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Daily national Republican. (Washington, D.C.) 1862-1866, March 02, 1865, SECOND EDITION, EXTRA, Image 2

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B.y.JUjtt90M, KDITOn.
AH LtJrcousWeahlnioa, October 10, 19SI.
Au. fatten relating to tha tubttrtptlon of, tr
adrirtlelng l1h rUryaucAx thftuM t u
cretttd to th pnbllihers. abor.
All Utter e eonmunleitloni Intended for
trohdctttoo. tot In any way relitlnj to th
editorial Cepirtmaat of th piper, ahould b
Bullae .and. other orrespondMt will
graatliobUf th Publlthiri tad Ui Editor by
eomiyug wnkih iwjv mggeiuoa.
T Coaa.trguTi. "o notlM tan be
akat(aCTmultommunlattloit. WW-
trvr I Ut4d for Inssrtloa nail be luthau-
ltlt4..ky.tke tma itd.lddiaai ol tbe wil
f gtatasilrtly lot publltttloa, but M
gaaraatyaf itigtod faith.
We nntt undtrtakt to rtura rejected tra
"TiciVr-TX' Ptcy Affinal gejniViVea it
MWlimUUl ,ceJTU-rl ivtwrttrrl fa lAll
Htg u4 tTtarycftwa it A fit unit ttr mml.
TnURBDATimitiititiimtiMAnCII 3, IMS,
W T authorised to armonneo that Hie
President's afcxt public reception will Uke
pueaatiMKxecnUTauaauoa on Bator
da; ertalag, March 4tb, bctweeo Ihe hour
of eight ead eleven o'clock.
AiurivJu, or tub. vicic pukii.
Dos. Axpaxw ioBxtox, Vlca Pnildent
Jjr anlrfd Intown list eretilng, ami
it .i ml JTi t the JltlrnnNiii..i
sivvci. sua ubbiuiub lyucu linprovcu.
Tha following namail gentlemen accom
pan Vlca Pretldent Johnson, and are at
the KetrppoUtam Brig. Gen. A.C.OIIlem,
Hon. Jimee Fowler, Judge F.mbury, Col,
W. A. Drowning, Col. J. W.Bcnlly.Oipt,
JobnJT. Jimea.Cipt. W. B. Tracy, Llent.
A. K.Wng, and Joseph It. Dlllen.
PKqxOTiqA. nv oiririottitM trpux
Tb Prraldeut bat recommended to tlie
Besala Hey promotion of tho, following
nimeaomccrs upon the stiff orMeut. Oen.
erl Grants
TO BS kfiJOBOStlllllL M urtlVIT.
fclf'Om. Jon. A. Riwllr., V. t, Vo'uo
ttr, fprfklthfal and mtrttoiloiu Mrrtcc, to
data (ran Ttbrnarjr II, I'M.
LUtit. Call. Hmurrorffr, Aia-clerap;
rndarlek'TrMr !), AUa4e-camvi Oitllle
X. SabMik, AId4aetmp TheoJora a,
Bewan,.. a, U. . arDin O . Tajlieri
MlUUrx faafatafl) Adam nudciu, Mllltorj
Marawjijor Jiliniu) aaa Mirltoiloui nr
Tlaa.t'.aat fraa rbruarjr M, ltM.
lo AiicrriaT awirraaraaxxaAL, with
diiuii or M jom.
CapUla Own K. U A. A. 0., to data
10 aa Mlop nr air.rrr.
Captala Patar T. lla.lic.a, Alda- !-rmp, for
f 4lUrul aad aurltorlom tTlir, la Jate fcuin
Tt. , IMS.
Tbe Prealdent baa promoted Major (len.
eraUCehofleld and Uoirard, an followi:
Major Qeneral John M. Bchclleld. Unltwl
Btataa TOlnataan, and captain In the let
UnUad Slatea artillery, to be Ilrlgadlcr
uenenu in ui rrsniar army, la dale from
NoTcnber.30, lBOt, vtct Sheridan, ap
volBtedilalor General.
Major General Oilier O. Howard, Uolted
BlaUaiTOlsntecrf, to bo llilgadler General
id ui iwuiar army, io dale iroru Decem
ber 31, 16M, air lbuniar, appointed Ma
jor General.
Captain ef llabtl leliaaaar under
Ull4 Calara.
The Nary Department bare Information
of the eaptare of (be icbooncr Delia, under
fogltih colon, near Uiy Port, on the ITtli
IntU, by the United Billet etmrr M
baaka, Ueot. Uornmandtr Olhion, com.
mandlni;. Bhe hid a full cargo of pip Kail
and lerera caiet of aabree
Aetlsc Admiral BtrlbllnR, commanding
Ea OnlfEqnadrnu, report! Io tho Navy
Department that on the flri( of February
an expedition left tbe United Stitea bark
Midnight to deitroy tbe lalt work! on
Wert Bay. The expedition returned on
the ith, pf lait month, baling destroyed
the salt work), of 13,015 gallon! of boiling
power, bealdaa 70 bnibeli of lalt, and lai
pound! of Ipaora ialu.
A IfjtTAM. Our reporter wa In error
yealerday la itatlng that Senator Wlleon'i
bill proildlngfor tha muter out of lenlce
of non-commlulonedcniceri and prliatea
who collated' to Bll old regiment! wtt In
opposition to Mr. SUnton'a ilewi. 'J lie
bill waa framed io aa to accord tilth the
rlewa of the BecreUry of War.
Tu cjtt ootunuiit of Hotton bl!
adopijan order for natloual tilutra,
rlngtatpfbeiU, a display or flagi, and
other jmblle deraonitratloua of rrjolclngt
Ucat.,JAHt GvTUiua, Senilor ikct
froaJUalaaar.u altha Malropoll'aa Huttl.
HiaaraMaMaU vara pfratatad Iq lha aate
aau) aftaraooo.
ZlAior. Yari, Uolted States fitnator
laatBnia IlllneU, la at lha Natlanal.
HdaV" oa Wimtwohtit( (' tong
JohaBaaaaar aleet or the next Contrast
fraaa' nOaot; fa at the National.
DOXAjaMcKAifq., the thlp builder,
p, Jiuu ,tapOuT. Of lllluols. ar-
xivaw an fawn ii iu-t. .
"WmtlOtUMuupoti, V. 8. Naval Con
irrtliair!tfaYliisrlatoirHairy.rard4al Oar
kuEES " ,U at 0t)r. Dl7n.ln ln TV.lhln;rton Bf.rBg
r?VVV' -"Jfi?. t- , lforanapjltiata rYoro! Mwsaal Otn-
V, S. VABA'KTaw;-of Botlon, li Inl efal at lioulMloo,- f, msfrtu.-
f I The aboyt slitsmtnt Is a U-rpriily,
Vealcrdtyj creMag, ,ln lha Houte, Mr.
Wllion, from tbe (elect commUtee (o wait
on tbe Pretldent, reported that they1 had
performed that duty, and the following
response was made by tbe Prctldenti
"lltrlnj ttritd four yttrt In the depth! of
afrettaadi-atunudtd niUontlperlJ, 1 eta
rltw tnlt etll to a taeond tarm It no wile
more (littety to aptll thu at an eapretiloa
of the nubile ludtraent (hit I mar bttttr
tlntih adlfflaaltworkvU-Whlthlhiielaberrd
from the Brit, thaa aonM any one leal it
teralf tabooled to the talk. In thlt rlaw,
aid with ttaur4rjtaa oa that Almlxhty
Ruler who hit ta trtaloatlr tnttalnedutthui
(ar,aadwllhtaetiiedratltudoto the (en
arou! P Die for their continued eosnaeae'
Itotept the renewed Irutt wit hlta yet oner
out and perplixUf duties tad rtipOotiliUJ
tie a."
