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Ono square, three days , a 3 m
Ouo square, four days.. . . " s m
One square, flvtjdavs . " v.
Is pnbluhod ererj afternoon (Banlaja eicepti
M) tj W. J, JICRTlon & Co., anil la furnlihed
to cor asUcrlbera (by carrion) at 13J cnta per
week, or S3 ccnta per month.
Mall anbicrlbcra, 10 00 per annual 18 50
for ilx montba, and (3 00 for tbroo mODthl.tn
variably In adrancc
Blnglo copies, Tunis Chits.
Onaaquare, six days..,..,,,,, ., iqq
Every other day advertisement, ro .
additional. ' .-,-..
Twico a week, 73 per cent additional.
Eight lines or less constitute a square.
Advertisement should be handMln bv 1ft
NO. 242.
o'clock, m, r
mo I A L,
War T)(iiTMriT.
Waihihqtob, Juiy I, 1864.
General Orders, No 834,
The following act of Congress Is published lor
Ihe Information tod government ol all concerned!
Fcblic-Nq. IIS
An net further to rt guUte Bad provide for the en
rolling and calling out the national forces, and
for other purposes.
U U enacted by the Senate and feme of Jlrpreeento
niYity M bnffM stoletof America in Vongretioe
ttmbltt. That the rresldentof the United States
mar, at hie dlsere'loo. at any time hereafter, call
for toy number of men as volunteers, for the re
elective termt or one. two una three years for mill-
ttry srrlee and ny euoh volunteer, or, In ease
of drift, hereinafter provided, any sukstitttte,
eb.ll he credited to the to wo, township, ward of
elty,preelnot, or election district, or of a county
not ao subdivided, toward the quote, of which he
tat e volunteered or engaged aa a substitute)
and every volunteer who Ic eeoepted aod muttered
lota the tervlos for a term of eneycar, unleia
sooner discharged, shall receive, and be paid by
the United State, a bounty ofAJOOj and if for
term, of two yean, unless eooner discharged,
tountyof $200) and If for a term of three years,
unless p oner discharged, a bounty of iiooi one
tblid of wh'cti bounty shall be raid to the eoldler
at the time of hie being muttered Into toe service.
one third at the expiration of one half of hie term
of service, and one third at the expiration of hie
tei m o ten tee. And In ease of hie death whtle In
service, the residue 6f hie bounty unpaid ahll be
jell to hie widow, if heehallhave left a widow,
If oo, to hie children, or If there be none, to hie
mother, Mine be a widow.
Sec. 9. And be it further enacted, That la cace the
quota, or any part thereof, of any town, township,
ward of a city, preolnet, or election dlitnct, or of
at y county not ao subdivided, shall not be filled
within the apace of fitty days after such call, then
the President aball Immediately order a draft for
one year to fill such quota, or any part thereof,
ublch maybe untitled! and In case of any euoh
drft no payment of money shall be aeeepted or
received by the Government ae commutation to
release any enrolle 1 or drafted man from personal
obi gttloi to perform military service.
fee 1 And be it further enacted, That It shall be
lawful for the Executive of any of the States to
tend recr ltlog agents Into any of the Statee de
clared to be In rebellion, except the States of Ark
ansas, Tenae-aee, and Louisiana, to recruit volun
teers under my call under the provlsloneof thle
aut, wha shall be credited to the State, and to the
respective subdivisions thereof, which may pro
cure the (ntlstment
See 4. And be it further enacted. That drafted men,
ant stltutei, and volunteers, wen mustered In,
shall beorftDixed Into or assigned toregimenta,
batteries, or other organizations of their own
Stales, and, at far ae practicable, shall, wheats
algued, bupeimttt toulectthe town regiments,
batte ies, or other organizations from among those
of their respective Sutra which at the time ofas
sUnmebt ma; not be titled to their maximum num
ber. Fee a And be it farther tnactcJ, That the twen
tieth section ol the act entitled " An act to amend
an act entitled 'An act for enrolling and ei.ll.og
out the oatl ioal forces, and tot other purposes,"
appro cd February 31, 1361, shall he construed to
mran that the Secretary of War shall discharge
mloore uodtr the see ot eighteen) ears under the
circumstances a-nd on the conditions prescribed In
S11 sto'loa) and hereafter, 1' any officer of the
United Hates shall knowingly enlist or muster
lato the uilUtart service any person under tho age
of sixteen ) care, with or without the consent of
Ma arent r guardian, such person so cMUied or
rec ulttd shall te I u mediately dlschtrgeJ upon
repayment ot a Ibtunt es received) and such re
cruiting or mustering officer who shall knowlcgly
enlist an) person under sixteen etfra of ace shall
le dismissed the son Ice, with forfeiture of all pay
and allowances, and shall be subject to such fur
tLer punishment as a court marilal may d.rect.
Sea H And be it fur'her tnatted, That section
three of au act entitled " An act to amend an act
entitled An act for ca line out the national fores,
and fur other purp ties,'" approved February 24,
l&st, be, and the same Is hereby, amended so as to
authorize aud direct district prevent marshals,
uoder tbe direction ol the rrovat Marshal Gen
ri. to mako a draft for one hundred per cent. In
addlll n to the numhor required to till the quota
t f any dlstrlot ae provided by aaia section.
Sec 7 And be it further enacted, That instead of
traveling pay, all drafted persons repotting at the
mace of rendezous shall be aiioweu trans porta-
tie a from their places of res dencet and persons
discharged at the place of rendz om shall be al
lowed transportation to their places of residence,
Sec 8 And be it further enacted. That all persona
In the na at service of the United States v, ho bat e
cntued said service during the pieseot rebellion,
who bate uot .been credited to the quota of aoy
town, district, ward, or State, by reason of their
being In said sen ice and not enrolled prior to
February 21, 1884,81111 be enrolled and credited to
the quotas of the town, ward , dlstrlot, or State la
which they respectltely reside, upon satisfactory
proof of their residence made to the Secretary of
Sec 9 And be V further enacted, That if any per
son duly drafted shall be absent from home In
j rosecitlon of his usual business, the protost
m-.rih-.ltjf the district shall cause him to be duly
notified as soon as maybe, aad he shall not be
deem u a deserter, nor liable ss such, until notice
has bceu given to ltlu aud ressonable time al
lowed for him to return end report to tbe provost
nwihal of his district but such absence shall not
otherwUe atfeot his liability uuder this aot.
Sec 10 And te it further rna.1ed, 11 at nothing
contained In t jIs aot shall be construed to alter or
lu any way affect tbe provisions of the ssven
teenth t ctlon of an act, approved February 44,
1561, entitled "An act to amend an act entitled
1 An act tor enrolling and calling out the national
fores, and for other purposes, " approved March
3, 1883
te It tnrf be it further enacted, Tht nothing
contained in this act shtll be construed to alter or
ehnge the provision! of existing laws relative to
renaming persons liable to military servlee to
urniih autailtutea
Apprised July 4 1381
ly order of the. secretary of Wan
aull Assistant Adjutant General.
