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Is published rrery afternoon (Bandajt elcopU
tJ) by V. J. llnRTlon A Co., and It furnished
to our tnbacrlben (bj carriers) tl 131 cents per
eek, or 65 cents per month.
Mall subscribers, tO.OO per annum 18.50
tit mouth!, and 13.00 for three months, In
variably In advance.
Single copies, Tnaii Cms.
One square, three) flaji . , ,a fwi
One sqoare, four dajs o'u
Oneuaare. dr. dars " m
One square, six dajs '' gjy
Kyery other day .dTertUenienU, H per riot,
Twice . week, 75 per cent additional.
Eight lines or leu constitute a nun,
AdTertltemesta ahonld b. handM In t. iv
NO. 207.
o'clock, tti.
Wasminutoh, July , is. )
General Orders, No. K.
The fotUwInt; act of Congress 1 published for
tl Information and government ol all concerned)
Pdlk No. 19 J
An tot further to regulate and provide for the en
rolling anjealllngoutthe national force, and
ior omer purpose.
Be it enacted bg the Senate and lhute of Rf preterit
Uvet of the VnUed Motet of America tn Congreit -tembUd,
That the Frealdent 01 th United Statei
mar, at til discretion, at any time hereafter, tall
for any cumber of men at volunteers,, for the re
spective term of one, two and three yean for mill.
tary service t anil any luch rotunteer, or, in owe
of draft, ai hereinafter provided, any aubitltute,
hall be credited to the town, township, ward of a
city, precinct, or election district, or or a oounty
not ao lubdlrlded, toward the quota of which he
maT have volunteered or engaged aa a substitute)
and every volunteer who li accepted aad mattered
Into the service for a term of one year, unlen
aooner dlsoharged, shall receive, and be raid bv
the United States, a bounty of $100; and If for a
term of two yeara, unleia aooner discharged, a.
bountyofixraiand lffor a term of three yean,
unleea aooner discharged, a bounty of $ioo one
third of which bounty ahall be paid to the aoldler
at the time of hla being muttered Into the aervlee,
one third at the expiration of one half of hi term
of aervlee, and one third at the expiration of hla
term of aervlee. And In ease of hla death while In
ervlee, the residue of hta bounty unpaid ahall be
paid to hla widow, If he ahall have left a widow,
If not, to hla children, or If there be none, to hla
mother. If she be a widow.
See, 2. And be it further enacted, That in case the
quota, or any part iboreof, or any town, townahlp,
ward of a city, precinct, or election dlitrlet, or of
any county not eo subdivided, ahall not be filled
within the apace of fifty daya after auch call, then
the President ahall Immediately order a draft for
one. year to fill auch quota, or any part thereof.
vfhlch maybe unfilled) and In caae of any auch
draft, no payment of money ahall be accepted or
rei lelved by the Government aa commutation to
,-tleaae any enrolled or drafted man from personal
obligation to perform military aervlee.
See. I. And be it f m ther enacted. That It ahall be
lawful for the Executive of any of the State to
tend recruiting agents into any of the State de
clared to be in rebellion, except the Statea of Ark
anaaa,Tenneaee, and Louisiana, to recruit volun
teer under any catl under the provision of thl
act, who shall be credited to the State, and to the
reapectlve aubdivUlona thereof, which may pro
cure the enlistment.
See.4. And belt further enacted. That drafted men,
substitutes, and volunteer, when mustered In,
shall be organized into or assigned to regiments.
batteries, or other orgaaltatlooa of their own
State, and, as far a practicable, ahall, when an
signed, be permitted toaelect their own regiment,
batteries, or other organization from among those
of their re spectlv e state which at the time of a'
slgnaient may not be tlHed to their maximum num
ber. See. 6. And be it further nattti, That the tweo
tleth section of the act entitled " An act to amend
an act entitled 'An act for enrolling and calling
out the national forces, and for other purpose.
approved Februarys!, 1341, shall be construed to
mean that the Secretary of War ahall discharge
minors under the age of eighteen yeara under the
circumstances and on the conditions prescribed In
saldscctlont and hereafter, 1( any oKoer of the
United Statea ahall knowingly enlist or muster
Into the military service any jersoa under the age
of sixteen years, with or without the consent of
hi parent or guardian, such person so enlisted or
recruited shall be Immediately discharged upon
repayment of all bounties lecelvcdt tnd auch re
crultlng or mustering officer who ahall knowingly
enlist any person under sixteen year of axe shall
he dismissed the service, with forfeiture of ill pay
and allowances, and ahall be subject to such fur
ther punishment as a court-martial flay direct.
ee. e. tnd be it fui ther enacted. That sestlon
three of an act entitled " An aot to amend an act
entitled An act (ore ling out the national (oices,
and for other purposes,' " approved February it,
la., be, and the same la hereby, amended ao aa to
authorize and direct district provost marshals,
under the dlreotion of the Trovoit Marshal Gen
eral, to make a draft for one hundred per cent. Jn
addition to the number required to Mil the quota
of any district as prov Ided by said aeetion.
See.l. And be tt farther enacted, That Instead of
traveling pay, all drafted person reporting at the
place of rendezvous ahall be allowed transporta
tion from their place of residence; and person
discharged at the place of rendezvous shall be al
lowed transportation to their places of residence.
Sec. 6. And be it f 'urther matted. That all person
In the naval aeivUe of the United Statea who have
entered said service during the present rebellion,
who have not been credited to the quota of any
town, district, ward, or State, by reason of their
being in said sen Ice and not enrolled prior to
February 31, 184, shall be enrolled and credited to
the quotas of the town, wa , district, or State in
which thev respectively reside, upon satisfactory
proof of their residence nude to the Secietary of
Sect. And be it further enaded. That if any per
aon duly drafted shall be absent from home In
prosecution of his usual business, the provost
marshal of the district shall cause him to be duly
notified aa soon aa may be, and he shall not be
deemed a deserter, nor liable as auch, until notice
ha been given to him and reasonable time al
lowed for him to return and rpnort to the orovost
marshal of hla district but such absence shall not
otherwise affect his liability uoder this act.
Sid. 10. And be it further enacted, lhat nothing
contained in thl act ahall be construed to alter or
In any way ancci ma provision oi ine seven,
teeath section of an act, approved February 31,
nui. entitled "An act to amend an act entitle.)
4 An act for enrolling and calling out the national
forces, and for other purposes, " approved March
X, 18S1.
See. II. And be it further enacted. That nothing
contained In this act shall be construed to alter or
change the provision of ex lit let laws relative to
permitting persons liable to military aervlee to
lurnisn suusiuuiei.
Approved July 4. 1364
By order of the Secretary of Wan
aula Assistant Adjutant General.
P V 1 0 1 A li.
War Dafabtvent.
1 I
WASIIINOTON, Sept. 1 1901,
uencrai urucrs, nu. -o i
1, Whenever riaes tire Imposed by sentence of
General tonrt-Martlal, or Military Conitnlislon.
upon omccrs or eltliecs, tbe J mine Advocate el
tb Court or Com ml 1 1 ion will mke a special re
iort of tha fact to the Adjutant General, Klvloc a
copy of the sentence tu the case. Iheniticer who
oou firms the sentence imposing a fine will transmit
to the Adjutant tirueral a special report thereof,
together with a copy of the order promulgating
tha proceedings.
3. The fines will he paid to the chief oulcerof
tb Quartermaster' department at tue lace
where the prisoner maybe, ard no other person
Is authorized to receive them t such Ones must not
Le applied to any purpose, but the ouker icceiv
ruKCtiem will forthwith lemlt the amounts to the
Adjutant General or the Army at VA ashing ton,
with the names of the prisoners who paid ti em,
and tha number of the order promulgating the
3. All otuoers w' o hav e heretofore reselve 1 fines
will forthwith report to 1 lie Adjutant General th
amounts reuelved, by whom paid, number and
date ot order promulgating the proceedings, and
what disposition was made of the money. The
amounts will be forwarded with the reports.