Mr. Wllion itld the commUtee bad not
recalled a reipome from the Vice Preal
dent eltei.
About tbe XltimUta af Rlebmaaa,
Tlie Htehmond papete of the Stfth die-
rssi the eiicnttlon of that city. The Kt-
amlmr bat a two-column editorial on the
eurject, combating Jefferton DaiU'a ideaa
aa glien by blra In a public ipeeeh, that
the enacuatlon of Richmond would not be
lery dltaslroui to the Uonfederaey. Tbe
ramincr belleiee that to abiadon the cap
ital would be to abandon the rebel cause.
Tbe Bmlliulf Jeff. Daila'l organ, at.
tempte to imoothe orer the matter. It
aayt, "on authority and by requeat," "a
great deal of cauteleta dliqulet hi! been
created In our city by loma moiementa
which are purely precautionary, but which
hare been greatly misunderstood or mli
It add! the following significant part
leil will ..A .t.A.t ...M. ..l- H..
. it ... i. nui luuvk I'uid ?ca usi icr.
we would therefore recommend that all
useless end non-combiUut coniutneri be
urged to leave us, that wo may defend the
city to a better adiantage. There It some
atrange faScluatloot about a point of din
ger, which tttrtctt those who but hinder
operations. Let all luch withdraw. A!
for the rest, let us rub up our guns.
Tbo truth It, that the rebels are mtAlug
prrparallona la eracuite when It beeomet
neceeaary. "? --" , " "
I huiij luriii i-f auvu luuviuBiimt
It tallica for " non-combatant consumer!"
to withdraw from the doomed city.
The Aimetser lha HaTy Department.
The Becrclary of the Nary, In response
to Senile resolution aubmltlod by Mr. Hale,
says tint the Department bit been atetillly
milled fur abuses which It could not
wholly prevent, and that Implicated partlc
lure frequently beou the most boisterous
In complaints. lie stitei tbit Inieatlga.
tlors have eientutlod In tbe detection of
extenalre fraud! perpctrifed by certain con
tractor!, and that. In tomo Initancca, offi
cers and employee of the Government
hare been Implicated. There being no law
officer attached to the Department, special
counsel was emplovpd. Col. L. C. Daker,
and subsequently, Col. H. 8. Olcott, con
dueled these InieattgiUoni, which em
braced Inquiries Into abuica and malprac
tices connected with the purchase! for the
Brooklyn, Cbirlettnwn, Portsmouth, Phil
adelphia, and Washington naiy-yardt.
l'roiott marshals, police offlceri, and other
agents bare been employed.
Meain. Franklin Smith and his brother,
Heojamln G. Smith, both contractor!, were
luuunoucd before a roiniultlee of Inquiry
ai wlt,netica, and afterward arrested for
fraudulent practices and arraigned before
a cnurt-msrllal In September last, found
guilty In Jauusry, and sentenced Io line
and Imprisonment. Tbe teallmony In the
case covered twenty-flie pigea of manu
script, and waa printed and largely circu
lated, and Die hundred coplee were or
dered by the Department thlt the Gov
ernment might not bo prejudiced by pub
lic parti lUtementi, persistently, me
llcloutly, and Ignnranlly made, believing
that the publication of tho argument on
onotlde Justified and rendered necessary
the publication of the argument on the
other. These copies were distributed to
members of Congress and olhora, who
were furnished with the argument for the
defence. The expense was 1500. Tbe
Secretary denies that lie hat given Instruc-
tlOLi to employee to Inquire Into the bu--l
tlneaa trintictlnni of any member of cither
House of Congress.
The expenses of "the examination at tho
navy yards were 314,891. Keslltntlon to
the amount of 47,0fll hti been roide by
the person! arretted In consequence of
theto Inquiries, who hue confessed their
guilt. Parties bare also been fined to the
amount of f 73,000
A communication from Assistant Secre
tary Fox to Secretin Wallet It alio nr-
lented. It embodlei a pcrional defettco
against lundrr charirM and allW.llnn.
and glvia the blalory of his attempt to gar-
"'m wu 1'iuviaiua ran cuuiier in looi,
with the otllclal orderi In the cue.
Uov. AxDKiwoxiiisEnuoiTion onm
iNiH'STnUL Cumi,-Mr. Into Newton,
Commliiloner ol the Agrleulturil Deptrt,
meal In the Department of the Interior, In
hi I monthly rcKrt for January, uyi that
"of the official nollcea ratde by the Execu
tives or the different Stitea or the donation
by (Jongrett for tbe utabllthment of In
duilrlil College, we admire and approve
inoit that or Got. Andrew, or Massa
chusetts. It exhibit! genuine lympathy
for the Industrial class, a Just perception
of tbe extent or the Instruction they should
rectlvo, and correct Idea of the mode by
htcn that Instruction msy boat be glveu."
MtaiAciti'iiT-ri usa sojonrnlng lu
Withlngton will meet it their Bute agency
thlt evening to mike arrangement for ap
pearing aa a body In tbe Inauguration pro-
arua,lrn llalna ftkuLa i tl -
""',,,'"' , 7. . "'KC' ,no
manhal for Mauachusetts, hs arrived In
ttinl-ltr. lonLlnir aa finals h. AlA fA... I
--. --, - ."o - j hw ..It. VUI
year ago, when be came on from Uoiton
to act In a tlmlltr capacity. It wai uot
then regarded ai altogether life to appear
In th Inauguration procession.
t inarna'a AtMr aaitvxpit"
UtarsXavra, a. C, Kraewatad.
' ovriciAL Bvuimii.l
a DirtatxraT,
WAsmaoTox, Mirth t. let. (
Matr Cm. bu, Ntw York t
TO! following aitpticn irons ueneru
Olllmor hti been Uinimltted to thl De
Edwin M.Btastit,
Bocreltry of War.
VCA mto, a. &, rak. s. law. r
, tngln, D. C.I
" fb Inspection of the rebel defence of
Chkrlarton ahowi thit we have taken over
favr Aandnd and flTji tiUcrt of ordiuiaee,
being more than double what I first re
ported. ' The lot Include 8 and 10-lnch colnm
Mads, a 'great many 32 and t pounder
rifle, tome 7-Inch Drooka' rlfica, and many
place of foreign make.
" We alio captured eight locomotive
and great number of paateogtr and plat
form can, all In good condition.
" DMertera rwort tnai in tail oi liar-
dV army wa to hive created the Bantee
river yeeterday, bound for Charlotte, N. C.
ana tnai it wa leareo mil onerman naa
atrtldy Intercepted their mareb. It I re
ported, on ilmllar authority, that the latl
of Uood't army, 12,000 tlrong. pitted
tnrougn aczom lait ounaay, tne lvio, on
lu war to ueanreerara.
" Georicetown. B. 0.. has been evaemUd
by the enemy and la now In our potecetlon.
Deterter are coralor U conitantly. We
have over four hundred already.
(Signed) " Q. A. G.llmo,
" Major General Commanding."
COII trllUt ICO.
CIUnFlra TJpon Our Traop fraa
ThtlK lloaaia -Til Heparlad Cap
tar ef Augusta,
Maw Vonx, March !. The ITmli't
Cbirlealon dltpatcb or the 2Cth say otllclal
Intelligence bai been received or the burn-
log of Columbia, by order or Gen. Sher
man, on the 34lh Init. After tbo town
waa taken potclon or by Bloeum, tome
of our troop were fired on from theboube
and levenleen men killed, which led to the
r . -.mmnn tho reported occupa
tion of Augmta by our troops.
