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ni0Ml guMlom.
.Notics. TV J)oBv"few! Jfr;uMfns f
r,lfyrt.(iVJ ty mrrltrt lo tuitiribrl in fllj
ny iinJ Oforgetovn atjlfly-flv ernU Jr month,
mtaos trno is rtts ar rr r.m or
rut Morti.ViTo.s, oa ur j.vi- act of
HIM Lixools TTmAlnjlMi, Ocf. 10, 1864.
ukficial.1 nKTt'naifia muii tiik
BwrtUrj Ssward and hit ton Frederick, As
sistant Secrrtarv of Stat., Wm. Faion, F...,
Chief Clerk of the Navy Dcpsrlment, nil
otter official ptrsonagta, arrived In the city
last nlfht, having visited thdr homea Id ILo
North to psrtlcIpaU In the election. At Belil
more they were proTlded with speclsl train
to Washington bv Superintendent V. I". Smith,
of the Baltimore and Ohio railroad. Bccretarv
Seward reports New Tork Slate all rljht for
Lincoln ana Johnion.
Althonjth noreturnihate teen received from
Kanaaa, It la jnlte certain that the fnlon
ticket wee carried In the election on Tnesdav.
Ao tOtr tlcto wis in tu fltU It Is prol.al.le
mat ice peace Democrat! of that Stale luvt all
Joined Price's army.
The Vale In New York.
The rote In the city of New York wa oier
1 10,000, and McClellsn'a majority rising ST.0O0.
The Tribvnt tarn "We hare lost no Anierlcau
TOte, bnt the naturalized and eipeclally the
irun Tote or onr whole State It not only morn
larger, bnt more unanimous than ever before.
It It a latin, that New York thonld male such
a record for hereelf In inch a contcet; but the
blame doea not rest on these who have doue
their ntmott for the National Cause."
Even the Dutch, phlegmatic and ptacilul as
their latter yeart baTe been, are now at war.
Dispossessed In India, lrtually dispossessed
In Japan, and driven to tome solicitude about
their few foreign possessions ererywhere, they
art troubled afresh by a rebellion lu Jits,
which threatens their stay there, and must,
ven If eubdned, cost them a irriat expni.ll.
J.vs, an Isltnd lu the Ma'ay Arcaipi ajn. In
the principal teat of Dutch power In the et't,
and It one of the largest, most fertile and val
uable of the Tcry valuable Islands which, lie
near to the equator. This war mty hare some
effect upon the price of coITee, Indigo, nutmegs,
clorea, cinnamon, etc., which are rrodnccd
largely upon the Island.
Arrest or Harry Clllmor'. Nw lork
W. J. Iret arrired In Baltimore jesierdav
under guard, having been arrested lu New
Tork, by order of Gen. Butler, at the reiue.t of
(sea. Wallace, upon too charge of being con
cerned In the purchase of a sword to be j re
tented to Maj. Harry GHmor, and whbh was
captured a few days since In Baltlmor'. Il It
confined In the military prison.
ExrasiiTi FoBoimts iw BiiriKoiir.. Oue
of the boldest and most extensive forgeries and
pasting of forged checks which hat occurred
in. Baltimore for a long time look place ) ester
day. The person who operated In the affair,
and who presented the check, is described as a
man about five feet six inches high, spare,
kena-eyed, pale and delicate in appearance,
and genteelly dressed. He first ltlted the
Cbeeapeake hank, corner of North and Fayuic
etreeta, where he presented a forged check for
f 9,400, purporting to be signed by Jamis II.
Cox, Jr., exchange broker, corner of North and
Baltimore streets, which amount was paid him
py the teller. At a later period In the dav, an
other forged check, similarly signed, for 14,000,
and on the tame bank, vat presented, but
payment refuted, on the ground of want of
runat. i ue lorgea paper wat so well exui ule
that no suspicion of lit genuineness was ex
cited, bnt It was refused simply for the above
The forcer also visited the Bank of Cora-
marcs, and there presented a forged cbeik of
jaeesrs. jewraaon a omim, siock brokers, ror
about 13,400, which wat also paid. The indi
vidual next went to the Commercial and Far
men' Bank, and there presented a check for
$3,401, purporting to be tlgned by Messrs.
Johnston & Broa., bankers, on Baltimore sirert.
This check was, threugh the sagacity of Mr.
Norrls, the paying teller, snspected to be a for
gery, although the cashier of the bank, Mr.
Croat, gave it at hit opinion that 11 was gen
uine. The Messrs. Johnston have a private
mark nponall their checks upon this bank, and
wlls the genuineness of the paper was being
discussed one of their clerks entered aud stated
that It was not one of the cheeks of the firm.
When the psyment wst refused, the man who
presented the check took it from the counter,
and said he would take It to the Messrs. John
tton for endoreement, and cool) left the bank
lis has not been seen since.
In Olosuocs Old IIills of Massachusetts
have faralahed names for many of the new vs
sals added to the United States navy. One of
Lbeae boats, the Kearaarge, hat already gained
world-wide fame, by her victory over the Ala
bama. The Wachusett hat now attained a simi
lar prominence, by taking the plrato Florida.
Wachusett Mountain la In Princeton, Worces
ter county. Mate, lu height la about 2,000
feet, and as It Is unobstructed by neighboring
elevations, Is frequently teen from vessels I u
Massachusetts Bay. wachusett la also visible
from moat of the hills in the vlclnllvof Bos
ton, Mass.
Micsuu Fbsust, Dudley Ksvsnsgh, Wm.
GoldUwelte, Edward Chill, and t.v.ral other
Mlasratad wl.lard campions will ba present al
th. opaaljig of Ut ary'e osw billiard ball, adjoining
Uravefi taaatrr, thla evening , and give eanlbi.
tUae of their unrivalled skill. The gsatlamtn we
have aaBSd art the betl billiard playert U to.
Capt. Wixilow hat accepted the lnvltatloa
of Mayor Ltaaoln, Boston, Mass , for a publle r
eapttoa of the omeart and arew of th. Kearssrge.
It nu take place at Fantull Hall, this afternoon,
aTKa. aTla . flu. Dl,aB T swranrl 1
ri T- ULAsJlIaMi. tVUIts UUBri aus.nVMV a
Brrl. !" SU1mU. and otbua, ar ota(td lo
!MdurWu-ontth HwO;Hbi arla
I Us.
X ApuiaUL Datis. ft Jlfo-loug Democrat,
lAPMitad Ma T0t for tha Union ndtba Admlala
UUs at the polls U Old Canbrtdfe, Mass., early
Tuesday oralafi the spectators (ave three roui
b sheers.
niLTlvnur. Nov. 9. IMnce Qeors-a'a eonntv
Cites McClelltn 1,335 majorltyi a Union gain
of 341.
Talbot eonntv Lincoln, 41J msjorllyi a
CnlongalnofSOO. "
Queen Anne'a McClelian, 900 majority . a
Inlonealnof 557.
The First Congressional District It In doulil.
BMTIHORS. NOV. D. IjtMl Hlnnnrnu. ,1..
State show that the Unionist h it,i -i
put of B Congressmen, with the First District
iu uouw. nn majority in the Bttte will prob
ably not fall below 5,000.
On the home vote there It a Union majority
In the House. The Senate It Democratic.
Swann, Tor Governor, runt ahead of the na
tional ticket In tome quartert.
The Baltimore city official Union majorltylt
Dorchester ronntv fftret UrPlplUn rtm ma
jority) Union gain, 537,
Vote of Maryland Soldiers.
BaiviMORS, Nov. 10. The following returns
from Maryland troops bare been received!
Baltimore light artillery, Maryland Heights.
