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' ' i J i i i i ass i s
61 All U1K If.
1 r-TT"'M'l " IW-HIWH II IIT mp
kleoikiii, anvEHBEn h,
souchnly iwkait to henceforth taith
fully support, protect, and dkfeni
the conititution of the dnited state'
and the union oe.the states there
lux Lraooui Washington, Oct. 10, lfOI.
ihuuhutrtli a. Tufts, FennsjlTanla avo
nu. cornar Berentb street.
(Mlo J. C. Wetmor,' I'eniiejlTiuU avenue,
corner BeTcnlh atreot.
IUumU ItlandJ T. Benedict, VonnsjlTanla
avenue, corner 8Tenth street.
mliotur J. W. Montfort, &U.K ilrect.
.V l'orl Col. S. North, 181 1'ennsjlvanla
PeonsjlTinla Col. Koberti, 480 Eleventh
Michigan J. TunnlcllfT, corner E and
Nrw Jersey Colonel Karf.rty, SW (I street
Illlsoli Col. Newton Crawford, S Patent
ConnecUcut-Dr. W. 51. White, Wlllard's
Maine U. C. Hinds, 373 T (treat.
Vermont F. Holbrooli, 4SG fourteenth
J decree Cowle, Fifth Auditor's Offlcc,
Treasury Department.
DENCE." CharUttm Jftreurr.
THE NEW lonit ELECTION rllll
We learn by a prlTate dispatch from Now
Tort city tbit the election wu proceeding In
an orderly manner, and that nnsual qnlct pro
vailed throughout the city.
MJ - Hnller'a First Ueueral Urtlcr.
GnrsaiL Oudirs, No. 1. In obedience to
ths orders of the President, and by the asign
men of Major General DIz, commanding De
partment of the East, Major General Butler
assumes command of the troops arriving and
and or the troop. arrlTlnis ana
.detailed for dntr la the State
-.... .. .
bout to arrive,
of New York to meet existing emergsnclcs.
To correct misapprehension1, to soothe the
fears of the weak and timid, to allay the ncrv-
ouanesaof the lU-adrlsed to silence all falso
rumors circulated by bad men for wicked pur
poses; and, to contradict, once and for all,
false statements adapted to injure the Govern
ment in the respect and confidence of the
people, the Commanding General takes occa
sion to declsre that troops have been detailed
In this district sufficient to preserve the peace
of the United Slates, to protect public property.
to prevent and punish Incursions Into onr bor
ders, and to Insure cslm quiet,
If It were not within the Information of the
Government that raids, like In quality and
object to that made at St. Albans, were In con
templation, there could have been no necessity
for precautionary preparations.
The commsndlug general hs been pained
to see publications by some nottoo-w ell-In
formed persona that the presenco of the troops
of the U nlted States might, by possibility, hare
an effect upon the free exercise of the duty of
voting at the ensuing election. Nothing could
be farther from the troth. The soldiers of the
United States are especlslly to see to It thst
there Is no Interference with the election, un
less the civil authorities are overcome with
force by bad men. The armies of the United
Btatea are " mtnlstera of good, and not of ovll."
They are safeguards of constitutional liberty,
which Is freedom to do right, not wrong. They
can be a terror to evil-doers only, and those
who fear them are accused by their own con
sciences, according to the Inspiration of his
own judgment freely. lie will be protected In
that right by the whole iowcr of the Govern
ment If It shall become necessary.
At the polls It Is not poesiblo exactly to sep
arate the Illegal from the legal vote "the tares
from the wheat" but ttls possible to detect and
punish the fraudulent voter after the elec Ion Is
over. Fraudulent ruling In election of the
United Btatea ofllcers Is an offence against the
peaee and dlgnllyof the United Slates. F.very
man knows whether he Is a duly qualified otcr,
and he who votes, not being duly qualified,
dot a grievous wrong Again. t light and know
ledge. Specially la fraudulent voting a deadly
sin and heinous crime, deserving condign pun
Ishmcnt In Ihoio who, hsvlng rebolllously so
ceded from and repudiated their allegiance to
this Government when at their l.nmta In tbe
finnth nnwhiilnirflV,... HM -..,.
' ' ""
thehosplUlityoftbsSuteandclemencyofthe1D(;j.toutotdaLger,lUt Ms Irl.nd. hatsupss
Government by Interfering in the election of, i W. recover, ,,..,.., ,
our rulers. Such men can. pile rebellion upon
treason, breach of faith upon perjory, and for
feit tho amnesty awarded them. It will not bo
well for them so to do.
By command of
Maj. Gen. Bbnj, F. Bltlsh
Capt. A. F. riTirv, A. A. A. G.
I plated at the corner of Twanty-fifrh stit ano.
Tn Mitiin of known avowed Southerners uroadway While making tnls hi rtsldence.Gm.
tov Ynrk rltv nniimiiiii ..m.,.rM.r Roller has also estabil.hsd h a rollitary baadnusr
New York city undoubted sympalhlrers tersbeie Oe Soott haa a so taken rooms at the
and. as far as possible, allies and abettors of Hoffman Homo for the winter.
rabelllon Is estimated at twenty thoutand,
it it innini nr ub ones oi ania nnrinmtna i a r... . n...n.nt ! Hni
i.i...Hi.M.-riAMi.M.Fih . w"t. xjiDuuancui agent ioroea.Aiui- . Wnndrr.fr .. ,..., r,r iinnmrii. nn Mfcm
Dypviuwu w a -- -"""""t isra oepana.eai) nas teuivrd irom on o oreo " V " V1Z rr rX"! "! IV". "1 ",' 7 oA . ..- ...i .k-..-.i ....... n ...
and dlalovaltV OnblnshlOff, aVOWOd, and form! regimem since last pay Oay upwards Of S)19OOU,IO luurauay, wuiui hkjk .j iou Ul uieia.. t buwbmibuiub vsiwiB,ni aMiuuu ijuui ruI "tf t I w '"'' . v. I'M
ana auuoyaij u wu-.-( , wi wi be lWp0lWej lQt tueiain th savings beak for col took only fifty-two seconds to do It. modore wss imported to this country by John in Now England. Mutton Transcript. Tna Ciiiciit Court,--
dablo7 And yet ths Mayor of that city, the or-d popl,sooa io lecatbiiibd at Noriolk. 1 i -, J Minor Botts.st acost of I2LO0O. Howsssoldi - UerternVol th circuit eou
Oovernor of that State, treat such men as '' -ft "" " -y Y.'rr'r.t .VtU hin.i " Krimcb woikslUOcoaltnlues, 303 liou mines 0 few dsjs ago In Louisville. Ky for fWl, iaa aiccieiiau electoral ucutt in leoueaseo ihe docket's can was the
their MendaJ"
mi .
Glorious News
Capture of the Pirate
Twelve Officers) and Fifty.cight
Men Taken Prisoners.
The Navy Department hat received ofllcla'
advices by tn arrival at llostoa of the capture
nftheplrato Florida, In the harbor of Bahla,
bay of Ban Salvador.
The capture was made by Ibo United Slate
gunboat Massachusetts. Twelve officers- and
flfty-eigkt tocri were taken prisoners, Uie.tr
malnder being on shore.
From c If jr Paint.
The steamer Webster, with the mall an J pss-
sengers from City rolnt, arrived at the Sixth
street wharf this moraine. Owing to tht
heaTy fog of last night the steamer was com
pclled to anchor.
