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sptfomd U)niMta.
It published trerj afteraooa (Sunday. eiMft
J) b J W. J. MtmnoH A Co, aa4 U furnished
to our subscribers (by carriers) t HI can per
Mk, or M cents per month.
Mail subscribers, 14.00 per annum 1 11.80
Ix monthi, and 12.00 for three month!, Is
variably In advance.
Blngle copies, Tssnl Cikti.
Rational tjftMUm
fflailgi ffaturnal Eqrablfcatt.
OnMnr.thiMdTi itnn
One square, four dejs 9.C4
Oneaqnare, flvadavs ,,,, ixo
Ooe square, sir day. ........ kvfiO
Every other dir idrertUemeaU. W percent,
Twice a week, 75 per cent additional.
Eight lice or less constitute a laoin,
Advertisement should be turned la b? 14
NO. 29S.
o'clock, m.
r f r I o I a l.
Itfn DiMifurit. 1
Adjvtaitt OEMEmiL'f orriCK, J
Wahiixotok, Juit C. 1861.
General Orders, No. 334.
The following act ofCon.rrii liMibllihed for
the Information and tovernmsnt of all eonoerntdt
An act further to regulate anil provide for the en
rolling and calling out the national torces, and
for other purposes.
lie it enacted by the Senate end lloutt of lUprtunta
ilvttcf the intied State of Annie in Omgre$ -emitted.
That the President of the United States
may. at his discretion, at any time hereafter, call
for any number of men as volunteers, for the re
spective termi of one, two and three years for mill
tarjr service; and any such volunteer, or. la east
of .Ira ft, as hereinafter provided, any substitute,
hall be credited to the town, township, ward of a
eitv, precinct, or election dlstrtet, or of a county
not so subdivided, toward the Quota of which he
tnev have volunteered or engaged at a substitute)
and every volunteer who la accepted asd mustered
Into the service for a term of eneyear, unless
sooner dlsobargsJ, shall receive, and be paid by
the United States, a bounty ofatooi and If for a
term of two years, unless sooner discharged,
rumntyoraaootana irror aterm of three rears,
unless sooner discharged, a bounty of taooi one
third of which bounty shall be paid to the soldier
at the time of his being muttered Into the service,
one third at the expiration of one half of his term
of sen Ice, and one third at the eiplratlon of his
term of service. And In ease of his death while la
service, the residue of his bounty unpaid shall be
paid to his widow, If r?e shall have left a widow,
If not, to his ehltdreo, or If there be none, to his
mother, u she be a widow.
Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That Incase the
quota, or any part thereof, of any town, township,
ward of aclty, precinct, or election district, or of
any county not so subdivided, shall not be tilled
within the space of fllty days after such call, then
the President shall Immediately order a draft for
ono year to oil such quota, or any part thereof,
which maybe unfilled) and In ease of any such
draft, no payment of money shall be accepted or
received by the Government as commutation to
release any enrolled or drafted man from personal
obligation to perform military service.
Sect. And be it further enacted. That It shall be
lawful for the Executive of any of the States to
send recruiting agents Into any of the States de
dared to be in rebellion, except the states of Ark
an iks, Tennessee, and Louisiana, to recruit volun
teers under any call under the provisions of this
act, who shall be credited to the State, and to the
respective subdivisions thereof, which msy pro
cure the enlistment.
Sec 4. And be U further enacted, That drafted men,
substitutes, and volunteers, when mustered Is,
shall be organized lato or assigned to regiments,
batteries, or other organizations of their own
Mates, and, as far as practicable, shall, when as
dgneu, bo permitted to select laeir own regiments,
battc.les, or other organizations from among those
of their respective States which at the time of as
signment ma'y not be tilled to their maximum num
ber. See. 6. And be it further enacted. That the twen
tieth section of the act entitled " An act to amend
an act entitled 'An act for enrolling and calling
out the national fuues, an 1 for otber purposes,' "
apprued February 34, ISM, shall be construed to
mean that the Secretary of War shall discharge
minors unde tho age of eighteen years under the
circumstances and on the conditions prescribed In
said section i and berenXter, If any officer of the
United states shall knowingly enlist or master
Into the military service any person tmder the age
of sixteen years, with or without the consent of
bis parent or guardian, such person so enlisted or
recruited shall be Immediately discharged upon
repayment of all bounties received) and sush re
cruiting or musteilng officer who shall knowingly
cnl'st any cnoa under sixteen years of ate shall
Ve dismissed tbe sen Ice, with forfeiture of all pay
and allowances, and shall be subject to such fur
ther punishment as a court martial may direct.
fee. 6 And be it further enacted. That section
three of an act entitled " An act to amend an act
entitled An act fore a ling out the national forces,
andfer other purposes,' " approved February 14,
13ft, be, and the ssme Is hereby, amended so as to
authorize and direct district provost marshals,
under the direction of the rrovost Marshal Gen
eral, to make a draft for one hundred per cent, to
addition to the number required to All the quota
cf any district as provided by said section.
See. 7. And be it further enacted, That Instead of
traveling pay, all drafted persons repotting at the
pi ace of rendezvous shall bo allowed transporta
tion from their places of residence) and persons
discharged at the place or rendezvous shall be al
lowed transportation to their places of residence.
Sec 8 And be it further enacted, That all persons
In tho natal service of the United States who have
entered said service during tbe present rebellion,
wno have not been credited to the quota of any
town, district, ward, or State, by reason of their
being in said sen lee and not enrolled prior to
February 21, 1601, shall be enrolled and credited to
tho quotas of the town, wa , district, or State In
which they respectively reside, upon satisfactory
lioofof their residence made to the Secretary of
See. 9 And be it further enacted, That If any per
son duly drafted shall be absent from home In
prosecution of bis usual business, tho provost
marshal of tbe district shall cause htm to be duly
uotldcdaa soon as maybe, and he shall not be
deemed a deserter, nor liable as suob, until notice
has been given to him and rcMonable time al
lowed for him to return and report to the provost
marshal of bis district) but such absence shall not
otherwise afttjot his lliblhtv umlr thla act.
Elee 10. And be it further enacted. That nothing
cnnitiDtu u mi- gt iiinii ue ooustTUCU 10 alter Or
io any way affect tbe provisions of tbe seven
teenth srotion ol an act, approved February si,
1H64, entitled "An act to amend an act entitled
1 An act for enrolling and calling out tbe national
forces, and for other purposes,' " approved March
I, 1613.
Seu tl. And be it further enacted, That nothing
contained in this act shall be construed to alter or
change tbe provisions of existing laws relative to
iiermlttlng tenons liable to military service to
furnish substitutes.
Approved July 4, 1961.
By order of tho Secretary of War:
aull Assistant Adjutant General.
Was DarAaTairxT, )
Adjutant General's Orrac, J
Washington, Sept. 19, 1SW, j
General Orders. No. 468 .
