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la published eicrj attsreooii, (Sunday eicept
1) by W. J. MuBTion ft Co., and It furnished
to on r subscribers (bj carriers) it 1JJ trau per
week, or M cents per months
Mill subscribers, 1 8.00 per annum IS CO
for six months, and t3 00 fur tlfe raonth,ln
variably In adyanco.
Blnslo copies, Tnasi Cikti.
E. st
WAiiimoTOif. JuoeiT. 18C4.
la accord an oe with the provisions of the set ol
tteogresa, Approved Msy 38, I9SI, whloh la U the
wordi following, to wit I
"A act to authorize the establishment of Mean
mm steamship semes between tut united I
States And Brazil "
"lit it enacted by Ike Sertoli and House ef JUpreeenta
tivei of the Unlttd Xtatet of America, in ConffrtM f
tenbtrd, That U Postmaster Geoerai be, and hels
hereby. Authorised to unite with the CeuerAl Fnt
offlce Department ol tbe Emptra o( Brail), or men
omcer of tha Government ot Braxil ai shell ba to
thorlzM to act for that Government, la ettAbllsh
lcjrOlreet mall commuaJaatlon between tha- two
countries by mtui of a monthly lloa of first eleas
Atnerlean sea going stearaihlpe, to ba of not Im
than two thousaod torn burden eaeh, And of suf
ficient number to perform twelve round trips or
voyages par Annum between sport of tha United
states, north ot tha Potomae liver, and Rio da Ja
neiro, la Drzll, tnuchtnf at SAlnt Thomas, In tha
Wr it Indies, at Dahla, rrnambneo, and aueh other
Brazilian and Intermediate port or porti aa eh a) I
le considered necessary And expedient! rrovided.
That the rxpenseot th ittTlea aualt ba divided
latn-fcn tha two Goveromenta, and that tha Uni
ted Statea portion the rant ihall not txeeed tha
sum ofooe hundred And fifty thoaiand dolUrefor
tha perf irmAnceof twelra round tripe per ami am,
to t a pit Id out of Any money appropriated for tha
sen ice of tha Poit umca rnartmit.
" See. 2 And le it further enacted. That tha Poet-
n"i"irr uratfiuT, ou no u nereoy, Kumoniiu
to Inrlta propoeale for iId mall etetmehtp eerrlea
typuhio AdvrrtUeoient for tha period of eUty
Uj e la one or mora newipapere pabrfehed In tha
oitici of WaihlnftoD, Bltlmore, fhilAdelphlA,
New York, And ltoeton, reipeetlrely. And to eon
tract with the lowtit reipooalbla bidder for tha
ttiDie for a term of ten yean, toeommeneafrom
the dar tha flnt itittniMn of tha firorMiad Una
hftll depart from the Uolted Statea with tba malla
ior urnziii' rrorucn. ioai propoeaie ror moainiy
trtpi tht la to eay, for twelra round rnyaKea per
Annum, out and back ara reoelvad Aod Accepted
t hln within the limit ai AforeiAlJ, from a party
ir ptrtlce of undoubted reiponilbUlty, poetetalcc
ample Ability to furnish tha iteAmahtpe required
lor tha ten lee. And rinrlnv rood and aulfialant
auretlee fur the faithful performance of eueh eon
irci najToriiM,iir7nr, Tnat a-tea propoaaia
thnil be accei led by tha Oorernmentof B-aitl,
And that Ut it and epArAteaoatraeia with each
OoVCrnifsant. ann)tlnliif alml at tncnvlalftnl. tthtlll
flouted by each aeaepud bldsler or bidden i
eftc Government to ba reaponelble only forlta
i'iupottloa of the aubeldy to ba paid for the eerrloe
'hce 1 And be it further eiactid That anrcon-
tract which the Postmaster General tLAyaaeeute
ucder the Authority of tble act eh all t;o Into elTtet
on or before the first day of September, one thou
sand eight hundred and lUtr-firei andshalMn
A'dltton tethe usual tlpulUtoneot ooaan mall
temailp contracts, provide that tha iteamshlpa
rtflered for tha serTlce shall be constructed of the
best materials and After the most Approved model,
with all the modern ImnroTemenfa adapted for
Beft-goloff stcamshlpe of the first el ass t And shall,
before ttelr approval aod acceptance by the Post
maetcr General, bi suhjeot to lnspestloa end sur
vey by au experienced DAvaleonstruetor, to be de
tailed for that purpose by the Secretary of the
Navy, whose report shall be made to the Postmaa
ter General) that the two GOTCrnmeota shall be
entitled to hare transuorted, free of expense, on
each and every steamer, a mall ajent to take charge
of and Arrange the mail matter, to whom suitable
Accommodations for that purposeshall be assigned)
ht In ease of fallvre from any cause to perform
any of the regular moathlv voyarea stipulated for
in the contract, a pro tA deduction shall be made
frooitha compensation on Account ot fueh.om.lt
is 1 inrarts or vovarM: tha suitable fines And DCn-
Aiiirs may ue imposcu lorucityi anuirrrguiriura
tn the regular performance of the eerrloe aoeord
lug tocoutrao t and that the Postmaster General
hU hat e the power to determine the contract A
an time, in case of Ita being underlet or assigned
loany o her party.
"Sec And be it fvtther enacted, That the mall
a'eamihlps employed In the service authorized by
this aet so all be exempt from All port charges And
?ittnm hauia duf at the nort of dcDarture And
... . . : . '- m-, i. -r.i..
n nival la tturUnttei States: Prouiifd, That a sim
ilar Immunity from torthargea andosom-houe
Ot.es is gramcki vy uo uuvcrnmcat oi vraiu.
" piirocd, My2S, 18t "
wl 1 bo re celt tvl At the Post Offleo Department, In
the e ty ol Washlcgtoa, until I o'clock: p u.ol
y T t) P.0 Y, the first day of October, 184, far con
vein? tho mails of the United States by a
monthly line of first c'ass American sea-going
steamships of not less than two thousand tons
burden, essh, and cf sufficient number to perform
tucho round oyages per annum between a port
f the Unite J stAtes north of the Potomac river
and lito do Janeiro, in Bratil, touohtog At St.
IhomtJ, In tho West Indies, And At Batla Aod Per
nambui.0, la Brazil, for a contract term of ten
j cars, to commence on or before the 1st day of
hcptciuber, 18, and to date from the day the first
ft AattsMp of such line shall leare tha UnlteJ
tat a with the malla for Brazil.
11 d lets mutt designate the United States port ol
liparture and arrival, and may. At their option,
I rniKite to embrace additional Intermediate porta
At which the steamships shall touch on thet out
wA'd or homeward passages, to deliver And re
ccivo mails
Jach bid should name the time proposed to be
ou,)icd la l erfurmlng the passages, each way,
Lc wefn the United StAtes port of departure and
Arrlv aland Hto da Janeiro, And should be acoora
pa led by a map or dlAgram of tba route, showing
tfco Intermediate ports at which the steamships
are too -11 todeineraodreoelvemalla. Sobedulea
or the sailing days, stating the proposed days and
hours of departure from each port aa well as the
proposed dajs And hours of ArrlVAl, should Also
ncgooipnny eash bid) such schedules, however, to
be subject to the approval of tha Post Depart
ments of the reipectUo oountrles, And to Altera
tion by said Departments from time to Ume, as the
Interests of tue proposed International postal aer-
ice may require
The steamships off-rcl for thla service must be
tmerlean steamers of the first class, And before
Acceptance will be subject ta Inspection And aur
ty by an experienced navel coustructor, to be
OttAiled for that purpose by the Secretary of the
Proposals must conform In All respeotf to the
1 revisions and requirements of the Aforesaid ASt,
Approved MaySSib, 1661, And must be properly
Auarantled. with a satlsiastorv testimonial that
tho quarantors are men of property, and Abund-
miyniw vj mmo ruuh mcir )nisirsiii iui
t ldder's nime and residence. And the nana of each
member of the firm, when a company otters, should
The accei tan en nr non-accent anea of tha bids will
be determined by the Postmaster General as soon
as practicable After the time limited for their re
ception) but no proposal can be accepted by this
Department unless the bidder la alao eesepted by
tho Government of Brazil, u provided for In the
afoicsaldact. And la ease ol such joint Accept
Ance, distinct And separate contracts Are to ba ex
ecuted by the Accepted bidder or bidden with each
Government, containing similar Provisions, each
Government to ba responsible for only ita propor
tion of the subsidy to ba uald for the service.