Lincoln end Stato ticket Mi, McClelltn none.
Veteran Batterv A. 1st Uml, rttn.
Maryland Heights, Lincoln 73, McClelian none!
Cple'a Maryland cavalry, Hedgesvllle, Vs.,
Lincoln 376, McClellsn 48. Msryland brigade
Ian 44. Majority for tto Union ticket. i,t3"l.
soldier..' Vol.
U.S. NlTIAISt flraBf Uaiaxii I
Camdcw st., Saltiuoek, Mo., Inot. , dm i
-lfJM-a lJifAa nlrJ- . a.ju ' '
Dll&BlEt 11 T HIT ordl-r nnlll nrsnrrn
at tbU hosplUI yeiterdj for Ohio, Mlchlgin
cd VencujlTinU loldleri. The Tote cut U
nmull, owing to all soldiers belonRlng to thoae
Bis,rt who were liio io irarfi naTinc on rur
loncbcd. The result It a follows
... LlQfola .Mt.ltUft l.iUI.
"Wo.... it i n
PrnDIJ-lVAQlA 41 4 q
MlcMsJSsD . . 31 I SI
Tot Ft'
. M
liiajorttjr, 90.
The on man from Mlculgan wbo Tolrd fur
.-.ircieiian coaM neltuer read nor write.
Wj rMpcctrully, your obedient serrant,
Z. E. Buss,
fcnrt-on t'nlted States Volnntwri,
In charge, of Uonplul.
Venn lidort BelUmQH Amtrieani
Tbv followlnir la the remit of the I'reniJrulIal
rote can at ro.nl Lookout, Maryland
Uaeola. McClelUa.
. 31 eo
lDDIJ'liuU it
WllCDClla ) i
Tol .. . 1ST m
Llnktlo luttjirit). l
lolal ott cit, Tt
UfllcUt- JiUtS A. blTIi,
lit LU V. K. C
A portion of Snow'i Maryland battery, at
wuuiL-enna, iiryiiDa, Rare li TOtM ror LID
coin, and none for MrClellao, 19for8wana
uoamDera uone ,d ureitcr portion wereJ
aome on lurlouftii.
Aliu-sT, Not. U CrenlDC At tbo Jvml
ofUce tlie Stato la claimed fur the Union tic Wet
by it Ifut fir thouatJ vajtrity. lxt Argu$
claims the Btate for the Democratic party by
i,"00 or 5,000 majority.
Ibe laepubllcanswill ban; about ft majority
In the Auembly.
UalTalo city Ires McClelian 4S.. majority. It
trare Seymour ViJ majority, which would in
dlcatf I nion gain of J,0J0.
NtitiRE.Nnr. 0.--er JirieTlTc McC'Ul
Ian abont lfi On Joint ballot the Demo
crati wl'l bsvea imall majority on the Lls
latnrr, thas securing a I'nlted States Senator
to Fticceed Wm. Ten Kyrlc.
Tbe L'moulal ifaln tf.O'W oletlnthe Slate
OTer 1 ?2
Vtui inn piiu, Nov. H Cumberland eoun
l elvrt " Democratic majority a I'ulou Iocs
or W.t.
I.tcoriIpz iuult fflvt.1 4i DeniOi ratlr n.a-
tjorltj a I olon Iom of Si.
maiom conntj gius uw i uiou mnjorltj a
gain of ;.
Uerks county kItm .r,7i0 Democratic major
ity a loss of UX.
Chester county gUn 3,-W I'olon majority
a train of 500.
Delaware county t;irc 1 500 l nlon mnjiri
It j jraln of -.
MiJ-"A, .Not. 'j The Ktpubllcans elect a
ujiMrlt) lu both braoches of the Legislature,
andflvuofihe six Consresamen, It may re
qulro the oldlcr' Tote to carry two of thtm.
(Coueii" uJtnta of tbe Chicago Creolcf Jouroal.
Iloo'l'a Annj- lt Btrangtlt Its C rotting
critiiTtnutiitf IllTcr,
iSAiimLLE, Ve(lneatlriNo. J, 1st 4
Hood's army Is no on the north side of the
Tenntsste, In about the following forcei
Let's Coir V0
Uitrtthitm'a Cori'i 6,000
stivTrrt Conn B.coo
Duk i)lor ariu) .. s.ooo
C!rj S.OuO
Toui .. tl.frOO
He has also with him 0J pieces of artillery,
chiefly 0 and 13 poundere brass pieces.
In my lait letter to you, I gate my reasons
for bellcvlDg that a crossing would be attempted!
It Is now ascertained that they were welt
founded, and that Hood was, at the time I
was writing, u'tunliy croislne hli adrance
guard of cavalry, ttu ehall bare an Interest
ing time durlntt: the next tno or three weeks.
Ample prt-paratlonB arc being made to receive
Uood, and he wll' bo overwhelmed before he
knows It.
He iflicttd his crotlng of the TeDneeiee at
Cyprus Creek, two and a half miles below
Florence, which is a point well suited to the
purpose. Tli ere Is an Island In the centre of
thf river, on one side of which the walvr Is so
shallow that It enn readily be forded, while on
thf other the channel Is tery narrow, and the
pontoon I op required would be short, but liood
mukt remember tbat this Is tbe only j art over
MhUhhe can retire, and tbat Shcrmau cad
take advantage of It, and that he will do so.
llul di speratlon often drives men mad.
As yvt o have on developments of tbe alt
nation, atlcast nothing tlfat will throw light
on Hood's movements or Intentions. He has
no supplies save such at he gathers In tbe coun
try as he pmceeda, and that will Involve the
e altering of his furces. He may strike for
JobDPontille, or the Itrnaeftfee river, at tbo
termlDus of tbo railroad from this city, which
was complrled lat spring, or he may aim at
tin' Chattanooga railroad, below this city. Jn
either event be will nolle allowed to pursue
his wa alone. (Jen. '.nomas will be "with
him" through evil as well as good report.
That Hood has done precisely what Sher
man wanted bim to do, I knowtba. he will
beovtrnhtlmlngly beaten, I fully belioe. His
furcc U in II.; lit tlbtlDg and moving trim; but
infantry will not possess advantages Ilkesmall
bodies of svalry. Wheeler and Forrett were
enabled to es ape, but tbe Infantry will And
tbemsehce In a diUcrcnt situation. Horses
can ford the rlvir lu half a do? en places, at an
ordiuary stagu of water, bul Infantry cau only
cross at any tlmo with pontoons or boats.
Our men con moe as lightly as Hood la inov
In.', and no have tbe advantage of several
railroad Hots, whUb he has nut, and we have
more men many more than he has, aud our
cavalry arc superior lu tnose ne nas witn mm.
lies Idea, we h-c regular bases, aud he has
It Is too tar) v lo sneculatet facts will devet
ope themselve with great rapidity within the
nexl iwo or lurce ween., iuu .u.i nt.io juu
dill v letter durlnir tbo eicUement.xlvlDg such
facts as are Important therefore, I need esyno
more at iiresent.
Tdegrapblnglt prohibited. Iuxdii.
Marissir.. The Cane Cod (Mass.) dJitr-
l,ir enjs the bay fleet had done quite a euo
cessful business during the season, aud the
shore licet hat doue well. Hut the former
l.n.lori thi.!r maekerLl at forelen DOrlt. instead
of bringing them home when prices were good.
and me arrival oi wmo ivhhj-utb iwu
t..rri. in (Homester recently baa caused a glut
In Ino market, wnicu, alter me ran in goiu
-j nnaAttimtt ttn nC tb markets, has re-1
ducedthe price so low that the article cannot
be sold at present so as to compensate tbe
fUnennen. i
a y r n i, n r. n aimi.
