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jpiiomu; mmMirjm
Lincoln WuMsjloo, OeloUr 10, 18M.
aaDBlvr Joivaoir traaMnpfon, April 90th,
Joinaoa, Pruidnd of tht UntltJ Statu April
. ISM.
TllUlt. Adkw Josxton, fit IU VntUJ
statu titnat. aiarcpaa. isoi.
All latt.ra ralatlDg to Ih. tabacrlptlon of, or
adTtrllalnff 1b, lb RirriLlOAl should ba ad
drasaed to lha publlab.ra, aa abot .
All lattara or cAmmnnlcatloDa Intcndad for pob-
UeatlOB, or Id any war ralatlD to th. adltortal
opartmtDt of tha paper, ahoald b addrttiad to
tba aJltor, aa abora.
Bnslcaaa and othcrcorr.apond.Dta will greatly
oblige the PoblUhere and tha Editor br comply
lag with the abore aaggeattoD. .
ToCoaai-rotDEiTa No notice' can betaken
of anonrraoue coratnaalcatlona. Whatever la
Intended for laaertlon mnat be anthentlcated by
the name and addre-e of the writer not neceaaa
rlly for publication, bnt aa a guaranty of Ita good
We cannot nnJertaka to retara reected eora
maalcatlona. SATURDAY
OCTOBER 28, 1865.
CTlieclrculntlon of the NATIONAL.
UCIH UL.1CAN Is at this time Increas
ing; more rapidly than ever before Aa
It U rcau by tlie men who THINK.
rather than by those vrlioCKY ALOUD,
It Is n more than ordinarily valuable
nilrcrtlslnc; medium. Iluslneas men
will govern themselves accordingly.
D" We are requostci by the City Tost-
muter to itate that on and after Monday,
October 30, the mall for Old Point Comfort
and Norfolk, Va., will be cent Wa Baltimore
on the train which leaves this city at 1 15 p
m., closing at 12.30 p m.
For tho week ending October 27 is now ready
and on our counter. It contains the speech
of Secretary Seward, at Auburn, N. Y ,
letter of J. II Reioai on the suffrage que.
tion, speech of the President to the Congre
gational Society, an account of the Intenlew
of George L. Steahxs with the President,
speech of Gen. Js II Laxe before the Sol
diers' and Sailors' Union League, an amusing
letter from E. Shitu, correspondent of the
New York Tribune at Raleigh, N. C , Sun
dries to Sundries for the week, poetry, per
sonal e, news items, Ac, and last, but not
least, Mr Nahbv' appeal to the Democracy
of the North, and his "Psalm of Sadness for
his Friends in the South." An unusually
interesting number, and just tho par to
send to friends In the States.
This invocation, from the songs of Morris,
was said and sung, was echoed and re-ecboed
around the corner of Fourteenth street and
Pennsylvania arenue yesterday afternoon,
with an unwonted depth of feeling. The
woodman appealed to was busily engaged In
cutting down In his prime, and with all his
leafy honors clinging to him, the noble and
symmetrical sycamore that has, for so long
sheltered the cullers at the popular estab
Ushmcnt of Cozzesa, the Wine Merchant,
and Ki dwell, tho Chemist, from the sum
mer's sun. The woodman, in obedience to
tho orders of officials who are straightening
and improving our thoroughfares, turned n
deaf ear to all appeals. In vain was Mo Rim
sentimental sung, " Woodman, spare that
tree'" chanted In all its variations. The
more they begged huu to "spare," the more
ten-Btrikes he made upon tho base of tho big
sycamore, severing root after root, below the
surface of the ground which had been digged
away, until it Ml with a crash that was re
sponded to with a sigh by all who witnessed
the seeming sacrilege. Some said tho noblo
treo uttered a groan as the last ligament that
bound it to tho earth was sobered, but, be
this as H may, we are assured that lost night,
during the pauses f ne raD' which wept
fitfully upon its J.Tlntf leaves, It was heard
to soliloquise as follows'
so li Log vr
AIm ' alas ' Is not tay fate c. cruel one ?
I care not for the threadbare jokes of stupid
witlings who, In passing, tell me to pack up
my trunk and leate, who ask derisively why
I didn't barl at the fellow who felled me, who
cry out, twig the old button-ball chap
guess he wont biaack out quite so proudly as
he has done '
"No, I do not feci cut up by the feeble
sarcasm of siuh sap heads Tho only toler
ably willy thing I heard from them all was a
remark of Coikns', that I could now af
ford to give Bkal IIii kxih a chip, But I
feel that my fate is a hard one. Uuro I not
breasted the storms and endured the heats of
summer and the dln.greeiibnit.es of Wash
ington life long enough to entitle me to the
enjoyment of ft quiet old age, now that there
Is a prospect of Increased comfort in this
city Ila.o I not drawn Juices from the earth
nnd absorbed oxygen from the atmosphere to
keep my branches clothed with broad leaves
for tho comfort of those who sought my shade?
It i) true, young mep who have been she.
I it red by me from the hot lun of an afternoon
seem sometimes to hare Imagined they repaid
the obligation by Molding mi up In the late
hours of the evening, but I feel that I have
done my "level best" for all, from the chil
dren that played at my foot to the old man
who paused In his tottering walk to rest awhile
beneath my foliage. And It was my only am
bltton to extend my umbrage, to magnify
my shade through many years for the benefit
of the cltlsens of the capital. Oh Washing
ton ' Washington ' that gohbleth the pro flip,
and fleeceth those that are sent unto thee,
have I not gathered thy children beneath my
wings' But ye hare laid me low me of
whom the questton was never axe-ed "Why
cumbereth he the ground V
'I could give many Interesting reminis
cences, and disclose many secrets, wero there
any to hear me. I have seen this capital of
the nation grow up from a wilderness, and
how have I watched the progress of Pennsyl
vania avenue from Its swamphood? Sine
WiLLAnD'fl hotel was built how often have
members of Congress passed beneath my Bri-
arean but briarless arms, sometimes with
steps unsteady showing how heavjty their
public duties weighed upon them. Standing
near mo In groups they have sometimes con
ferred with the lobby, confiding to each other
awful secrets that I have locked up In my
trunk, and which will now be lost to the
world forever. Others, too, hare stood there
concocting plans that made all my limbs
shiver. I have heard the mysterious confabs
of thieves and rlllains of every degree of tur
pitude. I bare often heard the "correspon
dents" from Newspaper Row, tired with their
day and night labor, comparing notes before
going home upon the unthankfulness and un
profitableness of their labor; and, oh, how
often have I heard the colloquies of all classes
who stopped occasionally within my area
wound up with the exolamatlon 'Come,
let's go and take another drink "
'Within the last fire years I have heard
much, too much, from the dark plotters
against the Government that protected them.