OrrosiTE United statu Theasckt,
jiecelve subscriptions lor the
Auth rlred by the act of June SO, ISM. Tbe notee
w 11 be Issued under date of August 13, In denomi
nations of
50. 100, 1500, f 1000 AND 15000,
fa; able to bearer or order, bearing interest at
7 3 to per ocnt per annum, payable semi-annually,
and will be convertible at the option of the bolder
at maturity into six per cent. Flve-Tweoty Sonde,
We buy and sell
And pav the highest price for
In all wham. It mau eoiutrn. (Iiieetihu i
Notice Is henauy given, that on the Id dayol
A ua ust, I at! I, the longboat J. If. D. Smout, Cargo,
Tackle, &.0 wei e seized for broach of the revenue
law i y the United States mortar schooner Auolph
Hugle, aid b ought the samo Into this District
lor (adjudication, and the same are ilbollot and
proseuu'oJin this court In the u a mo of the United
tii.i.tr.1 r rcondtninatnutand have been arreatcd bv
the Marshal tor tbe i easons In tbe 11 l stated) and
that said causo will stand for trial at the City Hall,
Ij tbe city oi Uash ngtoo, on the Third MONDAY
o( 8eptemier next, when and where all persons
are warned to apt ear to show cause whv condem
na Ion shomd not be decreed, aud to Intervene for
th.lv Int.r.ata A II VII it 31. 1601
auSI SawtaeplS
ft MaviuD, vma
From this time until tho Presidential elec
tion, cTcry loyal man who favors tho re-election
of Mr. Lincoln will want a newspaper
published at the aeat of Government, advocat
ing the Union nominations for President and
To all such, who desire a paper which will
keep them promptly advised of all political
movements, and their probable consequences,
we tender the Natiokil Repuducak, with
confidence that It will fulfil their desires In
this respect.
Tho National Uspcbucau will continue to
furnish In advance of all competitors thelatest
and most reliable news from our different
armies, and especially from tho Army of tho
Its literary and miscellaneous departments
will receive special attention, and efforts are
continually being made to eatabllsh tho charac
ter of the VYibslt National Kbpdslioan as a
family paper
6lx months ago the weeWy paper was en
Urged to Us present else and greatly Improved
in Its typographical appearance. Oar list has
increased largely slnco that time, for which wo
thanrc our numerous voluntary agents through
out tho loyal States. During that time, how
ever, the prices of labor and of material nave
Increased upwards of fifty per cent. In view
oftbat fact wodonot propose to Increase the
price of the paper, but to urge upon our friends,
and the friends of the Union, who favor tho re
election of our present worthy and patriotic Chief
Magistrate, to uso their utmost endeavors to
Increase our circulation. This Is tho only way
by which we can bo ablo to Veep tho Wbbklt
National Uipcblican up to tbe high eUudard
It haa occupied during tho last six months.
Wo desire a largo number of subscribers for
tho political campaign, which has opened by
the nominations made at tho Baltimore Con
Wc propose to send our weekly paper for lbs
period of six months, from the first of Juno to
the first of December, which will cover the
campaign, and full returns of the Presidential
election, at the low rates at which It Is cow
furnished to subscribers.
There la no city, town, or village la the loyal
States which cannot furnish us tome subscri
bers. Let the work of making up clubs com
mence at once. We have printed a large edi
tion of the numbers for the present month, and
can furnish back numbers to all who may de-
si ro them. SpcUoun copies will to sent.whcn
Tho terms for the campaign are as follows t
Una copy, tlx month. fl three copies, six
mouths, $2.50; ten copies, six months, $7.60.
Tnrtmny Dei-amtmlnt. Julv !UL 18(14.
Notice is hereby gl eu that suhrlptlous will be
received by the I reasurer of the United states, tho
several Assistant Treasurers and Desist ft ed De
positories, and by the Natloual fUnks designated
andqua Itted as Dt posit orles and r Inaoclal Agents,
ftr iraaury Notes payablo three eara Iron Au
gust 10, i-Hti, oeaf ing uuervsi ii iuc raiu ut set eu
nd three tenths percent per annum, with ae:nl
annual coupons attached, pa) able la lawful
1 heae notes will be convertible, at the option ol
the holder, at maturity, Into six per cent, gol 1
bearing bonds, redeemable afrrr fhe ajd pyatlo
twent) years from 4ucust 13. 1867,
The notes will bcssued to the denominations of
rjfty, ol hundred, (He hundred, ouo thousand,
and rive thousand dollars, and will belssuodln
blank, or payable to order, as may to uliccttd by
the subscribers
All subscriptions must be for llfty dollars, or
some multiple of npy dollars.
Duplicate certificates will be isiued for all de
posits. The party depositing must endorse upon
onoinef ocrtlncate tho denomination of nots re
quired, and whether they are to be Issued In blank
or paable toordr. When ao endorsed It must be
left with the officer receiving tbe deposit, to bo
forwarded to this Department.
Tbe notes will be transmitted to the owners,
free rf transportation charges, as soon after tho
receipt of the original Certitlcatca of Deposit as
they ean be prepared.
interait will be allowed to Aucust IS on all de-
f oil's made prior to that date, and will he paid by
be Department upon the receipt of the orlg xal
Ae the notes draw Interest from August IB, per
sons making deposits subsequent to thai da'c must
pav th interest accrued from date of note to date
of deposit.
Parties depositing twenty Ave thousand dollars
and upwards lor three notes at any one time will
be allowed a commission of one-q'iar'er of one per
cent ,whlch will tits paid by this Department npoa
the receipt of a bill for tho amount, certified to by
the officer with u horn the deposit was made. No
deductions for comailu.Oiia must be made from
the deposits.
UUJCiri receiving ucjnmim win irs moi iu,
proper endorsements aie mult upon the original
AU omoers aumorizeu to receive ucposiis are
requested to give to applicants all destrM Infor
mation, and afford every facility for making sub
script! one.
Secretary of the Treasury.
coLLECTona or claims
Opposite tbe Tost Uiflce,
Moo. Hannihai Hanuln, ice President, Me.
" John (Joodwln, M. C, Me.
" Edward H Bolllns, " N. H.
" Alex. II luce, " Mass.
John B. Alley, "
' Alfred A. Uurnbam, ' Coon.
Dwlgbt Loo mil, " "
" James M. Ashley, ' Ohio.
" John Covode, ' Pa.
" Robert McKolght, " "
Justin S M rrUl, " Vt
John E. Potter, " wia
" Z. Chandler, U, 8. S , Mich.
11 Jamea H Lane, " Kansas.
u Cyrus Aldrloh, M C , Minn.
" John T. Nixon, " N J.
" V. P. Blair, Jt , " Mo
avlbrld e U Upauldlng, " N. Y.
Meaara. Jay Cooke St Co , bankers, Washington, D,
C , and Philadelphia, Pa Jyio-if
TO Tit ei a
AvoosTl, 1864 . aul
lul uolon treet. uoaion. mass .
The only maouraoturers in the United states of
mass AipoaDeis aou ngures, to any great exieni,
or In any variety.
Sold at wholesale at the Lowest Cash Prlocs.
Also, the best of lodrdlMe stencil Ink, very choap,
Stencil Dies, and all kinds of stencil Stock Inqui
ries or orders promptly attendod to Jy2am
I WASIHNQION has rcmuted to Its New
garble Uuiiaiugou uitfcnm aircti, between
and t, opposite the United Mates "treasury
puiehascs Uovrnment checks and vouchers, and
transacts a geucral banking business,
( areful attention glvea to Governuient aud city
Collections, anu aSbUUUia Wl mr tipauEUii
' H D couKJ!, President.
WU. S. HUNTINGTON, Ceshlsr, aalV-tl
raised at the First I e salon of the Thirty
Eighth Cosgrass,
Ptbuo No. 63.