I Whenever flees are Imposed by sentence of
General Conrt-Martlai, or Military Commission.
upon officers or eltlzcos, the Judge Advocate ef
the Court or Commission will make a Speslal re
port ui iuv iet iu urn Aiguiiu, uvuvrii, giving m
copy of the sentence In the case. The officer who
continue the sentence imposing a fine will transmit
to the Adjutant General a special report thereof,
together with a copy of the order promulgating
the proceedings.
i. The lines Hill be paid to the chief officer of
tbe Quartermaster's Department at the place
where the prisoner may De, and no other person
Is authorized to receive thimtsueh Does must not
be applied to any purpose, but the officer receiv
ing them will forthwith remit the amounts to the
Adjutant General of the Army at Washington,
with the names of tho prisoners who paid uem,
and the number of the order promulgating the
I All ouioers who have heretofore received Ones
will forthwith report to the Adjutant General the
amounts received, by whom paid, number and
date ol order promulgating the proceedings, and
what disposition was made of the money. The
amount! will be forwarded with the reports,
By order of the Secretary of War i
Assistant Adjutant General.
Was DcrABTHLfrr,)
ApjsTixr aBMEniti OTF..O (
WwiilkOTOM, D Cipctober 84, 184.
Lieutenant Frank W, Toote, 131st New York
v olunteore, heretofore published, la hereby notified
that he Is exempt from dismissal, ho having been
pre tnusly honorably dlsoharged the service or the
hod states, by iprclal orders, current series.
.om this omre K D. fOWNaKVn.
9tt Anlstant A ljuant General.
Tost Orrici Dtr-ATMrnT, I
October S3. IBM.
Sealed Proposals will be received at this Depart
ment until the th day of December next, at 12
o'clock, noon, for furnishing
lor the use of the Post ( races in the United Statrs,
for one year from and alter the list day ol Decem
ber next.
The said articles are to be delivered, free of ex
pense, at the Blank Agencies of tbe rost Office De
partment at wHiniogioo. v. t, new iui snj,
and liurTalo, N. Y.
The estimated quantity of ea i artinle, and tbe
quality thereof required at each Agency, early,
are cpvciocu uciuw,
2.TO0 reams of Wrapping Paper, 20 by 2S Inches In
size, of material and quality fully equal to
that nowlnuse In the Department, and to
weigh 32 pounds to the ream, and each reaa
to contain 20 perfect quires.
10 reams of the same kind of paper, 3d by 4i
I) Ik-THU Tn I. AT Wtl IUQTU1. II. Ll
Inches in size, and to weign so pounce io me
ream. ,
B.0O0 pounds of Jute, or other suitable Twine, bard
twitted, and in balls, to weigh one puunl
each, or about that
2,000 pounds of eoarse Hemp Twine, about one
u ".: J?'6)? '"" I '2' L! L?.um1' "c,u
ClCum DI SU mcu in uiwtirr, ivcii inniru
j,aoo reams of Wrapping Paper, similar to that
described In the estimates of District No l
soe reams of Wrapping Paper, similar to that
arscrioeu lur District no i
11,000 pounds of Jute, or other Twine, similar to
that first described for District N 1.
t0,000 peunde of coarse Hemp 1 wine, similar to
that of the second description lor District
No. I.
0,ooorea msof Wrapping Paper, elm lar to that
first named for District No. 1.
80 reams of Wrapping Paper, similar to that
last named for said District.
10,000 pounds of Jute, or ether Twine, slcnlltr to
that of the first description for District
No. 1.
7,000 pounds of coarse Hemp Twine, similar to
that of the second description, for said Dis
trict. Pronoaala will be received for each article sepa
rately, and separately for each District, or lor the
The contract or contracts will bo awarded to the
lowest and best bidder, to be determine I after n
careful examination for the purpose of ascertain
ing wnicn oia win.in us pracucai reimis,De most
advantageous to the Department,
If the district! should be reconstructed, or In
creased In number, or anv of them discontinued,
the articles shall be delivered at such place or
places as the Postmaster General shall designate,
t mrorala prices.
Ana ue roeimesTeruenerai reserves to nimseii
tbe privilege of Increasing or reducing tbequan-
uiy oi uio iwcica iruunrvi, 11 itauBti
til bo found
ntceisary to do so
S&mnlea of mob. articles as are now furnished
can be seen at either of the above named Agencies.
Bidders will snd samples of such articles at
toey rropoia to lurniin wiin meir dius.
Each bidder must furnish, with his Dronosa's
guaranties of his ability to ermplywlth Ms bid)
and a certificate from his nearest postmaster that
such guarantors are credible and reliable citizens
run it also accomnanv his Proposals
Two sufficient sureties will do required to a con-
"" . .
Tenures to rurnisn ine anicies eoniracien ior
promptly, or the furnishing of artlc ss of an lnlc
rtcr quality to those contracted for. will be con
sidered a sufficient cause for the forfeltute of tho
Btds not mads in accordance with these prooia s
will not be considered.
Proposals must be marked on the outside of the
envelope with the name of the article or articles
proposed for, and the letter containing them ad
dressed to the First Assistant Postmaster General,
Washington, D. C. W. DKNNISON,
ocis-mst Postmaster General.
TacAicBY DxrABTBiiNT, July 2i, 161.
Notice Is hereby gli en that subset l tlons will bo
received bv the treasurer of the United states, the
acveral Assistant Treasurers and DeslKua ed Ut
psltorieo,and by the national nanus deinnaiui
aadqua lnedaa Depositories and FlnanoUl Ageutt,
for Treasury Notes payable threo yeais from Au
gust is, is, bearing interest at tho rated seven
and three tenths percent, per annum, with semi
annual coupons attaeheJ, payublo In lawful
These notes will be convertible, at theoptlouof
the holder, at maturity, into six per cent rold
bearing bonds, redeemable after fit e and paya'le
twenty years from August 18. isd7.
Tbe notes will be(lnued In the denominations of
fifty, Obe hundred, five hundred, one thousand,
and fire thousand dollars, and will belssurdln
blank, or payable to order, as may be directed by
the subscribers.
All subscriptions must be for fifty dollars, or
some multiple of fifty dollars.
Duplicate certificates will be Issued for all de
posits. The party depositing must endorse upoo
orwiMfeertlicate the denomination of notes re
quired, and whether they are to be Issued In blank
or payable to order. When so endorsed It must bs
left with tho otficer receiving the deposit, to bo
forwarded to this Department.
Tho notes will be transmitted to tho owners,
free of transportation chareei, as soon after the
receipt of the original Certificates of Deposit as
they can be prepared.
Interest wilt be allowed to August is en all de-
Eoslts made prior to that date, and will be paid by
io Department upon the receipt of the original
As tbe notes draw Interest from August i per
sons making depositsaubsequent to that date im st
pay the interest aocruedfrom date of note tu dato
r deposit.
Fartiee depositing twenty-five thousand dollars
and upwards for these notes at any ono time will
be allowed a commission of one-auarter of ono per
cent., which will bepald by this Department upon
tbe receipt of a bill for the amount, ceitilled to bj
the officer with whom the deposit was nudo No
deductions for commissions must be made fro a
the deposits.