An attack was mado on Saturday sight, Id
which soTcral of our pickets were captured am
wo captured seTcral of tbclri.
Prisoners wcro constantly btlo brought In
to City Point.
His rumored at City Point that iu altar
from the rebels Is expected to-da) .
otitic lu Bherltlan'a Ariuy.
Thirteen regiments from West Virginia, In
Sheridan's army, gave onlyvlnety-elgbt vote
In all for McClcllan. Fire of the regiment
voted without a dissenting Tolce for Lincoln.
The Gib corps gare quite a large McClcllan
rote. Many of the oflleeri of that corpa sym
psthhe with McClcllan as a much-abused hero,
Just as the Chicago platform tympathlzra with
tno soldiers generally.
CHatiBii In the nineteenth Army Corps
Col. N. A. M. Dudley, a moat gallant officer,
has been assigned to the command of the lit
brigade, (the " fighting brigade,") lit division,
19th army corps. Major General Emory com
mandinz. Brigadier General Fessenden, la It
of General Hooker's statT, succeeds Colonel
Dudley to the command of the Cd brigade, 2d
division of the 10th corps.
Auoto those who fell In the terrlblj battle
of the llHh of October. In the Shenandoah Val
ley, was Charles Psrmenter, of Windsor, Ver
mont, a young lawyer, who went as a aubstl
tnte furnished by Hon. Jul Lin S. Morrill. He
arrived at the front on the iCth, and his body
was found on the HUli, shot through the heart.
A Presentation SiTont for Harry Gllnior
IVMrhlli Doesn't Gtl.
On last Thursday nlgnt one of Col. Woolley's
detectives arrested a man at the Camden street
depot having In his possession a mall Intended
tor tue reDeis ana a very nan us me ana vaiua
hie sabre for Col. Uarry Gilmer, of the rebel
cavalry. The messenger was locked up In the
military prison, and the contents of the mall
examined. Testcrday Col. WooIIey made the
facts public, and arrested Mrs. Ilutcblosand
ordered her to be locked up In the city Jail to
await trial, on account of Information which
bo obtained from the Utters Other persons.
owing allegiance to British authority, and va-
risms citizens, ate likewiso exposeu Dy tne
opening of certain of the letters, but no other
arresis nave yet ucen maao. ine following is
an extract of two of the letters found, one of
which Is addressed to Uarry Glltnor
"Dbar IUuuti I nope vou will receive this
with our love. TLo btarcr will Inform you
concerning It. Tou can judge him by his
dcedx, ho Is true. Vi a hsve tern very uuhsppy
about our wounds, but hear that jm are bet
ter. All well and hopeful. The boys are doing I
will. The will return, send us a letter by 1 !
will return, send us a letter bv I
,ur noUlJ deed, and daring br.Veryi accept It
K,ithtuehearlklulncerlty and regard of jonra,
1 - 1
him. ims is
token of onr appreciation fori
Tho other letter sayst
"I en.ovcd our walk mlerdav. How little
our friend dreamt of tho weapon you carried
(auudiog to tusftworu, wmen me wilier sup
posed Itilmor had received:) of which she might
have been proud. With timid love I apologize
for tbo truth I am giving."
The aword alluded to. as stated abovc.lsnow
in the possession of CoUWooltey. and tbo mail
taken by him and his detectives is slated to be
the most Important one ever yet captured.
Mrs. iiuicnius is tue wue oi ur. i nomas j.
Hotchlns, lawyer. One of the charge against
her Is that she Is ono of tha parties who as
sisted In procuring the sword for Gllmor. The
whole afialr, together with the exposure of the
mall captured, is of the highest Importance to
Co . Woollev. and the sbowlnsr up of the case
reflects much credit upon him aud his corps of
aeiecuvcs. uoi. woouey nas oraerea me arrest
of the party lo New York who purchased the
sword uji.
Skipjldptius. The Aroostook (Me.) A-
! reports that some skedaddlers from the
town of Lloncus, seclug the evil of their ways,
sent word to the Provost Marshal, Informing
him of their desire to return to their alleglsnce
upn receiving assurance of his forgiveness.
Ho sent them a replv crantlnc their prayer.
and in a short time they appeared before him
ana were cioioeu in inu appropriate regaua.
There arc large numbers of these fellows in
New BrunswlcU. wiure business is very dull,
and v, ork scarce, and tbey will 1ms fortunate If
the) 'do not sulTor for tho necessaries of lifo be
fore tbe winter Is over. They are very dcMroun
of returning to Maine.
Wm..E three men were gathering pears In
N'lvelle, France, last month, lightning struck
tbo tree and killed nut; or tho men and a dog.
The other two were knocked from tbe tree, and
on examination showed one of them to havo
tbo branches and foliage of the tree photo
graphed on his breast.
Toe Immigration to this country continues
to flow In largrly, Tho arrivals at New York
I ant week numbered 0 075. which makes tho
number since January 1, 163,202, against 134,-
bl p landea up to mis time last year.
, Lei KortcrtT C. BrrniiiTf, Acting Assistant
I'rniisit M rphtl (.forl of New Jfry, hi been
m ere i irom iniy, sou uajn, nourn u. uTi v a
A., appointed t nl meets or.
Col. Wuielocx G. Vain!, of Rutland, has
teen appom-m ny in ttumoLi uKtiaiuia re
porter oi ths OokUiou of tha Supreiua Court,
Col. F. A. Osaoitf . of the 2 lib Massachu
ictt, and Col. kuy tiDry, of tha 40 h Masia
cliuiui is, have re)eth ely I tta iromolad to tha
rank or bret t Rrtxadier Ce aeral, 1 r merltorlaus
sertlces la -he Held, la tha prcieat aaa other cam-
I El GOV. FAIItSAMXS, Of St. JohOSburV. Vl..
wluihai baa ariOtialr til (or aevi-ral wki.
r, by - ihe sliVnlXoUeeni but Tdbbb wasH3 "JoO, dne a Unsslan fand owner ' participating In the St, Albans raid, by name
add It to his nam and i refsrs to be throiub the police office of bis town, but they Jordan Scott, It. F Young and Lewis, are rcf
y, as plain Mr Lojis Mrtau Ootts-1 wouldn't 1 o it him without a bonus of about ! ugees from the draft In Kentucky. They tie.
.1. That's enough, truly. I ti.ooo. He went to St Piitersburir audirot au- sertLJ over a rear aeo from the rebel armv. nn1
Says the ZJ! raid's Paris letter, thst the novel
1st, itxandre Dumai,it coming to tbe United
states to write a uook ou American auaus.
I Mif.Ga. BuTLBJtand stsff have taken a oar
ters at th H If an if tust, a new hotel Just o .m.
I SscuzTAnv Sbwaud arrived at Auburn yes-
TsrrlUa 11 all road Atehtsnt.
BiLTiyoa. Nov. &. The train which loft
here at 10.S5 ran off the track at Terrymans
vllle. Five. or six were killed, and a large
number wounded.
Conspiracy to Ilurn the city of Clii ng
anAIlt1ea.eas.iMt Arm (hi I'rlaouera at
Camp Don glaa Arrest orConaplratoi
Asms afci Ammnnltlon Stlxeil.
Cntaseo, Nov. 7. Within the l.-t two dsyr
S number of Persons have arrived hero from
the southern part of this Elate, mostly fron.
Fayette and Chrlstlaa counties.
