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fttattottol Hamblkmi
I published orory afternoon (Sunday except
ed) by W. J. MUKTiaH Co., ui It furnished
to oar sohscrlben (by carrier) t 13J cent per
celt, or 69 ccnli per month.
Mail BoliKcrlbcrt, (0.00 per nnnmi 13.50
Ix month, and 13.00 for tore, month, In
variably In advance.
Slnglo coplos, Thru Cvhts.
One square, three davs $3.00
One square, four day 8.60
One square, five dajt , . , ... S.C0
One square, alx days . X.W
Kvery other day advertisements, 00 per cent
Twice a week, 75 per cent additional.
Eight Unca or less constitute a square.
Advertisements should be handed In b? 1
NO. 29(5.
o'clock, m.
War DirAHTMrrr,
WAimwoTow, July , 164.
urnrrai urdtrs, no. 231,
The foil. wliin Act ofCootfress lspuMlsh4 for
the Information and government ol all coaMrafd.
An Act further to regulate And provide far the est-
rolllns; Ami eatltog out the national force, And
for other purposes,
I'e it mailed by the Senate and Haute of Repretevlo
fact of the Vnittd Ntatet of Annie in Conyrui
ttmbled, TtiAtthe rresblentof the United states
waj, at his discretion, at Any time hereafter. oaU
for Any ouraber of men m voluateeri, for the re-
it cetive terms of one, two and three years fotmllb
tary errlce And any such volunteer, or. la ease
ofUraft, a hereinafter provided, aay substitute.
hall be credited to the town, township, ward of a
city, precinct, or election district, or of a'oouaty
cot so subdivided, toward the quota of whleh he
may havo volunteered or earaedes a substitute)
And et cry volunteer who Is accepted and muttered
lutothe service for a term of ens year, unless
toooer discharged, shall receive, and be paid by
the United States, a bounty of 100) aid If for a
term of two yean, unlets sooner dltcbarged, a
bounty of $200; and Iffor a term of three Tri
unlet! sooner discharged, a bounty of $00 one
third of which bounty ihall be paid to the soldier
at the time of hit berag muttered into the lerrlee,
one third at the expiration of one half of hie term
of sen tee, and one third at the expiration of hit
term of icrvlce. And In eaio of hit death while In
service, the retldue of hie bounty unpaid ihall be
pAld to hit widow, If hp shall hare left a widow,
ii not, to hi chiiaren.'or inhere oe none, to mi
mother. If the be a widow.
Sec. 2. And be U further entetedt ThAt in eaie the
quota, or any part thereof, of any town, township.
ward of a city, precinct, or election district, or of
any county not to subdivided, ihall not be Oiled
within the space of fifty dan after tush call, then
the Trctldrnt nhAll Immediately order a draft for
one ) ear to fill such quota, or any part thereof,
which may be unfilled! and In eaie of any inch
draft, no pajntcntof money ihall be accepted or
received by the Government at commutation to
release any enrolled or drafted man from personal
obligation to perform military service.
See. I. And be it further enacted. That It ihall te
lawful for the Executive of any of the States to
rend recruiting agents Into any of the States de
clared to be In rebellion, except the States of Ark'
antes, Tennessee, and Louisiana, to re emit volun
teers under any call under the provisions of thlt
act, who shall be credited to the State, and to the
teipccttve subdivisions thereof, whleh may pro
euro the enlistment.
Sec, 4. And bzii further enacted. That drafted men,
substitutes, and volunteers, when mustered U,
shall beorgantred Into or assigned to regiments,
batteries, or other orffaoltatlons of their own
Mates, and, as far At practicable, ihall, when as
signed, be permitted to select their own refitments,
batteries, or other organizations from among those
of their respective States which at the time of As
signment may not bo Qlled to their maximum num
ber. See.B. And be it further twitted. That the twen
tieth section ol the act entitled "An act to amend
aoAct entitled 'An net for enrolling And saying
out the national (orces, And for other purposes,' "
approved February W, lset, ihall be construed to
mean that tho Secretary of War shall discharge
minors under the age of eighteen years under the
circumstances and on the conditions prescribed In
tald section) and hereafter, If Any officer of the
United Statei ihall knowingly enlltt or master
Into the military service any person under the eg
of sixteen years, with or without the content of
tils parent or guardian, tuoh perion so entitled or
recruited shall be Immediately discharged upon
repayment or all bnuntlet received and such re
cruiting or muiterloff offlcer who ihall knowingly
enlist any perion under slxteon years of age shall
he dismissed the service, with forfeiture of all pay
aud Allowances, and shall be subject to such fur
ther punishment at a court martial may direct
bee. 9, And be it further enacted, That section
three of an act entitled " An act to amend an act
entitled An act for ca ling out the national forces,
And for other purposes,'' approved February 31,
thl, be, and the same Is hereby, amended so as to
authorize And direct district provoit mart halt.
under the direction of the Provost Marshal Gen
eral, to make a draft for one hundred per cent. In
addition to the number required to fill the quota
of any district at provided by laid icstlon.
fceo.T. And bt it further enacted. That lnttead of
traveling pay, all drafted persons reporting at the
place of rendezvous shall be allowed transporta
tlnn from their places of residence! and persons
discharged At tho place of rendezvous shall be al
lowed transportation to their places of residence.
Sec. B, And be it further enacted. That all persons
In the naval service of the United States who bare
entered said service during the present rebellion,
who have not been credited to the quota of any
town, district, ward, or state, by reason of their
twlng In said sen tee and not carolled prior to
1 cbruary 21, 1861, shall be enrolled and credited to
the quotas of the town, wa , district, or State In
which they respectively reside, upon satisfactory
proofof their retldence made to the Secretary of
Sect. And be U further enacted, That If Any per
son duly drafted shall be abtent from home In
prosecution of his usual business, the provoit
mar thai of the district shall cause him to be duly
notified as toon as may be, and he shall not be
deemed a deserter, nor liable aa such, until notice
has been given to him and reasonable time al
lowed for htm to return and report to the provost
marshal of htt district I but such absence snail not
otherwise a(ic. bit liability under thlt Act.
Sec 10. And be it further enacted, ThAt nothing
contained In this act ihall be construed to Alter or
in any way arteet the provisions of the seven
teenth section ol an act, approved February 24,
IBOt, entitled "An act to amend an Act entitled
An act for enrolling and calling out the national
forces, end for other purposes, " approved March
2, isa.