Officers receiving deposits will see that tho
proper endorsements are made upon the original
All offlaers authorised to receive deposits are
requested to give to applicants all desired Infor
mation, and afford eery facility for making sub
scriptions W, T. FK9SFNDEN,
jy3t-t Secretary of the Treasury.
Toit Orrut DtPAiiTMtsr, (
October K, li6l
Sealed Proposals will be received at thla depart
ment until the 8th day of I ecember next. t 1?
o'clock noeo,forfurais log LkTTER BLlNCM
ior me use or ine post ouices in ine inueu siuti
for one year from and after the 3it day of Decem
ber next, of the following description, tlzi
1st, Balances capable of weighing tight ottrttt,
avoirdupois weight, to be graded down to quarter
ouoces. Of these it Is supposed 800 wl.l to re
quired of a year.
ad Balances capable of weighing at least tteo
vounii, avoirdupois weight, to be grate I down to
half oun ra. Of these it is supposed too will be
required of a year.
Per hot correctness will be required In the bal
ances to be furnished, as well as strength and dura
bility. Samplefrof eaoh description of balance must ac
company each bid, and the bidder who may obtain
the contract will be required to furnish Balances
ordered of a quality In all respects equsl to the
Lach Balance must be well and securely packed
In a box for transportation.
The Balances must bo delivered free of all chargo
to the Blank Agency of the Post Otflee Depirtmcnt
at Washington, D C , who will accept the same,
If perfect and equal to samples
taeh bidder must furnish with his proposals t i
dence of his ability to comply with his bid Two
sufficient sureties will be tequlred to a contract
Failures to furnish Balances as contracted for
promptly, or tbe furnishing of those of an Inferior
quality, will be coos'dered a sulilclcnt caute for
the forfeiture of the contract.
Proposals must be endorsed on the outside of th
envelope, "rropoitls far Letter Balances," and
addressed to the Plrst Assistant lVstmaster (ten
era), Washington, D. C,
o34-mw Postmaster General
Officially Revised and Correoted.
From the Press or the National Ucront icav .
For sale by
oois-tt cm Penosvlvania avenue.
Vr rr.niyieGaU Avenue orj rutUfHth ttrut,
Tf ualajtea P, i i.iy
List of General Hospitals '
UnJtr Direction 0 Surgeon 21. 0. Abbott, V. t. J
A.t Medical Director Department of
IFasAfncfon. !
1. Armory Square, Wash In Eton, 1). C.)
Seventh street wcet, between fj and D streets
south, In charge of Surgeon D. W. Bliss, U.
3. Carver, Washington, D. 0., Fourteenth '
street west, at terminus of city railroad, In 1
charged of Surgeon O. A. Jadson, U. S. V. '
3. Campbell, Washington, D. C, Beronth
street west, at terminus of city railroad north,
In charge of Burgeon A. F. Sheldon. U. S. V.
4. Columbian, Washington, D. 0., Four
tocnth street west, at terminus of city railroad.
In charge of Surgeon T. It. Crosby, U. 8. V.
5. Doomarroe, Washington, D. U-, corner Of
'Fourtccjth street and IdassachusctU avenue,
In cbsrgo or Bargeon J. S. Hlldretb, U. B. V.
0. Douglas, Washington, D. C, corner of 1
street and Now Jersey avenue, U charge of As
si! tan t Burgeon Wm. F. Norrls, U. 8. A.
7. Emory, Washington, D. 0., near Aluu
hou;f east of the Capitol, In charge of Burgeon
N. K. Moscley.U. B. V.
back of Alexandria, in coarse of' Surgeon I)
b. rairiaz (seminary, Virginia, two ruuea
P. Smith, U. B. V. .,
9. Flnley.Washlngton.D.C, Kendall Oreen,
r uana i-irevt vast, uurm ui mo tnj, tu vun go
Of Burgeon (J. L. Fancoast, U. B. V.
10. tlarewood, Washington, u. u., uorco.
ran 'a farm, Bevenlh street west. In charge of
Bnrgoon K. II. Bontecon, U. B. V.
11. Judiciary Square, Washlngloa, L). 0.,
Jndklary Square, street north, between
Fourth and Fifth streets west, a charge of
Assistant Surgeon Alex. Ingram, U. B. A.
12. Kalorama, (small-pox,) Washington, D.
C, Hock creek, oat Twenty-first street, In
chsrgo of Acting Assistant Surgeon K. J.
Thomas, U. B. A.
13. Lincoln, Washington, 1). C.one mlio
east of the Capitol, In charge of Assistant Bur.
geon J. C. McKec, U. S. A.
14. Mount I'lea&aut, Washington, D. 0.,
Fourteenth street, one half mile, beyond city
limits, In charge of Assistant Surgeon C. A
McCall, U. S. A.
15. Seminary, Georgetown, D. C, corner ol ,
Washington and Gay streets, la charge of Bur
gcon U. W. Ducachct, U. S. V.
Id tanton, Washington, D. C.,I street and
Mew Jersey avenue, in charge of Surgeon J A.
Lldell, U. S. V.
17. Stone, Washington, D. C, Fourteenth
street, opposite Columbian Uospltal, In charge
of Acting Ais't Surgeon P. Glennan, U.S A.
18. Bt. Elizabeth, (Insane Asylum,) Wash
ington. D. C, beyond Navy Yard west, in charge
of Acting Assistant Sargooa C. II. Nichols,
U. 8. A.
IV. First Division General, Alexandria, Va.,
corner of Fairfax and Cameron streets, lo
chargo of Burgeon Chas. Page, U. S. A
.. Second Division General, Alexandria
Va.. corner of Hrlnce aud Columbus streets, lo
charge of Burgeon T. It. Spencur, U. S. V.
21. Third Division General, Alexandria, Va.,
Washington street, bctweui CJueen and Came
roa streets. In charge of Burgwin Edwin Boot
ley, U. 8. V.
1!J, Auur General Hospital, near Alexan
dria, Va., In chargu of Surgoon George L. Sut
ton. U. S. V.
Massachusetts G. Tufts, Pennsylvania ave
nue, corner Seventh street.
Ohio J. C. " ctmore, Pennsylvania avenue,
corner 8oenth street.
Kuodc Island J. T. Benedict, Pennsylvania
avenue, corner Seventh street.
Indiana J. W. Montfort, CSl T street.
New York Col. B. North, 11 Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Col. Hobcrts, -ISO Eleventh
Michigan J. TunnlclilT. corner K and
' .
t fceventh.
Illinois Col. Xcwton Crawford, 3 1'atent
Connecticut Bov. W. A. Benodlct. No. SW
K street.
Maine B. C. Hinds, 273 F strest. i
Vermont F. Ilolbrook, 450 Fourteenth
Iowa George Cowle, Fifth Auditor's Olllcc,
Treosury Department.