Jt was supposed at first that tbey were cltl
tens coming here to vote, but It has turned out
that they were members of the "O. A. K " So
vlety, and that a conspiracy was lu progress
for raising an Insurrection here on election
day, and releasing the rebel prisoners In Com;
Douglas. Early this morning a large number
of arrests were made, and In nearly all case
arms wcrs found in tbelr poises-Ion.
Among thoso arrested Is Col. Marmaduke, a
brother of the rcbrl.General Marmaduke, wh
was the guest of Dr. Edward D. Morris, for
merly a Judge of the circuit court for thW
county, who Is known to havo harbored a lo
of bushwhackers and procured cloth Inn fo
them. It Is said he Is Grand Treasurer of th
O. A. It. Society.
Cbarlea Waist, doorkeeper of the House of
Representatives, was also arrested, and In hip
house were found several men engaged In
casting bullets for the use of the conspirators
Some of thoso srrestcd havo madeconfcssloi
lhat their Intention was to lire the city to-night,
and release the prisoners In Carap Douglas.
A lsrgequsntltyof arms and ammnaltton
was found In WalsVs houso, also the following
parties i Col. G. Bt. Leger; Col. Greenfield.
Morgsu's adjutant trcncralj Capt. Cantrcl, of
Morgsn's commsndi J. T. Shanks, and Chas,
Travis. Two hundred stand of arms and two
osrt losds of revolvers wcro also found In
Walsh's house.
(second nisriTcii
Cmcieo, Nov 7. Thoor;w says that tel
grams wero received yesterday by John Went
worth, announcing the coming of largo num
bera of bushwhackers. Cot. Sweet, command
(ng Camp DongUs, was communicated with,
and orders were at once Issued for the arrest of
ihe desperadoes on their arrival.
The fact leaked out, and tho'TalthfuP'fonnd
meant to appriso their friends, aud the bush
whackers left the train at the city limits, and
t cattered lu various directions, but tho military
and police are constantly scouring the city,
and have picked up hundreds of thtm. A pro
utller. with ncarlv one hundred suspicious
characters, also arrlied this morninx; from
Canada, and the military and police are alter
them, and all will bo csptnftd.
Col Sweet has for some time been aware of
a rebel plot to release the prisoners at Camp
uougiaa ana ourn me ciiy, ana nis OLicctivts
have been at work with success, and though
the svldcnce obtained was not sufllclontlv con
clusive to warrant the arrest of these hundreds
of conspirators, It was deemed necessary to
strike at once aitch ones as wcreunuesllon
aoiy treasonable.
The Position lu Tanniitte-- acimllou
of .lohntnuTtllt.
Lou 8 tills, Nov. f.. Ucllablc Information
from below continues to Indicate that General
Sherman's position Is perfectly r-allslactory to
uimscu ana an woo nnaersiami lit maioncr
man Is equally sallsfml v lib Hood's position t
and the developments cow progressing will
astonish and delight thy country. Beyond this
annonoceront. what wo havo Is contraband.
ine Jfemoerai contains an account ot too
evacuation of Johnsontllle yesterdut, by the
Federal commandant of that place, who de
stroyed eight transports near that place to pre
vent tneir i tiling into toe nanus oi tnc enemy,
Kuppllea for L'uion Prisoner.
PaxLipBLrnu, Nov. 7. Tho Unlte-d slates
Christian Commission has sent seven dele
gates, well supplied with hospital stores, med
icines and clothing, with tho fleet of trans
ports which has gone to Savannah, Gi , to
bring homo the Union prisoners of war.
Basr. Over four hundred differ cm experi
ments havo 1 ecu made to cure 3ouh.Amerlian
beef, so as to mske a marketable article. A
company has been formed in Montevideo, to
lessen the expense of the experiments and to
prepare specimens for trial In Euronc. The
last mall has brousht the results. ISo ruccens 1
whatever has attended the cfiorts. 1 hu article
forwarded ba. been rejected by tbo French
lnej, by tho hospital., and everywhere. It
I am IY..I Ihn nn.i.1111 A A.I ssi wa .1 .. 1 1 i". m r . V.
sivui. kUMt, uu iiuvwis uiriiujg uu iltEul LUCI
meat. An American, Mr. Slorrls, of New '
Ayrc.', bat tho tuc" cs. of the plan Is y to be
known, A process by which half a cent a
pound could bo saved would j. eld an annual
Income of millions of gold dollar's,
Iuise IIosriTiL it AtNAi OHS A Wash-
Ington letter says i
Tho medical department of tho armv Is en-
. .. .ii. .j rot,-
near innBon, ,-ia. ion general nospuai, ""., u .uw ... i.iuU1iUu w wu
which has been projected by Surgeon General teen per cent., and In Pennsylvania four per
Barnes, will eclipse In tent and accommo- cent. Tenor the loyal States produce cotton.
datlons any other net tut on of the kind In -. f m , , , . . .
tha world It Is Intended to ham it Rlir. The falling oiflu tobscco Is set down at sixty-
rounded with extensive grounds for tho ex-
erctse and amusement of the patients, It having
effect, and contributes more to the speedy re-
covery of the patients, than any other icces
sort of a hospital. The farm upon which It is
proposed to locate It comprise about a thou
sand acres, the o -ncr of which is a secessionist
and within the rebel lines.
Cool tor tub 8sason A trentlcinan uaa
contemplating the works of art exhibited lu the
window of onoof thechlcf picture dealers or
tho city, when he gradually became conscious
of the fact that a band not belonging to himself
had found us way into one ol his pntkels
Turning swlllly round he looked lh lullibor
who had taLn so unusual a llbertj straight
Into the face, nud exclalmod,wiilj coueentruted
Indignation! ou had your hand In ray pocV
ctr' M Well," replied tho detected member of
tbe light-fingered class of gttntry, with tho.
greatest cooiuessan.i sei .possession, wnat it
1 liartl Vim 1iat.ii iiriln nn ri.inu In hi. r
fended at that. Here, now, in October, it's
already so eold that one is glad to put one's
hand anj where'" . 1 'mjiW.
Maubibp ok Hokssback. A wedding took
piaco ai ouerwgou, iiiinuiB, recenuy, tno con-
tr-z-tlnir n.fil.. h1niT Mf. .InaUh VV I rat..!...
and Miss Helo i B. Hurst Tba ceremony was
pertormeo in ironi or mo omcuting riery-
man'a residence, the brlda, party being un
hiVHaaKartt. An I (hB hr Hn Atari Itif Ihfdd Krl1ia-
maids, (Mlai KannyO. Hunt, Julia Snellen.
burc and Mls M.ry M. Tbnrbrr,) drcsnd and
mounted tn cat Mit . Tbo novelty of the cere-
mony auracico. a j.rgo comr.D o. ino nugu.
- Gottec as a store and dwelling, damaged to the
IuuoHTii.iTr-AllttloslrllnlbUi.',bol',n,f - ' '" ' 'n J
1...1 lcarnB,!ihth.imnl,rfn,.havi jr., ... hnL policy In tho Flremtn'a Office. Tbolosiorthu
ttiattanlinnla lutn Tint r-( itit K Intt l.tfiuf
Qulrrcl. Sho mourned Ms death bitterly, and.
when htr mother suirgtsted that she oaght not
to grieve ro much at tho loss of an animal, she
said, pathetically i ' I shouldn't care, mother.
if Benny went aoywhere-he just Illcd and
.lldn't irn anrwherp" Tha anawLT was a
touching evidence of the consolation dirtied
u , ." . ....,.., , ......... . .v.. t
"?v JJK J S fl """""""
- - .