Proposals should be sent, under seal, to "The
First Assistant Postmaster General," "Foreign
Desk," with the words "Matt PropotaJ ' for ttn
Vat i" written on tte face of the Address) And they
should be dtepAtched In time to be received by or
U fore thn first day of October next, which will be
the last day for r ccelSlng proposals under this Ad
rertliimcut. M. BLAIR,
Postmaster GeacrsJ.
Note This Department is not Advised that Any
vletixtte action has yet been taken by the Goiern
n eat ol Brazil la lespect to the establishment ol
the pioposod steamship service between the two
ountrleB)but it la probable that by the 1st ofOo
toner next, the limit fixed lor the reception of pro
posals under this advertisement, certain informa
tion ton tht subject will have been received,
"n nen reoeU cd, It will be made public.
JU9-w9iv M. B.
- p H O P O S A I. B K O H QOA.lT.
Navy Aoeki's Orricc, (
WABIUNOTOH, AUgUSt 16, 1844, I
Sraled prop isala will be received Atthiaoinee
until WfcDNaSDAY, Beptcmber Tth, 1881, At 12
n'ulook, ra , for ttio delivery At the Ordnanoe Yard,
inthaciiy, of the loll j wing sixes end kinds of
Coal, viz i
or Ordnanoe Foundrv.l.ooo bushels of Chsroosl.
wr Urdnance I'oundry, 00 tons of Anthracite
tx Cal
Urdnance Foundry, 380 tone of Cumberland
tor Ordnance S'eamer Baltimore, 1,200 tons of
Anthracite Coal, (steamer size )
lie above coal to ba of the best quality, and
subject to Inspection before aooeptanee.
Ail nf the coal to be delivered by the 1st day ol
November, 18U4, lteo of expense to the Govern
meat 1 lopoa&la must t e addressed')
S P. UllOWiN, Navy Agent,
au.1131 Washington, D. U,
Iitcrlng a in l Crmtei, iVevdcre I, an-1 loft
Lraihcd HiATt
i '
J ,
!!rf Til:lii
No. T00.1
Ionnrsu.neol law. I, ABRAHAM LINCOLN,
.... nltha ftnltaA St.foa nt Atn.rl... llO hsr.
bT clfoUrs and laske known th publn salts will
i!. .i .. . . a ..t .-.mama In that
jtaiAlspAsltalrl Ia wit t
At the Land Offlce at MINNEAPOLIS, ern.Deno
IX en MONDAY, tb. BIUi da, ! leptanbar next.
lovineaisposaioi inopuumi-iwi .. ...-.-.
lowing townships And pAtte of townships, Tlzt
Kortn of vie tan line ana ven oj ni jvin y--r
hv. iMtioa bii sesiions ?'. "" i "
towosblp HI, orraDff.33. .
axtlois 1,i,.7.S, II. II, U, and 111 tb; NE (
et aetUen star towniblp fill ";; "j gi
, n, II, II. is, and W, of towosHln till tM s Hi
li V, and in. IB ill W X ol "oa "
latins ILir.a.n.n. and a5, of township IITj
n..T.7iU thai K sw 'I. of sactloall.of
FESEmiiiX'l, t' H. and In th. N K of s.Jlon (er of the W.slt NiTio.iL IUpoBUOi aa a
.'i:bJ'J.MA,BliW.;i,,!:i,,Ai!!.,famllj paper.
II, If, I, H,H, a I, !! ,. , . ---.
of ran a a SS
ectronl.of township llll sections l,l,,J,,
11,11,11, 17, II. II,H,e17,J.I.M, and ,of
township 117, of ram. SI.
awtloaa l,l,B, 7, , II, II, U, 17, II, JI.M.IM, S7,
lactloni 1,1,(1,7.1,11.11, l, ".'. '',, ?,"
, of townshlpll7i and stotlonsM,S7, ,,,
.-'. ... Ik. -It. -...n.all
Motions 1. 1, f , 7. 1, 11,11, It, nd 17, of township
I17 and SMtlona 10, 17, SI, II, U, and 13, ol town,
ship 118, of rant. 13. , . .. .v ,,.,
iotl?ns 1,1, ,7, 1, It, II. M, and I7 th. N of
section 111 th. hi or section Sl th. N of sec
tion u, of township I17 sostlons 19,37,29,11,13,
Swtions 1, 1,1,7, I, II, II, IS, 17, II, l. dM
th. N X of section 37 and section l of townsh p
U7 sections 39, 37, 31, II, u, aod U, of township
"township 'll, sections 1, 1, 8, 7, 1. II, tl, J, ,.
t,n,n,s,IT, and 31, of section III the N X of
section III the N X of section u and th. N H of
secUon 19, of township 117, of raojaM.
Township lll sections 1. 1, 9, 7, 1, II. II, IS, 17,
II, 31, 31, si, 37, and 31, of township 117, of race.
v.n.vin. ita And 117, seatloDB II. SI. SI. 39. 37.
31, II, II, and IS. of township 119, ol raoae 17
townships III.II7,aod 119, sections ,, 18, )
sections SS, SS, 38, ad, 11. 12, S3, and ll, of township
Is f aaiiM SAL
AttbaLand Offlee at ST. CLOUD, etmmenelng
on MONDAY, the fifteenth dar of August next, for
tha disposal oi ue public iau wiium iu iuvw
ln narts of towns hi D. Till
tforth of Ue oatt tine ana wen we jyu yi.n
Saetlona 7 and I7 the N H of section It, end the
itif sa.iiiii nf (ntviatHln 131. of ranee 33.
Saetlona I, S, 6,7, t, 11, 11, t, And Hi the n of
section it, the N U of section. t, And U.a N X nl
MctloQtz. of township HI) eeotlona II, M, andw,
ot township 133, of rAnge 29
section It, the N K of section tl, end the N X of
section W,of township Wl, sections 39,1I,U end
15, of township im, of ranne to.
'-., a. a, IK a.itlTi anil IV. N
K of sectional, of township til t sections tt end at i
tha S W of section Ui sect loos U. 17, 29, 11, ll, and
a4rgilOD t, , V, , V, 11, , " j
unilDDI la . V i 't ll, . a4M . . '
15 of township 123, or range ll.
Sections 1, 1, S, 7. t, II, ll, IS, and 17, of township
1. 1 1 toe H oiaeoiioain"o Jt ui, ci.nuu u, ,
H Of BCCUon 17) sections tt, 21, 33,29, 37,29, 11,
U, and 16, of township 137. ef raoge 12.