IJy order of the Secretary of War
Assistant Adjutant deneral
War Depahiiiemt. )
Apjvtant General's Uinet,
WASiliaOTON. P C, October i4, 1W4. )
Ucutenaut trank W. route, nut New ork
volunteers, heretofore published.! hereby notllked
that he 1 exempt from dismissal, he having been
previously honorably discharged the senloe of the
United states, byi.ftUl orders, current series,
from thl oittee. jjj F. U TUWNSKNU,
Oii31 Assistant A IJuaot t.'cneial
Horatio Hsymonr em Oeuerllct Arnold on
Llucotil, lflOt. Washington, 17M).
Three years have Tow are promised
rolled away. The liberty by the leaders of
young men mat res-your affairs, but la there
ponded to that call n Individual In the en
where are they? Morcjoyment of It. save
than Ore hundred thoi- your oppressor 1 Who
sand of oar brave aol- Among yon dare to
uicra now neep in their apeak or write what he
unumeiygravet. JXOK thinks azelnst the ty-
at the debt! An lm-ranny which has robbed
menie debt I Over two you of your property,
minions or men nave imprisons your ion,
been called for since drags yon to the Held
lhat time to bear arms of battle, and Is dally
In the struggle. Fire deluging your country
hundred thonsandmore with blood f
aro to-day being called)
for. The nation 1
crashed down with tax-i
atlon, and the war noli
ended. (
Our right have beoni
Infringed upon. The1
freedom of speech nndj
of the press has beeoj
denied us. The sacred
ncss of our homes ha
been Impaired.
The guarantied right!
of the people to bear
arms has been suapend-j Our country once was
ed up to the very Lor- happy, anil, had the
ders of Canada. proffered peace been
Fourycars ago a con- embraced, tbe last two
ventlon met In this city, years or misery would
when onr country was have been spent In
peaceful, prosperous, peace and plenty, and
and happy. In repairing the deao-
llad wise statesman- latlon of the quarrel,
ship secured the fruits that would hare set
of the victories, to-day the Interests of Great
there would have been Britain and America In
peace In our land. a true light, and re-
mented their friend
ship. 1 will light to thel I wish to lead a chos
riMiMAnrHMnaiAMn J f Americans
lhee rights that have10 " attainment of
been denied to us. riwJi-.-The
Democratic par- J"1 o ,0
ty will put down despo-!UWnB lbe flfK1"
Usm, because It hates!
the Ignoble tyrannny
which now degrades the
American people.
The results of lliu
coming election In.
vofve the liberties of
the country.
Greater questions,
graver qutatlon ques
tlons which come more
directly home to the t
'hearts and Interests of-
tvm n 1im04h XdtfAP tiAttlll
.i..si.i...tJ What la Atactica but
iuuiuiHrawturwri ,.,. A, .. .
farther nrl.limltnn. l" ""M " """"!
.v. ...... .-...-. . .... !...,-.
Motlier. Hd .Utir. ''""' "'""
.re In trouble t, thel . .
f.mllr liMrth, and ? ,. , "-" , ""
wh.nll.er. U trouble nnU"'1' r '
thcrc, there Is no hap
piness In life.
, press
I ghe my proinUe of
Now Is there no mode
mA.f at fTuit Inrt.fA .A.nT
b,wbl h heroplc.n
frigMfBU.crIllf1.ndmcllril ntJctMlry ,
the Union saved I , ..
I Implore you, there- mtmM1n M, , Jt
fore, to turn again tob ncrc;5cJ n u we
the wisdom of your conUnt wUU lho
,um.utr.. ,u..,u liberality of the parent
toward thoughts of ex- CQUnlry whlch im of.
fersis protection and
perpetual exemption
wlthBrltlshllberty.- a201.hal, thhlk fll l0
We propose to elect imnft 11rtll niiriv.
to the Frcsldency a pa
triot, a soldier, and a
Christian G. 13. Mc-
puopoBALs yon loan.
TacASuav Dsf eaTMttiT, July AS, 18.
Notice la herehv rlv en that aubsorlntlons will be
received by the Treasurer of the United states, th
everai Aiiiiinat ireasurtrs mi icsigDH'ttu uc
posltorles, and by tha National llanka drslgnatcd
andqua lfled as Depositories and Financial Agents,
for Treasury Notes oavabla three veara from Au
gust IS, 13S4. bearing Interest at tbe rate of sev en
ami iiirce lenma per cent, per annum, wnn semi
annual coupons attached, payable lu lawful
These notes will ha convertible, at the option of
the holder, at maturity, Into six per cent, gold
bearing bond, redeemable after five and payable
twenty years from August 15, tss?.
The notes will befissued In the denomination of
arty, ol hundred, Qve hundred, one thousand,
and five thousand dollar, and will be issued In
blank, or payable to order, a may be directed by
the subscribers.
Ail subscriptions must be for tllty dolUrs, or
some multiple of tifty dollar.
Duplicate certificate will be Issued for all de
Doslts. Tha DAi-tv denositlnr must endorse udoo
onoinatcertlBcato tha denomination of notes re
quired, and whether they are to be Issued In blank
or parable to order. When ao endorsed It must be
left with the offleer receiving; the deposit, to be
lurMrarucQ io inn uepan mem.
Tha note will be transmitted to the owners,
free of transportation charges, as soon after the
receipt of the original Certificates ol Deposit as
they eau be prepared.
Interest will be allowed to August 15 on all de-
foslts made prior to that date, and will be paid by
he Department upon tbe rescipt of the original
A tbe note draw interest (rora August 15, per
sona making deposits subsequent to that dtte must
pay the interest aoeruedfrom date of note to date
of deposit.
Parties depositing twenty-five thousand dollar
and upwarda for these note at any one time will
he allowed a oommlsslou of one-quarter of one per
cent., which will be paid by this Department upun
the receipt of a hill or the amount, certitte 1 to by
the officer with whom th deposit was made, ho
deductlona for commissions must bo made ft em
the deposit.
Utnoers receiving deposits will see that the
proper endorsements ate made upou the original
All oifloers authorized to reselve deposits are
requested to give to applicant all deslied infor
mation, aad atturd evry facility lor making sub
scription W. P. FESSKNDEN,
JyS-tf Secretary of the Treasury
the subscriber has obtained from the Ornhans1
Court of Washington county, In the District of Co
lumbia, letters testamentary on the personal es
tate of Abner llrush, lata of Washington city,
District of Columbia, deceased. All persons having
claims against tbe said deceased are hereby warned
to exhibit the same, with tha vouchers thereof, to
the subscriber, on or before the ttsth day of (Jotober
next) they may otherwise bylaw be excluded iroiu
all benefit of the aald estate.
Given under my hand this 35th day of October,
1S&4. FLaTT DHUIU, hx'r.
No. US West Baltimore Street,
I be rarest dclloactea, Fiuits. Creams, Pun n't,
Jiunge, and trusted Cakes supplied to lamillea st
lonest notice
tS-tti choicest Wine constantly on hand.
Llit or u.n.r.l Ilo.plLl.
ViuUr Dirtrtlon of Surgeon Jl. 0. AIM, V. i.
A., MtMfal Director Department 0
1, Armory 8qn.ro, WaihlUKton, 1). C.
BeveDth .trect wuet, between C and D atreets
touth, in cnarge 01 ettrgcou u.
Bllti U. '
. ' - . . . I
2. Canrer, H aslilnjtoo, D. U., Fourteenth
itreet woat, at tcrmlnna of city railroad, in I
eharzod of Sorecon O. A. Judioa U. 8. V. I
TKwi Wiilmii ll'ff Rnlh '
3. Campbell, a julugton, D. C., BeTcntu .
itreet west, at terminus or city railroad north,
lncharre of Surgeon A. F. Sheldon, U. 8. V
4. Columbian, Waihtngton, U. C'., FonrJ '
tcenln street west, at terminus of city railroad,
In charge of Bnrjtcon T. I!. C'roaby, U. 8. V. I
5. Dcaoiarrc. Wathlnirton. U. C. corner 01 1
Fourteenth street and Maseachusctts avenuj,
In charRO of 8urKeon J. B. IllUritl., U. B. V. .
