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Ha a. imimimmmm
One itiare, thru Can 2(,
Onaiare, foordayi. 5 n
One(nare, fludaja. ...'. . ', j)
OaiiQixtzda;s '..'..'.'.'. S 'U
Itctt otber lay adurUstmenu, 50 pmcenl.
Twice a week, 7 pet cent additional.
Eight line, or la. constitute a siusre
Advertisement! should ba lurX, tr, k. k,
Ii published tiaj afumoou (Sandajs eiceat
A) bj W. J. MOanott Co., tad Ii fttraliliM
to osr subscriber, (bj carrier.) l 19 ceil. pr
wsk, or S3 csnts per month.
Mali tabicrlben, 10.00 per tnsam $3.50
tlx month!, nd 13.00 for three nontht,ts
Ttrltblj la idTince.
Single coplM, Trail Cists.
NO. 295.
o'clock, m..
ITil TlABk1
wcorriu urutn, ro,TU,
The foIUwlnr ct ofConrren Is trabllshed for
the Information and g overnment ol sdl coaeernedt
(ruiLic- No,iM.
Ad act further to regulate and provide far the en
rolling and tailing out the latlonal forces, and
ity oiner purposes.
lie it enacted by tha. Senate and Joum o tlevresent:
ttvti a Ms t'nfed SaiVi cf jlrvHca in Onrrsii .
wmbfctf, That the President of tha United Statci
may, at Mt discretion, at any tlma hereafter, call
(or an? number of men ai volunteer!, (or there,
tpeotlre terms of one, two and three yean for mill.
tary service; and any such volunteer, or, Incase
of draft, ai hereinafter provided, an? substitute,
lhall be credited to the town, township, ward of a
city, precinct, or election district, or of a eouaty
not so subdivided, toward tha quota of which b
mar net a volunteered or encaged at a substitute!
and every volunteer who Ii aeeepted aad muttered
Into the tervlea for a term of one year, unlen
aooner discharged, shall reoelve, and be paid by
the United Statee, a bounty of $100, and tf for a
term of two years, unleie eooner discharged, a
bounty of $W0 and if for a term of three yean,
unlet eooaer discharged, a bounty of $300) on
third or which bounty hall be paid to tha eoldler
at the time of hie being muttered Into the service,
poo third at the expiration of one half of hie term
of service, and one third at the expiration of bit
term of service. And in ease of hie death while In
eervlee, the residue orhle bounty unpaid ahall be
paid to hit widow, If he ihall have left a widow,
lfnot,tohli children, or If there be none, to hie
mother, It the be a widow.
See. 3. And be U further enacted. That In caiethe
quota, or any part thereof, of any town, township,
ward of a city, precinct, or election dlatrlet, or o(
aoy county not to subdivided, ahall not be rilled
within the apace of fifty daye after tueh call, then
tbe President shell Immediately order a draft for
ooe jctrto fill tueh quota, or aoy part thereof,
which maybe unfilled) and In cate of aaysuch
draft, no payment of money ahall be accepted, or
received by the Government at commutation to
releate any enrolled or drafted man from perional
ohugetion to perform military eervlee.
Sec. a. And be it further enacted. That it ihall be
lawful for the Executive of any of the Statci to
tend recruiting agents Into any of the States de
clared to be In rebellion, exiept the Statei of Alk
antat,Tenneiiee,and Loulalana.to recruit volun-
teen under any call under the provttlona of tblt
aet, who ihall be credited to the State, and to the
retpectlre tubdlvltloni thereof, which may pro
cure the enlistment.
Sect. And be It further enacted, That drafted men,
substitutes, anu volunteers, when mustered in,
ihall be organized Into or astlrned to rrelmente,
batteries, or other organltatloce of their own
States, and, ai far as practicable, ahall, when es-
tignea, he permuted to seleot their own regiments.
batteilcs, or other organizations from among those
of their respe out e statei which at the time of as
sjgnment may not be filled to their maximum num
ber. Sec. 6. And be tt further enacted. That the twen
tieth icetlon of the act entitled " An act to amend
an aet entitled An aet for enrolling and calling
out the national forces, and for other purposes,
approved February 24, 1384, ahall be con trued to
mean that the Secretary of War ihall discharge
mlnori under the age of eighteen yean under, the
circumstances and on the conditions prescribed In
tald lection) and hereafter, If any ofOoer of the
United btatcs ihall knowingly enlist or muster
Into the military service any person under the age
of slitccn tears, with or without the conrentof
Ms parent or guardian, auch person 10 enlisted or
recruited ahall be Immediately discharged upon
repayment of all bounties received) and auch re
cruiting or mustering officer who shall knowingly
enllat any perton under sixteen yean of age ihall
be dismissed the aervlce, with forfeiture of all pay
and allowancei, and ahall be subject to luchfur
thcr punlihinent as a court-martial may direct
Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That irctlon
three of an aot entitled "An aet to amend an aet
entitled ' An act for 0 ling out the national f orcea,
and for other purposes,"1 approved February 34,
ttM, be, and the same li hereby, amended so as to
authorize and direct district provost marshals,
under the direction of the Provost Marshal Gen
era), to make a draft for one hundred per cent. In
addition to the number required to till the quota
of any district as provided by said section.
See. 7. And be it further enacted, That Instead of
traveling pay, all drafted persons reporting at the
place of rendezvous ihall be allowed transporta
tion from their places of residence! and persons
discharged at the place of rendezvous ihall be al
lowed transportation to their places of residence.
See. 8. And be It further enacted, That all persons
in the naval service of the United Statei who have
entered laid service during the present rebellion,
who hate not been credited to the quota of any
town, district, ward, or State, by reason of thctr
being In said service and not enrolled prior to
February 34, 1364, ahall be enrolled and credited to
the quotat of tho town, wa , dlitrlct, or State In
which they respectively reside, upon tat Is factory
proof of their realdence made to the Secretary of
See. 9. And be tt further enacted, That If any per
son duly drafted shall be absent from home la
prosecution of his usual business, the provost
marshal of the district shall cause him to be duly
notified as soon as may be, and ha shall not be
deemed a deserter, nor liable ai suih, until notice
has been clven to linn and reasonable time al
lowed for him to return and report to the provost
marshal of hli district t but such absence ihall not
otherwise anVct hi liability under this act.
bee. 10. And be tt further enacted. That nothing
contained in this act shall be construed to alter or
In any way attect tho provisions of tha seven
icenin section 01 id net, agjiroTea reoruary a,
1644, entitled "An act to amend an aet entitled
An act for enrolling and calling out the national
forces, and for other purposes, " approved March
Sao 11. And be It further enacted. That no thin
contained la thts aet shall be construed to alter or
change the provisions of existing laws relative to
permitting persons Uable to military service to
luruiam luuiiiuun.
Approved July 4. 1B64.
By order of tho Secretary of Wan
aull AsslstantAdjutant General.
A P F 1 O I Ah.
AfiUTUTucuEtiAiwS Urn c, J
Waihikoiok, Sept. 19, U-H.
nnrl Orders. No. UM t
I. Whoneer ttacs are Imposed by sentence of
tieoeral lonrwuaruai, or miuiary lommisiioO
imnn nfflcers or citizens, the Judea Adtocataa
the Court or Commission will make a special re
pprt'of the fact to the Adjutant General, giving a
copy of the sentence in the ease. The oiltaar who
confirms the sentence imposing a nnewmtransmu
to the Adjutant Generaf a special report thereof,
together with a copy of the order promulgating
tha nmaepdlnri.
7. The tines will bo paid to the chief oCleerof
tha Uuartermaiter's Department at the plate
where the prisoner way le, and no other person
is authorized to recelvo thimt such does must not
le applied to any purpose, but the onloer reoetv
lug tnem will faith with remit tho amounts to the
Adjutant General or the Army at Washington,
wit a the names of the prisoners who paid tlem,
and the number of tho cider promulgating the
a. All ouWrs who hat e heretofore received lines
will forthwith report to tho Adjutant General the
mniinii iaivi1. i.v whntu i) ft lit. number and
date ot order promulgating the proceedings, and
what disposition was made of the money. The
amounts will be forwarded with the reports.
