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ftatigmil jUpiMuatt.
TUURSDATimimtmm.SEPTKMB&K 8, 1864.
the crisis WHICH threatened to
Kill Oil OP NEW TOniL
The roBnlt of the Syracuse Union Convention
la the nomination of lion. Biuais E. Fxn
ton for Governor of New York. A more
loyal or faithful serrant of the country
could not be found In the Empire Bute. lie
has been, from first to last, during the present
Administration, an ardent and constant worker
to the end that the rebellion should be spocdll j
suppressed by force of arms, and baa always,
by bis congressional rotes, given such positive
aid to the Government as will earliest crash
the rebellion and restore the Union in Its In
We bate no doubt that Mr. Fenton will re
celve the combined loyal Tote of the Slate of
New Tork, and succeed the present repreaent
atlTO of Jeff. Davis In the Executive chair of
that Bute, and thus brinj back New Tork in
her official character to the hearty support of
the National Government, from which she has
been betrayed by Horatio Seymour.
w happened to be in New Tork on Monday
last, when It was announced that Bimioi
DairxH, Esq., had bten appointed Collector
of that port, vice IIiram Dibs it, resigned,
The effect upon the mind of the commercial
-...i.... mn. ... Th. I-
community was most excellent. The Commn
rial Advtrtttert of the ?lh Instant, very truly
states the case In the' following lsngusge i
The President has done an excellent thing In
making this appointment, and In so recrgnlz
log the commercial and mercantile classes In
this city. The office of collector demand an
experienced merchant, and not a lawyer to fill
It suitably, and Mr. Draper, as an old mer
chant, and familiar with the business men and
the course of business at this port. Is eminently
fitted Tor the place. lie win instinctively un
dcrstand and promptly solve the thousand
cases of difficult? thst mav tlse. and put an
end to aome of the vicious formularies and use
less red tape regulations tbst camber the for
eign trade of this city with tbelr absurd prece
dents. It Is too much to hope for perfection
la a custom-house, until custom-houso shall
be no more, but It fa reasonable to look for
treatment bordering on common decency, to
wards the men who famish the gold revenues
to the country. The ready J n a em en t and deci
sion of Mr. Drsper will tend to bring about
such a result.
That no man snppoi ts tbe Union nomination
made at Baltimore who ever stood In the ranks
of the rebel army, and fired upon "the old
flag." That no man, with trutb, can cay tbe
same of the supporters of Geo. 2J. McClellan
upon the Chicago platform. McClellan's sop
porters are sympathisers with the traitors who
staod behind rebel breastworks and fire their
deathly missiles upon tbe suppoiters of the
The people should renumber this.
Giixbk Is a tramp t Gitivu it silica the
world! I Nobody ever heard of Giu.su until
September 4th, when he announced, from
M Hull Gap," the staitl'ng and glorious facti
rurf rfaed, defeated an J jUItccf John Morgan,"
GaLBM panes Into history. Between him and
Fahkaqut two Morgans have fallen John
Morgan and Fort Morgan. We repeat, "Gil
Lin Is a trump." Three cheers for Gi l m ! f '
May his stars Increase.
Uoit. Uiust J. RiTHOtD, chairman of tbe
National Union Executive Committee, Is In
town and stopping at WlIIards. He gives a
cheerful account of the political situation.
Am Avxcdoti or Fa&baout. In his speech
at Auburn, last Saturday evening, Mr. Seward
related the following anecdote of Admiral
By the way. everybody admired Farraeut's
heroism in climblne the malntoD to direct tha
battle. But there was another "particular" of
inat cosiest iui do less lorciDiy musiraiea ms
heroic character. "Admiral," said one of his
officers, the night before the battle, "won't you
consent to rive Jack a class of bttoz In the
morning not enough to make him drunk, but
just enough to make him fight cheerfullyl"
"Well," replied the Admiral, " I have been
to sea considerable, and have seen a battle or
two, but I have never found that I wanted rum
to enable me to do my duty. I will order two
cups of good coffee to each man at two o'clock,
and at eight o'clock I will pipe all hands to
breakraatla Mobile bay." And he did give
Jack the coffee, and then he went up to the
uiKuiwp anu ma 11.
Beasflt of Mrs, w. J, Florence,
A full, fasbioaabla, and appreciative audleoM
wui oe sure w maxe me bentflt of Mrs. w. J
Florence, to-morruw evtoloff. a brilliant auecen.
Thraa farorlta plaeea will b given onthatocca
loo M Irish Assurance and Yankea MoJeitr."
"Thrice Married," aad tbe Ide-iplittlnr (arcs of
ma Katuraaa volunteer." The irttnda of thla
aatlmabla lady, "and their Dim is IrgtoD," will
b sura to aaalat, on to-morrow evening, at Fold's
i naair.
Col. Cuauwick, of the firm of Srkcs. Chad,
wlskhCo, piopnsura ol wiilarda Hotel, ha
uw y mm nuui. ni raiuraed yraiarday Ha
aaya Can Urant Uchcatlul aod ooDllJent of ad
aariy mk ww ecMatloa of hoitlUtlaa," to ta
)iiviuu wiu u tuu com ileal.
Mb. Josirn B. Morsi. for th it .vn
yaara adttor of the Boaton E tuning Travttler. haa
ratlraxl fiom that poaltlon. Ha wta tor many raara
dltorof the Nawbur f port IteraU, Mr Moras haa
aataJwlth the rjcmoaratle party of lata, and la
now a supporter of tien. MaClaUan for the Pre at.
Maor Risd Siu.hdius, of the rtbel army,
a Drlannar at fort Wanao. died at that Dim on
laturdaytol torlmmatlon of tha towela. Ha b
wuiw bi aantueay, waa no yaara or age, a aon oi
tha wail known George N. Saaadara, and lawyer
I Written for the Natloaat Republican 3
Miction or sitTSUBiR 0, 1EC4.
Green Moo stale of our country's hope,
Stern fastness ef oat liberty,
From erejt and rok and verdant slop
once more thy wind blow fresh aad Ine,
chir tlig tbat eiawh 1 Idly huoj
Ii stagnant air of sloth and doubt,
Anew avalajt the sky Is flanj,
And flotts the . of triumph out,
Brne on thy brreie which patriots hsM
The courier of the oomlny gale.
Bid the war eagle leave behind
His eyrls on thy tswennf erag,
And like a petrel rids tha wind
And try his sunmons to the flag)
rat thy storm eijnalc U ths skyt
And 1st Us northern tempest Mow,
Till trtaione deafly vapors fl r
And fiction's poltos growth Has low,
Till peace ajau navells bar am
And smiles on Freedom's battle won.
Waania-QTOff, D. G, f Jpt. 8, IML N.
I Written for tha NaUoaal Republican.)
There wis ones a queer old codger
fo thsstny too
(Told by the women who had him for lodyer,)
woo sat up au signs
In a very bad pita hi.
la removing his slothes his trouble arose.
Which first to remove, his rest or his hose.
la this he was Ilka Napoleon the younger,
When for Government pap ha was dyloe; with
Tet could not decide
By whteh to abide,
The war or peace side.