The Rebelt Atlonsil to Bury their Dsail
MBd.r a Kl.g of Trae. Uauaral Slotl
Issnsa r Congratttlalorx Urilsrlls.
olutlene of Ilstpeat to the iltmorr of
Major a.neral lllrnry-Tli. Kleellou
l h. Aru.r-Th. VoIIbb llear
To Kl.etlou Agauls Arrtsleil-IIe-turua
of Ilia llallola-tlrniK M.I ill.
tlsa for Lincoln,
CorrespondCDraof the Ks.oeUte.1 Prtsi
HjlDQllHTEIK AnIV CF lilt I'llToVtr,
Nov. 0, 111. A Hag of truce, asked forty
the enemy, v, as grsntcd yesterday morning lo
bury the bodies of thoe ho v.cro killed in
tbo attack on Saturday night, near the centre.
The enemy acknowledge a loss of two hun
dred killed and wounded. Our men serured
about forty muskets, besides other trophies,
belonging to the le1c.ls. Kiiually an mauy
more are elm en t!w ground between the
Uen. Molt Issued a uingTatuletnry ordir to
the troops cngegcJ l'i Iho affair for their gal.
lant conduct.
At a meeting oi tie Third Corps Union, held
at headquarters third division of third corps,
on the oih lust., resolutions expressive of ro
grct at the loss of MJ. lien. Ulrney were
passed, and a coryi f tvi or-'Td ti l) se-il
to his family.
The election yeilcrdav throughout thla army
ptssod off very quietly, the inemy even teeming
to appreciate tbe Importance of the occasion,
as firing was almost entirely suspended during
the day. The renn'yivanla regiments on duly
on tbe picket lire were generally relieved the
night previous, to cntbie them to voto, and It
Is believed no one who dc!rcJ to do n -..
deprived of the prii lice. TI i otleg Is much
heavier than It waft isst month, as the returns
win snow.
Two aecnttfrom Philadelphia TlnlieK Mil..
and Patrick Carrlgan neru arrested by the
I'ruiu.t iii.ibu.i at uen. lilies' ncauiiusrlers,
on the charge of hailnir In their possession
slanks with the names of electors spelt wrong,
and one nsme left out. They were taken to
corps headquarters, but their case has not nu
been decided.
The following is the i ole of ihe regiments so
far as oMalncd, rju tu a number not having as
yet completed their canvas:
Pennsylvania voluuteers. I'jth regiment,
majority for Lincoln, 7, 4Sih. IU4 r,l.i, 103;
Uth, 17 8th, 7C. llnnb, lTlj 210th, '...
Other regiments voted as follows-
M)lb Lincoln, 1U MrClellan, mi.
53d Lincoln, IJi, McClelian, 71.
Sfllh Lincoln, WS, McClelian, (n.
57lh Lincoln, X; McClelian, o 1.
Oth Lincoln, yu'.i, MtLUllau, u
f.ith Lincoln fi, McClelian. IU.
Md Lincoln, ISO, McClelian, .1.
SIst Lincoln, 53, McClellsn, 44.
84lh Llncolu, 110, McClelian, 4ii
Hist Lincoln, 14J, McClilltn.bT.
With Lincoln, I47 McClelian, 81.
05lh Lincoln, 138, McClillau, 7,.
108th Lincoln, 1 McClelian, 3.
HOlh Lincoln, l, McClillan, 7J
114th Lincoln. 1S5. McClelian, 04.
HCtb, in pjrt I liKoln, 43, McClelian 4
l'.'Ilt Lincoln, 103, MtCiellan, 14.
40th. lu part Lincoln. CI McClellsn, 11
143d Lincoln, 1MI, McClelian, 100.
145th Lincoln, V, McClelian, SI.
141tt-Lincoln, 19-4: McClelian, s.
14J1-Lincoln, 133, .McL.illau, b
14Sth Lincoln, UT McClelian, 7J
107lh Lincoln, lm, McClelian ll.
140th Lincoln, us, McClelian, 10;.
157th Lincoln, McClelian, II.
l3d Lincoln, 53, McClelian. 47.
lMth Llnco'n, H",0, JlcClc'lan.M.
100th Lincoln, 1 HI. MrCMlan, i !
Ililtt Lincoln, IS.'. McClellsn, 70. i
1118th Lincoln. SV,. MeCiillsn.SI I. '
31 Pennsylvanli caralry, In part l.lui lu.
5'.'; McClelian, 104.
4tu Lincoln, Si7, JIcLlcllar, loo.
I8lh Fennsvlranis cavalrr Ur., r,u, ir.
McClelian, lUi.
Jl unto Lincoln, "-.. Mrl leilan. 71.
U I). Mcuiiei . i.
Probable Capture or II Ilra( Talla.
!i utter
Naw YOKK. NOV. 9. Ih- etcai.nr Ainr-n
from Hilton Head on th Gib, reports that on
Monday morning, (the 7th, ) being In company
with the United (Stales steamer Huntsvlllt,
sighted a suspicious stearicr, r.hen both gave
chase, and, the stranger crowding all steam
ana ibu, ;ne uumewno commtoced firiBg,
which was nplicd lo. llie firing was kept up
desultorily for two hourg. l Ue gunboat Duns bee
tbin Joined the cbaic , tl ns hemming In the
pirate, both the pursued and punning cels
nearlng land very fist to the eastward. Tbc
lookout at H p. m., land being in fall view,
saw the p.ratc. evidently hemmed Ih bvtho
fast vcstels after her. Tn- Arao k"pt on her
course lor New York
Parser file. Of tbo Ara-imri l.f 1,,. ,lrt
doubt that the vc,el was tbu pfrato Tallahas
see. She had guns of long r?nge, but wns un
1uetlonabIy captured or sunk before sunset,
theve' all beln b tian ten mlb Irom
fatsir fiom Europe
HiLiraX, Not. V.Tke stcamir Africa ar
rived this afternoon. Her now Is uolmnort-
ant. She brings dates to the 30th nit.
The trial of Muller Is not jet lettlul. 'Ihe
ui-tuiir ivrciicu grtai JDicrifll,
Ihe Mjtniuj Putt dculis the ruuiuMOfa ...'
IOTr!?lrnm2Mrf i i , . .
Th-rearc rumnrsoffurtl.v'r dclaj lo ihoeon-
elusion of peacubegotratlous. Itittrlllgeneonn-
favorable to poii h said t have rcaihM Co-
nenbairen on tbt- 20 h, aud n . un i t Bta'e'
had Uen euddenlj summom 1. I
Tht AlttmpUit Kali I at lit I Una Fnlla
BaiXOWS FaLI. t.. No. 7. A tmhlli
meeting Is being ht-ld lur-i to-nlht, wltli nfir
eDcetotheaitcmpttd raid on tb' bank litre on
Saturday nltrht. A tfln Is tbalrman, and
George Slain n-irttarj. fcpMubts have been
made by siveral gfiiilfm n. A dlpatrb from
jov.oinuuiiDs necn rr,,tii. urging the fill
rena to organlra aud arr. iJuniilvn igainst Taalsudon and Punakka, alternately the rul
the raiders. A loinpsnj Is biluir f.iriiitl lo drnets of Udb-ralsb. This funillonarv.who Is
patrol the village Hcruaftfr strnucr.rs lnrlt.
Ing about tho strLcls liboul buinee? w 111 lure
to give an act aunt of themaili cs.
from Hlllnu Head
.Nivt Yolk. Not. 'a IVr t.teauiir Amm
from Hilton lUad. wcliau tin I'ah,vtti 11 rati.
of ihe 3J, which taja thai ihe cxptdltlon under
isiim. L.01. .-.tarpie. with a uiounua rone com
manded by Major Ktllh, ol tlu -lib Maeacbu
setts cavalry, cm the ..tt iiil from Maguollu.
riorias, anu sfurnl ubont .00 heml or call c.