Uy order of tho Secretary of War t
Aislataut Adjutant Gcnci al.
" War DcraiTMiMT, )
AojerAkT UawzuAL'sOrricr,
Washivuton. D C . October 14, i8t4. )
UeUenant Frank W. Foote. taint Maw Yolk
volunteers, heretofore published. Is hereby ngtiled
that he Is exempt from dismissal, ha having been
tiavlously houorably discharged the service of tbe
foiled tats, hyspeelnl orders, current series,
from tills ultKC. E. I). TOWNSKNti,
PU Welitant Adjuaut nsnsial
lIoralloBeymonron'rjcnetllct Arnold on
Lincoln, 180. Washington, 17S0.
Three yean hTo Ton are promised
rolled away. The liberty by the leaders of
young men that res- your affairs, but Is there
ponded to that call an Individual In the en.
where are they ? More'joymont of It, tave
than five hundred thon-jyour opprusors 1 Who
sand of our brave sol- among yoq dare to
oiers now iiecp in weir speak or wrlto what he
uutlmelygravei. Look thinks agonal the ty
at the debt! An lm-r&sny which has robbed
mense debt 1 Over two yon of your property,
million a or men havc.imprlsons your sons.
been called for since drags yon to tho field
that time to bear arms of battle, and Is dally
In tho straggle FItc! delating your coin try
hundred thoussndmore with blood 7
aro to-day being called
for. The nation Is
crashed down with Ui
atlon, and the war net
Our rights have been
Infringed upon. The
freedom of spcech'and,
of the press has been
denied us. The sacred-
ness of our homes has
been Impaired,
The guarantied right
of the people to bear
arms has beensuspend-
Our country ouee was
ed up to the very bor
ders of Csnada.
happy, and, bad the
proffered peace beta
Four years ago a con-
embraced, the last two
ventlon met In this city ,'yoars of misery would
when our country was have been event In
peaceful, prosperous,' peace and plenty, slJ
and happy. Id repairing U10 deso-
Ilad wise statesman latlon of tho quarrel,
shin aeenred tha fruit! that would haro atit
of the victories, to-day tho Interests of Great
there would have been1 Britain and America In
peace in our land. la true light, and re
mented their frlend
T will flr-ht to the I wish tolead a chos-
death trtnrMerratnrnti i band of Americans
theso rights that have t0 h attainment of
been denied to us. peace, iiueriy, nau .
The Demo'cratlc pa,tT lne a"1 Wis In
ly will put down dcflpo-'tRWDS the Uel J-
tlsm, because It hates
the Ignoble tyrannny(
which now degrades the
American people.
The results of the
coming election In.J
volve the liberties ol
the country,
Greater questions,
graver qutstlon ques
tions which como more
directly home to the
hearts and Interests of
men have never boen
submitted to tho people
What Is America but
aland of widows, or
phans, and bcf-irarsf
for their arbitration.
Mothers and sisters
are In trouble by the
famlltp hoaMti fnA
lint what need or nr-
eniment to such as feel
Wh.n thtro 1. 'troubltl!?IInlt man ral5Cr'
than tongue can .x
there, there Is no hap-
I glvo my prom I so of
Now Is there no mode
by which thepeople can
be protected from these:
come to all who are
disposed to Join me In
measures necessary to
frightful sacrifices, and
the Union saved f
close tho scene of our
I lmploro yon, there
i Vl . 7 ? o content lth the
forcfaUiers. Turnagaln arcat
toward thellghuofei- eomtrywMcU ,m of.
perlence. fMB' tect!oil anii
American servitude J. cmplloil
'.i?1?.,? i C. .". rom " UxtM such
wIthBrltlshUberty.- ,,-.-,,- at to
. ePtr0I?;et0 clcCt,lmpose upon ourselves,
to the Presidency a pa1
trlot, a soldier, and a
Christian G. II. Mo
Clellan. i
Notice la hereby given that subscriptions wilt 1 e
received by the freasurerof the United states, the
several Assistant Treasurers and Uesleqa'ed De
positories, and by the National Hanks designated
and qua tiled as Depositories and Financial Agents,
for Ireaaury Notes payable three jcars front Au
trust IS, IM, baaruiff Interest at the rate of set en
and throe tenths per cent, per annum, with senil
annual coupons attached, payable In lawful
These notes will be convertible, at the option of
tbe holder, at maturity. Into six iter cent. irolJ.
1 bearing bonds, redeemable arter tH e and payable
iTvauajr jstttp nwiu iiuiiuii to, loni.
The notes will bcfissuetl lo the denominations nf
UTiy, ols hundred, five hundred, ooe thousand,
and five thousand dollars, and will be Issued In
blenTt, or payable to order, as may be directed by
the subscribers.
All subscriptions must be for fifty dollars, or
some multiple of tifty dollsrs.
Duplicate certiorates tvtll bo Issued for all de
posits. Tha party deposit ins; must endorse upon
ortffimileertlieatatha denomination of notes re
quired, and whether' they are to be Issued In blank
or parable to order. Wheu so endorsed It must ho
left with the otlloer receiving; the deposit, to be
forwarded to this Department.
Tbe notes win be transmitted to the owners,
free of transportation charges, as srmu aitrthe
receiptor the original Certlncatcs of Deposit as
they can be prepared.
Interest will be allowed to August 15 on all de
roslts made prior to that date, and wi.i he paid by
be Department upon the receipt of the original
As tha notes draw Interest from August 15, per
sons making deposits subsequent to that d-tte must
pay tbe Interest accrued from date of nolo to date
of deposit.
Parties depositing twenty.tha thousand dollars
and upwards for these notes at any one time will
be allowed a oomnlsslon ofnne-ouartcrof one per
cent ,wntoh wU Donald by this Department upon
the receipt of a bill for the amount, certiiled to by
the otflcer with whom the deposit was made. No
deductions for commissions must be made from
the deposits.
OQloers receiving deposits will see that the
proper endorsements are made upon the origliul
All officers author) icd to receive deposits aro
requested to give to applicants all desired Infor
mation, and a it or d evely ficlllty for making sub
scriptions W. P. FESSKNDKN,
Jygg-tf Secretary of thi Treasury.
L the subscriber has obtained from tbe Orphans'
Court of Washington county, In tha DlstrUt ol tu
luuibie, letters testamentary on the personal es
tate of A liner Crush, late of Washington cltr,
District of Columbia, deoeased. Allnersens ha ing
claims against the said deoeased are hereby warued
to eihlblt tbe same, with the vouchers thereof, to
tha subscriber onor before tbe 33th day of Uetober
neittt they may otherwise by law be eaoludod from
all benefit of the said estate.
6lvea undsr my hanutnisiwiu nay ot ucioner,
No. US West Baltimore Street,
The rsrect delloasles, Fruits. Creams, Pound,
oouie. and Vrostsd CaUvj sirPpUsd to fawlllci at
shortest notice.
Hlhe choldest Wlaos senstautly ou baud,
IJstor Oamral Hospitals
Under Direction 0 Surgeon It, O. AlUtt, U. .
A,, Medical Director Department of
1. Armory Snuarc. Waahlnztou. 1). C.t
Bffventh street west, between O and O streets
sotttb, In chargo of Surgeon D. W. Blln, U.
B.V t
2, Carver, Wash! niton, I). L, Fourteenth
street 'west, at terminus of city railroad, In
cnargcu or anrgcon u. a. duason, u. a. v.
3. Campbell, Washington, I). C, Seventh
etrect west, at terminus of city railroad north,
In Ch&Tgo of Surgeon A. F. Sheldon, U.S. V.
a. uoiumoian, wasmneion, u. v., roar;
tecstb tlrcct nut, t tcrmlom of cltr railroad,
In charjro of Sarpcon T. It. Croftbr, u. B. V.