And thus kept bis latter of acoeptanee far bask.
wmnttDi "raii-epiittet" look the inside oi the
This reminds us of story of a carpenter
who did some Jobs for a General at Orange,
New Jersey.
Draft to ba Ear reed Forthwith.
WAiiimaTOir, September?
Maj. Gen. Pfe, jrrtv York i
The Department Is still without any dis
patches south of Nashville.
It Is supposed to be Gen. Sherman's design
to withdraw his advance columns, give his
army rest In Atlanta, and establish himself
securely there, and restore his railroad com
munication, broken by Wheeler and Forrest,
before maklog farther advances.
No operations by the annle of Gen. Grant
or Gen. Sheridan are reported to-day,
The Provost Marshal General's office Is busily
engaged in arranging the credits of the several
districts, and la ordered to draft without delay
for the deficiencies In the districts that have
not filled their quotas, beginning with those
most In arrears. Credits for volunteers will
be allowed as long as possible, but the advan
tages of filling the armies Immediately require
the draft to be speedily made In the defaulting
districts. All applications for Its postpone
ment have therefore been refused.
Ed wis M. Staktoiv,
BocrcUry of War.
d Correspondence of the Associated Preaa
siDQUAkTias Armt or tni Potomac.
Sept. 6, 1664. To-day quiet has reigned along
the Hue, excepting an occasional gun from the
' A J t..i .. k r.ni.,., .h
centre of our line. Rain has been fallloic all
day, and still continues, with a cold wind
uumors nave oeen prevalent for two days
faet that a part of Early's troops bad arrived
a our front, and were massing on our left
flank, necessitating another struggle for the
possession of the Wei don road, and pTepara
tions were made to receive them; but thus far,
wiiu ine exception oi a tew guerruias, no ene
my'has appeared In that direction.
Last evening, the enemy In front of our line
where It croefes the Jet osslem road were very
Jubilant for a time, indulging in loud cheerloir,
which extended along the line to the right
toward tha Appomattox. Our pick eta balled
theirs, and asked the cause of the commotion,
and tbe answer came, "Atlanta has been re
taken by Hood.' Notwithstanding the Im
probability of tbe story, It rspldly gained cir
culation, and caused some depression for a
time. But soon after a deserter came In and
reported that one of their men had tied a can
teen ton uog-e tan ana stanea mnsnrougu
their lines, thinking thus to frighten our men.
But the dog kept his own side, and his fright
ened cries, as he sped along, caused the rebels
to cbeer and halloo so loud. Thus tbe matter
was explained.
Yesterday a party of colored recruits arrived
here, and on their way to their regiments got
rather nearer to tbe front than they had calcu
lated. In passing along an open space near
Fort Warren the enemy obtained a view of
them and threw a shell of two In their midst.
Such a scstterlog was really ludicrous. Aban
doning ineir guns, xnspsacxs, etc., tney new
toward the fott, In front or which is a ditch
six or seven feet wide and as many deep, with
several inches of water and mud. Into this
they piled one on top of another, evidently
thinking they would be safe there, while the
men In the fort lashed out and reaped anlte a
harvest of knapsacks, etc., which Isyon the
Tbe officer in chsrire of the cartv seems to
have first reached the breach, and endeavored
to prevent tbe men from follow Inir him. order
inir tnem to rauv. vvnen aeuea wnai ne waa
doing there, he said he had n$ been under fire
tor tome mourns, anu waa ratuer nervous at
hla close proximity to the enemy. Consider
able effort was required to extricate them from
their somewhat unpleasant position after
wmen tney leit to join tneir commands, it is
to be hoped that If they are ever charged by the
enemy they will profit by tbe lesson they re
celved yesterday, and not run Into a trap, In
which the rebels would like to catch them, and
where a dozen could keep a thousand, without
the slightest rear or one escaping.
Foreign Items per S.eawer I cot la.
A cat exhibition la under consideration In
Garibaldi has reel cued for declined) tha
office of Grand Master of Frecmasone in Italy,
a museum oi una ana ana aniKraitiei OI tao
middle aires Is to be formed at Florence. The
whole will be gathered In a splendid palace of
the 14th century.
An autograph letter of Peg Wofflngtou, the
unto ikuiuus aciruee, aoia me Otocr Gay in
London for 10 Oi. The letter referred to her
performance of Blr Harry Wilds lr, which fur
nishes the first example on the English stsge
ui m ujio .u(Bt;vr imiug ptajcu dj a lemaie.
Mot loBg elt.ee some Protestant ladles ap
plied to the Empress Eugenie for a donation in
aid of a Protestant orphan society. A few days
lster they received a letter In which tbe Em
press said tbat she fully sympathized In tbelr
work, and entered Into their vlewsj and to
prove tbat she did so, she sent them for a lot
tery two magnificent porcelain vaa;s. worth
OOOf. each.
A newspaper hss been announced lnL)n
don, to be called the CrrifH,3;nt. Its pro
moters found their hopes of succeu on the de
sire on the part of a large proportion of the
public " to see themselves In print." It la to
consist entirely of contributions on general and
special subjects by unpaid cot respondents
we sbouia imagine tnat toe oniy reason why
people write for nothing la because no oue will
give a farthing for what they write.
A iaay ana genu emeu uviog near ixmaon
were disturbed In their slumbers recently, by
the very unplessant noise of a slight move
under the bed. The lady expressed alarm, bnt
uir aomewnai siecpy cara wjtota aaiui uo, it , city, un one occasion sir. McDonald inado a
Is only one of the dogsi" and putting his hand trip up the Nile In his own vessel, proudly hear
down bv the side of the bed. he called. " Lion. ' Ins the flat of hli mtlvM nnni uku.a u k.,i
Lion," and Ad luuul lubtg luted, after a mo-
in.nl ttia n.l- n&.a -.tt.jl. anil f has .Ann
slumbered again Deaceinllr. In the mornlnff
... uv 'ail n, HtHUVUi But. H1V1 wu
they found thst all their money and jewelry had
uiBacafj, uu it was cicar mat me ucc oaa Mkivua tuauuer was iiocrai in tbe extreme In his
been a krnl.r ror of an Ingenious biped con- cbarlliee to tbe poor and unfoi lunate. At the
cealed under the bed. time of his death Mr. McDonald possessed tbe
The Bank of France hat Just given IU deil-' linnet stable of blooded horsoa In Maryland In
tlon In an affair of bank notes which were eluding among hla running and trotting- horses
min Kir m irna snma una Ira 1..I.L. Iff 111. a..,. Via J.a 1aahra.taw. maM VU. T ( .
"J (, va4w "M uai-,a. ? IfcUIIitg
menu laktn from the animal 'a atomach. it waa
found poaalbe to form six l,000f nous, so
v.. uv unuvw wm umj (vn ,wui on. oi
lOXWf. which were destroyed.
13 V TIJ I, HO It A 1 II
lata Niwi from Atlanta Official Die pa Uit
irona ). Ilaad.
Forrmxss Moirsoi, Bcpt. 8. The Richmond
papere of Monday morning contain tho follow
ing dispatch t
UaADQUiRTKHf ,8cpl. 3, 1&&4. On the even
tng of the 80th of August the enemy made a
lodtment across Flint rlvnt. nr Jnnrhf.M
We attacked them thnr nn th ! .
plst, with two coips, but faUcd to dislodge
them. This made It necessary to abandon At
lanta, which wm done on tho night of the 1st
of September.
