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flational gcpnMuau.
orviDi thc miKNDs or the union ti
"I SU1LL SOT RETVRX TO turcitr jsy
rttws who is rirr hi thi TLRm or
the hocuvatiov, o ur jvi 4ct or
i proclaim full pardon to all who
olijinly swear to henceforth faith,
follt support, protect, and dffesd
the constitution of the united states
and the union of the states there
Ill Lmcodi H'vAlnm, OX. 10, 1864.
2fzuaeftuxftt$ 0. Tufta, Feonsylvsnla arc
nop, coraer Seventh street.
OAlo "S. C. Wetmore, Fcnnij lranla attune,
corner Seventh street.
Jlhotlt Iilanil J T Benedict, Pcnnijlrsnla
areone, corner Serenth street.
JmlvmoJ. Vi. Monitor!, 391 E street.
Vn York Col S. North, 181 renDjWrjli
Peno)lTnI Col. Roberts, 4S6 Eleventh
Michigan J. TunnlclUr, corner E and
New Jersey Colonel RslTcrty, 25J O street.
Illinois Col. Newton Crawford, 3 Patent
Conneallcnt Dr. W. M. White, TVUUrd's
Maine B. C. Hinds, ST3 F street.
Vermont F. llolhrook, 158 Fourteenth
jim Oeorce Cowle, Fifth Auditor's Office,
a s vt us J iV'ai luicut.
ICillton.l Corrtipoiultne. National Republican )
Compliment, to (i.n.ral Duller.
Mw ok, ?ovembr, I'st.
The I olon men are extremely junllant here
orer the general mull of yesterday's work.
Many of the leading citizens hale .alkd
ripon Geniral Butler and expressed their great
satisfaction at the order whkh prevailed In the
city during the Toting, and their thanks to the
Government for Its onnce of prevention.
8. P. II.
We have the Inexpressible satisfaction to
day of congratulating the country and the
friends of political justice throughout the
world upon the re election of Abraham Lin.
coin I ) ibc Preeldcnc). If any of our friends
have felt a degree of eolkltude for the result,
their minds are now at rest. Wehaveneer
doubted, for a moment, tho good Union cause
would triumph. The people willed they could
not do otherwise that the Union should live,
that the Government should movo onwsrd, and
that the martyrdom of their sons and brothers
upon the bloody battle-Held ahould not now be
The people have nobly repudiated instead
the traitors who sympathize with the Southern
lniurgents and the cravena who squeal about
taxation and who would fain stop the war and
allow the Insurrection to triumph after ao many
bitter men than themselves have given their
Uvea to the sacred cause, in order to save their
paltry dimes. The people have ssld that an
armistice shall not be declared, In order that
the rotting and perishing Institution of slavery
may be rehabilitated. The people have decreed
that the Southern States shall not be al
lowed to gather strength and Anally to achieve
their independence through a cessation of hos
tilities, and negotiations between Northern
copperheads and Southern traitors.
The people have determined that George B.
McCleilan shall remain oneof " Lincoln's hire
lings," if he so choose, rsthcr thsn lake the
position of Chief Maglctrate of the nation and
Commander ln-Chlef of our army and navy,
that George II. Pendleton shall ttlck to petti
fogging; and that the Benate of the United
States shall be spared the humiliation of sltllnc,
nnder him as the presiding officer of that body.
Ihe people have willed that Belmont's gold
and Barlow'a brasa shall not betray our conn'
try Into the snare set for our destruction by
the enemies of free Institutions In tho old
In this election thesrmybss been nobly sus
tained. The ekctlou of the Chicago ticket
would have been a vote of censure upon every
shot flred by our soldiers In the war a vole of
.ensure upon every effort made to eradicate the
primary cause of the rebellion) a vole of cen-
ure upon every act of Congrus In support of
the Government In lis self-vlndlcstlon. But
instead of stultirylng themselves, the people
hue tent forth a flat that will give them a
name In all future llmea as a people who were
true to themselrea and lo political freedom and
justice in one of the most Important crises of
any age.
All honor to those who have worked faith
fully for the flag and the country la Ibis elec
tion. They have had a desperate and unacru
puloua party to contend with, and If frauds of
the blackest die conld carry any of the Staiea
the Copperheads may have succeeded in two
or three of them. Bui tho grand result will
show a glorious triumph to the csuse of free
dom and the Union.
The wrcik of the Gun Boat .V.CMIan, sunk
In Salt ltlver, by the explosion of a Union tor
pedo, on the bin of November. She is sank In
rry dttp tMir, and the most liberal terras will
be allowed any adventurous apeculator who
Mil undertake to raise her.
N B. Confederate scrip will be receked in
Apply to Jeff Davis & Co., Richmond.
11111 Mac'a Il.l.;natlon,
Gen. McClellan'a reslgnstlon not having ar
rived, It Is snppoaci that he Intends to with,
hold it for the preaent
He will need muib resignation under his
late defeat.
Arrival from City Point
The mall steamer Costsik arrived thia morn
ing from City Point. She reports nothing new.
Tuin bots were recently smothered to death
In a bin of wheat near Atblson,Kansss. They
were sleeping In a partly. filled bin. when the
boardi of a full bin gave way, sua they fftre
bured beneath the grain.
Overwhelming Majority for
LInoolnnnd Johnson In tho
Electoral College.
A Two-Thirds Majority Sc-
curod in tho Houso.
Nsw foR, Not. . The Tribune ilalms
New England, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New
fork, Maryland, Ohlp, Indiana, Michigan, Il
linois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Kan
sas for Lincoln. Total, one hundred and nlne
ty, Independent of the PaclOc Btatra, which, It
says, have probably chosen eleven Lincoln
It claims over ten thousand majority in the
State of New Tork, and that a sufficient num.
ber of members of Congress are gained In the
Union to secure the requisite two-thirds in the
House of Representatives for the prohibition of
slavery by constitutional amendment.
It raakes the New Tork congressional dele
gallon stand S3 Union and 0 Democrats.
The HorM concedes Lincoln's re-election,
italmlng only New Tork, Kentucky, New
Jersey and Missouri for McCleilan, with Penn
sylvanla, Delaware, Oregon, California and
Nevada in doubt, bnt most likely for Lincoln.
The New Tork Tirol claims one hundred and
thirty three electoral voles for Lincoln, with a
probability of all the remainder, excepting Ken
tucky, Missouri, and probably New Jersey.
