
ALBiTiissx hearted Jury In Knglandhsa Jutt
awarded damagee of 290 to a damsel wh.se
heart was nigh breaking because htr lover
wumu noi marry ner aa ne promnea. boo
filed her declaration that she wst ready aid
willing htithtwesnl,
' ' i i .' , raS
Horatio Soymbur, Elootod Per
manent ' Froflldont.
speech or aovnNon sETMoon
II. AdVMSluPissi and th Ilstratl.
or th IHmoeratle Party la s-ovr.r,
No NoBlntvtlotT or Platform Yet,
yin.iar OSM.rer UtU 0t(I MtClsllaV.'
Cn.CAOO, Angust SO. The National Demo
cratic Convention reassembled at ten o'clock.
this mo ml eg. Tht allena'aspa, both Inside
and outside the Wigwam, wai ercn greater
than yesterday.
Immediately after the Contention was called
to order, prayer was offered by Bishop White
home, ofllllnola.
Mr. II actios, chairman of tho committee on
organization, reported that the committee had
onsnlraonsly agreed npon Horatio Beymonr
as the permanent president of the Convention.
Applause greeted tho announcement, and the
report waa adopted bj acclamation.
Tho report of the committee on organization
was read and adopted by acclamation.
The president la Horatio Beymonr, and vice
S residents Joseph Chase, of MIoej J. W
nlllvan, of New Hampshire . D. Beach, of
Massachusetts D. IT. Smaller, of Vermont)
George Taylor, of Connecticut) Alfred Antho
ny, of Bbode Island) Andrew J. Cobb, of New
Jersey) and Gideon J. Tucker, of Now Tork.
When qnlet was restorod Mr. Beymonr pro
ceeded to address the Convention.
Mr. Seymour said
Gentlemen of the Convention, I cannot fore
tell tho resolutions and action or thts Conven
tion, but I say that every member of It loves
tbe Union, desires peace, and will uphold con
stitutional freedom While tbe resolutions
and action of this Convention are of tho ut
most Importance, there are additional reasons
wby tho Democratic party should be restored to
powur, and they are great reasons.
Tbe Democratic party will restore tho Union,
because It loDgs for Its restoration. It will
bring peace, becanse It loves peace. It will
bring back liberty to onr land, because ll lovea
liberty. It will put down despotism, because
it batua Igunble tjrannv, which now degrades
tho American people. Four year ago a Con
vention met In this city, when our country waa
peaceful, prosperous and united.
Its delegates did not mean to destroy our
Government, to overwhelm ns with debt, or to
drench onr land with blood; but they were
animated by Intolerance and fanaticism and
blind od by an ignorance of tho spirit of our
institutions tho character of onr people and
the condition of our land. They thought
tbey might safely Indulge their passbns, and
concluded to do so. They would not heed the
warnings of onr fathers, and did not consider
that meddling begtta strife, and their passions
have wrought out natural results.
Tbey were impelled to spurn all measures of
compromise. Step by step they have marched
on to results from which at the outset they
would have shrunk with horror) and even,
when war has desolated our land, haa laid Its
heavy burdens upon labor, and when bank
rnptcy and ruin overhang us. they will not havo
tbo. Union rostored, except upon conditions
unknown to our Constitution. Tbey will not
let tbe shedding of blood cease, even for a little
time, to aee If Christian charity or the wisdom
of statesmanship may not work out a method
to save our country
(Special to the Nr.tlooal Republican.)
The convention has taken a reeeee till 4
o'clock this afternoon,
No nomination has yet been made, and no
platform adopted.
Governor Beymonr, In his speech, fully Indi
cates McClellan as the nominee of the conven
Tht Wliaraa&atrita of Ida Pirate Tall...
