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w. j. MUKiAoa a pp., ruBUfluiaEL
I wJ AU UXH TOB mxE. Asba-
AM UCOT-WMttO, OetobST I, !"
A .letters Mating to ike tubeertptlon of, or
adrerUaieg U, tha Mm licab thould be ad
Created le tbe publishers, m shore.
All letters or eommunleatlone Intended for
pobiloaUon, or U tar way witting to tbe
editorial depart tnt of the paper, thould be
uaniw to lha editor, m above.
Bostaeea and other eorrespoadtntt will
Te CouxaroanuTO-Ho notise tan tx
akanetan ymouaeomtinnliAtiots. Whet
erar at tnttaded let Insertion moat b authen
icated bytha mom and addieaaof the wrl
atnot netteaarily lor publication, but at a
guaranty f Ita food faith.
Weeanatt Undertake to return rejected torn
Hc-ncs - u DtBf JVeffentf tqniMfcvn U
annUM t cattart U nttcrunt la Mu
swy and Cssryttewa l 4I crni per mutt.
I bare contUntly been, am now, and
ball continue ready to receive any agent
whom be, (Jefferson Dsvls,) or any other
Influential person now resisting the na
tional authority, may Informally tend to
me wttA fksrira qfteeurtngfHan lo On peepU
A. Lr-ootrr.
Three things are tndltpesitbl, to will
1. The restoration of the national au
thority throughout all tbe States.
3. JVb netting by the Executive of the
United Btatet, on iAt et-e y rusiflon, from
the poaltlon attumed thereon In the late
annual message to Congress, and In pre
ceding document!.
3. No cessation of bostllllles short of sn
end of tbe war, and Ike disbanding of all
forces hostile to the Government .
All propositions not Inconsistent with
tho above, will be considered and passed
upon In a spirit of sincere liberality.
AUABAat j-incouc,
fEtf-trf! e fctfi- He PrniinlltF. P.
uuir, ar.,ns At-cmery &fwars.
TUESDAXimiiimtimiiiiHAKCn 31, 1B65,
The public will be gratified to learn that
tbe arrangements heretofore existing be
tween the Treasury Department and the
General Subscription Agent will be con
tinued for the ssle of tbe new series of
7-50 cotes, which will bear date Jane 15,
IMS, and will contltt of an Ittue of three
hundred millions, payablo three yeara after
date, with the privilege of converilon, at
maturity, Into I-SO gold-bearing tlx per
cent, bonds.
Those notes will be tbe tsme ss the prea
ent series In all respects except at to date
of Ittse and maturity. More extcntlve
arrangements than those heretofore -Tilt
ing have been made for the mor ;nertl
diffusion and popularisation of the loan,
and It It Intended that the field shall cm
trace much wider circuit. Under the
new arrangement the States on the Pacific
slope of the continent, California, Oregon,
and their younger slitert, will be visited
by speclsl egentt acting In conjunction
with tbe eminent express and banking
bouse of Wills, Faboo A Co , which bss
offices at orer three hundred points in the
Pacific States, Agents bate been alto dis
patched to the Bouth Atlantle and Gulf
seaboard, who will visit all the elllet re
claimed from rebeldom, and Introduce
Into tboae communities the new Govern
meat loan.
The withdrawal of large amounts of
money la subscriptions to this popular
loan might, under ordinary circumstances,
produce stringency in tbe money market
which would check the demand for tbe
loan ltselfi butthls will be guarded against
by the wise precautionary arrangementa
made by the Treasury Department, acting
In conjunction with the War Department,
Iy which the Stream of dltbnrtemenla on
account of army contractt, pty of soldiers,
Ac, will keep psce with the absorption of
tbe enrreneey In subscriptions.
Disbursing officers are authorised, under
tbe new regulation!, to draw directly on
the depositary bankt on account of dis
bursements. These checks entering Into
the dally exchanges will obvlste the neces
sity, In many Instances, of large drafts of
currency which would otherwlte be un
avoidable. Especlslly will this be tho case
In the cities of Boston, Pbllsdelphls, and
Baltimore, where these disbursement! are
nruslly Urge. Tbe current of subicrlp
tlons and payments being thus regularly
established, the volume of currency In cir
culation will be kept at a fixed point, and
will not b liable U tbe violent contractions
prinddes expansions that would result
from b policy of withdrawing large
Btnoants, allowing tbem to accumulate and
then throwing tbtm back, in heavy pay.
meats, at tbe principal disbursing points.
It Is confidently expected that the ar
rangtsnenlt for agencies In the Pacific
GtBtM will open market for Government
ilea thst has been hitherto untouched.
ani will break down the barrier now ex-
Itling between the commercial communi
ties or tbe Atlantic and ricUo Btates,
created by the dissimilarity of their cir
culating medium, California and the other
Pacific Blatea recognizing only gold and
illrcr Inordinary commercial traniactlom,
while in the Atlantic Stale all business la
conducted on a paper currency but. It
la not unreasonable to hope that thtt may
aid In the gradual return to a tpecte bull.
Bnbtcrlpllona now foot up at-tlio rata of
a hundred million per month, and al
though thty may be temporarily retarded
by the prtTtlllng dlttnrbance In the New
York atock and gold market, that effect
can only be temporary In It character,
One great beauly of the preicnt tyilem of
popular subscriptions It that It It diffused
0Y so wide an extent of territory, that
cautea temporarily affecting aubtcrlptlona
In a given locality bare no effect on re
moter localities Thnt, while there may
be a falling off In Eaatern aubtcrlptlona,
tboae from the Weal continue unabated
"db.for.tU, e.u.eof thedecilneln the
aemana can negro to operate in ine west.
the msrkets tn tb. East will bave recovered
their tone.
Important Order.
In contequence of the Impotlllont prsc.
tlted by embalmert upon persons whose
relative hare fallen tn onr armies, the
Secretary of War has ordered thst no oue
hereafter be permitted to embalm or re
move the bodies of deceased officers or
soldiers untett by special license of the
Provott Marshal of the Army, Department,
or District In which the bodies may be.