Even a tree Is shocked by such treason as
has been whispered at midnight under my
branches! I am a Union tree. If I had
allowed a part of my branches to secede,
either from the south side or the north, how
soon would those branches hare withered,
and how would my handsome form have been
distorted and crippled And now that the
tree of liberty has survived the treason that
assailed It, I had been happy to have lived
to see the banners of peace waving over the
land, and to hare stood until I had wasted
away piecemeal, instead of being cut down
ingloriously and cast into the fire that boils
the bacon and cabbage of those who once
sought my shelter to escape the heat Re
flect, oh thou that passeth by. that such Is
life in Washington'"
President of the United States ol
To oil whom it may concern.
Satisfactory evidence hating been exhib
ited to me that Christibrs Bors has been
appointed Vice Consul of Sweden and Nor-
way, at Boston, I do hereby recognize him
as such, and declare him free to exercise
and enjoy such functions, powers and piiv
ileges, as are allowed to Vico Consuls by
tho law of nations, or by the laws of tho
United States and existing treaty stipula
tions between the Government of Sweden
and Norway and the United States.
In testimony whereof I have caused these
letters to bo made patent, and the seal of the
United States to be hereunto affixed.
Ghen under my hand at the city of Wash
ington, tho twenth-fifth day of October,
In the year of our Lord one thousand
l. s. eight hundred and sixty-fi.e, and of
the independence of the Unltod States
of America the ninetieth.
By the President:
W. Hunter,
Acting Secretary of State.
The Great Dock Race The Algonquin
liciunc 10 touiinut ins Tnai,
The creat dock trial between the Wlnooskl
and Algonquin was brought to a summary
termination yesteraay Dy me reiusai oi mt
Dlckerson to allow the Algonquin to com
plete the ninety-six hours trial on account of
alleged untairness ana violation oi tne agree
ment by the engineers of the Wlnooskl. Con
sequently at ten minutes past two o'clock
yesterday afternoon the engine of the Al
gonquin was stopped, alter sue naa com
pleted 63,252 revolutions. Mr. Dickerron's
friends claim that he Is justified in refusing
to pursue the trial further, as one of the ar
ticles of agreement was that the throttle
valve of the Wlnooskl should remain open
This was done, but the Winooskt's engineers
used a stop ralte, which Mr. Dlckerson in
sists to all intents and purposes is a throttle
alve in the manner In which It is used.
The engineers of the Wlnooskl allege that
there Is no unfairness on their part, that it is
perfectly legal for them to use the stop-valve,
as this simple arrangement performs the very
same duty as the complicated cut-off of Mr.
Dlckerson. They also insist that within two
hours of the stoppage of the Algonquin's en
gine the Wlnooskl had gained two hundred
and thirty-six turns on her opponent, aud
over eight hundred the previous twenty-four
hours. The Wlnooskl still continues to run
the ninety-six hours as originally Intended.
Last evening she was running splendidly,
making fully fifteen revolutions of her
wheels per minute.
The whole of this subject will be referred
to the Secretary of the Nay for his adjudi
cation iV Y Herald
KtGLisii To u ruts Messrs. Rlxon. hank-
er, N. A. Woods, correspondent of the Lon
don Ttmet, and ai. k 1'eto (son of Sir Mor
ton Peto.l on Thursday, after vlilttmr the
various battle-fields around Richmond, drove
over to Petersburg, where they were hand
somely entertained at Jarratt's Hotel. In
the afternoon they visited the fortifications
around tne city, in company with Mr.
George L. Simpson, of that place. Thev re.
turneJ to the city In tho 7 15 train Thursday
event ncr.
Yesterd.V the distinguished gentlemen
-visited the various prisons and other places
of interest In be city liichmond Republic,
ofthii morning.
Advice to the Tomans Fenians Pray
get yourselves recognized as belligerents by
the United States, und then fit out as many
vesnoli as you please in our ports to cruise
against British commero e. Let that be your
style of warfarejust no'. Loumtlle Jour-
National Bahks. The following Na
tional Banks have been established this
week First of Faducab, K., capital $125,.
000, Central of Danville, Kr capital 1C0,.
roLLARD, of the Richmond Examiner, It
a man of enlarged Ideas. He declares that
the fame of his paper "has reached the most
distant parts of the world."
Bvcrr-TAXixa ti no longer the genteel
thins In Scotland.
Thi public schools of Chicago are over
crowded, and the papers say there are thou
sands of schoolless children.
Tne Boston Trantcnpt describes the drain
age system of that city as a system by which
each land-owner drains for himself, accord
ing to his own plan, by which the least drain
age possible Is to be achieved at the least ex
pense possible, by ways and means apparent
ly Impossible, and to human ken incompre
Wanderer, return. lt.d.h.
James Grat, otherwise John Pettengell,
arrested In Springfield the other day for
passing counterfeit greenback fifties, escaped
from the officers In Boston, yesterday.
The coroner's jury at Lancaster, after a
protracted Investigation of the railroad acci
dent near that city on the 14th Instant, ren
dered a verdict yesterday, finding nine per
sons killed tn consequence of a front truck of
a car In which they were seated giving way
and breaking through the floor, and that the
cause of the truok giving way Is unknown to
the jury. The bodies of the three unknown
female victims of this accident were Identi
fied as a Mrs. Bean and her daughters, of
One hundred and fifty horses and thirty-
three mules, Government property, will be
sold at Camp Hamilton. November 7.