Bostom . Aug. CO. Captain Peeling, of the
schooner Maria L. Davis, reporta that on the
2Mb, lat. 84.12., long. 73.50., she passed a pro
peller -with two masts and two smokestacks,
painted lsud color, with red bottom, showlog
American colors The mainmast waa trona
about twenty feet above deck. Bhe burnt soft
coal, waa In light trim, steaming directly for
tbo Maria L. Davis, whea another ateamcr
hove In'slghl and bore for tho first steamer,
hassee. Captain Peeling crowded all sail and
trCtUrfrom Ex-Sac rttry Chftaa,
BOSTOV. Aucr. 29 Kx-Becrctarv Chaie. In
letter to gentlemen in this city, sayaof the
published report of his having Invested his
prima tunas in loreign countries, tnai tne
statement belongs to a class best described as
"Ilea absolute." He haa never invested In
foreign funds, and aava no trua American will
do so when all that can be spared la required
ior ino suppression oi me reoemon at nome.
Full Iu DrtaulatUsTat-Uold 33!1.
Naw Yokk, Angust 20. Flow la 30 cents
lower) wheat Su,5c. lower; corn one cent
lower, rrovisions uuii. wmsgey nominal.
Fir at Tft-routt.
TuuokTO, Aug. 39. The Grand Trunk ele
vator ana wnarr were burnt yesterday, with
.neir contents . ioss Jiw.uw, uair insurea
Maw Yrk Htoak Uat.
Bff tha PnKHi.a'B TalrT.nh Unci.
Ofllees 411 Math tweet nd oorner .Pennsylvania
ICUUS Mill DtJLhU lUmts
Tuesday, Auaerr i Fjmt Board.
(J. a. a-soi k
.I.IU.BIU. V. ftUft,.HII..ft. ....... ........... Ptm
cou j)iK
Nat. York Central.. lysv
EM. liff
Hudson River tfisii
KeJlD list.
Utohljran Ccatral lit
Misbtgan BinitBaro. 6o,f'
1UWU1, VSUIIU........ .......,..,,.....( .,ZO
Cleveland and rittsburg ....... nuu
ClsvelanJ and Toledo....... 19S
Cblflftaoand Koslt Island .....lOSSt
Mllwauftl and Pratrls du CtilM si
Plltaburr. Fort Wayne and Chicago..., 110,'j
Cbtotgo and Northwestern I..!!'!!.'.'" si.
Quicksilver gj
For.lgu Dramatle Uossln,
Madame Doche lias left Farls for Marseilles
ou a professional visit.
"Mf Neighbor's ADDlM" la the AnvllKlinl
tltlo of M. Bsrdoo now loree-sct ilsy, to be
uruuuu. uui a. tuu raiaia rtoyaie.
Tho new alamo to inland, at Uannhelm. U
to be erected on the Schiller Plata, and la to
besr this odd Inscription! "To Inland, come-
uian ddu uramsuc amuor. representing all
that Mannheim Theatre hat produced that la
irreau Erected br the King of Uavarla, Louis
1. In 1604."
A play, by Uaetave Almard, the writer of
IndUn tales, Is to bo produced at the Forte Bt.
Msrtln Thestro. under the title of " La Grande
There aro InGertnanyoneliundred and slity
Are theatres, which give employment to six
tbonsand actors, dancera and efngers, and eight
thousand chorot tlngera and " eupea."
Early In Beptember M. Mermet'a opera, "Ho
land a Rooceranx,, will bo produced at the
Grand Opera. Farls.
nistorf, at latest accounts, had gone to Cata
nia, Blclly, after playing at Mcttlna and Naples.
"Unci Tom's Cabin," arranged as a ".re-act
drama, haa bean rtrlred st the Theatre da
Chslelet, Farls.
An English critic tayt thst for his sew play,
the "Streets of landon," Bonrcleault has bor
rowed some scenes, from C&trlft Kotde't story
or'tUrd Cess),"
ItsipvC taatt OrdsF'lt.iai J.g'Ktwtpap.t'
crr.spoi.il so. 4
HAApQeaaTias Mil rra.Ynmsiea
or Waa r BftMisnrrl,
. Haw 0Las, La., A ug. to, ltt.
