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dflatiouitl genuuticnk
VKDNF.cU)ATimimimimiiAUGU8T 31, 18M.
aoLDK.ii iehtjucxi.
Wo are anxious to engage Mullen, the artist,
Wo dcslro him to malt. . akctch of MaJ. Geo,
MiCliilan, In lull uniform, with a aitord In
unc band aud a ipade In the other, crying for
a command In the Held, aud standing upon a
J" t platform ' Will Mullen report 1
McClollan Nomlnatod at Last.
Last night a number of telcgrema were re-
ctlrcd In thla city announcing that McClellan
was nomlnatod by the Chicago Conrcntlon.
Iltnrna out that tnchMasnot tho case, but
we learn thla morning that the error grew out
of the fact that he was placed In nomination
fo the ConTenllon by certain delegations.
At noon to-day wo recclted the following
dispatch announcing UcClsllan'a nomination!
(Special Dispatch to Nstloaal Republican
Cmcaoo, Aug. 31. McClellan la nominated
on the first ballot. Teace men will probably
1kU. W.
The announcement that the "Peace men will
bolt" after the adoption of such an Infamous
platform we do not bellcre.
If the Major General who lores the dear sol
diers so much, and has boon so long anxlons
for an actlre command where he could kill the
rebels, can stand tho platform, the "Peace
men," another name for rebels, can awall ow
him. That Is onr.tlew of It.
A prlyateHlspatcta from New York, received
at 13 o'clock, sayst " McClellan has received
the nomination."
Another telegram from the same city says '
4 McClellan recelred one hundred and nfty-two
Totes on the first ballot."
U,Y TKl.nci It V 1' II .
l'Ol'll O JlToOlC. ft. Ml
thk niimi.ati(.' or iu;or.Kr.r,,N-
On the 33d Inst , one week ago yesterday,
the Editor of the NanoiiL RiruiLioin was
n New York city, and on that day telegraphed
T h i, k It A I II .
Oar Lanee Itih.lh C.rpe r.rf tn.eh
OrerrtedTherib,1eslilt.be Vesa.;
lb. Weld. rtallr.art at Uttmi1 It.
tl.nONr Troape Dars ha tubal De.rt,
Corraspondencof the Assoaiated rren.l
August s Ey'Mbs;. t
The reports published In some of the news
paper that the loseca of the Mb corps on the
Initio of Ilia 18th. 10th and 31st of thecresent
month reach fire thousand, greatly exaggerate j the following statement to thla paper, which
the facta. It la now definitely ascertained that wll published Ihst afternoon, as our readers
at sUrair triors. anrl iMhot-a afltl aVintlnria In inmi I "HI rCmfDlDer.
lo, and the sick ire not all accounted for. It li (E mortal Cancspondeoee Katie ml Republican
believed that the tiTRrtffile lost Id all thoio
tDicageroetiti will not exceed thirty-five hun
dred. The lot of the Sd corps In Thursday' fight
win not execea an KKrrKl U1 iiuw. nutu
lug to the official statement) and It is hoped
and believed that when all who are now within
The Kew York Herald announced some day a
DUO that Senator Spaguc, of R. I.t had reached
Chicago with the official withdrawal of Mr.
Lincoln, and that the Senator then left lor Jo
Uet ' The first statement la one of Bennett's
-Us. Bat the last statement has created
-ome alarm among the friends of Senator
Prague, Inasmuch as tho onlj Institution of
Importance at Jolltt Is the State prison '
Vol ef Thanh.
The report that tho Chicago Convention had
passed a vote of thanks to the commanders of
the Alabama and Tallahassee seems to hare
been premature. Such a vote maj be passed,
however, before the Convention adjourns, and
would be perfectly confuted with the treason
nble platform adopted by it.
The Uu.tr. of the District.
We are requested to atate that volunteers
will be counted on the (juotaof the present call
for this District up lo the last moment practi
cable, before the drafted men are accepted and
f Et to rendezvous.
The Kew York Aialataut Treasurer.
Testerdaj we announced the definite ap
polntment of a successor to Mr. Cisco, aa As
sistant Treasurer at this port.
Mr. John A. Btewart. to whom this office was
twice offered by Mr. Chase, has for the pact
eleven years been associated with the United
Slates Loan and Trust Company, of which he
was one of the principal orl sine tors.
From his long and Intimate relations with
air. uisco, aa wen as from nis sterling intcgri
tv. laree financial experience, and eminent ad
ministrative powers. Air, Btewart nas been long
designated for this Important position when
ever it snonia oecome vacant.
Purine Mr. Feesendeu's recent visit to New
York, Mr. Stewart was again urged to accept
the office, and although Its emoluments are
considerably less than those or the secretary'
our lines report, l.fiOO will cover the entire
The rebels are said to be using the el don
railroad below Ream's 8tatlon. and running
their snppllca thence to Petersburg around osr
len oy wtgon. as mis requires a largo lurco
for train Rusrds, and to defend the road against
Incursions ol our cavalry, It cannot be either a
very profitable or pleasant means of communi
cation, without taking Into consideration the
loss or time Involved
Arrangements have been made. It la under
stood, for bnrylng tho rebel dead left on the
field of last Thursday's battle. Tho fact that
the enemy did not perform the funeral rltosfor
their own dead, nor carry oil all their wounded
on that occasion, Is pretty palpable evidence
that, although they drove back our 3d corps,
they did not achieve any very complete or
credits Die victory.
To-dev nothing of Importance has occurred.
The usual cannonading and picket firing was
rather more brisk and continuous this evening,
but without any tesulta of consequence.
Uootaa FIMe 1 .
moTiDtxci, R. Li Aug. 29. It Is officially
announced br the Governor that Rhode Island
has. by voluntary enlistments, filled her quota.
Pa., has filled Us quota, and has a surplus of
silicon men. .
Another Great Ilatd la O orgla,
Niw Youk, August 80. Rebel dispatches
from Atlanta on the 23d state that scouta re
port that another Federal raid, seven thousand
strong, with nine pieces of cannon, had left
Decatur in me airec.ion 01 uuvtugiuu, uwrgm,
lie nomination of Gn. Rcheuck.
f!.MrifKixr. An rr. 29. Oen. R. C. Bchtnck
ship, he has this morning decided to accede to has been renominated for Congress In the
KtUMENTJaXUihD LEADSRS.by the direction
vt the Secretary of War, will ncelve, In addi
tion to tbtlr regular monthly pay, Ac., an
Allowance uf clothing iqnal to that of a regi
on uUl quartermaster sergeant.
Depart mcitt or State, I
"Aiiimuiun, auuii u, io4.
The following circular note of the Slat of
.(uly, addressed by Mr. Vacoico, her Catholic
Majo4ts MlnUUr for Foreign Affairs, lo Mr.