Sections 1, 1. 6, 7, 9, II, ll. 15, and 17, of township
121 1 the S or section in me k or section iof.na
S M of Beetlon 17) sections It, 21, 21, 25,27, 29, 11,11
And 15 oftownshlpl,ofraneeW.
Sections 1, 1, 6, 7, 9, It 11, 15, and 17, of township
12ti sections it. 21, 21, 25,27,29, 11,11, and 15, of
township 122. of range li.
Sections 1, 1, 8, 7, t, 11, 11, 15, And 17, of township
HI) sections 25, 27,11,11, and 15, 01 tewnshlp 1M,
..'ana bA
Sections 1, 1.S, 7, 9. 11, 11, and 13, the Tf X of sro
tloal7, of township 111) Bection 7) the W X of sec
tion 15) sections 17, iv,ll,n, ao,7,xj,si, , ana
15, of township 123, of ranee 16.
TheKK.theNWJa-taiidtheNK SW If of lec
tion I, of township Ut ; sections 1,1, 5, 7, , 11, 11,
15,17,31.23,20.27, and 15, of towoal.tp J ) sec
tions 7, 17, It, 31, 27, 29, 11, U, and 15, ol township
Vha EUNE v. of section 1, of township 131 1
sections land 11, of towoshlp 123 1 the V X of
sect on M sections 1,5, 7, 9, lt,U, 15, 17,21. and
25 1 the N K of aeallon 27, and section 15, of town
ship 123 1 sections ll, H, 15, 19, 29, 11, And 11, of
"w"n,P M""!.-,.. v,.
auanas approiriu wj iw iv v a-a.w..,
mtlltArr, aod other purposes, tcgetber with sales
tions of swamp lauds filed ln your office by the
Surveyor General, will be excluded from the sale.
The offering of the above Unds will be com
menced on toe says apiwimwu, uu wiu tnutcuu,
In tha order ln which they ere Advertised, until
the whole shell have been offered and the sate thus
elosedi but tt e sale shall not be kept open longer
than two weeks, end no pilvete entry of Any of
the lands will be admitted until After the expira
tion of the two weeks. , .., ti
Given under mynaoa, ai ine euyoi wAinmg
ton. thla iBth dar of Aorll. Anno Domini one thou-
eigbt hundred end ilstr-faur.
AUHAMAV. miiuuw'
Sr th. Presldrntt
Commissioner ol the General Land OQlce.
All tM. AAe actual ccttl.m.nts nnder .xlstlna
laws, subsisting prior to and up to the date of this
nrn.'.m.t'nn- will h. r.cn.nlz.ill anil all BUCh
settlsrs are hereby called upon to some forward
and establish and enter thslr claims with, the
neglBtcr and Recelrer before th. day Qxed lnM
forr,olnf for the eomtnenoement of the public cale.
Note Under the regulations of the Depart
meat, aa heret.for. and now ealatlne;, no payment
.an h.mui. fa. .ilv.rtl.ln. nroclam.tlons. .aoeut
to snchpubUshers aa are apeclBoally autbnrlted
Dy tne uommissioncr Ol ma ueocrai iuaui. 1u.ct-.
Orrosirn United Statm TncXsunr,
Receive subsortptloas for the
Autnorlted by the act of June 10, 1SI4 The notes
will be Issued under date of August 15, In denomi
nations of
150, 1100, 500, $1000 AMD $5000,
Payable to bearer or order, bearing Interest at
T S 10 per sent, per annum, payable semi-annually,
and will be convertible at the option of the holder
at maturity Into six per cent. Fire-Twenty Bonds.
We buy end sell
And pV the highest price for
Jy27-dtf JAY COOKE A CO.
K. BOM KB & 00.
Opposite the Post Offlce,
Hon. Hannibal Hamlin, Vice President, He,
' John Goodwin. nl C . Me.
Edward H Rollins, " N. II.
" Alex, li woe,
11 JohnB Alley,
" Alfred A. Burnbam,
" Dwlxht Loomls,
11 James M. Ashley,
11 John Covode,
11 Robert McKnlfht,
" Justin 8 Murrlll,
" John E. rotter,
11 Z. Chandler,
M James 11. Lane,
" Cyrus Aldrtob,
" John T. NUon,
F. P. BlAlr, Jr ,
' klbrldieG Snauldinf.
" t
' Wis
V.B 8, Mich.
' Kansas
M C,Mlnn.
" NJ,
" MO
Messrs Jay Cooke fc Co .Bankets, Waiatnrton, P.
J , aOI4 sTtlUsaVUVILJUl, aTa, JaSU-il
I WASHINGTON has removed to Its ew
hiarble Bulldlngoa Fifteenth street, between V
and a, opposite the United states Treasury
tells extbauge, loans money, receives deposits,
purchases Government checks and vouchers, an I
transacts a general bankini business.
areful Attention Riven to Government en city
collections, sn t accounts of con espondcots
11 D.CUOKa', r-issisent
WW. S urMliNUlDN, taihlcr. aaUKtt
From tbli time nnlll the Presidential elec
tion, crerj loral man who farors the re-election
of Mr. Lincoln will want a newspaper
ftnMtabcd at the seat of OoTernment. adrocat-
- S Bl nomination, for Prealdt and
Vice rroaldenU
To nil each, who desire paper which will
keep them promptly advleod ef nil political
niOTCmentfl, and their probable coniequencea,
we tender the Natioi"ai. RsrtTBLtoiv. with
",,to "m,a,fll " dMlr-ln
this respect.
The NiTioiiL HironuciK will continue to
fnrnlsh ln advance of all competitors the latest
and'nost reliable news from oar different
armies, and especially from the Armj of the
Itslllerarr and mlscellaneou department!
will recslre special attention, and efforts are
contlanall being made to establish inecharac
Blx months airo the weekly paper was en
larged to Its present lire and greatly ImproTed
tn Ita typographical appearance. Onr Hit has
Increased largely since that time, for which we
thanh onr nnmerona Tolnntary agents through
out the loyal Statu. During that time, how-
excr, the priced of labor and or material hare
Increased upwards of fifty per cent. In flew
ofthatfactwedonot propose to Increase the
price of the paper, bnt to urge upon our friends,
and the friends ot the Union, who fayor the re
election ofour present worthy and patriotic Chief
Magistrate, to use their utmost endearorito
Increase our circulation. Thla la the only way
by which we can bo able to keep the Wsixxt
HktioiL llBruBUCix up to the high itandard
It has occupied during the last alz months.
We desire a large number of subscribers for
tho political campaign, which haa opened by
the nominations made at the Daltlmore Con.
We propose- to send our weekly paper for the
period ot six months, from the first of June to
the first of December, which will coyer the
campaign, and full returns of the Presidential
election, at the low rates at which It Is now
furnished to subscribers
There la no city, town, or Tillage In the loyal
Statu, which cannot furnish us torn subscri
bers. Let the work of making up clubs com
mence nt once. Wo hare printed a large edi
tion of tho numbers for the prcssnt month, and
can furnish back numbers to all who saaj se
alre them. Specimen copies will he sent,when
The terms for the campaign are aa follows t
Ono copy, six months, 11 three copies, alx
months, 1 11.50, ten copies, alx months, 17.50.
VA1-UN la1) DlinA.3UlA.
inniin.unsiinri.ir. t. ABRAHAM LINCOLN.