UTS.T. ISOOv-X. reraonaorttentrj
habits troubled with weakness, lassitude, palpita
tion ef the heart, lack of appetite, distress after
eat Irg, torpid liver, constipation, he , deserve to
sudor tf they will not try the celebrated
which are now recommended by the highest medi
cal authorities, and warranted to produce an im
nediate bene tidal effect. They are exceedingly
agreeable, perfectly pure, and must supercede all
other tonics where a health), gentle stimulant Is
They purify, strengthen and Invigorate.
They create a healthy appetite.
They are an antidote to change of water and
1 hey overcome e Tests of dissipation and late
They strengthen thosyatem and enliven the mind.
They present miasmatic and Intermittent fevers.
They purity the breath aud acidity of the
They cure Dyspepsia and Constipation,
Tteycire liarrhEa, Cholera and Cholera Mor
bus. They euro Liver Comj laint and Nervous Head
ache They ru (ike the weak strong, the languid lull
llant,andare exhausted nature's great restorer.
They aro composed of tho celebrated Callsa)a
bark, wtntergreen, sassafras, roots and herbs, alt
preserved In perfectly purest. Croix rum. For
patticulars, see circulars and testimonials around
each bottle
Beware of Imposters, Examine every bottle. See
that it has D, S. Barnes' signature on our private
U.S Stamp over the cork, with plantation scene,
and our ilrm signature on a fine steel plate en
graving on side label. See that our bottle Is not
refilled with spurious and deleterious stuir. We
defy any person to match the taste or character of
our goods. Any person pretending to sell Planta
tion Blttrrs by the gallon or in bulk Is an Impos
tor. Wo soil only In our log cabin bottle. Aay
person Imltntlng this bottle, or selling any otker
maerlal therein, whether called Plantation Bit
ters or not, Is a criminal under the U. s. Law, and
will be so prosecuted by ua. We already hare our
eye on two parties refilling dur bottles, fee, who
will succeed la getting themselves Into close quar
ters. The demand for Drake's Plantation Bitters
from ladles, clergymen, merchants, &e , ts per
fectly Incredible. The simple trial of a bottle Is
tho evidence we present of their worth and superi
ority. They are sold by all respectable druggists,
grocers, physicians, hotels, saloons, steamboats,
and country stores.
auJl-cosni iOi Broadway N Y,
laaltuhorid rwy ancein t
StIsfactory evidence hat log been ehtblted to
mo thatCABL trtro Nilson has teen appointed
Mce Consul of Sweden and Norway, at La
Crosse, Wisconsin. I do hereby recognltehlm as
such, and declare hlu free to exercise and enjoy
such fuuctlens, powers, And privileges as are al
lowed to Moo Consuls by the law of nations, er
by tho laws of tho United States, sad existing trea
ty stipulations between the Government of Sweden
an 1 Norway an 1 the Unltud States.
In testlmonyw hereof, 1 hat e cause 1 these letters
to be made patent, and the seal ef the United States
to be hereunto affixed.
Given un er my hand at the city of Washington,
the twentyevcnth day of October, anno
Ira) Domini, one thotuand eight huodrtd and
aixty-four, and of the Independence ofthr
United States the eighty-ninth
11 t o President
V l mH !t tni,
ecretati ui State
VI story I
Thunder it, cannon and resonaut bell
1- cbo at mountainside, Mil-top, and dell
Trumpet and bugle the loud pan swell t
Victory! lctoryt
Booming of mortar and screaming of shell,
Haste, to onr foemen the great tidings tell I
Ictory t
Ware, happy 11 ag, over tirtreis and fleet 1
Army and navj exulting greet I
City and country the slalnews repeal'
Ictory! ictory t
Fly with It, freeman, the poor bondman meet,
fctrike the last fetter In twain at his reel t
ictory I
Soldier, tbe weary days suflerlng through !
Patriot, everywhere dauntless aud trua t
Natloa, ucfilncbtng tn dare and to do t
Victor)) Mctory!
Lift up your voices and welcome anew
Huler a wise as the lad ever knew
eiash with It 1 ghrnlog o'er Llghways of wire
speed lt ye ctrrd, with the rod heart of fire'
Uu with it, white shtin, and never more tiret
ictorl Victor) I
Beacons on ramptrt and tower and eslrc,
Mgnal trluni hant (he natloa'e dettrct
ictor) t
Thunder It, ocean and river and lake'
cho It. strands that the mad wat-rs rakci
Fly with It. wieds, till the universe shake'
ictor) I Ictor) t
Heaen and earth Into melndles break,
Noonday aptroachre, awake, oh awake1
Victory! Lventny To t.
The lit be 1 Flrate on the Lakes
IhoUuffalo Commerela' Advtrtlstr gives the
follow log detailed account of the pirate steamer
fitted out by the rebels In Canada to prey upon
our laku commerce.
"Mayor Fargo having received Information
on Saturday which led him lo bctlcvo that a
project uas on foot to iqulp a piratical vessel
by tho n.bl refugoca In Canada to prey upon
mo commerce oi ine lakes, aaarcssm me ioi
lowing litter to Maj. Geo. DIxi
"BDtFAi.o Nov tinner ft 7 n. m.
i7o ftjir General bix,lomman4lng Drpartment oj
int ran, ,irv ivik
" 'I have Information from a private source,
wmen i aeem renaoie, tuai me propeller ueor
clan. 350 tons burthen, was purchased at To
rontoof A. M. Smith A. Co, by a Southern
rcfaceo named Dates, for sixteen thousand dol
lars in old, ostensibly to engage In the lumber
trade. Bbe vas delivered Novombcr 1st, at
Port Colbornej she made a trip to UulTslo on
the 3d, and cleared for Fort Col borne same day
without cargo, she was partly disabled and
was repnlrud hero. My Information la that
she will bo armed on tlio Canada shoro for the
purposo of encountering tho United State.
steamer Michigan, and for piratical or prcda
; tory purposes on tbe lakes or the frontier. I
I cooslder It my duty to communicate this In
formation to you. IIae telegraphed to De
troit, Cleveland and Erie.
' m. G. Fahoo, Mayor.
"When the Georgian entered this jurt, on
Thursday last, tho numo on her stern had been
painted out, and she appeared to haro uo par
ticular mission nore.
"Tbo followlnirdUnaliti Dad liccn ftcnlirom
this clt on lhe Jd Instant l tho miner t-f the
(i.ilu,ti, tanjj Mnl
" ' If any one la waltini; for tho propeller
Goorulan have them remain. Bhe Is detained
nn .prnnnt nf wheil. Jn. lliTm
" Tho propeller, hailnjr hem repaired here,
t-Mnrni..! tn Pnrt rnllirtrnn nn Thnr.rtuv. nnd
cleared from that port ate o'tlock on Saturday
nlht, ostensibly for Sarnla. She took on
thirty cords of wood. Tho news of her depart-
uro waa Immediately telegraphed tot'lcTcland,
Detroit, and to the commander of tho Sllchl -
gan, at BaUUUSK).
"The name of tho surpoclcil plrat,, as wo
have rccertly learned, Is OeorKlana nnt Gcor-
Elan, aahcrettforo Klvcn. Sho Is a Wflland
canal propeller, ol about 500 tons burthen, is a
wen uuui vessel, and uaa a new wncci put on
her by Dat id Bell, last sprlng.whicb becoming
loose on the shaft, sho was brought to Jones's
ship-yard, and tho wheel was Keyed up by Mr.