Oaaaral Orttert, Mo. at. , ,
1. The following order fro latbeWtrDepart
meat la hereby republished i br general Inform
Wan SaraaT.CBT,
AWUT.kt u.nft .... i,rricS!
wa sniasTon, Aug' aai s, issi
Gasral uroers, iio. i i
By tbe 67lh article of th. act of Con greet,
ntltlMf "An act for eatabll ah! az Rnlea and
Articles for the government o t the Armlet of
the United elates," spprotea .spin i, ltwo,
"holding-aMrrespoalanoewWi, orglrlng Intel
ligence to the enemy, either directly or Indi
rectly," la xna peuienaoia, oy atjatn or socn
other punishment 'at shall be ordtredbytbe
sentence of st court-martial. Tnbllc safety ro
qulret strict .turoroensnt or this article. It It,
therefore, ord ered that all car rospocilence ana
Ing, or telegra pblog, respeetlsg operaiiona of
the army or mi uiMrj u,u.cnn.ni on iana or
f.sler.orre.pectl.lg tbe trooix.camps, arsenals,
entrenchments, or military affairs, wltbln the
sercral mlllurydhitrlcU, by which Intelligence
shall be, directly or Indirectly, given to the
enemy, without the a ntbortty aa d eanctloa of the
General In command", be, and the ssme are, ab
solutely prohibited, and from snd after the date
of thla order, pertont violating the tame, will
he? proceeded against under the 67lh Article of
if orden
(Signed) L. TnOMlt,
v AdluUnt General.
rr t M. Cook, correspondent of the " New
riil tr- U." and J. B. Chadwlck, corres
pondent o "" New Tork Tr!"t," who
were nermit to accompany the troops oper-
dMcVlmrSid then, by making public In
formation of vsh " u "y. and engaging
lT.conirover.ye. ?Xi ""Vb "
monyofthotrdopt. " b "ut Tondthe
limits of this coramst.1;, , , . . ...
The Provost Marshal OraetBltoehsajrrtwlth.
the execution of thU ox.'1"' "- QartM
muter's Depsrtment wilt 1 ih the neccswrj
trsutporutlon. .. ,
iiyoraerotaisj.uen.xc.it. -..
C. T. Cn ,
Major snd Assistant Ad.' Jlenersl.
Acting Assistant aqj'i -v-w..
Fimb Arts. Fowall'a lanro and Irani lTe
picture of tbo battle of Lake Brie, which "
been some three years or more on h!s easel, 1
at last been finished, and la now on lie way t
ai ezniDumn in t roruienco, iinoae jsiana, m
hlcb Bute the hero of tbe Tlctorr. OUrer
Ilaaard Perrv, was born. This picture wss or
dered by the Legislature of Ohio the first order
of the kind, we bolide, erer glTenby a western
State to fill np a compartment In the walls of
the capital at Columbus. It la nf course very
Urjcr, larger Indeed than the national picture
lu the Capitol at Washington, and on that ac
count presented many dllllcalUea to the artist.
Bnt be baa overcome these with remarkable
skill, Selecting that moment In the light when
tbe gallant Ferry leayee his crippled flagship,
the tit. Lawrence, for the Niagara, Iho artist
has made tho host's crew the principal object
of his canvass. While the battle roara In the
distance, and we seethe tapering maeta and
flapping aalla of tbe warring sea-ships only
throngh clouds of smoko. Perry and his braro
comrades nobly fill the foreground. He la
standing In tho stern of hla boat, aa the histori
cal narrative describee, pointing to the Teasel
to which he Is going, and promising tlctory to
those he has left behind. A shell haa Just burst
near the gunwale of the boat, and his brother,
a mere lad, strives In vain to pnll him down to
a seat. The old sea-dogs who row him with a
strong aod steady pull watch him with deep
anxiety, but with faces nnblanched by fear.
rerry is a portrait, ana tne otner ngnres are
taken from real life. All are atrongly painted,
the composition Is good, tbe action animated,
and tbe details effective. It Is the best, we
think, of all Mr. rowell's works t and If en
graved, aa we trust It will be, will make an ad.
mlrable pendant to Leutae'e " Washington
Croaslng tho Delaware" the one representing
a turning moment In tbe dark days of tha rev
olution, ana tne omcr in tne war oi ieifj tne
one reflecting deathleaa honor on onr army, tha
other on our navy.