The Cont.it lie portirt to be Clot West
ern New York Not Yet ll.atd From.
Special to the National RtpuMlcin
iw Your,, Nov. 9. The returns from the
State, so fsr, would Indicate a close contest.
Much of the region beyond Csyuga bridge
remalna to be heard from, however.
New Jersey Is reported to have gone for
McCleilan, but the full vote of the State Is not
yet received.
Gen. Butler telegraphs that New Tork Stale
has certainly gone for Lincoln and Johnson.
(pedal Dlipatch to National Republliaa
To tin Eider oftht Sotionol Rrpitbttcon
Boston, Nov. S. Boston all right, floorer
and Rl e re-elected by tremendous msjoi.tles.
Copperheada gone up defunct snelched.
' CM M.
The following dispatch nas received b) Mr.
Merrick, of the National Hotel, this morning
To Mr WrflU, ottonol llvttL
CoNConn, N. II , Nov. 3 Have carried the
State by about ten thousand majority, on the
home vote. N. G. Obdwat.
ConnetlltiitUlT.ThrThou.aul Union
Filll Alaltlanl P. M. Genera) Randall re
ceived the following dispatch last night:
Ntw 1U en, Nov. 6, 1SS4
lo i B Ronioll, lit Mil P V Gntrll;
Connecticut will give about three thousand
Union majority. N. D. Bl sum,
Secretary of Nat. I nlon Commltte J.
Raymond and llnraphr.j. El.ct.il Pr
nando Wood Defeated
NEW Touic. Nov. 8 Heurv J itavtnnnri and
James Humphreys (Union) ar elect to Cou
Fernando Wood is reported defeated.
Drooka Ra-altctad.
Nbw Tohx. Nov. 9. The malorltv for Hon.
Jamea Brooks, (M. C.,) In the Eighth con
gressional uitinct, is reportea at iya.
Thi IrOjrisI Penney Iranians Arinnd
At late hour lift night .'resident Lincoln
was serenaded by club oflojal Penmj'lrftnUni,
headed by Capt. Thomas, of that State. Belag
lornllj called fur, the I'reildcot appeared at a
window and ipoke as follows!
Fhie'-ds adFbllow-citizi5: Even before
I had been Informed by yon that this compll
ment waa paid me by loyal cltUena of Penn
njWanla friendly to me, I had Inferred that
yon were of that portion of my countrymen
who think that the best Interest of the cation
are to be sutterTtd by the support of the prea
ent Administration,. I do not pretend to say
that you who think so embrace all the patriot
ism and loyalty of the country, bat I do believe,
and, I trust, without personal Interest, that
the welfare of the country dots require that
such support and endoriomect be given.
I earnestly believe that the consequence of
this day's work (If It be ai you assure, and as
now seems probable,) will be to the lasting ad
vantage. If not to the very salvation, of the
country. I cannot at this hour say what has
been the result of the election. Bat whatever
It may be, I have no desire to modify tbla opin
ion, that all who have labored to-day In behalf
of the Union organization, have wrought for
the best interests of their country and the
world, not only for the present but for all fu
ture ages.
I am thankful to God for tbla approval of
the people, but, while deeply grateful for this
mark of their confidence In me, If I know my
heart, my gratitude la free from anytalotof
personal triumph. I do not Impugn the mo
tives of any one opposed to me. It la no pleasure
to me to triumph over any one. But I give
thanks to the Almighty for this evidence of the
people's resolution to stand by free government
and the rights of humanity.
At the Boston Sailors Fair will bean Album
calletl ' Our Fritods In Great Brit tin," whloh will
oootalo auiocraphi of John Drlght, Utiloal, Gold
wia tmlth, Mm CwLell, Cobdta, BsHdi, Buckle,
Browning, sie.
Mr. John E. Short, conductor on tho Boston
and Li well railroad, haa teca cootUntly In th
employ of the company for the pait twenty-Uht
years, having commenced the second ear after tin
upentnf of the road la ISIS
W. L. Alun, a deserter from Harry GUmor's
(rebel) cavalry, reported himself at Baltimore on
Friday, anddealrcd to take tba oath of allrrtaace.
Ha stated that ba was In the lait raid Into Mary
land, and at one time was but fifteen mllea from
Jiwbs E. Mcrdock received a beautiful silk
flag at th Cincinnati Opera Houie, Monday olirbtf
from Gen. Hooker, who preeentej it Id behalf of
the armies of the United St tee, who have re
ceived great en notation hai succor from the
ettorta of the eminent tiageaun, who has devotad
bia eflorte to them during the war.
Mm i. Erlikoib, daughter of John 811 dell,
Jeff Parte'! representative In Farii, has an
nounced ber intention of getting up a bazaar In
tl e French c tpltal for tba bt neBt of southern rebel
soldiers wounded la baiLe
Mr. Boicicidlt has been severely snubbed
by the London Unit He maia blmielf the chain-
rion of the Davenport Brothers, now exhibiting
heir trickaln KcgUod. The Hmet having refoied
to Insert lomeofaMr. Boucloault'a letter on the
aubjeet, he wrote to the editor, and wee duly lec
tured for an alleged attempt at dlctatli Who Is
la the right tf it is not of much lmporlaave.
Oxir. Sbiridin and several staff offlcera were
poisoned a law days ago at Winchester, by soma
lonoaiva substaoee whUh, la suppoecd acol
ilntl wanner, got mlsed with their food They
all tuilered aeiere pains from the ettecteof the
potion, but It did not prove fata) to any of them.
U Y TR I.EO II A I'll .
ShtrMan'a Army Tha Uabela to Aatinna
lha OfffenslT
Niw Tori, Not. D. The Ihrelt dispatch
from Sheridan's irmy, dated the Bihlrntant,
etata thai Sheridan haa received Information
that the rebels Intend Immediately tnaMtinm
me ouensivc. r.wcu dm suptrfieacd y arw
Tva Bnflnca and Sevan Freight Care
Hub Into the Butfuehntit.i,
Tmf lint itnti Ua rt T. ...t. . i
. U(u. vu. u.aa, .,, v. -inu vuxiui'H IIDil
seven freight cars went Into the Susquehanna
thle moralng, at Pcrryvllle, by an accident. In
rtinnlnrt tn In tin ! l,at M I
. ..Ywnvu r""u itnj uui, iiuuimninin"
Jurrd cxcepllag an engineer, wl.oae hurl In
leaping from the train.