Bell latU Thursday. When the suspicious cir
cumstances In regard to her became known,
Capt. D. P. Dobbins telegraphed to Commander
Carter, of the United States steamer Michigan,
and recched the following reply from Sandus
ky, dated Saturday, 10 o'clock, p. ra.t
" Thanke for our timely warning. I ou
alter the rebel pirates.
" J. C, Cart ait. Commander U. S. X.'
"Tho Mayor, Capt. Dobbins, and John Al
len, Jr., on Saturday etcnlng, scut out a tu'
on picket duty outside tho harbor. A plan of
signals between tho tug, the look-out on the
north pier, and tho alarm bell to.vcr, waa ar
ranged. Major Haddock, the new ProvoU
Marshal, established a baitery at the tuouth of
lhe birbor last evening, and mo tug was kept
jon tho same duly as on Saturday night. It
woeild stem that all neccsary precautions bac
been taken.
"Tho following Is an accurate description of
' tho propeller Gcorgisuj, nnd Is furnished us by
I the Prorest Marshal:
I "Stem tlratght.hull painted blnek, with two
whlto strlpcsi cabin paluud white, with black
streak on tho cornice; smoke stack tery short,
I not more than ten feet aboto promenade deck,
or perhaps three feet above tho loci of tho
nurricane ucck paimeu uibck, buu is piaceu
far aft In thu boat. Has very llttlo spar. Speed
Is probably about seven or eight miles per
hour, but may perhaps be crowdd to nine
miles. When lu dock she drew about two and
a half fttt forward and seven feet aftj cau be
trimmed to six lett, or lees, so that sho can run
' . ' ... ....
In shallow places. Her capacity Is threo hun
drcd and tlftytons, Canadian measurement,
and sho was built in the 8( ring of IbM, nt
Georgian Bay."
luiORTANT OttDXK A Frctdinan'd Ja,tau
iur ttu. Middle Drpartmttd. Major (J en era I Wal
lace yesicruay ibbucu an orue-r ecuing lorin
that certain evil -disposed parties lu Maryland
Intend obstructing the operation and nullify as
far as they can tho emancipation provisions of
the new constitution. Hu therefore orders that
all persona within tho Middle Department here
tofore slaves are now free, and are under special
military protection uutil the Legislature shall
pass such laws as shall maku military protec
tion unnecessary) a Krecdman's Bureau Is
created, the office to belu Baltimore, and Major
wm. M. bio is appointed to nave u in cnarga,
In order to mako the bureau ellectlt o, Major E,
is auiuonzeu loius'iiuieiiuveaiiganouB.iobcna
io, person, and papers, and to make necessary
Protost marshals of tbo various districts aro
directed to hear all complaints, and report iho
I samo to Major Este, who is directed to take
possession of the Maryland Club House, which
lis now uy oruer uaiucu rtauiuuun itjac.
All moneys collected from lines aro to be an
proprlated to the support of tho " Frccdmand
Best," but for Immediate wants Major Este is
directed to draw on Col. Woolloy. 'it is fur-
ther directed that, should tho moneys derived
Wliu b View tu avjiuBHuii.uuHiwuwiu uiiuii
them in aid of tho Institution as may bo Iron,
tlmnto tlmo rcmlred Tha cxeeutlon of thu
Dallimorr Am.
' '
'1 hi largest valley In tbe worl I Is tho alle
r iho Mississippi. It rontnlns '0I),0U0 S'luaru
inlLs, and Is ono of lb most lortlle ami rout
' 'o regions of tbu (;lob(
minner eorrepouiln. with Its Importance, 7' T .ll'TJZo Leen .lave? 'to .hi lJ
Itcaolnttons on the Death of MeJ lien.
At a meeting of the Board of Directors of tho
3d Corps Union, held at tbe head luartcrs of
ine aa division, -u corps, on mo nn oi Novem
ber, ISOi, tho following preamble and resolu
tions were unanimously adopted!
Whereas It has pleased Almighty God to
bring to an end the eartblrcarccr of Major
General David II. llirney, who died In Philadel
phia, on tho 18th day of October, 1661, from
disease contracted through the hardships and
privations of more than three years1 campaigns
in the field) and
ucren3 aurm nearly on tuai pcriou, ine
noble and faithful tcrilcte of said Major Gen
eral D. U. llirney are closely Identified with tho
glorious record of tho 3d army corps, cither as
brigade or division commandort and
utiercasau mat the casualties ot war ana
Insalubrities of climate have left underarms
of the 31 army corps Is now Included In this,
the M division of the 2d corps, fairly and fully
represented oy ido association known as mu
3d Corps Union, of which Major General Da
vid H. llirney wa the vice president ; bo It,
tootVi, That In tho death or Major General
D. 11. llirney we sorrowfully deploro the loss
of a thorough patriotic citizen and acrom
1 Ilshed gentleman, as well as of a most gallant
soldier and highly elllclentolllccr.
HtMh'td. That his uprlirht character, his no
ble spirit, bis Indomitable energy In the line of
duty, and hU eclf-sacrllUIng devotion to the
bju red causo of tho National Union, cntltlo
him to the grateful memory of the country, for
which he garo np home, family, fortuuo, and
lieiohed. That we deeply sympalhlzo llh
the grief of his bereaved family, tho welfare of
which will remain alwajs a metier of great
concern among us.
Jlttohcd, That a copy of the above resolu
tions be forwarded to frs. General Blrncv. as
a true expression of the feelings of the officers
ana men or this command. u. sjott,
Ilrcvct Major General, VIco President.
Ed in 11. IlouonTON, Captain Kth Malno in
fantry, and Brigade lnspcctor.Corrcspondiu,;
Secretary, 3d Corps Union.
The Klectlonof Messrs, Dice ami Hooper.
Tho most astonishing development of the
election In Massachusetts and as gratifying
as It la astonishing Is the vote In both tho
Boston congressional districts. It will be re
membered that, In ISO-!, Mr. Rice's election
had to undergo a congressional scrutloy, and
his majority was but 24. Now bo Is returned
by 3.S23 majority 1 Mr. Hooper was then
elected by 47? majority, whereas he Is now ru-
turnea uy a majority oi aunuio.uuu' n mis
result Is entirely unexpected to tbe Union con
stllncnts of these gentlemen, it Is utterly
astounding to their opponents. Many of them
ima actually counted on me dticat oi mt,
Hooptr, but the more intelligent privately con
ceded his election by a small majority of two
or three hundred. But even these, and tbe
Mhole Democratic party In this vielnlty, pro
fessed to bo perfectly sure of defeating Mr,
Klce. Their reflections over tho actual returns,
therefore, may be better imagined than de
scribed. Boston may Justly ful proud of this splendid
and deserved testimonial to tho worth of her
two Representatives In Congrcis. It plan
ourcliy right on tbe record. It marks her
fldcllt) to jrlnciplcs luhcrltcd from a noblean
cestrv. and forms a sufficient idedceof her un
faltering support of thu Government, throuuh
I it,ipnni .tnr nrthi. i-i.i.. fr u nnt r-ltlinnl
, s . ,trc. Mriv demonatrntlon. Tbco mill
have tec. n chancre colnir on amont; hundred.