Our loss on the eeulog of tho 31st was very
hOn the evening of the 1st of September, Gen.
ardee's corps, In position at Joncsboro, was
assaulted by a superior force of tbe enemy, and
being outflanked, was compelled to withdraw
during the night, with the loss of el?ht guns.
The enemy's prisoners report their loss very
vcio. 4. u. hood, uenerai.
fcTrem tha Hanth of. tha Illo Graade,
NIWTOBI. SDfrL Th VW fli-laina TUJt
haa news from tbe mouth of the Rio Grande,
that the Mexican General Cortloaa had met the
traitor Urslnl, near Victoria, and after an ob
stinate battle or five hoars, routod blm with
heavr loss. The affair waa tha rnnat hrinunt
during the war. and caused great rejoicing
Corunaa Is reported marchlntr back to Mats
moras, to contest the advance of the French an
lusiuu uiMiuv.
Chased by a Bnppated Prlrataar.
II 1X1 VAX. Sent. 8. The ateamer Franconla.
from Boston for 11 all fax, was chased by a snp-
I'wm yiiTsiocr ycMeruay cu oncjuurne.
Fired lata by a Ilabet Battery.
C&IBO. Bent. 7. Arrived, thetteamer Arthur.
from New Orleans on tbe Slst ult.
Tbe etesmers Wb ta Cloud and Tlenrv were
fired Into on tbe 23th ult. by a rebel battery
above Bayou Bara.
Lata from California KxploiUa of tha
teamer waahoe Ona Ilnadred and
Fifty Paaeeaa;raKllled and Wonaded.
8u Francisco. Sept. 7. The opposition
steamer Washoe exploded her boiler In the river
last night. The upper part was shattered and
stern blown off. One hundred and fifty pas
sengers were killed and wounded. Fifty per
sons are dead, or will soon die. Tbe boat wss
running at a high rate of speed.
Telegraphic communication Is opened north
as far as Oljmpla, and that with the capital of
Washington Territory Is now In progress.
There Is in Ban Francisco the greatest Indus
trial exhibition ever held In California.
Vermont Election 5,000 Union Gain.
ErxuaoTOir, Vt., Sept. 7. Returns from
the Btate come In very slowly. Tbey Indicate
large Union gains. Smith's (for Governor)
majority will come up to nearly 23,000, a gain
of 5.CD0 from last year.
Woodbrldte, Baxter and Mori 111 are re
ele ved to Congress by overwhelming msjorl
The Senate Is nnsnlmously Republican. Tbe
House will not contain over 20 Democrats.
Ualan Canrentlan In Pfew York lion.
nenben K. Fenton Romlnatrd for Cor
am or.
Bteacusi, 8ept. 7. The Union State Con
ventlon to-day nominated lion. Reuben E. Fen
ton, a member of the present Congress, for
Governor of the State of New Tork.
Thomas G. Alrord was nominated for Lieu
tenant Governor.
F. A Alberger was renominated for Canal
DewlttC. LUUejohn wss permanent presi
dent of the convention, which Ij still In sc3slon
(midnight) on the qnutlon of an electoral
A full list of district electors was also nomi
nated. Tbe resolutions tndurulhc Baltimore plat
form and nominees.
Mlaaonrl IWbtl Force at Chalk 111 u IT.
Bt.Lolis. Sept. 5. A morl was circulated
on creditable authority In Cairo, ou BnturJay,
tnat a couaia:rauie rtuci lurco. unecr onciov.
had appeared at Chalk Bluffs, thirty miles from
Char! ct town, Mo. Fart of them wcru expected
to attack Charlutown, while the remainder
demonstrated upon Capo Glrardi.au. This Is,
jouDuess, 10m rreemans gaug oi guerrillas
making an Incursion Into Missouri, as the last
accounts from Shelby placed htm In tho vlcluliy
of Helena, where ho has been operating fur
some time.
St. Lous, Sept. 6. Geo. ltost-crsos. bdnir
satiifltrd tbat tbe cltlxeos of Boone county have
been co-opera tin ir with and enconrazlntr bands
of bushwhackers and other outlaws, and that
Thomas Waterman, the only support of a
widowed mother and two listers, wss recently
shot while on a steamer lying at a wharf, by a
geni; oi iiuue vuiaioa, uaa orutrta an assess
ment of $10,000 on the dlsleysl citizens for the
Denent oi toe moiner ana sisteis oi ssia Water
man. Adjoarntnent of tbe National Tclrgraphlc
Fnu IPH rA. Sept. 7. The National Tele.
graphic Union adjourned this evening, after
maaing several amendments to too constitution
and the unanimous adoption of the following
Tbsohwrf. Tbat tbe sincere thsnks of thla can-
ventlon, tbe members of tbe TdecraDh Union.
sod of telegraphers generally, are due and are
hereby tendered to tbe beads of tbe different
telegraph companies throughout tbe United
States for the spirit of majnanlmliy and justice
they have shown towards their employees.
JUtoivtd, That, recognizing the fact thst the
Interests of the compauln and those of tbelr
employees are Identical, we hereby declare our
willingness, at any and at all times, to lend
oar fall co-operation to any mrisure which
will farther the Interests of the companies or
uuto me acieuco ui leiegrapomg.
The corresponding secretary Is directed to
famish a copy of this resolution to the getieral
officers of all tbe telegraphic companies
throughout tbe United Stsics.
The delegates partook of a supper, given by
the Philadelphia operators, at tho St. James
Hotel, this evening.
The next mectlugof the convention will be
at Chicago.
Aid for tha pacific 1U Iroad.
Siif Frabcibco, Sept. A The Supreme
Court has decided that the city must Issue
bonds for four hundred thousand dollars In aid
of tbe Central Pacific railroad. Tb'a aid will
give the road a great Impetus.
Diato of William MoDowalti, Esq This
well known citizen died at his country resi
dence. Guilford, In Baltimore county, about 11
O'ciock on Tuesday night, In tbe 85th vear of
ms age. us only returned rrom Bedford
Springs on tbe morning of his death, which
was csubi 1 br Inflammation ol the hnwi . nd
from which he was suffering when he left
Bedford. The deceased was thennly sui flvlng
son of the late Gen. Wm. McDonald, one of
mo original, ana at ids time of bis deith, tho
most extensive steamboat owner in TUltlmnrA
Mr. McD. leavn an estate valaod at over a
uiu4.vu wi uiiuwi, uu va uv uriviestBuare
holder In many of the chattered Institutions of
iue oiaie. tie was naturally or a Joyous and
Jovial disposition, was specially fond of shoot
ing and fishloa. and spent mnch of hla Lin in
traveling both In b's native country and In
While in the old pnnntr h )rwilM lth
his wife and children tu a st)le of splendor
which attracted tbe attention of tho highest
ClrcltV and nwnvof tho attntlnnii Tin thn
received have since been daly reciprocated at
his princely mansion, a fw miles from tbe
probablynever beore beenseen, and atlrattluir
ill .nitnat atiil.. i . . "
. .mv fsw-v.. MKUUUII u DrTHTnr ma criiti lull.