Important Capturta from th Hoil.U
uostow. not. 8 By tho capture of the
r.vuua, lauDonas or inesoipDouinern Hicmfl,
and other Teasels overhauled by the pirate,
with lereral chronometers, money, and Im
portant papers were seized.
Call torn I . e.ml Auilralla.
Bin FRiitciBCO. Not. 5. This monltop (.-.
manchewlll be launched on the 16th Instant.
Dates from Australia to August 22d represent
that the Colonies are much excited on account
of the determination of the home government
to continue the lending of convicts there.
nejolelna; tn PhlladelitliU.
PHILADlirnii. NOT. S ftdn1(r,t TUn
Union clnbs are now naradlne- ih eiriu m.
lolclDg over the rcanltof tho election. Tho
Democratic headquarters are darkened, and
t.iitjoia ! gcBcrftiiy coafmcaas naTlORglvca
htr Tote for the Union ticket by an Increased
Fire a
BcrraLO. Nov. 7. The ofllce nf the IVmn.
cratle German paper In thla city r is set on
Ire early yesterday morning, but it was soon
extinguished. The damage waa only $900.
Hi" .Tiffw'a V 11 Vah Tl,. l.l. .-.1
u..vvaaB, ., asui, iuc tricot end
THearaph irlntlne oDlccs were destroved liv
Dre yesterday.
Attempted TUnk Uobberj
Billows Fills. Vt.. Nov. 7. An iticmm
was made on Saturday night to rob the bank
here, and came near being euccciaful. The
robbers broke open the outer door to the v,!t.
not, probably, did not havo time to i t t 1
further There Is considerable exclt me it
growing out of the attcmj t.
The P'tlit on Ihe Tcnneeece Hirer.
ST. LODH. Nov. 7. The Tirmnrrnli entil
Cairo dispatch says "Information from Pa
dncah states that on Monday last Forrest, n 1th
a large force, placed butteries on the Tennessee
river, within a mile and a half of John snn rill e,
where three gunboats and eight Irunitvorts
were lying. Early on Friday morning Forrest
moved his batteries up and onened on the tran
sports, which were fired by the shells, and the
gunboats fell Into the hands of the enemy, after
belne disabled. The offlra and rriw tt (ho
fleet were all captured, and a large amount of
uovcrnment stores were also lost."
The Defeat of Prfce lu Ulaiourl.
ST. LsOriS. Nor. 7. A dianntrh f.nm tltn
Blont, dated at Veotho, Mo., October 2J, says
that on the "Stb he came up i. 1th Price at
Newtonla, ani1, after a serero flight of thrte or
four hours, drt re tba cnimy from the field In
confusion, with a loss of over 200, including
two rolorels. Our total loss was about 120.
The Federal troops consisted of Ford's and
Jennlson's brigades of Bluet's division. The
enemy was fully 10,000 strong. Price Is re
treating toward Cam llle, and will be vigor
ously pursued. lie la rc.torted still to have
Urge trains, and about 1U.0C0 unarmed con
scripts, but this Is quite doubtful. About GiO
rebel prisoners, captured from Price, arrived
yesterday, and others are to arrive.
From Neir Orleans and Blexlcn.
Cairo. Nov. 7. The steamer Matrenta. fmm
New Orleans, has Just arrived.
MWURLIiNI, UCt. 51. All IS quiet. Our
forces are fortifying tbn Islaud of Brazos Santi
ago. Gen. Elauehter haa succeeded Gen. Day
ton In rommandof the rebela in that sect'on.
Only 800 rebels were there. Cortlnas did not
accept a general commission In Maximilian's
service. lie surrendered on condition that the
French should not seize his treasure, several
millions of dollars, and he Is now a wealthy
private gentleman in Matamoras,
The trench paid the greatest attention lo
tne union omcers wno nave visited Matamoras.
A lame fleet of merchantmen aru r.tr ih,
mouth of the Rio Grande, and a large trade
oaa Deco opt ecu who mw xorK
The EraU correspondence from MoMIo says
that all la quiet there. Our dispatch boats ore
ao near the city that female dresses In tho
streets can be discovered with the glass. Oua
boats are never molested.
Niw Orlbans. Nov. 1. Account! from
Texas and Mexico to the i!ith conflict with
those sent yesterday, up to the 25th of October.
Cortlnas, It Is now asserted, has been suit
on an expedition to Camargo. Mejla Is In su
preme command. A three days' fandango
took place In hoirorof Maximilian's established
authority, xo Mexicans participated except
Mejia's officers.
Capture of the Florida. Mow It wai Kf-
rected Doliiaiancauvra by the Wachti
Bait The Pirate Hun Into anil Sur
renders. Bostok, Nov. I. The Kern large, which ar
rived late last night, has as passenger W. W.
Williams, Assistant Paymaster of tho Wachu
aett, bearer of dispatches of the circumstances
attending the capture of the Florida In the port
of Bahla. She also brings as prlconcrs of war
the chief engineer and boatswain of tba Ala
bama, and surgeon and sixteen men of the
The Kearsarge left St. Thomas on the even
log of the 31st nit. The WachusUt was In port
waiting for coals. The Florida was outside.
She also left there the ahlD Jamea Cheston and
the bark Adeline C. Adams. The Cheston, one
iiuDurea ana lainy-iuree nays irom uangoon,
put Into port lu distress, with her crew down
with the scurvy. She was supplied with nine
teen men from the Kcasrarg, and would arU
In a day or two for New To k.
The bark Mondamon, from RIo,was captured
by the Florida off Pernambuco, about Siptein
ber 3Sth, and burned. Thla was the only
American vessel capt dad by the Florida sine
ner aepanure from leneriuo.
The following Is a brief account of thecir
curastancea of the capture of the Pirate:
The Florida arrived at Bahla, Bay of San
Salvador, on the night of tie Tib ult. Captain
Collins having held a consultation with his
officers, determined to sink the Florida In port.
Accordingly, at about 3 o'clock, the cables
were shipped, aud the Wachusett steered for
ihe Florida, hitting her on the quarter without
doing great injury. ( apt uln Collins now called
out to thoae on board the pirate to surrendu
or he would sink her. This demand was re
plied to by the first lieutenant, that "under
the circumstances he surrendered,"
A hawser waa now made fast, tho chain
slipped, and the Florida lowed to sea. In thtr
melee several pistol-shots were fired, and acci
dentally two guns from tberWachusuit. Capt.