On bU return his foru hub Jiutked ten miles
from ramp, In ublih he was dcfuiud. Our
loss was two killed and 11, e t.uuiJud, and two
commissioned o Ulcers and incut) lUocnlUlul
men missing, Alwi twenty iht, hiisis ( sp.
1'finn I'orl Bluurn
tollT lON.OB. S'OV. 1 lit. iliitlui l.tt.
lypso, from Ueautort, N. C, arrived 1 cro this
morning, ..awn,; in tow tin. oiocUa lu runner
Laay Bltrllug, eapturni on Un it,h nil., while
rnunlng out ol S llmluiou, N. C, with a loaj
of cotton.
'Ihe flag-of-uuee Teet or trabs its under
Lieut. Col. Mulfurd sailed this afurnooB, fur
Port Hoyal, 8. C, to rceeive I n ui prlconers
aooui io nu en uoiiiu
Tin Hero of the AlaUanm lu Krfueull Hall,
Boston, Nov. &, Captain Wlualow aud the
crew or me uearsarge win uavu a punk recei:
tlon In Faneull Hull to-morrow, 1burtduy. On
landing, to-day, Tapt. WInlow pro 1mI io
bis home In Kihury,
Itebsl I'trMts.
Niw ToriK, Nov. O.The stoamer Lstrolln t,
from lleaufort, N. C, reports that, (a. ibtu,
off Barnegat, tho saw n eusi'lclous steamer
with another steaiui'r 1Iul' alouiraldc. HLe
supposed tiny wre piUalurs, aut kipt on
her coune.
To a fullow In, aie tbe numlars of iuhuiu
whom the following Eurontan cathedrals will
holdi St. Peters, Itotne, 5-1 CXI, cathedral at
Milan. C 7.000. St. l'auPs. at Loudon. L'j.Ofx) '
Bto. Sophie, at Constantinople, '3,IXW, Notre
Dame do Paris, Jl.CMX), caibtdral of Pisa,
i.uwj di. aru oi .cmcc, i,im.
Second Edition
KOrit O'CTiOOK, I'.M.
From a copy of the Ulchmond Vh,-j lying
before ui, dated Nov. 0, we Infer tbat the re
port of Sherman's advance upon Savannah was
incorrect. .No mention U made of it in fir
fiiMinneh dispatches.
In the rebel Senate, on Tuesday, A. H. (ur
hn.l, of Aikaneaa, recently elected to inpp,
the acancy caused by the death of ('. It.
Mitchell, took his seat.
In the House, Felix J. llateln, of AiUiha',
and Peter 8. Wllkcf. of Mlionrl,tool. iheosth
and their seats.
A bill for the supprcislon of InUmpcratKi. m
the army was Introduced.
AJso, a resolution looking to a law reiulrlng
abstnt cltlrens to rcurn and perform military
dalles, ,
Also, a resolution to reeill all ronimI-liiirri
fmm f re';n nations.
Tito Ilunrireil duns.
.Mr. bimeon Urarer ordered two hundred
guns tu be fired In front of the City Hall, .New
York, and at Madlion Square, yesterday after
noon, In honor of the victory achieved by the
I'nton ticket.
Amono the gratifying Incidents of tl.e the-
tlon on Tncsday Is the fact that nearly all of
our oldest citizens voted for Mr. Lincoln. Tbe
venerable Isaac C. Jones, for a long period one
of our most distinguished merchants, who
Toted for General Washlugton, on Tuesday
cast a ballot for Mr. Mncolo, having reached
tbe extraordinary age of ninety-flvc years.
This vote Is one of which our worthy President
ma well feel proud, VUla. a orA Amiriraii,
'I III MtCLZLLVf Attickoi tui Xiw Yoiik
liuix. liic Trenton Gatettt of Tuesday says:
The funeral of Mr. Btephen Tlcc, who vr& bru
tally murdered on Friday nig.it last, will take
place to-morrow. The funeral services will be
held at ihe Flrn Baptist church, at 3. o'clock.
We learned yesterday afternoon that Mrs. Tic e
KasinouL'Qi 10 do ratner better, but she still
remains lu a very dangerous condition. Tbc
horror of seelntr her husband tranm.pd tn .1. h
by an Infuriated and savago mob, was ofltoelf
enougn to destroy ncr frail bold on life, but tbc
savages, not satisfied with the murder of tbo
nusDano, struck tbe wire, and while one or two
held and choked her, another ictcd a tea keltic
from the stoveand poured the waterupon Mrs.
lice's bead. Fortunately the water had bc:o
placed upon tbo stove but a short time before,
but this dots not diminish the atrocity of thu
crime, lu a moral point of view. The mur
derers supposed the water to be holllnir, and
deliberately attempted to icald Mrs. Tlce to
llo.s. Koieiit J. Walk in arrhed into..n
tbli moiDlDS, and Is at WlliardV.
It Is reported that Queen Victoria Is furnish
icj mtot rrom her owa pen for oae 0 th 1 oc-
Lous lime lulcnds giving to the puss a
erlea ol "Letters on England."
PEPLST VaL! ANlJlGniM. a tUTiliniv r,T I 1hi.i.
it L., Is coins to loliabit the low State pi lion a
..bile, as a punishment tor lllerM toilet last
Tns IIi.TCtiiNPONt ore ..arbllu'' their pa
triotic dlttlfi In Wlseomlo.
GEonoc Scmxeh JsrtKm. a nephew of the
lte Gen. Sumner, died at INtw Dcroc, N. C . on the
iH'h ulilmo. He wai a second lifutnmit lo tl.e lit
,. . mounted rlMea, find rntereil the cr . Ice &s a
1 rusts In theH N. Y artillery
Assistant fit notof F.. K. Ilooif, I ultcd
Stales oluatreri, hat been aislroej toJuty in tte
Departmtntct HaihlDjlon.
Capt. J. M. Bnowv, Assistant yiarleraias
ter In charge of Freedmen'a aR&trs, will bereatter
tisue alt panes to Kieeamtta'i MlUre and Mi'
oa's Iiland.
Maj. Gen. N. J. 1. Dava, r. S. toIunlccrF,
has been aulgoetl to tbe 0001m .a J of the sixteenth
army corps
LICIT. Lot. l:, II. Jackson, Assistant Jn
j'ector Ceceral of the tenth army corps will d'a.
Cbartetbe duties Of the ilen&rtmfn. slurintr ti.st
temporary abseoce oi Lieut. Col Geo. KenirU
1'rom th Kast Iiutlts.
Ucc'.nt London papers brlug advices ftom
Ilombay to the 1st of October. The moet ImJ
portaut lum of Intilllgence Is that th" Gov
ernor General has determined to nttaik !)lioc
tan. After tneij uTort to scenro the submis
sion of the Uhoolans, or some apology for tl c
barbarous treatment of Ihe llrltish mWlon,
provlrg ubortlve, orders have been glvcu to
aemble such a force as will soon bring them
to reason. The force selected for the attack is
a follows Two regiments of Bengal cavalry,
live regiments of native Infantry, Grlffln's bat
tery of mountain train artillery, Armstrong
tll-liounders of tba T'niilaiih lrritnp tv..
d ihe TurMsUit mounialn biUery, two com"
. , , . . .
PsnItl of "Ppcrs and mlutrs. Tbo force to be
dhldtd Into two columns, one under the com
man., of Gen, Mnlcastor, aud the olber by Col.
l)linsfflr . , ... .. . ... '.
wuh a general ofllcir, Major General Shnvrirs.
who will command tho whole force.