- thorlty to get his money, and Iho night after
four men tried to rob him Ho shot two of
them and on tsklng off tbelr masks found they
were tne cnicr of police ecu ma secretary.
"Tui.bc tluorB for Lincoln"' shouted a
Union mau In Bridgeport. Thrco ehuers for
tho devil!" growled a copperhead. " ibat's
right," responded tho Unionist "every Plan
chocr his own candidate,
sua wi iuiucb 01 oincr Bumtanccs wumuiwBiiii jwnuw. ,., vw ..lM.nM ..
Second Edition
Up to the hour of going to press no election
tews had been received In the(clly. Tho tcle
grsrh lines are working badly on account of
the ftorm.
Oiipatrhti to tha Navy Department,
The following dispatches wcro received at
the Navy Department to-day i
Orncr V. S. Nilitat TxtrotArit,
The following telegram was received froir
Boston this morning!
'"optain 0. I J or, Jnfitmf Srerttary of l?it Av
The Florida captured October 7, at 3 a. m ,
:n harbor of Uahli, by Wachnsett, and brought
out with crew of flfty-eight (53) and twelve
fJlccrs. Hest on shorn. No lives lost. W
chusctt and Florida at St. Thomas, to lcavt
November 2d for New York.
Ihe Kcarsarge arrived here last night wilt
paymaster of Wachusett, who has dispatcher
for ftovcrnment. Joint T. Smith.
(Yrrus U.S. Military TcLKonsrii, i
Wan DcrARTPicnT (
From St. Thomas, W I , Oct.ai,13M. vis Boiton
.November 7t
lion. Utdeon Utiles;
Siat I havo tho honor to report thcnrrlvtl
hero of this ehlp.wlth the rebel steamer Florida
tn company. Iho Florida, with fifty-eight
men and.tweho officers, was captured about 3
o'clock on the morning of the 7th of October
Instant, In tho Bay of Ban Salvador, Brazil, bj
tho officers and crew of this vessel, without
loss of life. Five of her officers, including her
commander, and the remainder of her crew
were on shore. Tho Florida had her mlrco
tnsst and her main yard can led an ay, and he)
bulwarks cut down. This vessel sustained no
injury. A detailed report will be handed to
you by Paymaster W. W. Williams.
I am, Ycry respectfully, your obt scrvt,
N. Com.?,
Commander U. 3. steam tloop Wachusett.
The final report (September and October) of
tho crops for tho present year has Just been
taado by tho Agricultural Department. Th
returns are now full, and vfhat was hltherU
but estimates assume the character of asrer.
tslned quantities. The wheat crop amounts tr
lC0,C",S'i3 bushels. It rakes about five bush
els of wheat to mske a barrel of iKmr, which
would make the production equal to thirty-
three millions and a half barrels, or more than
one and a half barrels to every ono of tho pop
ulation of twenty millions whose Industry pro
duced It. The production of wheat is only
about nine millions less than In 1C, which
was considered an excellent crop. The rye
production was 10,872,057 bushets,or less than
one million short of tho production of the pro
vlous year. Barley 10.71G..UB, about the same
decrease as rye In the year's production. Oat
17GtGWt0Gl bushels, an increase of about thrcv
millions over tho p'cvlons year. Day 1S,110,-
751 tons, or about a million and a half ton
less than In 1&G3. Corn G30..5S1, 103 bushels,
or about twenty one millions less than the year
preceding. Buckwheat 18,700, M0 busbeld, an
Increase of nearly three millions. Potatoes
v(,Uo0 bSS, a decrease of four millions.
In regard to tho falling off In eoru, 11 may bo
stated that in consequence of the decrease In
iurks, oecasloncd by the war aud the diminu
tion of whisky manufacturing, caused by tax
ation, there will bo as groat a surplus of grain
for expoit as thcro u as last vc.ir,
t-h i. .....i.. .-,i--n n.-r.- i.n
.,,",',. r,Juf i .. -i.'.T
"alanto Is In Iaor or lbCl.and Ibo itrallly J
I In II Ml 1 if 1 1 Ir T ( ln nnrtDKnn Mini t vna .11.1 imf
u t.ba. vkiivi . a a aaw vuu auvj huu maw uiu jiv.
affect prlcil, all tto leading articles or proi Is-
i '"a" wblt1' form lh0 "frorl of life oul 1 bo
Tho sorghum, another tatuablo crop, shows
a largo Increase. In the production of anl
mal food thcro Is, however, a material falling
oil in ucarly all the States. Tho production of
I flax-seed shows a ery largo lncrease,New Jcr
" r.,hU t.k.ng the Kad In th!,
InfrA.ini w til A Ops amAimlliMV tf a, m ri
. en million of pounds. Balancing oil the
' increase and decrease of vegetable and animal
Production, and there I. shown to bo .tan.
dance of food for the population. Tho stir
prising psrt of It is thatlho production should
be so large with so many men engaged in vtar,
and so much destruction of animal llfo for war
purposes. The use of machinery in fjrmin,
has mado up for the absence of hands.
ILc Davenport and Waliack Combluutlou
PIHnCll t0 a R00(j bouso at Grovcr's Thcatro
.,.,. ,n,v,,. r..- ...,-
-. - -uwiw, ... ..,vr.v4.-j.u.
Othello, Mr. Waliack lago, and Susan Dcnln
Emilia. To-night the comedy of "Wild Oats"
-i.i, , r n.. kit u n.m) ,ni t.
"ll th. farcc of thc "0lS talP will be
At Jord's llieatre the popular drama of
Eal hjnn i havlDtf rPnTtUh Miss Alice
.- n r- ,
Q7 cry popular actress, in tho part of
i J-auy Isabel Vane. Our theatres aro cry well
patronized, considering that almost everybody
ha gone home to vote.
DxsTni ct rxCoFLAonATioi Conl Od rc.
U3TnLCT VXfwOrLAOnATIOl t 011 Vil i dC-
'WV Decoyed. The coal oil manufactory of
.Messrs. dos. u. 31 emu dc uro., os. 1,5 and
iHEasurn avenue, near Eden etrect, Baltl-
. ' '
m"' wlll tlie "'". - WM cnllrely "
slrojul by flro abont 0 o'clock yesterday morn,
Inc, and tho adjolnlns three-story brick build.
,, No 12; owntd SIul occpicd bT C,r80n
Messrs Mcrrltt!sffttlmaedbythcmal$13 00U,
of which amount tl 500 is covered by a policy
, 'u. IIoPet Insurance Company of New York,
' TUu r' H Is supposed, orlglnaied through the
Kns -1wl h0 btc"ll?t) ,r first running f
heoll fromthetwostllle in thefactorycomlng
n contact with tho firC In tho furnace, nud
b'lnS thereby Ignited.
1 . -..a
Kbntccks in tiibUt. AuunsUa.d.-Uc
ks.rn that three of tho men held In custody for
came home, whero they remained until scared
off by tho conscription. G'fncfmtatf ( om,
Porei -u pat era ear that nothlnt: can he mei l
magnificent than Iho vlstagothls yeariu oil
parts of France. In tho wlno districts thcro In
a superabundance of grapes. 'Iho proprietors
0r lneyards aro actually pulodio know what
t0 j0 lQtir UUtti eUpPiy of casks having long
I beeu filled, and tho coopers, allhounh at work will bo provided, Tho presenco ot many dis-
1 . .... . . . . .1 l..lnl.Kf1 nsra i.llln. ra ii.lll nrlrl lnlit.il In
iittv and uicm.are niteriv unable iosuddiv tho
. ' "j uibui,aioi,.wiy uuuiu vu wwiy iuu
Winds of nliciuoLialuutli Calais
Dr. Goorgo U, Lorlng, a leading Massaehu
setts Democrat, and formerly t supporter of
Breckinridge, has written an eloquent and
patriotic letter, from which we copy the con
eluding portion i
It was the rrand and cnishtna reception
ftlvcn by Jackson to the first State rebellion
which taught ns how supreme the Constitution
might and should be over this whole Republic.