Sec. it. And be it further tnecttd. That nothing
contained In this act shall be construed to alter or
change the provisions of existing laws relative to
permitting persons liable to military service to
furnish substitutes.
Approved July 4, IBSI.
D y order of the secretary of Wan
auis Assistant Adjutant General.
IIorAtlsSejrmonrcm'Beiiedlct Arnold on
Llneolnt180. Washington, UHO,
Three years have. Ton. aro promised
rolled away. The .liberty by the leaders of
youf; men thai res your affairs, but Is there
ponded to that call anlndlvlduallnlheen.
where are they 1 More torment of It, tare
man nve nnnarea inonHyour oppressors J who
sand of oir brave iol among yoa daro to
dlera now sloop In their speak or write what he
nntimeiyfraTee. ixkk thinks against the tr
at the debt I Aa lm-ranny which has robbed
memo debt I Over two yoa of your property,
millions of men hare I imprisons your sons,
been called for since dregs yon to the Sold
that time to bear arms of battle, and Is dally
In the struggle. Fire deluging your country
rjst of General Hospitals
VmUr Direction, of Surgeon H. O. AbkoU, U. 6,
At McJteal Director Department
A Hospital Fnneral.
WAitiiRoroif, 1). c , October 2ilu t
Lellcrn come to us everv dar. maklnir Its
qulrlCA for friends whom tho writers bare lost
1. Armory Squire, Washington, D. C, In the hospital Inquiries which proro the
Seventh street wost, between C and 0 streets
somn. in charge ot cargcon u, u. huh, u.
2. Carver, Washington, D. C, Fonrteeith
street west, at terminus of city railroad, in
charged of Surgeon O. A, Jndaon, U. 8. V.
3. Campbell, Washioglon, D. 0.t Seventh
street west, at term Inns of city railroad north,
i. - a v Iit..1J.. tT O V
in conrto ui ourguun a r ducibvu. w. i .uiuui un uij uvuu mtob ' "
i, tjoittmuiao, wasningvon, u, J.t eourjj nimsoiii" "vas inero soy inncrai ior mj
leoulh atroct west, at terminus of city railroad, i boy?"
In charge of Burgeon T. K. Croebr, U. 8. V. fhlnklog of tho sad hearts at home that
5. Deemarrcs. Washlntrton. 1). (J., corner oi ache while each questions were penned, of tbo
Fourteenth street and Massachusetts avenue, eyes dim with weeplne. whose tears yet fall
ftalntul doubts which prompted them, and the
gnorance of many In the North and West of
the manner In which their sick are attended,
and their dead buried.
Some of these letters aro pathetic beyond ex
pression. "Is my dear child's grave marked
so inai i can una ii ir i am ever aoio to come
after him?" "Was my husband burled la a
cofQnl" "Did my father have a grave all to
hundred thouiandmore with blood I
aro to day being called
for. The nation Is
crashed down with tax
atlon, and the war net
Oar rights hare been
Infringed apon. The
freedom of speech and
of the press has been
denied us. Tho sacred
ness of oar homes has
been Impaired.
The guarantied right
of the people to bear
arms has been suspend- Oar country once was
ed np to the Tory bor- hsppy, and, had tho
ders of Csnada. proffered peace been
Foar years ago a con-lembraced, tho last two
rentlonmetlnthlsclty, years of misery would
when onr couatry wasihave been spent In
peaceful, prosperous,' peace and plenty, and
and happy. lln repairing tho deso-
Had wise statesman-latlon of the quarrel,
ship secured the fruits thats would have set
of the victories, to-day the Interests of Great
there would haTe been1 Britain and America in
I- t.rrra Af AnrrrHnn T H tlllHiVith IF. R. V. mnA attln Hin writ t iti narrn ATlfl Witntit fitn flvfl
6. UOoclai, Waihlnglon, D. C, comer of 1 what comfort I pouitilo and It ha tccmel
.trcct and Wcw Jersey ayenu., la charr. of As- well to descrlbo In print ono funeral, thai ono
tlstant Burgeon Wm. F. Norrl. U. B. A. being a modal of all In thlt hospital.
T. Emory, Washington, D. 0., ner Alm-1 Though tho "lady nurses" havo not ordl.
houso, east of the Capitol, In charge of Snrgeoo nsrlly much tlmo to sparo.from their wards,
lit l(. aioneiey, u. d. v inu bid uui iu iuu usuit ui ,bvuuiuj( luucioia,
8. Fairfax Bemloary, Virginia, two miles and though I had watched the procession that
hack or Alexandria, In charge of Burgeon D dally pass the window opposite my door, yet I
T. Smith, U. B. V, gladly acccptod an Invitation from tho ihap-
9. Flnley,Washlngton,D.C.,KendallGroen, lain, Key. Vr. Bmlth, to accompany Mr.
Fourth street cast, north of the city, In chsrge Bmlth to a funeral, that I might be able to write
or Burgeon u Xj, rancoast, u.o. v. ito thoso unknown correspondent iroin per-
ran' farm, SeTcalh tnxt west, la charge of At about 3 o'clock In tbo afternoon the bell
peace In our laad.
I will fight to the
death to preserve to jou
IUCSO nj(UM lUBb Umiv
been denied to ui.
The Democratic par
ty will put down despo
tism, because 11 bates
tho Ignoble tyrannny
which nowdsgrades the
American people.
The result of the
coming election In.
voire the llbertle of
the country. "
Qreater question
grayer question ques
tions which come more
directly home to the
hearts and interest of
men hare never been
ubmltted to the people
for their arbitration
Mothers and listers
are In trouble by the
family hearth, and
a true light, and co
ntented their friendship.
I wish to lead a chos
en bsnd of Americans
to th. attainment of
peace, liberty, and safe
ty tho first object la
taxing the Held.
Ritrirnnn It. 11. Rnntccnn. U. B. V.
11. Judlclsry Square, Washington, U. C,
Judiciary Bqnare, E street north, between
Fourth and Fifth strccta west. In charge of
Assistant Burgeon Alex. Ingram, U B. A.
11!. Kalorama, (small-pox,) Washington, 1).
C, (lock creek, out Twonly-nrst street, in
chargo of Acting Assistant Burgeon R. J.
Thomas, u.o. a.
13. Lincoln, Washington, D. C.oue mile
east of the Capitol, In charge of Assistant Bur
geon J. u. ucncc, u. o. A
rang, and the convalescents, with such othors
as chose, gathered In front of the dead-house,
a small, dctachod bulldluz on tho hospital
grounds. An ambulance and mounted guard
were In attendance, and the chaplain met them
there. Every head was bared as the service
commencod with a reading from the Bcrlpturcs.