Buootan Is In North Hlndoostan, Is partly
Independent, but according to rtcent Informs
tlon is partly dependent on Tibet, being In tbe
vklnlty of the Hlinalaja Mountalns.whlch tire
rise tr.,000 fut In elevation. Its chief trado Is
witn utngal and Tibet. Tho chief towns are
the principal merchant In the country, exer
cises alt the ailual sovereignty. The Govern
ment appears, from the report of Capt. Pcm
berton, who recently vislte-d Hhootau, to be
about a bad as possible, rapacity and Immor
ality penadiuglhrougboutnearlyall the ranks
of the comraunlly. Tbe Stato religion Is
Huddhlsm, and Bhoolan swarms with priests,
lb monsKile endovtments absorbing a Urge
portlou of the national property.
1 he (Jot eminent of India has summoned all
tbe membrrs of the Imperial Legislative Couu
ell to assemble at Caluitla on the 4th of Novem
ber. Ihe iceroy has conferred tbo honor of tho
Star of India upon the llajah of Kupporlolah.
This rajah did good service In tbe meeting, in
a Christian, and n man of considerable ability ,
he Is man led to a Christian lady.
'lb c,oernor General, when about leaving
Ksjportana.was luformedlhatthe chit Ts wished
lo resent a testimonial to blm. lie replied
that tb discoDlinuaoteof the custom by wbbh
FuroH.ans w ere obliged to take oil their shoes
heTre enuring the native durbaus would bo the
luoatac.iptable. Ordeiswere promptly Issued
ibrougbout Pssjportana lu conformity with tho
dedre thus evprcssed.
Punjaub cosl has been tried In tho locomo
li.es, und found to be equal lo that Imported
from England Its combustion was nearly
Peru, l, UaTlug ery little clinker.
lbeSecnlt-seveuth regiment of foot have
been nearly declmlnated by the cholera at Al
lallabsd, the deaths avtraglDa ten or twelve
per da j.
1 ha Uelhl dnrtu unnouuees the sudden death
ol Sir Alexander Lswreuce. He wus traveling
on horsebuk, In company with his untie, Col.
J.awrenee, on tbe Hlndoostan and Tiber Trunk
load. The) bad to cross a bridge which
girdled nn almost perpendicular gulf. Sir
Alexander took tho lead, and riding on the
bridge hurriedly, a large cross beam gave n sy,
nml both horse and rider wcro preclpllalca
down a distance or some three hundred fet,
nisd he was ltistaully killed.
Ihe .J.etoUbe Uoiny of Lauuuburg has de
t tared In favor orann.TNiinn tn i)r....i. ii...
Prnsrlan ()(irirnmni r.-i. , .-.... m.
I uifer on the ground that ihe ptaee tonvenllou
'of Vienna constitutes Austria io ponM-nsor of
He dius a Gloomy Picture (if t!ic
ItebflJ Finance?, and Demands
a IJfllfriJfurrniry of II U
( ongrc s.
The message of Jeff. Davis lo the rebel Con
gres which aisembled on tho ?lh Instant, has
come to hand. We have room only for a brief
synopsis of JelT. s leading Ideas.
Hcrctlcws the campaigns of the Federal
Generals, aud deduces this notablo consolation
from his own statement of tbe facts that Vie
Itihrat f.ri'f m hae not l-tn evminenturate
Wif'i fA pv rvr ! I fnth a-t'f thf taTfJl"$ tn
cur rul.
In regard to rebel successes he Is extremely
reticent. It is plain, however, from the atten
tion he gives to the subject of arming soldiers,
that tho rtcrullisicnt of the rebel army Is an
extremely urgent matter.
Mr. Davis opposes In gcuiral the arming of
tho negro slate. He ssys ho cannot see the
propriety or necessity of arming slaves while
there arc so many white men oat of the ranks,
lie would only drill and arm such negroes as
are already employed lu the quartermaster
and commissary departments, etc., and fill the
places of such by a draft of negroes from the
planters. He Mould only give the reward of
manumission to such slaves as shslt hare
served cfflctently with arms In ihe Held.
Here he make an admission which calls
down npon his head pro-slavery anathemas, as
will bo seen from cxiraits of Klchtnond pspeis
copied below.
Tn ,. -,1 .nsl...1..1 si--........ f.a .-
iu h.iiu lumcuuci uuauvi'B, uen, a mes
sage Is 11 vt lltck In color. lie says It has be
come so depreciated that Congress provide
some remedy.
Tho question ur foreign recognition or aid Is
discussed, and Jell, luforms his Congress that
therein absolute! no hope of any help from
abroad. Ho gives foreign natUns a loud and
loft) scolding for their lack, ofsympalhy with
the struggling confederacy,and comforts them
with the assurance that the rebellion must rely
sole. upon Its own resources.
We i op) below some significant comments
from Ulchi.ioml journals upon tbe messsgci
Front the Richmond Whir., November 9
Tlie 1'ratMe til's Meatagtf,
Two propositions are plainly deduclble from
the President message which we cannot for a
moment believe he would deliberately give his
sanction lo. The first Is that tfx ronduion cf
frttJom to vi nch letttt fur the Mte than that of
ttrvUmlt tat it mi be bfttoreil ttpo,i hun as a
rmtnt antl fe.tH. The second Is tbat tbe rn.
feder.it i Goternuieut has the right to acquire
posecsslmi of tlavcs by purchase, or impress
ment with compensation, and theu emancipate
nn-iu, nuiiuu, iuc vi; ii scut oi toe t?iaies, or, in
ilo case or imprenmcnt, even without the con
sect of the masurs.
The first proposition is a repudiation of the
opinion held by the whole South and by a largo
person of mankind la olher countries that tr-
iKtKi-i i ttt fitly arjtolvtrd condition fur tht
il'ihtlt '!v I " ft -'a". Is that condition in
uhleh tbe n.'ro race isneilallv ma attain ttm
highest moral and Intcllcctusl advancement of
wnicn iney arc cupauie, and uiayenjot most
largely of such comforts and blessings of life
as are suited to them. Of this we have no
douM, and we bold It to be an act of cruelty to
deprlte the slave of the care and guardianship
of a master. th' laue umit iXtht.ht jAoirfJ
jl'jt r r the blemnyi he evjot an a slate, aud
uui, iur mo umuriea mai wouia attend blm u
The second j roi osltion Is still more startling.
It I n eunecsnlou that tho Confederate Govern
ment has the rower end the rleht to rxterml.
nsle slavery, by tbc simple process of Impress
ing or iurcbaslng all the staves, and then
emancipating them, Lincoln has never gone
so tarns this, for In his plan for "compensated
emancipation" be expressly referred the ques
tion lo the Statin, acknowledging that they
only conld determine It.
ii is unnecessary lo dtvt'l on this subject.
We are perfectly sure that the President coubl
netcrhavo designed to give his assent to so
monstrous a proposition as this. The multi
plicity and magultudeof the subjocts that claim
bis attention wilt suggest a sufficient excuse
for thu luadtcrtcuce of expressions and .mm.
turlty or views from which theories so out of
place lu a communication from tho President
oi iin.se 6 1 at eiiuiumg amies are deduclble.
I rut in the pic.n.cui tthtir, 8th ica'ant, a.tereo n
Splill of tlie Moraine Vtt
lli'i meesBBV Is partially reviewed by the
Kffnnrt. tiiiti vuiiikr ii b Ticvts are so clearly
and bnt'Pilv rre-scnted as to nerd nn rlnMn.
tlon. Ji considers iho review of tho military
cperailons as very encouraging, aud it hopes
tbat tho views of the President on tbe course
pursued towards us by European Powers w IP
not fall to impress Ibcnmlris upon the minds
of the said powers.