I'cukt, Charge tV AUalres of the United Slates
ai Madrid, nn the subject of new regulations at
tho furls of 1 arlfa and I. la Verde, In the StralU
of Gibraltar, Is published for the Information
of America a rhlp captains trading to the Med
iterranean; Tl.iKSLATIO'f.
U tntrtmt trfS eU (C rf .)'.)
Sf Iluaiohio, 31 July, IS6(.
UfAKlJik: Hating brought to the knowledge
if thj Secretary of War the action taken on
arIous occasions near the Government of her
M Jc-ty by ao tit e foreign rep res entail vea ac
rrtJlted Ui this court, with the object of Intro
ducing some favorable modification of the
rules observed at the fortress of Tarlfa andlsla
Verde to oblige vessels navigating the jurlsdlc
tlonal waters of those fortresses to hoist the
tlag of their nation, a practice which they often
neglect, alleging a very Improbable Ignorance In
testis which so repeatedly pus the straits, the
aforesaid Secretary replied to me, under date of
Jlit ultimo, that the Department In his charge
and at that dato had Issued to the Captain Gen
ual of Andalasls,who has under bis Immediate
command the fortresses of Tarlfa and Isla
Vtrdc, He Instructions following! to which In
future the commandants of the said fortresses
-will adhere:
1st. To every vessel which on crossing the
ue of fa Id fortresses, within range of Its can
no li, dm ur t show the flag of her nation, (tho
Spanish flag floating over the fortress.) notlee
-.ball be given of the neglect she Is falling Into
iy dltclurglng a cannon loaded with powder
SJ. If after the lapse of ten minutes she
siioum uoi nave noietta ber Dag, a shotted gun
shall be filed abcad and across her Drow.
3). If notwithstanding these two Indicated
noiktu and the lapse of another ten minutes
hho oiulls to bolsi the flag, a third discbarge
with ball shall be fired at bur masts.
In bringing the preceding dispositions to
joar InowUdge o that you may give a trans
ition of them to the Government of the Ameri
can Union, tho Queen, my Sovereign Lady,
ditirs herself that the Cabinet of Washington
will fin J In the measurts adopted afresh proof
f the eentlmcuU of deference which ber Gov-
ircuKul entertains for the nation you so
wurtUll) represent.
I avail of this occasion to offer to you the
ussurauees of my dlsvlngulshed consideration
I. F. Pacbkco.
1 o luu Charge d Aifalres of the United Etates.
StcucTAit, Wm. II. Semabd and son, Wash-
liivtnsii M Un 8 LmttV. and Col hviH II m
li i John U MoUy, fnvata Scerctairyto Pira'-
Ihe wish of the Secretary of the Treasury.
The appointment la regarded tvllh favor by'
all classes of financial men here, and the new
Assistant l reasurer win enter, on tne 1st Bep-
tember, upon the duties of his office, which. It
has been distinctly stated, Is purely financial,
ana partakes in no degree wnatever of a po
litical character. .V. r. Evening rott.
The Indian "War.
Mr. Otes, the General Superintendent of the
Overland Mall, has reached Washington for
the purpose of representing to the officials the
condition of affairs on the plains. The Sioux,
Cbeyennes, Arapahoe, and Neowas, are all
hostile, and according to the report of friendly
Indians tbey number from five lo eight thous
and warriors.
In addition to the Indiscriminate massacre of
whites, bv the most shocking modes, tbev have
destroyed at least one million dollars worth of
property, including emigrant trains, and have
taken possession of all the ranches between
Juleeburg and Fort Kearney, a distance of 200
miles, and 150 miles of thla way, to the Big
Sandyi the Hires of the Pacific Telegraph Com-
faoy nave been cut, ana emigration rendered
as ecu re, excepting In large bodies.
Denver and other settlements are at present
sustained In their supplies from the States.
The Indians say that the country belongs to
them, and that they Intend to drive out the
whites. This seems to be the only argument
for their srfarc. As In view of this fact con
ciliation Is at present out of the question. Those
wno nave the best Knowledge or all tno attend
ant circumstances are suggesting mat uenerai
Harney be placed In command of forces which
can easily be rallied under hlm to carry on hos-
iiiuiea against ineso savages.
third district of Ohio.
Guerrilla Ilald In Wtat Virginia.
On Monday last a gang of twenty guerrillas
made a raid Into the county seat of Jackson
county, and captured Sheriff King, his deputy
Vandyne and others, robbed Mr. McG aire's
store of 11,000 worth of goods. They also
stole a number of horses and robbed tho sheriff's
office of all Its pspcr. The guerrillas were
nearly all citizens of Jackson countv. and were
supposed to bo under the command of one
fiamgardner. Several citizens have been ar
rtsted and are held as hostages for the return
of the sheriff. Whetllng Int.
pspers tell of the success of a curious surgical
operation, heretofore considered Impossible.
A young girl, turning her head too quickly,
dislocated some of the upper cervical vertebne.
A paralysis of the lower limbs and the trnnk
ensued, tha dlsphragm alone retaining Its sen
sation. Apparently the patient had but a few
hoirs to live. M. Maisonneuvre resolved to
attempt to bring the vertebne Into their former
position. With the assistance of a fellow-surgeon,
he seized the pstlent by the top of the
oeaa ana tno cnin, ana gave a gentle rotary
mouou 10 ine vcrieoru?,wnicu resuitea in Dring
lng them Into their former position. The par
alysis ces sed almost immediately, and a week
after, the patient was able to walk as though
noming naa nappenoa 10 ner.
Alston's Pobtbait or Golem doe. Here Is
a paragraph from tho Athentumt which should
Interest Americans! "A picture of no ordinary
Interest has Just been secured by the directors
or the National Portrait Gallery. It Is the por
trait of S. T. Coleridge, painted by the Ameri
can artist, Washington Alston, considered by
woraswonn ana omer irienas oi me poet ine
most satisfactory likeness that ever was painted
by him.
lent MDCtilni Ur. V m. 11 Mann, u S. N ;and Cpt
ss M tibcy naJ leilnw-oflloers, frum Ntw or-
issai, am at ine aiiuf jiuui
If.. 1 ..... U.. T)nn IumiiJ l.A
low iUj i lurlouifh, waa la Worcester, Mui bt-
Ik Idaho nothing troes as a circulating me
dium but gold dust. Every man carries his
little buckskin poucb, and, no matter what his
purchase is, ne pays lor it in tne precious legal
tender of the realm, which Is weighed on scales
kept for the purpose, whether the article
bought be a cigar, a drink of whiskey, or some
thing of more utility and value.