Wo all know the words. Wo have heard them
spoken over our own dead at homo. " 1 am
the resurrection and tbo life." " If any man
bellcvo In me he ahall not (11 o." "I know that
my Kedeemcr llvcth." "Though worm ae-
14. Mount Pleasant. Washington. D. C itrn this bodv. vetln mv llesh shall I aee
jrounccnin sircci, ono uau mucucjuau titj uod." words or gracious promise anu iuu'
limits, In chargo of Assltlaul Burgeon C.
McCall, U. B. A.
15. Bomlnary, Georgetown, D. C, corner ol
Washington and Gay streets, in charge of Bur
goon U. W. Ducachct, U. 8. V.
16 -Union, Washington, D. C, I street and
New Jersey avenue. In charge of Burgeon J. A.
Udell, U. 8. V.
17. atone, Washington, D. C, Fourteenth
street, opposlto Columbian Hospital, In charge
of Acting Ass't Burgeon P. Glennan, U.8. A.
19. Bt. Elisabeth, (Insane Asylum,) Wash
ington, D. C, beyond Navy Yard west, In charg.
of Acting Assistant Burgeou C. II. Nichols,
U. B. A.
ID. First Division General, Alexandria, Ya ,
corner of Falrrax and Cameron streets, In
charge or Surgeon Chas. Page, U. B. A.
L Second Division General, Alexandria,
Va , corner of V rl jce and Colombus street., In
chargo or Surgeon T. K. oponcer, u. . v.
31. Third Division General, Alexandria, Va.,
Washington street, Detwcen ynecn ana uini
ron streets. In charge or Surgeon Edwin Bent
ley, U. 8. V.
ii. Augur General Hospital, near Alexan
dria, Va., In charge of Surgoon George L. Bat-
ion, u. . v.
What la America lint
a land of widows, or
phans, and beggars!
But what need of ar
gument to such a fuel
there, there Is no hap
piness In life.
Now Is there no moae
by which the people can
be protected from these
frightful sacrifice, and
the Union saved 7
I Implore yoa, thero-
Ihan tongue can ex
I give my promuo of
most affectionate- wel
come to all who am
disposed to join mo In
measures necessary to
'close the sccno of our
affliction, which must
A nj ota jit iiehehaiVI urncEi
W All! I ROTOR, Mpl, IS, IMS,
f:ni-1 Ilnliiri. No. 2Mi
I Whenavur tlaes Are imposed by sentence of
Central ConrtMartlal, or Military Commission,
upon oftlcsrs or cltlieoi, tba Judee Advooau (
the Court or Commission will maka a special re-
lor. Ol me .aot 10 nm Aujuiaa ueacrai, rividk b
copy of the sentence la the ease. The officer who
sou firms the sentence imposing a line will transmit
to the Adjutant General a special report thereof,
together with s copy of the order promulgating
thai iiriieiii1 lisTI.
". The tines will bo paid to the chief officer of
iuu liUAIieruiASicr'S isciiariraeii. mt m iij
where the prisoner may m, and no other person
is authorized to receive th mi sueh Ones must not
tiA minHtnl n n nurnoie. but the otflear rtcelv.
Ing them will forthwith remit the amounts to the
Adjutant General oi me Army at wasmninon,
with trm ntmri of the trlioncrs who riaid tt em.
ana the number of the order promulgating the
s All niheVri who hAve heretofore reoelved tines
will forthwith report to the Adjutant General the
amounts received, by whom paid, number and
date ol order promulgating the proceedings, and
what disposition was made of the money. The
amounts will be forwarded with the reports.
Hy order of the Secretary of War t
Assistant Adjutant General.
fore, to turn again to. ' , .,,
the wisdom of yonri rnntrnl ... ..
forefathers. Turn.gaInUbertU of fte
toward thoughts of -conntrT;whlch tm of.
pcrlence. ifcrsus protection and
Amerlcaa servitude penetail eicm,iion
Is pat la bold cootrast ffom M taM but euch
wlthDrltlihllberty.- Mwa,naJJ lWnk fltt0
We propose to elect . 0 u our6UTM.
to the Fretldency a pa
triot, a soldier, and a
Chrlitlan-O. B. Mc-j
Theaiuht DtrAATMiBT, July 35, last.
Notloe Is herebv tiven that subscriptions will be
reoelved by the Treasurer of the United States, the
several Assistant Treasurers and Designated De
positories, and by the National Banks designated
uaguiuatUM Ajvpoiiturtca iuu f iu.ugihi nti
tar Triunrr NatAa niribli three vears from Au
gust IS, 18S4, bearing Interest at the rate of seven
and three tenths percent, per annum, with semi
annual coupons attached, payable In lawful
These notes will be convertible, at the option of
the holder, at maturity, Into six per cent, gold
bearing bonds, res earn able alter He and payable
twenty years from August 18. 1861.
The notes will bepsiued In the denominations of
flfty, ol hundred, Ave hundred, one thousand,
ana nve tnousana aoiiars, ana win Deisiucuii.
blank, or payable to order, as may be directed by
the subscribers.
All subscriptions must be for fifty dollars, or
some multiple of fifty dollars.
Duplicate certificates will be Issued for all de
posits. The party depositing must endorse upon
erttnfsertllsatthei denomination of notes re
quired, and whether they Are to be Issued In blank
or payable to order. When so endorsed It must he
left with the offlcer receiving the deposit, to be
forwarded to this Department.
The notes will be transmitted to the owners,
free of transportation ebarges, as soon after the
receiptor tho original Certificates of Peioslt as
they eaa be prepared.
Interest wilt bet allowed to August IS on alltle-
Kalts made prior to that date, and will be paid by
e Department upon the receipt of the original
As the notes draw Interest from August 16, per
sons malting deposits subsequent to that date must
pay the interest accrued from date of note to date
Of deposit.
Parties depositing twenty-live thousand dollars
and upwards for these notes at any one time will
b allowed a commission of one-quarter of one per
sent., which will be paid by this Department upon
tho receipt of a bill for the amount, certified to by
the offlcer with whom the deposit was made. INo
dedustione for commissions must be made from
the deposit.