' pened to cast anchor. Itnua htMu .iuun.li
by host of friends, and In a qnlet and nnotten-
-w vwvuiai s v ilVil iOUalQ, fLQQ SCVCrBl
brood marea of pure Arabian hinnst 1.1. 1,.
himself without regsrd to cost duriog one of
uu iruui tuiuuu aiAwia. inaatjceasea leaves
a wife, son, and daughter. JJalttiaort Au..
Second Edition
McClellan la In a qaand.ry, IIo holds tbo
commlMlon of a Major General In tbe United
Btatea armj he recelrca par aa anch from the
OoTernmtnl of the United BUUli na b at
the aame time In tho hand, of the opponenfs of
the Qorernnient of the United Slates I He waa
nominated at Chlcaeo bj bodj of men who
nro openly In armed rebellion and In secret
conclare rlcdged to cessation of hostilities
with the common cntmy of this GoTcrnmcnl.
th principal actor at Chicago, and president
of the ConTentlon, la Angnst Belmont, the
gent of the Rothschilds, who hare fnrnlehcd
s.ho means for destroying American commerco
bn the high seas. This Belmont Is a nephew
of Blldell, the present commissioner of Jelf.
bsrls In France 1
McClellan wants to stand" npon the Munble
ender platform" created through the InSnence
of the Vallandlgham Coppeiheads and avowed
Rebels, on one side, and the British gold of ths
llothschllds on the otbcri hnt the War Demo
crats, who were swallowed np at Chicago, and
were badly beaten In the consti action of the
platform, declare that they will notsnpport
McClellan npon the "donble-eudcr." McCltU
Ian wants their support, and, at thesamo time,
hecsnnot hare it and retain the support of tho
bther wing named abore. To accept the nomi
nation npon the platform would lopou" the
War Democrats, and compel McClellan to ear
render hla commission and his aalaiy. To
rtpudlate the platform by accepting tho nomi
nation npon a sfong war lc.tcr, which he Is
pledged to do, will lose him the support of tho
Vallandlgbamera, and withdraw from him
the financial reeonrcea promised by the lloths
chllds thiongh Belmont.
McClellsn owe mnch to Barlow we mesn
Bam, not BlUy. Barlow gar. McClellan the
honse be Ikes In. McClellsn don't want to be
nngrateful, bnt Barlow Insists that MtClUIan
shall stand npon the "donblc-cndcr," and re
sign his Major General's commission and giro
np his salary, bnt tho War Democrats till him
he mutt do the other thing. Tinly McClellsn
Is In a qnsndsry.
Alluding to the propo'od wai -letter, repudlat-
log the Pendleton end of the Chlcajo platform,
which McClellan has pledged himself to write,
the New Tork Tmts, of yesleiday, aaysi
"The assurance cornea to na on excellent
authority that a satisfactory basis of comprc
mlse has been reached by the two sections of
the Democracy, which will at once " cany the
country" and saye a split In the pauy. Gen.
McClellan is to lssne a letter of acceptance of
a violently blood thirsty character, and on the
back of thla the chiefs of the Wigwam here are
to get np a gennlne war dance, rarl peuii
with these pro:eedlngs, Mr. rendleton Is to an.
noance his acceptance of the nomination and
the Chicago Peaoe Platform, with no mental
rcserratlon whatever. On the latter a new
Jftwf requlim Is to bo composed, and all will
bo serene."
This eompr.mlse reminds us of tho an
nouncernent made by the Richmond Fzamlntr,
quoted Into the Kspcblicis on Tuciday last,
It Is cxtctly In harmony with the now compro
mise announced to come off In tho Tlm:i.
Here It Is. That paper sayn "The said plat
form is half price and half wsr. It floats be
tween peace and war, being constructed In such
a way as to drift to cither aide, and settle down
next Msrch In a war or peace policy, as tlr
cumstancci may require.?
Tbat McClellan'. chief backer Is Ai'orsT
IlstilosT, the nephew of the rebel Commis
sioner Blldell, and agent of the Rothschilds,
wno famished the rebel loan.
. General Grattt'a Platrorm.
The report that has gono forth that Gin'
Grant has written a political letter to somebody
In this city Is tine only to this extent i In a
private letter to a prominent gentleman hero
he says, In substance, that he believes it the
dnty of every man to do all In his power to put
down tho rebellion, as well by filling np tho
Federal army and contributing the niccsssry
means to support It ss la sustaining those who
are, and hare been, using their efforts to ac
complish that desirable end. Healsocxpriescs
tbe opinion tbat the rebel Confederacy Is so
nearly eihsnsted that It would quickly col
lapse If the nation would put forth Us strength
promptly and vigorously.
Western tfavy Yard and Karat Dpot.
Admiral Davis, Colonel Bowman, (of West
Point,) and Orison Blunt, (of New York,)
have been appointed a board of commlesloncis
to examine the ground and select a site for the
new navy yard and naval depot for the West.
A Nxw UnioisiiB Gxkiril Col. Thomas
Egan.lsleof the 40th New York regiment, has
bien appointed a Brigadier General for gallant
conduct In the field during the campaign from
tbe Wilderness to James river. Ills applica
tion was strongly endorsed by Gen. Grant.
McCliuin has not yet accepted the Chicago
iHroKUavTiON has been received here that
since the draft became Imminent In Kentucky
the people there are not so averse to negro en
listments as formerly.
McCLSLLiK still holds his Major General's
Fiftt six TUOusiNii claims for back pay
and bounty were settled last month In tho Sec
ond Comptroller's ofllco.
McCuttxiK continues to draw his salary as
a Major General of the United States army.
A Union BlaaUa.BT I'rapoaad.
Editoks or ItiruBUCAN 1 A subscriber to
yonr pspcr would suggest that the friends of the
Union In this city who Intend to support the
re election of Abraham Lincoln, the Union can-
auui for tbe Presidency, assemble on Thurs
dsy evening, the 15th instsnt, at 8 o'clock, p,
m, at the Union League Rooms, on Ninth
strut, la wee a I) and K. It Is time that wu
should arganlze and prepare to work in oppo
sition to the paity who are In sympathy with
mo rcticlllou, and who are endeavoring to en
courage rebels in arms In their elforU to de
stroy the Federal Union.
It Is true tho citizens of the District ha,e no
vote, but It Is duo to tho friends of Mr. Lincoln
throughout tho country that they should know
In what estimation he Is held by tbo pcoplo
with whom he has resided for the last three
and a half years, and to the friends of tbe Fed
eral Union to know bow tho cltUens of the Fid
eral maropolla stand In reference to this gru.t
'location. a Tail Union Man.
A Naul Officer Seduced by the No
torious Female, Bell Boyd.