Am aot fortha relief of the scalers upon certain
lands In California.
L it enacted by (Ae Stntte and House of Htp
reientativet of the VhiUd btatet of America in
Congrtu atttmbUJ, That any and all persons
claiming, whether as pro-em ptors or settlers, or
under any Brant or title, any of the lands In
eluded within the exterior boundaries of a cer
tain grant for tbo ranchoBan Ramon, situate
In tho county of Contra Costa, In California,
tnedoto Bartolo Fachecoand Mariana Coetro
by Don Joso Flgueroa, Governor of Upper Cal
llornia, on or about the tenth day of June,
eighteen hundred and thirty three, and which
claim, or two leagues thereof, has been con
firmed by the district court of tbi Culled State
In separate moieties, ono in the namo of Hor
ace W. Carpenter, and tbo other In the namo of
Rafael Soto do Pacheco and others, by a decree
of said court made and entered on or about the
fourth day of Jane, eighteen hundred and sixty
two, shall have tbo right in all courts to con
test tho correctntss of tbe location of tho taods
so confirmed, within the said exterior bounda
rles. notwithstanding any ofilelal or approved
survey thereof now made or hereafter to be
made under tbo said decree of confirmation.
and notwithstanding any stipulation or consent
given vj me uisinct auoruey oi uic umitu
tJtatta authorizing such locations.
Bee. 3. And be it further enacted. That. In
case it shall bo found that tbe United States
have title to any of aald land withlo said ex
terlor boundaries, which have been scaled upon
ana improved oy any uerson, in gooa iaun,
under a nona uae ciaim oi iiue, sucn occupant,
and each soitltr upon ssid lands so situated,
shall be entitled to enter aud receive a patent
for one hundred and sixty acres ol land, lnclu
ding bis Improvements, upon payment, at the
proper land office, of tbo Government price of
one dollar and twentyflvo cents per acre, and
provlog that he was one of the actual and
bona lido settlers on said lands, and had made
Improvements thereon before tho passage of
this act.
Sec. 3. And be it farther enacted, That this
act shall lake eifoct ImroedlaUly.
Approved, May 5, 136X
IPcolic No. 133 1
Af act to amend an act entitled "An act to
confirm certain private land claims In tbe
Territory of New Mexico."
He U enacted by the Senate and Uome pfllep-
tentative of the UhlUd Statu of America in
Congrett auembled, That tbo sixth section of
ine act eniiuua "An act io coourm ciriain
private land claims In tho Territory of Now
Mexico," approved Juno twenty first, elghteea
hundred and sixty, be and the same Is hereby
so a intended as to euablj the bclrs of Luis
Maria Baca to raise and withdraw the selec
tion and location of one of the square bodies ol
land confirmed to them by said act. herctoforo
located by said heirs on tho Pecos rlrtr, ad
joining tno Jrort Bumncr reservation, ana to st
IcLt and relocate the same, In tbe manner pro
vided by said act, at any time before the tn cn-ty-first
day of June, In the jcar eluhtetn bun
drcd and elxtj-the, upon any of tbo public
lends, uuoccopltd and not mineral, within tho
Ural b of the'lcrrltory of Iew Mexico, as said
limits wero known and defined by law on
the twentV'firet dav of June. In tbe year clcbteen
lmndrt-d and elxtvt and UDon such selection
and re-locatlon, tbo title to said iquaro body of
land, the same being tho ono-Ufth part of the
1 Drivaio c aim couurcucu 10 bbiu ntira as aiort-
Bjld, so selected and re-located, shall bo aud Is
hereby confirmed to tho said heirs of tbu said
Luis Maria Baca as fuuv and perKetlyas If tbo
same had been eclceted and loeated wlibtn
tbroo jeara from and after tho approval ol tbo
act atorcsaia.
Sec. 'J .tfiti te if farther cnacttJ, That upon
such selection ana ro location all rlbl, title,
and Inu-rcst of thesald heirs of Luis Maria Baca,
of. In, aud to the square body of laud berutolore
selected and located by llam on tho Pecoe
river, adlolnlm? tbe FortSumoer reservation In
Now Mexico, is hereby dl vested and declared
null and void, and tho eaiuo shall rout In the
Uovernment of tbu United Stales.
Approved, June 11, im,
rv nouh.
Circular, No. 61
War DcranTUEKT,
Adjutant Gln atL'iUriui,
WaSIIiNOTUM, AUfUSt 9, 13)1 )
It Is announc-dforthelcforoiatlon and guidance
of alt c noernrd, that an officer of a three years'
volunteer organitatloa, ho receives a new com
mission at a ate subsequent to I hat of blaorgtoa!
entrance Into service, U httd to ttrvice for three
yeare from the date of hi tatt muttrr-xn, and not for
three J cars Irm the date ol original muster-in
No musters la aro authorized 01 rccgiiied by
the War Dejirtment,orfAe untrj red jrm of an
ornnlztttou. Musters so madehaie unlfjnuly
been revoked, so soon as brought to notice.
Where musters have been made ty i ommls
sarlraof Musters, or their Assistants,?-fAcuitex
plred portion of a term, and therls dubt as to the
osltlnn of an officer, the cae lovoHcd sbou'd be
forwarded through the proper Commissary of
Muaers to the Adjutant General of the Arm,for
the decision of the War Dcpartmcn
! u I at lone similar to the foregoing apply ti
organization muttered two ttrvi'e for a period lei
than three yearn the general rule bring tht a com
missioned officer shall, In all eases, he mustered in
for the period for which his ugttnent or company
was originally so mustered.
If officra of vsteran organizations do not deslte
to secure tho advantageaof thtWfornvr " commit-
tione and ran," as contemplated by Section 2, ol
Faragtaph 1, Circular No 16, current series, from
the office, thryoan decline to he remustered as
therein directed, and only term ovt ihe unexpired
term of the mwter under vUh th y maybe acting a
the time, E. D TOWNh.ND,
Assistant Adjutant General.
r F I I! 1 A Ij
War Depaitmeht. 1
Adjutant Oeniral's Or-ricc, S
Waimikotoh, Sept cm tier S, 18414 )
The following offijers, bating been reportnl at
the hed quarter a of the aimy lor the otlences
LeretoAfter apeoiDed, are hereby notified that the
will stand dismissed the sin Ice of tbe United
Matt i, unless, wltrln fifteen data from this date,
they appear bel re tbe Military Comiiliatoo, lu
tesilou in this olt), of which Urlgtdicr General
John C Caldwell, United States vMuntters, Is
preslleot, and make satisfactory drfena to tho
charge against them
toratUmpitngto entiit a colored lay an atvliitlut,
and. faiUna iiikal arrtttina him at a detirter. the
knotting at the timthetoat not,) with a view to
curing mont y thereby
IieuteoantN it Iloutwell, llth New Hampshire
Ditobedicnce of ordeit and abtence vtthaut foav
Hist Lieuteuant J, Mooie Winz, sd Michigan
Absence without bate
Surgeou DmuU Rush, lulst Pennsylvania tub
1-lrst Llouteiiaut Hiram Strctt, 1st Ma Lee heat
art I Hen r
AB'litniit Surgeon Alcon J Gllbeit, 1th UlinoU
Captain Francis E. Hale, 1st Michigan light ar
tillery Chaplain ,sa S Fiske, itli Minnesota toluu
tens L. u. lowNstND,
aefl Assistant Adjutant General
AbJUTAhTnSHl.lt A L tUrtUL,
W siiinuton Scptetni cr 3, IRtM )
Captain J, D. Nutt, Cotuuilsaary ot abBieteLce
of Volunteers, bating beeu rejortcd to the head
quarters of the army for falling to ret rt at An
uAL)ull,Md, a oidered,ls her.by noilHed thfit,
u less, within tlfteeu da iroiu tJila da'i bo a
ear before tho Mil tart C04 rults ou, lu nets ua
m ima eny, ui wnion uug, uru joou c. cauiweii,
United Utes volunteer, la m. 1.11,. .mi m.u
e.tUUctoiy dehnee to the cbatges against him,
he Wlllbe reeumiuendedfordlauilaaiillruiiillirr.
viee of the Unite I states TI.,TM(,
lrt AssiBtai5'A(Uutan?we?;,al.