Railroad Train Oalajrad by Uutrrlllaa.
Louiiviui. March a. -The midnight
Ntshvllle train hit not yet arrived, now
8) hour behind time.
It Is slid to be dettyed by debris on the
track from a train of rrulgbt cart burned
by guerrilla near Franklin yetterdty.
r.attr frana Kuropa Arrival of the
rmiitiNn, March l.Theiteamer Mora
vian, from Liverpool on the intb ult., via
1-oiidonderry on the ITib, hat arrived.
The hewt from America completely mo
nopullied nubile alfntlon the advlcei
thit a peace conference waa being held
canting great excitement and a depreitlon
In the fundi) but the liter advice, an
nouncing It failure, cauted a reaction,
and tbe decline wa almost recovered.
American stcurltlr tmorored under the
Cimdi'l adrlec, but lha market wai
eaalrr upon tbe reception or tlie Hlbernla't
new i
LoxDoa.Toti. 17 Contoltelottd yetter
dty t8JtS9.
The newi from America or the pete ne
gotiation continue tho domlntnt theme.
Mtnr bellero that the negotiation are not
absolutely broken off, while other accept
the lUteniant that tbey had failed, and
that tbe war mutt go on.
The rebel steamer Stonewall, allot the
Ollude, Wit at Fermi, loaUy. Bhe li
heavily armed, carrying four gone, and la
Iron-plttud four Inches thick. A number
or tbe men of Hie pinto Alabima are
among her crew .
The French Chambers wero opened on
tho'lSlh by a ipeecli from the Krnporor.
ablch wa mainly occupied by dotueatlc
affair. He wai quite tlleol on the Ameri
can question Ae rrcardt Mexico, the
ipeeeh briefly it) a thit tbe throne hn be
come conwiiatiPi tc4 lie country pad
ded, tnd lu omtaerea lad retnuree de
veloped. Ihrauh the bappv effort and
Valor or the toldiera and the gooil ae'nto of
tbe Mexlctn populttlnn ind the lutein
geoce end euergy or the Boverelgn.
Cardinal Wiseman died Fobruiry 13th
Prom Bavattnalfe-Colitnilila a), O , tla-
portta uiirut.
Nur Tokk, March 1. Tho iteamer
Ango, with Savannib advices of the Mth,
bat in 1 veil. The Savannah JItraU con
tain! no military news.
When off Chtrletn harbor on the Sfltb,
the Aragowai Informed thit Columbia, 8.
C, bad been burned, and thlt Anguita,
Georgl. hid been optnred bv our force.
Ub steamer South Carolina wai busy
rescuing cotton from a wrecked blockade-
runner neir rori tiouiine.
The steamer Fox. cantnrrd after tbe
ovicuillon ort'liarleston, hid been aentlo
i'ort itoyit witu tier laiuinie cargo.
A Rata of nupiillt ror Ihiimti,
Fommn Momio. Mirch 1. The
iteamihlp Ariel, from fleaulort, N. C, ar-
rtiea lull auernoin. ono Drtngi no newi
ot Importince except tkit ex'euilve prep.
aratiou are going on ai uoauion tor tne
purpoto or mixing mat puce a general
depot of tnppllei for our armlet operating
In North Cirollna, as, In iletr ot General
Bherinm'i rapid movement northward.
Savannib and Charleston would be un
available ai abate of supplies for hlsirmy.
Rtjielltn of tlta tCntaaelpatlon
Aintadmtat lrnw Jraai-.
Thimton. March 1. Tire conltltfilloaej
amendment prohlbltloir slavery In the
United Stitei wai defeated to-diy by a tie
loto in tne ttouse . i no vote wit au io w.
Tbo election or a United stitei Scuitor
wit postponed till tbo 15th
Tht Uattoa Waol l.
Uoitor, Feb. 23 Osgood A Son sold
at auction to-day 733 ball of the beat
quality of Capo wool, term! cash, fifteen
days, or acceptable Interest-bearing notei
oi aixiy aaji. ine atieuuauco oi Duyert
waa quite lirge, but the price reillied are
ronttdered low. Onu lot of eighteen bilci
brought (Ifit-toTcn cents, but the average
price wai loriy-tevcn io uuy-iour ceuu per
Hill Out in ini Cold. lu a carefu)
article on Sherman' campaign, tbe Army
mI .Vuiy Journal livi: " Ills feint on Au
gutla not only cut off D. II. mil and all
,...,, a,. i..... r',.."
inont from Hoed. The slmultincous
movements on Bnnchvllle aud Charleston
kept apart tb several column or Dceu
regrd and Hardee. Nor wa thl all.
Bhermtu hi actually not onlyoutmirched
bll opponcnu, but by tearing up tbe Au
gusta and'Chavlcalon railroad, be hai left
all tbe Giorgli forces bopaleaaly In bit
reari and theae, which alone cauld have
defeated him, are ai uielea to Beauregard
now M to Ucxtf of Prlc or Migradir,"
- . -jl . 7-71 . fc , -. J 1-
We are requested and authorlied to an-
counce that until further notice the Pretl
dent of tu United Bute will not receive
caller! (except Stephen of tbo Ciblact)
for any purpoto whatever, between the
noin or wrea and .seven o'clock p. m.
The four bonis, within the time desig
nated, 1 a'tutlly required for private
official buslieu and real.
This ml I neecMarUymidelmperaUr,
not only on account of the Increiied ardu
ous public dulle of tho Pretldent, conse
quent upon tbe clMlngof the present Con-
greet and lha preparation of hit Inaugural
Addreti for hli lecond term, but In order
to enible him to procure that rest oecea
try to tbe faithful performtnee Of those
MarahAl'a It.tta.
V. . Maaia
tiL't Orrict, )
' Colvhiia,
ill 10, 105. )
DiaraicTor Co
WtsiitauToa, fiJarshxt
Th followlae aimed (eotltnra havleg been
ippotnted by ma la mutant mirabtls to at
tend on tbe Praildest ot tht Dotted States In
thl prottttloa Iron tl.t Ixeeutlv Mtnalan
to th Ctpttet, ted theeitiinealnof the In
euguretloi, ire requtetid to mat itruy efflte,
4(0 r atrttt, to-morrow, Mireh li, at 11
o'tloak, a in., fur tie purpot of toaipletlar
th needful irrtDicaieatl.
Allother Uilted (ftarta Dfitrlet Mtnhili
trrlvlng t Wainlm loaare krrtby luvtud to
hi preterit, or to report, at th taiUeit uo-
United atttei Marihil, District ( CuUmMi.
vaiTiD irtTri tiAattfAii (airortTen.)
Juhn 1. Kiyei, Mtltathuictta.'
Waa. Mlllw ltd, PhlllJalphU.
B'.lt. Murrty, New folk.
A. C. fltoila, Ohio.
B. merman, Rheds ItlinJ,
Ceae. Clark, Mutt.
Chli; D.e7, ..-Vi...
(trie mil, Ohio.
t'L Jooei, 11 laolt.
Geo. W. rhllllpi. Withlnitoo.
Bobt. Limoo, WatlUogloa.
Wm. A. Mulody, Waihlaiton.
cmiai air (rurntiTiri.)
r.. H. Cltlrtlind, Coeaeetlcut.
i. P Batliolew, Wuhlcnton.
S. r. Iltoieora, WblDtnlI.
Wm atown, Mtlaaehuaetla.
Et Gov. Nawall, Nawiaraey.
Mil. Ca. Jullua bl, New Vjik.