Morris and half the Florid a' a crew were ashore
on libcrtv. No lives were lost. The Florida
was taken completely by surprise, seventy of
his men. It was known, being on shore, and the
others, lost returned from liberty, were asleep
and half Intoxicated. The blow given the Flor
ida by the Wachusett carried away the mlzzen
mast and mam-yard, which fell on theawnlng,
oreventinr anv one from neltlne np from be
low. So unconscious was the officer of the
deck of the Intention of the Wachusctt's can
tain, that he sang outi "louwiu run into us u
you don't take care," at the same lime calling
for a light.
Twelve officers and llfty light of the crew of
the Florida were captured. The Wachusett
and Florida were to leave St. Thomas on the
2d inst. for New York.
The following is a list of the names of the
officers of the UnlledBtatca steamer Kearsarge.
Captain. John A. Wlnslowi Lieutenant Com
mander, Jamea S. Thornton ( Burgeon John
M. Brown, Paymaster. J. A. fcJmltbj Chief En
glneer, Wm, II, Cuihmao, Acting Masters,
Jas. R. Wheeler, . M. Stoddard, D. II. Sum
ner, W. II. fiadlami Caplaln'a Clerk, B. K.
Ilartwelli Paymaster's Clerk, D. B. Sargent,
Gunner, F. A. Graham, Boatswain, J C. Wal
ton, Third Assistant Engineers, B. I Smith,
S. L. Miller, Henry McConncll, Acting Mas
ter'a Mates, Charlea II. Danforlh. I. ttrll U
Wm. Smith, J. F. Blckford
Second Edition
tiik pkopm: RNnoitSKMtOT of
Mr Lincoln may will fed proud of the en
dorsement the people have Just given of the
ability and Integrity he has displayed Jn ills
charging the trust they reposed In him four
years ago. No President of the United Elates
has ever been called upon to admluletcr the
Government In the midst of so many and so
Creat tilth -tallies as have beset his path situ e
ho assumed the responsibilities of Chief Mag
istrate. Kvcu his approach to the capital waa
niadoln tho midst of personal perils, and his
official cares and responsibilities have been
piled mountain hh;h. Bat he has discharged
bis obligations to the country so conscientiously
and well that the people have rewarded him
with a mark of their confidence they faavo be
stowed upon no other President since Jackson.
Cnlllycsterday no President had been re-elected
since Jackson's time.
llolltlay for the Kmployeea of Ihe Hh-
ptrlnttntteitt or Public nulldlngs
OrriiEeoMMiiioiR or Pea tic Buildinoi, 1
Camiol or tht United stati b,
WAiiittbTuit in. !Noveniticr9, 1661
Thursday, November lO.h, Is hereby g.en
to all tho cm loyocs in Ihe service of the Com
missioner of Public Bulld.ngs as a holiday.
The Commissioner hopes It will be spent In a
manner creditable to those who are lo enjoy
It, and n a manner that ahall hereafter mark
with the respect due to It tho great political
tiltiroph which has saved a nation from de
struction and a great people from humiliation.
B. B. FKBNcn.
Commits toner of Public Buildings.
Will Thty Tenelou lllm 1
Now that Belmont, Barlow and Company
have battered General McCleilan all to pieces,
crippled him for life, In the late political cam
pal , l, they oa-jlit to grant htm a pension. He
. fill en and becone permanently disabled in
tiablr came, and they can In j.m ce do no lets
than to secure hlmfrom want In Its fature
rainy days.
Kcpublicsare nnj.-atcfi 1, wo know full well,
but aristocrats of the Belmont stamp ought to
be giatcful for such services as tbose which
Little Mac has rendered them during his last
ai.1 in st Inglorious campaign
The fditiittfr State.
Connecticut has done nobly. She hasrol'ed
up around majority for the cause of the L nlon,
prost , aid hnmsnlty. Sho has long been
known as the "Nutmeg State." and ackuowl
edges no jrattr In the cause of Union and lib
etty. TnJTuncL Conguiss assembled last Mon
day, and Jul. Davis' message maybe looked
for soon. It will be a curious document.
Vi Fostmastbu Ubnbkal Blaiii returned
home from his campaigning tour lastSdudav
night quite III. He reeavcrcd sufficiently to go
lo the polls on election day, and to-day be Is
about ton n.
Tii-viunT, At Grover'i, we hue the Hce tomciiy
of "Still Uatera Run Deep," In which the treat
com bin At ion c.wuauy K. L, UA.cojiott, J. V.
Wallack, r , aoj OJUs Susan Den I a will aprar.
At Ford's, to-ntght, "Tho Straoxer," tucou
clu It with a nrwfaree, never before placed in thla
city, eatltled " My frees Boots "
Mi j. Gem. Wm. F. Smith, commonly kno j
as E.Ui" Smith, U lu Ihlladelphla
ltEEN icTonu has given a suite of rooms
at HAtnpton Court TaUcu a a reitrlence to Dr.
rarA(lA, Proleiior of Astronomy at the Koyal
Initltutloo, LoDiton.
M. Ha CuiifLL has been heard of. lie Is
ilolne a goo I ileal la the twill vnff adU hae seot
Allvooae to Liiflaad. houKI (lie dietlagulibeJ
lorelgaer ArrUeenfelp, lie can persunally coufouiid
the fues of M !u Chaillu
The Supply Committee of lltcbmontl,
Frpm the Richmond E ami ner, Nor. 4
The supjly committee of the city of Rich
mond hiu entered Into arrangements by
which, after a few days, they will be enabled
to itrvo out to citizens, at cost prices, supplies
of not only meal, but bacon, lard, butter, sor
ghum and other commodities, now command
ing ttu prices In the market, and scarce at
that. The committee, In view of the new ar
rangement, havo stopped the Issuing of any
more tickets for meal, and the tickets, as fast
as they come in, are cancelled. New tickets
are to be Issued. This haa in part been ren
dered nccessnry by tho fact that tho signatures
of the police ofMccrs charged with tho distribu
tion of the tickets have been forged by un
worthy persons, who are thereby inado partici
pants of tho city's bounty, intended only for
the poor and deserving.
We have not learned the nature or extent oi
the arrangement entered Into by the supply
committee, but understand that the source
from whenco supplies are Intended to be drawn
will be permanent through the season, unless
Interrupted by un force en events Incident to any
enterprUu in these times.