A brief allusion was made In the1 Retcbuoah
yesterday, to tho msrrlaje'of the notorious fe
male, Delle Boyd. Tha statement In the Eeg
llsh papers, of the acqualntanceVoimcd be
tween her and Prize Master Harding, Is not
'ft will be remembered that tome months
since tho United States sloop-of-war Connecti
cut cspturcd the blockado-tnnner drtyhound
that the commander of the Connecticut 0. tiered
on board tbo Greyhound Ltsut. II a nil go as
prlzo msstrr; that ibe Greyhound put Into
New Tork for coalj that while there the coun
try was startled with tho announcement that
the rebel captain of the Grejhound, Lieut.
Blcr, had escape?) that the cause of the escape
was not known to the Government. Subse
quently, tbe Greyhound went to Boston, and
while there was con flic a ltd.
Tbo notorious Delia Boyd, a passenger on
board of tbe Greyhound, among others, was
paroled and allowed to quarter at one of the
hotels In Boston. She made several appeals to
the Government, through JJnltcd States Mar
shal Ki cs, to be released, stating that she de-
vlrcd to go to Canada to recruit her health,
wheio abocouid be as near her widowed mother
and family as possible) thst she had no evil
Intention against tbe Government, and did not
purposo lcavlog Canada to go abroad, or desire
to return to tho Confederacy.
bha was accordingly reloased and allowed to
go to Canada. It subsequently turned out tbat
while the Greyhound was lying la New Tork
harbor, coaling, a small boat came alongside
in tha night, with Us knovUdge of LUiU. J Ford
inland took off tha rebel commander of the
Greyhound, and thst, when this was done,
Ltrut. Jlardinj cmiJklU JJoyd venon ihore
pending tlti nlgMt
Tho Government having knowledge only of
tbe negligence of Lieut. Hardlnge, promptly
dismlssod him from the service. This pro
duced at the time quite a consternation In New
Yoik, wheto ho Is a member of tha "Ship
Masters' Astoclatlooj" also. In Boston, where
ho belongs and where his fs tally resides.
It now appears from the following article.
which wo clip fiom the Liverpool JW, that
Belle Boyd seduced Lieut. Hardluge to permit
tha rebel captain of tha Greyhound to escape j
that she lied Lke a female traitor, In her letter
to tha Government) that Hard Inge has since
escaped from the country, gone to England,
married Utile Eoydt and has promised to enter
the rebel service and fight aga'nit the Govern
ment of tha United States 1
iMIRVfaTINO Maxruos Ciciwoiit Tbis
Dat. This moraiox a most Interesting cere
mony of marrlarje fcvk place at the church of
St. Jamei's. Piccadilly The brldrgroom, Lieut.
Samuel Wylde Uardlne, who ta about thirty
years of ate, wai au officer InlheUnlledBtsU-s
Navy, boKMus tha rank of lieutenant on board
the American war steamer Connecticut. The
lady, who Is about the same age as tbe gallant
bildovroom, was the daughter of Gen. Boyd, of
the array of the Southern States, who lately
expired In prison, having been made prisoner
by tho Federals.
The lady's career Is lull of tbe moat event
fal, heroic, and romantic features. Iler father,
Gen. Boyd, who posse: td vast etatei In tbe
territory of Virginia, cirly embraced the cause
of Southern Independence, and was soon en
trusted with a command, abtalnlngthe rank of
general. His daughter, tbe bride, enthusiasti
cally embraced the same cause, followed her
father to tbo field, and accompanied him
throughout bis campaign with the celebrated
Stonewall Jackson, and on two occasions, ht
rolcally, as a modern Joan of Arc, led on the
troops to battle; she was, however, In a sklr-
misn capiurca, ana maie prisoner, ana con
veyed to Washington, where she was impris
oned. Here sbe remained thirteen months,
when sho was exchanged for Gen Cochrane,
who had'boeu made prisoner by tbe Confede
On Ifif return to tha South, she went on
board tho Greyhound, Confederate steamer,
which was captured by tho Federal ateamer
Connecticut while running the blockade.
Lieutenant Hardloge was scot on board the
Gre bound as prize master, with his young
heroino as a prisoner. Tha remit was that
tbey mutually became enamored, and escaped
together Irom the ship, aod found their way
to this country, the bride, having succeeded In
wiii.uraw..j.. uer jutct irom ma allegiance 10
tho Unltt-d btatti flag, and enlisted his sympa
thies and supp rt for tbo Boulh.
It Is tbo lutUallonof Lieut. Hard Inge with
his bride to leave Ibis country at tbe latter end
of September, to ton tbe blockade, and enter
the service of the Southern States. Tbe mar
rlao cortege was comparatively private, being
confined to the bridesmaid and two or three
lady friends, tbe bridegroom being attended by
a number of American gentlemen connected
with tht South. After tbe conclusion of tbe
cercmotiyth partlo repaired to tbe Brunswick
Hottl, Jcrmjn street, where the bridegroom
basroilJud since his sojourn In this country,
and pa 1 took of an elegant defeun.r,
Tha Warrant Combination.
Wanes appears In on? afhls florloua pat, a to-
night Mho can excel him lu ths ebaraetarof
D4'or OUa.od," la the "Poor Gentleman."
Echo an.wtri ' Nobody And echo ta truthlul.
Hera, aaeucwherr, Warrsn crows la favor with
the publ e. The houia wm fuller laat olght than
ai tne Micninc or tue liiaatre lue company,
tiLcd altogether, at Grovai'a, ta eaeellen , and he
nai a jjiendu reserve fores not yet brought Int 1
action. Wa would mjatpattUularlr advise our
file ads to celie upon and enjoy while they laat the
oppor'UDltlca now aflorded them for araicg War
ren ana the Warren Cimedy Combination.
Ex Gov. Komxsn, of Illinois, our Minister
tO Elrtla.il iDtOHQ.
FiiEDBKic 8. Cozzkns. author of the "Spar
rowgraM Pjer," aod other racy library pro
duct. one, la at Sjluhur Springs, mcbncld. tiavr
COL. D'CSSNOLI. Of tha 4th New York rv.
airy, waa la Iowa ytiterdey, hli ternol aervue
b a vine; expired. He waa tempora Uyla ootamand
of Devena brledr, and dtd gallant service with It
recently In the a.ley.
8. U. A. D. Adams, the popular newspaper
conr ijiondent.wii In Pitt burVadayortwoalnce.
on hla war home from thechlaago Convention,
with the platform lu his pocket.
Miss Kit a Batiuak sailed In tha steamer
tmoi jrnrruny lor MTerpooi.
Bu 11x1 8 in, (Mrs. Partington,) of tho Boston
Saurd4)f Evening Oaxcttt, baa beeu "ruraMtlar
We hattpen to koow that the reaaoo why he left
the com tor table elty of Boaton for the eouotry waa
that he ha J writteo, and Intended to publish In the
Gatetie, ao article la defence of borre. Simt of the
'"' '"uviUKSOiaaiBKllOgOItniB,
compelled him to leave town,
13 Y TBLEG lTTl' II .
New York Blok IJat.
Bv the TeODle'i Talrrnh linkI
Omcei-ail Moth street and corner Pennsylvania
awaatitsa. anil a.v.TK ai..
voaaav U4 BStU divfja,,
Tiidbsdav, Sept. 6-Fiarr Boxao.
U 8. iit uiupoas'a 1071
U. K. 6-20 mu
1 ertltkatca of ladcbtedneia , Si
Gold rw
New Vork Central 138
Erie kj
Hudzoaltlvcr , iso;,
Keadlag u.