Dr. John KlUmlller. of Fine Grove. Schuvl
kill county, a successful coal operator In the
ixrDerry region, met wun an accidental aeam
on Wednesday last. While attempting to ad
just some of the harness be fell, and the horse
starting, Mr. K. was dragged a considerable
distance, with his head down. He leaves a
fortune estimated at a quarter of a million of
Tai folks In Richmond were all excitement
last w..ek In expectancy of the arrival of "Peace
Commissioners." The crowd that gathered at
the depot looked upon every veil dressed man
carrying a carpet- 'sack" as a "commissioner,"
and the editor of the MtUlnel says, "judging
from the number of that class of persons who
come on the steamer, there were about twenty-
five l"
How they lo Duslntai In the Drltlsli War
According to the following description, gU cu
by the Sritith Army and Xavy lUgltttr, the per
sons employed in tne w ar umce in lionaon are
not overtasked;
"At the risk of being considered tedious we
will give a sketch of 'lire In the War O ill ce be
tween the hours of 10 and 4. Let ns enter. the
room before usj It looks cool, and there Is a
screen In the corner which will effectually con
ceal ns, while we make our observations, from
the eyes of the officials who sit at those four
square mahogany desks. It Is Just twenty min
utes past 10, so we may expect those worthies
Immediately. Ah 1 here Is one. He Is a quiet
old gentleman, dressed In black with awhile
neck-tie, he hangs up his coat, hat, and urn
brella, takes bis sest In an arm-chair, and grad
ually falls asleep. While we have been de
scribing blm the other clerks have entered the
room, and are preparing for the arduous duties
of the day. 'Another dun, says a young gen
tleman, looktnir at the superscription of a let
ter he has just taken from off his desk. Con-
louna tne man,iuis is ine miru icuer i nave
received from him In four days.1 He puts down
the note, and TKuirs some water Into the tum
bler containing tho rosebud which peeps through
his button-hole when he is out of oflico. lie
yawns, sits down, and lazily glances at tho
1 My, UUBClvco u luuiiiuuai. nuu n
horee-tboe pin placed In the centre of bis scarf,
'Old Muddle boa gone to slocpi don't j on think
we ought to wake him np to send out the re
port!' 31 r. jiuuaie opens uis eyes wuu
eiar murmurs buiiicluiuk iuuu a .uu nria.
ana nus up a lorm wnicn ne signs ana scuas
to tho head of the department by a messenger.
During the next hour and a half there Is a dead
silence In the room. All the gentlemen, (with
tho exception of tho 'chief,' who Is dozing over
a minute paper,) are at hard work at the
Timet. At last tho vouuir possessor of the
rosebud rises from his desk with a alga of re
lief and yawns. 'Mr. Fltz Twaddle,' says tho
chief clerk, suddenly, 'don't you think you
mient trv a nine inaexinKi" -An. inai s raiocr
a good Idea,' replies hla subordinate, seeing a
way lo kill urnc; 'give ma mo uuok. iuc uuub.
Is given, and Fltz Twaddle tries a little Index
ing. He soon gets tired of the occupation,
draws a caricature oi nis cnici cienc on some
blotting paper, looks at the clock, and leisurely
puts on his coat, rosebud and hat. 'Going to
post a letter, bo observes at tho door of the
room. Ho pays his bosom friend, Frank No-
mind, a visit on nis way to mo nan, ana tne
two young gentlemen together leave for the
Park. The Individual with tha horse shoe
scarfpln now produces a Dutch oven and a
uork-chon. Assisted by the other clerk, who
rejoices In a long beard and a rough head of
hair, he cooks the meat at the official fire. The
Danquei is men scrvea on a uiriy iowci. -i
say, Wilkings, says he of the horse-shoe, 'I
think I ihallbrlm? a Sover 'CaDltal thin?.
slrj when I waa down In Warwickshire,' re
plies Wilkings, 'I found It of great use.'
"The merits of Warwickshire and the
charms of sport Ice are then discussed for an
hour, when a messenger, holding a paper in
his hand, enters the room. What do you
wanir is me uorupi inquiry oi nuttings.
'Mr. Brownley, sir, says can he have 2s..
164th Foot. 994.' ' No. be can't have It nntll
Tuesday,' replies the elerk, and then continues
an anecdote ho has been relating 'so the
squire told him to lie still, touched tho mare
with tho spur, and cleared the ditch llko a
bird.' 'A capital leap,1 the man with the
horse-shoe obscrveB,' but when I was down In
Devonshire I' and the anecdote of Wilkings
Is trumped. Mr. Fltz Twaddle now returns
from bis promenade. He divides his afternoon
Into three portions) the first he devotes to hold
ing levees auenaea uy r runic Nomina, me sec
ond to yawning, and the third lo a little Index
"Ntw Yobk. Aus-iiit M.
Etudes aretrumDB with the Opposition.
Major General George Drlnton McClellan
will be nominated for President bv the Chicago
convention, a majority oi mo aeicgaics are
alreadv nlodtred to his support.
" A very Influential politician, a delegate to
the Convention, who Is antl-McClellan, ac
knowledged tho fact lodar. Frank Pierce.
Gov Seymour and Judgo Woodward of Penn
sylvania, have declared for him In the most
positive manner, alter iuu consultation.
"Judge Woodward Is bound to McClellan
fof course) bv services rendered.
" Borne of tho peace Copperheads will accept
McClellan without a platform, It being under
stood that, If elected, he will proceed to nego
tiate sucn a peace as in preserve slavery.
"Clav. Holcombe. aud other rjbelsln Can
ada,nOw In conclave, acquiesce In a programme
of this character. Vallsndlgham and the
Woods rebel against It for the present.
"Such hint MtUd policy fifth Opposition to-
Jl for the Chicago Convention, as acknowl
edged oy tncir leaders.
"Belmont and Barlow's gold will triumph at
Chicago, but tho people will spurn the bribe In
the triumphant re-election of Abraham Lin
coln. S. P. II."
How far our judgment has been verified by
the action of the Chicago Convention we leave
our readers to decide.
The Journal of Commerce, of the 20th Inst.,
copied our dispatch, and prefaced It by saying
"the editor of the Washington lUr mucin Is
In New York In a frightened condition." The
editor has learned by this time that wo had
occasion to be "frightened." We were alarmed
to think that such a calamity should befall the
country; that Barlow and Belmont's gold, and
rebels In Canada, should bo allowed to exert
so much Influence In the country. Our only
hope now Is In tho Intelligent loyal people.
Sam Barlow has m on tho first heat at Cblcsgo,
He has obtained the nomination of McClellan,
and now If tho people 111 only elect McClellan
8sm Barlow will run the machine. No scnil
ble person Mho knows the relations existing
between McCltllan and Barlow can doubt for
one moment that Sam Barlow ulll control the
affairs of Government should Mac bo elected,
Aro the people ready for such a calamity ?
Vot or tha Btatca
Cnicioo, Aug. 311 oMock. The conven
tion reassembled at 10 o'clock. Tho wigwam
as densely packed, and the crowd outside
greater than ever.
