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--U.twJ -.Ui.71. ,
i tin DAii.v'ifATionAr, ufiruni.iOAM
It published 0cry afternoon (Bundaya oxcepl
1) ty W. J. MoaTioa iCo, and U mraUhcJ
to our eribicrlbtr, (by carriers) l 12 cent, per
txlt, or M ccbU per month.
Mall subscribers, 10.00 for annum f 3.50
six months, and t2.C0 for three mouths, tn
variably In advance.-. '
Rlngle copla, THnnaO tint.
WArirAtTMr.ftT. J
AdJ"TAK1 OtKtLU Orpirs.
WAintKQTOK, July 6,131, V
fi"flal Orders, No. M4.
The following act of Centrists lirmhliihei Oir
tfie lafnrnstlon and Roreraratat ot All eoaecr.v d.
An net further to rreutntft and provide for tho
tolllni tail eatllnf put tha national forces,, And
for other purposes.
f H enacted bv the ftitib ftd Jfovii a fsrr ti(
rpf qf the Vailed State of jOnnica in Conp.ttt et
temped. Hint the PrwJdtnterf the Catted ststes
my, lit kit discretion, at an y ttm beres ftcr, eall
for ny oumtr of man e vpluateors, Tor )he re
spective termt of one, two nud three ye n fo mill
Uryservlcttantl aaysueh vplnateej.pr, tsetse
rtdr&tt, aiberclcsrtrr provided, tor suhitltute.
ahall be credited to the towp, towa hip. .ard p fc
r it r, p reel net, or eteotiondix tret, at ot iuntj
Eotaotuuduldt,tov-ardtbA qooUot which he
u.? have voluntecrad or ear. if-ed a ubtututei
iuid et ery volunteer wlio It ac teptod aad m-utcred
late the service for a term of toe year, unlets
oooer dlMhargerf, shall reet rive, and he aid by
the United States, a bounty fiiooj aa if (or a
term of two yean, unlets looner dliciiarged, n
bountyof$200(and If for a term afthree yean.
unlets eooncr illschargcd, a bounty ( fkoot one
third ot which bounty ahall he patt 1 1 the soldier
at tbo time of bit betas muttered int o the service,
one third at the exptratloa of one. b jjf of hli term
of service, and one tMrd at tho ei p lratlon of bla
term of tervlee. And In ease of bla death while In
ctvjoe, mereaiauaoimaDounty i tapald ahall be
paid to hti widow, If b ahall have, left a widow,
If not, to his children, or If there be none, to hU
mother, If ehe be a widow.
Sco. 2. And be it Jvrihe-r tnadtf That in eaie the
quota, or aoy part thereof, of f Av town. towmhln.
wardof aettypreotnettorel tctlon di it riot, or of
my couniyruf lomwiYiur j, irau not be nlled
wttbln the ipaee of fifty dayr j after aueh call, then
tho rreatdent ahall Immedl ately order a draft for
one year to Ml auch (iuotA or any part therepf,
which maybe unfilled; and In oaie of any men
i3rHt.no payment of nnney ihall l accepted or
teeolved lythe Gorerntnen. at commutation to
relaaie any enrolled or drnf e d man from penonal
obU(atlOQ to perform ml Hi ry icnrlce.
Sco.!. And be it further enacted, That It ahall he
lawlul for tho FccitlVeof any of the Stateato
vend rcorultlnj agenta into any of the Statca de
clared to be In rebelllou , except the Statu of Ark
rxnifti,Tenjictieo,and I oulitana,to recruit volun-
teera under aay call ut der the provlalona of thla
act, who ahall be creJll ed to the State, and to the
respective auVdlvliloa i thereof, which may pro
cure the enlistment.
Sec. And bait further enacted, Tht drafted men,
aubitltutei, fkl tolitnteeri, when muttered In,
ahall beorganHed In to or attired to rcptruentt,
latterlca, or other organltatlona of their own
Ma'ct, and, at far as practicable, ahall, when at-
rtgned, bo permitted x iceicct the r own tegmenta,
batte lei, or other orcanlzatlona fron amouthoie
of their reapcetit e stati which at the time or at
aignment may not be tlUedto their mailmumnu-.
Rco.6. And h. it further tnactcd, That V iwtam
titth aectton ot the act entitled " An t
to amend
an act entitled An act for enrol1
out the U.tloual lore.., .n,t for a.j;Vutpo.c. '
.p,o;.aF!ru.rj.a.8M, .Xo
....-.,.-- . .oieia'iteen yean under the
cltcumttancea an" ... ... ", l,m, ' (K-ul ,M
rt".C V 'hefllrr, If any officer of the
Jim!; iii11 knowingly enlitt or matter
1310 in military aervlce any pexaon under the age
01 ixiw& jtart, with or without the content of
- la parent rr rutrdlaa, suoh peraon ao enlisted or
trcrultod (hall be Immediately dlichnrged upon
repayment of all bountlea received) and auch re
cruiting cr muttering olflctr who ahall knowlcgly
enlitt any peraon undir sixteen yean of aze ehall
bo dtamleaed the service, ft 1th forfeiture of all pay
md allowance!, and ahall be subject to auch fur
iber pun I eh men t aa a court martial may direct.
See. ft. And be it further enacted, Ihnt teotion
three of an aot entitled " An act to amend an act
entitled An act for ca ling out the national forces,
and for other purposes," approved February 34,
I St I, be, and the same s hereby, amended ao aa to
authorize and tUreot district provost marshals,
under the illiection of the Provost Marshal Gen
rral, to malte a draft for one hundred per cent. In
addition to tho number required to fill the quota
of any district fa provided by aald section.
See. 7 And be t further enacted, That Instead of
traveling pay, all drafted peraoaa reporting at the
place of tendezvoua shall bo allowed transporta
tion from their places of rea dencei and persons
discharged at tho place of rendezvous shall be al
lowed transportation to their plaoea of residence.
See. B. And be it further enacted. That all persona
tn the naval service of the United States who have
entered aald acrvloe during the present rebellion,
who havo not been credited to the quota of any
town! district, ward, or State, by reason of their
being In said service and not enrolled ptlor to
February 21. tesi, shall be enrolled and credited to
the quotas of the town, wa , district, or state la
which they respectively resiae, upon satisfactory
proof of their rMidaoce made to the Secretary of
See. t iftfi U it further enacted. That if aoy per
son duly drafted ahall be absent from home In
proaeoutlon of his usual business, the provost
cnarahal of the district ahall cause him to bo duly
Qotlflei aa soon aa may be, and he ahall not be
daemed a deserter, nor liable aa such, until notice
hat been given to him and reasonable time al
lowed fur him to return and report to the proost
marshal of hit district) but such absence shall not
otherwise ntlcet Mi liability under this act.
See 10 And S it further enacted, That nothing
contained in this act shall be coostruedto alter or
In any way aft cot the provisions of the seven
teenth st-ettonof au act, approved February Si,
1661, entitled " An act to amend an act entitled
' An act for enrolling and calling out the national
forces, and for other purposes,' " approved March
J, 18S3.