John 5IeMaoui, Pennaylvanla
Franklta Jahnfou, rnamf trtula.
k'rtinim J. MM 'let on, Waihtojlon."
Jaiurs W, Clayton, Mtrltn J.
Dtl.BItkr, Indlini.
W. V. 5alUek, Wlironaln.
C, B. Denle, Callforula.
JulaaDclthay, Xtniti.
B. Via Hlptr, .cw Jartey.
Vdaatd lri, Ptiisa;lrauli.
Drltephenaoa, Indlaoi.
C.,t. w. W. taattli, Iowa.
Jirae t'urrtnt, raaoajtiaata.
Hurl Ihtnall, Nw Talk
Iltir aad Cbroaitl plttaa topy
k Hit I taw 11 l'attaAnl .
F.LSTaam 8ib.Ustkict. The list of
ntme dnwn ror the Eleventh Bnb-Dlilrlct
li crowded out or our columns thltafier
noou by advertisement!.
O N O It IS H I O N A I. ,
Staaad Station.
TjiCntDiT, Msrch 'i, 19(13.
On Mr. Grlmii' mollou, the Naval Com
mittee were dltcharr;d Irom lha couildera
Hon or prtltloni or nival ofllcera praying
Increase of compensation
The report of lha conference committee
on the army appropriation bill (which had
been agrsed to by the House) waa received
and read,
Mr. Tnraibnlt objected to tint provision
which require! tbit no money vxpendid
under the act shall be applied m tbe pay
miatol the Hlloola Central Kallroad for
tbe tranaportatlon of troop and army
The yen and ntvt wern called on the
adoption or the report, and It wit rrjetlij
yen 18, niyi SO.
On motion of Mr. Trumbull, tho Senito
Insisted on It! amendment, and a further
committee or conference appointed.
Mr. Doollltla preaculed the cerllllcato or
electlou ot Mlchiel llahu, u Scuitor elect
front Loulilini.
Mr. Dull objected to the reception of
tbe certlllctte.
On mollou of Mr. Trumbull, the whole
subject waa laid on the tablu.
The consideration or the Internal tax bill
wat resumed.
The pending question wis on tbo propo
sition Increasing the rate of lutttr poatage
from three to tlvo cents after the lit of
July next which waa dlngrccd Io.
Mr. Cox, from the Committee on the
Unlet, reported resolutions providing that
Itule 7 be amended, to as to add to the
Standing committee, to be appointed at
tho commencement or each Congreti, and
to eomltt of nine member each -
Committee on Appropriation! Commit
tee oh lltnklng and Currency, and Com
mittee on the Pacific Hillroad.
This resolution propoee to divide the
dulle of the Committee of Way and
Means The Utter It to like Into consid
eration all report! of tbe Treatury Depart
ment, and inch other propoiltlonsrelitlve
to raiting revenue and providing wiyi and
meant for the lupportoCthe Oovcrnmcul,
a ahtU como In question and be referred
la them by the Homo, and to report their
opinion thereon, by bill or otherwise, at to
thorn thtll teem eipedlent.
Agreed to
The Uouie reaumed from yetterdty tbe
consideration of the bill miking appropri
ations ror certain civil cxpcutei, Including
those ror the llgbt-bouto ctlanllsbincnl,
survey, botanic garden, public bulldiugt,
Tho amendment of Mr. J. C. Alien,
thui ammdod, was rejected.
An amendmiut was added, appropriat
ing 11,000,000 for tbe purchne of the
Merchant' Kxcbingc, New fork, for cut-lotu-boui
purposes, and tulhorlilng the
recreiary ot mo ireuury voteii as pnouc
auction tbe renniylianla lltnk bulldlug,
but not at a lett price than 1110,000.
Dimrir or Mr. J. W. Jikxixos -.Jtr.
Jeaaliit, on of tht belt ol Nr. Urutcr't
totk aompaiiyakea bit banaOl tbla ttenlnj-,
lutha'Tlektl oI-l.Mia-M,"iIl. whttfriu
ippatrlm it Hobwt Urleily. Tht perform
ihm will be aa excellent one, and we hope
tbihtuta will ba Ulad. The daltfeUoa of
ledlioi, who htvt tush pltturttq !,
will atttJ.
Arrantenents for tho Iaatigura
ItoHof (bo I'rcslden, of tbel
rolled 6la(fsroB th" v
Tbe doort of th lentt Chamber will be
opened at II o'elotk, am, fir tht admission
ol fen i ton, and othart who, by thl srilnfO
men: of th nmmltlr, are entitled to Kjralt
iloto, i fbUowi)
Ki-fiaildanti tnd Vie President!.
3heCfclUiiei:M4 AaaotUU Juttlcc ot
th Supreme Court.
Th tlplomatlo Cori, Itetat of Depatl
menlt, Ea-Menbra of el.ker tianclicf Cot
in , aid members ol COnfteia elect.
Offletrs of th Aimy and h'avr, wht, by
nam, htr rtetlnd Iht thlika of Coif reu.
Governors of Itatea tnd Territories of tbe
I'sltn, and rrf-Coveraora of Jltteij Anlittnt
feeretiiltt of Diptr mtatt, tnd the Aitlitiat
Fottniitsri General the Arslitiat Attorat)
Generil, and tht JUitf e Adroett 0nertlthe
Cemptrelletf, Auditors, tnd rtegliurbf the
Treisuryi It Solicitor ( the aerlrtt Be
ptrtmeatiTrtuurtr Commttttonart) Judjei
or IhaFedertl Courtt, ind or Ike Inpnmt
Ceurta r thtetvertl ttittlt the Mayor tit
Waihlngtou ind Oeorfttswa) aad thl tie
partert la tin leatt.
A lief whom will hi adxlttcd at th in
door of the roith wing ot lha Capl'ol.
Tfccftmll of tb DiplontUe Coipawlll
enter it tht cut door of the aetth wtmy of ihe
Caplto7,ind b eonduettd'tdthic'fploaitit
tjtllery. Tt Itdi of th faralljie of the
thtr nerioat umlttad, aa above, to the nooi
of tht senate, will enter at tht time door, koC
be conducted to Hit gtlleiy on lha aouth tide
of thiehtmbrr, oh thl light and Itfl of the
dlplomttle (tlltiy,
A teat will t platld Io fiont of tha ftere
ttry't tibia for tnt PniilurtT of the UMfn!
State. raia.uaar SLaer, tnd, on hit left, or
Iht Committee of Arrtbgemtntt
Xa-rreitdeata and Vice I'rca'dentr, tht Chief
Juit lie ltd Aiioeltte Juttltea of th Supiem
Court, wdl have aeata on the light ef tbe
'ihe Dlplomttle Corpa wllloetupy leOa on
tht right of thl Ctitlr, next to th lupremr
Court. Ileal at rrptlimrot will occupy
itata on the lilt ui th I hair,
OlUsert ol the Amy and Navy who, f
name, htvt rttelved th thanka of Ooogriui
Guvernon of Hitri ted 'Terrltorlei ef tht
1'nloui Ei-Covarnirt of StttaaiAtilittntSec
retarlea of Cepartmoti fha Aailitiol Poat
maatera cicoeral the Aiilitant Attorney Get -erat
and tht Judct Advoeate Gtoinl; Comi.
trollert. Auditors, and Retlitcr of the Tiett
iiryi ...ciio: l ... k. veral Cenaitmenti
..uuimiaaiunrrai jtviiuri . b-..y -.m-
Mtyorief Waihlrgton and ntoigetown will
ee jpr aeata on the light and left of the male
Meaibera of Congreia, and member eloct,
will enter the lentte Chnmber by tht mile
rntrtnee, an.l w.ll nccup) tettt on the loft of
Hit llialr.