Immediately after the convention was called
to order, prayer wei offered by Rev. Dr. ITaley,
of Chicago.
Mr. Wlckllffd said the delegates from the
West were of the opinion that circumstances
may occur between now and the 4th of March
next for the democracy of the country to meet
In convention again, and he therefore moved
tho following rcsoiutionj which was unani
mously adopted!
Ketotral, That this Convention shall not be
dissolved by adjournment at the close of lis
business, but shall remain organized, subject
to bo called at any time and place that the Ex
ecutive National Committee shall designate.
The President then stated tbequcatlon beforo
the Convention to be on ordering the previous
question to proceed to the nomination of a
candidate for the Presidency, and It waa or
dered wilhout dissent. "
The vote was then taken by Btates, the chair
man of each delegation announcing the vote of
each State aa they were called.
Tho final result was announced as rouowst
Ntw miaiiuire.
Massachusetts ...
Nhoda Island..:..
r-ew yoi it
Ntw Jersey
reDnsyiianift .
Mary land
I Mo
Ind ftQA
Ililrnls ,
MeCttUan, Seymour,
'..!. 7
.... 0
.... 4
... S
.... 7
.... a
.... 7
....is e
. ..IS
.... 8
.... 7 4
.... 4
.... 8
.... 1
.... 8
.... a
S3 ';
It Is not true that Gen. McClellan has to-day
returned his sword to Its scabbard, and his
major general's commission to the Govern
ment, and with n olive branch In his hand
ascended the Chicago platform. The report Is
Cuicaoo, Aug. 31. Tho Convention has
re'soluted that the adjournment will not dis
solve It, and It will remain In a condition to bo
reassembled at the call of tbe National Com
mittee, at any time between now and the 4th
of March next.
On tbe flosl bullot. McClellan had 203, and
Thomas II. Seymour 23 tcs.
The New Orleans Era of the 21st Instant,
speaking of the Issue made by Wade and Davis
with the President, concludes an able editorial
as follows i
" It Is unnecessary for us to say that In this
I sine we nr for the President. There are those
who see salvation for the country In tbe over
throw of the President. We call npon all who
aro interested in tno satety or tne a nip oi mate,
which Is struggling on tho breakers of the Sea
of Revolution, to stand by the man at the helm.
We accept nhat as said of htm In the order
for reconstruction of government in Louisiana t
' The immortal Father of hit Country vai never
ffuuleJ oy a more Jutt aiid benignant sjnr It than
that of hi titccettur in cfilct. Abraham Lincoln.
the President of the United Satis. In tiu: hour
of trial lit hi heed hit admonitions. "
The Democratic Wigwam.
Ibe Chicago Journal, In describing the place
where tho Democratic Convention Is held, says:
"A noticeable feature Is the total absence of
decorations In the amphitheatre."
Tbe Juumalli probably not awaro that Mr.
Belmont had ordered a cargo of olive branches
from Judea to decorate tho hall, but they did
not arrive seasonably.
Kucourageincut of Amer!cau Mannfuc
tures. All our ladles who are patriotically Interested
In diminishing foreign Importations In time of
war, should attend the meeting of the Ladles'
National Covenant, and carry to It all the In'
formation they can collect with regard to
American manufactures. The knowledge of
our own resources, and a proper appreciation
of our own fabrics, are matters that should
commend themselves to every American ollizcn
iLLstMor Gev. TuitNin. We regret most
sincerely to learn that Gen. Johu W. Turner
lies dangerously III at Fortress Monroe. He Is
a graduate of West Point, of tho class of 1&5,
and a noble ofllecrs and a noble man.
Chicago, Ang, 31. On the announcement
of the result, speeches were made by Governor
Seymour and others, heartily endorsing the
Hon. George H Pendleton, of Ohio, waa
nominated for Vice President on the second
WiiUr'i Cavalry Uatdlna; In Northern
Teuncsse aallatlu Thrsitsnid.
Louisville, Ang. 30. Passengers by the
Nashville train say that Wheeler, with his en
tire forces, appeared at the bend of the Cum
berland river, three miles below Gallatin, cap
tured a company of Federal troops, and were
attempting to cross the river this morning for
an advance noon Gallatin.
This force Is variously estimated at from five
to twelve uonsana men. ino lormer nurauei
1a nrobablv nearlv correct.
A report has reached Cavo City, Kentucky,
that the Colonel commanding the post at Gal
latin has ordered the depot there to be burned,
as It naa without tbe range of nis guns.
Mora Irlah IHotsTha Rffrptlan Dlffl
culiy to b Battled.
Halifax, Ang. 31. The steamship Enropla,
from Liverpool August 3d, has arrived.
The Irish riots at Belfast were recommenced
on the 10th Inst.
Tbe Hon. Charles Uale, American consul to
EcfDt. arrived at Alexandria on tho 17th nit..
!. . .,. .... .. . -. a - .'
ana tne recent aimcuuies tnero wouia ue ami
cably adjusted.
tvommerciai ine cotton maraet ciosca wun
a partial decline; middling New Orleans 33Jd.
Breadstuffs quiet and steady. Provisions dull.
Lokdon, Saturday Consols 83(39; ror
From KaaUvtlie Hum or a About WfiaeU
r'a Cavalry.
Nashth lb, Aug. SO. Great excitement pre
vailed at Nashville to-day, In consequence of a
rumor that an attack was to be made by Gen.
Wheeter'a cavalrv force. It Is rumored that
his force amounts to 6,000 or 8,000 men, with
ia guns.
When last heard from they were near Mc
Mlnnvllle, advancing toward Mnrfreesboro.
It is nrobable that their intention Is to des
troy tho Federal line of communication to the
iront, ana it is supposea tuat ins urn ucmuu
stratlon will bo made upon Duck river brldgo.
No apprehension need be felt In regard to an
attack unon mis citv.
Reports reached here this morning that the
rebel cavalry force was near Lebanon, Tcnn.,
and had captured some thirty Federal cavalry i
but tho river being too high to ford, It la pre
sumed that tbey have alnce Joined Wheeler's
main body near uunreesDoro.'
io reports irom uenerai anerman nave ucen
Fivehundrcd rebel prisoners. Including twen-
ty-threo commissioned tfUcers, reached hero
last nignt.
The river Is two feet on the shoals, and fall
Points aid Fifth AvuntJi. We gave
In our paper of yesterday a vivid description of
Mr. August Btlmont'a equipage M Newport.