5. DQuratrrei, Wuhlncton. D. I., corner 01
Toartwnth writ nd Muucbiuetis Tenn., I
i !... ti. - - t a ttn.k it a v
in charge of Surgeon J. 8. HlMrcth, U. S. Y.
d. nougiaa, vtainingion, u.j,t corner 01 1
H. R. Moeeley.U S. V
8. Fairfax Seminary, Virginia, two miles
backof Alexandria, In charge of Surgeon D.
t Hittti n v
n full w..Vi.(. n n L',,t.Hfi,..n '
9. Flnlcy,Washlnston,I),C.,Kendaliarcen,
Fourth street cast, north of tho city, In charge 1
of Surgeon G. L. Faneoaet, U. 8 V.
m rr.n..nA iin.hinrn n nAFA. I
Tan 'a farm ScTenth atretft writ In chargo of 1
11. Jadlclirj Sinaro. Washington, U. C,
Judiciary 8ia.rof K atroct north, between
Fonrth and Firth atrceti wcat, la chargo of
Assistant Surgeon Alex. Ingram, U 8. A.
12. Kalorama. (small.pox.) Washington, U.
U.. Itock creel;, out Twentr-Orst street. In i
charge of Actlnz Assistant Sargeon It. J
HI LXdii WiiMnMmi II P nnn nil.
13. Lincoln, Washington, D. C. ono mile
eait or the Capitol, In charge of Assistant Sur
eireci ana riewdCTaeTTavcnun, in cnarfja 01 as- men who mo now oncers 01 me rorprraxinn. u
elfitant Surgeon Wra. F. Nn-rls, U. S. A. ' inonzen, nor can trey isaua a warraai or w a
7 rmnrv Waatilnrtnn H ' & near Ainu- or a warrant Issued for a breach of any cur
i.J?JJjteunE!iJ2.fn!. P't"o ordlnaneee, &c., though they do not su-
liunaw. VMkvi lug v ntuutuvuiik wiwii nitrr.! Ill ninpxinr Ihtl rh.n.lii rT thlirnr
gimn j. v. icjcc, u. o. a, i irom nmtteenin to surecatn street, rsiiea.
14. Mount Pleasant, Washington, U. C, Mr. Llojd, froeithe Comiilttee on finaoee, re
Fourteenth street, one half mlle-bej-ond city r?"ed Uvorably onaWlllor th.rellerot Jljl
U.l'i'f, "F 0t A"Utnt S'-'SOO" " Th. committee asked to b. dl.ch.r,l from th.
llcCall, U. 8. A. fuitl.T coasliler.tlon of a Mil to oreat. the oOe.
1.V Bemlnarjr, flcorgotoiTU, D. C, corner ol of Airlitsat secretary of the Soatdot Aldermen.
Waslilng'on and (Jay streets, la chargo of Bur . so oMared.
fcnn II W I)upnchi?t II V The Mil f.lled on Its third readlnic.
8 in ...in. u-i.Mn.V. n ! t ..ri . I ' ' G"'- " Commute, on ri.lms, te
18 -tanton, ashlngwn, 1). (.., I street and nttte,, , t,blv , , Iot ,, ,, or At m'ltll
New Jcrs y avenue, In chargu of Surgeon J. A. jesrtih smith. I'.m.oI.
Lldelr. U. d. V. Mr Novel, from Committee on School., reootted
L.17. Stone, Washington, U. C, Fourloenlh
frVeet, opposite Columbian Hospital, In char5e
of Acting Ass't Burgeon V. Olenn.n, U.S.A.
ic, ci. xsizauuin, i insane abjiudi.j tvnsa
Ingtoo. 1). C, beyond Navy Yard nest, In chart; e
of Actios Asalsuut SurKooi C. 11. Nichols,
U.S. A.P
1'J. Flrtt Division General, Alexandria, Vs.,
corner of Fairfax and Cameron streets, lo
cha'j-O of Surgeon Chas. Page, U. S. A.
U Second Division General, Alexandria,
Va., corner of I'rlnco and Columbus streets, lu
charge of Surgeon T. K. Spencer, U. 8. V.
St. Third DlUslon General. AIexandrla,Va..
Washington sir tut, between Queen and Camo
ron street. In charge of Sargeon Edwin Bent-
ley, u. . v.
','.. .. ...
SJ. Auirur General Hospital, near Aloxan-
drla, Vs., In charge of Sargeon George L. Sut
ton, V S. V
CF"S. T-10U- A. I'crsoniof tilsntrx I
habits troubled with weakness, lassitude, p.lpita
i.on f f the heart, lack of appetite, distress alter
eating, torpll liter. consMpatlon, &c, d est tie to
suiter if they ulll not try the celebrated
which aia now recommended by the highest mcdl i
cal authorities, and warranted to produce au tm
imitate bencilclal effect. They are exceeding I j !
arfieeablc, pcrfetftly pure, and must supercede all
Other tonics where a health)') gentle stimulant is
They purify, strengthen and Invigorate.
They create a healthy appetite
They are an antidoto to chango of water and
They overcome effects of dissipation and late
Thti at rr net hen th. it stem and enliven 1 he mind.
They prevent mlesuntlc and Intermittent fevers.
T. .' r,..,f ,l. v...,v .i itri,,, -r it.
They purify the breath and acidity of tho
The j euro Dyspepsia and Constipation,
They euie D.arrhnt, Cholera and Cholera Mor
lhey cure Liver Complaint and Nervous Head
They make the weak stronff, the languid brll
libit, find ra x ham ted nature's -Treat reatorer.
They aro composed of the celebrated Callsaja
baric, ulnterrrpen. aatiafrai. rnota end hertn. ell
preserved a perfectly purest. Croix mm. For
t1..tii...i.F. . -.ir..,i. .mii..tin,Ai.t. .rrt.,i
paiticularc, ace circulars and testimonials around
.vs. vuiu.s
Deware of impost ers. Examine every bottle. See
U. 8. Stamp over the cork, with plantation scene,
aad our tlrm signature on a fine steel plate en
graving on side label. Soe that our bottle Is aot
vlng on side label, soe tnat our Cottle Is aot "men woum mine i. rciruecii anu o unit a ine
lied with spurious and deleterious stulT. We Corporation to pay rmlums for recruits put In
' . . ., , , . . , previously tj the oassageof tha act. The object
fanj person to niMhthetasteoreharacterofi,nnoMioi whlo.i this Is ameodat.ry Is to en
our goods. Any pctson preten Hug tosell riant a
tlon Utttrrs bj tho gallon or In bulk Is an Impos
j.tr.on Iniltatloj tins bottle, or selling any otltr
mateil&l therein, whether c.lleil Tlantatlon Sit
ters or not, Is a criminal under th. U. S. Lar, and
will .. .o ,,ro...ut.J b, .. W.lr..d7h.v. oar
ejoou two parties rclllllniour bottles, fco., who
will lueccedlu settln2tbeni.ehesntooloi.quar
lira. The demand tor Drake's Plantation Dltters
from ladles, clersymen, merchants, ic , Is per-
hctlj IncredlMe. The simple trial of a bottle la
thecUenca we ttre.cnt of their worth and suDerl.
ority. lhey arc sold by all respectable Urojjlitl,
. . . Vv . '
rmccrs. niivs clins. hote Is. saloons, steamboats.
and oountry stores,
r. II, DRAKE at CO.,
7UJ Broadway N. Y.
ro alt tckoiii it man concern x
o .. , . , . t , . ,,,.,.
Sitlsftor etldencohiiln? been cxhilltcd to
mc that Cahl UtTO Nil son has been Jtjputnt( 1
1, utto iMisui nag ucca ujiuiiii( 1
of aweden and Norwsv, at La
...i.. I do hereby reco5n... IUm a.
Ur tin, frn In MPrc IB and niov
lco Consul
Crosse. Wisconi
such, and declare him free to exercise and enjoy
suJ. funotlans, piweis, and privileges as are al-
lottel to Vlco Consuls by tho lawofnalions, or
? ';v ."" -. 'V'"-tr.
t .tliulitlor.sbctween tns Goi eminent of Sweden
and rorway and the Unltid Statts.