The othor gtllertea will bo reu rved for l-
dtea, who wilt enter the I apltol from thater
raen, by the prtuelpal wei'ern il'i ir of the
eentrtl hulldlog, nnd bs eooductrd to Iht gat
lily of the fentte.
Ihe Rutundo ihtll be c'oit.1, and the p
aag-i leading Iberito kept clear.
Tha other iIjou ted entrtrcet ti tho rnpl
trl, exerp' thoio to he r ucder thttar
rtbicement, will be ktptclotcit.
AI II O't UCk tb fait lirHT, fAEIIPEVr
rLUT, tacftmptnled bytwo mfutWrtof the
Cnniiult'taoi Arrtugeoittta, will pirctd In
a ear il it to tha cut door of IL nonk wlrg
of the Capitol, and enlertog their, villi pt
teedtothe rtrainrai'a room.
Tht VucTiuinuT Ki.riTwltlbACor
panl'd to ih taultol bv ruruUr of the
Commit! u Arrpgemnta, and rendoetea
to tbt Vli r-PHcaiueii't room, an.l tiler.
wtrJa into the Senate Chtraher, where the
oith or irnca will le admlntatered to htu L
the Vin ramniiiT.
Tl Milomatla L'orpi a.t tb Jmtleea el
th Supieme Court will cater the entte
chiuiheraftw niluuti befureth PaaiiogaT
an tr.
he "enata will alsrmbleit twelve o'elotk
The fciiata being ready fur hit recaption,
mt rnriiniKr, rxinT m llt, will hi la
t oriuc d ry th Committee ol Aiiaigeioea'i
loth seat pieparcd lor hint la th Knate
Tlioie anembled iu Ihe 'intra I lumber
will then pioceM to lha platform oa tbe nee
trtl portKo ol tbe Capitol, In Ihe ro lowlcg
onler t
The Manhal of Ihe Ulittlct el CoUkiMi.
llx-IVcaldeotaauilix-Vicv fret! nla.
Th Silprtxe lourt at tha Cc.tad Statel.
The Sorgeant-it-Armirth aeniUi.
1 he Cuaialttt of Ai rangriweuta.
Tbi I'acsincar ol the United tutri, th
PriurNr hut.
The Virx.rLsiiiLnrad the teeiettty ol
the 3 iiata,
Tht Mecbtlt of tho Iteite.
Th lI Inmattt Oerj .
Ileaili ol Pepaitmeutti Goveraort of f-tttee
tud Trrrltorlnf the Mayoia of Watblnatno
and Go ilg towo, And other pertont who have
bctu admitted tothc floor of tht Senate Cliam
ter. ' On reicilng the portico, the PuriiiiK t,
Pa elUEfT El.tnT,wllIlaketl.raet piovlde
tot ttlm on tht front of the plMlo m.
TLe Comaiitlae ot Arittia.mcnti wll' oo-
tupy a poiltloo In th rear ol tne rnEiiuxjiT,
rilllHi KT ELllT.
htxt In tht rer of thtie, Kx-rtritdentt and
Ex-Vioi rro.ldtbtl, and thl Chief Juttlio and
AtiocltteJutliit ot th bupretn Court, will
rceupy Hit icali en the left, and Ih ici
I'aitnicxT, iecrtttry, tnd Mcinbera of tht
Irntte, thme en tbt right,
lha 1) plomatle Corpa Mill oceipy tbatiiti
net' !a tlie tetr of Ihe Suptemi Ciurti llaada
ot bepit'menti, Cover no n, and ICx-Gortr-aori
of Mulct, Kk-Memhiri of tho fentte,
Mewberr, kx-Memben, tnd llleubert ect ol
the House ol Representative!, In tht l ear if
the Mimbect of th fenatt.
luch uthtr pertoat it ar Included la th
piceedlog tmngemeatt will ovoujy the itep
tud Ihe teildu of the pitleo.
All being la retdlien, th oath of oQlce wll
be idmiclileiedU) the raiuumr imct by
tht Chief Juatl a.
On tha eonslu Ion ol th rnillm'i til
dren the Mtinten vl tht Senate, prrdtCtd ty
tht ic l'eiiiPKiiT,MeretKi), d Seigeant-at-Armi,
will teturn toth enMe Cliaubeit
and the ramncNT, leeceipantcd by th Com.
mttter of Mracgemcntt, will pioceed to lb
FaiiDEKT'i Huuie.
The Sergeantat-Arrts of th Senate, Ih
Marehtl of the llstrltt, and th Ceiiiala
itonar ol 1'ublle lliilldtoia, ar ahargtd with
th e-aiultuu ot theae ttraogliuiuli, and,
aided by the relle or th Capitol, wl h inch
adetarhnivut ef military fuica aa raay l de
tailed by th Mcrttliy of War, mil prrierv
All horsea aod cairlsgei, oicept Ihoi used
In conveying ixnoni to tea eaililaoralla
noithwlag of Ih Carltol, willbe txtluded
from tht lapliol iquair.
Should Iht weather iinveantarortble,!!!
cerirui'uy of the laiuturalton will tike plac
la tht Steal Chftrebtr.
La Favitte S. Fosieii,
J. R. DoOMT-ILt,
I D. llii, nil,
CointuUt of Arrogeiufitt.
Appllistloe should bt ravda tq tht feigetut-at-Aimt
of th United SlalM final lor tarda
admitting th famlllea of lulli asar en
titled to adulation " to the Senate Cham ttr,
. "KtltaoOl,' fi'lhi now terra applied
to bounty-Jumpers In Uooiler-dom
The Rebel Panic
Tho Air of Bichmond Filled
with Alarm'fng RumoiB.
PruLiDiu-niA. March 3 A special
Washington dlspitch to (he lMlrttn eaysr
"The lUcbmOnd Enquirer editorially f ijsi
The air li filled with alarming ramort.
Every fear hit, found a voice, and every
ear I opened to lha tale It tellst meaeurc
of precaution art construed I presgo dli
aster. Got. 'Brown Is elltoililly attacked by
th WM and AVqMrer.
The proceedliign of tbo rebel Cnnjiross
ara unimportant.
(Coatuued frtm a r fiiat allt: )
Bixtn TVaiYi)" Til Blxih lub-dlttrlct.
omprlttrg ill Iht kiilh ward it tbli eltv,
waa cut drgxn. 'the numhar enrolled la
tan ward It cine knotted aod tlghtetn. Tht
dtfletenty la tb tjuoti t th ward wat one
hundrtdntUilrti-lnt,iki tie a.!ditli l
oe hundred per cent , aitklcg th who'e
nurfir.tr oiva.lto aanurru auu lavcutj
ltil. aa fill .wil
, Peter (TMley, 19) Li Thq Lttslncir, I, bet
11 h .n.niht Duilal Ttltltama. CLat Ith ltd
.lth OrltCdo Bowie, SI 7tH Geo Miller,
loth or Gi Jsllah enable, Va iva ted 7h
Mirk niehaf ion, o, he I E tnd Gi Jeioue
Mnort, Mi.1.1 lieubtnStklo. M, W tnd "!
(harlti V.ailltg. tin, Del u ara i. avri
tilth a recti 'wtlllia XRolitltl. Ill U stleel
;no I' ree,n.hit I h gndllhi Jm klon, Uu,
het Kind 01 Jd II Oedton. Ith and L. Ifenrv
llleka, Ta are, bl -h uJ lotbi Joo Parr. no
SU.I Thointa (,lvrki. lltb bet I an I K Tkoa
Rate'trte, IHl, n aad C Wm ThltieU, I'a are,
bit lltb sod ISth) Teter Taltarull, Sill stln
Jao lent, lot L Jap Scott, hat lib aitiu,,
Clem Jenklql, Kail Capitol, bit Tthlrdaih!