See 11 And be it further enacted, That nothing
contained in this act shall be construed to alter or
change the provlalona of existing laws relative to
permitting persons liable to military service to
lurnlth tubttitutca.
Approved July , 1364.
Sy order ot the Secretary of Wan
ault Assistant Adjutant General.
A F P I O I A"L.
Circular, No SI
Aujotamt tiENUAVa or ICE, J
Waiiiinutoh. Aurutt 9. 184. I
It Is announced for the Information andgutdanse
of all concerned, that A emeerof a three years'
volunteer organization, who receives a new com
mission at a fate subsequent to that of his ortglnal
entrance Into service, j held to ecrvtc for three
part from the date of hit la$t muifefin, and not for
three years from me uate oi original raimer-io
No mutters tn are authorized or reoogatzed by
the War Department,orme unexpired n of an
organization, Musters ao mationavo unnormiy
been revoked, so soon aa brought to notice.
Where musters have been made by Commit
at lea of Musters, or their Asslstaott.or the unes
Mind vortion of a term, and there'la doubt aa to the
position of aa offlctr, the caie involved should be
forwarded through the proper Commissary of
Musters to the Adjutant General oi ine Army, tor
the decision of the War Departmen
Iiegulatlons similar to tha foregoln
erganttattont mustered into itrvice for a
t period ten
man three year $i the general rule being that acorn
rilsalo nod officer shall, In all eases, be mustered la
ror the period for which his regiment or company
n as originally so mustered,
if tttnr of veteran oreanliattona do not desire
to secuie the advantages of their former lomwii-
no hj and ron " as contemplated by iectton a, of
rnragruph 1. Circular No. is, current series, from
trtiaoiUQC. they can decline to be remustered as
t rein mroetwl, end ontiimri md thi vntjpiret
of f mil Jt ihUtilhti moute Art, ijj
Ultl AU'anl Uvutinl
Jli'L1 Jl L'U
Horatio ymouron'nwi'a.llet Arnold on
tJneoltt180. Witahlnaton, 1780.
Thrte yean hare You are promleod
rolled away. The liberty by the leaders of
young men that rw-your affaln, but la there
ponded to that callan IndWlduaUn the en-
where are they 1 Morcjojment pf It, aa;f0
than fire hundred tbou4your opprcasora ? n0
asnd of our brave sol- amonjy you aaro to
diers now alcop In their apeak or Vtlte what he
at the flcbt! An lrairin--fci-fcl---fti11(M
memo debt I Over tw.
you of your property,
millions of men ,ave imprisons your sons,
hceu called i, llnco drig yoa tho flcl(1
that time bear arms of battfeand Is dally
u iuc e trugglo. Fiye deluging your country
hr-cdredthousandmnrc!wlth blood T
aro to day being called AjT
foriThe nation C A
crashed down with tat-
atloo, and the war net
Onr rights havo boon
lnfrtrjccd upon The
freedom of speech and
of tho proas has been
denied na. Tbesacrod
ncss of our homes has
been Impaired,
The Guarantied right
of tho people to bear
armshasbeeasuBpcnd Our country once was
ed np to the very bor happy, and, had tho
ders of Canada. proffered peace bcoa
Fouryoarsagoacon-emhraced, the last two
Tentlonmctlntbtscltyycars of misery would
when our country was havo been spout In
peaceful, prospcrouapcaco and plenty, and
and happy. iln repairing tho deso
Had wise statesman- latlon of tho quarrel,
ship secured tho fruits that would havo set
of the victories, today the Interests of Great
thore would have been1 Britain and America In
peace In our land. a true light, and ce-
mented their friend
I will light to the Iwleatoloodndios
death tODrcaervatovou en band of Americana
theso rights that havo t0 the attainment of
been denied to us. ipeacoiiowiy,aumaio
Tho Democratic par- -J the first objects lu
ly will put down despo- -aiuu luc uwu
Htm, becnuso It hates
tho IgnoMo tvrannny
American people.
Tho results of thu
coming election lu.
toIvo the Ubertloa or
Greater questions,
graver question ques
tions which come more
directly home to tho'
hearts and Interests ofl
men have nevor been
What 1b America but
land or widows, or
anbmltted to the peoj It,
for their arbitration,
,,.r.: T:r' 'Phans, and bcf-artif
,k Ti J. Vtlj Hut what need of ar
are In trouble by the . t . , .
family hearth and"
when there Is trouble... .. , ' ... '
there, tbero Is no hap
iU.U bUJlgUU LOU -T.-
plness In life. "
I give my promise of
most affection at o wel
bywhlch thepcoplecan
be protsctodfrom these
come to all who arc
disposed to Join mo In
measures necessary to
frightful sacriaccs, ana
the Union saved T
I Implore you, there
close tho scene of our
a fillet Ion, which must
fnr tn ,nra .v. in tn '
Z. ' . . . iD0 Increased until wo
the wisdom of your , t lth ho
forefathers. Turnag.lnllb6ram of th0
toward thoughts of ex- conntryi whlch lU of.
pcrlence. fertn, protecton and
American servitude! tat CICmruon
is put In bold contrast,fromalUa, ,,ut aucll
wlthUritlshllberty. we,n,u iMnk otto
Wo propose to elect lmpos0 opon our,(.7M.
to the Presidency a pa-
trlot, a soldier, and aj
Christian O. B. Mc
Tnriannv Dcpadtmcnt. Jutr 23. 1861.
Notice la hereby given that tuhierlptlons will he
received by the 1 iesurer of the United trtatcn, the
soveral Assistant Treasurers an I Doilfrua'e 1 D
osltorles, and by the National Hanks designated
and qua tiled as Depositories and Financial Agents,
for Ireaaury Notes payable three years Irora Au
gust 10, 186i, hearing Interest at tho rate nf seven
and three tenths percent, per annum, with semi
annual coupons attached, payablo In lawful
fhesa notca will be convertible, at the option nf
me iioiuer, ac maturity, into six i er can. got j
bearing bonds, redeemable alter ti.o and payable
The notes will bejlssued tn the denominations of
nny, olc nunareu, nre iiuauroit, ono iuuuwui ,
andhve thousand dollars, and will te Issue 1 In
blank, or payable to order, aa may be directed by
iuo uuaoiiucia.
All subscriptions mutt ue lor nuy uoiiars, or
some multiple of tlfiy dollars .
Duplicate eertldoates will be Issued for all de
posits. The party depositing must eodoisa upon
original eertlfloate the denomination of notra ie
quired, and whether they are to bo Issued In blank
or payable to order When ao endorsed It must bo
left with the officer rteelvlog tho deposit, to be
forwarded to thla Department
The notes will be transmitted to the ouncn,
free of transportation charges, aa aoon after the
receiptor the original Certificates o( Deposit as
they can be prepared.
Interest will be allowed to August 15 on all de
foilts made prior to that date, and will be i aid I y
he Department upon the receipt of the origiunl
Aa the notes draw Interest from August IS, per
sons making deposits subsequent to that date mutt
pay the Interest aocruod from date of note to dUe
of deposit.