Tnos. E. Diplet. fcsq , United Statos Con
sul at Liverpool, ifivcs the following descrip
tion of Eemmca's new ship: "The English
screw steamer Si a King, built atGlasgowin,
16CJ, cleared for Bombay, and sailed from Lon
don on the 8th of October, with a large quan
tity of coal, fifty tons of metal, and a crew of
forty-sc en men, lu command of Capt. Cou
bett. Mr Slscn, United States Consular Agent
at Dover, says hu has reliable Information that
Cant. Semmes is to have this vessel. From
wtiatls known at Ibis ofllce about the Sea;
King, Independent of tho information of Mr.!
Slsco, I have not the least doobt she Is the ves
sel the steamer Laurol la to meet, and that
Capt. Semmes, with the ofllcers, men and guns
taken out in tne L-aurU, win ue transferred to
her. Their place of meeting Is not known to
me. The Sea King Is a very fast, strongly
built and fine looking screw steamer, built of
wood, with Iron frame, and coppered, about
one thouand tona burden, and two hundred
and twenty two fed long, one funnel, three
bright masts, ship rigged, with wire rigging,
iieavily sparred, machinery abaft the main
mast. No doubt her name will be changed."
Tub DiCTiTOit The Immense Iron-clad Dic
tator has not yet gone to sea, In consequence
of the hod completion of some necessary re
pairs In tho inchor gear of the shin. It is not
likely shu will be able to proceed to sea for
several days jet, as the work lo be done, from
Its nature, goea on slowly. The brief trials tho
ship has already had havedeveloped new points
or impo-tance, which go far to control the suc
cess of theveaseli but as tbev are not aa let
fully ton tinned by more thorough examina
tion, we i ball not particularize them at mis
lime. The (rial trip yet to como otf will de
cide Inonewavor the other the claims ad
vanced in the ship's favor. Till then we may
anora to wait. .Vfi lorfc Jieraui.
Seml-ofllclal newspapers and pamphlets of
r ranee insist mat mo rranco iiauau uouven
Hon will be carried out in good faith. The
Italian mlulstrv. on Ihe other hand, strongly
hint that it means not an iota more than what
the letter o! the treaty says, the renunciation
of violent meuaurca fn the Koman Question.
Several Kadlcal papers which contained the
declaration oi uarioaiai reiauvu io iua e,uo-
vention have been seized by the Italian Gov
Eicct tion PosTroNBU. The exeeutlon of
the extreme penalty fur desertion, In the cases
of Privates Barnaul J. Smith allaa Wm. Jones,
of i in, any , G3ib Pennsylvania volunteers,
and George Uork, company A, Uih New York
tnglnr in, t r the Army of the Potomac, ordered
to tuke lUis. uii the ill. Iubt i was 3 spended
i y oruei oi ill nwwint
tiik rnopiiRTic woni.D"
Lesa thsn a month ago the New Tork H'ei-W
ner cjccuodb." it copy ineir prcuictions in
order to shqw what means they used to delude
! their readers Into the belief that they were
about to enjoy a Democratic trlumpht
The result of the elections In Pennsylvania,
Ohio, and Indiana, as well as Ihe recent town
rote In Connecticut, settles the question thai
the political tide Is running heavily against the
All the gain Is on the side of the Democratic
party, and now that the current has fairly set
fn, It will move with accelerated force unto
the time the November volets taken. The
present Is a good lime, therefore, to present
some estimates of the probable result In sev
eral States when the presidential vote Istaken
The whole number of votes In the electoral
college (not countlngTennessee and Louisiana)
Is 231, of which 110 are required to give a clesr
majority and elect a President. Now, can Gen.
MeClellan secure 116 votes? We think, nay,
we are sure, he can and wlllt and we give the
following estimates as the basis of the faith
that Is In asi
Call o nli fi Mir tour. n
Delaware X NewJerrey 7
Illinois H New York., as
Kent tick 11 PcDraylvaola ....... 28
M-nrlirU t Oregon.,... a
oiinDr-oi a
Totll 191
Bat tho Administration may put a forcible
slop to c'cctlons in Missouri, Kentucky, Mary
laud, and Delaware) so It becomes a question
whether there are not some other States which
will probably rote the Democratic ticket. That
there are such will be scon by the following
list i
states wmcrt will rnotunLT otb row
Connecticut 6 Rhode ItUnd., . a
Indiana ., 13 West Virginia 6
Mlehlcan . . 8 Utioonalo 8
New Hampshire. . 6
Total .... 41
Towa 8 Massachusetts 11
Kaniso 3 ermoot 6
Maine . 1
lOtAt 31
Miehtr,aa 8 Rhode III end 4
NewH'tupalure.... ft Wliconiln 8
Writ Mrglnta .... 8
Ohio 31 Total 61
It will thus be seen that If Lincoln can lea
the doubtful Republican, as well as the certain
Republican States, he will still fall far short of
the needed 110 votes.
It Is easily demonstrable that the same per
centage of Increase of this fall's vote In Con
necticut, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, as compared
with last year, will give us all the States In
November tavc those Indicated above as being
certain for Lincoln.
Although In all human probability General
McCleilan will be honestly elected President
on the 8th of November next, still there Is so
large a margin of doubt, tbat Democrats can
not afford to consider the matter settled. All
hands must turn to and work with a will In the
urlcf three weeks before us. Democratic speak
ers must be stirring, and conservative presses
must multiply their Issues. One earnest and
delet mined effort will make the assurance of
victory doubly sure Vew York World, Octo
&rr13, 1831.
The WachuecU,
The gunboat Wachusett, which has per
formed the signal service of capturing the pri
vateer Florida, was built at the Boston Navy
Yard In 1SGI-C3. Her engines were built by
George Qulntard, Esq., at the Morgan Iron
Works, .a New York. The Wachusett it
screw sloop of war, of the second data, of
1,( JZ tons register, and carries a battery of ten
puns. Sho was launched on the 10th of Octo
ber, 1801.
Zio wjsoneof the flotilla which aided the
ataiy In Ita operations against Yorktown, Va ,
lu Mav, ISO, this being her first service. On
May 1, ISO J, she was present and participated
n the attick upon the battery at Drury's Bluff,
know a as Fort Darling. In 18C3sho was the
fajihlp of Admiral Charles Wilkes, In the
West Indies, and on tho U5th of March of that
yesr she captured the Dolphin, a blockade run
ner. She also captured tho blockade-runner
Irglula, both vesitla netting over $00,000.