Miss Anna 13. Dickinson Is lecturing tn
New York on "Home Thrusts." Being a
spinster, what does she know about home,
any how?
A cocxKEr coming out of a well-known
gambling house the other night, said he felt
as If he had "struck Boyle.' Prt$s.
South Carolina Is to elect members of
Congress November 15.
Antbobt can tell you about the day rate
of gold, but who, now that the Evening Ex
change Is closed, can tell you about the ni
trate of silver? Saturday Tr$t$.
The subscriptions to the Mexican loan In
New York yesterday amounted to $15,000.
Twenty -six banks have applied for agencies.
The stallion Dexter beat General Butler
in their two mile trot to wagons yesterday
afternoon, at Fashion Course. Time, five
minutes and three quarters of a second, and
four minutes forty-six and a quarter seconds
The last heat is tho best wagon time on
The steamer North Star was not lost. She
encountered a heavy gale off Hatteras on
Tuesday, and sprung aleak, and, having lost
her smoke-stack, she put into Norfolk.
In Norfolk yesterday the steam-tug Coin
Jock bunt her boiler, and the boat was blown
to flinders. All on board (five men) were
killed, including the captain and crew, and
Mr. Patton, agent of tho Boston steamers.
The First District Columbia cavalry are
expected to arrive here to-day in the steam
ship Thomas Collyer from Fort Monroe. They
are to be mustered out.
It was "positively ascertained" some
time ago that the Supreme Court of tho
United States has not original jurisdiction
In criminal cases. The correspondent of the
New York Herald can make a note of this.
Bennett catches hail Columbia at the
hands of 01 Ue Logan In the Saturday Press.
Tne Earl of Dudley has kicked up a rum
pus by refusing to permit a musical festival
to be held In the cathedral at Worcester.
More Lynching in Iowa. HIne,chleftaln
of a gang of thieves, was taken from the
Clinton county jail by tho mob and hanged.
A II. II. Stuart, one of the successful
candidates for Congress in Virginia, says
that the test oath Is broad enough to exclude
htm from his seat; but that If he violated
any law of the United States, or Incurred
any penalty daring the rebellion, he has
been exonerated from all consequences by tho
general amnesty of President Linooln, of
which he availed himself on the 26th of May
last, taking the prescribed oath, and there
fore he will decline to take the test oath.
Let him stick to that and see who comes out
The State Constabulary of Massachusetts
are shutting up the barber shops on Sundays,
Toe Republicans of New York are nornl.
natlng their strongest mon for tho Assembly,
Mr. Kennedt, we understand Is taking a
census of persons who stood at the corner of
the avenue and Fourteenth street yesterday
and exclaimed "Woodman, spare that tree"'
Also, those who, on second thought, said
Mr. Harris, of New Orleans, walked from
Monday night, at 7 o'clock, until Friday
night, at 11 o'clock one hundred consecu
tive hours without stopping to rest, eat or
sleep. Ho walked for a wager, and won It.
A silver statue of Napoleon I has lately
been placed In the middle of the Napoleon
Saloon, in the Louvre. The Emperor Is rep
resented In the costume of a student of Bri
enne. The statue Is signed "Louis Rochet,
1857," and was presented to the museum by
the present Emperor.
Toe old sow Is the elegant epithet which
the accomplished Mr. Marble, editor of the
World, applies to the Secretary of State.
An offioial Investigation Into the causes of
the disability of officers of the Veteran Re
serve Corps has disclosed the fact that olgh-
ty-two per cent, have been disabled by
wounds received In battle, four per cent, by
accidental injuries, and fourteen per cent,
by disease contracted while In the service.
The editor of the Norfolk Pott announces
that he publishes a dally paper for his own
amusement. When that ceases to be enjoyable
he will betake himself to the exhllerating
Too manv lawyers and too little law Is the
wall which comes to us from St. Louis.
The Boston people are going Into the statue
business with a fearful looseness. They en
courage themselves thereto by the reflection
that they oan never do anything worse In that
line than they have already.
roun O'clock, r. m
Wythe President of the United State
of America I
Whereas tt has pleased Almighty God
during the year which Is now oomlng to an
end, to relieve our beloved eountry from the
fearful scourge of civil war, and to permit
us to secure the blessings of peace, unity,
and harmony with a great enlargement of
civil liberty;
And whereas our Heavenly Father has also
during the year graciously averted from us
the calamities of foreign war, pestllenoe, and
famine, while our granaries are full of the
fruits of an abundant season;
And whereas righteousness exalteth a na
tion, whilo sin Is a reproach to any people;
Now, therefore, be It known that I,
Andrew Johnson, President of the United
States, do hereby recommend to the people
thereof that they do set apart and observe
the first Thursday of December next as a day
of National Thanksgiving to the Creator of
the Universe, for these deliverances and
And I do furtner recommend that on that
occasion the whole people make confession
of our national sins against His Infinite
goodness, and with one heart and one mind
Implore the Divine guidance in the ways of
national virtue and holiness.
In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set
my hand and caused the seal of the United
States to be affixed.
Done at the City of Washington, this
Twenty-eighth day ofOctober,tn tho
year of our Lord one thousand eight
seal. hundred and stxty-fivo, and of the
Independence of the United States
of America the ninetieth.
By the President:
William U. Seward,
Secretary of State.
Major General Noble, and Hon. Win.
II. Evart, of New York, are among the arrivals
Nathaniel Hay, Esq., President of the
Orange and Alexandria Railroad, arrived at the
Metropolitan hotel this morning from Richmond.
Senator Morbill, of Vermont, arrived at
the National hotel this morning.
Jos. E. Worcester, LL.D., the author of
"WorceiUr'i Dictionary,' 'died at Cambridge,
Mass., yesterday, aged eighty-one years.