The great men of tho past planted and upheld
the flag of the Union for the admiration and
obcdlenco of tbo American pcoplo, and with a
bold and defiant front against all foreign in
terference on this continent Loyalty from
tho citizen and respect from foreign Powers
tbey demanded and would have, though tha
heavens fell about them, and the earth trem
bled beneath the Iron heel of war. And with
all this high purpose, they never fbrgofthe
great duly of directing their conduct according
to tho emergency of tho times, wlthcourago
and devotion and largo understanding.
I cannot believe thst they would have sup
ported any policy which would tend to invito
foreign interference, or recognize tho Indo
pendenco of a revolted State, or weaken the
Armed power of the Government by suspending
the action of the armies on the land, aud yield
ing our control-of blockaded ports through an
armistice. I cannot, as tauaht bv them, fall
io support tho Administration In lis efforts to
.(he us a country.
1 am confident that our country will come
honorably out of this contest, purified as gold
that Is tried by the fire. However much I may
havo deplored the strife, however much I may
uavo regrctica any poncy ttuicu aeemcu io
prolong and embitter It, 1 can sco nothing be
fore us at this hour but a determined march in
tbo course pointed out to us. God knows, tho
sufferings ol tho war aro enough to appal tbo
stoutest heart, and that tho sorrows which fol
low In Its train aro Innumerable and Blckttnlnir,
But ccer before has such a ecrvlcobecu placed
In tho hards of armies as Is now submitted to
ours. Never before hare tbe statesmen of any
ago been charged with a duty so momentous as
that which tests so solemnly on ours.
1 would i ovo this people strengthen tho
bsnds of all its public scnanti, confident as I
nm that when the day of pcaco docs dawn. It
will bestow Its light upon a nation united by
common suffering and cngsged In one attempt
to preserve unharmed a great free government.
That tho prosperity and happiness, the good
rder and elevation of tho nation absorb ail tho
thought and euoi t of thoso who hold our destl
hies In their hands, I cannot for a moment
doubt, lhat onr sail has been watered by tho
olood of our bravest sons la vsln, I cannot for
a moment believe. If a creator act cooler ana
rtronger and purer nation does not grow out
of this struggle, may God, In his mercy, blot
tts record irom tuman memory.
Anarchy lu Louisiana A Sad Picture.
t From tha LoutsUna Democrat.!
Alexandria, Oct. IV. The condition of
affairs or v. bat n as once me oiato or txmisisna
It becoming really alarmlnc. The lone-dreaded
winter at band, the town and country filled
with a population whose prospects lor a sub
sistence at uesi wero precarious, out rcnucrea
loubly so now by tbe action of the Ovfc ernment
hundreds of families, manv of those of soldiers.
whoso only means of living Is the little store of
Con ft derate money tney, uy mo moat pincning
economy, had managed to save, l's rendered
worthless by tho neglect of the Government In
not providing the necessary facilities to enable
them to exchange tbe old issue for the new.
: Yone cf the alolut n cruarlet of hte can It
pwchittit iPtA tht old utrc,and tho people have
none oi tno new ur any way oi procuring
Iho Departments here aro refusing It even at
the discount mado by Congress. As for the
tho energetic, well-meant, and laudable resl of
the tjovcrnor, wnose noncst anxiety tor mo
cretin or tne mate is wunurawing it irom cir
culation. And as a last feather added to a
camel's back, comes an official notification
that from the 1st of December next the cltl-
nns muFt make the requlsllo arrangements to
provide themselves with beef. Now, wo would
ask, in tho name of common sense, how la it
to ue aono f
We cannot purchase U In Texas with eon
federato moncr. aod certainly wc havo none
else. Again, no iOod for fueleanbo had,
though limber Is plentiful and at hand) no
labor, no axes, no transportation Doubtless,
theru aro few among -us who will ba enabled to
pass turougn tne. winter wunoui mucu acinai
suffering., h-ttt the majority, tht maaofthe jxopU,
must amttcMlc whjh the ttwc of stariatlvn and
freeing hwjltfnc taring.
Again, Uutiiug, jitunaermj, pajerxnij ami
tot $r bttaUng seem to te the oi dcr vftbe day; not
a ulcht passes but somo i oor unfortunate has
hW borso s'olcn, or a houso Is entered and
robbed if mailers aro sullercd to coon as
they now aro, It will not bo long beforo men
aro Knocked donn In tho streets tn broad day
light aud robbed. Marvlt apjKms iulein the
an aidant t uiid runt i tot night and day Is there
no remedy? Caunotsomo ouulnteiposo and
cheek ill
God help the peojlc, for they arc (citslu) as
patient as mey arc uuioriunaie.
Startling JHoicmtiits In Oeorajla Uaucral
Slier m llctnrna to Atlanta.
rcnrriMiMnd-nce of the rioclncatl CoaumerclafI
KniiB, Ga., Oct. 30 Tho promise mado.
HOOU'S army ny tu iavis rcnuers u necessary
that their ' feet should again greet the soil of
Tennessee " To compass this im porta it pedal
necessity Hood, no doubt, Is endeavoring to
cross. We hae good evidence tha. he haa all
three of his corps with him. In the meantime,
il in mill tl a of Georgia, their aonzbum cath-
tred, are being rcmarshaled to drive tho 2Ulh
corps from Atlanta, probably by a grand Hank
log movement, for which militia aro admirably
Now. Sherman Is adverse to permitting Hood
to havo tho planning of his fall campaign and
so. ilav before vtwtLrdav. hi broke vv camowet
tif ltointaml while the took vji the tin of ,
much fur (Jhattanonya tin treaded uw.
ttai djur Atlanta, ir-hci e titty will arrive Xovtnr
on Uur 2d.
Sherman, therefore, Iguorcs the existence of
Hood's armv to tbe extent of flvO hravy corps.
which, we may bo sure, will not bo idle. Tho
-Uh corns, urn man cv. win do in uccatur,
Alnbama. by tho lime this reaches you. It
i rut-nods on foot. la Lafavette and liossvllle.
to Chattanooga, where trains for Decatur
await It.
T ho paymasters have rcat bed Atlanta, anil
r HI pay tho troops there beforo they embark In
any further movement.
ine late pur a nil uaaoouvjuccu Duvrmantnai
i an moi t a great distance into the enemy's ter
ritojy nndtuhiHtt mainly on foraging.
Hood, hereafter, will fight troops under com
mand of Gen. 'ibomas, (who is still at Nash
ville,) If ho fights et all ; and there can be noth
ing comforting to the enemy la tho statement
that ho will find on army of United States sol
dirrs competent to prevent him treading the
soil of Tennessee to a reckless extent.