Parties depositing twenty-Hve thousand dollars
and upwards for these notes at any one tlmo will
. -ui a .-..at j-.1. rtl aaojiii..!.. Af aha oar
be allowed a commission of one-quarter of ono per
..n wMflh vin h nftid bv this Deiiartment utton
the receipt of a bill for the amount, certified to by
the officer with whom the deposit was made. No
deductions for commissions must be made from
the deposits. .,...,.
Officers receiving deposits will s.e that (he
proper endorsements are made upon the original
All officers authorized to receive deposits are
requested to give to applicants an netireu iuuu
matlon,aod afford every facility for making sul
..rlpuon. w..n.BNDl.N.
Jy3S-tf Secretary of the Treat my.
I the subscriber has obtained from the Orphans'
Court of Washington county, In the District of Co
lumbia, letters testamentary on the personal ca.
... a itn Dpuah. Into nf WoVihlnffton oitv.
District of Columbia, deoeased. AU persons having
claims against the said deceased are hereby warned
to exhibit tbo same, with thevoucbera thereof, to
the subscriber, on or before the 46th day of October
nexti they may otherwise by taw be excluded from
aunenentoi iiiesiuri". , . .
Given under my hand this 23th day of October,
ISM. PLATT BftUSir, tx'r.
AfTi 0 I A h .
Wah DeraaTULKr, )
ABJtrrANT uiNEBAL'turriao,
tTAtsikOTou. D C, October ti,18S4. )
Llsutenant Frank W. Foote. 1-ist New Tork
voluotears, heretofore published. Is hereby notifle I
that he Is exempt from dismissal, he having beon
l tevlously honorably dlsuharlthe service nftbe
United States by .lealal eMers, current seilw
i mitt nh 1 1) rOWNtlCXfP,
uvl Aurutant A Ijuant Lcncrfti
List of Oanaral Hospitals I
VnUr Direction, o BKffton It. 0. Abbott, If. X. '
A.t ZtedkaJ, Erector Department of
IVttiAtnofen. j
1. Armory Square, Waihlniton, 1). C.i
Seventh street weat, botween C and D atreets
'mth, In chargo of Burgeon D. W. Bliss, U.
8. Carver, Washington, P. C, Tourtwnth
etrect weat, at terminus of.ctty railroad, In
cuargoa or enrgoon u. a. Jaason, u. b. v. i
In chareo of 8argeon A. P. Bhfeldon, U, 8. V.
4. Columbian. Walhlnzton. D. C.. Fonr!
lu.IL .1 . 1. .. . I . j.lt..t1..4
M;uiiku Bkii-vv wutt ob vuriuiuu. ui vikv ..iii.toti,
in cnargo ot Burgeon i . . uroaoj, u . v
5. DoBsnarrcs, Washington, D. C.t corner oi
Fourteenth street and Massachnsetu Trnm,
In cbargo of Bnrscon J. B. UUdreth, U. 8. V.
8. Douglas, Washington, D. C, corner of 1
street ana new jersey avenue, in cnarge oi a.
elstant Burgeon Wm. T. Norrls, U. 8. A. iGJ
T. llmory, tvasnington, u. v., near Aims-
hotu-e, east of the Capitol, In charge of Surgeon
' is. VaWK Seminary'. Virginia, two mile,
back of Alexandria, In chargo of Burgeon D
P. Smith, U. 8. V. .,..
Fourth .Seet'oa'.t'rnorth'ofth.'cirv, Tin cha
or Burgeon o. h. rancoaat, u. B. V.
10. Uarcwood, Washington, V. C, Corco-
ran', farm, Seventh street west, In chargo o'
U$:lm.,X?: Washington, D. O,
Judiciary Square, E street north, betwM
Fourth and Fifth streets west, lu charge of
tiZlfit D.
C, Rock creek, out Twenty-Ant street, In
charge of Acting Assistant Burgeon B. J
luoiu.., u.o. a.
w. Lincoln, wasmngion, u. u.,one pi.ie
east of the Capitol, in charge of Assistant Sir-
geon J. C. McKee, U. B. A.
14. Mount Pleasant, Washington, D. U.,
Fourteenth street, ono hair mile, beyond city
limits, In chargo of Assistant Burgeon OTA.
McCall, U. 8. A.
15. Bcmlnary, Georgetown, D. C, corner ol
Washington and Gay ttrccts. la charge of Bur
geon U. W. Ducachct, U. B. V.
1U tanton, wasmngion, u. u.,l sireetanu
New Jersey avenue. In charge of Burgeon J A. I
Lldill, U. 8. V.
17. Stone, Washington, D. C, Fourteenth I
street, opposite Columbian Hospital, in charjo
of Acting Ass't Surgeon P. Olennan, U.S. A.
18. ot. juizooem, iiusano Asyium asn. i,n and Pendleton or, to express It more cor
Ington. D. C.boyond Navy Yard west, In charg. .. r p .. , . , n ,
of Acting Assistant Burgeo. C. U. Nlchofa. m"T '"' l "d'etea ana Jeff. Davis.
'.' r . ... . . .i , ., .j -., riom Slirmu.Arm Tlio nmttl. of Al-
lll. First Division Uencral, Alexandria, Va , j i.toona-it h,i Kx.mrii. in
corner of Fairfax and Cameron stroets, la i Wir tlllrnl,ll,. mna iiowara'a
chargo or Burgeon Chas. Poge, U. S. A. j ComrrH.l.lory Utd.ro.
w. Second Division General, Alexandria, Corrcvpondeaoq clout nstl CnnimcrcUl
Va cornor or "rlnco and Columbus stroets, In , Homi, Gi , Ott. 17 It is universally cou
chargo or Burgeon T. It. Spencer, U. 8. V. cedod that tho battlo at Allatooua ror tho
SI. Third Division General, Alexondrla.Va., number or troops engaged, wis tho most ter
Washington stroot, between Queen and Came rl&c or tho war. lor a determination un
rod streets, lu choree or Burgeon Edwin lient- oqalltd In combat, and a bravery that cannot
i tr. a. V.
Ui. Aunr General Hospital, near Alexan
dria, Vu , In charge or Surgeon George L. But
ton. U. fl. V.
13 W !. leara-U not to be Aatoulabe
ut nryU tiit Ycnrs of eTpfilenoe and a eorre-ilkuiidcni-c
cxtciuUrg throughout all nationalities
of the liaVlftlilt tlol hsve turned theories Into
foots ard ritalllshcd a batlt from which we neod
not cir. We a-c rot suiprlacd fit tuoh f.cti aa the I
fallow tnt;Ul oitgh the jciaona who write then
arc. WtFrnow the peraooa and clrcuirsUncci,
! encc feci '! " aois. "
" New BDix)Rr, Mass,, Nov. 21.18CJ
n, an c,d .Ti.t:(lipraKffll&tedinanvTearaw1t
. .r. . ii...... ..
ar.prcirottratlug cramps In mylimls, cold feet
and hands, and a Bn&l disordered tptcm. Fhysl
eiana and weai inrs iwiruiomieyo mv. .u.
v sUlLjr some frlcAdala New Kork uho were uslnj
rmntatim Uittert they prevailed upon me to ty
(em. 1 commenced with a tniall iao glaeifull
altrr i Inner, radios; 1 ctter by decors, in a few
dtys I was astonlthei' to fndthe codnesa and
or imps had eat'rtly left me, and I vould sleep the
ntght through, which I have not done for yee. I
feel like another being. My appetite and strength
have also greatly Impioved by the use of the Plan
tation Bitters.