Brevet Major Wh. A. La Motte, A. A.
8. , and Commluary of Hasten, arrived la town
this morning after aa absence of two weeks.
Henry Bausher, Jr., formerly of New
Orleans, has been appointed Collector for the
Second DUtrlct of Louisiana.
Col. John Eaton, Jn., Assistant Com
missioner of the Freedmen of the District of Co
lombia, was to-day breveted brigadier General
bj the War Department.
From the Reliable Gentleman.
The Washington correspondent of the Cin
cinnati Enquirer Is a festive youth, and In
writing burlesques on the performances of
his professional brethern does remarkably
well. In his last screed he states the follow
ing propositions:
1. The new Cabinet question Is of absorb
ing Importance and Interest.
2. The President has requested the Im
mediate return of Mr. Qeoroe B. McClel-
3. Mr. McC. will Immediately upon his
arrival be appointed Secretary of War.
4. A Mr. TnouAS Florence will be ap
pointed Secretary of the Navy.
5. Mr. Montgomery Blair will be re-ap
pointed Postmaster General.
6 Mr. Stanton would long ago have re
tired from tho War Department, except for
considerations of personal safety and account
ability, from which he Is sheltered only by
his panoply of official power.
That correspondent's salary should be ele
vated immediately.
Geo. II. Butler, Esq , of San Francisco,
formerly of tho 10th Infantry, U. S. A.,
known as a staff officer under Gen. Butler,
his uncle, and the lamented Gen. Lander,
distinguished for his services in the line of
the army In the Peninsular campaign, has
been appointed special inspector of the cus
toms, to reside at Panama, vice John E,
Sihonton, removed tho second Sikonton,
by tho way, dismissed from the same office.
The Theatres
"An run na Pooue" was to have been
withdrawn Batordsy nfght, bat the omnipotent
public have ordered that It should be presented
one or two nights next week. On Monday night
the Tunisian Embassy will be present, and
Mansger Hess will do the honors to the Moham
medans In the moat Chriitlanllke manner.
The Florences will play another week at
the Wsihlagton Theatre, producing some of their
best pieces. Their agent has In press a work des
tined to produce a marked sensation, entitled
"Hinting Ontdone "
Kxecuttve Mansion.
The Hon. Secretary of State, accompanied
by the French Minister, had a lengthy Inter
view with the President this afternoon.
MusTEnEDOuT.The 1st regiment of cav
alry was yesterday mustered out at Fortress
Monroe. They number 7 officers and 102
Bivetei).C. J. Wilson, D. C, Assist
ant Surgeon, has been appointed Brevet
Major U S. A., for gallant and meritorious
services during the war.
National Currency. During the week
ending to-day $2,9M,d78 In national curren
cy was Issued by the Treasury Department.
The total Issue up to date Is $203,877,355.
Internal Revenue Receipts The re
ceipts to-day at the Internal Revenue Bureau
amounted to $1,083,430.76.
New York Markets.
New Torn, Oct. 28, 1.1ft p. m Cotton
dull. Flour declined SalOo. Wheat ad
vanced lc Corn do. Beef firm. Pork steady.
Lard heavy. Whisky dull.
Ilnrglary In Baltimore
Baltimore, Oct 28 The store of Darby
A Co., wholesale confectioners, was entered
last night and the safe blown open and robbed
of twenty-one hundred dollars In notes.
From Fortress Monroe.
Fortress Monroe, Oct. 28 The steam
ship North Star was not wrecked, but sprung
aleak on Thursday night off Hatteras, In a
gale. Her pumps kept her afloat. She will
be temporarily repaired and taken to New
The steamship Vanderbilt arrived from
New York.
The Kcntncky Trouble.
The following correspondence, already no
ticed briefly, appears In the Louisville papers
of Monday:
Louiivilli, Kentucky, Oct 13,186.1.
Hon. E. AT. Stanton, Secretary of War, Wash
ington. D. C;
Since the abrogation of martial law, no
colored persons are allowed to cross on the
ferry-boats on the Ohio river unless known to
the ferry-man to be free. Not more than one
In a hundred can cross. What shall I do?
John M. Palmer, Mai. Gen.
Official' E. B. Harlan, Capt. and A. A.G.
Louisville, Oct. 16, ISM
Hon. E. Af. Stanton, Secretary of War'
On yesterday, ferry-boats across the Ohio re
fused to carry colored persons on passes is
sued under Department Orders No. 32.
I have ordered the post commandant here
to compel them to do so. The alarm among
the negroes upon the report of the withdraw
al of martial law, of which I have no official
Information, renders this course necessary.
Am I right ? Immediate.
John M. Palmer,
Major General Commanding.
Official: E. B. Harlan, Capt. and A. A.G.
Wahhihiiton, Oct, 20, 1863.
Maj. Gen. Palmer: Your dispatches In
respect to ferry passes have been vory ma
turely considered, and It is not perceived
thst the Department can properly interfere.
E. M. Stanton,
Secrtary of War.
WliHlSfiT05, Oct. 20, 1S65.
Maj. Gen. Palmer: Maj. Gen. Thomas
having reported in favor of your retaining
the command In Kentucky, and approving
your administration of the department, the
President has approved his report and over
ruled the application made for your re
moval. By order of the Prosldent:
E. D. Towns end,
Assistant Adjutant General.
In the South Carolina Legislature
yesterday Governor Perry submitted the re
port of the commissioners appointed by the
convention to prepare a system of laws
adapted to the new state of affairs.
The report embraces a bill regulating tho
domestlo relations of former slaves, a bill
preliminary to legislation induced by the
emancipation of slaves, and a code for the
regulation of labor and the protection and
government of the colored population In the
State. These were ordered to be printed,
and will be considered to-morrow.
Resolutions were adopted appointing a
committee to collect, under oath, all evi
dence of unconstitutional seizures of cotton
or other private property since the war, to
be laid before President Johnson.