Utmocratlc ftMy, of which Ihcrewas no public
announcement, and acarccly any Indication
' B'vtn ocn iu prlvatoconvirsatlon.
I It camo from new conTlctlona of the craTllT
f tho country', tltuatlon, of the utter failure
Of the DemOCraCT at ChlCBO tO mCCt It lu 8
ueiomlue aplrlt, and of th neceaslty of up.
holdlnir thoso ho, amid unexampled ttlals,
had cfltctually upheld the nation's honor and
lnterlty. Tbotolc of these high-minded men
1 wl'I nevtr bo to them a matter of recret. On
I ,llu t-uuiraij, lb Hill uu iu bii huj uuto iiiii
I clpmted In It a source of enduring pride. It
"I" Rllo lo our Representatives a commanding
innuenco ior goon nejotnuinat tneyuaio nnu
erto enjoyed, of which the wholo country will
reap tnu uenem. ut m Journal.
As Osshibu Miv. There was a ttraue
spectacle at the depot yesterday a man, of
wuom accounts were puuusueu, yeara ago, in
newspapers tn this country and In medical
journals lu England, who has been ln a state
of nlmoBt complete osslilcatlon for thirty years.
His name Is Valentino Perkins, he was born
Dfty-lwo years since In Henrietta, Monroe
county, N. Y., tut has been a resident for the
last twelve years of Mantua, Portage county,
Ohio. At tho age of eleven y cars he w as thrown
from a horse, and his knee was Injured by the
fall. From that tlmo osslilcatlon set ln, and
the process ma do advancement, joint by Joint,
for 11 ft eeu years, when It had completed 1(4
work. Hols thoroughly and totally ossified,
with tho exception that he can move two ol his
lingers, and make the slightest perceptible mo
tion with ono or two of hla toes. He has not
opened his jaws for more lhau thirty years, but
still he can talk with case.
Of cou.-so ho had to be fed lhe food being
placed w Ithin his lira and left under the guid
ance of mother nature, who mysteriously en
sures lu safe conduct Into the stomach. Ho
lies upon his bido, upon a low bed or couch,
which sen es aUo as a Utter, w 1th bis feet drawn
up somewhat, and his right hand caught up
near his shoulder, lies thus all day long, shitt
ing his position but once durlug twenty four
hours, w hen he Is turned over on the other side.
While he Is thus completely ossliled a human
block of llmestoue, as It were his skin retains
Ua normal character and condition, and dls
charges the functions perfectly, being, per
bans, more sensitive, however, to tho touch of
uuyolJect, as that of ally or a hair, than Is
. . ,1i...tw. nB.a U'l, . n Tin It relit afrll. an tha
usually tho cass. When the tight strikes the
nklnof his hands or faco, It looks like marble
of a yellow Ish Huge, brought up to tho highest
poeslble state of polish. Uu lies there ou his
couch Uko a recumbent statue.
Ills health Is good, hu has au excellent ap
petite, and lives withal a hearty life. Cue is
naturally curious to know how his mlcd ts
occupied through all tbo dreary hours. Uu
cannot read, for ho has been totally blind for
thlrtv vcari. Cut oil from that source, he U
I necessarily cast back upon his memory, and ho
I has a moBtwoodtrfulduvelopmcnt of this facul
ty. It Is exceedingly tenacious, uo remem
bers tho most minute and apparently trilling
Incident or clrcnmstancet bus tho cntlro pan,
every (act nnd eveut ln his experience, before
him, i lied up like strata, and summons at will,
or as occasion requires, occurrences which
havo faded from the minds of his friends. Ilia
recollection of localities Is wonder I ul. riaces
;",".. .ui.Bii . irrt I.. (Yir uimrir
, Sii'S??..1: Jffiuif JliX
along so vltld a recollection has he of the
rrlallvu position of things, as bridges, rivers,
..re. Uu Is ery expert at mathematical cumu
lations, and cau with great readiness glte, fur
example, the number of t niaro Inihes In an
I area tne numucr m w noeu icui or ruuo is pivcu
lim ' ( m'w euuir.
I7nr -. ..P,t .,.(, nntfl, ( ....ntuti..,,
?,?i DrfJit O.. 7fl mbUshcd u la boL
Tl tv B ., ' imt,mUul lu lolDoL
., , 1n t ,1,1m hnnnil "
sincomu iamn ui iuu prcoeui luuuiu uuuuc
Since the 1st day of tho present month no one
""' ""-
I A rorrcspondint from Illinois says that "all
tlio illllcrcnt crors bavo been enormous, arid in
ronseiiicnco business or all l.lnda U cxcecil.
ingly brisk Corn tilla from I'm 'Id I at ilfty
unti per bueliil "
tlosatp from the Spanish Court.
A Madrid letter In tho London Dady tt
gives this gossiping account of tho royal fam
ily i
Yeelcrdav f October 10) was the Oueen'e
birthday, when her Most Catholic Majesty Isa
bella Bcgunda ontcred on her thirty-fifth year.
There waa a grand review In the morning of
mo troops composing too garrison or Madrid,
consisting of nineteen battalions of Infantry
and twenty regiments of cavalry and artillery,
with sctcnty-two pieces of cannon, a goodly
force enough, thou eh by no means uniformly
to bo rolled upon ftcr being reviewed In tbe
Prado, the troops marched through the city,
and drilled before the Queen and King at tho
palace. Upon the whole It was a lluo military
display. It was succeeded by a royal recep
tion, wnicn vtodbrllllaoiiyaucnded, and which
occupied the entire afternoon. 1 or the benefit
of tho ladles. It may bo mention e J that the
ijncen uerscu was arrayed in a rose-colored
robe, covered with cholae laee.aod Icspanglcd
with an Immense multitude of diamonds. Iho
Infanta Dona Isabella was In plain while. The
Kins wore tbe uniform oi caMaio-ceneral or
ma Kingdom, ana tno nuio rrinceoi ine s
turlas that of a senrcant of the guard.
lue uaccn orepam is now a lanrc. rottiv
woman, I erhaj s some hat older In appearance
than her years allow, bbe no lunger can bo
said to answer to the description given of her
inirty years ago, in ono of ine popular songs
of the war of the succession, which described
the coutcndlng competitors for the throne of
Bpam i
" 'Don Carlos la a boary chuil,
OI cruel heart and cold,
Bit sab 1 a a lively girl
Of onl) slx)earsotd '
"But the Queen of Spain, though lo lougcr
'a lovely girl,' Is still by no means unattractive.
The photographs aud portraits which arc shown
In shop windows by no means do her Justice.