WsaTWABD.no! Thellneaof BlshOD Berke
ley, where he says, "Westward the Star of
.Kmp.ro tates lis way," navo actually oeen re
alized on the great plains tbla season. The
emigration from the East to West has been one
continued and continuous tide of women, men
and wagons. From a memorandum kept At
Fort Laramie, wa find that 6.161 wairons. with
over 35,500 animals, and over 19,000 head of
numan etocK, sucn as men, women ana cnu
drea, passed br thst route westwardly, from
the middle of March to the Oth Instant. The
above does not, of course, Include the Immense
emigration of aettlers, freighters, tc, on the
tat ma cri.lt a IriPAnuri true r?haivaina Ia.aai is is a. I. a
,v awn auivHa,.. suv VUVJ S.UUV m tVD, .tl ttloVi
to our broad Tc-rilory, nor to New Mexico and
A Qs.NTLs.il an, complaining of tha Income
tax, saya ho cannot put on his boots In the
morning wunoui a sump.
Thb Dsid Lbttxs Orricn. This office,
tba work or which U double what It was a faw
years mo, now am ploy & Urge number of clerks,
and keeps tbem busy all tha day. About tweive
thousand letters are opened dally, soma Ave hun
dred of which contain valuables. From one to
two hundred contain money, i hose that e ntaln
valuables or lorrmatlooof a valuable character
are sent bask to the wrlier, while those that are
of no aeeouot are destroyed. It la quite a curiosity
to sea tbe maay thing whlah pas through tbe
font offloa la a letter. Out of come hava been
aktn oupa, bottles, ehl'dren'a clothes of all hloaa,
aud bundreda of artioies which oas would suppoie
( avrnitl, vj wa WI lajtj IU.sU.
BUHOLiBr. Wm. Donahoa waa rnMiM taat
nlsht about BH o'siook of tblfty-eUbt or forty
dollars. There were lour persona eDge;er la tha
alTatr, oatnalyi Tbonpaoo, Slavlo, Grovtr, and
Smith. It Usuppoatd tlifttooe, with tbo aid of
,u mum turvv, rui iuruua tua winuosT, nui
wMebooahta not been aaaiialoal. Ottloer How
ard arreitrd Thorn Dion a d'Mvln this morolna.
and brought thtm before Juatlca Gtuersoo. who
cauieainem tobakeptia aoauoemeat until tba
dotesUjn and anest of tha other two.
Tni K i emit ion Fund. Tho members of
me Exemptioo Fund win meet la the Council
Chamber, at tbe ltv H11, on to mnrrow ( Wadaes
day) eveolrg, at 8 o'clock. Otfloera will be elected
and tbe Aitoclation orsanlzed, so that tbnee dc
irouaof doloctoctn beeone mtmheri. Numers
of parcoos hava appllid for membership within
sssv saavtl. BJ uaajas.
Lahcbbt. On Saturday last It waa dUcov
eica taaiaume one had stolen aooie of the mess
moDeyoiTneomoaia quartered attbe centra houie,
Marine Uiirack. Luut. hokea alao lott a, braaat.
iu valutd at $15 A colored boy named William
flloo waa arreated oo the charge, aod the b r eit.it
pin found on Ma perieo. He was commuted to
jui lor court oy Justice cuu.