0. Dowlas, yblngton, D. C, eormr of I
street and New Jersey avenuo, la charge or At-
slstant Bnrgoon Wm. F. Norrls, U. B. A.
7. Emory, Washington, D.O., noor Alms-1
hoso,ca6toftheCapltol,lnchargecfSurp;coa 1
N. R. Sloaelcy, U. B. V.
S. Falrikx Bemtnary, Vlrelnla. two mile. '
b.rk orlleTandrla In charm of Burfrcon D I
'' T,1 i!' 11 n 1 rr j,,., i
8. Flnlcy.W ashlngton, D. VS., Kendall Jrun, ,
Fourth street cast, north of the cltr. In chart:.
of Burgeon G. h. l'ancoast, U. 8. V.
10. Harowood, Wasblnirton, I). C, Corco
ran', farm, Seventh street west, la chargo of
Burgeon H. I). Bontetoo, U. 8. V.
11. .tnfll.firv Rnnnri'. Waahlmrtnn. tl. ft..
tu.,i.t a..: .. .l.i. t... :.
v ..V rrB?ffl -. ,. .-, 1 J rU. '
Fourth and Fifth strocta west, In charge of
AssIsUnt Surgeon Alex. Ingram, U. 6. A.
12. Kalorama, (iaa!l-ioi,) Wasbluton,!),
C, Kock creek, out Twouty-flrst strovt, In .
charge of Acting AsiIsUnl Burgeon R. J. ,
1 1U1UBO, UtOali
13. Lincoln, Washington, D. C. one mile
east of the Capitol. In charge or As U tact Bur.
goon J. U. McKcc, U. 3. A.
14, mouu. rieasaoi, acmgiont u. u.,
Fourteenth street, one half mUe-bcroud clii
limits. In charge of Assistant Surgeon J. A.
Mcuau, u. a. a.
15. Seminary, Georgetown, D. C, corner ol
Washington and Gay atrcins, la charge of Stir
goon It. W. Ducachct, U. S. V.
10 tanton, Washington, V. C.,1 itreUanJ
Imh ? v nnc " CU3rKa f tACQlX J'
Lldell, U. b. V.
17. Stone, Washington, D. C, tourloetuh
street, opposite Columblau Hospital, In charjo
of Acting Asa't 8urgeonl. Oknnin, U.S.A.
1H Rt P11hi.tl. tMnamiH Aasliim . U'iS
18. Bi. juisaneiu, iinsane Asymui.j wn.
iuwju. w. vi u.juuu .i-. j -. r ,, "".
U. 8. A.
l'J. First Division General, Alczindila, Vd ,
corner of Fairfax aud Cameron sLrccts, la
change of Burgeon Chat. I'ne, U. t. A.
v.. Second Division (leueral, Altxandrl.,
Va., corner of Prince and Columbus stretts, li
chargo of Surgeon T. H. St-'occcr, U. S. V.
21. Third Division General, AlciauJrU.Vo..
Washington strctt, between Queen aud Camo
ron stioe.3, lnhargo of Surgeon Kdwlu Utul
ley, U. 8. V.
"Z2. Aug'ir Utotral Uospilal, ut.r Alcxau
drla, Va., In chirgu or Surgcou (itMro 1 dm
t u. U. ft. V
MatnacfiiitttttG. Tufts, I'tnnsjlrauia avc-
nue, corner Seventh street.
O'iIo J. C. Wetmorc, lVnnslvania avenue,
corner Seventh street.
Jihode ftlaudJ.T. Ucnedlct, Pennsylvania
avenue, corner Seventh street.
Indiana J. W. Mont fort. uSl F. street.
.YiwVor, Col. S. North, lsl Pennsylvania
PcnnsjhanU Col. Iloberti, -4 hleveuth
Mlehlgan J. TuuulcIUl, lonur V. and
Aew Jersey uniotui liaiieny. z ti street,
Illinois Col. cm ton Crawlord, J Patent
Conne'elleiu Dr. V. M. While, WMHirdV
Maine . C. Hinds. UT1 Ir Anrt.
umout V. Ilolhrook. li) Pourleenth
iea (Jeorse Cowle. rlRti Audltura Uihcc,
Tieasury Department.
exhausted his muto ana kii in suca extremity
lys.T. tNtio. . rersoiiaorscdeutary 0f poverty ai to rt solve on sub ido. An acel
habits troubled with weakness, lassitude, pMpltv dent caved hlut from death, with no injury ex
tlon f the heart, lack ol appetite, distress after cipt the loa o. an ije.
eatlnff, ton Id liver, constipation, ho , deserve to i fortune dealt U b harshly wlihliim, au I ho
auUerlfthey wlllnottry thecclibrated vvasenaMed to publlrh hla lueubralloti ouce
PLANTATION SIlTKn, more. Tbty were wild ravings. Nevertheless,
whlohaie now recommcoded 1 y the highest mcil- thc fascinated sumo abb men htre, (whire'
eal authorities, and warranted to produce au in cverjbodylorgs for rsdh al change,) nraong
mtdiate beneficial eilcct. Ihey are exceedingly whom were AtiguMln TMmy, tho historian,
... .. -. i i. At.rrii.ln f'mnln llin ,t.ltl ' nlillnnritipp
agreeable, perfectly pure, and must supercede all
other toules where a healthy, gentle stimulant Is
They puilfy, strengthen and lnvlsorate.
Ihey create a healthy appetite
They are an aMldoto to change of v.ater aal
They oveicome eitecta of dissipation and late
They strengthen the system and enkv en the mind.
ineyprcvcnimaemaiicauiincrmi eCiievers.)lIio,o".HliOUj;ht5 lUat ireathe BU(I worJs lhul
ucy iiumy u ui-i,iu -uU ., u, "
They cure Dyspepsia and Constipation.
They cure l.arrhiA, Cholera aud Cholera Mot
bus They cure Liver ComplMat and Nervous Heil
ache They make the weali strong the langult brli.
llant, and are exhausted nature's j.reat restorer.
They are composed of the celebrated Cvllsaa
hark, wintergreca, siss.fras, roots aujhcibt, all
preserved in perfectly pnro St Croix rum. Fit
particulars, seo elrcultra and testimonials aroutsd
each bottle.
Beware ol Impcstere. Exauilne every bottle s e
that It has D. S. Barnes' signature on our 1 rlv ate
U. S. Stamp over the cork, wlt.i plintatlonncone,
and our firm slgntturc on a i uo steel plate en
gravlngon aide label, bee that our bottle I rot
refilled with spurious and dtdcUrltms stuii. W
defy an) person to niaUh the tnste or charncter of
our goods. Any pcison pretcoiUui tosell Planta
tion Bitters by the gallon or in bulk Is an impos
ter. We sell only In our J03 cHn bottle. Any
person Imitating this bottle, or selling any otki-r
material therein, whether called 1 lantatlon Bit
ters or not, la a criminal under the U 3, Law, and
will be so prosecuted b us. Wc n'.m d hav e our
eye on two parties reunite our buttle. tc, who
will succeed lu gettlog tbrmsciesliiloclosc i,ur
ters. The demand lor Drae'd MauUtlua inters
from ladles, clergymen, meichi.uti', .Ne , Is 1 cr
feotly Incredible. Tho-simple trial of a bottle is
the evidence uepreseut of thclt unit It and mi irl
oilty, Ihey are sold by all respeotaMe drurls' .
grocers, physicians, hotels, saloons, stcaubjrila,
aadoouutrv stores
P. If. DRAKF lt,
au.l-eosui vn j itroadhnv N V
f V V I C 1 A L ,
I j alt uhoiA it awy cancan
Satisfactory evidence having been eloblted to
me tht Caul Otto NiiiiiN l.aileeu appotutiM
Me tunsul ot bncden and Norway, at La
Crosse, Wisiuustn. 1 do herej ncognlzo him as
sucn, and dewiaro hi in free tocxnclse aul enjuj
tush fmutletii, powiri, and pi iv .leg. as areal
lwed to Ice Consuls Ij the Uw of uatlous, or
by the laws ottlie UuitiJd Slates, an 1 1 Utlug trea
t) stlj ulatlona between the Uo. etnmeul of S rdeu
andNorwa) and the United States
tn testimony whereof, I haii ta.iiedtheB letters
to to made patent, and the seat of tin t Jllc 1st ie
tit be hereunto aftUcd.