She has about her a great deil more sparkle,
vlvaelty and good humor than her photographs
allow) Indeed, her distinguished characteristic
is said to be genuine good temper, or, as It baa
been expressed to me, heartiness,' which
galas her a very large share of the aQucllon of
thoso who are privileged to approach her.
"The Queen Is said to bu a very aflecllonate
mother or her children. She has now four of
them threo girls and a boy. The eldeat, the
Infanta Isabella, approaches her tblrteenth
rear, having been born on the 'JOth of Decem
ber. Ib51. She Is an lateretllng young lady.
but Is said to bear herself somewhat more
haughtily than those about her entirely approve.
The l'rlnceof theAeturlas Is the next child,
and ts not yet quite eight. He Is an elegant
out raiuer aeiicaie-woKing Doy, w no seems to
be worn out with state and sudy. lha poor
tittle fellow Is driven through Madrid In a eoach
and six, attended by a guard of honor, almost
every atternion, to the Uetlro, ( a part of tbe
park reserved for tho royal family.) where he
takes pleasure In driving himself about In a
llttlo goat-chaise. He is geaerally accompa
nied by his sister, the Infanta Isabella. The
other royal children, with their nurses, follow
him In another statu carriage d'awn by six
mules, and that Is generally followed by another
similar equipage, lull of ladles and geullemen
In waltlug, so that even tbo poor llttlo Prince's
drire In his goat chaise Is mado a matter of
cojrt ceremony.
'It U airjfcing to sec this procession of
rnucia ana rriocessct going to ine rraao, ioi
lowed by a dm convcwni: four stately soeii
mens of tho genus 'Joaincs,Mn gold cexked
hats and cr million stockluue. who eouvcv
nuia iuu ruyei tiauns io me ueuro mo peram
bulators in vthlch tho younger members of the
rnyai lamm are doomed to take meir airmcs,
"It isobservablo that thu King and Queen
rarely accompany tho royal children. 1 hey
umall take their own separate drive, almost
always in company, but very rarely with any
of tbe royal family with them. Thu King, In
deed, Is said to show very little ittuchmcut to
any of his wife' a oiTsj ring, though at tho same
time he fully recognizes item, and Is at the
present moment. It Is said, especially auxlous
to obtain a decree of the Cortes whereby hu
shall bo appointed n.gcnt In tho event of the
Queen's demise and the succession of lha
l'rlnce of tbo Aklurlus lo thu throne, hclher
this arrangement will bo carried out or not, It
is uiincuib io aay at prcscm. ii ja not until
next year mat ascttieinuntwui Lecomo urgent.
and much will depend upon tho course ol
events and tbe parties who at that time may be
in power,
A BniLLiANT Maid The New York Tribune's
Washington con espondent with thu Armv ol
tho James, under dato of November 5, says
A brilliant llttlo raid has just bcin made into
Charffs City county by Major Stevens and
Lieut. Divcnport, of Gen. Butler's statr, aided
by ono hundred cavalry, 'lhey crossed the
Jameson the 1st Instant, at Bermuda Hundred.
and rodo out Into thu Interior, scouring thu
country cllictually for guerrillas, of whose
presence In that neighborhood they had Intelli
gence, iney una succeeded in capturing thir
teen of tho rascals, burninir two of their head
matters, aud uroucm in boqio tmrtv bead or
sheep, fori) of caulf, and about tweuly borate
aud mules. They had Information beforo re
turning that tho rcUis had started a lar,; a party
oi cat airy in pursuit oi mem, out iney man
ugod to elude them, uud arrived safoly to-day
with ull their I lundcr. Tuuyarc In fluo spirits.
having performed oue of thu neaicol Uttle opt ra
tions oi tueeampaisn.
Iho rebels are shelling Dutch (tap w lib icrcat
fury this evening. Quartermaster Merrill had
a uarrow escape to-day w hilo there from a ahell,
which Ml at his Ra without exploding.
Bnur Onlhursdiyulcht of InUwctk.Win
Parr, resldlmr near John Uatvthrop's, In Har
rison countt, was shot by ono of Capt. Altop's
iiometiuarus. rarr wa siauuiui: in me ironi
door of liawthrop'a house, and tba family were
eating supper when tho fatal lliu occurred.
I'arr was, as w u learn, arrested some months
ago, on suspicion of ollciiec. The arrest took
tdace ut hisown house, and. as itwaanl'ht
the guard determined to rcmaiu all night In
Parr's house. During thu night he escaped,
and kctt out of the w ar of thu Homo (tuards
tho niirat on wmen no was snot, ieeiinj
JnUUtfH i, '".
nouss tlesii banmettook I lace recently
at Ltons. a hrzu number of lucsIs belm:
present, and to them wire scrtcd up no kss
than 11 dishes, all of h irse beef. These were
two soups, hmllli, horso i mode, trulllcd
sausa 'is. iricu urains, non a ruauenne. taull-
Uower, an fus d fw d, eold horse pie, and
other ehetallne delicacies, lhe fare was gen
erally approved Among the guests were mer
chants, manufacturers, professional mcu, jour
nalists, tcterlnarv surgeons, aud rhvskians.
'Ibesu last, It is added, were not numerous
A caiu'Bntsu was reccnllt scared by a casso
wary at the Sydenham Crystal Palace, near
Loudon. Hu was repairing it& houc, aud left
a large basket ol tooli whlk he went in doors
to fetch eocioiblnff. On his return bo missed
a chisel, and supposing somo cute from the
house had taken It, ho was going bak, when
the cassowary approached, and at one ulp
bolted i screw-drltcr and gimlet, white thu
icrrlucd artist in wood bolted nimseii.
fiiu. dauduakt (Ohio) A ;iv says lour more
ot tbe rlilod .Id poundeis, f u tho Cedar Puiut
uaucr) , arrived on i nurs 'ay ou tuu nauaucid
and Newark railroad, aud werubhlppcd tothclr
destination. U also stales that oi tbo sixteen
fuapMuus chnracttrs arrestid ou r r dav latt,
In that city, nine-1 uluuUert J to Join the army,
auu oi i no on juuusoua isianci nay ncioru yt
Kkniivncn L'r.i'Ncns Anion lb
cbinpl Vulon prisoners nctntly arnveil al
Vtv Orleans froni SUreveport anil Alexandria,
l.a ,wiro Llont. J. 1". DavUauil l.Uul. Mlnlllo,
oi lb- ul MarjlauJ tava'r, in 1 lulin Ko'S
, i 'I th ch' ! of li V mkicVatlon
lalllasx tt AfHcsL.
lUi.iFix. Nov. 10. The steamshlD Africa
sailed at midnight for Boston.
Death of a Union Blsctor.
WATxnnrnr. Cok.. Not. 10. Hon- John
P. r.lLon, one of the union elector at larro
chosen on Tucaday, died to-day at 11 o'clock.
AnAr. Nov. 10. There la nothlnc mora
detlnlte to-ntcht as to the result of tho election
In this State than that the Democrats claim It by
a few hundred majority, while the Union U tn
1st they hare carried it by at least 5,000.
Peae) m tha no i-tharn Krontlsr.