Usn, nutter's Ceuistle lteplr to the III tit I.
Commissioner Oulil
Fifth Arctx HoTiLft
NfcW Voak. MnBrtV. tent. 8. I!l f
To the Fitter of the beu otk fifrt'l
Inclosed I aeud you a note from tho Agent of
Exchange of Prisoners to tboConrederatoCoui
mtssloncr, Mr. Oall;ln reply to bis offer to ac
cept, In part, a proposition made by rno eltrbt
months since, to exchange all prisoners of war
Dcia oj euncr ueiiigcrtni party.
Without nwalttm-mv renlv. Mr. Ould has
prloted bis offer, for n hlch purpose It seems to
have been 'made.
I am therefore driven to tbo samo mode of
placing my JosilQcstlon of the action af ibis
Uovernment In possession of tbe public, bef-ro
It reaches the Confederate Commissioner.
Dcm Y. Bltleu, Msjnr Ocncral,
and Commissioner of Fxcbangc.
IN ittE KlKLD, Aug , ItSJ )
lion tlob'ti OitId,Commimtr of Vichanget
Biri Your note to Ma for Mulfnrd. Assistant
Agrnt of Exchange, under date of 10th of Au
gust, nas Deen reierrea to mo.
You therein state that Major MuKurdbas
several times proposed to exchange prisoners
respectively held by tho two bullliforcnls, officer
forofflcer and man for man, and that tbo
offer has also beeu mtde by other officials hav
Idr charge of matters connected with tbo ex
change of prisoner!;" and that ''this propo
sal has been heretofore declined by tho Con
federate authorities.' That you now consent
to tho ibovu proposition, aod agreo to deliver
to you Major Mutford tho prisoners held In
capttvitv bv tho Confederate authorities. Dro
vided you agioe to deliver an equal number of
oiucera ana men. as equal nu moors aro ae
ltvered from time to time, they will bo declared
exebsnged. This proposal Is made with tbo
understanding that tbo ofllcerj and men on
Dotu eiaes wnu nare been longest In captivity,
will be first delivered, where It Is practicable.
From a slight ambiguity In your phraseolo
gy, but more, perhaps, Irom tbe antecedent
action of your authorities, and because of your
acceptance of it. I am lu doubt whether vou
have stated tho proposition with entire accu
racy. it is true, a proposition was male both by
Maj Mulford and by myself, as agent of ex
change, to exchange all rUooers of war taken
by either belligerent party, man for man, officer
for o fllccr. of equal rank, or their equivalents.
It was made hy me as early as tho tlrr-t of the
wlnur of lb03- 01, aod has nut betn accepted.
In May last 1 forwarded to you a note, desiring
to unow wneiner too conirueraio aumoritur
intended to treat c lored soldiers of tho United
Blates army as prisoners of war. To that In
quiry no answer has yet been made. Tu avoid
ull possible ralsapiTiheuslou or mistako here
after as to your offer now, will you nor say
wnetner you mean oy -prisoners nem in cn
tlvltv." colored men. dulyenrollid and mus
tered into tbe scrt Ice of tho United States, h bo
nave uen cspiuroa uy tuoeonitaernto lurcuj
and If your authorities aro wllllce to exchange
all soldiers so munend Into tho United Staus
army, whether colored or otbtmlse, aud tbo
oUlcirscoininatidInglui.ro, ma j fjr uiau,olh(.er
for officer f
At an Intertlew which wn held lelnecn
yourself and the Agent of Excbangunnlboi art
1 tbe United tilatis, at Fortitsa Monroe, in
March last, ou will do mo tho favor to remem
ber tho principal discussion turned upon this
very point, toil, tn behalf of tbo Confederate
Uovernment, elalinlu tho right to hold all
negroes, who bad laretoroo buntlatte aud
not emancipauu oy tueir ma&trrr.eoroiicaana
mustered Into ihu eertleuol the Lnlted Statu,
when taplured by )uur lurecs, not as prison1 ri
of war, but upon tapture to bo turned over to
their supposed maitirs or eluimants, tthueMr
tney miui do, t uo iiliu oy tuein as elates.
Bv tho advcrllsemetits lu tour cenPiiT)i.rs
catling upon matters to eomo forward and
claim thLse ratn to taptured, I suppoeu that
tour atitliorltiia still uluc rutu that tiahu that
Is to say, that whoncvir a co'orod ttold erof tho
uoitoa ctaies is eei lurco ny ou, upon m n mi
any claim cuu bo madii bt uuy ptraoii ruiding
within the Siatta now lu lueurreetlou, sueb
soldier Is not to bo treated as a prIiKr ol wur,
but Is to be turned over to his supposed owner
or ilalmant, and put at such labor or service
aa that owner or claimant may ehonte, und tbo
officers lu command of eueh toldters. la the
language of a supposed uct of ihu toiiftdtrato
Statts, are to bo tumid over to tbo Uotiruors
ol tiiales, upon requisitions, fur the purpose ol
being; punished by tbu laws of saeh iiiatis, for
acts done In tsar in thu armic4 uf tbu United
You must bo aware that there Is still a pro
I am lion b) JilUrsun I)jtls, claimiug to bu
Chief Executive of tbo CotifUlrrato States, de
claring to substance that all flleera of colored
troops mustered Into the service uf tho United
Slates tt ire not to bu treated as prisoners ol
war, but weru to be turned over for punish
ment to tbe Governors ot btatrs.
1 am reciting tbtsupuULatts fru'iwncmor,
and will bu i ardoticd for not giving thu exuel
wurds, nlihoub I btllevu I do not tary thu
substance and iff ct.
Tbise declarations on thopaitoftboiowhom
ynu represent jet riualn unrepealed, uuau
nulled, unrevoked, and must thtreforo be still
supposed to bo amburluiive. Uy )our ac
eeptanee of our roponltioo, b tbu (Jovernraent
of tbu Unltid Stales to understand tbittlitiu
several claim, enactmeuts and pruelalmed
declarations are to be given up, But aside, ru
yoked, aud held for nuubt by the Confederate
authorities, and that )uu aru ready aud Milling
toexebange mau lor man those colorel cot
dlirs of thu United btales, duly mustered aud
euro led as sueb, ttbi bavu hento'oru bceu
elalmed as slaves by tbu Confederate Stales, as
well as white soldiers f
If ibis be so, and jou aro to willing to ex
cheoo these eolored mm elalmed as bUti,
and )ou will soollUIally lufurin thuGottru
munt of thu United times, then, as I nin In
structed, a principal dllUculiy lu t Heeling ex
ihangee will bo removed.