Proroat Marshals are ordered to restrict
disinterment! to seasons when they csn be
made without endangering the health of
the troopt) to grant licenses only to such
persons as furnlth proof of tklll and abll
lty aa embalmert, and to require bonds for
the faithful performance of the ordera
glveni to establish a scale of prices by
which embalmert shall be gorernid, with
such other regulation! at will bett protect
the Inlertile of the frlenda and relative of
deceased toldlert. All applicants for 11
cente mutt apply direct te the Provoet
Marshal of the Army or Department In
which they with to pursue their business,
submitting In dltllnct termt the process
adopted by them, material nted, length of
time lie prcservatlreeffecta can ke relied
on, and tucb other Information at may be
necessary to establish their proficiency and
Medlcat Directors are alto ordered to
giro tuch asalttance in the examination of
these applications aa may be required by
Piotoet Marshall
Spring Proalieta.
The spring fcthcts appear to be moro
general and dlsattroua than hare been
known for severs! yesrs. The principal
titers In all parti of the country teem to
Join In a nnlTerial " uprltlng."
The flood In the Susquehanna river It
rapidly tubtldlng. Communication wllh
Pittsburg and the West by wsy of the
Northern Central and Pennsylvania rail
roads has been fully rc-eittbllthed, and
the trslnt are running on schedule time.
Pollabd's Nbw lloox The "new and
InUreatiot; book1 eontalatof the oUerva-
tlona In the North of Edward A. rollard, one
eMht edllora of the Mchmond L'sawiln-r, late
ly releaied from Fort Warren, la adrertlaed
In the lUiaoumd papert In the fvllowlnr man
Thlt reeord of the wrltei'a captivity arronls
an exhibition of moral aipeeta of the war
which art, Indeed, the molt Intrrritlaf part
of Ita hlatoryi and what he oWiarred In an In
terral of parolt, eitandlnr oftr aeverai
months, In which time he has the opportunity
ofyliltlnf the principal cttlea of the North
ana oMeimnfian intiini into laaxeepomua
and toeltly, may hare a raltie to thoie many
puioae In tne Confederate statca who drake
to know the rial temper and polltlial dtilf ua
of the North
The followlnf labia of eonlenta tlrra sn
Idea ol ths rsrlous featurea of latereit in thlt
new and attraetlrs book:
Ch. I. nunnlnrtre Dloikade. The"Orav-
hound'1 railing the DloakaIe Uoea rhe
capture Yankee uouriecy urr rorweaa
Ch. IICurloalUH of the Yankee Block-ade-Coriaaponilanea
wtth Lord Lyoni, fci.
Ch. Ill A Week In fWnn. lotro.lucllon
ta the United Stataa Mratial A FutlllTe
SUts la tbe atrteta of Doatoai Two Sueeta.
alea A rtrtia of Saeaaatonlila In the " Hub of
tha UnWaraa "
Ch. IV-Commitment te Fort Warren
Horrortoima i ansae oaauie ioriuraoi"A
Brutal Villain" A Letter to seirttary WtlUi.
CD. v. Journal rioist in rrlton. Freloua
Trlbateaof tjaipatbr Portrait of the Tan
kao A New Kt gland sheoherd Xutfrrlnsa
sad Ra&ictlius fourth of July In Fort War
ren. en. Tl journal noiaa uooiiDUta.-i.ire in
the Caeematee How the Yankeaa Treat For
eigners southern MArlitoeraat'f Frlantla In
Ooatsn Masiaahaaetta "Chivalry" "Hare
we a tiovcrnmeat"!
Ch. Vll.-Xfilaedea In Prlion A Counill In
tha Caiamatea Au Attlmpt tn Xtiajie.
en. viii. journal rioiea. oijr Anair wim
Lord Lyoaa Ended Ths Ntsiare rail.' Bub
ble Comloitlng Words How Vying rrlaou
cra are Treated
Ch. IX. Jfmvnll Nnlna ftintlmiai1 A Van.
kta'a Confaealoni Coaftserat civilisation
A -lUaH Ul U.X Mli" IH U .laiUD BICKOCBa
and Redactions la Frlion Famale Phlloiophy
on tha War.
Ch. X. Out of rrlloo Mr Parale Mr Boa.
I.. Dan. f. .!,. a1n Ti.bu IIm.iuIi.m . -1
.VI. a ii a. -.. ... a a n.uiw-,. w M
Liaiiar irom iioaujn Jvoie worua on "reace
Nrgotlatlona" Waiting.
Ch. Xl Partita and Unlnlona in the North
Vtf aboud Kclghti of SScelils.
m. All. ina inii vainidi ma nillltary
Situation la tho North The qqeitlon of Ku
duranaa on tbe Halt of tha Confedaraar.
Ck. Mil Journal Nolea, Letter Irom a
Catholls Friend An Kvemng Party In Brook
jn rolltloal Preaching Heoega It Virgin
tana. Ch. XIV. A Comparative View of North
ern Deipotlara. The Hecordof Mr. LlncoU'a
Ch. XVFrom New York lo Fortreia Mon
rot. l wo Davtln Ililtlmtra A Dtt ef no
ruauae raptaln "rurrar" Tbe Negro Settle
ment at Fortreia Monroe.
ch. XVI. A Day with Ueoaral Vutlar. The
CivlllieUon and Poetrv of tha "a nttaFv iaim.
minion" General uutler'a Pblloaophr sod
"LltUe Btortei." '
en. xvii. on parole inForlnta Monree.
A Iltsolleetlon of General Fill Lea A Dllter
Dliappolntmant Letter from a Catholic Moth
art 1 MtmotU.
Ch. XVIII Cloie and Solltarr Confinement.
Ufa In a Guard-bos Memorable lunarlaga
A Ollmpaa of Uom.
ra. jaix-iA Mroea in ina lasjraa i-inaa
Around lllahmoiLd.The Plaaaura Party oa
the Rlrer Queaa" Central Butltr Arouatd
and Profane Vnnkea War CortHpondenca"
ai nesoquaners mannci oi u lanxrn
Armyi Nagro toldiart Tsakaa umairs on
tubjati(caM Oiaojal Dutlai'a Tribute ta
Oaoarat Lw How I made B Marrow kcatape
te Blabaiond.
..CbXX--ioma RiflHtlont.- The Hep of
Ut Ooalldtraiy,
Oorreipondanee or uenerala ! and
, nicnnDHiii ii raarvn la, ivai.
nikt Snula and llaun of Itrprtinltllrrn
I herewith transmit for jour Informaiton
copies of the correspondence referred to In
my message of thlt date, In regard to the
propoied conference lo adjntt terrrt of
peace oy meant or a military conrennon.