Tnai ViTinmr. HiiTnna Path. Tililrli Anni
at tho B Rion lhealro on tho IHh or November,
1. a noble effort to supply a great need and tj
enconnge a worthy class or men. 1 he object
Is to provide a home for seamen and marines
tvnniiJpji ur disabled in the naval a or I re. N'n
., .... . ;- --
provision ii mado by law for such men, except
lor the few who hftrusfnedlwent) years. The
nni.nl t.n-t.ttala aro.dalL-'ncil tn t urn thft bIpIc
aud wounded sailor, stTas to fit him for further tf.5Sffbi
scnlco. Ifpcrmauentlydlsabledhelsleftto'Vi
almshouse Is the only refugo of a wounded
hero, bueh a refugo tho sailor dreads more
than death.
Tho fair is therefore designed to establish the
Grteiuvlch Hospital of America. It la a matter
of nriduthnt snr-h a national work should bo
commenced In Boston, and our Stale pride, as
well as our natrlo Ism. Is appealed to. No bet
ter method could bo desired of celebrating our
iiutaUKlorle, oi ol encouraging our ua.al
'Ihe call of Iho ladlcn upon our pcoplo has
met n noble response. Ihe tboafo Is alto
gether too small for tbe tables which aro offered.
Buckii Stales wilt Io loprescntcd, aud liberal
contributions of ui.'uey us wdl as of articles
wuiBWLU mu reev..ri. u. i.u riw tnaniy,
Tho opening exercises on Wcduesda) oeuIng
will swell tbu reeeipts or ihh great eharlty.
will bu eeptelally lntercstlu,;. Elo'iucnt speak-
era will tnako addressee, aud the best of music
iiukwio"m -... vmnu mu auu uw"
u. wvv . " . .
If wo do our (lat) to lbs sailor, this fair will
.11,.. tlW.ti l.vllllu., mA St.nfll.t.1.1 HA tl.M
... t
1j x i ju iJiju levin.
Tha Lata Fight for Plalcat IJne.
(Correspondents of the Aasoslattd Tress )
ItCADO.'aa Aaai v orTitx Potomai, I
Narsmbert p.m. (
Tha flirht on the nickel line, last n Id lit. vat
more serious than was reported In my previous
dispatch. It appears there Is a point on tho
line nesr tho crater which Is not very straight,
and the enemy have been desirous of straight
ening it by advancing their pickets and taking
possession oi grouuu ueiu ujuuruiuu, jBi
night was selected for the work, and tho attack
was mado Just about tbe time- tho moon disap
peared beneath the horizon.
Coh McAllister's brigade of tho 3 1 division,
2d corps, was on doty hero, and, having ro
eelveda slight Intimation of ap attack, were
somewhat prepared,' The rebels succeeded in
reschlng our lino with tho loss of five or six
killed and several wounded, and, being In
Eretty strong force, got possession of the laf
eld by tho ISOih New York and tho lllh New
Jener. taklni? a few prisoners. Our men fell
back until reinforced from tho 12Uth and ono
company from tha 11th New Jersey and, after
quite an engsgement, they retook tho works,
capturing forty one prisoners. Thojft malnder
retreated to tho point whenco they started, but
a number ieu bencatn mo snowcr oi ancns
from onr batteries.
Their loss Is believed to bo about ono hun
dred men, altogether! and all who wero badly
wounded, as well as tho killed, etlll lie between
the works, neither party allowing mo oincr io
advance to their assistance.
Out loss Is about thlyty, altogether, and few
of whom aro prisoners.
Beforo dsyilght this morning tho lino was
ro established in the same place as formerly,
and to-day tho sharpshooters hare kept up a
constant exenango ot icauen compliments.
Xov. 7 a. m. All quiet this morning. A
hcay rain storm hss set in.
W. D. McGkzaox.
The Accident on tha Philadelphia and
Ualtlmora I tall road Last lglit-Fur
titer Particulars.
Pn.LiDat.rniA. Nov. 8. Tho JJullttin has
received the followlog particulars of tho acci
dent last night on the Philadelphia and Balti
more rauroaa irom one oi us special corre
spondents, who was on the train at the timet
Albert L. Smith, aged IS, of Washington,
D C, killed Instantly.
Lieutenant Charles E. Carroll, of the Veteran
Reserve Corps, had both thighs broken, and
was lojurca aoout tnc ncau., no men an uour
Valentino Stern, wounded about tho head.
Among tho wounded aro Jeremlsh Brlcklcy
and Charles Alexander, of Wilmington, Dul.;
Michael Berthe, Philadelphia) Lieut. A. M.
Copeland, 81st New York vols.; Jos. Bernard,
of Maine, slightly ProL Sannder, or Philadel
phia, la reported wounded about the head
Airs. Smaller, of Philadelphia, bruised Kato
Thompson, Georgetown, D. C, brntsedt Mrs.
Francos, of Washington, bruised Mr. Jerome,
scalded Susannah Elliott and child, slightly
injurco. .
Captured by tha Pirate Florida,
PniLaniLrniA. Nov. 8. Tho bark Monda-
mon. from Rio, was captured by the Florida
oft l'eraambuco, about September 2, and
This vessel wss tho onlv Amerlcsii vessel
captured by the Florid! since htr departure
irom i cncrnie.
Mora Treason In Cauada,
Toiionto, Nor. 4. Startling developments
in regard to a secret treasonable body of Fenian
Brotherhood are being made In the city, ttc
crered arma have been found, and the leaders
la the conspiracy are being arrested. There Is
a painful feeling of Insecurity cxlstlog.
Tha KWctton,
PflitiaiLrnu, Nov. 8. Election proceed
ing quietly. Weather cloudy.
ew vonc, Nov. 8 Foggy ana raining to-
riection rroeeeaiDg qmeuy.
A Navr Cohtract loa Gaj. A bill-was
pasted by th Councils, lu April ot this yer, " for
th bttter ttcurttr of Deriona and vrooertr azalntt
violence and crime by more geueral llghtiarof
the streets witii gas ' tl mayor was amnomea
to contract with th Gas company for the supply
Of the gas. lather ths Mavor did not make
any rropoiltlon whatever, or ths Gas Company
would oot listen to the rr.no.Ula which the
Mayor was required tomk. Last niUtareso-
ldilOQ was iniroiueeu imo in uiiainun .uuucii
tli at th filayor " be requested to enter Into a new
enntriBt with the Wathlartoa Ctallf ht Uiminr.
whereby the lam is oi the city will be lighted cvety
night durtne ihe year."
We echo th hope of the majority of cUUens that
the May, r should meet ulta more success this
time. If not, and If It be the ftult of the company,
the next resolution of toe Councils will request,
not a "nm contract wild tbe Waihloaton (its
light Compani'hut a contract wlta a ntw Wash
ington gaslight company. 11 fatluro tLis time to
lighting th streets res ills, however, from want
ol dllgencato tha mayoralty, the Councils will
oave no ceeu io rrqurtt ivr mo ,'tui itiii uj-
stiuct tht Mayor, or a mayor what to do.
. m
Tna Faih r u tue Bobfit or tub Oiu'iiai
path? of th friends ol fa fatheilesi and of all
a m- .!..!.. fa.- ..I. . . !... k.l.l ., a ..
wihls A charity worthy to attention auu ayu-
OIIU riltltui. ,U9 ii( ia uiu uviu n. iu. .j-
um, on Tenia street, between V and O streets,
iiurlnr aaehdar and eieolnr of the present week.
waere the benevolent and humane will receive a
beany and courteous welcome from the eipectcd
and kind ladles who have eo generously under
taken to conduct this plrasant and Inteieatlng en
tertalnm-nt, where choice reireihments atduie
lul art lots s will be dUp- sed of.