Michigan Central issef
Michigan Southern , , wh
UJinoia Central , 125 C
Ctevelaadaod ttttiburg ill
Cleveland aod Toledo , in
Chicago aad Koek Iiland lost
Milwaukleod Prairie duChlea
i.i.iimi-f, rori wayne anu LnOieago.. 10J
Alton anu Terra Haute. , . ,
ChlCKgo and lSorthweatern 63'
qulokallver e
Keuomluatlon ofllon.TtiadtttuaStevene
Lancastih, Pa., Sept. 7. A meeUog of the
Union County Convention was held here to
day. Hon. Thaddeas Elevens was renominated
for Congress by acclamation.
ftlleeourl Democratic Hate Coatventloa.
St. Louis, Mo., Sept. 7. Tho Democratic
Btato Convention here, to-day, nominated
Thos. L. 1'rlce for Governor.
An able editorial on tha "Pnlltfokl Pmiwt "
In yesterday! New Tork !7m cloaes with the
following appeal to crery friend of the Union 1
Under this Improved condition of tha tmbllc
mind, we hope for a cordial and htmety unlcn of
vnton wen fie vtrnori or me vnton cmauattf.
Whatever dllTerencc3 of opinion or of feeling
have hitherto prevailed, should now be laid
aside. Tbe time has coma when they can no
longer be Indulged without peril and guilt the
peril of ruining tbe country, and the guilt so
great a crime Involves. Nothing can bo mora
ceitaln than that Lincoln or McClellan mnst
la President for tha next four years thst the
spirit of tha Baltimore platform or tho spirit of
tha Chicago platform must lule the public
councils, and sbspe tho dutlnles of this great
Uepabllc. No other choice Is possible.
uo near lane 01 new conventions, ana a
change of candidates. All tM it folly, or vorte.
Mr. .uDcoiu oas oecnrriru anvana rainv nom
inated, with great unanimity, by a Tall conven
tion of the Union party, In which all shades of
sentiment and opinion were duly represented.
That convention has dissolved, and do manor
ooay 01 men nas ma power to icpeai or change
Its action. Any attempt to do so, whatever
may be Its motive, can only check the progress
of the Uuton canvass, paralyze the efforts of
Union men, and thus aid dlrccl'y tha election
of the opposing candidate. Nor can any change
be made by the Opposition, either In tbelr can
dldate or Platform, tbat will not damage their
chances of success. The stakes sra set. Tha
Issues are made uo. Tbe candidate are regu
larly and duly In nomination. All tbat remains
lor every citizen is to choose his siae. uko his
place, and light manfully for the causa he de
cides to espouse.
we nooe 10 near no tanner iaiK or snuu or
changes in the Union ranks. We trust all
thought of Buffalo or Cincinnati conventions
will be abandoned. Tha Issues as tbey stand
are broad enough and clear enough for every
body's action, and the respective candidates
are true and fair exponents of tbe Parties ther
represent. Let tho conteat go on 1
TnaFoBCi or Habit. Tho horses which
were turned loose from tha burning stables of
tbe Middlesex Horse railroad company In
Cbarlestown, before davllgbt Sunday morning,
iron? mo jorco 01 oaou loss mo several routes
which tbey bad been accustomed tu travel when
attached to tha cars. A large number of the
animals thus "followed their noses" Into tba
city to BcoUay's Building, where not being
guided by tho rein, they turned np Tremont
street, Instead of following the nsnal course
through Cornhlll. Eighteen horses congre
gated In Union square, Boinervllle, tbe termi
nus 01 me oomervuie orsnen irscKj ana otners
trotted off In other direction t.Uott on Tranf
At the St. Charles Theatre. New Orleans, at
a benefit In behalf of Mrs. Thorpe. "Iogomar
the Barbarian" was produced, with a yountr
gentleman amateur aa "Id go mar," and
youuj jauy woo men maae uer nrsi appearance
on the stage, as "Partbenla." Bo4 i succeeded
pretty well, but "the amateur" the best.
The soldiers sarthev prefer tobacco to tracla
They want to be good, but they also want to
Tni Draft. Up to two o'clock lo-day Capt.
Put Q am had not rccelrrd ordira to nroored with
tbe drift. Yeitenly tue vrrrl enlUturnts prior
to Februarys. ISC', wnlch amount to live hun
dred and fl.ty elfbt. were received at the office of
ta rrorox Kiartaai rdu ncortn tea to me qtioia
of the imtrlct. This atrlA rcduies thequvtato
about fourteen hundred men; and now.cMi't we
go to wrk and rurnlib, tbera 1 If our cltlsena w.11
commence with a determination to mi ka up the
V urtecn huadred yet wntiii,tbeyeaarfltetthat
object by rormloa; elubs for tba ptirpote of maklnf
a lumof money which wtllareure voluntcera by
payinthema rood bounty, Inatead of waiting
until they are ooh'ed to furnlcn lub'tltiitcc.
Men are plenum.. All wowaat lathe money to
pay hount). urber cl"lt3 are paylo? a large
Douoty, and rapidly Piling their quotas. There
are tbouaanda la the D strict whoa a able and
wllllnMo eootributp, anlwe ralrht toon ralie
eanugh money to pay a hnd ome untv. If our
ettlteoawul adopt thla t Ian, aod b 51a work at
once, we my fill our qu )ta and prereut the draft.
r u navtj uuvue Deems ior toe purpoio
wthcdt delay.
Another Muudkrir Arristeo lie TrUi
to Cvu.nU SuUtde It will be remem eriid that a
ao.dier named Patrick hlalley waa raur ierel lat
Saturday nlTht la an a lev lead.!. lntn niaiab
ehutetta avenue. A eorooer'e Uque t waa held
uvrr iu vuiy 01 mo uuraarwiaoiUter, aouiocjury
rendered a verdict iht the deceecdcam?to hla
dathat the haada of Wm Lmb rt.
Lereeilve tlarvoe aad Patrolman S.mordt hare
been on the alert erer etoce, and ycaturdty mrn
lng they accerta.aad that Lamtert was at tbe farm
of the late oho c Blrec, oear Bla-ieoaburg. Tbev
wiui Mittucr auu iwuau isiaucri 13 iae aayioll 01
tha baro.
Tbepolioimaaln asceodlnx Ihe ladder to make
the atreat. waa tnllod by L .mbert, who, with a
drawn kolfti, exclalmodt' Come on, I am readv for
vou now" Petri Imao Slmonda loataatlr drew
hie revolver, and s-e dy that Lambert itlll k'P a
meaae nf sttUuJe, he fired. The ball atruck film
la the rUbt arm nar tha elbow but did a t Indict
a terUui irjurr. Lambert koowia that all hope
waigme, tncu to terutlaate hlallieby pluog.ng
tbe kulfe Intj his bomm
He etabbed Limielf, near the nipple, s a times
before thentuere tccurcd hla arrou. Mia attempt a
at auleldedid not 1 roreauciuiful Thnifi.i
Immediately procured mo icalald frta Bladeoa
burir, and naUthawoun aiirea ed. He waa then
biought to the city In a spring wagon, trl-d, and
lUHllillHU MljlU. liaOO'CIIUIIDftin K1I1CO tDO
mao, hut aald tbat he did It id self defence. Dr.