1 etpectully, JcniTn Hciiel.
it I owo much to you, (or I verily
I lntetha Flotation ElttorsbaeBvet1 my litt
ic. W, Jl. Waoooni n("Madrid, N "
" njEDJBUni, Uli .Sept id, 1363,
I hao bctinlntnearmyhospita
for fourteen months tpocchless anl nearly oead.
At Alton, 111 , they gavo me ft bottle of Plantation
Blttcra ' Three bottles restored
mv ipcocli and cured me. U A. FLAnrr.
. . "77 .. .vt t-
7?K '!r Vl9 M;?',r. ,S?
HorthcCWldrenof olunteers,
Tlie following
Homo Sobor
fil-W SORH, A'IKUIl. lOOd, )
Da, DnAHEi Your wonderful Plantation Bitters
havo been &Ircn to some ol our little ohlldren suf
fering from wealiness andwek lungs with mo
happy eUtct. One little gill in particular, with
pMne in her head, loss of appetite, and daily vail,
lug consumption, on whom all medical skill bad
been exhausted, hat been entirely rettared.
commenced with but a toaspoonful of Dlttcra a
diy. Her appetite and itrecth rapidly Increase t
and eho Is now well.
ncipcottullr. Slut 0 M. Deof.
u Tli'iu wllttjccd ue two bottle
luorcoftlij 7 antallun tnttcrs. Mj wl e has t ue
erectly beuetltteJ b their use
Thy Frlwud, Aia tonTihi rhlladelphla, V "
.i IhavebeenogreatauBererf om
Dritiisla.andhaltoabandoiipreaching. fh
Plantation Ullturt have cured me.
l. J, a. tATimoN, Rochester, N. Y."
it I have atvrn tha riau.tatlon U.t
ters to hundre Is or our disabled soldiers wlti tho
mest attoaishtng ttiect.
G W. D Ardhews,
Cup t Soldiers Home, Cincinnati, O."
n The Plantation Dittera have
cured me of the Liver Complaint, of which I v. as
laid np nostrate, and had to abandon my busi
acta. "' D KlHOBLtv,
Cleveland, Ohio "
ii The Plantation Blttcra have
cured ma of a d rangement of tha Kldneya aLd
urinary um.Da mat uu uwtHKu iu. mi i"
it acta line acnirin.
ho ,
Tho llsiitf.llon DHteti make the wtu ttron
thelanguid brilliant, and are exhausted utture's
great rcntorer. They are composed of the crl
brated Caliiaya Dark, Wlatergreen, Sassafras
ltoots, Herbs, ho., all preserved in perfectly i urr
9, T. IS60 X.
1 ci nus of sedentary habits, troubled with weak
ueas, las ltude, palpitation of the heart, laek ui
appetltt, dletresa after eating, torpid liver, couctl
ptuoo, fco , dtaeive to sutler ifthoy will not try
fhcj aie recommended by the highest medical
authorities, and are warranted to pioduce an fni
vKditue beaBticlal effect. They aro exceeding!)
grceabln, perfectly pure, and batuilcss.
Notice Any person pietendlng to sell Planta
tion Hitters in built or by the gallon Is a awaudter
and Impostor It Is put t.p only In our log oabiu
bottle. Beware of bottles refilled with Imitation
deleterious stud, for which several persona are al
ready In prison, See that every bottle has our
United States stamp over the cork vwii.utJc.ud,
and our signature nn steel-plate tide label.
Sold by ret poo table dealers throughout the ),at
liable globe. I U. DRAKE t CO ,
auW-aoam 203 Broadway, N.
JlitV now be found with
aai Broadway, New oils
VVtaiah will te tapry to at klsMl friemtt '
all nTLersln wait M superior an1
) II 1HUID tMhk. t i'MT e VI
Vote Jtff' DaTla would have you Tote, and
J0" w-n Tote for McClclIan.
Toto as Vallandtgham tells you loVolo, and
ronwlll voto for MeClellan.
Vote aa II. 11. Dodd (now of Canada) would
htT0 , on vote, and you will vote for McClclIan.
Voto as Fernando Wood votes, and you will
vote for Pendleton anl McCWIan,
vote as rrbel Senator Foote tells rou to TOte.
V ote s rebel Congressman 8nmn tell, yon
tn TnLp. anrl ?nii will vntn fnr MriMl.n and
' '
Vote as Jodah P. Dcnjsmln would havo yea
TOto, and you will vote for MeClellan and Pen.
Yoto as Oeorge 8sjudera trould have you
vole, and you will vole for Pendleton and Mc
Vole ,ho ,rl(tocr,c, of Kngland would
"' Jo '. 'Bi J" wI te for McClel-
Ian and Pendleton.
Voto as Louis Napoleon would have you
te, and ,ou will ,olo for MeClellan andlVn-
Vote as Alciander Long votes, and you will
,ote for pjieton and MeClellan.
Vote .. Benjamin 0. Harris votes, d you
will voto for Pendleton end MeClellan.
vote as tho Philadelphia Ajt urges you to
". n Jon will vote for Pendleton and Mc
Clc'lan. A
Voto as votes Franklin Pierce, who virtually
dlssohed tho Union bv breaking nn tho Mia
----- , ..."...
.sourl compromise, and you will voto for Mc
Ulcllin and Pendleton.
x olo ote, jme, i)UCL0I, vbo Mti t0
, , ,. . ' ,
tor" eU'r uPon K'!". ni1 I00 "' Totl
tor .Mcuieuau ana rcnaieton.
Voto as votes Millard Fillmore, who signed
... ,, , ,..,... .,...., ... ,.!,.
'''" '""""',""" "-
v.j j.d.i.iUU .Uw B..vUv.uv. .w...wu, nuu
you will Toto for MeClellan and Pendleton.
vote as tho Divll himself, who will adhere to
... ... , ' . , ...
. - " ""-' " " i-"i "'" "
If be votes at all, and you n III voto for McClel-
John M. Corso and his noblo companions In
arms have received the thanks, sympathy and
congratulatlona of the entire Union army A
graceful tribute, and one worthy of the occa
slou, la tho following from General Bbcrraau.
What prouder compliment could a subordinate
ilcalre than that his GefloraMn-thlel" speaks oi
Ills action to " illnstrato the most iiniwrlant
pilnclplo In wart"
HEADfi'ns Miiitarv Di ition MmiMirri,)
October 7 13CI
fyiKC.m run sruirn .iv. uw iu uiuvi.i
iW ! f-.t.t L.l.u .. fc-ft Tkn Ilnni.P.l
commauding avalla himself of tho opportunity
f ha-.daomo defence of "Allawona" to
.A . .. . . . t. i- i
i (otiQed posts should bo defended to tho
,M, wjtrdleaa of tho relatlvo numbers of the
imriv attacklnir and attached.