Iho .Srarfur! slors over the question of reor
ganising the army and increasing the efficiency
of the same, by repealing all exemptions, A.c,
In the following general terms:
"lu tbc Department of War several reconi
mcndatlous are made for Increasing the strength
aud clllcictict of Ibearmv. and tlm r.rv.rt nf
the Secretary of War Is favorably referred to
iui (-ui iiiuiurn.
louchlng theemplo)iueut of sluves lathe
public defence, ihu baituul merely presents the
vIchb of the 1'rtsldint without commenting
upon lUm. onlv In so far as It cites Its adhpr.
ence to tbeactlct.s in expiesslng theopluion
that tbe Kxecutltctlcw or the subject places It
where the ei,tfl has alws)Slhou'ht It should
The scifU! demands of tbe Governmi-nt a
wisODOlICV aud a skilful admlnUtratlnn fur
the ruauagf. incut and malutsnanceof our rail-
roaii system, li puinls out tbo advantages of
Hip building of the railroad from Danville to
Greenslroro', und urircs tbo construction of
another fioui Dauvllle to L)uehburg, as It
would gite us another and an Interior line be
tween the South and Virginia, which would
gruall) faillllatti military comblnaliou. Whilst
on this Bubjeet, wu wish to ask, lu the absence
of belli r knowledge, what reasons prevail
agaiufct the- construction or a railroad direct
fioui Richmond to J.juchburg, forming a diag
onal between the sides of tbe parallelogram
luiuiKi s.j uiuiui iiiuuuuanu iauviiieraiiroaj,
the Central nml Oroide, and the Vlrgluia and
Iennebc' rullicads. This road might boused
cxLlualtely lor m l.tarj purposes, and would
Bhoitcn tbc aclual rouie by at least one third.
Again, with ihueoustruetloaof the road pro
posed by ihe Se(.r(, should the Dauvllle and
Hlctimoudroad and the Central road bo cut
above or below either of their termini, te
should silll hat c communication ulth the South
by tUU Interior line. We merely throw this
out as a suggestion, as tte hate not yet fully
consIdcroJ the subject.
ine Uitpaieh lorucars, tur want oi room, to
comment on tbo message, yet It proceeds to
give a bucclnei review ot Ibe posltlou assumed
bv the Kxeiutlve upon ibe question of the em-
pIo)inciit of ibeslaves In tbo public defence,
and concludes that tbo President Is opposed to
making soldiers ot our slsves.
'Ihu Enquire contents Itself with a brief
s)nopsis oi mo contents or the President's
musigi, ruerving full comments for a future bou,,i t0 tjforje IUuM'orllw
oirasluii, ,, , ' T , . , ,
'JbeJaamiiierchaiaelciltea the iumiihsi'
a pap,r .uteuded to bo cautious, bul . whl& Is.
lu fact, on ct era! points Indiscreet. It opposes
the employment of r eg rocs In the annr, an
K;",iLB.:.! Z0ID "TO' ft4F0
won't do as soldiers i the French Turcos, who(
are negroes, have proved failure on trial, i
More than this, the negro soldier is lneomnat-1
Ible with oar political aim and our social and ,
iMlltteal atm. 1T wnntfl u rAniM.. ,.
all the world as a compromise to abolitionism
The President refuses to eranlor slaves nn
.." '.. t "r "'""?' "j
der arms, bnt adopts the fatal principle of
emancipation as a re want ror service la our
armr as a pioneer. This is an absurd tvi for
we bold that the negro as a slave Is In a belter
conoiuoH man in a siste pr rreeaom. iman
Clpatlon, therefore, Is a punishment, not a re
In regard to the President's proposition i
detail alt tditori, the I.'zamlper is withering.
Tht Comtttutlon yarantte the freedom of th
jireti, and the Prttidt4t vho ft twon to uphold
that Contitvlfan, propottt to eutyeet every etfitur
tn the caprice of "a Seddonoraltei'jamltu" Tho
j.AKrnifirs iiuoin niiu IKiaiUUVUIVIflllt IN I'
cat o-plnc tails.
lu I cresting from lUtsns,
A letter from Monte Chris to, say the Havana
papers of the S;h lost., states that on the night
or October S3 a bad tiro occurred In the Span
ish encampment there, which came near de
stroying uotn me camp ana town, come re
ports say It was originated by the colliers
A recent decree of the Qaecn, promoting all
ofllcers below Colonel In the armies of Bpaln
one grade, causes quite a sens a tton here, and
Is regarded as a political move to gain tho favor
of the army in the event of political trouble,
which are menacing the Government.
Thursday last the Captain General lookup
his residence In his palace In this city, and ex
tensive preparations are m&Mrg for the Elate
ball on the 19th.
Owing to the cool weather the health of ibe
city and harbor coald not be better.
Yesterday a committee of Influential persons
waited on General Dnlcc with a petition to be
presented through him to Isabella II, that all
the negroes bo declared free after the expira
tion of twenty-four years from January 1, SH
each receiving a salary during the four last
years of IS per month, the greater part ol
which may be retained until the freedom of thu
slave Is accomplished.
TliaV. H Gunboat Baasacui Ulvcs Cliaaa
lo th Plrmta Tallaliaaacc.
Fobtbibs Monroe, Nor. 9. The U. 8, gun
boat Bassacus, which has been In search ot the
rebel privateer Tallahassee since tbo 4th Inst.,
arrived In Hampton Koads to-day, and reported
that the fell In with a suspicious steamer on
the 5th Inst., which was believed to be the Tal
lahassee. Chase was Immediately given and
kept up until darkness set In aud put the
steamer out of sight.
On the following morning she was again
discovered ahead twelve miles, and tbe chaco
was renewed and continued during the day.
Atone time the vessels were but Ave miles
apart, when tbe stranger lightened ship and
kept steadily on her course, when darkness
again set In and rendered the pursuit useless.
When lost sight of she was Inside onr blockad
ing fleet off Wilmington, add probablv she
will he stopped.
Not York Kltctlsu.
Nrw Yore. Not. 10. Tbo Alhanv JWn 1
claims the Btate for tbe Union candidates bv
from live to seven thousand majority.
Tho Albanr Aram claims tho Statu bv from
twelve to fifteen hundred Democratic majority,
OonixsBcno, Not. 10. St. Lawrence couu
ty, all but three small towns and two districts,
heard from; gives Lincoln 0,.V.MJ majority; tbc
towns to hear from will probably Increase It to
New York, Nov. 10. The newspapers glvo
lilt TTia I Aril V l.lt H t-nr.tr msml.u. nf f nnr. -
"-jvimi awa ut vvn.B VSUVIUIII UI VUUalvMI
as 1.7.1.
Darlings (I'ulou) majority over Wood,
Naw York, Nov. 10. Tho Herald hai
returns from over half the Stale, ehowliiir Dent
ocratlc gains of 1,470 over the volcol 1'0,
leaving .11,600 to overomc.
Tbe Tunes estimates gives Lincoln 000
1 be congressional delegation stand Union
;ji, uemocrai io.
do Id To-day,
New nKK, Nov. 10. Gold opened at 21b it
auvauceu io . Boiuaime board at '.'!, una
is now selling at 203.
Maw Tork Stock I,lt.
Bv tha Pannla'a Teller nli t.lnca.
Offlcai' tu Math street and corner Pnui)lvnU
TlltraSDAT, JNOTEMBCn lu Fibit Bovnc
O. B Itflil L'nuhnn l'i .. n
0. B. S-M
CertlacatcBof InJebteuacii.....