As l informed you personally. In my Judg
ment, It Is neither consistent with tbe policy,
dignity, or honor of ttie Uelted States, upon
any consideration, to allow those who, by our
laws solemnly euaeted, are made soldlira of the
Union, and who havu beeu duly enlisted, en
rolled, and iiiuatired as sueb eoldlcra who
bate boruo arms In behalf ol this country, and
who hate been cap tired wbllu fighting m vin
dication of the nj,bt9 of tbnt country, not
to be treated ua prisoners of war, und remain
unexchanged, and in tbu eervlto of thosu wbo
claim them m mastery and I eannol belletu
that IhulaOterument ot the Lul ed Slates ttill
eter be found to eonstnt to so grois a wrong,
iardou ino If 1 mUnmterstoud you In eu
posing that your ace tauee of our propoeltlun
does not In good faith turuu to Include all thu
soldiers of ihu Uolon, and that jou still intend,
II our aceeplancu Is agreed to, to hold tho
colored soldiers of thu Union unexchanged,
and at labor or scrtlee,beeauee 1 urn lulorutd
thaUery lately, aliuort ruiemporaucouBly with
this oiler onuurpart toexchitigo rlsoners,
andMhicb seems to lucludo all rlsoiiers of
ttar, tbu Conledcratu authorities batu made a
deelarailon that the m rois heretuforu held to
aervlcu by owners in tbu Stales of Delauare,
Marlaud and Missouri aro to bo treuttd ue
prlsouerif ot war lvbtu cai lured lu arms In thu
eerueo of thu United Stales. Sueli declaration,
that a part of tbu colored soldiersol tbu Lulled
States tt eru to be prisoners of war, v ould seem
most strongly to imply that others icru not w
bo bo treaiud, cr lu other ttoids, that roloicd
mtu from tho lnstiriniloiurj Stau aro to be
held to labor and returned to their wasters, If
captured by tbe Coiiledtratu forces ubllu dulj
cuiolled and mustered Into and ueiuully lu tho
urruiee ol tbu L nllud Slates.
' . " r" . . , .. , ,7
1 United Btatea tnkts of tbu tltiim madu by to 1
lulhutlett wuien thu tiuteromeul ol luu
to iho ptreous und tenieu ol these Uvgrote, il
iJ ,..,, 1., In uinnniiiiul mmn nv nrim ml.i ill
national or muuleipul law.
) l.oolttng uiou tU.se men oulj as rot erl),
upon jour theory of property In them, we do
not leo how this claim can be made, certainly
not bow it can bo yielded It U twlleved to be
a well sotttcd rule of public loteroationtl law,
and a custom aud part of tbe laws of war tbat
tbe capture of moveablo property Tests tho title
to that property In tho captor, and therefore
when one HI liferent gets Into full possession
property belonirloit to tho r-u Meets or citizens
of tbo oth'r belligerent, Iho owner of that
property is ai once aivceiea nil line, wnicn
rests In tbe belligerent Government capturing
aud holding such possesion. Upon this rule
of International law all civilized nations hate
acted, aod by It both belligerents have dealt
with all ) roper y, save slaves, taken from each
other during the present war.
If the Confederate forces capture a number
of horses from Ihe United States, tho antmals
aro Immediately claimed to bo, and, as we un
derstand It, become tbo property of the Con-
uuirato auinoruica.
If the United States capture anv movable
property In tho rebellion, by our regulations
and laws. In conformity with International law
and tbe laws of war, such property Is tnrncd
over to our Uovernmentas lu property. There
fore, If we obtain possession of that species of
property known to tho laws of the inanrree
llonary Slates as slaves, why should there bo
any doubt tbat tbat property, like any other, I
vests In tbe United Statee?
If the property In tbe slave docs so vest, then
tho "jus dhpontndt," tho right of disposing of
tbat roperlv, rests In the United Stales.
Anw, the United states have disposed of the
property which they have acquired by capture
In slaves taken by them, bv irlvlne that rbht
of property to tbe man himself, tn the slave, I,
ny emancipating him and declaring him
free foraver, ao lhat.lt we bave not mistaken
the principles or International law and tbe laws
or war, we have no slaves In the armlea of the
United States. All aro free men, being made '
so In such manner as we bave chosen to die-
poae 01 our property in tocm wnicn wo acquired ior lotteries ana pays priests ana Kunaarmeri
by capture. lout of tbe produce of tbkets giving a leical
Slaves being captured byus, and tho right of right to bet opon events regulated by chat ce
property In them thereby vested In us, that ' but secured by the State guarantee, also doc
right of properly has been disposed of by us by a very wrong thing.
manumitting them, as has alwats been the ae- I Finally, we are all agree 1 that the English
knowledgcd right of the owner to do to his police, when they wink at 'be attoruluatlous ol
slsvc. The manner In wblcb we dispose of our "Dlxlo'a Land." permit old Jews to tike and
property while It Is In our possession certainly young apprentices to offr odds for and airalnst
cannot bo questioned by you. every horse which runs within England, to
Nor is tin case altered If tbe property Is not establish, as It were, silver bells with borate
actually captured In battle, but comes either Instead of dice, aru also doing a very wronn
voluntarily or Involuntarily from tbe bellUe- thing. But outside those forms of admitted
rent owner Into the possession of tbo other vlclousneee, tbo gambling sanctioned by a
belligerent. 1'rlnre, tbe betting sanctioned by a Pope, und
I tiko it no ono would doubt the right of tho tbj Utile frauds of swindling groo us, there is
Uultod States to a drove of confiderato mule, a spacious debatable land, a vast extent ol
or a herd of confederate rattle, which should
wanuer or rutu across tno conieJerate lines
Into tbo lints of tho United rotates army. So
it seems to me, treating the negro as property
increl), I' that pleco of propert) passes thu
eoofederato Hues, and comes Into the Hues of
tbu Lnlted Stale, that property Is as much
lost to Ua owner In the confederate Status as
would be tho mule or ot, tbe property of the
rcaiucuioi luucuuiuucraiu ois.es, ttuicuBuuuiu noaiugy, ior tucmcive.
fall Into our hands, There are among us, nc believe, men who
If, therefore, tuo I rlnclt tei of International assert that nil gambling an long as il bu h wet-t
law and tbu Uvi aot Mar used lu this discus- Is Innocent, that tho objocthm U a prejudice,
slou are comcily stated, then U would seem that If & man choneis to utikc bis lortuuoou
that tbu deduction logleally flows therefrom, tbo turn of u die Instead of a turn of thu mar
in uaturaUcquiuec, that tbo Confederate States kets that Is a qnection of wisdom or judgment,
can bavo no claim upou tbu negro soldkr I ui not I j thu lead one of mor-tla. All thai
enpturcd by tbcm from the armies of the United
SluUM, became of thu former ownership of
tnim ut tneir citizens or suoiecis, ana oniy
claim such as result, undir tbu lairs of war,
from their captor mcrclj.
lo leducctoastatoordattrj freouieo, prisoners
ofwar, captured by them I Tbla claim out
fathers fought against undr Uilnbrldu and
UiCRtnr, v hen set up by tho Birbar l'oir
on tbu Nortburu horc of Alrlca, a bum tb
juarlvUJ,aud iu 1&0i ihulrLhildreo will haully
lcld it ttjton their own b11.