The authority was the Newport correspondent
of the New York Evening Poet, ana ine ae.
coutt must hare made the heart of ell Flunkey
dom ihrlU with unwonted rapture. The car
riage valuod at S3 000, the trappings at 13,000,
the horse at 123,000 -these were In them
selves sufficient to extort the wondering ad
miration of all beholders, whether they looked
upon the spectacle with the natural eye or with
tbe eye of tho mind, but when to all these were
added the crowning charm of two liveried
footmen, Imported expressly for tho purpose,
and eot np ai an expense of a thousand dollars
each, the effect waa overpowering. The chair
man of the National Democratic Committee
rid in it abont NewDort In inch an equipage,
and with such attendance, on the very eve of
the Chicago convention, la an event wnicn
brings out In the strongest light the extremes
or aristocracy ana monocracy oi wmen mo
nnnnalttan rinrt la rom noted.
indeed, tnat party cannot uo ujwid uricuj
characterized than as a political combination
formed by a coalition of Fifth avenue with
rive roints. ine nuniieswuo .cat ium m
iur nl.sndrtF to Belmont's Mulpaee symbol
ized the voters he controls. Tbey were marked
by their livery, as AU men, and the dressing of
them In such gorgeous habiliments fitly sug
gested tho common habttof democratic leaders
of encasing tbe victims of their Intrigues and
the aids to their ambition in a shining livery
nf vnriU ThArinttMM flattered and so ca
joled are still, however, but the footmen and
nunnies or me aemocraiic carnage, uu m
appropriately perched on the back of the ve
hicle, to lend additional eclat to the state of
the aristocrat, luxuriously. seated, among the
co,h,"- wrjKajLx
Mrs. Robert E. Leeways the Buffalo CovrUr,
Is residing In the village of ; Niagara,1 at. the
mouth of Niagara river, ; TrJ
Notid TniiVM. Two youngsters, named
Auftustus Boy la and Oeorc W. Pabba.wsta ar
rested this moralns; at 4 oVoob.by offleers Me
CoUu. and Mcfclireab, at the United States Hotel,
on the chars of eommltttig numerous depreda-
iioni. varioui inim. iuto n miraiii jiniirii
&.C., have been missed by persona stopping; at tbe
bo els. Tola mornlDr a watch was found on Au
gustus F. Eojla. and Identified by Capt. Coreatrr.
inning ri to uoueu bikb nwii imj wuuiu
in hnteli and tlra their names differently at
each one where thsy stepped. MflColgan received
a Utter from a rent la naa kenlcr a hotel In Balti
more, that he hid been robbed of a Urge sum of
money, and as he had heard of these two rascals,
ne lory DT uvea rremu acTcrai iiiucbj, sustain
their eieanaaen time Twice thev made thslr
escape from Jillby getting out of the third atory
window, sou once uaori nutas mi eiop irom m
aflrenth Precinct Station bv rulllor off all his
clothes except Ms pacts and getting through the
ventilator at the topof theeell. They ware brought
before Justice Glbcrson. tried, and committed to
Jail for court.
Cmitai or Pasmko CousTxnrxiT Mosxr.
F. U. Saott waa arrested and brought before Jus
tice Clay ton thla morale on the charge of passing
a twenty-dollar counterllflt note on 8, L. Davta.
Both of these persons do business In Georgetown.
Mr. Davis alleges that Mr. Scoit gave htm the
noteou Monday morning, while Nr.bcott declares
ha never had ajeU a note. Mr. entt offered to
lose ooo half or the note rather than have any
trouble about the matter. Jutttoe Clayton re
quired Mr. isott t) give two hundrejl dollars ball
lor his anpeiranoa at court.
Oo th lothj lt', Mrt. SaAH A., wife of John
Yniinr, in ttaaisi year oi pcragj
Her funeral will take plaoa on Thursday, tha 1st
r iitmtir. at 3 o'clock. t. m.. frf.ni the rtat-
denea of her son-in-law. R. If Crht. Ssvrnth
Vl-OcargitowD, Ausruet 30, lXOft. Tha
etcamsr Falibtnk Msairlved from New Yfirk,
and Is now discharging at i ha root of H'gh street,
rnnaitntea will titrase attind to tha removing
their goods without further no'lee. -..,,..
mis 'earner nana lor naw wi uu ....
DAY, tent. I, atea.m
auSO-at MORGAN fc RHINtHAftT, Armti.
Cf-A (lrtnl Hatreat will ! fftven hy
the roldlera Rellar Association, (Catholic ) at tin
Grove on Fifteenth atreet. between 0 street a-d
tha Canal, on THURSDAY, Sept. 1, lBfit.for tho
benefit of tha sick and wounded ot thalttu.fi.
colored troops. Admission twinty-Qve cents.
auIMt m
jj" People's Telegraph. HewVlrat Olasa
LiRM. direct to NEW YORK, BOSTON, and all
Important points. Washington Offlecat REPUB
LICAN BUILDING, Stl Ninth street, (weit iMc )
and corner Pennsylvania avenue and fmth street,
under National Hotel.
feblft-tf Manager Waahlorton District.
rollaaee or the fterroua, ffeutlitai,
Pslnar anil fi1ial IvatsMlia Diff and r1lab)ft
treatment-la Reports of tha HOWARD Asi)ClA
nun 5ni By man in " "" .: !-,
free of charge AdJress. Dr. J. 8KILI.IN HOUOH
TON, Howard Association, No. a South Ninth
street, Philadelphia, Pa. mas-iy
A Larob Captcrb. A raid waa made last
night, by Officers MeElfresb, Frailer, Williams,
EcklolT. Lynch and Meinlgen. on a house kept by
a white man, who bad 21 negroes in there, drink
ing, carousing and disturbing the neighborhood.
The negroea were all arretted and broueht before
Justice Glbersoo, who fined then 68. The
whit man waa dismissed, aa he atted that he
kept a saloon, and these negroes earn la upon
A Bjo Dit's Work. Yesterday and last
night the omeersof tlie Ssienth precinct made
foity arrests for disorderly conduct, suspicious
characters, seUlog liquor, fco. Tbe whole amount
of fines paid waa on hun ire4 and eleven tiolMra
and avntv.fLiiF Mnti. Fnii r were committed to
the workhouse, four were dlsm'ssed, one turned
oter t j the military, and two committed for ceurt.
NavT-YinD. The flag-ship Don arrived at
th yard vetterday about noon from the lower Po
tomao, with communication a to the Departments,
the brings no news of importance. She la very
avlft, her m-chloery all la good order, and aha
gives entire satisfaction to all of her officers, and
meets their most sanguine expectations.
tt-S. T.-1B0U. X, PerettDBofaeUeutary
habits troubled with weakness, lassitude, palpita
tion f th heart, lack ot appetite, distress after
eating, torpid liver, eoceMpallon, ae., deierve to
sutler If they will not try th celebrated
whch ar now recommended by tha highest medi
cal authorities, and warranted to produce an in
tneiUte beneficial effect. They ar exceedingly
arraeable. naifectlv nure. and must supercede all
other tonics where a healthy, gentle stimulant Is
They purify, strengthen ana invigorate.