Centsal QCARDnousB. Wm. Brenner, a
dealer In clothes on the Avenue, between Ninth
and Tenth street!, was ar'eatedyeaterday for ex-
treialDg disloyal sentiments, and carried to the
Juardboute. He gave ball to appear this morn
ing to take tha oath of allegiance.
Bbbtbkcbd to Fort Pslaw abb. William
i;ar.Dy, a en sea, triea Dy Cburt-merUel and found
auUtr of secretin offlaera and aoldlera nf th rt-h.il
army wltbla our Ilaes. has been found guilty and
kuieuvvu u is iiaijiriBUa.su in fori Delaware a wr
ing the war,
Ccstou IIot'saQBOBOBTOWB. Cleared
Moop American banner. Ellii, for Brlttoa's Bayi
eh K. Ann, Turner, lor Baulaburyi long boat
shining Sun, Gllruy, for aDjemoy lone boat Pilot,
.uuuiis, iui naujwinuji iuub inni uu wirill,
Quaoder. for Ace .tlockt sob. J. C Calhoun. Creleh-
too, for ftalttmorei ion. a. E. Smith, Jones, for
Uaitlmor t ach Merchant. Pniilpo, for Laurel, Dal.i
sch. M. 1'liia, Harris, for Deal'e lalaodi sloon Vic
tory, Ferry. lor Urlttoo'a liayi ioh. R. J, Capun,
Beachum,for Havre-de-QiaeeBCb.KmmalvBuelKh.
Ken ear, for Philadelphia, aoh. Artlat, lUorils, for
Brletolt aoh. J. J. Full, Cooper, for Portde-Fuete
soboener Sarah Mllla, Futile, for New York)
eh. T., Suter, Parker, for Hevrede-Gracct ash.
QuaU, Hooper, for Havra-da-Orasei sch. deorga
waihlngton, Cunningham, tor Havre-de-Oraoe,
Tatuxeot river) longboat Chsnoe, Jooca, for Nanje.
moyi longboat SaUngtoa, Jve tot Maajsmoyt
sch. Swift, Steward,
, lor at. niarys nver.
C. H. Jbwbl was arrested this mornlnir,
about half neat tea. br OOeer Llahear for bolllua
Bteaie to make soap and aaodles, which ereatnt
auau a nuiianse toai peraooa paiiiaa; vj nuum
Fiat a remarks on tha disagreeable smell. He was
nformsd ou by Edw, Koowles, brought before
aiustfte HuiMsy , anq saea fw aao eoira.
t-GrgtlaiT, Avarnst SO, lfe Th
teantr FTibnks hssaiiiTsd from NtwVejrtf,
iDd is new dl.rhnroir at 'h mot of Ilinh stret.
Coeiliorrs will plaata att-ad to tha umOTlnj
thslr tprds wltheui inrthtr noilea.
7Ms s'Mtatr sMIs for WswYork on THCAS
DAT, &!. I, a a. ffl
anao-St M03OAN k HH1NEHART, AftoU.
C-A arttad Itatrttxt will l sjlvtn br
ths r-oldUr' Relist Aifoelstloe, (Caihnut ) at .b
CroTaon T flaantti treat btwsa O afreet 'd
tha Caoal,fD THURSDAY. pt. I. 1W. for ihi
beaeflt of tha slea aid wound J of tba lt U. a.
olrtra-l troeps. Admtnloa twtnij-flvs cents,
t3-AArtJoornad llaatlna; or tha Bottrd
orirntites of 'ha rnbltt fehrvoia will be held oo
Tuesday ntxu the Mtn Ust., at a o'eioeit, p. m.
i,a rs 0 V iwr.,ui i
tj Ptoplt'i TaUajrRpiiw Mawsfirat Oi
Lt,dlrt to NEW YORK, BOSTON, 1d aH
lmportaat polata. Waahlncton OtDeesi hlfOB
LICAN ItJILDINa.lll Ninth street, (west side,)
and aonar FannsylTanla aranua and Siith street,
uodcr Natlaaal Hotel.