Aiifltnnnawaa rrarrlsonod bvthrco recrltnents
comraandod bj Col.Tourtelotte.nnd reinforced
by a detachment irom u aiviaion ai itoine,
under command of Drlt;. ticn. J. M. Corae, on
tho niomlni' of tho Silt, and a few hours after
was attacked by French's division of Stewart's
rnrna. two other divisions beloc at hand and
In aunnort. (Sou. French demanded a surren
der. In a letter, to " avoid a useless cQusIon of
blood," and r;avo but five minutes for answer.
that Uo and lUs command waa reidy for tho
"nsoltes cfluslon of blood' as aoon as It was
ngrccblo to Gen. French This answer was
tniinwM bv nn attack which was prolonccd for
five hours, resulting In tho complete repulse of
the enemy, wnou.ii ma ueu uu .uu itntuu,
araountlng to more than two hundred, and lour
hundred prisoners, welt and wounded. The
"rffnaion of blood" was not 'usekss," as tbo
position at Alii toona waa and Is vcrj Impor-
tan o our present and future operations,
l hafJt of th,8 apo Uoe. aml aro
olHccrs and men, for their determined and gal-
taut defmeo of Aiiatoono. ana it is maua an
example to illustrate tho Importance of pre
paring in llun;, auu mtinu), tu sauvt, nucu
pieBeni, UOIUIJ, W"sunj auu wv...
tdis army, muuu uuitvu uy iuu .uutui
xtaa ra one rati nL' by raovlni: toward the road
bv which tho enemy could alone escape, but
. . . - Jnl.n...l l. tkn In r. A
UUlOriUaaitly Wl ucjrvt vj mo ioiu nuu
mud) DUt tnie iact iiasicucu iuv lyu. ui mu
-v-,. . ,..
i :nintnanarri sua u.m.ouu m ug iniot.
lnnrnnr railroads aro hereby tEbtructe4 that
they must hold tlieir pobis to tne laei minute,
sure that the time gained Is yaloablo nud
necessary to tnair comraum at mo irom.
Uy order of Mai. Otn W. T. Bkbruam
J L. M. Ditto v. A. D. C.
Ofllclali L. IX. FvEitTS, Capt. and A. A. G
Debath on uooi s andCiukolisk In the
Canadian House of Assembly, some time aluce,
they had qultb a spirited dsbato on the bill to
prohibit the use of hoops and crinoline, Intro
duced bv Mr. Alkens. We publish a lew
rtf lhA mnnt hrllllant VaSSaCTOS.
Mr. Druminond was an ardent admirer of
fcftrtn.,fVr.m rhlldhood. He WB8 bom With
a love of hoops. When he was a child of ten
der crowlh, he used to trundle his hoops, all un
conscious of the fate that was in tho store for
him Later lu llfo ho swallowed a ring, which
resulted In a hoop luc coughj and cvtu now
tho sight of an empty hogshead brought tears
into his ejea. , . . .. .
it. itln tnU narl that It waa lmronaI
air, uiunuwf'"""- -- -. . -
hie now to ihoose a wife, aiote her defeats
were so hidden by hoops and enveloped Iu
crluolino that iQenaivea
Speaker Order.
Te ltrnn-.Mr. Si Mker
Speaker The honoiable serlleuian Is out of
order. v ...
Mr. liiown Cut, Mr. Speaker, the naked
Speaker Hold your tongue, sir.
f r. Hrown The naked
Speaker Upon my soul, Brown, iile.net, or
I'll have you arresUd.
Mr. llrown Permit me to explain, Mr.
Breaker. When I said the naked
(speaker (yelling) Clear the galleries of
ladles, Mr. Bcrj;eant.
Mr. Erown In tho name of tho seventeen
graces and tbo llftoen muses, Mr. Speaker, let
moapologlrc, I only meant tossy that hoops
ana crinoumo unvu ichubu iu uu iuuu
dency, that it wet impoeslblo to arrive at the
Spoaker (frantically) Death and blue de
vils' Stop, or I'll brain yon with tho maco,
Consider tho impropriety of
Mr Hrown fwlldlv) Truth' truth' truth1
1 Naked truth was wbat I was going to say.
1 Froy St. Domingo. Dy arrivals at Ilaana
from St. Dominzo we learn that the rebel Gon-
Ural El Polaco arrested Bale c Jo and another
I member of the Government, tried them by
court martial, and mot teem, all of wmen
iVts ho com muni rated to the Hpanlsn Dcnrral
t a Oualara Inn llspatch. (llok soldi irs r
r; fm everyvci"! I i ct Pnmlni Its
i l i -t or lU'ou
Tha Horror, orth. Aud.rsonvllle, H C,
Tho Palmetto lTtrOd, of Port ltoyal, mb.
Ushcs tbyfollowlng narratlvei
Edtlott of ro'metlt HercUl
Deeming that . statement In regard u the
treatment of our prisoners by the rebels may
not prove uninteresting 10 your readers, and
knowing that very manyabor under tho Im
pression that their mage Is much better than
It really Is, I propose to give a fotr facts In re
gard to It as thev have passed under mv own
About one hundred of us wcro laLcu pilson-
ers on tht 20th or last August, while making
a raid on the Atlanta and Macon railroad.
The forces wtra commanded by (jen. Kilpat
rlck. ou mnoDccTroN to indiiisonvilxe.
At noon onlhaS3d we arrived at Anderson-
vllle, as. Tho station Is about one-fourth of
a mile from tho prlsom when we were about
miaway unveen tntHtauon anu prison we
were drawn up In line, and again searched,
and plundeied or the remaining llttlo wo had,.
this tlmo wo were stripped of onr clothes, even
to our drawors, and minutely searched. The
proceeds of this search consisted of a few dia
ries and photographs, invaluable to the soldier
but of no earthly use to the rebels. When that
ordeal was passed, we were marched lilto trls-
ou witaout a otaniiu to proioti na irom too
ncflcna Tf ok or the rmsov.
Camp uratu the name of tho prison, con
tains about twenty Ave acres of cronnd. four
acres of which are filthy marsh. The camp Is
d.vlded Into two unequal parts by a small
strcsm that flows through It from northwest
to southeast, and la enclosed by a stock ado of
hewed logs set in tho ground on end, twenty
feet high. The sentries stand on a platform
raised to near the tbo top of the stockado, from
whence they can overlook the camp. Twenty
feet from tho Inside of tho stockade, all round,
are posts four feet high, with slsts nailed across
from ono to anotberi that Is called the "dead
prisoner that dares cross that lino is Immedi
ately shot dead.
In Camp Sumter tho Ingenuity of man was
certainly taxed to tho highest pitch In devising
meaus.to shelter him from the Bcorchlng rays
of tho sun; somo would put np blankets for a
shelter tent, others would sow together old
drapers and shirts and mako a shelter of themj
other) again wonld build a sort of mud-bouses
Designs vtcreaplenty, and that "necessity Is
tha mother of Invention" was vividly Illus
trated here. A great many poor unfortunate
fellows haino blfifkcts and no shelter wcat
ever, they had to be on the ground uuder the
terrible heat of the sun and the chilly dews of
the night, In wet and dry alike. I have seen
hundreds ue unit, unaoio to craw,, lovcrea
with tiles and maggots crawling all over them,
face, hands, and ft-ct swollen and blistered
with neat, anunetnua ior cajs ociore aeatn
would relievo thtm from their sufferiDCB. Oh'
themlscilesof that camp no pen can describe;
a man schooled In crimes the most atrocious
could not look without a shudder upon Ue
miseries of thst place.