(.Hen under my hand at the 01 1 td V. ashlnton,
tho twint-aeveotli di ol iMi,!it, ;i mo
1 1 s I Domlal, due thousand tii;it l.ui tr.d and
lt.louj, acilof UiPlnli;fH LiHmiUlif
fnlteiUtate-s thoeiitlity.no th
iiy tl. Preslleut
V 11 1 101 II t.w van,
tcietsrv 1 t e
A t M O M i .
i It AKIN HfAl'
Up from the t nutfi t tr..k of d.ri
IlrltflriBto Wlnclieitir frith tlianik),
1 ri. .rTriftMeil Kir wlUi . thudtter rioie,
1.11(8 . herald In h.tti In tha chit n.ln'i ilitnr
T " rrlM uriimlil. .ud ruiatile td ru.r,
Tellliit: th. I Ml tin wi oo one. moi,
An.l Shrthtan Imntv tnllaa t
' '
AM widen' .11 ttoie H,hil war
Thundered alonjr II10 horuon'a bar,
A" I louder T.t lolo Wloelifit.e roiled
T, roneotih.t i leauocootrolfed,
, - iukW tb. I io 1 of the u.tener 00U
A. h.thoi-htoftli. .'nke in tht Heir fiar,
And Sherlipin lentv mllei nwajr.
Dut tbtr. It a mvl from w inehetter town,
a noid, bind Mc -iway leidicn down
And there, ibrourii tue rtt.h of lb. mornliis Hibt.
A tleel.tt l.laek at tb.ttccdi oln'r.lit,
AViVhVkMvS i"."e7rl1,i.;W 8'"
fl", .i?.".ift7.waV"lVuM.uU...t d
11111 rot. .rd feu tint Mi hetit ),
VMth Sheridan lllteeu mllea away,
,,, f , , ,, 1(1B(lwlrf
Th. dutt, Ilk. the imok. rrom the etnnon't mouth,
"r'h. trail ol a comet iweepics: ruter and Liter,
e'oriludlnK to tritora tbe doom otdlltateri
n. beatlnifllk.Brlionert Maanltl.utliHf wallt,
Impttlcnt to lie where tin bttt'e-lle .1 Mllai
.ety nero of the charcerwasstralne.ltoli.il
i rVi
With baeriJaa only tea miles e$
Under his spurnlo; feet, th rovl
. Like au arruwv Alulae river Howe J.
I AnJ the laailscafie sped away behind
Like an ocean tlvlnir tefnre tb. wind!
AnJ th. st'Cl. Hue hark ted with fu'nac Kf ,
swept m, with his willies full of nre.
Put Id! hrlsDearlairhlstesrt'silrslre
He is tnutllns: thaimokeof the roaring tr?.
ihoflrst that lheGDfralawertlif fronts
Of atrazKlers no 1 tben the tettentlnc truonat
What was done whit tj do a glanea told hll
Then itrikldf bli spurs with a terrible oath,
H. dished down the line 'mid a storm of hurrss.
And thewateof retreat ehecUrd Its course there
The a lent of the mascr cnmnelled It to pause
With loam and uithdiut the Hack charger wis
Df the fltsh of his ere, tndhli red nostril s jU
He seemed to the whole fttnl army to saj
"I hatfbrouthtou Sherldao nil the wny
todi Winchester duu to cae the da) '
HtitT!!, lmiMl.. lor erldin '
Hurah. hurrah, for horse and man '
AnJ when their statues are pUcea on hlg;h
1'uder tbe anme or the Union aky,
TCC Am"'"n loJJlcis' Temple oi rame,
lhere with the flotluus Hoitrera name
b ttsaU in letter lotii bolUn-thrlitht
Mere uuio aieeninai saeaucuay
T cirrtlni Sherldta into tbe r.eht.
Iri'Di NvlnJititei tnrnt ittlUi aua '
Twas nn unhallowed funeral, too, whlehi,Do(ca of discord, contention, and violence
closed tho earthly career of bliu who was onco
looked upon as a god here in Paris, not by tbe
rllTrair of a great city, but by such men as
Emtle lVrlcr Isaac 1'crleie, Michel Chevalier,
Halevy, Fellelen David, Duveyrlcr, Artaul,
l.i u nut de lArdechc. Deny tho man possessed
extraordinary powers. Enfantln L Pere En
fantln. as be was tailed wa born In Dan-
phlno In lT'j, in a position of av fortnnc.
ills father wns a banker, lie entered the l'oly-
te-chic Schoul In IM.., aud made himself con-
spicuous by his gallant conduct In defending
Paris againit the allied nrtuies. The Ilourbons
suppresed the I'oljUchnlc bihoo, and lho
banker's ouug sou was thrown on the world
In quest of a new profession.
I lie- tried his band at several occupations
Ho wai commercial "travoler" for a wine hrm
at Iloinans (Drome) for fix vear, (ISlV-'l,)
then ho lived at fcl. I'eterslmig for two ears as
tho cashier of a banking llrmj uex the returned
to Purls, (ps l) obtained n situation as cashier
in a e imnmlal lirm, and became a member
ot the Carbonari societv. uunuu Jtoangucs,
ono ofa wealthy l'ortuguonoJewlshfamllylong
settled lu Fiauce, made his aciialntnntfo lu
ijj, and introdnced him to a man then fast
j dcellulng into tho grave ihii was Saint Simon.
' He wns of ihesfttne Hood art lho 'Iacltusof tho
rlljrn of Louis l, ho waa llio pomsnor of a
eonsidcrablo fuituuc, whiih lie ninnlllCintly
upended lu travel'.In coatly experiments, and
In publishing his strango lucubrations. He
Auzuslo Comic, lho "i-oslllve philosopher,
nnd Olinde Kodrlgties. Enfantln readily em
braced the new do. trine, and upou the death
ofSaint Simon, whitli took place In 13."', he
wm acknowledged the head of tho new re
ligion. Ibis was duo In a great degree to hla
magnliUitit I irsonal appeal ance. lie had
even tJ I tie' UH dav of Ida lift. one of I tie noblest
heads in Pari. 1 1 id manners were singularly
v inning, and to a ino-a musical voke, a calm
nnd graecful delivery, aud the omroand of
UMl w 0icu an orator must possess,
lie was
wLiiiihv nnd so was Ilodrlgucs,
They founded a newspaper with this motto :
" Tho age of gold, which a stupid tradition has
placed ia tho past, lies before us." 1 hey soon
attracted to their ruuks by the real and confi
dence vlth which they announced their Immi
nent arrival In aland .lowing with milk and
liomj, a greit muny old pupils of the Poly
technic sihool, oung orllsis and )miug liter-
an men. vviitn mo revonuiou oi io-ju oc'
I curred, Saint blmonlsm wis welt Cbtabllshcd
uud rtadv for at lion. llw revolution seemed
n nionltloua moment for moving the world,
'lho tiuint Miuoulsm opened public lecture
looms, thoroughly orgauirod tnemseives, and
purchased a newspaper In fjvor, U (ll-fft
which they gave away. Enfantln, who was
the acknowledged head of tho Saint tilmonlans,
iiuldUhLil a froelamatlon to rranco lnslsllnir.
as inalienable rights, upon tho community of
properly, the abolition 01 ucvisea uy win anu
Inheritance! and tho "liberation" of women.