Officers receiving eepnelts will see that the
proper endorsements are made upon the original
All officers authorised to receive deposits are
requested to give to applicants all desired Infor
mation, and a ford every facility for making sub
scriptions. W. P. FEMENDEN,
JlrtS-tf Secretary of the Treasury.
ICy-We liar learned not to be AstAtilskoI
at ai.y thing. Wars of experience and a eorre
, ndenct extending throughout All nationalities
of the habitable globe have turned theories Into
Tacts aud established a basis from which we need
uot err, Wi are rrnt surprised at such facts as the
following Although the persons who write them
arc. We now the persons And circumstance i,
hence feel at liberty to lndotse their statements! I
14 New Dcnr-onD, Mass , Nov. 34, l&u
DLan Sit IhavSbeenaffllcted many years with
severe i rostratlng cramps In my limbs, cold feet
and hands, and a general disordered system. Physl
clans and medicines failed to relieve me. While
visiting some friends In New Hork who were using
TlantAtloo Sitters they prevailed upon me to try
tArni. I commenced with a small wlne-glassfull
after dinner. Feeling better by degrees, la a few
davs I was astonished to tied the coldness aad
cram) s had entirely left me, and I eould sleep the
night through, which l have not none ror years, i
feel like another being. My appetite And strength
have also greatly Improved by the use of the Plan
tatiou Blttrts.
Respectfully, Jobith ftviitL
f owe much to you, for I verily
believe the Plantation Sitters have saved my life.
Il lv. W. II. Waooohsb, Madrid, N. V,"
" Rzepsbuav, Wis , Sept, is, IMS.
for fourteen months cpecohlees and nearly dead.
At Alton, III , they gave me a boftle of Plantatlan
Dlttcrs. Three bottles restored
my ipocch and cured me. C. A. Flaotb.
The following ts from the Manager of the Dslen
Home School for the Children of Volunteers,
Havemeyek Mahiioh, 87th Street, i
New ore, August 3,lWi.
Dn. PnARE Your wonderful Plantation Bitters
have been git en to some et our little chlldre suf
fering from weakness and weak lungs with mot
happy cried, one little gm in particular, win
pains In her head, loss of appetite, and dally wast
ing consumption, en whom all medical skill had
been exhausted, has been entirely reetered. We
commenced with but a teespooaful of Bitters a
day. Ucr appetite and strength rapidly Increased,
end she Is now well. . .-
Respectfully, Mrs. O. L Devok.
lime faltb, repeated as solemnly and tenderly
hero al tbo hospital as they would be In the
uearinfr, or mourning iricnas wnoeo tears unp
tlzo every word.
Then the mime of the dead was read, his age,
placo of birth, company and regiment, length
of service and cause of death, with such par
ticulars of his life and death as might Interest
and lc struct the hearers. This was louowca
by an exhortation and prayer, both rendered
more Impressive by tho character of tho Chap
lain, a man who is well known to be an earnest
Christian, and a demoted and self sacrificing
friend to the soldier.
After the benediction the colli a was brought
out, placed In the ambulance, r rapped In a
Use;, and tho procession formed. A long line
of nearlv a hundred men. It moved slowly
across the hospital grounds, past tho windows
of tho hoBDltal whence tbo patients could cast
a parting glance after their lost companion,
past toe otlice wtuaows wncro surgeon or acr&
suspendod their employment for an Instant to
give a word of inquiry or remembrance, past
the guard who Hoed the front avenuo and
wnn nam ton wnti ineir sworus iu comriuu
who went silently by on his last march, and on
till they stood under tho flag lust Is before tbo
There tho procession quietly dissolved, as
thouch that flair waved away all mourning as
semblages with ono regal sweep, and look the
dead who had died for Its Integrity under the
firotcctlon of Us own graicnii iotas. ro mourn
ng, but a solemn triumph In tho sacred ban-
nr.Mt.st innnffAnL It "npTiedlcIte!" Over hll
The majority for Mr. Lincoln, for President.
over Gen. McClellan, Il 11,017, and for the
lion, Thomas Swann. for Governor. 11. 00
over Judge Chambers, and one precinct of the
iQin wara not returned, me majority ior me
remainder of the Union Slate ticket is about
the same, and the three Union Senators and
eighteen members of the House of Delegates
are elected by corresponding majorities.
Tbo Congressmen elected are the lion. Edwin
It. Webster, In the second district; Col. Charles
E. t'ueips, in the tniru district, ana tvoe lion.
Francis Thomas, In the fourth district all
Union. There la nothing doflnlte from the first
and firth districts.
ANNirOLH. Nov. 8. This cltv rives McClel
lan a majority of 23,andBwaon, for Governor,
a majority of UI; Cox has a majority of 32;
Kind all, for State's Attorney, has 46 matorltyf
Wclscl, for Court of Appeals, has 53 majorltyj
Messrs. Holland and Harris, for Congress,
each havo 231, (a tie.) Judgo Tack's major
Ity is 'id. Tho Union Legislative ticket has a
Second Election District gives McClellan 141
majority, and Chambers, for Governor, US
First D strict, 108 majority for Lincoln; 'JLh,
44 majority for McClollani 8th, 40 majority for
Pout Deposit. Not. 8. The 7th election
district gives Lincoln 23, Swann 33, Ores well
41), Trome 40 majority.
Two districts, (reported,) not stated, give
its union majority.
Westminster gives a Union majority of 30
a cala of 70 on the October election. It gave
w majority against the constitution.
New Windsor district el res an average ma
jorityof 110 for the Union ticket. It gave
only m majority ror tue new constitution.
This suows a gain of 77 for the union ticktt.
Frederick district elves Lincoln and the
State ticket 4U majority a gain of VS on the
constitutional vote last month.
New Market district Rives 150 majority for
Lincoln a gain of 03.
Mt. Pleasant gives Lincoln 01.
Frbdebick, Nov. 8, midnight. Tho rebel
citizens took possession of tho polls In Woods
borough district and would not allow any one
to vole until the judges took their votea with
out the oath. A squad of Capt. Blunder's men
went out and arrested three of tho principal
men, who havo been committed to jail. One
or two men were slightly wounded.
SUto Is about 7r,00, gain of 3."t000 over last
year. All the Union congressional represent
atives are elected.
Blrunoton. Not. 8. Thirty-four towns
giro Lincoln 7,000 majority.
Hartford. Conn.. Nov. 8. Lincoln has
3.470 and McClellan 2,800 In this city. New
Haven glvea 3'J5 majority for McClellan.