Death fast released the poor victims from
their sufferings. In tho month of August
threo thousand one hundred and twenty died,
awaking a hundred er day, Tficy generally
died from Kurt w. chronic diarrlt m. anJ ttarva-
tvt. 8omo few Hero admitted to tho hospital
ana got iicticr, uui mcy wcro generally vtry
careful not to admit any person unices they
Tvero coruaeut uawoaia aie aoout mo next
day If a peraon wished to see sickening sights
an ue uaa to uo was to lake up nia position
utartne gaie can) in me morning.
Dav could scarcely dawu beforo he tou'd
dcsciy men approaching him with litters made
of blankets tied to poles, carrying the corpses
of those who had nled during the night , in a
coutloof hours there would be urivorslitv
dead bodies strewn around; the gate would
presently open, when they would bo carried
out and pitched luto wagons, drh en olT, and
tumbled Into the earth, like do man v dead hoes.
Hero, also, to the gate, the sick had to come
ior men meuicines i iner would bo couvercd
a uiutTcut ways eomu wouia do carnca on
liio backs or tneir comrades, others In blankctsj
some would die while boln carried to the sur
geon. Borne were mere skeletons from starv
ation ana enronic aiarrnccat oi tiers were black
and the flesh dropping ott Ihem from scurvy.
hen they recch ed their medicine, which was
very insntllclei t, and often none at alt, they
were Iran (ported back tho same way they came.
This was repeated every morning;, and tbo pro
cess alone Has entile lent to kill a sick person.
The rations consisted of about four ounces
of ery coarse corn bread, one half pint of
stocic peas akina i neversawoniii if i went
to loot ror tnem uuoaia ua in the woods,
Thcro wcro "encrallv more buzs than neas.
Sometimes In lieu of pcaa we received live
table spoonfuls of rlcetouo half ounce of bacon.
four ounces of fresh beef, and three-fourths of
a leaepoomui oi sait. adoui three times a
month ne had molaasea Issued to us. To cook
our rations wo drew four pound of wood to
each man, to last threo days about enough to
cook one meal with. We often had to cat our
beef raw. and sometimes our peas. There was
no excuse for not gh ing us j. lenty of v, ood, for
thcru wcu hundreds of acres of good pine
iood In tho Immediate vicinity of our prison.
We hsd no soap Issued to xitv,Q had to tuh
ourselMS and clothes without it.
A good number of the men made tumid
uuder tho i tot k ado and got out, but us soon as
they wcro missing the robs would set tbclr
bloodhounds after them ( they were generally
recaptured. Ibe rebels finally built threo
stockadca around the camp, to make it trebly
secure, but still an occasional " Tank " would
get away.
After Geu. Stoncmau made tbo raid to noar
Macon, tho robtta commenced fortifying the
camp. They built tire forts, but when Atlanta
full, thoy wcro badly frightened for fear Gen.
Sherman would come down and exchange the
prisoners ou a cartel of his own, they com
menced transporting us with all possible speed
from AndersonvIIIe to Savannah, Charleston,
and other ioInts.
On the night of Sent. 11, w hen within ten
miles of Charleston, while the cars were under
full headway, I jumped olT. Thoy fired nlno
shots at me, but misted. I traveled by night
aud slept by day. On tho Hist of October I got
on board our gunboat Totomska, sixty miles
north of Charleston. I am now In the hospi
tal from Blckncsa caused by starvation and ex
posure in rebel prisons, but before long will bo
able to Join my regiment under the gallant
lours, re poet fully, J A. Caiknu
SaiicpEAnn Hepudutbu nr e Man or tue
Bba. President Fell on la bis "ram 1 ar Lot'
tcra from Europo," recently published by
Messrs. Tlcknor V Fields, rclatea tbo follow -lng
Incident that occurrod on board the good
amp uaniei weDster, in wuicu uo yrao a pa
sen cer In 1B5J.
"Last night I read somo passages from tho
Midsummer Mzht's Dream to tho captain.
When I came to tho description of the mer
maid riding upon too uoipuin-s rjacic. no pro
uonuccd it a lines bug. Ibo dolphin's back is
as sharp os a razor, and no murmald could pot
slbly ride tho beast unless sho has first sad
died Mm. fio Bhakspeare was caught napping
Natuig Uuldino Cities. It wa. oueo
agreed by all men and women that "God made
tbo conutry and man made the town," but this
does not apply to Michigan cities One 1 1 tho
editoieol that Stato says
We think It Is not local or eM Ui j r 1. tl a'
Insplrrs us to wrltw down i paltantt one nf tin
mocr lointthil cltle by nar,nrr tn tl f Writ
Jrui 1 M f f eM ' i i til fit I
NO. 294,
Drare CoiatlMCtor the Colored Troops of
the DIstrlctjK the XiaUlleconnolseauce,
HEADQ'ns Ii bit U. f. COLonErTaoors,
Nfii hirnaioHD. Oct 29.1941
Editors or TniRirusucAw: Time will not
permit me to do the part of a correspondent.
In giving an explicit detail of our late movo
upon tne strong wonts oi iticnmona. un ma
evening of the 2?lh InsUnt tbo 19th corps
struck tents at the bid or orders to march.
Passing out of our fortlfl cations, wo halted in
an open field, whero the various branches of
the corps met, and bivouacked for the night.
At day dawn next morning we girded on the
Implements of war, and started toward the
gates of the rebel capltalo knock again at
that door which has so long denied us en
trance. After marching some twelvo or fifteen miles,
driving tho rebel vldettes and pickets before
us, wo found ourselves standing npontho same
ground where MeClellan once sloocTlnd soon
tho great mass of (humanity, who had been
marchltig In snch apparent confnslon, were
systematized, drawn out, and stood like vet
eran heroes, Intent upon making t.altors bow,
and render due regard to their country.
As it Is not my pnrpose to speak of tho do
ings of the entire corps, I will pass by much
tuai is important ana come to my regiment.
A rart of tho third dtrltioo, (colored,) com
manded by Col. John II Holman, were held as
reserves fcr some tlmo after tho rebel works
were assaulted by tbo white troops, but finding
that the rebels wcro not disposed to como to
their strong holds to fight us, this gallant com
mander marched to the right and filed left by
column. Proceeding but a short distance the
rebel works appeared la view, which were well
manned with a formidable-looking host ofl
grejbacks. The first brlgado was fixed upon
to charge these works, which consisted of the
Jtt, 22J, and 37th U.S. colored troops; the
$2i being on tho left, the 1st In the centre, and
the 37th on tho right, but some distance in the
rear, to prevent a flank move which waa being
attempted by the rebel cavalry. And in this
position tho command came, "Double qulcki"
"uuarte tnose wobks'" "idico tuoee guns1"
Immediately a yell went up from Uncle Sam's
sable boys, and, amid tho muskets' clatter and
the whiz of shells, which mowed down several
bravo defenders, tbey rush forward iUU an In
vincible, eager Intent upon executing the order
t1!?0, . . . . . -.
inrougu some misrortunc, uowevcr, tne n
halted, but never broke nor rani but tbo brave
1st. led on by Its noble commander. Lieut. Col.