The colored people of Missouri, through a
State executive committee, have issued an
address to the people of the State, asking for
such laws as will give them the right to vote.
They ask It as essential to the security and
enjoyment of the rights conferred upon them
by emancipation, as true and loyal citizens
of the United States, and as men who have
defended and maintained the Government In
the field of battle. They say they do not ask
for social equality, for that depends upon
higher than human laws. They aver their
willingness to submit to any tests and re
strictions that aro required of whites, but
they think that political rights and franchises
should no longer depend upon color alone.
They propose to organise as a party, and to
employ speakers, Issue appeals, and In every
proper way press their claims upon the peo
ple of tho State, and they solicit contribu
tions in aid of this object.
Wk are again under obligations to Mr.
Doyb, mall agent, for the prompt delivery of
Richmond papers.
Detective Clarvoe, of Mews. Clarvoe &fc
Devltt, returned to the city this morning from
New York, to which place he went oo Thursday
night last In pursuit of Levi L. Fir well, the
murderer of the woman II utile Wilkes. From
31 r, C. we have obtained the particulars and cir
cumstances attending the arrest and suicide In
the cell. The Uit seen of Farwell la New York
city, before the murder, was on Saturday, when
he was seen at the corner of Courtlaud and
The flrat time he was seen after the murder
was on Monday, between -1 and fi o'clock, a. m ,
when he w allied Into his ttoardlug-houte, on
Broome street, looking an If he had been op all
ntght, and with his hands scratched terribly
The barkeeper asked him how hU hand came ho ;
to which he replied that he had been over la
Jerejr and bad falleu out of a tree. Me then sat
down aud wrote a letter to his brother la this
city, which letter was found on his person after
the Hulctde; It was dated Sunday, the day of the
murder, but the post-mark showed that It was
milled on Monday.
lie tbsu went ont, and at the corner of Went
and Canal streets he met a friend who asked hliu
If he bad heard anything, (an account of the
murder appeared In a New York paper on Mon
day morning,) to which he replltd he had, and
said he was afraid his brother Charlie bad got
Into some difficulty In this city. He then returned
to his boardlng-honse la Uroom street snd aiked
those present If they had not seen him on Ban
day; all replied they had nt, and the bar-keeper
told him his bed had not been disturbed for two
sights He then sat down and read the paper,
after which he left the bouse.
After the murder Superintendent Itlchards no
tified the authorities throughout the country to
lookout for Farwell, and gave a description of
his person. Detectives Elder and McCord, of
New Vork city, on Wednendsy last succeeded lu
getting on the track of Farwell, and followed
Elm Wednesday ulubt and Thursday Knowing
.km. If f11ain.a v l.m mrr. tn r&. VnkL
he denlrrd to keep his trail until the arrival of
air uiirvoe iron, mis city un inursnay even
luir Messrs. Elder and McCord came uidirith Far-
well, and arreitM him at a faro table In a bouse
at the corner of Heed and Went 13 roadway streets.
Mr. Elder went up to him and nald "Mr, Far
well, I arrest you for the murder of Hattle
Wilkes, In Washington " Farwell made no re
ply, bnt put one baud in his pocket and t tended
the other band under the table. Mr Llder
grabbed his band acd said "Give me that, Far
well," to which he replied "I will not " A
sco file then ensued, In which Farwell was
thrown down, and the watch which belonged to
Hattle Wilkes taken from his hand He was
then searched, A pistol, ring, diamond pin,
(which be always wore,) four huudred dollars In
greenbacks, and three dollars In silver were
found on him He was then taken to police
headquarters, No. S00 Mulberry street, where he
was taken to cell No 1, by Mr Drown, the turn
key, and locked up, everything having been
taken from him
At a late hour on Thursday night hU supper
was handed Into him on a tin plate He up-
E eared to be cheerful, and nothing unusual lu
Is manner was observed At an early hour on
Friday morning Mr Drown went Into the cell,
and found Farwell lying on the door In a pool of
blood The body was examined, aud It was
found that life was eitlnct It was then discov
ered that he had broken the tin plate In half, and
with the rough edge of one piece had made an
Incision lu his right arm, (being left-handed,)
opening one of the veins and bleeding to death,
Tne coroner was notified, and a short time after
falsftulvtil UelectUo Clarvoe, with a brother of
rarwsll, arrived at ths trisoa. The core ;
asked the brother, Mr. Charles Harwell, If .that
was the body of Levi L. Farwell, to whteh the
brother replied i "OOedlyea, that Ulhefodf
of my poor foolish brother." Jntte Muwas
found a piece of paper wui ine io.iow.di; worn
wriusn on in
C. V. F., were found upon Ms person; also a let'
ter irom ms oroiaer uosries.
Memrs. Elder and McCord do all their business
with Messrs. Clarvoe and MeDevItt, of this rlty.
Messrs. u. and si. naa leiegrapnea io me iow
York gentlemen to keep a lookout.
Fsrwell's hands were itrj badly scratched,
audit Is supposed that the womao J tattle must
have made a desperate reslstanee.
The funeral of Farwell took place la New York
this morning, at 8 o'clock.
Mr. Charles Farwell, a brother of the deceased.
Is a resident of this city, and Is ranch esteemed
by a large number or friends. The detectives
state that he Is nearly heart-broken on account
of the conduct of his brother.
A sad accident occurred at the Aveaue House,
corner of Seventh street and Louisiana avenne,
between twelve and one o'clock yesterday morn
ing, which reinlted In the death of a gentleman
named L. 11. Walker, a clerk la theCommlosary
General's office Mr. It. M. Blade hearcLan uu
usaal noise, and came oat of his room to ascer
tain the canse, when he found Mr. Walker dead,
lying on the floor of the second story, with his
feet retting against the balusters. It seems the
deceased occupied room No. 45. on the f north
floor, and U Is supposed that while he was la the
act of palling the door of his roOTn open he lest
his equilibrium and fell. Dr. Bbedd waa called
and examined the body, when he found that the
skull of deceased was badly fractured, and gave
as bis opinion that the man waa killed lnstantlr
The distance of the fall was about thirty -five feet.