IScw lork Central
Hud ton Htver
Read tug
Mlchlffaa Leotral ,,
Mlshlgaii Southern
Illlnoli Central
t'let eland and PUUtiurji
Cumbarlanl Coal Preferred
Clcvclaod and Toledo ,
till w auk la K Pralrl dn i.-hifn .
. .101,
, II!',
, .!',
inttshurr, ort Wayne and ChtcaKo,.,,
.uictipiu man norit.wraiern
Thi Djuft. Tlrt Doard of Enrolment dii
poie4 of the followlof cases to-day t
tint Sub-DUtrirt-Ja)iB S, lleodeiaon, carolled
in i raumjumaimi iviQ vonner. acctoteil
Fomth Sub.)UtrirtXM.tlntd fliiior. ,t.t..lli I
i avy yard. Wm. A.Scott, accepted) Wm. M il. ut
ter, turnUbed subattlute.
Hjl Sutf-ViittUlWtukXut sUlaiM-anrer. fut-
..I.I. A a., (..!,... 1-1. ll j . . ', '
tiatsru iti-Biti inr ) mu, rfuiiniiiu, nvcruirii,
aeenfa Sub Hi hid-J hurt Crust), pavslcat dis.
I.Kvivil ii Uiokoitowi. A large revival
has been awtkened la the filethodlit I'rotiataot
tliureh la Gsorgetowo, Hev. Bower'i, paitor, A
protracted ueetiotT has hern litnl.l t.r tiia tit i
weeks, durlnj wiilch time many perkom have
twentr-two persons Joined the church. This la.
imcti luuiriiru iu raiiiiuui i til in. iB.ai Biiniiav
Indeed, a latae acceisloa to the church, and one
wb ch will, douitleai. redound tu It. future
TORTOr OEOKOimw. I'Ui'rrd Sell. liar
Tlet Hunt, for V,. Marv'ai ach. J. Wiliou. for Ac.
comae, scls M. Autuita, for Hav re ue Grace
sloop Tycoon, lor ChlokMuuien, s'oop lCniplre,
r oi, aimry-t.
knltftd ach. Kmma Dacon. frani New nik
steamer Keypoit, from ll.it.u.ore.
Winmo at8t. 1'itir's.--A larira numU'r
of persons aiemhled at St. Peter's church this
mi ruin ir, to witueas the nuptials of Lieut. John
urn-,, ui mr ituiH rig meui.rnn ncer corps, 10 flJiet
Maimle Stoderaon. Kev. Fattier liniln nmuint.
The .oiior counle were tha reclnUnta nr minv
ftood wlahef, alter which they tooL the trnlu fur
a rtortnera tour.
CiVTBHiil'hV. Tho bill to-nlL'hl consists of
a pleailoir variety of aonzi, itancea nejro ecoim
trlcltles. fareei. ballati. io.. in wLloli the eatl e
lame troupe of artUiea appear. To-morrow,
Friday alteraooa aad evenloir, Cherry Belle, the
plesifoi'irrotean aotreii, takea a farewell beoent,
wlien a anlentlld Idll will be ntvee, loolitdlPK the
i-renci. spy." doq'i lorg ei caerrys ueneiu.
UusiiRiin. Serireant (loorL'e Kdmouson.of
the 4lat Vlrfflola cavalry, waa lent In thla uiurn
lis from thedeicaces south of the Potomac, hav
loi been captured aa a Kuenllla. He was commit
ted to the Uld Capitol,
Just hbcibvsu at the Dollar Jcwclrr Store.
No. lis Peoniylvanla avenue, near Four-aori-v
half atreet, new and Leautllul it) lee of I, ory Sette,
Oold-ulated setts, and Sliver plated Teasiioom. At
the Do lar Jewelry store, 4 HPeoiutylv aula avenue,
uear Four-aod c-l.tt.If street, uolu 'ii
Fhizb Cases, In tbe case of tbe United
I no a v., it.uuusl IUGIt'1, llstj MCI WH tllB-
mined on yeiterdij Id the aCiuiralt uoutt, the
owner pa) log eosta.
i ue snootier FHiiDu was vonuemoeii, uui i.er
ku releaied.
Tile Steamer Siren. ftUliteen rtnam. ulne IidkIi.
and a number of hunca were alio coiidcmued.
A Jour Crow ii. Last uleht a crowd of
(Government clerks, who eahlld ted their joy at the
Uuloa triumph by wheeling one another In wheel
hairoui and hv other Julilncatlon nroorerflotr..
wete arretted by the police and floed three djllaia
each by ?ijulre Miller for disorder!) conduct
Kbal Kstatc Balis. Messrs. McUuire X
Co. lOld ysaterday atternoon two brick houaea nu
rennafhaala avenue, hetween rlrit aud secoud
atreet. to U. Maun for SI.juu. aud tHoliame
"lH"?,'r iUVu'"!'1"" J "..!"
JtV, ffi Jh.n.!! d".M.",u f."f .
srrci 1, NOTicns.
ibefcrectloa of a Publle Hohool BuildlDit la the
Kirst School nutrlet" lotlte the archlttstaofthla
and o,htr citica to prsieot puns for a aehool
plan adopted. Aor deil iBlomation Is refer
i rntairt tiieaam will Deiurauucci uviaaaiaTor.
or by J, D Titrton, 1 S'i , No. 133 It stmt north,
between Twei ty lltlt and Twrnty-aeeoad stresta
west. J a WlbfeON, feerttry,k,
No. I9t cw tork avsnus,
no3-cS v bet Twelfth and Thirteenth ais.
requlrlox the irrvices of an cxnerlsDced Shoit
hand Writer In men tin tniuortant panars. taav
bear of one by anpljinj in the Editorial room of
this ooi ec
Kftlsanaa of lit Nervona, Hamlita),
Drloary and Sexual system new and rellabl
treat mrnt lo Reports of tha HOWARD ASSOCU.
riu.N-'-rQt br mill in seMrd letter eoTelopct,
fret of charge. Addreki.Ur.j KILLIN HUUIHI
TUN, Hownrtl Atroclatton, No 3 South Ninth
tree. Philadelphia. mi9mlt
CX- FUllfflniia Notice. The Oupltol lllll
Prcihyteilan Church meets (temporarily) for pub
He worship eaoh 8VBBTl (commeaela with
the SSth Inet.,) In the room of the Houie Lommtt
tee of roil omoes and Post Roads, Capitol,) at 1 1
o'clock, a m. 1'isschlng by the Pattor, Rev. John
Cheiter. ' '
E?KDtrsn by the esit and west doors of the
south win.
a" .Vlrat Want. Tlie eubacrlDara to tho
National JttrtniirAit lathe First Ward, who
lava been neirleeted by former carriers, and who
des'n to continue, will pleaia leave their orders
At th Cook and I'erlodisal store of EDWARD
WA1TK, No. IH); Pennsylvania avenue, between
Sev enterath and KlRlvteenth streets, and they will
he served promptly and regularly. poyU
KJ- Peopte'a TetKriepli-n wrirat Vlaas
Likes, direct to NXV.' YUHK, BOSTON, and all
Important points. Wsihlnglon OTlceit HaCrUlV
LICAN BUILDa.Slt Ninth street, (west side,)
corner Pennsylvania avenue and math atreet,
under National Hotel, and (corner rifteinlh aat V
streets, cppualte Treasury bulldlnf.
fcbtMf ttoarer WasMnctoa Dlstrlet.
UU Iia ieerua.1 not to b aatoulatioj
at anything. Ventre of eki-tulease aad a eoitc
Iondcace eateodluj tlituughout all oattonallllta
of the habitable e-loba have turued theotlee latu
(acts and established a bails from whUh we ased
not err. We are not surprised at tuh facta as tha
following although the penoas who write them
are. We aow the prsous and circumstance-,
hence feel at liberty to InJeise- their statements!