Illch, leaped over abattls, trenches, nnd breast
works, seizin ir the rebel cuds, and drlvlne the
southern chivalry before tho daring prowess of
tne "imuecuc" ngro. uaring this time, How
ever, i;oi. uoiman, as nouioancroasany upon
whom the sou ever shed a raj, full, pierced by
a bull, which left a shocking wound. Col
Skadow, also of tho iiJd, another splendid otll
cer, also suffered a similar fate. Though the
lit United Statca colored troona were the only
regiment who entered the rebel works during
the day, and could, by the timely support oi
the rest of the brigade, have held all they had
carried, yet the order came, mnch to tho dls
gust of every soldier, nK back. The rebels per
ceiving wo were retreating, rushed upon the
few who lingered behind, from a rein can c to
leave what they had gained, and caMsjred some
of our wounded, among whom Vf Captain
Ward, of oar rcclment. who remained for the
purpoeo of bringing oil a twenty pounder how
itzer. This was tbo samo bravo otll cer who
turned the rcbela guns upon them at the charge
before I'etorsb irg, on the 15tU of June, while
thdy were fleeing In wild contusion.
1 could sncalv ot the brrvcrv of Halor rer
kins, Adjutant Bishops, and others, with great
pleasure, anu somo sergeants wuo pureuaseu
distinction by the peril of their lives, but auT
flee It to say, that the 1st United States colored
t loops, which wee raised In Washington city
under tho auspices of that man whom I so
highly appreciate, (I mean Secretary Stanton,)
has not through six battles deserted, forsaken
or auoweu traitors to sou me 113301 tiotnion,
under which thev fiirht.
Tho 1st and Jl brigades (white) of tho 2d
division assaulted the works on the right, and
I thought fought with desperate energt. et
thev failed to carrv Iho works, and no woudcr
the, should, for a more formidable abattls never
was Duiu man mo reueis noa, 11 would re
quire a half hour to have crossed It unopposed,
but to cross It under shot and shell was a dim
cult task.
However, t'10 ISth corps, after making the
necessary uemonairaiiun, ieit in gooj order
during too some evening, camo around moro to
what ia considered to us now as tho front, aLd
marched ond counter marched nearly all next
day right in rebel hearing and sight, but not a
rebel would show bis head or tall outside of his
Tbo colored troops especially wcro la.rlv
burning to havo an open field fight, but the
traItorbcaded serpents stuck to their internal
Having given toj a bynopsls ot the late con
test, you are here furnished with a list of the
casualties which happened to our regiment.
Very respectfully, II. M.Tt nuen.
Cynapiain id u. 0. u. 1
Lul Juhu II Holman.rommandlu' division.
wounded in thigh, severely.
Company a rnvaics Austin Button and
Wm. II. Ball LIPed, Prltclej Frank Warner.
John Koadlej, Wm. Wilson, Thomas Ennls,
Joseph wii8on,iCorgci;uri!B, atnanicicmitn.
lienr uaiway, nenry uhjlou, jecou unee, ana
Wm, Jackson wounded.
Compant B-Prltate Kobcit Diircs killodi
Coriorat John Jackson, Privates ( harlca 1
Lrnwu. Jobu Smallwood. H( 1 rv D. Kin '. lien
Jamln Butler, J. Braxton, Hcnrj lia'ney,
Washington, G. Huugcrford, aud M. 'Ihrmns
wounded, Alfred bheppard nud Anthouy
wasmngion missing,
Comnanv C Corporal Marcus Johnson. Pri
vatcs George P. Johnson, Jamc Green, UUo
Boon. HIchard Cook, HlUlam Gordon. Nelson
Newton, James Smith, William til pic, Kohcrt
Scott, Charles Taeo, William lalson, loscph
Williams, nelson uavis, ana bammons
Comnanv D Captain Henry Ward mlsnint
Sergeant 'ihcodoro Kay, Privates Henr But
ton, David K Brooks, Alexandria Brown, Jaa
urown. llenry Washington, tranh. Washln'.
ton, Thomas Belt, aud Jobu Williams
Company E Captain A m. I). Tallin, Pri
vates Trcd. Payne, John Lucas, George John
son, Ihomas Cravens, George Cain, James
retort, wm. ucgemau, win. iiang, lmiucI
Lane, James Peak, Samuel Carter, and Win
Warner wounded.
Company I Corporal Wm, oun, killed
Prltatea George CaiToll, Abram l'dum, lullous
Vontlllo, Moses Warner, and Henry Wcl str
woundodj VrlvatcaVrcd.Gatlin, David flump
sou, John llilatus, and I rauktlu Mac ml is
Company G Pilvatoa Willis lacksou aud
Kobert Johnson killed, Sergeant Frank lur
mr. Privates George Allen, John Kiblns, Henry
Williams, and Wm, Maosey wounded Pri
valta William Cooin.r, Ldward Davis, Moses
bruUb, and Horace Sedgwick mlisiog
Company H Sergeant Lewis Llmolu
wounded) Corporal James Lntas wounded
Private Gcorgo Thompson killed I'rlvate
Charles Green woun led.
CompanvG Privates Geoiju bcott. Geo.
Odum, Thomas Edwards, Denuls Brown, John
Otler, and James Keed wouudod, Privates
Joicpli Whltlleld und Samuel Smith uiUsIug.
Company I Captain Houston killed; Bcr
gcant John Gordon wounded, Sergeant Thos.
Pauls Missing, Corporal Samuel Kcclan
woundodi Privates William ilcldsand Jerry
Jones Willed) Privates Frank Cook, I rank
Walker, John Scott, Edward A.Day, Wash
lugtonGray, Jackson Howard, Allen Jackson,
aud Johu Sbouman mounded 1 Private John
Lmtls missing.
Company K- Captain luUon f U.cc
wonn lei, Privates Won Allin, fh Car
ter Oro. Mjsmer, laa A I'a)n Iln h Y,M
(ir Menu bin - r i rt )imnc
til t
lentil gftlir
Ont iiuare. threo days .iim'
Out square, four days a f0
One square, (Ire days ....,..,.. 8.00
One square, six days ft.tO
Every other day advertisements, CO per cent,
additional. -.
Twice a week. 75 per cent additional.
Eight Unea of leas constitute s square.
Advertisements should; br handed Ln by 14
o'clock, m -
Unas tor Dottiti MirBS Mrs. CUa A.