The deceased was the second sou of the late
Commodore wm. H. Walker, waa about twenty
six years old, and a native of Bo-ton. Ue bad
recently retnrned from a tIiK to his home. The
Coroner was notified, and having empaneled a
iury was proceeding to hold an Inquest, when
fr. J, L. fleashaw, uncle of the deceased, re
quested the Coroner to suspend farther proceed
ings, ana aeuver ine ooay io mm. inn ttsi
done, and the remains were removed to the resi
dence of Mr. H , where they were embalmed,
and were seat off this evening by express to
Alixakdria Items The Vircima Stats
Journal of last evening has the following Items :
tieavy Kooocry ine noose oi Joan uorsimau,
who resides In the neighborhood of Pine Farm,
waa entered on Thursday night by two scoun
drels, and who, oo meeting one of Mr. Uorst
man's sons, knocked him down and maltreated
him In a cruel manner. They then effected an
entrance Into the bed-room where Mrs. Uorst
man and two of her daughters were sleeping, and
carried off a chest containing about fS.Ouo Id gold
and silver, after having thrown some Cayenne
pepper Into the eyes or the ladles. Mr. llorit
man has offered a reward of 300 for the appre
hension of the thieves. The connty In that
neighborhood Is reported to be Infested with
highwaymen of a most desperate character, who
bare committed numerous depredations during
the last few weeks. The case has been reported
to the police of Washington, who are said to be
on the track of the robbers.
More Lieht.li the gentlemen constitu
ting the Alexandria Oas Company did not hear
an Irreproachable character for honesty aud re
spectability, we should be Induced to suspicion
that they.have entered Into a conspiracy wlthoar
taieves ana rooners, to exungaisn me street
lamps every dark night after seven o'clock, to
enable them to ply their avocations with greater
facility. On Thursday night hardly a single lamp
was lit on Prince street, and very few ou King
and other streets There have been so many rob
beries committed during the last few weeks that
people who are obliged to be oat lats at night
would feel a great deal more secure on their
homeward route where they could see a street
lamp burning.
Tub Monitor Miaktosomah. This Iron
clad arrived at the navy-yard a few days ago, on
her trial trip from New York, having Just been
completed at the Brooklyn navy-yard, and la a
first class specimen of the donbla turreted style.
She carries foifrao-loch guns, and measures 1,661
tons, and Is furnlsbed with four 30-loch cylln
ders, Isherwood's plan, aa well as the usual aux
iliary engines for turrets, fans, &c. Her en
gineers think her capable of making from eight
to nice knots. All her officers express themselves
as highly pleased with her performance so far
Commander Ammen will bepleasantly remem
bered by many friends at this yard, he having
been executive officer here for a snort period after
the commencement of the rebellion.
Visit or Lieutenant Obx. Grant to tdi
Wasrinqtox Navt Tied Yetterday, at one
o'clock p.m , Lieut. Gen. Grant was received at
the Navy Yard, with the usaal salute. Captain
8mlth, executive officer of the yard, Commander
Balah, and other yard officers conducted the
General to the Commandant's office, from whence
Commodore Radford escorted the party on board
the donble-turreted lrou-clad Mlaotonouah,
where they were entertained by Commander
Daniel Ammen. On returning to the yard, they
visited the Navy Ordnance Department, The
General was accompanied by Mrs. Grant and his
father and sister.
Lewis Washington was arrested by Officer
Steele, of the Tenth precinct, for petit larceny
Justice BoHwell sent hi in to jail for court.
George W Enterlioe wa arrested by Officer
Harrison, of the Eighth prerluctor stealing from
Mr North wood. Justice Call rent him to jail
for court.
A Sad Care. Yesterday Sergeant John
son, of the Second precinct, was called upon to
bury a colored Infant, which had been lying In a
house dead four days, Us parents being poor and
destitute. The officer went to work, and by con
tribution! from several persons had the child
Closing Lectures It wilt bo seen by a
notice In our colamus that Mr. Whiting closes bis
coarse of lectures before the association of spir
itualists of Washington, to-morrow. It Is stated
thata poem will be Improvised from a subject
given by the andlence. Each mental exploits are,
to say the least of them, carious and Interesting
psychological phenomena.
Dismissed The case of Patrick II.
Oangban, before the Supreme Court of this Dis
trict, oo a rule to show canse why he should not
be removed, on a charge of assault and battery
oo Justice Miller, was yesterday morning taken
up, aud It was ordered that Oaughran be dis
missed, Sales of Real Estate Messrs. R. M.
Hall & Co. have sold a fine three-story brick
dwelling on Massachusetts avenue, near Tenth
street, for Clinton Lloyd, to Jos L. Green, for
S,oOO, and a three-story dwelling for W. II.
Evans, on Fourth street, between L street and
New York aveaue, to James Parbball, for $3,500.
Coxgiiegational Cnuncn. Rev. Leonard
Bacon, D. D., of New Haven, Conn , will conduct
divine service at 11 o'clock, a. m , to-morrow,
In the Unitarian edifice, corner of Sixth street
and Louisiana avenne. Dr. Boyntonwlll preach
In the evening at 1 o'clock.
Religious Rev. Augustus Webster, D.
D , of Baltimore, will preach In the Congress
street Methodist Frotestant church, Georgetown,
to-morrow morning and night.
Admitted to the Bafi. Yesterday, In the
Criminal Court, on motion of Mr. Thompson,
Esq , James A Morgan was admitted as an at
torney and counsellor of the Sapreme Court of
the District of Columbia.
Orphans' Court Judge Put cell. The
flnt and final account of Maria S. Williams, ad
ministratrix of 6 8. Williams, was approved and
passed , also, the account of sales of the personal
Letters of administration were Issued to Louisa
K Leach, administratrix of James 11 Leach
The will of Edward 1'earce was filed and par
tially croTen.