Ihlspulut I will uot pursue farther, became
I understand )ou to repudlato the Idua that
touttill re luce free tneu to slaves because of
eapturolu war, and Hut uu base the claim of
tbe Coifederatu authorities to rccnIavu our
negro eoldlors, v, hen captured li jou, upmi
Ibu 'is ( tbiimt." or Hint nrluciolu of Ihu
law 01 nations n hlch rehabilitates tbu former
owner with his property taken by an enemy,
when such 1 ropcrl Is recovered by tbu forces
01 uis ou cnuutry.
Or In other words, you claim tint by the
lawa of nations and of war, when property of
tbe subjects of onu belligerent Power, ciptured
by the iurcca of thu other belligerent, Is recap
lured by the arulva of tho former owner, then
such property Is to be restored to Its prior pos
MSbor, as If U had never Ken captured, and,
therefore, under this principle jour authorities
proiioeu to rcftoro to their masters tbo states
which heretofore belonged to them which tou
may capture from us.
But this postllmlnar) right under which jou
claim to act, as understood and detloed by all
writers of national law, is applicable siupl)
to iimnvitible prnpa ty, and that, loo, only after
tbu cuuipletu sutijugatlouof that portlou oftbe
couutry lu which thu property Is situated, upon
which this rljbt fasteus itstlf. By tbu laws
and customs uf war, this right has never been
applied to muvaote property.
true, it is, J believe, tbat tbe Romans at
tempted to apply ltlu tbeeoseof slates, but lor
J 000 j ear no oiher nation has attempted 10
setup thle rlkbt us ground for treating slaves
ditTtfre-ntly from other property.
But thu Unmans even rcfused to rc-enInto
men cePturud from opioslog belligerents in a
civ 1 war, such as ours unhappily is.
Conslaleutly iben with any principle of the thatouuiany rar tnu nnru a serving or re
law ot nations, treating slavea aa property rpirt, if oul) I ueaueu It Ineulcalua eulfru
mercly. It would seem to bu Impossible fir thu atraluti but it prolucr evil,
Uoveinmeni of tbu Uulted States to penult tbe I Moat men ftel in their hearts tint moderate
uegroud lu their ranks to be re enalavcd when whist produces nouu of tbu conreiuuce tbu
captured, or treated otherwlsu than as irlauu- jru titled In m cards, tbat a bet lo luck uu
ers e f war. 1 opinion does n t demorulizu them like habitual
I havu forborne, sir, In this discussion, to resort to tbu' turf," and entertain a light c u
arguu the question upon any other or different teoipl for thed utina tbat j lacing bltnul pastu
grounds ot right thdu thosu adjpted by jour b tard In a eertalu scquenru can bu a moral
uuthurillcs In clalmlug tbu negro aa property, offence, which leads to a daueruus reaction
htcauifl I understand that vour labrlcof uud - Fr a really kloua dctcrmlucd uumblertom-
altlon to thu Uovernment of tho United States
has the right of property In man as Its cornet
stone. Ol course It would not be profitable in
settling a question ol exctiango of prlsomrs of
war lu attempt to argue thu question of aban-
dommnlof tho very coruer-ioue of their at-
term ltd i olltkal tditleC. Therefore 1 bave ad -
uitttd nil tho considerations which should ap-
ply to tin negro soldier ns a man, and dealt
WltU lilIU upon tuec'Jimn nuu uteuij ui Tiqi
t rlv nnlv.
1 unite with totuuest cordially, Sir, in dcelr-
lu a speedy Bcillctuunt of all these questions,
lu'vlew ol the great euileriu endured by our
prisoners lu lue nanus 01 jour autu tru es, 01
which jou o feelinl speuk. Let mo ask, In
view ol that butlerlug, why you bavo delayed
tic,ht months to auswera ! ropoiniou when
by uovv uiceillug, ou admit to bu rlht, just
aud humane, allowing tbat suuVriug to eon-
tluue toluugf Onueannut htlptbluklog,eten
at thu lUk ui bclu deemed uuiharltable, tbat
tliu betietulenl sttupalbles ol tliu Coulederalo
authoiitU' havu beeu lately stirred by the ro
pletcd condition ol therarmlee, and a desire
to get luu tho Held to ailed thu present cam
pain, thehiitc, heii audvullud prlsoueis
held bj thu Lnlted elates lu v change for tbu
halfriatve , tUU, emaciated aud tiUBervlceablu
-uidlers oi tlis Untied States povv languishing
lu wui 1 uioua Re evenls of this wur,ll wu
did not Know it lu fun, bavu taught us that It
la net tut Northern loritouof tue American
icuilu an no wbo know how to drive eharp
a ulns
'Mil wron.. iudlirullleF. aud urivatlons suf.
Krelb)our s ldiera would toovu mu lo on
HLiitlo aujthiuj to procure tbulr exehjiige,
cxeetto uoiter bwuj tue uuuur ana idltu 01
thu uuuruuieut of thu Untied StutuB, which
has I ecu eo eiKuiuly llcdgcllu the colorel
t Idlers lu US r.inub.
coueUlLUtlv with national falih andjiullee,
vfotaiiuut rilluquiahthtipuslilou, 1tU3uut
untiiiriLit.fl 11 la U lUebtlonuf liruDLrit iiil l1
It seems tu address iueir to you m tht Jorui
111 ou sutKr your soldier, caiturcd In Jltflit
log your battles, to be lo confinement for
months rather than release h'ra by giving for
him tbat which you call a piece of property,
and which we are willing to a ccpt as a rnanl
Ton certainly appear to place lees value upon
ynur soldier than you do upon your negro. I
assure too, much as woof tbe North aro ac
cused of loving proTKTtv. our cltlznns would
havonn dlQleulty lu yielding up any plerunf
property they bae In exchange for one of their
nrotners nr sons languishing In your prison
Certainly there cor. Id bo no doubt tbat they
would do eo were tbat piece of property ls In
valuo than Qvotbouaaud dollars In conftdratu
money, wblch Is believed to be the prlco of an
able bodied negro InthclniurrrctlonarySutes.
Trusting that I may receive such a reply to
tho questions propounded In this note, aa will
lead to a speedy resumtloa of iuj ntgotlatlons
for a full exchange of all prisoners, and a de
livery of them to their rerpectlte oulhnrltlc, I
have the honor to be, very respectfully, your
obMlent servant, Bet F. Uotlh,
MsJ, IJen, and Commissioner of Exchange.
Tlie Morality of PI ay Ins; for Moniy
(from ha Lnn lo, 9ne ta'or I
What Is tbe moral law upon tho subject of
enmoiingi mat wretched uttio rnnee, tbe
uc do Valentino! s. Prince do Mnmtco. aflur
selling tbo greater part of his domlul ins to
Napoleon to bo tvrannlzel over at discretion,
nas soia to m. uian c incesamnairoor iiom
burg, the right to establish a hell In tbe Inshr
nlficant rcnulndor, Monaco Is to bo a French
or Italian Hombunr, and the unal parapht-r
nalia of tables and rooks," chefs de culslot
and clever wallers, croupiers and pretty girls
with rhort petticoats aod easy manners, lo
retloa to tempt men to sin, and Jesuits tn give
them easy absolution, hate already arrived.