Jxrrinton Davis,
lsi iiii or oraxniL it. i. us.
td March, iscs. I
Lhvlenanl Otnrrat L S. Orsnr, Ceomarurffis
InUtt Slutt Atvtltii
Oencral Lieutenant General Longttfeet
has Informed me that, in a recent center
tatlon between blmtelf and Major General
Ord, as to the possibility of arriving at
satisfactory adjustment of the present un
happy dltflcultlct, by mesnt of s military
convention, General Ord titled that If I
desired to have .an Interview with you on
the eubject, jon would not decline, provi
ded I hid authority to act Sincerely
detlring to leave nothing untried which
(. nnl an anil in ll I miff rt .
M J fl.. u vuu .u u .lauilhtU VI .TBI,
I propose lo meet you at inch convenient
time andplacoat ion mar doalEnate. with
the hope that upon an Interchange nf
Ticwa, it may ie iouna practicaoie to tuu
mil the tubjecta of conttoversr between
tne uoiiigereuu to a convention or the
kind mentioned.
In such event. I am authorised to do
whatever the remit of the proposed Inter
view msy rcnucr ncccsssry or aaviaahie.
Should jou accede to this proportion, f
wouta tuggut mat II agrueaulo lo you, we
moot at the place selected by Genersls Ord
and Loneilrsct for the Interview, at 11 a.
m., on Mooday next.
Vary retjKjclfully, yourobedltnttervtnt,
(Binned) It. E. Lis, Uenoral.
Official copyr
(Signed) C. B. VeisbLx, A. A. (.
Ilesdqusrters, Msrcb 7, ltXtt.
Marab 4, 1 Mo ,
Gen. II. r. Lre, Vammnnilng C S Jrmint
Omskali Your two letters of the 20th
Init. were received yetterdsy. In regard
to any apprehended mltundertttndlng In
reference to the exchsnge of political pris
oners, I think there need be none. Geo.
Ord or Ocn. Iongttreet hnvo probably mis
understood whst I ttld lo the former on the
tublcct, or I may havo failed to make my
tell understood, possibly
A few dsys before the Interview between
Gens Longttreet and Ord, I had received
a dlipslch from Ocn. Huffman, Commis
sary Ucneral of Prleoueri.ettllng In tub
ttance thtt all prltonertof wsr who were
or bsd been In close confinement or inns,
whether under charcea or sentences, had
been ordered to City Point for exchange. I
forwarded the substance of thsl dltpstch lo
Lieut. Col Mulfom, Assistant Agent of
Exchange, and presumed It probable that
he had communicated It to Col. Robert
Onld. A day or two after an offen ler, wbo
waa neither a prisoner of war nor a politi
cal prisoner, wss exiculed, alter a fair and
Impartial trial, and In accordance with the
laws of wsr and the usage of civilised na
tions, it wst In explanation or this class
of cases I told Uen. Ord to speak to Gen .
llolerenco to my letter of February 10th
will show my undcnUn Jluf on the subject
or releasing political or cmzeu prisoncri.
In resard to meeting you-on tbe 6th Intl.,
I would state that I have no authority to
accede to your proposition tor a conference
on me tuojcci propoied. Bach anmoriiy
It vested In the President or the United
Btstes alone.
General Ord could only have mesnt thst
I would not refute sn interview on any sub-
jwi wii nuiui A Halo iia. t.f uvv, nuiiu,
of course, would be such at are purely of
a military cnaractcr, anaon a tniijnct oi ex
change, which hat been entrusted to me.
I hsvo the honor lo bo. very respectfully.
your obedient arrrant,
(Signed) U. B UnAirr, Lieut. Ocn.
HictiMonn. Va., FabiuarySS, leso.
(Ven. Jt Let, CommMniinff, 4 e t
General Yon will learn by tho letter of
General Longttreet the result of bis second
Interview with General Ord. Tho point as
lo whether yourself or General Grant should
Invite the other to a conference It not
worth dltcuttlog. If yon think the elate
ments of Genersl Ord render It probably
useful that the conference tuggetted thould
be had, you may proceed at you prefer,
and are clothed with all Ihu eupplemenlal
authority you msy need In tbe considera
tion of any proposition for a military con
vention, or the annolntmenl of a cornmls
tloner lo enter Into tueh an arrangement
aa will cause at least temporary suspen
lion of hoitllitlet Very truly; yours,
(Signed) JarrxiiioN Davis.
Attack upon Mobile The Ilebal Cln-
nl llludman .tilled.
Nbw Yore, March SO. New Orleans
papers have boi'n received. Tho J'ktiyunr
extra, of Saturday last, aaja, on Saturday
lstl an attack wat made on two balterlet
defending Mobile bay by the monltora
Two of iheni tllencod the batteries, dri
ving the men from their guns.
It It reported thai the rebel General
Illndman, while en routo to Mexico, waa
thot by peraont unknown, but tuppoeed to
be Confederates, between Oakham and the
lllo Grandu. lie had a number of wagons
snd ambulances frilgbted with tobscco,
and It It supposed he had In addition con-
siderauie plate ana corn. When killed he
was In advance, of the train
A Henaatlon Iteport.
The Parle correspondent of the New
Tork Timtt gives publicity lo a report
which promliea a tentttlon equal lo the
famout light of tbo Keantrge and Ala
bama. At a rebel council compoaodof
the chief emissaries or the conreoerscy,
ana wnicu ciotea us eiitiogt at rant on
the 3d Intlant, It la understood thtt a de
cision was come to, authorising Page, the
commander of the ram Stonewall, to
attack the United Stales licet In Ferrol
Harbor. That fleet it compotcd of the
Niagara, the Sacratuento, and, ll It pre
turned, the Iroquolt. There are, at all
evente, Ihrco of eur national vettelt watch
Inir the Btonewall tn Ferrol Harbor These
vessels are bravely manned, aro snbject to
the orders of a commander, CapL Craven,
who will take up the challeugo the mo
ment It Is s-tvsn. Such an eoeairement as
la anticipated would of course bo a viola
tion of the neutral rights of Bpslu, but If
the rebels commence the light theru w 111
be no alternative left Capt Crateu but to
return ihelr lire
W. I,. Cuakdlbh, Eiq., Solicitor of the
Navy Department, .eaterday entered upou
the dlicharga of tb dutlea of that paiitlon.
CoMuietioriBB l.awia hat gone on a
Wilt to renniylrania. During hla abaenre
Mr. ftoltlm, deputy eomrntiiloacr, will oe
cupy hit chair.