Inteitlmon whereof, I lmc cv.ne Ulieiclcllcri
to be mad. patent and.be so vl .f the United St .t
to b hereunto amxuj.
Ulvcn under my hand at the c.ty of Washington,
the twcntyscvcoth d tj of October, anno
L. s.l Dumtnl, one thousand eight hundred and
slxtv.luur. andul tJielndtnenduuceof thft
I ultcd Mates the elgl.lt ninth.
It) the President.
Wiluam II. Scwinu,
"tuetary ol state
? 0 T I U K
flt,1 XQ f ON IIVSU,
a full supi ly of those new Donds,
S inn Iberian rc-4titi I to pr.urJ teli it;iliji.atti
at oiuc ami iiittve thitr bond.
Tho so liav lus muuey tu Inv est shuul 1 not lose
sikM tt tho fa.t that, by luvestiug In this Loan,
lliti nut only reetUc luto.e.t at tho high rate uf
itMu.ti wji,i'ui nrMiiv iv 1ueii4i1.it i me vny
luiiLitttst advftitstt of oljtaUiiiift, at lliocndt
U icoeaia,
l I Kilt L.M o .J t.U llONUs Al'PAb,
ul kli am luv tt uh .n U ii eat pliAulum,
Mul Wlikli rtl ttlii .trill 4l tiuKftutilly itlvaiioe
iMeimuli liltrtit eiiil tl
Doartl or Aldermen,
Mondat, November?. I5.
The Board met at tha usual hour, the president
(Mr. Brown) In the chair.
A communication was received from the Mayor
stating that no authority hid been given toanv
party to nil the public alley la iqiare No. 316
abo e the ligal grade
Also, a communication annouofllnglhe approval
of certain acts.
Also, the following from tbe Mayor
la answer to a resolution or the Board of Al
dermen of the 2H!i ultimo, I have the honor to
siate that all and each of tbe police magistrates of
this city, an faraa I am advised, still perform the
functions of their clHce. The DsarWof r.llce,
claiming the right to dn so under authority ol the
,ci of tootrtti ctf.tloth. lio.rd oIMdroin Ht.n
roller, lm. l.tcly ..le.te I yonte m.t'.lratci lu
i tti. vrl nolle. t.lio.hou.n."
"'f " '?' t' "H ,,,,V,?'hf,'l," '," "JJIT.".'
iion i .(! itrougiit to ins stationioutes 01 pM
10nl amite ( (,n tlew.
iheyaie not, howtteexcat.t the two gentle
porationi the appointment of auch magistrates by
the D?ard of Police will neccsny materially re
dueeUiet Utior. luferred to Committee on To
lice, and ordored to be published with proceedings.
Hr.Noyia preseautf ietlilons accompanied by
tuis tocutband pavean alley In square No. 467
Also, to pave an alley In squire No. 347. raised.
Also, a tistltlon from Anthonv Ducklet. in em.
bMmer of the dead, remonstrating against the
tsllshments. Jieferred.
Mr. Pepper, from the Committee on Improve
ments, reported favorably the bill to make and
nai 0 a guuer on me soutn sine 01 h street souin,
from Canal street In Third street east. Patsrd.
lo take up and relay a gutter on north side of
quire xi laiicu.
iu rrunir ine uiioie at ins inirriccwon ui
lEletenu street nortn aad Math street east,
To "'' " Street SOUth, (rOBl New JeiSSJ
onue l0 c,n,, p,,,;
i To coosirjct a Lraneh sewer on I street north,
au let authotlilair the erection ot a school-home
on 1,,r ' "i'" "V ;!;iS'i"r',,rU,,,h- r"e '
To locrer.." S'eompM.Iuo. ?of 'th. a.sl.t.nt
narror-mas er. ncierreu
Ai act li relation toembalmlne; the dead was rr
turned ulto an amendment, and referred to a
sp cltl committee.
I A till to ioere-.se the salary of the tapper of
water mains. Hefencl.
A till of the Ciardot IJermen authorizlns; the
JUjo- to lease r-rtln Corpoiatlnn property, with
ahin Intents Rererrcd to the Committee on Im
pruvements. which repotted that the amend men's
Deioncurr U In. 1h amendments were not con
cutrdlo,but the bill was recommitted, within
structiom t ascertain wnether the Corporal Ion
i on the property.
A bill to lncrr-.se the compensation of the chief
clerk of ihe Mt) or's olhcti. Relerr'd.
1 I. Ill - alr .... an. I .!.. a .. .....I tr
Auiiiunaouii mm nisi r KiiitEi diiaaiajR x
! .tr.-t nmth. nntni w-tt ai.i m a-rtiirt-fnth .tnt
west. Taued.
A bill to Inciease the i-Urvof the T.e-.urcrof
1 the Publlo Sc.iools. nefrrrcu.
Mr Llo)d lntruductd a bilibas I on a petition
toenlarre and nue the allev In snuare '19.
for red tnihsde.rxatlonof ihe Third ward, which
reooitrd fat oral I) thereon, and it was passed.
tdr. McCatbron introduce 1 a bill In r the telkf of
nenj-siuin WoodrteM. Htiertcd.
On motion, tne Doard adjourned.
nastt of Common Counc.il..
Hoard met at tho usual linnr. All tri inm.
lei unseat excert IMcssrs. Skirt Ine, Walker and
I Lloyu. The President being absent, the lee Frts.
dent ( Mr. Lamer) to k the chair.
G R flutr, Fsq , memt er e ect I'om the Statu
ward, anneared. aod bavins taken tha ottN to
faith.uil, discharge his duty as a member of the
Hoard, together with the oath of loyalty, at the
hands of alderman J, F. Brown, he took bis seat
in mm ttonru.
rho President appointed Mr Ruir on tbe tinier
tint oomalltees In the 1 lace of Mr. .Marche, re
I slened
' lha President Itll lefore tha Board a m -..(-.
from tho Major, announopg his apuroval of an
.lt -..nnieminiii-t- tn th. mot .nin,-.t n ..
authorities the Mayor to anticipate the revenue
lor in imrpoitj ui my u uouoiieu ovoiunTrcrs,"
a;iprot ed September -', I8fi4 an act ts amend an
act entitled Mnact to organlia a paid lire dr
psrtment," approved April 2", 1S61; and a Joint
resolution repeallnc a portion of the act for the
Improvement of K street north.
Also, a meisntfe from tne Mat or, stating that
the act auproved October 1, 1991, tu rrovide (or
certain on.reraol the Corporit loo, provides, among
crriaiuoLureiauiiiiv vutriiur-siiuD. iiruviues.Bmoai
olher ofliccrs. for tie appolntiueutof abatteiy
men. without llxlna Ids comrensatlnn. and rrrom-
mendlog that ampin provision bo mdefor tbe pay.
, HiCflt of th lit olTl cer, lu or ler 1 hat the Corporation
( urocurlJ th. services of an etilolcnt anI rell
Abie man, ivciciicu.
' Also, a messijc from the M-yor returning, with
approved August 11. 1381.
Me says that the bill admits of a construction
which would mike it rctroactl e and oblige the
courage tnlunterr enlistments, and to that there
' can be no oh cction but the amendatory till pro-
w,irvtJ,,otH.or tna intention or th. otHlo.l
Mil, i) vh!ch It 1. amendatory, and U It does not
ileleat. It JHerti Iromlts rroicrolject a largo por-
, '".ai'raJ'm.Mh. ..t r,rrre,l to b. so
,cnJtj ,,'to authorise tl.e ,.imento( ten dol-
i.rstoitc lonsputtlrilu a loluntrer recruit Tor
I tho ienud ul twelv. month. )
w" w;j1J,'ct,;;1'fiii,"i,u"
tlr j,,,r introduce 'l a bill 1 1 prov de Or a de-
fl,.,rnvin tl e aiir-romlatlonlorrr.dinv .a.ler.r.
cllmr North C.pltolslnet.lrom New lork atenuc
... Ik. nn.lh.,n l,mi1,Usu Rir.iiiH
lu l" -.";-'-''
i.in.tiriu nllnr tLe netltlon of (.earire rnnnera.
praying tl.e t emission of a tine. Referred.
tor. Owen introduced a bill ta take up and relay
the cutter across K street north, on the west side
of Fouiteenta street west. Passed.