Joirph Dorsay. 'Ish, nil Va av tnd (ii Mr
AraniUoor, C. bet Ilth and ISth) tint Kalley,
5Id ave, hl 1 Jth andlllbi Jtmet llevlni, il
I'hind7tl4 llaery rrrguaon, rear 107 Li Joi
i Gordon, IUi, bet M Hi Jao (rif. B J, t hi
1 Iowa, B.h.O toil Hi JCoktry,M,lltb llthi
tamiitl Arnold, 7th, let O and L'i Jjlm vvilk.
eiain,7ih bal II and li Alfred Sfa It, V av,
uatlUiaallOibtJio w Iiemttn, roth andCi
Cllaton Veiialbloo, O.bet toth inl llthi I has
ilurgeii, Md it tnd tlh Iwlt lath, Kavy
i am hilh Mlekacl Shar. Mil av. bat srh ami
.."'-Vrf sTr,i''...'H',j J" fA." 7ih,
nr jiui'i'r. -i'i, , orkriifBl II wnnii
Jocei, B, ltt h tod Thi Jairei O'.Vetl lltb,
bet A and 111 Mraea Miller, Md ar, ht th and
II In Joo s Clatke, O, bet ih aid 7hi W II
l.ynp, Va ir, b t lib and Itbi W T h via, eth
and Ki Henry C llugete, G, bet Utti ami uUu
Jrlll Uaiimu, kaiorr hoil llllllhoirllek.il,
lOth.btlM and Ni llvmliler vtitkine nth
Imt II and C Mer-olat Dryan F aril Gi Svmui-l
IlIIII, II handvaVJelIeiaoaChaie, I Land
Mi V, m JJuller, I h, pel E Canltol and Ai Geo
L Fockuightm, 7lh and Li William f;irr.tl,
COdlrhi Vvju keyn.ildi, Pa av led aih itrca.i
N'laon Xelr, llfh I and C iiuei C.iwci, r
av andSthl J'-rry Miles, U an bnk,iritr av
id and t'bj Tolly Turner, O between 4tu ltd
thi vVm Jarvli,4lh Q aid South CArolitaari
MOaPl Turner, 17h U aud Cl Jno A Snilth, 7tb
e iv nl l. Chat Culeuan, til ith 1 hoa.ii
leallh, K ItlliaudU'di) IWUrtSuni,!. li ran
G lli.ry JllriCr.N Skill. ai Wmval,llh
r. aid ('; Jauea u Cullii, G av It cd lulki
Joo J Walih, L between Ilk and7th Thvau
Buckrr, UMtween I h and 1 Ii Hearreulll
van, Ulh F- A' d Md a thonaa lack iln 11
aeit Ct Michael Clear' , 177 Gi Jlin Klpi- r Ta
av dull ind li h MilUp KlwooC, b I ai d 111
J i.Welch, Ntvy-yarlt Urn S,i-cden,U lotlu
Wni oJai, a, tlh tmUlhi Jiaaea MiCllli
mm I'll, G and k'Jnn Tiding, ith near Li Jrt
Htmia, Md av, h ind 7tb Clurlrt Oilorii,
It, tsthtndll hlUeniga A 'wilt, til K Wlu
tUnlatr. E. I!l and 7tht Wm Hill, UUyseir
i ttiv tnd !ih JVDi llaara, Ltttoln niin
I.. I Ja r Douober, th,bef - L av aid J7l
Henry flnchard, Navy-lard hllli bimnrl
T7innia,4l7 l Ihouat IT radgctt, Ith. bit M
anil Jv lliniy gimmes, 7! 1 1th George Lusty
nth, tetM andRiJui J lw,ie. Mil, e. .'u
l'iJoBrieey, 13thnd C' Ktbeel B Wll.
son, a, Inland lihilirael Summeia, nth,bsi
A aid Hi Comttlua Kibaidt, Ulli.blt I) mi y i
lleniy crater, SUtihJno I' Haul, nil,, Ik-IIi
tnd C Jamet MMtliewi, ISth itrtl, I rtwren
Kiel U tutitiiJaaaluriihy, mil, iih an -li
(.in lloppel, isa lth I am I Cu'i'ta, C, ink am
1-bi I'AUiat Kinnciy, 67 (J Holt! Hioidan,
III lu KaodOi Jaaturt, I, IJ.IiaiU lltln Win
Kay, , SUl aadl h laiat lutwlitla, 7ih, 11
aoit t Vm Jhnsiiii, 7lh, (1 si.d Jrasa
sekenod, G, erbaiid7 bl ihlmta fetalis, til
Ki IVm A lli'ireb. Itlri, It sEd (. i llepi,en
aryiiolJi. w.al of Lai-varOi llllp alier
womt, Vli Mt John llrooki, 391 L Geo 1 rut
kltl, lu.h, Band I I JUinMI'a Buer, e Cap aod
AI Sin.l Witaiin, lotb, M awl Ni llii.i IV una,
l.bfl eih andl'bi Jai llolroyd, IX, Sin and! In
lieu K It g, 4lh, G and S l ainllaa a ve J J ,iei.h,
am, near Va ve J lluikkault, ll,.li and1:h
Joiph tiaderlch, llih a. d iq Jei Ibeliou, II
atl Jlh and lit' . Gen Jvlirimli, Htb, tet Gand
l IVlt'k lliticuir.lth an 11 Lai areiMlrhael
Sllkll, A, bltS.1 aud lh ll.u y Lni, 11 a I. ,
Lawls Keidel, Navy VatrliJai W Jtlnii, IOI K
ckat Slme, U lat till aiuo h vvtrit. ludK
wty, l.h an Gi Ihoa A 1claon,IJI C Jamea
Laiti.cr. Ulh. bet M a.d Ni Mcnv M Liocl, '
1 h Wl VaaveandUiJia Lainn. tutlthi Wn
Llreti, Slh, net K t ap and M John ehlrlcy,
4J5 L. lbi llot'1-ll n,Jl Li AOdw TV kelley,
Darinoluw'a wfiiTli'lboN LouU,K,bAt ir R a
Sihl eoloirt uWiliou, II btt t.Ji aud 7;b, Wri
Fiailh, K nth ltd lltiii J Conner, riivy S irrl
Jtmea Wiihlnetoo, eth anrt Pi teorge Mi-llt.
mi ton iiihi wiiiiam it urnei, tetn
John LlLdll.P. llth Mil III rh.rt.a W 1. .