Keaeby, of tbla eity, cxamlocd the wouuda, but
I luuuvutiu a is sui uvi Ua gtjfuu.
Savsta Watid EisMrnoT Fund Absocu-
tioh inn aienciai on nela aa lnlormal meetina;
laat evenirt, at Iiland Hall. Ihe treacurer, . II
actnmei, ta-, rrnoifro tnat betwreu forty and
fifty per ona aad joined the association, witn tha
proaprci or a large mioiDer more aa toon aa it 1
apparent tht the drait would commence Tbe
opinion waa eiprerrca tnit tne quota of the Ule
tiiet wo Id le reduced to 1 CCi It wai unanl.
meutly carrcd that the prraident ahould call the
ciociauon logcmcr woenevcr iravas necniary i)
Drowned. A soldier named John Morgan,
belonging to coupaoy C, 16th V. K. C, waa
drowned In the river, at the Aqueduct bridge, on
Tuesday nlht. He was Bitting on tharalllnt.
wnen oy aome accident ue rail over. Every enori
waa ma a to raoue him, but of no eft ct. Hie
bod wai rf covered yesterday and an inquoit held
by coroner Woodward. Deceased had been In the
service twenty-two years, and waa highly spoken
of by his cjmpantona.
Murder Trials. The adjourned Criminal
Couit met tbla mornine. The be net- was oeoupied
by Judge Fl.her, who baa recovered front hie Ill
ness, fobuiiaraaof lmportano wbb transacted
The trial of C jnnls Mahooey, for murder, waa aet
forTbu tday neat, tne 16th andthatorwm. Mas
well, for the murder of J. OUbert, the rel'road
0 jnduetor, ta set for tho folio win j Monday,
Poceit Pickbd. Our highly esteemed fellow
el Izen, H, 1L Tracy, aq , had hla pockcHel laved
this mornlovof apo ketook cqptalilog large
amount of money. We hope that tbe detective
may be ablet Qad some clue to thedierovery of
the mxney end to Ihe apprehension of tho thief.
DwtDTALTr. Charles Qmbb, a prlvato clti
sen, waa arreated thla mornlogi at tbedei.ot.by
tha military au horltiea, on the charge of uilog
excessively disloyal language. He Is bow In the
Central Guardhouae.
IlARBORtifO Sold i sub. LI i tie Humberger
waaatreated thia morning for harboring eoldlera,
thereby enabl?g them rs ecetpa the Proroit
Guard. Sbe waa commUt d to the Central Guard
A Nsw Doamatio Assooution. Another
literary and dramatic aaioclatlon waa orgaolied
yeetertla '. In this city, uner the ntme or the
Young hlen'a Literary and Dramatis Ataoclatloot"
whereoi Ellla Lyons la preildrnt, H. H. Kayton
vloe preildeut, A. Bincwa ger aeorctary, L Gunit
financial aecretary, G. H. L:uer treasurer, and M.
Lmerlch stage manager.
Polici Reports. Fourt h J.nc( Ptttr
Garret and Davi I Patent, drunk) A3
f(M irf" -CharleB lent ,1 twrenee Reagan,
MhI Kliby. Mary Mitchell aal Jamej Cnlilna
iru U $3 Alexander John on, do 3 Reubeu
Jettenou and John rjistronj, druoki SI.
ltti, A Frecir , Kate Grar, Jeaola woods and
Aon B-ancberd, sir :t walkir S3 Khsabetb
Brown end Jeoule Wear, dlaorderiyi s Mary
o'CuunO', Ann sul1 van, Margaret Sbusarj and
llonora Fltsmorrla
hlTk'h Pm.n-Roe Kins, XUiJe Wllsoa and
John Lonj, druok i S3 f .
Jm!A fYfutii.. kliea Cavsnaucb. Bridget Dukop.
and Edmond Geh.cy, dlaorderiyi S3 Martha wt
vsa anu wui svumuU) Ultorucriyj fOi
Vahiiti as. Crowded every night, to see the
great local drama, written by sits Simmone. eo-
iur " me eovenin-etrcei ureismaKcri or, ine
. Union Martyr Girl " Ibla la p i.t Ively tte laal
I nleht but three, alio, tha Doiiiilar ramie alaier.
I Jos Warneri tba great t blopiaa Billy Worrell)
the cb arming dauaeuae, M'lle Chiiatloei Mart
waiia, raooy aarraro) ine accompiiiueu asirria,
Let tie Chaouler. aod Ihe Starlroupe. Monday
olgbt, the great Ethiopian, Ld. Murray. Wedari
day alternoon, greud performances
in Tha IVaiA'ttarton City rttmnllan
iBairviaai.",. wa,- , ; vu.iivm vu.iuk'Ii iu
tbeCltv Hall, at T n'elotk.oa FRIDAY KVN
IMO, fjplember t, 1W4 M- , .
unnnv fTJivn r.i.4
at a.a.AAllAA -sasll J ma.1 sat 4k A aPa-a'tautl t V ah a ..m
R, f. Davis, teerelity. acS3t
IChron , Intel , and star )
t-T P h11 I a School a Teachers In
rriTtrrc The Teachers of the Pubilo tel-oola
ant rnntMla (a lnaa Ihale toboola at 12
o'clock on FRIDAY, the tlh luitant, and to atirm-
ble at tbe School Room, corner of Tenth aod K
trvcia, at i eiooa lam aanifi uay.
Mr a. n. rotter, ino nuinoruiinv jirraui
PenmanahlD now la uce la the lahooli. will to
PTeienttogHralnitnrctionBin hlsmorie nf teach
IBT. J. O. WitlON, Chalrmn
it or committee on Teaehera' institute.
trtExetlilor Union CI nit. A. enerlal
meettpg nf this Club. toether with other citlir na
0l New York whisaey wlah to become membera,
w'll be held at 1H o'o'oik on FRIDAY KVENINO,
thetth Instant, at tha Union League Fooma,49(
A full attendance la particularly requested.
k SKYMOUIl, rredd nt.
Geosob D. KoLtfToa, gee'y. ael-2t
tj" naTlclanTlVotleo Tha CapHoT llIU
Preabyterlaa Church meete ( temporarily) for pub.
lie worahlo each SABBATH f torn. nasi.? with
the nth Init A la the room of the Home Commit
tee of Post Oraee e and Poit Roadc, Capitol.) at 1 1
nelnck, a. m. Prehlnj by the Paitor, Rev. John
O" Entrance by tbe eaat and west doors of the
souih winy.
ET"Diaeaawa or tho rverrana, Seminal,
Drinarr aad Baxnal tateu.iF aew and rell'bla
treatueot lu Reports of Uie HOWARD ASSOCIA
TION Pent by mall to cealed letter envelope,
Tree of charge. Addrcae, Dr. J, SKILLIN HOUGH.