The fourth account of Wm B. Klbbey, executor
oi joun u.tviDBey, was appro eu ana passed.
Tha will of Jane Ward waa fullv proven.
The Inventory of the personal estate of James
iiarbaugn, deceaaea, was enierea ana nieu.
Letters of admlnUtratlon were Issued to Wm
A Boss ou the estate of Hattle Wilkes.
The following order was filed :
Tilth Jon. Wit limn F. Purctll, Jwla cf the
Orphans Court of Washington Vuunty, V C
I, Alldla HoaKhton. oldest sister of Harriet
Wliaea, late oi wasmagion county, ueceaseu,
renounce any right I may have to administer on
the personal estate of said deceaied, and humbly
pray your uooor io appuiu. iu. a uuti, si
mlnistrator Alidia A Hot-dHTov
J. subscriber has obtained from theOrDhaus1
1 Court of Washington County, lu the District of
Columbia, letters oi aamimairajion on tne per
I aonat estate of Harriet Wilkes, late of Washlug-
' . . . n!.. ,i at Jn... js.1 111 i.in
iou jiij, v j i " "it persuus osving
claims against the said deceaied are hereby
warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers
thereuf, to the subscriber, on or before the 2Sth
day of October next , they may otherwise by law
be excluded from atl benefit of the said eitate.
awen under my hand this 2Sth day of October,
1665 . W.A DOW.
Wari Inert on Market.
Prices this moral no were as follows f
veer, loaue per id uraos, ao ei pvr uqiqi
Pork, aoU per lb Hoaey, 40aoOe per lb I
Mutton, aoaloe per lb Eggs, 3Aa4Qe per dos "
Veal, 23a3oper)b Apples OOcafl perpk
Cora beef, lfiaaoe per lb Grapes, 20c per lb
Corn pork. 903Ao per lb Cranberries Y per qt
Lamb,30a2o per lb Cheatants, 123)0 per qt
Baasage, 2.le per lb Celery, lOalie per lh
Ham, 30a.Ve per lb Orauges,70atl.23 per dot
Blleed ham, 40e per lb Lemons, 407Se per doi
Shoulders, S3a2&cper lb Onions, eoa80o per pk
Middllng.28a30eperlb Carrots, ffopef bnncb
Jowl, lleperlb Lettuce each, fisloo
Beef tongue-OOcaAl . Beana,l perpck
Dried beef, 30a35cperlbTomatoes, eocaftl per pk
Sheephead, Pickles, $1.23 per bund
Tripe loo per lb Black eye peas, 13c qt
Lard, 30fl per lb Saur Kraut, 12c per qt
nnii.r ftnflOe ner lb Cabbase. fia20o
Prints. 63
Cheese, Wo per lb
Geese, ftzooeach
Docks, 76atl 00 per pr
Caul 1 flower s,30a30e each
Citron, 10a2o each
Parsnips, OOcper peck
WaUnta. 40c per pk
Chicken, 70caf 1.G0 pair Green peppers, 12c dot
Rabbits, 43000 Radishes, do per bunch
Squirrel, 20o Hominy, 10c quart
Squabs, oOe per pair Tarnlps, OOe per pk
Black birds, St. dos Beets, 40c per peck
Wild ducks, HaUfiO pr Sweet potatoes, 60c pk
Robins, II. 00 per dos Pumpkins, lOaoOo each
Woodcock, 73c each Lima beans,3040 per at
Black fish ISc per lb Irish potatoes, 40c per pk
Flounders, loo per lb Egg plants, Aaloe each
Halibut, lflc per lb Corn Meal,! Ifial 23
Bpan'h Mackerel. 7oal.60Corn, SOaii.io
Haddock lfie ner lb
Shlpstaff, 60aS0e
Drown stuff, 60c
Shorts, 33o
Oats. 60o
Cod fish, lfie per lb
Fea base, lflo per lb
Lobsters, lfie Mr lb
Bock, fiOc per bunch
Rye, 1.10
Baltw'rtallors,OOcprbcbMlddllng, SOe
Pike, AO per lb Hay, cwt, lal23
Eels, 23c per bunch Straw, 80ca1.23
Baltimore) fttarket
Fxidat, Oct. 27,1PM.
Prices otvenbetoto refer to whotisaU opnrtUtons
only, unless otherwise expressed.
Coma. No sales; market dull.
Ftoca, The Inspections the past week show
an Increase compared with several preeeedlng
week. Indicating a more liberal supply, and pos
sibly cheapening of prices We have already to
notice a rather quiet market, but without any
perceptible change In prices. Sales are chiefly of
grades of super and extra suitable to the wants
of retailers, within our range, vlst Howard
street super at 9A0a$().7fi, do. extra tlO 75a
11.23, do family 12.&0a13;,0hlo super and cut
extra 4.23a9M, do. extra 10o0afll.23 do.
family 12atl3 60', City Mllla, good to fanc)
brands super, W 00aA 62, do. snipping brands
extra 12.6013; standard extra l0 60a11.23,
Baltimore family 13.60, and high grade extra
IS SO per bbt Hj9 floor 6 fiOattf 73, and City
Mills and Brandywlne corn meal $1 60 per bbl
Gbaix. Wheat 0,600 baihels received, with
aales or Inferior to good white at 2.40s2S3: no
choice; of red 2,000 boahels were reported at
2.13a2.30, mostly at., 2 40a2 60 per bosh. Corn
Receipts to-day 12,800 bashels white aod 2.000
bushels yellow; Included In the sales were a
smalt lot of hominy at 90 cents ; 660 bushels new
whits at S2 cents. 2,700 bushels old at 8387 cts ,
nearly all at the latter; 1,600 bushels new yellow
at 77 cents per bushel. Oats 6,000 bushels re
ceived, with small sales at 60 cents weight Bye
1,200 bushels offered and sold at 9393 cts. per
l'BOVistoif s. The market Is Very quiet; sales
limited to Jobbing lots of Bacon, which are still
quoted at 20 cts for Shoulders, and 22 cts for
Sides ; lots to the trade are quoted a fraction less
Not bin it reported In other descriptions of the
hog product, and prices may be regarded as nom
inally unchanged.
buds. ve qnoie uiover ai o aoou; mou
thy dull at 3 734 ; Flaxseed tlDOaS per bushel.