Ilth B and C Samuel qi ea, rear 40 7lh John I
u.vii, o u u iuu vi I1.HIIU Aoraiiaui, nil, u
aud t'llhoaiai Abraham, Ilth 11 tint ti Ihe a
Lynch, 4h Uirid f I I Freecurter, Th bm Li
Jal.oK dwell, 7ih,betG aLdi that t;ii.,
L,twthind7th Hull Webiwr, mh, ttr K
ad Li John Robiy.M, bat Ilth andlllbi Iltu
on Duvall, N av. bet th and 1 01 hi Jaa Uote
ler, A, bet lihind eihi Wm Swyer, IIS 7ab
Mr Pluikcr, ft tu inJ Ithi Jio Cook, sth tud
Li Jpo Gatea,S7 10th Ce'i Morgan, Ga iv and
nilif Geo Pickerel, loin, bet M ind N, J no l)e
.MalK.B h tnd li Lemuel Gatei, 6.h iub-,lii-trleti
llenrv Uilan. havv.vaidi Thni Tmmr.
s b, btt L ind M Richard Xettkley. M, bi
ilk and7lhi Juhn Lai.lur, nh Mitt c art
Jno Town, 71b, tit E and L Mr Ltlalugi r, lit
iwiojonti, bit mat 4 u niLiuioo, loth, bet
k!d Gi lleniy Hatrll, 10 h, ttlweoa Baud
Ci Philip Hntshtissi, O, btt llihand tttbi
Maontia riakcrty. ir ntir D Edwaid Joan,
Ltnsolu hoipiuli Jcrrmlak winna. llh I ant
Ki puBrowo, I Ith Bard ijJaaca Bailer, ilk
Caad D stephea riumi.ll. lO'h ted G. Jne
Mcbolaoa, 1 13 h ind lllhi Ficd Baker, cor K
nd 1th) nul Lee, tetany kaiptttli Oannta
0'Uarj,4lh Gaud II, ivm Willi, 64j4Uicnti
Maiccllua Mirceroo, Ilth M tud Si Camertu
I) Mollis, .Narl-iarti c B Lushr,7th G and
K'i Jno JJoswilI, Slh ind G Fotler Glllsri, lU
Li laml Wnlhtietmer, loo sth Rlehar Law.
son. luiU ltd Ei Lemuel Barnia, Market esaia
K and L Wllllom f Bura-t, or Bamea, 47 J L
J llowar.i Lareond, Fourtun Ulwee I) and K
Emeat Luekett, Va ive, bal I h tnd linhi
Luka tl llaini, 117 Li Ihcodol Imltb, I, btt
II h ind lllht John crawfotd. llh, bet u aLd
l Iltat Cummlcgt, lotk and Gl lvi Wm
Cowan, 4S7 Ll liliaant i Donovan, K, bat Sth
aed 0 hi rhillii Currldon,ri7th Hen; Jliim-
iMirpar. ,llh.bt MBOd Nt Frank AMI. n. l.t.
oolu lioaplt7i Jaa A Dunnlcgum, 170, 4tk inl.
Iioanlta'.! Jaa A uunnicatou. I7n. 4th an,
Ithl CUclaike. bth.txt B and Ci Juha let -
aiae, u, res imu bcq ia-i, imueiemt!lwBd, i
to Ithi John Lutbr.S.b. Pel Gand Malted
Cord,iM7ihiJaiBri Taylor, lllh, tat M ami
M 1 uratoa Johnson, Koitryhusp'ti '.iuJ.r.
Tic, 4tk aad Gl J is C Cborwr, Sib, bet lib tnd G.
JBonla Lomsx. lllev. tet llh at.ii Lit , n.
Jacobs, Va ivt, tat ith md Sth Henty a r-
riry . reu av Li Lewi Shoe maker. 7ih md Gi
rinkCutklngham, alunhouiei Ilenry fiay
lor, loth, 3.1 M aud Ni nut oil Iivrr, ii 1 hi
Joi v Jarvll, 4I-K Ldwird Mrbilrr tn l
jatiea jiaics, am, nil u ani Ci Jofto ruweia,
lb, bet Aim B Fiiwar lootae, , hct Lib
audit hi Simuei Lueai, It an, ' f DsJi ,
Jiaua H tllltoa. Ith Ul O and r arel Baiil
B.rklty, no L George to. k, Tu.f bet h and
aCavil MltbBelFiti(erad,MX Jamea Me
LXsqavtd, Ilth, M and Oi Wm f Brow, tlh kk'i
G and Di OUrer Jouuion, G. hl 4 h md a b i
ixiauuok GiiBbattlaari Ei Geurg Han.
Md aii bet Itlh and llthi Gtorgt Waihlnston,
wit tr it I0.hgnlnetr Corps) lint) allb.
mm&mu ..... . mmumwuaa bi.b. Bin. nK
iXAiGfrr'dVwV. KVuv: liiit
rilib, Davit Murray. Matkel epver k lmiuiii DVaiihaSi V't
L Ihctaaa klrlii, A and Bll. Jauea T Lottn, .. A., 'l,,El ,,,H ",'i,,bI,"!"n .' i- 'SJ
I.lc..lu ho.pitall litbert Wilson, Kmniy l.X'. I V.'. . Vh', Wh ."."..' 'JV't' A D" ,8Sl
mtvl, T Ui.nej, 1.1-ieom hoip.t.i. Jonn t ,,.. t-llkuLliiV! ,";"' " t1
land, K mil md IJ'hi Thoi ronwav.ao lit,. " ,ltt"' '' '!.,.1V "
S.M tb led 7th Jio 11 Clitoa, Kj oil nth
and lllhi Mlihul lk,u. ait Vi-TVl' ' L
fc..ir:.iv: ir...v "7.-.7"."j
flIIoIden ao.aodllth CroeallB. Ctir.
sto.b.t Oand IiSniettMtdcn, Coast rnrvrr!
V ,DX .A4'e,r twlt, Emery HmptiJ',
Btjj vV Moo A, S h tnd llh Jotiph Brown.'
Md at; and lib Wat Farrow l. lib laaTtj,.
rtter lygjn, s-c, x, and M Waahlndoa Mi'
ton. Aindllfci DnjBfti4iiia4K.
ACBDf tlinil llf.n In ill. v.H h.u a h
-WV...H., ,u .., vmt .u ui, iuji wm nriH.
C-irkOm strga--e)r pleeiMt?ru't'
Mareeroa. Jiraea C Dull, a elstk in tha tti
Sirnrvx CocnT or Tn Uxrmn Btiti.
March 2, UK On motion of Mr. Jnima. fg
Mueblca. tin . of Z-outalaea. waa aAmmi
mi itlorner and aoUasftjlor of tkl otirti i , ,
ro. s7j. in MiiweuKi ana Minnesota Rtli.
riadt'o ,tt,al , A. Fleming arpellantt.vi.Ju.
T.0-uttrr,su vlvrr.kt. lhaartnmealof tktt
eauaa waa onne uded by Mr Carpenter for tb
rn.-,S. Wm. rreabdrn, at al pllltlfft In
errcr, vs. H Bla-tln lulib.tt. al. Thitciut
wi irtued by Mr. O'Connor and Mr. Car I It a
for the ptelntitTi In error, and by Mr. Cop lor
Iherieteodtnti in error, . ., ,
AHJourned uuill to-morrow at 11 o'elotk.
Tin Draft To-Monxow. To-morrow
the remtlntng tub d'ttrltlt, which ara tea
xiTtith, Klghtk, Kloth aad Twelfth, will pa
n-Alltutlwa, aVata Ward atk
rttr tin rLe.lfcmwltbatottIf THIS
r.VKMh.O.lKo'tlotk at Toraar Hail, ataaar
Mttne avrnja aad Fout-aaOa-ltall trtt,
Membert f th Club r arneaUy requeatcd
to b present, t builncti of Important It t
b lriiitleb r -? it
rj- Aiaaelated RnvvlVaaof lhaAVar
ol isn. Menbrrt el Iht Aiir-etatloo.'wltk
thtlr eoeksdri an bidgai, will aiMaklata
th wMtptrl of ih thtll. lactcnAatory.il Pott
niB.a v.piTimei.pa la morniDgnr laiua,
DAT NEXT,tht tth of MirthTaO o'tioikfta
iimaa IMpartmefil.pntktnornlDgnf SATPR.
um i A -,na imoi marto. Bl w B'tlQIK,ia
unit In th cemmoete nf Tktf lnaararatfm
nf tkrth.ai Llrnla, rreetdtati aad Aad.-atp
Johnion, Via Piendtat ttlh Called llAles,
Dr order of tb rratriot.