M o are all agreed that tbu Die de ValentlnnU
In so prostituting his sovereign claims htt
done a very wrong thing. We aro also agreed
tbat the Pope, when ho it ran la bis permission
territory upou whlih tbu mural law Is held to
oetxtreinuiy uncertain and vaifue. tlambilox
Is, purbape, the solitary vlto or habit common
among civilized men aiout which 'here la no
law, or a.poirance of liw. or opinion wbieb
may bu tvUledlttualawlnthoCbrtstlandcrlp
tores, aud upon wblcb, therefore, turn are rom-
pelled to construct botuo law, either fiom
natural jnetlie, or obvloucxpedlency,orBtrlct
morals enforce Is that he shall not stak i more
than bis fortune, shall not bet tros log to win,
suaii nni puy car is for sums ttuicu. ir ne lost
be could not Immediately pay. So very few.
bnwewr, bild that Idea, tbat It It hardly worth
wuilulo tsusiotlmu In ftaUmr the uustvr. It
would be easy to show that If inoril law ex
Wte-d at all every mau I10M4 Ins tieilth lu trnst
for others as well aa lor LiuiM.1T, thai Lucjd
batu 110 m ri rlirbt lo throw uttay sntli
mema ol utefjluud thuntobllnl btmeir, or
matllatu hlmselr, or cumtt sutclJe, but th
sophitui may bu safjylcri to the Instinctive
biutu of mankind,
Puirle aru loo afraid fur ih.r sating cter
to transmit such a theorv, nr to act upon It a
thinking it right eve.) f r themselves,. 'Iherv
aro many among un, n vtli'do section of our
population, b Lold tto other extreme that
dice aro In themscltie 1 vll. that crJa nr ibt
dotil'a books, ibatthu pli)ln of auy giiuc.or
nuy match for iu uuy, eten If theetrurfglo isin
itself laudablu, like cricket or BHlmmiug, i
luuustauiu. jximotv an arerago omtchmeo
hold that creed, tba majority of English Cal-
vlnlsts, an I a vcr largu auction of that oc d-
hntthouzh uu- hrlstlan class who'eeodo is
respicubilltj. They argue iiiiclpjlly from
the tbuorj of abuse, (lauiblin, they say, 1
not lee itse f and tiny aru a little uzilud by
tbe ahseuco o( Scriptural prohibition leads tu
tlcc, leads to tbo ludu gctieuof atarlcu. cuvit
ousuiss aud hatred, directly euconntges wastu
aud cuds too often In sulcldci tho uu of card-
Und 10 gimblltig, and tluj therefore will not
usu cards,
A few other actmlcd b tbo same fvellnca,
but unwilling to atknwledu them, try to In
tent a 1 hilosopblcal thcorj, dte tru all guinea
"rubbish" which Is an armament only to
men of their on u tastes, or " Mateofthnu"
which raises thu wholu iiueetlou of roeruUlun.
or lu despair Invent a poKiuUtu and doduco a
compiecc tnenry iniin tu u. Art nDtnop
1 WbaUlydll that. HucaldabetMas wron, bu-
cano the winner t k from tbu lo.er with nit
giving a autd jno io, but thu suitencuwas
merely a truss iKtmo pr uc jut Julio has a
irlgbltogltu rtiii slxpeniu If Tom likes to
tsku It, and if ho gltea It up m coud li ns, sa)
thit bu wins a v lnt at whUt, the tu iral rkM
Is not altered Of tbu two txircmu opinions
nuudustotha man whn has bein bred up to
, think a family round game a heinous sin. Tbu
true lino w bich we all feel ratbrr tban see to
exist must Ho somewhere bitwctm the i
tremes, but ll Is no can) matter to fix thu Just
point of dlvUlou
1 (.ranting ll right tn piny for money at nil.
( which most people will grant, and that litem
must bo a Ituili totbu am tuntlt Is Jastltiablotn
bu decide 1 1 Most people nap ad at oncutiut
do m tu ought to lay lor more thin he ctu
all ird, buttbu seuttnee, wh n uu iijtj, wll bt
lomut to amount to uoiuin, . rt.iii c( u 1
jliij.r eeuU " all ird" guinea whlt vif well
ludeet if Ui bad only five buudrid a iear, mid
the i1ol,iu- luvutcs thu abrtirjityui uuki i
cai acltj for wlnuln ibu lest of it moral right
j hat la the meaning, eliber, I tbe uim a man
can allord I Ues it imi i that bu mat puj
up to the amount of LU hn-uiut, r hall Ins iu
come, or what Mr. Mills calls liU turpi t iti-
come, J. , bis Income ulur neitnirlis aru
purchased, or his Imouie alter bu bis iionuml
his d at) lu spmJlug und lending u" elviu,f
That lubt deJuitlou UU im.u v.luii .d,Bw
do, that propert), Uku strength ur eJpi it), U
a trust never to bo misuse I with m am, w uid
tlmili 1 luhlbll Ia)ltu f r iuu) ajtou ber.
Or, to put auotha p ilut, u ManmUof
Wealnilmtcr or ui Uutu luiiud In plujiug lor
huodrcd-pjuud piuuf I heir lose la Use lu
propurtluu to thur tm-ai 1 iliau sbllliu polhls
to aaae 1 rted-lna tiieu, yet tbough n
died Hue Imp iiie such stakes bj com-
j irli m wltli tbostaked iuce-tary to gltu rich
men luterc-t lu thu game necessarily augrfu t
iuuiihihuui n'i wn iinntviiMHjiu
is evll,auJ rtipilria a J unification Jutus mm ti
a thu cuiinif, etil ui u llugtr-Juiut or uuuar
oum n iinu ui u man ujb u 111 rai nhui,
a Mr Ktugk) b mevvhero puts li to tuv at
in-gulls with balfcrowus, even il his hall
eau usu them to purpose, ami, haviug them, be
Is bouud loose them lo purpose, Ju.t as he is
viuwud uu vvvt bu uiauy er uuuutiagii no
bound tn uo his brains, or his itrebcth, or any
other gift which U his.
mu true law, so fir as It can be define.,
which Is not very closely, seems tAbe a cum
poUe one. No man can, for Instance, hive a
Mi; lit, a moral right, to play for a sum which
hi feels rou-ca in him avrlc or greed, or
hatred, nr any distinctly evil sentiment. Ha
tnlnht as well toy whh a dlepoflttmn to murder,
caress a tendency to theft, or deliberately en
courane a fancy toward h's neighbor' wir8.
Not htvlng the rlubt f .r himself, he cannot
Uvo It Tor himself Is Just as evil If he tempts
ihira to evil as If he commits U himself Thm
when beuudlscovired ths sum wh ch leaves
bis pulses cool which will differ wlm e-ery
player he Is b-mnd atsn to calculate not hiw
much be can affird, for that Is rtguHtM by his
rhtneo of winning, but hw much ha haa a
riifht tn waste, to loae, to throw awaj for the
sake of amusement gained.
No man lo the world nut f a Trapplst mon
astery ever disputed the right to somererres
tlnn, and no man except a miser ever qni-s-tinned
tbat it was lawful to boy it. The only
point li tbe price to be paid, which mast he
decided like everything else by m very c implex
calculation balancing betwoen one'a de-tres,
one's needs, aod one'a duties. To itlve more
than tbo net results of tbat equation la wron,
and Jut as much evil as the throwing away of
any other resource with which God has en Inwel
us time, or health, or special powers no
more, no loss There are many men, especially
among the sedentary, so nabapppy constituted
that the only recreation which la recreation,
which lakes them out of themselves, gives
them excitement without fatlgus, and rest
without the sense of ennui. Is plating card.