Mr Ferguson Introduce 1 a hill to flx the salary
Af th nhvaiolanol the Wsshlitton Astltim at
$eooper annum. Passed.
Als , a bill to Increase the compensation of the
asslstaut e'erk in the Mayor's oftlne, which pro-
tidcslhathls salary ahall bo 1,30 per annum,
limm-iuinaontae istif July list1. Passed
Alto, a bill to Increase tho sa ay of the Treat-
Alto, h Dill to inorraao mo er. aiy 01 me ireai
I urerolthe IDardof Trustees of Public Schools,
;Wilr,'Ji:.WJil;V.WWA.,S,, ""
, " .. n ....-. ,.,-. i - kit, ...- s.ai
. plp F(.Jgul0n iutrodured a bill appropriating
' $,000, or as mut.h Hereof asmay benecessary, for
' rrpliing and extending the Lastcrn .Market lo L
j gj.:s."-ffja2-v&iitSst
,,., lt,c, M,t t0 the e it slda or Market Space,
so that sld pavement nay oorrrii ond with tbe
jradoolialJL ilrcct,u;liroUdln thatthe ipsie
JMt Jffl.S.-f-S'S'ffl
, ltrort. and naked its immediate nsssaee.
. Mr. Wright imvidan ameudmcnt.anprnprlaUng
. m uj to Lull 1 a uiaiket-house at tho corner ol
Jinih slieet vtcst aril U street south. Ue stated
tht the around al'cadv belonged to the Coinurv
t tlou, and ho thought that It the till passed tot epalr
the tnnrketlnthe Sixth want, something should
1 bo eltea towards a market in tho Seventh ward.
1 Mr. ttrguioo, In order ilitt the question might
ha considered, not c l to rcir to tho dm ml (tee on
NAI KCUt wilicn " eiiecu iu.
I msoi L1KIJ
' Mr. LtTLcr Introduced tho lullor las 1 rint ueo
1 ittso i fit, , That tho Major be, ami ho is here
bv. rruutstLd tocutei into a new routract with
the Washington Oar-pKht Company, whereby the
1 lamps Ol litv eiv) nmw uajuurM vtnj uiiif iiuiiu
On moti'Mi nl Mr Wilson, thejulnt resolution
was rtlcrird tu a special committee l seven one
1 irrtm each ward, and Messrs Wilson, Owen,
vephcus, Ldmonstoo, Utvls, Dudle aud Rutt
lira 1 a tint in lot ed.
Mr. terguiun tntroduved the followln,; resolu
tion, whUIi was arrfd to
H ohdt lhat the IWtister be, and he Is hereby,
requested tt topuit 10 this lioard the whole
iminiiii nr hailm ires that havu beoi collected
' At.d placed tu tl e t red it ol tl c harbor tund, tu this
date, and what amount Ms been drawn Iruw lhat
'."igMnVulThS f.lluwla, tthich was
. lfe4l tu
uiiL-eaa ltiB (.Dutr&ctor fur tho c radian ol V
strtet uuitli, Hum iMOiu tucti uicaiiy 10 iiur
tccnth street west, nnd ihe Metrupolitau Railroad
Cumpsn Usve eycavated, lor the spacv ut ncatW
I, ur squates, without ttuiutlng tne tt.a4tcd
illi, su as tu it'iidt-r tratlliiiff, both lu pcdr.tl
4it .ilt'Hiil, iithli t'liposi.ldv theiilull',
Be it rtiolvedt 4c, That the Mayor cause the
nuisance thee created to be abated with all pos
slble dispatch.
nceoaTS or coMfcnrrEti.
Mr, Feugbi from the Committee on Improve
ments, reported the Mil (Doard of Aldermen) to
relay the gutters on Eighth street east, across
Pennsylvania avenue. Passed.
Mr. Wilson, from the Committee on Dialnu.
Ve , reported a hill to lay watermajns as follows)
on M street north, fom Kllth to sixth arrests
west.oa Third street east, from Maryland at roue
to u street northron C street north, frtjm f 1 1 d
street east lo New Jersev avennei en K siren
south, from lour-aBda-halftof lveoth street west 1
wnuiirrii aouin, irom jininio -.teTrDin ir,i
west) on Tenth street west, Iron B street south to
F. street south t and on Eleventh street west, from
D strret stiuth to Marrland avenue. Passed.
Aleo.a bill to appoint a secretary aod topograph! r
to the water toard which led to a lengthy rUscus
'is, iu iuiu t'lraira. 1 ffjn, ttiourc, irriuinii,
Rlscen, and others partlcipatid, and varioua
amendments were offered, when the bill was
lasted, as follows 1
ff it tMiltd, , That Immedlate'y alter tde
passage of this act, and thereafter annually on or
about the fourth Monday In June of each year , the
Mayor shall nominate an 4, by and with the advice
and consent or tbe Beard of .Mdeimen. appoint a
citizen skilled as a to)KgTaphloal enjrtnetr tn per
form the duties of secretary to the water Board,
aad sued other duties as maybe required ef him
by the said Board, and also to act as an assistant
of tha Water Registrar la the discharge of the
duties of that office.
5 re 3 ,tnd.V frtirf rnecltd. That the salary
of the secretary of the Water Hoard herein pro
vided for be twelve hundred dollars per year, pay
able monthly out of the water fund.
Seel AndbeitfunhtrcnaJed, That the sum of
onethOQssnd dollars, or so much thereof as may
be necessary, be, and the same Is hereby, appro
priated to pay the said salary duriog the icmainder
of the present 041 years
Sec. 4 And be U further enact.d. That for the pur
chase of the necessarr books and stationer, and
(or furnishing the ott.ee of the Water nasrd, and
for the cottlo'cnt expenses of the Board, the sura
of tle hundreu dollars be, and the same Is hereby,
appropriated, payable out of the water fund.
OlIERVlNi e nrrnf iiamtn.
Mr. Teugh, from the seleot committee to whom
was referred the communication of Superintend
ent Webb, In relation to ihe erring af newspai ers
on the stbbath, during church nours, reported the
following btlli
Beitrntcted, 4c ,That from an J after tho pas
sage of this aet It shall not be lav ful for any per
son In thts city to cry aloud any newspaper, perl
odical, or other printed matter, or any other arti
cle, for sale on the Sabbath dayj and for each and
every violation of this act the person so oitendlog
shall he liable to a una of not less lhanone nor
more than live delists
See. 3. Ai,d be it further totted, lhat It snail not
be lawful lor any person to keep open any barter
shop or other place of business lor the sale of any
article or artlalasol Dm fit. durlcr the fiahbatn
day. except apothecaries, for the dlspeaslng of
meulclne. and all matters of charity and necessity;
uu urn iui aur tioihuoq di (ois aor, ine person
or persons so offending shall, for cash and every
oftence, b liable to a hoe of not less than twenty
nor more tain forty dollars, and that the flnei and
pt names ucaer mis act sosiroe f ouecteu as lines
usually are, and one-half of eaeh rod every tlie
shall be paid to the Informant.
Mr. Wilght suggested that, to carrr out the ol
J-ct ot the bill to Its lull extent, the big ho'els
should bo shut urt and the horse rallrnau annul,!
stop on sundav, and the people ol the city should
be entirely Iso.atcd, He wanted the news, and the
latest news.wbetherlteame on Saturdtor Sunday.