WniSKT. We heard of no sales, and have to
quote the market dull at 2.332. 33 per gallon,
Kecelpts and stocks very small
BPJSGIjVXj notices.
y-The Funeral obatritileaof the Into
COLONEL ULRIC DA II LO KEN will take place
on TUESDAY, October 31, at the First Presbyto
rlao Church, In Four-and-a-half street.
The sermon will be preached by tho Kev.
Henry Ward Beecher.
Friends of the deceased and of his father, Rear
Admiral Dahlgren, are reipectfully Invited to at
tend. Also, the officers of the Array and Navy
aad Marine Corps, and the civil officer a of the
Government, aud the Mayor, with the Council of
the city.
The service will commence about 12U o'clock.
JS-SplrltiiRlism. Mr. "IVliltliiR, tho
able and eloquent Inspirational speaker, vocallit,
and musical composer, will close his course of
lectures In Seaton Hall, corner of Ninth and D
streets, on SUNDAY, October 29,commenclng a
11 a.m. , and 7Up m. A poem will be lmpru-
viseu irom a suDjess given dt tne auaience ao
mission morning free, evening 10 cts. oc2S-ll
?" Csdvstry Baptist Church meets
every Sabbath In the Old Trinity Church, on
Fifth street, between E and Louisiana ave nu
Service at 11 a. m. and 1 p. m. Seats free.
Rev. T. It. Howlett. pastor. Janl6-tf
49- The First Meeting of Directors of
the Board of Trade of the District of Columbia
will be held at the office of Messrs. J. C. Mc
Gulre&Co., on MONDAY, 30th October, at 3
o'clock, p. m. GEO. W. RIOOS,
ocl-lt President.
47 A Splendid Kxhlbttloiiand Festi
val, together with a Lecture, will be given at
Israel Bethel Church (for the benefit of tho
church) by J. W. Toer, of Augusta, Cleorgla, on
MONDAY evening, October 30, commencing ut 8
o'clock. Admission 23 cents; children 10 tents.
43-OfTico Atlantic Steamship Com-
E any, foot G street. The steamer Westchester
as arrived from New York, aud Is now dis
charging cargo at foot of 0 street. Consignees
will please attend to the reception of their
freight. The Westchester will sail for New
York on TUESDAY NEXT, list Instant, at 10
o'clock. MORGAN, RH1NEHART St CO.,
ocl7-3t Agents, foot Q street.
4VDr. II. A ml era' I ml Ine Water. An
Invalw&U Discovery A fctU OnAlir of Iodine
In each ounce of Water. Dissolved without a
Solvent. The most PowsarcL Vitamzino Aus.xt
and Rmtorativi known. Scrofula, Salt-
RniCH, CAftCEB, RlIEl'HATIlM, CojfSL'MPTlOIf, and
many Chronic and Hereditary Dlsesses, areenred
by Ita use, as thousands can testify. Circulars
sent free. Price ! per bottle, or 6 for 3
Dr. H. ANDERS & CO , Physicians aud Chem
ists, 42S Broadway, New York. Sold by Drug
gists generally. oct2S-3mdAw
491 roil In the Dlowl. The Peruvian
Syrup supplies the Blood with Us Lira Elkmuit,
IRON, infusing STaimiTn, Vinos, and NumtLife
Into the whole system For Dtbpbpsia Duopst,
Chromic Diabbhota, Debility, Female Wpak
wishes, rtc , it Is a specific. Thousands tmrn
been chttngul by the use if this tntdtctnefruui
iceak, skkly, suffering creatures, to strong,
healthy, andhapjty men and women
A 32 page pamphlet sent Free.
Price ! per bottle, or 6 for $-5,
J. P. DINBMORE, 36 Dey at , New York.
Sold by druggists generally. oc23-3indiw
49 To Consumptives- The under
signed having been restored to health In a few
weeks, by a very simple remedy, after having
suffered several years with a severe lung affec
tion, and that dread disease, Consumption, Is
anxious to make known to bis fellow-sufferers
the means of cure.
To all who desire It, he will send a copy of
the prescription used, (free of charge,) with the
directions for preparing and uslog tho same,
which they will find autre cure tor CoxsrMP
tiom, Asthma, Bronchitis, Corum, Cold, &c.
The only object of the advertiser lu sending tha
Prescription Is to benefit the afflicted, and spread
Information which he conceives to be Invalua
ble; and he hopes every sufferer will try his
remedy, as It will cost them nothing, aud may
prove ablesilng.
Parties wishing the prescription will ploao
Willlamsburgu, Kings County,
oc2S3rad&w New Yoik.
4jT Wonderfully Strause. Mailniuo
M. 11. PEUUEGAULT.who has astonished tho
scientific classes of Paris and London, has now
permanently located herself at Albany, N Y.
Madame Perregault, by the aid of her wonderful
instrument, known as the Horoscope, guarantee
to produce a life-like picture of the future hus
band or wife of the patron, together with the
date of marriage, leading traits of character, oc
cupation, etc This Is no humbug, as thousands
of testimonials can assert bhe will send, wheu
desired, a written guarantee that the picture U
what it purports to be. By stating age, height,
complexion, color of eyes and hair, and enclos
ing 60 cents aud stamped envelope, addrewsed to
yourself, you will receive the picture by return
mall. Address
P 0. Drawer 202, Albuny, N. Y
49 The It rlil ill Chamber, an l'.ssay of
Warning and Instruction for Young Men. Also,
new anT reliable treatment for Diseases of the
Urinary and Sexual Systems. Sent free, In
sealed envelopea. Address. DR. J. SKILLIU
UOUQUTQN. Howard. Association, Philadelphia,
Pa. aOMi-y

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