They create a healthy appetite.
Thsy ar an antidote to change of water and
diet. "
Tbey overcome effects of dissipation and late
They strengthen the system and enliven the mind.
They prevent miasmatic an1 Intermittent fevers.
They purify th breath and acidity of th
They cur Dyspepsia and Constipation.
Tbey eur Diarrheas, Cholera anl Cholera Mor
bus. They cure Urer Complaint and Nervous Head
ache. They mak th weak strong, th languid bril
liant, and ar exhausted natura'a great restorer.
They are composed of lh celebrated Callaaya
bark, wintergreen, sassafras, roots and neibs, all
preserved In perfectly pur St. Colx rum. for
particulars, see circulars ana testimonials around
each bottle.
Dewar of Imposters, Examine every bottle. Seo
that It has D. 8. Barnes' slf nature on our private
U. 8. Stamp over th cork, with plantation scene,
aadour firm signature on a fine steel plate en
graving on aide label. Se that our bottle Is not
refilled with spurious and deleterious stuff. We
defy any person to match the taste or character of
our goo.li. Any person pretending to sell Planta
tion Blttera by th gallon or in bulk isanimpos
ter. We sell only lo our log cabin bottle. Any
person Imitating this bottle, or selling any other
material therein, whether called risntatlon Blt
tera or not, Is a criminal under tbs u. s. Law, ana
will ba so prosecuted by us. e a'ready hat our
eye on two parties refilling our bottles, ki.t who
will auceeei la getting themselves Into close quar
ters. The demand for Drake's plantation Bitters
from ladles, clergymen, merchants, &c , Is per
fectly Incredible. The simple trial of a bottle la
th evidence we present of their worth and superi
ority. They are sold by all respectable drurglsti,
grocers, physicians, hotels, saloons, steamboats,
and country stores.
auH-eolm 20J Broadway K. Y.
log. Mr. Wilkings employs his time In writing
tbe 1 own Talk,' for the liankumvllle Mercury,
and the gentleman In the scarf-pin, having
nothing particular to do, repiruses tho Timet.
Ibe small band of the clock sluggishly moves
towards four, and when it points to tnat nour
tho room is discrted."
Shocks of a Heavy Karthquak at flan
Ban Fkaj-cisco, Aug. 23. Heavy earthquake
shocks were experienced in ine mountains
during the ween.
Aew York Stock 1.1st.
By tho People's Telegraph Lines,
0:r.s-oU Moth street and corner Pennsylvania
rnoi. Mahimt, of whose ability as a pro fea
sor of dancing there nerds no comment, aa be la
well known to our readers, will return from his
ummer tour on tie titnf acptcmuer, having en-
rami TamnfFinr Hall fhta oil Standi for the BD-
aular season, when he will Introduce a variety or
new dances in addition to tne uiuu course.
fiRiNn LiHCENT. David Burnswas arrested
yesterday moraing by Officer Sprsgue.on ihs charge
of stealing a watch irom Bernard Wood. He was
biouiht before Juttlce Ferguson, tiled, and com-
mnica 10 j"i tor court.
Georqtowii Councils. The Councils met
taat nltrht. Tllll-iUtOt to tha Call Of th MVOr.
IQ Illfl liuart Wl liurf coral, mimmuuiu.MWu nmm
reoelved from tbe Clerk (Mr. Laird) relative tjtba
distribution or money In Ms hands for school pur
poses. Mr. Cox ottered a resolution delegating to the
clerk power to distribute the money for school
purposes, raised. . ..
A communication wasVcelvod from tho Mayer
asking an appropriation of SJOO foreaoh police
man of th town, to enable tnemto enter Into a
scheme to avoid the draft. Lid over.
Also, a oommuatcatlon from tbe Corporation
clerk, In relation to the collection or market rents,
and suggesting tbe abolishing or tbe monthly
rente andafflxlng In Its stead a price or llcenie, aa
the Board of Aldermen and Common Council may
deem expedient.
War Difahtmint.)
Provost Marshal On cral's oi rice,
WASHlHOTOlf, D. C, June 2S, ISM. )
Circular. No. a.
Persons not fit for military duty and not liable
to draft, from age or other causes, have expressed
a desire to be personally represented in the Army.
In addition to the contributions they have made tn
the way of bounties, theypropoao toproeuro at
their own expense, and present for enlletmeht.rc
crulta to represent them In tbe service, suah
S radical patriotism Is worthy of special oommcu
atlon and encouragement. Provost Marshals,
and all other otfloera acting under thla Buret j,
are ordered to furnish atl the facilities In their
power to enlist and muster promptly the acecpta
ble wprfienfflrtim rtcruite presented, la accordance
with the design herein set forth.
Tbe nam of tbe person whom th recruit repre
sents will beVoted on the Enlistment and Descrl
tlve Roll of tbe recruit, and will bo earned forward
from those papers to th- other olholal records
which form nis military blsUry.
Suitably prepared certificates of this prrionct
representation In tbe service will be forwarded from
this office, to be tilled out and Issued by Provost
Marshals to the persona who put In repretentatioe
rtcruU. JAMES B. FRY,
jetf.tf Provost Marshal ucncr.
aveuuo and Sixth street.
u'rnNEiuAV, Acocst 31 First Board.
Two workmen employed In the Chicago lake
tunnel qoarreled on Wednesday last, whilst
iinHor Hi a I at ft. and started to "fiuht It out" on
urdayait rnnt n Hamate a very brief stop.takinK ' the surface. When they reached the bottom of
m t rail li fiaf llrfilna lun.llna rri.nA. trt lnjf.ll - v.avr .. ......- .
a irnm for Utoton Junotlon, thence to Lowell,
Mit. Isaac O. II tit, for the past three years
ai prater of the on of New York, wae removed
uu Stturday lait by the Secretary of tbe Treasury,
and Judge i. L. Lathr p waa appointed to th po
sition. 51 u. II. N. CoaoiK, the United State consul
at fioag KMUg, China, recently knocked down
and root ei), lu that city, In o; en day, by a gang of
(. M. Sutrn. Eia.. of Brrlrjuflcld. III., has
donated onehuodrtU dollais to the treasury of tbe
the abaft, one of the men stabbed the other In
mo nack oi tne neca. wuu a Buari'cutu u..c.
The wounded man knocked down his assailant
with an Iron crowbar, and then dropped dead.
The bathing at the Kngllsb watering places
Is lather shock I no- to delteate tastes: but
neither tbe English man or woman la at all
squeamish. The only bathing dress of the fe
male Bull is her chemise, and of the male tbe
smallest of drawers. Tbe London Times Js
Tub National Loan. Tho subscriptions to
tho 7 30 loan, reported at the Treasury De
partment yesterday, amounted to (513,000, and
to the 10 10 loan to $231,000.