Qrintc. Nov. 10. Prominent men front tba
Northern States are here, urging the Cansdlari
(lovcrnment lo energetic co operation with tbo
American authorities to preserve peace on the
frontier, hfflcleul measures on the part of the
Canadian Government bare been taken.
Detention of av Suspscted nlal Fit ate,
AuniMTBiiott. C. W..NOT.10. TheOeor-
giana arrived yesterday. Tbe collector of cus
torn searched her, and fonnd nothing suspi
cious, but dc talus her until fnrthv orders are
received iroin tne uovernment. ine owner is
Indignant, and threatens to claim damages.
Myatatioua I)rowalg
Coroner Bennett, of Bay Ridge, he' iuesL
here to day upon the body of a wot.. about
Lhtrtv-llva vears of ace. with dark brown hair.
good teeth, wearing a black flounced dress and
trilled sleeves. Sho had been ln tbe water
about twelve davs. Yerdlct t "Fonnd
The Sailors' Fair.
BoaTov, Nov. 0. Tho Grand National Sail
ors Fair opened to-oay ai toe Acaucmy oi
Music, with great eclat. There waa a large at
tendance, and among tho notabilities present
wcrevapt. iobow ana iuo uu.twi u. uu
Kearsarge, Capt. Wordcn, Admiral Btrlngham
nd others. .
Addresses were made by Iho Hon. Edward
Everett, Hon. K. C. wiutnrop, uon. it. .
Dana and others. A letter from Secretary
Welles and a telegram from rrcsideni unco in
were received and read.
Pursuit of tha Ts41ahass.
Unai-nx. Sot. U The Boston brig Belma.
from Cuba. arrUed at Holmes1 Hole to-day.
and reports: Nov. 5, when seventy miles south
unnthcast of Wilmlnzton. N. C. saw a United
Slates steamer In chase of another steam sr
burning son coal. Tho two steam era were
about three miles apart.
Tho United States steamer Montlcello, from
Hampton lloads, put Into and sailed from
Holmes' Hole to-day, on a cruise eastward In
search of tbe pirate Tallahassee.
The Kxchang Tn Thousand Prta-
VnuTRcaa Mom rob. Nov. S. Lieut. Col.
Mulford, United States agent for exchange of
prisoners of war, returned to thla port from
Aiken's Landing this afternoon. The Colonel
bad a final Interview with Mr. Unld, tbe rebel
commissioner for exchange, at 10 o'clock last
evening, at which arrangements were com
puted tor an excuaugc oi iu mumiuu yi ta
nners, WniCn Will at UUCQ ua jJiweiwui niun
It baa been known for some lime past that ef
forts were being made to perfect this exchange,
and so anxious have our authorities been, and
so sanguine of success, that thirty five hundred
rcbol prisoners have been waiting ln thla har
tmr mImviM nh!n to be delivered whenever the
time, place, and other details should he con
cluded upon. Some trifling questions have In
tericrcd io aeiay eno excuaugc, buu uuiunviu
interviews between the Union and rebel au
thorltlea havo been necessary, but now every
question Is settled.
As 1 w rite, Col. Mulford Is sailing out of the
harbor with the llrst instalment, bound fur
i avannah, where he will snrrender to the rebels
tho thlrty-tlve hundred now on board ship, and
receive In return ten thousand Union prisoners
from tho rebels. At the same time the rebels
will designate a point on the Mississippi river
where they will receive another lot of their
men now in our hands, to balance the account.
Col. Mulford's fleet .sample to bring back
from tho first Dolnt of exebanire the full num
ber of ten thousand men there to be exchanged.
and Is amply prowslonod and lurnisncd wun
comforts and conveniences for such as may be
sick 1 lie licet consists of tho New York, Col.
Mulford's ship, Atlantic, uaitic, wortnern
i.ifTi.t iiiinnli. Uvluirston. Crescent. Varuua.
General Sodgwlck, Victor, Weybossel, George
Lenry, Karnak, Blackslone, Constitution, Uni
ted StaUs, and General Lyon. Three or four
of these ships will sail from New York, where
they havo been loading with supplies for thu
return oyago. The rest sailed from here in
company this afternoon.
Commission of tha Unltad ata.ts "4
Notice Is hereb alven that the Commission pro-
ided for by the Con. entlon of November 3s, it?,
between the United States and Ecuador, for tho
utual adjustment of claims, was duly organized
at tbe city of c!ut aqutl on tba ISth day of Auxust
last, and that ths said Cumcalsslon will eontinua
in session for the period of twelve months from
that data.
AU citizens of the United Statea bar lor ciaima
upon keuador are, tberelore, notified to appear ln
person, or by attorney, and present tha proofs In
support of tbetr claims to said Commission, or V
ilia tbslr claims and proofs with tha Secretary o(
tba Commission, "Senor Cr Is an to Medlaa," it
Guayaquil, In the RepuUlo of Kouador.
Claims which shall not ne presenteu co cn
Commission wlthia the twelve months it remstis
in existence will be discarded by both Govern
ments, and considered Invalid."
Minister Resident and Commissioner of the Unit-1
WasniROTOH ClTT, October 1, 15S4 oes-w
ArjnTAKTOEEit'i itlrail, i
Wainia.Toi, Much 17, last. )
AU application, for 1..T., of abseae. or !
minion to TUlt Waihlnjto. must be addresMd to
Uajor Genrral B.U.oll, Chief ol Stair, and muit
i-eclly the bu.In.il for whloh th. onlMf dMtre.
lb. ermlnlon. Telegrams addressed dlrert o b.
-errtaryol War on this subjeot will rMlT no
ttteotloo , .
, order .1 th. "'V.'DTt'Un.IND,
mjl-tt A.slstaat A41ut.nl u.a.ral
F r I C I A L
Win DErTMtT,i
AmifViwr flr.ru. I. UlfltK. J
Wahiihotoh, U.C , Nolmtier7, IMS.
Second U.uttntot H. B HumpOilc;, llth l nltod
state, iQlantrr, bavlna been reiiorled at b. hjad-.
muter, of tao arm, lor lallla. to report at Cta-
.....tl, Ohio, ... order.!. "? ,","." 'fK
a. will no recoajinrtii.E' " ": "T:h, tirt
.mice ol tb. Unite J stales, unless, , "Itbta irt.o
dus Irom this d.te.b. .ppear, belor. th.Nllllary
oommUilon la .eilion In this city, ol wbleb. Brlj.
ijlirt.enersl Caldwell, I'nl'el itat.a TOlnnleer..
. "resiJJnl. irJ msae. satisla.tory d.t.nc totb.
charte. aiala.l Mm. D. TOWNSIN D.
ns Assistant Adjutant Osa.ral
No. til Ninth street fVynl" I AV
Conyejancloj. Acnowl.iini"l'. av
torn.T, and all buslMss wrlsiauJI " '
I oM tranauted wltb dispalja. 4 f
Particular attontlon P'W K,', a "! "ls.1 al 1
iMtlon .1 rent. J " .Vb'oHi.sinr.cel.i

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