Libut. Col. TnsoDoHa rtasD, Pcnutyt
vanla, hat been appointed Aulita.t Adjutant
Uaseral, army ol tha Jamea.
Capt. CninLBS B. ATcniNtOV, Third
D. i. Infsotry, hai beta aiilgned to duty as
Ald-dc-Camp on tha ttan of Major Oeneral
First Lieut. G W Jambs, Fifly-fourtb
Maaaaehuialta eoloriS volunteert, haa been
appointed Ald-de-Camp on Oeneral Vllmort's
Captain 8ILAI II. BwBlTLiKD, Com'
miliary of lubaliienae, tried aad convicted
on the thargt of fraud, hat been tenteaeed to
be cashiered with Ion ol all pay and allseva
aaaesnowaueorioDecemeuuri to ot nnea
(S noa) live thousand dollem to be Imprlr
nt4 lor one ytar la tht Albany Pcnlttallari'
poun o'cr-ooic. p.m.
Dsclaler b; tho Second Cdmptrallar
The Second Comptroller baa decided
that "when It la clear that a man (toldler)
Intended to desert, "an order from a Oen
eral offlcercannot give to a deserter mon
ey belonging by law lo the P-Vcd Btstes
'She pay and altowan es of thla man
up tn the time of , hit return were forfeited
and cannot be paid except In violation of
regulations having the farce of law, he
having been to Ions absent at to show thst
he wss deserter both In rsct ana in
Tbe case upon which the decision was
made Is thin A toldler deserted January
29, 1SC3, and returned lo regiment April
4, IBM. lie wat latt paid to October 81,
1EC3. He was reslored to duty without
trial, with lots of psy and allowances only
dmlng period of absence, snd claimed pay,
Ac, from date of latt payment to date of
desertion. But the Comptroller bss de
cided aa above.
TblUcrmai Upira Ilivrara!
Mr. Grover baa completed arrangements
for the appearance of tbe tplendld German
opera troupe undtr hit ntnegement, at
Plttaburg, next Monday, otenlDg Coute
quently our readert mnit beware of losing
these latt golden opportunities for enjoy
ing the moit ported operatic performances
ever given In this city.
Rational naakCarriaay,
Daring the week ending Saturday, tbe
amount of national currency issued was
3,!M4,4tO, msklng the total amount now
In circulation 11M,7K3,M0
TtBMir ron Colobid Dnirria Mas.
In tho proceedings of tbe Botrd ef Com
mon Council, publlthed on our first psge,
will be found a menage from the Msyor In
relation to the bill for the benefit of drafted
men, In which, among other things, he
tuggeett that provltlon thonld be made for
that clan of colored penoni wbo, by pay
ing taxes to the Corporation, contribute a
part of the meana for Iho relief of others.
The mettsge wst referred to the Commit
tee of Waya and Meant, and a report It
expected on Wednesdsy evening, to which
time the two Bosrdt havo adjourned. Tbe
metttge of the Mayor will repay a careful
perusal -
MrrnoroUTAK Kailboad. The Hoard
of Common Council lut evening defested
the propositions of the Botrd of Aldermen
upon tbe subject of tho Metropolitan rail
road, 'f he Joint resolution Introduced by
Mr Ctcrmchlo In tbo upper Board waa re
ferred, which dltpotet of the tabject, at
the Legislature of Maryland adjourut on
Friday, and no report on the resolution
can be made before that time.
1 he Aldermen resolution to appoint a
committee to urge the patttge of ibe bill
to re-Incorporate the railroad before the
LegliMure wst then rejected.
Cuu-ixa Ann Watxbiko tub Stubbts .
Tbe bill Introduced by Councilman
Owbn, on Monday week, for the cleaning
and watering of Pcnnijlvanla avenue, be
tween First and Fifteenth atreeta west,
wss reported lsst evening by Mr Labxbh,
from Iho Committee on Improvements, and
passed Thla It a ttep In the right direc
tion, and It It horodlhat the bill will toon
become a law.
An Appeal for Colored Troopt.
TLe following appetri In the Richmond
ptpert of the 18th Inil.i
CoLOLiu Tnoort An ApriAL to tob
Peoplb or Viboikia It wilt be teen by
the order of the secretary of war. pub
lltbcd above, that tbe undersigned have
been authorised to proceed at once with tbe
organisation or companies composed of
persons oi color, irco ana sieve, wno are
willing to volunteer under the recent acts
of Congress and tho Legltltture of Vir
ginia, it la well known to the country
that lien. Lee naa evincca tue aeepeet in
terest on this subject, and that be rnrardi
prompt action In thla matter, as vitally
important 10 ine country id a icuer aa
dreitod to Llont. Gen. Kwell. dated March
10th, he tavi t " 1 bopo It will be round
practicable to ratio a coutlderable force. In
Itlcbmond. I attach great
Importance to tne reauu ni tne nrtt experi
ment, and nothing thould bu left undone
ta make It tuccettfal The tooner thlt
can be accompllthed the better."
The undersigned hsve caitbllthed a ran
dexvout on Twenty-drit, between Main
and Cary ttreeti, st the building known at
"Sinllh't fectoryi" and every arrangement
baa been made to securo the comfort of the
new recruits, and In prepare them for ter
vlce. It It recommended that each recruit
bo furnished, when practicable, with a
gray Jacket and pants, cap and blanket.
ana a gooa atrvicesoie pair or tnoetj out
no delay thould take place In forwarding
the recruits In order to obtain these arti
cles. I, Tbe government!, Confederate and State,
K.-..Ih.. .-11.1 tha ..aII. - ..l..lk
thtt element of strength, and thla class of
our population having given repeated evi
dence of their willingness to tske up arms
In tha defence of their homes, It Is believed
thst It is only necettarx to put tha matter
UaVlllll aini.llMa UH aji;w u. CUIHIW1IUK
before thtm In a proper light to cause
them to rally with enthutlatm for the
preservation or the noroea in wnicn iney
have found contentment and happlnwi,
and to tavo iheinielvee and their race
from the barbarous cruelty Invariably
practised upon them by a perfidious
enemy cisimlug lo be Incur menas.
Will not the people of Virginia, In thla
hour of peril and danger, promptly re
spond to the call of our loved Geueral-ln-Chief,
and the demandaof the Confederate
and State government!'