The 'T1 civ et-of-Leave Man" Is ruunlng at
the Olympic, Londou, and has nearly reached
Its four hundredth consecutive night. Mr.
Henry Neville Is the Robert Urlerly of the play,
One of the latest Adelnhl novelties la an ex
travaeania. called the "Actor's IUtront." It
Introduces the actors In their proper charac
ters, aud has three divisions tho prologue, tho
arama, ana too epilogue.
Tin folks In St. Loals aro having n lively
dauce or terror Just now. been onaconuas,
lately Imported, from the East, escaped from
the tank in which they had been kept, and
after a three daj a' search had, at last accounts,
not been recaptured.
A to us a Irishman, twenty-one years old,
was stabbed to death in a bar-room In Boston,
on Friday night, for "pooh-poohing" a drunken
ruflisn, who said "he could lick him or any
other man In tho room."
st a e nimtary iau, hoping to be one oi on thou-l trying to Inveigle the bathers Into the adoption
a&udcit i is who will cai,A contribute that sum, 0f the French and American bathlnir costumes.
J ( a, ,. raiovr, oi inioagvi, tjooeie one ol vf -Mr-m -Pn alnw In llrliain
i ii ran premium horse-hay pltcbfoiks.worth but reform are slowlniirUaln.
iwmity uu Un. A brautlful bet-spread, cuad In i , , , , , , . . , ., A . , ,.
Vtigi la, m lite, r eot'on giown In ilw same A mw kind of fuel has len "patented,"
great Mate, richly embroidered, has been nfiered which will keep one room warm and rook vie
lo th i nmiMhaiirifi, to be voted for at one dollar a tnsla 1) winter, for fS.
ux nd itt!Lttrd to tifn. Grant, shermao, or '
on.t) other tilstloauiilied man et to be named. ,, ,, ,.,,,..,
mi. may recehe the lilghest number of otes. 'j rialua" arc plenty In Inland this )csr
A Pima HAm has been going the rounds or
the press to the elTcct that Mr. Wm. Cham
bers baa Just completed a "History of rub-
Ushers." The taciturn out to do that Mr.
Chambers' book Is a "History of Foehlesahlro,
bis native county.
Fifty thousand acres havot'Cin phuitod Willi
ax In Canada this season
A Speech by Ueii. Uurnahle.
Clnthc Haruou, N. H uft .13, lti6l
Uvn. Bnrnsldo arrived last nlgul at this place
from the bile Mountains on his way to resume
his couimaud. His arrival speedily becoming
kuown, largo numbers of citizens from the
neignoormg towns assembled, ana, wuu uu
knap' coma band, serenaded the General,
is ho. in rtinoDsuto the compliments, appeared
ou the balcony of his hotel amid the cheers of
me ntuiiuuue, ana spoku as iouows:
My ruiBNOs; I am sure you will excuse me
from making any extended remarks on this
occasion, because In the first place It Is not my
habit to address public assemblies, and Just now
I am rtturnlng from abrief pleasure trlnthrougb
your beautiful country, durlog which I have
purposely enjoyed recreation and thought as
little as iiosslMe of official or nubile business.
It will not ho amiss, however, for me to say
that I hae the fullest con a den ce In the ability
of the Qournmcnt to crush out this wicked
I feel that the dav Is not far distant when tho
despondency which now prevails will totally
nis appear, ana me people or tne norm win see,
e in mo neia sec, mat tne end is at nana.
Only untied cllurt Is needed to enable tho Gov
ernment lo move still more quickly. I refer to
this because I have lately wltnesed tho do
spondcDcy and been surprised at It. Why, I
have heard more grumbling at the North In
three da) s than I heard In our wholecampalgn
from (he Uapldan to Petersburg. Poople seem
to think that our armies are wearlug out with
out corresponding exhaustion of the enemv.
This is a mistake. Our resources lu the flold
are greater than his. We have three time his
home re sou re is untouched, and can loso far
more than the South, and still break down the
rebellion. I repeat, thcro Is no cause for de
spondency. Lol every citizen do all in his
F", biiu mo reaun is sure, it is noi posse
ble that any cause so founded In Iniquity an
this rebellion should succuLd. Bat. ludenend
ent of ih right and wrong, I am sure, from
oMcrvatlon, that we have the strength and
wllllo inn'iuer
'1 ho General's n marks mud a ettOH 1m
predion on tin auUcuet;.
t'.S. lsoi uupon4's ,
V, IS. D--B..,.
lutlticatcB of Indebtedness....
Notf York Central.
Hudson Rtver
Mlckljtaa Central
Michigan Southern
Illinois Central
Cleveland and Pittsburg
Clavelanil and Toledo
CMcago and Hock Island
lull wau me qu rrairie uu a-uwu
Pittsburg, Foit Wayne and Chicago..
Alton and Terra Haute. ..
Chldiccj and .Northwestern
Uulcksllver .
... .
... 8S
... ss
... ca
... MS'
t-KHSO.f AI,.
Mi J. Gen. Q. A. Gillmors arrtvod In town
this morLtng, and la stopping at Wlllard's.
Cou IIoffihh, Commissary General of
Trisonets, has gone on an Inspection tour of tbe
prison and parole camps In the West, During his
abscnec, Major Wag-ion, of tbe 3d Mass, cavalry,
will act lahlsrlaoe.
Hon. Isaac X. Arnold Is ont In a card, de
clining to be a candidate for re-election to Con
gress. Baltimore Itema.
Charijed with Attempting to Sell Gvvernment
Medical btoret.Wm, League was arrested yea
terdav. at bis home. No. 13 Cross street.
char cod with attemDtlntr to sell 30 ounces of
quinine, done up In Government packages of
a ounces eacu. ine accused aiaieu met iu
medicine bad been sent to htm from Philadel
phia, but by whom ho did not know. He was
taken ueipre uoi. woouey, nuu auumiuu tutu
be bad beforo disposed of quantities of qui
nine. He was looked up tn tbe military prison
to await trial. In the meantime Col. Wool ley
Is determined to have a thorough Investigation
of the case made, and if possible discover from
inai nospitai ine stealing is guing uu.
Rebel ' Deterters. Yesterday morning ten
rebel deserters arrived at the provost marshal's
ofUce from Harper's Ferry, and took tho oath
of allegiance. They were sent north of Phila
delphia. look the Amneuty Oin7..--Wm. II. Calvert, of
Winchester, Vs., a deserter from the rebel
army, reported at Col. Wool ley's otllce yostcr
day, and took tbe oath of allegiance, according
to the President's amnesty proclamation, and
was reieasoa.