Mr. Edmonston moved that the bih be laid on
the table till the rebelt'on Is over. Laughter )
The President (Mr. I arner) ssld tt was time tnat
we should hat a a little " naca on the sahhath
for the church-going peop'e, and they were entitled
to It. This crying of newspapers on the Sabbath
day ws now a "crvlng" evil, especially around
churches, and somethlnpr should be done to stop it.
ui tuuiviiiiuu i.iu 111 jiia locality, i I'rr
son could hardly tell a Sf-jday from a weekday,
a iuw wriuu were (juiug on nisi tity as well aa
others. It he was to be denrlvcd of reading the
news on Sunday, be wanted these wsgons stoptd
from mak'nganoiseon Sunday. rLatightr
Mr. Moore thought that tometn'og should Lo
done on the subject. It was a grave question ti
ra-et, but It must te met. He would nave liked
to have Kjt rid of tho qurttlon, but t ould not. II
somethltt was notdonc.it would not la lone t r
lore acerta'n cls-s, who aiedolnj bus'neri, end
who do not obicrvetho &abbath.wouM Is pttl
ttonlng these CouncPs tu allow them to do dull
ness on the Sabb .th.
Mr. Wright thought there was a (treat deal of
numuvg avuut ioia question.
Mr. Pcuth said that the bill had been retx-trled
unauimously from the 1 elect committee, and that
at least seven of the members ol the Board were
pie'sr-d Hsuppoit tha measure. This crvlogof
newspapers wei a nuisance to every good man.
The luartMateof the-wet la re of the city thee
men who observe the Christian Stbbatn those
who revere the teachings of Lhrlstlanltj were
aasticu. iu men ni'jiiraia i auaiB 1DIS CVII. lit
(Mr. D was not competent to speak stronglr u
.1.1a ...i.i.1 I. I,.,. ..) . as. a .. .?.
hind the sacred den to eonlemn this evil In terms
wnicnwou'd ue r ijcct 1, since legislation JiaJ
1 "en oommcucru on tuia suujeci ne nad re en com
P'lmen'rdfnr bringing the measure to the attcn
l.on ol the Cosrd, aid urged to press It tu Its pat
ssge. It tho earlier hUlory of Mar) land persons who
did not attend church on Sunday were put Ished
by ailneofSr Jpoundiof tobacco, (laughieril and
shal we at this day hsve no regard lor the Sal
bath' 1heb''l wrselmplv to prevent the crying
otncwspapeis He wri giad to hear the news of
a sui eisul hatile, but he was not pleased to hear
tha Sunday Mcrevty and it'mlay 1 hrcniite bellowed
about during chuuh hou'i, or just alter Its cloio.
Mr. Wilght could not ie u hat there was so re
volting laatlltle ra-rged l-oy earn'ngnn honest
penny on Sunday, ulth b'a extra RLrusLiiAit,
f xtra Anr, extra Ihrani te, or extra anything else.
If these pel sofa s who claim M be annoyed by the
crying of newi'taperi were attsnd-g to ihe pleus
Instructions ci their preachers they could not he
annoyed. Theasewse rarfetcheu. The eentlc
man (Mr. rcu?h, had re err 1 to tho factor men
being flo'd tivo hundred pouoi's of tobacco for not
going to church years avo. that Is o, and U the
g'ltt'cman wl I h'' back a Ulllo fortuei ho will tlnd
where thev hunr meu and women for Icing
u itches, t Laughter V e ought to go ahead, anu
not so back. Ih'e Is a prugrMsU-a-o. Men wrnt
the news, and the la :st news, and they wlllhate it.
llethoughtthe gentlemen urging this hill wasted
to appear allttle more pious than they icatly were.
Fverymanwho has tne good ot his country at
hear, should gladly tako at any time apiperwnen
a glorious Union victory wee announced.
.dr. Peugh replied that the argument of Mr. W,
did not apply. The bill onlv pronoicd to stop the
crying of newspapers not tne sedlogof triem.
Mr Wright cdotsnded that the effect ol the bill
would be to stop every poor little newsboy from
tilling his paers and earning his breai. Iftneydo
not rell that they have papeis to sell, of course no
body knows that they have them, and nobody will
buy them. He looked upon It as an attempt to de
Er.ve these poor newsboys of their bread and
Mr. Pettibooo moved to strikeout thellrst set
ttoo, which was not agreed to Teas 4,navs 11
Messrs. hd mans ton, Kelly, Pot tl bone and Wright
voting "j ea "
Mr. Wright stiUthought the bill was defective,
and moteu to Insert a clause protldlre that it
shall be unlawful for s'eamboats to tluw their
whistles on fcunday. Great laughter
Mr. Rh'sm oiotru tt further amend, so as to
prevent all other "blowing " Renewed laughter,
Tho amendments were rejected, and the bill was
read tbe third time and Massed yeas 11. najs S
Messrs Ldmonston, Pettloooe, and Wrijut voting
A tdll to construct a s weron I street, from
Tenth to Sixteenth street. Rererrcd.
A bill to rade M street north from Sixteenth to
Feventreotn streets est. Referred
A bill tu err Je at.d pat 0 the north alley of rquare
1)7 Passed.
A bill to pate and curb the r.ortlt front ofsquare
4b7 Passed
on motion, the Riard adjourned.
Tub Dsmociutic Partt Tnma to Ciunoi
its Lives. Ata latu Kcpubllcan met lie? tu
New Yoik city, Theodore Til ton, of the iW
txmjrut, produced great merriment by tho fol
lowlop; illuttrallon:
My friend, Mr. McLennan, the arlUt don't
confound bltn with McClellaa laughter
show cd mc a drawing the oilier day, represent
Ids the calamities of a traveler on a Jersey rail
road, who llioui-lit, nulla entering llergeu tun
nil, ho would have a pood opportunity, la the
darkness, lo chango his shirt. Laughter.
fin, uulotklut his carpet-bat-, ho piled busy
bauds In putting on tho garment, but had juM,
got It over his head, and fait tangled lu his
arms, when, to his dismay ami the uproar ol
tho passengers, the I rain emerged lniobioad
daylight Ureat laughter.
Now. my friends, for my life I could not
uup tuiuMug, wuuu ioo&iQg at mai picture, 1
thai the Chicago Convention supposed tbu
country was to pass through a loug gloom,1
darker thau a railroad tuuutl, and their up
portunltv was a good ono to present them
eiHc with a cUau thllo bosom of peace, but
wheu tho couutry suddeuly vmuged luto tho
tirh'ht. anil shine nf RhtrniaiiV vlitnii. that
1 j arty tvas diicowrtd stripped to sudden uaked
itiaS, aud It has uot tluio betu ilolhed or lu
Us right mlud. Uieat luciiimcul, tliohuiuo
.ouvuUed with laughUr 1
Southern News.
f From the Richmond Lxamtner. Nnv 2 1
There Is an unofOclal report that the smalt
uoDieoerate force unaer t;oi. u a iter bis eraeu
ated 1'Iymouth without loss of artillery or
stores, ana mat me ranitccs uavo taken pos
session of tho abandoned town.
rlymoulli Is a small tdaco nn Albemarle
Sound. To take ll from tho Yankees laslsprlDjr
we neany 1001 unirya lilult. m couture tw
fe of tte chief gloria of Ot -. Vrar;'i rcUpi, By
mo way, is not Mm. uragg now in commnmi
auiuuwiicro nn tne coasi 01 norm Carolina r
it rem tbe Wllralnirtm Jniiinkl I
There 1s an old savlna?ttiitthrrALiinl r.ii.t h
llrn long. lr).att thla sarlnir tnav anntv ua
well tupl.ictSASLo indhliltial! and lrn.mav
a..nnnl Caa. It,n T.. It.i mil. .1.... . .T
"w'u " hi tv iiiiiiniuu, nunse
laic nas occn so long ami o rrcquenlly threat
ened or predicted, "aim lives' or. In the
classic phrase or a younij genllctnan ttho
caught tho Idea but n t thr wordv. H It ain't
now. onto more, and wuh rch.Miini rtiri,
and frequency, wo arc noluti d out as sln.rtt for
the slsairhtcr. Tbe koiruthnl lAtisrvtr nnr
jomt ana several jugulars ha, nln'ady bun
whetted so shtrn that, like unlo .bilanar
norsc, even me inanimate cutlery smtdltlh the
battle afar olTlhlrstcth for our blood nnd iats
ba' ha
Confound the icoiIe. vrc wish lliev would
stop their nonsense. Ibis thin of having
people grinding axes, and whetting knlv es, and
tiling up gunboats, and loading bombshells all
tho time for our special use and behoof may bo
fan to outsiders, but wc don't see tho Joke, and
more tfcnn that, wo donl gain In oor power nf
unacrsianuing or appreciating It, nnd don't
expect to. uur ouvito to Admiral rarragat,
or to any other admiral whoaa mVme i cru.s,
would be to Lup away from here, ir lie com i
hero ho may get hurt in the end of his name.