Thirty-one towns, Including New Haven, Hart
iora, urtugepon, watcroary, norwicn, ana
New London, give Lincoln 1,1C9.
Providence. Nov. 8. Iteturns from nrarlv
the entire Suto show a majority for Lincoln of
aoout y(wu.
Philadelphia. Not. 8. Private dispatches
received here say that IManaro gives her elec
toral vote for Lincoln and Johnson.
Cieviland. Nov. 8. Returns from Indiana
show considerable Union gains over the Octo
ber election. The Slate has doubtless gone for
iincoin uy an incroaseu majority.
Cleveland, Nov.8. Scattering returns from
Ohio show Union gains over the October elec
tion. Lincoln has carried the State by a very
heavy majority.
Tho soldiers rote, la Washington and vicin
ity, Is largely in favor of Lincoln and John
son. We give below tho returns, so far as received
Infsn, Democratic,
....! It
....SO 301
.,,.& 303
....bt 300
...S4 210
1 the subscriber hasobtalned from the Ornhans'
Court of Washington county, la fke District ol Co
lumbia, letters testamentary on the personal es
tate of Abner Brush, late of Washington city
LnsuictoiivoiumDie,uTCkaa. au persons navin;
alalmj wiliut the said deoeased are herebv wirnt!
to eahlblt the same, with the vouchers thereof, to
the subssrlber.onor before the aothday of October
neat, they may otherwise by law be excluded from
all benefit of the said estate.
Given under my hand this aath day of Octeber.
1844. rtATT BRUSM, tx'r.
IYaIHIKUTOM. D C . flsitntMFfi. 1B44.
."."" c . m 'B '.V ...'..i:- :.i
L,irm)Biii 4-ibubs. n, rouiii isiat new ii
iiliintmi, heretofore publnlmJ, u hereby notified
that he Is eneiiipt from dUmlissI, he having been
iifv louiiy honorably discharged the service of the
i tilled fitstflit, I y special orders, current series,
I .ui this dtliee K U. ruWNShND,
i.cjI Assistant Adjuant General.
No. US West Baltimore street.
The rarest densities, Fruits, Creams, Found,
ftoonge.aad Frosted Cakes supplied to families hi
(honest notloe.
U-fhe choicest Wines constantly on haud,
Thou wilt send metwebottlei
mnn ot ihv rUatatioa Hitters. Mr wile has beet.
greatly brnottttdd by their use.
Thy Jrrlcnd, AiaCoatin, rhUadelphla, Pa."
1 have been a grt sufferer from
Dviprrsla, and bad to abandon preachlag. The
riant at ion Bitters have cured me.
KEV, 4. H. UATlinoN, nocncsicr, n a. -
I hifliiTn the Plaatatloa Bit
ters to hundreds of our disabled soldiers with the
most astoulshtng client.
U. Vt Urn ARValAWB,
Eup't PoUlere Home, Cincinnati, O."
TLe Plantation Bitters have
surnl me of the Liver Complaint, of which I was
laid up prostrats, and had to abandon my busi
ness. U. B. KmasLET,
I4lf V.aWU, WiMV.
Hi FUnUtioa Bitters have
eured me of a derangement of the Kidneys and
Urinary Organs that has distressed me for years.
11 acis lino n um. .. mwv,
No. 344 Broadway ,'
Ac , AC , As , Mi
Tho riantatlon Bitters make the weak strong
the languid brilliant, and nre exhausted nature's
great restorer. They are composed of the cele
brated Call say a Bark, Wlatergreeo, Sassafras
Roots. Herbs. &.c. all preserved la periecuy pure
St. UoU Hum.
S, T. 1800 X.
Tersoni of sedentary habits, troubled with weak
pess, las.ltude, palpitation of the heart, lack of
appetite, distress alter eating, torpid liver, constl
patlon, Ac , deserve to sutler tfthoy will not try
Ihey are recommended by the highest medical
authorities, and are warranted to produce an in
meditae beneficial eflest. They are exceedingly
agreeable, perfectly pure, and harmless.
Notice. Any f erson pretending to sell Planta
tion Bitten in bulk or by the gallon Is a swindler
and Impostor. It Is put up only In eur leg cabin
bottle. Beware of bottles refilled with tmltatlon
deleterious stuff, for whlob sever a1 perioas ere al
ready in prison. M that every bottle has eur
United States stamp over the cork unniiiUW,
and our denature on steel-plate side label.
Sold by respectable dealers throughout the hab-
ttable glob. P. n. DKAitK a lo
auu-o3m 80S Breadway, N. T.
Slay new be found with
091 Broadway. Clew York
Where be will be happy to see bis old frlenJsaud
all others In want ot supe tlor and
At minlcratepilocs octn innf
ncr'that awung out its Bcnediclte!" over his
liPavd he, was borne to Ida last restlntr-place.
And this not tho neglected place that jeaioua
affection pictures It, but a large cemetery
whero the graves are regularly made and
marked with name, and all particulars neces
sary to a perfect Identification.
Ono word moro regarding tho suffering and
dvlntri not the random word of a chance vis
itor, but the assured word of one who has had
months of dallv observation in this hospital, an
observation made jealously kecu by aomo pre
vious doubts concerningnospitaiuoings. coin
ing that can benefit tbo patient Is omitted.
The surgoon In chargo with staff arc scrupu
lously attentive nnd kind, tho nursta perform
faithfully and tenderly their dllllcult and llly
pald ofliccs, and tho chaplain and his wifo do
vote the moet of their time, and all of their
hearts, It would seem, to aid and comfort tho
Lei the ucreavca at numo taho com. on.
ivinu ncans ore can on iur tuuir iuvvu uuw,
and thouelt onlv tbo angel of death may roll
away tho distance that lies Ilka a stone be
Lween mem ana mo otuuicuiw ui mcir utou,
even while they weep and try " Where hast
thou laid blmf" tho gloried soul, untranv
meted by apace, Is bcsldo them. M. A. T.
Motion TVaiucrftf.