Sunken Steamer liaised. The steamer Fanny,
which was sunk near tho wharf at Fortress
Monroe some time since, has boon raised, and
yesterday arrived at Baltimore, whero she will
b thoroughly repaired
M.aa hull, tin nn uaotl aa a tnarkethullJfl.waB re
eelved. Ihey ask tnat the benches may be rented
to them for tne term of six months for $800, Laid
A message from the Board of Common Council,
proposing that when tbe two no aro s aujournu ce
until next Friday evening. Asieed to.
Th fY.iin.flii rvaniiitina maltloa' an annroprla-
tlon to repair a part of High street, near Hoad
street, waa cooourre in, and tbe Board adjourned.
in tn iioara oi uommun iuuugi a vuiuuiuuiva
tlon was received recommending an appropriation
of one hundred dollars for eacb of the policemen,
. onalMn lr,nm tn bfttm Out Ol the draft.
Also, one from the Clerk of the Corporation In
relation to ine rents oi maraei iwi.
Also, one from the street commissioner relative
to the drainage of eerUln streets.
Tbe Mil of oidfleidfc. Brother, for the repair of
pumpa, was received.
Ibe President lld before the Board the receipt!
and expenditure on the poor and workhouse up
to June 3U, ISO.
Mr. Peck reportej a bill for tbe draining of the
ntw market.
fl Mr. dementi presented a petition from the
Georgetown butchers, proposing to pay 1800 for
tbe stalls ocoupled by them.
air. sioemaxer presenicu a wmumunmuuvi
W. C. Smith, btreet commissioner, relative to tbe
Pv.lDX,",.,i'. .,....-, Is,.,.,..
iir, AVIB tuereu nrciDimiuuiui - -
across Congress street at Ileal). Passed.
Mr. Feck reported a bill for creat ng the offlce of
harbor master. . . ..
r.rr v.imnnatnn then ottered a resolution re
questing the trustees of tk al ni-house. to inform
toe Lkiuncna ii mr. .u"i'" ...-. .-
.1,1., I .,. anil If an. XII hV.
Mr. Shoemaker oflered a resolution to oomplete
thepalogor Hlxhatret.
Th. hin fram ths Hi aid of Aldermen In regard
to distribution tbe school fund abdtor the pay
ment of gaa bills was concurred In.
Tbe Hoard then adjourned until Friday next at
half-past 7 o'clock
Custom Houan Gborobtown. Cleared.
Schooner H. Farnck, Feutun, Philadelphia) sobr.
Planter, Hopkins, AecoiuaciCbr. Lmlly, Conklln,
Baltimore) schr. Christine, Drink water, Baltt
more steamer Falibauk, Hunter, ew York)
aenr. O. 8. kmlly, Wiillus, boueraet oauutyj schr.
Kl', Willlns, ttomerset countyi senr. . Juliason,
t alklo, Biittmorei scbr. Little Kock, Boweu. Phil
adeiiinta. Kocered Schr. Leorge and Haniy, Lof, Phil
adelphia. Skvlahkivo wwa Ssutoua Efvbct. To-day
about la o'clock, p. ni , a boy named Lpbrlam
Pdiltps and an wid man named Jen,ea Walton
iinvia were kvlarklDir toiether In the Usfle Ilea-
taurant, corner of bridge and Green streets, the
boy ramps naving a navy revolver in uis uanu at
th tlm. It aoama Phlllna. alter lilaTloa awhile.
went behind the bar, and waa foluwed by Boyle,
when tne pistol was discharged, ine contents cu-
tennr tha hodi oi llnvla In the abdomen and uass-
log through the baok, fell on the floor. Dr. Joshua
juicy waa eaucu in anu iiruauuuncu . .vw
mortal, umcer Lelshear anested Philips and
locked him up In the station-hous to await trial.
8ERaNAT)i.The band belonging to the V. K.
C, statlootd at the C.rcle, favorej a few of iur
cltltena with a serenade. They Bret gave Major
Littler, the assistant provost meiehsl, some of
tnelr best selections. Afterwarda they visited
our Hon.Mayer.H. Addison and so oral oilier oi our
prominent imloacttliens.
War Department,!
Adjutant General's OtritE,
Wabhuioton, June SO, lSt. )
Circular, No. 60
Civil employee In the various Military Office
and Departments In Washington, who claim a
residence and liability to draft elsewhere than In
tha District of Columbia, will Immediately pro-
'due evidence ot such residence and liability to
tha proper enrolling officers of the District of Co
lumbia, and take steps to have their names
stricken rrom their enrolment lists, In order that
tbe quota of th District may be llxcd upon a
proper basis.
By ortsr ol tU Secretary ot "
lyS Assistant Adjutant General.
War Department.)
Adjutant General's Oiricr, i
WASH1H0TON, March 1?, iSdl. )
All applications for leaves of ftb.enoe. or per
mission to visit Washington must be address! to
Major General Halleok, Chief of Starr, and must
specify tha business for which the officer denu
the permission. Telegrams Addressed direct to tho
Secretary ot war on mis buojccc wui iccci o uv
attention. .
By order of the Secretary of War, .,.,
mSl.tf Assistant Adjutant General.
iih tiv n fourteen rooms, central 1
mA in ihAPnn.h ranair. wtll.furnlahed. aud
with modern Iranrovementa, is wanted lmeedl
atelv. Address Box IS. tbls offlce. au31-St
Aratsr-oiiABS cook waniku.
Flr.t-rat. wajes will b. paia to a rlr.t cl.n
cuuKI. naoo.n brlaa;raooiamcoilatlons lur oeat
neu aad honesty. Aa Koitliu, U.rtn a or Freuch
ramu prelerrad. Inqttlra at Ibis offlce, adltorlul
X t
.. tn thA whereabouts of Mrs. MARY
AHNbKLCSK.iermeriyMisa Mary Aun Kenny,
who lived in Washington about twelve months
ago, and afterwards leit with her husband lor
Ohio, will be manxruiiy receivcu pyuwi'iini
' WM. KENNY, Ui. F,.lth Mich. Inf ,
L1UI UlBlIlUUllUUa AlCaaUUIieaa .
Oaison Bloht, Prcs'l; Jouii L. Cillev, Ces y.
OrrosiTE WltLAaos Hotel.
Tha loiurlnj of tlmbs belnf tha ifuUsllla ol thli
Company, the attention of Orncnas and Sji.
uic.s 1, particularly called to Us merits.
Froapeetus and circular, eiplaln!n( the lrlnei
plts ot tha Company, can be had, with all oilier in
formation, by eallln, at the office, No. l Four
teeoth street. im a.,,r,n
Shoul I Insure his'Umlis, thereby provldli Ijr
Aim., In case ho should be so unionua.i. .. ..,
lose a limb. ..,.,
This Is the only Insurance company of tin ku I
lntheworld,chalteredeaprcsilVby tha S'ate ..t
New Vnrk to nieot the waits ol '''" ' ''
llon UEO. 3. WILLIS,
auJ-1 m Mausjlni Aent of Uranoii oraco

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