Bcriousir. ho.vcvcr. this tUmr df an nititk
may bo sprung upon ua Instantly, ns it was at
Mobile cy Charleston. It has appeared just as
E rotable hero before as It does now, and still It
aa not yet come. H appeared lo more ,o at
Charleston, and )ct the city Is now under llrr
( 1 roi tne RlchmonJ Dispatch, Niv. i
This work, while In progress, and all con-
ccroini: It. cannot fall to be oflntu-est. From
pcreons well acquainted with the geography of
unu ! mruugu wuicu idc canai ir ieing
cut, wo have learned some facts which win
enable tho reader to understand the character
ana msznitade of the tvoru Butler has under
taken. Tho Isthmus known as Dutch Gap
which connect "Farrar's Islard" with th.
main laud or noith bank of tho river. Is czactlt
two hundred yards across, being eighty feet
iugu on me w item stuc, ana s.opiog down to
the river on the cist, Tho channel of the
river i uns ogalnst tho vt at side, etttLlng It ob
llquely. Just oil the shore at this point tbe
water Is from twelve to fii.ccn f.ct deep. Ihe
channel bclnrr on this side n ill erratic id Hut.
ler. should be ever comnletc his canal, as. hjd
ii uecn on me miaaio or oppoiue side or the
river, bo would have been ol llced to construct
a hngh breakwater to turn the stream Into the
cansi. vtcicarniuat no is cutting dissonant
through the Isthmus beginning n hundred
yards below Its narrowest point, and dcslguing
to come out ai mo point wnere mochaunc
strikes the bank. This will glvo his canal, if
ever nnisncn, a jcnjm 01 anotit ilt-'J 'mrdred
yards. J
si tve 'taiLitcm a i ivV.fit.occa(iOM. i.itl
reason to belle vo that tho canal rroter has
been begun, the cut to the water's edge, which
- nrr ssary priuminary, natingnnt jctiii'tn
tu iu tnnn two mires com ppnut.
AN INHIAN liritl ' CBCIt4I '3 KEPO IT.
Kro-nit e Htchmoii'l Uhie, rl Nottn'tr J J
.Aa wo bare but one Indian ii.nerul iu oui
scrtlce the brave Stand Watle, who is said to
be at generous as he la bravo we Insert with
pleasure the first olllclal dlspal h wchavoacen
from him. No one hssmadegrcitersacrlticcs
lor me Lontcueracy than im has
DiniiLnEFk rir ji. tst-i
(iisBiiti On the mornltuni the rub we
tl turcd the I'tiuiny'a met at Cabin crock aTter
a ilirbt of sir hours drovcthcenctuvawtv. l.c
train was there, which wafciupltircd ovit two
hundred and fifty natron. Uolmvn nnw m.r
one hundreu wagons with us. Wo have nnu
uuuarcu ana incniy prisoners a loner. Our to
is very slight two mcu killed ami a foiv
wounaea. .
The blow will bo severely felt Uv tho cnLinv.
Ills loss In killed, wounded and Prisoners is
over two nunurca. ionr iricna,
liTAMt Watib, Ilrlgadlcr tim rat
neroits RKiiMosn.
1'j.TCKM'L'nu. Nov. 'J, 1SS4. It Is r i nor ted
the oneiny were busy 1 ut night shlltln.; iruopa
from tbe north to the south side of the Jaiuca
liver, and that there Is considerable activltt In
the enemy's camps'.
.omintr ueumie as 10 meir lutnro iMinsif
his yet been dcvuloped.
The weather M cold turn rainy.
Tlianltsglt In fur the ballnin,
ikttcr niOM coMMonnrtc nonnBit.
The follow Ina Mtcr his bun received from
Commodore Kotlgrrsi
"tw vottK, lo.enil.tr i, ifil.
Dear Ulinti It Is pruposcd bv tbo irood
gentlemen of this city to send a thankclvlng
dinner to the Army of tho l'niom tc and tu the
fleet la the dames river.
Tho thought Is a good om, not ll.cL the
mero food Is of o much value though that is
very Important to Iho thousands of hungry
men who will receive It but tho com furl of
knowing that the peoplo, eating their Thanks
giving dinners at home, ihlufc rini onlj of
their friends in the army, but as noil of (hose
of that gallant body who have no friends and
no tics of kindred lo make them mucin) cred.
Sailors aro cosmopolitan In their habit, they
are acquainieu in every port, ana nave n home
nowhere. To tho most of them no famllj lbs
aro known. They havu outlived away from
homo tbo olllccs of kindred. II now, tu thue
hermits lu tbu blockade, the-'oiumlUeu v ould
send alhanUtglvlng dinner, Uiufood would tc
far moro valuable man us merL money a mttita.
no Sanitary commission eucnd its aid tea
them, no friends send to tho greater pin of
them uciuiiciis oy Auams i.xprcss. J hey arc
shut off In a degreu Irotu Inlcrcource with the
rest or tho world, it would no pvltcu.ar v
frratcful to theso men to know that their course
has raised up for them ft lends vthomln datsof
peace me) never a.iiow;mai iiiouu ecemingly
alone, warm strnpalhUs ore extended to them
In their lonellncfa.
What I propose Is that ocrv esct of tlu
blockading ilea on our (nasi have 'Iliac
giving dinner scut. If ll should nirltc nlur
the regular Thanksgiving dinner il will not lo
tlio less acceptable to men lo whom, any dlnucr
fresh from Now Vurktvtll be a maitcr'ol thanks
giving. 1 lie means of doliigthls aru already
provided, so far as transportation Is i oucerned,
since supply steamers urn nu'ularly.
"Hours, ie , ".juun ii-iHirnj.
'GcorgoV. Blunt, Ea i."
Jo IIioKcn is 'laiui In the .,-ruiicnlon
procession at Sprln.rflcld, Illlnoifl, lai week.
were uimtu three two-horse tvs 'ons loaded wlih
wood. It was dumped In a pile for distribution
to soldiers' families. Gui. lo Hooker, white
rldiugup from th depot, ma luo procesaion,
and was rather blunnol by the nlnett-lhrcu
wood waeons. '' U by, whue can these farm
ers llml a market for tuls Iiuiiilusu U.inllty of
ruell" " Uh, Geucrai, u is a pari ol our pro
cession. Kvcry slick ol that Is coin ' Lu the
families ol soldiers absent In tho arm)." lbo
tears gathered Iu Hookers cjes, Iruutdcd a
moment, then ran down tbo checks bioucd In
a hundred battles, whllu Lo said. "Mvliod
what a pcuplu )ou lllluolsatis arc' uit uot
uiily iunil-li nun without btlut to lihl Ihu
batLli of the nation, but vou taU i lulher's
carnoi their wives aud cblldieu tthlle lhey aro
A war carried on bysueha ieJilo"a fall-
..... lil ii....... -I.. .. I- .1.. . .. .sill .tl. I i.. ,1.1.
iiivi vi'i'j".l lli-auo, U1J HIUnHMOHVU u .ui
' lie and llils BlamUrf -.V, 1 . 'iVt&iMf.
r..tsr from Kuropa Arris nl of Jstaaiinr
V.tw Vnnv Vttr T Tl.. .,.. . I Km
Ilaltlmoro has arrived with advices ttjni IU
erpool to the 27tb.
ine improvement in comraereialatralrs c :
tinned to make progress. Money vyas cas.i't,
but fallul-es were, howrcr, still dally au
Lnftit4. lli t ? i ,-,., , i-,,, i . ci-.