Thuy bave a right to play, as we understand
It, without the perpetual cot fliu of conscience
with wh'eh some men are afflicted, hut only at
a price the price tney would think themselves
Justified In paying for aoy other atnu-etuent
wnteiiprooucuu nothing except tna momentary
rePef. Means bave very little t.i do with the
matter, and tnechaocoof winning nothing at
all I the money lost or won Is pure waste hy
snuebodji but then ono has a rigut tn wastd
ncu waste purchases iresn powers, ior tneu
ll ceases to be what nevertheless In Itsejf It is.
Met or U-neral lUapltale
ifn ler Direction of Snryeon li. O. AhboH, IT. 8.
A,, Medical Dtrrctor tirptrtinettt of
W uhlnytvu.
1. Armory Bquaiu, Washington, D C.
4eveoiu street west, between C and D streets
out b. In charge of Surgeon D. W. Bliss. U.
i. V
Carver, Washington, 1). C, Fourteenth
itrct west, at termlnna of city rallmel, lu
harmed nf Surgeon O A. ludeoo, U. S. V.
3. Campbell, Washington, U. C, Seventh
street west, at terminus of city railroad north,
10 charge of Surire-on A. F. SbeM m, U. S. V.
4. Columbian, Washimrtm, l. C, Fettr
teenth si ret t west, at termiuu of city railroad,
to cbarguof Surgeon T. It. Crnab, U. d V.
5. Desmarres, Washtmrton, D C , corner or
fonrteeulh street and Uaachustu avenue,
in charge of Surgeon J. 6. till lreth, U. S. V.
C. UjUifUn, W iiKhlugtou, I). C, c truer of L
-tru t and New Jerrify avenue, lu charge ofAs
it int Surge u W 01. Thomson, U S. A.
7 KTiorj, vahlniinn, I). C, neer Alms
tiottse, e ast ol the Capitol, iu charge of Surgeon
. K Moselcy, U. S. V.
b. Fairfax Se nluary, Virginia, two miles
lack of Alexandria, In charge of Surgeon L.
V. Smith, U. S. V.
tt. Flnlev. WaMilnctin.l). 0.. Kendall Oreeo,
fourth street cast, north oftbe city. In charge
of Sarcon (. L. Paneoast, U. S .
10. Hare wood, Washington, I). C, Co-co-ran1
farm, seveutb atrcet west, la charge of
Sargeon 11 B Uoatecou, U. S. V.
11. J utklar) Spjrv, Wjahlngioo, U. C,
Judic'iry S pi ire, E aarot n tnh, tol-veen
Kounh and rlfihetnea west, In cturgj of
aslitaot Surgeou Alex. Ingram, U. S. A.
1'. Kalorama, (s!uall-ox,) ftaahlugton, 1).
C, UocU creek, out Twenty-tlrnt struvt. In
charge of Acting Ail.nl Sargmn It. J.
Thomn, U. S. A.
U. Ltncolu, Waihluion, l C. one mile
eailof tliu Caplto', lu charge of AssUtaut Sar
goim J. C. Mcriee, U. S. A.
U. Mouut PUaant, Waihlngtnu, l. C,
Fourteenth street, o ie half mile. yond city
imlts, In charge 01 Afkstaut Surgeon C. A.
vfcCall, U S. A.
15 Seminary, Georfrtown, D. C, Mmerot
tl ashlngton and (Jny etreeta, I u charge of sur
.mm 'I. W. Oucachet, U. S V.
tG tautoo, Washltiglnu, IJ. C , I street and
Sew Jersey avuuue. In charge of SargeouJ A.
Lldell, U. S. V.
17. Stone. WaMilugtnu, D C, Fourteenth
street, oppialto Columoian Hospital, lo charge
of Acting s't Siroon P. (llennau, V.A a.
lb, &t. biizanetn, iidmoo -isymm.j vvasn
logtou.U.C, beyond Navy Yard wetst,lo charge
f Acting Assistant Surgeon C 11. Nichols,
IU, first Dlvlslou General, Alexandria, Va.,
corner ot fairlax aud Cam urn n streets, in
chavoof Su'ge'on Cns Pj, U. S. A.
Second Division (Itueral, Alexandria,
Va , corner of Mrlucu and Colutuhu.-t atrwu, Iu
ch-trgu uf Surgeou l It. Sueucur, U. d V.
1. Inlrd Divlelou General, lexiudrla,Va.,
VVushluloii street, liel-veeu cjaeeii jud tsma
on strevt-i. In charge of dmguou liJlu Uuul
ley, U. S V.
11 Augur flcneral Hospital, nenr lun
Irla, Va , in charge of Surgeou uoorgu U dui
ou. U.S V
F K I C I A L ,
u.Mri- u iTeiLs or aumuca.
Tip all wom U may co fern.
H4tisfctory eviJen.e btvlaz been exhibited to
me tht r t,vmm o. ia curT has been ep
I olutvd C 11 tu) of tbo Meatoan hrp I lie, at 1 hilit
d lhlt, I o licichj rtcoxnixe h m as such, aud
declaie hlu tree 1 1 exercise and enjoy such fuue
titns, poweis Mil p ivlltgc-i, as are allowed te
Conau a by the Itw of nations, ot by the laws of
the United States and exutinj Treaty stlpuiaileus
I e ween the Government of Me a too and the
Uulted 5'etei
In testimony wheicof, t have caused tbesa let
ters to te niadepitent, and tie seal of the I'nlieJ
States to te hereu to afflaed
ttitenu derm) hai d t the cityof IVashtnften,
thetlrs d of re It tuber, anno Domini
is oue liiomniiJ riijht h mdred as I slaty
fo ir.-iidoftht 1 1 lependineeoflhe Callad
! ei vf merto , the e jhtj-nla h
p Hit. I ml tent
T V,w1ll',
.ctlii 'erreta-y of tate.
Y " O T" 1 CK .
I SHI 1 SI YIP.4 7 S-10 I.O N.
a lull supply of these new Don Is
u 1 riUrt are requeued to pr, .Ufi tr irrtfcatie
it mtacnd rrtriie their Hjn f
lhfise havlut; tnouey to invest should not loss
Ulil vt the tac tit it, r lavr Hi rf In this Lon,
ih y not onli rceche Intcrnt at the hUb rate of
1 3 IU per cent 1 ut s cure 1 1 themsilves the very
liupotlaut ahauts- ef oltliiluj-, at tbe cud uf
t ree tears,
whuh ate c v nuith over U icr eeut premium,
aud which altvi the vr omit necessarily aJviuce
ti 1 much r uri.er r vo auT if
nuowN '
KV11Y lb.M)AU
a terttcvl aud uulif n 31 HIM. L1ULK,
FAill i ititeited into a UiliyJa iijj, Oiy Hu ae,
lt,ti -Aaiker, Hth-Lh r, tittwitti ot tl"v.
Hi te tlia whoio ties tcd t 1 !'" " '
iu .lot t lumiuu e tilitl inn,o nit a the tvusof
iocklu tlmui, nut i , s. .a W Its
iiiotiou Is pirie t j 1 ti u h 'ct uiaia Price
Wto an "eul 1 r 11 fre ' ,r ,
Uitii N a. CtX,
ti) untd m,, N. V.
An en'rrprlslai ajeat waattnl Ut Waalntv,
siiv 11 nv

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