A Ilag.Uatherers' Hall,
The Toronto f Canada) Leader of Thursday
has the following account of a curious scene
In that city:
Tho very unusual entertainment of a rag
gatherers1 ball came on in this city on Monday
night, At which there could not havo been less
than three hundred ragmen and their uhes
and sweethearts, aud other friends and ac
quaintances. The entertainment was given by
a Mrs. Ashal, a woman who has raado a good
deal of money by tho rig business. Hating
Just built a largo brick shop on Richmond
street, a little west of Church street, on the
south side, she determined to entertain her
customers at a grand ball and support anl nt
being particular as to whether the company
should bo select, she gave a general Invitation
to all the beggars ana ragmen in tno city ana
neighborhood. Tho gentry fell in with tho
Idea, aud freely accepted tbo Invitation. A
nmntnoni rcnast was provided In a larce room
on the ground floor, to which the beggars had
irco access aunog too wuoio cvtning. .a
quadrille band supplied music for the company
In the ball-room up-stalrs, and 'all went merry
as a marriage bell.' It Is said to havo been a
ludicrous sight to witness tho company In a
quadrllIo,or pairing oil In an 'Irish breakdown1
or 'plantation llg.1 Dancing and a general
merriment was Kent up till nearly 4 o'clock In
the morning, when the party separated and re
turned to their novels ana to intir uusincss in
dlflerent parts of tho city, evidently highly
tstftasM with tha hospuauiy oi ineir ccnerous
hostess. Everything was conducted In the
most orderly manner, only tho presence of a
solitary policeman having been necessary to
ktcp things siraiguw
A Negro Orator,
Col. Hlc-dnson is writing his experience v, lit.
colored troops for tho Atlantic Monthly. He
glvos a graphic sketch of a speech by a negro
corporal, me most) eloquent, pcruapa, wee
f?ornoral Prlnco Lambkin. Just arrived from
Kernandlna, who evldonlly had a previous rep
utatlon among them. Ills historical references
were very Interesting. He reminded them that
hn had predicted this war over since Fremont's
time, 10 Wuicu come ui mo ciuttu bbbuuiou. ho
gave a very intelligent account of that Presi
dential campaign, and then described, most
Impressively, the secret anxiety of the slaves In
Florida to know all about President Lincoln's
election, and told now tney an rerascu to work
on the 4th of March, expecting their freedom
m lute from that dav.
ITa flnallv broucht out ono ol tho few and
really most Impressive appeals for the Ameri
can flag that I have ever beard i "Our mas'rs
dey hab lib under de llagi dey got dero wealth
under It, and ebry ting beautiful for dere chllen.
Under it aey nau gnuu ua up, ana iut us iu
dere pocket for money. Uut do fas minute dey
tlnk dat old flag mean freedom for wo colored
people, dey pall It right down, and run up de
rag ob dere own. Immense applause. Ilut
we'll neber desert deole flag, boya, never, wo
bab Ubed under It for eighteen hundred and
sixty two years, and we'll dlo for It now."
With which overpowerlnir discharge of chro
nol)gy at long range, tl l. ui'.n ttftctWo of
clump spu uta iiufo"!
. 3M
. SI
. Ib
, 71')
. Tl
rillNCE i
For rice tors
" Governor
11 Lieutenant Governor.
11 Congress
" Comiitroller
" ludca Court of Anneals. ...65 Wf
' CrcultJudce 3A 19S
" Attorney General 64 sio
" State Senate SI 910
Messrs. Chew and Calvert, Democrats, aro
ulected to tue House or ueiegatee.
Harris Is doubtless re-elected to Congress In
the Fifth District.
PniLADELiniA, Nov. 8. The returns as far
as received show heavy Union gains.
1st ward 1,023 Union majority a gain of
2d ward 172 Union majority a gain of 02.
3d ward 'JOS Democratic majority Union
gain 3d.
4lh ward l,3il Democratic majority Union
gain 3d.
Otn wara lw ucraucrauc majority a gain
of 1GJ.
oth ward 700 Democratic majority Union
gain 74.
7Lh ward WO Uolon mslorlty a gain of 01.
bth ward 504 Union majority a gain of 22o.
Wh ward 237 Democratic majority Union
rain 17.
10th ward 1,001 Uulon majority a gain of
1 1 th ward 215 Democratic majority Union
gain 3.
UiD wara iu uoiou majority gainoi.'j.
13lh ward bO Democratic majority Union
gain 1 Hi.
Hin wara i,iuj union msjoruy a gaic oi
15th vard 1,111 Union majority a gain of
10th ward 25 Union majority a gain of 0.
17th ward 1,114 Union majority gain 230.
l'jth ward 1,375 Union majority gain 2t0.
lUth ward 1M Union majority gala of 441.
20th ward 005 Union majority gain of 203.
23d ward 400 Union majority a gain of 10.
liith ward 767 Union ma lor It v train of 123.
The city complcto gives a Union majority of
Adams auuiy. irfUemucrBUiiTij uuu naru
shows a Union gain of -J.
Camp near the President's
rinley. Hospital
East Capttol Barracks
Armory Square Hospital ...
Camp Fry.
Cavalry Bureau
Harewood Hosnltal
Lincoln Hospital ,
Soldiers' Rest
Washington Street Hospital, Alex-
Prince St. Barracks. Alexandria
sickles Barracks, Alexandria
Carver Hospital
Battery L'ort worth
Caran stonemsn. 3ddilslon
uaucry niiMvcos) iw
Battery c. Camp Barry.... il
Marine Barracks 3.S
rort Uarcy, near Cham Bridge 65
Camp Distribution Ill
Total 1705
Union mJrltr, l.mi.
State Acency 01
Campbell Hospital T
LtDceln Hosiital ss
Camp Distribution.... ....1M
CampStoneman IS
Union Light Guard h ti.usrters .ais
Armory txiuare Hospital 34
Circle Barracks 41
Annapolis loo
Alexandria i
Rush Barrack
Kait crlt0 ,I111 Barracks .
Seven companies 1st regiment Wis
consin ncaTy aiuuerj -
A dispatch from Alexandria last night stated
the aggregate vole of all thu soldiers there, as
Union sit
Democrat IM
Tho annexed report from the above-named
tost is sent us uy uoi .Mttveivcy, commaua
Union Drm
, 2J
Union majority, 309.
Five companies of this regiment, stationed
In tbo fortifications of Washington, returned
tho following voto ycsicraay:
Unlon. Dem,
Third 63 34
Fourth w 23
Fifth st si
Sixth M 2
Ninth 65
Peuuiylvaula CODKresslonal Klcctlon
The UAlcUl ote.
nARRisnuita, Nov. 7, Tho following aro the
Atn i vntRB receivea at mo Becrciarv'A omct?.
Bedford County. Saxton gives 35 Domo-Dy districts, for members of Congress:
UtOHIVk 1,-v. i-a. wui..t.a, w, .,ji, w a.aa-
dall. D..0.5M,
cratic malorltv. a Union gain 0! 2.