President of the United StAtes of America, d here
by declare anu maae soowa msi puono wmw win
t e held in the und r-meatloned Land Ofllie, la the
state or Minnesota, At the pirtods herein f ter des
lwnatJk.1 tn mill
Atthe Ltnd Offlte At St. Teter, eommenotog on
MONDAY, the nftb day of December neat, for the
alsposai Ol ine puniio lanoa comprisvu in uiv
rart tar the WlooebataTO Indians. ADOVA Bfien-
tl ined, And situated In tha following parts of town
ships, which will be sold At the Appraised taIuo tt
tile lallaUa lUtl lilt ,ulnuajuHJUta nm "si
hjrlh of le bate lint and wet cf the fifth principal
In township 106, range 24 10,1S M acres.
In tow os Hip 107, range 21 fi 400 41
la township loe,rAuxe 20 18 3U.H
In township 107, rAese 2) 1T,6 71
tn tnurmhln IDS. ranra 95 277 61
A schedule particularly deiortbl'f the individual
iraois. wiinme epprsiseu vaiue pur wrt, win in
open for Inspeetlon At the District LaM OQass ln
Thanir-rinr ef tha Above lands will be com
menced on the day Appointed, And will proceed, In
tne order ueeignetea in me auove meoit.ncu
schedule, and consecutively by townships, aa
herein advertised, until tha whole shall have been
olfero J, and the eale thus closed; but the sale shall
not be kept open lonr than two weeks, and no
private entry of Any of toe Unds will be Admitted
until aner in yi(Muu ui iu wv .
niton iimlor tnv hanA atthfl LltTOf WAShlDsltoa
this uddayof Autjust, anno Domini one thousand
eitjnt nunureu ana siAiyiour. ...
By the President!
Jos 8 WlLlOH,
Actlnf Commissioner of the General Land Office.
In the third section of the sot or Congress, Ap
proved 21st February, ISM, statutes, volume 12,
pace CM, openUf to sale tne Winnebago Reserve
tlen, it is stipulated that before any person shall
be entitled to enter any portion of tha aald lantis,
hv nm.amntlnn nr nt hsr wise, nrsvlous to their ex
posure to sale to the highest bidder at public out
cry, he shall become an actual bona-flde settler
thereon, aod shall conform to all the regulations
now provided bylaw in cases of pre-emption, and
shall pay, within the term of one year from tha
dte or the settlement, the full appraised value of
the Am'a And the improvements theraen. ,
Now, In order that ell such bona flde, actual set
tlements may be secured to the several pre-empt-
that they must come forward and Hie their Afflda
vlts, dc.ItcnaUog the particular tracts on which
they mybe actually settled, giving the date of
such actual settlement, and, before the eiplratlen
of one ear from such date, the several pre-emp
tinn r ul mi muit be cstabltshed before the Rerls.
ter end heceler, according to the requirements of
ine preEnpilon laws, aua mu ussy mem oikus
thereon, ACvordtng to the full amxed, appraised
value of the lands and the Improvements thereon
1st Ia All such eases where the year may not'
elapse before the commencement of the pubilo
sale, such bona Cde actual settlements may and
are hereby ordered to be excluded from the public
Jd la All pre-emption cues ln which the year
may expire before the commencement of the pub
lic sale, the parties must establish and pay up for
their claims, otherwise ail tracts in this class will
bo otfVred to the highest bidder, under the fore
going proclamation, yet with the stipulation that
At such pubilo sale the price must not ba for a less
sum than lor the Appraised vsJue.
Au29wl3t Acting Commissioner.
Auotsr 1,1301 anl
ioi union aireei. uosion. aiasb
Tbe only manufacturers In the United states of
ll Ass Alpnaoeis Ann figures, w any great caicui,
or in any variety.
Sold At wholesale At tbe Lowest Ceah Prices.
Alan, the bast at Indelible Stencil Ink. verv ehean.
stencil Din, end alt kinds of Stencil Stock. laqul-
r ea or oruera promptly aueuueq w, jy-m
The Headquarters of the Assistant Provost Mar
shal ol Massachusetts for N. 1 Virginia Are
tabiuhwd At o. H Washington Build' ng, Pennsyl
VAiila aveuue. near SAVAnth street, where full in.
lor mat. on regardlns: the mairairieent Inducements
ottvrod to me a, Irrespective of color, to enlist for
Mm rwhusetts, can be obtained.
lull particulars can Also be obtAlned of WIL
LIAM SMALr. Ksq , esst aide ol litt street, two
doors north of King street, Alexandria, a , or n(
any author!?! i Agent tor sssschuictts, auHI
Happy pArcnty.
A Northern cotemporary dcacr bci an old
gentleman, with revolver In hand, getting op
at night, and thai, after the manner of Othello
before the Senate of Venice, nddrciilng n mid
night serenading party.
"Most boisterous, lude and bellicose young
My very noisy, Impudent disturbers)
That yon have eome to serenade my slaughter,
It seems most true t true you have waked me up)
Ihe very bead and front of your otTendior
Hath this eatent, and more. Rude are you 'n your
And little blest with the set tunes of rauito,
For since those throats ofyiure had seven cock
tails, Till now aofpe nine soars wested, tbey ravc spent
Their loudest trills upon my servant girl,
And little of your mutic can she hear
More then pertains to feats of Drolling beefs'raks)
And, therefore, little shall you grace your notes
In singing to thet girl. And If t oust and
Beneath the shadow of her window there.
Like 111-rained dogs that up the wrong tree berk
She will a round unvarnlshe psll of iloj e,
Aod other drugs Into your lAee throw
foniwbe off. end save your ruCled sbirti M
El ruin li much llko other flihloc Tillages on
the Bnflolk eoast. nothing particularly striking
in scenery.
Three vcara aeo when the tides were Tiry
low, I hired a boat nnd was rowed ottf to the
Belfry. The waters were still and cluar aa
crvital. and cazlnit over tbo aide or the crab-
. -. . ai ......... ,-- . I- -1
ooai, i coma aisunciiy mstto out id piaccs
where the foundation mmt have stood.
Can't see mnch or the ruin. Tounc ccnMe-
man," sail the old Qinerman wno naa rowca
me out, and who bad been watching with evi
dent satisfaction, tho Interest I took ln survey
ing the site of tbo church, which he, In com
mon with tho other villager!, took groat de
light In pointing ont.
"vnen go you last rem emner nny gooas
being smuggled on shore?" I said, seeing
from a grim sort of a smile, that ho had a good
story if he would bat tell It.
11 Two years ago, come January, was the last
time aa ever? It wai tried on; majhap, ilr, you
would like to hear About ill 1 li ) part of it li
rntber sad-like, nero goes.
' Two years acn, come January next, a ship
looking like a coll.er coming; from Newcastle,
anchored, in mo oiung it was a ciiar, irueiy
morning, with a sharp breete Trom tfto east,
which prevented many from going ont lUblng.
About twenty of ns were gathered round tbo
benches ln front of tho coast guard nation,
yonder, when we seed this ship letting down
her anchor.
41 What ship be that,' said I, 'taint tho
Tilda, what brings coats to the Elruin wharf,
'Jack, says I to my soo, 'out homo and get
the glass, we'll see what we can make of it.'
" Just aa Jack comes with tho Ulllscopo, up
comes Lieutenant Barns, who commands the
1 What do you mifco or it, my man I" says
Make of It, Cap'alnr says I. (we alien
calls him Captain.) mako of it? why nothing
at all; taint the 'Tilda, though she secma to be
A s.r2?e case, perhaps says bet but
we shall hear all about It directly, as they are
letting down tbo boat, X see."