feblMf Manser WaaMnfton Dtstrlet.
tyDtaaaaas of th Natrona, limlatlt
Urinary and Sexual ffyitama new and rallaMa
traatmentv tn Ravorta of tha HOWARD ASSOCIA
TIOH Saat ar sall la aaaled letter aarelopai.
rreaoreharira. Addreti, Dr.J. SKILLIN HOUGH
wiw, nowiru Aaa-sjoiatuon, no. a awjuui ninin
atraat, ruiadalphla, Fa. uM-iy
UWs hT leevrmed mot t de Mtotilahed
at aaythlnf. Tears of eipeiiaaea and a corre
spondence extending throughout all nationalities
of tha habitable globe have turned tbeorica Into
facta and established a basis from which we need
not err. Wearenot eurpriaedot such TaaUaa the
following although tha persons who write them
are. Wa know tha persona and elrsumataneea,
henta feel M liberty to Lodotca their statement,
"Hew BiDratu), Mui , Nov. Si, Iftu.
Du a Sib i-I have been afflicted many years with
severe prostrating cramps la my limbs, cold feet
asvd haada, and a (! disordered system. Physl
eiane and raedleUee failed to retleva me. While
visiting soma Mends In New Hork who were uilng
Plantation Blttera they prevailed upon me to try
taenu leommeneed with a amall wtse-flasafull
after dUner. raellag better by degteee, la a few
days I waa astardahed to find the eoldneee and
erampa had entirely left me, and I could sleep the
alght through, which ! hava not done for years. 1
feel Ilka another being. My appetlU and strength
nave aieo greatly improved by the use or the Plan
Utton Blturs.
naspaetfully, Judith Rusbbl.
V .! . ' owe much to you, Tor I varlly
bet le tha Plantation Bitters hava sa.cd my Ufa.
Kev, W. U, WaeaoBBB, Aladrld, N. V.M
(u.avvtisjv, v,laJ.,rC)(, i, 1MJ.
f Ihavabeeolnthearmyboapltal
a,. foL rteen months apeee bless and nearly dead.
II . UH " , " tl"" a- . waa taBusatsiiiu
fr.'.T Thr.asB hn1.1aa m.Ibs.1
myspat handeuredma. c. a. Tlavtc.
ThfohV wlAfflsfromthaaoagsrof tha Union
HomaSehoVv ! lo Children of VolunUere,
Nrv Vabbt. liimatl Itaaai I
Da. Daa lef
Tour wonderful Fiaotatlon Blttera
tist wat tuastn trlvasn
to soma of our little ehUdren cut-
faring from weaki " "d wk Iuo wlth mt
baoDT affect. One mu UI ta Prtleular, with
pains In her head, lo " ot PPi "d dally wait
Ucaoneumptlon, on whon " " ik
beenaxhauated.bael entirely restored. We
commenced with but a ""Poonruioi mitere a
day. Her appetite aniaV Hv" 'vJ !--,
and she la now well.
'as. a M. Dxvoe.
Thou wiiti end metwobottlei
more of thy Plantation Blttera. "' Wlie n Mta
greatly beoeOtted by their uae. .1d.lllhl. p
loyarriaDa, aia i.vti, ra
.1 . e. a b..... .. i lanUtlon Bit-
Ura to hundreds of our disabled cold. '" wlta
moat aatonlahinf afleet. .
u. w. u. Anna ...'on
Sup't Boldlera Home, Clnolnn " "
e The Plantation BltUi. .nT
cured ma of tha liver Complaint, of which Vy,,
iaia op prvitrai, kvan hjui to aomiaoa my
neas. li. B. KtaaaLEv,
aeveland, Ohio.1
" Tha "ptenUtlon Blttera hava
cured ma of a derangement of the Kidneys aad
Urinary Organs that haa dlstreeaed me for years.
It acta like ft charm C. C Mooac,
Ho. 3M Broadway."