JAMES LAtRIMON, Secretary.
gj-laaugiirailon Hall. Tbt flail
atatlag nf tbe lor Commttta will ba held
atll.e Ullon League Hill tnTRIDATEVIN
IM; it rlkl o'tloik.a.A InU ltaaaaaelt
rtqu-.led. JAalXa GALWAV,
nu.a-7i Chairman.
E7"Oflltir who ilttlr MRttaraw
prti'iied led cnmriCATtl ar ko-idtit-Ebxissproiitatlrrroiurpdtahouldaall
"Clam taJ Collecllou Houi "of Mtltger,
tlrlhlea A SunptA, ro. Ill rennsylvaala
avemrie, oypoilt Wlltarta' Ifotat,' where all
Jail elalme agalaat lb Dotted Stat arpprr
ecu led, atht-tta
tl-rlotta..' Aa oar OBIe wilt ba
el 'sed on SATURDAY, tho lib mat., all aote
t,.ilini mitmlnr on teat day ahouldb al
ien', e ta tb day pravlrus. , . ,
whs 1 X COOKE A CO.
I. n-Klrit.1aiUuaHBajvla.Br Waealaw.
L".r?;.,?'''??''"i.P' c'. Mh..J This
Mm..n wti, l'i vi.7, iiTf Tf r.l WIIST pail,
Msrih 4. AllnntetwrdrttmilurlogoirSTT--day
and thpJnll'wlngsty,(SUDAy,)hol4
b pal I t'RIOA ., tbe IJ lutaat.
mhf-lt Cnhler.
gw-N a 1 1 a . rtn mora Addilloaal
t'eketa for laira will l arl J. The tlektti of
ilmtiilnD for gtntlemea will Intlud any
number of lidtai. ' '
r.rlleiharlrrrme'jaied lad.ee' Itikst will
rave the money rafundtd.
Oy order of th aupervlaary eoremltieei
ml-tl B. it. PRErCM.Chtlirnift.
rt" Kvr York Slat oUlaiV Aimy
leinotM to o. 11 V ttreet, between 1 welfMi
ad Thirteenth atreett. All Information of
internl or value to tha inMlets of Ntw Ttrk
nr their ftl'nli. fnrnlilwd'gratultoutly npoa
ppllettino at thrlrntwroomt,ltkrla per
ann rby Itttrr. tin 71J r etrret, btwa
Tweltih sn-t ThlitttnVist:tti.
lalilntMf "
" U-lIaak or Ilia Sratropblia, Waib.
isaran Citt, Maicb I, 113 Tlili Sink will
I piloted en SATUHDvT next. Ihttlhlml,
ml iHinteaerilralta filling due oatkatday
hoiiU m titpuded to va Friday ptittalag.
Br un ti ,f llotrd .
mhl-tl MOTV.S KBtLT. CXakHr.
lCp-,ttlBul laaugnrallaa BalU--
Tur filliiwlr.g.naciea pen. ins will constitute
tht toiumittcr to receive th ft'ildem, mem.
I en i.r tbt cabinet, and Kortlrn Minuter at
Iht balli
lion M. s. WIlklEioa,
lion. Tm. Sprsgu,
Hin Henry a Lane,
oi iu nnnir or PErMiavTiTivrs.
Ho i. Augustus Frank,
II n Jnbii A Kmou,
I'oh. lanes K Moorhrid,
oi Tlir aaMf.
MM" Grucrvl C U. Angur,
Mijor Gereial W. . llanerck.
or the kavv.
Rear dmiral I. M. Goldabcrougb,
orn r. , lore Henry A Wlte.
ThereeepMen will lake plaetattbelaveath
alt.at mil ai.ee In tbo Patent otllat.
U. 'er ol lb t.inarvlaoryeAunittte,
rihl tf JJ. H. FAKSCH, Ckalrmta.
Vt"Th piibll ar liaraby jrtps
fuile in 'in.. I tiat market will b bald at
lerl-p Mvikp .n I'KlUAT AFrrHNUON,
March si, Instead of Sttiirittv moialag.
iiKrnx LY1.ICS,
Clerk Centre Market,
f Waaler C'liapil, carnar ath aad K
StllKKIn. A UR. -Ml CONCERT will b
given on I RIOAT HIUHT, U March, lie, by
ih.' Cbolr, niU'ed b) eminent tmitejlrt. sc
lhttelectinutpf th Chnrutet QmrtH'es,
Dii'le, lrloi, ind foot ara silk tbolMel
iharae'er 'Itrkeraltrenta. faba7-!t
IT- Tlikitafop tna Konadrr Cbarah
Fin tval tobrsl'ied .1 th prinotptl kookt
tlBitiou Iht vnu and f math UMt.l
" r-1- HBlr-tlr'taaluV Mr. II. Phlllppl,
rHt, w,.. Dices LaUlea'llalr during lb
day tad treclngt, it
fal-lm III reeaaylviali Avcaa.
(Star tad Ckronltla anpr.) -TLTThrOrairKBjtMSrthBlllUar
I'AL t-IIUHl II, earner ol G and Fuuitatxath
atret't, la auw peu. lb ludltnte room kat
beta beautifully decorated and irrtngtd with
ep.e'tl reaard in tht eouvenltat of vUltort.
i her will bt act! Inttramtatal and rotij
muils etth tvolug.
A eieit va itly of Interesting ittristloal
ssn bt sxptctpit, lnstrtdtng short off-hind ad
itrearra from prrmlcrnt me. itillifrom Ik
Eolshu Ttwplar aod Gl Club! our ltv.
rjr-l'arilat, llall. XVeddiags-Sbnr-
f rn'n TMftiHiraarr I S'lla'niigSloai
I aai new prepared tofurnlah la thibeit
F eneh atyle, and my own luperlntendcaea,'
Tar lei, Wai dings, tndnlhet eateltalaaeatl,
ri noil r.aaiia"la teraa Th kl Siah I
C'jnle 'I iveiy aiwaya on hand, rrivtla Dia m 1
nera and aupnera lurntahtd as my aiaoo.
(Touutrr oil, it ar. I ririleiitteod
ijuuirr uit.i ar. I ririuiiieoiiBUiMa in
ihoiteii nilla. lee Cream and Waktr ipI
"'IB m. acr,in 4wai-, m ambib mi iBBy
n, 'u u, ,ur I !.. wiu.ii.i j.,,.-.
t3- UB.at"iriktl"aIllltrr ataia
Atjuitv ReHoval. On and ltg MONDAY,
Jaauary 1st, IS, th Manaehnaalta Stat
Agency wm occupy It icwrooat lath
fipaaf Itiulltgtiuer building, aeeoid flor,toratr
I evetthia I Uiuetti, WiikUgtan, I). C.
.Jaaiachiiietts toldltrt tod tltlLeaaara tap
Atvlct and MiltUac give wllhaut (barge.
4. it.tr ueur. IVil. and Stat' Atrat.
J- 'nat Want-Tlil lUhKtPMri U
Ih Nahial Rrruiuoia la-tu Twit
Maid, vfca iav been oeslected by former
firntie. ind wna Jtslrt io continue, will
ple.it (cat their croers it th Book aoq i
Periodical note of EDvv,ARDrv7AITa No.
I11X reftatyivBuia avau, Utwea Bavia't
taeatb sal Jagbteolhvtitt. and they wild
be itrrid ptemrtly tad rgulry, aovx-t
t VaII..I.Ii-.I.w Ib ... a...

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