M uiier. that nerve of new creed as well as
of war, literal!) poured In upon thuu. li ankers
themselves thoo sensitive plait of tho gar
den of commerce kepi their tlow tr open and
allowed jellow pistil after jellow plsiil to be
plucked. Of a truth, the golden ago sceinod
nt hand. lLwasullverv tlujsant. The doc
trines were washed down with excellent wine
on rafts ot tho lie: viamia tue uars.11 supply,
and they vv.ro whimpered Into eira ut night by
lho soli vole es oi vvoi'.eti, who wcru abovovul
gur nreludieis. ' would not boa tialnt
Mmouiauf Uul elieord nelt into thJ bar-
inonloui b.iml ol liolheis. ina brother
ihou'ht II ull ivcelKui, lull when hit oulv
daughter grew to womuuhood ho decllued to
IliTO Uer lluerauu," uuu was uoBvuru ami
grovellDg enough lo "cnslavu" her twouo man,
and summon lho major and priest lo forge and
rlvil thl! tellers, 'lho V Uo dog'
'I hi. inadu a. Urrlble breach IllthO fdiuilv. A
woman dunounecd Lufantlu fui promulgailug
tho mot Immoral doctrines. CurnoL (now a
(leput) (row Paris) desirlbtd lilb doelrlueaas
Ihuorgatildtiou of adultery,'' and somebody
else said U "was vim cvslemaUtd." 'llictem
pcBi w a v loletil, but the ship did not founder
in this storm, I'uUnllu now numbered 4o,Oi0
"eblldieu" in Kranee lie auempiea 10 teaeu
naunera the-aitof beinu' ilch. women the secret
ut being vlituous, and at tho same lime un
chaste lor love, UC tpeni a rcmi ucaioi nioiieij
in en.ulslie dluutrs. wills the' hope of finding
thu kuialo Meaaiah who wus lo "eomplciu ami
to pel fwl ' him, who huilvclared wus tho "new
dogmi lm at nau, the living law and tho Mes
eijb," uud 40,000 Tieut hmeu iotlld be foiiud
iv Im tulluved It.
Uo tailed to difcovei thu female Metslali, but
at lnt ho evvoke the pullei' Uo was arralued
im liuKUn: Uli. ' nl liieeliuiisaud lusulllng nub
IW morils Uuw ailed bitterly that thotouil
n li ed I silo tut tw 1 I'fHivnl iiiupiea (.iwo
beautiful women) to defend him. Ite was con
victed and sentenced to a twelve months Im
prisonment. This was the death blow of St.
Slmonlaim not becausoof the sentence, hnt
bet snio of the ridiculous figure cut by the ar
cusod. Paris roared with laughter, and In
Paris ridicule Is fatal. A Frenchman Is a great
coward bclore Unghtcr. The Govcrnmentsa..
tha serpent was killed and he opened the Jail
door. Lnfantln aud twelve disciples went to
the East. The Fcrclres turned their attcntlnu
to railway, and became you know v, hat. The
friends of M. Ml hel Chevalier obtained for htm
a mlsalon from the Government, and he went
to America.
Enfantln traveled 6t.SImonlanIim and moot
of his money off, aud upon lils return to Frai.ce
set up a posting stable, near Lyons. In 1M1
he was mado member of a scIeutlQc commis
sion In Algeria. In ISf'She was made Presi
dent of tho Lyons railway. In 1SH he octal'
II shed a newspaper, Ia C'rfJif, to advocate St.
Sltuonlanlsm In a mitigated form tho paper
lingered eighteen month between life and
death, and then It died. M. Enfantln then
accepted a prohtabla place on the Lyons and
Mediterranean railway, which ho held till his
death, which was very anddeni It was caused
by a stroke of apoplexy. Ills funeral look
piaeo'iuiciiy. mere were some two hundred
persona present. Ills personal friends. M.
Gueronlt aud 31. Aries Dufour delivered ad
dresses at the grave. There was no religious
service of any kind. I believe he was uumar-
WoitiRii ait el Her Country.
Amidst the commotions of war and the
struggles of political election, not to he for
gotten Is the part woman has, and Is exercis
ing, In tho momentous drama which Is here
enacting beforotho world.
lie but poorly measures tha patriotism of
ucr genuer nature wno deems woman an in
different spectator of the successes or the perils
of her dear, native land. In the sacred rrlvaev
of home amid the consecrated relations of
that privileged sanctuary who can adequately
appreciate her noMe and generous part for tho
national good, aa the lends her inspiring voleu
and help In behalf of order, law, humanity and
tVtitnmi. In lis rpl trnmant anil Immnnltv
from political care and labors, yet feels keenly
the protection which authority and public order
inrnw aooui uer auu ine ueucavo nome oi iter
little ones. To nono come, as to tier, the near
shock of war and the harsh strife of arms,
happily so long and so successfully kept back,
slncu the treasonable plotters of rebellion and
national destruction llrst waucrt waraealust an
ever Indulgent, bene llccnt and protecting Ke-
An1 now tiiiicrcm, Americans, would r
those preeloua homes, which now cnshrlno all
the, to you, dearest hopes and lovea of earth, I
were this f recta do of security and easo and
tdessednesa to be chanced i and tha hoarse
should threaten or destroy Us n acred stillness
ana repose r .
Tho glory of our nation and of Its women It
has been, that the beautiful humanities of her
pitying heart have everywhere blessed the
camp, the babtte Held, and hopital. Her gen
tie voice has cheered tbe lonely sullercr) her
hand has ministered tu sinking life, her acllva
mercy ha provided lu myriad ways for the
comlort or relief of 0'ir exposed and straight
ened soldiers In field or bivouac. Her zeal aud
devotion, already Inexhaustible, unstaeklug
will yet cleave, to the la-t, to the cnnc of her
.... ..-.. 1
coutiirv and lis brave defenders. If her own
bands cannot bo given to man ttie batter), or
to reinforce tho advan ing hoMs of tho nation,
they may yet raise the fallen, restore th..-
wounded, and che-er on the ranks of our coun
try's nraves to victory ana una. triumpu.
And bow murh of the Inspiration which Urn
tha soldier to csllant deeds, cooks from lho
memory oi lutse "lovca ones at nome," wuoee
smile U bis Jo), whotio etcurit) andhappluess
are his rride'
When tho final da of triumph ahall coinc
(as we devoutly trmt liod in ills lnliulie good'
ncss will In Ills own time urant 111 none ull!
hall It wllh a more ti no aud holy welcome.
than the I alriol-hcart or woman. Her mater
ial vol co will klnulelu tho young bosom a
new and fervent love of country, new reverence
for our nation Ian, new devotion to our ua
lion flag. As in the days ol the graud revo
lutionary struggle, tho American mothers
prnuajy ueuteaieii incir uuureu on eueir coun
try's altar, for tb malnteuance or its freedom
and the preservation of conKlltulionat right
aud order, so now will there bo a re consecra
tion of their homes, a ro-purllicatlon of pa
triotism and loyalty, as tho Republic tomes
out from the fiery furnace, not unscathed
merely, but renewed, disenthralled, au 1 await
ing a grander luturc.
1 Oh t fair youn motlier) un lay brow
Mull sit a nobler KTce than now,
Deep In the brightness ol thy skies,
The thronglog jeatalotfory rise,
An las they fleet,
Prep strength and riches at thy leet.
Thine eve. with every coming hour.