In a few minutes tho boat was at the ehoro,
and a man with a thick surge coat and wry
largo buttons, Jumped oat and walked towards
the place where we wero atandlng.
'Uocsyour parson live near nero, iiiiiua r
save he. aa he came np the gangway.
' rerson,' asys oiu jonu rncr, wuu mvee ui
Joke, to be sure he does, And he'll marry you
as well aa any one along tbo coast, aa no doubt
jon have heard and come about.'
This sally was received with shouts of laugh
ter by all, except tte man with the big button-,
who put on a most uncommon sad lace, and
Enlled out a large handkerchief, with which
ebecan to mop his eyes.
T. '.. .a.a.s.i,- .LS l.l.
'Taint my getting married,' aays he, 'I bo
come about. Yonder ship be tho collier, Mary
Ann Darley, of Newcastle) and It be along
or Mary Ann uaney mat i do nero to day.'
dbe then wanta to got married, only its not
to you,' said old John, 'and that's why yon
put on sneb an uncommon long face. Well, I
be sorry for you mate, that I be.'
Mary Ann Darley, who was the beloved
wife of our skipper, George Ilalfrod Darley,
and after whom the ship is named, Is dead,
dead as a red herring, said the roan, with a
voice fall of anguish, which made old Jnhn
look ashamed bf all his former Jokes. 'No,
mates, without any more trilling with my fed
iniTB. which aru such as I cannot express, tell
ns where your dear parson lives, because our
skipper's mind be In such a state, that he sajs
nothing bat the consolation your vicar can
give, of whom he has often heard, can do bim
any gooa.-'
Thla Is a comp'lment to urmlutster, the
Rev. Mr. Coles, whom wo all loved, and of
whom we were not a little proud, aud the ex
presslon of deep sorrow on the man's face,
tamed all our sympathies towards bim, and
we all volunteered to show him tho way to tbo
In less than ten minutes wo saw our min
ister's tall thin figure coming down the Mi
lage with the mau with the big buttons, and
In another ten minutes he was on board tbe
vessel. 1
'In about an hour's time the boat landed!
Mr. Colea again, who, as he passed us, stopped '
tn shake hand's with tbe Lieutenant, who hid
again Joined us, bringing his own glsss with
" Most Interesting case," said tho vicar. "I
never saw a man more Completely prostrated
by grief) poor fellow I his wife dead Just ihrco
days only been married two years ' I nevtr
witnessed more sympathy exhibited for any ono
than tbe whole crew expresses toward Mint to
sea It was quite charmiug. The mau with tboeo
buttons Is a good, honest, sailor Iiko fellow,
with the tenderest of hearts. I was deeply In
terested In all tbe particulars of tho young
women's death, which he told me. Ho ended
by beseeching me to poriuadu tho skipper to
bury his wife, as the crew can't bear a dead body
on board ship, and the skipper, ho says, Is al
ways sitting andcr)inghy It. I could not help
agreeing with him that It was no use ln keep
ing the poor woman above groundr "
"And what have you settled to dol" said tho
Lieutenant, returning hli glaBs Into Its case.
" Why, of course, tho thing wai Irregular, but
ai all the men on board seemed very anxious
abont It, I told the skipper about It, who seemed
as overcome by grief as any man 1 ever met,
that If he liked, J would perform the last rlus
over his poor young wife this very afternoon.
At first, as I was told to uxpuct, he would not
hear of the funeral taking place anywhere but
at Newcastle, his home, but after sorao persua
sion he yielded the point, and tbo thing is all
settled) so, as I mu.t tell the sexton to prepare
a grave by half past three, I must not talk any
longer) and really the scene I havo last come
from, makes me loel that I should like to be
alone for a time. 1 am most thankful to say
that the conversation I had with tbe poor fol
low, did mnch to make him resigned. lie had
heard of me often belore, he said, and on bis
table I noticed my littlo tract called rcsigna
tion, which ho told me, to nso his o n v urds,
hAd been a balm to his wounded spirit. ery
gratifying, was it nl I Good morning to you,
my dearLleutenlant) good morning, my good
men," he added, as we raised our caps to him,
and saw his kindly face turn towards home.
Before long the bells began to toll, and as I
went home to dinner, I saw the sexton hard nt
work at the grave, which, at the skipper's re
quest, was to bo made on tho side nearest the
sea and farthest from the village, since he told
the vicar It would bo so comforting, when his
ship passed by Elruin, " to seo the spot here
bis Mary Ann was sleeping "
The report that there was to be a funeral
from the straoge ship ln tbe oiling spread llku
iiiiil.iiirnni?li , ru vlllnir.s n n rt his ft n tinnr
before tbe body was to leate the ship, tbo cllll
.. .1.... I.. , m.,.. ,. ii,. . , ,n iih
tbclr abawlatleS over Ihurbead, IfadinglhUr
" ... . v
rh rtrrn ut tnrir banm.
fancrals are alrrava a tr.it atlM 'luu H
our people, bnt ilnro the last Earl at the castle
was Durieo, nono naa causeu so mucn interest
as this.
' 1'oor Slipper Dsrletl' says my old woman)
won't he feci lonesome, Just when he gels
back to his ship without his, mtssnil'
Werry,' says I, no doubt. Us alnt boen
married more nor two years. Lor, what a good
sort of a female she must have been, all the
crew seem so fond of her. Look yon here, old
lady, through the glaaa. D'ye see the figure
head of the vessel yonder)'
' Ye,' says she, resting the glass on my
shoulder) ' a figure of a woman In green gown
and jailer batr.'
That be, no doubt, an exact likeness of
Mary Ann Darley,' iajs It ' It's a very common
plan that, and as old Cap'n BIst, as command
ed the 'Tilda yean ago, used to say, "when ever
I follows my wlfo, I goes right) ai I sticks her
at tho end of my wcsiel, the 'Tilda alien goes
right "
'Lor,' iajs my wife, again looking through
the glass, ' how bra at If al Mrs. Mary Ann Dar
ley tuuit have been! Never did I iee inch a
butt, bMr and bearing. They are coming at
latt. The boats are being let down.'
"The church belli tolled sadly through the
kcn frosty air, and there was not a heart
among all those on the cliff that did not feel
the deepest sympathy for the widowed skipper,
"Slowly, and with a long, meunred stroke,
came the two boats, Into the first of which we
had rot I ted the cofiln being lowered.
" The bier had been taken down to the shore,
io, when they had all laoded. the coffin was
placed upon It, and borne np the gang-way by
four ol the crew.
"The other four came behind) the skipper,
w bo seemed dreadfully agitated, leaning heavi
ly on the arm of the man with the big buttons,
bis face burled lnhls handkerchief, from which
we at times could hesr a deep sob.
" Up the little street the procc-stun went,
and among all the women there was not an eye
that was not filled with tears.
" Poor fellow said my wife, 'he do take
on terrible, so bo sure, that hu certainly does.
How kind bis friend seems to him, llalnt he
crying Just a little, tool'
Mr. Coles nut bim at the church gate, and
with some sixty others they entered tbe church i
I and my wife stood at the corner of the yard
anl waited till they came out) which they did
before long, and the coflln was lowered into
the crave as the clock ceased to chime four.
'After It was all over, Mr. Colea went and
shook hards. In his kind way. with the skip
per, and tried to console him. Much he
itemed to require comforting, poor fellow I
'Just let me look once more at my Mary
It sou's coffin once more look at Maryilann
aUamy's grave aiore tney mis it up rorever.'