Call, ofVablus, N. V.,tieautiiorofr 3W-0
IZomeUeper and Dieirymaid, DictUmanJar
nlsscd the following hints in regard to butter
Evcrytblog appertaining to mils: thing
should bo kept perfectly s.weet and clean. ATh
milk should bo stralnod as soon as It Is brought
In, To secure tho greatest amount of rream
settho milk In lame tin pans, and place them
on a rack made for the purpose. The b ttom
of tho pan thus being exposed to the temper.
ature of the milk room, cools quicker In "
sner and warms sooner in winter The zollk
100m should be separate from tha kl-chen
ps'tryt nothing that will cause tho mUk to
soar should be permitted to stand In the room
Tho milk should be narrowly watched an I aa
soon as it thickens the cream should bo taken 1
off. IfsalTercd to stand long aAcr It cwgn
letestherowillbewhltsspecks Tn the butter,
which will be hard to wasn out. a sionajar.
that can be covered closely, aulwcrs very well
to Veep cream in, but a largo tin pall called
the cretm pall,) we hate found to be, the moat
convenient, it is easier tonauuic, nuuiuow..-
mpi HiA nail (n twt nlaced In Cold WStCr tO COOl
the cream, and In winter It Is very nice to put
In warm water to warm the-crcam.
For churning, the cream snouia do at a.
temperature of slxty-flva degrees. At each
aklmmlng the cream should bo thoroughly
stirred from the bottom, with a wooden stick
made on purpose It may be somethlnzllko
a pudding stick. The cream should be covered
from tho beginning to tho end closely. Leaving
the cream exposed to the air Is one way to mako .
poor ontter. - bhuuiu bmuu uv .
djvs tn warm weather, nor more than six la
cold. The cream should bo put down from
tha sides and cover 01 tue cnura at swu
thfl butter begins to come,
Afteftha butter Is well churnod, tho sides or
the churn should 1 rinsed down, tho batter
taken with a butter paddle Into a wooden tray
or bowl after they have been well scalded. I
say paddlo, because If I wcro to choose from
-11 r.,n ,inr.ni Lin,! nf ladles ever made. I
sheald chooBO a paddle. 1 ho butter slioum do
um in cool si ring or won tuvc. uu... ...
walsr cornea ofl cltar. Af Icr it bos been washea
it should be ssltcd. Tho salt shonld b. worked
in well Salt away and let It stand tw.ntjf
fonr hours Then it should bo taoroi gbly
worked aud stand twenty lour uours uciore
pacKlnj tbo last time.
It will be a dlUlcult task to slve sn exact
rule fir sailing bVtter there aro so many t istosi
butter ior marktl nena nv. uo ...vw .. iv
as for family use. For family we vre rul
bsaplng tea saucer Tall Into elsbt pounda or
oottor and the ssme quantity Into twtlvo
pounds for insrket. rorelsn salt is the ben
. .A rn f.miii. htttt.r. but wo have found
that a (rood artklo of Ouondaffo coarso salt,
answers every purpose. Wu havo rouna, iy
expcrlenco that It is better than ine salt made
Itnc same pi.ee ior ...wuii uu...... ..".. j,
li.t lUbtl !,, sp.pir. Say.
l.ati. rebel nowipapers give us tho partlou-
lars of the movimcnt of Gen. Hood's army
from (Jadsden, Alabama, toward Guntcr'sLand. ,
Uk on the Tennessee river. The most astound
ing results, of course, aro propnceicai uui,
says a correspondent of the Savannah fl;ir-
llcan, "It la to bo regretted that ucn. jtooa-.
army Is su badly provided witu uianiicia .uu
shoes In this extraordinary movement. Wbolu
reKlments are barefootod.-whlloblanltels wliu
any of tho men Is rather tne execpuuu mu .uu
rule." The loter In full of the rebel Vice l'ros
ldent, Alcxsndtr It. BterUens, In response tu
Ueu. Sherman's lnt Itatlou to visit Atlanta, a
nears lu the i.ichmond WM) of the lstlnsunu
Mr.Stphens snje ho would willingly do an) -thine
iu his power to bring about peace, bnt as
nor both of them, could eflect Ibis, ho thinks It
useless to cntirtoln thu proposition. Tbo Kleli.
mond ba.Uiitl strongly adTOs.an.5 the plating
of slaves in the rebU army.
Lommlsilou or Ih. Unlt.d SIH."
Votltc Is hereby tli eo t .at tho Commliilon i v
vUed for by the Com cnilon of NoTember 35, isi,
between the fulled Stttfl nud Kouador, for the
oiutusl adj jstoicot of clslaie, was duly orgsalitu
t tu, citvof t.uflulloa the ISth day of A JT-. t
Isit, and that the d Comntlsilon wLU b latluo,
ia sesilon 1 11 the period of twelve moaths from
thst date.
AU cltlxenl of the United states bsttnr claims
U on l cuauor are w.creiwic, uuuuw. w .,..
person, or by attorney, and present th. rroofs In
iun jrl ol tneir ciaim. io .Jiu uu.u...,., .
Mo their ulslms and prcofl with th. sser.tsry ot
the lomnilMlon, "senor Crliaato Medial," I.
rjuij aiytiU, in the Bcp Jbllo ot Ecuador.
"Claiini which snsn noi o. i-imcuivu -
Comral.ilon within th, twelvo months it reiuslus
IneilitencewlUbailuienrdedby both Covers.
meats, an 1 considered lnt altu."
Minuter lleildeii and commissioner of th. Van i
ViiHlaTOM.irv O.tober 1, 1S' ocl-ai
P F I C I A L,
mas Dcrv
'Still I, )
1 17, 184
iri.ini.jTnN. M.reh IT
A I .m lle.tlnu. for iCAV.1 Of ablCUC, or ,
aiMrlon to visit Washington must bo JJre 1 1"
Major Genual HalUcK, Lmei oi , anu iu,,..
peolfr tho builneis for whtoh tho offleer domes
Lc trmliilon. Tccsrs-nl adirf lied direst to t!i
erctaryof Wsrontbis suhjest Ul receive i
ittcMlon . . ,
B, orurotth. "'"VaTOWSSfchl..
B13t.l AitUt.nl Adjutant G.ner.1
UMfLU STATES 7 J-ll) 1.0 N
a f ill iu i ly of thcie new BoaJs.
d.rllrf itqurttrtopitirrJtMr OTl(ii i
or imi( end mnn ttuli Renti
Those hat tnf money Io Inicst should not I no
atfthtof tho lit that, by tnvcittuf In this lov
they not only rtuclvo Inteicst at thhlsh ist
1 s io 1 er cent , lut secure to themselves the r
Importiut alvsntsee ol obtalntnf , at tha en I of
three yews,
which aro now worth over M per cent, premlnir,
and which after th, war must neccnarlly adrauto
toamuohhutheiStata auU
N'll. MILLE-K,
No ll Mnth street west, near P.nn. avenue
tonveyauoln?, Acknowledements, Power ' i '
torney, aud all business psrulntni to ths suo
Oulte transactca wun unpawn.
Particular attention paid to the Matins an . .
lection of rents on real estate, and aeiri ii
aecerliitlons. H. B.-Property holders o.n ".
hevcrrbesto Unsnts without share, sow-"
"VOTICE TO TAX.l" V t 1 ""
CoLLtetoa'k Ornrr, Cijt II m j
house Is heieb) uvea to ',P',r.;"u,,Mor th"
not paid tavas for the curreiit )r, thMor m
lav. m th. fli.t 'V '',i;?r
I, ,i,ii tf'"'"l,"VlIIltMmV)
( ille.tui

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