Shall bilghteo, an 1 th) form shall tow er
uil when thr sisters, elder-born,
Woull brand thy name with words ct sioim
Before thine ee
t pon their lips the taunt shall tile '
Dlulugaud DrluklDg lu ParU.
gulrldion," In a letter to tbe Boston &itur-
Jay Kvtni.it Uazttte, sajs, contrary to the gen
eral opinion, that Paris bachelors In moderate
ilrcumstances In that city commonly dines al
home. I he great restaurants are ver) expen
sive, and the Inferior rcataurantVare wretched.
Uesldo, there is as much dlflerenic between a
home made dinner and a restaurant dinner a
there is hwtwcin a wife and au " unfortunate'.
II says
lho public feast may appear liner aud bo
more highly spiced, but il lacks the individu
ality of the humbler meal, vv hero each viand
reUlns It nutlve uud particular tadc, where
biH'f is beef and potatoes are potatoes. 'I he
wine, ton, one provides himsell ought to bo
pure r and a great deal better for the price- than
the vvlno ooc obtains In a restaurant. All the
wines drank in lho restaurant are adulterated,
lho great wine merchant In thu provinces
adds dlilerciit wines together in order to
form a fair, cheap w lue, by making au a erage.
Uo adds a cask of wlnu with a good flavor and
perfume to a half dozen casks of cbc.pcr wlnu
and a halt docu casks of still cheuper wine.
All of these wlnei arc from dlflereul vintages,
Tbe wines in a do in the southeru departments
are the cheapest, nud aa ihey are tho strongeht
Kreuib wines, the) ate lu great demand for
adu'teratlon. 1 very wine-growing duiriei lias
Us cheap i heap bcauie Inferior wine.
1 hn o races from the i itch ( ( means cm loa-
urc) w hero the Clot o jgeot is made, Hie gt apes
make wine mat is uoiwouu live ceuisa uouiy.
Nav.tbe Inferior grape- of lho Closuujcot
Ucll make eheap wiuo. It Is by sklllfullr
mixing these i heap wines togt ther lb it so mueli
goo I wine is mado in Frame.
1)3 not Imaclne tluu cheap and luferlor
wluesure poor slulT. Ihey aie excellent wlmi
when pure. 'Ihey l nome lho vile fetull pound
dneen tin throaiA oi nsitturanis quests i.v im
adiilLLrjiIun Ihev under -o lu the rciUuranU'
cellars. Ihe re'laurateur seurcily ever bu)8
his wiuis uu the plate wmre tuey aro maue.
ii. l.ui ilmni At llpn v. where thuv underero a
second manipulation. Ills lHtler adulterate'
them a third time, aud not only gives them
ilaap wines, but he forees them through a
eouru of hTdropathy. whereby scveu eah
swell Into ten easik. miw, luemau wno nu
his wine fiom the provluilal wine merchant
nets a pure article ana a eiicap artttie. ia
ought to gel au exe client article for ten cents a1
dottle, lo avou excessive ucecing m market
iug aud roe erica he agrees to Ive his servant
womau (who Is generally hta porter's wlft i a
eorialu per diem allowance ol tnoueyfur whub
she agree to provide hlui breakfast aud dlumi
All the money she may aave out of this sum
she may fairly put lulo her poekctt but she Is
obliged to takecareand not beover-covctous l v
the luar ner master may cancel tue comm i
lit, great Is the dlahouesly of Knuch ner
vanls, and ao ini oIlilt la itlotheku that
this rule Is generally adopted even In families
hire, 'ihey cuter Into contract with their cook
to board ther at fire or ten or twenty dollars
a day, according to their nn ruber or wealth or
appetite, and encapc all trouble. The coo
may pocket her two or eight dollars a day, but
the eater escapes the dyspepsla-nrovoker tho
exasperating knowledge lhat ho is swindled at
every meal and monthiul, and can neither de
tect or punish tho frand. In this way a bach
elor lives chcapljr aud well. It. Is true he Is
obliged to dine alone, and, until custom has
peopled tlie solitude v. Ith thoaghts, this condi
tion Is a hardthlp, but one grows so weary of
the stale, tasteless, non natural dishes of res
taurants, ho accepts a -olltary meal without
regret. He knows, too, that In this city there
aro alwas hungry mouths or totli sexes to be
found at five minutcA notice) so whenever lie
grows tired of singing a solo grace, It Is Lis
own fault If It does not become a duet. I
scare ely know an unmarried man of easy cir
cumstances here (excel L stockbrokers, who for
the moot part live at the most cxpensUc res
taurants,) who does not lire at home.
J oh is Brougham's Dctnott Lottr.
John Urougham's new comedy, "The Demon
lxvcr,' lately produced nt tho New Loyalty
Theatre, Iondod, la said tn contain a good
deal of pleasant humor. The ptolHtlu dc
siribed In the London T(
The hero, Uarou Ulullenbach, of tho seven
i Lentil ccnturv. Is tho occupant of an old Ger
man mansion, and devotes himself to the study
oi me ocean sciences, not uccause. like jit.
John Faustus. ho has gone through the pro
scribed routine of learn Ine, and discovers no
satisfaction therein, but because he Is enam
ored of his wealthy ward, Angela, and finds In
his advanced age an obsta u to tbe succcm of
his suit.
Ancela would greatly prefer Albert Khren
stclu, j young student atone of the universi
ties, of whom the Daron Is likewise guardlaot
but probably some ben el. cent ileinou may work
a (hange lu favor of the old admirer. Con so
riuently, the Uaron provldea himself with an
Incantation book and sevt rat fortifying flasks
of wine, draws a magic circle, and half hope-
iui, nan irigiiicneu,gocs mrougna.i loose prc-
scrtbid form that were doemed requisite for
the Incantation of supernatural beings, before
the modern professors of spiritualism bad de
ried simpler methods. A person habited after
the fashion set by Mrphlstophllc makes his
appearance, rbals and drink pleasantly
enough, causes picture and chairs to dance at
the sound of bis lligcnlct.and ultimately prom
Ie to restore to the Harou alt the appearance
and attraction of youth. 'I hi personago is
nn other thanAinert Jkhrenstein.who is assisted
partly bj tho Baron's old servant Wllhelm,
partly by the vino which the old necromancer
a chair through theellectsof a strong narcotic,
which he takes lor a made potion, It is with a
firm conviction that bo ha concluded a bar
gain advantageously to his Interests In this
world, but dangerous to bis welfare In tho next.
When the lUron awakes, slightly troubled
by a headache, on the following mnrolnc, be
has almost forgotten the night's ft all villi, and
la not a little astonished to ind himself ad
diced b old Wilheliu aud I rsula, the house
keeper, as the jnang Count Maximilian, and
to leurii that in this new character he Is on the
point of marriage with Angela, who a pears
properly auireu iur iui nupiia. ii rciuou.. i u
"ay as to the future, lho is ncverlbeUsa de-
inrmlnnrl In tnaln tlifi tiinjt iif lil a Tin mnl un
tcr mined to raako tho most of bis present po
sition, and uu is aooui to tiroeeevi Willi bis
bride to the chapel. when bo is checked by lho
lu nd, who lniorms i.ira lull tun fastening oi
the wedding knot will lmmodlatelv he followed
I y his descent hi otbi nether regions, but that
tliis dlajreeaMo result mov I v. avoided If he
resorts lothe cxped.eulol .iniurriageaLypro),
fini e the luckless proxy will buaeptedas a
tubslltuu by the exacting i-ower of elvrkne.
While ho Is retltctlngbow he shal. but protll
by this kludl) admonition, Albert arrives no
,, u ft, totiit, ami la rciuetid by bis suddenly
amiable guardian to Uvkc blsilaieat the altar.