Will ihoto who hare freely given their
tont aud brothers, their money and their
property, to the achievement of tbe liber
ties of Ihelr country, now hold back from
the came their lervantt, who csn well be
ipereu, ana w bo will gladly aio in uring
Ing thla fearful war lo a epeedy aud glo
rloui termination I
Let every man In the Slate conildcr him
aelf a rccrulllog offlcer, and enter at once
upon the duly of aiding In the organise -
lion of tlili lorce, by tending forward ic-
crutts to thti rendeirous.
Every contlderstloo of patriotism, tbe
Independence of our country, the safety of
our homes, tbe hspptneas of our families,
and the sanctity of osr firesides, sU prompt
to Immediate and eitergoiio action for the
defence of the country. Let the people
I...I l.a f ana In Ik ani.t.M inlnlha.l.lin.
of duty, and our Independence wlU be
speedily eeenred, and peace be restored
within our borders.
MsJ. P. A 0 B
MaJ.P A 0 B
WU. WW M.U IUU.UIW.. WMW H. .u Vl.tUll
Rebel Reports and Rebel Lies
The Richmond Smltnet of the 20lh IntU,
titles thtt "four Dlvlttont of General
SrmtvATi'i army were repulsed near Fay.
ottevllte on the 10th Instant, with heavy
Thlt Mttemcnt, we happen to know, Is
very much like tbe "whipping" BninxA
gol In hit msrcb through Georgia. It will
be remembered that the rebel papers hsd
It thst Bobbkam was repulsed about every
ten miles Irom the time he left Atlanta
until be reached Bavannah, when In fact,
aa It turned out, he wat not so much at
favored with a respectable sVlrmlib
The Government haa reliable Informa
tion that the repulse of Soikuam's three
dlvltlont, reported by the Ktvtiul, a
Later newt, received by the Government,
of General BnskMAM'a movement!, will
.howthsthel. triumphantly "marching
Tho English Talking about a
Fight with America.
John Dull Begins lo Smell Yankee
Niw Yorx, March 31 .The steamship
City of London, with Liverpool dates t
the 8th aad Queenstown on the (lb, baa
arrived. It It reported that Louis Napo
leon wat firmly rctolyed on maintaining
the empire of Mexico and me honor of tbe
French flag.
The London Star repudiates the rumors
of possible wsr between England and
America. The French mlnltlcr of public
Inttructlon tendert hla resignation bnt
Napoleon rofotea to accept.
Liverpool cotton exportert' mtrket flat
Manchester market tteady. lireaditnflt
quiet and ttetdy. Provision! dull. Lard
Loxdok, March B. Conaoli I'JQSSJ
for money.
The Timet aaytt "The tlgnt of tbe con
federate exbaunloB have brought ua to
that turning point which places ut within
tight of the final scene and the part we
shall be called on to play In It It the
Federtl Government to maintain a qusrrel
with F.nglandln the shape of claims which
tho does 'not acknowledge T
Tho question we have to addrees our
selves to Is simply whether they can go to
war with a fair prospect of success. If
they can, they certainly will."
Tbe Tlmei argues that the Washington
Government will show Us wisdom by not
attacking Immediately upon the restora
tion of peace, but It will bo for English
ittlesmun, at tho proper time, to tee thst
iho qusrrel is not allowed to hang over
until It suits the American convenience
The Tinifi' city article alludea lo the
probablo shipment of gold to New Tork,
owing to declines In exchange
M. De Montholon hat been appointed
French Mlnhter to Washington, and M.
Dtno to Mexico.
The New York iol tail Block Mar
kit Tba tips and Downs laal Nlgllt
unit To-day.
Nbw Yobk, March 31. At Gallagher'a
exchange 'ait night gold was at 159; old
B 20'a 03i 10-4011 001 1 New York Central
lOOji Krieousi iinnaon iwi Keauingwi
Michigan Central WJi Michigan Southern
o'.i; Illlnola Central 100. The attendance
wat very large, and the excitement Intenie.
Gold, after the call, sold down to IMJ, but
rallied to 1&0J, and closed al 1M..
12 30 p. m., March 21 Tho greatest
excitement pruvslls In Wsll street to-dsy
The prices stlhlt hour range at follows:
R-VOt, 10J.
10-40s, 80.
New York Central, 100
Erie, CO.
Hudson, 00.
Resdlog, 97. '
Mlchlgtn Southern, M.
Gold opened at 1115. and told dawn lo
1M, and al half pan two thlt afternoon
was 157J.
Tb Uraat Flood Mlltlona of Prop
erty Dtttroyod.
PiTTsnurto, March 30. Telegraphic
communication wllh OH city not being re
established we can give but meagre de
tail! of losses by tbelate flood The total
loss It Immente, being moderately esti
mated at ovor two raiiuona oi aonars. uil
city waa completely flooded. Many bull
neit otUcei were floated away by the water
which rose with unprecedented rapidity.
All the bottom lands above Oil city were,
submerged, and McCllntock and Oil city
bridges over Oil creek, and Franklin bridge
over French creek were carried away
Derricka and banka containing a large
qusntlty of oil camo down, and the river
waa bltck wllh floating barrels, most of
Ih.m fllliul att!t nil. llnnt. Ot. hinti wmp.
1 tad evidences of wrcckt. All the townt
along the Allegheny river were Innndatod.
' A considerable quantity of oil In barrelt
' eddies below thlt city, and left aground by
1 the receding waters at the mouth of Lewli-
i will no rmuTciu'j, uatio iiua.ou iuiu .uo
ley creek. It ta estimated that one bun-
dred tbouiand dollars' worth of properly
' was wsibcd ashore. The lance Held of
Manchester was entirely covered with oil
' barrel!, and oue piece of bottom land, a
short distance below, about twenty acres
In extern, Is covered from alx to eight feet
i with oil barrels sud lumber In s confuted
' . -
The Plttihnnr DewsDSDere also eay that
the flood In the Allegheny attained a helghtb
Of thirty one feet bine Inebea.
Th tmilre nortlon tf Plltabnrtr' lvltur
along the' tlver bank from that point to
LawrcnoerllU It Inuhdtted, Including ma
chine tbopt, fouuanet, saw mint, eic. un
Duqucsne's way. below St. Clair street,
there It Immense lost and Injury to atock,
machinery, foundries, michlne shops, roll
ing mUlt, nail factories and glass works.
Tbe Allegheny gat work are under
water, and theccltv therefore In darkness.