Co mo alon, poor mate,' said his friend,
1 and don't tke on so terrible j I hat e epoko to
the kind vicar, and he isra ho will icotothe
monument being erected right, when you send
the duetgn from Newcastle. Only think how
comfortluc It will btj. when you are salllotr
along past this here place with coals, to be able
jusi to look inrongn ine glass ana say, - i can
AAA .td hlan. ivk.ea nnit.1 an llltivaant tfimt
BtU tuu risstu nuvsv, uuuvi "i sasiijuail sjvuil',
roeta Mary llanu Darley, what was so very dar
to me 3 a wife, and those who knowed hor as
a sister. '
These words seemed to hare a comforting i
eject on tue minaoi tnewiaower.wnosuuerea
himself to be led away, saying in toms which I
doepiymoveusaii, doss your good wicar,
what wrote that tract, which Alone prevents I
me following my Mary Hann to the grave
Drouen Tieav
"The bell once more becsn to toll, as tho
sexton filled np tbe grsre, and hid from the
aaniiriDU SlirilL ni inn nnvs inn row. nr nria. ,
nails, that told that Mary Ann Darley waa cut
"-jutuuasAiui.lv Bam iua eexion, wno Gibraltar. According to tbe design, It will
always Improved tbo occasion to the by aland- measure fifty metres in helht. A great globe
ersr and hor husband remains as an ostrich t0f stone will form tho base of It, with, tho
alone In tbo desert) and how I wonders ho did words riue ultra.
not have a brick grave, which would have, Morticed In tho globe at a convenient height)
made her comfortable, and been 2s. 4d. In my there Is a marble tablet with tbe following ln
brcccaca pocket, which, as my wife has twins scrlption upon It, In gllt-bronzelstters i .
again, would bo very acceptable-very. s ,,tn t0 thrtltobeI c,oa.
" Bless j e, John,' saya my old woman, as ia tue reign ol Isabel II
wo walked home, I don'tknowwhat yewould IS...."
do without your missus, to get your meals j 0d th(l front f.cado of the pedestal, on
"'- '"-j """-.' "---"-"- -
young man, as has lost his Wary Ann, which
must have been cry beautiful If she waa any
j llko the flgureon tbe ship, which was most
islng as seen through your glass.' .
"I DJd ina. evening, i rememoer, icu a net
on the ecsthore, and as I passed the post guard
station I saw tho Lieutenant watching tbesblp,
which bad not ytt started. He called me up
into the guardroom where he was seAied.
Uillssys ho to me three of my men, un-
fortunatelr. are at Darling this week. I must
bae at least fle men to-night) so If you wish
Ho earn a goud night's wagts, poaown aimy
- Betoro tne appointed time a to
Lieutenant s house, four of tbe coast guard
ere seated around the kitchen lire tach armed
'l.ll",ral",kt,Djcu "f",1, lk. ,, , .
'"Ths Is for you.' said tbe Lieutenant.
liandln.' mo a cuUaaa and long plstolj 'nowjhll jadged by lb0 tone'of ber ! nl
follow Ult mn.nlnff tn a.tlrlza It forlta nnwer.l wasthen
:. . . ............
"wntro aro wo o go r saw i w ino
an with whomiuadtowaiii.
" To church, "syi be.
" ' To church,' says I, What, a ram go I '
' A rum go. Itt'leed says hcj only It's or
ders net to talk, so don't ax no more ques
tions.' " It was a clear night, and the frosty tomb
ctones looked like gbotaaswe entered tho
church, tho key to which tho lieutenant had
got. In a few minutes we were Bested around
tho stove In the vestry, which we bad lighted.
A window was Just opposite where I was sit
ting. I could seu the light of the strange ship
In tho oiling, and a few yards bofore us was
tbe new made grave of the shipper's wife.
" I thluk Yin must hao sat more then three
hours, when 1 noticed tho light on the ship.
when it was my turn to WAlcb, movlng( and
through the ulgbt-glasi I could sue thai a boat
was being lowered Into the sea. I called the
attention of the Lieutenant to this fact, who
saldi 'Alt rlght,I thought soj but as they won't
thluk of landing nearer than the rulus, we shall
have to wait some time yet, I'll be bound.'
" In less than an hour after this, lust as the
clock was chiming twehe, I d Btlnctlysaw four
figures clambering over thochurehwull. Two
ot lb cm slopped short and hid themselves un
der tbo shadow of an old tomb stoue, evidently
to keep watch. The other two. keeping as
much ai posslblo out of tbe moonlight, ad
vanced to the new tnado grave before the win
der. I can't toll jou my horror, when I saw the
two men, whom I reeognlzed as the skipper
undblsfrlcud with blj buttons, proceed to
take off their coats and set to work with shovel
aud pickaxe to opeu tho grave.
"ilu teu't makeup bis mind to leave his
iKar wife nrter all," I whispered to the man
next me, who was earelully examining the
prlmlug of bis musket.
"MKM'italk, you fool,' says bet lct him
hao his wife, It ho likes. Remember, silence
I orders, and no lights.'
fcoruuutber three ipjartcrs of an hour no
sat quieter than ever. '.Sow's tho time, lays
tbe lieutenant) they're lifting tho coUla out.
Yon. John, and Utorge Pankard, ire ihroijuh
tbu boutL dour, and mind you cut them oil if
tbiy try to get tnruugu tne vuiage gate, aou't
use your muskets uuless you can't help tt, hut
d m'l Ut them get away. Now you threo others
tome w lib me, directly I open the Vestry door,
rusbout aud haudcutf them before they bate
time to get up from tbe cotlln, which they are
hot opening. Are yon ready I" says tho
HeuttnAut, cocking hie plbtoli, 'Now, then,
be pi goes, aud look sharp.' With a loud
craik flew open the vestry door, and out we
rushid, and ueioro the two men naa time io
rimi iruiatbulr knees tbey wero lately secured
, lfi il UauJi.ulls w had brounlit with us.
' irv maily douc' said tbu lliMcuaut,
In ' aicond.' lira. Jobn comic up to say
l.-.rtliftirha.la. fltirail lA,K Ilia silmr tlisf1
'"' "i """". """ --
In.etliecolfin to the sistlon hou'e.'f&Il
NO. 237.
the Lieutenant) and so we did, and opened it
at once. In It. Instead of tbe young wife with
the yellow hslr, we found a large collection of
silks, tobacco, and other contraband coods.
Tbe clever rascals had hit opon this plan of
getting their things on snore. Knowing now
strict the officers wero ln looking over every
box that was landed.
"Ah, said the Lieutenant, as ho finished
overhaul lee the coflln. '1 expected as much.
Directly I saw that artful seonodrel with the
Dignuttofti, i felt almost sura I bad seen mm
before) and now I know It's no other than tbe
men who took me ln io cleverly ten years ago,
when I had command at Darling, bnt I'm equal
wun mm now, anynow.' r' emesa n.
Tha ileal Items.
Fanny Brown goes to California, at a good
salary, payable in gold. Sherry Corbyn has
uer in cnarge. ono wiu leave new x or icon
tbe 13th of September,
Daniel Betchelt appears at the New Tre
mont Theatre. Boston. September 13.
J W, Lannagan's Dramatic Company
open a ueiruit on loeieui mil.
Yankee Locke la at his farm In Lowell.
Mass. Ills first engsgement this season wilt
bo at Nashville In October.
J. C. Meyer and company open with "London
Assurance." Mr. McKean Buchanan and
daughter sustaining tha characters of Sir Uaur
oourt and Lady Gay Spanker.