A-e., As., fce ete Ac.
The Plantation Bitters make tha weak strong
the languid brilliant, and are exhausted nature's
great restorer. They are composed of the celt
brated Callsaya Bark, Wlntergreen, Ssjoafrsa
Roota, Harbe, Ac, all preserved in perfectly pure
St. Croix Rum.
s. t. lseo 3C.
Parsons of sedan UryhablU, troubled with weak
neea, lae 4tude, palpitation of tha heart, lack of
appetite, dlatreas afUr eating, torpid liver, eooatl
patlon, lie, deserve to suffer if thoy will not try
They are raeommandad by the highest medical
authorities, and are warranted to produce an v
wteditM beneflclal effect. They are exceedingly
agreeable, perfectly pure, and barmleas.
NoTiCEAny pereoa pretending to eell Planta
tion Blttera In bulk or by the gallon Is a swindler
andlmpoator. It Is put up only In our log cabin
bottle. Beware of bottles refilled with Imitation
deleterious stuff, for which several persona are al
ready in prison, sea that every bottle haa our
United States stamp over tha cork unmuttltei,
and our signature on steel-pUte side label.
Bold by respeeUble dealers throughout tha hab
itable globe. p. H. DRAKE It CO.,
an3eo3m vn Broadway, N. Y.
WAm lirillTUTNT. 1
Paovorr Mammal Gimxoal's Omit, J
WasHiaaTOv, D, Cn June , ism. )
Circular, No. 80.
Persons not fit for military duty and not liable
to draft, from age or other causes, have expreaaed
adealra to be personally represented In the Army.
In addition to the contributions they hava made In
the way. of bounties, they propose to procure at
their own expense, and present for enlistment, re
erulU to repreaent tbem in tho servloe. Such
practical patriot lam Is worthy of special commen
dation and eaoour age ment. Provost Marahala,
and all other ofDcers acting under this Bureau,
are ordered to furnish all tha facilities in their
power to eollat aod muster promptly tho accepta
ble rtprttaUailv rtcruilt presented, In accordance
with the design herein sat forth.
Tha name of tha person whom tho recruit repre
sents wlU be noted on tha Kollatment end IJeegrlp
tlva RoU of the recruit, end will be earned forward
from those papere to tbe other otUelal records
which form hie military history.
Suitably prepared eertlQeates Of this pertonat
reprtimtation in the lervleo will be forwarded from
thla rilee, to be filled out andlaaued by Provoat
Marshala to tha persona who put la rttmttntaiiv
rtcrvUi. JAMES B. VftY,
JeffMf Provoat Marahal Gcaeral.
K F I U I A I.,
Was Depahtueht. .
WasniasTOa, March IT, 180. )
AH applications for leaves of abeeneo or per
mission to visit Washington must be addressed to
Major General Ualleek, Chief of SUIT, and muat
apeelfy tha buslneas for which tha officer dealrcs
tbe permission. Telegrams addressed direct to tba
Secretary ol War on this subject will reoelvo no
at Unties.
By order of tha Secretary of War.
msl-tf Aaalstant Adjutant General.
O T I 0 E
a full supply of these new Bonds.
.VucicrfaVrf an requested to prttml thtir tcrtfjicat t
at onc and rtctiv thtir Pondi.
Those having money to Invest should not lose
eight of the fact that, by Inveatlog In this Loan,
they not oolyreeelvo Interest at tbe high rate of
7 MO per cent., but sscuro to themselves the very
Important advantage of obtaining, at tho end of
three years,
which aro now worth over 13 per oeat. premium,
and which alter tbo war must neoeaasrlly advaoua
to a much higher rata. au3T tf
neat about her work.tborouihlyuaderitande
tst uualaeaa, and can produce guod references for
honecty, Is wantsd immediately at IBS G atieet,
first houss above Nineteenth. Beat of wages paid
Inquire as above between B and a m., and 8 and 1
p. w,, for three days, suw-it

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