Trie Military Committee on Jan. Davit
' 'In the rebel nonseofBepresentatlvet.on
Friday, Mr. J'ngh, of Alabama, on the part
of the Military Commlttoe, submitted a re
port In relation lo that portion of the Pree
Ident't metttge relttlng to military affalrt,
which had becrrrefeirea to that committee.
Tbe committee found but two measures
tuggetted In tbe metttge for recruiting tbe
lit. A law of s few llnea repealing all
clait exemptloni.
2d. A gentral mllltla law
Tbe report ttalcd that the law of exemp
tion! bad been thoroughly contldered, and
the committee had reported a bill which
waa finally laid aside, and a bill patted by
the Honte repealing the "fifteen negro"
exemption and reducing and restricting Ibe
number of exemptloni and details, while
a few class exemptions are allowed. Tbe
recommendation of the President to abolish
all class exemptions, and to confer upon
him alone tbe unlimited power of detail.
presents tbe question whether representa
tives of the people or the Executive ehslj
decide what persons shall constitute the
army In the Held, and what persona shall
log all classes, Individuals, and avoca'
tlons to the exclusive control of tba Exec,
btlve Department of the Government, ex
perlence has demonilrtted tbst tbe lower
or aetau, aa nereioiore exercisea, naa ai-
roraea more unnecessary immnnuy irom
military aervtce than the well-guarded
leirlslat Ion unon tba tnblect of exemptloni.
The committee entertained the opinion
that terlout abutea bad been developed
under the listens of detail that thlt opin
ion waa general, and tended to create dis
content and Jealousy In the army, which
It waa advitaoie to aoate oy runner nmi
tatlont of the power.
The second measure recommended by
lha President, and deemed by him " the
measure most needed st tbe present time
for affording a most effective Increase to
our military strength, It a general mllltla
law." This subject waa contldered by the
committee at an early period of the session
snd a bill prepared In pursuance of the rec
ommendsllons of tbe President's message.
After mature deliberation, It waa decided
unnecesssry and Inexpedient. A minority
of the committee were willing to organise
tbe mllltla of the States, whatever It might
Consist of, and authorise tbe President to
Csll such orgsnlxstlont Into the military
lervloe of the confederate Btatet, Irrespec
tive of Bute lines, and, therefore, favored
tbe bill referred to, though they did not
cuntlder Its patttge ol prime Importance.
Congress bad placed at tbe disposal of
tne rreainent an mate ptrtona oetween tne
agea of IT and SO, and the committee
coma not tee wntt advantage coma ante
from the paissge of a general mllltla law,
but were of the opinion that the lower
would be mere efficient In the hands of tbe
Governors of the Btstes. Co far aa the
location of placing negroes In the service.
aa aoiaiers, waa conceruea, tne committee
Insisted tbst tbe President himself and bis
war minl-ter bad both declared against Its
Immediate expediency at the beginning of
the session, hence It was not earlier con
tldered. LOCAL. NEWS
IirnnisTtva Occahok. Flan iYs ltd
u Wtr .Vjrt-nil. Major 11 a Conpioo,
stints new sora eavairy, arrivoa in iiua
elty last evsalnf, la tharr of tha offlMr and
msa who eaptured during the last raid of
Oeneral Sheridan seventeen hattla flars,
which tro at noon to-Jay presented to tho
War iieputmaat Tha names of thepatly
who eaptured the flats are as follows! rlsjor
H. B. tomptoa, Bib. New York aayalryi Capt.
CL C Rruton. A. D. C to General Cuatar.
new ion eavairyi Lieutenant i". rtuaer, 8'n
New Tork tavatryi Lleateaaat K. Nlvta.tth
hew York etvtlrii serfeant Jamta Conkllo,
Sth New York eavairyi Sergeant n. Dnurey,
lit Vlrclnlaearalryi Corporal II. H. Dlskfoid,
8th New Yoik eavairyi Coiperal II Haryev,
aid hew ork eavairyi Prlvetee O. LadJ, tM
M.M V .1. .. I.W. f .a.laA . -. b .1.
..w HI.,.i.tl,Vi a.u.liu.111 l.IW via
eavairyi W. Car moo, ut hew Tork esvslrji
P o'Brlea. lit New tork tavalrvi M. IVowltv.
tJd Now York eavaliyi C A. Cohao, ith New
York eavairyi John Kttller, 8lh New Tork
Major Compton sapturcd General Early's
hesdiiuatter flag. Three men aro of the Sd
division under eommamlof Geaeral Custer,
ant were maatly of tha -1 brlc adt, Colonel
William MlUa, of the 1st Veimont ssvslry,
e6mmandln(. The Hate eompilaa all aetata
and gradae. Thay ware preaaatcd to the War
Department before a large eoneourat af la
diet and gentlemen. Among those prcttat
were noticed Hon. Ira Hirns, of New York,
sinstor Howard.nl Mleklf ao, Secretary Her
tan, of Iowa, Charlie A. Data. Esq , AaalaUnt
Saeietary of War Dipsrtmenl, Mrs. Gtneial
Custer, ail.
The flata were duly labeled, and were la
theheoaeof tha captort, who were aakid to
relate tbe hlatory of tha eaptura of aaea. The
aiscara ana esa nuiiTiaDiici niavorr ni
tho eiptuie. and ware then latroduoci
Secretary slantooi who Introduio.! them to
Senator liarrla and Mrs. General Cuetcr. Al
theeloae of tha prcaentatlon the Secretary of
Warturned theakioa behalf of tha Preal
Ident and tha eountry for their sallaotry. He
aid that ha believed that II was the fourth
tlma that ho had returned thaaka for almllar
trcphlet captured through the tnitru mentality
ef xlorloua Ihtrldaa.
He laid ihtt tat furlough that had been
aiked lor In their behall by their nob'e Cen
a. a.u a,.(a ,uH IBI1WUIIU 1U
tral had oaan granted, and he Hoped that thay
would Bad their wlvet, aoothera and tweet
heart! lu tha belt of hcatthi that thitr namet
would bo handed down to poaUrlty. aad that
longreaa would be naked to grant them a
medal as a token of their ooonl rt'a rratltade.
Senator Harrla returned thanke oi41ehalf of
the slate or New Tork, and senator Howard
maoe a ones ar ean.
A Sniuirtrt. Octbaob. Jamra Good
hart, a German aad elerk In thsatoro of Zdr.