Tho lercmony, at which, as the reader neid
ceareelv bo Inlonned. Alhort at-rears not a
proiy but a prlmlpai, i duly performed, and
then the II mm Icarus how Li ha- 'eende-
(elV d. ,
1 ite noits of tbo late (Jen. Wells is now at
Boston, under treatment for his wounds. I n
flinchiugly he bore his rider through the s -verest
lighting in irglnla, from tho first Uull
Kun lialllo uuiil uen. Well wus iranniareii to
lliu bhenandoab illey. U ha passod
through twelrc batiks in the bheiiandoah
since April. At l edar Creek, after receiving
two wounn, wie iioise hui onru uinrsvrnui r
until h fell Uriel b thu Utal lulla.
A riiiuEH in lVnnsvlvanlv. whoso sheen
had been stolen for many years, offered a no
torious shccp-stcaler twenty pounds a year to
id his flocks alone. Thai worth), however,
only smiled, and said, "No, thank you, 1
UiluK i eauuo ociici-
I'on mission of Cite Vnltcil Stales aud
Notice is hereby nlvcn that the Commlssioa pro
vldcd for by the Convention of Novemlier JJ, 1&12,
between the United states and F.uvlor, for the
mutual a.ljustment of claims, was duly orsjaulic 1
at the city of Gut) auull on the lith day of August
last, and tht the saM Commission will continue
In session lor the perlol ol twelre months from
that date.
Allcltiiensol the United state httlu,' claims
upon Fcuadjr are, therefore, ontitlp 1 to appoar In
person, or tvatturnee, anl preseut the proou In
kupportof their claims to sild lommlsslon, or to
tile their claims audi roots with tlic Neticurj oi
the Commission, ''Vuor Cilsauto Mdl if., In
Uu lanull.lu the Heput lie of Lcaalor
"Claims whi.h shall not It prcscnuii xo xie
Coaimlsilon within ttie twelve months it temalus
In existence will liedlsirxrJ I hy hotn eii.eru
ments l cooslJered luealld"
H'.i:DhH!U; M.MLUk,
Minister P.csllent Ail t'ui" laa.. ner el the I'nlteJ
WvSlllMJroM l ITV. IktuVr 1, 14 itk-iu
O v '
U au UU'erii it NT,i
r OLnei Ot vi ,
iTo.i, Mich n, 14 )
A'l a . llcatlob in teives j! cnc
oiujlou to v .t W esluusVui un.4l ht a tdrrssjd to
Mnjor Ceieral llalUult, chlel at Man, an 1 must
pje.li) tho huslneis f evhUh t ie ottUer Uiius
Die ptrinitnloa lcUjrAuiddisc.tildiiel ioit
MicMrjof ir .3 lid ubjrist v. 11. iCJCiifl un
4tW.tl't-. . ,
i;, u 'ar il t 4 1r .eta.tf jl War
fi. i) IUVW V,
Mil-lf At itUV ltutatt i.fer
V V l
I A J.
U aii Li i enr it m, j
i ji rM Cti.lhm i urn l, J
Wcmiinuiok u c ,lN.?eiiitr 1, lioi V
ie,niid lltutcuaiil It It llumpuiui 1 1 u I tilted
States infantr). I,tngbten irportcl at the ht-j 1
,,n.,tM m tt.n in v iur littllurr lo rtinlt at Clu-
cionatl, Ohio, as or If let Is bercbl notine I that
he will be leiommenli-d Mr dlsmiisal Irom the
sriv ice of the Unit 1 atatcs, unless, w ithln I Keen
days tiom this date, he ai peai st. i iieth "Military
Cotuiiilsslon In spssion t this Lit) 01 w uu n wig-
. M.r I.Mr,, rat I a 1.1 .l ill. 1 illtf 1 MrttPS ol0ttrS
is) its! tent, anlmaLis vt slut ii) 1 uneetothe
CllSInl lllll Ull" ,tfc.j..
r i ' iiiiiiiiinin,
u , vtsistaut .diutaut Ceueral
Nil 31 I Li L E U ,
Ho oil Mnth stunt west, near I'enn. ae-uit.
Couveyaiielug, Ackuowlrdgments, lower ui At
totuey, aud all business peitalntnj 1 1 the above
uUtce transacteel w Hh dispatch
I artlculnt attention pal 1 to tl e re .Uu an 1 col
llectltmol lents on real estate, mi 1 debts ol all
1 jeMlH,tioiis. .n u 1'ioiert) i.oldirsflau4H,lv
be very leslo Uuaats withnut siiiaxv apsti
e following Is the
reiiori maie ai in me
Board ot School Trust
a luiinir ei ia
J. O. VMIsoo, Isq,
t hair tikq nf the Com or "
acnooi-oou and
jlrementaof thaitth
to aseordanee wl
article of the br.liui
fijard, tha Commute
on School-house and 'euool room hav to report
that they have visited all the publl sobool-housss
Bin. I rMh. In lt..Allta - -?..- - .
-.. h luavii), bou, upon ine cnerai eur
ver, noa rreat eausa rarnnnr,iiiiiinnnvsr iha
tmprovcmcDt sine their lest annual visit la the
, - , miT DISTRICT,
seconder) School No. l. whieii wiiwiiMut
room at the date of our last report, ha ten pro
vfded with one, rery eoove nlent and so ra for table,
In the ' Unloo Academf" butidiof , corner of Four
teenth street aad fewoik avenue, and a tempo
rat y frame bull dim has been erected on a rented
tot loeated on H street, between Thirteenth aad
Fourteenth streets, wheh rurnishe one of th
most Rjrjeeable ao-t convenient room In the sltv,
for the use of the female crammar school.
Frlmarles No S and 4 have been or f salted, th
latter from necessity, In the small, oamn. and
every wa) unsuitable bulldine en Fourteenth
siretT. neiwein i ana i sireeis, lormeriv oeeupled
by Seeondsrv No. If and the former la tne toosa lu
"venioos I'uinung, owrBr ni motoiDSirel
.rut l'scnirlvanla avenue. Nearlv two haoilrawl
pupils are now In daily attendance lu this room.
wnien ia lob ioa itrce lor one nuaarea aa
twenty, and Ih Kieat dlsadvaotag undtv which
all three of the teacher and th scholars labor la
apparent upon the most casual visit.
The cit) councils hav,iiowever, mad an ap
propriation, destined for their relief, and It Is et
peeled that a new building will be erected. Into
width on ot these school an b removed within
a shoit time The DuiMtoff tyommttte,eontUutJ
by authority of the City CVtuoclls, have recently
purchased a lot for a Urfe newbulldln at th
southeast corner of K street no th and Thirteenth,
street west it has ene front of 104 feet 8 Inches
oa K tret, and another of lit feet S Inane oa
Franklin fatiare, with a thitty.foot wld alley la
the rear. The location Is a very central on, la
in arcosei wiu. tmn t iuu urauoj, nei in
adv aa taxes of light, abundant of wnter. drain;
and aewerase, and dry basement rooms for a jtfbl
tor, ilsy.room la Inclement weather, and store
rooms, at a very moderate exreose. ar unsur
fiaiirl. Hd th whole ward been nlactd at th
elliposal of the eammltte charged with tb selee-
lion, m"r ciirh'I" iur iu iurpuv vuuiu yoi
hav e been sale ed. In tbe
to ttcrt to state that no material Improre-
menthasleca made. The negotiation for th
ctuir:h pro, eft) on K street, between sixth and
Sev enth streets, and th arranecmnta lor the a
tension of the "Berrett school houte," eorner of
ew oik avenue and Sixth street, failed, from no
waat, hoHtver.of dllls:iut effort oa the part of
ilint ustecs of the district
Tin latter improvemeni appears io in oommr
tee to be a very desirable out, demand ox the first
ert irts of the sub-Uiard
1 he lot owned bv th Corioratlan Is well local',
and of sulllcient alie Tbe building now w on il
Is a handsome ed flee, furnishing thre- gool
rooms, aLd the contemplated enlarftmrnt, so as la
accommodate three or m re additional achools,
w ull,wera satisfied, Improve th appearan e
ol the present structuie, nl In no respect illmtu
Ish tu conveniences. The dens and replaly in
ereaslnit pop 'il tlon in that section of the city can
lu auppiled with tho Ckhnol prlvl eg. which Ihey
an iimejtlv demand at this time lu no other war
aocjnvrnient nd eiouomlosl. lathe
Tho Urge lulldleg, eontalninj ten sehorlrow ,
aadaemmmodat ntc aixhuudiel pupils, has been
completed, and Is already la sucessfu operation.