"0; for money.
rnsiirrrssful Attempt or lt-l.tl Force t-
CroastlicTauncivca lllvcr.
NUIIII.LE. NOV. "i-.fln Mia" 1 If.t.nt n
rtlclforco allzmptcd Ucrr.-tle Tenncscc
nvcraimc mn,iiiiir Ititiowatcr, jitt wcror -jailed
by a Federal force with ronsidcral Ic
TLrca rebel redmentsff jvalrvarorcivtripd
betwcea Urcatnr and Cowtland. Fornst,
wllh a cavalry forrc, Is reported near John
sonvlllo, which Is amply garridoned to re;'
any alla'k.
Prom Ann Kmnclsc"
Siv FiiANClst-o. Nov. 4. Wnhava i i
of particular Interest to report to-day.
iuuuca is iiiaaii'cngroasing sntiject ni j
lie attention throughout the State, liotb pir
ties arc marshaling Ihrlr forces and h ibli
large meetings In every placo ol cont t u
Coloraitn t)rcllns in rtecome n State
Dstvtn ClTT. C. T. Nov. 1. The olllcli
canvass of the vote mi the "Stale" rjuestbn
shows about bOO mslorllvatralnat the rror o
fwuuuteiftlt IlklU.
Uostov, Nov. 5. Will-tiecutcl count erf
tens" on tbo Uank of North Am ua. or
Boston, aro being circulated over tbocouut r.
Il-.ranl fur the Arrest of Illegal t
The chairman of the New York Union t'
executive Committee makes tbo folic v n,
Nt rl Iii( atl Umo.v Coiimi ti ,
I am authorized to offer, on behalf rf i
above committee, a reward of one thouan.
dollars for the first arrest, followed by convlc
Hon, of a person offerlm-fl fraudulent i tier's
Vile-. 11AMILTOX 11'
" Chatrmsn Fxtcntlve Con it
Vawjtd and I,ndicrOn tJouAlned A
man.resldlntrnotmanvmlliiifmi c tu
- i
Vl I,'-
port, who visited tho While Moanta
summer, accompanied by bis wife, sir
tbo Hotel, and ono night millo t
a sadden nnd violent attack-or colic,
plication of mustard was recommend.
lleve hla pain, and no coasicfi in it- t,
tried. His wife, on going down to thd . htii,
found tbe mustard, but nothing en e U
spread It upon, and her puket 1 uni' .uiet
wastaKen ior ma. pnrpwe. in a mom t fiiu
was at tha bedside, and applh d the p uler.
"There, that will help you, now," nai 1 shr.
She bad scarcely tints bed tho scntencf, how
ever, when the poor man turned over and
roared, " What tho d 1 arc joa about i ' V
vat imt her htiland't twice' Her lamp ha?
vivLn buL a feeble Ui'M. and sbu bad a.
the wi oh7 loom ' tfhe found her own span u.
without aciay, ana rciaieu i-iu umurt un
cumstanee to her husband, addlntr, with u i ,
that ftr "iim fa wit tt"- ' . r r 1 u
sick man was compbiely ovcrcouu w ill
la'ightir. His colli illsaiiptur I a- u '
as it camo. Ii tt- n-rru' l not to -etumi u i
m ihntTH narts. The landlord was call d
ihit nflalr cxplaiuc 1, aud mc man ai.d Ua tv
left nn the earliest express train. The; u
man who was bo unceremoniously dlnmr v '
(and who la well knovtn lu Uostou) has i
aert-ed thu haudkerchlcf. (Jucrj On,' i
not lo return It" lfii. i" t.
Death op thb "Uio Yan os." i
remembered that Mosb) has Ua I la li J
for a long tlmo a deserter frim j" n
Nuvv York cavalry knmtn as t - u
Uo." Mosby hai always regarded hi a t
most valuable man In his tummsiui 11 t
urcduiiltolargelt Inlkuuaptuicof Un S u
tonal Fairfax Court Houfc over ayem o
Indeed, It was through his agency 1 1
dash of Moshy succeeded. WcIl,thu"L i. Yat
kce" has at last comu lo irrlcf. A few uat u
Mosby had some Important messages t u
Ln u dlitfint tHiInt. and the errand was on '
md a vcrydinge pons one. Therigaukec
proposed lo undertake tho Joli, and M sin,
considering blui tcry valuable, aud r it desi
lug to lose hi in, tudcuvorul lo persujdc hioi
nut to go. Hut he pcrsl-tcd In going, ami
Moshy dually conscntul. Hustartcl.l'Uluev
returned. On bis way bo encountered a small
itiiuadot Lulon cavnlry, who halted him and
icmanucu ins aurrciiULr. iiu ruiusu i, siuk
"there was no surrender Tor him," and at the
i.Tiin Llmu harnmmenced ilrloe into tut, n n'
l,w h hml ImlLid lilm. Tbu at L n Stilled iu b s
death, as bints liiiinedlotel) "hotdeai' ' ) u
men. So cimed the career of a moht notot 10
and law teas man. U'rwlrla Jonma
CfltnmlMlnii or tli Unltail tftntcs ud
.Nolle c U hereby given that the tumaussi t
tided fur I) the tontcnuuu of 0TCIubtr .', i u
i.riLvan tho L'nlict Mitel -.ail l'oua lor forth
mutual adjustment of ctalmi, was I'u'y or am r '
at IhCtltyof Riivvannllonlhe Hthdsy- i uji t
taat, and that thest I Commlsalon will cont
in seisum In the perlol of twelve moat i fro n
that date.
All cUliem ol the Utiltcd stAlsa b.Ui ui
upon I- cuador arc, therctorc, notlile I to a,
lcrioD,or by attorney, ant present the " i t
support ot their claims to sld Uommiisinn, ui t
llle their claims and proofs with the Sir nii
the Commlitlnn, "Scntr Crlsanto W
Guavartull, In tha RtiubUoof lent lur.
Claims whleu ahall nut he prccut
Commission wltltln the twtlv old t i
in existence will be t'lircsarlitt j h e.
merits, and considered invalid "
FitrrtBitit iiAss.vciu
Minister nesldont and Co-nmlnl ncrof tho etui, i
Wasiiivjiom UTY.lVoicr I. ! "'-'
F r 1 C I A L .
Wah Di i ARTnriT J
muutawtOlhlral urn t,
'A3lll.QT0, Msreh 17, ISst
All a iidicattons lor isavesof ahicnar uf si
tuiislon to visit Waihintttoa mut bo adt.'tf '
Maisr General Haltecli, Chief ol Start, v
ipeoify the business for which tje o 1.
ihe ermlsslous Telegrams a 1 Uriu 1 Hi .t t
"crctary of War on this subject v. u omn
uy . ui n """'V'r.VJv-N'.tM,.
ra21-tf Aittitaut Adiutaut t- men.
Nil . HI h LER,
AtitiM v urtict.
No sii Ninth street west, near Venn
Convey -. i) ci (it, Aeknowledzuients, Puv
(oilier, and all busloess peitalolns to t
oltlte Iramactcl with dispateh.
rartteular attsntioapald to tuc e n
lection d rents on real estate, ami
Jcscrlpttotis, N. B. Property hol'i '
be very best o tenants witr.ni
r.iitriim.Mhtli .till ' '
Waiuimiiok, : w1"' !', ' '
Notleels lier.hygliml.i ' I "?!",, ,
not lialJ taxis lor Itio muful )r,
ll allow .,1, lor Ihe will ' "','."":""
tax., ou Hi. m. I ''V''."1"4' '
lll,l.to.l.c.tiu..utoLuiiv v
uooit l""' '

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