.lies xaura aeeuo ana company are at uui
fAlo playing to good houses.
Miss Lotty Thompson arrlvod at tho St.
Nicholas uotei. isew loric, yesterday,
Mr. J. II Allen was tendered a comnllment-
ary benefit July S(Jth, at tbe Metropolitan The
atre, nan rrvucisco. "ine uaice's aioko"
was performed t also, the drama of " Torn nnd
ine Dosion Museum was well attended last
week. "Town and Country," "The Rivals,"
"Tho Soldier's Dsughter," and "The Stran-
fer," were performed during the week. Kate
lelgnolds and L. B. At well were well received.
A new piece by Bourclcault Is underlined.
In London. Enz the rooplo aro impatiently
awaiting tbe first appearance of Adah Isaacs
Menken, And a great saccess Is anticipated for
he. With Dion Bourclcault as adviser, and
Howard Paul as superintendent of the lsdi's
business Affairs, wo do not see how It csn be
otherwise, rrsncois Lioliscua is to be her
eaoeatrUn director) thero will be threo erooras
la Attendance, and "Mazeppa" Is to bo done
niku intui; uuiica. iuiighu wi uuc, wiiu iwcirn
rnns, one hundred ballet girls, seventy five
-supes," mstting, an toia, some tnreo nonarea
stroog. " siszepps," under such clrcam
stsncis, mast ccrtsluly be aa attractive spec
tacle, and we think It not to be) classed among
too -great expectation a" mat it, wttn tne
heroine, will be tbe sensation of London during
us continuance on ine Doaras. At tne concio
slon ef her present engagement, the Meukea
will give tbo PaHbIaos an opportunity to
see and hear "Mazeppa" ln their own tnugue,
as her translations are all ready. Vive la
Mr. and Mrs. Ilarry Watklni are now In the
second week of their engagement at the Uo ward
Athena; am, Boiton. Their repertoire Is an at
, tractive one. as has been amnlv Droren bv tbe
favor v.:H t!ch their Impersonations hare
been received by tbe critical ?ionisni.
Tho Boniface and Newton Alliance "i2 to
bsve commenced the aeaeon At the Walnnt,
Philadelphia, bnt Mrs. Garrcttson, it la aald,
repudiated the engagement and opened with
tiie'alaa yaeen." The"A.ilAuce" Has com-
menced a suttAealnetlhemanAeeressfor dim
' ages fur breach of contract.
xni Orbit Mohcmbht to Columods. The
monument la to be erected at tho Straits or
M Colombo, rest, thelnner tlpsof the
four largo angers ana ms tnumo oi ms leu
ki ' 0q tho outcr ittera! front ftr8 tho aU
fift"" "J ISlamLl:; ind n ihi . r.r
tldo of tnll ingcrpu0tt (
Tn ... . . n
AMW world gave colon
' ia tbe relja of Queen iial, nth uotober, 1492.
Tn(J Ul of Coiumbu. na, the face turped
toward the rth wllh lna arm ftnd hand of the
j ht lde extended toward the ocean, as U
"toucan go farther." The attitude
...i "ia., .n .h. rnrt.hmmA Afth r.m.n.
n .h'ineA eenlns-faUh ln the Idea and
tho force0f perseverance to realize It.
A Blcn,u)a friend of our, aays tb Boston
I Q . u r nt v,,Uor 0 tn,' iomMl of ,
weU known professional gentleman of this
city, was asked by the latter to remain, few
ill.. a ...:.. i.j. ,i,.v,... v.
imuiQ uk w
;....--.-- " Never mind bo voire " said
,s .,,., i-im- .. nB0. , .h-'i a ivHet
heart I" " Isn't that a bold speech to mike to
me I" asked tbe husband. "Well, whatever
you may think of It," said the visitor, "but
few men hare so good a wife as you possess)
most women have some fault) your lady, in
my estimation, and I have studied her well,
has none she li sound on all subjects.1'
" Sound on the goose T" queried the husband,
" Is that your meaning I" ' Exactly ao," was
tbe quick response, "sue always speaks wen
of you." BB
A Cdriocs Story, The Stmiphon, of Mar
seilles, relates tbe following slrango story i
" A tanner ln this city had a few daya back ro
turned from his banker's with a pocket book
containing 10,000 f. In notes. Having to leave
his room for a few minutes on business, be
I'latJUU UlU jnjvavci'iwun, uu n ibuio. wkie un io-
turning found that a Ume goat, which enjoyed
the run of tbe house, had rot It on to the
ground, tore it open, and was amusing Itself
with eating the bank-notes. It had finished
ono packet and was about to commence
another. Tbe tanner Immediately killed the
animal, and. cutting It open, obtained lrora Its
stomach a number of macerated scrsps of pa
per, which ho At once deposited at tbe Dank of
Marseilles, to oe sent to tue central csisqubu
mmt. Paris, tn order to serve for the tdentltl
cation of the notes and obtain tho reimburse
ment of the amount."
Tax orTnBV. At tho Sherman Uouse, this
morning, a conclave of choice spirits, nine lo
number, and such a nine as tbe "Democracy"
coutd not again produce, was seen In earnest
consultation, rneir names wero uiemcui u.
Vallandlgham, of martyr exile notoriety) Jobu
woenraue, me r rcmuut e-uu,jkj iw
President Manton Marble, of the New York
norldj rernanao ana uen. uouu, ui iuanu
York AViw; General Singleton, of tbeQuIntey
7rratf; Wilbur F. Story, of the Chicago
I'iuui, Horatio Seymour, Governer of tivw
Yorki Dean Richmond, the New York r!lroad
king, and Duck. Morris, now of Chicago, It is
said, but formerly from Kentucky.
At a railway shareholders' meeting held In
tnnn . i'pn(l-man sttcndM and would tn
list upon making amy long speech, which
,. m, Thi chairman, wbeu he concluded.
quklly asked the orator If be had quite done.
"Yes, sir, quite," was the Indignant reilyof
.(.. ....t, man " Ynn will rnnaftniinntlv nor.
mlt mo to aoswer yon, sir T" " Oh, certainly,
lfyou canj but I defy you to do that." "Well,
then," replied tbo chairman, and with exceed
Idl' measured voice, looking round tbe room,
"j think I can do It to the satisfaction of your
self I can do tt to the satisfaction of all pres
ent by lnformlug you that you are In the
wrong room, and addressing the wrong com
pany The brilliant sptoeh von msde should
have been delivered at No. o, first floor.
gjtotionnl gjtWiratt.
Ooe square, three days . ,,,., (9 04
One square, four days ' o i
One square, five days , ,, , 3 w
One sqasre, six days w
Everr other day sdvertliemeniA. fia nMM
Twice week, 75 per cent addition!.!,
fight linos or less constitute a sqpsre.
Advertisements ihonld be hAoaodU br IS
o'clock, m.
Mobile Daw Cerreepwdeaes).
Orr Fost Moaaiw, Aug. IS,
Tho reconnolssanca before mentioned, to
within three miles of Mobile, was made by the
Metacomet, Itasca, Port Royal and Salma, and
tbe Monitors Chickasaw and Winnebago.
Dlieovcry was made on this reconnolssancc
that the rebels hsve an earthwork at Choctaw
Point mounting alx pins.
To tbe right of Ihoctaw Taint, and In the
bay, Is 4 small sand battery of .wo guoi.