Berks County. One ward In Reading gives
Lincoln 117 majority, a Union gain of 23.
Heading, complete, gives a union majority
of 00, Union gain of OJ. Three townships in
this county show Democratic gains of 115.
Chester County. Union majority over 3,000,
a gain of 400.
Uaruon uouniy. r ranwiin umusui,' gives a
Union gain of 31; Mauch Chunclc glvea a
Democratic majority of SS, a Democratic gain
Somerset Hill borough gives JU, union
Dauphin County. Scattering returns show
a Union gain of 135.
lhlirh Countv. Two wards In Allentown
glvo 50 Democratic majority, a Uolon gain of
Lancaster County. The city glyes 107 Dem
ocratic majority! a gain of 51. Eight rural
districts show over 200 Union gain, and there
aro largo Union gains throughout the county.
Lebanon county gives about 1,000 Union ma
jority, (no change.)
ISOrinailipiuaUUUtT." i urea ti us iu t.Mtuu
glvo a Union gain of 37. Freeman s burg gives
10 Democratic majority! a gain of 7.
Lehigh township gives a Democratic gain
of 3i.
Schuylkill County. Scattering returns show
a Union majority of 640, a gain of C8.
ScbuylklU county gives about the same ma
jority as in October.
York County. Hanover borough gives a
Union majority of 110, a gain of t.
New York, Nov. S midnight. Fifty towns
outside or New z one city snow a ejear majority
for Lincoln of 5,000.
New York City. Reported returns from all
except ono district make McClellan'a majority
Camden County. Delaware townihip glyes
07 Union majority, a gain of 5J.
Capo Island. Union township gives a Union
trmlrtrltv nf AS.
Gloucester County. Two townships glvo 159
Union majority.
Cumberland County, Mil v Hie gives Lincoln
111 majority, ana fliar, ior longrcas, 111 ma
JrltT' w.,,..
Bamior, Nov. 8. Twenty-eight towns give
Lincoln and John BOD 0.000 majority.
Portland Union, "J,810, Dem., 1,811. lie-
publican gain. 2d.
Alfred Union, 145, Dem., 154.
Falmouth Union, 1VH; Dem., 1M.
Bath Union, 1,111 Dem., 294.
Cape Elizabeth Union, Sd5', Dem., oil.
Lewlston Union, W4 Dem., 300.
One hundred towns glvo Lincoln and Inhiv
ann 1,700 majority.
Boston. Nov. 8. The Union majority 111 this
HI, v. v,on,
D strict 2 Chas. O'Neill, U., 11,320, W,
M. Rellly, D., 7,151.
District U Myers, U., 10,014; C. Buck
waiter, D., 0,630.
District 4-W. D. Kclley. U., 12,470, (J,
Northrop, D., 0,101.
District 5 'Russell Thater, U, 11.0U7
Henry P. Kess, D., 10.7JJ.
District 0Oeo. Bullock, U.,i(0fi, B. M.
Boyer, D., l-',s7.
District 7 J. M.Broomall, U.. HV.HJ.vJno,
r.. Haattv. D.. 7.231.
District 10 Howell Fisher, I., 10,'7, M.
Stronse, D., 11,151.
Ulstrict i i. vv. rvcwnuui, u,, iu.ujv,
Chas. uennison, u., iu,a.J.
District 11 Geo. F. Miller, U., ll.bl't, VV,
II. Miller, p., 11,002.
District 15 Jos. Bailey, U., 10, Wt, "A. J
Glossbrenner. D.. 13.393.
District lo w. a. rvoonu, l., 11, m, a.
II. ColTroth, D., 11,174.
District 17 'A. A. Barker, U., U,JJ5, K. L.
Johnson, U.,S,.lo.
District l 'o. u. viisou. u., 11, jo. meo,
Wright, D., 10.6&1.
District 10 G. W. Bchoflcld, U, 11,051,
W.L.Blgler.D, 0,014.
District 20-'C. V. Culver, U., 14,314, W.
L. Corbett, D., 10,070.
DUtrlct 21 Smith Fuller, U., 10,730, 'J. L.
Dawson, P., 10.S55.
District 23--T. Williams, U., Il,b33i Wiu.
J. Kooritr, D., 8,124.
DIstrutM '. v. i.aurenst v., ii.-ji, J,
K. Lazcar. D., 10,1U.
Misplaced Kwdhhs. There la notliintr
like an obliging disposition, I thought to my
self one day, when traveling In a railway car
from Boston to Worcester, seeing a gentleman
put himself to considerable trouble to land an
other gentleman, who had fallen asleep, at his
"Passengers for West Ncodham," cried out
tho conductor! "the car stops butone minute.'
"Hallo"' exclaimed a young man In sputa
cles, at tho some time sclzlog an old gentle nan
by the shoulders, ho was sleeping very sound,
lv. "here's Captain Holmes fast asleep, and
this Is West Needham, where he Uvea. fme,
get up, Captain Holmes, here yoa are.
Tho gentleman got upon his feet and t ;an
to rub lils eyea, bat the young roan forced Ulm
along to the door of the car, and gently laidet
him on the roadside. Whir went the sU-im,
and wo began to fly again. Tho obliging young
man took his scat again, and said with a (,ood
deal of satisfaction lo somebody near bim.
"Welt, If It hadn't been for mo Captain Uoltnca
would havo missed his home finely. But here
he has left his bundles," and the ynnx man
picked np a paper parcel and threw it nut.
"Well. he said, "If It hadn't been for m,
Captain Holmes would have missed his bun
dies flncly.'
When we stopped at the next stHont a lady
began to rummago under tbo aeat where Cipt.
lioimca naa neon silting, ana cxciauuci iu
great alarm:
" 1 can't nna my hunaie,"
" Was it done up In a piece of brown paper ?f
" Yes, It was, lo bo sure," said the lady.
"Then, said J, "that young man yonder
thren It out of the window at tho last atopi lug
This led to a scene between the oldlrlng
young man and tho old lady, whleh ended by
the former taking tho address of the latter,
and promising to return llw package in a few
lays, proviaea ne snouia ever una 11.
" Well." said tho obllelnir vounz man. "catch
mn Anlnp a crood naturod thine acaln. What
can I do for that old woman, If i cannot find
her bundle I"
Whiz went tho steam, ding, ding, ding, went
tho bell, the dust &c , the sparks (lew, and tho
cars lltw, as they say, like lightning, tilt wo
stopped again at the next station j I forget the
name of It now, but It will bo of no consequt nco
If I could remember it. An om genucinau
started up aud began to poke under tho scat
where Captain Holmes bad sat.