TON. Howard Association, No. a South Nlotit
atreet, Pfclladelphl, Pa. mJS.ly
KF People! Taleajrapb-NowPl rat Clan
Likes, direct to NEW YORK, BOSTON, and all
Important points. Washington Offleeat REPDC
L1CAN BUILDING, 611 Ninth street, (weit aide,)
and corner Pennsylvania avenue and Sixth atieet.
under National Hotel.
feMMf Minager WasMn-jton D . ct
KWo hare learned not Co be aatonUhcd
at anything. Years of experience and a corre
spondence steading throughout all nationalities
of the habitable globs have turned theorlea Into
(acts and established abaalefrom which we need
not err. We are not surprised at such f tcta aa the
following although the peraona who write theai
are. Wa know tha peraooa aod clrcumataneea,
hence feel at liberty to lndotae their atatementat
"New BoCDronD, Maaa , Nor, 34, 1941.
Dtam Sia i I have been afflicted many years with
sever prostrating erampela myllmbe, cold feet
aad hands, and a general disordered yitem, Phyal
elane and madlclnee failed to relieve me. While
rtaltlsf soma frtenda In New Hork who were ualog
Plantation Bitters thsy prevailed upon tne to try
them, I commenced with a email wlae-glacafull
after dinner Feeling better by degreee. In a few
days I waa astonished to find the eoldneaa and
ramps had entirely left me, and I could deep the
nlgnt through, which I have not done for rare. I
(eel like another being. My appetite and strength
have alao greatly improved by the uae of the PI ii
tatlon Bitters.
Respectfully, Judith Rpiicl.
11 t owe much to you, for I veilly
believe the Plantation Bitten have care) my lire.
Ret. W. H. WaaaoMESL, Madrid, ,N. V."
" Reediscuv, Wis , Sept. 16, lC.
" I have been In the army I ntplttt
for fourteen saontheepeeehleca aad nearly devt.
At Alton, 111., they gave rae a bottle of Piautatina
Blttere. Three bottlea restore I
my speech and cured me. c. A. Fi uri.
The following ta from tbe Manager of the Union
Home School lor the Children of Volunteers.
HAVEHETEa Maim to it , 67th Street, (
Naw Yoaa, Amtuat2,isu. (
Dr. DaAKEi Your wonderful Plaatatloa Oittere
have been given to aome ol our little children etif
ferlrg from weakness and weak lunga with mo.t
happy effect. One little girl in pattleular, with
pains In her head, loaa of appetite, and daily wait
ing consumption, on whom all medical aklll had
been xhauated. haa been entirely rtati-retl Uc
eomaaeneed with but a teacpooaful ol Bittere a
day. Her appetite aod strength rapidly lumait lt
and aha is now well.
Raapectfully, Maa. O. M. Devoe.
ie Thou wilt tend ne two bottler
mora of thy Plantation Bitten. My wile hac bee j
greatly benefitted by their uae.
Thy Friend, Asa Coana, FhlladelhlA, Pa."
11 1 have been a great sufferer from
Dyapepcla, aad had to abandon preaching, Tbe
Plantation Blttere have cured me.
Rxr.J. S. CATftaoR, ttocheater, N. Y."
" I have given the Plantation Bit
ten to hundreds of our disabled soldiers with the
moat astoslahlng effect.
O. W. D. Ardrewi,
Cup't Soldiers Home, Cincinnati, O."
e The Plantation Bittere have
cured me of the Liver Complaint, of which I wai
laid up prostrate, and had to abandon my bud
aeas. H. B Kineii.zv,
Cleveland, Outo."
e e a The FUaUUon Bitten havo
cured ma of a derangement of the Klt'ney. acd
Urinary Organs tbat has dlitreaied me for years.
ii am nac a BauD, l t, moo be,
No. 364 Broadway,
ave, fce.
Th Plantation Blttere make the weak itroar
the languid brllllaat, and are exhauated nature's
great restorer. They are composed of the cele
brated Callsaya Bark, Wlntergreen, Saiaafras
Roots, Herbs, a, all preserved In perfectly pure
St. Croix Rum.
S, T. 1800 X.
renona of sedentary hxb.t:, troubled with weak
neea, las Itude, palpitation of the heart, lack of
appetite, distress after eating-, torpid liver, coactl
patlou. A., deserve to sufler ifthoy will not try
They are recommended by the blghcat medical
authorttlea, and are warranted to produce au fm
nedUM beneficial eflect. They are exceedingly
agreeable, perfectly pure, and harmleaa.
Notice. Any Msraon pretending to cell Planta
tion Bitters in bulk or by tbe gallon la a awludler
and impostor. It la put up only in our log cabin
bottle. Beware of bottlea reuliedwlth Imitation
deleterious stuff, for which several persons are al
ready la prison. See that every bottle baa our
United Stetee stamp over the cork unmutitated,
and our signature on etc el-plate side labeL
sold by reapeetable deal an throughout tha hab
itable globe. P. H. DRAKE A. CO.,
auSS-eoSm Vi Broadway, N. Y.
Q F F I 0 I A L,
Warn Depabtmert. )
Adjutavt GxMEauL'a urn ex,
WASiiiaaTon, June SO, ISM. )
Circular, No. 60.
Civil employeee Inthevarloua Military Offloca
and Departments In Waahlngloo, who claim a
residence and liability to draft elsewhere than la
tbe D.strlot of Columbia, wilt Immediately pro
duce evidence ot such realdence and liability to
the proper enrolllnf officers of the District of Co
lumbia, and take steps to have their namea
stricken from their enrolment liats, lu order that
the quota of the District may be fixed upon a
proper basis.
By order of the Secretary of Wan
JyS Assistant Adjutant Genera,
V V 1 0 I A. h
Wab Defahtmest,)
Adjutant Gensbul's urricc, I
WAtiiaoToa, July IS, ltwi, )
General Orders, No. 330.
I. Colonel William M, Dunn, Aaalstant Judge
Advocate General, will take poet at Loutavllle,
Kentucky, at which place tbe offlee of Aiaistaut
Judce Advocate General la hereby eatabllahed.
All rectrda of court a martlet aod military com
mlaalons which are rtqutrrd by Hegulatluua 'o ba
forwaided to tbe Judsie Advocate iieeral will be
cent byonicere ordeilng auch couria or com ml i
atons wltbla the Military Ddpartnirnta of the
Ohio, the Teoneaieo. the Cumberland, the Mis
aourli Arkanaaa, and Kansas, to the AMletant
Judge AUvocite General, at Luuiivlile.
With reference to records ol courts an 1 commit
alone, tt will be tho duty of tbe Aailatant Judge
Advocate General to call for such ai are nut far
warned In due aeaeon, to examine them, to return
for eorrectloa auch aa are Incomplete, and to give
Immediate notloe of fatal defects to tbe proper
eommander. that seateoeea may not be Illegally
executed. He will forward all complete recorde
to the Judge Advocate General, but Wil. not be
expected to prepare rcporta on thm unices spe
cially instructed to that eject by the Judge Advo
cate General.
II. The Assistant Judge Advocate General will
be allowed the number of rooms as ollice, and luel
tberefor, aislgned to ao Aciistant U.uiti.riaeaicr
General la paragraph tosi, General Regulationa.
By order ol the secretary of war i
auW Assistant Adjutant General,

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