During the present year she has been em
ployed on special duty on the coast of Brazil,
tier capture of the Florida will place her name
prominently on Ibe page ol our eventful his
tory. The following Is a list of her officers
from the Navy Register: Commander, Napo
leon Collins; Lieut. Commander, L. A. Beards
lee, Surgeon. W. M. King; Assistant Paymas
ter, W. W. Williams; Acting Master, J. II.
Sllmpsont Fnslgn, E. W. Sheppardt Acting
Ensigns, N. Ludlow, C. J. Barclay; Acting'
Mattei 'a Mates, C. R. Hasklns, K. Rich, J
Uctherlngton, Engineers Chief, W. U.Ruth'
erford; Second Assistants, G. W. Melville, M
Knapp, E. Lincoln Third Assistants, H. D
McEwen.R. 8. Stedmao, J. A. Barton Boat
swain, John Burrows, Acting Gunner, John
The Florida sailed from Liverpool, England,
on the 2-Jd of March, 1803, under the namo of
the Oreto. She anlvcd at "Nassau, N. P., In
April, when she received her armament, Ac.
On the 14'b day of Jut?, 1803, she was taken
possession of by II. B. M. steamer Greyhound,
but was soon released. On the Ulh of August,
1WJ3, she lelt Nassau and proceeded to Green
Bay, where she was fitted out for a cruiser, her
strres, &c, beliu broutht to her by the Eng
lish schooner Prince Alfred.
She ran Into Mobile on tho Sth of September,
1803, and was struck by shot several times
from the guns of the Winona and Oneida. She
ran out on the lTlh of January, 1803. After
doing much damage to American shipping,
went Into St. George's Channel In August, 1833
Io September she entered Brest, France, and
on the 11th of that month was detained by the
French Government. Soon afterward ahe ran
out. On tho 10th of July, 1804, she captured
the steamer Electric Spark, from New York to
New Orleans. For a long time she was a con
sort of the Alabama, and acted tn conjunction
with her In cruising.
Bhe HAS commanded for a long tlmo by
Lieut. J. N. MaUlt, but for the past vear or
more she has been commanded by C. Marrln-ic-ault
Morris, formerly of the United Staica
Important A hursts and Ricovert or
8 to i xx Monet. It will bo recollected that on
tho 14th of October a passenger train from Bal
timore to Wheeling was destroyed by a gang of
Mosby's men, and two paymasters of the
United States army (oneof whom was Major
Rugglcs) robbed of more than I303.O30. It la
gratifying to date that several parties con
neeted with Moaby's command have been ar
tested and a part of the monev recovered. On
the 2d Instant Ad.utant Wm. B. Norman, of
iue oiu .Maryiana regiment, arresiea ai ine
Eutaw House, Baltimore, where he Is stopping
for the prcscn, Mrs. Mary Ann Kline, her
sou, Dr. John II. Kline, and her niece, Miss
Nancy M O'Bannon, the two first-named resi
dents of Loudoun county, Va., and the latter
of DuQlefU's Station, Jefferson county Va.,
upon tue charge of being connected with the
Upon the person of Dr. Kline was found the
sumof $1,60 J 80 which was handed to Col.
Wool ley, Provost Marshal. With characteris
tic igaclty be set about Investigating the case.
Of the money seized 1330 was in postal cur
rent), which had been put up in packages by
a Government clerk la Washington. Colonel
Woollev proceeded to thai cltv. and tho clerk
ldentlicd It as the same which he had paid to
Major Rugg'es. Dr. Kline acknowledged, upon
an examination before Col. Woollev. that he
had borrowed the aum of $1,600 from two of
Mosby's men. Mrs. Kline claims that $360 of
tue sum seized belongs to her, but sno aiso con
fessed that she also received $175 from two
men of the same party. 1 he Klines have three
relatlvea who are In the service of the villain
Mosby, and Col. Woollev, In bla report of the
case to Gen. Wallace, says It Is not clear that
Kline Is not aa olllcer In the rebel army In
deed all the phases of the cases are of the most
suspicious character.
In the month of August 1801, Kline was a
ixrnsin In ttiaartrli rairlmnnr Vlrirlnla m1
UIKOUU is. uv M iifjiuivui iigiuiv -av all jf ,
anil In Ma;, Wil, be was within tho Federal
lines endeavoring to find bis commsnd, Tben
be waa arrested, but psroled by order of tbe
War Department. lie bad In bla possession a
safeguard signed by tbe l'rorost llsrsbsl of
Gen. Bbertdan. AU Ibrxe wereyisterday com
mltted tn jail to await irlal. Tbe young woman
O'Uannon Is described as Impmlent In tbe er
ireme. Sho hat a I rolber a rebel orJcer now
n rori ueiawsf ;
He Destroys the Rail
road from Chatta
nooga to Atlanta.
Ho Destroys Atlanta by Firo,
and Marches Directly for
Charleston, ?. C.
Cikcinmati, Not. 9. Yesterday's Indlarjajv
oils Journal saysi Officers from Chattanooga
report that Shermaa returned to Atlanta
early last week, with Are corps of his army,
leaving two corps In Tennessee to watch Hood,
lie destroyed tbe railroad from Chattanooga to
Atlanta, and Is sending the Iron Into the former
place. Atlanta was burned, and Sherman Is
now marching directly for Charleston, 8. C.
Election In If arjrUnd Oraat Union (Ulna.
Baltimork, Not 9. Frederick county. In
complete, gives Lincoln not less than l.WQ
gain 500.
Returns from one district In Worcester
county show a Union train. .
Caroline countv. Lincoln 450 majority on
home vote gain 400.
uarrou county. ta majority lor mo enure
Union ticket gain 375.
Cecil county, one to two hundred for Lin
coin a gain.
Baltimore connty, incomplete, show Union
Washington county also show a Union gains.
Tbe Union men have a majority In tho Le
gislature, The Senate Is doubtful.
The malorltv In the State will be about Ave
Baltimore. Nov. 9. Howard county. Mc
Cleilan 19'J majority) Baltimore connty In
PnnaylTanl Klaatlon.
PniLADiLrniA. Not. 9. The HulUtin says re
turns Indicate a majority In Pennsylvania for
Lincoln on the home vote of from ten to fifteen
thousand, and that the soldiers' vote will swell
this to over thirty thousand.