Hamburger, on rirttaalb ttreet near tha
Treasury uepanmsni, waa arretted mis
mernlag en the charge of twlndliaf a toldler
out ef una hundred and tea dollari. Joatph
n. aonaioo, a ooiorsa man, was aisq arreaiea
ae belas acaeeaorr to tho awladllar. From
tha avltaoea glren before Juailea Walter, thla
morning, It aaems that Bolivar Bowies, a dis
charged aoldler of tha lltlh reslment ITatted
sctiea eoiorea iroopt, wno naa juat been
paid, reeelvlat about one hundred aad ntnetr
dollart, waa taken byJoeeph Johaaon to the
atore ot Hamburger lor tht purpoae ef pur
chtilag a aim of elothet, Goodnart, the clerk,
waited oa him, giving him a very eomraon
coat, a pair of paatt. two thlrtt, a Cat, and aa
old Hirer waich, tho whota worth about
renir or tweaiy-ura aouart.
Bowlati who ooutd not touat.put kit money
vu ina if.uiii. wuau iMJtuuBfa itjK vaaw aiiaa-
dred and tea dollars, telllag Bowlas 'hat would
parior ina arucioa. jooaaon nan proicaa -to
be a fnead to Bowles, aad had toad htm ha
would take him to a itom wbsra ha woule aot
be cheated. Bowles re vlnx oa Johnson at a
frltnd, waat with him to tha store tf Ham
buritr. It la thouxht by tha osteon that John
son la a ruontr to brlns toldlers to Its tlora.
Jualtea Walur held both Goodbarl aad Joha
aon to ball lor their appearance as suuri.
. i
.2D AanvCoara
MiAD'Qai. Prrr. or Waihisotox, I
tldArm lyOeijil, Jlsreh 18, IBM.
A .wj Oratrrr. ho. Ai.
1. Br authority from Ua War Bepartmeat.
Adutaat Oeaerai'a Offloe, Captain Wn. A.
La Matte. A. A. i., V. B. Vola., la announstd
aaS aUO,av. a. a. w. tula, la tDBUIUHU
aa ComsaUaary ol Mutttrt for the ni Atmy
ornar no win do roaDeaiaa acearauurir.
II- i-irtaln W. H. W. Krcbs, Adl'I. A. D.
C, Chlsf Ordnanea Offlcer. It relieved from
duty aa Aulttaat Coumltaary of Mutters for
tbe Oi Army Corps.
By command ot Major General Augur.
Chief of Staff, A. A. O.
Ssrr to tbb Old Capitol. Seven men
wore erreettd. lut evealnr, and aaat to the
Old Capitol, tiy order of Colonel laffahaat,
for buying traiipottattoa HiktU Dreav rehtl
ClBCUIT CntTltT .f!lfJiiMltn flirH
TvnnAV. UHl It Thmu Afl v..-.-!..
Jonas aralnat Jao. P. Irgle, admlnlitra'o of
Ann n.Den&ott, wat retanua this morning.
Cni-tiHAl. Corai Jfr. iMflrt Oil.
Edward O. Garrlaaton. Ean . matrlat ih.l
nev, prpairutlnc.
Kllsabeth Datatwaa round rnlltyef ittsllu
forty dollars fro a. Jaaok Bow.rs.aud itulsneed
to tht Albany penlltntlarr for one voir.
Ed(ar II. Dates was txiuatd at a petit
Juror, aad Jimei Mankln aummontd la hla
Elltabt h Oust!, alia Elisabeth Rodney
wat found guilty ofkeeplnt a bawd home.
A notlr yio''-u waa anttred la tht ait
asalast i amei Stewart for aaiault and b.t'.. .
oa Catharine llawart. '
Chartee . Ilarrlsan, InAleted fur atanlt
aad nattrry sn Mlehiel Duffy, wn belts tiled
when our report eloatd.
OrpuAb'i Court Judg PhtmU The
will ot Charles S. McCarthy wat fully proves
and admitted to probata. La ttrra of adnlola.
tratlon wsre limed to Ellen MsCarthy.
The Inventory of the perineal tit ate ef
Lawrteea Hlcker waa returned hy ths axeiu
tor, approved and filed.
Letters ef adm Inletrelloa on thsettaleef
Gdwaid Graham were Issued te Samuel A.
T Inventory rf the prrtensl tttat of
rrJlonl Hart man wss approved and ftlid
Tht Qr.t and noal aeeount n( John Hits, ex.
tenter of John Hlti, was approved and paaied.
Helena llartman was appointed g uttdUa to
theorpbtuaof Ferdand Hattolta.
Lettcra of ad-nlmstratlon on the estate of
Rtenhea . Wllsoa wtra Itauel te Stary L,
The Inventory of the psrsAntlettataetJeta
Harry wat returatd aad Olad.
Tha will ol Citharlna Bates waa fully proree
and admitted to probate.
ollvo yraemaa waa anpotated gusrdlsa to
tha orphans of John Laldloa and wm. Itef-ri.
ry-Cltliaiia. Attanllnnt A HaatlBr
to the lailltule of Reward far the Orj htm of
Patriot,, wUl ha held at the rtomraon Coueell
Chamber on TCKSDAY EVKNIMO, Mailh
.lit, at 1 o'clock, a Urge attendance ot pat.
rlotla eltlsent who are ready to aid in provi
ding lor lam eooeailim ou asainiiaiiaaoi ine
destitute ehlldrtn of thoiewho hare died In
their eouutry'a atrvle during the present war
Ijasaruior. s)aiuiroi uiiinuaai,
' n-Katle Triera will ha n Vpaelal
Mcetteg of the "trenlh Ward KXerapttnn
Club at Turner Hill, Fourand-a-half atre-t
aad Maine avenue, on THIS (tUEiDAt)
EVENIMO, itix n'elnek. Every member n(
tha Club la requested to be preient as Impor.
taat hualoeas will be brought betoreth" Club,
C. C. AbDKRSOrf, President.
W. T. Yeatmah, Seerelary. ntam
CT"M o t le flatloual llepubllean
Umidn ILVB-Geotlaoient Kverr member ll
hereby aotlfltd to b at Island Hall at 1 p. m.,
TUEIOA V, Marehllst lm, as builnest of ths
hlfteat Importance will ba brought up. By
raaolutloa members not atteodlog for three
oooMiuttvo msetlnss, unleia a majority o( lha
membart preient excuit thtm, will tease to
be msmbsra ef tha Uub.
Dy order! WM BOYD, M. D.,
mh.l-.i ItceordLax Eectetsrr.