The object Is to relieve lb ncceaitttes of the nu
merous orphau gtrli ot St. MnccuCa Urphau Asy
lum, and to reioue others from the Impending In
clemencies and suirerlngs f the approaching win
ter, from tbe many dangers thst surround them, t
supply them with food and eiotl 1 r, and to bring
them under the roofof this ho.MlB.bl home of the
homeleis, where tb'y will partake f th mater
nal and judicious sale of th Sisters of Cnailt7 ol
St Joseph, wto have sorot y anddlsintsrcatedly
dstoted thcuseltts to this axd vry other form
of charity la which they earn protect tha Inaecont
and r Hie v sufl lng humanity without regard to
nativity r creed, and which they have so abun
dantly prare t by their devoted attention an zeal
ous labors In nursing th sick, wouaded and dj ln
soldleis la our military hospitals dutlnr the pes
ent war. A Fsiemo to inn Onr has.
A Dancb Jlaoscs Ur. A largo number of
eolored people resident near th Navy Yard ns-
cm bled last evening at a house n theeoruerof
renosyivaoia avenue ana uuxi mm eit
where tty participated in tcrpslhrefta evoiu
tioui which wr-re rather dlsonf rly la character
Patrolmen MHitead 'aod Qordou arrested the
Suty, and took then before Justice Handy, who
ard feter PUoncopper. llliabeth H nsoaaad
Wesley Henson, $iH, Janes Hill, tnW; John
lieu, at ao hues iiir. rot( juu.uiub.
Henry NrI, Willi tm H. Butler, Henry D,li, tmd
stepheu Holland, (3 S3 each.
Tnc OnsittVAxca of thb Baddath. Oor
readrs will jerceite,by referring to our ou.inon
Council report, on tha first page, that steps bi n
been taken to enforce the obserranee oi the Sat
bftth In rrga d to nawspaper-venders. A law was
pasted forttlddlng the crying aloud of newspapers
on the street during the Sabbath. Th bill'Was
bacfednpoD a oommunloatton to the Boaidfrra
- .. K. .. . ...ah ...Itam ftl.t.Althllt.rt Tl.tllftA
' who desires to protect the ehurch-golng lonuu.
bKbVrruMVnd" ndbirkrs,
, , ,
-.. n,.nr,K Tim tu.m.
siipcriuieaueui wi v,vi ih niiw"iiiii ..!.. i
U EAST a Si" uiUiUiii uau. iuhwh.-
I ninocn saloon will b turown open t the pubiTc
i on u evening of Thursday next, November io h.
This Hue billiard-room Is located to Orover'B The-
nats Michael ri.tun. u. havenat n. wi nam
Uoldtnwalte, and Ld Cahlll Ihe abote Reotie
men will visit Washington tote prrant at the
openlbgof this saloon, and will must certainly
site our citizens s6me evidence of their lUUi.
n to cemmcac at 1 o'clock.
A Stosb Battlb. Two colored youths,
i rested this eftern.oo by inter (Jran, on th
n star a tunry inoinas ami Menry mil, wire r-
charra af tone-hattllmr In front of th Canterbury.
They were taken to tin station-house aad looked
Tns Dairi. To-day Andrew Sidney, fifth
sub-district, furnished substitute; s M Hamil
ton, eleventh sub district, phj slcal dlaabtlltyi and
Wm. Parker, overage.
Kbuxl Burobohs Sekt to Foiit Dir.A aub.
JarvrtT. Ckllda. Assistant Su aeon UI N I ca
"Vuu John B. aimpson. Assistant Surgeon 1st
a c. cavaliy, wcretakco Iroat tho old Capliol to-
tisy, aud sent to Fort Delaware,
Kbtlunsu. Llout. Bhoan, thy geutlemauly
.1 l. i. . -h. ia .(It,. -! ju.Il a rut it a. a ft.
uiuuvt- wuu u- wuhivi u ,-- -
jsnartmetit in Co . Insraham's t Itlce, has re-
. ...... .I.n.f.c. t.-i.f i.ln tl.riintrh til
"r"u " u" 'jj"" " " "
The rosulsr Novem-
court met tht utomtug,
001 f PUSiiicsa iraus'
lata "Jiii UT. uiu, ay iist. wiu. ni. a
Ltwt GaiMtatoMrt JcliaTaylui, all of thai
Jlianu, wasDiniioB, v, -. -i"
art- uaaraatoira. l. v., Ifor. t, HO.
The atetm shin REBECCA CtTOE has arrived.
Cooflrneta will please attend to ths reception
ol their roofje at one ft This steamer sails for New
a-lnhlin HAhnnla. "Tha Commlltaa on I
thakiMtloo of a Publle Rchool Du)dlD( lo the 1
Ptrit School Dlitrlcl" iniltethoarehlteetaoflhls I
and other titles to present pUos ftr a school I
bulldta;. A suitable reward will bo given for the J
plan adopted. Any dewed leiorAAtion iq rarer
aaaa to tha am kill ha rnrnlahed br the Mar or.
ur vf i u i uriua, w u , u 14a n tin. vvita,
between Twcaly nrit and TwentyfcoDd streets i
or by J. D Turtoo, aq, No 131 H street north, J
J. u. wiitun. recrsiarr, 1
No. 191 New York avenue,
1 et. Twelfth and Thirteenth sis.
(Cj-TUa next regular BXonthly lueatlncfSJ
of tha Board nr Trustees of ths Public Schools wiU I
U held 00 TUESDAY NET,1I 3th Instant, atl
ooMt n. T, MORSELL, Secretary.
r First Vardr Tit aubecriners lothl
National ntreaucAii lath First Ward.w io I
mve been nrrleeied by former earrlsre, ard who I
drslra to continue, will pleaa lear their orders I
at th Doolc and Periodical Storaof EDWARD 1
tVAITE, No. 1TT; renesyivaala a.enue, between .;
Set euteenth and Llxbteeoth streets, and they will '
tta rvarl'nrntnT 111 ni1 ravntkHtf. nnrfLtr " "
ATaTTh Kast Washington Elncnln and I
Joboion Club will hold a reeulir meatinc j. FRY j
TUESDAY KKNINO. at IMA Fellows HaU. at
7 o'clock. All true lovers of tha Union tvora- 1
oia to the eiectioo or uneoin ana Johosoa si in-
vltri tn unit with lha flbb.
v WM. DIXON, President. (J
JAi. (a ubliwi sccraiai;. 't ti
O" Short-Hand Writer. Auy Pirioii I
renulrlnt: tho services ot an exoarleneed Bhort-i
hand Writer in nrenatlnr lmnortant naners. raavl
bear of on by applying ui lb Editorial room ol i
thta oniae. seaiu
rt itallclous Notlc-Th Capitol UIU I
rrrabytertan Church meets (t stupor aril r) lor pub- I
n wonuip n DAUDJVaii icDHimcania wun
tne sstu iDit ,) in in room or tne nous imnm-
tee of I'oit Oflloes and Tost Roads, Capitol,) at 1 1 4fl
o'clock, a.m. Treachlaf by th Pastor, He v. John rj
tJ-Eatraaeiby the east and west doors of thai
snu a tilii
srf-PeopUsTtaratiltr nvacirat Clatn
Listl, direct to NEW YORK, BOSTON, and aid
Important points. WaahlDcton Offlcssi RE PUD
LICAN SDILDINO.BU Ninth street, (wast slde.fl
eorner Pennsylvania avenua aud Rati, streetj
under National Hotel, and (corner Fifteenth and I
streets, opposite Treasury building.