" Ntw DcuroRu, Mass , Not. m, Idas,
Dcah Sib: I hate been arttlcteJ many years with
scverttprostratlos cramps la myllmhs, cold feel
and hands, and a Kcnerat disordered system. Pi,ytl
elans and modfelnei failed to relieve me. While
Tlsitlae: some friends In New Hoik who were uala
Plantation Bitters they pie ailed upon ue to try
Uem. 1 commenced with a small wtoegiaasull
after dinner. Fcellajr, better ly defiees, la a few
days I was aitoalshed to (lad the eoldaecs So
cramps nau eoiiteiy icu me, .nu i eouia sieep this
nbjht through, which I have pot doue for years ' l
leet nice aaoier ocmc. iuv abeiiu and stieoa ,ik
have also (really Improved by the use of the Plaa
tatlon Dltters.
Itcepoeiruliy, Jcotrif ttuisxL.
I owe utisib to tou. fof t wrt
believe the riaotatlon Hitters ha saved my Ufa,
"-' "t SS. .. AWWi'lSB,,!, ftltaur.1t, 11. I."
" ItrroiBoav, Wis.. Sept. IS, lSoS,
" I hat teen lu tbearmy hosplla'
for fourteen months speeehleis and ne-arly Jaad.
At Alton, III., thev gave ma a bottle or Plantation
Dltters Three hot 11m rastnr.i
my spcecn ana eurca me " u, a. ruevi r.
Tbe folio.? In.; Is Trou tho 2laaisr of tbe Doloa
Uome School for the Chlldrtn of Volunteers,
HAVLaVElEH MAKtM01l,b?THSTMi:rr, (
NkW Vohk, August a,l(AJ. (
Da. Dhax t: Your wonderful rrantatlon Bitters
have been given to some ot our little children suf
fering from weakness aad weak lungs with mo
happy effect. Olo little (ftrl In uaitUular, with
pains la her head, loss ot appvtlte,and daily watt
log consumption, on whom all medical skill had
been exhausted, has lecu entirely rvataml. We
commenced with but a tcsapooaful of ItitUre a
day. Her appetite aud itttujlh rapidly Uiei I,
and she is now welt.
lUspceUully, Wpi. 0. M. Dlvoe.
" Thou r.lltsend me twe bottles
more of thy rim.t-.tloo ttters. M) wlie has bee a
greatly benclitted by their use
Thy Friend, Ai C'uiain, Philadetphta, Pa."
" I havcleea a great suAerer Tro-i
Dyspepila,andhtdtoabaadonpreachtog. Th
Plantation Hitters have cured me.
.lev. J. S, CATiinON, llocheiter, N. Y."
" Ihsiegivsntbe Plantation Bit.
ters to hundreds of our disabled soldiers with the
most ait on ttlilag edet.
O. W. D. Amijbcws,
GuieJ Soldleis Home, Cincinnati, O."
" The Plantation Unlets havs
surcd me of the Liver Complaint, ol which I was
laid ui trcial, and had to abandon ley busi
ness. 11 P KlKUSI&Y,
Cleveland, Ohio."
" ' lie riaotatloa luttori bate
cured me of a tierancuentol the Kidneys and
UrLmy Organs tbat has distressed ma for years.
It acts like a ohm isi. C. L. Mooae,
No. i&i Sroadway."
Ac, Ac , fee , kc, lee.
The Plantation Hitters make the weak otroaj
the languid bttlllant, and aie eahausted nature's
great restorer. They are composed of the cele
brated Call say a Dark, Wlntergreen, Sassafras
Roots, Herbs, &c, all preserved la perfectly puis
St. Croix llura.
s. T. ideo X
Persons of sedentary habits, troubled with weak
ness, las.ltudt, palpitation of theheait, lack of
appetite, distress alter eajlag, torpid liver, const I
patloa, tV., deceive to sutler ifthoy will not try
They are recommended by the highest medical
authorities, aud am warranted to produce art li.
meditct beneficial ertrst. Ihey aie exeedlnglr
agreeable, pe rtrctly Hire, and harmless.
Notice. Any rbisoa pieteudiog to sell flao ta
tlon Clttei s in bulk or by tbe gallon la a swindler
and impostor. It la put Lp only la onr log cabin
bottle. DewareofbottlM refill! with tmiUUoo
deletoiloua sturr, for which several persons are a),
ready la prison, fee that every bottle has our
United States stamp over the cork unmvttlatkH
and our signetum on ste el-plite aide lahrt.
Sold by rent iclablr dealers throughout ILe hab-
auli fi3m
. II. DItVKF. ilO.,
M Itmartwar. N. V
r V F I C I A L ,
Adji'1 etfT (iLNtNAL'sUriirr, J
Wash imutom, Nov. d, t4, )
The fo towlng'iiaufd oltlcers, charged with of
tDiivri, aitu urirtuiuiD ui iisiicu, mi ;.oiujj, I(UIU
bt lug dismissed the service of the United States,
the IMIIitaiy Leniuiisilon instituted by Special
urueis ro o-t, series oi ixa, irom me war Depart
ment, bat lux trtorlrd that satisfactory defeatist
has l'en mate In their rrspectlv cases, Wu
ji4tnr 4 r. iinanis, in new .ora eavairy,
IMajor llooigc lljulelle, fist New York car
uov3 Assistant Adjutant General,
Fll'I A L
War Dcpartiient. )
An'CTANr lUfEBWa Units, J
W ASiiiNtjTOii, U. C , Novembers, ibsi,
Toe lollowlngolllcers, ImUog been reported at
Ihe headauattersol thearute lor the Oltences here.
t nailer seclOfd. aie hereby notiiled that they will
stand dismissed the senile of the United States.
unless, witulj uitceu t'.ays from this date, they
aiiiear before the iiithttrv commission la sessloa
In this city, ol which lirlgadler Uencral John U.
Caldwell, Uulted fclates volunteers, Is president,
acd make satisfactory defence to tbe charges
tintTie i" flOiil If aie, noting junta to nit in ini ojpet
tu gtpn'irerlihrulriuf ilnubiHty,iii (quired by the
uyutaliuntojlhf War Utaittacnt.
V irst Lteiitciiaut Charles C Graham, ?sta Maloe
totn wiK0uf leave, ami ronaua vrejuaieiai i pj
onlff .iia) ml itny iHirlphne,
Contain Ldwatd Williams, uth SUlne oluntei.
K. U. TOWNfckNU,
Asslstaat Adtutaat Renenel,
O I. A I ON 11 ALL!
Tl.ls 1 ai mid HamlSimB Hal U now far rt.t
r r ll",Hs, corteitt., iVo Ills Ilnely I res coed, aud
llnlalieil In IhC tliOit ItilistantlAl unnn-r. iritis
larse and wiaee' lent dimslcg rooms, and gallery
at i tie sou h end lor spfLtatoia.
ihe tiaiiis i ue ten teutiiateu loom lo the city,
with tuentv windows mi tho smith .n.l . a.l
rst side, with a large ventilator In the centre of
the nail. It la admlrahl) adaiited lor Concerts,
Ulnv built with especial attention to that orjestj
and lor flails the greatest care has been takcu to
hate tha best floor that could bsprocurcd.
II,. It. II .,,,11 . ..B. ',1.11. 1 -- . -
sua (it.1, ivsii vo ICUICH iur flUUi, VWUB(iS,
Mlusirsls, Fairs, Ac.
lu,ulieofu.aHs.CKEl.S,oaD street, third door
(turn the Hall, boio-dlf

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