KUctlon In Raw York City,
Ntw York. Nov. 0. In this city nearly all
the county officers elected are Democratic.
Kelley. Democrat, Is elected sheriff, and Oak
ley Hall district attorney.
Til Union Majority of Ntw York State.
Nbw Tork. Not. 9. The Tribunt has placed
on Its bulletin-board the following i "Thla
Btato has gone for Lincoln by thrco (?) thou
sand majority."
Dataware Doubtful.
WjLMiHQToy, DiL., Not. 9. Keturns from
Kent countv show Democratic trains over
the last Bute vote, and Sussex connty, Union
gains. The State Is yet very doubtful.
Kcnttiekjr Klaetlon
Lol'Istills. Nov. 9. The Democratic ma
jority in Kentucky la from 15,000 to 35,000.
i ue uemoerais ciaim ou,uw.
Ffaw tJersty Election
Niw York, Nov. fi. Cape May county 300
Union majority.
Starr, for Congress, 197 majority.
Gold To-Day.
Niw Tork, Not. 9. Gold opened at 345 and
eiosea ai .w.
Thrca Mora of tho Florid a'a Captures
Nbw York, Nov. 9. The steamer Columbia,
from Havana, with dates of the 5.h, has arrived.
There Is no direct news from Maxlco.
The EttaMt of the 14th ultimo savsi Yaga-
uuuua, UM6ISB1I, an iwuuei. iu.ib,. m.,w, j
road, robbing all whom they meet, and It is
urged that Government show no pity to tbe
plague which rages.
Mexican datea from Puerto Klco of the Slst
ultimo report tbe arrival, on the 2G,b, of the
Bpanlsh brig Vista, from Montevideo, with
three captains, two mates, and five sailors be
longing to the vessels Snow Squall, Mlodarum,
and Ocean, cspturedand burned by the Florida.
Prom FortreiaMonroa
Fortress Monrob, Not. 7. The frigate
uoioraao ana me monitor MonaunocK aauea
from this port yesterday afternoon. A heavy
rain storm set tn this afternoon.
The mall steamer Webster brought down
from City Point fifty rebel prisoners, but no
Tho crew of the blockade runner Anna, cap
tured off Wllmlmxton bv the United States
steamer Santiago de Cuba, leaves here to-night
tor me rtorin via uaiumore.
ThbCapitalImproviiixnts. The Improve-
menta In the Interior ol the Capltsl are being rap-
laiy r.caomp.nna. ins roiunu ia cimea prior
to tha renoral from lta centra ot the colons! der
rick, whlflh was erected several years aro. Tne
old Hepreaeotatlvea chamber has teen completely,
dlveitedof th souvenirs of Its uaat scenes aou
association', aoa win nave nee a taerouxoiy reno
vated before the lapse of many months. Oua great
objection to thla part of the building Is tba worse
thandungeoD-dampe whloh surcharge the atmos
phere. Ihe molatureon the walla ofthe corridors
was co collected this morning as to admit of lane
Inscriptions, which were read'Iy discernible, Tbe
lDicrlpt.c-ni were god, because they announced
the glorious results of tbe 6th of November, issi,
but the dempoetsle deoldedly oMectlonable, end
w.ll imperil tha health of thecleras employed at
Ue vSp.lOa,
Tni D ha ft. Tho Board of Enrolment dls-
poie4 of tha following caaea to-day t
Fifth. XuA.DtiiriVf lUni-v Johnion. arroneoua en
rolment! Simon Kalo,allen JultusJobuioa, pas-
IflAl aiaJtUalllF.
Sixth Sub-Dutrict James E, Grace, now In aer
StvtntkSub DUtrM Jamea D, Anderson, enrolled
in rcaniyivauia.
A Ukawimous Com pant. In our report of
soldiers' vutea lo and around Washington, the
"camp near tne freiioeora nouie" u reportea as
n Ting given ei union iou i uemocratiia toib.
JbOIB camp is owupitju uj tauyuiv n. ieuia rcaa
sylvanla regiment, and we learn that the company
voted unanimously for Lincoln. (SS) and tbat one or
two McCleilan voteawera cast in their camp by
ouiamcre who naa do giner piece to von.
A Servants Imbroglio. A servant girl
named Mar tba A. Webster, waa arrested thla af
ternoon for atsaultlog another) domeatlo named
Sarah aC. Johnson. Sbe waa taken before Justice
uiberson, who required her to give nan ror court.
&be is employed la a boarding-bouse on Four-and-a-Half
Bandirsom's Minbthbls. We have these
celebrated arttatea for only three representations
more. Since their eojoura la tbe city they have
been greeted by lull houses, peals of laughter and
rounds of applause. Tber are composed of eigh
teen nrst-class artistes, who give a flrst-class per
formance, Unchivalrous. A colored man named Wm.
Henry was arrested this morning by Officer Crook,
for committing an assault and battery on a woman
of Ms color named Polly Edwards. Justice Giber
eon required him to give ball to keep tbe peace.
Fou Drt Tort io a s. Fifteen soldiers, con
victed of desertion and other crimes, were taken
iromtne uia Capitol tbla morning and seat to New
York, en route for tbe Dry Tor tug as, to serve out
their sentence by court-martial,
Om or Mobht's Gang. J. II. Dslaphln, a
member of Mosby's guerrillas, was sent la from
MartiQsburg. by Capt, Carey, Provost Marshal of
that place, and committed to the Old Capitol thla
morning by Col. ingraham.
Fcokacious Fshalrs. Annie C. Gardner
and Carrie stevens, unchaste denizens of the Sec
oad ward, were arrested yesterday afternoon by
0 nicer frraokllo, on the charge of nihUcg. Annie
waa lined 910 by Justice Miller, and Carrie $A.
Fjmno Pistols. Francis James and Eman
uel coy, solored. were arrested last night, on tbe
Island, by Officers Barker an! Wal Huge ford, on
the charge of firing pistols la the street Tbev
were taken btfore Justice Handy and rtaedeaoh
- a .
Nbw aid Bpi bndid Billiard Baloon. Mr.
Oar; will npen bis new saloon to-morrow even
lag. The I rst billiard talent or the rotmlry will
te pi-dent, nee atmlliemcut
Third Edition.
(Bdll.rlal O.rr..pond... Natl.aial lt.
publican )
A Close Vole In Hew York Stale.