(eblS-tr Maoacer Washlrton DlilrUt.
Crllaasi of th rfr ous, Huilnl,
Urinary and sexual Systems new and reliable
treatment In Iteports of ths HOWARD ASSOC1A-
nun seiii vy man m sesitu teiicr rovenpff.
TUN, Howard Association,
street, Philadelphia, Fa.
new ui vuBraiv. nutuiii. u
nuuivti. LT.4. auiiiiiip nvuuii
S South Ninth
fyw bar Uarnad not to l aetouUlia 1 .
at anything, Tsars of expatleso aad a corre
spondence esteadloe throughout all nationalities ,
of the habitable clobe have turned theories Into
facta and established a basis from whlsh w need
not err. VTa are not surprised at such tvU as the
fouo wing although the persons who writ them I
ax. We now th pcraous aod alrsamstaar,
hece feci at liberty to tndoisa their stawmeots
"Naw Bkofoud, Mass , Nov.M, n
Dcaa Sib t I have been afflicted many years with I
SAvere prostratlog cramps la my limbs, cold feel I
aad haada, and a ceneral disordered system. Pnysi
olansaad aiodlclnes r.UedtorUvs me. Wb.il 1
visiting some friends la New flork wko were using I
Plantation Bltteis Uiey prevailed upoa di to try!
tkem. Icoamenoaad with a small wi nel aas rullw
after diuatr. Feeling better by degraa, la a few 1
dayal was asteolihsd to Cad the coldness aadl
cramps had entirely left me, aad I eould aloep ths
night through, which I Lav not don (or years. 1 1
feel like another being. My appetite aad strength!
have also greatly improved by the use of tho Plaa-I
tatloa Bitters.
Keipee'tally, JrDjni Re mil.
" I w much to yon, for I vatltyl
nensve tub riantaxioa timers nave sava utj uic .1
het, w. ii, v AeeoHca, aiaariJ) n. i."
" HKtnjBVUT, vtji , rw-pi, i, !., ti
' 1 Lava beea la the armv huarritar
for fourteen months speechless aod nearly !. I
At Alton, 111 , they give cia a Lottie of Plantation J
Bitters. - Three bottles testored
my speech and cured me. - c. a. flavvc.1
The following is from the Manic;er of the Ualoi
Hone School for th Children of Volunteers,
new i uat. auiui. x iom i
Da, DsAXEir-YourwoaJerml Plantation Bit ri
have been given to soma f our UtU ehlldrea iuf
taring from weakness aad weak lungs with Bio 1
happy effect. Oae little rlrl la particular. witH
pains In her bead, loss of appetite, and dally wastl
lag consumption, n whom all raedleal skill hw
been exbauited, has beta entirely rcireied.
commenced with but a teirooaful of Ditteis i
day. Her appetite and sien2th rapidly la..Teae't
and she is now well.
Respectfully i Mrs. 0. M. Dror.
' Thou wilt lend metwo bottles!
more of thy Plantation outers, sly wife has lej
giaauj iwaeuiicu vj tueir us.
Thy Friend. Asa Cdbtim, Phllads'pkU, Pa "
" IhivabeeaagTeateuffereeirnul
Dyspepsia, and bad to abandon preasktag, Thel
riamauoD miters nar cureu me.
Ilv, J. s. Cathaon, RoehSater, N. Y.'
1 hare given th plantation Bit-l
ters to hundreds of ourdUablodsouUcts wun ia
mest astonlsiung etrect.
G. W. D, Aanacws,
Supt Soldiers Home, CUclnnatl, 0 "
it The Plant Atloa Bitters hare I
ured me of tha Liver Complaint, of which I was I
lata up presiraie, aaa aaa io apanaoa nj ui
UBIS. (i. D ainai.(.S
Uaroland, Ohio.1
' The riaaUUea SllUrs have I
cured mo of a dsraorcment of the B-tdueys and I
urinary urgaos mat nas nuumw m ir )vi.
ft acts like a chann. c. C Mooitc,
No.UI Broalwav" :
Ac, AS, &0, C- AS. I
Tha Plutatloa BitUus mag the weak sUoag
thalanjruld brilliant, and ale exhausted nature's I
great restorer, vrhey ars eouposad of uo i-eis
brated Callsay Bark, Wlatsrgreon, Sassafras I
Roots, Herbs, As , all pressrved la perfectly purs I
s. T.iTs-x.
Persons of sedentan habits, troubled with weak
nes,taa lrude, palpitation of ths heart, lack of I
appetite, dlstrcs after eatlngi torpid liver, saasti
patlon, As , deserve to aufltr ifthoy wilt not tryl
them. 1
They are resommeoded by the hlgkert medlcMj
authorities, and are warranted to produc aa ti-1
nedUa bcne&dal efTsit. They ar esceedlaglyl
agreeable, perfcetly pure, aad haraiiess.
KoricL. Any aerson prauacuag to sell nsaia-
tloa Bitters la bulk or by th gallon Is a swindler I
and Impostor. It is put t.p only la nrlf eablal
ottla. Dwaref bottles rsltlled with fculUUoaB
deleterious atuS, for which several pf saa ai all
ready In prison, flee that every boru has ut
United States stamp over fa ork uomnrisfr,!
and our slgnaiuio oa atsel-plat stdo label.
Sold by rssproftble dAters throughout tka ha'
nam Rioua,
r, la. UHAUk a l-U ,
70 Rr4wv. N.T.
1 A Ii .
Adjvtast Cessbal7 orritE,
Waui inc ma. n c . rtuvemter 8. tmn
The ("M wlng orBoers, having been reported at
inn neauqutuerBui inenruij iui tuiumuto. un
lianer spec tied are hereby aotlled that tbey will
a ai.st iiiamiaisvl tha aarvltte si the United States.
uuless, wlthl Slteen ays from Ibis date, they
appear before ia rniuiary coa.min.omn aeaaton
la this city, t which Brljadtar Ueneral Jo n C
CaitiV 1, UBIIWI '' iviuihhh, .r. u-ia..
a'd male sat sutiory ascoce io iu cnargci
AbHtHiteUho t leave, heitngfaili4toflle In tht jr
tvrgtan't ct rttjlc tr of 4i$a tify, rruirt'd ' W'
1 irst Lieutenant thanes C. Utaaam, voth Main
Alienn wf tif t Unvt, and concoct mt judicial to gov
videi flii mi tteiHtlttclbtinr.
Captain tdward MUlams rUMalnoluntri
Assistant Adjutant bcnartJ.
rplIlS lb TO 01VE noticj:, TUA1I
in suuacriuer ABObiaincuiroin iu wn'iiu.
CXittol VtMhlngtou county. In th Uutrlct ol
Columbia, letteis of admlriatratlon ou tbe peil
sonal estate of lllchard M Han Uuu. lato of Washl
lug ton city, Ufccottitu. All persons naviug ciaima
against the said drceascd, are hereby warned til
hlhlt lhnaatnH. ml t h 1 h Lntichoi tbLM OI. tO thd
subscriber, ou or before th 0 h day of Novembel
ntxij mey may o.nurwtaa wy v inuu hvh
Ult tn under my hand i this i elh . da j of No"aibr
13S. VWVt J.4HWI
novo lawlw Admtnlitratrlx.

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