CJ-Kracdmen InCalllgeneo and Km.
ruimuT AoxBcr, No tss Clavtntx mm.
near Knorth, toladltite tha obtatnngnl
employment and homes for frf edmen, wjmeo.
aad cnlldrtn. all tenons xahller halp of
thla elaai, and wllllnf lo da Juiily and kindly
by then, are Invltrd to apply,
Good houia tervanta waoted In Waahtec
ton. Men, womrn. and chlldre- wmled lor
toed plaeeala Philadelphia and elstwhtia.
No ehsrets to sert ants. Hours from lo to 4.
A. A. HE.. .ui
A(nt or N. K. Frsedmeo't Aid foelety,
Prnotilvanla Vresdoian't rullaf AsioeUtlna,
ke. m:o-tt
tf Nesr York Hlta HolilTari Agenry
removed to ho. s-n F atreet, between . weutn
and ThlrUanth arretta. All Information of
Inttrestorvaluetuthaaoldlera of hew Yerk
or their frlenda. furnished gralultoualy upoa
application at their paw roomi, either In pir
tun or by letter. No M r atreet, between
Twelfth and Thirteenth atrteta
At the enxt
eanTe obtained every ere
and Variety Itore of O. 'til. No. in
Blldfe airaar. uenrxvauwn. ja-i-u
tjr-Massaehnaatla Mi. Htaia
AumcvHSMOVAL. On and aft OKIItt,
January lit, IMS, the Maiaaci. ita state
Axeney will ossupy Its new rooa lathed
llMlWl4''liulli!ln,sennd,"oor,nirDtr of Sevtnth and D streets, watklnrtoi l C
Maatachusttlt soldlett and aliln ia ta
vlted to call.
Advteo and aaalatanee rl van without oturre,
dell-tf Lieut. Col, and State Atent
- -.-- a... ...... .a..... Ul.a-.
IJ-1 SIIIII, UailB. :,( .-
nam's Confectionery Ladles' Dlnlnt Saloon-
ss sixth ttreet. . . .
I am now prepared to rurnun in rne neti
French ttyle, and my nwnaupsrlntendeair,
Par. In, weddleas.aadother tnteitalumenti,
in moss r.aaonalila terms The best French
Confectionery always oa hind. Private Dm
nera and Suppers lurnlahed at my, saloon.
Country Ordera and Vartlet attended lo In the
thorleat notice. lee Cream and Water mi,
matt by tleam power, in plain and lassy
moulds, for Parties, Dinners. ao--m
mKlfreo Veiclumlon. In accord
mi. with & laur nf Ihla aarnnratlon. all real-
denta of Geonetown will be raeoloated with.
out abarie by aeodlng to. or ealllog upon, the
unteratgned, at hta resldanoe, No t;i Dum-
parson aire-r. Ail poor peraont, ait wim.
amall-pos. will also e attrndad by the earns
without charge, otoce houra, from It ra. to
I p. m. CllAJ. H, CUAUI.N, M. D.
S3-Klrat Wardr-Tm nnarrlirera l
tha Naviobal HarutLICAN la tha lint
Ward, who aare beeo neslectrd by form;
earrlera. sad who daalre to continue, wiu
pleaae laaie their orders at the Hook and
VerlOilteal Store o( KIlWAHD NVAITK, No.
ITIK Pannsylvaala aieanr, letcn Men;
tseeth and kuhteeuth stieclt, aad they i'l
be aerved promytly and km Ir. nimi-r
tlaa a atnra an Antidote for Acqntrtil
dlituet t Ailwnoiuircrbettevalheyouihta.1
and eaa be arured. lha FLAiTATioaBirTxai
prepared by Dr. Prake, of New Yoik, hate n
doubt benefited and cured more parionsei
Dyepepela, neivousnesa, tour atomach, lots
of apieltr, sinking weauaess, general fl un
ity, and mental despondency, than any ether
article tn exlatenoe. Ihey art compoaed oi
the purest roots And herbs, carefully prepared,
to bo taken aa a tonlo and gentle stimulant.
Teey are adapted to any age or condition ol
Ufa, and are ealenitvely popular with mom.
ere and persona of udentary htbtte.
gV-DlMaeoa or tho Harrows, HontlnaJ,
Drlaary and BexuU tyatsma new and i jell;
tblt treatment tn Reports of ths IliiWAM
ASSOCIATION Sent by mall tn aealod III
tar envelops., free of ehar.e. Addreaa, Dr. '
SK1LLIN HOUOHTON, Howard Asioe s
tloe, ISO. Bouth Ninth ttreet, Pnltedoliihia,
Pa.J -L
"Vt- A Frlona In Heodl Tkoeo reiniir
InsoonrldenUal msdleal aaelitance ahouid ap
ply to some regular educated physltlaa whJ
!... Maa aart.m dlaamiat hla anealal atuuji
auah a man Is Dr. D AKB Y, who Is dally curlul
nuuberaof both oexeo, acd overy ago, wiw
havo boon to all lha Sell-ealled Doetors In thlt
elty, aod spent valuable time and money, wi
DoVaoeat, 'tU he took oharta of them. H'
termt aia more modtratt than thoie of msr
boatttng pretenders.whose only purpose itio
naoeo ino uaioriuaaie, ana aoeu -.-." -whan
It It almost too late, to apply to Mm.
Call on him at oaoe, or you may resrei
ever afterwards. . . Us. IMBBt ,
No. m 7tn stieer, oetween u tan ",
Washlntton tlty. ftMt-u.
?Cr.pirANB' oounT.
COUNTY To Wll l ,
la tha aata of Ellta Warder, executrix ci
Jtmee Warder, deeearcd, the eareatrU alore
aald has, wllh the approbation of the Orphtw
Court of Waehlngion eounly aforeaaid, ai
pouted batuhuai, ine loin ut "-; 0
or the flnal aettlemest and dlitrib.tlon p
thapertonttetltta of aald deoeaaed, aadoj
Ibe autism hind, ai far aa too ssmensj
Veen eolleeted and turned Into moneyi wat
and where aU tbaeredltort aadhelrt of st
bieettedara noUBed to attend, (at the
vieestcaaro nounea to ,., --. ".!,.
phsnt' Court of Wtihiatten oonnlr awi
tald,) with thtlr elelmt properly "tiahsdi J
they may othecwUe by law be jxeidjd JJJ
all Until la aald deoaaaed'e MaU: prorw
a eopy of thla older be publUbad ooa , a we.

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