ProbabloMajoriticsfor Lincoln
and Ponton Pour to Sovcn
McClollan Gono up Salt Rivor
with A rcnr.io dinneu.
Gnat Joy la the Monetary taml Commer
cial Circle a.
New Yobx, Not. 9. Little Napoleon found
his Waterloo yesterday. Dy means of stupend
ous frauds ho obtained the vote of New Jersey.
By .using the same means In this city the voto
of Now Tork State was made a close one.
Seymour's friends are betting here this after
noon tbat he Is elected.
The rest of this evening claims the State for
the Union by from 5,000 to 10,000 majority, but
there are no returns to warrant this calcula
tion. It will be a sad record, Indeed, If Mr.
Fcnton Is beaten.
Fernando Wood Is defeated for Congress.
Booby Brooks Is elected by a plurality of l-i-'
Preparations are maklog for a grand Jubilee
over the great national victory.
A banquet is proposed to uen iiuuer ue
did not havo over one hundred and fifty of hla
troops In tbe city yesterday.
A more peaceful election was never held.
But.ci'e presence did It. No one doubts that
a terrible riot would have occurred had he not
have been hero.
McCleilan has gone up Salt river on a gun
Belmont Is paying oil bis election bets.
George Francis Train Is flapping his wings
In Wall street, and the countenances of thu
monetary and commercial people are wreathed
tn smiles. 8. P. II.
lateu DisrATin.
Nsw Yob ft, Not. U. New Tork State la
probably safe. The National Committee, at 3
o'clock this p. ra., received a dispatch from
Albany, stating that returns enough havo como
In there to show that Lincoln and Fenlon will
probsbly carry the State by four to seven thou
sand majority. 8. P. B.
rcyueoraetowv. D. C, Nor. t, lift.
The steamship RKBECCA. CLYDE has arrived
Consignees wilt please attend to tbe reception
of their goods at once. This steamer sails for New
York on THURSDAY, November 10, at 7 a. m.
grtTPnbl e Mchoole. "The Commute on
the Erection of a Public School Bulldlog la the
First School District" Invite the archttccte of tbla
and other cities to present pUne for a school
building. A suitable reward will be given for the
plan adopted. Any desired Information in refer
ence to the same will be furnished by Ihe Mayor,
or by J. D Turton. Esq, No 131 H etreet north,
between Twenty.Urst and Twenty-second streete
west. J. O. WILSON. 5eeretary, Ac ,
No. IS1 New York avenue.
nos-eoST bet. Twelfth and Thirteenth its.
at? The aXaet Washington Llnroln onrt
Johnson Club will hold a regular meeting V UlY
TUESDAY EENINO, at Odd Fellows' Hail, at
7 o'clock. All true) lovers of the Union fvora
Die to the election of Lincoln and Johnsou are In
vited to unite with tbe Club.
WM. DIXON, Prrsldent
Jas. C DrjLtn, Secretary, Sf 84 tf
CT" BhorUliftntt Writer, Any Tereon
requiring the services of ao experienced short
hand Writer la preparing Important pat-ers, may
hear of one by applying In the Ldltorlal room of
thla office. ar37.tr
af nieeaeaia of the Htrroue, (seminal.
Urinary and Sexual Systems new and reliable
trsatment Infleports of the HOWARD AMOC1A
TION Sent by mall In sealed Itir riveiojr,
freoof charge. Address, Dr.J. SKILLIN HOUGH
TON, Howard Association, No. 1 South Mati
street. Philadelphia, Fa. gss-ly
EJ-S. T 1860 .X. rereone of sedentary
habits troubled with weakness, lassitude, palpita
tion ef the heart, lack of appetite, distress after
eating, torpid liver, constipation, &e , deserve to
suffer IX they will not try the celebrated
which are now recommended by the highest medi
cal authorities, and warranted to produce aa in
trudiatt baaeflclal effect. They are exoecdlnglv
agreeable, perfectly pure, and muat supercede all
other toolea where a healthy, gentle stlmulaat Is
They purtfy, strengthen and Invigorate.
They create a healthy appetite.
They are an antidote to change of water and
They overcome effects of dissipation and late
Theyatnntfhenthe system andeallrea the oilod.
They prevent mlasmatlo and Intermittent fevers.
Ther purify the breath and acldlt of tbe
They cure Dyspepsia and Constipation.
They sure Diarrhoea, Cholera and Cholera Mor
bus. They cure Liver Complaint and Nervous Head
ache. They make the weak strong, the langald brll
Uaat, and are exhausted natare'a great restorer.
They are composed of the celebrated Callsaya
bark, wlntergreea, sassafras, roots and herbs, all
preserved In perfectly pure St. Croix rum. For
particulars, sea circulars and testimonials around
each bottle.
Sewara of lmposters. Examine every bottle. See
tbat Ithas D. 8. Barnes' signature on our private
U. 3. Stamp over the cork, with plantation scene,
aadour firm signature oaa On ateel plate en
graving on aide label. See that our bottle la aot
refilled with spurious aud deleterious stuff. We
defy any person to match the taste or character ol
our goods. Any person pretending to sell Planta
tion Bitters by the gallon or in built is an impos
tor. We sell only In our log cabin bottle. Any
person Imitating-this bottle, or selling aoy other
material therein, whether called Plantation Btt
tera or not, la a criminal under tbe U. S. Law, and
will be so prosecuted by us. We already have our
eye oa two parties resiling our bottles, lie , who
will succeed la getting themselves Into close quar
ters. The demand for Drake's Plantation Bitters
from ladles, clergymen, merchants, ao , la per
fectly incredible. The simple trial of a bottle Is
the tvldeaoe we present of tbetr worth andsuperl
orlty. They are sold by all respectable druggists,
grooers, physicians, hotels, saloons, steamboats,
and country stores. rmm t
au34-eolm 33 Broadway N. Y.
a full supply of these new Bonds.
3ukuribert r$ requested to prtttij thtir iHi(Aii''l
g aw ants' rtmvt their BmU.
Those having money to Invest ahould not Iota
sight f the fact that, by Investing lathlsLoaa,
they not only receive Interest at tbe klgb rate of
1 MS per cent , but secure to themselves the very
Important adraotsg of obtaining, at tha end of
Shree years,
wbleh are now worth over II percent prenlum,
and which alter the war mutt picrissfll; advanue
to a much Mgheejarate euTT tf

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