. . f . .1.. J, ...... 11 at.. Mil. I tn Avar.
imill.(lKeri U'uu .' i'1'v.ts..a, waai .i..e . .wuttc
n iw Ine , ano bud It been twice as large cv er) seat
would iie beeuoctjuplel
A dri hied Impiovement In the oondlllnn and t
nearanc of tnese irn aahonls is already to b sten,
n.l much ere lit Is due to Mr. McCathron.th rrlu-
elial. and the tcactieis associated with ntm, for
ine-el'lluj amuaiinr wiueii inrj nmiiuiiriruuii
m i.ar n nn tha new ortTanir atlon a miiea mot
dlUlcult ttU than ts unerallv supposed. II any
in rsons at all laminar wiin ine cou uiina i eiie
ten ichoiUs, as they were former If kept In thetr
liolated rnotns, euterttttu doubts of tL great ad
vientace of their present arrangement under on
rirtif they need only ilslt thl building to b on
vlacetl ol tbeir tarur Th style ol architecture 1
well adapted to the loaaitoa, and for generations
tr. tome, Its sv mmetrical and beautiful iroiorttons
niti .itr. t iunotiL koJ command the admlra
tien ct tlte thousands who annually v isit this m
lf'prutftM) w.i ull not be expedient or In good
tasti t it-pt it Its ex ict islerlor form, or Interior
a l istriCAl tn another ward. lor the conditions CI
le I tiu r IP nririiy rirn icm upuu lu iu-
ttmi tend the latter can umlouuieuiy ue improvea.
Ine waut ot an) suitable play room In inclement
wratbir and the limited apartment lor th Janl-
toi art alreaiy leu as ifiixui eini uu, iuhuu
atoir, there Is RtniDdanee of r round In th rear of
tha lulldlng ln whleh tne needed additional
rn.ni oanle piovtted ...
It errcttnf anotbrr, the t aseaeat st rv should
bemalMoeiteiid under the tutlre lulhUog, ant
so tie, t lcait, of tl e rooms should h of a larger
ine desire to nltotether eepuatethe two
st-ees led to the cons'ruation of partitions, which,
to s imi extent, mar the leauty ol the Interior, and
Intern re with the cjnvenlenc ol th clak-rooms
an I ol th prisons supemelug the hools. II U
trlleetl I) tbe commutes that u tile lent ei clu
slteorss mittl.t be obtained through th dlseiplln
f tbe scl-otds. II some of the partition walls were
.!(, .na. .1 irllli. Ih ndi tinnT Of this bUlldlCl
has rnnMeil tne sul-joard of the district to relin
quish a number of the pre-eminently wretched
rOUinS 111 I'lfcll t.iai.t.in .. .... i., ., vKsa. Bi-.
an! It Is slnotrel) to be hoped that dir ueceaalty
ma) never reuutr a rs"f n h. again. lu the
rornTii nisTRicT,
But HttlecJiangens icu tu e. the frame bul d
Inion 1 welt th street "fit, south of Maryland av
enue, hM teen completed, and a primer) and c
onlai) school, with their full complement of
cbolari, an t many w altlog admission, are now tn
'' h largest central lot of ground, located at the
southeast ornerol li street south and Math street
west, now owned b) theCorporatlun.and.by eom
mnD causent, set apart for the exclusive us of
' .v.. n..i.ii. . hi.nli ni the Seventh Ward. Is a srood
cnaracl) oftbefutuu prosperit) of hi distrtot.
The number of grammar cliools now In thl city
lsc lnte.euiate, Si secondary, Hi prlmary.SO
total, SI The number ol pupils that can b taught
loth.esi;olii,m ,, .iipi
The numuer oi nw Buuwta uismu ..
last icir was e. The number oi upusinai san uc
t aught loUitiu Is so
1..... ... tun .An. tare &ti 1 three nrlmarv
sehools now authorize b) law but not organized
lur waai oi rooms
fb amount now paid ler annum for rent l
school rooms in this ett fa as follows
First district. St.410. 10 nd, $lm, Third, 70.
Fourth, 59 i Total, Sl.StW
Ihepioper ventilaiioaof school-rooms caooot
recuse too much attentlou Irom school ortlssrs
t teachers ... . ,
1 1... iimI msterliiU for a trood school may b Im
paired or spoiled I ) bad ventilation The col.-
iniiiee, ii rrriorr, iri hi uuthi . iti-i. .
n ximmendattou of last car, that, Inconstruetlog
ail new rooms, whether of a permanent or tesapo-
rarv chraciter, care snouiei i iiu tu. uv m
ImrsaresulUjieutly high at least twelv feet
aul thtet tho window ar hung with weights,
a to 1 e ea.Uy lowered Irom tbe top.
in .'he Ol Hie BClin ii-ruuma t inivu. au iiufini.-i
mode of heating and ventiUtlng was observed A
very neat furnace ol a moderate elie was located
in one corner of tho room, whleh furnished ample
beat fir the coldest weather, although the rooa
,a of unusually large dimeonons A constant
current of fresh a.r from w it bout passed throuch
auarerturelulhe itoor, direotly uederneath the
luinace, aiouu.i lis iiiinurr, " -- -- -
heved, wa dlflnsed throughout the room.
1 r.e superior.!) of this uiihle of heating ov er the
ntiloat) mode, linn a c uimna tove, Is apparent
to e er) one, and i should I e adjpte I wherever It
'"ihemmmee ui plen-. 1 to notk that eon
ii.rraMe imiuovwrnml hat been i iade in acboot
hi ittnte in avoidance with their recommenda
Mi ai Id t..f ir lt report, the very uncomfortable
a id mi-omeiiiii.t primer) arm-chair hail dljap
leaicilnseiernl schools, and tbe admirable Uos
t in prlmar) lesti nnd c'lair ha 1 taltea Its ptaoe.
1 ir nlio notleed the lutroduetloo ot a new
li i iwiulture. patented by W. P. Whllogcr, la
ime uf thosehooi rooms, which appeared to hat
.....i. .irtiitawei oicrtit niefailln stile, and
l r more economical In construcitou. It seems
t.i h-eeo given much aatlsfaeitlon In the icboola
where it waa used, and It la evidently wort br at
test mn oi the prt nt the board as the cost ol fur
n ire is q ate a large item In uur annual expendt
tu es, last )ier Amounting lo aimut Die thousand
dol ais It will be well to he some committee
inn "'Chargrd with the dutr ol examining and
purchasing aftthat in) I e re i 1'ied
The subject of blackboards also reselved their
attention They found a great variety tu quality
and quantity to the elllterenl looma they visited,
and thev are uoatle to mke an) speolfio reoom
lutuantiou lu telatiou to tht cubjeet other thau
that care should I taken that every lahoel-roous
Is supi lied wtih some sort. The "kurela Uvi
M atti I w as ised to some extent last year lu re
pairing oU blackluards and In making new ones,
im vanuu sut stances, such as oiUloth rloo.tbe
oi.'lnarv ooaras, aua me p Rsirr wn t '"
loun I not expensive and to furnish f00ri"
nk 1 he experiments now making In th ;i i
ent llslrlet will be likely to lead to soin -Jirjoii
ti llog this IndUneusable i equisite of e'f muooi
four eommltte. saunot eo l
without expressing their s'Vo iae beenmSJ
dMtu.dVrogresi ther lo-ul ,itute.f the pub
durlng the last year In !!. "VJeJ it Vis their
llosctVool system M '. . fi .ultied?

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