"What are yoa looking fori" I iniulrcd.
"Looking fori' said the old gentleman,
"why, lam looking for my bundle of clothra '
"Was It tted up la a yellow handkerchief ('
1 asked.
I 'Ym. nd nothlne else." said tho old roau.
llnnA havf-niat" exclalinod the obliging
young man, "I threw it out of the car at Need
hamt I thought It belonged to Captain Holmes."
"Captain Holmes!" txciaimcuiuBo.u icuuw,
ii!. alnnlf nfdtana r. "wholsCaplalnlloimcfli
That bundle conlaluod all my clean ilothef,
that 1 was to wear at niyaon'a wedding to-
morrow morning. Utar me, wnai can 1 uoi
Nothing could be done but to give his ad
dress lo the obliging young man as before, and
console himself with the promise that tho bun
die should be returned to him, provided It was
ever found. Tho obliging young man was now
in dcsralr, and made another vow that he
would never attempt to uo oongiug again. 1 ur
.i .t.iinn vru hie landtnortace. and as bo
went towards the door of the car, he aaw it
silver-headed cane, which ho took hold of and
read the Inscription on it, "Moses Uolmee,
East Needham."
" Wtlr" again cxciaimca tun ouugiuK juuu
man, "It here isn't uapi. no.uu wuo
"Yes,' said a gentleman, who got in al tho
last station, "and tho old fellow is lame, tou
tie will miss me buck. .... ....
"Do tou know him!" Inquired the obliging
young gentloman. ..,,..
"Know hlmf I should thluk so," rcrIM
tho gentleman, "ho Is my uncle."
"And docs he live al Kat cedhiraC1 aske I
the obliging young mart. ..,....
whero else." ,,
"Well, It It don't !eat cverjtUlni;," said tho
obliging yooni; Renlkman, "and 1 putMm nul
at West Neodoam, a mile and a half tne olliui
side of bis homo
1m United States shirs Niagara and tlio
Sacramento passed Uesl on October 31th, tbo
former for Flashing, tho second bound wen
Tho San Francisco, a (.rewslcauior, built at
N.nti for tb. rebels, but which the Frtn' Ii
(lOTCrnment has not alloircd to bo clten uu tu
them, has mado a tucccssful trial trip. Ilir
speed was 13,' knots per hour.
Tu a Prince and Princess of Wales left Uopon
hsgen on the 1 of October. They arrived at
Traycmunde on tbo noil morning, and iu II. u
oyer on tho 'Joth of October.
Several dlstricta of Lombardy havo beeu Iu
yaded by armed bands dressed Iu Urlbaldlsu
- V-
loniml.ilon of til. Unlt.d Slat, antl
Notl.. is hereby ilveu that the Commli.lon pn
iiled (or by th. Comcntlon ol November M, ts.',
between the United states aod Louador, for tho
mutual adjuitmcat oi cl.tmi, w. duty org.atie 1
at th. city of Cutyaqull on th. tsth day of Autuit
Lit, and that th. laid Comtnintoa will eoatloi e
iu i.Mlon for the period ol twtlv. month, from
that data.
Allcltlzeoaofthc United State. h.tluK clio.
upon Eouador arc, therefore, notllled to appear to
ler.oo, or by attorney, and present the proof. In
support of their claim, to said Cominl.iton, or to
hie their claim, and proofs 1th tha Secretary i'f
the Commliilon, "Senor Crlisnto Medl.a," in
Gu.yaiull, in th. Republic of Ecuador.
"Claim, which shall not ba preaented to t e
Commliilon within th. twelv. month, it remalni
Inealilenc. wlIlb.dlireearJ.dhy both Goien.
mente, and cooildered InvaliA."
Minuter Itcildent and Commlnioner of th. I'm''
WAiiiiaoToa tlTV, October 1, 191 ocl '"
A Sneezing Uead. Tho inAnager of a Ucr
lln theatre got up a drama In w hicb a human
head was to bo o tiered to a tyrant. In ordur
to produce as much elicit as possible, bo re
solved to use a hnman bead. On tho stage
was placed a tabic covered with a eloth, on tho
table was a basin, and an actor, concealed un
der the cloth, poked up his head through a
hole In the table, so as to seem to be placed In
the basin. The ellect was prodigious; the au
dience applauded and trembled. Unluckily, a
wag, who was behind the eccuce, sprinkled
somesnulTon tho basin, and, Just as the ty
rant finished his address to the severed head of
his enemy, the head replied by a hearty nt of
sneezing, changing the audlenco "from gravo
to gav" with remarkable expedition.
The Italian Chamber of Deputies wss opened
on the 2Jd of October. The treaty with Frani c
was laid on the table by the Prime Minister,
and a bill for the transfer of the capital brought
In a great storm In the Kerth-of. Forth live
vessels, chiefly foreign, wero fast ashore at
O ran ton. Ono man was lost, A Danish yea
eel was wrecked near Dunbar, with the In nf
lour lives.
Wasiiifbtox, March P, IBM. 1
AU applications ior leaves ot abacns or rr-
mission to visit Washlogtoa must rw address! t.,
Major GenerAl llaussk, Chief ot Starr, and mutt
ireotlytha business for wblsb tha offloer desjs
the pannlBslon. Tslcirams au iressw oirw. w sup
Secretary ol warou-uis innv- "" "
ntfl.M Assistant Adjutant General
A F F I C 1A. L .
"' W . m liria HTM I Ml-.
ur u.n r i' Mni.nilur V. 1881.
a t t i. ...... n n u tliimnhrl?!. 11th Uilttf I
a....- ir.nt... I,. nlnar listen riMtOrted at tDS DCatl'
quart. . o Va'.1 uayU l.llloil to report at Cin
cinnati, Ohio, a. ordcreJ. Ii "trehy notI0.,i mat
h.wlll b. r.comm.nJe.l for dl.mliial from the
service of the Unlll I Bl.ie., uwtiii w,mjm i.hm
ISirsM.ai, nj m.ltci latulaitory dsience to tin
char.e. a,.In.t him. & & T0WNNP
no, Alllstant Adiut.ot C.n.r.l
wo. all mninsxr..iw..,u- p- ol ..
ofrlMlraniactl with dnpat.li. ,. , ,
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