Neartotbli there la a battery of six guns,
which surmounts Ion secured lotreth-r nuarW
ln the lb Ape of asqaareand filled tn with ssnd.
ea noaiiog battery, to be sank in esse of ne
cessity, and thus to obstruct its navigation, la
thrown across the main channel.
At esch end of the floating battery there ara
two rams( smaller and much less formidable,
bat modelled after the Tennessee.
Eastward from the float Ine battery lost men
tioned there la an old ship's bnlk, Intended to
be used aa a floating battery) and still farther
eist a cAsemated rori mounuog ten guns.
Between tbe bAlterles and the rams and the
shore on each side, spiles, sawed off lost below
the surface of the water, into which Iron bolts,
sharpened so as to penetrate or destroy tha
bottoms of boati venturing mar tni.u, obstruct
all the Intervening (pace.
The two camels which llgfa'crei the ram
Tennessee over Dog river bar, auI in old brig
are sunk In the Spanish river channel.
On thi western end of the marsh, there are
two rami, or something rcaembi n. these of
fensive water craft. onwhkhwjrkmenare still
The wharves are crowded with 'tcamboats.
though but few of them had stcait tp.
tour Knellsh-Luiit vessels. suopscd to be
blockade-runners, were lying at tho whsrves
among tbe steamers.
The streets of Mobile are nearly deserted, and
the city to-day Is very unlike wiat It was be
fore ine war.
Major Consth, rebttl agent f exchange,
vlsltfd by flag of truce the fleet in Mobile Bay,
to effect an exchange of tbe Fort Gaines pris
oners. Admiral Farragat Informed him that
the prisoners had been placed at tho disposal
of Gen. Canby, and, therefore, ho could do
nothing In tho matter. Arrangements wero
made to send packages to the prisoners from
tbeir friends. y. 1. Herald.
Tub Biots in Ireland FnrtAr Particu
lar V spstcbes from Belfast to midnight of
the 15th of August represent thstthe riots still
continued without the slightest chance of
abating. The greatest excitement prevailed.
Baslness was snspended and all boosea closed.
Several dreadful conflicts bad taken place) be
tween tho police and the mobs. The police
bsd fired, and wounded about thirty persons
two mortally and killed three. There were
nearly sixty persons In all wounded by gun
shots. There were 1,000 Infantry, 3 troops of cav
alry aod 850 constables on doty. The natives
(Catholics) bavins ch...engea the ship csr
peulei (Oja&geaien to a pitched battle, the
latter broke Into the gua-ahops and armed
themselves with guns and pistols. Soldiers
bad taken possession of the gunpowder stores
to prevent, inetr lamng into tne nAuas oi ine
moo. 'ine " oanay now " moo assaauea ine
lloman Catholic mill elrls colon to their work.
and the " Pound street " mob did the same
ith tbe Protestant girls.
The Catholics held a meeting and appointed
a deputation to Dublin to require government
to appoint commissioners to govern the town,
as they had do confidence tn the maeistrates.
A subscription for tbe purchase of fire arms
was also set on foot. The Roman Catholic
BlahoD haa Issued an address, callinir on the
Cathollca not to participate In the riots,
but to exercise tne greausi loroearance. Ad
ditional forces were being sent to Belfast, aod
It waa expected tbe rioting would soon bo pat
down. London Timtt.
A statistic! am has had the patience to count
the number of words employed by the most
celebrated writers. Tbe works of Cornellledo
not contain more than 7000 different words.
and those of Moll ere 8000. Shakspesre, the
most fertile and varied of English authors,
wrote all his tragedies and c imdles with
15.000 words. Voltaire and Goetha emDlov
20,000, "ParAdlsoLost" only contains B000,
and tbe Old Testament says all that It has to
say with 56.3.
Ustof Uenerml tloepltate
Under Direction of Surgeon li. 0. Abbott, IT. 3.
A., Medical Uirecior LMparimeni of
1. Armory Square. Washington, D. C.t
Seventh street west, between U and D streets
south, tn charge or Surgeon D. W. Bliss, U.
2. Carver. Washinirton. V. u.. .fourteenth
street west, at terminus of elty railroad, In
Charged oi oorgeou u. a. juusuu, u, o. v,
S. Campbell, Washington, D. C , Seventh
struct west, at terminus of city railroad north,
In cnarge ot surgeon a. r. cueraou. u.d. .
a. n.iiumhlAD. WAshlncion. D. 0.. Four
teeuth struct west, At terminus of r-Hy railroad,
in charge of Surgeon T. K. Cro ,, U. 3. V.
3. ucsmarres, naningiou, u e , corner ui
FourteOiith street and Massaih arttt avenue,
In chArge of Surgeon J. S. II f-eth, U. S. V.
0". Douglas. Wajhlng' n, D. C. torner of 1
street And New Jersey denuo, ir lurge or As
sistant Surgeon Wm. Thomson, U " A.
7. Emory, Washington, D , near Alms
house, east of the Capitol, In 'urge of Surgeon
H. n. Aiosciey, u. o. v.
S. Fairfax Bern aary, Virginia, two miles
back of Alexandria, ln charge f 3urn I),
l Hmitn, u. a. v.
D. Flnley.Washlngton.D.C, KeudAllGroen,
Fourth street cast, north of tbe city, tn charge
of Burgeon G. L. .fancoaat, U. S. V.
10. llarewood, Washington D. C, Corco
ran'a farm, Seventh street w at, ln charge or
Surgeon It. 13. Dontecou, U. H. V.
11. Judiciary Square, Washington, D. C,
Judiciary Square, E street i rtb, between
Fourth and Fifth streets west, fu charge of
Assistant Surgeon Alex. Ingram, U. d A.
13. Kalorama, (small-pox,) Washington, D
0., Hock creek, ont Tweuty-drst street, in
charge of Acting Assistant Surgeon tt. J.
Thomas, U. S. A.
U. Lincoln, Washington, D. C, ono mile
east of the Capitol, In charge of Assistant Bar
geon J. C. McKee, V. S. A.
H. Mount Floaisant, Washington, D. C ,
fourteenth street, one half mile beyond city
limits, In charge of Assistant Surgeon C. A
McLail, U. S. A.
15. SemlnVy, Georgetown, D, C , corner ol
Wafblntrtnn aud Gay streets. In charge of Sur
goon 11. W. Ducachet, U. S. V.
io. stanton, wasmugiou, u. u , i siroci uu
Now Jersey avenue. In charge of Surgeon J. A.
LldeU, U. S. V.
17. Stone, Washington, D. C, Fourteenth
street, opposite Columbian Uospttal, In charge
uf Acting Ass't Surgeon t. Olenuan, U.S.A.
lb". St. Elizabeth, (insAne Asylum,) Wash.
Ington, D. C, beyond Navy Yard west, ln charge
of Acting Assistant Surgeon 0. U. Nichols,
U. o. A.
iy. First Division General, Alexandria, Va ,
corner of Fairfax and Cameron streets, in
charge of tfu'geon Case. Page, U. S. A.
UO, Second Division General, Alexandria,
v rnrner of Prince and Columbus streets, in
charge of Surgeon T. ft. Spencer, U. S V,
Jl. Third Division General, Alexaudrla.Va.,
iv'aatsln.nnn ati-fit hutariHtn Otlt?fln and CaLUB
ron streets, In charge or Surgo-.n KJln Bent-
k3J. Augur GeneiAl nospital, near Alsioa
dria, Vo , in chsirgo of Surgeou Gwrge L, Sut.
on, IT. fl. V.
A, -l)'ip. m Ksns kerosene.

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